July 18, 2017 – Ava Sees Herself, Jim Sees Wyatt & the Guests Don’t See Much of Anything


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Julian goes to the hospital looking for Ava. He’s told she’s been released. He wonders where she is, since she’s not at her apartment.

She’s at the graveyard. Sonny and Carly see her, and she says she doesn’t want to intrude. Carly says it’s too late.

Jordan asks Curtis how Stella is, and Curtis says she’s getting to be like her old self. Jordan thinks that’s wonderful, but when Curtis doesn’t respond in kind, she wonders what’s wrong

Laura gets a call from Josslyn. She asks, what kind of incident?

Spencer is thrown into a basement. Which I’m sure he’s going to refer to as a dungeon. He yells to be let out right now.

Sonny says that was quick, and Ava says she’d rather have stayed at the hospital. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Ava says that Morgan is always on her mind, but more so since the fire. Sonny says welcome to his son’s grave, and asks why she didn’t come sooner. Ava tells him that she didn’t want to live in a world without him. Carly says she’d drag her out of there, but doesn’t want to be arrested for assault. Ava says maybe she’s thinking of Avery too, but maybe not, since they’ve made it clear she’ll know everything. Sonny says Avery deserves to know who she is. He says she’s taken two people he loves away from him. First Connie, then Morgan. He tells her that if she’s thinking of plastic surgery, the second she’s healed, he’ll rethink letting her live. She’s not walking away from this death. I’m so glad he and Carly are both moving on and letting it go like they said they were going to.

Curtis tells Jordan he could always tell Stella anything and she’d give him straight talk, but also defend him. Jordan calls her a truth teller and protector. He’d forgotten how special it was. Jordan says it sounds like they had a great morning, so why is he upset?

Laura tells Josslyn that she’s on her way.

Spencer yells, you can’t leave me in here! The place looks very familiar – like where Maxie was held the last time she was kidnapped. Spencer says, all right, Valentin, game on. How much you want to bet that Valentin will be paying someone to take Spencer back? Like in that O. Henry story.

Ava says she knows that she’s a terrible person who’s done terrible things, especially to Morgan, but she’s paid. Carly tells her that she doesn’t get a free pass for setting herself on fire, and it will never be enough. Carly suggests that she tell the world what she did, but sonny says she has no courage or class. Ava doesn’t know what Morgan would want her to say. Sonny says she does, but she’s not going to tell them or the cops. Carly asks if it hurts. Morgan was blinded by her beauty, and now she’s a gutless, cruel monster. She killed Carly’s son, and now her face is as ugly as her soul. Carly and Sonny leave Ava alone at the cemetery.

Spencer says he’s trapped like a rat. He sees a window, and says, hello ticket to freedom, but how?

Laura sees Charlotte on a bench. She asks if Charlotte is okay, and Josslyn says she was just upset after what Spencer said, and wanted to see her father. She couldn’t get ahold of Valentin, so she called Laura. Laura says Josslyn handled it perfectly. Charlotte asks where her poppa is. Laura says Josslyn couldn’t reach him, and called her instead. Charlotte cries in her arms.

Curtis feels like an idiot. He never considered that Stella had a life before him. Jordan says Stella would say she gained more than she lost. Curtis tells her about Marcus, and how Stella passed up getting married to take care of him and Tommy. Jordan asks what happened with Marcus, and Curtis tells her about him moving to San Francisco for a job. Stella says she has no regrets, but he feels guilty. He’d assumed it was the life she chose, and it’s a game changer. Jordan says for him and Stella, or for him and her. He says both.

Sonny and Carly go to the MetroCourt bar. She says she doesn’t feel sorry for Ava, but it hit home. Ava isn’t free, and they won’t be either until they let her go. Did this hit home while Sonny was threatening Ava or Carly was calling her names?

Felix tells Ava that he has to set up her home care, and she should get off her feet. Ava asks him to give her a minute to say good-by. She tells Morgan that she was wrong. She loved him so much, and she’s so sorry. If she could go back… If she loved him like she thought she did, how did they get here? She’s trying to make amends, and not just because of the fire. She felt sick about it before that whenever she thought of him, but he probably doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t know what to believe herself.

