July 17, 2017 – Sonny Haunts Sam, Where Charm Ends Shep Begins, Awkward in the OC & a Little Oklahoma


What I Watched Today

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The week is off to a great start. All of a sudden, I had no sound on my TV. (Please, God, anything but that.) It turned out to be a loose connection (probably due to the drilling, banging, and general aggravation of the atmosphere, with the workers building a new house across the street), and all is well now, but I had to watch GH on the FIOS website.  ♫ What I did for soaps… ♫

General Hospital

Sam tells Jason he doesn’t have to come with her to pick up her prescriptions. He says he wants to spend the day with her, and help her relax like the doctor said she should. Elizabeth comes by and says there’s an appointment cancellation. She asks if Sam wants to re-schedule her follow-up tests.

Carly visits Sonny. She wants him to put her wedding ring set back on her finger. She thought it was more than putting on a piece of jewelry; it’s renewing their commitment. He tells her to hold the thought.

Griff tells Ava she’s been released, but she doesn’t want to go. She says it’s too soon. He says she’s still healing, but no longer a risk for infection. She says she’s not letting Felix take her back to the penthouse. When he suggests going to Julian’s or Kiki’s place, she says that she’s not leaving the hospital.

Jordan calls Curtis and asks how Stella is. He says according to the doctors, she’s doing better. Since she flipped out on him about staying the night, he thinks they’re right; she’s getting back to her old self. Jordan says she wanted to spend time with TJ and give Stella some space. Curtis says he’ll make it up to her.

Andre runs into Anna at the station, where she’s following up on Valentin’s release. The charges have been dropped, and he’s a free man.

Laura walks through the park with Spencer and Charlotte. Spencer tells Laura that the original camp production was Cats until he convinced them otherwise. He says Cats has no narrative and just presents introductions of the characters until one is picked to die. Ha-ha! He’s right. He goes on about how great Hamlet is, and says that they have to do something to shock the audience. Valentin has been listening from behind a tree. He steps out, and says he couldn’t agree more. Charlotte runs to greet him.

Charlotte wonders where he was, and he says he had important business. Laura says he’s not supposed to be there. He says he’ll see Charlotte after camp, and Laura tells Spencer and Charlotte to go ahead. Laura tells Valentin that it was cruel to get Charlotte’s hopes up. He says he’s already petitioned the court about custody. Now that he’s been exonerated, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Charlotte asks Spencer why he’s so mean to her poppa, since he never did anything to him. Spencer tells her that Valentin murdered his father.

Andre asks if Anna is bothered by Valentin getting a free pass. She says he was lucky, and she hopes he takes advantage of making a new life for himself. If he goes back to his old ways, she’ll have to take him down. Andre says that’s the Anna he knows, and she’s a good dancer. He apologizes, but they agree that there’s no reason to be awkward around each other. Jordan appears, and thanks Anna for coming in. When Andre leaves, Jordan asks what she just walked in on.

Sonny says if he’s putting Carly’s rings back on, she has to do the same for him. He’s been keeping his ring in a box with his mother’s rosary, Stone’s medal, and Morgan’s watch; the things too precious for him to ever give away. Carly asks if they can promise to not focus on the bad, build on each other’s strength, and give the kids the best of them. Sonny promises. They both say they love each other with all their hearts, and for all their lives.

Ava tells Griff that it’s not the new normal, and she has no desire to make children cry like she did her own daughter. It’s best for everybody if she stays locked away.

Jason is surprised. Sam had told him she had the all clear, and said nothing about follow-up tests. Elizabeth apologizes; she didn’t know that Sam hadn’t told him. Sam says it’s convenient that her slip up caused an argument between her and Jason. While Sam mumbles about reporting Elizabeth, Jason steers her away. He says that Elizabeth’s mistake isn’t the issue, and asks why she lied.

Sonny says he’d love to celebrate, but it ain’t all good news. Ava isn’t going to be prosecuted. It’s just circumstantial and the DA thinks the jury will feel sorry for her. Carly is livid that Ava is getting away with her involvement in Morgan’s death. Sonny says they’ll have to make peace. She says if they can’t get justice from the system, they’ll have to get it themselves. Sonny says it’s over.

Griff tells Ava that appearance has nothing to do with her living a long and fulfilling life. She says, easy for him to say. He says she doesn’t have to go through it alone. He says he’s sending Felix in to get her ready.

