June 19, 2017 – Who’s Up for Redemption, a Charming Birthday Party, Paradise Lost & an OLTL Flashback


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Yes, I know it’s going to rain. Accuweather does not need to talk about it for ten minutes.

Carly wants to talk to Michael about Sonny.

Griff visits Sonny. He asks if Sonny is planning on killing Ava.

Ava bangs on the side of her bed ringing for the nurse. Epiphany comes in. Ava asks how long she can last like this, either drugged out of her mind or in pain. She asks what kind of life that is.

Spencer questions Laura about moving in with Doc. She asks what he thinks. He says it depends on Doc’s intentions.

Jason asks Sam if she’s okay but she doesn’t think so. She says he almost got himself killed and asks wth he was thinking.

Olivia-F thanks someone on the phone for not being any help. Ned says he’d hate to be the person on the other end. She says all Diane does is talk, and then says she can’t take their case because of conflict of interest. She wants a lawyer who can keep Leo away from Julian. (Shouldn’t that be the other way around? It’s not like Leo is crawling over to Julian’s place.)

Julian visits Ava. Epiphany says he can have a few minutes, and then she has to change Ava’s bandages. Ava says the only thing worse than the pain is people talking about her like she’s a piece of furniture. Julian says she’s Ava Jerome and she can take a little hospital stay. He looks at the DNR, and asks her what’s up with that. She explains that she wants to die if her heart stops again. Unless he wants to put her out of her misery right now.

Griff says found Sonny looming over Ava’s bed, and I laugh because it’s a perfect description. He knows Sonny does business using an eye for an eye philosophy. He asks Sonny how that’s been working for him, reminding him of how he was before Morgan died. Sonny says spare him the lectures. He has no plans to kill Ava.

Carly tells Michael that she’s signing Sonny’s assets back over to him. They’re still getting a divorce, but want it to be as amicable as possible. Michael asks what changed.

Nelle talks on the phone to someone about an interview. She wonders who recommended her.

Jason tells Sam that he took some punches, but he’s fine. Sam says what if he wasn’t? In her head, Sam hears he’s not safe and the threat is still out there. Jason asks her what’s going on.

Spencer asks if Doc is serious or it’s just a casual fling. Doc says he’s in no place to speak for Spencer’s grandmother, but his feelings are honorable. Spencer wants that defined.

Sam tells Jason that they have two kids who could lose their father. Jason says they’re not going to lose him, but she says that’s a promise he can’t make. Truth! He says she’s right; all they can do is live their lives and hope for the best. He thinks everything that’s happened in the past several months has caught up to her. She says he’s risking his life, and it scares her. He promises that whatever is bothering her, they’ll fix it. They hug.

Julian tells Ava she’s taking the legal way out. She wonders what good can be done; she’s burned over half her body. He knows as well as she does that all she has to look forward to is a lifetime of pain. It’s the only reason Sonny let her live.

Griff tells Sonny that he won’t regret letting go of vengeance. Sonny says he’s not, as long as every time Ava takes a breath there’s pain. Griff isn’t cool about him taking pleasure in suffering, but Sonny says it’s God’s will, and the way he sees it, the universe is balancing he scales. Griff says he can’t pretend to understand the loss of a child, but their faith teaches them that no soul is beyond redemption. I get annoyed at Griff for not pointing out that God doesn’t take pleasure in anyone suffering.

Carly tells Michael that she and Sonny don’t want to cause each other more grief, and he’s glad she finally sees it that way. They hug, and Nelle almost walks out into the yard, but when she sees it’s Carly, goes back inside.

Doc tells Spencer that he makes a good point. The concept of honor is big. He says he loves Laura very much, and is in it for the long haul. Spencer asks if he’s going to marry her, and Laura tells him that’s enough. Doc says they’ve both been married before, so they’ll take their time, but if they do make that leap, it will be forever.

Olivia tells Ned about Julian wanting to see Leo, and Alexis defending him. She thinks if Sam hadn’t stepped in, Alexis would have offered to represent him. Ned asks if Olivia is ready to move forward, and she says she can’t afford not to. He wonders if a custody suit is the way to go.

