June 26, 2017 – Lotsa Gettin’ Busy, Two Charming Finales & the Zen Room


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle and Michael almost get busy. He says they should stop, but she says no.

Hayden has morning sickness at night. She throws a giraffe toy across the room, and almost hits Curtis.

Griff asks Finn if everything is okay with Hayden and the baby. Finn says everything checked out with the OB/GYN, and in case Griff was wondering, she’s keeping the baby. Griff asks if he’s ready to be a father. Finn says no.

Obrecht tells Ava that her injuries put a lot of stress on her heart. She notices the DNR, but says that Ava seems to be healing. She asks if Ava isn’t cheered by that news.

Julian approaches Alexis at Kelly’s where she’s eating a gigantic ice cream concoction. He asks if she never eats at home, and she asks him the same question. She says she ran out of ice cream. He asks if it’s helping.

Josslyn tells Oscar about the horse her parents leased for the summer. He didn’t know she rode, and says it fits her; she seems like someone who cares about real things, instead of taking selfies and accumulating likes. She asks if he cares about real things. I’m not usually into the summer kid storylines, but these two are cute.

Carly and Sonny are also getting busy, but she pushes him away. He asks if he did something wrong and why she stopped. She says he’s doing it again. She was almost out of his life, but then was so afraid she was going to lose him, she could barely breathe.

Julian asks what brought on Alexis’s drinking in the first place. She says it doesn’t have to be any one thing specifically. She wanted to feel something other than nostalgia and regret, and it’s not all about him. He talks about loneliness and loss, and says he’s right there with her.

Griff tells Finn that he was terrified when he thought Charlotte was his daughter. He’s glad to see Finn is taking charge of his life, like he did with getting sober. Finn says he needs time to breathe, and find a way through it.

Curtis asks if Hayden is okay, and she says that she’s fine. He asks why she called him, and she tells him that she has a job offer. She explains about Finn’s drug tests coming back positive even though he’s not using anymore. Curtis says the road to recovery isn’t a straight line, and Hayden asks why he doubts Finn. Curtis says he knows Finn loves her, but addicts lie. She says they know who’s tampering with the tests, but need him to help prove it.

Ava tells Obrecht that she’s not exactly optimistic these days, and Obrecht asks if she’d like to talk to someone. Kiki comes in, and Obrecht says the best medicine is here. She’d give anything to be with her daughter. She leaves, and Kiki says she thought Ava would feel better after hearing that she’s going to recover. Ava tells her about seeing what she looks like, and that it’s the price she has to pay for what she did to Morgan and Kiki. We haven’t seen under the bandages, but she actually looks pretty good for someone that injured. And then we do have her perfect manicure. Just sayin’. I also know they would have taken her nail polish off before doing any procedures involving anesthesia, since I worked at a women’s clinic for a couple of years. Sorry. Nit-picky, I know. After 50 years, I feel entitled.

Josslyn tells Oscar that when she rides, she doesn’t think of anything else. He says he feels that way when he plays music – his favorite thing is to let go and just feel it. She says it feels good not having to think about problems. She moves in for a kiss, then says OMG. Her grandmother is here; she heard the car.

Sonny tells Carly that the assault came out of nowhere. She says it’s his entire life. If Jason hadn’t shown up, they’d both be dead. She can’t stand remembering when he was shot, and making him promises that she thought she could keep, just so he’d live. He asks if they can’t think about how they survived and pulled each other through.

Michael and Nelle get busier.

Carly tells Sonny that they’re in the same place they always end up, but this time it was faster. She says their relationship is love versus violence, bliss versus grief, and hope versus loss. They barely survived, and she’s so angry she could scream. He says he doesn’t blame her; he’s angry with himself. She hates caring about him, and all of this. He asks if she hates him.

Bobbie walks into the house. Oscar introduces himself. She says she sent the half-naked kids in the hot tub packing, and they’re lucky they have their clothes on. Oscar gets out while he can. Josslyn says she can explain, and Bobbie says she’ll be doing the explaining.

Kiki tells Ava that surgery will do a lot. Ava says Kiki is too kind and good to write her off, but it would be easier if she hated her. Kiki says easier for who, her or Ava?

Finn tells Griff that circumstances not under his control lost his job for him. He explains how he and Hayden thought Brad was trying to sabotage him out of greed, when it was really someone who was envious. He says that it’s been her goal to destroy his career since he got there. Griff is like, she? And Finn tells him it’s Obrecht. She stares at them from across the room.

