July 25, 2017 – George Interrupts GH, Wyatt Gets Sprung, Some Swinging Guests & a Croatia Crossover


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General Hospital

On the phone at The Floating Rib, Nathan tells Amy they have a problem. Things got really weird. Maxie, who’s suddenly standing in front of him, couldn’t agree more. Nathan hugs and kisses her.

Dante wants to canvas the area where he found Spencer’s glasses. Laura comes to the station. He tells her to sit down, but she doesn’t want to. He shows her the glasses.

Nina runs into Anna and says he’s innocent. Anna assumes she means Valentin, and asks what Nina wants from her. Nina thinks Anna’s word has weight, but Anna says there’s really nothing she can do. Nina tells her that Valentin has a lot of people who believe in him. And there he is. Looking rather bedraggled. Nina asks what happened.

Jason calls Sonny and gets voicemail. He thinks it’s weird for Sonny to go off the grid while they’re looking for Spencer. Carly asks if she should be worried, but Jason says he’s probably chasing another lead.

Sonny tells Sam he’s unarmed, and asks if Jason knows she’s there. Sam says he’s not coming to help Sonny, not now or ever; now he dies. As long as he’s alive, they’re not safe and he follows them. She has to take him out.

From his kiss, Maxie thinks Nathan missed her as much as she missed him. She can see he’s shell-shocked, but wanted it to be a surprise. She says she didn’t tell anyone, because the only thing she’s interested in, is being alone with him. She thinks she had a right to presume he feels the same, and asks if she should have called. She knew he was working all night, and figured he’d be there to get something to eat. He says she has the makings of a fine detective. He asks if something changed, and if she’s back for good. She says she’s still needed at the magazine, but they can have a mini reunion while she’s on a layover on her way to Paris. She has three hours, but plans to make the most of it. She asks who he was talking to.

Laura asks if Dante found Spencer. He says there was no sign of him, but no sign of him being harmed either. Laura flashes back to Spencer coming back to Port Charles. She says the glasses are broken, and asks where he found them. Dante tells her, and says they’re going over the place with fine tooth comb. If there’s evidence, they’ll find it

Anna says that Valentin looks disheveled. She reminds him about being a suspect in Spencer’s kidnapping, and asks if there was an altercation. He appreciates her concern, but says he can handle himself. Nina asks what happened, but he’s hesitant to tell her. She asks him to trust her, and he says that he was questioned – by Jason.

Carly asks Jason if he’s sure Valentin didn’t do it. He says Valentin is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. It’s a dead end. He’s going to chase other leads, and says to call him if she hears from Sonny. Carly says it feels like old times, and he says yes, it does.

Sonny doesn’t want to hurt Sam, but she says she doesn’t want the father of her kids taken away. She tells Sonny that he thinks he has all the answers and always gets what he wants. She’s not letting him talk his way out of this one.

Nina asks Valentin why Jason would do this. She asks if he tried to enforce the truth from him. She wants to call the police, but Valentin says no. Jason knows he wouldn’t do something in such an obvious, stupid fashion. Nina says he has to give a statement, but he doesn’t want to press charges. She says that Anna is probably telling everyone that he’s been in a fight, and he could get a violation of bail and go to lock up.

Dante tells Laura that they can’t be certain it’s Valentin. Laura insists that he sees Spencer as obstacle to be gotten rid of. Dante says there’s no evidence, but she says they know what he’s capable of. He promises Laura that they’ll get Spencer back, and tells her to stay strong. He leaves, and I guess she’s allowed to keep the evidence. She flashes back to Valentin saying he’ll protect what his by whatever means necessary.

Maxie tells Nathan that he has a try-not-to-be-worried look. He says if her parents see her, they’ll never get out of there. She says that when guy says something is nothing, it’s something, and she’d just read an Ask Man Landers column about this. He’s surprised she reads it, and she says the magazine was going to approach him before he got so high-minded. She doesn’t see how a blog will fill entire book (I guess she’s never read/seen Julie and Julia), and says Man Landers is overrated. Nathan says he gives great advice – he may have glanced at it once or twice. He says there’s something he has to tell her. He’s been meaning to talk about it, but it’s a better in person thing.

