June 12, 2017 – Ava Speaks, Shep Oversteps Friend Boundaries & a Little Savannah


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Jordan is like, wow, Aunt Stella. She tells Curtis that she put Stella in the back of her mind, and now she’s front and center. Curtis asks if she’s thinking of backing out of their relationship, and she says not to put words in her mouth. She tells him that maybe Stella has a point, and he should turn away from her.

Stella is at Kelly’s and asks the waiter what’s good, not realizing it’s TJ because he has his back to her. He says the BLT’s are the best in the world. She says hers are the best in Baltimore, and he realizes who she is.

Spencer tells Laura that he was just defending Emma’s good name. She asks If Hayden deserved that kind of disrespect. He says he’ll write her a note, and Laura says he will – after he washes her car. He says he doesn’t do chores, but she tells him that he does now. Scotty comes by and tells Spencer nice haircut. Laura sends Spencer into Kelly’s, and asks Scotty what’s going on. He asks if she heard about Ava, and she asks if he was involved in helping her to hide what she did to Morgan.

Kiki says she knows she told Ava that she’d lose her forever if she played a part in Morgan’s death, but she still loves her and wants her to come back. She always told Kiki that she could do anything she set her mind to, and Ava can too. Kiki needs her to make up her mind. Ava opens her eyes.

Carly tells Sonny that it was all grief and they were helpless; they didn’t know how to deal with the pain or accept the loss. If Ava dies, maybe they’ll have justice and some peace. Sonny says peace for their son and for them. She says maybe they can really heal, and kisses him. Josslyn walks in, and makes a soap opera face at them.

TJ asks when Stella came to town, and how did she know he was at Kelly’s? She says she just got here, and she didn’t. She can’t believe how grown up he is. She says he looks tired and should pace himself. As a doctor, he should know that. He says he’s not even a med student yet, but she says it’s only a matter of time. She says his father had drive and focus, but Curtis is stubborn, and has always been his own worst enemy, focused on himself.

Curtis tells Jordan that they finally got to a place where they shut out the noise. He says Stella will get there or not. He doesn’t care about the challenges, because he’s where he wants to be – with her. Jordan says Stella is in pain because of her, but Curtis says he doesn’t care. She says what if it comes down to her or Stella?

Laura says she’s known Scotty a long time, and he’s capable. He says if he helped Ava – and he’s not saying he did – it’s because of attorney/client privilege. She says that doesn’t excuse a crime, and he says maybe he was saving Ava from Sonny. Laura says she would have been better off being arrested, and Scotty says it haunts him every day.

Ava tells Kiki they need to talk, but Kiki wants to get the doctor. Kiki tells Dillon that Ava is conscious and talking. He says she brought Ava back, and they hug. Yes, let’s waste time when you should be getting a medical professional. And she’s a Nurses Aid. I’ll say it again, if this was the only hospital in the world, I will never, ever check In here.

Josslyn asks Carly what Sonny is doing at their house. Carly says they were talking. Sonny says they’ll pick it up another time, and it’s good to see Josslyn. Josslyn says nothing, and he says he’ll see himself out. Carly asks how movie night was. Josslyn gives her a look, and goes upstairs.

Commercial break with maybe interesting information. After a nearly thirty year hiatus, Battle of the Network Stars is back on July 29th. I’m intrigued, but have we learned nothing from whoever wore a Speedo the first time around? I’ve mercifully blocked it from my memory.

Curtis asks if Jordan wants him to choose. She says no, and he says they’ll go about it carefully, but together. If they’re patient and respectful of her feelings, maybe Stella will come around. Jordan says they have to tell her that TJ isn’t Tommy’s son. Curtis says they will, but when the time is right.

TJ asks if Stella is here for Curtis’s birthday. Stella says just ask what he wants to know. He asks if she knows about Curtis and his mom. She says she does, but quickly changes the subject to his schooling. He says it’s been so long since they’ve seen each other, he wondered if she stopped caring. She asks why she’d stop caring about her sister’s grandson.

