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August 30, 2017 – Nina Gets a Surprise, the NYC Reunion Wraps Up & a Little Bit of Chef


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie slaps Nathan. She asks Amy if what she wanted all along was for Maxie to share her husband, and says she can share this with him, and slaps her too.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle’s real name is Janelle, which is why she couldn’t find anything on her. Felicia really needs a new line of work. She stinks at being a detective. She shows Bobbie a newspaper article about Nelle being a suspect in her fiancé’s death.

Dillon wants to know what Nina wants in the photos, but Nelle says she’s at tea with some official who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The official is Valentin, who thinks champagne is more appropriate.

Carly meets Josslyn at the MetroCourt, and asks Josslyn if Oscar put the smile on her face. Josslyn says they were just texting about school, and Carly tells her to relax; she said Josslyn could see him. Josslyn asks if she’s in trouble, but Carly wants to talk to her about Sonny.

Petro moves to shoot Sam, but Jason intervenes and gets himself shot instead. Max tosses Sonny’s gun to him, and Sonny shoots Petro. Sam tells Jason she loves him, and to stay with her. Well, you shouldn’t have followed him and burst in unannounced then.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s supposed to meet with the Minister of Culture. Valentin says it’s him. He says she stood him up last night, and now’s the time to keep her promise. She says she’s working. She has an answer for him, but the photo shoot is crucial. Valentin doesn’t give a damn, all he can think about is having her in his arms again.

Nelle tells Dillon about some of the things Nina wants in the photos. She mentions Michael, and Dillon grumbles about flying solo. She says Michael had to work too. Dillon thinks it’s convenient that Michael had a business trip in Morocco at the same time. Nelle says she’s not complaining.

Felicia explains to Bobbie that Nelle’s fiancé, Zach, died before the wedding. They went sea kayaking, and a storm came up. They were in separate kayaks, and his capsized. He wasn’t wearing a life vest and drowned. Nelle claimed she tried, but couldn’t get to him in time. Bobbie says it could have been an accident, but Felicia says the police and his family don’t think so.

Nathan shoves Maxie into the room. Amy says she’s so caught up in her own drama, she doesn’t see what’s in front of her. They were having a business meeting. Maxie wonders what business they could have. Amy tells Nathan to let her throw her tantrum, since it’s all she cares about. Maxie asks if Man Landers told Nathan to love the one he’s with. She sees the cutout, and asks what freaky stuff they’re into, but then says she doesn’t want to know. Nathan says they’re not having an affair, but he did lie to her

Josslyn wonders if Carly said she could see Oscar because she wants to get back together with Sonny.  Carly says no; she just realized that she can’t keep Josslyn in a cocoon. Josslyn says she’s working on her honesty, and Carly says if she wants Josslyn to be honest, she has to be too. She wants them to move back in with Sonny and Avery.

Max calls for help, while Sonny gets out the first aid kit. He tells Sam to keep Jason awake, and he’ll try to stop the blood.

Valentin toasts to being Nina’s husband again, and never betraying her. She says one toast does not a reconciliation make, no matter how beautiful the setting. He says he’s just showing off, but if she takes him back, he’ll prove he knows what real love is, and how much she means to him.

The jewelry for the shoot is all tangled. Dillon says he has the lighting right, and wonders how long it will take to fix it. Nelle says she’ll get the jewelry straight, and has the assistant get the models. She opens a case that has a gorgeous blue necklace in it – huge blue sapphires, each surrounded by diamonds – and says, wow.

Amy tells Maxie that she didn’t want the secret to ruin Nathan’s marriage. Maxie says it’s her marriage too, and Amy says she’ll butt out. Nathan explains about Chet. Maxie is surprised he’s a veteran, since she thought he’d be with the NFL. Amy tells her how he hurt his knee, and ended up in Afghanistan, where he sustained wounds, and now needs constant medical attention. Maxie says she didn’t know, and Amy says that Chet didn’t want anyone to know. She tells Maxie about how she needed money to keep his medical care going after her mother died. She talks about the Man Landers blog taking off, and how she got Nathan involved. Maxie is like, it’s you???

Carly tells Josslyn that while Sonny had Jax deported, he also got the deportation lifted, and hopes Josslyn can forgive him. She says Avery misses them too, and just wants her family back together. Because Avery is that articulate, even though she’s a toddler. Carly says that’s what she and Sonny want too.

Jason is losing blood. Sonny tells Sam keep talking to him. She tells him the kids need their father, and please open his eyes. He does. We hear the sirens in the distance.

