June 27, 2017 – Sonny Wants Out, Rose Wants War & Hannah Wants Jason


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Julian suggests Alexis stop thinking and take the night off. He tells her maybe she should take a risk. Kristina comes by.

Hayden tells Curtis that she thought she’d feel an immediate, amazing connection to her baby, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. He asks if she’s worried about being a less than perfect mom or being a mom. Finn overhears.

Obrecht tells Kiki that people have noticed how diligent she is on the job, even under the hardship of her mother’s tragedy. Kiki says it would be nice if she’d mention it to Monica. Obrecht says her word means nothing to Monica, who is known to be stingy with raises and promotions, but her leadership won’t last forever

Jason arrives back home.

Carly tells Sonny she doesn’t believe he can leave the business. He asks if she thinks he’s playing her, but she thinks he’s playing himself. Geez, Sonny isn’t getting any younger and they have a skabillion dollars, why doesn’t he just retire and they can live on the island? I’ll go.

Curtis says he knows all about Hayden’s less than perfect parents, and  wonders if she’s concerned about repeating their mistakes. She asks if he thinks she wants to pass that mess onto another generation. He suggests she become an overprotective helicopter mom, and asks if anything else is going on. She says it wasn’t planned. She doesn’t know if it’s something she can do on her own, and isn’t sure if Finn is in a place to help her, since he needs to help himself. Finn walks in and says he is.

Sam offers to wake the kids, but Jason says he’ll surprise them in the morning. She notices his wound, and he says it’s just a graze, no big deal. She wonders how delivering a message translates into being shot. Monica says it looks fine. He says Godzilla Garvey pulled a gun on Sonny and Carly, but Carly was the one who shot him.

Carly says that Sonny doesn’t get to retire, and he wants to know who says? She tells him that he’s been honest that no one has been able to leave his line of work. He says that was just the worse case scenario. She says a man doesn’t leave his kind of business; the business leaves him. He can live out his life and die of natural causes, or someone could kill him. Well, that sounds like how it goes for most of us.

Hayden asks how long Finn has been there, and Finn says he just got there, and tells them about talking to Griff. Hayden tells him about bringing in Curtis, and Finn fills Curtis in on Obrecht. Hayden says if they can’t prove it, Finn could lose his medical license. Curtis says not on his watch, and suggests they get moving on it.

Obrecht tells Kiki that Monica can’t be in charge forever. She says the day might come sooner than later if Kiki can help her. Kiki might be in a position to hear things, like any talk about labor actions. Once she’s chief again, she could pay Kiki back for keeping her informed. She tells Kiki to think about it.

Kristina asks if she’s interrupting, but Alexis says no. She says they’re not together, and Julian says they just happened to be in the same place at the same time. He has to go, and Kristina says he must be enjoying his freedom before the trial. He asks if Kristina has heard from Sonny, explaining what happened. Kristina asks why Julian would care about warning him.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s been in the business a long time; he knows how it works. She asks what route he’s taking this time. He tried disappearing once; what is he going to do now? She asks if he wants to go in the witness protection program, and he tells her not to get ridiculous. She wonders how he’d be able to keep his mouth shut if there was a successor, or what if they’re not as strong as he is? Would there be the possibility of an all-out war for his territory?

Sam doesn’t blame Carly for protecting her family; she blames Sonny. He knows Jason will protect him, never mind his own family. Jason says everything is fine. Sam goes to check on the kids. Jason apologizes to Monica, but she’s just glad he’s home safe and sound. She says family is never trouble. He asks if Sam seemed different before he left; she seemed off. He says he’s been worse and she handled it fine. Monica says maybe Sam is rearranging her priorities for the kids. I love how no one asked what happened that Carly ended up shooting Jason. Does she have the reputation as a bad shot?

