July 24, 2017 – Not So Quiet at The Quiet Woman, Tubbers on Canvas & the Perfect Excuse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Flyers are put out about Spencer being missing. Nathan yells at someone on the phone about getting footage. Dante thinks he should get some rest, but he’s not feeling the empty apartment. Dante says it’s not empty, it’s quiet, and if he doesn’t go, Dante is pulling out the big guns and calling Maxie. He suggests a shower too.

Valerie brings Oscar over to Dante. He says he has information about Spencer.

Carly catches Josslyn trying to leave the house. Josslyn wants to join the search, but Carly says they’re using every resource, including Sonny’s contacts. Josslyn wants to do something, and Carly says maybe later, reminding her that she’s still grounded. Carly asks about Oscar. Josslyn says he’s a really nice guy, but Carly wants to see it for herself. She tells Josslyn to invite him over.

Sonny is sent a picture of Spencer sitting in a basement. Sonny texts a response, asking what the person wants in exchange for Spencer.

Well, it’s not Valentin, since Jason is dousing him with water. He shows Valentin one of the flyers. He asks Valentin where Spencer is.

At The Floating Rib, Mac is a klutz, knocking over his shopping bag. A pair of shoes spill out, and Nathan makes fun of him, saying the shoes look too small. Mac tells Nathan that he wants to make his wife feel special. He asks if there’s any word on Spencer, and Nathan says Dante told him to leave and get some food and rest. Mac thinks that’s a good idea, and asks him to sit. Nathan says he has to recharge.

Oscar has brought some evidence to the station, and Valerie commends him on following procedure. Oscar explains that he found Post-It notes from an historical figure game they’d been playing at camp the morning Spencer disappeared. He didn’t want to play, and Oscar thinks he put them in his pocket. Valerie also found a partial footprint. Dante thanks Oscar, who hopes they find him. Spencer is important to a friend of his.

Josslyn tells Carly that Oscar is busy searching for Spencer. Carly asks if that’s where she was headed, and Josslyn says she really does want to help, since Spencer disappeared on her watch. Carly tells her that it was out of her control, but Josslyn still feels terrible. Carly isn’t happy with her lying and sneaking out. She doesn’t know if its Oscar or Josslyn, but she’s making bad choices and Carly isn’t trusting her. Josslyn gets a text from Oscar, who would like to hang out. Carly tells her to invite him over.

Valentin asks Jason if Laura was his diversion or did he capitalize on her hysteria? Jason says that Valentin refused to help her out, so someone had to. Valentin insists that he didn’t take Spencer. Jason says his memory might be hazy, but he’s going to tell him where Spencer is one way or another. He takes out a knife.

Sonny’s phone rings. A text says, took you long enough. He asks what they want. He’s told to come to the distillery, alone, with $200K or the kid dies. Sonny has a headache.

Mac was going to cancel poker night, but thinks Nathan needs company. Nathan tells Mac that he doesn’t want to get cleaned out by Epiphany again. He asks what the shoes are about, and Mac says he wants to keep Felicia interested, and put the oomph back in their marriage.

Oscar shows up in a tie with flowers. Carly says she’s heard a lot about him and shakes his hand. She asks if the flowers are for her. He has several bouquets, and says that he wasn’t sure what her favorites were, so he covered all the bases. She asks who scared him into making a good impression, but he says that he just wanted her to know he’s cool – in a good way. She says she’d offer him a tour of the house, but since he was at a party there, he already saw it. He says only the part they’re in, and she’s like, oh, that’s’ right, you two were in here drinking illegally.

Valerie thinks the Post-Its were found where they were dropped. Dante looks at security footage form where the notes were found. He tells Valerie to interview people while he checks it out.

Jason says if Valentin wants to see his daughter again, he’ll tell him where Spencer is. Valentin says he doesn’t know where Spencer is. He tells Jason to do what he needs to do, but it will be no good. He doesn’t have Spencer, and doesn’t know where he is, and every minute Jason wastes with him is one where he could be looking.