Hayden tells Curtis about her urine being tested. She says it was positive for opiates, and… She trails off.

Julian reminds Alexis that they got through the first night of her sobriety together. She says that night is long past, but he says here they are, together again.  He tells her that maybe he was meant to run into her.

Ava tells Kiki that it would be easier for both of them if she’d turn her back. Kiki says part of her thinks her life would be better, and Ava tells her to do it. Kiki asks if Ava really wants her to go and not come back. Scotty comes in, and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava says that Kiki was just leaving.

Hayden explains to Curtis that Finn is suspended, and can’t be reinstated until they prove otherwise. Curtis says he has ideas, but they have to talk money. She asks if they aren’t friends, and he says if they are, she can start by telling him about the baby.

Finn tells Griff that someone has been doctoring his drug tests to make it look like he’s under the influence.

Alexis talks about Gordo Garvey, saying she tried to call Sonny, but went right to voicemail. Julian tells her that he passed along the information to Jason, and would have heard if everything wasn’t okay. Alexis says he went the distance today. Julian says he might be going to prison, so he made a last effort to make a difference. She asks if he’s in danger now.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she got a call about kids in the hot tub, and thought it was impossible, since Josslyn was spending the night at Trina’s. Josslyn says she wasn’t planning on drinking, but Trina brought friends with wine coolers, and she didn’t know what to do. She says she wants to have fun and hang out, and not think about her parents or Sonny or any of it. Bobbie asks if she was successful, and she tells Bobbie that she had the best time.

Sonny tells Carly that he felt the same, thinking she could die. If she had, he couldn’t live without her. Carly says she can’t live without him. They go back to getting busy.

Julian tells Alexis that he wouldn’t be there if he thought he was in danger; he wouldn’t expose her to that, but it means a lot that she asked. She asks if he saw Sam, and how is she? He says hostile as usual, but she seemed fine. Alexis says that Sam has been agitated lately, but when she asks about it, Sam gets even more agitated. Julian says she’s probably not happy that Alexis came to his defense about seeing Leo. He asks Alexis to keep him posted.

Obrecht questions Finn about his belief that someone is sabotaging his career, and he says he knows it. Griff says he believes it too, and she tells him that compassion is clouding his judgement. She says they rely on science, not sentiment, and they’ve been more than generous with Finn. The hospital has lost an excellent doctor, but there’s nothing they can do. As soon as she’s gone, Griff tells Finn that he’s right; now how do they prove it?

Curtis tells Hayden that he’s trained to observe, and she’s about to be sick. She mumbles something about questionable chicken salad, but he’s not having it. He says she almost told him something else about the test, and she hasn’t left the giraffe toy alone since he got there; she’s pregnant. She admits that she is, and he congratulates her. He asks if Finn is cool, and she says he’s great. He asks if she’s cool.

Josslyn tells Bobbie that she was in there the whole time talking to Oscar, and that’s all they did. Bobbie says she was drinking. Josslyn says it was just one, but Bobbie says besides her being underage, it was wrong because she lied. Josslyn tries getting around Bobbie by asking if she didn’t do anything wrong when she was young, but Bobbie isn’t going there. She says she can’t allow her to have boys in the house without an adult present or any drinking at all. Josslyn says she’s sorry, and it won’t happen again. She asks if Bobbie is going to tell Carly, and Bobbie says yes, she is.

Kiki tells Scotty that she guesses she’s leaving. Ava says she loves her; she’s just not very good at it. After Kiki leaves, Scotty says it sounded serious. Ava tells him not to worry, but he says he does. He brought her balloons and candy, but they wouldn’t let him bring it in because it’s not sterile. He apologizes for taking so long to visit, and she says he’s just afraid she’ll tell the cops what he did to help her with Morgan’s pills.

Michael and Nelle hit the sheets, and there’s a song part.

Hayden tells Curtis that other than Elizabeth and a couple of others, nobody knows she’s pregnant. Curtis is surprised that she told her sister, but Hayden says that she practically threw up in front of her and Jake. She doesn’t want everything revolving around the baby when Finn needs help. Curtis says who else can she talk to but him?

Finn tells Obrecht not to throw the party just yet, but he might be back. There is something he can do about the test.

