July 28, 2017 – Someone Please Save Sonny, a Hexaquote, 1000 Floors & an Office GIF


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian sees Scotty scarfing down a burger at The Floating Rib. Scotty asks him what’s with the stink-eye. Julian asks if this is how Scotty prepares for his trial. Scotty has good news. For the first time since Julian was arrested, he actually thinks they might win.

Oscar drops by to see Josslyn. He’s glad Spencer was found. Josslyn hugs him, and thanks him, saying he basically broke the case. If Spencer hadn’t escaped, his evidence would have made all the difference. Oscar thinks they should celebrate.

Alexis brings Scout to the hospital. She hands the baby off to Dr. Anderson. Her vital signs are normal, but they still need to run tests. Kristina goes with her, while Alexis finds out about Sam. Griff and Finn ask Alexis questions about Scout. She wants to know what’s going on, and wants to see Sam.

Jason talks to Sam, telling her it’s okay, but she’s seeing Sonny making weird hand gestures at her like Robert Carlyle in Ravenous. Jason asks who she’s talking to, and she says he’s right behind Jason. Imaginary Sonny tells Sam that killing him won’t end it.

Real Sonny is either sleeping or unconscious.

Wavy Garvey starts to take Elizabeth through the parking garage, and they run into Carly. Carly says she heard he was in town. Elizabeth is like, you know this guy? and Garvey says he and Carly go way back. She tells him to let Elizabeth go, and he says, or what? Is she going to yell for help? He says try it, and it won’t be good.

Josslyn tells Oscar it sounds awesome, but no one is home. Carly likes him, and she wants to keep it that way. Oscar says he has a surprise – it’s cool and has a killer view, but they’ll have to bike there. It’s somewhere she’s never been. She says impossible, but he’s on. They have to be back in an hour, since she’s still grounded.

Finn explains Sam’s illness to Alexis. Griff says if she got sick while she was pregnant, it’s possible she passed it on to Scout. Alexis asks how bad it is with Sam, and is told that the spectrum varies, but it’s affected her neurological functions.

Sam continues to talk to fictitious Sonny, who says he’s not going anywhere. Jason says they’re the only ones in the room, but Sam says he’s always there.

Factual Sonny says he has to stay awake. What will he tell his kids? He says he sees himself in Dante. His loyalty and the way he loves his family is a beautiful thing. He’s always true to himself, good or bad, and has courage and strength. Sonny asks him to pass some his way; he’s going to need it.

Carly tells the Garvster no yelling or sudden movements; just let Elizabeth go. He says that’s not happening. Carly can see he’s hurt, and asks what happened between him and Sonny. He says you should see the other guy, because everyone’s a comedian, and she asks what he did.

Scotty says Julian is no walk in park; he’s not exactly a model client. Julian says if he’d taken the deal, he’d be dead, but Scotty says not necessarily. Julian starts to leave, saying his life is on the line. Scotty says he’s going to save it, and tells him to sit down. He got his hands on the prosecution’s witness list, and they’ve put all their eggs in one basket – Alexis. Julian is like, this is your big revelation? and Scotty says it’s a good one. Julian says it’s the opposite, but Scotty says it’s not just any trial. Alexis can see the pitfalls and where they’re trying to get her to admit something, and can mitigate the damage of his actions away from him. Then Scotty gets her to admit that Olivia-J was threatening the family. The jury will see him not as a bad guy, but a hero. Julian wouldn’t go that far, but Scotty says he would, and the only one who can pull it off is Alexis.

Finn asks if Sam has been “off,” and the only thing Alexis can think of is Sam calling Scout by the wrong name. She assumed Sam was run down, and thought she was just acting like a new mom. She wants to see Sam now.

Sam passes out again, and Jason yells for help. He tells Finn that she said she saw someone who wasn’t there. Finn asks Jason and Alexis to leave – it would help the doctors and Sam. Jason talks to Alexis about Scout. She says that the baby seemed fine, but asks what’s going on with Sam, and how long it’s been going on. Jason doesn’t know. He caught her talking to herself a couple of times, but she always has plausible excuse. Griff tells them that she has a severe case of insefilitis.

Sonny tells himself to think of the kids. He sees himself in Michael, even though he’s not Sonny’s blood. He’s a thinker and strategist, but what saves him is his heart. If Sonny was a different person, he’d have him take over the business. But he’s better than that; better than Sonny. Sonny strives to be like him.

