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July 30, 2017 – Reza’s Halloween, Oleanna’s Confession & Some Hot Pie


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Reza meets Mike for lunch. They discuss Shervin’s party and their severe hangovers. They talk about Shabbat. Mike says he’d be a nutcase If he didn’t have it in his life. He’s been through a lot this year, and hasn’t seen his family in Israel for over ten years. He says the spirituality of Israel is insane, and Reza suggests they go. He connects with his Jewish side and wants to be closer to it. He shows us the mezuzah in his and Adam’s new home. I have one too. It was included with my Queens apartment, and I loved it so much, I brought it with me when I moved. MJ joins the guys. Reza asks what she thinks about the vacation, but MJ is concerned about her sick father. Reza thinks it might be good for her to get away for a while. She tells him book it before she changes her mind. In her interview, she says she needs a break, and needs to do something besides worry about her dad.

Asa is getting ready to open a boutique, since she’s keeping caftans in the freezer. The rent is $10K, but Asa says, high risk, high success. Mona, the landlord, stops by, and I’m not sure what to say. He’s a walking piece of performance art, and shows us his eyelash nipples. Asa needs permits, so she burns sage… or something. The building isn’t far from the beach, and she says obtaining a permit from the Coastal Commission is difficult.

GG is walking in a Fashion Week show, so she and her mother are meeting with the designer, Erik. He wants her to sparkle, and has her put on a sequined romper. He explains how he wants her to walk, and her mother fusses with the garment, wanting to change the design. Erik is expecting 800 to 1000 people, and this makes GG nervous, because for someone who is so loud and aggressive, she doesn’t like people looking at her.

Reza is having a peace in the Middle East inspired Halloween party. Because, why not? He breaks down his crew for us, pointing out how they represent Jews and Muslims. He says even though Mike is totally into his Jewish roots, he’ll eat a shrimp in a hot minute. Reza is half-Muslim, half-Jewish, and all gay, and tells us he’s all mixed up. The wants the guests to dress in middle eastern costume. Reza talks about how gay kids are persecuted there, and says that the way he deals with the sad part of life, is to make fun of the most painful aspect. He meets Destiney in some weird prop store that even has fake kilos of heroin and clothing for suicide bombers. He asks Destiney to come on the trip, since Adam is starting a new job and can’t make it. It must be nice to be able to afford flying half-way across the world on a moment’s notice.

Tommy and MJ go to a Korean barbecue restaurant. She’s never had it before. Omg, she’s in for a treat. They have menus on iPads, which is very Gordon Ramsay. MJ says that she and Tommy need to keep it fresh and sexy, so they continue to date. He toasts to health and happiness. MJ looks pensive, and when he asks what’s up, she tells him that she wants to get pregnant. Immediately. He thinks they have decisions to make and be responsible adults. He tells her that he needs to quit smoking, and she needs to cut back on drinking. We flash back to when MJ froze her eggs, but she thinks there’s a solid chance to do it au naturale. Each thinks the other will make a great parent, and Tommy says he’s down with it. They’re picking up ovulation sticks on their way home.

GG gets her runway makeup done, and designer Erik offers her champagne. He tells them to make her look crazy. I’m not touching that, but Reza would. GG’s makeup looks almost like a raccoon mask of black and blue. Janice Dickinson comes in with the outfit GG is supposed to wear. GG asks Erik what’s going on, and he says he’ll find another outfit. GG tells Reza that he should find that old ass bitch something else. She wonders how Janice can walk around, much less walk a runway, when she’s from the Flintstone era. I like Janice, but have to laugh. She’d probably say that about herself.

GG is like, hell no, and having a hard time not turning into her alter-ego Lochnessa. Erik gives her another outfit, and Lochnessa gets put to bed. The outfit is just as cute – a sparkly robe over a two-piece althleisure/underwear set. Reza tells Shervin about the Israel idea, saying he’s feeling “Jewy.” He wonders if Shervin would be open to it, but Shervin thinks his business interests might be a problem. Reza wonders if he’s doing business with the Sultan of Brunei. Reza invites GG. She says something about them wanting bomb Iran, and a champagne cork pops, startling all of us. GG thinks Reza is a walking oxymoron. Reza says screw Iran, and tells her that his argument isn’t with the people, but the government.

Everyone takes their seats. GG is messing with the bow on the front of the robe, wondering which way it’s supposed to go, and I’m wondering why someone isn’t helping her get dressed. She tells us that this job is the start of responsibility for her. GG looks awesome. She trips a little on her walk out, but catches herself and does well. She comes out at the end with Erik and Janice. She says that she’s never doing it again though, unless Chanel calls.

GG and Asa go to a pumpkin patch. GG tells her about the fashion show. Asa explains that she’s never bought a pumpkin for Thanksgiving, and GG corrects her, saying it’s for Halloween. I assume that Asa has never gotten a pumpkin for that holiday either, because this only confuses her. She asks if they’re died or natural. Has she never even seen a pumpkin before? Shervin joins them.

There’s a carnival game there – the one where you throw Ping-Pong balls into goldfish bowls to win a fish. What is this place? They talk about the Israel trip. Shervin says he feels weird about it. GG says even though she was born in the US, she’s still Iranian. She goes there every year, and feels creeped out about a place that she thinks is negative toward her culture. She thinks they should try to express their feelings to Reza in a way that no one gets offended. Good luck with that.

MJ makes Tommy pinky swear to be the master of his domain. (Seinfeld reference – google it.) She wants a baby now. She wants to see her bloodline continue, and says that if she gets pregnant, they have to make a list for the wedding. Tommy jokes they could get married in the delivery room, but MJ doesn’t think it’s funny. He reads the instructions for the ovulation test, which is more complicated than a pregnancy test. She’s not ovulating, and worries what if it never happens? She’s going to do everything she can to ovulate (I’m not kidding, she said that), and is willing to spend her life’s savings on diapers.

Shervin and Annalise visit GG. There was a fuel leak on the plane, so Annalise is staying in the US longer. GG wants to put all the old out, so she’s moving. She has boxes she hasn’t touched since the last move, and I identify. She has one room to go, and it’s a mish-mash of all kinds of stuff. She says hoarding isn’t a disease; it’s being smart, because everyone loves vintage. Oh yeah? Tell that to eBay. I have a store there, and they’re trying to get rid of the the small sellers who offer those things, in favor of sellers like Sears and Amazon. Mini rant. Mike joins them.

Mike has a moving company now. He says it’s one skill that robots can never take over. His guys come in, and start moving and packing things. He says that what he lacks in experience, he makes up for with hard work and being involved. GG says that after the move, she’ll be ready to go on a trip. She says she has reservations about going to Israel though. Mike understands the hesitation, since he was afraid to go to Turkey. Mike tells them that he has relatives in Israel, and family is everything; they’ll welcome his friends with open arms. GG thinks she won’t be accepted. Mike says if she doesn’t go now, she never will.

Tommy is watching sports, while MJ attends Reza’s party. He wants to get some testosterone going.

Reza wants to get everyone on board for going to Israel. It’s about peace, acceptance, and respect. He and Adam are dressed as rabbis, but Adam thinks they look Amish. GG is totally burkafied. She says Iran isn’t what people think it is when it comes to dress code. When she’s in Iran, she only wears a headscarf, and a burka isn’t a requirement, only having certain areas covered. Asa comes as world peace, where she’s decorated her expanding middle as a globe with a peace sign on it. In his interview, Reza complains that the one time he needs her to come looking like she normally does, she changes it up. Shervin is an immigrant from the 70s, and basically looks like a pimp in a 70s movie. Mike has a Moses riff going on, and MJ is a skeleton, representing the lives lost. GG’s costume is starting to annoy her, and it’s hard to drink while wearing it, so she ditches the burka. Mike waves his staff in the air like he just don’t care. Reza says they’re very United Nations, which was the vibe he was going for.

Shervin wants to go to Israel, but GG isn’t cool with the conflict with Iran. Reza asks if they’re coming. Shervin wonders if he’ll be welcome. Reza says how would they even know what religion he is? Mike insists they accept everyone, and he and GG nearly get in an argument about who wants to nuke who. GG says that she was cool until Reza said screw Iran. Reza apologizes. He says Iranian people and the land they come from is beautiful, but the government is another story. Asa says it’s bringing up feelings, and they have to respect each other, and learn from the trip. GG agrees to come.

Next time, Adam and Reza talk kids, the gang is Israel bound, and then airport detained. Mike asks how come the only real Jew is getting detained?

The Throne Game

Jon Snow finally got to Dragonstone.  Look out for that low-flying dragon! The Red Woman claimed she has brought ice and fire together, but doesn’t exactly want to run into John again. I’ve decided that while Varys does look out for himself, he’s probably the one person who wants what’s best for the kingdom.

Useless Theon claimed he tried to save Yara, who Euron took prisoner, along with Ellaria and her daughter, but no one is buying that story. Cersei told Euron that he’d have his heart’s desires when the war is won, but I’m not so sure they’re on the same page with what those desires are. Cersei did make a good point to Ellaria that Oberyn shouldn’t have taunted Ser Gregor, and would have won the match had he left him alone to die. Instead, he got his head squashed like a grape. That’s pretty much what I said at the time. Dany agreed to let Jon mine the dragonglass, and give him whatever help he needs. Sansa got her command on in Jon’s absence, and Littlefinger continued to try to get on her good side. Bran made it back, but explained to Sansa that he couldn’t be Lord of anything, since he’s now the Three-Eyed Raven and sees all. He saw her in a wedding dress, but she didn’t want to stick around to hear who the next lucky man is.

The Maester poked and prodded at Ser Jorah, who is apparently cured of greyscale. Sam thought he was in trouble, but I thought they should capitalize on this find. Jorah said that he’s heading back to be with Dany, where he belongs. After he chided Sam for a while, the Maester gave him a pat on the back for knowing how to read instructions, and told him to be proud. But his reward is not getting kicked out and still getting to do the grunt work.

Tyrion explained that no one has ever taken Casterly Rock (I could listen to Peter Dinklage talk all day), and they’ll be ready. His father built everything, but wanted the lowest person he could find to build the sewers. That would be Tyrion, who decided to build something for himself – a passageway from the sea. The Unsullied used this information to get inside, killing a bunch of soldiers once they got there, but then they wondered where the rest were. Tyrion told Dany that Cersei’s armies fight out of fear, while hers fight for freedom and the person who gave it to them, and they’ll triumph. Meanwhile, Jaime gathered the rest of the troops, and overtook House Tyrell. Oleanna was wise to Jaime and Cersei sleeping together, and predicted that Cersei would be the end of Jaime. Jaime, being the somewhat decent dude he is, talked Cersei out of flaying Oleanna alive, and brought poison for her to drink, one that would cause her no pain. I wasn’t happy to see Oleanna leaving the canvas, but she got her last digs in.

When Jaime told her that there would be no pain, she drank the poison, saying that she’d hate to die like Joffrey, and how horrible it must have been for Jaime as a father, letting fly that she knew that too. But that wasn’t the best part. Oleanna told Jaime that it was horrible for her too; it wasn’t what she’d intended, but she’d never seen the poison work before. She told him that she wanted him to tell Cersei, that she wanted Cersei to know it was her. I swear, Jaime smiled slightly at that point, and it would make sense. He does have a lot of admiration for a clever enemy. We didn’t have to see Oleanna die, and I appreciated that. It was a fast hour and a satisfying ending.

Next time, Dany has had enough of clever plans; it’s time to release the Kraken dragons.

BTW, Hot Pie now owns a bakery called You Know Nothing John Dough.

‘Game of Thrones’: Hot Pie actor opened his own bakery




July 28, 2017 – Someone Please Save Sonny, a Hexaquote, 1000 Floors & an Office GIF


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian sees Scotty scarfing down a burger at The Floating Rib. Scotty asks him what’s with the stink-eye. Julian asks if this is how Scotty prepares for his trial. Scotty has good news. For the first time since Julian was arrested, he actually thinks they might win.

Oscar drops by to see Josslyn. He’s glad Spencer was found. Josslyn hugs him, and thanks him, saying he basically broke the case. If Spencer hadn’t escaped, his evidence would have made all the difference. Oscar thinks they should celebrate.

Alexis brings Scout to the hospital. She hands the baby off to Dr. Anderson. Her vital signs are normal, but they still need to run tests. Kristina goes with her, while Alexis finds out about Sam. Griff and Finn ask Alexis questions about Scout. She wants to know what’s going on, and wants to see Sam.

Jason talks to Sam, telling her it’s okay, but she’s seeing Sonny making weird hand gestures at her like Robert Carlyle in Ravenous. Jason asks who she’s talking to, and she says he’s right behind Jason. Imaginary Sonny tells Sam that killing him won’t end it.

Real Sonny is either sleeping or unconscious.

Wavy Garvey starts to take Elizabeth through the parking garage, and they run into Carly. Carly says she heard he was in town. Elizabeth is like, you know this guy? and Garvey says he and Carly go way back. She tells him to let Elizabeth go, and he says, or what? Is she going to yell for help? He says try it, and it won’t be good.

Josslyn tells Oscar it sounds awesome, but no one is home. Carly likes him, and she wants to keep it that way. Oscar says he has a surprise – it’s cool and has a killer view, but they’ll have to bike there. It’s somewhere she’s never been. She says impossible, but he’s on. They have to be back in an hour, since she’s still grounded.

Finn explains Sam’s illness to Alexis. Griff says if she got sick while she was pregnant, it’s possible she passed it on to Scout. Alexis asks how bad it is with Sam, and is told that the spectrum varies, but it’s affected her neurological functions.

Sam continues to talk to fictitious Sonny, who says he’s not going anywhere. Jason says they’re the only ones in the room, but Sam says he’s always there.

Factual Sonny says he has to stay awake. What will he tell his kids? He says he sees himself in Dante. His loyalty and the way he loves his family is a beautiful thing. He’s always true to himself, good or bad, and has courage and strength. Sonny asks him to pass some his way; he’s going to need it.

Carly tells the Garvster no yelling or sudden movements; just let Elizabeth go. He says that’s not happening. Carly can see he’s hurt, and asks what happened between him and Sonny. He says you should see the other guy, because everyone’s a comedian, and she asks what he did.

Scotty says Julian is no walk in park; he’s not exactly a model client. Julian says if he’d taken the deal, he’d be dead, but Scotty says not necessarily. Julian starts to leave, saying his life is on the line. Scotty says he’s going to save it, and tells him to sit down. He got his hands on the prosecution’s witness list, and they’ve put all their eggs in one basket – Alexis. Julian is like, this is your big revelation? and Scotty says it’s a good one. Julian says it’s the opposite, but Scotty says it’s not just any trial. Alexis can see the pitfalls and where they’re trying to get her to admit something, and can mitigate the damage of his actions away from him. Then Scotty gets her to admit that Olivia-J was threatening the family. The jury will see him not as a bad guy, but a hero. Julian wouldn’t go that far, but Scotty says he would, and the only one who can pull it off is Alexis.

Finn asks if Sam has been “off,” and the only thing Alexis can think of is Sam calling Scout by the wrong name. She assumed Sam was run down, and thought she was just acting like a new mom. She wants to see Sam now.