Curtis tells Jordan that it’s all the stuff he put Stella through afterward. Jordan says Tommy was no saint, but Curtis says he wouldn’t be surprised if he was the cause of her first stroke. He talks about going on a bender, and telling her she wouldn’t be so focused on him if she had a life of her own. Jordan says he was young and didn’t know. He says she never even did the “how could you, after all I’ve done?” riff. Jordan says she didn’t feel that way, and would do anything for him. He says it’s time to put her first for a change, and Jordan says that she deserves it, but asks what it means for them.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s not over. Carly says he put fear in her about plastic surgery, and hopefully by the time she heals, they’ve moved on.

Julian finds Ava at her apartment. Felix says she’s an outpatient now, and asks if she wants alone time with her brother. She says let’s get it over with. Felix is removing some of the bandages, and she tells Julian that it might be a good time to run. Julian says he’s not going anywhere, and she asks him to cover the mirrors.

Spencer makes a lasso and tries to hook it onto a nail above the window. He gets a chair and stands on it.

Laura asks if Charlotte wanted to talk to her dad because of Spencer. Charlotte asks why Spencer is mad at him, and Laura says that she it’s confusing. Charlotte asks if what Spencer says is true, and Laura says it is, and she misses Nicholas every day. Valentin arrives, saying he’s back like he promised. Charlotte jumps into his arms, and he gives Laura a look.

Julian covers the mirrors. He says she’s seen herself already, but she says it was ages ago when she was a work in progress, and this is the new her. He tells her she’ll always be beautiful. She says he hasn’t seen her yet, and asks about him. He tells her that the trial date is set. She asks about his chances, and he says he thinks differently every minute. Julian is sporting a beard and I kind of like it. Felix asks if she’s ready. Julian says no matter what, she’s still her. She says that’s what she’s afraid of.

Carly says living well is the best revenge, and it should be their mantra. They get to grieve their son the way they should now. She doesn’t want to give Ava one more moment; it’s giving her the power, and Carly doesn’t want that anymore. Sonny says she’s probably right. Carly tells him that it’s the most difficult road they’ve had to walk down, but they made it. She says it sucks that Ava isn’t in prison, but hey get to move forward. She calls him her everything, and says this is how they win – they live – together.

Laura asks what Valentin is doing there, and he says he’s going to spend quality time with Charlotte. He has immediate, temporary visitation. Laura asks to see the paperwork and says he moves fast. He tells her he’s motivated when it comes to his daughter, and she’s his for the next three hours. He reminds Laura that Charlotte is also her granddaughter, and asks how she could sic that petulant brat on her. Laura says he’s a kid who’s been traumatized by the death of his father, and has his own mind. Valentin says she wasn’t in the room. Nicholas faked his own death and framed an innocent person, which was why he was on the island. He tells her that she doesn’t want to face the truth, and she moves to hit him, but he grabs her arm and suggests she not come after him again. Josslyn comes by with Charlotte, asking if everything is okay. Valentin leaves with Charlotte, and Laura tells Josslyn to find Spencer while she calls Lulu.

Spencer pulls himself up the wall with the rope.

Curtis tells Jordan that it came fast and strong, and he saw them going the distance. He’s sorry, but she tells him not to be. He owes this to his aunt. Curtis says he can’t break her heart after what she’s done for him. He says the funny part is, she’d be livid if she knew the reason. She doesn’t want them together, but wouldn’t want them to end like this. Jordan says that Stella wants Curtis to realize how awful she is, but he says she’s anything but. She says she thinks they’re doing the right thing, and he asks why it feels so wrong.

At the MetroCourt, Charlotte and Valentin are having ice cream. Valentin asks if she’s thinking about what happened at camp. He tells her that Spencer is mad at him, not her. He explains that Spencer’s father made poor choices. In the end, he disappeared, so Spencer is sad and angry and looking for someone to blame. He doesn’t like Spencer taking it out on her. She wants to stay at camp, and Valentin says that she can, and she’ll never have to see Spencer again. He’ll make sure of it.

While Laura is on the phone, Josslyn tells her that there’s a problem; it’s Spencer. Laura thinks he’s signed himself out, but Josslyn says he didn’t, and no one knows where he is.

Spencer falls, but says Rome wasn’t built in a day. His glasses are missing the lenses.

Sonny asks if Carly wants lunch, and she’s glad he’s done talking about Ava. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Max. Sonny says not now, and Carly asks what’s up. He says a deal and stuff. She wonders what stuff is. He goes back to the menu, and she just looks at him.