Felicia and Mac come into the restaurant. Felicia gushes over some flowers Mac gave her, and wonders why. He says a guy doesn’t need a reason. They see Maxie, and bombard her with questions.

Anna calls Patrick and asks about Robin. She says, OMG.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny is walking away from a lot of power, and she feels like a hypocrite. The second someone she cares about is in trouble, she wants him to use it. Jason says she’s not a hypocrite, but being realistic. Carly says he’ll use everything he can, and will end up owing people who will want to collect. She was naïve thinking he could make a clean break. Jason says that he got out. Carly knows how difficult it was, and is glad he made that decision, but Sonny is the boss. Jason got to walk away because Sonny gave his blessing, but Sonny getting out will leave a lot of unhappy people.

Sam says just being around Sonny puts the people he loves in danger. She doesn’t want Danny and Scout to end up like Morgan, so she’s saving their lives. Sonny says he’d never want anything bad to happen, and she says but it does, and it ends now. Sonny doesn’t know what’s going on, but she needs to know he doesn’t want to hurt her; he wants to help. He promises it will be fine, and tells her to put the gun down or she’ll do something that she can’t take back.

Felicia says this is the best surprise she’s had all day. Mac clears his throat, and she says except for the flowers. Max says he’ll let it pass, but wants to see pictures of Georgie. He can’t wait for Georgie to be teenager, so she can give Maxie the same grief he got from her. Maxie says they probably had plans, but Felicia says that they can curl up with movie any night, and they’re not letting her out of their sight. Nathan says he was hoping… but Anna comes in. She says that Robin is having the baby. Nathan and Maxie exchange exasperated looks.

Laura harasses Dante, who says they have to broaden the search. She continues to insist it was Valentin. Nina and Valentin walk into the station, and he says he wants to make statement. Laura gets in his face, and asks what he’s done with Spencer.

Jason tells Carly that he knows it’s different. Sonny will be a target or threat for whoever wants to take over, but when Sonny is determined to do something, he gets it done. Carly says that circumstances have a way of interfering. Jason tells her that Sonny will find way to make it work. Diane strides in, and says he has. She says he’s been avoiding her calls, although she can’t blame him. She says for a man of such physical courage, he can be an emotional coward; she wouldn’t want to face her either. She tells them that he gave Max a promotion to inter-manager until he finds a permanent successor.

Sam says she has no choice, but Sonny says there has to be another solution where no one gets hurt. He knows she’s going through something, and understands. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand on hers, and she starts to lower the gun. He says he’d do anything for Jason. The gun goes off.

It’s my nemesis George Stephanopoulos. I hate them all more with every afternoon press conference.

Now that the show is almost over…

Jason comes home to an empty place. He looks for Sam. She comes in while he’s upstairs. She’s been crying.

Mac toasts to Robin’s new baby and their family getting bigger. They all drink to family.

Apparently, Nathan and Maxie got alone time. While they’re getting dressed, Maxie wishes she didn’t have to leave. Nathan tells her don’t, but she says her car is going to be there any minute. She’ll see him in a few weeks. She remembers he was going to tell her something, but the car horn beeps. He says it’s nothing that can’t wait. They exchange I love yous.

Spencer is at the station. Valentin asks if he was rescued or turned himself in. Laura says that he escaped. Dante asks who did this? Nina says to tell them that Valentin had nothing to do with it.

Carly tells Diane that there was a time she thought Sonny would never leave the business. Diane says it’s only because of her. It was evident when she represented him in their latest divorce, that if he couldn’t be with her, he didn’t care if the world burned around him. Now he’s getting out of the mob without throwing himself in a six-foot ditch. Diane tells Carly to make the most of it.

Sam mumbles to Jason about protecting him, and that it’s over. They don’t have to worry anymore. She keels over, and he grabs her before she hits the floor.

