July 16, 2017 – The Shahs Bring Back the Drama, the Throne Game Begins & a Cake


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Reza can’t believe it’s been six years and he looks this good. I can’t believe it’s been six years period. We see a short preview of the coming season, including a trip to Israel where the gang is detained at the airport. I can think of a million different reasons why this might happen, and none of them have to do with any travel ban. Jessica also makes an appearance, but in what capacity, we don’t know.

MJ and Tommy are moving into a new condo. She unpacks a picture of her mom looking depressed, and Tommy says she’s probably criticizing the photographer. There are some renovations that need to be done, and MJ says she must have inherited mental problems from Vida, since she should have had it done before they moved in. I think she does have mental problems, but not for that reason – Vida also lives in the complex right upstairs. Seriously? Why? (I find out later that MJ owns four condos there, but still, why?)

Mike tells us that life changes. He’s been single for a year, and found himself “a dope pad in The Hills.” He says he’s made some major mistakes, and we flash back to some of them. He and Jessica are cordial now, and he just wants her to be happy. He had Reza decorate because “chicks love that sh*t.” His mother calls, and he tells her about his upcoming housewarming party. We also see his two dogs – a French bulldog and a Pitbull – who are both adorable. He wants his nosy Persian friends to see that everything is okay.

Asa meets Reza at a restaurant where he’s sitting in the incredible outdoor area. You could live there. She shows him some new gold pieces she’s gotten, and says that’s not all that’s new, revealing a large baby bump. Reza congratulates her. In her interview, she sings to the baby, and it moves. She tells Reza that Jermaine’s family is thrilled. She’s 21-weeks, and Reza can’t believe she waited so long to say something. In his interview, he explains that she’s always wearing caftans and eats a lot, so it’s a good way to keep a baby secret. He tells her that she just jacked up his life, because Adam wants kids and they’ve only been married a year. Asa hopes MJ will be happy for her, and we flash back to the reunion, where MJ was not happy with her. Asa says that historically, MJ is an envious person, and she doesn’t want the BS.

Vida visits MJ and Tommy. She immediately starts criticizing everything, her major focus being that they don’t have a coffee table out yet, and there are a million boxes everywhere. Tommy blows his stack, asking if she hears herself, since MJ’s father – her husband – is in the hospital, and they’ve been a little busy. In her interview, MJ tells us that he had a mild stroke, but is expected to recover completely. Vida rants and raves, and says all kinds of nasty things about Tommy. MJ reminds her that this is the father of her future grandchildren, but tells Tommy not to shout at Vida. Vida continues to fume about not setting foot in their condo again. Tommy apologizes, and in her interview, MJ says they both want a family, and she thinks, given time, he and Vida can get along. Good luck with that. I doubt Vida gets along with herself. MJ says it might not be easy, but it’s what they’re doing.

GG goes to a meditation class on forgiveness. She wants to find happiness, and says when you tell her something is hot, she’ll want to touch it. We flash back to some of her altercations. She says causing physical pain to Adam was a wake-up call, and she decided to check into a rehab. Holy! It should have been a wake-up call. We see the scratches she left on his neck. She’s lucky he didn’t press charges. She learned meditation, chanting, and tai chi, and is on a healthier path, not drinking and smoking as much. We’ll see how that goes. Everyone in the class starts wailing, reminding me of a stupid bioenergetics class I was once forced to take when I went to acting school. The instructor insisted that we all didn’t get enough love in our childhoods, and was determined that we should curl up in the fetal position, and “let the sound out.” And we did. Just to get her off of our backs. GG says it sounds like a horror film. She wants to forgive herself, let go, and learn self-love. She says it will take a while to transition to a happier person, so she hopes no one steps on her toes in the meantime.

Asa brings her mother to a sonogram appointment. The doctor says that the next time, she’s giving Asa a whooping cough vaccine, but wants to give her a flu shot now. Asa wants to wait for Jermaine to be there if she gets any injections. (♫ Got to be there! ♫ Sorry, had to.) She’s not keen on all of the vaccinations, and concerned about toxins. I’m double-minded about this issue. I understand why they’re given, but also see the viewpoint of mothers who are against it. Asa also wants the baby to be a vegan; she’s going to be more disciplined than her mother was. We hear the baby’s heartbeat, and Asa is thrilled. In her interview, she says that she considered buying an ultrasound machine, so she could listen all the time.

