July 21, 2017 – Laura Loses It, a Brave Chef Wins & Wisdom from Reddit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava tosses out her beauty products, saying good-by to each of them. She sips a martini, and says so long to her friends. There isn’t anything that can cover her new face.

Bobbie asks Carly if there’s been any progress with finding Spencer. Carly says no, but they’ll find him. Bobbie asks if she’s seen Laura, and Carly tells her about Laura asking Sonny for help. When Bobbie asks how she feels about that, Carly says they’re in agreement about using his connections to bring Spencer home.

Fantasy Sonny tells Sam that he knows he’s made things difficult for her, but he knows what’s best for her family. She says it’s always what’s best for him. Sonny says that Jason gets results, and Sam says she does too. Jason asks who she’s talking to.

Real Sonny tells Laura she has to take care of herself. She says that will be difficult until Spencer is home, and asks if his guys have found anything.

On the phone, Nina says she knows there are penalties for withdrawing money, but she’s interested in the short term.

Nathan tells Valentin that life expectancy in jail for people who hurt kids is short. He asks if there’s anything Valentin wants to tell him.

Ava calls for a vodka delivery. A case of Voox. She says she’s having a party, and asks them to be quick. Yeah, a party of one.

Sam tells Jason that she was talking to herself. She has a phone app that connects to the baby’s room. (Wouldn’t she be talking to the baby then?) Jason says he has nothing for today, and is escorting her to her follow-up appointment. She says she thinks she’s feeling better and was considering cancelling, but knew how he would feel. He says no one hates doctors and hospitals more than him, but they have to be sure she’s fine. There’s nothing they can’t handle. Imaginary Sonny winks at her.

Carly tells Bobbie that if there was a lead, Sonny would let her know, since Josslyn is drowning in guilt because it happened on her watch. She tells Bobbie that Josslyn internalizes everything. Bobbie is like, teenagers, but Carly says that Josslyn sees herself as an adult; drinking hanging out with boys. Now Oscar is a lifeguard at Lila’s Kids, so they’re working together. Bobbie says she remembers summer romance. Carly says it’s not a romance – is it? Geez, you’d think Oscar was some kind of serial killer, when he was nothing but nice and respectful. Does Carly have any idea of what’s really out there?

Sonny tells Laura they haven’t found anything, but they will. Valentin didn’t do this alone, and people who snatch kids in his town are few and far between. Laura says that Valentin is in lock-up, but he’ll probably make bail. Sonny says no matter what, he’ll get him, so he doesn’t want her doing anything rash. BTW, Genie Francis looks fantastic, and it doesn’t seem like she’s had any work done either.

Valentin tells Nathan that he has nothing to do with Spencer’s disappearance. An officer comes in, and says that Valentin’s bail has been posted. Nathan says it was off the charts, and asks if he had his lawyers post it. Nina walks in and says no, she did.

Nathan uncuffs Valentin, telling him that he’d better stay on the straight and narrow. Valentin tells Nina she didn’t have to do that. His lawyers are on it, and are probably wiring money right now. She wants everyone to know she believes in him. He says he’s used to handling these things by himself. She says not anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s coming back to him.

Ava thinks about the fire. The delivery arrives, and she asks them to leave it outside. The guy says she has to sign for it. She tells him to slip the receipt under the door, but he has to see who’s signing. She answers the door, and says, boo! For Pete’s sake, she’s really not that bad.

Carly says she’s not ready for this, and Bobbie says he’s just a boy. Carly wants to know how to not screw it up. Bobbie tells her that she survived parenting and adolescent behavior, but she was so thrown when Carly’s brother came out, she didn’t listen. Carly says it worked out though. Bobbie promises Carly will get through it.

There’s a knock at Jason and Sam’s door. It’s Sonny. Real Sonny. Sam wants to return a blanket that Molly left, and says she’ll be right back. Sonny asks Jason if she’s okay, but Jason says he doesn’t know.

Sonny asks if it’s a vibe he’s getting or is it just him? Jason says Sam is going through some things. He doesn’t think it’s serious, but it requires some tests. Jason figures what Sonny wants must be important. Sonny says Spencer is missing, and Nina posted Valentin’s bail. Jason asks if there are any leads. Sonny says not yet, but Valentin needs to be stopped. Jason asks if Sonny wants him to do it. Sam listens at the door.