Sonny lies unconscious in a storage room under the distillery back lot.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Griff that he got a second chance, Obrecht talks to Jared, and Jason tries to get the truth from Sam.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Candace looks to Charles for help, and asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she really recorded their conversation. She did, but only the part she played for him, and she’s sorry. He asks if they’re clear on how this goes. He tells her that he plays the game better than she does. One of his men mentions that the last girl got life in Guantanamo Bay. Candace says please, and Charles says, take her. Methinks Charles is a bit of a BS artist with back-up.

Candace is cuffed. Charles has tracked what she’s done, and says she doesn’t have any real information. She only talked to Oscar, but didn’t record anything. What he wants to know is why? Why not go after him? She says she likes him, and saw him with his kids. It was exciting for her; he made her excited. She only recorded the conversation because she wanted to make sure he’d come back. He says she’s a good liar, but she says she’s not lying. He tells the men to let her go and leave them. They take her phone, and Charles says if he were her, he’d say nothing. She asks if they can start over, and he says he’d like that.

Charles reintroduces himself. He says her name is, out of your league. He asks if she’s done this before, and Candace tells him that she has. He asks how many times, and she says a few. He asks if that’s how she got so much money. Charles knows everything about her, and Candace says she knows that she can’t lie to him. He tells her that she’s not the first to try this. She asks if he would have really locked her up. He says faster than she could say “Guantanamo,” and she’s shocked at who he is. She thought she had him figured out, and he was nice. He says he is nice. Last night, she met a presidential candidate; did she think there was no secret service? They were all around. He asks if he should take his clothes off, but Candace says she’s not in the mood. Charles says he thought power turns her on, so he’s going to grant her this opportunity, but she still says no. He says, no it is then. She asks if she’ll see him again, and he says he’ll think about it; he was hoping she’d be one of the places he could take care of his needs. Candace is taken aback, and says if she’s not number one, she doesn’t want it. He talks about her past and how she’s wanted for murder, and says she’s a powder keg waiting for a spark. He knew everything when he first saw her. He tells her Oscar has been hired to get something on him. Candace wonders why he bothered going along with it, and he says she’s one of the sexist women he’d ever seen, and knew she’d recently been cleared by a doctor. (I guess you have to think of these things today.) For some reason, that doesn’t offend her, and she asks if she blew getting to know him. He says he doesn’t know, but feels that he can trust her as long as he has the upper hand.

Landon comes to the door. His eyes nearly bug out of his head when he sees Candace, but he doesn’t miss a beat. He tells Charles there’s been a shooting in the neighborhood where he’s having a rally, and he needs to address it. It was a child caught in the crossfire of a fight. I assume it’s Quincy Jr. Charles doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation, and says no way. Landon tells him that if he doesn’t address it, it could backfire. He tries to rush Charles and says it’s his job to keep him on schedule. His second job is to keep shooting glances at Candace. Charles says that he’s in the middle of a conversation. Landon is insistent, but Charles says he needs a minute.

When Landon leaves, Charles tells Candace that he’ll see her later, and asks if she’ll still be there tonight. She says she will.

At the hospital, Veronica visits Melissa. She asks how Melissa is, and says she gave her a scare. She tells Melissa to say that she’s sorry, and she does. Veronica says that Melissa put her grandchild in great danger. Melissa says the baby is fine, and Veronica says that’s good for her. Melissa asks if that’s all she cares about, and Veronica says she doesn’t care about Melissa; she cares about the legacy she leaves, and the bundle of joy in Melissa’s belly. She asks Melissa if she wants to die, and Melissa says yes. Veronica asks why, and she says her father is dead. Veronica says people die; it happens all the time. Melissa says she wants to go with him, and Veronica slaps her, saying she wants to live, and live well, and raise her child. Veronica slaps her again, and tells her to listen. She doesn’t want to die; she’s just being dramatic. She’s there because she wants attention, and wants something Veronica isn’t capable of giving – sympathy. So what? Another old negro died; we move on. Veronica says if Melissa had really wanted to die, she would have buried the razor deep in her wrist. She should slap her again for ruining her sheets, and her night. She had to go to court in the morning, but she was there with Melissa, of all people, when she needed her beauty sleep. The only thing keeping Melissa alive is that baby. She says Melissa will take care of him, and she’ll take care of Melissa, but if she doesn’t take care of him, then death won’t be her problem. Veronica will make sure she survives in a catatonic state, where she knows everything that’s going on, but can’t move. She’ll show her what it’s like to be living, yet dead in hell. Veronica wants to be sure Melissa understands that if she ever, ever does anything like this again, they won’t have to come to the hospital because she’ll throw her off the roof. She’ll be sure to revive her though. Melissa looks at her like Regan looking at Father Karras in The Exorcist, and nods.