Julian asks about Sonny being in Ava’s room. She says he wanted to watch her suffer. Julian doesn’t understand why she’d mess with Morgan’s meds in the first place, and get in Sonny’s crosshairs. She says she was protecting Kiki. She’d take it back if she could, but just wants it to be over. Julian says that’s what Sonny wants. He wants her to quit, and she shouldn’t let him win. She says easy for him to say. He goes home to his own bed and he can forget. She doesn’t have that luxury. He says that’s not what he means, but he wishes he could help. She says he doesn’t have to be there, but he says he’s not going anywhere.

Like the ridiculous jerk Sonny can be, he tells Griff that he respects their faith, but it seems like Griff doesn’t respect him. Griff says he has to give Ava the same respect as he does everyone else. Sonny says that Griff doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a child, even though we already established that, or to watch his son conquer his illness only to have it stolen from him by some heartless piece of garbage. He doesn’t know what it feels like for his son to die because of something stupid and pointless, and because someone messed with his mind. He tells Griff not to stand there and tell him he needs to forgive, because he doesn’t know if he ever will. Griff says it’s the only way to heal, and Sonny asks if Griff forgives Julian. When he sees the man who killed his father, does he see someone worthy of redemption? When Griff says nothing, Sonny says he didn’t think so. Griff says he’s praying that Sonny finds a relief from his grief. Sonny tells him that he shouldn’t bother with Ava, since she didn’t have soul to begin with. His phone rings, and it’s obviously surprising news.

Carly wonders what’s going on behind her, and Michael says it’s probably Danny goofing around. He’s glad she and Sonny stopped the war, and she says it’s best that they present a united front and make sure Ava is punished. Michael says they have Nelle’s statement, but Carly says it’s meaningless unless she testifies. Michael says she will. Carly asks if he was just in her hospital room out of concern, or does he still have feelings for her?

Monica takes the kids for the night, so Jason and Sam can chill, with or without Netflix. Sam says the lack of sleep hasn’t helped. She says that Alexis told her two kids is three times the work. He suggests they turn in early and catch up on lost time. She says she snapped at him earlier, and she’s sorry. He was protecting Jake and she overreacted, but it’s only because she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. He promises she won’t. They kiss. He tells her that he loves her, and they get busy.

Spencer says it doesn’t necessarily mean that Laura loves Doc. She tells him it’s not exactly his business. He says she knows he’s not happy living at Lulu and Dante’s house, but doesn’t want her getting into a romantic relationship to put a roof over his head. She assures him that she loves Doc very much, and that’s all this is. She’ll make the final decision, although he gets to weigh in on living arrangements.

Michael tells Carly that they all know what Nelle did was wrong, but she’s trying to turn her life around and deserves credit for that. Carly says she set out to sabotage the family and was successful. If Michael lets her in, she’ll do the same to him. Carly gets a call from Sonny, who says he has to see her immediately.

When Carly is gone, Nelle comes out. Michael asks how much she heard. She says enough.

Olivia tells Ned that she doesn’t want to get in a battle, but doesn’t think she has any choice. Julian won’t listen to reason. Ned says they have to be as rational as possible right now. She has full custody and visitation is at her discretion. If she goes to court, Julian could end up with joint custody. Ned asks her to wait until after Julian goes to trial. If he’s found guilty, he could be stripped of visitation. Olivia says, what if he’s found not guilty, but Ned says they’ll deal with it then. He says as far as being safe, the Quartermaine mansion is full of security, and they can even dig a moat if she wants. Olivia says they’re not moving in until they’re officially married. Ned suggests it happen soon. He doesn’t want to spend any more time without her.

Julian tells Ava that it seems hopeless, but they’ve gotten out of worse jams. They’ll get through it together. Epiphany comes back to change the bandages. Julian tells Ava to hang tough.

Griff thinks about what Sonny said, and promptly runs into Julian.

Sam hears voices saying that she has to protect her family. She gets out of bed, leaving Jason sleep.

Epiphany tells Ava that there’s no sign of infection, which is good. Ava asks her to wait; she wants to see what she looks like.

Julian tells Griff that he’ll leave. Griff says he’s off-duty, and just came by to see how Ava was doing.

Sonny tells Carly that there’s a problem with the casino’s liquor license, and paperwork has to be signed and notarized on the property. The problem is, she’s the owner.

