June 2, 2017 – Ava’s Aftermath, Gordon Does It Again & a Tetrad of Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna thanks Lulu for keeping Emma overnight. She also wants to find out what Charlotte understands and what Lulu knows. Lulu says she gave Charlotte minimal details, telling her that her father is in the hospital. Anna says it was a bad injury, but not life-threatening. Lulu asks what happens to Valentin next.

Valentin asks Nurse Deanna, who does he talk to about getting out of the hospital?

Carly asks Kristina if she’s talked to her dad, but Kristina says Michael filled her in. She says Ava is getting what she deserves, and Carly agrees.

Ava opens her eyes. Griff tells her that she’s in the hospital and to relax. She’s been in a pretty severe accident.

Julian asks Alexis what she’s doing at the hospital. She says she heard about Ava. He says it’s not good. He starts to tear up, and Alexis hugs him.

Kiki visits Sonny, who lies, saying he’s sorry. She asks what her mother did to Morgan.

Nathan sees Amy at Kelly’s. He wants to talk. He shows her an article about Man Landers being poised for a book deal.

Carly thanks Kristina for hiring Morgan; it gave him a sense of stability and purpose. Kristina jokes that she wanted someone to boss around, and Carly calls her a good sister. Carly sees Andre, and goes to talk to him. She tells him that she’s not great, but thanks him for everything he did to help them.

Sonny explains to Kiki that Ava tried to cause a breakdown by replacing Morgan’s lithium with a placebo. She admitted it, but they’d also found placebo dust in the bottle. Kiki says she used Avery as her way into the house. She doesn’t understand why Ava would do this to Morgan, and Sonny tells her that if Morgan was in the hospital, Kiki would have been free of him.

Griff tells Ava she’s on a morphine drip, and she has to rest. He doesn’t know where they’re going with treatment until they assess the nerve damage.

Alexis says she’s there for Julian, and she also has good news. She tells him that her law license has been reinstated. Julian congratulates her, and moves in for a hug. She says one hug is plenty. Ha-ha! He says that he should fire Scotty and hire her, but he wouldn’t drag her back into his mess. Griff comes out, and tells them that Ava is awake.

Deanna tells Valentin to give himself time to recover. He says he has things he has to get back to, and asks if she can speed things along, acting all charming.

Anna tells Lulu that Valentin will stand trial, and most likely go to prison. Lulu wonders about Charlotte. Anna says she has to fight for custody, or Charlotte will end up a ward of the state. Anna gets a message that it’s time to arrest Valentin.

Amy tells Nathan not to believe everything he reads online. Kristina arrives, and Amy says that she has perfect timing. Nathan explains to Kristina that Amy has been writing advice columns and using his picture. He asked her to take it down, and now he has a book deal. He tells Amy that he can’t be a cop by day and an advice columnist by night. He asks for one reason he shouldn’t arrest her for identity theft.

Sonny brings Avery downstairs. Kiki comments on how big she is because of soap super-speed child aging. Just wait, Kiki. By next year, she’ll be in high school.

Julian talks to Ava. He tells her that she had him worried. They might fight like cats and dogs, but that’s how they express their love. He tells her that Kiki was there all night.

Kiki thanks Sonny, and he says Avery is her sister; she can see her any time. He says that Kiki is as much of a victim as Morgan was. Sonny tells her not to take Ava’s guilt on herself. Kiki says she can hear it already – Ava was doing it to protect her. She flashes back to Ava saying that whatever she did, she did for Kiki’s well-being. Kiki realizes that Ava practically told her. She says she must have been talking about switching Morgan’s pills. Sonny says that Ava is a master of excuses, but Kiki doesn’t have to buy into it; it’s on Ava. Kiki tells him to protect Avery from her mother.

Andre tells Carly what Ava did was the worst kind of sabotage. Carly says Ava doesn’t have a conscience. He says had Morgan lived, they never would have gotten an accurate read on his condition. He would have been hurting Morgan while trying to help him, a nightmare scenario for a doctor. Carly says at least they know the truth, but when Andre asks if she’s gotten closure, she says no.

Anna goes to Valentin’s room, but he’s gone. Deanna tells her that Valentin signed himself out against medical advice.

Lulu tries to get the kids moving for school. The doorbell rings. It’s Valentin.