Jordan tells Anna that she’s cool with her pursuing a relationship with Andre, but Anna says they’re just good friends. Jordan says she’s hoping things work out for somebody, since her life is way too complicated.

Felix chatters to Stella about Epiphany’s antics. Stella says if more orderlies told stories like him, she wouldn’t mind the hospital so much. He says Curtis just left, and he thinks it’s the first time since she got there. She says he and TJ are her only family. Felix remembers something, and brings in a bouquet of peonies. Stella tells him that she used to get bouquets like that from someone special.

Sam says she didn’t lie. The tests were just precaution. He asks why she cancelled, and she says something came up. He says she’s on edge and exhausted, and he wonders why she doesn’t want to find out what’s wrong. She says it’s her health, and she wanted to see how it went with rest and supplements before scheduling more tests. She says Jason has even climbed out of windows to avoid doctors, but he says they have kids now. He goes to the desk, and asks Elizabeth if she can schedule Sam. In her head, Sonny tells Sam she’d better get out of the exam.

Valentin asks Laura If she’s aware of the lawsuit. She says Spencer can never be compensated for the loss of his father, but it’s a start. He says there’s no proof that Nicholas is dead. He faked his death before, and could be doing it again. Valentin says he’ll protect what’s his by whatever means necessary.

Charlotte says Spencer is wrong. He says why she thinks her mother hates him so much – he killed her brother. Charlotte says he would never do that, and stomps off.

Ava tells Griff that she can’t do this. Here’s where the website decided I needed to sign in again. Even though I’d checked “keep me signed in.” Sigh.

Jordan tells Anna about Stella having a stroke, and it’s not the first one. She thinks the best thing she can do is stay far away. Anna asks why. Jordan says Stella hates her. She says after Thomas died, she had her first stroke, and had the second after Jordan and Curtis said they planned to stay together. Anna says maybe it’s not the reason, but Jordan says, maybe it is. She thinks she’ll be responsible if there’s another stroke that kills Stella.

Curtis wants to know about Stella’s admirer too, but Stella says it was just puppy love. Felix has to go, and says he’ll get the deets later. Curtis says he’s known her his whole life, and never thought about her life before then. She says kids never do. He says he’s not a child anymore, and asks who it was. She says it was long ago, and there’s no use dwelling on it. He says it was obviously important. She says his name was Marcus, and they went together when she was in college. He proposed, and she accepted. He asks why it never happened, and she says because of him.

Jason tells Sam that it won’t take too long. Hallucination Sonny says maybe they’ll find something wrong; maybe they’ll find out about him, and think she’s a crazy lady who sees things that aren’t there. Maybe they’ll lock her up. Jason asks if she’s okay.

Andre asks Ava for a moment of her time.

Stella tells Curtis that she dropped out of college and moved back to Baltimore. Curtis says it’s horrible; he never thought she gave up so much. He asks why Marcus didn’t come with her, but she says he had a job offer in San Francisco, so she had a choice to make. She could move to California, or be there for her family. In the end, it was no decision.

Griff is covering Dr. Bench’s patients. He says he looked at her chart, and wants to do neuroscans. He says it’s just a precaution to rule out anything serious.

Carly is surprised that Sonny wants to let it go. He says hell no, but she’s a better person than he is. She says to leave her out of it. He tells her that Avery will have to grow up knowing about Ava’s part in Morgan’s murder. Does Carly want her to find out that they had a part in Ava’s death. The only way to bear her is to not let her consume their thoughts. Carly says before she lets it go, she wants to visit Morgan’s grave.

Andre tells Ava to give him a call, and wishes her good luck finding her place in the world.

Charlotte runs to Valentin. Laura asks what happened, and she says, him, pointing to Spencer. Spencer says he just told her the truth – her father killed his father.

Ava tells Felix she’d like to make a stop first. You know where she’s going, right? I’ll bet you a million bucks it’s the cemetery.

Anna has a doctor’s appointment, and Jordan thanks her for the talk, saying it felt like old times. Anna tells her to remember that they’re friends, and asks if it helped. Jordan says she’s spent months pushing Curtis away, and not dealing with her feelings. Maybe she’s using Stella to do that again. Anna says to call Curtis and tell him how she feels. They hug and get all mushy about their friendship.