Sam says kids still asleep. She wanted to thank Monica for talking her down when she wanted to go to Puerto Rico. She wants to kick sonny’s ass, but Jason says it wasn’t his fault. If he hadn’t gotten involved, they would be dead. Sam says that he can’t be responsible for their lives. He wonders why she’s annoyed with Sonny. He says she’s been quick to react lately, and volatile. She has right to be concerned, but her reactions seem disproportionate. He doesn’t understand where it’s coming from. Maybe they should see a doctor.

Hayden says they’re all in agreement. Monica walks in, and wonders what’s up. Hayden says Curtis was just filling them in on what he’s been doing. Monica says the mansion has seen more schemes than the CIA, so they might as well be truthful. Finn says owes her the truth, and Hayden adds even if it gets him fired. Finn tells her that one of the staff has been tampering with his drug tests. She asks if there’s proof, and Curtis says he’s going to get evidence. She isn’t keen on going behind on of her doctor’s backs, but Finn says it’s Obrecht. She says there are doctors and then there’s Obrecht. She asks what the plan is.

Carly asks Sonny who the successor would be; they can’t ask Jason. Sonny says years ago, he would have done a great job, and he could have let go thinking it was okay. Carly says he’s changed, and has a different life. Sonny says he’s different. Carly says that brings them back to square one. If it’s not Jason, it’s no one. It’s Sonny. The phone rings.

Alexis thanks Julian, saying it’s the first time she’s had an urge to drink in a while, but next time, she’ll call her sponsor; they’re over. Julian asks if just for tonight or for good.

On the phone, Kristina asks if Sonny is okay. He says Jason got nicked, but it’s nothing. She says it’s not nothing. She wishes he’d stop acting like it’s normal. She’d hoped things would change after Morgan. She calls herself an idiot for wanting something better, but Sonny says she’s not an idiot. She wants a normal life, and can’t take anymore empty promises. She tells him get home safe, and hangs up on him.

Monica says the plan hinges on fooling Obrecht, and she’s not easily fooled. Hayden says she’s hired Curtis before, and Monica can ask Jason how skilled he is. Monica says if Jason has used him, that’s good enough, and it’s believable that Obrecht would sabotage Finn. If they come up empty she’ll take the hit but she doesn’t think that will happen. Obrecht took her job once, and no doubt is planning it again. She says she wants to plan a field trip.

Kristina tells Alexis about calling Sonny. Julian says he’s glad Sonny is okay. Kristina thanks him.

Carly understands Kristina’s frustration. She wonders if she seems like a hypocrite, changing the rules this late in the game; she knew what she was getting into, but now she can’t follow through. Sonny feels the same way. He can’t stand to lose anyone else the way they lost Morgan. He’s going to figure out a way. It’s been all he knows, but he’s going to do everything to make it happen. He says he’s done with this life.

Sam asks Jason if by them seeing a doctor, he really means her. She says he wants her to have her head examined because her worrying makes her crazy. She asks if he thinks she’s hysterical or has anxiety and should be medicated. He thinks maybe she should call Alexis. Sam says because she doesn’t want him working for Sonny that means something is wrong with her. She’s yelling so loud, she wakes Scout. Jason says if something is wrong they need to figure out what it is.

Hayden is surprised that Monica wants to help. Finn says that’s the problem with hypothetical situations. You don’t know for sure unless you ask. Hayden says he’s not talking about Monica, and says that she didn’t doubt his ability to be a good father. She was talking about him having so much on his plate. Finn says that it’s not the perfect time to have a baby, but it’s the time they have, and need to work with it.

Monica wants to familiarize Curtis with lab, but Obrecht is still working. She tells him they’ll have to find him a disguise first.

Alexis tells Kristina that it was beyond generous to thank Julian. Kristina says he stuck up for once. Alexis says maybe people do change. She asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina asks what going on with her and Julian.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s ironic how he once told her there’s no getting out, and now she’s telling him. He says things are relatively stable at the moment, and it’s the perfect time to make a transition. He’ll get rid of the things he can, and groom someone to take care of what he can’t. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. He calls Lucy. Says it will be worth her while. He says he’s selling his restaurant, and the listing is hers, price it to sell.

