July 7, 2017 – Ned Weds, Here Come da Judges, Quote Quad & a Surprise Google


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nina tells Amy and Nathan that Man Landers is a labor of love. She says that it’s wonderful what Amy is doing for her brother, but Amy says it wouldn’t be possible without Nina’s brother. Nina says that’s why she’s going to make sure no one ever finds out their secret. Unexpectedly, Nelle shows up at Crimson. Nina flies out to meet her before she can come into her private office.

Everyone agrees not to tell Olivia that her picture is in the paper. She’s grasping the jail cell bars in her tiara and feather boa. Hmm… Who took that? As far as I know, only two other people were there, Dante and the nameless new cop.

Olivia tells Laura and the girls that she can explain what happened last night. Laura acts ignorant, and Olivia tells them about mistaking the fireman for a stripper in her inebriated state. She may have gotten aggressive, and he got offended and had her arrested. They all act like they don’t know anything. Monica says that Cook is all over social media, and never mentioned it. Olivia thinks no one knows.

Carly wishes that Josslyn would go to Olivia’s wedding, but she doesn’t want to go with Carly and Sonny. She says she’ll act civil, but that doesn’t mean she approves. Oscar texts, asking if Josslyn’s grandmother is home, and Josslyn says that Bobbie is working. The doorbell rings, and Josslyn answers. It’s Sonny.

Laura makes light of Olivia’s “mistake,” saying that the fireman had no sense of humor. I agree. Kiki can’t wait to see the dress, and Olivia says it should have been there by now.

Dante says there will be hell to pay when Olivia finds out. Charlotte wonders why they need to keep it a secret, so they make something up. Dillon asks if Michael’s parents know that Nelle is coming, and he says he doesn’t run his dates past them. Lulu says she’s happy for him, and Charlotte wonders who wouldn’t be? Boy, that kid has a lot to learn.

Nina says that Nelle should be getting ready, but Nelle wanted to drop by some paperwork, and says she’s already wearing her best dress. Nina says it’s definitely appropriate, but say hello to designer samples. She’s going to blow Michael’s mind.

Sonny asks how Josslyn is doing. She says she’s grounded, and can’t move in with her dad, who also can’t come back to this country, but other than that, life is perfect. Sonny says she has every right to be angry – he did it because he was angry. He was trying to come to terms with losing Morgan, and then her mother. It doesn’t excuse anything, but he feels badly, and hopes she can forgive him one day. Sonny promises he’ll be good to her and her mother, but Josslyn tells him that’s what he always says. He tells her that he’ll just have to prove it.

Carly, who was listening, comes out. She tells Josslyn that Avery is being dropped off. She says since Bobbie is working, they’re trusting her. Josslyn says she’s told her that ten times already, and Carly says that things will get better. Josslyn hopes so, but when Carly says I love you, she just says good by.

Dillon gives Ned a gift from his mother. Ned says she must be embracing his marriage.

Nathan talks to Maxie on the phone, telling her that he’s just catching up with Nina, and trying to keep her mind off Valentin. After he hangs up, Amy says she doesn’t think they should do this anymore. He’s lying to his wife because of her.

Nelle comes out in a fabulous red bodycon dress. She thanks Nina. Nina says it’s her pleasure to help dress her, and for a couple of seconds, she forgot about Valentin.

Olivia says the wedding is off. They promised the dress would be there in time. Laura asks where it was coming from, and Kiki asks if there’s a tracking number. Lulu calls the bridal store, and while Kiki is looking at her tablet, Olivia sees the tabloid article. Lulu tells them that the van broke down three hours away. Olivia can’t read the tagline on the article, and Kiki tells her that it says over 5000 people have seen the story; have you?

Monica tells Nina there’s a fashion emergency.

Tracy’s gift is champagne glasses with the couple’s initials on them. Dillon says leave it to their mother to put the Quartermaine stamp on everything. A note says she’s there in spirit, and wishes them well. She’s thrilled that Ned and Olivia are making a life together. She’s also reserved a bottle of the restaurant’s best champagne for their toast. Ned thinks she’s happy for him, but Dillon says there’s another card for Olivia. Dante says that everything seems to be working out – or maybe not. Lulu texts him, saying SOS Olivia saw the article.