Curtis says that Stella sacrificed her future for theirs. She says she wouldn’t change a thing; it was the most rewarding experience of her life. His phone rings. It’s Jordan, and Stella tells him to take it, but he says he’s here with her now. She says she’ll try to make peace with “that woman’s” role in his life. She’ll have to learn to control her temper, but all she ever wanted was for him to be happy.

Charlotte says Spencer is lying. Spencer says he’s not. Laura wants Charlotte to go back to camp, and says they’ll deal with it later. Spencer thinks Valentin should answer the question. Valentin says it’s a complicated, grown-up matter, but Spencer says, not so complicated; he just has to tell the truth and admit what he did. Valentin tells Charlotte something in French, and she leaves. He asks Spencer if he’s proud of himself, hurting Charlotte to get to him. Laura tells Spencer to go with Charlotte, and Valentin asks Laura if this was her plan all along – to use Spencer. She says she’s not happy about it. but he’s just a kid who told the truth, and Valentin has no one to blame but himself. He calls Spencer spoiled and over-indulged, and says Spencer has hurt his daughter, and he’s not letting it happen again.

Curtis apologizes for causing Stella stress with his relationship. She says it’s the sacrifice you make for family. Jordan calls again, and she tells him to take it or she’ll just keep calling. He goes in the hallway. Jordan asks if he wants to have dinner and talk. He thinks it’s a good idea. Hmm… I’m not liking the way he said that.

At the gravesite, Carly talks to Morgan. She says they miss him every day. Sonny says they found out what happened, and know he was following his program. He’s proud of how Morgan fought his disease. He wishes he’d been there for him to protect him. Carly says they didn’t do a good job of making it right, and the pain got the best of them. Sonny says it’s over, and they’re moving forward. He wants Morgan to know he’s getting out of the business, and he’s going to make Morgan’s brothers and sisters happy. He tells Morgan that he loves him, and Carly says they miss him every minute of every day, but he’s still with them, and gives them strength. Behind them, Ava walks into the cemetery.

Sam says she’s glad to get the tests out of the way, and Griff says that he’ll call with the results. They’ll have clear picture of what’s going on. Griff turns into Sonny, and says they won’t stop until they find her weakness and lock her up. If she’s going to eliminate him, do it now.

Spencer tells Charlotte that he wasn’t trying to upset her, but she says he was. Spencer is told that play practice is beginning soon, and he says he needs time to gather his thoughts to talk to the director. He sits on a bench, rehearsing, and suddenly someone from behind puts a hood over his head.

Tomorrow, Laura attacks Valentin, Sonny tells Ava that she’s not walking away from Morgan’s death, and Julian is told that Ava has been released.

Southern Charm – Reunion Part Two

Kathryn brings up Thomas staying at Jennifer’s house. He insists he slept on the couch. He says he thought they had an agreement to protect her. If she keeps it up, she’ll never work in this town again, and it’s not going to be pretty. She says she’ll wait for him to calm down. I have no idea what this is about, but Thomas is clearly overreacting.

Andy says there was a lot of negative feedback about Kathryn’s treatment of Jennifer, and how not everything is about her. We see the clip of Jennifer telling Kathryn about Ascher having surgery. Kathryn says that Jennifer was crying about her son, and suddenly switched subjects. (Note: When watching this a second time, I can totally see how Kathryn would think she was being fake and using the moment for sympathy. She could very well be one of those people who gets hooked on the attention.) Jennifer says she would never be manipulative that way. Kathryn says she doesn’t want negativity and would like apologies from those who have wronged her. Jennifer says Kathryn owes her an apology, and she says she already apologized, and apologizes again. She says that she’d like to resolve their issues, and Andy asks Jennifer if she sees the friendship getting back on track. She uses a lot of words to say that she does. Kathryn doesn’t want to cry anymore, and suggests they move on. Exit Jennifer.

Whitney takes her place. We talk about Thomas’s parenting skills. Thomas says he’s embraced it. He spent years being selfish, and you can’t be that way when you’re a parent. He talks about buying a new home, and wanting a kid friendly place. Kathryn tears up hearing about a swing set and pool, but says she’s okay. Other viewers aren’t as generous, because it looks like the kids are being raised by nannies. Thomas’s dating life is brought up. He says the girls are either too young or too old. Andy points out that Thomas is in his 50s. Everyone wonders what mojo actually is.