Sam passes out again, and Jason yells for help. He tells Finn that she said she saw someone who wasn’t there. Finn asks Jason and Alexis to leave – it would help the doctors and Sam. Jason talks to Alexis about Scout. She says that the baby seemed fine, but asks what’s going on with Sam, and how long it’s been going on. Jason doesn’t know. He caught her talking to herself a couple of times, but she always has plausible excuse. Griff tells them that she has a severe case of insefilitis.

Sonny tells himself to think of the kids. He sees himself in Michael, even though he’s not Sonny’s blood. He’s a thinker and strategist, but what saves him is his heart. If Sonny was a different person, he’d have him take over the business. But he’s better than that; better than Sonny. Sonny strives to be like him.

Josslyn and Oscar walk near where Sonny is. Josslyn wonders if their bikes will be okay, but Oscar says they’re the only ones there. He says it’s awesome, and she asks what the place is. He tells her it’s an old distillery, built in the 1800s on river when whiskey was transported by boat. He loves places with a story behind them. He tells Josslyn that they’re demolishing some of the buildings, but he thinks the distillery is safe because it’s historical. He asks if she wants to look around.

Carly asks Garvo where Sonny is, moving closer to him. Garvey says he needs supplies now, and her nurse friend is helping him. Carly tells him somebody is going to notice, and he’ll be caught in two seconds. He says he’s staying, and Elizabeth is going to get what he needs. Oh yeah, great plan. Like, wouldn’t she go for help?

Finn asks if Sam can hear him. and asks her to wake up for him. When she doesn’t, he tells her to hang in there; they’ll find out what it is.

Griff tells Alexis that it’s treatable, and they’re doing what they can. Alexis says what if it’s not enough, and he tells her to stay positive. She steps aside, and texts Julian to come to the ER.

Scotty tells Julian that the prosecution thinks Alexis is a slam dunk, but she’s going to sink them. Julian apologizes, saying Scotty has obviously given this some thought. Scotty tells him to buck up; things are going to turn around. Julian says if he’s right, this could change his life and give a fresh start, not just for him. but him and Alexis. Scotty asks how he does it. She’s smart, ethical, and holds on to a grudge, but he’s able to Svengali her. Julian wishes it were that simple. Scotty tells him that if he gets a second chance, don’t blow it. Julian says he doesn’t plan to. Scotty has to go, and tells Julian he gets to pay for the burger. Julian gets Alexis’s text, and jets. I guess The Floating Rib just got stiffed.

Josslyn says the place is super cool, and Oscar tells her that she’s the only person he’s brought there. He sees something on the ground, and picks it up. He likes to make things out of stuff he finds and could use it. He tells her that there’s a cask room that still exists. The should see if they can find some old barrels. I assume that’s where Sonny is.

Sonny talks to Morgan, saying that he’s charming, impulsive, leaps before looking, and suffered the same darkness that Sonny did. He weeps a little, saying he’s proud of Morgan. Josslyn asks if Oscar heard something; it sounded like kids laughing. She thinks they should check on their bikes, and they leave. Omg, I can’t take it. So close and yet so far.

Carly tells Garvito that she can’t just grab supplies; she doesn’t work there. He tells her to be back in ten minutes. Elizabeth tosses her the keys, and tells her where everything is. Carly tells Garvey not to hurt Elizabeth, but he’s starting to fade, and she breaks away.

Jason asks about Scout, but Josslyn comes out. She doesn’t look happy, but it’s that fake-out American Idol moment again. She tells them that Scout is okay, and passed all the tests with flying colors. She hugs Jason.

Finn tells Nurse Deanna to take Sam’s vitals again. He’s looking for any small improvement. He joins the others outside her room, and says that Sam has lapsed into a coma. It’s too soon to tell what it means; maybe her body needs extra time to heal. He says they can see her in a few minutes. Julian runs in, and Alexis tells him that Sam is in a coma. (It’s called a nap, Susan Lucci!)

Carly tells Elizabeth to go get help. She grabs Garvicious by the collar and says to tell her where Sonny is.

Josslyn tells Oscar not to laugh at her just because a flock of geese sounded like kids laughing. From a distance, my dogs barking sound like a flock of geese. Oscar jokes that the geese might steal their bikes. Sonny messes with the tourniquet, obviously not hearing them, even though there’s no one else around and they’re making no attempt to be quiet. He moves on to Kristina. He says they’re the most alike. She’s stubborn, full of fire, and the first one to call people out. She’s calculating, but doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body. She’s full of passion, and that passion lights up the whole world. On the other hand, Josslyn can hear a flock of seagulls geese a mile away, but not hear Sonny talking to himself.

Julian asks what happened, but Alexis doesn’t know. Finn says that the disease is usually transmitted by birds or cats, and since she’s been around neither, it must have been contracted out in the wild. Jason says her system was compromised the night Scout was born; the night Julian’s sister kicked Sam off the bridge, and she gave birth to Scout in the freezing cold. He asks if that sounds right. Kristina asks wth is Julian doing there? Sam hates him, and it’s his fault she almost died, because Julian didn’t have the guts to warn her about Olivia-J. Jason says that’s why they’re at the hospital now; she got sick the night she gave birth. Julian says that Olivia would have hurt the entire family, but Kristina says the only one who believes that is him. She asks how dare he show up, and Alexis says she asked him to come. Kristina asks what’s wrong with her, and says that Sam doesn’t need it. She tells Julian not to come near her sister or anyone else in her family or she’ll stop him. She says don’t think she can’t; her father is more powerful than he is. So there.

Carly tells the Garvman that he’s not safe at the hospital, and to tell her what he did to Sonny. He just laughs. Well, as much as you can laugh when you’re about to pass out.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’ll race him to their bikes. Sonny looks through his wallet and sees a picture of Avery. He says he doesn’t know what she’ll be like, but he wants to be there to find out. He wants to find out, and be her dad. He slumps, and begs God to let him be there for her.

Griff asks if a conference room is needed, but Kristina says she’s done. Julian asks Jason if he wants to get his licks in. Jason says that Kristina said it all. He’s going to focus on his wife and daughter, but he won’t forget, and neither will Sam. Kristina says she’ll take Scout home. Jason thanks her for stepping up, and she says there’s nothing more important than family. Deanna says they can visit one at a time, but there’s no change yet. Alexis tells Jason to go ahead, and he asks for Julian to be gone when he gets back.

Oh come on. Let’s resolve something before the end of the show.

Alexis tells Julian to go. She says that Kristina is right. Julian says that she’s terrified for her sister, but Alexis says that doesn’t make her wrong. Sam wouldn’t want him here, and he needs to respect that. Julian asks if she thinks he wanted this to happen. She says no, but it did, and he needs to go.

Jason asks for moment alone with Sam. He tells her that he knows it’s not fair. She didn’t even get through her night on the embankment yet, but they can still beat this. He can’t imagine how tired she is and how hard it is, but he tells her not to give up. She didn’t give up then, and she can’t now. He doesn’t know if she can hear him, but he’s telling her again that he has no life there without her. He’s staying there, waiting for her to wake up and tell him that she loves him too.

Oscar tells Josslyn that there are no cars in the driveway, so she’s in the clear. She says good, because the last thing she needs is to be grounded indefinitely. Oscar says him too. Josslyn says he acts like he has no friends, but that’s not true; he has plenty of friends at school. He says they’re okay, but no one is into the same stuff she is, and they’re all on their phones 24/7. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow, and she thanks him. She says it was fun, and he says they’ll do it again soon. Josslyn says she’d like that. On the porch, Oscar examines what he picked up at the distillery – a bullet casing.

Carly tells Garvey Shmarvey to wipe the smirk off his face, and tell her where Sonny is. Garvey says that he killed him.

Sonny staggers up again. He yells that if anyone can hear him, get him out of there. Think Oscar will make a stop on his way home?

On Monday, Jason asks Griff for help, Jared wants to leave the past behind, Carly tells the hospital staff that Garvey knows where Sonny is, and Hayden talks to Finn about marriage.

Quotes of the Week

Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. – Jodie Foster

If you’re very lucky, you’ll have many, many friends and many, many memories, and you can think about them. – Jenny Fields (Glenn Close), The World According to Garp, on getting old

Don’t let your fears overwhelm your desires. Let the barriers your face – and there will be barriers – be external.Sheryl Sandberg

The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down, as long as it’s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.Aaron Sorkin

I think my mistakes have made me much stronger. It’s nice to know that things don’t ultimately break you; that you need to go there to know.Emma Watson

A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort.E.B. White

Speaking of Books…

Hopefully, a library still exists where you are. I’m hoping books never go the way of black and white TVs, although I admit to being addicted to e-books on my Nook. I said that just to recommend The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. The plot and characters are interesting, but were almost immaterial for me with this one. The main character is the thousand-story tower that, in 2118, houses Manhattan. Usually, I’m all about the dialogue, and have been known to even skip over long descriptions (I’m talking to you, Stephen King), but I didn’t even care what anyone was saying. I wanted to read more about the tower. The higher your floor, the wealthier you are. There were times when it reminded me of the train class system in Snowpiercer, another story where the setting is just as much, if not more, a star as the characters. It’s definitely worth it to check out this vision of the future. Floating drink bubbles are sipped from at parties, drugs are designed for your specific chemical make-up, changes in weather are scheduled, a thought sends a text, and driving a conventional car is against the law – these are just a few of the things that await you in this view of the twenty-second century. I’m hoping more books in this same vein follow. I would also love to see this turned into a movie.

That’s What She Said




July 27, 2017 – Garvey on the Loose, Fredrik Gets Fired, Families Collide & a Thursday Throwback


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis walks Stella to her room. She’s being discharged. He tells her that everything is ready to roll, and she’s staying with him. He wants to spoil his favorite girl. She wonders if it will cramp his style with his other favorite girl, but he says that he and Jordan have gone they separate ways.

Dante tells Jordan there’s no news on the kidnapper. She says they’ll get him. She’s put in a call for a bureau assist. Her phone rings; it’s news concerning Dante’s father.

Sonny struggles to get up again. He wants to rest for just a moment.

Carly gets the news about Spencer, and says Sonny will be happy. Michael shows up, and asks if everything is okay with Sonny.

Sam convulses. Finn tells them to get Sam’s blood test to the lab. If it’s what he thinks it is, it’s serious. He and Griff run into Sam’s room. Griff asks for blah-blah-blah stat. Jason wants to know what’s going on. Alarms continue to go off.

Still trying to educate herself about pregnancy, Hayden tells Elizabeth that this is ridiculous. She’ll either have glowing hair or it will be falling out; she’ll either have glowing skin or acne that rivals a teenager. Hayden says she owes Elizabeth one, and Elizabeth says she intends to collect. Hayden is at the top of her babysitting list.

Stella wants to know what happened. Curtis says things change. She can’t say she’s not thrilled, but she doesn’t want him to resent her. He says he’ll be fine. She says now Jordan won’t trash his life like she did Tommy’s. Curtis tells her that just because they didn’t make it as a couple, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care; it just wasn’t enough. Stella hopes the right woman comes into his life. Hayden walks in, and she and Curtis hug.

Jordan tells Dante that the US Marshal’s office wanted to warn them about Wavy Garvey. She says he was on parole when he went after Sonny. Instead of going back to prison, he went missing, and the marshals who were transporting him are off the grid. An abandoned stolen car was found in Delaware, and they think he’s headed north. Dante is concerned he’s headed to Port Charles to finish the job.

Carly says that Sonny’s phone keeps going to voicemail. Michael says that explains why he never showed up for a meeting they had about a development deal. Michael says maybe his phone battery died or he’s just unreachable. Carly says, maybe, but I don’t think she’s believing that.

Maybe he’s at the bottom of a distillery. Sonny calls out, asking if someone is there. No way. It’s the Garvster. No freaking way. Who is he? Yul Brynner in the original Westworld?

Carly wonders what’s up. Michael talks about a power vacuum with Sonny leaving the business, but she tells him Max is stepping in temporarily. She says Sonny is severing his ties so his kids won’t get caught in the crossfire like Morgan. He wants to make sure the cycle of violence doesn’t touch his family again, so it’s important who he chooses.

Gravelicious asks how Sonny ended up not dead. Because he’s also an English major. He asks if that crazy broad did this. Now he has Sonny where he wants him. Sonny tells him to take his best shot, but oh that’s right, his gun is lost. Sonny suggests they make a deal, and they can both get out.

Jordan tells Dante that they don’t know for sure if Gravitating Garvey is headed for Port Charles. Dante questions why he’d go north, but Jordon says he could be headed for the Canadian border. She tells him that Sonny still needs to be notified. After Dante leaves, Jordan sees keys on her desk. She picks them up and exits the station.

Curtis introduces Aunt Stella to Hayden, who says it’s an honor. Stella says they must have a history, but Hayden says not that way; they’re partners in crime and he’s going to be an uncle, so to speak. Elizabeth comes in, and asks Stella to meet with the doctor one more time before her discharge, and wheels her out. Curtis asks Hayden why she changed her mind about making the pregnancy public knowledge. She says that she and Finn just bought a house together, and Curtis asks if tying the knot is next.

Jason keeps asking what’s going on. Finn says he has a theory, and they step into the hallway. Jason apologizes for being aggressive. Finn says there are test results that he needs to confirm, since he thinks he knows her symptoms. Magically, Nurse Deanna appears with the results. Griff comes back out, and Finn says it’s as he suspected – toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection of brain. Jason says it can be treated, right? When they say nothing, he asks how much trouble Sam is in.

Dante finds Carly at Sonny’s. She tells him they haven’t seen Sonny all day. Dante says he came to warn him about the Garvinator’s escape off the grid, and that maybe he’s headed to Port Charles.

Sonny says, think about it, Burley. I swear that’s what he said, because either no one can remember this guy’s name, or they all pronounce it with radical differences. Sonny tells him that he has no friends and no connections. His only option is to help Sonny, and he’ll help him back; they’ll both go free. Garvey says that he’s not stupid (which is up for debate); they want each other dead. Sonny promises no repercussions, and says Garvey needs him. Garvey tells him go to hell, and ambles off.

Jordan walks into Stella’s room, saying she didn’t mean to intrude. Elizabeth says Stella is done, and she’ll get the discharge ready. Jordan tells Stella that she just wanted to bring something. She has Curtis’s keys, and figured that she should return them. Stella says she’ll make sure he gets them, but is kind of nasty about it. Jordan says she’s trying to remain civil for TJ’s sake. Stella tells her that whatever Curtis did, he did for family, but he didn’t need to break her heart. Jordan says he didn’t do anything; it was a mutual decision.

Hayden calls Curtis presumptuous. He says marriage isn’t that far of a stretch. She says it’s not a foregone conclusion, and it doesn’t make them not serious. Curtis tells her that she doesn’t have to convince him how wonderful everything is, but she needs to better convince herself.

Finn tells Jason that it’s treatable, but they don’t know how she got infected. It’s usually picked up from pets. Jason says the only pet she’s been around is the Quartermaine’s dog, but Griff says that’s not a likely source. (Hmm… is this the thing pregnant women can get from cat litter?) Jason asks what else is going on, and Finn says it can be transferred during a pregnancy. Scout might also be infected too, depending on how long it’s been going on.