Josslyn says she wants to go to bed, but Carly says they need to talk. Josslyn says she’s welcome, since she just saved Carly from Sonny – and herself.

Laura says if Scotty feels guilty, then she’s relieved. That means the Scotty she knows is still in there. Scotty says, still is. Spencer comes back, and Laura says they have another stop to make, and have to go. Scotty asks if he’s still worth rooting for, and she says she wishes he’d make it easier.

Still dawdling, Kiki tells Dillon that she’s fine; no more falling apart; her mom needs her. She has plenty more hell to come. Finally, the doctor is summoned, and he tells Ava that she’s doing well, but she’s still critical. She went into cardiac arrest. She asks why they didn’t let her die. The doctor says their job is to keep her alive; she didn’t have a DNR. He asks if she wants one, and if she wants them to let her die if her heart stops again.

Dillon tells Kiki that Ava has a big fight ahead, but she has Kiki. and Kiki has him. She says Ava will go through hell just to face criminal charges, but Sonny and Carly have every right. She asks the doctor if Ava is out of danger. He says she’s stable, and they can start treatment on her wounds, removing dead tissue and replacing it with grafts. He tells Kiki that her mother would like to see her. Kiki tells Dillon to go home and recharge. She’ll call if anything happens. She thanks him for being there, and he says where else would he be?

Stella asks why TJ would think she didn’t want to see him. He says it’s been a while, and he figured after what Jordan told him about her and his father, she might not. Stella asks what she said. Before he can answer, Curtis and Jordan walk in. Curtis says he thought Stella was going to a hotel. She says she did, but didn’t want to pay twenty bucks for a hamburger. She tells them that Jordan has been feeding TJ lies about her not wanting to see him. She says he was led to believe that she chose to stay away from him, and asks Jordan what she’s been putting in his head.

Carly tells Josslyn that she didn’t need saving, and things aren’t always what they seem. Josslyn asks if she wasn’t kissing Sonny. Carly says she doesn’t have to explain herself, and it’s not a crime. Josslyn says that It should be. He’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to Carly.

Laura visits Sonny. She says she has someone who wants to see him, and Spencer says, surprise!

Stella asks Joran if she told TJ that she didn’t want to see him, and Jordan says she didn’t mean for that to happen. Curtis says they still kept in touch, and tells Stella to take a deep breath. Stella says she doesn’t want to breathe, and she missed out on everything. Jordan says that if she had it to do over, she would have done things differently. She would have never taken the DEA job, and stayed home with TJ. She can’t change the past, but she can take responsibility for her mistakes, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. She wants to make it better, and to move forward. She hopes Stella will give it a chance.

Spencer gives Sonny a cookie. Sonny says it’s good, but as an adult, he doesn’t like sweet stuff as much. Spencer is astonished at anyone not liking sweets, and Sonny explains that as you get older, you get more tolerant, and the more you enjoy life. Wise Sonny. He asks how long Spencer is staying, and Spencer says that Laura has him for life. Laura says they’re working out the details. Sonny wants to take Spencer to Brooklyn before the old homestead changes. Spencer asks if they can bring Emma.

Carly says Josslyn isn’t an expert in her relationship with Sonny, and the good outweighs the bad. Josslyn asks who she’s trying to convince, Josslyn or herself? Josslyn says Sonny does something bad, apologizes, and Carly eventually accepts it; it’s a cycle. Carly says they really love each other, and wanted to do right by the kids. Josslyn says deep down the only real reason she goes back, is that she doesn’t believe she deserves better. She deserves more, and this is her chance to find it.

Kiki tells Ava that she’s doing well. Ava moans, and Kiki asks one of the nurses about pain management. As she’s looking at Ava’s chart, she sees the DNR. She questions Ava about it, and Ava says, no extraordinary measures – she has to let her go.