Andy asks Cameran if there’s a double standard about dating someone younger, and she says when you’re thirty, if you’re a woman, you’re over the hill. Landon’s dislike of the website meeting is covered. Shep says that he was told she was acting out-of-sorts and not behaving well. Landon talks about being sexually harassed by being asked to put on a mini skirt. He says if he’s wrong, sorry, but he went on the information he had. He apologizes. Andy wonders if she sets herself up for criticism. Austen starts to answer, and Landon interrupts. Andy says there were a lot of gold-digger comments, and Cameran says it’s easy for people to misinterpret Landon. Shep says he often hopes she won’t say the things she does. Landon admits to pretentious obnoxious conversation, but says it’s just friendly banter to say things like Vale is a truck stop.

Thomas saying that Landon was marriage material is brought up. He says he wasn’t jumping to her being his wife. We flash back to that drunk woman who said they were soulmates in the restaurant. How much was she paid? Andy claims it wasn’t a plan, and Landon says the woman’s son was mortified. The Valentine’s weekend is mentioned, and Kathryn says it was just a gut feeling that Thomas and Landon hooked up. Landon says the whole thing is false, and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day. We flash back to Cameran taking Kathryn’s side about it, and Cameran says she would have used more discretion. Andy asks if Kathryn still believes something went on. She does, but doesn’t care anymore.

We see the clip of Landon insulting Kathryn in Key West. Landon says she doesn’t really believe the things she said, and wants Kathryn to be happy and have her kids with her. We move on to Landon’s apology at the dinner. Kathryn thinks they weren’t genuine then, but are now, calling a truce. Andy asks about Landon saying that Thomas uses her as a weapon against Kathryn. Kathryn thinks that’s true to a point, since he knew it would bother her. The next clip is the breakfast in the Keys where Landon stood up for Kathryn. Landon says she lived that [with her husband], and felt sympathy. Thomas says he was attacked and he counter-attacked, but she didn’t see the original attack. I roll my eyes so far back, I can see behind me. He insists that no one knows the whole story, but he should have kept his mouth shut. Andy asks if Landon was surprised at Thomas’s reaction, and she says no; he’s sensitive. Aww! A mini discussion on Pride and Prejudice happens, and Thomas acknowledges being thin-skinned. Andy asks if Landon’s defense of Kathryn changed Kathryn’s mind, and Kathryn says she felt that Landon had the ability to be genuine, and it meant a lot. Andy asks where Thomas and Landon stand, and Thomas says they’re friends. Landon says they went to a wedding together recently as friends, and Whitney makes a hand gesture, asking if they…

How old are we?

The topic of Cameran trying to hook Shep up with Chelsea is next, and Chelsea joins the group. She was a finalist on Survivor. I never knew that, and wonder if it was a season that I saw. She says she had a harder time watching this show, especially with her family. No kidding. Cameran says she was trying to set them up for years. Chelsea says she’s known Shep longer than any of the others. She says he’s a party boy whose gotten work. A viewer asks if Cameran really has feelings for Shep, because of their chemistry, but she says he’s like a brother and she farts in front of him. Shep says he dated Chelsea’s roommate, but when he saw Chelsea, thought he got the wrong roommate.

Shep’s drinking is discussed. Chelsea says Cameran sees lunch date Shep when the rest of them see late night Shep. We see a clip of Austen stumbling over telling Shep that he and Chelsea are dating. Excuse me, hanging out. Andy asks why Cameran thought Shep was the one, but she says she didn’t realize Austen was even interested. Andy asks Chelsea what Austen has that Shep doesn’t. She says it was more endearing and felt more genuine when Austen pursued her. A viewer thinks she’s playing them against each other, but she says it’s not her intention. Andy asks if she’s being held to a double standard and Kathryn thinks she is.

The Shep almost kiss is next. We see the clip of Chelsea telling Austen about it. Shep insists he wasn’t as insistent as is being claimed. He says he’s a gentle person, but maybe impatient. He says he was uncool, but both Austen and Chelsea had sworn they weren’t serious, and Cameran thought so too. He says if he had thought something was going on, he wouldn’t have done it. Andy asks if he thought Austen and Landon had an attraction. Shep says he thought where there’s smoke, there’s fire, because they Facetime so often. Austen and Landon both insist they’ve only just been friends. Kathryn says it’s another situation where Landon doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but it’s questionable. Landon thinks it’s Kathryn’s insecurities talking, but she says that’s not the case. Chelsea thinks Landon was definitely flirting with him, and Kathryn says if that’s what she’s feeling, she’s probably right.