Adam and Reza play tennis. Reza is surprised to find out that Adam and his mother were local champs when he was growing up, since he didn’t think that there were tennis courts in Oklahoma. Sigh. Having grown up in Ohio, I get the same sort of nonsense, and my high school was more sophisticated than anyone else’s I know, even the ones who grew up in NYC. So there. Reza doesn’t really have the time for mid-day tennis, but he wants to compromise, since Adam is the best husband ever. Adam twists his ankle, and has to be helped to a bench. Reza continues the match with the instructor. Adam suggests they practice, teach their kids, and they’ll have tennis babies. He says Asa being pregnant makes him want a baby sooner – like now. Reza wants to buy a house and get settled first. He tells us that the tennis match wasn’t as much fun as he thought it was going to be.

Shervin and Mo are having a brobecue. It’s a barbecue with just bros, if you didn’t figure that out already. Shervin is still dating Annalise. In his interview, he says that he wasn’t looking for a relationship when he met her, but so far, so good. Mike and Reza arrive. Mike tells them about his housewarming party, and Reza says that Mike is a straight Persian man, so he can’t possibly plan it himself. He has a friend in the business, and offers her help. Mike tells Reza that he’s going to invite GG, but Reza says he can’t be around her. In his interview, he reminds us that she spread lies about him being in a sex tape while he was seeing Adam. He doesn’t even want to be in the same room. Mike says he won’t invite her, but insists that she’s changed. Reza looks for a flying pig. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

MJ picks Reza up, and tells him to bring a to-go libation. She says she’ll tell him where they’re going when they get there. They discuss her new place. He mentions Vida living right there, and says if he was MJ, he’d weigh 5,000 pounds, have no hair, and a nervous twitch. MJ brings Reza to a place where they bleach… um… Uranus, and Reza doesn’t want to. I don’t blame him one bit, but MJ says that they’re doing this. He asks if she’s talked to GG. MJ says she’s gotten texts, but isn’t too receptive. Reza wants to wish GG well from afar, and MJ feels the same way. She says she’s not giving GG a prize for being less than an a-hole. Speaking of which, here comes the… technician? Omg, do we really need to see this? I hope they pay this woman a lot. Reza says she’s aggressive, and starts hollering. MJ is dying laughing, and admittedly, so am I. Reza says his a-hole is perky now. MJ is next. MJ asks how often do you get to do something like this? For me, that would be never. Never is good for me.

Mike wants a great vibe for his party, for everything to be on point, and for his guests to see him happy and excited again. Reza’s party planner friend, Destiny, and her team show up to help – or as Mike puts it, give his party the gay stamp of approval. Destiny tells the girls to be flirty, but on their sh*t.

Adam is afraid that MJ is going to resent Asa’s baby bump, but Reza thinks she’ll be happy, even though after tonight, things won’t be the same. MJ goes to Reza and Adam’s place so they can arrive together to Mike’s party. Reza says that it will bring Asa and MJ closer, but also might light a fire under MJ.

The catering girls are wearing sparkly bikinis and thigh-high boots, with lampshades on their heads. Like the lampshade in A Christmas Story. Mike doesn’t want to get blamed for objectifying women. He says, not his idea, and introduces Destiny right away. MJ wants to have sex on Mike’s couch. Geez, it’s nice (mustard suede?), but it’s not that fabulous. Reza is wearing an ombre button-down shirt that I’d love to steal. MJ moves on to the bed. Shervin arrives with Annalise, and pronounces the place “dope.”