Scotty tells Ava that he’s there because he cares. What happened made him sick. He wonders how things would have gone if they’d gotten her out of town. She tells him not to bother with the coulda, shoulda, woulda. He tells her that Lucy is the one who spilled the beans. He managed to divert Dante, but now he’s on a fishing expedition for information. He asks if Dante was there, and Ava tells him no, but Sonny was. She adds that she didn’t say anything about Scotty being an accomplice, and he asks if she will if Dante shows up.

Griff sees Kiki in the hallway, and asks what’s going on. She says her mom wants her to hate her. He asks if part of her still loves Ava, and Kiki says yes.

Sonny and Carly bask in the afterglow. She says for them, love has never been a problem; it’s everything else. He says he’s done. He’s getting out of the business.

Bobbie tells Josslyn that she’d be irresponsible not to tell Carly, and it would look like she was condoning what Josslyn did. Josslyn says that she’s going through a lot, including her mother going to a disgusting love shack with Sonny. Bobbie says turning it around will get her nowhere. Josslyn begs her not to let her mother take her life away, and why burden her with more problems? Bobbie says not to try to manipulate her. Josslyn says sorry, but then do it for her. One mistake doesn’t make her a screw-up, and they love each other. Bobbie says just clean the place up.

Alexis wants to go home. Julian asks if she wants a ride, but she tells him that too much sugar doesn’t mean she can’t operate heavy machinery. He tries to entice her with a playlist of music they used to listen to, and asks her to let him take her home.

Ava tells Scotty that she’d never rat on him. Scotty thanks her, and says, if only. She tells him it doesn’t do any good, and she’s tired of thinking about it. She’s just tired. He says he’ll be back. He cares about her.

Griff tells Kiki that Ava really needs her. Kiki has been traumatized too, and they have resources to help her with choices. He says for forgiveness to work, you have to find your own way to it. She has to make whatever decision gives her peace of mind. She looks in the window of Ava’s room.

Curtis tells Hayden that it’s okay to be scared. Becoming parent is a huge change, and he’d be petrified. She says that she thought she’d have an amazing connection with her baby immediately, and feel hope and joy, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. Finn overhears.

Julian suggests driving on the lake and listening to tunes. Alexis says he needs to hear her – she’s not letting him in again.

Michael and Nelle bask in the afterglow. And get busy again. Geez.

Josslyn gets everything cleaned up, but doesn’t see that there’s still a bottle under the table. She tells Bobbie that it’s like it never happened. Carly will never know – unless Bobbie tells her.

Sonny tells Carly that he’ll quit that part of his operation and do everything he can to make a good life for her and the family. She says he might believe he can, but she doesn’t.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks Kiki for help, Julian wants Sam to see a doctor, and Carly broaches the possibility of all-out war.

Southern Charm

Ha-ha! I almost typed Southern Comfort, but I was thinking of the movie, not the drink.

I want to know how Kathryn got her hair into that topknot. Did she do that by herself?

When we last left, Landon surprisingly defended Kathryn to Thomas. He’s stunned, which probably doesn’t take much when you only have a few brain cells. Cameran tells us the tides have changed.

The gang is still in Key West. Everyone is doing something different – jet skiing, a massage, Kathryn is reading, some are by the pool. Naomie told Craig that if he was disrespectful, it was over, and she says that’s pretty much what happened. She and Jennifer book. Craig says he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Austen and Chelsea do some parasailing. He thinks Chelsea feels like she caused a rift with him and Shep, but everything is cool now. Kathryn joins Danni and Elizabeth (half bleh) by the pool. She says things seem unresolved because Landon hasn’t taken ownership of what she said about Kathryn. She says things don’t just switch around like that. Elizabeth tells her what Landon had said earlier, but Danni thinks her approaching Kathryn was genuine, and tells Kathryn how Landon stood up for her and called Thomas a d*ck. Landon joins Cameron and looks like she has a hellacious hangover. Suddenly, it’s like she gets Kathryn, saying Thomas is being a bully who pushes her, and she doesn’t want a man like that. She still doesn’t want to be around Kathryn either though, since she’s not sure what she’ll get.

Elizabeth tells Kathryn that you should give second chances, but she sees red flags. Kathryn thinks Landon isn’t that deep.