Sam apologizes to Jason about waking Scout. She says she feels like she blacked out, which is what he was saying. Jason says he’s just offering suggestions. She says she can’t apologize for feeling the way she does. He says even though he’s not going back to work for Sonny, she’s still afraid, and it’s not like her. He asks if she thinks she’s really okay. She says maybe not

Kristina asks Alexis what she walked in on. Alexis says, nothing. She had a banana split instead of drinking, and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Julian showed up, then she did. Kristina says good thing, but what happens next time when she’s not there to save Alexis from herself?

Julian brings Obrecht take-out for the staff looking after Ava. He wants her to know how much Ava’s family appreciates it. Obrecht says they’re just doing their jobs. He says good thing Monica brought hospital back from the brink.

Monica brings Curtis out, wearing glasses, a hat and a uniform. He says looks like a nerd, and asks if there isn’t something in sexy in the IT department. Monica says the point is to get Obrecht’s guard down. Kiki approaches Monica for a private talk, but Monica says Curtis is the new IT guy, and it’s okay to talk in front of him. Kiki says that she might have misunderstood, and doesn’t want to get someone in trouble, but she thinks Obrecht just asked her to spy for her. Monica says that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Finn tells Hayden that he’ll work every day to be the best father the baby could ask for. Hayden doesn’t doubt it, and says she’s the candidate to screw the baby up. He says they always blame their parents anyway. They can be scared together.

Jason tells Sam that maybe something is wrong. She brings up Alexis, and he says there’s definitely not drinking problem. Sam says ever since having Scout, she’s been antsy, like not entirely in control of herself. She hoped it would just blow over. He says doesn’t seem like it. She asks why it has to be an official thing and not just stress; first there was her mother’s drinking, then Julian, and Jason getting shot. Jason says that she handled things differently before, and thinks she should get checked out. She says what if they don’t find anything, and he says they’ll learn to handle things differently, suggesting getting a nanny, but she doesn’t want that. He says maybe part time, and she says they’ll see. He tells her the operative word is “we,” and he doesn’t want her to feel alone. She says she’ll see a doctor, even if she thinks it’s a waste of time.

Sonny says he made Lucy’s night. He takes out his gun to take it apart, saying it’s not needed any more. She appreciates the symbolic gesture, but thinks disarming himself will make him vulnerable. He says no more vulnerable than he’d be without her.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Charlotte that her father is going to be away for a long time, Spencer wants to take action against Valentin, and Carly asks Josslyn what happened in the house.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn asks what Veronica is doing at the hospital, and Veronica says there are some problems with Melissa, Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Kathryn says her first problem is that Jeffrey is gay. Veronica says Melissa had some issues with her pregnancy, but Veronica is going to be a flawless grandmother. She asks what Kathryn is doing there, and Kathryn says to check on Hannah. Veronica says, oh, Hanna the maid, but Kathryn says Hanna is her friend. Veronica says too bad she has to pay her friends, and Katherine says Melissa and the baby couldn’t have come cheap. <snort>

Kathryn explains what happened to Quincy Jr., and Jeffrey wants to call Candace. Veronica says he has other things to attend to, but Kathryn tells Veronica she wouldn’t push him. She asks how Veronica’s wound is, and Veronica says fine, how about hers? When Jeffrey leaves a message for Candace, Veronica tells Jeffrey not to be so dramatic. He tells her to shut up. <double snort>