Michael tells Nelle that she has no future as a thief or spy, since Carly nearly saw her. Nelle says Carly makes her nervous, and he says there’s no cure for that except time. She tells him Carly will never forgive her, and he says tolerance might be achievable. Nelle says she prefers avoidance. He tells her Carly is there a lot, and Nelle says she’ll know for next time. She tells him a recruiter called her and she wonders what he knows about that, since the job is with a subsidiary of ELQ. He says he might have mentioned her name, but she got the interview on her own merit, just like she will the job. She tells him that she turned it down, since she doesn’t want repercussions if Carly finds out. Michael says Carly has nothing to do with ELQ, and has no control over who works there, but Nelle says she doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Michael says he respects Carly, but doesn’t live to please her, and eventually she’ll find out they’re seeing each other. Nelle is like, we are?

Sam gets a knife and stands over Jason.

Doc asks Spencer if he’s cool living at Doc’s place, and Spencer says it sounds good. Doc says he’ll have to move his gaming systems out of the spare room, but Spencer tells him not to get hasty. The three of them leave for Spencer to check out his new digs.

Ned and Olivia talk about setting a date. She thanks him for talking her out of going after Julian. She wants Leo to have Ned’s name. It’s symbolic, but she wants him to feel like he’s part of the family, and Ned is Leo’s father. Ned says he grew up with his father’s name, and symbols don’t make a family. Love does, and she and Leo are his family.

Julian tells Griff that he knows he’s wronged a lot of people, including Griff’s father. He doesn’t know if it’s possible to atone for that, but he’ll try. Griff says okay. He tells Julian that he prayed with Ava, and Julian asks him to keep doing it; she needs all the prayers she can get.

Epiphany tells Ava that she needs to focus on healing. Ava wants to see the damage for herself, but Epiphany says it’s too soon; they haven’t even started treatment yet. Ava asks if she’ll look like she used to after surgery. When Epiphany doesn’t say anything, Ava says that she needs to know what she’s dealing with. Epiphany says it’s her decision, and takes out a mirror. She gives it to Ava, who takes it with her perfectly manicured hand. Ava cries, no, no, no, and Julian hears her.

Nelle wonders if she missed the part where she and Michael agreed to see each other. She thought they were just talking. Michael says any day of his life is better with her in it, and sooner or later they should figure out how they feel. She says she can’t have him taking care of her; she has to take care of herself. He calls evasion, and she says it’s best she can do.

Carly wonders when she became owner of casino. She doesn’t remember seeing it on the list. Sonny tells her that it was filed separately, and she says he hid it from her, but now he needs her to clear up the liquor tariffs. He says no liquor, no business, and she says she’ll do it. He tells her that he’ll get the jet fueled and then they can leave; he’s coming too. She says it’s just business, and they both know he’s no Boy Scout.

Sam gets back in bed with the knife. She puts it under her pillow.

Tomorrow, Nina asks what’s going on with Nathan and Amy,  Nelle confronts Bobbie, and Jason asks Sam why she’s holding a knife.

Southern Charm

Craig is making a birthday present for Cameran – baby clothes. I’m not so sure that’s going to thrill her. This is supposed to be her last hurrah before getting pregnant.

Shep visits Chelsea. He says Cameran helped him realize he has integrity and morals, and he’d lost sight of that. He wants to apologize in person about trying to kiss her. He says he was like a fish trying to eat a bright, shiny lure. He says he knows she’s not one of those girls (whatever that means), but she says that’s how he made her feel. He says he withdraws when he really likes someone, because he doesn’t want to mess up the friendship. Chelsea says if she’d known, they might have explored that, but she didn’t think he gave a flying. He says he has a problem with intimacy, but he’s working on it. She says Austen is having a hard time too, and Shep says he’d be happy to talk to him. Chelsea is in sweats and eating peanut butter off of a spoon, and Shep tells her she looks like a cat lady.

Kathryn visits Cameran. She asks if Cameran is excited about her birthday. Cameran says she is, but she feels like it’s her last hurrah. Well, yeah, that’s what we’ve all been calling it. She tells Kathryn that she’s trying to get over her fear and anxiety about motherhood. Kathryn explains that it’s scary, but then you hold the creation made between you, the father, and God, and it’s the greatest happiness. She says Cameran and her husband will have beautiful babies, and Cameran says that Jason looked like an albino baby possum as an infant. In her interview, Cameran is surprised that she and Kathryn are talking like this about motherhood. Cameran tells her about Landon thinking Kathryn owes her an apology, but Kathryn thinks it’s the other way around. Cameran asks what started the whole thing, and Kathryn tells her about Thomas taking Landon on a Valentine’s Day trip they’d planned when they’d been broken up for only two days. Before Saint was conceived. She says they claimed they slept in separate bedrooms, but Cameran doesn’t even buy that. She says it changes her opinion of Landon, since that’s something you just don’t do. Thank you. I totally agree with Kathryn that Landon is not a girl’s girl.