Curtis asks Stella to take it down a notch; TJ works there. He says Jordan admitted her mistakes and apologized; what else does she want? Stella says she intends to be a part of TJ’s life, whether Curtis likes it or not. Like he’s been stopping her. TJ realizes that Jordan hasn’t told her. Jordan tells him that they’re still his family, and be kind to Stella; help break it to her gently. He says he missed Stella, and hates to keep lying. Jordan says they need time to ease her into the truth. TJ says it seems tense between them. Jordan tells him not to worry about her, but think of Stella’s feelings right now. She’s with him no matter what he decides.

Sonny has given Laura and Spencer lunch, and Spencer says it’s the best sandwich ever. Sonny says it’s nothing in comparison to a Bensonhurst deli he knows. Laura says they ate dinner in reverse. She asks Spencer to take his plate in the kitchen. He sighs, saying more chores, and she says it looks good on him. She calls him sassy, but Sonny says he’s a good kid. Laura isn’t sure what’s going on, but it’s suddenly important for Spencer to be with family. She says he’s not easy to read. Sonny says any time he wants to come around he’s welcome. Laura says he’s a handful, and there’s no Carly. Sonny tells her that things change when you least expect it.

Carly tells Josslyn that she knows it’s complicated, but it’s never been black and white; she’s hurt Sonny too. Josslyn says that’s not the sign of a good relationship. She’s like, omg, you’re taking him back, and Carly says she doesn’t know. She says it’s easy for Josslyn to have opinions when she doesn’t have a clue. Josslyn says she understands enough not to want a relationship like that, and asks if that’s what Carly wants for her. When Carly doesn’t answer, Josslyn says she didn’t think so, and it’s sad she wants more for Josslyn, but not for herself.

Kiki tells Ava that she can’t do it, and wants to tear it up. Ava says It’s her choice. Kiki says what about her and Avery, and Ava says they’ll be better off. She begs, and Kiki closes chart. Ava says there are arrangements to make, just in case, but Kiki says the doctor is coming up with treatment plan; she’ll be fine. Ava says she needs to say something. She talks about Morgan, and cries.

Scotty asks Dillon what’s going on with Ava. Dillon says she regained consciousness, and the doctor is talking about moving forward. Scotty calls her a fighter, and asks about visitors, but it’s just family. Scotty asks what about cops? He says she’s on goofballs, and as her lawyer, he doesn’t want her to say anything while she’s delirious. Dillon punches him in the mouth.

TJ asks if they can celebrate Curtis’s birthday without killing each other. He asks Stella about making a pineapple cake, and asks how long she’s staying. She says she was only going to stay for a few days, but they have so much catching up to do, she’s extending her stay to be open-ended.

Scotty is like wth? Dillon says that Ava is fighting for her life, and he’s worried she’ll implicate him in the cover-up. Scotty says that he has nothing but sympathy, however, as her lawyer… Dillon tells him get out. He doesn’t know how Scotty lives with himself. Scotty says he doesn’t either.

Ava tells Kiki that she never wanted to hurt Morgan; she was trying to protect Kiki. She should have left it alone, and she’s so sorry. Kiki says that she can’t right now. She needs Ava to focus on getting better.

Laura thought that Sonny and Carly were divorcing. He says that was the plan, but plans change. Laura says she was hoping they could work things out. Sonny tells her that it’s not a done deal, but things are looking up.

Carly says she thought money and success and love would make her happy when she hit the magic number. But life is just life, and she realized there’s always someone with more and someone with less. The secret is to love the life you have, and the people you’ve been blessed with. She says Sonny hasn’t always been a blessing, but neither her she. Josslyn says she’s talking herself into forgiving him. Carly says there’s as much strength in forgiveness as walking away. Walking away always her strong suit; she didn’t realize that there were other options. Josslyn says it’s not strength when it’s over, it’s hopelessness, like their conversation. She tells Carly to go ahead; it’s her life, and she’s going to do what she wants anyway. She always does.

Tomorrow, Carly wants to talk to Sonny, Amy 2.0 needs a favor, and Nina wonders if there’s a chance for Valentin to go free.