Kathryn sees Wyatt in a wheelchair, and asks what happened. Veronica says apparently drugs, but Kathryn tells her to back off. Kathryn is told he just needs medical attention, but Wyatt doesn’t want her bothering him. Anna says he’ll be fine, and Kathryn says that bitch gave him the money, and now he’s doing it again – drugs and whores. Veronica says she shot her, and Kathryn says she’ll shoot Veronica too. Jeffrey tells her to calm down, and introduces Anna. Anna tells her they do rehab at home, but Wyatt was having problems detoxing, so she and Dr. Jeffries thought he should be brought in. Veronica says they’ll fail. Kathryn tells them not to pay attention – she’s delusional. Anna says she should be proud. Kathryn says he’s been a lot of facilities, but Anna says he called them while he was trying to go cold turkey, and that’s a big step. She says he’ll be okay. Kathryn apologizes, and says she hopes they can work miracles. Jeffrey says this is good because he called on his own. Kathryn wants to see him when he’s done, but Anna doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jeffrey says she’s a source of agitation, and detox is hard enough without added stress. He says Wyatt made the first step, and she’ll see him. He says he’ll keep her updated, and she thanks him. She’s glad he has his father’s heart.

Benny asks if he could get Hanna anything, but she just talks about how are they going to bury Quincy Jr. with no insurance? Benny says they’ll work it out, and Mitch says he’ll make sure they get the money. She tells him to call a place that buried Lizzie. Everyone is bummed. Kathryn arrives. Benny and Mitch make themselves scarce.

Hanna tells Kathryn it’s senseless and wrong; he was a baby, and had nothing to do with it. She tells Kathryn about how they busted in the room, looking for “that girl,” and just shot him, over money that doesn’t belong to either of them. Kathryn says she knows. Hanna says he’s dead. She’s never going to see him grow up and be happy. She calls out to God. She’s breathing, but he’s not. Kathryn tells her that she could say calm down and pull herself together, but nothing works. Unless you’ve lost a child, you don’t get it. She says Hanna will hear ridiculous things from people; when Amanda died she heard it all. Even the sympathy cards made her angry. She says they mean well, but nothing comforted her. She tells Hanna that she’s a good friend, and she needs to pray, adding that God sends you grief in waves, so it’s not so overwhelming. Hanna says she feels nothing, and it’s strange. Kathryn says she knows the feeling, and it passes. Sadness, rage, anger, depression; it’s a bitch, and then there’s just you and a new way of living, a new way of normal. Hanna says there’s nothing normal about this much struggle and this much pain. Her life has gone from nothing to nothing. Kathryn tells her not to say that, but she says it’s true. She has such strong faith, but this, God has some explaining to do. She’s done her best to live her life right. She gets upset and angry, but she tries her best to do her best, and what good is it? That baby is cold and what good is that? She pleads with God to talk to her. Wow. That was heart-wrenching.

Benny and Mitch return, and Benny tells Hanna that she’s okay. She says she knows that, but Quincy Jr. is dead. She starts to cry and scream he’s dead over and over. Benny holds her. Kathryn says to let her go. She hugs Hanna, and says she’ll take her home to her house.

Oscar is in Candace’s room when she comes out of the shower. He asks if she knows she’s wanted. He says she took his surveillance equipment out, and he’s paying for the room. He tells her that he knows she has nowhere to go. She tells him to leave, and asks what he wants. He says what she did last night. He’s being paid by powerful people who want Charles out of the race. He acts like a choirboy, but he’s not. Oscar says what she has is gold. Candace asks why she should help him. He says she could be First Lady of the US. She says her face is all over the TV, wanted for murder, but he says that could be spun. She asks how she could she be first lady, and he says in eight years, when his guy wins; it’s the long game. Candace says she’s not in it for the long game, and Oscar says that’s the problem. She’s only in it for quick money. He tells her that power begets money, not the other way around. She says she made it before him. He says she was hustling before him. This is the big leagues. She asks if he wants to be her pimp, and he says no, her partner. She tells him to get out. He says that Charles is there three more days – get him. He leaves, and Candace thinks about it.