Laura tries to brush the whole thing off, but Olivia says she looks like a lunatic. She’s brought shame to the Quartermaine family, and she isn’t even one of them yet. Laura says the Quartermaines have done a lot worse, but Olivia thinks it’s a sign. She says that all of Ned’s marriages have ended in divorce, and how many marriages in this room have lasted? Lulu says she married Dante twice, so technically…

Ned knocks at the door. He says he knows everything, and wants to talk to Olivia. He promises to keep his back turned, so they don’t see one another. Olivia says it doesn’t matter; the wedding is off.

Oscar texts Josslyn that if no one is at home, no one will know if she goes out with him. If there’s an emergency, the baby upstairs might have something to say about it. Well, the baby would probably just say, waaah! but Carly will have something to say for sure.

At the wedding venue, Sonny and Carly make sweet talk. He tells her how great she is, and she wishes Josslyn shared his opinion, but Sonny gets it. Carly says she knows Josslyn needs time, and he asks her not to worry – it’s their first night out in months.

Michael sees Nelle, and says wow, telling her how wonderful she looks. She says she had a lot of help. They walk in. Carly says, hell no.

Olivia tells Ned that Tracy already doesn’t think she’s good enough. Ned says that’s not true. Olivia says she might as well get married in the boa, the tiara, and her underwear, so everyone will recognize her. Ned doesn’t care what she wears; she’d still be beautiful. He tells her that everything will be okay, and she asks what about her dress?

Monica walks in with a garment bag, explaining that she spoke to Nina, who had the perfect dress that just happens to be in Olivia’s size. This would never, ever happen IRL. Olivia pushes Ned away, and says she has to get ready.

Nathan tells Amy that he’ll explain everything to Maxie face to face. She’s a better person than Amy realizes, and will totally understand. Nina says she forgot how good it feels to help someone, and it’s lifted her mood. Nathan says ditto – he’d just be at home missing Maxie.

The girls explain the borrowed-and-blue tradition to Charlotte. Lulu has the old – Connie’s earrings. She explains that Connie knew Olivia loved them, and gave them to Dante for safe-keeping. Charlotte says she’s the something new, and Olivia says she’s the best new that she can imagine. Laura gives her a borrowed hanky. (A hanky seems to be a bridal requirement as well, even though, with the exception of Dr. Phil, no one has used one since 1970.) Kiki tells Olivia to hold out her leg, and puts on a blue garter. Charlotte wonders what that’s about, and Monica tells her that she’ll see at the reception. Olivia starts to sound like ex-Countess Luann de Lesseps, repeating that she’s getting married over and over.

Carly says that she didn’t expect to see Michael with Nelle. Michael tells her that they’re dating, and she asks if this is phase three of Nelle’s revenge plan. Michael says he’s respected Carly’s choices, and expects her to do the same for him. Sonny says the difference is that Nelle did damage on purpose. Nelle says she was wrong, she knows it, and hopes one day to make amends. She and Michael go to the bar. Carly says she’ll hurt him, and Sonny says Michael will deal with it, and the last thing Carly wants to do is interfere.

Oscar waits on the footbridge with flowers. He gives them to Josslyn, and says he picked them close by. Josslyn thanks him. She says she loves summer – the sounds, the smells, and no school.

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Sonny tells Carly to think of the good – they’re together. They kiss. Laura joins them, and asks if they’re back together. Sonny says yes, and Laura congratulates them. The music begins, and the attendants come down the aisle. Okay, little Leo is pretty cute. Next, Dante walks Olivia down the aisle. Of course the dress fits her perfectly, and is amazing; standard white with a lace overlay, and strapless with a ruffled mermaid hem. The ceremony begins.

Olivia says that Ned was never the man of her dreams, because he was better than any man she’d ever dreamed of. She lists his good qualities, including how patient he was waiting for her to come around. She’s marrying him with her heart wide open, no doubts or hesitations. She says she’ll love him forever. Ned says he has something different in mind. Is he going to sing?