Southern Charm

Cameran calls Chelsea from the car, saying she’s bored. Chelsea asks if she wants to come help pick out outfits for Kathryn’s photo shoot. Cameran wants to be in Kathryn’s corner, now that she’s taking steps to better herself. Oh boy! The Cameran seal of approval.

Thomas visits JD (bleh) at the bar. JD asks how it’s going with Kathryn, and Thomas tells him about Kathryn’s photo shoot, and how she’s bringing the kids. He says he wants her to have a relationship with them, and JD says it’s a tough balance, dealing with her as a mom, but also as a person. Seriously? It’s that hard? I feel sorry for the both of them. Well, not really. JD asks if Thomas and Landon are going on dates. He’s not sure Kathryn would be real excited about that. We flash back to Kathryn calling Landon f-ing crazy.

Landon’s father comes with her to see a property. She tells him about working on her website, and how there are technical difficulties in that they need to find a new name. Someone needs to explain to her that the name problem is because they didn’t do enough any research; it’s not a technical difficulty. In her interview, she says real estate is tangible, but it’s hard to talk to her father about the website. When they get to the lot, Landon’s father asks her about managing the sale for him. The commission would be 100K. I’m in if she doesn’t want to. He thinks she could make a living in real estate, but she was hoping to make a living with the website. HAHAHAHAHA! They sit on the dock. Landon says the website is the first thing she’s done on her own that’s just hers. She starts crying, saying she doesn’t want to be handed something. Her father says that he encourages her to dream, but she has to pay her bills. Yes, it’s called a day job. Ask any waiter in Hollywood or NYC. What Landon doesn’t realize, and those waiters do, is that it takes a while to see revenue from something like that.

Shep is reading, and Cameran thinks it’s weird. His place is clean, it’s noon, he’s alone, up, and dressed. She mentions him missing the appointment, and he says it perfectly illustrates why he wants to move. Cameran wonders if he’ll miss the downtown life. In his interview, he says he wants a buffer for when someone texts him to go out. Unless it’s a good offer, like a cheerleading squad.

Cameran says she saw Chelsea, and she looks good and she’s cool. Shep says she’s with Austen, but Cameran thinks if he’s vulnerable to her, she’d never look at Austen again. She says they both have issues with being vulnerable – with Cameran, it’s with having a baby, and with him, it’s a relationship. She says they’re both happy, but Shep says he isn’t. Cameran insists he is. He says he’s not scared of being hurt; he’s afraid of hurting someone else, since he basically has no feelings.

Kathryn and Chelsea look for an outfit. Kathryn says she’s changed age brackets, and she’s between party girl and mom now. Cameran joins them. Chelsea says they’ll tackle it together. Cameran gets a drink, even though Chelsea doesn’t think they should drink in front of Kathryn. Chelsea tells Cameran that she should do a sexy photo shoot before she has a baby and there’s no going back. Ha-ha! Cameran’s face. Kathryn comes out in a romper that’s adorable. Cameran invites them on a trip for her 33rd birthday. She asks if Kathryn is okay with her inviting Thomas and Landon. She is.

While Kathryn is changing, Cameran tells Chelsea about having to rouse Shep when he missed their appointment. Chelsea wonders if there’s any hope. Kathryn comes out in a cute dress and amazing shoes that I could never wear.

Austen picks Chelsea up after work. He says he’s doing his best to not work. His parents are coming to town, and he asks if she wants to go for drinks with them. She asks what he’s doing tonight, and he says having drinks with the guys. She wonders if she should tell him something, and decides that if roles were reversed, she’d want to know. She says when they were all at the bar, Shep grabbed her arm, steered her outside, and went in to kiss her and she was like what are you doing? She says he did it two or three times, and since Austen was in the bar, it took some nerve. He told her they have chemistry, but she and Austen are a joke. Shep thinks Austen is better off with Landon, and Chelsea thinks that he believes she’s naïve. She asks Austen about Landon, and he says it’s ridiculous. In his interview, he wants to believe Shep wouldn’t do this, but knows he would.