The funeral director goes over things with Hannah and Kathryn. Kathryn tells Hannah not to worry about the price. He asks when they’d like the funeral, and Hannah says Saturday. He knows it’s a hard time, and she’s in his prayers. Katherine shows him out. Hannah calls Benny, but Mitch answers. She asks where Benny is, and Mitch says he went out. Hannah is skeptical, since he said that the  last time, but Mitch isn’t giving out any information. He says Benny asked him not to tell her, but she insists. Kathryn asks what’s going on, and takes the phone. Mitch tells Kathryn that Benny is in jail for Quincy’s murder, and not to tell Hannah. Kathryn says she’ll make a call. She tells Hannah that Benny is fine, and says she’ll call Mitch back later.

Hannah wants to leave. She wonders why Benny isn’t calling her back. Kathryn says he’s fine; he’s in jail. Hannah is like, what?! Kathryn says that it’s about Quincy Maxwell’s death. Hannah runs out the door, and Kathryn follows her.

Wyatt wakes up. Anna is there. He asks how long he slept. She says a long time, and asks how he feels. He tells her that he feels good. She explains that he’s going to be discharged, and they’re happy with his progress. She’s going to get the car, and tells him to get dressed. She leaves, and Jim walks in. Wyatt asks what he’s doing there, and he says that he wants to see his son. Wyatt doesn’t want to see him. Jim says that he’s still Wyatt’s father, but Wyatt says that doesn’t give him the right to do what he wants to him, and he’s not taking it anymore. He has enough money to not deal with him again. He tells Jim to forget about him, but Jim says that Wyatt is his son and he loves him. Wyatt laughs, and says nothing will keep him from testifying. Jim is offended, and says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that. What he cares about is that Wyatt was gone, and he couldn’t look for him because he was in jail. Wyatt says he put him there, and doesn’t give a damn how it makes him feel. Jim says fine. He’d like the money back so they can make sure he’s okay. Wyatt says they want to control him. Jim says they want to make sure he uses the money properly, since he has a substance abuse problem. Wyatt says he’s getting treatment, and Jim says they’re proud of him. Wyatt refuses to listen. He’s sick of Jim, and doesn’t want to see him or Kathryn again; Jim is going away for life. Jim begs him not to do this. It’s not about him. Wyatt says it’s done. Leave him alone; he never wants to see Jim again. Wyatt leaves and Jim calls Oscar.

Oscar is trying to locate War. Jim wants to know about Wyatt’s money. He says Wyatt is doing everything to recover, but he’s done it before and will fail. He needs Oscar to get the money back before he goes off the deep end. Oscar says he’s good at what he does, and he’s on it. Oscar sees Anna in the parking lot, and says he’d like to talk to her.

Veronica goes to the interrogation room to see Benny. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He wonders about the Secret Service threatening him, but Veronica sees nothing in the report about it. Benny says they were there, and told him he was free to go, but then they came back, said crazy stuff about terrorists, and wanted him to wait. She thinks it’s odd, and says she’ll look into it. He asks why he’s there. She tells him that he’s charged with murder. He says it’s crazy, and Veronica says it doesn’t make legal sense. Technically, he can leave, but she doesn’t think he should. She’s confused, and wonders who’s railroading him. Benny asks if she’s doing it. She says she can pull off things, but this is bigger. He asks what she wants with him. This is his life, and she’s playing games. She assures him she’s not, and this is serious. What high powered person did he piss off? She tells him that this is on another level, and he suggests David. Veronica doesn’t think he can reach that high. She tells Benny that she’ll get him out soon. Benny wants to use her phone. She says she can’t do that, but she’ll look into everything. She suggests that he insert a thank you. She says they’ll deal with who put what on whom when he’s out, and has to work off her retainer.