Felix removes Ava’s bandages. He has to apply antibacterial ointment and a mask. Ava says Julian is quiet, but he says he’s concentrating on Felix, in case he need to know anything. She calls him a liar, and says it’s not a good sign that he can’t maintain eye contact. She says he should move, so none of his friends see her. She’s a monster, and it’s not the first time she’s heard it today. He asks who called her that, and she says never mind. He asks Felix if she can have a drink, and Felix gives the okay. Ava tells Felix that she can take it from there, and he tells her to call if she needs anything.

Julian apologizes. Ava tells him to please go. He says fine, but he’ll be back. She says of course, he lives there, and he tells her don’t forget it. Wasn’t she burned anywhere else except her face? She looks at a picture of herself, and takes the cloth off the mirror. Geez, it’s not even that bad. I’ve seen acne that’s worse.

Curtis wishes it was different. Jordan says that’s life, always throwing a curveball. He tells her that maybe when Stella is better, but Jordan doesn’t live life on maybe. She tells him about her bowling game being on point, and he calls her a shark. She says she’ll miss him, and he says she has no idea.

Sonny peruses the menu. Carly asks him to define stuff. He says loose ends, and asks for a break, telling her they knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Ava looks at herself like she’s Frankenstein. She says Carly was right; she did this to herself. It’s the definition of karma. Did she think this wouldn’t haunt her and she wouldn’t have to pay? It’s who she is now. This is her face. This is her life, and it’s all her fault.

On the phone, Laura thanks Chandler, and says if he hears anything, to call her. Josslyn says Spencer isn’t in the park or camp. Laura doesn’t know where he could be, but thinks he’s missing.

Spencer gets his glass lenses back in, but they’re cracked in spots. He wonders how he’ll get out if he can’t see.

Charlotte feeds Valentin ice cream. He asks what her favorite camp activity is, and she says arts and crafts. She’s almost finished with Nina’s surprise, and says she misses Nina. Valentin says that he made a mistake, but in the end they’ll be together, and no one will keep it from happening – least of all Spencer.

Tomorrow, Dante questions Valentin. Obrecht wants to discuss something, and Julian asks Alexis to be a witness.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica approaches Justin on the hospital stairwell. She says, so, you’re married. He asks how she is, and she says a little nauseous because of what she just heard. Justin feigns ignorance, and she asks if he’s having problems with his short-term memory. She asks if he and Jeffrey are friends, and barrages him with questions. She says she’s giving him a chance to practice – she’s had officers like him on the stand before. She asks if he’s married and he says he is. She asks if his wife knows about his unnatural affections and his perverted interest in her son. She says she was shocked and appalled. Jeffrey’s wife is clinging to life, and her unborn child is in danger, and Justin is dragging her son into stairwells and sexually harassing him.

Justin acts surprised, and asks if Veronica has lost her mind. She says she knows what she heard. She tries to talk, but Justin keeps interrupting. She tells him if he interrupts her again, there won’t be any more nice Veronica, and the bitch behind door number two is a show stopper. Justin asks what she’s trying to say. She says she’s going to give a statement to the press and his boss. The climate is ripe for him and this moment. He’s a white police officer sexually harassing her son, and it will be national news. Justin says they were discussing why he pulled Jeffrey over. Veronica says she knows what she heard. He says he didn’t say or do anything. She repeats what he said about what Jeffrey does to and for him, and thinks his wife would find it troubling. Justin says he’s not gay. She asks how long he’s been married and keeping it from her. He says his wife is a judge – on her case; the one involving her son. She says it’s improper to be talking to him then. He says it’s improper and dangerous to be talking like she is. She says those words will soon have a whole new meaning for him. She’s Veronica Harrington, and he’s never bothering her son again. Justin tells her that his wife knows he’s not gay, and Veronica should be more concerned about the trial. She says he’s making another threat. He says it’s not a threat, and it’s the last time he wants to hear about him and a man, and not to interfere with him and her son again. Veronica says she’ll file a motion to have his wife removed from the case on the grounds that her husband is having an affair with her son. Jeffrey steps toward her, and she tells him get back, asking who he thinks he is. He asks what scares her, and she tells him nothing and no one. He tells her to do what she has to. She says he’s not the first. Jeffrey loves himself some Wyatt. Jeffrey walks back to the hallway, and she asks what’s the matter that he doesn’t want to hear about it, calling him honey.