Stella isn’t buying that Jordan and Curtis’s break-up was mutual, and Jordan says that things change. Stella tells her that’s what Curtis said. She tells Jordan that she gets no pleasure out of ultimatums; she was against it because Jordan hurt her family over and over. If Jordan accepts that Curtis is better off without her, maybe something good came out of her health crisis. Jordan says she didn’t need to be reminded of the past, and she’s stepping out of her own accord and spirit. She’s not going to stand in between Stella and TJ either. Stella appreciates Jordan coming around to her way of thinking, and says that sometimes it’s best to do things for the family. Jordan tells her that it must be nice being right all the time.

Hayden tells Curtis she’s been swept off her feet, and it ended in disaster. He asks if she means Nicholas. She says, that one too, but she was married before.

Jason says, so the worst case is that they’ll have to give Scout the same medication given to Sam, but Griff says it’s different when transferred in utero. The symptoms can be chronic if not treated in time. There can be seizures, blindness, and other horrendous stuff. Griff wants to see Scout right away, and Jason says he’ll bring her in. Finn says he should call someone for him too. He knows how difficult this is.

Carly tells Michael that Sonny’s voicemail is full, meaning he hasn’t been checking it, and that’s not a good sign. She hasn’t heard back from Jason either, and wonders if he’s another target. Dante tells her not to jump to conclusions. They don’t even know if Garvo is in Port Charles.

Jason is about to call Carly, when she calls him again. She says thank God he answered, and tells him about Garvey escaping and possibly heading to Port Charles. He appreciates the heads up, but he’s at the hospital. Sam is very sick, and Scout might be also.

Sonny tells the Garvman not to be stupid. He’s bleeding out, and how long will he last? Garvey says no deal. He only wants one thing – for Sonny to suffer, even if it kills him. He doesn’t want to die, but wants Sonny dead more. He pulls some wooden pallets toward the opening. Sonny says that he’s making mistake. Garvey tosses a handful of dirt down, like that might do something. Sonny says he’s not done, and Garvey is going to pay. Garvey puts the pallets over the opening, and says good luck with that. Hey, he’s stealing one of my catch phrases. Garvey has no boundaries.

Hayden explains to Curtis how Finn hated her when they first met because his patients and wife had lost investments with her father. Curtis says they had lives before, now they have a life together. She says Finn’s wife died trying to heal people. Even if they get married, he’ll naturally draw comparisons and she can’t meet that gold standard. Curtis tells her that the baby is the ultimate gold standard, and she is to him. He’s in no position to pass judgement, having his own baggage. She says that he and Jordan sorted things out, but he says they decided to call it quits. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and needs to check on Stella. He tells Hayden, keep swingin’, slugger, and tells her to talk to Finn.

Stella is ready to go. She says Elizabeth and Felix have been angels, but she’s glad to be leaving. She tells Curtis to take her overnight bag. He sees his keys on a tray (so much for Stella making sure he got them), and picks them up. Stella asks what the hold up is, and he says, nothing. They get in the elevator.

Carly asks Jason what happened. He tells her that Sam has an infection. She’s stable, but the doctors think it could have been passed along to Scout, and it’s serious. Carly says that she’s on her way. She needs to take her mind off things anyway. She’ll explain later.

Sam is sleeping. Jason says for two people who don’t like hospitals, they find themselves there often. He doesn’t know why this is happening, and he’s sorry. He should have paid more attention, and realized it was more serious than a vitamin deficiency, but he couldn’t handle losing her or the kids losing their mom. He promises not to make that mistake again. He tells her that the doctors are the best and will get her through this, but she’ll have to help and fight again. He’ll be fighting with her; they’re in this together. She wakes up.

Michael doesn’t think Carly leaving is a good idea. She says Jason needs her, and she’ll talk to him about Sonny when she gets there. Dante offers to send a patrol car to watch the house. Carly says that Jason has had their backs, and it’s the least they can do. She tells Dante to send them to GH.

In the basement parking lot, Elizabeth hears someone coughing. It’s The Gunslinger the man who won’t die, Garvey. He grabs her, and says don’t move.

Jordan looks at pictures of her and Curtis on her phone.

Finn sees Hayden. He says he’s working on a serious case downstairs, and hugs her. He’s glad that she and the baby are okay. She asks him to call later. There’s something they should talk about.

Gutless Garvey tells Elizabeth that if she screams or makes a move, he’ll kill her. He says that he needs drugs and medical help, or her kids will be orphans.

Sam sees Sonny in her head, and tells Jason that he can’t hurt them anymore.

Sonny yells for help. He calls Garvey a bastard, and I second that. He thinks he buried Sonny alive, but Sonny’s not done. He’s going home to his family.

Michael wanders around. He hears Carly’s words about Sonny severing his ties for the kids. Dante tells him that he called in some favors, and everyone is keeping an eye out for Garvey the Three-Headed Dragon. Michael says that he’s staying there tonight, and so much for a new life. Dante says tell him about it. Garvey is one of many, and there could be others. Their dad made a lot of enemies.

Elizabeth says she’ll treat the Garvmeister herself. He says that they’re going inside, getting supplies, and going someplace private to treat him. Carly starts to walk past. She stops and sees them.

Tomorrow, Alexis wants to see her daughter, Scotty thinks Julian might win, and Josslyn and Oscar take a walk past Sonny.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Fredrik got fired, and I don’t blame the client. Like every other property on this show, it was a fabulous apartment – eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms. The client wanted $12.6 million, and Fredrik agreed, even though he thought around $10 million was more like it. After a couple of months, he came to her with an offer of $10 million, but the buyer also wanted to close in six months. (A month is the usual average.) I think the client would have said no if Fredrik had suggested pricing it at ten million to begin with, but the problem is that he didn’t. If he had, it would have been more like an I told you so. And no surprise, she balked at taking it off the market for six months while the buyer tried to sell their apartment. I understand this personally because when we bought our house, we had to sell our apartment – and the market stunk at the time. The previous owner insisted on keeping the house on the market until that happened, and I couldn’t blame them. BTW, Fredrick blamed no one but himself either, which was very grown-up. Steve was boring except for the moment he was working with someone named Brad Cooper, and I thought it was Brad Cooper. Nope. Ryan was in a slump, and his therapist suggested that he take a break from working. Going up and up isn’t feeling the same. Rich people’s problems. Next time, Fredrik goes to Paris, Ryan delegates, and there’s baby news.

💍 I’m still obsessed with 90 Day Fiancé. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of. Especially Chantal and Pedro, with Danielle and Mohamed running a close second. It’s like no matter what Mohamed does or how many times she’s told he’s an a-hole, all Danielle has to hear is, “Let’s be friends,” and she takes the annulment off the table. Even Mohamed’s own lawyer thinks he’s an arrogant fool. Apparently, the marriage was consummated, but they only did the deed once. If that doesn’t tell her something, nothing will. While I’m starting to think she deserves the treatment she’s getting, just for being an idiot, I’d like nothing better than to see him get a one-way ticket back home.

With Pedro, it’s a similar story. I have no doubt he’s attracted to Chantal, and possibly loves her in his own way, but his main goal is to send money back to his mother and sister in the Dominican Republic. In the last episode, her family joined her in a trip back to Pedro’s homeland, where they intended to have another wedding that everyone could attend. His mother and sister are just about the creepiest, greediest people on earth. When the not-so-happy couple arrived with her family, they were totally ignored, except for Pedro. His mother had already called them “stupid Americans” for insisting on a prenup. Not that it stopped them from raking in the cash. Mostly Chantal’s hard-earned cash. After Pedro was bombarded with hugs and kisses, he was barraged with questions about the humongous flat screen TV he was supposed to bring. His mother and sister couldn’t seem to grasp that it was so big, he couldn’t bring it on the plane. They had to be told a billion times that it would be FedExed at a later date before they were satisfied. If they acted grateful, it would be a different story, but it’s quite the opposite.

Chantal was shocked to see the apartment she’s paying for. Mom and sis had moved up from the first one, since only a large three-bedroom is big enough for two people, whose electronics are also all bought and paid for by Pedro Chantal. The one good thing in this whole mess was that when Chantal got a personal eyeful, she woke up to the fact that she isn’t living nearly as large, and has a bed next to the kitchen. I didn’t need subtitles to tell me that neither one of these ingrates gave a flying about anyone but themselves. On top of it, they kept insisting that this was all about their “culture,” because Dominican sons bust their ass to keep their families living high on the hog, even if their wife has to sleep next to the sink. I’m hoping Chantal gets a clue before she has children with this man. Pedro getting a clue might be a good idea too, since I don’t think he’s all bad. I have to say that these people are not representative of their culture. I dated a man from the DR, and his family were lovely people. I never got the sense that my boyfriend was pressured to give them anything. They welcomed me into their lives and fed me well. Unlike Pedro’s poor excuse for a mother, who tried to palm chicken feet and necks off on Chantal’s family, acting like this was a DR thing and they ate them all the time. Except they didn’t. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some weird cultural delicacies. I grew up eating what I call Depression food. My father was quite the wiz at cooking odds and ends that I didn’t know any better than to like (okay, they tasted pretty good), but it was obvious that they were playing a mean trick on these people. I don’t think Pedro ever ate this stuff in his life. He gave one chicken foot a nibble, but other than that, nobody went near them. Chantal’s family was polite, but declined. When Chantal’s mother decided to call Pedro’s mother out on her stupid Americans comment (in a much nicer way than I’d have done), mama feigned innocence, and said she was offended about the prenup because they didn’t know her baby boy. Well, that’s exactly what makes them not stupid.

The day was topped off by what was supposed to be dinner at Pedro’s grandmother’s house. While I actually thought it was kind of cute – like a beach house, white, with brightly-colored trim – Chantal’s mother wasn’t cool with how much better the two cretins were living. She came to the conclusion that Chantal – and Pedro – were being used. Really? What gave you that idea? They refused to attend dinner, and Chantal also decided she’d had enough when Pedro talked about the “culture” and a lifelong indentured servitude to his mother. Left alone, Pedro joined his mother and sister, talking smack about Chantal and her family. The best part was when Pedro told them how much Chantal’s ring had cost – somewhere around $5K – and the three of them got indignant. While I personally think that’s too much for a ring unless you have the money, Chantal had used her own credit to buy it. Oops! He left that part out. I want to smack his stupid face every time he calls Chantal “baby.” I’m betting it’s because he can’t remember her name.

Throwing Back Thursday


My dogs (minus the one who took the photo) from (I think) 2008.

July 26, 2017 – Spencer Tells All, Ramona Worms Her Way In, a Bit of Chef & an Odd Quote



What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina asks Spencer to say Valentin had nothing to do with kidnapping him. Spencer insists it was him.

Hayden visits Elizabeth.

Finn gets Griff a thank you lunch. Griff says he was just doing his job, but Finn says it’s at least lunch worthy; he went above and beyond. Griff says that Finn has been reinstated, and wants to go back to being colleagues and friends. Obrecht enters the restaurant, and tells them Guten tag.

Sam keeps telling Jason it’s over and she made sure.

Sonny lies bleeding and unconscious. I can never get over how good Maurice Benard looks, since we basically grew up together. He has some amazing genetics.

Valentin says that Spencer is mistaken or lying, and liars get found out. Dante asks what happened. Spencer says that he, a defenseless child, was at the park and a bag was placed over his head by someone with impressive upper body strength and no manners. Dante tells him to stick to the facts. He says he was put in the trunk of a car and taken to a basement, with no food or water. Will I die here? he asked himself. No, he wouldn’t. He escaped his captor despite breaking his glasses. Dante says based on his account – Spencer interrupts, finishing that Dante will be sending Valentin up the river – he didn’t see who it was. How does he know it was Valentin? Spencer says he can prove it because of his shoes. He was wearing them when he kidnapped him.

Obrecht wonders why Griff isn’t on call. He says that he’s picking up lunch. Obrecht can’t blame him for following the herd like lemmings. She’s sure that Finn will make an excellent contribution to the hospital now that he’s back. He says he wishes she’d felt that way before. She says that all she wanted what was best for GH, but who is she to argue if they want a drug addled doctor? He says he’s gotten treatment, but there’s no cure for what she has. She says now that she made the break, her future prospects have improved. As he’s leaving, Finn says thank God it’s over. Obrecht says, not nearly over.

Jason checks Sam for a fever. She says they’re safe and she did what she had to do. Jason says they’re going to the hospital, and carries her out.

Sonny is like wth? He sits up and drags himself over to the wall. He remembers Sam and the gun going off, and calls out her name, saying to get him out of there.

Spencer says not many people can afford $3000 shoes, much less wear them on the grass. Dante takes Spencer to a private room. Valentin asks Nina if she realizes that Spencer is lying.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she enjoyed her time with Jake. Most important, she wanted to thank Elizabeth for helping her at The Floating Rib. It was terrifying, embarrassing, and ultimately educational. Elizabeth says every pregnant woman has to learn the hard way. She asks why Hayden is really there. Hayden pulls out a bunch of baby care books, and says she’s doing everything wrong.

Jared meets Obrecht. He says he’s intrigued. She says that she knows Port Charles is out of his parole officer’s jurisdiction. She’s been doing research, and has learned a wealth of information on him and someone else. He asks what she wants, and she says to get what they both truly deserve.

Finn and Griff finish lunch, and I want ribs now. Griff says Obrecht doesn’t look like she’s leaving town. Finn tells him, live and let live. He says he came to Port Charles to treat Tracy, got offered a position, and thought he had everything he needed. He didn’t have to think about anyone, except for his late wife. Then he met Hayden, and there was no going back. Griff calls her a force of nature. Finn says she’s been there for him in ways he thought no one except his wife could be. He’s finally getting a second chance at happiness.

Jason runs into the hospital with Sam.

Sonny keeps calling for anyone. His leg is bleeding, and he rips his shirt to make a tourniquet. He’s wearing a bullet-proof vest, which explains why Wavy Garvey didn’t kill him.

Valentin says the only thing missing from Spencer’s recitation was organ music. Nina says when they first met, he was after Spencer. He asks why she posted bail. She wants to believe him, but doesn’t know whether to trust him or admit she made a mistake and he’s been playing her the whole time.

Dante’s phone rings. He tells Spencer that he’ll be back. Laura sits down. She says what happened was horrible, and she’s glad he’s okay. She tells him that what Valentin did to his father was unconscionable, but somehow, someday he’ll pay for it. Spencer says, carpe diem, let today be the day, but Laura says only if he’s guilty. If Spencer is accusing him of something he didn’t do, instead of him being Valentin’s victim, Valentin would be his victim. Spencer wonders if he doesn’t deserve to be, but Laura says what they want is justice. If Spencer isn’t totally telling the truth, everything they’ve been fighting for will be in jeopardy. He’ll use it in court and win, and the worst part is that he’d be right. Spencer says nothing would be worse, but what if he did it; it’s possible. Laura says he has to be certain. Spencer says there are degrees of certainly, and she tells him that she is certain if Valentin didn’t do it, then the kidnapper is still out there. What if he kidnaps someone not as smart or resourceful? He wouldn’t want that to happen. Spencer guesses he wouldn’t, and Laura asks again if he’s 100% certain.

