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June 29, 2017 – Nina Discovers Man Landers, Too Many Mileys & a Few Other Things


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan is nervous about the photographer, who hasn’t shown up. Amy says he has to get a special lens so he can photograph Nathan in the shadows. Nathan insists on approving the proofs. Nina and Quinn are at the door. When Amy opens it, she and Nina ask what the other is doing there.

Dante asks Ava about confessing to Sonny and Carly. She says she doesn’t remember what she said, and she’s not saying anything else. Dante has something he wants to say to her.

Laura tells Doc that she thinks Spencer understands, but kept pressing Alexis to find a loophole. Chandler calls, and Laura has him repeat where Spencer asked to be driven.

Spencer tells Sonny that he has a business matter to discuss. He wants Sonny to eliminate Valentin Cassadine. Sonny asks if he knows what he’s asking. He does, giving several different terms for rubbing someone out.

Carly tells Bobbie that she and Sonny are getting back together. Eavesdropping Overhearing, Josslyn pops out, and asks how Carly can ever go back to Sonny.

Quinn is surprised that Nina and Amy know one another. Amy steps into the hallway, and in as loud a voice as possible, says that she can’t believe NINA REEVES IS HERE. Quinn wonders why she’s shouting, and Amy says she’s a big fan of the magazine. Quinn says that Nina is there for the photo shoot, and wants to do a piece on the book for Crimson. Quinn gets a call, and says the creative genius photographer needs handling. After she leaves, Nina asks what’s going on. Amy says that she’s just doing a side job, but Nina wonders why she’s panicking. She wants to go inside the room, but Amy stops her.

Dante tells Ava that he knows it went too far, and she didn’t want to hurt Morgan. She repeats that she’s not saying any more. He tells her that he’s not trying to get a statement, but he wants to talk about his brother. He wonders how she sleeps at night, and what about the people Morgan loved who could get closure? Morgan would want her to own up to what she did, so he could get some peace, and Dante thinks that deep down, it’s what she wants too.

Laura tells Doc that Spencer hasn’t given up; he has a new approach. He went to see Sonny, and she gives him three guesses as to what that’s about. They leave for Pozzulo’s.

Sonny asks if Spencer wants him to whack someone, and Spencer says, not someone, Valentin Cassadine. Spencer tells Sonny to take him out. Sonny says that there are different ways to deal with things, and Spencer says he’s exhausted all of them. Valentin has the estate and his birthright; it cant stand. He says it’s the only solution. Valentin took his father, and that can’t be undone, but he also took his home, and Spencer wants justice, peace, and for this to end. Sonny tells him that if he grants what Spencer is asking, he’s not going to have peace, but the opposite.

Josslyn tells Carly that because of Sonny, her real father can’t come back to the US. She begs Carly to say she heard wrong, but Carly says she and Sonny are back together. Josslyn says at the rate they break up, it should be over by the weekend. Carly tells her that she doesn’t get to disrespect her mother. Bobbie tells Josslyn that her mother loves her, and one day when she looks back, she’ll realize that she didn’t know as much as she thought she did. Carly knows it’s a shock, but Josslyn says it’s not. She knew it the second they went to Puerto Rico. Carly tells her that she’s sorry, and Josslyn says if she was really sorry, she wouldn’t be back with Sonny.

Amy tells Nina that she’s Man Landers’s manager. Nina says that she and Quinn do favors for each other all the time, and she’d like to include Man Landers in Crimson. She says she’ll ask him herself, but when she finally gets into the room, it’s empty.

Ava tells Dante that she wants Morgan to be at peace; he was a beautiful troubled soul, but the turmoil is over for him, and he is at peace. Dante says that’s a convenient belief. Ava says she never thought much about faith, but recently talked to Griff, and thought about the future, and penance, and making things right. She realized that she’s living in purgatory now, and it’s never ending. Dante asks if she sees it as penance, but she sees it as fate, and isn’t going to let anyone punish her more than she’s been punished already.  Dante suggests she’s leaving him hanging, and she tells him that when the air touches her skin, it’s excruciating, and when he knows how that feels, then he can talk about being left hanging. He says if she was truly remorseful, she’d own up and pay her debt, but she’s a coward.

Scotty walks into Ava’s room and asks if he’s interrupting. Dante says they’re done.

Sonny tells Spencer that when he was younger, he did some things that weren’t right, and continued doing them over the years. Spencer says, and now look at him. Sonny realizes he missed the point, and says that every time you do something, it costs you. There’s no turning back; that’s who you are forever. He’s had to live like that, and doesn’t want Spencer in the same position. Spencer says Valentin took something he loved, and he wants to take something that’s his. Sonny says if he helps him, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself, and doesn’t think Spencer would either.

Josslyn tells Carly that clearly, what she wants and how she feels doesn’t matter. Carly asks if what she wants is throwing a party and drinking with boy. Josslyn points out that it was one, respectful boy, but Carly runs off with Sonny, and then has the nerve to punish her. She’s a hypocrite. Carly says she doesn’t get to talk like that. Josslyn says that before she left, Carly told her over and over that she wasn’t going back to Sonny, but Josslyn knew she would. She can’t stop, no matter how she gets hurt. Carly says it’s complicated, and Josslyn calls that shorthand for knowing about Sonny’s criminal behavior, but marrying him anyway. She wants to know why.

Nina tells Amy that there’s no one there, and Amy says that’s because there’s nothing to see. Nina asks why try so hard to keep her out? Amy says she’ll call her people, and suddenly, Nina says, omg, seeing Nathan’s shoes underneath a folding screen. She looks behind it, and he tries dancing around a little, but she finds him.

Ava tells Scotty that he didn’t need to come back. He says that he wanted to see how she was, and she says in constant pain and permanently disfigured; how is he? Scotty says he’s sorry, and asks what Dante wanted. She says, what do you think? and Scotty asks if she sold him down the river. Ava says after all they’ve been through, did he think she’d give him up? He says, of course not… did you?

Spencer is disappointed, and would be eternally grateful if Sonny helped him. Sonny tells him that his father loved him, and wanted him to be a good man. Spencer misses him and wants him back. Sonny asks if he remembers what it felt like when he first found out that his father was gone, and Spencer says like a hole in his chest bigger than everything. Sonny says he felt like that with Morgan. He tells Spencer that revenge isn’t going to fill it, and it won’t bring Spencer’s dad back, or bring his son back. Spencer hugs Sonny, and cries.

Carly tells Josslyn that she loves Sonny, and they share a life and a family. Because of all the mistakes they’ve made, they’re better together than apart. Josslyn questions it being better with the man who had her father sent out of the country.  She can’t forgive him, and Carly says she assumes that Sonny can’t admit he’s wrong. Josslyn says she used to love him; now she’ll hate him until she dies. Carly can go back to him, but without her.

Nina asks Nathan what he’s doing there. Amy acts surprised to see him, and Nina says that’s why they were acting weird – he’s Man Landers. Nathan admits it, and Nina says fine, but since when does he give relationship advice? He says he’s just the face of the brand. She asks how he got involved, and does Maxie know? Nina wonders how he got roped into it, and he says he’s doing Amy a favor, but the reason is Amy’s secret.

Outside of Ava’s room, Bobbie asks if Dante is waiting to interview her. He says he’s done. She sees Scotty with Ava, and says he’s up to his neck in this. Dante tells her that he helped Ava cover it up. Bobbie says she’d talk to him, but what’s the point? She already knows the excuses he’ll come up with, like turning her in won’t bring Morgan back. She thinks Ava should be brought to justice.

Scotty thought Ava might have an attack of conscience, but Ava says she would never incriminate him; they’ve been through a lot together. He says he’s always there for her, and she asks him to stop with the lies for once.

Sonny and Spencer sit at a table, while Spencer eats something that has meringue on top. Spencer says the dessert is excellent, and Sonny tells him to enjoy it while he can. Spencer frets that his desserts will be cut off when Laura finds out, but Sonny says he’s selling the restaurant. Spencer says Pozzulo’s without Sonny is like Windemere without him, and Sonny says sometimes you have to let something go to move on.

Laura and Doc enter the restaurant, and Laura tells Spencer she had a conversation with Chandler about his indiscretion. Spencer says he’ll have Chandler fired, and Laura reminds him that Chandler works for her. She says if he keeps it up, she’ll have no choice to send him back to boarding school, and she’s found a great one in Montana. If he wants to stay in Port Charles, he needs to improve his behavior immediately. She wants him to apologize for putting his Uncle Sonny in an awkward position. Spencer says he’s sorry, and Sonny accepts. He tells Spencer he can be there any time he likes, but if Sonny hears about any trouble, it won’t make him happy. Laura leaves with Spencer, and Sonny asks to speak to Doc for a second. He tells Doc that he thinks Laura should keep an eye on Spencer, and adds that it’s great that Laura has him to help. Doc says it’s his pleasure.

Carly asks Josslyn what she means, and Josslyn says her being with Sonny is wrong, and hurts her. She can’t accept him as part of her family, and since she refuses to spend another second under the same roof, she’s going to live with her father in Australia. Carly says she told her that she could go for the summer, but Josslyn says no, she wants to live there permanently. She wants to be away from Carly’s dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Carly says she’ll think about it, and talk to Jax, but right now, she’s taking Josslyn to Lila’s Kids; she has to keep her commitment. Josslyn says it’s unfair that she has to do what Carly tells her to, while Carly gets to do what she wants. Yeah, but that’s usually how it works with moms and their kids.

Amy has explained the situation with her brother to Nina, and Nina says they’re both incredible. Amy says Nathan is; she just stole his picture. Nina says that Amy is helping her brother, and he served our country, so he shouldn’t need for medical care. (Hear, hear!) She tells Amy to keep the story as an exclusive for Crimson. That’s the only way to keep it a secret. Nina says it’s the least she can do for Amy’s brother, and her own.

Dante tells Bobbie that Ava should be tried and convicted – he owes it to Morgan. Bobbie says that Morgan would want him to enjoy his life. Ava is suffering, but he shouldn’t have to. Can’t he let it go, and live his life and be happy? This, coming from the woman who can’t forgive Nelle. Dante says, maybe, but they both know someone who won’t be satisfied – his father.

Ava says she releases Scotty. She knows what she looks like. He says, so what? It’s horrible, but it doesn’t have to affect what they are to each other. She says they flirted, fought, and teased, and have been enemies and allies for a long time. He doesn’t want to be seen with someone like her, and she doesn’t want it either. She says it was odd, interesting, and lovely, but it’s time for it to end.

Laura, Doc, and Spencer go to Kelly’s. Doc says it sounds like Uncle Sonny helped Spencer understand, and Spencer says right now, he just wants to chill at Doc’s  place. Laura says he signed up for Lila’s Kids, and he’s going to help them clean the patio. He sighs over more chores.

Carly goes to Pozzulo’s, and tells Sonny about the party. She says that Josslyn is acting out because she’s afraid of them getting back together. He says they are, and Carly says Josslyn had a meltdown when she heard. Sonny had Jax deported, and Josslyn hates him, and hates Carly for being with him. She says all the good will they’d built up is gone, maybe for good. He did it to get back at Jax, but betrayed Josslyn. The only person she feels more betrayed by is Carly.

Quinn arrives back at the photo shoot, and says the photographer will be there momentarily. She says she sees that Nina has met Man Landers, and Nina says he agreed to the Crimson exclusive. Quinn says that’s good news, and tells Amy, good work. She thinks it’s a match made in heaven. Nina says they’re all in it together.

Dante tells Bobbie that Ava is going to suffer for the rest of her life. Sonny will react the way he’s going to react, and deal with what he has to. Dante’s way of saying, it is what it is.

Scotty asks Ava if she wants him gone. She tells him just go. He leaves. They’re whole exchange was depressing.

Laura asks Spencer to get some ice tea to go. When he’s out of earshot, she asks Doc if she’s being too hard, but he thinks she’s setting reasonable limits. She wonders if it will work, since Spencer has already contacted a lawyer, and tried to arrange a hit. She says she wouldn’t blame Doc if he bowed out, but he says he’s not going anywhere.

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn wants to live with Jax, and Sonny asks if Jax would agree to that. Carly says she knows Jax isn’t his favorite person, but he’s a good father, and wouldn’t allow Josslyn to use him as leverage against Carly. Josslyn is trying to force her into a choice that she doesn’t want to make, but she’s going to figure out a way to have them both. She can’t imagine life without him. They kiss.

Tomorrow, Dillon asks Ned if he’s got cold feet, Obrecht confronts Curtis, and Andre asks Anna if she wants to do this.

🏠 Cyrus vs Cyrus gets more frightening with every episode. Now there aren’t just two women with Miley’s face on them, another two have been added – her mother and grandmother. Although technically, it’s really the grandmother’s face that’s on all of them. Who knows? Maybe we could go back to some cavewoman with Miley’s face. Like this wasn’t bad enough, tonight, Miley added her own face to the group. The episode featured an old smokehouse that was turned into a haven for her when she visits. I do have to add, that as someone who loves older architecture, I appreciated that they decided to keep the original structure. It was especially impressive when they chose to move it when it was found to be too close to the property line for it to be a guest house. Don’t ask me. We all thought that sucked. They did act stupid about the cost (which was $65K, as opposed to $80K for a new structure), when they have a skabillion dollars. Billy Ray forked over his Amex card, and the final cost was somewhere around $163K. BTW, they all sound the same too. I can’t wait for Sweet Home Oklahoma to start again.

🗽 Even though Million Dollar Listing New York is on my must watch list, the listings are the real stars. While I enjoy watching the antics of the guys who love to hate each other, my focus is on those properties that I will never, ever be able to afford. Nor will anyone I know, even if you combine all of our incomes. Tonight, my preferred pied-à-terre was a mere $25 million, and the word of the night was aggressive.

💀 While cruising the digital TV guide, I happened upon an enjoyable ID channel show called Web of Lies. There’s nothing better than a reenactment, except a reenactment about the dangers of the internet. Stay safe out there.

Something to Ponder…

I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done. – Lucille Ball

Because I Couldn’t Decide…


Sydney, Australia Opera House


Not very well done, but it made me laugh.

June 28, 2017 – A Return from Puerto Rico, NYC Goes to Vermont, a Few Cooking Quickies & Observations


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Bobbie calls Dante and tells him that Ava has improved. He says he’ll be by for an interview.

Ava refuses to drink her breakfast smoothie. Julian tells the nurse that she’d prefer a dry martini, but he’ll get her to drink it. He says things are looking up for the both of them.

Laura and Spencer meet with Alexis at Kelly’s. Spencer asks Alexis to be his attorney, but she doesn’t think she’s the right one. She says his father is her nephew, and whether she likes it or not, Valentin is her cousin, and it’s a conflict of interest. Spencer thinks it’s actually an advantage, and says the three of them will be unstoppable. The only thing Valentin will be left with is his name.