Craig says that he and Naomie are on eggshells since they went to therapy. She asks if he’s bringing his gift on the trip. He says he is, and asks if she’s coming. She says part of her doesn’t want to go, and he says they’re in a bad place, and wishes she would, since they seem to get along better when they’re not at home. They argue about who isn’t nice. He says she treats him like a loser, and she says he’s going through an in-between phase, and maybe her expectations are too high. He doesn’t think he should have to jump through hoops to make her happy all the time, but she begs to differ. He tells her that he’s human, and can’t live on thin ice. She says if she feels like he’s not trying, they won’t be together when they get back. He says he has a lot to think about. He doesn’t want to be with someone who would even say something like that.

Patricia has Michael summon Whitney. She tells Whitney to take his glasses off, because it makes her feel old. Michael brings champagne. Whitney tells Patricia about Cameran’s party, but Patricia can’t see any upside, and thinks it’s a disaster waiting to happen. She tells him they’re celebrating. She shows him a box, and says it’s part of a collection that he’ll inherit one day, and is worth twice as much as she paid. He opens the box, and it’s a mantel clock – a maharajah on a gold elephant with a clock in it. All three of them try to put the fan piece in the driver’s hand, but only Michael is successful. I think it’s a pretty cool dust catcher, but I don’t know how psyched Whitney is about inheriting it.

Landon arrives at Thomas’s place, where he’s trying to put a table together. In her interview, she says it’s a roller coaster with him, but she’s still old-fashioned when it comes to dating and they need to take it slowly. She isn’t sure about Cameran’s birthday. She thinks Kathryn should apologize, but doesn’t want to punish herself by not going. Thomas says that Kathryn is a child compared to Landon, and to take the advice he gave himself – regardless of what happens, do nothing. He thinks she’s being absurd, which is one of the rare times I agree with him, but probably not for the same reason.

Austen talks to Chelsea about visiting his parents. She wonders if his mother will make them sleep in separate rooms. In the car, they discuss Shep, and Cameran says he kept making it seem like he wasn’t in the wrong by grabbing her and taking her outside to try to kiss her. Chelsea says it’s gotten a little out of proportion, but Austen claims that he’s going by what she said. She rephrases it, but it still sounds like Shep was aggressive. He says this wasn’t what she told him, adding that she clearly talked to Shep today. Chelsea says she just ran into him, and thinks it’s out-of-control when she’s just been honest. Really? How honest is it to say she just “ran into” Shep when he came to her house?

By the time they get to Austen’s parent’s house, he’s upset. In his interview, he says she might be okay with Shep, but he isn’t, and he wonders why it got brought up in the first place. Great start to the weekend.  Austen introduces his parents, Wendy and Tom, and his Aunt Barbara. They do the usual small talk. Austen decides to focus on having a good evening. Chelsea asks what Austen was like as a teenager. Wendy says he was a 10 on a 1-10 scale of being a handful. Tom tells a story about him tickling people with palms on Palm Sunday. Austen thinks Chelsea is winning them over. Austen tells them how they’re all going to Key West for Cameran’s birthday.

It’s 6 am, and several of the group meets at the airport. Craig isn’t dealing with his problems right now, and just wants to have fun. They reach Key West by noon, and are greeted with mimosas at the hotel. Whitney tries to upgrade his room. In her interview, Cameran says he’s one of the most entitled people she knows, which is probably saying a lot. In his interview, Austen isn’t thrilled that he and Chelsea aren’t on the best of terms right now and won’t be sharing a room

In the airport limo, Kathryn tells Danni and Naomie that Landon thinks she deserves an apology. At the pool, Thomas talks about people at his house doing mannequin poses, and we all just look at him like, that’s so last year. Jennifer says she thinks Kathryn likes to have problems with people, and no one should take it personally. Landon says that Kathryn is spreading lies about her, and Cameran talks about their conversation. Landon says Kathryn is jumping to conclusions about the trip with Thomas, and it was a business dinner, not a couple’s weekend. Oh come on. Chelsea says if she’d been in that position – Landon interrupts, saying she and Kathryn weren’t friends anyway – it would hurt her feelings. Landon tells Chelsea that there’s no such thing as girl code, Kathryn just wants to be mad, and to grow up. She claims Chelsea is taking Kathryn’s side, and Chelsea says that’s not it. Cameran thinks Kathryn is like a wounded bird, and should be treated as such. Wow. She really must be in mother mode. In her interview, Jennifer thinks sooner or later, the real Kathryn will come back. Landon says she doesn’t think Kathryn is really dedicated to getting her children back, and hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, and in her interview, calls Kathryn a master manipulator. She suggests they change the subject because it’s “killing the vibe.” Are these old words making a comeback or are some people just stuck in another era from before they were born? Oh wait, in Landon’s case, she might have picked it up from Thomas.