Jared says he’s not one for mysteries. He’s giving Obrecht ten minutes; five if she’s boring. She assures him that she’s never been boring. She says before he went to prison, he was married to Rachel Berlin, and there are so many puzzling questions. She brings up the night they had a fight at the country club, and Jared says he’s done. She assures him not. She has a suspicion that he might want to locate her. He says that he can do that on his own, but Obrecht says she’s just a few miles away, living under a different name, and preparing to have child with new love of her life.

Hayden says Elizabeth is the best resource she’s got. Elizabeth asks before all these books, what were her thoughts about having kids? Hayden tells her that she was raised believing material things and wealth were paramount, but doesn’t want to instill those values in her offspring. She says that she was married before, but it was over before the scandal broke. They lived well, and talked about having kids, but not seriously. This is the first time she’s taken the subject seriously, and that’s because she’s pregnant. Elizabeth takes the books away. Hayden asks what she did to be such a good mom.

Sonny fixes the tourniquet on his leg. He knocks over a crate and steps onto it, pulling himself up. We focus on his shoes, and I wonder why.

Jason tells Finn that Sam has been babbling about being safe. Griff puts a rush on some tests. Jason tells Sam he’ll be right back and she’ll be fine. He leaves, and in her head, Sam sees Sonny, who asks if she’s happy now. She killed him.

Nina knows that Valentin’s version of events in the past has sounded truthful, but sometimes wasn’t. He asks if she believes he loves her, and she says yes, in the way he knows how. She tells him that sometimes ruthless strategy and heartfelt declaration are hard to tell apart, and she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to.

Laura asks Spencer about the shoes, and if he really saw them. He says technically, no. Laura says he has to stop. She loves him, but right now he’s being as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin, and she needs for him to be something better, and tell Dante the truth – no more no less. Dante comes in. He asks if Spencer has anything to add.

Elizabeth says Hayden is being kind. Hayden asks when Elizabeth has known her to be kind for the sake of being kind, and Elizabeth says never. Hayden tells her that she’s observed Elizabeth’s mothering skills. Elizabeth insists she’ll have them too, but Hayden says that in her other life, she wasn’t a good person. In the second grade, she extorted a candy bracelet from a classmate. She has a lot to regret.

Jared tells Obrecht good for Rachel. He says they’re divorced, and he has no reason to track her. Obrecht asks what about his prison sentence? At the time, Rachel was wealthy. Jared says she had a talent for making money, and obviously, Obrecht knows what happened. Obrecht says knowing Rachel as she does, he went to prison for her, and she wants to help him.

Sonny falls. He rests for a moment.

Fantasy Sonny tells Sam that it’s not over just because she killed him; it will never be over. Sam sits up and yells. Jason comes in. Sam wants to go home, but Jason tells Griff that she’s not making sense. She keeps talking about being safe.

Spencer tells Dante that maybe he’s being over-dramatic, and not as accurate as he first thought. Dante asks if he’s certain Valentin is the one. Spencer is certain he could have been, but not actually certain he did it. Dante asks about the shoes, and Spencer says now that he thinks about it, he never saw them. He had a bag over his head, and didn’t see anything. Dante asks if there’s anything else, and Spencer tells him that he doesn’t know who did it. He doesn’t remember or know anything. Dante thanks him. Laura tells Spencer, good job. Spencer says he still hates Valentin. Laura doesn’t blame him, and wants him to know they’ll never stop fighting for justice for his father.

Dante tells Valentin that he’s free to go, but don’t leave town. He says that Spencer admitted he wasn’t sure, and ha no idea who took him. Valentin looks at Nina.

Elizabeth says that Hayden has come a long way from being Rachel. She stuck by Finn, and she thinks they’ve made progress as sisters. She tells Hayden that by the time her shower rolls around, she’ll have it down pat. Hayden says she has no friends; who would throw her a shower? Elizabeth tells her that’s what sisters are for and they hug.

Jared finds out from Obrecht that Rachel is now calling herself Hayden, even though everyone knows who she really is. Obrecht tells him that Hayden’s current lover ruined her life. Until recently, she was a highly regarded physician, and he was hellbent on his own destruction. She tried to save hospital from him, but Hayden saved him instead. She wants to pay him back in kind. Jared asks again what she wants. She says the time he spent in prison was to what end? He’s entitled to more, but if he isn’t interested in getting the recompense he deserves, there’s the door. It will take him to the rest of his unfulfilled life.

Sonny sits down. He sees his shattered phone.

Jason says Sam needs rest. She tells him not to worry, and he says he’s not; the doctors will find out what’s going on. Sam says she did it, and he asks what she means; what did she do?

Nina says she doesn’t know Valentin’s heart. He says she knows it better than anyone because it belongs to her. He went without love his entire life until her, and he doesn’t want to give it up. She has reason to doubt him, but he wants to be a better man. Nina says that’s why she posted bail, and jokes about getting her money back. She has to get to work, and leaves the station. Valentin smiles.

Spencer comes out, and tells Valentin not to think he’s going soft. He’ll do what it takes to make him pay. Valentin says actions have consequnces, and assuming someone kidnapped him, they’re getting away. Laura tells Spencer that she’s taking him home, but he insists Windemere is his home, and Valentin stole it. Spencer tells Valentin, My name is Spencer Cassadine; you killed my father; prepare to die, referring to dialogue from The Princess Bride. I die laughing.

Hayden leaves Elizabeth’s place, almost forgetting her bag.

Jared tells Obrecht that maybe Rachel promised him something, but it was a long time ago, before she lost everything. Obrecht asks if he got nothing, and Jared says just divorce papers in his jail cell. She says he was cast aside, and she knows what it’s like to be discarded, and Rachel/Hayden has a flair for that. What she did to him personally was done to Obrecht professionally. It’s up to them to fire back. Jared says, or move on like grown-ups. Obrecht doesn’t think they have the right to do what they did. Jared doesn’t either. Obrecht suggests that if they work together, they can acquire recompense and retribution.

Griff looks at the test results. Finn thinks he has an idea of what they’re dealing with. More brain worms?

Sonny throws the phone. That always helps. He struggles to get up again, and looks up at the wall.

Jason tells Sam to try and sleep. She says she already did it, and he tells her that he loves her, but for now, just rest. She convulses, and the alarm goes off.

Tomorrow, Sonny continues to call for help, Jordan has news about Dante’s father, and Stella asks Curtis when he and Jordan decided to call it quits.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Dorinda goes to yoga. The instructor tells her to do the egg salad position. I swear that’s what he said. Luann tells us how wasted she got the night before, like we didn’t notice. Bethenny says she’s tough; she’d be praying to the toilet bowl right now. I’d at least be in bed. At breakfast, everyone wonders how Luann is even functioning. A major floral arrangement comes for Tinsley. The card says it’s for the best and longest first date ever. She wonders how he knew where to send them. Um… he asked Adam? Carole says it’s a match made in heaven. Bethenny suggests surfing, but Tinsley and Luann want to shop.

Ramona apologizes to Bethenny for her idiocy, saying it just snowballed somehow. She doesn’t know why she embarrasses herself all the time. In her interview, she says she just wants it to stop, and will say anything. Bethenny tells her she wants a smooth day at the distillery, and Ramona should just stay and chill. Ramona thinks Bethenny might change her mind. Bethenny says she’s never seen anything like it, and it goes back for ten years. She doesn’t want to hurt Ramona, but thinks it’s not in her best interest to go. She says Ramona doesn’t like her, but Ramona says, I don’t not not like you [sic]. Whatever that means. Ramona randomly mentions an article about Bethenny in the Wall Street Journal.

Ramona and Sonja have breakfast. Sonja says that Tinsley’s childlike behavior is being enabled. She talks about Tinsley’s five-day date, and asks who does that? Jealous much? Ramona says she’ll never win with Bethenny. When she’s healthy, she snaps like a turtle. Bethenny suggests going surfing. Dorinda has never surfed, but is willing to give it a try. Better her than me.

Tinsley thinks Sonja doesn’t understand, and asks why she isn’t more protective with the press. In her interview, Tinsley says she would have immediately squashed anything about a friend of hers. Sonja says that Tinsley has to deal with it herself, and that she should have brought it up in private. Her friends just made it worse by enabling her behavior. Apparently, Sonja’s root word-of-the-day is enable.

Luann gets whacked with a surfboard in the elbow, which I’m sure takes her mind off of her hangover. Dorinda says surfing is like birth. Bethenny is very good, but not so much Carole, who wonders why she’s doing this. Afterward, everyone high fives the instructor. Bethenny says they missed Ramona’s floatation devices (i.e. her boobs).

Sonja screeches at Tinsley that she didn’t do it. Tinsley says it came from her. Sonja insists they didn’t talk to her. Tinsley thinks Sonja is being aggressive and bitchy, and had something to do with it.

Bethenny wants an early dinner so they can be fresh in the morning. Dorinda says Ramona hates to be by herself, and thinks she still might end up coming. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Bethenny is going to relent. The girls go to an outside market. I would go absolutely wild there. Ramona has decided to act like nothing is wrong. Bethenny points out an amazing embroidered kimono-sleeved dress. Her card is blocked since her assistant didn’t do something or other with it, and Ramona springs for the dress, much to Bethenny’s dismay. Tinsley says she’s winning. Bethenny says she ultimately can’t be mean, and Sonja says you can’t get rid of Singer. Ramona buys straw tote bags for everyone, but Luann has to lend her money, which she doesn’t expect to see again. Bethenny wonders how much it will cost for Ramona to get herself an invite. She’s saying no, but all signs are pointing to yes.

Back at the ranch villa, some of the girls get in the hot tub. Bethenny asks Sonja how Ramona’s headspace is. She doesn’t want to have a Hallmark moment in inviting her along, but says if Ramona does anything wrong, she’ll have to kill her. Sonja tells them that Ramona was happy in her marriage. She’s fronting, and it’s making her act out. Ramona jogs on the beach, which they all find weird. Carole thinks there’s a hot guy at the end of the beach, or maybe just a guy.

Sonja tells Ramona about how Bethenny didn’t want to exclude her. Ramona says she understands that Bethenny’s feelings were hurt. She f-ed up with what she said, and it wasn’t her intention to hurt her. Bethenny is wearing the cutest dress ever. It looks like something from the 70s – a mini with longish full sleeves that have open shoulders, and it has drawstrings everywhere. Ramona says she has to accept only bringing up what Bethenny wants to. Sonja says they’re growing. Please. Dorinda thinks she’s sore from yoga until Carole reminds her that she went surfing.

At dinner, Bethenny says it can’t be a blackout night. Tinsley sees the Page Six item got published; she was hoping Sonja would negate the story. Bethenny says it mentions Sonja and Ramona too. Tinsley insists it started from Sonja. Sonja says she’s blowing it out of proportion, but Carole backs Tinsley up, and says that Sonja tells total strangers Tinsley is a bad houseguest. Sonja says it was a friendship issue, but Tinsley says she complained so much, it got in the press. Sonja says you don’t stay for five months if you’re unhappy. In her interview, Carole says that Sonja never met an article with her name in it that she didn’t love. Luann tells Sonja to apologize, and she does the sorry, but thing. Bethenny says it’s like a circle jerk, and Carole has to explain what that means. I won’t be doing that. Google it if you don’t know. Dorinda gives out cute and funny gifts. Is there a Spencer’s in Mexico?

Bethenny says that she’s blessed and fortunate to take them on an alcoholic field trip; she just has to get them there. She explains how to dress. Bethenny tells Ramona she doesn’t know how she feels anymore, and begs her to behave at the distillery. She says it’s her life and livelihood, and she doesn’t want it ruined. If Ramona has nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Ramona insists she wouldn’t do that. Bethenny tells Ramona to try to be someone people tolerate, and they hug it out.

Sonja claims she hasn’t had a drink in ten months. I believe it if you do. Ramona cracks her head getting into the helicopter (good) because she has a bandana over her face to protect her baby skin. She’s happy to be included, and thinks they’re on a path to something better. Bethenny says it’s been a rough couple of years, but now it’s overwhelming. Olas all around. A guy blows a conch shell, and there’s drumming. Dorinda thinks Ramona looks like a bad MTV commercial from the 80s, and this time she does not want her MTV.

Raphael is the tour guide. SkinnyGirl margaritas are given out. People in native costume dance. Carole says she’s never seen anything like it – except in Vegas. They’re shown the agave plants, and how they’re harvested. They take a trolley to the distillery. Everyone thanks Bethenny, who says she’s happy they’re all there. Dorinda can’t bear watching Ramona kiss Bethenny’s ass. At the distillery, the girls put on hard hats, and the process is explained. They get old-fashioned powder horns, which is the original way tequila was drunk. It’s 130 proof; 65% alcohol. Oh. No. Everyone drinks from their horns. Luann tells us it’s smooth but strong. Dorinda compares it to drinking smoke.

There’s a dancing horse outside, and a little boy giving out roses. Dorinda says it’s like Disneyland in Mexico with tequila. A tent has been set up for lunch. Bethenny passes out little drinking buddies, tiny plastic guys in bathing suits that sit on the glasses, and the tequila tasting menu commences. Tinsley wants to take a kid home, and Carole calls her the Angelina Jolie of Mexico.

Dorinda isn’t sure they’re going to make it home, but it’s back to the helicopter. Probably the only way you’d get me in it is after a day of booze. When they get back, Carole says they have to keep drinking. Bethenny says light a match and the house will go up in flames. She dances on the table. Everyone goes out by the pool, and Sonja tries to make out with Luann. Some of the girls take advantage of the infinity pool and rope swing.

Ramona tells Sonja about Mario leaving his ring at home, and how she knew something was changing. Sonja says when they start wearing skinny jeans and tight T-shirts, they’re cheating. She doesn’t believe Ramona is happy, since she was having sex every night when she was married. Bethenny says no one does it every night. Sonja says she was there (!), and Ramona says it was three or four times a week. She misses what they had, but has to go on. Sonja wails about how hard it must be, and Bethenny tells Sonja to knock it off. In her interview, she says you know if she’s defending Ramona, it’s bad. Ramona starts to argue with Sonja.

Next time, a fishing trip where whales show up, more tequila is swilled, there are fireworks, and Dorinda injures her hand.

🍴 On MasterChef, after Daisy the Cow was paraded around, the mystery box was revealed to have cow parts. That’s just wrong. One chef wasn’t sure what to do with the kidneys, and I’m reminded of the depression food my father cooked when I was a child. (His neck bone soup still stands as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.) Angus steak and asparagus were in the pressure test, and Nico went home. Gordon told him he was talented, but couldn’t grasp his fundamental errors. Truth! He could not grasp the reasons his dish went wrong. Next time, the chefs have to cook for the backbone of culinary world, and use their products. We also learn ricotta and halibut don’t go together.

It’s Back…


🍨 Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us thinner. – Devon, Odd Mom Out


July 25, 2017 – George Interrupts GH, Wyatt Gets Sprung, Some Swinging Guests & a Croatia Crossover


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

On the phone at The Floating Rib, Nathan tells Amy they have a problem. Things got really weird. Maxie, who’s suddenly standing in front of him, couldn’t agree more. Nathan hugs and kisses her.

Dante wants to canvas the area where he found Spencer’s glasses. Laura comes to the station. He tells her to sit down, but she doesn’t want to. He shows her the glasses.