MJ says that she and Asa haven’t spoken since last year, and she has zero interest in someone who is so private about her life. We flash back to the reunion, where MJ accused Asa of not being open on the show. MJ says it’s BS, but she’s going to rise above it and be cool. She’s Fonzi. Or she could be The Countess. Asa asks if GG is coming, but Mike says no. He says that he respects Reza, but to her credit, GG looks a lot healthier. We see a clip of them at a restaurant, where Mike tells GG that he hopes she’s not doing drugs, and she tells him that she hopes he’s keeping it in his pants. Mike starts to say something about MJ holding a grudge, but before it gets heated, Asa interrupts with her good news.

Kisses all around. MJ asks if Asa wants a hug, and she does. In her interview, MJ says she never thought Asa would be the one to get pregnant first. Asa tells some story about a waterfall and knowing when she was pregnant, but I space out. MJ asks if she and Jermaine are getting married or moving in together. Asa says when the baby comes, they’ll be together, but she’s vague. MJ gets emotional, and wishes her every happiness. Asa says MJ is next. MJ says they’re working on it, but her father isn’t well, so she’s been focused on that. Asa wants some water, and I wonder if Mike has Diamond Water on hand.

MJ goes back inside. Asa says she thinks MJ is happy for the baby, but sad about her father. MJ gets a drink, and Mike asks her if she’s upset. She says no, she’s happy, but she’s always crying lately. Mike loves her for putting her life on pause for her dad, but reminds her to live for herself too. He loves her like a sister, and says when she wants to have a baby, she will. In his interview, he really thinks that she shouldn’t waste any more time if she does want a baby.

Asa talks about two psychics saying she would have two sons and then marry. MJ says FML, and continues to drink. Asa tells Adam to feel the baby, and MJ nearly knocks the bottles off the bar. Reza says this isn’t good, and says MJ needs to go home.

Reza and MJ sit outside, waiting for MJ’s car. Reza wasn’t anticipating this kind of emotion. MJ says she wants to have a baby too, but she’s not ready. Reza says Adam wants to plan their kids already, and MJ says that she wants Reza to feel a little pressure too. The car arrives, and MJ gets in.

Mike thanks Destiny and congratulates Asa. He toasts to new beginnings. And to the lampshades.

In his interview, Reza says that they’re all approaching a fork in the road. Their decisions will determine whether they’re on the right path or headed for destruction, downward spirals, and God knows what.  More than ever, they need to hold each other accountable, and every one of them needs to step up. He gets in the car with Adam, and tells him enough with the kids.

Next time: MJ goes to the zoo, GG and Reza meet, MJ downs a lot of tequila, and Asa gets questioned about marriage.

♛ It was heaven to see a new episode of Game of Thrones, especially since I’ve seen them all at least three times now. This one was mostly a set-up for the season. The beginning was a bit confusing, as suddenly, Walder Frey was alive again – toasting his family at some thank you dinner he was having. I was like, was Arya’s murder of him a dream? Is this some kind of prequel? Duh. Arya can do that mask thing now. She gave everyone poisoned wine, killing all of Walder’s family, with the exception of his child bride, left to tell the story. The North remembers. Meera got Bran to Castle Black, where they were met by Bron. Try saying that three times real fast. Bran let them know that The Night’s King is coming for all of them, and he is, as evidenced by our getting to see him and his army of White Walkers. Sam did grunt work for the maester, and snuck into a restricted area to see some secret documents. Stannis told him about an underground mountain of dragonglass being under Dragonstone, and he was able to verify it by what he read. Now he has to let Jon know, but please don’t tell me that he’s going to trust a raven with this information. I’m glad they’re exploring a different side of The Hound, who has now hooked up with Beric, and perhaps will be following the Lord of Light. The Hound is like the Luke Spencer of the show. He began as a thoughtless cretin, but was probably liked by the audience (a credit to the actor), so his character was taken in a different direction. I will never stop hoping for a Arya and The Hound spin-off. Dany arrived home to Dragonstone, along with her crew. Just when we thought it would never happen, we got thrown a bone, seeing the dragons fly to their homeland. In the desolate castle, Dany perused a battle map, and asked Tyrion if they should begin. There was plenty of other stuff – they managed to squeeze in every character – but it was all just laying the foundation for the battle to come, and giving the fans what they really want to see – zombies and dragons.

A Guy Walks into a Bakery…






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