Josslyn and Oscar walk near where Sonny is. Josslyn wonders if their bikes will be okay, but Oscar says they’re the only ones there. He says it’s awesome, and she asks what the place is. He tells her it’s an old distillery, built in the 1800s on river when whiskey was transported by boat. He loves places with a story behind them. He tells Josslyn that they’re demolishing some of the buildings, but he thinks the distillery is safe because it’s historical. He asks if she wants to look around.

Carly asks Garvo where Sonny is, moving closer to him. Garvey says he needs supplies now, and her nurse friend is helping him. Carly tells him somebody is going to notice, and he’ll be caught in two seconds. He says he’s staying, and Elizabeth is going to get what he needs. Oh yeah, great plan. Like, wouldn’t she go for help?

Finn asks if Sam can hear him. and asks her to wake up for him. When she doesn’t, he tells her to hang in there; they’ll find out what it is.

Griff tells Alexis that it’s treatable, and they’re doing what they can. Alexis says what if it’s not enough, and he tells her to stay positive. She steps aside, and texts Julian to come to the ER.

Scotty tells Julian that the prosecution thinks Alexis is a slam dunk, but she’s going to sink them. Julian apologizes, saying Scotty has obviously given this some thought. Scotty tells him to buck up; things are going to turn around. Julian says if he’s right, this could change his life and give a fresh start, not just for him. but him and Alexis. Scotty asks how he does it. She’s smart, ethical, and holds on to a grudge, but he’s able to Svengali her. Julian wishes it were that simple. Scotty tells him that if he gets a second chance, don’t blow it. Julian says he doesn’t plan to. Scotty has to go, and tells Julian he gets to pay for the burger. Julian gets Alexis’s text, and jets. I guess The Floating Rib just got stiffed.

Josslyn says the place is super cool, and Oscar tells her that she’s the only person he’s brought there. He sees something on the ground, and picks it up. He likes to make things out of stuff he finds and could use it. He tells her that there’s a cask room that still exists. The should see if they can find some old barrels. I assume that’s where Sonny is.

Sonny talks to Morgan, saying that he’s charming, impulsive, leaps before looking, and suffered the same darkness that Sonny did. He weeps a little, saying he’s proud of Morgan. Josslyn asks if Oscar heard something; it sounded like kids laughing. She thinks they should check on their bikes, and they leave. Omg, I can’t take it. So close and yet so far.

Carly tells Garvito that she can’t just grab supplies; she doesn’t work there. He tells her to be back in ten minutes. Elizabeth tosses her the keys, and tells her where everything is. Carly tells Garvey not to hurt Elizabeth, but he’s starting to fade, and she breaks away.

Jason asks about Scout, but Josslyn comes out. She doesn’t look happy, but it’s that fake-out American Idol moment again. She tells them that Scout is okay, and passed all the tests with flying colors. She hugs Jason.

Finn tells Nurse Deanna to take Sam’s vitals again. He’s looking for any small improvement. He joins the others outside her room, and says that Sam has lapsed into a coma. It’s too soon to tell what it means; maybe her body needs extra time to heal. He says they can see her in a few minutes. Julian runs in, and Alexis tells him that Sam is in a coma. (It’s called a nap, Susan Lucci!)

Carly tells Elizabeth to go get help. She grabs Garvicious by the collar and says to tell her where Sonny is.

Josslyn tells Oscar not to laugh at her just because a flock of geese sounded like kids laughing. From a distance, my dogs barking sound like a flock of geese. Oscar jokes that the geese might steal their bikes. Sonny messes with the tourniquet, obviously not hearing them, even though there’s no one else around and they’re making no attempt to be quiet. He moves on to Kristina. He says they’re the most alike. She’s stubborn, full of fire, and the first one to call people out. She’s calculating, but doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body. She’s full of passion, and that passion lights up the whole world. On the other hand, Josslyn can hear a flock of seagulls geese a mile away, but not hear Sonny talking to himself.

Julian asks what happened, but Alexis doesn’t know. Finn says that the disease is usually transmitted by birds or cats, and since she’s been around neither, it must have been contracted out in the wild. Jason says her system was compromised the night Scout was born; the night Julian’s sister kicked Sam off the bridge, and she gave birth to Scout in the freezing cold. He asks if that sounds right. Kristina asks wth is Julian doing there? Sam hates him, and it’s his fault she almost died, because Julian didn’t have the guts to warn her about Olivia-J. Jason says that’s why they’re at the hospital now; she got sick the night she gave birth. Julian says that Olivia would have hurt the entire family, but Kristina says the only one who believes that is him. She asks how dare he show up, and Alexis says she asked him to come. Kristina asks what’s wrong with her, and says that Sam doesn’t need it. She tells Julian not to come near her sister or anyone else in her family or she’ll stop him. She says don’t think she can’t; her father is more powerful than he is. So there.