Sonny goes to the distillery. He calls out that he’s there. He asks if they’re afraid to meet him face to face, and is suddenly shot in the arm.

Dante tells Valerie that the video is terrible, but he doesn’t see anyone stealing a kid. He looks again at a car parked in a way that the camera can’t pick up plates. Valerie thinks it’s the perfect spot and it’s no coincidence. The only thing they can tell is that the driver is male and wearing sunglasses; they can’t make out the face. Dante says they don’t know where the car came from, and can’t see what’s in the trunk, but the driver looks nervous. Dante notes where the car turns when it leaves, and Valerie goes to check other cameras.

Mac tells Nathan that it’s important to keep things fresh. Nathan says he’s been eating too much junk, and Mac suggests they go to the gym. Nathan remembers his own advice. Mac says he’s a lucky man. Felicia is hot stuff, and he has to show her that he still has it too.

Carly says she’s not much of a cook, but snacks are her thing. Oscar says they’re delicious, and apologizes for the drinking. He tells her that he remembers an Oscar Wilde quote about never getting a second chance to make a first impression. He’s sorry he blew his, and asks if he can make it up. Carly says that depends, and wants to know where the alcohol came from. Oscar explains that another guy’s legal-age cousin got it, but says that’s no excuse. Carly tells him that if one of the kids had gotten injured there or in an accident on the way home, she could have been sued. She says that neither of them should have been drinking, especially Josslyn, since she only has one kidney. Oscar had no idea. Carly thinks it’s not an isolated incident, and that Oscar has drinking experience. He says not really, but it was’t just that once.

Sonny lies on the ground. A man kicks him. It’s Garvy the Mobster! Sonny is like wth? Garvmeister can’t believe Sonny is still alive, since he shot him in the heart. He says he saw his chance, and needs a break; his arm was really damaged in Puerto Rico. What a baby. Sonny pulls out a gun, and says if Garvy doesn’t tell him where his nephew is, he’s finishing the job.

Valentin says Jason is a father. He came to Valentin for help with his son, and Valentin gave it to him. He’d told him how important it was to have a child in his life. If he’d wanted to get rid of Spencer, he would have done it long ago, and made it look like an accident. He has too much to lose, and it’s not worth the sacrifice for a spoiled brat.

Oscar tells Carly that he had beer a couple of times, but didn’t even like the taste, and just did it to be cool. He knows it’s stupid to succumb to peer pressure, but he wanted to fit in. He says the whole popular crowd thing isn’t really him, and he won’t do it again, especially if it costs him friendship with Josslyn. Carly asks if it means that much to him, and he says she’s his only friend. He’s not into what the other kids are; he’s into music, mostly classical, and plays piano. Josslyn says that she’s not very musical, and Oscar says she has other talents. She’s an amazing athlete, and she’s smart and funny. He says that she’s special, and Carly agrees, and says that she’ll do anything to protect her. Oscar says that’s cool – in a good way. He tells Carly that she has no reason to trust him, but he’ll never make a stupid move again. Carly asks where he’s from, and he says they moved from Ohio when his mom was transferred. Carly asks about his dad, which mortifies Josslyn. Oscar tells her that it’s okay, and says he didn’t really know his dad, and his mom doesn’t like talking about him. Carly changes subjects and asks about his piano skills.

Valerie tells Dante they’re sending over footage. And here it is. Not good enough to get plate, but again, Dante knows where they’re headed. He says they’re on to something and getting closer.

Valentin tells Jason he wouldn’t have kidnapped a kid in a public park in broad daylight, and Jason says maybe he hired the wrong people. Valentin says he just dodged life in The Hague, and isn’t going to jeopardize that, especially over a frivolous lawsuit brought by a child. He wants to be with Charlotte, and he’s not going to jail for kidnapping her annoying, precocious cousin. Jason believes him, and Valentin asks to be let out of his restraints.