Cameran gets a party bus to go to dinner. Thomas recognizes Kathryn’s fabulous dress from when they went out on New Year’s Eve. In her interview, Kathryn says now that she sees what Thomas is like when he holds all the cards, she wants to encourage him to remain on good terms. They arrive at a gorgeous restaurant – lots of candles and twinkling lights. Outside, Kathryn tells Thomas she understands the consequences of her actions, but getting iced out from the person who has her kids isn’t good for her or them. She says they’re at the point where they don’t need mediation, and should handle it themselves. She calls the second baby Julien and I get confused. I thought his name was Saint. Has she been away from them so long, she forgot his name? Thomas tells her he’d like that, since he’s paying ten grand a month for lawyers, and I choke. In his interview, Thomas says if her actions match her words, they can successfully parent.

Suddenly, Danni doesn’t feel well, and keels over. Everyone just stands around looking stupid, but at least Thomas calls for an ambulance, and she’s taken to the hospital. One of the girls calls her fiancé, Todd.

Commercial break. Ha-ha! I love Justin Guarini as Lil’ Sweet. I also love Dr. Pepper, but it’s more than a lil’ sweet. I drank a whole two-liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper once, and in the morning thought I suddenly needed glasses.

JD (bleh) gets a call from Elizabeth. He, Shep, and Landon decided to ride mopeds to the restaurant, and took a wrong turn, so they’re late. He tells the others about Danni going to the hospital. Cameran gets a text from Danni saying she was dehydrated. Everyone finally gathers for dinner. Craig says it’s good they got Danni help when they did. Thomas makes a snarky remark about sitting far away from Landon. Landon suggests they be nice to each other, and no jabs. In her interview, she’s glad that she got the full Thomas, since it gives her an out. She marginally feels sorry for Kathryn, who will have to deal with him for life. Drinks are ordered. Craig asks if Whitney had to give up cheese or oral sex, which would it be. Whitney says cheese, but Craig says he really loves cheese.

Craig brings out a onesie with Arriving Soon embroidered on it that he whipped up for Cameran. He wanted to give the baby its first outfit. Does he cook too? Man, too bad I’m old enough to be his mother. Maybe when Patricia’s butler, or whatever he is, retires, Craig could take his place.

Danni gets back, and in the morning, Shep tells her how worried they were. We see a clip of the girls picking her up from the ER in the party bus, and she says that she’s fine. Cameran tells Shep that he’s wasted, and every day is Groundhog Day in his life. She thinks maybe he should just have water if he wants to get on the plane to go back home.

Cameran wants to talk to Craig. She says he has to become aware of how he speaks to Naomie, especially in public. He says therapy blew up in their faces, and she says maybe they have the wrong therapist. In his interview, he says she left without saying good-by, but he had a better time once she was gone. Cameran says from an outsider’s perspective, he’s the one who looks like the a-hole, but he says in private, it’s a different story and Naomie cuts deep. We flash back to some of Naomie’s finest moments. Cameran says they need mutual respect. Shep comes bearing biscuits and gravy for Cameran. And a beer for himself. He is getting wasted, and if he doesn’t get un-wasted, they’re not going to let him on the plane. He says what a great time it was, and Cameran tells him they need to be in the lobby in ten minutes. He spends a few of them talking to the fern.

Commercial break. The Beguiled looks excellent. I saw the original, but barely remember it.

Everyone manages to get back in one piece. Patricia is wearing giant curlers, like the orange juice cans women used to use, and Whitney tells her she looks like Joan Crawford. She’s not so sure that’s who she wants to look like,

Thomas visits JD (bleh), who tells him that Shep and Craig missed the connecting fight. Thomas says he and Kathryn seemed to get along, but Landon surprised him, coming to Kathryn’s defense about things she knows nothing about. He thinks she should both sympathize and empathize with his situation since she’s dealt with it too. JD (bleh) says the one person who should always have his back is his lady. I can’t help it. The Pillsbury Dough Boy has more personality than JD.

Landon visits her sister, Pebbles Bam. She shows Bam a video from the trip, and says that she and Kathryn even got along, but now Thomas is mad at her for sticking up for Kathryn. She got a text from him, quoting Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and she sent a quote back. Because they can’t think of their own words.

Thomas tells JD (😐) he dodged a bullet, and quotes his quote – my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. In his interview, he says he feels enlightened rather than betrayed. Well, maybe a little betrayed. He wants a woman who feels privileged and honored to be with him (gag), but she’s lost her opportunity. JD (🎧) says he has a black-tie event coming up, and asks if he should uninvite her. Thomas says he can be cordial, like she’s a waitress. Even though I’m not crazy about her, I’d say Landon is the one who dodged a bullet.