Nina runs into Anna and says he’s innocent. Anna assumes she means Valentin, and asks what Nina wants from her. Nina thinks Anna’s word has weight, but Anna says there’s really nothing she can do. Nina tells her that Valentin has a lot of people who believe in him. And there he is. Looking rather bedraggled. Nina asks what happened.

Jason calls Sonny and gets voicemail. He thinks it’s weird for Sonny to go off the grid while they’re looking for Spencer. Carly asks if she should be worried, but Jason says he’s probably chasing another lead.

Sonny tells Sam he’s unarmed, and asks if Jason knows she’s there. Sam says he’s not coming to help Sonny, not now or ever; now he dies. As long as he’s alive, they’re not safe and he follows them. She has to take him out.

From his kiss, Maxie thinks Nathan missed her as much as she missed him. She can see he’s shell-shocked, but wanted it to be a surprise. She says she didn’t tell anyone, because the only thing she’s interested in, is being alone with him. She thinks she had a right to presume he feels the same, and asks if she should have called. She knew he was working all night, and figured he’d be there to get something to eat. He says she has the makings of a fine detective. He asks if something changed, and if she’s back for good. She says she’s still needed at the magazine, but they can have a mini reunion while she’s on a layover on her way to Paris. She has three hours, but plans to make the most of it. She asks who he was talking to.

Laura asks if Dante found Spencer. He says there was no sign of him, but no sign of him being harmed either. Laura flashes back to Spencer coming back to Port Charles. She says the glasses are broken, and asks where he found them. Dante tells her, and says they’re going over the place with fine tooth comb. If there’s evidence, they’ll find it

Anna says that Valentin looks disheveled. She reminds him about being a suspect in Spencer’s kidnapping, and asks if there was an altercation. He appreciates her concern, but says he can handle himself. Nina asks what happened, but he’s hesitant to tell her. She asks him to trust her, and he says that he was questioned – by Jason.

Carly asks Jason if he’s sure Valentin didn’t do it. He says Valentin is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. It’s a dead end. He’s going to chase other leads, and says to call him if she hears from Sonny. Carly says it feels like old times, and he says yes, it does.

Sonny doesn’t want to hurt Sam, but she says she doesn’t want the father of her kids taken away. She tells Sonny that he thinks he has all the answers and always gets what he wants. She’s not letting him talk his way out of this one.

Nina asks Valentin why Jason would do this. She asks if he tried to enforce the truth from him. She wants to call the police, but Valentin says no. Jason knows he wouldn’t do something in such an obvious, stupid fashion. Nina says he has to give a statement, but he doesn’t want to press charges. She says that Anna is probably telling everyone that he’s been in a fight, and he could get a violation of bail and go to lock up.

Dante tells Laura that they can’t be certain it’s Valentin. Laura insists that he sees Spencer as obstacle to be gotten rid of. Dante says there’s no evidence, but she says they know what he’s capable of. He promises Laura that they’ll get Spencer back, and tells her to stay strong. He leaves, and I guess she’s allowed to keep the evidence. She flashes back to Valentin saying he’ll protect what his by whatever means necessary.

Maxie tells Nathan that he has a try-not-to-be-worried look. He says if her parents see her, they’ll never get out of there. She says that when guy says something is nothing, it’s something, and she’d just read an Ask Man Landers column about this. He’s surprised she reads it, and she says the magazine was going to approach him before he got so high-minded. She doesn’t see how a blog will fill entire book (I guess she’s never read/seen Julie and Julia), and says Man Landers is overrated. Nathan says he gives great advice – he may have glanced at it once or twice. He says there’s something he has to tell her. He’s been meaning to talk about it, but it’s a better in person thing.

Felicia and Mac come into the restaurant. Felicia gushes over some flowers Mac gave her, and wonders why. He says a guy doesn’t need a reason. They see Maxie, and bombard her with questions.

Anna calls Patrick and asks about Robin. She says, OMG.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny is walking away from a lot of power, and she feels like a hypocrite. The second someone she cares about is in trouble, she wants him to use it. Jason says she’s not a hypocrite, but being realistic. Carly says he’ll use everything he can, and will end up owing people who will want to collect. She was naïve thinking he could make a clean break. Jason says that he got out. Carly knows how difficult it was, and is glad he made that decision, but Sonny is the boss. Jason got to walk away because Sonny gave his blessing, but Sonny getting out will leave a lot of unhappy people.

Sam says just being around Sonny puts the people he loves in danger. She doesn’t want Danny and Scout to end up like Morgan, so she’s saving their lives. Sonny says he’d never want anything bad to happen, and she says but it does, and it ends now. Sonny doesn’t know what’s going on, but she needs to know he doesn’t want to hurt her; he wants to help. He promises it will be fine, and tells her to put the gun down or she’ll do something that she can’t take back.

Felicia says this is the best surprise she’s had all day. Mac clears his throat, and she says except for the flowers. Max says he’ll let it pass, but wants to see pictures of Georgie. He can’t wait for Georgie to be teenager, so she can give Maxie the same grief he got from her. Maxie says they probably had plans, but Felicia says that they can curl up with movie any night, and they’re not letting her out of their sight. Nathan says he was hoping… but Anna comes in. She says that Robin is having the baby. Nathan and Maxie exchange exasperated looks.

Laura harasses Dante, who says they have to broaden the search. She continues to insist it was Valentin. Nina and Valentin walk into the station, and he says he wants to make statement. Laura gets in his face, and asks what he’s done with Spencer.

Jason tells Carly that he knows it’s different. Sonny will be a target or threat for whoever wants to take over, but when Sonny is determined to do something, he gets it done. Carly says that circumstances have a way of interfering. Jason tells her that Sonny will find way to make it work. Diane strides in, and says he has. She says he’s been avoiding her calls, although she can’t blame him. She says for a man of such physical courage, he can be an emotional coward; she wouldn’t want to face her either. She tells them that he gave Max a promotion to inter-manager until he finds a permanent successor.

Sam says she has no choice, but Sonny says there has to be another solution where no one gets hurt. He knows she’s going through something, and understands. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand on hers, and she starts to lower the gun. He says he’d do anything for Jason. The gun goes off.

It’s my nemesis George Stephanopoulos. I hate them all more with every afternoon press conference.

Now that the show is almost over…

Jason comes home to an empty place. He looks for Sam. She comes in while he’s upstairs. She’s been crying.

Mac toasts to Robin’s new baby and their family getting bigger. They all drink to family.

Apparently, Nathan and Maxie got alone time. While they’re getting dressed, Maxie wishes she didn’t have to leave. Nathan tells her don’t, but she says her car is going to be there any minute. She’ll see him in a few weeks. She remembers he was going to tell her something, but the car horn beeps. He says it’s nothing that can’t wait. They exchange I love yous.

Spencer is at the station. Valentin asks if he was rescued or turned himself in. Laura says that he escaped. Dante asks who did this? Nina says to tell them that Valentin had nothing to do with it.

Carly tells Diane that there was a time she thought Sonny would never leave the business. Diane says it’s only because of her. It was evident when she represented him in their latest divorce, that if he couldn’t be with her, he didn’t care if the world burned around him. Now he’s getting out of the mob without throwing himself in a six-foot ditch. Diane tells Carly to make the most of it.

Sam mumbles to Jason about protecting him, and that it’s over. They don’t have to worry anymore. She keels over, and he grabs her before she hits the floor.

Sonny lies unconscious in a storage room under the distillery back lot.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Griff that he got a second chance, Obrecht talks to Jared, and Jason tries to get the truth from Sam.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Candace looks to Charles for help, and asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she really recorded their conversation. She did, but only the part she played for him, and she’s sorry. He asks if they’re clear on how this goes. He tells her that he plays the game better than she does. One of his men mentions that the last girl got life in Guantanamo Bay. Candace says please, and Charles says, take her. Methinks Charles is a bit of a BS artist with back-up.

Candace is cuffed. Charles has tracked what she’s done, and says she doesn’t have any real information. She only talked to Oscar, but didn’t record anything. What he wants to know is why? Why not go after him? She says she likes him, and saw him with his kids. It was exciting for her; he made her excited. She only recorded the conversation because she wanted to make sure he’d come back. He says she’s a good liar, but she says she’s not lying. He tells the men to let her go and leave them. They take her phone, and Charles says if he were her, he’d say nothing. She asks if they can start over, and he says he’d like that.

Charles reintroduces himself. He says her name is, out of your league. He asks if she’s done this before, and Candace tells him that she has. He asks how many times, and she says a few. He asks if that’s how she got so much money. Charles knows everything about her, and Candace says she knows that she can’t lie to him. He tells her that she’s not the first to try this. She asks if he would have really locked her up. He says faster than she could say “Guantanamo,” and she’s shocked at who he is. She thought she had him figured out, and he was nice. He says he is nice. Last night, she met a presidential candidate; did she think there was no secret service? They were all around. He asks if he should take his clothes off, but Candace says she’s not in the mood. Charles says he thought power turns her on, so he’s going to grant her this opportunity, but she still says no. He says, no it is then. She asks if she’ll see him again, and he says he’ll think about it; he was hoping she’d be one of the places he could take care of his needs. Candace is taken aback, and says if she’s not number one, she doesn’t want it. He talks about her past and how she’s wanted for murder, and says she’s a powder keg waiting for a spark. He knew everything when he first saw her. He tells her Oscar has been hired to get something on him. Candace wonders why he bothered going along with it, and he says she’s one of the sexist women he’d ever seen, and knew she’d recently been cleared by a doctor. (I guess you have to think of these things today.) For some reason, that doesn’t offend her, and she asks if she blew getting to know him. He says he doesn’t know, but feels that he can trust her as long as he has the upper hand.

Landon comes to the door. His eyes nearly bug out of his head when he sees Candace, but he doesn’t miss a beat. He tells Charles there’s been a shooting in the neighborhood where he’s having a rally, and he needs to address it. It was a child caught in the crossfire of a fight. I assume it’s Quincy Jr. Charles doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation, and says no way. Landon tells him that if he doesn’t address it, it could backfire. He tries to rush Charles and says it’s his job to keep him on schedule. His second job is to keep shooting glances at Candace. Charles says that he’s in the middle of a conversation. Landon is insistent, but Charles says he needs a minute.

When Landon leaves, Charles tells Candace that he’ll see her later, and asks if she’ll still be there tonight. She says she will.

At the hospital, Veronica visits Melissa. She asks how Melissa is, and says she gave her a scare. She tells Melissa to say that she’s sorry, and she does. Veronica says that Melissa put her grandchild in great danger. Melissa says the baby is fine, and Veronica says that’s good for her. Melissa asks if that’s all she cares about, and Veronica says she doesn’t care about Melissa; she cares about the legacy she leaves, and the bundle of joy in Melissa’s belly. She asks Melissa if she wants to die, and Melissa says yes. Veronica asks why, and she says her father is dead. Veronica says people die; it happens all the time. Melissa says she wants to go with him, and Veronica slaps her, saying she wants to live, and live well, and raise her child. Veronica slaps her again, and tells her to listen. She doesn’t want to die; she’s just being dramatic. She’s there because she wants attention, and wants something Veronica isn’t capable of giving – sympathy. So what? Another old negro died; we move on. Veronica says if Melissa had really wanted to die, she would have buried the razor deep in her wrist. She should slap her again for ruining her sheets, and her night. She had to go to court in the morning, but she was there with Melissa, of all people, when she needed her beauty sleep. The only thing keeping Melissa alive is that baby. She says Melissa will take care of him, and she’ll take care of Melissa, but if she doesn’t take care of him, then death won’t be her problem. Veronica will make sure she survives in a catatonic state, where she knows everything that’s going on, but can’t move. She’ll show her what it’s like to be living, yet dead in hell. Veronica wants to be sure Melissa understands that if she ever, ever does anything like this again, they won’t have to come to the hospital because she’ll throw her off the roof. She’ll be sure to revive her though. Melissa looks at her like Regan looking at Father Karras in The Exorcist, and nods.

The funeral director goes over things with Hannah and Kathryn. Kathryn tells Hannah not to worry about the price. He asks when they’d like the funeral, and Hannah says Saturday. He knows it’s a hard time, and she’s in his prayers. Katherine shows him out. Hannah calls Benny, but Mitch answers. She asks where Benny is, and Mitch says he went out. Hannah is skeptical, since he said that the  last time, but Mitch isn’t giving out any information. He says Benny asked him not to tell her, but she insists. Kathryn asks what’s going on, and takes the phone. Mitch tells Kathryn that Benny is in jail for Quincy’s murder, and not to tell Hannah. Kathryn says she’ll make a call. She tells Hannah that Benny is fine, and says she’ll call Mitch back later.

Hannah wants to leave. She wonders why Benny isn’t calling her back. Kathryn says he’s fine; he’s in jail. Hannah is like, what?! Kathryn says that it’s about Quincy Maxwell’s death. Hannah runs out the door, and Kathryn follows her.

Wyatt wakes up. Anna is there. He asks how long he slept. She says a long time, and asks how he feels. He tells her that he feels good. She explains that he’s going to be discharged, and they’re happy with his progress. She’s going to get the car, and tells him to get dressed. She leaves, and Jim walks in. Wyatt asks what he’s doing there, and he says that he wants to see his son. Wyatt doesn’t want to see him. Jim says that he’s still Wyatt’s father, but Wyatt says that doesn’t give him the right to do what he wants to him, and he’s not taking it anymore. He has enough money to not deal with him again. He tells Jim to forget about him, but Jim says that Wyatt is his son and he loves him. Wyatt laughs, and says nothing will keep him from testifying. Jim is offended, and says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that. What he cares about is that Wyatt was gone, and he couldn’t look for him because he was in jail. Wyatt says he put him there, and doesn’t give a damn how it makes him feel. Jim says fine. He’d like the money back so they can make sure he’s okay. Wyatt says they want to control him. Jim says they want to make sure he uses the money properly, since he has a substance abuse problem. Wyatt says he’s getting treatment, and Jim says they’re proud of him. Wyatt refuses to listen. He’s sick of Jim, and doesn’t want to see him or Kathryn again; Jim is going away for life. Jim begs him not to do this. It’s not about him. Wyatt says it’s done. Leave him alone; he never wants to see Jim again. Wyatt leaves and Jim calls Oscar.

Oscar is trying to locate War. Jim wants to know about Wyatt’s money. He says Wyatt is doing everything to recover, but he’s done it before and will fail. He needs Oscar to get the money back before he goes off the deep end. Oscar says he’s good at what he does, and he’s on it. Oscar sees Anna in the parking lot, and says he’d like to talk to her.

Veronica goes to the interrogation room to see Benny. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He wonders about the Secret Service threatening him, but Veronica sees nothing in the report about it. Benny says they were there, and told him he was free to go, but then they came back, said crazy stuff about terrorists, and wanted him to wait. She thinks it’s odd, and says she’ll look into it. He asks why he’s there. She tells him that he’s charged with murder. He says it’s crazy, and Veronica says it doesn’t make legal sense. Technically, he can leave, but she doesn’t think he should. She’s confused, and wonders who’s railroading him. Benny asks if she’s doing it. She says she can pull off things, but this is bigger. He asks what she wants with him. This is his life, and she’s playing games. She assures him she’s not, and this is serious. What high powered person did he piss off? She tells him that this is on another level, and he suggests David. Veronica doesn’t think he can reach that high. She tells Benny that she’ll get him out soon. Benny wants to use her phone. She says she can’t do that, but she’ll look into everything. She suggests that he insert a thank you. She says they’ll deal with who put what on whom when he’s out, and has to work off her retainer.