Amy begs Nathan not to arrest her. He says he’s a detective and has to interact with people. He can’t perform those duties if people are asking him relationship questions. Amy says she took the picture down. Nathan has to go to work, and tells her that he won’t say anything, but it had better not come back to him. He leaves, and Amy says that was close, and thanks Kristina for the assist. Kristina asks why she used Nathan’s picture, and Amy says everyone wondered what Man Landers looked like. She wishes Nathan understood how important it is.

Carly says she still feels the same hopeless ache, and Andre says grief isn’t that simple to get over. She says that she thought there would be comfort in justice, but there is no justice; it won’t bring Morgan back. Sonny appears.

Ava moans. Griff says they can’t completely neutralize the pain. Julian asks if she’s going to be fine after surgery. Griff says it’s too soon to speculate, and tells him to wait outside.

Sonny thanks Andre, who was glad to help. Andre goes back to not working, and Carly says that Sonny must be there for the same reason she is. He says he feels close to Morgan there, and Carly says that she does too. Morgan had hope for the future there, but it’s gone because of Ava. Sonny says that Ava isn’t done suffering.

Lulu asks why Valentin is there, and he says to pick up Charlotte. Charlotte comes out, thrilled to see him. She tells him that she was scared. Lulu says she’ll take the kids to school. When Charlotte goes to get her lunchbox, Lulu tells Valentin that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to have Charlotte with him right now. He’s about to be arrested.

Alexis opens the door to find Julian on the porch. He gives her some flowers to celebrate her law license. She says she thought it was a retainer. He’s going to need a defense attorney, since Scotty has his hands tied. She asks if Port Charles should be bracing itself for more bloodshed.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s best if Ava doesn’t see Avery at all, and talks about Kiki’s visit. Carly says as much as she hates Ava, she didn’t wish this on her. She wants Ava tried, and asks what if she just walks away again? They have no way to be sure she’ll pay for what she did. Sonny says she will.

Lulu tells Valentin that the WSB is going to have him tried by the ICC. She tells him to spare Charlotte seeing it happen, and asks him to give her secondary custody, so he can leave the country. She tells him to do what’s best for Charlotte. Charlotte comes out, and Lulu leaves to help Rocco find his shoe or something.

Anna tells Nathan that they have to check the airports. She also has an officer at Charlotte’s school. Griff asks if Valentin is gone. Anna says he checked himself out. When he asks why Valentin hadn’t been handcuffed, she says he hadn’t been under arrest yet. Griff asks why Anna isn’t more upset. She says Valentin was running for his life when he sold the Chimera, and wasn’t responsible for what happened at the Nurses Ball. It was like Helena set him up to take the fall. He asks if Anna feels sorry for Valentin, but he says it more like, you don’t feel sorry for him, do you? The same way that when I want to finish the cookies, I say, no one wants anymore cookies, do they?

Lulu comes out to find Valentin and Charlotte gone. Charlotte’s lunchbox has been left on the table.

Kristina tells Amy that Nathan is a nice guy, but he has a point. Amy says she took the picture down. She says guys like taking advice from other guys, and women like to take advice from good-looking men. Kristina suggests she take credit for her own creation.

Griff tells Anna that Valentin needs to pay for what he did to Nicholas and Claudette. Anna says those are separate issues, but he’ll be convicted on Alex’s word for this. She says they were friends, and she reacted badly when he wanted more. It made him vulnerable, and Alex took advantage of it. He’s not innocent, but not completely guilty. Lulu calls, and tells Anna that Valentin took off with Charlotte.

Julian tells Alexis that he’d like Sonny to feel the same pain. Alexis says Sonny and Carly probably felt the same way after Morgan’s death. Ava started the fire, and he can’t blame Sonny. Alexis asks if he doesn’t want revenge, and Julian says he’s not starting another cycle of violence. Alexis says that he’s said that before. He says he meant it, but she says he still went back. Julian says that he thought it was the only way to protect the people he loved. Now, there’s no one to protect. Alexis isn’t sure that’s true. He says she didn’t turn him away, and asks if there’s hope for them.

Sonny comes into Ava’s room. She asks if it’s Kiki, and he says, guess again. Really? Really? He’d be allowed in there under what circumstances? Plus, because of the possibility of infection, whoever comes in has to wear all kinds of gear. Did no one notice him putting all that on? Sometimes the suspension of belief is hard, even for me. And I would never, ever agree to be put in this hospital. I don’t care if the next closest one is in Albuquerque.

