June 8, 2017 – Valentin Promises to Return & the Fresh Prince’s Mom Joins GH


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Sonny asks one of the staff for an update on Ava, saying she’s the mother of his child. The doctor says she sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of her body, and she’s critical, but stable. Nothing Sonny wouldn’t have known in the first place. Sonny acts concerned. Carly shows up, and asks why they’re meeting at the hospital. She says she doesn’t want to see any human being suffer, but it doesn’t make her hate Ava any less. Sonny tells her that one of her least favorite people is getting out of the hospital today – Nelle.

Michael offers to give Nelle a ride, but she doesn’t want him pitying her.

Dillon tells Kiki that this is what he was afraid of – she feels guilty about something that Ava did, then pushes him away. That’s what I was afraid of too. He says she’s not thinking straight. There’s no excuse for what Ava did, but her mother is fighting for her life, and no matter what, Ava is her mom. Kiki was there for him through the problems with his dad, and he wants to be there because he cares and wants to help. He’s not letting go when she needs him, and tells her that he needs her too.

TJ meets Jordan at Perks. She wants to talk to him about Curtis.

Aunt Stella tells Curtis that the day Thomas laid eyes on Jordan was the end for their family. Curtis reminds her that Jordan is TJ’s mother. She says let’s get it over with; what’s going on with Jordan?

Valentin tells his visitor she must be pleased with herself. Only one of them is in handcuffs, and it’s not her. Alex locks the door and smiles.

Sonny asks Carly if Diane called, and says she really cared about Morgan. Carly says she volunteered to be a special prosecutor, but she’s on retainer with Sonny, which is a conflict of interest. She thinks they have enough evidence though, including Lucy’s testimony. Sonny says they’ll need more than that to bring Ava to justice.

Nelle tells Michael that maybe pity is the wrong word. Michael asks if his mother was there. She says no, and he thinks maybe it was Bobbie who said something to Nelle. He says he’s sympathetic, but it’s not the same as pity. Nelle asks why Michael is there. He wants to make sure she’s okay, but he also likes her, and she wonders how that could be true. He says she did damage to his family, but there’s another side to her. He wants to spend more time with the Nelle he knew at the cabin. She says when she told him that she was leaving, he said it was the right decision. He tells her that he’s allowed to change his mind, and he’s going to do everything to convince her to stay.

Stella asks if Jordan tried to keep Curtis away from TJ. He says at first, and she asks if Jordan will try to keep her away. Curtis tells her that TJ is grown; call him. She says Jordan has a way of twisting things, and she’s a born liar. She can just imagine what Jordan has told TJ about her. She says she doesn’t regret what she said at the funeral, but regrets where she said it. She says Jordan doesn’t like being confronted with her failings. She’ll make Stella the bad guy, and poison TJ against her. Curtis says she’d never do that.

Valentin thinks the WSB has offered Alex something to get him to confess. She says they don’t even know she’s there; she escaped. To assure him it’s not recorded, she confesses to everything she’s done. She says he didn’t mind her when she was her sister, but she can assure he gets freed.

Curtis tells Stella that Jordan’s mistakes are in the past. She asks if that’s what they’re calling blatant infidelity now. He says that Jordan would never poison TJ against her; she values family and wouldn’t want to disrupt the connection between them. She’s TJ’s favorite aunt. Curtis takes her down Memory Lane, and says that kind of love sticks with a person – TJ remembers, loves, and misses her. He tells her to just call him.

Jordan tells TJ that she and Curtis aren’t just dating; they’re a couple now. TJ says cool. She asks if he’s really cool with this.

Carly tells Sonny that Diane thinks the DA will subpoena Scotty, but he’ll claim attorney/client privilege. She says they still have Andre’s testimony and Morgan’s journal. Sonny hates turning the journal over. He brings up Nelle seeing Ava in Morgan’s room, and says Nelle can establish that Ava used Avery as a cover. Carly asks why Nelle would help them.

Michael explains to Nelle what happened with Ava switching Morgan’s pills. He says the whole family is reeling. He tells her that Morgan got the help he needed and started to believe in himself, but Ava took it away. First she took his sanity, then his life. Nelle wonders if the fire is karma. Michael says he doesn’t want Ava to suffer; he wants her to pay.

Valentin asks Alex what she’s waiting for; he has places to go and people to see. She says they only have so much time, so listen. There’s no way the WSB can prove that he stole the Chimera or sold it; she’s the only witness. He asks about Anna, and Alex says she has no firsthand knowledge. If Alex is gone and he says nothing, they can’t build a case. He asks what’s in it for her, and she says her freedom. Without his testimony, they have nothing against her. She knows he’s vulnerable to Anna, and a confession might have a righteous appeal for him to redeem himself in her eyes. She says they share more of a connection than he ever had with Anna. She’s had feelings for him, but he never saw them. He says she’s there because she wants to stay free. She says she’s not exactly altruistic, but she did save him before, and now she’s giving him a way out. They’ll have to drop the charges, and when they do, he should find her. He asks why; they’ll be following him, and why should he want to? She says all this time it wasn’t Anna he wanted – it was her. She leaves, and Valentin is like, hmm… as he looks at the divorce papers. It’s been quite a day for Valentin.

Carly tells Sonny that they can’t count on Nelle’s testimony. Nelle knows that Carly will do everything in her power to keep her away from Michael. She gets nothing out of it, so why would she do it? Sonny says she owes them, and will feel she’s making amends. He suggests that they talk to her; it’s worth a shot for Morgan. Maura West (Ava) has an easy job right now, just lying there. Ava moans, and a hand covers hers. It’s Ava’s pre-fire self, who tells her it’s not a nightmare. She’s been badly burned, she set the fire on her own, and now she’s trapped, but it’s what she deserves. She played a part in taking a life, and now this is her life. What did she expect?