Carly tells the Garvman that he’s not safe at the hospital, and to tell her what he did to Sonny. He just laughs. Well, as much as you can laugh when you’re about to pass out.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’ll race him to their bikes. Sonny looks through his wallet and sees a picture of Avery. He says he doesn’t know what she’ll be like, but he wants to be there to find out. He wants to find out, and be her dad. He slumps, and begs God to let him be there for her.

Griff asks if a conference room is needed, but Kristina says she’s done. Julian asks Jason if he wants to get his licks in. Jason says that Kristina said it all. He’s going to focus on his wife and daughter, but he won’t forget, and neither will Sam. Kristina says she’ll take Scout home. Jason thanks her for stepping up, and she says there’s nothing more important than family. Deanna says they can visit one at a time, but there’s no change yet. Alexis tells Jason to go ahead, and he asks for Julian to be gone when he gets back.

Oh come on. Let’s resolve something before the end of the show.

Alexis tells Julian to go. She says that Kristina is right. Julian says that she’s terrified for her sister, but Alexis says that doesn’t make her wrong. Sam wouldn’t want him here, and he needs to respect that. Julian asks if she thinks he wanted this to happen. She says no, but it did, and he needs to go.

Jason asks for moment alone with Sam. He tells her that he knows it’s not fair. She didn’t even get through her night on the embankment yet, but they can still beat this. He can’t imagine how tired she is and how hard it is, but he tells her not to give up. She didn’t give up then, and she can’t now. He doesn’t know if she can hear him, but he’s telling her again that he has no life there without her. He’s staying there, waiting for her to wake up and tell him that she loves him too.

Oscar tells Josslyn that there are no cars in the driveway, so she’s in the clear. She says good, because the last thing she needs is to be grounded indefinitely. Oscar says him too. Josslyn says he acts like he has no friends, but that’s not true; he has plenty of friends at school. He says they’re okay, but no one is into the same stuff she is, and they’re all on their phones 24/7. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow, and she thanks him. She says it was fun, and he says they’ll do it again soon. Josslyn says she’d like that. On the porch, Oscar examines what he picked up at the distillery – a bullet casing.

Carly tells Garvey Shmarvey to wipe the smirk off his face, and tell her where Sonny is. Garvey says that he killed him.

Sonny staggers up again. He yells that if anyone can hear him, get him out of there. Think Oscar will make a stop on his way home?

On Monday, Jason asks Griff for help, Jared wants to leave the past behind, Carly tells the hospital staff that Garvey knows where Sonny is, and Hayden talks to Finn about marriage.

Quotes of the Week

Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. – Jodie Foster

If you’re very lucky, you’ll have many, many friends and many, many memories, and you can think about them. – Jenny Fields (Glenn Close), The World According to Garp, on getting old

Don’t let your fears overwhelm your desires. Let the barriers your face – and there will be barriers – be external.Sheryl Sandberg

The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down, as long as it’s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.Aaron Sorkin

I think my mistakes have made me much stronger. It’s nice to know that things don’t ultimately break you; that you need to go there to know.Emma Watson

A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort.E.B. White

Speaking of Books…

Hopefully, a library still exists where you are. I’m hoping books never go the way of black and white TVs, although I admit to being addicted to e-books on my Nook. I said that just to recommend The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. The plot and characters are interesting, but were almost immaterial for me with this one. The main character is the thousand-story tower that, in 2118, houses Manhattan. Usually, I’m all about the dialogue, and have been known to even skip over long descriptions (I’m talking to you, Stephen King), but I didn’t even care what anyone was saying. I wanted to read more about the tower. The higher your floor, the wealthier you are. There were times when it reminded me of the train class system in Snowpiercer, another story where the setting is just as much, if not more, a star as the characters. It’s definitely worth it to check out this vision of the future. Floating drink bubbles are sipped from at parties, drugs are designed for your specific chemical make-up, changes in weather are scheduled, a thought sends a text, and driving a conventional car is against the law – these are just a few of the things that await you in this view of the twenty-second century. I’m hoping more books in this same vein follow. I would also love to see this turned into a movie.

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