Nathan says that Amy really gives the advice. Amy explains about how she read another blog, and people liked her comments. She started her own blog, and soon people wanted to know who Man Landers was. Nathan says it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but then there was a book deal and podcast. Amy tells Maxie that Nathan has been a champ for her and her brother. He’s not just devoted, but the most honest guy around, and he loves Maxie so much. Nathan asks if it’s going to come between them.

Nina asks Valentin how she can trust him. He says he’ll prove it day by day, over the rest of her life, if she’ll have him. She says she’s made up her mind, and kisses him. I hope that’s a yes. She tells him that she loves him, and wants to be with him. They kiss some more.

Nelle puts the necklace on. Dillon comes in and says, busted, and asks how it feels to have a small fortune of sapphires around her neck. She says she’s taking it off, but he suggests they do test shots. She agrees, but only because she’s willing to go above and beyond to help.

Bobbie asks Felicia why they think Nelle was involved. She says the kayak was missing, and Bobbie wonders if that’s not on the rental company, but Felicia says he owned it, and it was the best. He was the son of wealthy parents, like Michael, and he made Nelle the beneficiary of his will. It was millions.

Josslyn tells Carly that she’s still mad, but doesn’t hate Sonny. She felt terrible, thinking about how good he’s been to her. Carly says he loves her. Josslyn gets he was grieving for Morgan and lashing out; she’s been doing that too, and wants to stop. It’s time for some happiness. Carly agrees, and wants to be a family again.

The paramedics arrive. Sam tells Jason to breathe. The EMTs begin to work on him.

Josslyn wonders how Bobbie will take the news. Carly says she’ll find out soon, since Bobbie asked to meet her. Josslyn says she has to go to the library and work on her syllabus. Carly is like, hmm… and Josslyn says Oscar is on vacation; she can show her pictures. Carly says she’s into believing everyone mode, even Nelle.

The paramedic says that they have to stabilize Jason first. No one cares about Petro, who just lies there. They don’t even check for a pulse. Dante arrives, and Sonny says that Petro tried to kill him, but he shot him dead with a single shot. Dante asks Max what happened, and Sonny says don’t talk without a lawyer, but changes his mind when Dante says it’s off the record. Max explains how Petro got him outside, and said he’d kill him if he didn’t cooperate. Jason is conscious, and Sam tells him to stay with her.

Maxie says she understands. It was sneaky and underhanded, but for good cause. She forgives him, but says he has a lot of explaining to do. Amy is like, I’m outta here. She says if she’s not pressing her luck, maybe Maxie will rethink her plan to unmask Man Landers. Maxie says she will, and Amy says maybe she’s not so snarky after all. Maxie asks if she gave the advice to spice up the marriage to Mac and Felicia, and Amy says that was Nathan; he went rogue during the podcast. She adds that he didn’t suggest getting busy in the bushes though. Maxie asks if it was Nathan who suggested giving up everything for love. Nathan says that was Amy, and Maxie says it was excellent advice. Amy leaves, and Maxie tells Nathan she understands their secrecy, but wonders why he didn’t tell her.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle planned the trip after Zach had signed everything over to her. Bobbie says she’s a manipulator, but that doesn’t make her a killer. Felicia says that Nelle swore she tried to save him, but could barely stay afloat herself, and had left her phone on shore. He disappeared under the waves. His family wanted her brought up on murder charges, but there wasn’t enough evidence. They tied the will up in probate, so she got nothing, and want to see her in prison for life.

Dillon looks at the pictures, and tells Nelle they don’t need models; they should put her on the cover. She tells him to delete them, but he thinks she shows a lot of facets of herself in the pictures. In some she looks like an ice queen, and in others, she looks like she’s a kid playing dress-up. She says that’s what it feels like. She can’t believe it, and wonders whose life she’s living. He wishes he could share her enthusiasm for travel. When he was younger, he was shuttled from country to country, and his mom compensated for her time with material things. Nelle says it’s a matter of perspective. She moved a lot because her father was always in debt. She thinks that’s why she resented Carly at first. To her, Carly had everything, while she had nothing. Dillon says everything comes with a price. Sounds Stephen King-ish.