Lulu and Dante take Charlotte to the Quartermaine mansion. She says it reminds her of the place she lived with papa and Nina. Lulu says she knows Charlotte misses him. Charlotte says doesn’t want him just in her heart and asks when he’s coming home.

Sonny tells Carly he’s going to make it happen, and she says she almost believes it. They exchange I love yous and kiss. Zzzzz…

On the phone with Trina, Josslyn says for all she knows, her grandmother told her mom. Carly comes in, and says she has to talk to Josslyn about something. Josslyn flashes back to Bobbie breaking up the party, and says grandma must have told Carly what she did.

Lulu says they just don’t have the answers to Charlotte’s questions right now. She tells Charlotte that Olivia-F has a surprise for her. Charlotte asks if her papa is ever coming home.

Laura thought it might be better for Spencer to hear directly from a lawyer, and he wanted to see Alexis first thing in the morning, rather than going to camp. Spencer has no interest in participating in camp – it’s Daybreak with Dad today. He says it’s trite. Any activity with his father was fun, but it would only remind him of what Valentin stole. Alexis says she’s sorry, but Spencer refuses to wallow in self-pity. He’s going to take action against the man who murdered his father.

Julian makes Ava take a sip. She wonders what he meant by things looking up. Julian says Olivia let him see Leo, and he’s starting to make up for lost time. Ava says Leo probably won’t remember him not being there. He says he also saw Alexis last night. Ava thinks whatever happens with Leo and Alexis, it might not matter, and asks if he knows something she doesn’t. He says he’s going to fight, and thinks she should too.

Josslyn tells Carly that grandma is making a big deal out of nothing. Carly says she hasn’t talked to her yet, and Josslyn says never mind; she has to go. She says it was just a misunderstanding. Carly asks what kind, and Josslyn makes something up about not calling Bobbie when she was supposed to. She goes upstairs, and Carly finds a bottle under the table. Yellow Sun? What is that? I’m pretty sure it’s nothing I’d drink.

Spencer tells Alexis that they need to find a legal way to wrest Windemere from its current owner, and give it back to its rightful proprietor – him. Alexis says she thought they could, but they can’t.

Lulu asks why Charlotte would think Valentin isn’t coming back, and Charlotte says they blow her off every time she asks about her papa. Lulu says she’s smart, and they have been avoiding the subject. Her papa is going to be gone a long time, but they don’t know how long. Dante says the bride is coming in, and Olivia enters in a bridal gown and veil. I love it, but she says it’s a disaster. It’s a family heirloom, and four Falconari women wore it, but she’s refusing. Charlotte says she looks like a fairy godmother. Olivia says she’s not, but close; she’s Leo’s mother and Rocco’s grandmother. Charlotte says she’s too young to be a grandmother, which endears her to Olivia’s heart forever. Lulu says Olivia is also Charlotte’s step-grandmother, and. Olivia says to call her Nona.

Ava says if Julian thinks he can fight his way to an acquittal, great, but she has no interest in fighting against what she deserves. He says right now she’s bummed because she’s not well. She says she’s hurt so many people. Kiki is torn between loving and hating her, and can’t walk away while she’s like this. It would be easier if she was in prison and Kiki could forget. As long as she’s there, Kiki will feel obligated. Julian says she’s not an obligation to anyone, and eventually Kiki will understand and forgive her. He tells her to think about Avery.

Josslyn comes back downstairs. Carly stops her and asks what the bottle was doing under the couch, and if it’s what she thought was no big deal. Josslyn tries to pretend it was Bobbie’s, but Carly says to show her some respect, and asks what happened in the house. She says otherwise, she’ll call Bobbie, then drag Josslyn back home from camp. Josslyn says she kind of had a party, but it was tiny and hardly anyone was there. Carly asks if it included boys, and Josslyn says yes. Carly asks about alcohol, and Josslyn admits there were wine coolers.

Alexis tells Spencer that she’s gone over all the documents, but everything was left to Valentin. Spencer says it should be taken away from him. Laura says they have to abide by the court’s decision. Spencer tells her that Alexis is the best attorney in the country, and they need to buck the system. He asks if she can’t find a loophole, but she says Valentin owns it all until he dies. Spencer asks what happens when Valentin meets his mortal coil? Does Charlotte get his home? Alexis says, probably.

Olivia says she needs all the help she can get. She needs to find a new dress, and asks if Charlotte and Lulu can help. Charlotte asks if her grandparents won’t be disappointed. Olivia says they’re in heaven, but will be happy with whatever she chooses. Lulu reminds her about Charlotte’s surprise, and Olivia says don’t move. So far, Charlotte is impressed with Olivia.

Josslyn tells Carly that it wasn’t a big deal. She didn’t plan on it. Trina showed up, and brought people from school and alcohol, and before she knew it, the kids were in the hot tub. She wasn’t the one who wanted it, and almost called it off. She says that she stayed inside, and Carly asks if she was alone. Josslyn says not exactly. She stayed inside, but not by herself. Carly asks if she was with a boy.

Bobbie sees Sonny at the hospital. She asks if he and Carly got things straightened out. Sonny says there were a few surprises, but it’s been taken care of. Bobbie says so his only business with her daughter now is finalizing the divorce.

Julian tells Ava that Avery needs her mother, but Ava says she’s the last thing Avery needs. She’s going to confess. She’s going to spare Kiki the unwanted publicity and pain of testifying, and accept whatever punishment she gets.

Charlotte marvels at how many relatives she has. Olivia comes back in street clothes, and fusses over Charlotte some more. She tells Charlotte that Leo and Rocco are going to be ringbearers, and asks if she’d like to be the flower girl. Charlotte says she’d love to.

Spencer says, so when Valentin dies, Windemere becomes Charlotte’s? Alexis hasn’t seen his will, but assumes so. Spencer says there’s got to be something they can do. Alexis says if he dies, she might be able to argue that Spencer’s claim supersedes Charlotte’s, but it’s a long shot. Spencer has faith in her, but says Valentin isn’t that old… unless he meets an untimely death in prison. He asks how is it that he has to wait so long for something he shared with his father?

Josslyn tells Carly that she was with a boy, but they were only talking. He’s sensitive, sweet, and understanding – the opposite of Sonny. Carly asks if they were drinking, and Josslyn says she just had a few sips when Bobbie came in and shut things down. She repeats that it wasn’t a big deal, and Carly tells her to stop saying that. What if someone got hurt or someone called the police? Josslyn says they didn’t, and Carly says there are going to be serious consequences to her bad choices. Josslyn asks what about Carly’s?

Bobbie asks Sonny if they’re still going through with the divorce, and Sonny tells her to talk to Carly. She says that she will.

Julian tells Ava that he felt just like her, but it’s the easy way out. She asks what he thinks she should do, and he says make amends with everyone she hurt, but don’t confess. She says either way, she’s going to prison. Julian asks what they have on her, and she says Lucy’s testimony. He says she’s not reliable, and Ava says there’s Scotty too; he knows everything. Julian says he’s also her lawyer and can’t testify against her. She tells Julian that nothing he says can change her mind.

Sonny walks in, and Julian asks what he’s doing there. Sonny says he’s seeing Ava, and Julian says he thought there might be some gratitude for the warning he gave to Jason. Sonny says thanks for the heads up, and Julian tells him not to go overboard. Sonny says he’s had a change made in the custody order.

Alexis’s phone rings and she steps away to take the call. Laura tells Spencer that she’s sorry. He wants to go home – to Windemere. He misses pizza on the parapet. He says it’s not the same; he’s lost so much. Laura says it hurts, but it’s just a house. His dad doesn’t live there anymore, but lives in their hearts. Spencer is the very best of his father. If he listens closely, he’ll still be able to hear his voice. He can even ask questions and hear the answers. His father will never be gone because he lives on inside of him.

Chandler from Windemere comes in. He’s taking second job as Spencer’s driver. Laura says had to close Spencer’s Uber account, thinking it was better to have a driver who knows where he can go and where he should be. Spencer decides to go to camp. He says he’s fine now, thanks to Laura. He leaves with Chandler. Alexis comes back to the table, and asks if Spencer is all right.

Spencer asks Chandler if they can make a quick stop.

Carly tells Josslyn not to make it worse. Josslyn asks if she’s being punished for speaking the truth, and asks if Carly and Sonny were getting back together all along. Carly says she’s the one who had party and lied. Josslyn tells Carly that maybe she wanted to get her mind off of her dysfunctional family. Carly is like, come on, but Josslyn says everything is so screwed up between Carly, Sonny, and Morgan; maybe she wanted to forget about it. Carly says having a party isn’t the way to deal with it, and tells her to go upstairs until she figures out how to handle it. She makes Josslyn hand over her phone.

Bobbie comes in, and Carly yells at her for not saying anything. Bobbie says she didn’t know they were back until she saw Sonny, and then she came home immediately. Carly asks how bad it was and if Josslyn was drunk. Bobbie says no, and Oscar seemed harmless, unlike Trina’s friends, who she thinks are inappropriate. Carly says no more sleepovers. She didn’t know how upset Josslyn was, and had no idea she’d act out like that. Omg, you’d think she shot heroin.

Sonny is asking for full custody with Avery. Julian calls him a piece of work. Sonny says Ava took advantage of their agreement when he was in the wheelchair, and he’s returning the favor. He says he can’t bring Morgan back, but he can protect Avery. Julian says the silver lining is that Sonny is getting a divorce, and Carly won’t be part of her life anymore. Sonny tells him wrong again; they’re staying together, and Carly will be the only mother Avery knows. Julian tells Sonny to get out. Sonny leaves the paperwork.

Julian tells Ava that he’s sorry, and Ava says it’s not his fault. He says that doesn’t mean she should stop fighting. She asks him to leave her alone for a while, and he tells her not to give up. Whoa. Wait a second. Why is Sonny allowed to leave and unsterile folder with papers there? They also seem a little loosey-goosey about how much the visitors are covered-up.

Alexis tells Laura that she’s sorry all she could offer was a dead end. Laura says Spencer needed to hear it from her, and thanks her for meeting with them. She says she can’t shake the feeling that Spencer won’t give up, but Alexis says there’s nothing they can do. Laura says they know that, but does Spencer?

Dante comes to Ava’s room. He asks how she is, but she tells him that pleasantries aren’t necessary. He says he has questions to ask her about his brother’s death.

Spencer meets Sonny at Puzzulo’s. He has a business matter to discuss. Sonny asks what kind, and he says he wants Sonny to eliminate Valentin Cassadine.

Bobbie tells Carly that Sonny wouldn’t talk about the trip, and said to ask her, so she’s asking. Carly says it was more than business. She and Sonny have decided to get back together. Bobbie sits there, open-mouthed, and Josslyn overhears.

Tomorrow, Sonny asks Spencer if he knows what he’s asking, Scotty asks if Ava sent him down the river, and Bobbie wants justice.

The Real Housewives of New York City  

Bethenny is meeting the ladies at an Italian restaurant in the Bronx. She wants to break them out of Manhattan. She says it feels like 1950, and told them to dress accordingly. Dorinda says it feels like home. She’s hungover, but thinks a big bowl of Bolognese is the answer. She orders a bloody Mary and says keep them coming, and Luann says it’s noon somewhere. Bethenny calls it a salty broad kind of area. In her interview, she says Tinsley sticks out like a sore thumb, but Carole is a close second, looking like a zookeeper. She tells us that the only one who got the memo was Dorinda, who showed up wasted. Omg, the pizza looks incredible.

Bethenny wants the group to go on a ski trip to Vermont. Sonja says she used to be a good skier, but she hasn’t gone in a long time, and wants an instructor. They talk about Ramona (who’s not there), and we flash back to her last altercation with Bethenny. Bethenny tells them that it said so much about Ramona. Dorinda thinks she was drunk, and Bethenny says it’s like truth serum. We flash back to Ramona talking smack about Sonja. Dorinda talks about Ramona’s business partner, who has apparently lied to a lot of people. Sonja pulls out her phone, and goes over some old texts that alluded to Dorinda wanting a Tipsy Girl brand. Dorinda says as usual, Sonja has to go backward. Dorinda gets loud, and Carole says this is her favorite part. Everyone is turning around and looking. Sonja insists that Dorinda wanted to do Tipsy Girl first, and Dorinda wants her to take it back. She walks around the table, imitating Sonja. After she sits back down, she does this thing with her hand, and keeps saying clip! There’s a question mark over my head, and Bethenny isn’t sure what that means either, but thinks it means STFU.

Dorinda says Sonja has no right to speak on her behalf. Bethenny says in all fairness, it was Ramona who belittled her. Dorinda starts getting teary, and Sonja brings up the Berkshires. Dorinda calls her an asswipe, and I laugh, since I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that term from an adult. Luann suggests having calamari. What no eggs a la Française? Bethenny apologizes to the other diners. One of them says Carole looks like Melania Trump. Luann tells him that’s a huge compliment because Carole loves Trump, and steers her away before she kills someone.

Tinsley sees her therapist. She says her biggest problem is that she can’t sleep, and when she does, she dreams of all the crap. She talks about her alcoholic father, who turned to drink after losing a business. She says after he died, she looked at things differently; he was a southern gentleman who didn’t deserve what he got in life. She says every guy she’s ever been close to is like her father, but they don’t understand the real world, and can sometimes end up like him. She isn’t an alcoholic, but is drinking too much to fall asleep. The therapist asks about her dreams. She talks about the fear of dying when she was arrested, and the character assassination afterward. In her interview, she says even though the charges were dropped, she still has to deal with it. She wants to feel like herself again, and the therapist suggests aiming for a better version of herself. He thinks she should set some goals, and tells her that if she can’t find innate value in herself, it’s going to be more challenging. Challenging being the new word for difficult to the point of being a real pita.

Luann meets Ramona and Sonja at a restaurant. She tells Ramona the Tipsy Girl thing came out at dinner. In her interview, Ramona says Sonja is stuck in the past. Interesting, since Ramona seems stuck in Bethenny’s past. Luann tells her about the Vermont trip, and asks if she’s in. In her interview, she says she usually only skis in Aspen. Oh, excuse me. Luann thinks Ramona is trying too hard, and should let Bethenny come to her. Which will be never. Sonja hopes she and Dorinda are okay. She talks about how Luann has known Dorinda longer, jokingly adding that they’re not so close they slept with the same guy, referring to her and Tom. No surprise, Luann doesn’t take it well, and reminds Sonja that Tom is her husband. Sonja says she thought she had “creative license,” whatever that means, and Luann says it’s been real. In her interview, she says she’s tired of apologizing for being herself. Luann tells her it’s not cool, which I guess makes it all, like, uncool.