Dr. Vincenti tells Veronica that Melissa and the baby are fine. He asks if Veronica would like to see her. She says she has things to do, but let her know if there are any changes about the baby. He says Melissa is depressed, and Veronica asks if it affects the baby. He’s concerned about Melissa’s suicide attempt, but Veronica says when she’s done talking to Melissa, she won’t try that again. The doctor says that seeing a friendly face might help, and Veronica says that’s why she doesn’t want to see her. Veronica tells Jeffrey let’s go, but he wants to check on Melissa. Veronica says he wants to see Wyatt, and Jeffrey says him too. She says not tonight, but Jeffrey walks away.

Meanwhile, at Malone’s Restaurant, Jim meets Rose. She’s not a happy woman, and he says he can see that. She says he knows what she’s like when she’s not happy, and it’s not good. She reminds him of the ‘08 race riots, and says she’s that angry. She asks who War is. Jim says some thug, and she asks how Jim knows him. He tells her that Candace had War abduct him and hold him for ransom. Rose asks if he’s and idiot, and Jim says yes. He tells her that War was a puppet for Candace, but found out she’d cheated him, and then she set him up. He and War struck up a deal in jail. Candace had something he needed – pictures of him in compromising positions – and War was supposed to get them back. Rose realizes that’s why he got War released, and her sources were right. She says that she’s always been there for Jim, and he says ditto. She says War shot at her grandson. Jim says War couldn’t have known who he was. Rose says he just lived up to his name –  she’s giving him a war. Jim tells her that these are different times, but she says that she has no choice. He says it will get heated around here, and she asks why he’d worry about heat.

Jim tells Rose that they’re in it deep together, and if she goes down, he has a lot to be concerned about. He asks her to let him talk to War, and she asks why Jim wants to protect him. Jim says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about War, but wants to tell him what he did. If she takes this route, it could destroy him. Rose doesn’t give a damn. She says it’s already been decided, but he says she needs to understand things too. She says she should blame him – he got War out. Jim says he didn’t know that War knew Mitch. Rose says that he doesn’t. Jim asks if Mitch is okay. Rose says he wasn’t shot, but she needs to send a clear message that the Malones aren’t to be screwed with. He says the whole town knows already, but she says that she needs to rebroadcast it. She tells Jim to call War – now. Ha-ha I like Rose. She’s one tough broad.

Jim calls War. He says they need to talk. War asks about what, and Jim tells him that they have themselves a situation. War says he didn’t know the kid was there. Jim asks what kid, and War says Hanna’s grandson. Jim says they need to talk about him shooting at the wrong person, and he doesn’t mean the kid. The light bulb comes on, and War realizes he’s talking about Mitch. Jim tells War that he pissed off the wrong people and to let him help. He wants to make sure War is safe until he gets the package, and after that, needs to make sure he’s safe leaving Savannah. War says he doesn’t want to go anywhere, but Jim says he has to. War says it’s not happening, and Jim asks about the photos. War says he’s working on it, and hangs up. Rose wants the number, and tells her guy to trace it. Jim asks her not to do this. She says he’d better find War before she does. Jim asks her to consider the road she’s going down; this street thug isn’t worth her trouble. She tells Jim to get out. He asks her what her plans for DA Jennifer’s body are, but she doesn’t answer. He thanks her for the drink, and leaves.

Jim calls David. He says War took a shot at Rose’s grandson, and David says it’s powder keg. They can’t afford to have her upset. Jim asks if Oscar can be trusted. David thinks so, but Jim needs him to be sure. He says they need leverage, and David says maybe he can come up with something. Jim tells him that they have to find War before Rose does. War still has the package, and Oscar has to find him. David says that he’s on his way to the hospital, and Jim says he’ll meet him there.