Jim and David see Jeffrey at the hospital. Jim asks why Wyatt is there, and Jeffrey says he tried to detox himself, and couldn’t. He wants to get his life together. Jim is surprised, and asks if Jeffrey made him come, but Jeffrey swears he didn’t. Jim wants to know where he is, but Jeffrey doesn’t think Jim should see him. He says the treatment is sensitive, and Jim should wait. Jim says he’s not the doctor. David tells Jeffrey that Jim will find out anyway, and he’s just prolonging it unnecessarily. Jim says he’s in a fragile state too. He knows Jeffrey loves Wyatt, but he does too, and wants to see that Wyatt is okay with his own two eyes. Jeffrey gives him the room number, and Jim apologizes for yelling.

David tells Jeffrey he did the right thing. Jeffrey says that Jim is a source of pain for Wyatt. David tells him regardless, Jim loves Wyatt and is still his father. He tells David that Melissa needs help. David asks what Veronica did to her, and Jeffrey says everything, but he thinks her father dying set her off. David tells Jeffrey that he and Veronica were friends with them for years, and he was sorry to hear about it. He says that he heard Jeffrey had something to do with Quincy’s murder. Jeffrey says he was a horrible person. David knows that and asks what happened. Jeffrey says he didn’t mean to, and David says to tell him. Jeffrey explains that it all happened in slow motion. He walked in on Quincy beating Candace, and hit him with a vase. Quincy got up and started hitting Jeffrey, and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor covered in blood. David asks if he stabbed Quincy, and Jeffrey admits he did. He asks if Veronica knows, and Jeffrey says she found out. David asks why not call the police? Jeffrey tells him that Candace says it would be considered a crime of passion, and they’d be arrested, and he didn’t want to get David involved. David says as Jeffrey’s father, he’s already involved. Jeffrey continues, saying they buried Quincy in the backyard because of all the cameras being around. David knows what Veronica has on him now. Jeffrey thinks it’s going to be okay. Veronica said she’ll have discovery of the body thrown out because of the warrant being issued in the wrong name. David says if she pulls it off, they might look for witnesses, but Jeffrey says the only other person who knows is Benny. David says he’ll get him out of it. Jeffrey asks how, and David tells him to get a room at a hotel and call him. He tells Jeffrey it will be all right, and Jeffrey thanks him.

Jim goes to Wyatt’s room. Anna introduces herself. She says she runs the rehab program that Wyatt signed into. Jim asks how he’s doing. Anna can’t say yet, but he’s strong and really trying. Jim requests a few minutes alone with Wyatt, but Anna doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She says he’s sleeping, but Jim says he won’t wake him. He understands they don’t want him agitated, and asks for a little time. She says she’ll be outside.

Jim wipes Wyatt’s forehead with his handkerchief and kisses him. He smells the hanky, and puts it back into his pocket. Aw, it’s a side of Jim we’ve never seen. He tells Wyatt he’s got this, and leaves. He tells Anna that he’s sorry, and asks if she’s sure he’ll be okay. She says he has to want it. She thinks he does, but they’ll see what happens. Jim says Wyatt is all he’s got, and asks for her card. She says they know all the tricks and he’s in the best hands.

Katheryn sees Hanna sitting on the couch and asks how she feels, but Hanna doesn’t know. She asks if Hanna has been up all night, and says she has to eat something. She realizes there’s nothing anyone can say or do, only God can help. Hanna says she doesn’t know who she is right now, and Katheryn understands. Hanna needs to call Benny, and uses the phone while Katheryn gets the dishes out.

Mitch answers the phone. He tells Hanna that Benny is out. Hanna says she needs to talk to him about funeral arrangements, and Mitch says he’ll have Benny call her.

Hanna says she doesn’t know where Benny is, and Katheryn says to let her help. Hanna can’t even afford the casket, and Katheryn says she’ll cover the funeral. Katheryn says after all Hannah has done for her family, she shouldn’t worry; she loves Hanna. Hanna thanks her, but Katheryn says no, she should be thanking Hannah. Hanna thinks of the funeral home questions – what was their favorite flower and favorite color – and wonders how she’ll know. Katheryn tells her to just choose for him. Hanna says he loved purple, and Katheryn says it’s a start. Katheryn tells Hanna that she’ll handle Benny too, but they have to get food into her. Hanna doesn’t want to eat, but Katheryn says she needs to. Hanna asks if Katheryn is cooking. When Katheryn says she is, Hanna tells her that now she knows she doesn’t want anything. Katheryn says that Hanna’s laughter will come back, as well as her smile. Maybe Katheryn’s cooking will get her there. Hanna doesn’t think so, and Katheryn asks how you turn the oven on.