Minions are dancing at the bottom of my TV screen. What the…? Advertising has gotten totally out of hand. And I thought the point of paying for cable was less advertising. The girls arrive at what Bethenny calls a Lincoln Log house. It’s huge, beautiful, and polished looking. She says she got a text from Ramona, who as usual is all over the place, saying blah-blah-blah about communication. Bethenny texted back that she really doesn’t want to be friends, but they can be cordial. Dorinda tells Bethenny that she thinks Ramona has regrets, and Bethenny says it’s too many things in too short of a time.

Bethenny wants to put the Mexico trip back on the schedule, and we flash back to when they almost went before she got sick. Hey, it’s Jules! Dorinda and Carole want to pick rooms before the others get there, and Dorinda realizes she forgot her luggage. Everything is still sitting in front of her house. In her interview, Carole says Dorinda is the gift that keeps on giving. Dorinda wants to call an Uber to pick up her stuff and take it from NYC to Vermont. I wonder what that costs. She spreads the everything in her purse on one of the beds to lay claim.

We hear Ramona before she even comes in, since she forgot to wear her snow boots. Oh Lord, it was a five-hour drive. I’d have walked before going with Ramona. Carole calls camel toe on Ramona, who asks what she wants after that long in the car. In her interview, Ramona says it’s awkward with Bethenny. I’ll bet.

The rest of the women pick out their bedrooms. Ramona starts complaining before she even sees anything. In her interview, Ramona says she and Sonja have a history, and they always share a room. Tinsley thinks they’re acting like it’s summer camp, and they need the best bunk. Sonja and Ramona talk about stealing Dorinda’s room, and Sonja says maybe she’ll forget which one she picked if she’s drinking.

Luann gets there last. Ramona grills Carole on why she didn’t suggest Dorinda take another room, like that was her job. She wails that Dorinda’s room has a double-sink. Ugh! I hate a double-sink. I have one in the upstairs bathroom, and it’s been nothing but a headache from day one. Luann has to take the last room downstairs, and feels like she’s being punished. Dorinda hears Ramona, and says if she’d gotten there earlier, she would have gotten the room she wanted. Sonja feels like Luann always wants her to kiss the ring.

Jan, the executive chef, arrives. Luann and Ramona play ping-pong, and Ramona bitches about Bethenny. Ramona insists that she would never be malicious, but Luann won’t go that far. We flash back to Ramona criticizing Luann to no end. Back in her room, Ramona orders Sonja to get her water. Sonja puts tap water in a bottle, and pretends it’s Evian, but Ramona says she’d rather have mountain water, since it tastes better. Sonja says she’ll get it then, waits a beat, then gives her the water she had in the first place.

Tinsley tells Bethenny she’s kind of boy crazy. Bethenny says she’s spent too much time in the Hamptons around gay men, but she’s dating again. Tinsley says she’s over WASPy guys. She also wants to figure out when she’s moving.

Dinner is served. Luann wakes Dorinda. Bethenny tells Luann about the trip to Mexico. Luann complains about her room. Her bathroom is down the hall. Oh, horrors! She thinks it should have been nicer because she just got married. Huh? She says she thinks the chef was using her bathroom, and in her interview, Carole jokes that Luann usually loves finding a random man in the bathroom.

The food looks amazing. I have to get some of this food I keep seeing on TV. Luann goes on and on about being married, and wants to get someone else in the group to get married. Tinsley volunteers. Luann says she definitely needs to find a man, but Sonja thinks she should get an apartment first. She says men want to see independent women. In her interview, Sonja claims that Tinsley’s biggest concern was her reputation, and going right to another guy looks like she’s repeating her mistakes. Dorinda tells Sonja just because someone lives with you doesn’t give you the right to run their life. Tinsley can’t believe Sonja is talking about her like she’s not there. Dorinda says that’s not a friend.

Tinsley says she thought she was sixteen, and now she’s five. She says she’s not needy, but she just came from an unhealthy relationship. She’s 41, and doesn’t have kids. Luann says she needs to love herself first. Tinsley feels pressured, and says everyone is telling her to get over it, but no one is giving her a chance. She talks about them going back to the past, but Dorinda says they don’t understand what chaos happens in the townhouse. Bethenny compares it to Tinsley’s last abusive relationship, saying that now she’s letting Sonja tell her what to do. In her interview, Bethenny says if you don’t like the rules, move out. Tinsley says it was a traumatic experience being in a physically and mentally abusive relationship. Bethenny says she went through the same thing, and Tinsley says it’s not the same thing because it wasn’t so public. After everyone picks their jaws up off the ground, Bethenny tells her to google it. In her interview, Tinsley insists no one understands.

Next time, the ladies do some skiing, John’s Johnson is discussed, Luann says she just got married, and suckerfish Jason Hoppy is arrested for stalksing.

🍳 MasterChef quickie. There was a shellfish mystery box, and the dishes all looked extraordinary and delicious. The elimination challenge was scrambled eggs. Gordon’s are a little creamy for my taste, but I did learn something about making them. You can too, along with the other thirty million people, on YouTube. One contestant said they’d never scrambled an egg before, so I felt proud of myself for half a second. Being under-seasoned was the main culprit of those who didn’t make it to the balcony, but those remaining got a do-over. Oddly enough, Heather went home for being too heavy-handed with the pepper. It must have hurt to be beaten by an egg (BA-DUM-CHH!), but it’s always the simplest things that can hang you up. It’s the little foxes who spoil the vine.

🍴 On The f Word, it was The Lords of the Lake – a bunch of friends who share a lake house – vs Miracle in the Kitchen – a family whose patriarch was the last one saved from the Miracle on the Hudson. Their task was making fried chicken, yam hash, and collard greens. The winners were Miracle in the Kitchen, by a small percentage. Gordon made tacos with Jaimie Alexander, and it was the first time a guest’s dish was preferred. Matt Jones got the record for fastest watermelon slicing (18 seconds and making uniform cubes), and got a certificate from the Guinness adjudicator, who looked amusingly serious.

Gordon also broke out his alter-ego, James, and went in disguise to a focus group about The f Word. One guy nearly outed Gordon, recognizing something about him, but everyone else exhibited the appropriate surprise. Rachel Bilson and Gordon had a race to see how many ice cream scoops they could get on a cone in 45 seconds, with Joe Manganiello timing them. Joe admitted his guilty pleasure was jelly beans, and he’s a foodie who enjoys chicken and waffles. He also played a food guessing game. When Gordon unveiled a Scottish mystery dish, I already knew it had to be haggis. It’s always haggis.

A Coupla Tidbits

🏝 Lydia McLaughlin is returning to The Real Housewives of the OC. I hope she brings along her weed smoking mother again. She’s a million times more interesting than Lydia.

💃 I half-watched Little Women: LA, and it looked like Briana was finally going to ditch that skeevy husband of hers. Then she didn’t.

🗺 I was going to post a picture of haggis, and I just couldn’t do it. So here’s a pretty picture of Scotland instead.


June 27, 2017 – Sonny Wants Out, Rose Wants War & Hannah Wants Jason


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian suggests Alexis stop thinking and take the night off. He tells her maybe she should take a risk. Kristina comes by.

Hayden tells Curtis that she thought she’d feel an immediate, amazing connection to her baby, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. He asks if she’s worried about being a less than perfect mom or being a mom. Finn overhears.

Obrecht tells Kiki that people have noticed how diligent she is on the job, even under the hardship of her mother’s tragedy. Kiki says it would be nice if she’d mention it to Monica. Obrecht says her word means nothing to Monica, who is known to be stingy with raises and promotions, but her leadership won’t last forever

Jason arrives back home.

Carly tells Sonny she doesn’t believe he can leave the business. He asks if she thinks he’s playing her, but she thinks he’s playing himself. Geez, Sonny isn’t getting any younger and they have a skabillion dollars, why doesn’t he just retire and they can live on the island? I’ll go.

Curtis says he knows all about Hayden’s less than perfect parents, and  wonders if she’s concerned about repeating their mistakes. She asks if he thinks she wants to pass that mess onto another generation. He suggests she become an overprotective helicopter mom, and asks if anything else is going on. She says it wasn’t planned. She doesn’t know if it’s something she can do on her own, and isn’t sure if Finn is in a place to help her, since he needs to help himself. Finn walks in and says he is.

Sam offers to wake the kids, but Jason says he’ll surprise them in the morning. She notices his wound, and he says it’s just a graze, no big deal. She wonders how delivering a message translates into being shot. Monica says it looks fine. He says Godzilla Garvey pulled a gun on Sonny and Carly, but Carly was the one who shot him.

Carly says that Sonny doesn’t get to retire, and he wants to know who says? She tells him that he’s been honest that no one has been able to leave his line of work. He says that was just the worse case scenario. She says a man doesn’t leave his kind of business; the business leaves him. He can live out his life and die of natural causes, or someone could kill him. Well, that sounds like how it goes for most of us.

Hayden asks how long Finn has been there, and Finn says he just got there, and tells them about talking to Griff. Hayden tells him about bringing in Curtis, and Finn fills Curtis in on Obrecht. Hayden says if they can’t prove it, Finn could lose his medical license. Curtis says not on his watch, and suggests they get moving on it.

Obrecht tells Kiki that Monica can’t be in charge forever. She says the day might come sooner than later if Kiki can help her. Kiki might be in a position to hear things, like any talk about labor actions. Once she’s chief again, she could pay Kiki back for keeping her informed. She tells Kiki to think about it.

Kristina asks if she’s interrupting, but Alexis says no. She says they’re not together, and Julian says they just happened to be in the same place at the same time. He has to go, and Kristina says he must be enjoying his freedom before the trial. He asks if Kristina has heard from Sonny, explaining what happened. Kristina asks why Julian would care about warning him.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s been in the business a long time; he knows how it works. She asks what route he’s taking this time. He tried disappearing once; what is he going to do now? She asks if he wants to go in the witness protection program, and he tells her not to get ridiculous. She wonders how he’d be able to keep his mouth shut if there was a successor, or what if they’re not as strong as he is? Would there be the possibility of an all-out war for his territory?

Sam doesn’t blame Carly for protecting her family; she blames Sonny. He knows Jason will protect him, never mind his own family. Jason says everything is fine. Sam goes to check on the kids. Jason apologizes to Monica, but she’s just glad he’s home safe and sound. She says family is never trouble. He asks if Sam seemed different before he left; she seemed off. He says he’s been worse and she handled it fine. Monica says maybe Sam is rearranging her priorities for the kids. I love how no one asked what happened that Carly ended up shooting Jason. Does she have the reputation as a bad shot?

Sam says kids still asleep. She wanted to thank Monica for talking her down when she wanted to go to Puerto Rico. She wants to kick sonny’s ass, but Jason says it wasn’t his fault. If he hadn’t gotten involved, they would be dead. Sam says that he can’t be responsible for their lives. He wonders why she’s annoyed with Sonny. He says she’s been quick to react lately, and volatile. She has right to be concerned, but her reactions seem disproportionate. He doesn’t understand where it’s coming from. Maybe they should see a doctor.

Hayden says they’re all in agreement. Monica walks in, and wonders what’s up. Hayden says Curtis was just filling them in on what he’s been doing. Monica says the mansion has seen more schemes than the CIA, so they might as well be truthful. Finn says owes her the truth, and Hayden adds even if it gets him fired. Finn tells her that one of the staff has been tampering with his drug tests. She asks if there’s proof, and Curtis says he’s going to get evidence. She isn’t keen on going behind on of her doctor’s backs, but Finn says it’s Obrecht. She says there are doctors and then there’s Obrecht. She asks what the plan is.

Carly asks Sonny who the successor would be; they can’t ask Jason. Sonny says years ago, he would have done a great job, and he could have let go thinking it was okay. Carly says he’s changed, and has a different life. Sonny says he’s different. Carly says that brings them back to square one. If it’s not Jason, it’s no one. It’s Sonny. The phone rings.

Alexis thanks Julian, saying it’s the first time she’s had an urge to drink in a while, but next time, she’ll call her sponsor; they’re over. Julian asks if just for tonight or for good.

On the phone, Kristina asks if Sonny is okay. He says Jason got nicked, but it’s nothing. She says it’s not nothing. She wishes he’d stop acting like it’s normal. She’d hoped things would change after Morgan. She calls herself an idiot for wanting something better, but Sonny says she’s not an idiot. She wants a normal life, and can’t take anymore empty promises. She tells him get home safe, and hangs up on him.

Monica says the plan hinges on fooling Obrecht, and she’s not easily fooled. Hayden says she’s hired Curtis before, and Monica can ask Jason how skilled he is. Monica says if Jason has used him, that’s good enough, and it’s believable that Obrecht would sabotage Finn. If they come up empty she’ll take the hit but she doesn’t think that will happen. Obrecht took her job once, and no doubt is planning it again. She says she wants to plan a field trip.

Kristina tells Alexis about calling Sonny. Julian says he’s glad Sonny is okay. Kristina thanks him.

Carly understands Kristina’s frustration. She wonders if she seems like a hypocrite, changing the rules this late in the game; she knew what she was getting into, but now she can’t follow through. Sonny feels the same way. He can’t stand to lose anyone else the way they lost Morgan. He’s going to figure out a way. It’s been all he knows, but he’s going to do everything to make it happen. He says he’s done with this life.

Sam asks Jason if by them seeing a doctor, he really means her. She says he wants her to have her head examined because her worrying makes her crazy. She asks if he thinks she’s hysterical or has anxiety and should be medicated. He thinks maybe she should call Alexis. Sam says because she doesn’t want him working for Sonny that means something is wrong with her. She’s yelling so loud, she wakes Scout. Jason says if something is wrong they need to figure out what it is.

Hayden is surprised that Monica wants to help. Finn says that’s the problem with hypothetical situations. You don’t know for sure unless you ask. Hayden says he’s not talking about Monica, and says that she didn’t doubt his ability to be a good father. She was talking about him having so much on his plate. Finn says that it’s not the perfect time to have a baby, but it’s the time they have, and need to work with it.

Monica wants to familiarize Curtis with lab, but Obrecht is still working. She tells him they’ll have to find him a disguise first.

Alexis tells Kristina that it was beyond generous to thank Julian. Kristina says he stuck up for once. Alexis says maybe people do change. She asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina asks what going on with her and Julian.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s ironic how he once told her there’s no getting out, and now she’s telling him. He says things are relatively stable at the moment, and it’s the perfect time to make a transition. He’ll get rid of the things he can, and groom someone to take care of what he can’t. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. He calls Lucy. Says it will be worth her while. He says he’s selling his restaurant, and the listing is hers, price it to sell.

Sam apologizes to Jason about waking Scout. She says she feels like she blacked out, which is what he was saying. Jason says he’s just offering suggestions. She says she can’t apologize for feeling the way she does. He says even though he’s not going back to work for Sonny, she’s still afraid, and it’s not like her. He asks if she thinks she’s really okay. She says maybe not

Kristina asks Alexis what she walked in on. Alexis says, nothing. She had a banana split instead of drinking, and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Julian showed up, then she did. Kristina says good thing, but what happens next time when she’s not there to save Alexis from herself?