Commercial break with great news! New episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma start on Monday, July 10th at 10 pm. I love that show. It’s so upbeat. Pumps! Tubbers! Girl power! I can’t wait!

The guys meet for drinks. Austen tells Craig about Shep trying to kiss Chelsea before Shep gets there. He says Shep has zero reverence for their friendship, and Craig says he’s a sh*tty person. Whitney and Shep arrive. Austen can’t believe Shep can act like nothing happened, and calls Shep the king of compartmentalization. Shep says that Austen is highbrow since he’s in a relationship. He says he’s happy for them, and Austen asks if there’s anything Shep needs to say. When Shep has nothing, Austen tells the guys about what Chelsea told him. Shep asks if it was wrong, and says it was a test; he was thinking about Austen. Please. Craig talks about Shep hitting on Naomie, and says that no matter who he marries, Shep will try to have sex with her. Shep brings up Austen facetiming with Landon, and says everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Whitney thinks it wasn’t Shep’s finest moment, but Austen is overreacting. Shep says he thought it was just casual. We flash back to the initial conversation where Austen said he was “hanging out” with Chelsea, and Shep said he should have told him first. Shep says if he doesn’t know, how is he supposed to know, and apologizes, saying sometimes his maleness gets the better of him. Then he says maybe Chelsea likes him, basically negating the apology. In his interview, Craig says that Austen is forcing a mirror in Shep’s face, and it’s hard to see someone you don’t like. Ouch. They move on to the next bar.

Craig and Austen talk to some wannabe named Beau, who asks if Shep thinks he made a mistake. Craig says that Shep is Shep. He always tries to screw the girls you like, and it is what it is. Austen says he thinks he’s better than everyone else. We flash back to Shep saying Chelsea is slumming with Austen. Austen says he laughed it off at the time. Craig says he should live his life and be happy with himself. Shep sits down, and asks what’s going on. In his interview, Whitney says they didn’t kiss; let’s move on. Shep tells Beau he was drink and she said no. Beau tells him that Austen claims Shep thinks he doesn’t have enough money for someone like Chelsea. Shep gets irritated, and Austen says he let it go when it happened. Shep says Austen is on thin ice with him, and Austen says that’s just mind-blowing. I guess it doesn’t take much. Shep gets more ridiculous and irate. He finally gets up, and Austen says he’s walking away when they should resolve it. Shep says that he has a million friends, and leaves. Whitney says let it go, and Craig says he guesses it’s okay for Shep to go after their girlfriends. Austen says he’s had about enough.

Kathryn meets with the photographer. Chelsea is there for support. They lay out the kids’ clothing. In her interview, Kathryn says it’s weird and awesome at the same time that Thomas is agreeing to this. She thinks maybe he’s made some progress, and loves him for this. Thomas arrives with the kids. Chelsea tells them it’s a dress up game. Thomas decides to stay for the duration. He and Kathryn talk about the kids while she gets her hair done.

Kathryn and Kelsie come out in their first outfits. Kelsie is a natural, and I mean that. Kathryn is pretty good, and I think the pictures are going to be fantastic. Kathryn is thrilled with them being together as a family. Thomas and Kathryn agree that Kelsie is a ham. She doesn’t want to leave either when it’s time to go home, and wants to get in Kathryn’s car. Kelsie pitches a fit, and Thomas says she’ll see mommy soon. She pitches more of a fit. Thomas tells Kathryn she did a great job, and Kathryn gets weepy going back in.

Chelsea asks what’s wrong, and Kathryn tells her that Kelsie wanted to go home with her, and she hates this. It’s hard. It’s been a long time now, and she’s paid the price for what she did already. In her interview, Kathryn says Kelsie misses her mommy, and the only way she can express it is through crying. Chelsea says she’s sorry Kathryn is going through this.

Commercial break with repeat information. I know I said this already, but it’s one of my favorites. Shah’s of Sunset begins on Sunday, July 16th at 8 pm. Are Jessica and Mike getting back together???