Sonny asks the Garvster where Spencer is. Garvy tells him that he’s in a structure behind the band house. Sonny wants to know how he can be sure Spencer is alive, and Garvy says that he has a camera on him all the time, and gives Sonny his phone. He tells Sonny that he doesn’t kill kids; he was only using Spencer to get to Sonny. Sonny says that as much as he wants to blast Garvy, he’s calling the cops. Sam shows up. Sonny, stop looking at her and pay attention to what you’re doing.

Nathan tells Mac that he’ll eat later, and they’ll do the gym another day. Mac says he’ll hold him to it, because he needs to step up his own game. He asks Nathan not to laugh and not to tell another soul, especially Maxie, but sometimes stuff just clicks. He tells Nathan about writing to an online advice column, and asks if he’s heard of Man Landers.

Dante says that he’s going to follow up on an abandoned house, and tells Valerie what a good job she did today. She credits Oscar.

Oscar says it was luck that he recognized the notes from the camp game. He tells Josslyn and Carly about Dante giving him props, and Josslyn explains how they’re related to Dante. Carly says they’re all over the place, and tells him that she’s just kidding. Oscar says Dante appreciated the help, and Josslyn says he might have broken the case. Carly tells Oscar that he should be proud of himself. He says he felt pretty good. Oscar’s mom calls, and he says he’s sorry, but he has to eat and go. He thanks Carly, and she says it’s been illuminating. Oscar says see you – at least he hopes so. After he leaves, Josslyn tells Carly she couldn’t have been more embarrassing. Carly says she loves her daughter, whether she cares or not. Josslyn asks if she had to tells Oscar about her kidney, and Carly says that he should know if they’re going to be friends. Josslyn is excited that Carly is okay with it, and Carly says she likes him and he’s super cute. Josslyn thanks her.

Jason says if Valentin makes move against him, he’ll put him down. Valentin says he thought Jason believed him, but Jason says it’s not about Spencer.

Sonny tells the Garvinator don’t think of moving or he’ll die. Sam says she came for him. She tailed him, and he wasn’t careful. He tells her to call Jason and tell him what happened. Garvy moves, and Sonny shoots him. Sam draws her gun, and says Sonny’s not going anywhere. Rough day for sonny.

Nathan decides to get takeout. Mac leaves, and Nathan calls Amy. He’s glad that her brother’s surgery went well, but says they have a problem; it just got weird. Suddenly, Maxie is at the table, and says she couldn’t agree more.

Dante busts into the basement, and calls out for Spencer. He looks around, and finds Spencer’s broken glasses on the floor.

Valentin checks his phone. He’s gotten a text from Charlotte, who wonders when he’s coming back. He calls and leaves a voicemail saying he’ll see her soon and he loves her.

Josslyn talks to Oscar on the phone. She can’t believe her mom, but Oscar says she’s okay. He tells Josslyn that his mom is taking him to lunch, and they laugh about him eating a second time. Oscar wonders how he did with Carly, and Josslyn says she’s sorry – he passed. Again, that pause like they do on competition shows. She says Carly might even like him. He says he likes her too, and that he’s had the greatest day – he helped Spencer and they get to stay friends. Josslyn says for all he knows, she could be a terrible friend. He asks if they can meet at the bridge again, and she says the paddle boats would be fun. They talk about various summer activities they could do, and agree it will be the best summer ever.

Carly goes to Sonny’s place, and finds Jason. She asks if they found anything yet, and he tells her that he did. Valentin didn’t do it. She asks if he’s sure, and Jason says he is. He came to tell Sonny, but he went out forty minutes ago.

Sam tells Sonny to toss the gun. He puts it on the ground. He asks if Jason knows that she’s here. Sam says Jason isn’t coming to help him. Now now, or ever again. Now he dies.

Tomorrow, Maxie wonders what Nathan was talking about, Laura says no to something, and Sam says she has to take Sonny out.