Julian brings Obrecht take-out for the staff looking after Ava. He wants her to know how much Ava’s family appreciates it. Obrecht says they’re just doing their jobs. He says good thing Monica brought hospital back from the brink.

Monica brings Curtis out, wearing glasses, a hat and a uniform. He says looks like a nerd, and asks if there isn’t something in sexy in the IT department. Monica says the point is to get Obrecht’s guard down. Kiki approaches Monica for a private talk, but Monica says Curtis is the new IT guy, and it’s okay to talk in front of him. Kiki says that she might have misunderstood, and doesn’t want to get someone in trouble, but she thinks Obrecht just asked her to spy for her. Monica says that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Finn tells Hayden that he’ll work every day to be the best father the baby could ask for. Hayden doesn’t doubt it, and says she’s the candidate to screw the baby up. He says they always blame their parents anyway. They can be scared together.

Jason tells Sam that maybe something is wrong. She brings up Alexis, and he says there’s definitely not drinking problem. Sam says ever since having Scout, she’s been antsy, like not entirely in control of herself. She hoped it would just blow over. He says doesn’t seem like it. She asks why it has to be an official thing and not just stress; first there was her mother’s drinking, then Julian, and Jason getting shot. Jason says that she handled things differently before, and thinks she should get checked out. She says what if they don’t find anything, and he says they’ll learn to handle things differently, suggesting getting a nanny, but she doesn’t want that. He says maybe part time, and she says they’ll see. He tells her the operative word is “we,” and he doesn’t want her to feel alone. She says she’ll see a doctor, even if she thinks it’s a waste of time.

Sonny says he made Lucy’s night. He takes out his gun to take it apart, saying it’s not needed any more. She appreciates the symbolic gesture, but thinks disarming himself will make him vulnerable. He says no more vulnerable than he’d be without her.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Charlotte that her father is going to be away for a long time, Spencer wants to take action against Valentin, and Carly asks Josslyn what happened in the house.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn asks what Veronica is doing at the hospital, and Veronica says there are some problems with Melissa, Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Kathryn says her first problem is that Jeffrey is gay. Veronica says Melissa had some issues with her pregnancy, but Veronica is going to be a flawless grandmother. She asks what Kathryn is doing there, and Kathryn says to check on Hannah. Veronica says, oh, Hanna the maid, but Kathryn says Hanna is her friend. Veronica says too bad she has to pay her friends, and Katherine says Melissa and the baby couldn’t have come cheap. <snort>

Kathryn explains what happened to Quincy Jr., and Jeffrey wants to call Candace. Veronica says he has other things to attend to, but Kathryn tells Veronica she wouldn’t push him. She asks how Veronica’s wound is, and Veronica says fine, how about hers? When Jeffrey leaves a message for Candace, Veronica tells Jeffrey not to be so dramatic. He tells her to shut up. <double snort>

Kathryn sees Wyatt in a wheelchair, and asks what happened. Veronica says apparently drugs, but Kathryn tells her to back off. Kathryn is told he just needs medical attention, but Wyatt doesn’t want her bothering him. Anna says he’ll be fine, and Kathryn says that bitch gave him the money, and now he’s doing it again – drugs and whores. Veronica says she shot her, and Kathryn says she’ll shoot Veronica too. Jeffrey tells her to calm down, and introduces Anna. Anna tells her they do rehab at home, but Wyatt was having problems detoxing, so she and Dr. Jeffries thought he should be brought in. Veronica says they’ll fail. Kathryn tells them not to pay attention – she’s delusional. Anna says she should be proud. Kathryn says he’s been a lot of facilities, but Anna says he called them while he was trying to go cold turkey, and that’s a big step. She says he’ll be okay. Kathryn apologizes, and says she hopes they can work miracles. Jeffrey says this is good because he called on his own. Kathryn wants to see him when he’s done, but Anna doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jeffrey says she’s a source of agitation, and detox is hard enough without added stress. He says Wyatt made the first step, and she’ll see him. He says he’ll keep her updated, and she thanks him. She’s glad he has his father’s heart.

Benny asks if he could get Hanna anything, but she just talks about how are they going to bury Quincy Jr. with no insurance? Benny says they’ll work it out, and Mitch says he’ll make sure they get the money. She tells him to call a place that buried Lizzie. Everyone is bummed. Kathryn arrives. Benny and Mitch make themselves scarce.

Hanna tells Kathryn it’s senseless and wrong; he was a baby, and had nothing to do with it. She tells Kathryn about how they busted in the room, looking for “that girl,” and just shot him, over money that doesn’t belong to either of them. Kathryn says she knows. Hanna says he’s dead. She’s never going to see him grow up and be happy. She calls out to God. She’s breathing, but he’s not. Kathryn tells her that she could say calm down and pull herself together, but nothing works. Unless you’ve lost a child, you don’t get it. She says Hanna will hear ridiculous things from people; when Amanda died she heard it all. Even the sympathy cards made her angry. She says they mean well, but nothing comforted her. She tells Hanna that she’s a good friend, and she needs to pray, adding that God sends you grief in waves, so it’s not so overwhelming. Hanna says she feels nothing, and it’s strange. Kathryn says she knows the feeling, and it passes. Sadness, rage, anger, depression; it’s a bitch, and then there’s just you and a new way of living, a new way of normal. Hanna says there’s nothing normal about this much struggle and this much pain. Her life has gone from nothing to nothing. Kathryn tells her not to say that, but she says it’s true. She has such strong faith, but this, God has some explaining to do. She’s done her best to live her life right. She gets upset and angry, but she tries her best to do her best, and what good is it? That baby is cold and what good is that? She pleads with God to talk to her. Wow. That was heart-wrenching.

Benny and Mitch return, and Benny tells Hanna that she’s okay. She says she knows that, but Quincy Jr. is dead. She starts to cry and scream he’s dead over and over. Benny holds her. Kathryn says to let her go. She hugs Hanna, and says she’ll take her home to her house.

Oscar is in Candace’s room when she comes out of the shower. He asks if she knows she’s wanted. He says she took his surveillance equipment out, and he’s paying for the room. He tells her that he knows she has nowhere to go. She tells him to leave, and asks what he wants. He says what she did last night. He’s being paid by powerful people who want Charles out of the race. He acts like a choirboy, but he’s not. Oscar says what she has is gold. Candace asks why she should help him. He says she could be First Lady of the US. She says her face is all over the TV, wanted for murder, but he says that could be spun. She asks how she could she be first lady, and he says in eight years, when his guy wins; it’s the long game. Candace says she’s not in it for the long game, and Oscar says that’s the problem. She’s only in it for quick money. He tells her that power begets money, not the other way around. She says she made it before him. He says she was hustling before him. This is the big leagues. She asks if he wants to be her pimp, and he says no, her partner. She tells him to get out. He says that Charles is there three more days – get him. He leaves, and Candace thinks about it.

Dr. Vincenti tells Veronica that Melissa and the baby are fine. He asks if Veronica would like to see her. She says she has things to do, but let her know if there are any changes about the baby. He says Melissa is depressed, and Veronica asks if it affects the baby. He’s concerned about Melissa’s suicide attempt, but Veronica says when she’s done talking to Melissa, she won’t try that again. The doctor says that seeing a friendly face might help, and Veronica says that’s why she doesn’t want to see her. Veronica tells Jeffrey let’s go, but he wants to check on Melissa. Veronica says he wants to see Wyatt, and Jeffrey says him too. She says not tonight, but Jeffrey walks away.

Meanwhile, at Malone’s Restaurant, Jim meets Rose. She’s not a happy woman, and he says he can see that. She says he knows what she’s like when she’s not happy, and it’s not good. She reminds him of the ‘08 race riots, and says she’s that angry. She asks who War is. Jim says some thug, and she asks how Jim knows him. He tells her that Candace had War abduct him and hold him for ransom. Rose asks if he’s and idiot, and Jim says yes. He tells her that War was a puppet for Candace, but found out she’d cheated him, and then she set him up. He and War struck up a deal in jail. Candace had something he needed – pictures of him in compromising positions – and War was supposed to get them back. Rose realizes that’s why he got War released, and her sources were right. She says that she’s always been there for Jim, and he says ditto. She says War shot at her grandson. Jim says War couldn’t have known who he was. Rose says he just lived up to his name –  she’s giving him a war. Jim tells her that these are different times, but she says that she has no choice. He says it will get heated around here, and she asks why he’d worry about heat.

Jim tells Rose that they’re in it deep together, and if she goes down, he has a lot to be concerned about. He asks her to let him talk to War, and she asks why Jim wants to protect him. Jim says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about War, but wants to tell him what he did. If she takes this route, it could destroy him. Rose doesn’t give a damn. She says it’s already been decided, but he says she needs to understand things too. She says she should blame him – he got War out. Jim says he didn’t know that War knew Mitch. Rose says that he doesn’t. Jim asks if Mitch is okay. Rose says he wasn’t shot, but she needs to send a clear message that the Malones aren’t to be screwed with. He says the whole town knows already, but she says that she needs to rebroadcast it. She tells Jim to call War – now. Ha-ha I like Rose. She’s one tough broad.

Jim calls War. He says they need to talk. War asks about what, and Jim tells him that they have themselves a situation. War says he didn’t know the kid was there. Jim asks what kid, and War says Hanna’s grandson. Jim says they need to talk about him shooting at the wrong person, and he doesn’t mean the kid. The light bulb comes on, and War realizes he’s talking about Mitch. Jim tells War that he pissed off the wrong people and to let him help. He wants to make sure War is safe until he gets the package, and after that, needs to make sure he’s safe leaving Savannah. War says he doesn’t want to go anywhere, but Jim says he has to. War says it’s not happening, and Jim asks about the photos. War says he’s working on it, and hangs up. Rose wants the number, and tells her guy to trace it. Jim asks her not to do this. She says he’d better find War before she does. Jim asks her to consider the road she’s going down; this street thug isn’t worth her trouble. She tells Jim to get out. He asks her what her plans for DA Jennifer’s body are, but she doesn’t answer. He thanks her for the drink, and leaves.

Jim calls David. He says War took a shot at Rose’s grandson, and David says it’s powder keg. They can’t afford to have her upset. Jim asks if Oscar can be trusted. David thinks so, but Jim needs him to be sure. He says they need leverage, and David says maybe he can come up with something. Jim tells him that they have to find War before Rose does. War still has the package, and Oscar has to find him. David says that he’s on his way to the hospital, and Jim says he’ll meet him there.

Justin and Detective Logan approach Hanna. They need her to answer questions while it’s still fresh in her mind. She says that his name is Warrick Lewis, and explains what happened. Justin tells the detective that her daughter is Candace Young, and wonders why they’d be looking for her. Hanna says they’re both evil. Logan asks if Benny will talk to them. Benny shrugs and says sure. Justin asks if Mitch was there, and asks if his name is the same as in Fredrico Malone. Mitch says he’s a grandson. Logan asks why Benny was there, and he says he and his mother had rented a room. He asks about Mitch, and Mitch says that he and Benny are friends. Logan wonders if it was a drug thing, and Mitch says check their records. Logan asks if Benny knows where Candace is, and Benny says that she’s not returning his calls, but he won’t give up the phone number. Logan suggests he help them, and Benny says why, since they’ve been no help to him. Logan tells him they know two people were involved in Quincy’s murder, and he’s under arrest.

Next time – two weeks from now, Justin visits Wyatt, Melissa tells Jeffrey to get lost, David tells Veronica he’s glad he got rid of her, and Oscar tells Candace not to mess with those people.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When last we left, Hannah asked Jason if he was off to bed, and they kissed. We didn’t see that part; we just heard smacky noises.

Lauren asks if Max has a special outfit for his girl, and Bobby says his birthday suit. Ha-ha! Bugs suggests to the captain that Hannah was partying with the guests, since she’s still sleeping. She thinks Hannah is taking advantage of the fact that none of them know when she goes to bed. Captain Sandy says Wes doesn’t know how to delegate, which makes it difficult for the crew to learn. I like how she gets them involved with the workings of the boat.

Another beautiful morning in Croatia. The water is so blue; it’s incredible. The guests gather for breakfast. Jason asks if Hannah is okay, and Bugs says she’ll check. In her interview, Hannah feels guilty. Bugs tells her that Jason asked her to check if Hannah had a pulse. Hannah says she’s keeping her mouth shut, which is what she should have done the night before.

Captain Sandy says she had captains who didn’t allow her on the bridge, and she wants to be able to further the careers of her crew. Wes docks the boat for the first time. Success! The guests don’t want to go home, and Jason asks for Hannah’s email addy. She says they’ll be around Croatia for a month, and he says they’ll be there until Friday. As much as she likes having him there, it’s a bit of a distraction.

Jason tells the captain that it’s a lifelong memory, and they probably gained fifteen pounds. He has something he’d like to leave behind in appreciation. How did this guy get to be good looking and nice? The crew cleans up, and the captain calls tip time.

She says she understands that all of them can get pulled in at one time to party with the guests, but they didn’t allow it happen. In her interview, Hannah says sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you get away with. Captain Sandy says the main thing is the guests were happy, and details some of the things they were happy with. That’s a nice touch. I think the captain would make a great teacher. The tip is $15K or $1400 each. She’s also arranged for the crew to go to the Fortress of Klis for the day.

Max’s girlfriend, Emily, arrives. She’s a hugger, and hugs all the crew. Unfortunately, Max is in the bathroom when she gets there, which she says is reflective of their relationship. Although I’m not quite sure what she means by that. She asks how they manage in such small quarters. Laruen jokes about it being glamorous. They haven’t seen each other in six weeks, and chatter away.

The medieval Fortress of Klis is gorgeous and has amazing views. Apparently, it’s quite historic as well. The crew does some archery, and watches a swordfight. Adam tells Malia that he’s confused and crazy, and she’s not helping. She’s annoyed that he’s angry because she’s not giving him enough attention. Way to ruin the day, baby man.

Everyone gets ready to go out for the evening, and they head to a pub. Wes asks Malia what’s up with her and Adam? She says he asked her on a date. Wes asks if she wants him to step away, or does she want to pursue something? She says she doesn’t know what’s happening in the Adam situation. They hug. She says they’ll see what happens. They kiss. Well, that happened. Wes thinks it feels right and natural. In his interview, he says he made his stand and he’ll see how it goes. Funny. Last week he made the stand that he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Max makes out with Emily at the bar. Adam asks Malia if the walk was planned. She says that Wes has feelings for her (a standard reality show term), but she told him that she’s going on a date with Adam, and they’re seeing how it goes. A couple of the crew disappear. Malia calls Adam an a-hole, and he says to put herself in his shoes. He says something about all they’ve been through, and refers to a penthouse and Santorini. He says that he has big plans for her, and thought it was going to be the Malia and Adam show. In his interview, the producers ask if he and Malia hooked up before the show, and he says yes. Alrighty then.