Andy wants to set things straight about Craig and Shep’s near fight. Shep says he wanted to know what Craig’s motives were, and thinks Craig deliberately went after him. We see the clip of Shep saying that trying to kiss Chelsea was a test, but Shep says he was just being funny. Whitney says when he tried to kiss his girlfriend, she just laughed. Kathryn wonders what Chelsea feels, and she says that Shep has a sense of entitlement. Whitney says he is who he is, and Chelsea says that because he’s Shep, he can be disrespectful. It’s agreed that Shep shouldn’t get a pass. Andy asks if people are overreacting to his aggression. Chelsea doesn’t think so, but also thinks it’s been easy for him. She’s not saying he’s a monster, but drunk Shep is different. Andy asks the women if they have anything to say. Cameran says most of the time it works for him.

We see the clip where Shep says Austen is like a brother. Shep says he’d be very upset to lose him as a friend. Austen says he was glad when everyone made it right. Andy asks if Austen and Chelsea are still together, but that’s a no. She wouldn’t say no to reconciliation though. Craig says everyone makes up at the reunions, and after one of them, a child was conceived. Chelsea leaves the group.

Andy asks about Shep missing the flight. He says he didn’t want to let go of the Key West feeling, and we see a clip of him drunk before they left. Cameran says a stranger approached her at the airport, and said her friend took a fry off of his plate. Shep says he was in dire straits. Craig asks if Shep thinks he would have been arrested if Craig hadn’t helped him. Austen was surprised he got through security at all. Shep tells him to keep his mouth shut. Andy is like, what did you just say?

Craig says, no, that’s how you get through security, by keeping your mouth shut. Andy asks Cameran if she thinks Shep admitting that he doesn’t feel anything for anyone is a cry for help. Shep insists that he’s happy. Craig reads him as searching for a purpose. Shep says the grass is always greener, but even his friends who have families have moments. Yoda Shep says that life is peaks and valleys, ups and downs, and he’s okay with that. Craig says what if he said that, and he continued to impose himself when not asked for advice. Shep says Craig is delusional while he’s introspective. Craig keeps saying that he’s killing it, and it’s not real. Craig says it is for him, and he roots for people, unlike Shep. Andy wonders about their hostility toward one another. Shep says neither one of them will ever admit they’re wrong. Craig says he gets annoyed, but doesn’t take it personally. Shep says he thinks Craig is over sensitive, and needs to be told he’s great all the time. Craig says that’s not accurate, and he’ll change “killing it” to “being really happy.” As usual. Shep talks over Craig. Craig says there’s a difference between life is perfect and being happy. He says he lets Shep be a drunk a-hole, and doesn’t get involved in his life, and Shep says, no, you. Andy says they’re both drunk a-holes. Kathryn says everyone can be a drunk a-hole, and it sounds like her and Thomas.

Moving on to Saint’s birthday party. Thomas felt that Kathryn was in a good place. Andy says there’s an intensity when Thomas looks at Kathryn. She says they’ve been through a lot, and have two children. She feels that she understands him better than he does himself in some ways. Andy talks about their exchange at Thomas’s, that he supposes led to a kiss. Craig says they still have chemistry. Thomas tries to make it like it was a kiss on the cheek. Andy asks if they’ll get back together, and Kathryn says she was expecting that question. Thomas talks about seeing her, wondering who the beautiful woman was, and realizing that it was her. After which, he booked.

Andy asks if Craig would have finished law school sooner if everyone had stayed off of his back, and he says yes. He hopes things work out with Naomie. Landon’s website is starting to make money, but she’s also renewed her real estate license, and will be working part-time for her dad. Translation: Thomas probably bought some advertising. Andy asks if Cameran will have time for her man babies once she has a real one, and she tells him she’ll do her best. Thomas says that his father says it’s a good day when he reads the newspaper from cover to cover, and Thomas isn’t in it. Andy asks Kathryn what advice she’d give to her younger self, and she says, don’t believe everything you’re told. Shep has a spin-off show coming up called Relationshep, where he goes on a search for love. I’ll bet he’s no Flava Flav though. Shep says his time is now. Andy hopes for everyone’s personal growth. Thomas makes a stupid rhyming toast, and we’re out. Why was Whitney even there?