Candace hears kids playing in Charles’s room. They open the adjoining door and say hello. They ask if she knows their dad, and say he’s going to be president. Charles tells them not to bother her, but she says they’re beautiful. They ask if she’s voting for him, and she says yes. He tells them to get ready for school and asks the nanny to take them, promising he’ll be there to tuck them in.

Charles says he takes being a father seriously, and sorry they bothered her. Candace says it’s no bother, but she’s surprised there’s no secret service. He says that he wants them to have it as normal as possible until they get to the White House. She’s surprised at how comfortable he is, not caring about the recording. He says he’s calm on the surface, but his feet are paddling underneath. She tells him to come over.

Charles goes to Candace’s room, and she tells him to close the door. He says he has a rally in an hour and a half, and she repeats her request. He closes the door, and she says he learns fast, He asks if she does, and she says it depends on the lesson. She says he knows what he’s doing, but it needs work. He asks if she’ll teach him, and she says yes. She can’t believe how unfazed he is. He asks if she’s a threat to him, and she says no. He says she did screw up his day. She says she screwed his night, but he says he means that she’s been on his mind. He tried giving a speech, but only thought of her. She tells him the magic is working. He tells her that it’s the most fun he’s had in a long time, and she says they’ll have more tonight. He thinks it’s going to get really fun. She says it’s not his decision because she’s in control. He mentions that she has the recording, but she says she gave him everything. He thanks her, but she says she wasn’t going to do anything. He says he’s not the type to wait for the other shoe to drop, and she suggests they drop shoes right now, demanding that he take off his clothes. He wants to tell her something, but she says, clothes off now. William complies. He says he’s a sucker for a pretty face, and she tells him to get into bed.

Benny tells Logan that he’s been sitting there all night long. Logan says that he’s not under arrest, and Benny asks why he’s there. Logan tells him that he was brought in for questioning, and Benny says he’s leaving then. Agent Davis comes in and asks for Benny’s DNA. Benny says they’re not getting any blood from him, and he has rights. They have reason to believe he’s a threat to a presidential candidate, and Benny asks what’s going on. He doesn’t know any candidate, and didn’t threaten anyone. Logan tells him to relax.

Candace and Charles bask in the afterglow. Candace takes a snap on her phone, and he tells her she can’t do that. She says she just did. He says she has no respect for his accomplishments; he’ll be the youngest president. She says she respects the office, but he’s human like everyone else, and bleeds if you cut him. He wonders if that’s why the phone and recording. She asks why he’s so trusting, and he says he’s always been. She tells him that a girl needs something for a rainy day; it’s all the power in the world, and all the power to hold against him. He doesn’t like being blackmailed, and she asks why he’s so serious. He says she has no idea who or what he is. He’s Senator Charles Walter Fredricks. Suddenly, a bunch of guys in suits storm into the room. One tells Candace that she’s in violation of the Patriot Act. She’s under arrest for terrorism. Charles says to look at him, and repeats she’s under arrest. He doesn’t like playing games.

Next time, Veronica slaps Melissa, Wyatt tells Jim that he’s the one who put him in jail, and Charles says that Candace is a powder keg waiting for a spark.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy tells Wes he has to choose a second, and he goes with Malia. He doesn’t want it to look like he’s doing it just because he likes her, but says that she deserves it.

Guest Shannon bugs Adam while he’s cooking. He says it’s hard for him to stay focused, but with a charter broker on board, dinner has to be perfect. Hannah says charter brokers can literally make or break your career.

Wes talks to Malia about being lead deckhand. He says he’ll talk to the others tomorrow. In her interview, Malia says it’s an earned title, but she’s afraid the other deckhands will think she earned it in a different way. Hannah talks about Bugs, saying there’s only a few more charters left, and then she’ll be free.

The captain asks Wes and Malia to check for a dragging anchor. There’s an alarm sounding, so she knows there’s one somewhere. The guests sip cocktails. Captain Sandy says they have to head back to port, since they’re surrounded by rocks, and the anchors won’t hold them in the strong wind. She has Hannah tell the guests what’s happening, and that tomorrow they’ll resume a normal day. Shannon says they’ll expect it to be made up. I think she’s joking, but I’m not positive.