Commercial break. Transformers: The Last Knight looks really good. I haven’t seen one of those movies yet though.

Cameran thanks everyone for coming, and welcomes them to her 33rd birthday. They toast. Landon acts drunk and stupid already, and Shep says she’s never going to make it. Landon wants Austen to stay with her and they can be “beach people.” Excuse me? I live by the beach, and know beach people. You, Landon, are no beach people. She’s glad he’s around because they needed new blood. Landon worries that she’s getting wrinkles as we speak, and asks Shep if he sees them forming. He’s just like, please. She gets in a hammock with Austen, and Chelsea wonders if she should worry. Cameran says that Landon knows they’re “hanging out” (which has become some random relationship term like hooking up), but Chelsea says she doesn’t think Landon cares about girlfriends. Agreed. Austen and Shep go inside, and Landon whines that her co-dependency is at an all-time high. Landon is a truly unattractive person, and it has nothing to do with her physical looks.

Shep brings Austen a beer, and says he has a surprise. He tells Austen he apologized to Chelsea. Austen says she told him, and he didn’t mean to make such a big deal. He says what’s important is how they left things, and Shep said he didn’t need his friendship. He’d thought they were like brothers. Shep says he considers him a very good friend, and was just angry, but it’s no excuse. It was a uniquely male, dumb, drunk move. To bury the hatchet, he’s brought two shirts. They’re polo shirts with fish on the back, one white one black. Austen takes the white one, and Shep laughs about being the bad guy. I guess these shirts have some kind of significance, but I don’t know what it is.

Cameran takes roll call. Everyone is getting ready to go out. Danni asks Kathryn how she feels about everyone being there, and Kathryn says it’s about Cameran, not her. Everyone starts to gather at the beach, and Elizabeth and JD (bleh) arrive. Craig isn’t having Naomie’s attitude, which is pretty poor. Cameran is excited about some guy named Todd showing up. They take a shuttle bus to a restaurant.

Everyone sits at the table. Landon insists there isn’t a seat, and has to squish into the corner with Todd. Cameran thinks she’s ticked off a few people, and doesn’t dare sit next to Thomas. Kathryn thinks she might have a drink, since she’s on vacation, and Cameran and I make the same face when she orders a margarita. Craig orders a double shot in the beer and I like it. JD (bleh) makes a toast. Thomas makes inappropriate comments on how Cameran should get pregnant. Whitney asks what the odds are of Thomas and Kathryn getting back together, and Kathryn says zilch.

Kathryn tells Whitney that she’s sorry for what happened, and she, Whitney and Shep have a toast. In her interview, Whitney thinks Kathryn seems clear-headed, and motivated to get back on track. He’s been doing meditation lately, and thinks she could be cordial with Landon too. He plops Landon next to Kathryn at the table.

Whitney introduces them. Is he drunk? Landon says the past is the past and let’s just move on. Kathryn says she feels the same way. Danni says it seems like they want to be cordial, and let it go. Craig is like, do it right, and gets up. He says the only way to fix it is to air their grievances. He thinks it will always be simmering if they don’t do this. Naomie tells him to stay out of it, and for once, I agree, but he decides to be mediator. He tries to play therapist, and Kathryn talks about Landon moving in on Thomas when they’d been apart for only two days. Danni tells Craig that he’s about to lose some friends. Craig says they’re a bunch of children, and Naomie says he’s making her nervous, and he thinks they should break up tonight if she can’t stop being critical. Surprisingly, Landon apologizes, and says that she thinks sometimes Thomas uses her as a weapon against Kathryn. The stunned look on Thomas’s face is the best. In his interview Thomas says it was a betrayal, and wonders what her intent is. Landon says wants to wish the best for Kathryn, but doesn’t know how. They hug it out, but in her interview, Kathryn thinks it was fake. Landon tried to trump her, went after all of the guys, and Cameran knows the real Landon is now.