Malia explains that they met at their yacht certification courses, but thought it was best not to let the crew know. We flash back to a couple of their interactions. Adam says that it could have been awkward for the rest of the crew, and. Malia says that Adam doesn’t like that she fell for Wes. Well, of course not. Even if he wasn’t an immature idiot, that would be normal. He says they went from a potential great thing to all lies. He tells her not to break his heart.

Bobby asks Wes about the walk. Bobby thinks he should pull back, and that he can do better. Adam tells Wes he feels horrible seeing him walk off with the girl of his dreams. Bugs waves a sparkler around, and falls down in the middle of the street. At the boat, Hannah texts Jason. The guest cabin is made up for Max and Emily.

Malia says she thinks she should step away from both of them, since they’re all on the same boat. She doesn’t like how Adam is reacting. They weren’t dating, so it’s not like she cheated. She thinks he’s immature, and we agree on that one. Adam says that he wishes Malia the best. He wanted her, and she shut him down. She says that’s not true, but he cuts her off, and she’s like, fine then. He says the smartest and easiest thing is to walk away.

Wes knocks at Malia’s cabin. He says he’s tired of all this. She says she’s not going on the date. Adam tells him the same thing later. They decided it’s best to keep it professional.

Malia asks if Adam is all right, and if they’re all right. He says he doesn’t love it, but who cares? Since we’re in the seventh grade.

Captain Sandy goes over the new guest preference sheets. The primary is Lauren, founder of a tequila company. She’s bringing a friend named Bobby, so the name thing could be confusing. They want a tequila pairing dinner the last night, and also to use the water toys and slide. I know a lot of people love tequila, but I don’t, and just the thought of a pairing dinner turns my stomach. The boat gets readied. The master iPad buzzes, and Bugs sees it. She gets to looking at some texts, and shows Bobby. He says Hannah was texting with Jason and didn’t log off. One of her texts mentions the tip, and in her interview, Bugs says it’s the worst thing ever, and the rule is to never get involved with guests during charter. Well, it’s not like he’s still on the boat. Bobby wants to read everything.

Hannah tells Lauren about Jason, and Lauren says she’d go for it; you can’t help who you have a connection with, even if it turns out to be friendship. Hannah thinks he won’t be in the friend zone. Bobby wants the crew to know that Hannah has been talking sh*t about them.

Bobby and Bugs go out with Max and Emily. Adam thinks he and Wes aren’t friends anymore, and it proves that two men can’t go after the same woman. Bobby shows Max the iPad. Bugs says Hannah made them look bad. Bobby says he doesn’t care what she did with the guest, but she shouldn’t be talking about the crew. When they leave the restaurant, they see Jason and his friends, but wisely don’t bother them. Bugs talks to Wes about the iPad. He thinks it’s going to cause some sh*t.

The crew gets ready for a barbecue on the dock. Captain Sandy wants pictures, and ironically asks if Bugs has the iPad to take them. Bugs tells Bobby it’s not going to turn out well, and thinks they should talk to Hannah before it blows up into something bigger than it needs to be. They bring along Max and go to Hannah. Bugs tells her about all of her texts with Jason being on the tablet. Hannah thinks it’s an invasion of privacy, and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. I kind of agree with that, but it’s like Harriet the Spy when she loses her journal with all the entries about her friends. No surprise though, they were twelve.

Bugs talks to Malia, who says if Hannah found something like that, she’d lose her sh*t. Lauren joins them, and they tell her that Jason mirrored his phone to the iPad, and Hannah had been texting him.  Lauren says it sucks that her personal business is out there. In her interview, Lauren says she’d die if that happened to her.

The next morning, Emily has to go. Max says it’s an incentive to work hard and get back home to her.

Hannah says it’s a violation and shows no respect for her. She doesn’t know how to work with Bugs now, let alone trust her. She meets with Captain Sandy. She says she and Jason had an instant connection, and he pulled her aside and kissed her. She kissed back for two seconds, but then regained her professionalism. The captain tells her that it’s not cool to respond if a guest comes on to you. Professionalism must be maintained at all times. She switches Hannah to the day shift to remove temptation. Like all of the guests are Jasons.

Hannah tells Bugs that she talked to Captain Sandy, and they’re going to be swapping shifts. She says she’d expected Bugs to be both her second and her friend, instead of reading her personal messages to Bobby. in her interview, Bugs says that the iPad is the boat’s property, and it’s a fireable offense to use it for your personal amusement. Yeah, yeah. Bugs says it’s not like she went to the captain; she spoke to Hannah. Hannah says she did, but she brought along Bobby and Max. Bugs makes up a stupid excuse, and they decide since there’s tension, Bugs and Lauren are going to switch bunks. Hannah calls Lauren to come meet with her.

She tells Lauren about swapping shifts with Bugs, and about switching rooms. Lauren says she has Hannah’s back. Hannah says the guest kissed her, but she told him she couldn’t see him until after charter. Lauren says the crew is talking. Hannah says she guesses you should definitely never text a guest, but making out with two crew members in one night is okay. Oh, snap!

In the mess, Bugs announces that she’s rooming with Malia, who says everyone on the boat wants to sleep with her. Ha-ha!

The new guests arrive. They’re very enthusiastic. Hannah does the usual tour. The captain has Bobby take command of the launch. He’s crazy nervous, and hopes they don’t hit the dock. Success!

Wondrous appetizers come out. Adam comes up and asks the guests about what they might like that wasn’t on their preference sheets. A couple of the guys joke about wanting Cocoa Puffs, but, surprise! they have them. Hannah thinks it’s unprofessional for Adam to come out in his apron and backward baseball cap. She’s never seen a chef approach guests wearing what he cooks in. Adam asks Malia for his lucky hat back. He says it smells like her (ew!), and she tells him not to excite himself.

Hannah is annoyed about the crew looking at her texts. If they want to get at her, she’s giving it back. She’s going to go out of her way to make it difficult.

Some of the guests use the jet skis. Hannah asks Adam for a favor, but he says no. She asks about taking his cap and apron off in front of guests, and he says no. He says it’s his galley, but she says not when he comes up to the deck. She suggests a more professional approach. He tells her that she prances around like she’s perfect, and she’s not. She says the interior got kudos last charter, but not so much the food. Adam says that was intentional, and she’s like, okay, an intentional screw up is so much better. He tells her she has an attitude, and she says that she’s not there to be loved. He gets sarcastic with her, and she says she’s not there to keep crew happy, but to keep the guests happy. He says she made that clear. That probably was a poor choice of words. Unless it was intentional.

Next time, Malia talks to Wes, Captain Sandy wants Wes to choose a lead deckhand, the captain thinks she’s going to be under a microscope with the next guest, and the guests seems like an idiot when she asks if the food “came out of a box or was something whipped up.”

🔊 Okay, here’s my opinion whether you want it or not. I get the rule about not fraternizing with the charter guests. Otherwise, it would be a free-for-all. But sh*t happens, and it’s not like Hannah went crazy in kissing Jason for half a second, and then deciding to get to know him better afterward. Maybe she shouldn’t have been discussing the crew, but the charter was over, and people talk about their jobs. When Bugs saw the texts, she should have immediately let Hannah know, but instead decided to pass around the information, both disrespecting Hannah’s position, and I’m sure breaking some kind of girl code. What I think is that Bugs is still pissed that Hannah wasn’t happy about what Adam said, and also might have been a little jealous. The Adam thing is also a time that she should have had Hannah’s back. Bugs is not a girl’s girl.


Fortress of Klis

June 26, 2017 – Lotsa Gettin’ Busy, Two Charming Finales & the Zen Room


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle and Michael almost get busy. He says they should stop, but she says no.

Hayden has morning sickness at night. She throws a giraffe toy across the room, and almost hits Curtis.

Griff asks Finn if everything is okay with Hayden and the baby. Finn says everything checked out with the OB/GYN, and in case Griff was wondering, she’s keeping the baby. Griff asks if he’s ready to be a father. Finn says no.

Obrecht tells Ava that her injuries put a lot of stress on her heart. She notices the DNR, but says that Ava seems to be healing. She asks if Ava isn’t cheered by that news.

Julian approaches Alexis at Kelly’s where she’s eating a gigantic ice cream concoction. He asks if she never eats at home, and she asks him the same question. She says she ran out of ice cream. He asks if it’s helping.

Josslyn tells Oscar about the horse her parents leased for the summer. He didn’t know she rode, and says it fits her; she seems like someone who cares about real things, instead of taking selfies and accumulating likes. She asks if he cares about real things. I’m not usually into the summer kid storylines, but these two are cute.

Carly and Sonny are also getting busy, but she pushes him away. He asks if he did something wrong and why she stopped. She says he’s doing it again. She was almost out of his life, but then was so afraid she was going to lose him, she could barely breathe.

Julian asks what brought on Alexis’s drinking in the first place. She says it doesn’t have to be any one thing specifically. She wanted to feel something other than nostalgia and regret, and it’s not all about him. He talks about loneliness and loss, and says he’s right there with her.

Griff tells Finn that he was terrified when he thought Charlotte was his daughter. He’s glad to see Finn is taking charge of his life, like he did with getting sober. Finn says he needs time to breathe, and find a way through it.

Curtis asks if Hayden is okay, and she says that she’s fine. He asks why she called him, and she tells him that she has a job offer. She explains about Finn’s drug tests coming back positive even though he’s not using anymore. Curtis says the road to recovery isn’t a straight line, and Hayden asks why he doubts Finn. Curtis says he knows Finn loves her, but addicts lie. She says they know who’s tampering with the tests, but need him to help prove it.

Ava tells Obrecht that she’s not exactly optimistic these days, and Obrecht asks if she’d like to talk to someone. Kiki comes in, and Obrecht says the best medicine is here. She’d give anything to be with her daughter. She leaves, and Kiki says she thought Ava would feel better after hearing that she’s going to recover. Ava tells her about seeing what she looks like, and that it’s the price she has to pay for what she did to Morgan and Kiki. We haven’t seen under the bandages, but she actually looks pretty good for someone that injured. And then we do have her perfect manicure. Just sayin’. I also know they would have taken her nail polish off before doing any procedures involving anesthesia, since I worked at a women’s clinic for a couple of years. Sorry. Nit-picky, I know. After 50 years, I feel entitled.

Josslyn tells Oscar that when she rides, she doesn’t think of anything else. He says he feels that way when he plays music – his favorite thing is to let go and just feel it. She says it feels good not having to think about problems. She moves in for a kiss, then says OMG. Her grandmother is here; she heard the car.

Sonny tells Carly that the assault came out of nowhere. She says it’s his entire life. If Jason hadn’t shown up, they’d both be dead. She can’t stand remembering when he was shot, and making him promises that she thought she could keep, just so he’d live. He asks if they can’t think about how they survived and pulled each other through.

Michael and Nelle get busier.

Carly tells Sonny that they’re in the same place they always end up, but this time it was faster. She says their relationship is love versus violence, bliss versus grief, and hope versus loss. They barely survived, and she’s so angry she could scream. He says he doesn’t blame her; he’s angry with himself. She hates caring about him, and all of this. He asks if she hates him.

Bobbie walks into the house. Oscar introduces himself. She says she sent the half-naked kids in the hot tub packing, and they’re lucky they have their clothes on. Oscar gets out while he can. Josslyn says she can explain, and Bobbie says she’ll be doing the explaining.

Kiki tells Ava that surgery will do a lot. Ava says Kiki is too kind and good to write her off, but it would be easier if she hated her. Kiki says easier for who, her or Ava?

Finn tells Griff that circumstances not under his control lost his job for him. He explains how he and Hayden thought Brad was trying to sabotage him out of greed, when it was really someone who was envious. He says that it’s been her goal to destroy his career since he got there. Griff is like, she? And Finn tells him it’s Obrecht. She stares at them from across the room.

Hayden tells Curtis about her urine being tested. She says it was positive for opiates, and… She trails off.

Julian reminds Alexis that they got through the first night of her sobriety together. She says that night is long past, but he says here they are, together again.  He tells her that maybe he was meant to run into her.

Ava tells Kiki that it would be easier for both of them if she’d turn her back. Kiki says part of her thinks her life would be better, and Ava tells her to do it. Kiki asks if Ava really wants her to go and not come back. Scotty comes in, and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava says that Kiki was just leaving.

Hayden explains to Curtis that Finn is suspended, and can’t be reinstated until they prove otherwise. Curtis says he has ideas, but they have to talk money. She asks if they aren’t friends, and he says if they are, she can start by telling him about the baby.

Finn tells Griff that someone has been doctoring his drug tests to make it look like he’s under the influence.

Alexis talks about Gordo Garvey, saying she tried to call Sonny, but went right to voicemail. Julian tells her that he passed along the information to Jason, and would have heard if everything wasn’t okay. Alexis says he went the distance today. Julian says he might be going to prison, so he made a last effort to make a difference. She asks if he’s in danger now.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she got a call about kids in the hot tub, and thought it was impossible, since Josslyn was spending the night at Trina’s. Josslyn says she wasn’t planning on drinking, but Trina brought friends with wine coolers, and she didn’t know what to do. She says she wants to have fun and hang out, and not think about her parents or Sonny or any of it. Bobbie asks if she was successful, and she tells Bobbie that she had the best time.

Sonny tells Carly that he felt the same, thinking she could die. If she had, he couldn’t live without her. Carly says she can’t live without him. They go back to getting busy.

Julian tells Alexis that he wouldn’t be there if he thought he was in danger; he wouldn’t expose her to that, but it means a lot that she asked. She asks if he saw Sam, and how is she? He says hostile as usual, but she seemed fine. Alexis says that Sam has been agitated lately, but when she asks about it, Sam gets even more agitated. Julian says she’s probably not happy that Alexis came to his defense about seeing Leo. He asks Alexis to keep him posted.

Obrecht questions Finn about his belief that someone is sabotaging his career, and he says he knows it. Griff says he believes it too, and she tells him that compassion is clouding his judgement. She says they rely on science, not sentiment, and they’ve been more than generous with Finn. The hospital has lost an excellent doctor, but there’s nothing they can do. As soon as she’s gone, Griff tells Finn that he’s right; now how do they prove it?

Curtis tells Hayden that he’s trained to observe, and she’s about to be sick. She mumbles something about questionable chicken salad, but he’s not having it. He says she almost told him something else about the test, and she hasn’t left the giraffe toy alone since he got there; she’s pregnant. She admits that she is, and he congratulates her. He asks if Finn is cool, and she says he’s great. He asks if she’s cool.