Adam says they have to go into full diversion mode – get the guests drunk, then fed. I’m loving the appetizers – caviar on a bed of what looks like red onions. Captain Sandy says docking at night is tough, and with the wind, it can be dangerous. The stuffed roast thrills the guests. The wind is whipping, and the captain is having a hard time, but they successfully dock. Dessert is presented. There’s ice cream and whipped cream involved, and I know I’d gain a thousand pounds on this yacht.

Shannon goes to the wheelhouse. She tells the captain that dinner service was good, but there are a few things she’s noticed. Ugh! When it starts like that, you know she’s become a pita.

Commercial break. Girl’s Trip looks like a lot of fun. I’m in for anything with Queen Latifah, but this is also my kind of chick flick. I’m not keen on the romances, but like the buddy movies. The Women was great, and I don’t often say that about a remake. I got talked into seeing The Proposal, the plot description swearing up and down there was a twist ending that I wouldn’t guess. Well, I did, five minutes into the film, and never let that friend pick the movie again.

Captain Sandy asks Shannon if it’s on the service side. She says no, but there have been little things, like the crew missing a used towel. The captain says she told the crew to step it out because Shannon knows all.

It’s 57 degrees, freezing for the Mediterranean. Captain Sandy calls Wes and Malia to the bridge. She says they have to stay docked, so they have to pour it on. Hannah thinks of a couple of things for the guests to do. In her interview, Hannah says when she’s stressed Captain Sandy tends to micromanage, and there’s already tension among the crew. Wes relays the message to the rest. The captain tells Shannon what happening. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, but with the wind at 27 knots, it’s nots happening. She tells Adam to make sure everyone is well fed. He talks about the relationship of a captain and a charter broker being like Tom and Jerry.

Shannon wonders if the crew is trained in massage, and Lauren says they’re trained in booking them. In his interview, Adam says he’s never had the feelings he does for Malia before, and I gag. Hannah calls to arrange for masseuses to come to the yacht. She wants to give the most perfect service they can under the circumstances.

In his interview, Bobby says he’s used to being rewarded for hard work. He’d hoped to go from cleaning the boat to driving the boat. Malia is stoked, but feels guilty. A guest wanders around, and Hannah has to explain weather to him. The guests grumble about not going to the beach. I’ve been on the beach when it’s cold and windy, and they really don’t want to do that unless they’re in parkas. Bugs says she’d rather be in a hotel, but Adam says they don’t give the same kind of service. Bugs has decided to put her feelings aside, and try to be as professional as possible.

Hannah tells the guests they’ve gotten a private tour guide, and also a couple of masseuses. Wes tells his deckhands about choosing Malia as lead deckhand. He thinks that she shows promise, and the desire to go further in the industry. He explains what’s going on for the day, and says have a good one. Bobby tells Malia she deserves it. She says she was nervous, but Captain Sandy did have a say. In his interview, Bobby says she kicks ass on deck, but he thought he was lead deckhand already, since no one else has his experience. Hannah congratulates her.

One of the guests has decided to leave. Hannah says that’s never happened before, and unless she can bring out a unicorn, their tip is in jeopardy. She tells the captain, who has also never had a guest leave. The exiting guest complains that they were promised something the crew couldn’t deliver, and it’s unprofessional. I guess because the crew controls the weather. She tells the captain if they’re not going to be on the water, she can’t. Unreal. In her interview, Captain Sandy says that if they leave the dock, she puts everyone at risk because it’s not safe.

On shore, the guests go to the palace. There are Roman soldier reenactors, and everything looks interesting and cool, but the guests are bored because they have no intellect whatsoever. Bobby makes an excuse about the schedule and having to get back, and the guests are glad to be off the hook. In the hot tub, Shannon says it’s the last night of vacation.

Malia talks to Bugs about Wes kissing her on the bridge. She says it’s hard because he’s her boss. In her interview, Lauren says you don’t promote the one you’re hooking up with, and it would be like if she made out with the captain, and became chief stew. Lauren tells Hannah about Malia and Wes making out. Hannah can’t believe it after she got called out for being unprofessional in texting a guest. In her interview, she says she’s torn between calling Malia out for being a hypocrite, and buying her a drink.

Malia tells Wes that now he understands why she didn’t want to kiss the boss. He says he doesn’t usually do things like that. Lauren calls Bobby, saying she needs some help with something, but she really wants to get him out on deck so she can pass along the info about Malia and Wes. In the galley, Bugs, Malia and Max watch them on the monitor. Lauren tells Bobby to say that he overheard it in his cabin. In his interview, Bobby says he doesn’t have the fire department to fall back on anymore, and this is his career. Now he and Max have to work for the boyfriend and girlfriend.