Justin and Detective Logan approach Hanna. They need her to answer questions while it’s still fresh in her mind. She says that his name is Warrick Lewis, and explains what happened. Justin tells the detective that her daughter is Candace Young, and wonders why they’d be looking for her. Hanna says they’re both evil. Logan asks if Benny will talk to them. Benny shrugs and says sure. Justin asks if Mitch was there, and asks if his name is the same as in Fredrico Malone. Mitch says he’s a grandson. Logan asks why Benny was there, and he says he and his mother had rented a room. He asks about Mitch, and Mitch says that he and Benny are friends. Logan wonders if it was a drug thing, and Mitch says check their records. Logan asks if Benny knows where Candace is, and Benny says that she’s not returning his calls, but he won’t give up the phone number. Logan suggests he help them, and Benny says why, since they’ve been no help to him. Logan tells him they know two people were involved in Quincy’s murder, and he’s under arrest.

Next time – two weeks from now, Justin visits Wyatt, Melissa tells Jeffrey to get lost, David tells Veronica he’s glad he got rid of her, and Oscar tells Candace not to mess with those people.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When last we left, Hannah asked Jason if he was off to bed, and they kissed. We didn’t see that part; we just heard smacky noises.

Lauren asks if Max has a special outfit for his girl, and Bobby says his birthday suit. Ha-ha! Bugs suggests to the captain that Hannah was partying with the guests, since she’s still sleeping. She thinks Hannah is taking advantage of the fact that none of them know when she goes to bed. Captain Sandy says Wes doesn’t know how to delegate, which makes it difficult for the crew to learn. I like how she gets them involved with the workings of the boat.

Another beautiful morning in Croatia. The water is so blue; it’s incredible. The guests gather for breakfast. Jason asks if Hannah is okay, and Bugs says she’ll check. In her interview, Hannah feels guilty. Bugs tells her that Jason asked her to check if Hannah had a pulse. Hannah says she’s keeping her mouth shut, which is what she should have done the night before.

Captain Sandy says she had captains who didn’t allow her on the bridge, and she wants to be able to further the careers of her crew. Wes docks the boat for the first time. Success! The guests don’t want to go home, and Jason asks for Hannah’s email addy. She says they’ll be around Croatia for a month, and he says they’ll be there until Friday. As much as she likes having him there, it’s a bit of a distraction.

Jason tells the captain that it’s a lifelong memory, and they probably gained fifteen pounds. He has something he’d like to leave behind in appreciation. How did this guy get to be good looking and nice? The crew cleans up, and the captain calls tip time.

She says she understands that all of them can get pulled in at one time to party with the guests, but they didn’t allow it happen. In her interview, Hannah says sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you get away with. Captain Sandy says the main thing is the guests were happy, and details some of the things they were happy with. That’s a nice touch. I think the captain would make a great teacher. The tip is $15K or $1400 each. She’s also arranged for the crew to go to the Fortress of Klis for the day.

Max’s girlfriend, Emily, arrives. She’s a hugger, and hugs all the crew. Unfortunately, Max is in the bathroom when she gets there, which she says is reflective of their relationship. Although I’m not quite sure what she means by that. She asks how they manage in such small quarters. Laruen jokes about it being glamorous. They haven’t seen each other in six weeks, and chatter away.

The medieval Fortress of Klis is gorgeous and has amazing views. Apparently, it’s quite historic as well. The crew does some archery, and watches a swordfight. Adam tells Malia that he’s confused and crazy, and she’s not helping. She’s annoyed that he’s angry because she’s not giving him enough attention. Way to ruin the day, baby man.

Everyone gets ready to go out for the evening, and they head to a pub. Wes asks Malia what’s up with her and Adam? She says he asked her on a date. Wes asks if she wants him to step away, or does she want to pursue something? She says she doesn’t know what’s happening in the Adam situation. They hug. She says they’ll see what happens. They kiss. Well, that happened. Wes thinks it feels right and natural. In his interview, he says he made his stand and he’ll see how it goes. Funny. Last week he made the stand that he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Max makes out with Emily at the bar. Adam asks Malia if the walk was planned. She says that Wes has feelings for her (a standard reality show term), but she told him that she’s going on a date with Adam, and they’re seeing how it goes. A couple of the crew disappear. Malia calls Adam an a-hole, and he says to put herself in his shoes. He says something about all they’ve been through, and refers to a penthouse and Santorini. He says that he has big plans for her, and thought it was going to be the Malia and Adam show. In his interview, the producers ask if he and Malia hooked up before the show, and he says yes. Alrighty then.