Landon tells Bam that Thomas was speaking to Kathryn the way her ex spoke to her. She starts to tear up. She’s tired of men thinking they can control women with money and power, and it struck a nerve with her. Kathryn is trying hard, and Thomas should shut up. She says it was like a warning. He could turn on her too.

Kathryn meets Naomie for dinner. Naomie asks how the rest of the trip was. Kathryn says Craig seemed closed off, and Naomie says not a lot of people know him like Kathryn does. She says they haven’t been getting along, and Kathryn wonders what’s at the bottom of it. Naomie says she just wanted to blame him, and she’s obsessed with telling him not to think so highly of himself. Kathryn says he feels he’s being judged, and overcompensates. Naomie thinks her anger is coming from him lying about taking the bar for a year. She says she hasn’t been very good to him, and feels badly because no one sees her being rude to him. They continue the argument outside, and Naomie suddenly acts nice. In her interview, Kathryn can’t imagine Naomie being mean, saying that she’s not even a bitch to bitches. Kathryn tells Naomie that maybe Craig needs affirmations, and gives her some tips. In her interview, Kathryn says that going through such a complicated relationship has given her insight into people. She thinks if they work at it, they’ll be fine.

Cameran’s mom, Bonnie, comes to visit. She says her birthday was good crazy, and shows Bonnie some stuff she bought from Home Goods. She wants to turn the guest bedroom into a Zen room (shades of Rocky Horror), and says one day it could be a baby nursery. She tells her mother that she’s stopped taking birth control, and shows Bonnie the onesie that Craig made. Bonnie says she never wanted children, but she had them and loved it. She says maybe Cameran is scared of babies, like she was. Cameran says she thinks it’s the initial shock of having your life changed, and her mother says it’s instinctive and profound. She tears up, saying it’s a wonderful experience.

Craig is studying, and Naomie comes in from her last exam. They haven’t talked about the trip, and she’s acting like it never happened. He feels like he was finally himself when Naomie left, and doesn’t want to hide from it anymore. She says she realizes that she has a huge part in the arguments, and the things she says behind closed doors are wrong. She apologizes. He appreciates it, and says it’s nice to hear. She says she’s not saying he’s not an a-hole. Nice follow-up. He says it’s hard for him, because he’s extremely angry. He could never do what she did to someone he loves. He doesn’t think she feels the way she thinks she does about him, and they’re not healthy together. They’re not happy anymore, and he needs a positive influence. She says she’s had similar doubts and thoughts, but she doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He says she seems disgusted with him, and she says she has been judging him and feels badly about it. He says she needs to think about if she wants to put in the effort. She acknowledges what she’s done, and says all she can do is be aware of herself. In her interview she says she doesn’t want to lose Craig. She says they have a lot to process and think about. He says he’ll always love her, and they hug. I have the feeling he just wants out at this point.

Kathryn visits Thomas, and he gives her some photos of the kids with Santa. The kids are in the kitchen having dinner, but since it’s not her day, they can’t go back there. Okay, Thomas is even creepier than I thought. Even if it’s court mandated, he could give her a break. In her interview, Kathryn says she wants to show him she meant what she said about working together. She tells him that she thinks he’ll be pleasantly surprised. He tells her that her energy is powerful, and if she directs it positively, she can accomplish anything. She says during the times they were together, she felt diminished, but now feels like they’re equals. When he goes on about her body in his interview, I wonder if he thinks so. He says he’s seeing a different Kathryn. If she can take pride in who she is, they can make things work. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow,and quotes Gone with the Wind, saying tomorrow is another day. She says she totally gets Scarlett. They hug, and he thanks her for coming by. He says he thinks about her a lot, and she says she thinks about him too, and kind of wants to kiss him. Is baby number three far behind?

Sermet’s farewell party is about to happen, and everyone gets ready. Chelsea tells Austen he looks like Richard Gere. No. Just no. Cameran flashes back to some party where she got so drunk she fell on the floor. Thomas thinks Austen looks like James Bond. That would be a no too. Patricia thought it made sense to put Landon and Thomas together, but it didn’t work – next. We find out that Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane. What did I say? Naomie tells Cameran that Kathryn and Thomas kissed because we’re in high school. Then the information goes around the room for the same reason. Landon isn’t surprised.

Kathryn comes in, and Thomas tells her she looks beautiful. Cameran says that she told everyone they were making out. In her interview, Kathryn says love is crazy, and so are they.