Anna calls Jeffrey and tells him Wyatt is going home. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Justin. He asks if Justin is following him. Justin says that he couldn’t call; Jeffrey’s mom threatened to talk to his wife. Jeffrey tells Justin not to follow him again. Justin asks if Veronica would really do it, and Jeffrey says she will. Justin knows that Jeffrey doesn’t want to see him again, but Jeffrey says that’s not true, confusing me. Justin says he screwed up, and please tell him if he’s doing better. Jeffrey says time will tell.

Justin says that he opens heart, but Jeffrey doesn’t care. Jeffrey tells him not to turn it around. He tried to hurt Jeffrey, and almost got him killed. Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey asks if they can stop; he doesn’t want to talk about it and stop bringing it up. Justin says that Jeffrey’s mother is a threat, but he’s still there. If that doesn’t prove he’s committed, what will?  Jeffrey says that he barely knows Justin, and he needs to respect his wishes and space. Justin says he’s trying, but wanted to see him. Jeffrey repeats that he needs Justin to give him space and time to clear his head. Justin asks if Wyatt is coming over, and Jeffrey says go. Justin apologizes, and says to call him.

David and Erica are having coffee. He says he got a bit distracted, and thanks her for inviting him. She apologizes about the other night, and says that she was overwhelmed. David says he was too. She says they were both a little drunk, and he says that he was too aggressive. She says it was everything she wanted it to be, and he’s a man of many talents. She asks if he’s blushing, and he says he’s surprised. He didn’t think she’d want to see him again. She says that she really likes him, and the feeling is mutual. Erica says that she doesn’t do crazy ex-wife. David apologizes, and Erica wonders what else Veronica is capable of. Veronica sits down at their table, and says she has no idea.

Omg, Veronica is the best at being the worst.

Next time, Veronica confronts David, Landon tells Charles about Canace, Justin tells Hannah what’s going on, and Rose says Jim has run out of time.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam gets in Wes’s face, taking pictures with his phone, and Wes knocks it out of his hand. Adam whacks Wes upside the head, and Hannah gets in between them. Wes tells her that Adam gave him a wedgie (I can’t believe I even wrote that about adults), but Hannah thinks his anger is really about liking the same girl. Wes says that Adam has crossed the line enough, and now he’s going to rip Wes’s pants? Now it’s personal.

Back at the boat, Lauren can barely contain her laughter. In a taxi, Hannah tells Wes to chill. Lauren asks what happened exactly, and Bobby says he’s not sure, since he was busy digging his boxers out of his ass. I guess it was wedgies all around. Adam wants to talk to Wes, but Wes isn’t having it. Malia says it’s unfair that Adam is taking out his aggression on Wes. Max tells Adam to feel free to give him a wedgie.

Adam tells Malia that he thought he’s met a person he could trust, but obviously not. We flash back to her texts to Adam. He says she put herself in this position, and congratulates her. Malia tells Bugs she doesn’t know what he thinks she’s lying about. In her interview, Bugs says that she likes Malia, but she is a big tease with the boys. Malia wants nothing to do with Adam. Hmm… Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, when Adam said that about her a few episodes back.

Wes calls Adam an idiot. Adam says he thinks that Wes is overreacting, and it has to do with Malia. Wes says if it was anyone else, he would have reacted the same way. Adam trips going down the stairs, making Wes smile and me laugh. Malia asks Bobby what he thinks, and he says she kissed both of them. She says if she wants to kiss everyone on the boat, that’s her business. Max says that half the problems on boats come from dudes hooking up with chicks. I’m paraphrasing since he says it in his unique gibberish. He and Malia argue, but I can’t understand a word.