Michael tells Nelle that he pities Ava. He’d like her healthy and whole and charged for her crimes. He doesn’t want her injuries to cancel out what she did to Morgan. Nelle says she wishes she’d understood justice before. If she’d been more perceptive, or wiser, she wouldn’t have done what she did. Michael says he understands regret. They get each other, and he hopes she stays. He takes her hand, and she says she’s not going anywhere. They almost kiss, but there’s a knock at the door. No surprise, it’s Sonny and Carly. Sonny asks if he can talk to her about something.

The real Anna comes to see Valentin. She says he’s being transported to the Netherlands to stand trial. He asks if she’s transporting him, saying she’s always been passionate about justice.

Stella tells Curtis that she doesn’t want to put TJ in the middle. It’s best to avoid the confrontation. He tells Stella not to worry about Jordan; they came to an understanding about him seeing TJ. Stella says seeing her around town can’t be easy. He made some poor choices, but they can’t compare to what she did. She was unfaithful and got Tommy killed.

TJ wonders why Jordan is so worried. Jordan says he made it clear that it’s a little weird, and it is; Curtis is his uncle. TJ says as long as they’re happy, it’s all good.

Illusion Ava says Kiki has finally turned her back, Julian will end up in prison, and it will frighten Avery to look at her. Sonny did her a favor in letting her live, but it’s no favor.

Michael says that Nelle is about to be released; they’re just waiting on the paperwork. Sonny asks if she knows about Ava, and Michael says that he filled her in. Nelle says she’s glad they weren’t hurt in the fire. Sonny asks what she remembers about seeing Ava in Morgan’s room. She says that it was right before the funeral. Sonny wants to know exactly what happened.

Valentin tells Anna that they can’t prove he was in possession of the Chimera, or selling it. Anna says he told her, and he says it’s her word against his, unless she recorded him. He tells her that the Chimera is no more, Helena is dead, and there’s no wrong to be righted. It’s a show trial for the WSB to save face; he’ll just be saving their wounded vanity. He asks if there’s a time table, and Anna says ten/fifteen minutes. Valentin says he thought he was going to see Charlotte first.

He tells Anna they’d agreed. Anna asks what he’s going to tell her, and he says he was going to be vague, but reassure her. Anna says the agents will be here any minute. He asks if she’ll make a video message; she’ll be right there, and there won’t be any secret message. Anna says she’ll do it; she doesn’t want Charlotte worried either. She sets up the phone. Valentin calls Charlotte “mon petite,” and tells her how much she means to him, and to never doubt it. He has to go on a trip far away, and doesn’t know for how long. He tells her not to worry; he’s always with her, in her heart and in her dreams. He says if she ever needs him, to find the star Polaris. He’ll be looking at it too, and they’ll be together. He tells Charlotte to be happy, because he couldn’t bear it if she wasn’t enjoying her life with Dante, Lulu, and Rocco. He looks forward to hearing about her adventures, and promises he’ll see her again. He blows her a kiss, and we all tear up. Anna asks why he said that about the star.

Curtis tells Stella that he’ll text Jordan. He’s sure she wants TJ to have a relationship with his aunt, and asks Stella to give her a chance. They’ve talked a lot, and Jordan has made a lot of changes too. Stella asks what man she has her hooks in now. Curtis says that’s enough, and she needs to listen. There’s something she needs to know about Jordan.

Nelle tells Sonny and Carly that Ava pretended to be looking for her phone under the bed. Sonny says she must have dropped the pills. Nelle says that she had time to pocket them while Nelle and Sonny were talking. Then, she suddenly didn’t want to see Avery any more, and left. Nelle thought it was weird at the time. She says she’ll give a deposition, and Sonny says they’ll contact her soon. Outside, Carly says the good news is that she’s helping them; the bad news is that Michael hasn’t given up on her. She and Sonny agree that Nelle is doing it for Michael’s benefit. Carly says they’ll have to tolerate it.

Hallucination Ava tells real Ava that all that’s left of her life is pain. She doesn’t have to endure it. Just let go and rest. Ava flatlines.

Sonny and Carly stare, while everyone runs around. Kiki dashes in, wondering what’s going on. The doctors try to get Ava’s heart going.

Michael brings Nelle the release papers, and thanks her for helping. He says he’s not here because of it though. Nelle says that she knows he wouldn’t use her. She says Carly hates her for good reason, but it impressed her how Carly put it aside to get justice for Morgan. She knows Carly’s opinion isn’t going to change, especially if they’re going to be friends, but Michael says he thinks they’re more than that.

Stella tells Curtis that Jordan has them fighting already. Curtis asks to change the subject. He wonders if Stella is taking him out for his birthday or cooking. She says she knows he wants her to cook, and starts to look for recipes on her phone, so they can make a list.  There’s a knock at the door and Stella answers. It’s Jordan, saying, happy birthday, baby, and dangling a gift bag in her hand. Probably from the lingerie store.

Handcuffs are put on Valentin, and Anna signs something. He tells her not to back out. She says he’s setting Charlotte up for disappointment, but he says he’ll have to figure out a way to keep his promise. As he’s led away, Anna ponders.

Tomorrow, Aunt Stella isn’t forgiving or forgetting, Julian tells Scotty that he can beat the odds, and Kiki blames herself.

📯 BTW, you might recognize Curtis’s Aunt Stella from about a billion other things:


☎ James DePaiva (Max from One Life to Live) will also be joining the cast soon.

🗽 Signing off, but definitely watching Million Dollar Listing New York, where Frederik will be showing Bethenny a new property.


Vernee Watson & Will SmithFresh Prince of Bel Air



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