The Real Housewives of the OC

At the party for Tamra’s grandson, Shannon tells Lydia that she got upset when Lydia said she was like Vicki. Lydia thinks it’s semantics, and Shannon isn’t hearing her. Tamra tries to intervene. Shannon tells Lydia that her mom said she was a bright light, and Lydia says she also called her a lost soul. In her interview, Shannon says Lydia judged her, and totally turns her words around. Shannon screeches that she’s done, and goes to her limo, where she tells David that Lydia said what she didn’t. David says he’ll get the kids, and they leave.

Lydia thinks it didn’t take long to find out about Shannon. She tells Tamra she’s not sure about going out on Thursday.

Peggy is in pain, and going through reconstructive surgery. She’s fighting for herself and her family. Her son’s name is Koko. Really? Do they know there’s a famous gorilla named Koko? Do the kids at school make fun of him? Sorry, but I’m a little stunned. She also has a teenage daughter, who has the normal name of Gianelle. Peggy says when she starts talking in Armenian, the kids know she’s serious. She’s going to the doctor for a follow-up visit. Her mother fought cancer for eight years before passing away, and she had a double mastectomy because she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she did.

Vicki checks out her new office with her business partner Ali. She can’t build the business with the vision she wants by herself. They discuss the renovation, and agree it’s expensive, but Ali says it’s definitely Vicki. She wants cameras set up, and Ali says they’ll make sure it’s secure. We see an article about an employee embezzling from her company. She says she’s been burned too many times from trusting people. She’s not going to get taken advantage of again, and nothing is getting in the way of her building her empire.

Kelly tries to smack fruit flies in her kitchen. Obviously not much going on in their house.

Tamra pets her Guinea pig, and I want one. It’s making those cute noises.

Peggy goes to the plastic surgeon. She explains how they put in expanders prior to reconstructive surgery. Breast implants are her next procedure, and she wonders if she can go bigger. Diko wants her to be comfortable with whatever size she chooses. Peggy says that from the outside, people think she has everything, but every family has a struggle. Their struggle is her. The doctor says women in her situation have the hardest decision to make, amputating part of the body when they’re still healthy. Diko tells us that Peggy is the sexiest person in the world, and with or without breasts, she’s his soulmate. Where are others like him? Note to self: Move to Armenia.

Lydia and Doug discuss the magazine. They go over the pictures of Peggy and Diko. Lydia says her role is bigger with this magazine, and it’s a lot of work. She doesn’t think they’ll be done in time, and it’s freaking her out that Doug is being cavalier. She doesn’t know how he’s so calm, when she’s a whirling dervish. They also have a party on Friday and the launch party coming up. She thinks Doug is too nice, and sometimes wants him to be like her cutthroat businessman father.

Tamra calls Lydia, who wonders what the what with Shannon. Tamra says she’s expressive, and it can be misconstrued. She tells Lydia that Vicki is like the devil to Shannon. Lydia says she’s not used to having “expressive” friends, and in her interview, says crazy is more like it. They discuss going to a restaurant called The Quiet Woman. Lydia says if she comes, she’ll bring Peggy.

Shannon calls Tamra, who’s still playing with the Guinea pig. We find out that his name is Charlie. She says it’s like having Sophia around. Shannon asks if the dinner is still on. Tamra says she talked to Lydia. She knows things got weird, and Shannon says she wasn’t expecting a comment like that. Tamra says Lydia did the worst thing she could possibly do in bringing up Vicki. Tamra tells Shannon that she explained things to Lydia. Shannon says she’s willing to try again, and asks if dinner is on. Charlie poops on the carpet. So, does Sophie do that?

Meghan cuddles baby Aspen. Jimmy brags about all the work he’s done around the house, and Meghan says that it’s too much house. They have to OC house up for sale; it turned out to be more than they needed. Haley has moved out, and Megan says that ideally, she’d live in a high-rise. She calls herself a granola mommy, and Jimmy wonders if granola mommies have designer purses. In her interview, Meghan says that it’s not fun to be single mom when he travels for work. She thinks babies see ghosts, because they just came from the spirit world, and have no preconceived notions. Okay.