Hannah hopes that a local acapella group and a Croatian-themed dinner will make up for them being a floating hotel. Bobby gossips to Max. In his interview, Max suggests that Wes kiss him. The singers give a mini concert, and then another amazing table setting is displayed. Lots of gold and green vines. Bobby asks Wes for a quick chat. He tells Wes that there’s a rumor about him and Malia making out, and Wes says it’s true. Bobby asks how Wes thinks that looks. It’s hard to believe his decision wasn’t based on personal stuff. Bobby says he busted his ass last season to get to this one, and thinks it’s unprofessional (word of the night) and BS, but Wes stands by his decision. Bobby says his hard work doesn’t mean sh*t. Whatever they eat in Croatia looks pretty good, and the entrée is based around snapper. The guests are satisfied, and Hannah is glad to see Adam dressing better.

Thw captain asks the guests how dinner was, and it gets rave reviews. The guests move to the hot tub. Hannah is concerned that Bobby is going straight off the rails.

In the morning, the guests are met with mimosas, and one bloody Mary. Bobby wonders out loud to Malia how professional it is to make out on the bridge during a watch. He has nothing to say about her work ethic, but thinks his was never seen because Wes is up her ass. She says maybe hers is better, and really, it’s just a pat on the back, since it’s not like she got a raise. Bobby says for him it was a stab in the back. Wes appears, and tells Bobby that decision has been made. Bobby repeats that it’s unprofessional, and Wes says he doesn’t want to hear about it again.

Lauren tells Adam about Malia and Wes making out and Malia being promoted. She says Bobby has more experience, and she doesn’t think it’s right. Adam is speechless. Lauren says she doesn’t know everything, so he’ll have to talk to one of them.

Time for the guests to go. Primary Guest Jeremy says it was a bummer, but the crew’s attitude and attention to detail made up for it. He commends Adam on his cooking, and says that alone made it worthwhile.

Captain Sandy says they’ve become a team. For all his praise, Jeremy only coughed up $12K, not what she expected, considering how hard they worked. The captain says they have to turn the beat boat around for the next charter, and after that is free time.

Adam wanders around. He wanders to the bridge, where Wes and Malia are, and says, oh, his favorite couple. He says something about all of them having made out at this point. Malia says what happened, happened, and Wes says to keep it professional. Adam asks why Malia led him on. She says that she had feelings for both of them, but wants to put him in the friend zone. In his interview, Adam says she played him like a flute, and it will be painful for Wes to find out the backstory. He tells Malia that he wonders how she sleeps at night. Bobby wonders what the next night out will be like.

Bugs visits Adam’s cabin. He tells her about meeting Malia before the charter, and how they fooled around. Bugs is astounded. He says it can’t be a secret anymore. She said that she wasn’t into Wes, but was into Adam; he has the texts to prove it. Yes, he does. From the same night she was making out with Wes. She also suggested that she and Adam share a hotel room on their last night in Croatia.

They arrive in Dubrovnik, which is a stunning city. Captain Sandy says it’s like you’re walking back into history. The crew gets ready to go out. Adam asks Wes when it happened, and mumbles about having texts. Adam, Max and Bobby go to down some beer, and Wes goes with the ladies to a restaurant. The guys so some kind of shots with their beer, and Adam says, let’s go to drunk town. The guys talk about Malia and Wes, and inexhaustible topic. Adam says the yacht is a little close right now.

Wes leaves to join the guys. Lauren asks if everything is okay, and Malia says she’s been on edge. She gets why Bobby is frustrated, but it’s not like that. In her interview, Hannah says that she no longer trusts Malia. I can understand why.

In his interview, Wes says they’re already hammered, and he thinks Adam is turning to alcohol to solve his problems. Thanks, Dr. Phil! Like the crew ever does anything else but drink when they’re on break. His problem is you. Go away. He thinks the guys are being embarrassing and obnoxious, and they nearly walk into a car on a narrow street. Bobby throws Malia over his shoulder and carries her around. Adam gets in Wes’s face, trying to take a picture, and Wes smacks the phone out of his hand. Hannah steps in between them. Well, that turned quickly.

Next time… what? No preview. I guess there isn’t one after the later show. I should have paid more attention to Watch What Happens Live.




A Bit of Dubrovnik


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