Anna calls Jeffrey and tells him Wyatt is going home. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Justin. He asks if Justin is following him. Justin says that he couldn’t call; Jeffrey’s mom threatened to talk to his wife. Jeffrey tells Justin not to follow him again. Justin asks if Veronica would really do it, and Jeffrey says she will. Justin knows that Jeffrey doesn’t want to see him again, but Jeffrey says that’s not true, confusing me. Justin says he screwed up, and please tell him if he’s doing better. Jeffrey says time will tell.

Justin says that he opens heart, but Jeffrey doesn’t care. Jeffrey tells him not to turn it around. He tried to hurt Jeffrey, and almost got him killed. Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey asks if they can stop; he doesn’t want to talk about it and stop bringing it up. Justin says that Jeffrey’s mother is a threat, but he’s still there. If that doesn’t prove he’s committed, what will?  Jeffrey says that he barely knows Justin, and he needs to respect his wishes and space. Justin says he’s trying, but wanted to see him. Jeffrey repeats that he needs Justin to give him space and time to clear his head. Justin asks if Wyatt is coming over, and Jeffrey says go. Justin apologizes, and says to call him.

David and Erica are having coffee. He says he got a bit distracted, and thanks her for inviting him. She apologizes about the other night, and says that she was overwhelmed. David says he was too. She says they were both a little drunk, and he says that he was too aggressive. She says it was everything she wanted it to be, and he’s a man of many talents. She asks if he’s blushing, and he says he’s surprised. He didn’t think she’d want to see him again. She says that she really likes him, and the feeling is mutual. Erica says that she doesn’t do crazy ex-wife. David apologizes, and Erica wonders what else Veronica is capable of. Veronica sits down at their table, and says she has no idea.

Omg, Veronica is the best at being the worst.

Next time, Veronica confronts David, Landon tells Charles about Canace, Justin tells Hannah what’s going on, and Rose says Jim has run out of time.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam gets in Wes’s face, taking pictures with his phone, and Wes knocks it out of his hand. Adam whacks Wes upside the head, and Hannah gets in between them. Wes tells her that Adam gave him a wedgie (I can’t believe I even wrote that about adults), but Hannah thinks his anger is really about liking the same girl. Wes says that Adam has crossed the line enough, and now he’s going to rip Wes’s pants? Now it’s personal.

Back at the boat, Lauren can barely contain her laughter. In a taxi, Hannah tells Wes to chill. Lauren asks what happened exactly, and Bobby says he’s not sure, since he was busy digging his boxers out of his ass. I guess it was wedgies all around. Adam wants to talk to Wes, but Wes isn’t having it. Malia says it’s unfair that Adam is taking out his aggression on Wes. Max tells Adam to feel free to give him a wedgie.

Adam tells Malia that he thought he’s met a person he could trust, but obviously not. We flash back to her texts to Adam. He says she put herself in this position, and congratulates her. Malia tells Bugs she doesn’t know what he thinks she’s lying about. In her interview, Bugs says that she likes Malia, but she is a big tease with the boys. Malia wants nothing to do with Adam. Hmm… Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, when Adam said that about her a few episodes back.

Wes calls Adam an idiot. Adam says he thinks that Wes is overreacting, and it has to do with Malia. Wes says if it was anyone else, he would have reacted the same way. Adam trips going down the stairs, making Wes smile and me laugh. Malia asks Bobby what he thinks, and he says she kissed both of them. She says if she wants to kiss everyone on the boat, that’s her business. Max says that half the problems on boats come from dudes hooking up with chicks. I’m paraphrasing since he says it in his unique gibberish. He and Malia argue, but I can’t understand a word.

Adam asks Hannah what’s happening. She says it’s not about the wedgie. He says before the charter he never wanted anyone like he did Malia (gag), and she’s playing Wes the same way. In his interview, he says that he didn’t care if she flirted around, until she got with Wes. Then he lost confidence in the situation. Hannah says she tried to get him to concentrate on his work when his mind was elsewhere. She doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, but confused and thinking with wrong head. She and Adam hug it out, and he apologizes for being a pita to her.

Oh, Wes and Adam bunk together? How did I not remember/notice that?  Wes wants nothing to do with Adam.

It’s quiet at breakfast. Malia ignores Adam. Bugs calls last night a comedy of errors. In his interview, Max says last night was a mess, and they saw a dark side of Adam. Malia does laundry, which is what you do when you want to hide. Hannah checks with the captain on the new charter. Bugs says she thought they were on a winning streak with the last charter, but Hannah is back to her old ways.

Bobby says that he just knew something was going to happen last night. Malia is more concerned about Wes than Adam. She says she’s over it, and doesn’t deserve to be called names.

It’s preference sheet time. The primaries are Dr. Quang and his wife, Stacey. They’re part of the Houston social scene, and have high expectations when it comes to travel. They’ve requested a black-tie dinner. Since it’s a one-day charter, Hannah says how hard can it be? Captain Sandy tells Adam that all of the guests like onions except one, and don’t be funny. The guests are being picked up near their hotel.

The crew cleans the boat. Max is tired of Malia bouncing off Wes and then Adam, and now being lead deckhand. The boat proceeds to pick up the guests. Hannah asks Bugs to clean the crew mess. Captain Sandy gets ready to drop anchor, with Wes and Malia on deck. The captain starts getting annoyed because the communication is nil. She doesn’t want Malia and Wes working the bow together again. She tells Wes that if Malia can’t do the job, she wants someone out there who can. Malia is supposed to be holding her fingers up for a signal, and the captain says if she’s too short, get someone taller. She says that Malia needs to step it up. Malia doesn’t get what she’s doing wrong, and tells Wes that she’s not that short.

The guests come in by water taxi. Wes says it’s the first time they’ve picked guests up that way, and it’s a cool entrance. Bugs calls them fancy. The ladies are even wearing hats, and Adam says it’s like the game Clue.  The tour happens. Guest Bryan says that if the room is rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’. Not that fancy.

Hannah can tell it’s going to be a long one-day charter. Bobby and Malia are lost about unpacking the luggage in the master bedroom. I wouldn’t want someone else unpacking my bags. The guests want a proper sit-down lunch. Hannah says it’s a disaster, and Adam says you can’t silver serve a canape.

Adam makes sushi. Scrambling isn’t his favorite way to begin a charter. Hannah puts wine in a guest’s glass for her to taste. The guest says she might need more than that, and Hannah explains. We all get a good laugh, and Dr. Quang thinks maybe that is all she needs. One of the guests wants Hannah to book some flights for the next leg of their journey. The spread looks fantastic, especially in comparison to the turkey sandwich I had for dinner.

Hannah asks Lauren to unpack one of the cabins while she books flights. Lauren thinks Hannah does more talking than working. The guests seem happy. No one knows how to unpack. Bugs asks Malia for help in the galley. Hannah tells the guest about the flights, but she wants something direct. Captain Sandy heads toward the next beach. Bobby says he’s invisible to the captain now, and it pisses him off. Hannah tells Adam how picky the guests are. She feels like they’re finally getting along. Max says you know what they say about pineapple… and leaves that there.

Adam feels spiteful when Malia gets chummy with the others in the galley. He says it has nothing to do with Wes, and he misdirected his anger. He apologizes to Wes, who says he was embarrassed in front of the locals. Adam says he’s in a better space now, and asks to bury the hatchet. In his interview, Wes says they need to be professional even though it’s a half-assed apology.

Guest Bryan is in Bugs and Lauren’s faces about getting the water sports going. In her interview, Bugs says he’s too much. He wants to know why they didn’t go to some other beach, and Bugs explains something about having to anchor there because of safety issues. Bobby brings out the jet skis.

Wes tells Malia about the sorry it happened, instead of sorry I did it, apology from Bobby. He says it’s not the first time Adam has been spiteful, and brings up the onions. He’s glad people can see who Adam really is. He and Malia agree that they don’t want to associate with people like him.

Guest Stacey, who stayed out of the water, tells Captain Sandy how thrilled she is with the weather and the scenery. The captain says that they’ll be anchoring there, and Stacey says it’s perfect. Adam says he knows how to do Tex-Mex, but for these guests he’s doing a Thai Tex-Mex fusion. And another cake, since there’s an anniversary. The guests get dressed up for the black-tie dinner. The table is beautiful, lots of gold and a silver cowboy boot to hold the wine. Adam comes along with the appetizers. The guests pronounce it spectacular.

Lauren and Bugs gripe about the extra work. Bugs says it is what it is. Adam introduces the soup, which is way more than just soup. Adam works on the cake, vanilla chiffon with strawberry filling, decorating it flowers and fruit. Bugs thinks it’s bizarre that Hannah and Adam are getting along.

The guests go to bed. Bugs cleans up. We see guests switching cabins. Bugs tells Max that they all went down to the lower cabin, and he says that they’re swingers. He tells us that he doesn’t meet many swingers, but if he did, that’s exactly what they’d look like.

Malia starts to bring up the anchor, and the captain calls Bobby to the bow. She wants Bobby on anchor. Malia is confused about her deckhand role, but thinks she’s messing up and being challenged, and it’s not fair. The boat docks. The guests pack. It starts to rain. It’s time to say good-by. Stacey tells Captain Sandy that it was the bucket list trip of a lifetime. She says she can’t wait to come back, and nudges her husband. The tip is handed over. In her interview, Hannah says after all the work they did, she hopes it’s good.

Tip time! Captain Sandy goes over anchoring, and wants Bobby on bow from now on. She commends the crew on a fantastic job, and singles out Hannah for her travel agent skills, and Adam for his food. The tip is $15K or $1350 each.

Malia tries to tell Bobby what to do, but he says his way is better. She thinks he believes it’s okay to ignore her, and wants to talk. She says he’s being competitive, but he says the captain wants him on the bow, and he knows what he’s doing. He tells her that she has no experience, and she says she has initiative, which got her the job, and not to take it out on her. She doesn’t care about the title, and would gladly give it to him. Bobby says he doesn’t want it out of sympathy. She tells him to let it go. She says comradery is what makes a lead deckhand, and you can’t be a leader by being a d*ck. He says he’ll go somewhere else then.

The crew gets ready to go out. They go to a really cool looking bar with brick walls and neon. Adam tells Hannah that he’s sick of being on the boat with Malia. He says that from day one he told her not to break his heart. He’s losing steam on getting to know someone, and asks if all chicks are the same way. Bugs and Malia talk about how Hannah and Adam are suddenly friends. Hannah tells Adam that Malia is jealous, and he likes it. She gets closer to him, and Lauren takes a picture. Bugs tells Malia that she should make out with Wes.

Adam calls Malia a sweetheart, and she calls him an a-hole. Hannah thinks she shouldn’t have jerked him around in the first place. Adam and Hannah go outside, and Malia toasts to something stupid. Sitting at one of the outside tables, Hannah says she’s glad she met Adam. He says he’s glad he met her too, and she kisses him. She says that she’s going back to the boat and nearly topples over. Adam says he’ll walk her back. He goes inside to get his hat, and tells Malia that he’s going back with Hannah. He makes some inappropriate comments and gestures, and Malia says she’d be glad if he hooked up with Hannah. He says Malia is special, but not really. Hannah and Adam drunkenly walk back to the yacht.

Next time, Hannah thanks Adam for looking after her, Bugs calls Hannah lazy, and Adam shows Wes the texts.







July 24, 2017 – Not So Quiet at The Quiet Woman, Tubbers on Canvas & the Perfect Excuse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Flyers are put out about Spencer being missing. Nathan yells at someone on the phone about getting footage. Dante thinks he should get some rest, but he’s not feeling the empty apartment. Dante says it’s not empty, it’s quiet, and if he doesn’t go, Dante is pulling out the big guns and calling Maxie. He suggests a shower too.

Valerie brings Oscar over to Dante. He says he has information about Spencer.

Carly catches Josslyn trying to leave the house. Josslyn wants to join the search, but Carly says they’re using every resource, including Sonny’s contacts. Josslyn wants to do something, and Carly says maybe later, reminding her that she’s still grounded. Carly asks about Oscar. Josslyn says he’s a really nice guy, but Carly wants to see it for herself. She tells Josslyn to invite him over.

Sonny is sent a picture of Spencer sitting in a basement. Sonny texts a response, asking what the person wants in exchange for Spencer.

Well, it’s not Valentin, since Jason is dousing him with water. He shows Valentin one of the flyers. He asks Valentin where Spencer is.

At The Floating Rib, Mac is a klutz, knocking over his shopping bag. A pair of shoes spill out, and Nathan makes fun of him, saying the shoes look too small. Mac tells Nathan that he wants to make his wife feel special. He asks if there’s any word on Spencer, and Nathan says Dante told him to leave and get some food and rest. Mac thinks that’s a good idea, and asks him to sit. Nathan says he has to recharge.

Oscar has brought some evidence to the station, and Valerie commends him on following procedure. Oscar explains that he found Post-It notes from an historical figure game they’d been playing at camp the morning Spencer disappeared. He didn’t want to play, and Oscar thinks he put them in his pocket. Valerie also found a partial footprint. Dante thanks Oscar, who hopes they find him. Spencer is important to a friend of his.

Josslyn tells Carly that Oscar is busy searching for Spencer. Carly asks if that’s where she was headed, and Josslyn says she really does want to help, since Spencer disappeared on her watch. Carly tells her that it was out of her control, but Josslyn still feels terrible. Carly isn’t happy with her lying and sneaking out. She doesn’t know if its Oscar or Josslyn, but she’s making bad choices and Carly isn’t trusting her. Josslyn gets a text from Oscar, who would like to hang out. Carly tells her to invite him over.

Valentin asks Jason if Laura was his diversion or did he capitalize on her hysteria? Jason says that Valentin refused to help her out, so someone had to. Valentin insists that he didn’t take Spencer. Jason says his memory might be hazy, but he’s going to tell him where Spencer is one way or another. He takes out a knife.

Sonny’s phone rings. A text says, took you long enough. He asks what they want. He’s told to come to the distillery, alone, with $200K or the kid dies. Sonny has a headache.

Mac was going to cancel poker night, but thinks Nathan needs company. Nathan tells Mac that he doesn’t want to get cleaned out by Epiphany again. He asks what the shoes are about, and Mac says he wants to keep Felicia interested, and put the oomph back in their marriage.

Oscar shows up in a tie with flowers. Carly says she’s heard a lot about him and shakes his hand. She asks if the flowers are for her. He has several bouquets, and says that he wasn’t sure what her favorites were, so he covered all the bases. She asks who scared him into making a good impression, but he says that he just wanted her to know he’s cool – in a good way. She says she’d offer him a tour of the house, but since he was at a party there, he already saw it. He says only the part they’re in, and she’s like, oh, that’s’ right, you two were in here drinking illegally.

Valerie thinks the Post-Its were found where they were dropped. Dante looks at security footage form where the notes were found. He tells Valerie to interview people while he checks it out.