Valentin tells Nina it was worth the eight-hour flight and the waiting. Nina says she wanted to make sure her eyes were open. She wants to be with him; she misses everything about it. Valentin doesn’t know what would have done if she said no. He’d never love another woman, because no one compares to her. He takes out her ring set, saying that he broke into her office. He puts them back on her finger, and asks her to make him the happiest man in world and not divorce him. She says yes. They both look like they’ve been to the Bahamas; they’re as tan as Sonny. Valentin says he’ll love her always. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, and you guessed it, a song part. Um… Nina, did you forget you’re at work? Yes she did. They get busy.

Dillon tells Nelle that money can’t buy happiness. Ask any Quartermaine. The assistant needs Dillon for something, and Nelle looks at the necklace.

Bobbie hates being the messenger. Carly comes in, and Felicia leaves. Bobbie tells her that Felicia found something, but Carly says she’s done meddling, and everyone is happy. She has something to tell Bobbie about Sonny, but Bobbie says it will have to wait. She’s afraid for Michael. It’s not about meddling; it’s life or death.

Max continues to talk to Dante, and Sonny tells him about how Jason got shot, and that he shot Petro in self-defense. Sam tells Jason that he came back to her once before, so come back again.

Maxie asks why the secrets? Nathan apologizes, saying that the timing never seemed right. He should have just moved to Portland. He’s proud of her devotion to her career and her daughter. Amy is going to have to tell the truth eventually, so he’s moving. Maxie says he could do that, but she won’t be there. She quit her job, and got a one way ticket back. He asks about Georgie, and Maxie says she’ll still see her, and she can find another job, but never another love of her life. They kiss.

Felicia sees Amy, and says she seems calm. She tells Amy that she told Maxie about her and Nathan. Amy says it’s not what she thinks. She isn’t at liberty to say what’s going on, but Maxie accepts it. Felicia is like, what?!

Nina doesn’t want to leave. Her phone rings, and she ignores it, but it rings again. There’s a problem at the photo shoot. The sapphire necklace missing. Oh, come on, Nelle is going to be responsible for the Chicago fire soon.

Dillon looks at the shots. Nelle says she told him to delete them, but he says he’s an artist and never deletes his work. Nelle goes on about what more could she ask for, and how happy she is. She still thinks he should delete the photos though.

Carly asks Bobbie if she’s not exaggerating. Bobbie says she has proof that Nelle is dangerous. Carly says okay, let’s hear it. Bobbie tells her to brace herself.

The EMTs take Jason out to the ambulance, and Sam goes with them. Sonny looks at the blood on the floor.

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Michael that they have to go now, Carly says she’s not losing another son, and Sam tells Monica about Jason.

The Real Housewives of NYC

We start with some talk about body parts, what we do with them, and grooming them. ♫ LA-LA-LA! ♫ Andy asks if the booze made Tinsley open up (omg – and he didn’t even say that on purpose) about a certain sexual act. She explains that she thought it was a cute story. Um… cute is not the adjective I’d ascribe to that.  I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination – I lived in NYC in the 70s and 80s for God’s sake – but there are some things I don’t want to know, and this is most of them. Ramona explains that she grew up Catholic, and didn’t think oral sex was sex. Moving on, but not fast enough.

Andy brings up how Ramona asked Bethenny if her daughter is aware of her nakey past. Which isn’t really very nakey. We flash back to that, and also the argument they had in Vermont. Then the non-invite/invite to Mexico, and wrap it up with the pool apology. Maybe Ramona just shouldn’t drink. A viewer asks why Ramona chose to bring it up after a million years. Ramona says she’d been sent an article mentioning it. We also go back to the first reunion where Ramona walked off when Alex mentioned she’d done art photos. Ramona says she’s not as uptight now. Yeah, we’ve noticed. She says she probably needs delivery lessons, and I second that. She didn’t know how to make it right, and she made it worse. Another viewer asks why Bethenny made a big deal about it. I can answer that. Because Ramona is a huge a-hole and Bethenny had enough. Bethenny says the article was already out there, and she’d even written about it, but Ramona approaching her under the guise of being worried about Brynn finding out, was the wrong thing. Ramona insists it was out of concern, but Bethenny says not one person believes that, nor did any other mother ever voice their “concern.” She’d even said in an interview that she wanted to hurt Bethenny. Ramona says Bethenny makes her nervous. Bethenny says when she was going through a bad personal time, she never came at Ramona, even though Ramona attacked her right and left. Ramona says who can embarrass her anyway? because she’s an insensitive dolt. Ramona says she’s been there for Bethenny, and she owns what she does. Bethenny asks what she’s ever done to Ramona, but Ramona doesn’t answer because there is no answer.