Shep brings ex Bailey to the event. We flash back to her putting him in the friend zone. Dinner is served. Shep thanks Craig for being a good friend at the airport. In his interview, Craig says that he didn’t want anything bad to happen. Craig tells Shep about a fight he nearly had that he doesn’t remember, and Shep talks about getting a chicken wing stuck in his throat. Good times.

JD (🐰)gets up and goes blah-blah-blah. Austen mingles. Kathryn asks Naomie how it’s going, and Naomie says better, and thanks her. Bailey asks Austen what the deal with Chelsea is. She’s hugging him, and Chelsea says she’ll let it continue for a minute, and then say her piece. Seriously.

Craig talks about Kathryn and Thomas making up. Austen sits by Chelsea. She tells him that when he has another woman on his lap, and he’s running his hand up her butt and back, it makes the girl he came with look like an idiot. Austen says he didn’t realize. It’s the first he’s hearing that she even cares. Well, regardless, if you came with someone else, you don’t do that. He asks her what she wants, exclusivity, or to stop it altogether because she’s scared to get hurt. It’s come to a crossroads. She asks him what he wants, and he says he’s crazy about her. She says she thinks the same about him, and wants the exclusive route. They kiss.

Craig mentions the first dinner in Key West to Landon and Shep. He says he made himself vulnerable, but it freed up his life. He tells Landon that it’s not true that she never said anything bad about Kathryn. He doesn’t think they all really get along, and Landon asks why he cares because she’s so shallow. He tells her that putting a band-aid on things doesn’t help. Shep keeps interrupting, and Craig tells him to shut up. Craig starts suggesting something to Landon, and Shep interrupts him again, so Craig whacks him on the leg. He says next time he’s punching him in the mouth. Shep says he’s incapable of receiving criticism.

Shep calls Kathryn over. She tells Naomie she’s going to mediate. He asks her if Craig was the worst mediator ever seen. Craig says before drunk ass Shep got involved, he was telling Landon to apologize for what she’d said about Kathryn. Shep says Landon admitted it, and Craig calls him a drunk a-hole. Shep says Craig is, and f-u. Craig says they missed the flight because Shep wasn’t allowed on the plane, not him. Shep says Craig is the one with anger issues, and walks away, telling Craig that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and never forget that he’s the bull. I can’t believe anyone even talks like that. Landon gets up, saying, well done, don’t quit your day job, which is more how normal people talk. In her interview, Cameran says it’s obvious that Shep is the a-hole, and that maybe it’s time to face reality, even if it comes from Craig, of all people.

Shep leaves the venue, and later everyone is dancing. Kathryn and Thomas sit on a couch. Kathryn says that it’s nice how they’re not the ones creating the drama for once. Thomas flirts with her, poking at her Spandex leggings, and telling her she should wear silk. Cameran wonders if they’re in love again. Kathryn is glad their friends again. Thomas says that they communicated more last night than in the last two years. He’d thought she didn’t love him, and she asks if he’s kidding. She loves him, and always will. Austen asks Whitney what he thinks is going on, and he says they’ll end up in bed or killing each other – or both.

This was finale, so next time is the reunion. BTW, Cameran is pregnant. The psychic was right. Cue Twilight Zone music.

🍹 Just a bit on Southern Charm Savannah, which also had its finale tonight. I keep saying I can’t decide, yet I’ve watched pretty much the whole season, even if in bits and pieces. Somehow, this group seems to have more histrionics, but still manages to also be kind of boring. I even had a hard time keeping their names straight, and one of the girls is named Happy. The one stand-out is Ashley, who I think is a wannabe actress, since much of the drama has revolved around her. She has a son named Izzy, and up until tonight, they both lived with her husband, who has only been her friend for some time. In the final episode, she’d found a new place, and it ended with them having “a talk.” Ashley also had a masquerade ball to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. A few of the group decided to split their time, and ended up arriving too late. Ashley told them never to darken her door again. Lyle also tried to propose to Catherine, and it turned into a total mess, with both of them getting weepy with high pitched voices. Apparently, he hadn’t even discussed things with her first, and she felt there was a lot they needed to work out before getting married, like life and finances. The whole thing was embarrassing, and I don’t even know if I like these people. I also don’t know if they’re worthy of a reunion either. There have been no ads for it, and there was no preview afterward.


He’ll probably be in… the Zen room!

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