Jason says if Valentin wants to see his daughter again, he’ll tell him where Spencer is. Valentin says he doesn’t know where Spencer is. He tells Jason to do what he needs to do, but it will be no good. He doesn’t have Spencer, and doesn’t know where he is, and every minute Jason wastes with him is one where he could be looking.

Sonny goes to the distillery. He calls out that he’s there. He asks if they’re afraid to meet him face to face, and is suddenly shot in the arm.

Dante tells Valerie that the video is terrible, but he doesn’t see anyone stealing a kid. He looks again at a car parked in a way that the camera can’t pick up plates. Valerie thinks it’s the perfect spot and it’s no coincidence. The only thing they can tell is that the driver is male and wearing sunglasses; they can’t make out the face. Dante says they don’t know where the car came from, and can’t see what’s in the trunk, but the driver looks nervous. Dante notes where the car turns when it leaves, and Valerie goes to check other cameras.

Mac tells Nathan that it’s important to keep things fresh. Nathan says he’s been eating too much junk, and Mac suggests they go to the gym. Nathan remembers his own advice. Mac says he’s a lucky man. Felicia is hot stuff, and he has to show her that he still has it too.

Carly says she’s not much of a cook, but snacks are her thing. Oscar says they’re delicious, and apologizes for the drinking. He tells her that he remembers an Oscar Wilde quote about never getting a second chance to make a first impression. He’s sorry he blew his, and asks if he can make it up. Carly says that depends, and wants to know where the alcohol came from. Oscar explains that another guy’s legal-age cousin got it, but says that’s no excuse. Carly tells him that if one of the kids had gotten injured there or in an accident on the way home, she could have been sued. She says that neither of them should have been drinking, especially Josslyn, since she only has one kidney. Oscar had no idea. Carly thinks it’s not an isolated incident, and that Oscar has drinking experience. He says not really, but it was’t just that once.

Sonny lies on the ground. A man kicks him. It’s Garvy the Mobster! Sonny is like wth? Garvmeister can’t believe Sonny is still alive, since he shot him in the heart. He says he saw his chance, and needs a break; his arm was really damaged in Puerto Rico. What a baby. Sonny pulls out a gun, and says if Garvy doesn’t tell him where his nephew is, he’s finishing the job.

Valentin says Jason is a father. He came to Valentin for help with his son, and Valentin gave it to him. He’d told him how important it was to have a child in his life. If he’d wanted to get rid of Spencer, he would have done it long ago, and made it look like an accident. He has too much to lose, and it’s not worth the sacrifice for a spoiled brat.

Oscar tells Carly that he had beer a couple of times, but didn’t even like the taste, and just did it to be cool. He knows it’s stupid to succumb to peer pressure, but he wanted to fit in. He says the whole popular crowd thing isn’t really him, and he won’t do it again, especially if it costs him friendship with Josslyn. Carly asks if it means that much to him, and he says she’s his only friend. He’s not into what the other kids are; he’s into music, mostly classical, and plays piano. Josslyn says that she’s not very musical, and Oscar says she has other talents. She’s an amazing athlete, and she’s smart and funny. He says that she’s special, and Carly agrees, and says that she’ll do anything to protect her. Oscar says that’s cool – in a good way. He tells Carly that she has no reason to trust him, but he’ll never make a stupid move again. Carly asks where he’s from, and he says they moved from Ohio when his mom was transferred. Carly asks about his dad, which mortifies Josslyn. Oscar tells her that it’s okay, and says he didn’t really know his dad, and his mom doesn’t like talking about him. Carly changes subjects and asks about his piano skills.

Valerie tells Dante they’re sending over footage. And here it is. Not good enough to get plate, but again, Dante knows where they’re headed. He says they’re on to something and getting closer.

Valentin tells Jason he wouldn’t have kidnapped a kid in a public park in broad daylight, and Jason says maybe he hired the wrong people. Valentin says he just dodged life in The Hague, and isn’t going to jeopardize that, especially over a frivolous lawsuit brought by a child. He wants to be with Charlotte, and he’s not going to jail for kidnapping her annoying, precocious cousin. Jason believes him, and Valentin asks to be let out of his restraints.

Sonny asks the Garvster where Spencer is. Garvy tells him that he’s in a structure behind the band house. Sonny wants to know how he can be sure Spencer is alive, and Garvy says that he has a camera on him all the time, and gives Sonny his phone. He tells Sonny that he doesn’t kill kids; he was only using Spencer to get to Sonny. Sonny says that as much as he wants to blast Garvy, he’s calling the cops. Sam shows up. Sonny, stop looking at her and pay attention to what you’re doing.

Nathan tells Mac that he’ll eat later, and they’ll do the gym another day. Mac says he’ll hold him to it, because he needs to step up his own game. He asks Nathan not to laugh and not to tell another soul, especially Maxie, but sometimes stuff just clicks. He tells Nathan about writing to an online advice column, and asks if he’s heard of Man Landers.

Dante says that he’s going to follow up on an abandoned house, and tells Valerie what a good job she did today. She credits Oscar.

Oscar says it was luck that he recognized the notes from the camp game. He tells Josslyn and Carly about Dante giving him props, and Josslyn explains how they’re related to Dante. Carly says they’re all over the place, and tells him that she’s just kidding. Oscar says Dante appreciated the help, and Josslyn says he might have broken the case. Carly tells Oscar that he should be proud of himself. He says he felt pretty good. Oscar’s mom calls, and he says he’s sorry, but he has to eat and go. He thanks Carly, and she says it’s been illuminating. Oscar says see you – at least he hopes so. After he leaves, Josslyn tells Carly she couldn’t have been more embarrassing. Carly says she loves her daughter, whether she cares or not. Josslyn asks if she had to tells Oscar about her kidney, and Carly says that he should know if they’re going to be friends. Josslyn is excited that Carly is okay with it, and Carly says she likes him and he’s super cute. Josslyn thanks her.

Jason says if Valentin makes move against him, he’ll put him down. Valentin says he thought Jason believed him, but Jason says it’s not about Spencer.

Sonny tells the Garvinator don’t think of moving or he’ll die. Sam says she came for him. She tailed him, and he wasn’t careful. He tells her to call Jason and tell him what happened. Garvy moves, and Sonny shoots him. Sam draws her gun, and says Sonny’s not going anywhere. Rough day for sonny.

Nathan decides to get takeout. Mac leaves, and Nathan calls Amy. He’s glad that her brother’s surgery went well, but says they have a problem; it just got weird. Suddenly, Maxie is at the table, and says she couldn’t agree more.

Dante busts into the basement, and calls out for Spencer. He looks around, and finds Spencer’s broken glasses on the floor.

Valentin checks his phone. He’s gotten a text from Charlotte, who wonders when he’s coming back. He calls and leaves a voicemail saying he’ll see her soon and he loves her.

Josslyn talks to Oscar on the phone. She can’t believe her mom, but Oscar says she’s okay. He tells Josslyn that his mom is taking him to lunch, and they laugh about him eating a second time. Oscar wonders how he did with Carly, and Josslyn says she’s sorry – he passed. Again, that pause like they do on competition shows. She says Carly might even like him. He says he likes her too, and that he’s had the greatest day – he helped Spencer and they get to stay friends. Josslyn says for all he knows, she could be a terrible friend. He asks if they can meet at the bridge again, and she says the paddle boats would be fun. They talk about various summer activities they could do, and agree it will be the best summer ever.

Carly goes to Sonny’s place, and finds Jason. She asks if they found anything yet, and he tells her that he did. Valentin didn’t do it. She asks if he’s sure, and Jason says he is. He came to tell Sonny, but he went out forty minutes ago.

Sam tells Sonny to toss the gun. He puts it on the ground. He asks if Jason knows that she’s here. Sam says Jason isn’t coming to help him. Now now, or ever again. Now he dies.

Tomorrow, Maxie wonders what Nathan was talking about, Laura says no to something, and Sam says she has to take Sonny out.

The Real Housewives of the OC

At the party for Tamra’s grandson, Shannon tells Lydia that she got upset when Lydia said she was like Vicki. Lydia thinks it’s semantics, and Shannon isn’t hearing her. Tamra tries to intervene. Shannon tells Lydia that her mom said she was a bright light, and Lydia says she also called her a lost soul. In her interview, Shannon says Lydia judged her, and totally turns her words around. Shannon screeches that she’s done, and goes to her limo, where she tells David that Lydia said what she didn’t. David says he’ll get the kids, and they leave.

Lydia thinks it didn’t take long to find out about Shannon. She tells Tamra she’s not sure about going out on Thursday.

Peggy is in pain, and going through reconstructive surgery. She’s fighting for herself and her family. Her son’s name is Koko. Really? Do they know there’s a famous gorilla named Koko? Do the kids at school make fun of him? Sorry, but I’m a little stunned. She also has a teenage daughter, who has the normal name of Gianelle. Peggy says when she starts talking in Armenian, the kids know she’s serious. She’s going to the doctor for a follow-up visit. Her mother fought cancer for eight years before passing away, and she had a double mastectomy because she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she did.

Vicki checks out her new office with her business partner Ali. She can’t build the business with the vision she wants by herself. They discuss the renovation, and agree it’s expensive, but Ali says it’s definitely Vicki. She wants cameras set up, and Ali says they’ll make sure it’s secure. We see an article about an employee embezzling from her company. She says she’s been burned too many times from trusting people. She’s not going to get taken advantage of again, and nothing is getting in the way of her building her empire.

Kelly tries to smack fruit flies in her kitchen. Obviously not much going on in their house.

Tamra pets her Guinea pig, and I want one. It’s making those cute noises.

Peggy goes to the plastic surgeon. She explains how they put in expanders prior to reconstructive surgery. Breast implants are her next procedure, and she wonders if she can go bigger. Diko wants her to be comfortable with whatever size she chooses. Peggy says that from the outside, people think she has everything, but every family has a struggle. Their struggle is her. The doctor says women in her situation have the hardest decision to make, amputating part of the body when they’re still healthy. Diko tells us that Peggy is the sexiest person in the world, and with or without breasts, she’s his soulmate. Where are others like him? Note to self: Move to Armenia.

Lydia and Doug discuss the magazine. They go over the pictures of Peggy and Diko. Lydia says her role is bigger with this magazine, and it’s a lot of work. She doesn’t think they’ll be done in time, and it’s freaking her out that Doug is being cavalier. She doesn’t know how he’s so calm, when she’s a whirling dervish. They also have a party on Friday and the launch party coming up. She thinks Doug is too nice, and sometimes wants him to be like her cutthroat businessman father.

Tamra calls Lydia, who wonders what the what with Shannon. Tamra says she’s expressive, and it can be misconstrued. She tells Lydia that Vicki is like the devil to Shannon. Lydia says she’s not used to having “expressive” friends, and in her interview, says crazy is more like it. They discuss going to a restaurant called The Quiet Woman. Lydia says if she comes, she’ll bring Peggy.

Shannon calls Tamra, who’s still playing with the Guinea pig. We find out that his name is Charlie. She says it’s like having Sophia around. Shannon asks if the dinner is still on. Tamra says she talked to Lydia. She knows things got weird, and Shannon says she wasn’t expecting a comment like that. Tamra says Lydia did the worst thing she could possibly do in bringing up Vicki. Tamra tells Shannon that she explained things to Lydia. Shannon says she’s willing to try again, and asks if dinner is on. Charlie poops on the carpet. So, does Sophie do that?

Meghan cuddles baby Aspen. Jimmy brags about all the work he’s done around the house, and Meghan says that it’s too much house. They have to OC house up for sale; it turned out to be more than they needed. Haley has moved out, and Megan says that ideally, she’d live in a high-rise. She calls herself a granola mommy, and Jimmy wonders if granola mommies have designer purses. In her interview, Meghan says that it’s not fun to be single mom when he travels for work. She thinks babies see ghosts, because they just came from the spirit world, and have no preconceived notions. Okay.

Shannon goes to the wellness center. Tim, her holistic specialist, asks how she is, and says it’s not easy to come back. Tell me about it. The motivation alone is hard enough. He asks how she is, and Shannon says large. She says she’s been stressed, and tells him about the false allegations about David. In her interview, Shannon tells us that Tim’s focus is on having a healthy body. He asks what she’s at weight wise, and she says the scale isn’t her friend. We flash back to Tim telling her not to worry about numbers when she was 134. After she gets on the scale, the first thing he says is, wow, so you know it’s not good. He’s not as concerned with her weight as he is with her body fat percentage, which is 40%. Now I’m saying wow. He tells her that she’s sprinting to diabetes and heart disease. She’s 172 pounds, and she wails about having once been a size zero, and never being more than a four. Please. Tim takes pictures, and Shannon says she doesn’t know who she is; she doesn’t look at herself in the mirror. He asks how David feels, but she says that she’s not telling him, or she thinks he’ll be done. I’m guessing that since he sees her all the time, he knows. Tim asks Shannon how she and David are doing, and she says as he got more fit, she got more fat. Tim explains about fat being between you and everything else. Truth! In her interview, Shannon admits that she and David haven’t been intimate in a while. She asks Tim if it’s too late, and he says absolutely not. Every choice she makes now has to be a better one. Welcome to menopause, Shannon. Not to mention, she’s still a gorgeous woman.

Peggy, who has a bitchin’ black and white sportscar, picks up Lydia. Peggy drives fast too. Lydia tells Peggy that she invited Kelly, but she doesn’t get along with Shannon. Peggy asks what she means, but Lydia says she hasn’t seen them together, so she’s not sure. Kelly video chats with Lydia, and Lydia introduces her to Peggy at a red light.

On the way to the restaurant, Shannon tells Tamra about how fat she is. Tamra says it’s dangerous and unhealthy, and she wants to shake Shannon. Shannon says tonight is the last hurrah, and they’re taking it off the chain.

Lydia and Peggy arrive first. Lydia chooses her seat based on wanting an exit strategy. She tells Peggy not to mention Vicki. Her goal is to leave there being friends. Shannon and Tamra come in, and Lydia introduces Peggy. She says that she and Shannon were nearly neighbors, and Shannon talks about the house they built. She tells Peggy about wanting the house to be non-toxic, and doing special things to achieve it. Peggy says a humidifier in every room is good, and in her interview, Shannon thinks that Peggy is sweet, but her humor is off, and I’m not sure why talking about a humidifier is humorous. They order drinks. Tamra says she’ll have “a wine,” and I wonder what they’ll bring. Lydia wants to clear the air.

Shannon says that she and Lydia got off to good start, but she felt like she was attacked, and accused of being like person who hurt her. She says it was a bit of a shock. Lydia says it wasn’t her intention, and Tamra says she knows Lydia’s heart. In her interview, Peggy says it’s like watching a tennis match, and has no idea what they’re talking about. Shannon apologizes, saying she is expressive, and almost knocks Peggy’s glass over. She talks about going to the trainer, and tells everyone what she weighs. She says that Vicki told everyone that David was beating her. Peggy says that they joke about her husband beating her every Friday. No one laughs, but at least it’s clear to me that it’s a joke. Peggy wonders why Shannon lets it affect her. Appetizers are ordered. Tamra makes suggestions to Shannon about what to order, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Lydia asks about coming to Sterling’s party. She invites Shannon, but says that Kelly and Vicki will be there. Shannon has no desire to be there then.