Kristina insists that Amy can do it on her own, but Amy says content is only half the battle. She wonders if she can change Nathan’s mind. Her phone rings. She’s got an unofficial offer for the book. Kristina congratulates her, but Amy says they want to meet Man Landers.

Nathan and Anna go to Lulu’s place. She tells them what happened, and says it’s all her fault. She wanted to do what was best for Charlotte, and told Valentin about the arrest. She wanted him to sign over secondary custody, but instead he ran. What if she never sees Charlotte again? Well, yeah, Lulu, it is all your fault, because you were really just thinking about what’s best for you, as usual.

Valentin tells Charlotte that they’re going someplace special, where no one will bother them again.

Julian apologizes for hurting Alexis. He says he made mistakes, but loving her wasn’t one of them. It made him a better man. With everything that’s happened, he thinks he could get it right this time. She wishes she could believe him, but she can’t. Not today. She thanks him for the flowers, and goes inside. Julian says it wasn’t a no.

Kiki sees Carly at Perks. She says she heard what happened, and she’s sorry. Carly says she’s not responsible, and Kiki says that’s what Sonny said, but Ava did it because of her. She went after Morgan, and did the worst thing she possibly could. If it wasn’t for her, he would still be alive. Carly says that none of it is her fault, and Kiki says she really loved him. Carly says she believes her, and he loved her too. Kiki says it got him killed. They hug. Carly says Ava is responsible, and repeats that none of this is Kiki’s fault. They hug some more.

Sonny looks very scary. He messes with one of the plugs that hooks Ava to a machine. He says that Kiki wants nothing to do with her. He calls her a twisted, selfish monster, and asks how she feels about everyone knowing what she did and who she is. She sealed her own fate, and deserves what she’s getting. Ava asks him to kill her. This is freaking me out a little.

On Monday, Laura tells Elizabeth there’s something she doesn’t know, Anna asks Nina for help, and Carly isn’t stopping Sonny this time.

The f Word with Gordon Ramsay

It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

This is a different Gordon than we’re used to seeing; kinder, gentler, and more fun-loving. We get a bit of it on MasterChef Junior, but this is more adult fare. This time, The f Word stands for food, fun and family. I’ve always liked Gordon. Even with all his screaming, yelling, and real f-words, my gut feeling has been that he’s one of the good guys; he really seems to care about people. On both Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Nightmares, he’s not only had to turn around businesses, but people’s lives. I’ve seen him wear many hats, being a marriage counselor and a psychologist, helping families build something better, even if he has to smash what exists to do it.

The challenge part of the show was between The Spice Boys (blue team) and The Sexy Paesans (red team). They cooked dinner for a restaurant full of people, who filled out cards saying whether they would pay actual money for the meal. The team with the highest percentage was the winner. The ladies won, but it was close. I don’t know what the prize was, since I spaced out. Maybe just being in Gordon’s presence was enough.

The show didn’t disappoint with celebrity appearances by Jamie Fox, Snoop Dogg, and Kevin Spacey. Gordon discussed philanthropy with Jamie, who has his own Beat Shazam going on. There was also a nice interview with Snoop and his kids, where he told us that you can’t go wrong with a bowl of cereal and milk. I assume he consumes a bowl of something else first. Kevin and Gordon played some tennis and did some grilling, with Kevin choosing the ingredients – swordfish, couscous, and asparagus – and Gordon making the dish. Kevin also talked about playing Clarence Darrow on Broadway.

The home audience wasn’t left out, with Gordon encouraging Instagrams of food. He told us that if it looks good, they might show it, but if it doesn’t look good, they definitely will. Gordon put his acting skills to the test, playing a prank on his former head chef, by disguising himself and attending a class she was giving. He was surprisingly convincing, and her reaction was everything.

There was also schmoozing with the restaurant guests, including a couple who was on their first date. Dude, you will never be able to top this. Your dating life is downhill from here.

Quotes of the Week

Never miss a chance to shut up.Dr. Phil’s dad

Those who hate you don’t win. unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.Richard M. Nixon

Do I go to an animal shelter, or do the cats just appear? – Bonnie (Allison Janney) giving up on love, Mom

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.Marie Curie





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