Shannon goes to the wellness center. Tim, her holistic specialist, asks how she is, and says it’s not easy to come back. Tell me about it. The motivation alone is hard enough. He asks how she is, and Shannon says large. She says she’s been stressed, and tells him about the false allegations about David. In her interview, Shannon tells us that Tim’s focus is on having a healthy body. He asks what she’s at weight wise, and she says the scale isn’t her friend. We flash back to Tim telling her not to worry about numbers when she was 134. After she gets on the scale, the first thing he says is, wow, so you know it’s not good. He’s not as concerned with her weight as he is with her body fat percentage, which is 40%. Now I’m saying wow. He tells her that she’s sprinting to diabetes and heart disease. She’s 172 pounds, and she wails about having once been a size zero, and never being more than a four. Please. Tim takes pictures, and Shannon says she doesn’t know who she is; she doesn’t look at herself in the mirror. He asks how David feels, but she says that she’s not telling him, or she thinks he’ll be done. I’m guessing that since he sees her all the time, he knows. Tim asks Shannon how she and David are doing, and she says as he got more fit, she got more fat. Tim explains about fat being between you and everything else. Truth! In her interview, Shannon admits that she and David haven’t been intimate in a while. She asks Tim if it’s too late, and he says absolutely not. Every choice she makes now has to be a better one. Welcome to menopause, Shannon. Not to mention, she’s still a gorgeous woman.

Peggy, who has a bitchin’ black and white sportscar, picks up Lydia. Peggy drives fast too. Lydia tells Peggy that she invited Kelly, but she doesn’t get along with Shannon. Peggy asks what she means, but Lydia says she hasn’t seen them together, so she’s not sure. Kelly video chats with Lydia, and Lydia introduces her to Peggy at a red light.

On the way to the restaurant, Shannon tells Tamra about how fat she is. Tamra says it’s dangerous and unhealthy, and she wants to shake Shannon. Shannon says tonight is the last hurrah, and they’re taking it off the chain.

Lydia and Peggy arrive first. Lydia chooses her seat based on wanting an exit strategy. She tells Peggy not to mention Vicki. Her goal is to leave there being friends. Shannon and Tamra come in, and Lydia introduces Peggy. She says that she and Shannon were nearly neighbors, and Shannon talks about the house they built. She tells Peggy about wanting the house to be non-toxic, and doing special things to achieve it. Peggy says a humidifier in every room is good, and in her interview, Shannon thinks that Peggy is sweet, but her humor is off, and I’m not sure why talking about a humidifier is humorous. They order drinks. Tamra says she’ll have “a wine,” and I wonder what they’ll bring. Lydia wants to clear the air.

Shannon says that she and Lydia got off to good start, but she felt like she was attacked, and accused of being like person who hurt her. She says it was a bit of a shock. Lydia says it wasn’t her intention, and Tamra says she knows Lydia’s heart. In her interview, Peggy says it’s like watching a tennis match, and has no idea what they’re talking about. Shannon apologizes, saying she is expressive, and almost knocks Peggy’s glass over. She talks about going to the trainer, and tells everyone what she weighs. She says that Vicki told everyone that David was beating her. Peggy says that they joke about her husband beating her every Friday. No one laughs, but at least it’s clear to me that it’s a joke. Peggy wonders why Shannon lets it affect her. Appetizers are ordered. Tamra makes suggestions to Shannon about what to order, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Lydia asks about coming to Sterling’s party. She invites Shannon, but says that Kelly and Vicki will be there. Shannon has no desire to be there then.

Shannon goes to the bathroom, and Kelly walks into the restaurant. In her interview, Lydia says red flag, and at the restaurant, she jets to the bathroom. Too late. Shannon finds it ironic that it’s the first time she’s seen Kelly in six months, and promptly tells Kelly about gaining forty pounds. Kelly says she didn’t know they were going to be there, but we see a clip where Lydia told her where they’d be. By the time Lydia gets to the bathroom, Shannon is already wound up. Kelly says she wasn’t mean to her, but Shannon says Kelly surprised her. In her interview, Kelly says that she likes to push Shannon’s buttons; it makes her go off the rails. Shannon says she confided in Kelly, and doesn’t want to be painted as mean. Lydia says they’re fine, and wants them to hug it out, but Shannon goes on about her horrible day. Kelly says she lives across the street, and brought friends from Philly, since it’s her neighborhood bar. Kelly leaves, and Lydia asks Shannon if they’re okay. She tells Shannon to take a breath. She knows it seems big right now, but prays for the peace of Jesus to come to Shannon, and that she feels the love. Shannon says that Lydia is kind, and Lydia tells Shannon she’s okay.