Another viewer wonders why, since Bethenny called LuAnn every name in the book, she wasn’t more forgiving. LuAnn jumps in and says it was about the kids. It gets put out there that maybe Ramona is jealous about Bethenny’s success the way Jill Zarin is. After listing about a thousand ways that Ramona has been obnoxious, if not downright nasty to her, Bethenny says that Ramona can’t be happy for other people, and it shows. Ramona says that Bethenny is projecting, but apparently she doesn’t know what the word means. Bethenny points out that everyone is shaking their heads. LuAnn says the idea is to learn from mistakes and not make them again. Andy asks if the rest of them would be forgiving. LuAnn says it takes a while for the burn to go away. Dorinda tells them that when she watched how angry Ramona was versus Bethenny being quiet, she doesn’t think Ramona realizes how intense she was being. Andy asks if she’d taken anything like Xanax, but Ramona insists she was just drinking. Andy asks why Bethenny ended up inviting her to Mexico. Bethenny says she didn’t want to exclude her. She doesn’t want to be close, but she doesn’t “not not like” her.

We discuss Sonja Morgan’s Home for Wayward It Girls. I note that LuAnn’s necklace looks like the one that’s missing on General Hospital. When was the last time she was in Morocco? We see clips of Tinsley’s new life – fun with Sonja, fun without Sonja, arguments with Sonja, the Page Six debacle, and her eventual move. We also flash back to the thank you party, and that amazing cake. Andy asks about the best and worst of living with Sonja. Tinsley says it was the worst time of her life, and she’ll forever be grateful, but the downside was the criticism. Sonja admits that she should have laid off in front of the other girls, but says then Tinsley aired the dirty laundry. Andy asks LuAnn for her opinion, since she’d also lived with Sonja. LuAnn thinks Sonja was like an overbearing mama and hard on Tinsley. Sonja agrees she was, but thought Tinsley needed guidance. She says that Tinsley falls in love quickly, and she wanted the best for her. She’d said she wanted to get married and have children, so Sonja tried to help. Tinsley says she’s not an intern, but a friend, and had every intention of giving her something when she left. Sonja gripes about not getting a birthday card, reminding me about the card sitting here for someone whose birthday was three days ago.

Andy asks if Sonja went to Page Six about Tinsley being ungrateful, but she insists she didn’t. He asks if Tinsley confirmed it. She says she wouldn’t know how to do that, but Sonja had just been complaining about the exact same thing, and she felt betrayed. Sonja says she didn’t come to her first. Carole says they were the exact words Sonja said. Andy asks if it was a thank you or f-you party, but Tinsley says she planned it before all that happened. Bethenny thinks they should call it a thuck you party. Ha-ha! Sonja says she thought the glitz was just for show, but when Tinsley gave her speech, she knew it was sincere. That five grand gift certificate for Bergdorf’s probably didn’t hurt either. Tinsley is sorry they fought, and admits she wasn’t the perfect house guest, but they’re good now.

We move on to the Mexico trip, and get to relive it through clips. First, the great room hunt by Ramona and Sonja. What a couple of ungrateful idiots. We revisit LuAnn’s fall into the bushes – HAHAHAHAHA! – her subsequent fall (which wasn’t quite as funny), tequila day, Dorinda stabbing herself, and end with the rose and thorn dinner. It’s fun to watch their reactions. It’s so good, we see the clips of LuAnn falling again. Andy says in ten years, he’s never seen her drunk like that. LuAnn says she never gets out of control, but it was a long drinking day and she hadn’t eaten. Andy says Bethenny brought them to the epicenter of alcohol.

Andy asks why Ramona thought she should get the best room, considering how she stood with Bethenny? Ramona doesn’t know what she was thinking. I’m not so sure Ramona does think, and Dorinda reads my mind, saying she wasn’t. Andy brings up Sonja making out with the ladies, and taking it to a new level. Sonja says now that LuAnn is married, she had to find new victims. Carole thinks Sonja might have given her a hickey. Andy asks how Dorinda cut herself, and Bethenny calls her a gangster. Dorinda says she didn’t feel a thing. She saw the blood in the morning, and thought she had her period. Andy asks Bethenny whey she didn’t want to be psychoanalyzed by Dorinda. Bethenny says that Dorinda saying she was controlling was like saying H2O is water.