Josslyn tells Bobbie that she was in there the whole time talking to Oscar, and that’s all they did. Bobbie says she was drinking. Josslyn says it was just one, but Bobbie says besides her being underage, it was wrong because she lied. Josslyn tries getting around Bobbie by asking if she didn’t do anything wrong when she was young, but Bobbie isn’t going there. She says she can’t allow her to have boys in the house without an adult present or any drinking at all. Josslyn says she’s sorry, and it won’t happen again. She asks if Bobbie is going to tell Carly, and Bobbie says yes, she is.

Kiki tells Scotty that she guesses she’s leaving. Ava says she loves her; she’s just not very good at it. After Kiki leaves, Scotty says it sounded serious. Ava tells him not to worry, but he says he does. He brought her balloons and candy, but they wouldn’t let him bring it in because it’s not sterile. He apologizes for taking so long to visit, and she says he’s just afraid she’ll tell the cops what he did to help her with Morgan’s pills.

Michael and Nelle hit the sheets, and there’s a song part.

Hayden tells Curtis that other than Elizabeth and a couple of others, nobody knows she’s pregnant. Curtis is surprised that she told her sister, but Hayden says that she practically threw up in front of her and Jake. She doesn’t want everything revolving around the baby when Finn needs help. Curtis says who else can she talk to but him?

Finn tells Obrecht not to throw the party just yet, but he might be back. There is something he can do about the test.

Scotty tells Ava that he’s there because he cares. What happened made him sick. He wonders how things would have gone if they’d gotten her out of town. She tells him not to bother with the coulda, shoulda, woulda. He tells her that Lucy is the one who spilled the beans. He managed to divert Dante, but now he’s on a fishing expedition for information. He asks if Dante was there, and Ava tells him no, but Sonny was. She adds that she didn’t say anything about Scotty being an accomplice, and he asks if she will if Dante shows up.

Griff sees Kiki in the hallway, and asks what’s going on. She says her mom wants her to hate her. He asks if part of her still loves Ava, and Kiki says yes.

Sonny and Carly bask in the afterglow. She says for them, love has never been a problem; it’s everything else. He says he’s done. He’s getting out of the business.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she’d be irresponsible not to tell Carly, and it would look like she was condoning what Josslyn did. Josslyn says that she’s going through a lot, including her mother going to a disgusting love shack with Sonny. Bobbie says turning it around will get her nowhere. Josslyn begs her not to let her mother take her life away, and why burden her with more problems? Bobbie says not to try to manipulate her. Josslyn says sorry, but then do it for her. One mistake doesn’t make her a screw-up, and they love each other. Bobbie says just clean the place up.

Alexis wants to go home. Julian asks if she wants a ride, but she tells him that too much sugar doesn’t mean she can’t operate heavy machinery. He tries to entice her with a playlist of music they used to listen to, and asks her to let him take her home.

Ava tells Scotty that she’d never rat on him. Scotty thanks her, and says, if only. She tells him it doesn’t do any good, and she’s tired of thinking about it. She’s just tired. He says he’ll be back. He cares about her.

Griff tells Kiki that Ava really needs her. Kiki has been traumatized too, and they have resources to help her with choices. He says for forgiveness to work, you have to find your own way to it. She has to make whatever decision gives her peace of mind. She looks in the window of Ava’s room.

Curtis tells Hayden that it’s okay to be scared. Becoming parent is a huge change, and he’d be petrified. She says that she thought she’d have an amazing connection with her baby immediately, and feel hope and joy, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. Finn overhears.

Julian suggests driving on the lake and listening to tunes. Alexis says he needs to hear her – she’s not letting him in again.

Michael and Nelle bask in the afterglow. And get busy again. Geez.

Josslyn gets everything cleaned up, but doesn’t see that there’s still a bottle under the table. She tells Bobbie that it’s like it never happened. Carly will never know – unless Bobbie tells her.

Sonny tells Carly that he’ll quit that part of his operation and do everything he can to make a good life for her and the family. She says he might believe he can, but she doesn’t.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks Kiki for help, Julian wants Sam to see a doctor, and Carly broaches the possibility of all-out war.

Southern Charm

Ha-ha! I almost typed Southern Comfort, but I was thinking of the movie, not the drink.

I want to know how Kathryn got her hair into that topknot. Did she do that by herself?

When we last left, Landon surprisingly defended Kathryn to Thomas. He’s stunned, which probably doesn’t take much when you only have a few brain cells. Cameran tells us the tides have changed.

The gang is still in Key West. Everyone is doing something different – jet skiing, a massage, Kathryn is reading, some are by the pool. Naomie told Craig that if he was disrespectful, it was over, and she says that’s pretty much what happened. She and Jennifer book. Craig says he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Austen and Chelsea do some parasailing. He thinks Chelsea feels like she caused a rift with him and Shep, but everything is cool now. Kathryn joins Danni and Elizabeth (half bleh) by the pool. She says things seem unresolved because Landon hasn’t taken ownership of what she said about Kathryn. She says things don’t just switch around like that. Elizabeth tells her what Landon had said earlier, but Danni thinks her approaching Kathryn was genuine, and tells Kathryn how Landon stood up for her and called Thomas a d*ck. Landon joins Cameron and looks like she has a hellacious hangover. Suddenly, it’s like she gets Kathryn, saying Thomas is being a bully who pushes her, and she doesn’t want a man like that. She still doesn’t want to be around Kathryn either though, since she’s not sure what she’ll get.

Elizabeth tells Kathryn that you should give second chances, but she sees red flags. Kathryn thinks Landon isn’t that deep.

Cameran gets a party bus to go to dinner. Thomas recognizes Kathryn’s fabulous dress from when they went out on New Year’s Eve. In her interview, Kathryn says now that she sees what Thomas is like when he holds all the cards, she wants to encourage him to remain on good terms. They arrive at a gorgeous restaurant – lots of candles and twinkling lights. Outside, Kathryn tells Thomas she understands the consequences of her actions, but getting iced out from the person who has her kids isn’t good for her or them. She says they’re at the point where they don’t need mediation, and should handle it themselves. She calls the second baby Julien and I get confused. I thought his name was Saint. Has she been away from them so long, she forgot his name? Thomas tells her he’d like that, since he’s paying ten grand a month for lawyers, and I choke. In his interview, Thomas says if her actions match her words, they can successfully parent.

Suddenly, Danni doesn’t feel well, and keels over. Everyone just stands around looking stupid, but at least Thomas calls for an ambulance, and she’s taken to the hospital. One of the girls calls her fiancé, Todd.

Commercial break. Ha-ha! I love Justin Guarini as Lil’ Sweet. I also love Dr. Pepper, but it’s more than a lil’ sweet. I drank a whole two-liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper once, and in the morning thought I suddenly needed glasses.

JD (bleh) gets a call from Elizabeth. He, Shep, and Landon decided to ride mopeds to the restaurant, and took a wrong turn, so they’re late. He tells the others about Danni going to the hospital. Cameran gets a text from Danni saying she was dehydrated. Everyone finally gathers for dinner. Craig says it’s good they got Danni help when they did. Thomas makes a snarky remark about sitting far away from Landon. Landon suggests they be nice to each other, and no jabs. In her interview, she’s glad that she got the full Thomas, since it gives her an out. She marginally feels sorry for Kathryn, who will have to deal with him for life. Drinks are ordered. Craig asks if Whitney had to give up cheese or oral sex, which would it be. Whitney says cheese, but Craig says he really loves cheese.

Craig brings out a onesie with Arriving Soon embroidered on it that he whipped up for Cameran. He wanted to give the baby its first outfit. Does he cook too? Man, too bad I’m old enough to be his mother. Maybe when Patricia’s butler, or whatever he is, retires, Craig could take his place.

Danni gets back, and in the morning, Shep tells her how worried they were. We see a clip of the girls picking her up from the ER in the party bus, and she says that she’s fine. Cameran tells Shep that he’s wasted, and every day is Groundhog Day in his life. She thinks maybe he should just have water if he wants to get on the plane to go back home.

Cameran wants to talk to Craig. She says he has to become aware of how he speaks to Naomie, especially in public. He says therapy blew up in their faces, and she says maybe they have the wrong therapist. In his interview, he says she left without saying good-by, but he had a better time once she was gone. Cameran says from an outsider’s perspective, he’s the one who looks like the a-hole, but he says in private, it’s a different story and Naomie cuts deep. We flash back to some of Naomie’s finest moments. Cameran says they need mutual respect. Shep comes bearing biscuits and gravy for Cameran. And a beer for himself. He is getting wasted, and if he doesn’t get un-wasted, they’re not going to let him on the plane. He says what a great time it was, and Cameran tells him they need to be in the lobby in ten minutes. He spends a few of them talking to the fern.

Commercial break. The Beguiled looks excellent. I saw the original, but barely remember it.

Everyone manages to get back in one piece. Patricia is wearing giant curlers, like the orange juice cans women used to use, and Whitney tells her she looks like Joan Crawford. She’s not so sure that’s who she wants to look like,

Thomas visits JD (bleh), who tells him that Shep and Craig missed the connecting fight. Thomas says he and Kathryn seemed to get along, but Landon surprised him, coming to Kathryn’s defense about things she knows nothing about. He thinks she should both sympathize and empathize with his situation since she’s dealt with it too. JD (bleh) says the one person who should always have his back is his lady. I can’t help it. The Pillsbury Dough Boy has more personality than JD.

Landon visits her sister, Pebbles Bam. She shows Bam a video from the trip, and says that she and Kathryn even got along, but now Thomas is mad at her for sticking up for Kathryn. She got a text from him, quoting Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and she sent a quote back. Because they can’t think of their own words.

Thomas tells JD (😐) he dodged a bullet, and quotes his quote – my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. In his interview, he says he feels enlightened rather than betrayed. Well, maybe a little betrayed. He wants a woman who feels privileged and honored to be with him (gag), but she’s lost her opportunity. JD (🎧) says he has a black-tie event coming up, and asks if he should uninvite her. Thomas says he can be cordial, like she’s a waitress. Even though I’m not crazy about her, I’d say Landon is the one who dodged a bullet.

Landon tells Bam that Thomas was speaking to Kathryn the way her ex spoke to her. She starts to tear up. She’s tired of men thinking they can control women with money and power, and it struck a nerve with her. Kathryn is trying hard, and Thomas should shut up. She says it was like a warning. He could turn on her too.

Kathryn meets Naomie for dinner. Naomie asks how the rest of the trip was. Kathryn says Craig seemed closed off, and Naomie says not a lot of people know him like Kathryn does. She says they haven’t been getting along, and Kathryn wonders what’s at the bottom of it. Naomie says she just wanted to blame him, and she’s obsessed with telling him not to think so highly of himself. Kathryn says he feels he’s being judged, and overcompensates. Naomie thinks her anger is coming from him lying about taking the bar for a year. She says she hasn’t been very good to him, and feels badly because no one sees her being rude to him. They continue the argument outside, and Naomie suddenly acts nice. In her interview, Kathryn can’t imagine Naomie being mean, saying that she’s not even a bitch to bitches. Kathryn tells Naomie that maybe Craig needs affirmations, and gives her some tips. In her interview, Kathryn says that going through such a complicated relationship has given her insight into people. She thinks if they work at it, they’ll be fine.

Cameran’s mom, Bonnie, comes to visit. She says her birthday was good crazy, and shows Bonnie some stuff she bought from Home Goods. She wants to turn the guest bedroom into a Zen room (shades of Rocky Horror), and says one day it could be a baby nursery. She tells her mother that she’s stopped taking birth control, and shows Bonnie the onesie that Craig made. Bonnie says she never wanted children, but she had them and loved it. She says maybe Cameran is scared of babies, like she was. Cameran says she thinks it’s the initial shock of having your life changed, and her mother says it’s instinctive and profound. She tears up, saying it’s a wonderful experience.

Craig is studying, and Naomie comes in from her last exam. They haven’t talked about the trip, and she’s acting like it never happened. He feels like he was finally himself when Naomie left, and doesn’t want to hide from it anymore. She says she realizes that she has a huge part in the arguments, and the things she says behind closed doors are wrong. She apologizes. He appreciates it, and says it’s nice to hear. She says she’s not saying he’s not an a-hole. Nice follow-up. He says it’s hard for him, because he’s extremely angry. He could never do what she did to someone he loves. He doesn’t think she feels the way she thinks she does about him, and they’re not healthy together. They’re not happy anymore, and he needs a positive influence. She says she’s had similar doubts and thoughts, but she doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He says she seems disgusted with him, and she says she has been judging him and feels badly about it. He says she needs to think about if she wants to put in the effort. She acknowledges what she’s done, and says all she can do is be aware of herself. In her interview she says she doesn’t want to lose Craig. She says they have a lot to process and think about. He says he’ll always love her, and they hug. I have the feeling he just wants out at this point.

Kathryn visits Thomas, and he gives her some photos of the kids with Santa. The kids are in the kitchen having dinner, but since it’s not her day, they can’t go back there. Okay, Thomas is even creepier than I thought. Even if it’s court mandated, he could give her a break. In her interview, Kathryn says she wants to show him she meant what she said about working together. She tells him that she thinks he’ll be pleasantly surprised. He tells her that her energy is powerful, and if she directs it positively, she can accomplish anything. She says during the times they were together, she felt diminished, but now feels like they’re equals. When he goes on about her body in his interview, I wonder if he thinks so. He says he’s seeing a different Kathryn. If she can take pride in who she is, they can make things work. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow,and quotes Gone with the Wind, saying tomorrow is another day. She says she totally gets Scarlett. They hug, and he thanks her for coming by. He says he thinks about her a lot, and she says she thinks about him too, and kind of wants to kiss him. Is baby number three far behind?

Sermet’s farewell party is about to happen, and everyone gets ready. Chelsea tells Austen he looks like Richard Gere. No. Just no. Cameran flashes back to some party where she got so drunk she fell on the floor. Thomas thinks Austen looks like James Bond. That would be a no too. Patricia thought it made sense to put Landon and Thomas together, but it didn’t work – next. We find out that Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane. What did I say? Naomie tells Cameran that Kathryn and Thomas kissed because we’re in high school. Then the information goes around the room for the same reason. Landon isn’t surprised.

Kathryn comes in, and Thomas tells her she looks beautiful. Cameran says that she told everyone they were making out. In her interview, Kathryn says love is crazy, and so are they.

Shep brings ex Bailey to the event. We flash back to her putting him in the friend zone. Dinner is served. Shep thanks Craig for being a good friend at the airport. In his interview, Craig says that he didn’t want anything bad to happen. Craig tells Shep about a fight he nearly had that he doesn’t remember, and Shep talks about getting a chicken wing stuck in his throat. Good times.