Nina tells Nathan that it’s not the same thing. His wife is coming back, while she has to move on; Valentin is never coming back. Amy says at least she has someone to move on from. She works, takes care of Chet, and dispenses advice. Nathan suggests she do something she enjoys. Get involved in something she believes in. He says it’s when people are at their most attractive. That’s actually pretty interesting.

Josslyn and Oscar look at the view. He says it’s different at night, and she says it’s like they’re the only two in the world, and can get away from everything. He asks how it’s going, and she says doesn’t want to bore him. She asks about his drama, and he says sometimes it’s hard with his mom and him. Josslyn asks where his dad is, but Oscar never met him. Josslyn says maybe she is lucky. She has two dads, one good and one bad, plus she has two brothers – had two brothers. Now she just has one.

Yep, Eddie Maine broke out the microphone. Ned serenades Olivia. Olivia says she’ll love him forever, and they do the I do’s. Doo-be-doo-be-do. The rings are exchanged, and they become husband and wife. The small crowd cheers. Don’t they have any more friends than this? It looks like about 15 people – maybe.

Nina says she thinks Nathan likes giving advice.

Pictures are taken at the wedding, Michael kisses Nelle, Carly stews about it, and Sonny suggests that they just be happy for Ned and Olivia. He wonders if they should renew their own vows, and Carly says she’d like that – as soon as Josslyn is okay with them. I’m thinking that’s like one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons. Never? Is never good for you?

Josslyn says she didn’t mean to get emotional about Morgan, but the night reminds her of how he taught her to catch lightning bugs in a jar. She loved watching them, and didn’t want to fall asleep. Now she doesn’t want to sleep, because when she does, she dreams everything is okay, and then wakes up. Oscar says it feels like all his mom does is tell him what he can’t do, and not what he can.

Olivia says that Ned has always surprised her. He tells her that it’s not over. Fireworks begin.

Josslyn and Oscar watch them too. Oscar asks where Josslyn thinks they’re coming from, and she says maybe the MetroCourt. Oscar compares them to fireflies.

Everyone comes out to watch the display. Olivia says, and it’s not even the Fourth; it’s just for us.

On Monday, the reception happens, Dante dances with Charlotte, and Josslyn is found out.

🏛 I’d never deny that I love my court shows, and People’s Court will forever be my favorite. At least as long as Judge Marilyn Millian sits on the bench. She’s smart and knows her stuff, but also seems to have a genuine interest in the litigants, and cares about them as people. And when she feels a judgement is unfair, although she has to abide by the law, she makes sure her opinion is known. I like Judge Judy, but wow, she doesn’t want to hear anything about your life; she just wants to get to lunch. We do agree most of the time on the outcome, but there have been a few times when she can’t fathom a situation, and I’m like, no, that can really happen. There are several other adjudicators I enjoy, but continue to wonder what happened to Judge Joe Brown. I loved how he would just tack something on to the penalty if he didn’t like a litigant’s behavior. Cursing was usually a no, to the tune of one hundred dollars a curse going to the opposing side. For some bizarre reason, he also reminds me of Bing Crosby. Maybe it’s the Southern gentleman thing. Although I’ve been on board with court programs since People’s Court began (and even remember Divorce Court with reenactors), now I can revel a whole court channel, albeit with mostly lesser personalities, Gloria Allred being probably the only one widely known. I’m not crazy about her show though. While I’ve never been a huge fan of hers – I feel the same about Nancy Grace; I go back and forth, depending on the circumstances – I can’t help thinking she’s better than hearing cases about cellphones and non-literal backstabbing. Since I’ve been avoiding the network news lately, Judge Faith (Jenkins, a one-time NYC prosecutor) has been on my watch list, and I’m starting to like her a lot. Like Judge Marilyn, she shows a sincere concern for the people before her, and never makes them feel like they’re on an assembly line. I still wouldn’t want to be on her bad side though.

Quotes of the Week

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes–understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.Arianna Huffington

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.George Orwell

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.Steve Jobs

You create the definition of happy.Keke Palmer

Just for fun, I put psychedelic general hospital into the google images search engine, and this came up:



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