Cameran gets up, and wants a show of hands as to who wants to get sh*tfaced at a bar. Whitney suggests Craig needs to get laid, but Craig is tired of Naomie correcting him like she’s his mom.

Landon tells Thomas she doesn’t want any more negative energy in her life, and wants to move on. They live in a small town, and she needs to have some kind of relationship with Kathryn separate from the one she has with Thomas. She says they have no problem with each other, but it’s other people who are creating the drama. In his interview, Thomas says her apology is self-serving, and she wants to advance some agenda she has. I have to hand it to Thomas for having a clue.

The next morning everyone meets for breakfast, and we get flashbacks of a drag queen strip club as each of them arrives. Shep wonders what he did, and Thomas tells him let a drag queen lick his stomach. Roll the tape. Yep, he did. Thomas is confused by Landon’s flip flop, and says it’s a red flag.

Kathryn rolls in. She has blisters from her high heels. Thomas says Kelsie is going to The Nutcracker, and Kathryn isn’t happy about the person taking her, saying it should be in the court papers that they’re a no. She tells him that he should know better, and needs to be a good dad. She gets up, and he makes a snarky comment about her having changed. She says she has changed; she’s going back to her room to nurse her hangover. Thomas says the 20-year-old babysitter is more mature, and Landon tells him to get off of Kathryn’s back. In his interview, he says he doesn’t need to waste his time on Landon, and the audacity stuns him. <snort>

Next time, Jennifer passes out, Kathryn doesn’t know if Landon is genuine, Craig doesn’t think he and Naomie are healthy together, and another confrontational party happens. I love those.

🏝 Weighing in on the Bachelor in Paradise debacle. I stopped watching The Bachelor after the first couple of seasons, when I could no longer watch women embarrassing themselves. I checked out The Bachelorette, but thought it wasn’t much better. Copycat shows like Average Joe got passing glances, but never even got second seasons. Finally, fifteen minutes into a show called The Littlest Groom – similar to The Bachelor, but featuring a little person – I was done with this genre. It was fifteen minutes of my life I will never get back, or unsee, as well as my most embarrassing reality TV watching moment. When it took no time at all for the contestants to drunkenly congregate in the hot tub, I felt like some weird voyeur fetishist. My shunning of these pseudo road-to-matrimony shows did not include Rock of Love or any number of Flava Flav’s efforts. Or as we like to call him in my house, Big Ass Clock Man. That’s embarrassment on purpose, and totally different. While I have no problem with Pumpkin spitting in New York’s face and getting a hair pulling for it, I can’t bear to watch a group of people who could do so much better, lower themselves for so-called love.

That being said, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Contestants allegedly going too far in a drunken haze. While I don’t think it’s necessarily a set-up, like I did with the outing of Zeke Smith on Survivor, something doesn’t smell right, and this isn’t even Denmark. In case you’ve been living under a rock, supposedly producers stopped production when two contestants (Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson) went too far in the pool while they were seventeen sheets to the wind. Nothing wrong with the producers doing that. As a matter-of-fact, it sounds very responsible of them, but what happened next is up for debate. Corinne now claims that she remembers very little, but was obviously violated because she’s been told she was. While I’m the first person to stand up for a woman in these circumstances, this isn’t typical of this kind of situation, and there are a few extras to consider; the first being, if this dude was committing a sexual assault, why didn’t the producers step in earlier? Even MTV knew better than to let a cast member drive drunk on The Real World: Hawaii. On the other hand, these are two supposed adults who had both been drinking to the max. Why is he the only bad guy? What if he was blackout drunk too? I can’t help but wonder if Corinne (who has a reputation of being an alcoholic idiot – I do read some recaps) is taking this sad ball of fame and running with it. She now claims she was “victimized,” when no one seems to even know what really went on. DeMario has since lost his job. If nothing else, it’s another case of all kinds of conclusions being jumped to before all of the facts are known.

🛎 I would also be remiss, having watched ABC soaps since I was at my Aunt Mary’s knee, not to mention a One Life to Live milestone anniversary from yesterday. On June 18, 1992, they introduced daytime TV’s first gay character. Billy Douglas (Ryan Phillipe). While OLTL is sadly gone from us, Billy paved the way for Brad, Lucas, Parker, et al.


Billy & Marty – One Life to Live


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