Malia explains that they met at their yacht certification courses, but thought it was best not to let the crew know. We flash back to a couple of their interactions. Adam says that it could have been awkward for the rest of the crew, and. Malia says that Adam doesn’t like that she fell for Wes. Well, of course not. Even if he wasn’t an immature idiot, that would be normal. He says they went from a potential great thing to all lies. He tells her not to break his heart.

Bobby asks Wes about the walk. Bobby thinks he should pull back, and that he can do better. Adam tells Wes he feels horrible seeing him walk off with the girl of his dreams. Bugs waves a sparkler around, and falls down in the middle of the street. At the boat, Hannah texts Jason. The guest cabin is made up for Max and Emily.

Malia says she thinks she should step away from both of them, since they’re all on the same boat. She doesn’t like how Adam is reacting. They weren’t dating, so it’s not like she cheated. She thinks he’s immature, and we agree on that one. Adam says that he wishes Malia the best. He wanted her, and she shut him down. She says that’s not true, but he cuts her off, and she’s like, fine then. He says the smartest and easiest thing is to walk away.

Wes knocks at Malia’s cabin. He says he’s tired of all this. She says she’s not going on the date. Adam tells him the same thing later. They decided it’s best to keep it professional.

Malia asks if Adam is all right, and if they’re all right. He says he doesn’t love it, but who cares? Since we’re in the seventh grade.

Captain Sandy goes over the new guest preference sheets. The primary is Lauren, founder of a tequila company. She’s bringing a friend named Bobby, so the name thing could be confusing. They want a tequila pairing dinner the last night, and also to use the water toys and slide. I know a lot of people love tequila, but I don’t, and just the thought of a pairing dinner turns my stomach. The boat gets readied. The master iPad buzzes, and Bugs sees it. She gets to looking at some texts, and shows Bobby. He says Hannah was texting with Jason and didn’t log off. One of her texts mentions the tip, and in her interview, Bugs says it’s the worst thing ever, and the rule is to never get involved with guests during charter. Well, it’s not like he’s still on the boat. Bobby wants to read everything.

Hannah tells Lauren about Jason, and Lauren says she’d go for it; you can’t help who you have a connection with, even if it turns out to be friendship. Hannah thinks he won’t be in the friend zone. Bobby wants the crew to know that Hannah has been talking sh*t about them.

Bobby and Bugs go out with Max and Emily. Adam thinks he and Wes aren’t friends anymore, and it proves that two men can’t go after the same woman. Bobby shows Max the iPad. Bugs says Hannah made them look bad. Bobby says he doesn’t care what she did with the guest, but she shouldn’t be talking about the crew. When they leave the restaurant, they see Jason and his friends, but wisely don’t bother them. Bugs talks to Wes about the iPad. He thinks it’s going to cause some sh*t.

The crew gets ready for a barbecue on the dock. Captain Sandy wants pictures, and ironically asks if Bugs has the iPad to take them. Bugs tells Bobby it’s not going to turn out well, and thinks they should talk to Hannah before it blows up into something bigger than it needs to be. They bring along Max and go to Hannah. Bugs tells her about all of her texts with Jason being on the tablet. Hannah thinks it’s an invasion of privacy, and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. I kind of agree with that, but it’s like Harriet the Spy when she loses her journal with all the entries about her friends. No surprise though, they were twelve.

Bugs talks to Malia, who says if Hannah found something like that, she’d lose her sh*t. Lauren joins them, and they tell her that Jason mirrored his phone to the iPad, and Hannah had been texting him.  Lauren says it sucks that her personal business is out there. In her interview, Lauren says she’d die if that happened to her.

The next morning, Emily has to go. Max says it’s an incentive to work hard and get back home to her.