Back at the table, Kelly shows up. She tells Tamra and Peggy what happened. Tamra explains that there’s bad blood between Kelly and Shannon. In her interview, Tamra says she doesn’t want to fight with Kelly, so WWJD, she’ll sweet talk her. Peggy says she didn’t know it was going to be a dinner and a show. On the way back to the table, Shannon insists she doesn’t give a flying about how she looks. Shannon tells Kelly that she’s surprised to see her there. The last time they met wasn’t the most pleasant experience, and seeing her was a shocker, when she’s been so cruel. Tamra wonders if they can get over it. Kelly says that Shannon is always upset or mad. Tamra says that’s not true, and drags Peggy into it by asking if Shannon was mad before Kelly came in. Peggy says Shannon was happy, and Kelly says it’s just nitpicking. Shannon says that Kelly has been nothing but disgusting, and tells her to move on. Kelly says maybe she needs hormones and to keep eating. Shannon curses her out, and tells her to read between lines giving her three fingers and then one. She tells Kelly to get out of her table [sic], reminding me of ♫ Hey, you! Get offa my cloud! ♫ Everyone is looking at this point, and Kelly gets up, and says keep eating. Shannon screams that it isn’t her f-ing plate, and throws it across the table. Whoever wasn’t looking before, is looking now, and the management is getting nervous. Shannon calls Kelly a bitch, and Tamra leads her away. Lydia is totally embarrassed. Tamra asks Shannon where she’s going, and they walk past Kelly, who’s laughing.

Outside, Lydia asks Peggy if she’s okay. Lydia never wants to come back to this restaurant again, or be with the two of them together again. In her interview, she says the first party she went to with this group was crazy. We flash back to a clip of Tamra screaming her head off at the table. She understands what Peggy must be thinking, and Peggy says it’s okay, and Kelly makes faces through the glass door. Peggy says all the yelling means they’re not in control, and it’s annoying.

Tamra tells Shannon that Kelly is an angry person, and she can’t let it get to her. Did anyone pay for the dinner? She asks Shannon not to beat herself up for getting emotional. She’s a good person, and Kelly can suck shweaty balls. Shannon is like, thanks for the visual, but laughs.

Next time, vaginal rejuvenation, and Ryan talks to Tamra about his stepfather.

🐮 I just love the good feeling that Sweet Home Oklahoma leaves me with. Tonight, Pumps gave her son, Sam, a driving lesson, telling us that she’d really like him in an armored vehicle. Josh wanted to do something special for Jennifer, since she’s been working so hard. He and the kids discussed it, and since she can buy what she wants, Josh decided to take a photo of the boys and Tubbers, putting it on canvas. Those are so cool! I have one of my dogs. He took the boys and Tubby to the studio for a shoot, and one of the boys teased Tubby with a laser pointer. It was the best! I’d forgotten how much fun that is, but I’ve always done it with cats. Jennifer thought the gift was darling, personal, and perfect. I agreed. It was a fabulous black and white shot. Josh had the kids make little speeches about how much they appreciate her, and thanked her for the best year of his life. We also saw other pictures of Josh and Tubby, and Tubby alone. The friends helped Pumps get a car for Sam’s birthday, and Lee and Jennifer took snaps of Tubbers driving it before Sam did. Next time, a 70s party at a skate park, and a lap dance. Love this show so much!

A Quote that Made Me Literally LOL

😭 Vicki made us all fat. – Isaac Mizrahi, on Watch What Happens Live


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