Cameran visits Chelsea. They sit outside and have a beer. Cameran says she’s started packing for the trip. So far, it sounds like everyone except Landon is going. Chelsea tells Cameran about Shep steering her outside when Austen was at the bar, and swooping in for a kiss. He told her that she and Austen were a joke, and he wants her to get over it. Then he tried again. Cameran says he liked her, and didn’t have the balls to pursue her. Chelsea says he should man up and say something, instead of blaming other people. She says that Shep told her Cameran encouraged him. Cameran says she did, but had expected him to be a grown ass man, not a middle schooler. Chelsea says she should know bette,r but Cameran says she felt sorry for him. Chelsea tells Cameran that she knows guys who feel entitled and never faced any consequences because they have money, but eventually, it has to end. Cameran says that she’s going to snatch a knot in Shep’s head. I have to remember that one.

Naomie and Craig go to counselling (sounds like a new children’s book). Craig says they had a few good days, but it’s back to how it was. Naomie says they had a conversation that was heated, and Craig says she told a lie about him to get laughs. We see a clip of Naomie telling everyone that Craig confused vegetarian with Presbyterian. Craig says he feels like he’s living with someone who’s on everyone’s side but his. Naomie thinks he’s overly sensitive, but he says all of their arguments are based on her trying to change him. We flash back to her going wah-wah-wah, like Charlie Brown’s teacher. He tells her to let him live his life. She says he can’t do it with her; it affects her to watch someone sleep all day. She says they don’t understand each other, and Craig thinks he’s perfect. He says that’s not true, and if that’s how she perceives it, maybe that’s the problem. He says he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t like being put down, and told how wrong, bad, and stupid he is, and what a loser all the time. Naomie says if that’s who he is, go he himself, just not with her. She doesn’t like who he is. Geez. Didn’t she know him before they moved in together? This show isn’t Married at First Sight.

Cameran meets Shep, and tells him she’s saving the love doll for someone else. She says she talked to Chelsea, who said he tried to kiss her twice. Shep claims not to remember, and Cameran thinks he should control his primal urges or stop drinking. She says there’s a proper way to do it, not grabbing her at a bar when she‘s with his friend. He says he saw a bright, shiny object, and now I want to snatch a knot in his head. Cameran tells him that he’s not entitled to just kiss anyone he thinks is hot. In her interview, Cameran talks about peeling back the layers with Shep, and that he’s a kind, smart human being. She hates to see him be at bad point because of decisions he’s making. She asks if he’s jealous of Austen and Chelsea. He says he doesn’t care and she calls bullsh*t. He says that’s crazy.

Next time, Shep apologizes to Chelsea, Craig thinks he and Naomie should separate, Landon insists there’s no girl code (excuse me? she’s clearly not a girl), and Cameran and Kathryn talk.

🍹 At least the group in Charleston keeps busy, even if it isn’t with what a friend of mine calls “square jobs.” I still can’t figure out what any of the cast on Southern Charm Savannah do, except play games, drink, and gossip. A main focus of the show, Ashley, claims to be a stylist, who also works for Delta ten hours a week. Doing I’m not sure what. She’s one of those people who stirs the pot and runs. I hate that. Her mannequin-like look is freaking me out a little too, but I can’t stop staring. Hannah said dealing with her is like playing mental Ping-Pong, and I’m wondering why Hannah sometimes sounds like a Valley girl. Does she watch too much of the Kardashians? There seems to be a lot of sweeping feelings under the rug in Savannah, like when Hannah found out her father was engaged through a customer. Not even through a Tweet. The subplot of the show is Ashley confronting Hannah about something, tonight being Hannah starting a clothing line without consulting Ashley first. It got to the point of being nonsensical. The other highlight was a white guy apologizing to another white guy about using a Jewish slang word that’s apparently a racist term. Rich white people problems.


Happy (yes, that’s her name) and boyfriend, from Southern Charm Savannah, and how I look watching the show.


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