June 9, 2017 – Ava Comes Back from the Brink, Some Ramblings, a Quote Quint & Flowers for You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Opening the door to Jordan, Aunt Stella says, speak of the devil. Curtis takes the bag from Jordan, and tells Stella that they’re seeing each other.

Hayden comes to Finn’s room. He says she smells like she was hit by a coffee tsunami, and asks what happened. She says she had children.

Julian tells Scotty that he’s not paying him to waste time on a pipe dream. Scotty isn’t so sure about that.

Dante calls Lucy into the interrogation room. He wants to know why she had Morgan’s pills. Sonny and Carly deserve answers.

Just as the doctors are working on Ava, my best freaking friend, George Stephanopoulos, interrupts my viewing pleasure. I hate him. Even more, it’s not like it’s even anything real – they’re discussing one of the President’s tweets. For the love of all that’s holy, go away. I hate all of them. And I’m a bi-partisan hater. What really bites my butt is that the actual message is usually less than five minutes, but then the so-called experts have to weigh in, like I give a flying about what they think. Is insurance actually affordable yet? Let me know when it is.

Rant over. Back to GH. Thanks, ABC, for wasting 25 minutes of my life.

Jordan tells Stella that her husband had the right to know his wife slept with his best friend. She hates herself for it, and says Stella has a right to hate her too.

Dante asks if Lucy switched the pills. She says no, and he asks why she had them. She flashes back to putting them in the safe, away from Scotty. Dante wonders if Ava knew she had them. He says that Lucy knew something was up, but kept quiet. She says she had no idea what was going to happen. Dante says either start talking or he’ll arrest her as an accessory.

Scotty suggests that Julian tell the truth. Olivia-J threatened his family, and made him do the dirty work. Julian says he has to go, and Scotty asks if it’s something with Ava. Julian tells Scotty that she might be dying.

Dante asks Scotty to have a chat with him and Lucy. Scotty asks what Lucy is doing there, and Lucy tells him not to act like he doesn’t know.

As the doctors work on Ava, Griff tells her to fight, saying that her daughter is outside. Her heartbeat comes back. Kiki hugs Dillon. Carly says she’s happy for Kiki, and Sonny says he is too. Griff tells Kiki that Ava is at risk for another cardiac episode. Kiki asks if she’s going to live, and Griff says that they’re doing everything they can. He asks if she needs support, but she says no. Sonny tells her that if she wants to see Avery, just come by, or if she needs anything, ask. Carly says they’re here for her, and Sonny tells Dillon to take care of her. Kiki tells Dillon that she has to go in to see Ava. Dillon says no matter what she did, Ava is still her mom. He says to tell Ava how she feels while she has the chance.

Scotty asks to confer with his client. Lucy says she’s not his client. Dante wants to ask questions, but Scotty points out that he doesn’t have a subpoena. Lucy talks about everything Scotty did to get the pills from her, eventually breaking into her safe. She says he was trying to get Ava off the hook. Dante tells Scotty that he knows the pills were switched, and nice try, but wrong dose.

Curtis tells Jordan not to beat herself up. She goes into the other room, and he asks Stella what good that did for anyone. Stella says losing Thomas broke his mother’s heart, and put her in the grave. Curtis says they’re all just trying to heal, and maybe she should do the same. Stella says she’ll leave that to the two of them; they have no time for remorse or decency. He says he didn’t know she was coming, and didn’t mean for her to find out this way. He loves her, but no one is trying to hurt her. Jordan comes back, saying that they were family. Stella tells her that she destroyed her sister and their family, and she should leave Curtis alone before she destroys him too.

Jordan understands why Stella would think that, but she’s changed, and would never make that mistake again. Curtis says all they’re doing is trying to find happiness, and Stella says nothing about it makes her happy, like she’s a third person in their relationship. She says she’ll get her stuff and be on her way. She’ll reach out to TJ when she calms down. She tells Curtis she’d made her peace with Thomas’s death – until now. Mark her words, until this is over, there will be no peace. Not too dramatic.

Hayden comes out of the shower. Finn has the backgammon board set up. He says it helps him think. She asks if he’s thinking about who’s destroying his career. She says she knows, and tells him to think harder. It’s so obvious, she’s the last person he’d suspect.