Adam asks Hannah what’s happening. She says it’s not about the wedgie. He says before the charter he never wanted anyone like he did Malia (gag), and she’s playing Wes the same way. In his interview, he says that he didn’t care if she flirted around, until she got with Wes. Then he lost confidence in the situation. Hannah says she tried to get him to concentrate on his work when his mind was elsewhere. She doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, but confused and thinking with wrong head. She and Adam hug it out, and he apologizes for being a pita to her.

Oh, Wes and Adam bunk together? How did I not remember/notice that?  Wes wants nothing to do with Adam.

It’s quiet at breakfast. Malia ignores Adam. Bugs calls last night a comedy of errors. In his interview, Max says last night was a mess, and they saw a dark side of Adam. Malia does laundry, which is what you do when you want to hide. Hannah checks with the captain on the new charter. Bugs says she thought they were on a winning streak with the last charter, but Hannah is back to her old ways.

Bobby says that he just knew something was going to happen last night. Malia is more concerned about Wes than Adam. She says she’s over it, and doesn’t deserve to be called names.

It’s preference sheet time. The primaries are Dr. Quang and his wife, Stacey. They’re part of the Houston social scene, and have high expectations when it comes to travel. They’ve requested a black-tie dinner. Since it’s a one-day charter, Hannah says how hard can it be? Captain Sandy tells Adam that all of the guests like onions except one, and don’t be funny. The guests are being picked up near their hotel.

The crew cleans the boat. Max is tired of Malia bouncing off Wes and then Adam, and now being lead deckhand. The boat proceeds to pick up the guests. Hannah asks Bugs to clean the crew mess. Captain Sandy gets ready to drop anchor, with Wes and Malia on deck. The captain starts getting annoyed because the communication is nil. She doesn’t want Malia and Wes working the bow together again. She tells Wes that if Malia can’t do the job, she wants someone out there who can. Malia is supposed to be holding her fingers up for a signal, and the captain says if she’s too short, get someone taller. She says that Malia needs to step it up. Malia doesn’t get what she’s doing wrong, and tells Wes that she’s not that short.

The guests come in by water taxi. Wes says it’s the first time they’ve picked guests up that way, and it’s a cool entrance. Bugs calls them fancy. The ladies are even wearing hats, and Adam says it’s like the game Clue.  The tour happens. Guest Bryan says that if the room is rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’. Not that fancy.

Hannah can tell it’s going to be a long one-day charter. Bobby and Malia are lost about unpacking the luggage in the master bedroom. I wouldn’t want someone else unpacking my bags. The guests want a proper sit-down lunch. Hannah says it’s a disaster, and Adam says you can’t silver serve a canape.

Adam makes sushi. Scrambling isn’t his favorite way to begin a charter. Hannah puts wine in a guest’s glass for her to taste. The guest says she might need more than that, and Hannah explains. We all get a good laugh, and Dr. Quang thinks maybe that is all she needs. One of the guests wants Hannah to book some flights for the next leg of their journey. The spread looks fantastic, especially in comparison to the turkey sandwich I had for dinner.

Hannah asks Lauren to unpack one of the cabins while she books flights. Lauren thinks Hannah does more talking than working. The guests seem happy. No one knows how to unpack. Bugs asks Malia for help in the galley. Hannah tells the guest about the flights, but she wants something direct. Captain Sandy heads toward the next beach. Bobby says he’s invisible to the captain now, and it pisses him off. Hannah tells Adam how picky the guests are. She feels like they’re finally getting along. Max says you know what they say about pineapple… and leaves that there.

Adam feels spiteful when Malia gets chummy with the others in the galley. He says it has nothing to do with Wes, and he misdirected his anger. He apologizes to Wes, who says he was embarrassed in front of the locals. Adam says he’s in a better space now, and asks to bury the hatchet. In his interview, Wes says they need to be professional even though it’s a half-assed apology.