JD (🐰)gets up and goes blah-blah-blah. Austen mingles. Kathryn asks Naomie how it’s going, and Naomie says better, and thanks her. Bailey asks Austen what the deal with Chelsea is. She’s hugging him, and Chelsea says she’ll let it continue for a minute, and then say her piece. Seriously.

Craig talks about Kathryn and Thomas making up. Austen sits by Chelsea. She tells him that when he has another woman on his lap, and he’s running his hand up her butt and back, it makes the girl he came with look like an idiot. Austen says he didn’t realize. It’s the first he’s hearing that she even cares. Well, regardless, if you came with someone else, you don’t do that. He asks her what she wants, exclusivity, or to stop it altogether because she’s scared to get hurt. It’s come to a crossroads. She asks him what he wants, and he says he’s crazy about her. She says she thinks the same about him, and wants the exclusive route. They kiss.

Craig mentions the first dinner in Key West to Landon and Shep. He says he made himself vulnerable, but it freed up his life. He tells Landon that it’s not true that she never said anything bad about Kathryn. He doesn’t think they all really get along, and Landon asks why he cares because she’s so shallow. He tells her that putting a band-aid on things doesn’t help. Shep keeps interrupting, and Craig tells him to shut up. Craig starts suggesting something to Landon, and Shep interrupts him again, so Craig whacks him on the leg. He says next time he’s punching him in the mouth. Shep says he’s incapable of receiving criticism.

Shep calls Kathryn over. She tells Naomie she’s going to mediate. He asks her if Craig was the worst mediator ever seen. Craig says before drunk ass Shep got involved, he was telling Landon to apologize for what she’d said about Kathryn. Shep says Landon admitted it, and Craig calls him a drunk a-hole. Shep says Craig is, and f-u. Craig says they missed the flight because Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane, not him. Shep says Craig is the one with anger issues, and walks away, telling Craig that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and never forget that he’s the bull. I can’t believe anyone even talks like that. Landon gets up, saying, well done, don’t quit your day job, which is more how normal people talk. In her interview, Cameran says it’s obvious that Shep is the a-hole, and that maybe it’s time to face reality, even if it comes from Craig, of all people.

Shep leaves the venue, and later everyone is dancing. Kathryn and Thomas sit on a couch. Kathryn says that it’s nice how they’re not the ones creating the drama for once. Thomas flirts with her, poking at her Spandex leggings, and telling her she should wear silk. Cameran wonders if they’re in love again. Kathryn is glad their friends again. Thomas says that they communicated more last night than in the last two years. He’d thought she didn’t love him, and she asks if he’s kidding. She loves him, and always will. Austen asks Whitney what he thinks is going on, and he says they’ll end up in bed or killing each other – or both.

This was finale, so next time is the reunion. BTW, Cameran is pregnant. The psychic was right. Cue Twilight Zone music.

🍹 Just a bit on Southern Charm Savannah, which also had its finale tonight. I keep saying I can’t decide, yet I’ve watched pretty much the whole season, even if in bits and pieces. Somehow, this group seems to have more histrionics, but still manages to also be kind of boring. I even had a hard time keeping their names straight, and one of the girls is named Happy. The one stand-out is Ashley, who I think is a wannabe actress, since much of the drama has revolved around her. She has a son named Izzy, and up until tonight, they both lived with her husband, who has only been her friend for some time. In the final episode, she’d found a new place, and it ended with them having “a talk.” Ashley also had a masquerade ball to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. A few of the group decided to split their time, and ended up arriving too late. Ashley told them never to darken her door again. Lyle also tried to propose to Catherine, and it turned into a total mess, with both of them getting weepy with high pitched voices. Apparently, he hadn’t even discussed things with her first, and she felt there was a lot they needed to work out before getting married, like life and finances. The whole thing was embarrassing, and I don’t even know if I like these people. I also don’t know if they’re worthy of a reunion either. There have been no ads for it, and there was no preview afterward.


He’ll probably be in… the Zen room!

June 25, 2017 – A Live Walker, a Little Dead Talk & Preacher Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

An old man asks if his wife is okay. Nope, she’s not. She’s a zombie. She tries to bite him, but her teeth are in a glass next to the bed, so he dances with her. I guess she’s not a very good dancer, because he shoots her and himself in the head. They tumble into a lantern, and it starts a fire.

A commotion is going on at the ranch. Madison and Nick run outside. A building is on fire, and a crowd of people try to put it out with buckets of water. Jeremiah tells them to save the water; everyone inside is gone. He tells them to let it burn.

A soldier asks Madison if she’s up for the rescue mission. He calls her “sweetheart,” and tells her if she isn’t scared, she’s crazy, and she should know what she’s getting herself into. She tells him she survived the wasteland without him and his guns, and she’ll do fine. Nick wants to come, but she tells him to stay and take care of Alicia. Troy starts beeping the truck horn to get her moving. Nick doesn’t trust him, but she says he won’t hurt her, and the more they know about his family, the better.

At the food station, Jake quotes Ecclesiastes to Alicia. He says she should know it, since she’s been to Bible study three nights in a row. He starts to tell her something, and touches her hand, causing her to drop her coffee cup. She gets super annoyed, and Jake leaves. Gretchen tells her that the people who were in the fire were one of the first to be there, and were co-founders of the community. She asks if Alicia wants to party, but Alicia says she’s had enough for now.

Nick brings Luci breakfast. She says the couple’s death was sad, but beautiful; they were together until the end. She thinks they should leave, but Nick says they can’t just walk to Tijuana without a plan. Luci says that she knows people who are closer. Nick says they’re probably gone, but she tells him that they would have hidden in the prohibition tunnels. She thinks he doesn’t want to leave his family, but says she can’t live there. Nick says he won’t force her too, and she tells him that she wants him to come with her.

Victor tells Daniel that he’s impressive. Daniel wants to go into the hotel, guns blazing, but Victor says he’s a negotiator. He also doesn’t know what’s happened since he left. Daniel tells him to drive through the line of zombies blocking their path now.

Alicia goes to Jake’s house, and asks what he was going to tell her before she acted stupid. He says he’s happy that she came there. She tells him that she’s sorry about Russell and Martha, the couple who died. She wonders what happens now, and if they’ll ever be normal again. He asks if she’s okay, and she kisses him. Well, that beats what happened when Russell asked that question.

Troy sees some prisoner zombies in orange jumpsuits wandering around an overturned Department of Corrections truck. He wants to wipe them out, but one of the soldiers points out that they’re on the clock. Troy tells them it won’t take long, and no guns; it’s too much noise. Madison gets wrestled to the ground by two of the zombies, but the soldier who questioned her earlier shoots one with an arrow, and she’s able to pike the other one in the head. When the zombies are all dispatched, Troy says it’s a beautiful thing, and they did it in record time. The soldier takes back what he said about Madison.

Nick looks through the fire rubble, and finds a picture of the couple.

Alicia looks through Jake’s books as she gets dressed, and finds out that he’s a writer. Apparently, there’s no afterglow, because she says she has to leave. He wants to lend her a Charles Bukowski poetry book. She says she used to be into all of that, but now, what’s the point?

Nick is cleaning up the mess from the fire, and Jeremiah says that he’s part of the community now. He tells Nick that the house was once the only building on the property, and it used to be his home. He says Jake was born there, but his second wife wanted something bigger. Nick gives him the picture he found. Jeremiah picks the gun up out of the wreckage, and calls it a work of art. Nick says Troy calls them tools, and Jeremiah says Troy is trying to figure himself out. He tells Nick that every home needs a gun, and he’d given it to Russel. He says if Nick is going to do this right, he’s going to need help.

There’s no helicopter at the crash site. Madison says somebody hauled it away. One of the men finds a spent shell and says there must have been a gunfight. Troy says whoever attacked them probably went to the outpost, and they have to go after them right now. Madison is gung-ho about that, thinking about Travis.

Troy blasts death metal as he drives. Madison says seeing where it happened made it real, but he tells her that there’s no time for grief. She asks what if it was his father, and he says that the best you can do is take out the a-holes who wronged you. She says it’s a game for him, and he says it’s his calling.

Victor asks Daniel how he got out of the fire, and Daniel says something spared him. Maybe the devil wanted him to stay there with Victor. He asks why Victor left the hotel, and Victor says he wanted to broker a deal with Dante. Daniel calls him selfish, and Victor says he would have brought the others – he’s not the same man Daniel knew. He’s getting tired of Daniel’s animosity, and tells Daniel if he wants to kill him, do it, but Daniel just wants to get going.

Jeremiah tells Nick that Luci is okay, and Nick says that she thinks the monsters here are worse than the ones outside. Jeremiah says she should go, but Nick says he thought it was us against them. Jeremiah tells him that Luci should go because she can’t get right with what happened. He tells Nick about how he locked Troy in the basement after a tantrum when he was a child, and then forgot about him. He ran downstairs and found Troy just standing there, repeating, “I’m sorry, daddy.” He felt badly, but not bad enough to stop drinking. He says that Nick’s mom wants to stay, and his girl wants to go, but what does he want? Nick asks what made Jeremiah finally quit drinking, and Jeremiah tells him that he decided to go deer hunting when he was drunk, and nearly shot his privates off. And he didn’t mean the kind in the military.

The convoy goes to the outpost. It looks deserted, but like everyone just disappeared in the middle of what they were doing. They go through the place, guns drawn, ready to shoot. Troy smells something. They follow a trail through the dirt and find a pile of burned bodies.

They hear someone talking, and find one of their men sitting in a chair, rambling a poem. A raven is perched on his shoulder, pecking at his brain, which is exposed. One of the men throws up. Madison puts a knife through the guy’s skull which is easy since part of it is missing. She tells Troy that they have to go. A Native American man is suddenly there and asks why, since they just got there.

Troy calls the man Walker, and asks if he’s lost his mind. Walker says they were only defending their land, and Troy tells him that he’s dead. Walker tells him to lower the volume and put down the weapons. He’s surrounded. Madison tells him to give the order. Walker says they’re taking their guns, vehicles, supplies, and boots. He tells Troy to tell his people to get ready for justice. They want their land returned. Troy says it’s not going to happen. Madison says they need water if he wants them to get there with the message. He says she’s joined up with a lost cause, and she says it became her cause when they took one of hers, meaning Travis.

Jake visits Alicia. He tells her that he wants to show her something, and takes her to a tranquil lake. He says the ranch wasn’t set up for the end times, but it’s not hopeless, and they still need things like poetry. They need something greater than guns to live for.

Victor and Daniel reach the hotel. Daniel asks Victor why he’s hesitating. There are no guards or guns, and Ofelia is waiting. Victor says it’s not good, and no she’s not. They get out of the car, and Daniel tells him to stay close. They go inside. and the place is a bloodbath. There’s no electricity, and Victor thinks they should wait until daylight. We hear zombie noises. Daniel rings the desk bell, and asks where she is. Victor says he doesn’t know; she left them. Zombies come pouring in from the other room and Daniel leaves Victor, saying let’s see how he gets out of this one. Zombies swarm Victor.

Well, he does get out of it, but Danial takes the car. Victor runs down the avenue, whacking zombies with a makeshift weapon.

Nick brings Luci to a moonlight picnic at the burned out house, which is now fixed up somewhat. They look at the stars, and Nick tells her about the people who lived there. He thinks with the right work, the place could be great. He asks her what she’s thinking, but she says nothing.

Troy curses his life while walking barefoot. Madison thinks they should stop. She says the men are tired, and Troy says so is he. She tells him that Walker is going to beat them there anyway. Troy asks if she thinks Nick could handle it, but she insists they’re not going to make it. He barks orders to keep going, and Madison says they listen to him out of fear, not respect. Taking Troy aside, she asks him if his father would make this move, and if he wants to be a mama’s boy. She says even at the end when he cared for her, she still didn’t love him. She tells the men that Troy said to rest up. Troy says they’d better be ready at first light. He’s the only one who knows the way, and he’ll leave them.

Madison wakes up with a knife to her throat. Troy tells her to be quiet. She says he’s better than this. Troy struggles with himself, making all kinds of weird faces, but finally takes the knife away and books. The guy sleeping next to Madison sees what happened, but turns his back to her.

Nick wakes up alone. Luci left him a note on a napkin, but we don’t see what it says. She walks along a border wall. The convoy marches on. Alicia stands at the edge of a cliff. She jumps.

But it’s into the lake. At first, she seems refreshed, but then she looks worried.

Jeremiah brings Nick the gun from the house, now cleaned up, and pats him on the shoulder.

Next time, Troy gets aggressive, Gretchen says the ranch isn’t safe, and Madison shoots someone. Vague, I know.


🔊 During Talking Dead tonight, we found out that Colman Domingo (Victor) and Ruben Blades (Daniel) had a discussion about how no one goes to the bathroom ever on television dramas, and then how they would accomplish the mission to include it in an episode. Now if they could just do something about people never saying good-by at the end of a telephone conversation on soap operas.

🕍 Preacher started its new season tonight after FTWD, but will repeat on Monday night at 8 pm, with the second episode airing in what will be its regular slot at 9 pm. Based on a graphic novel character, it follows the adventures of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), a preacher with otherworldly talents who is looking for God, who has disappeared from heaven. He’s accompanied by his girlfriend, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), a modern-day vampire. (That reminds me, I guess Being Human is never coming back, and I loved that show.) I watched most of the first season, and Preacher is a lot of fun. The dialogue is clever, the characters are original, and the action is weird and wonderful.

👦 Ryan Serhant (Million Dollar Listing New York) has ditched the beard. Thank you.


June 23, 2017 – A Very Jason Rescue, 90 Day Lie, Some Random Thoughts & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Stella lambastes Jordan in the middle of the police station, listing every foul thing she’s ever done. Jordan tells everyone to get back to work, and asks Stella to step into her office. Stella says, oh, now she has shame. She didn’t when she cheated on Tommy, and passed off TJ as his son.

Michael tells Nelle he had a great time, but he has to be at work early. She calls him the responsible one, and he says Josslyn is the same way.

Meanwhile, at Carly’s place, Josslyn is on the phone with Carly, saying that Trina’s parents are home; what could go wrong? Trina shows up with beer. Well, that, for one thing.

Sam tells Monica she has to get to Puerto Rico tonight, and asks if she can keep the kids a little longer.

In Puerto Rico, Carly wants to go out for some air, and opens the door to Wavy Gravy, who points a gun at her, and clichély says, nobody move or someone is gonna die. I figure his name is probably meaningless anyway, since he’s a disposable character.

Trina tells Josslyn to put all the breakables in her mom’s room, and they probably should lock some of the rooms. She suggest that they dip into the liquor cabinet, thinking Carly will be too distracted from her trip to notice the bottle levels.