Dante tells Scotty about Ava switching the pills. Dante says then Lucy found them, and Ava went to Scotty, but he got the dose wrong. Scotty says he has nothing to say. He’s Ava’s lawyer, and has attorney/client privilege. He tells Lucy that she should be quiet, but she doesn’t care. She says what if this happened to Serina, and she spiraled out of control and they had no idea why. She knows he doesn’t like Sonny and Carly, but it’s wrong. She asks if he’s that heartless.

Julian asks Dillon what happened, and if Ava got to see Kiki while she was conscious. Dillon says no, and Julian says if she comes back for anyone, it will be Kiki. Kiki stands by Ava’s bed. She apologizes for not coming sooner, when Ava was awake and could hear her. She hopes she’s not too late. She doesn’t want Ava to die.

Carly tells Sonny that was rough. He believes that Ava is getting what she deserves, but to see Kiki suffer is awful. Carly says that Kiki is Ava’s victim too, and she can’t stand seeing her go through this. Sonny asks where Ava’s heart was when Morgan spiraled. Carly says part of her wants Ava to go to trial, and Sonny finishes that if she dies it’s okay. Carly says maybe then they could heal.

Kiki says she’s here and won’t let Ava go. She holds Ava’s hand.

Finn tells Hayden that once they pinpointed Brad, he dismissed Obrecht. Hayden says she’s jealous, and had the opportunity and expertise, but Finn says that they don’t know if she was working with Brad or alone. He tells Hayden that he has a better idea than playing detective. I don’t think it’s playing backgammon either.

Curtis asks if Jordan is okay. He says she was harder on herself than Stella was, and she says she says she was thrown off guard in every way. She’d put Stella in the back of her mind, and now she’s been read the laundry list of her life so loud, she can’t ignore it. Curtis hopes she’s not thinking of backing out.

Scotty tells Lucy that nothing they say or do will change anything. They set nothing in motion, and it’s all hearsay and speculation. Dante says he’ll find out where Scotty got the lithium, and that it’s far from not setting anything in motion. He switched the pills back for Ava, and his hands are dirty. Dante says that he’ll build a case against Ava, and Scotty too.

Julian wonders if it’s divine justice. Dillon asks if he’s saying that Ava deserves it. Julian says he thought there was a chance to turn his life around. His lawyer told him to blame his sister, and what if he gets acquitted? Is that the tradeoff; he’s free and his sister dies?

Kiki says that she hates what Ava did to Morgan. She says she told Ava that she’d lose her forever, but she doesn’t want that. She still loves her mother, and doesn’t want her to die.

Carly tells Sonny that through all the chaos, she had one quiet thought – this is where it ends. All the hurt, hostility, and wounds they’ve inflicted will vanish when Ava does. It was all grief, and they didn’t know how to deal with the pain and loss. She feels like if Ava dies, they’ll have justice for Morgan. Maybe not comfort, but peace. Sonny asks if she means peace for them. She says maybe they can start to heal, and kisses him.

On Monday, Stella talks to TJ, Kiki tells Ava to make up her mind, and Dillon punches out Scotty.


🍑 Real Housewives of Atlanta revelation. I finally realize why Porsha’s parents spelled her name the way they did, rather than the traditional Portia. The only way they could get her to spell it correctly was to spell it phonetically.

🐙 Driving me crazy – or is it just a short putt? Gordon Ramsay is the king of this, but I’ve heard it on other shows too. This is the worst <insert main theme of program here> in the history of <insert program title>. For example, this is the worst meal I’ve ever eaten in the history of MasterChef. Gordon has also had way too many worst meals of his “entire life.” It becomes somewhat amusing though, when the show has only had one season under its belt, making a pretty short “history.”

Quotes of the Week

You can start late. Look different. Be uncertain. And still succeed.  – Misty Copeland (Thank God. I was worried about that.)

I think we’re slow to change…There is a racism that exists and will always exist. If it’s not Black people, it’s another so-called minority. I think human beings have to feel that there’s someone beneath them and they don’t realize it’s because they have such little regard for themselves they feel that way.Dustin Hoffman, Yorkshire Evening Post

You remember the Imitation says, ‘Bear your cross, for if you try to get rid of it you will probably find another and worse one.’C. S. Lewis referring to The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

God didn’t save your ass from drowning just to leave you die on the beach. ** I dunno. He was pretty tough on his own kid.  – Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) & Christy (Anna Faris), respectively, on Mom

You live by the meme, you die by the meme.NY Post referring to Kathy Griffin

🌷 To send you on your weekend…











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