Carly wants to be Josslyn’s best friend, but she can’t; limits have to be set. Bobbie tells her to do what she failed to do. Keep lines of communication open and give her chances to tell the truth; be her safe place. Bobbie says not to worry so much. Her best advice is to remember when she was fourteen. Carly says that doesn’t help. Josslyn walks in, and asks if they were talking about her. She wonders if it’s about Spencer.

Valentin asks Nina for a chance. She says not today, and he says, someday? She says they’ve both made mistakes, and he tells her not to blame herself for anything. She says everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and they can’t do the same. She tells him to go home and take a shower, but he says it’s not a home without her and Charlotte. She says never say never, and he tells her he’d never do that when it comes to them. He signs the paperwork. Laura walks in and stares daggers at him.

Sam goes to Ava’s townhouse. She’s sleeping on the couch, and Sam wakes her up. She asks what Sam is doing there. Sam says Ava has been drinking, like Ava didn’t know, and Ava says yes she has. Sam tries to clean up, and Ava says she doesn’t have to. Ava asks what she wants to see Julian about. Sam says she has a proposal, but she’ll have to take care of it herself. Ava goes to get her some coffee.

Sonny tells Jason that the cops are all over the place, so it has to be low key. Jason says he’s in. The timing could be better, but he has it. Sonny says that Spencer is important to him, and Jason says that he’ll do what he can do. Sonny asks if he’s sure Sam will be okay with it. Jason says he’s looking for a little kid who she’s related too; she’ll be fine.

Sam is surprised that Julian left Ava alone, and Ava says she’s not five. She asks if Sam wants some vodka in her to-go cup, but that’s a no. Ava tells her that Julian is probably at his office, but Sam says if he can’t be there for Ava, he’s useless. Ava says she told him to leave. Sam wonders why Ava isn’t wearing the mask that the hospital gave her. Ava tells her what’s the point? and Sam says Avery needs her mother. Ava says that Avery doesn’t see a mother, but a monster. She tells Sam that Avery will have to make due with Sonny, but Sam gives her an emphatic no.

Carly says they’ll find him. Josslyn asks what they’re talking about, saying it sounds kind of serious. I miss the rest of the scene because the sound goes out on my TV. I’ve been wrestling with a problematic connector for a few days now, and have to mess with it several times a day.

Nina tells Laura that she bailed Valentin out. Laura says that her grandson has been missing for twenty-four hours with no communication. She doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. Nina says she’s sorry, and Laura tells her that if she was, she’d do the right thing, since Valentin has time not accounted for. Nina says she understands Laura’s frustration, but Valentin didn’t kidnap Spencer – she knows him. Laura says she does too. He killed her son, and now he’s after her grandson. Nina tries to say something, and Laura tells her to shut up, adding that she’s just as guilty as Valentin. Nathan says they’ll be watching him, and Laura starts to freak out on Nathan. She says Valentin knows he’ll be watching, so he’ll hire someone else to do his dirty work. Nina says that Laura is spiraling out of control.

Josslyn tells Carly that she and Oscar are just friends. Carly asks if she wants it to be more, and Josslyn says that she doesn’t know him. Carly says she can’t stop her from seeing him, but it bothers her that Oscar pressured her into drinking. Josslyn says he didn’t pressure her into anything, but Carly thinks it sounds like she wanted to impress him, and she only needs to impress herself. Josslyn suggests that judging someone she doesn’t know is the same thing Nelle did to her. Carly says she’s right. She can’t make a call on someone she hasn’t met, and she wants to change that.

Laura sees Valentin on the docks. She starts yelling at him, and putting her finger in his face, and he backs up. She says she’ll get Spencer to drop the lawsuit; she can even get him to leave Port Charles. Valentin says that he can’t give her what he doesn’t have. She says what if it was Charlotte. He says he’d be frantic, which is why he understands, but she’s wasting time; he had nothing to do with it. Laura grabs his lapels, and says she wants the truth. He tells her that her time would be better spent looking for who took Spencer. Laura says he won; he got everything, and Spencer is no threat to him. Valentin says she’s making his point for him. Spencer isn’t a threat, so why would he take him? She doesn’t believe one word he says, and he tells he that he’s sorry. She says that he’s not sorry about anything. She knows now why Helena thought he was the worst Cassadine of all; he’s smart and doesn’t care about anyone. She starts getting physical with him, and he breaks away. She whacks him in the back of the head with something, and he falls to the ground. Holy!