Guest Bryan is in Bugs and Lauren’s faces about getting the water sports going. In her interview, Bugs says he’s too much. He wants to know why they didn’t go to some other beach, and Bugs explains something about having to anchor there because of safety issues. Bobby brings out the jet skis.

Wes tells Malia about the sorry it happened, instead of sorry I did it, apology from Bobby. He says it’s not the first time Adam has been spiteful, and brings up the onions. He’s glad people can see who Adam really is. He and Malia agree that they don’t want to associate with people like him.

Guest Stacey, who stayed out of the water, tells Captain Sandy how thrilled she is with the weather and the scenery. The captain says that they’ll be anchoring there, and Stacey says it’s perfect. Adam says he knows how to do Tex-Mex, but for these guests he’s doing a Thai Tex-Mex fusion. And another cake, since there’s an anniversary. The guests get dressed up for the black-tie dinner. The table is beautiful, lots of gold and a silver cowboy boot to hold the wine. Adam comes along with the appetizers. The guests pronounce it spectacular.

Lauren and Bugs gripe about the extra work. Bugs says it is what it is. Adam introduces the soup, which is way more than just soup. Adam works on the cake, vanilla chiffon with strawberry filling, decorating it flowers and fruit. Bugs thinks it’s bizarre that Hannah and Adam are getting along.

The guests go to bed. Bugs cleans up. We see guests switching cabins. Bugs tells Max that they all went down to the lower cabin, and he says that they’re swingers. He tells us that he doesn’t meet many swingers, but if he did, that’s exactly what they’d look like.

Malia starts to bring up the anchor, and the captain calls Bobby to the bow. She wants Bobby on anchor. Malia is confused about her deckhand role, but thinks she’s messing up and being challenged, and it’s not fair. The boat docks. The guests pack. It starts to rain. It’s time to say good-by. Stacey tells Captain Sandy that it was the bucket list trip of a lifetime. She says she can’t wait to come back, and nudges her husband. The tip is handed over. In her interview, Hannah says after all the work they did, she hopes it’s good.

Tip time! Captain Sandy goes over anchoring, and wants Bobby on bow from now on. She commends the crew on a fantastic job, and singles out Hannah for her travel agent skills, and Adam for his food. The tip is $15K or $1350 each.

Malia tries to tell Bobby what to do, but he says his way is better. She thinks he believes it’s okay to ignore her, and wants to talk. She says he’s being competitive, but he says the captain wants him on the bow, and he knows what he’s doing. He tells her that she has no experience, and she says she has initiative, which got her the job, and not to take it out on her. She doesn’t care about the title, and would gladly give it to him. Bobby says he doesn’t want it out of sympathy. She tells him to let it go. She says comradery is what makes a lead deckhand, and you can’t be a leader by being a d*ck. He says he’ll go somewhere else then.

The crew gets ready to go out. They go to a really cool looking bar with brick walls and neon. Adam tells Hannah that he’s sick of being on the boat with Malia. He says that from day one he told her not to break his heart. He’s losing steam on getting to know someone, and asks if all chicks are the same way. Bugs and Malia talk about how Hannah and Adam are suddenly friends. Hannah tells Adam that Malia is jealous, and he likes it. She gets closer to him, and Lauren takes a picture. Bugs tells Malia that she should make out with Wes.

Adam calls Malia a sweetheart, and she calls him an a-hole. Hannah thinks she shouldn’t have jerked him around in the first place. Adam and Hannah go outside, and Malia toasts to something stupid. Sitting at one of the outside tables, Hannah says she’s glad she met Adam. He says he’s glad he met her too, and she kisses him. She says that she’s going back to the boat and nearly topples over. Adam says he’ll walk her back. He goes inside to get his hat, and tells Malia that he’s going back with Hannah. He makes some inappropriate comments and gestures, and Malia says she’d be glad if he hooked up with Hannah. He says Malia is special, but not really. Hannah and Adam drunkenly walk back to the yacht.

Next time, Hannah thanks Adam for looking after her, Bugs calls Hannah lazy, and Adam shows Wes the texts.







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