👦 There was preview for Relationshep, where Shep tours the country, meeting women his friends have picked out. If any of them click with Shep, they’ll be invited back to Charleston.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Feng shui expert, Elaine, visits Shannon. She says Shannon doesn’t want to bring the old energy or whatever into the new house. Shannon says they’ve used Elaine for years. How’s that workin’ for ya? Shannon thinks it was getting better in the old house, but there was too much stress. She brings up Vicki making allegations that David beat her. Elaine says the relationship energy isn’t good, because there’s a toilet in her relationship area. What does that mean? Shannon says some relationships need to go down the drain.

Vicki and assistant Linda are packing up the office. Vicki says her to-do list is making her crazy. It’s the same as a house, times a hundred million. I once was moving to a new apartment at the same time my office was moving. Vicki ain’t got nothin’ on me. Vicki told Steve that he might not want to be around for a while because she could lose her mind. Linda says her office was the best according to Feng shui expert. Vicki says how stupid it was, and Linda says they had to keep buying oranges. We flash back to the whole nine lemons thing from Shannon’s first season. I guess you can use oranges too. Elaine talks about appliances being male and female, and some yin and yang stuff. In her interview, Shannon says her refrigerator has two doors, so maybe it swings both ways. BA-DUM-CHH! Sometimes Shannon can be funny.

Baby Aspen is cranking up, but Meghan gets a smile out of her. She says her life is no longer hers. She and Jim get all of the baby gear into the car. In her interview, Meghan says that motherhood is special, and lovely, and unlike anything she imagined. Then she laughs. Jim drives as Meghan blabs about the girls. She’s been trying to focus on what’s important, like getting sleep. She says she feels like she’s in the middle too much, and Jim asks what they’re having for dinner, because he’s such a good listener.

Lydia goes to a photo shoot. She and Doug have a new magazine called Nobleman about what it’s like to be today’s man. They sold their shares in Beverly Hills Lifestyle to their partner, and this one is just theirs. They take an editor’s photo. Lydia says that Doug owns 51%, so he’s technically her boss, but they know who pulls the strings. They also have pictures taken of a couple who are being featured. It’s new Housewife Peggy, and her husband Diko. Peggy has just had a preventative mastectomy because her mother died of breast cancer. Lydia isn’t sure what to say, since it’s a lot to hear when first meeting someone. She tells Peggy if she’s looking for a distraction, she should meet Lydia’s friends.

Tamra is planning a birthday party for one-year old granddaughter, Ava. It’s at a ranch that has small wildlife preserve. Tamra says that Sarah and Ryan either love or hate each other, and she’s staying out of it. They check out some beer at the bar. Tamra talks to Sarah about Shannon and Briana have been invited. Tamra says it’s becoming awkward after what she went through with Vicki. We flash back to Tamra screaming at Vicki two inches from her face. Oddly enough, Tamra didn’t want to see Vicki’s face, so she cut ties with Briana on social media without explanation, because she’s an immature moron.

Kelly and Michael are going to work out. She says last year they weren’t in a good place, but it’s better now. They’re trying to work together in a positive way. Michael drives like a reckless idiot, and Kelly says they almost got killed. They manage to get to the gym and do some “basic crawling.” In her interview, Kelly says they’re working out three times a week together, which is about all she can handle. They do all kinds of weird, but fun-looking exercises. She says she can relate to Shannon working on the relationship, and marriage is hard work.

Sophie is having her make-up done. Shannon says last year, they were on the playground, and now it’s her winter formal. She tells Sophie to cross her ankles if she sits, because her dress is so short. Shannon is putting food together for the parents. Shannon hopes cotillion has helped hone Sophie’s manners. Sophie tells her not to start crying. We see a picture of Sophie as a toddler, and Shannon insists she’s not crying. In her interview, she says it’s hard watching them grow up, but she’s proud. She feels guilty about exposing them to marital issues, but says they did okay. Whatever she’s making burns, and she has to start over. She eats a piece of bread and justifies it.

The girls come out in their dresses, and they all look gorgeous. Lots of black lace going on. David thinks Sophie should cover up. She says everyone thinks her mom is cool, but she doesn’t. Pictures are taken, and the dates arrive. Shannon has to encourage everyone to say hello. More pictures are taken, and the kids leave.