Hannah says it’s a violation and shows no respect for her. She doesn’t know how to work with Bugs now, let alone trust her. She meets with Captain Sandy. She says she and Jason had an instant connection, and he pulled her aside and kissed her. She kissed back for two seconds, but then regained her professionalism. The captain tells her that it’s not cool to respond if a guest comes on to you. Professionalism must be maintained at all times. She switches Hannah to the day shift to remove temptation. Like all of the guests are Jasons.

Hannah tells Bugs that she talked to Captain Sandy, and they’re going to be swapping shifts. She says she’d expected Bugs to be both her second and her friend, instead of reading her personal messages to Bobby. in her interview, Bugs says that the iPad is the boat’s property, and it’s a fireable offense to use it for your personal amusement. Yeah, yeah. Bugs says it’s not like she went to the captain; she spoke to Hannah. Hannah says she did, but she brought along Bobby and Max. Bugs makes up a stupid excuse, and they decide since there’s tension, Bugs and Lauren are going to switch bunks. Hannah calls Lauren to come meet with her.

She tells Lauren about swapping shifts with Bugs, and about switching rooms. Lauren says she has Hannah’s back. Hannah says the guest kissed her, but she told him she couldn’t see him until after charter. Lauren says the crew is talking. Hannah says she guesses you should definitely never text a guest, but making out with two crew members in one night is okay. Oh, snap!

In the mess, Bugs announces that she’s rooming with Malia, who says everyone on the boat wants to sleep with her. Ha-ha!

The new guests arrive. They’re very enthusiastic. Hannah does the usual tour. The captain has Bobby take command of the launch. He’s crazy nervous, and hopes they don’t hit the dock. Success!

Wondrous appetizers come out. Adam comes up and asks the guests about what they might like that wasn’t on their preference sheets. A couple of the guys joke about wanting Cocoa Puffs, but, surprise! they have them. Hannah thinks it’s unprofessional for Adam to come out in his apron and backward baseball cap. She’s never seen a chef approach guests wearing what he cooks in. Adam asks Malia for his lucky hat back. He says it smells like her (ew!), and she tells him not to excite himself.

Hannah is annoyed about the crew looking at her texts. If they want to get at her, she’s giving it back. She’s going to go out of her way to make it difficult.

Some of the guests use the jet skis. Hannah asks Adam for a favor, but he says no. She asks about taking his cap and apron off in front of guests, and he says no. He says it’s his galley, but she says not when he comes up to the deck. She suggests a more professional approach. He tells her that she prances around like she’s perfect, and she’s not. She says the interior got kudos last charter, but not so much the food. Adam says that was intentional, and she’s like, okay, an intentional screw up is so much better. He tells her she has an attitude, and she says that she’s not there to be loved. He gets sarcastic with her, and she says she’s not there to keep crew happy, but to keep the guests happy. He says she made that clear. That probably was a poor choice of words. Unless it was intentional.

Next time, Malia talks to Wes, Captain Sandy wants Wes to choose a lead deckhand, the captain thinks she’s going to be under a microscope with the next guest, and the guests seems like an idiot when she asks if the food “came out of a box or was something whipped up.”

🔊 Okay, here’s my opinion whether you want it or not. I get the rule about not fraternizing with the charter guests. Otherwise, it would be a free-for-all. But sh*t happens, and it’s not like Hannah went crazy in kissing Jason for half a second, and then deciding to get to know him better afterward. Maybe she shouldn’t have been discussing the crew, but the charter was over, and people talk about their jobs. When Bugs saw the texts, she should have immediately let Hannah know, but instead decided to pass around the information, both disrespecting Hannah’s position, and I’m sure breaking some kind of girl code. What I think is that Bugs is still pissed that Hannah wasn’t happy about what Adam said, and also might have been a little jealous. The Adam thing is also a time that she should have had Hannah’s back. Bugs is not a girl’s girl.


Fortress of Klis

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