July 23, 2017 – A Whole Lotta Shahs & a Little Bit of Thrones


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Asa brings lunch for two out to the pool, and floats around on a golden swan. GG arrives bearing hummus. She ironically says that Asa looks skinnier, and tries to get on the float with her, but ends up dumping her into the pool. GG realizes Asa is pregnant, and freaks out, hugging her. They laugh about GG saying she looked skinnier. Asa says the first trimester is tiring, and GG says of course – your body has another body in it. She asks how everyone else took it, and if MJ is jealous. Asa says she doesn’t think so, but she’s in such a great place, that she’s not even sure what’s going on with everyone else. In her interview, Asa tells us that Reza and Adam’s one-year anniversary is coming up, and it’s sad when they’re missing a person. GG asks if she doesn’t think that Reza was in the wrong too. Asa tells GG that she has to own her stuff, and not palm a percentage off on someone else. She says to move past something, you can’t partially blame others. Good point.

Mike cleans up after the party, and MJ visits with coffee and buttery chocolate croissants. We flash back to the party, which Mike declares dope. Mike is surprised she’d bring the croissants after the throw-down they had over them three seasons ago. He asks if she had a good time at the party, and tells her that when she started crying he felt badly, thinking it was because she wants a baby too. She says that it was about her dad, not Asa’s pregnancy. Mike says he’s open-minded, but wonders why Asa doesn’t want to get married first. MJ thinks they’re not sure if they even want to live together, and Mike wants to be enlightened. In her interview, MJ says Asa and Jermaine have been together seven years, but everything is a secret. Mike says they’ve been a couple forever, and questions why they’re not getting married and then having a child.

Asa comes by Reza’s condo. He’s writing out a card to Adam for their anniversary. MJ shows up next. Reza says they’re late already, and they join everyone at the party bus. MJ toasts to Adam and Reza’s first year. She calls Tommy, but gets voicemail. MJ asks if GG is coming, but Reza says she lies and hits people. He hopes she’s on a good path, but wants to keep the circle small tonight. They guess whether Asa is having a boy or girl, and Adam asks them to guess when they’re having kids. In his interview, Reza says that since Asa’s announcement, Adam’s uterus has been on fire. Ha-Ha! Reza cracks me up.

The bus gets to the Wildlife Way Station where they’re having dinner after checking out the animals. We flash back to the Thailand trip, when Adam and Reza were supposed to get married the first time, with Reza backing out, and Adam staying home. In his interview, Reza says that he wants to give Adam what he couldn’t give him then. Mike says Adam twitches whenever Thailand is mentioned. Two turtles are mating, and MJ encourages them. Reza tells us that Mike has a special connection to monkeys, and it’s very telling.

It’s time to eat, and a beautiful tent has been set up in the forest, decorated with tiny lights and an aquarium. Reza asks Annalise what her plan is, since she and Shervin aren’t on the same continent. In his interview, Reza says Shervin is a whore, and he thinks Shervin is fooling around no matter where Annalise is. He says the burden is on her, and wonders why Shervin is fronting. Asa asks who’s going to have a baby next. Reza says Adam brings it up every five seconds; he wants their children to grow up with Asa’s, but they’ll do their thing when it’s time. Reza thanks everyone for coming. He compares his and Adam’s relationship to a stew that gets better after it’s been around a while. He doesn’t think that anything will make Adam forget Thailand, but it’s been a great year. In his interview, he wants to know where the trophy is for being faithful a whole year.

MJ suggests that they ask questions of each other. Reza wonders who’s getting married next, and MJ asks Asa if Jermaine has proposed. Asa says no, but they’ll get married when they get married, and they practically live together now. MJ asks how her parents are taking it, and if she knows why she doesn’t want to get married. In her interview, Asa says that the questions are judgmental, and it’s her life. Mike wonders if Jermaine being of a different race is a problem with the family, and there’s a quick discussion about how progress has been made in that area. In his interview, Mike says that it’s perfect time to talk, but she’s making them feel stupid for asking. Asa says that she and Jermaine know the future they want, and they’re working toward it. MJ thinks they’re too old for that kind of vague nonsense, and in her interview, she wonders if Jermaine didn’t propose and Asa wanted him to.

Adam meets GG for coffee. She tells him that he’s always been there for her, and she misses him. She’s asked him for a face to face a couple of times, and thanks him for coming. He says he doesn’t remember ever receiving an apology from her, but she shows him a text she’d sent him the morning after she attacked him. He admits that he might have blocked her. She tells him that it was a wake-up call. She loves him, and being the most innocent in the situation, he got the worst of it. He says he told people that he was mauled by a dog when they asked what happened. She says she’d never want to hurt him, and it was a lie about the video. She tells him that time heals, people grow and learn from their mistakes. He says he never hated her, even though she upset him greatly. He accepts her apology, but can’t see her behind Reza’s back. She understands that, and thanks him again. He jokingly tells her not to run after him this time.

Reza asks Adam what happened. Adam says that GG apologized, and he felt it was sincere. Reza asks what she apologized for, and Adam gives him a list, including the things she did to Reza. Adam says he thinks she wants to be a better person, and he’d like to give her a second chance. Reza says if he made up stories or hit someone every time he had a problem, he wouldn’t get anywhere in life. He doesn’t mind if Adam has a relationship with GG, but he’s not ready to have her back in his life. Adam says he’d like for them all to move on. He doesn’t want any negativity in any aspect of their relationship.