Peggy is having a family luncheon. She says she was born in Kuwait, but moved here when she was two, and she’s lived in the OC for ten years. Diko helps her prepare the lunch. She tells us they’ve been married 21 years. He lived in Beirut, doing amazingly well, but had to start over again after the war, and has built an empire from nothing. He’s a car freak, and she doesn’t even know how many they have. The guests arrive. She tells us that Armenian families are all about sticking up for each other and good food. They seem like a really cool couple. Peggy is doing well after her surgery, but says what people don’t see is what she’s gone through over the years. We see a clip of her explaining how, because of her mother’s history, the doctors decided to be aggressive. Diko presents her with a 21 karat diamond necklace that cost $85K, because he’s so grateful that God has helped her through this.

Vicki and Steve visit Briana. Briana tells Vicki she’s going to Ava’s birthday party. In her interview, Vicki says in the past, Tamra has tried to drive a wedge between them, but no one can ever do that. Briana says if there’s any problem, she’ll just leave. We see clips from last season, and Briana says it’s a weird spot for her to be in.

The bounce house is set up, and the party begins. The theme is unicorn, and the food is too cute. Unicorn lollipops and such. Like this kid is ever going to remember it. Cool! Lydia’s mom is here! We see a clip of her telling Lydia that God created marijuana and it’s like an aspirin. Tamra stresses about Briana, who says they’re mutually avoiding each other. She thinks her mom and Tamra should talk about their feelings. Good luck with that. Judy fairy dusts people. I missed her. Briana leaves because the party is getting awkward.

Shannon arrives, and Tamra asks if she’d like to get fairy dusted. David finds Eddie and the barbecue, and Shannon says they won’t see him again. Lydia meets Shannon, who says Tamra is one of her closest friends. Lydia says she knew Tamra when she was close to Vicki, but Vicki gave her an update. In her interview, Shannon wonders why Vicki is still talking about her, and thinks she’s obsessed. This is hysterically funny, coming from the person who can’t stop yapping about how Vicki made her gain weight. Lydia introduces Shannon to her mom. Judy tells Shannon that they’re energy is in tune and she has a bright light, then throws some confetti. The unicorn cake comes out, and happy birthday is sung. Tamra wishes Sydney was there, but says maybe next year.

Lydia tells Tamra about her dinner with Vicki. Tamra says her issues are her own. Shannon tells her that Vicki made horrible allegations about her husband. Lydia thinks they’re acting almost the same as Vicki, and Shannon takes offense. Lydia says that Vicki was hurt too. Shannon says she lied about her boyfriend having cancer, and was in on the lie. She’s just mad because she was called out on it. Shannon says that Vicki hurt her kids, and all the weight she’s gained is stress and Vicki. In her interview, Lydia thinks that Shannon took crazy pills. Shannon says that she’s not cruel to Vicki, but she will call her out. Okay. Tamra says that Shannon is expressive and emotional. You know where you stand, but sometimes she needs to calm down. Doug comes by, and Lydia says he’s literally Prince Charming saving her from the evil witch. Tamra wants Shannon and Lydia to get along because they both have good hearts, but this didn’t go well. Lydia tells her mother that Shannon screamed at her, which is a bit of an exaggeration. Judy says that Lydia is the friend whisperer, and calls Shannon a lost soul.

Shannon tells Tamra that she’s sorry she offended her friend, but she’s going to defend herself. Lydia is leaving, and Tamra tells her that Shannon is upset because she reminded her of Vicki. Even though Shannon is right there, stuffing her face. Lydia asks if she can’t talk to her herself, and tells Shannon that she just met her, and she’s getting screamed at. Tamra says that Shannon is just passionate, and Shannon says she didn’t raise her voice. Lydia starts to say something, but Shannon says she doesn’t know her and won’t listen. She keeps repeating that she’s not like Vicki. Lydia says she thinks it’s semantics. She says she doesn’t want to hang out if she’s going to be attacked. Shannon says talk to her mom, who said she has a bright light. Lydia says her mom also said that Shannon was also a lost soul. Shannon says she’s done.

Next time, more Peggy, Shannon works out, Kelly and Shannon see each other again, and Shannon gets out of control at a restaurant called The Quiet Woman.

🐮 Love, love, love Sweet Home Oklahoma. Tamra should look to Pumps as a great example of a Christian. This week, when replacing Jennifer’s shoes with Pumps’s Crocs proved too ambitious, Pumps TP’d her house. Jennifer consulted a pet psychic about Tubbers, and the girls went to a Pride parade. And they gave me a couple of good quotes.

We support all the letters. – Jennifer

It’s more fun to be a non-practicing lesbian for a day with Pumps, than go on a blind date from a dating app. – Lee


Tubbers – glamour shot



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