Nina says she’s fine, but Nathan says the dance she’s doing with Valentin isn’t fine. She says that she didn’t go home with him; doesn’t that count? Nathan says she’s making him jump through hoops first, so she’ll feel better when she does take him back. Nina suggests giving advice as Man Landers is rubbing off on him, and he thinks he knows everything. He says that he knows her. She thinks Valentin will give her what the others haven’t, but he’s not capable of it, and reels her in every time. Nina asks if this is how he feels about her, like she’s a pathetic, ignorant teenager. Nathan says he always has her back, but he can’t do it anymore. He tells her that if she goes back to Valentin and he breaks her heart, she’ll have to find someone else to help her pick up the pieces.

Ava says she would have thought Sam wanted her out of Avery’s life. Sam says she’s been thinking, and believes that children should be with their mothers. Ava says, mothers like her? Sam says that Ava isn’t a monster, and Ava asks if her actions don’t make her one. Sam says what do Sonny’s actions make him? Ava wonders where this is coming from, and Sam says that she’s been thinking about karma – Ava has had to pay the price for her actions, but Sonny hasn’t. Doesn’t she want to be around when he does? She can close herself off to the world and concede victory to Sonny, or she can have what she wants and reclaim her life the way she wants. Sam puts the mask on Ava, and takes her to the mirror. Now she looks like a character from one of the Purge movies.

Josslyn asks why Carly wants to meet Oscar, and says no way. Carly asks if Josslyn is afraid she’ll embarrass her, and Josslyn says yes. Carly says she thought she was a hip mom, and Josslyn tells her not to say “hip.” Carly tells Josslyn that the teenage years are hard, but they’ll get through it with talking and respecting each other, and Josslyn says she’ll try. Carly insists on knowing what Oscar is about if Josslyn wants to hang out with him. She promises not to embarrass Josslyn that much.

Valentin gets back on his feet, and asks if Laura is insane. She tells him to give her back her grandson. He says she doesn’t want to end up seeing him from behind bars in jail. Jason comes up behind him, and puts him in a headlock. Geez, nothing like some serious overreaction on everyone’s part except Valentin’s.

Sam comes back to an empty place. She sees a note from Jason that says he’ll be back in time for her appointment. In her head, Sonny says it appears that she was wrong about who would have Jason for how long. Sam gets her gun from the closet and leaves.

Carly calls Sonny, hoping for an update. He says that he expects good news soon. She asks why, and he tells her he brought in someone else – Jason is on it.

Valentin is back on the ground again, and Laura asks how Jason knew. He tells Laura that she can’t raise a kid from a prison cell. If Valentin has Spencer, he promises he’ll get him back.

Sonny tells Carly he’ll update when he can, and he loves her. A picture of Spencer in a basement appears on his phone.

Next time, Oscar has information about Spencer, Jason interrogates Valentin, Mac tells Nathan that he can’t tell anyone, especially Maxie.

🍴 I  caught MasterChef tonight, and the contestants had to create a five-star hotel breakfast at the Beverly Restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel. Scrambled eggs reared their ugly heads again, and the blue team was subject to a pressure test. Team captain Yachecia was given a nearly Sophie’s choice – either save herself, or save six of her teammates. She had the confidence to save the six, and was pitted against Jennifer in making fish and chips. Jennifer ended up going home, but got a major consolation prize when Aaron Sanchez told her that the doors to his NOLA restaurant were open for her to work there. In her exit interview, she said she was going to take him up on it. Gordon said she was going home way too early, but she really didn’t seem like the competition type, getting overly emotional over almost everything. I’m not picking on her, just sayin’ that maybe that kind of stress isn’t for her. Next time, steaks are at the forefront. After they introduce Daisy the cow, which seems rather cruel. Something shocking happens to render the judges speechless.

🌟 Both Empire and Star will be premiering back-to-back on Wednesday, September 27th, starting at 8 pm.

Quotes of the Week Via Reddit from TheHustle.co

🐸 The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon.

🐸 I have seen more of the surface of the Moon with my own eyes than I have of Earth.

🐸 Fidget spinners have made me question whether I’m too old to understand a trend, or old enough to know it’s stupid.

🐸 I can’t believe that they didn’t make a James Bond film in 2007…

 🐸 My cat must think I’m an idiot when I walk around in the dark and can’t see anything.


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