Shannon goes to the bathroom, and Kelly walks into the restaurant. In her interview, Lydia says red flag, and at the restaurant, she jets to the bathroom. Too late. Shannon finds it ironic that it’s the first time she’s seen Kelly in six months, and promptly tells Kelly about gaining forty pounds. Kelly says she didn’t know they were going to be there, but we see a clip where Lydia told her where they’d be. By the time Lydia gets to the bathroom, Shannon is already wound up. Kelly says she wasn’t mean to her, but Shannon says Kelly surprised her. In her interview, Kelly says that she likes to push Shannon’s buttons; it makes her go off the rails. Shannon says she confided in Kelly, and doesn’t want to be painted as mean. Lydia says they’re fine, and wants them to hug it out, but Shannon goes on about her horrible day. Kelly says she lives across the street, and brought friends from Philly, since it’s her neighborhood bar. Kelly leaves, and Lydia asks Shannon if they’re okay. She tells Shannon to take a breath. She knows it seems big right now, but prays for the peace of Jesus to come to Shannon, and that she feels the love. Shannon says that Lydia is kind, and Lydia tells Shannon she’s okay.

Back at the table, Kelly shows up. She tells Tamra and Peggy what happened. Tamra explains that there’s bad blood between Kelly and Shannon. In her interview, Tamra says she doesn’t want to fight with Kelly, so WWJD, she’ll sweet talk her. Peggy says she didn’t know it was going to be a dinner and a show. On the way back to the table, Shannon insists she doesn’t give a flying about how she looks. Shannon tells Kelly that she’s surprised to see her there. The last time they met wasn’t the most pleasant experience, and seeing her was a shocker, when she’s been so cruel. Tamra wonders if they can get over it. Kelly says that Shannon is always upset or mad. Tamra says that’s not true, and drags Peggy into it by asking if Shannon was mad before Kelly came in. Peggy says Shannon was happy, and Kelly says it’s just nitpicking. Shannon says that Kelly has been nothing but disgusting, and tells her to move on. Kelly says maybe she needs hormones and to keep eating. Shannon curses her out, and tells her to read between lines giving her three fingers and then one. She tells Kelly to get out of her table [sic], reminding me of ♫ Hey, you! Get offa my cloud! ♫ Everyone is looking at this point, and Kelly gets up, and says keep eating. Shannon screams that it isn’t her f-ing plate, and throws it across the table. Whoever wasn’t looking before, is looking now, and the management is getting nervous. Shannon calls Kelly a bitch, and Tamra leads her away. Lydia is totally embarrassed. Tamra asks Shannon where she’s going, and they walk past Kelly, who’s laughing.

Outside, Lydia asks Peggy if she’s okay. Lydia never wants to come back to this restaurant again, or be with the two of them together again. In her interview, she says the first party she went to with this group was crazy. We flash back to a clip of Tamra screaming her head off at the table. She understands what Peggy must be thinking, and Peggy says it’s okay, and Kelly makes faces through the glass door. Peggy says all the yelling means they’re not in control, and it’s annoying.

Tamra tells Shannon that Kelly is an angry person, and she can’t let it get to her. Did anyone pay for the dinner? She asks Shannon not to beat herself up for getting emotional. She’s a good person, and Kelly can suck shweaty balls. Shannon is like, thanks for the visual, but laughs.

Next time, vaginal rejuvenation, and Ryan talks to Tamra about his stepfather.

🐮 I just love the good feeling that Sweet Home Oklahoma leaves me with. Tonight, Pumps gave her son, Sam, a driving lesson, telling us that she’d really like him in an armored vehicle. Josh wanted to do something special for Jennifer, since she’s been working so hard. He and the kids discussed it, and since she can buy what she wants, Josh decided to take a photo of the boys and Tubbers, putting it on canvas. Those are so cool! I have one of my dogs. He took the boys and Tubby to the studio for a shoot, and one of the boys teased Tubby with a laser pointer. It was the best! I’d forgotten how much fun that is, but I’ve always done it with cats. Jennifer thought the gift was darling, personal, and perfect. I agreed. It was a fabulous black and white shot. Josh had the kids make little speeches about how much they appreciate her, and thanked her for the best year of his life. We also saw other pictures of Josh and Tubby, and Tubby alone. The friends helped Pumps get a car for Sam’s birthday, and Lee and Jennifer took snaps of Tubbers driving it before Sam did. Next time, a 70s party at a skate park, and a lap dance. Love this show so much!

A Quote that Made Me Literally LOL

😭 Vicki made us all fat. – Isaac Mizrahi, on Watch What Happens Live


July 23, 2017 – A Whole Lotta Shahs & a Little Bit of Thrones


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Asa brings lunch for two out to the pool, and floats around on a golden swan. GG arrives bearing hummus. She ironically says that Asa looks skinnier, and tries to get on the float with her, but ends up dumping her into the pool. GG realizes Asa is pregnant, and freaks out, hugging her. They laugh about GG saying she looked skinnier. Asa says the first trimester is tiring, and GG says of course – your body has another body in it. She asks how everyone else took it, and if MJ is jealous. Asa says she doesn’t think so, but she’s in such a great place, that she’s not even sure what’s going on with everyone else. In her interview, Asa tells us that Reza and Adam’s one-year anniversary is coming up, and it’s sad when they’re missing a person. GG asks if she doesn’t think that Reza was in the wrong too. Asa tells GG that she has to own her stuff, and not palm a percentage off on someone else. She says to move past something, you can’t partially blame others. Good point.

Mike cleans up after the party, and MJ visits with coffee and buttery chocolate croissants. We flash back to the party, which Mike declares dope. Mike is surprised she’d bring the croissants after the throw-down they had over them three seasons ago. He asks if she had a good time at the party, and tells her that when she started crying he felt badly, thinking it was because she wants a baby too. She says that it was about her dad, not Asa’s pregnancy. Mike says he’s open-minded, but wonders why Asa doesn’t want to get married first. MJ thinks they’re not sure if they even want to live together, and Mike wants to be enlightened. In her interview, MJ says Asa and Jermaine have been together seven years, but everything is a secret. Mike says they’ve been a couple forever, and questions why they’re not getting married and then having a child.

Asa comes by Reza’s condo. He’s writing out a card to Adam for their anniversary. MJ shows up next. Reza says they’re late already, and they join everyone at the party bus. MJ toasts to Adam and Reza’s first year. She calls Tommy, but gets voicemail. MJ asks if GG is coming, but Reza says she lies and hits people. He hopes she’s on a good path, but wants to keep the circle small tonight. They guess whether Asa is having a boy or girl, and Adam asks them to guess when they’re having kids. In his interview, Reza says that since Asa’s announcement, Adam’s uterus has been on fire. Ha-Ha! Reza cracks me up.

The bus gets to the Wildlife Way Station where they’re having dinner after checking out the animals. We flash back to the Thailand trip, when Adam and Reza were supposed to get married the first time, with Reza backing out, and Adam staying home. In his interview, Reza says that he wants to give Adam what he couldn’t give him then. Mike says Adam twitches whenever Thailand is mentioned. Two turtles are mating, and MJ encourages them. Reza tells us that Mike has a special connection to monkeys, and it’s very telling.

It’s time to eat, and a beautiful tent has been set up in the forest, decorated with tiny lights and an aquarium. Reza asks Annalise what her plan is, since she and Shervin aren’t on the same continent. In his interview, Reza says Shervin is a whore, and he thinks Shervin is fooling around no matter where Annalise is. He says the burden is on her, and wonders why Shervin is fronting. Asa asks who’s going to have a baby next. Reza says Adam brings it up every five seconds; he wants their children to grow up with Asa’s, but they’ll do their thing when it’s time. Reza thanks everyone for coming. He compares his and Adam’s relationship to a stew that gets better after it’s been around a while. He doesn’t think that anything will make Adam forget Thailand, but it’s been a great year. In his interview, he wants to know where the trophy is for being faithful a whole year.

MJ suggests that they ask questions of each other. Reza wonders who’s getting married next, and MJ asks Asa if Jermaine has proposed. Asa says no, but they’ll get married when they get married, and they practically live together now. MJ asks how her parents are taking it, and if she knows why she doesn’t want to get married. In her interview, Asa says that the questions are judgmental, and it’s her life. Mike wonders if Jermaine being of a different race is a problem with the family, and there’s a quick discussion about how progress has been made in that area. In his interview, Mike says that it’s perfect time to talk, but she’s making them feel stupid for asking. Asa says that she and Jermaine know the future they want, and they’re working toward it. MJ thinks they’re too old for that kind of vague nonsense, and in her interview, she wonders if Jermaine didn’t propose and Asa wanted him to.

Adam meets GG for coffee. She tells him that he’s always been there for her, and she misses him. She’s asked him for a face to face a couple of times, and thanks him for coming. He says he doesn’t remember ever receiving an apology from her, but she shows him a text she’d sent him the morning after she attacked him. He admits that he might have blocked her. She tells him that it was a wake-up call. She loves him, and being the most innocent in the situation, he got the worst of it. He says he told people that he was mauled by a dog when they asked what happened. She says she’d never want to hurt him, and it was a lie about the video. She tells him that time heals, people grow and learn from their mistakes. He says he never hated her, even though she upset him greatly. He accepts her apology, but can’t see her behind Reza’s back. She understands that, and thanks him again. He jokingly tells her not to run after him this time.

Reza asks Adam what happened. Adam says that GG apologized, and he felt it was sincere. Reza asks what she apologized for, and Adam gives him a list, including the things she did to Reza. Adam says he thinks she wants to be a better person, and he’d like to give her a second chance. Reza says if he made up stories or hit someone every time he had a problem, he wouldn’t get anywhere in life. He doesn’t mind if Adam has a relationship with GG, but he’s not ready to have her back in his life. Adam says he’d like for them all to move on. He doesn’t want any negativity in any aspect of their relationship.

Reza arrives at MJ’s, and she hands him a drink. Shervin has invited them to a beach house, and he knows GG has been invited. In his interview, he says Adam thinks it’s cool, but he’s not sure, so he’s speaking softly and carrying a big stick. MJ gets a call about her father being released from the hospital to rehab, and asking if she’ll be involved with physical therapy. In her interview, she says they look forward to, and expect a full recovery. She tells Reza that they should stop by before they go to the beach house. While she gets ready, he cleans up her place. Yep, it’s a mess. In his interview, he sees her moving backward and being stuck, and wants her to get it together.

Reza and MJ visit MJ’s dad, Shams. He’s not as together as he was before, and she’s concerned. He does not look well at all, and in his interview, Reza says seeing him in this frail state is something he can’t even express. Reza tries to keep from crying. MJ says every day is another curveball. She walks around with a lump in her throat and wanting to throw up, but would rather this than what her father is going through. She tells Shams to smile, and he moves his mouth a little bit. She tells him she loves him, and gives him a bunch of kisses.

The guests start arriving at the Malibu party house. No surprise, the property is stunning. GG says she no longer drinks hard liquor. Shervin suggests that he and Mike jump into the pool from the roof. They don’t do that, but Shervin jumps from a balcony, giving everyone a mini heart attack.

In the car. Reza says that was hard, and MJ says that Shams does not look okay. She claims that yesterday, he looked like Roger Moore, but Reza thinks she’s in denial. She sees Shams in a healthier state than he is, and isn’t connecting to what’s real. She talks about taking Shams to Vegas when he’s better. Reza says if anyone says anything stupid or insignificant, he’s going to take their head off.

Reza tells Shervin about the visit with Shams. In his interview, he says it puts things in perspective, like his relationship with GG. It’s been a year since GG has seen Reza, and after she arrives, she realizes everyone is watching and waiting for her reaction. Reza tells Mike and Asa that Shams was a wreck, and MJ acted like nothing was wrong. Reza says that she thinks he’ll be there to walk her down the aisle and hold the baby; Mike thinks she’s completely delusional.

The party is in full swing. Mike tells us that it’s perfect – a dope house, catered food, so much alcohol you could drown in it, and some extras, like belly dancers. You name it, and it can go down at a Persian party. GG tells Adam to be nice to her man; he’s shy. She and Shalom have been living in the same building for years, but one day she said hey, and they’ve been together ever since. MJ wants massive quantities of tequila. GG has also brought a friend to buffer things. Right now, it’s nerve-wracking. She wants to make her presence noticeable, but doesn’t know what to do exactly.

Reza tells Asa about how they have so much amazing in their lives [sic], and wonders what he’s holding on to. He calls GG and MJ over to the couch. He tells us that he had a crazy emotional thing at the hospital, and his heart is open. He tells GG that he needs to bury this. He says the hospital hit home. They were talking about what’s really important, and some sh*t needs to be done. If anything needs to be said, now’s the time. GG says she’s been waiting for this, and has something for everyone. In her interview, she says that she wants to get back to how she and Reza used to be – talking sh*t about other people and not each other. She brings out some little handmade dolls for good fortune that she bought in Belize, and has each of them pick one. She meant to give them out at the time, but… She says that she and Reza put each other through hell, and apologizes for anything she did to hurt him, his people, or husband. Reza says he accepts, apologizes to GG, and says let’s move forward. In her interview, GG is thrilled, and says they’re all best friends again. She and Reza hug it out, and everyone wants the best for each other. They stack their hands on one another’s like before you do a cheer. Unicorns and rainbows dance across the screen. Well, just about.

Next time, Reza throws a Peace-in-the-Middle-East Halloween party, MJ wants to get pregnant, GG walks the runway, and Reza suggests a trip to Israel.

👑 And they’re just warming up. On Game of Thrones, Ser Jorah wasn’t looking too good, but Sam went behind the Maester’s back to try a cure for Jorah’s spreading greyscale. The Tarlys have to make a choice between siding with the crown or house Tyrell, who Jaime pointed out have brought the Dothraki to their shores. Oleanna told Dany that it’s better to be feared than respected, but Dany said that’s not her way. Tyrion laid out a battle plan, but Oleanna encouraged Dany to be a dragon, saying Tyrion might be clever, but she’s outlived clever men by ignoring them. Greyworm and Missansdei got busy. It’s about time. Sam got word to Jon about Dragonstone being on a mountain of dragonglass, and also told him that Dany is bucking for the Iron Throne and coming with three dragons. Jon decided to meet with them because they need the dragonglass. Sansa thinks it’s a trap, but still looked mighty pleased when Jon put her in charge while he’s gone. He begs to differ, and thinks Tyrion is a good guy. Seriously, Sansa should know that.

🐺 Arya was reunited with Nymeria, but it the scene ended sadly. In the forest, Arya was surrounded by a pack of wolves, with Nymeria as their leader. Arya wanted her direwolf to come north with her, but Nymeria wanted to stay with her new pack, and she simply led them away. The ladies from Dorne were kind of a snooze, but things livened up when Ellaria started flirting with Yara, who I constantly want to call Tasha Yar (Star Trek: The Next Generation). It was all fun and games, until bombs dropped on the party. That jerk Euron showed up, destroying the Greyjoy fleet. Although the fighting was fierce, Euron came out the winner, and captured Yara. Theon totally rallied when a knife was held to his sister’s throat – not. In what could have been a glorious moment for him, Theon jumped overboard, leaving Yara to fend for herself. Most. Disappointing. Moment. Ever.

❄ And since someone had to, Lady Lyanna told Jon that winter is here.