Nelle says that both she and Josslyn are lucky to have Michael in their lives. He’s looking forward to more nights like this. She kisses him, and then apologizes. He says he’s not sorry. He tells her that he’ll call her. After she goes inside, he can’t believe he said something so trite, and in her apartment, Nelle can’t believe she apologized. There’s a knock at the door. She opens it, and careens right into Michael. She asks if he’d like to come inside for a bit, and he says he’d like that for a bit.

Sam gives Monica instructions. Monica says they’ll be fine; it’s Sam she’s worried about. She wonders why Sam wants to go to Puerto Rico. Sam says Sonny is in trouble. Jason went to rescue him, and she’s going to rescue Jason.

Grinchy tells Sonny to sit, but wants Carly close by. Sonny isn’t too happy about that, and Gustaf says that Sonny’s people put his brother in the ground last year, and he came to return the favor. Okay, this name game might be fun.

Jordan says she’s made mistakes, but Stella hasn’t walked in her shoes. She never intentionally hurt anyone. Stella says she guesses Jordan hopping into bed with another man wasn’t intentional, and calls Jordan a dishonest, lying, faithless Jezebel. Curtis appears, and says, that’s enough. I’d say so.

In a private room, Curtis tells Stella that airing the family’s dirty laundry and causing a scene isn’t like her. She says she never thought they’d be in a situation like this. Curtis says that TJ is worried about her. Stella wonders how any of them can’t be upset. She says if her sister wasn’t dead, this would have killed her. TJ was all they had left, and Jordan let them live with a lie. Curtis says it was a lie of compassion. Jordan joins them, saying that she was trying to protect Thomas. Stella says she was trying to protect herself. If she hadn’t been unfaithful, Thomas would still be alive. She took everything, and now she took TJ too.

Josslyn freaks when she hears Trina inviting guys. She says she’s never done this before, but Trina says she’s got this. She even invited Josslyn’s crush, Oscar, the new kid at school. A group of kids come to the door, yelling party! and bearing liquor. Oscar brings up the rear, and he’s pretty cute.

Michael makes tea, and Nelle says she should be the one waiting on him. She says growing up with siblings must have been nice. Michael says they weren’t The Brady Bunch, but Nelle says it was still a family, and they had love. She wonders what his family is going to say when they find out they’re seeing each other. Michael says they will, because they’re not going to hide it. Nelle says he has more to lose than she does.

Monica tells Sam that Jason is pretty adept of taking care of himself. Being pragmatic, if there’s imminent danger, there’s nothing they can do, and if Sam walks into it, what about the kids? Sam says she hates that Jason left her and the kids to help Sonny. Monica says he’ll never break his loyalty, so just hope he did what he had to do and is on his way back.

Gargoyle tells Sonny that he gets to see someone he loves take their last breath; not exactly the same, but close enough. Sonny says the difference is that he and Carly are going on their feet, and his brother was on his knees, begging. Gobstopper lunges for him, but Carly whacks him on the head, and he and Sonny struggle.

Nelle gives Michael some cookies. He asks if she likes the tea, and says he could make her something different, but she tells him that he shouldn’t fuss over her. She’s concerned about how Carly is going to react, but he suggests that when they’re on a date, they not talk about other people with opinions. The only opinions he cares about are the two of theirs, and his opinion of her is great. He tells her that he’s happy she’s in his life too.

Trina gives Josslyn’s party guests a couple of rules, and suggests Josslyn talk to Oscar. Josslyn says she will later, and asks why Trina invited so many people. Trina thinks it’s a minimal number, and says Oscar is obviously into Josslyn, since he keeps looking at her. Someone yells hot tub! and the kids go outside. Except for Oscar.

Curtis says blood don’t make family. TJ is theirs, and nothing will change that. Knowing different doesn’t mean different. He asks Stella if it robs her of any memories or if she loves him any less. Stella says she promised to take care of the family, and now look at them. It’s only a matter of time before Curtis gone too. Jordan destroyed their family, and he’s either too blind or too stupid to get it.

Monica wonders what’s up with Sam that she’s not taking things in stride. Sam says Jason removed himself from Sonny’s world more than once. They were building a new life with their kids, but they’re trapped, and there’s nothing they can do.

Carly tells Sonny to get down, and shoots at Gunderson. She misses, and he comes after her, but is shot from behind by our hero Jason. Told you Gorgo wouldn’t be around long.

Stella approaches TJ at work. He asks if she’s okay. She says it’s been a long night, and she’s sorry. He says he is too, and it’s a lot to process. He just found out last year, and had to process it too. He asks if she saw Jordan, and she says she went to the station. He informs her that they have policemen and jail cells there. Ha-ha! Stella says they had an exchange, and TJ says, I’ll bet.

Jordan tells Curtis that she knew it was going to happen, but didn’t think it would be in the squad room. He says at least it’s over. She says far from it; Stella hates her. Curtis says that’s nothing new, and Jordan says she’ll hate him too – as long as he’s with her.

Nelle and Michael discuss the concert. She says it was interesting to hear Avant-garde classical music in Port Charles. She also didn’t realize nails on a blackboard was considered music. (Was it John Cage?) Michael says he hated it, and Nelle says she saw everyone else transfixed, and wondered what she was missing. He tells her to be honest. She says that her being honest would be a change. He tells her the only way to get better at something is to practice, and suggests she start.

Oscar introduces himself to Josslyn. He says everyone at school knows and likes her, even the new kid. He tells her about the kids discussing her parents, and her dad being some kind of crime boss. She says that’s her stepfather, but hopefully not for much longer. She asks if he’s not into the hot tub thing, and he thinks getting naked with strangers isn’t a good way to meet people. Tell that to any number of reality shows.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s bleeding. Carly asks who shot him. Jason says she did.

Sam tells Monica that she sees Jason slowly getting back into the business. She says that she even heard Sonny saying he has him. Monica says that doesn’t sound like Sonny, and were those his exact words? Sam sees Sonny in the room with them, telling her not to trust anyone.

Carly asks Jason if he needs anything, and he says he could use a drink. Gorgonzola is going to the hospital. He should make a full recovery, and will be extradited afterward. Sonny toasts to Carly, a woman of rare courage and horrible marksmanship. He makes another toast to Jason, who has perfect timing. Jason says that Julian warned him. Sonny wonders about Julian’s angle, and Jason thinks he was trying to impress Sam.

Monica asks if Sam is all right, and Sam says she doesn’t think so. Monica thinks she needs some rest. Sonny talks to her in her mind, and Monica repeats that she needs to rest. Sonny says she needs to cover better. How long before they take the kids and send her away? Sam’s phone rings. It’s Jason. He apologizes for not calling sooner, and says everything is taken care of. He’s flying back tonight. Sam no longer sees Sonny, only an empty chair.

Curtis tells Jordan that they just got together. She says Stella is his second mother, and he says she’ll be fine. Jordan says she’ll never forgive him for choosing her. She tells him that it’s not anyone’s decision but hers. All the damage she’s done, she doesn’t want to do anymore. She’s done, and they’re done.

Stella says TJ is responsible, like his father – his actual father. Thomas brought him up, and taught him right from wrong; he made his mark on TJ, and when she looks at him, she sees Thomas. She asks how he coped with the news. He tells her that at first, he was upset, but nothing has really changed. His mom messed up bad, but she’s still his mom.

Josslyn tells Oscar that her family situation is messed up, and Oscar says his is too. He’s expected to act a certain way and do certain things without question. He says he used to speak up and try to change things, but no one listened. She identifies. They compare notes on their family lives.

Michael tells Nelle that he’ll go first. He tells her a story about how he wore tighty-whities when he was in school, but saw the other guys in the locker room wearing boxers. He didn’t know it was a choice between one or the other, so wore boxers over his briefs. You’d think one of the male figures in his life would have clued him in. Nelle says she’s afraid of dogs because she was bitten by a chihuahua. He tells her that’s barely a dog, and they go back and forth. She’s afraid of screwing something up at Crimson, and he tells her how wonderful she is, but she says he’s supposed to be talking about himself. He says that he has excellent taste in women, and she tells him that he’s the best person she’s ever known; she has faith in him. Michael says he should go, and Nelle says maybe he should, but he doesn’t have to. He says, good, because he doesn’t want to. I’m wondering if this relationship will stick, since his batting average is pretty bad.

Josslyn says that the plus side of not joining the others is that she and Oscar get all the pretzels to themselves. He says he thought she had it all – money and the good life – but she totally gets him. He asks if she drinks, and she says not that much, but her real father is Australian, and they’re big drinkers. She takes a swig from a bottle that I assume contains alcohol. He says she’s full of surprises. She takes another gulp.

Nelle and Michael kiss. He says they should stop, but she says no.

Jordan wants to stop making mistakes, and Curtis asks if she hasn’t learned to get a second opinion. She may have decided they’re done, but he’s decided they’re not. He leaves, and she ponders.

Stella tells TJ that she understands why Curtis kept quiet. He did it for all of them. If TJ can forgive him, maybe she can find a way. TJ says it’s a start. When she asks what he means, he tells her that if she can forgive Curtis, maybe she can forgive Jordan.

Sonny tells Jason to take Carly back to Port Charles, but she says they have unfinished business and she’s staying. Jason promises he’s fine, and tells them he’ll see them back home. Outside, he calls Sam. He says he’ll be home soon, and he loves her.

Back in Sam’s head, Sonny says that Jason sounds happy and energetic, and loves what he’s doing. He says Jason is back in the business, and to get used to it. Sam says that Sonny can’t have him, but Sonny says he has him already. She says she’ll stop him, and he tells her that those are big words from a little woman. Sam says she’ll get the last words. Wait and see.

Carly tells Sonny that was exciting. She knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, and he says that he’d die first. They kiss, but when Sonny moves in for seconds, Carly pushes him away.

On Monday, Hayden has a job for Curtis, Kiki asks if Ava wants her to not come back, and Josslyn says OMG.

💍 I gave 90 Day Fiancé another try, this time it was Pedro and Chantal: Our Journey So Far. Whatever that was I saw last week (I’ve mercifully blocked their names from my mind) was an honest-to-God train wreck, but this was a lot better. The episode mostly revolved around Chantal having lied to her parents, saying that Pedro was just there on a student visa. It was more like they met in the Dominican Republic, are engaged, and have to get married or he’s being sent back. Chantal spent a lot of the time wailing about not having the wedding of her dreams. To be honest, I didn’t really think too much about that stuff growing up. I did have a fabulous wedding on the cheap though, but that’s because I have talented friends. We also didn’t have to whip it up in a few weeks’ time. These two didn’t even have rings. Pedro was annoying, pretending he didn’t understand, whenever Chantal’s dad asked him a question. Her brother was the best, just eyeing Pedro up and down, with folded arms. I was a mother’s helper for many years, and it was reminiscent of the stance one of “my” kids took when meeting my husband for the first time. Except she was five, and Chantal’s brother is considerably older. No surprise, the announcement – made a few days before the wedding – didn’t go over too big with the family. Chantal’s parents were understandably concerned, and wanted her to get a prenup to cover any future inheritance. She and Pedro ended up downloading one from the internet, since a lawyer required more than a one-day turnaround, and it seemed to appease them. Pedro alternately blamed Chantal for waiting so long to tell them, and blamed her parents for having an issue with no one knowing him. Chantal’s best friend put together a lovely setting in the park for the ceremony, and her parents and brother showed up at the last minute. Her father did say, however, that they’d be keeping an eye on Pedro. No doubt.

👰 You probably know by now, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is a married woman. Not to Matt, thank God. She’s now wed to businessman Marc Daly. Although the nuptials were on the sly, many of their nearest and dearest were at their St. Lucia affair. The couple also had a mini honeymoon there. No big surprise, Kenya looked beautiful, as did the setting.

💸 Highly recommended is Wizard of Lies, a film about Bernie Madoff, in rotation on a few of the movie channels. The whole cast is wonderful, but Robert De Niro as Bernie is eerily accurate. It was like a combination of Wall Street type movie and a documentary, two of my favorite genres.

Something to Ponder…

🎪 Pretty soon we won’t be able to say anyone is hogging something in case we offend a pig. There will be no more bogarting a joint either. Humphrey’s great grandniece might feel disrespected. How much longer must this circus continue?

Quotes of the Week

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.Maya Angelou

Action is the foundational key to success. – Pablo Picasso

That’s why I grew my beard. To hide my sadness.Ryan Serhant, from Million Dollar Listing New York, after having to table a listing.

🎢 Enjoy your weekend, and remember…


June 22, 2017 – Vacation Day Usurps GH, No Abbey Whales, a Quote & a Vacay Comparison


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Due to someone else’s vacation beyond my control (my husband), I wasn’t able to recap GH today, but I did see most of the last half hour, walking in on a tender moment between Spencer and Nina. Here are a few takeaway points.

Spencer admitted that it’s not really his inheritance he’s upset about, but the loss of his father. He and Nina had a sweet conversation where Nina comforted him. Laura and Doc showed up, and Laura sat Spencer down for a talk. She confiscated his phone, and told him that they need to let the law take its course. This caused a light bulb to go on over Spencer’s head, and he told her Valentin isn’t going to know what hit him. Maybe he’s going to hire Diane.

Molly met Aunt Stella, who said she missed so much of TJ’s life, she didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. Molly misunderstood and let slip that Shawn is TJ’s father. This caused Stella to march down to the PCPD and confront Jordan. Now everyone knows that Shawn is TJ’s father.

Sam let Jason know what’s going on with her, but later told Molly she thinks she’s going crazy. Molly talked her down, but Sonny came to Sam in another vision, telling her that Jason is still his.

In Puerto Rico, Carly beat the pants off of Sonny at poker. When she decided to go out for some air, she opened the door to find Garvy/Kirby/Carney (the latter according to another recap), or whatever his name is, at the door.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Stella to leave Jordan alone, Sonny goes after Garvey/Gravy, and Sam wants to head to Puerto Rico.

🍺 Although I can’t actually stomach watching it, I caught an E-News article and film clip about What Happens at The Abbey. Chris called Erin a whale, which didn’t go over too big (no pun intended) with any of the cast. Even sadder was how she told him that his opinion was meaningless, but then howled about how she’s a size two over and over. Now she’s hardly a whale, and when a man says something like that, it’s usually about control, but she’s a size two like I am, depending on the vanity size. Back when I was in my 20s, some guy called me fat when I called him on his driving skills. Rather than get bothered by this jerk, I simply said that I was not fat. He was majorly startled, probably because 1) he’d expected I cared what he thought, and 2) most women would take his comment to heart. Then, after stuttering for a moment, he admitted I was right, and that I wasn’t fat. D-bag.

Something to Ponder…

…the best way to deal with speech we dislike is not to restrict it or quarantine it. Rather, it is to combat it, challenge it, to question it, and to expose precisely what it is about such speech that is erroneous.Zachary Wood, a student, speaking to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

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