Reza arrives at MJ’s, and she hands him a drink. Shervin has invited them to a beach house, and he knows GG has been invited. In his interview, he says Adam thinks it’s cool, but he’s not sure, so he’s speaking softly and carrying a big stick. MJ gets a call about her father being released from the hospital to rehab, and asking if she’ll be involved with physical therapy. In her interview, she says they look forward to, and expect a full recovery. She tells Reza that they should stop by before they go to the beach house. While she gets ready, he cleans up her place. Yep, it’s a mess. In his interview, he sees her moving backward and being stuck, and wants her to get it together.

Reza and MJ visit MJ’s dad, Shams. He’s not as together as he was before, and she’s concerned. He does not look well at all, and in his interview, Reza says seeing him in this frail state is something he can’t even express. Reza tries to keep from crying. MJ says every day is another curveball. She walks around with a lump in her throat and wanting to throw up, but would rather this than what her father is going through. She tells Shams to smile, and he moves his mouth a little bit. She tells him she loves him, and gives him a bunch of kisses.

The guests start arriving at the Malibu party house. No surprise, the property is stunning. GG says she no longer drinks hard liquor. Shervin suggests that he and Mike jump into the pool from the roof. They don’t do that, but Shervin jumps from a balcony, giving everyone a mini heart attack.

In the car. Reza says that was hard, and MJ says that Shams does not look okay. She claims that yesterday, he looked like Roger Moore, but Reza thinks she’s in denial. She sees Shams in a healthier state than he is, and isn’t connecting to what’s real. She talks about taking Shams to Vegas when he’s better. Reza says if anyone says anything stupid or insignificant, he’s going to take their head off.

Reza tells Shervin about the visit with Shams. In his interview, he says it puts things in perspective, like his relationship with GG. It’s been a year since GG has seen Reza, and after she arrives, she realizes everyone is watching and waiting for her reaction. Reza tells Mike and Asa that Shams was a wreck, and MJ acted like nothing was wrong. Reza says that she thinks he’ll be there to walk her down the aisle and hold the baby; Mike thinks she’s completely delusional.

The party is in full swing. Mike tells us that it’s perfect – a dope house, catered food, so much alcohol you could drown in it, and some extras, like belly dancers. You name it, and it can go down at a Persian party. GG tells Adam to be nice to her man; he’s shy. She and Shalom have been living in the same building for years, but one day she said hey, and they’ve been together ever since. MJ wants massive quantities of tequila. GG has also brought a friend to buffer things. Right now, it’s nerve-wracking. She wants to make her presence noticeable, but doesn’t know what to do exactly.

Reza tells Asa about how they have so much amazing in their lives [sic], and wonders what he’s holding on to. He calls GG and MJ over to the couch. He tells us that he had a crazy emotional thing at the hospital, and his heart is open. He tells GG that he needs to bury this. He says the hospital hit home. They were talking about what’s really important, and some sh*t needs to be done. If anything needs to be said, now’s the time. GG says she’s been waiting for this, and has something for everyone. In her interview, she says that she wants to get back to how she and Reza used to be – talking sh*t about other people and not each other. She brings out some little handmade dolls for good fortune that she bought in Belize, and has each of them pick one. She meant to give them out at the time, but… She says that she and Reza put each other through hell, and apologizes for anything she did to hurt him, his people, or husband. Reza says he accepts, apologizes to GG, and says let’s move forward. In her interview, GG is thrilled, and says they’re all best friends again. She and Reza hug it out, and everyone wants the best for each other. They stack their hands on one another’s like before you do a cheer. Unicorns and rainbows dance across the screen. Well, just about.

Next time, Reza throws a Peace-in-the-Middle-East Halloween party, MJ wants to get pregnant, GG walks the runway, and Reza suggests a trip to Israel.

👑 And they’re just warming up. On Game of Thrones, Ser Jorah wasn’t looking too good, but Sam went behind the Maester’s back to try a cure for Jorah’s spreading greyscale. The Tarlys have to make a choice between siding with the crown or house Tyrell, who Jaime pointed out have brought the Dothraki to their shores. Oleanna told Dany that it’s better to be feared than respected, but Dany said that’s not her way. Tyrion laid out a battle plan, but Oleanna encouraged Dany to be a dragon, saying Tyrion might be clever, but she’s outlived clever men by ignoring them. Greyworm and Missansdei got busy. It’s about time. Sam got word to Jon about Dragonstone being on a mountain of dragonglass, and also told him that Dany is bucking for the Iron Throne and coming with three dragons. Jon decided to meet with them because they need the dragonglass. Sansa thinks it’s a trap, but still looked mighty pleased when Jon put her in charge while he’s gone. He begs to differ, and thinks Tyrion is a good guy. Seriously, Sansa should know that.

🐺 Arya was reunited with Nymeria, but it the scene ended sadly. In the forest, Arya was surrounded by a pack of wolves, with Nymeria as their leader. Arya wanted her direwolf to come north with her, but Nymeria wanted to stay with her new pack, and she simply led them away. The ladies from Dorne were kind of a snooze, but things livened up when Ellaria started flirting with Yara, who I constantly want to call Tasha Yar (Star Trek: The Next Generation). It was all fun and games, until bombs dropped on the party. That jerk Euron showed up, destroying the Greyjoy fleet. Although the fighting was fierce, Euron came out the winner, and captured Yara. Theon totally rallied when a knife was held to his sister’s throat – not. In what could have been a glorious moment for him, Theon jumped overboard, leaving Yara to fend for herself. Most. Disappointing. Moment. Ever.

❄ And since someone had to, Lady Lyanna told Jon that winter is here.




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