Bethenny tells Andy that everyone was great on the trip, but she feels self-conscious about her success. She wanted the trip to be perfect, because the main event centered around her business. She says this season was the funniest of all of them. They talk about the pool apology again, and how funny it was that Bethenny and Ramona had barely spoken in weeks, and then ended up hugging nakey, separated by a pool noodle.

Andy asks what everyone’s rose and thorn for the season was. LuAnn’s rose was getting married, and her thorn was hearing all the stuff about Tom, although she appreciates everyone having her back. I cringe again, thinking she would soon be divorcing. Dorinda says that daughter Hannah starting her new life was her rose, and her thorn was arguing with Bethenny. For Tinsley, moving back to NYC and meeting Scott were roses, but fighting with Sonja was pretty thorny. Sonja’s rose was making up with Dorinda (who said there’s always next season), but for her thorn, felt she gave Tinsley too much tough love, and should have backed off. No surprise that Carole’s thorn was the election results, but she had a rose in going to Washington DC for the Women’s March. Ramona has both a rose and thorn in Bethenny, with acting out toward her, then making up with her. Bethenny says her rose was a sense of personal freedom after the Vermont trip, and she didn’t have a thorn. Andy wonders what about her struggle with Ramona, and she says it might have been both, but she had other stuff going on.

We end with a shot of tequila. Toast to strong drink and strong women.

👰 🚫 Next Wednesday, Andy will be interviewing LuAnn one-on-one at 11 pm.

🍴 On MasterChef, the first half was a Mexican-themed tag team challenge, and a mystery box revealing Nutella, with which they made a breakfast. My stomach doesn’t like the idea of Nutella for breakfast, unless it’s spread on toast. Jason won, and got to pick the teams for the tag team. Cate and Dino were the winners there, and Caitlin got sent home. The contestants then went to Big Bear Lake where rainbow trout was featured, and the guests being served were Gordon, Christina, and Aaron. Dino headed up the blue team, and Cate was the red team captain. Note to self: Never put cornmeal on rainbow trout. If nothing else, you will piss off Gordon. The teams picked the one dish they wanted each judge to taste. Christina got some fish bones from the red team, but they still won the challenge. Jeff acted like a huge baby because the red team got to have fun on the water while the blue team awaited their fate. Back at the MasterChef kitchen, the pressure test was to make truffles. The candy kind. Yachecia’s were a mess, prompting Gordon to ask if she’d bitten into one. She was also missing some, although Gordon praised the two that actually looked like truffles. I was pretty sure she was going home, but Daniel had a chunk of chocolate in one of his. Apparently, this is a cardinal sin in truffle-making, and he got the old heave-ho.




Also Truffles

August 29, 2017 – Sam is Her Own Worst Enemy, Jim Loves Kate, Wives News & Viserion Flies Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ned tells Olivia-Q that Alexis declined to help him with a custody hearing. Olivia says Julian is in prison for a long time, and adoption or no adoption, they get to raise Leo now. Ned says that Michael wants him to come on board ELQ as VP. It’s hard for him to think of being in the second position. He’s more capable, but says he’s not interested in taking over. He keeps saying that, making me think he wants to take over.

Nelle thinks Marrakesh is amazing. She had no idea she’d get to go on the trip. Michael is glad they had a suite available at the last minute, although he pulled a string for it. Nelle is worried she’s going to wake up and it’s just a dream. It’s too good to be true. They kiss.

Carly sees Michael and Nelle’s Instagram post. Felicia tells Bobbie that she should have something on Nelle soon.

Amy tells Nathan that Quinn is in the hotel and needs to see them. She says if they get through this, they can celebrate ending something that he didn’t want to start in the first place.

Maxie says she can’t wait to see Nathan’s face when she gives him some news.

Felicia sees Nathan go into the elevator with Amy.

Bobbie tells Carly that Felicia might have information on Nelle. Carly says she changed her mind and doesn’t want to know.

Sam sees Andre at Perks. She tells him that things are finally getting back to normal. She says that she doesn’t think she has to worry anymore about Jason and hallucinations.

Sonny appreciates Jason coming with him to the meeting of the families. Jason says he’s been doing this the majority of his adult life. They enter, and Sonny thanks everyone for coming. Petro, the stereotypical Russian mob boss, wonders what’s so pressing. Sonny says he’s sure they’ve heard the rumors, but he’s going to tell them the truth – he’s retiring.

Olivia is having a pizza oven delivered, since she knows about the Quartermaines always ordering pizza on Thanksgiving. She figures if she can make it, they won’t have to get it delivered. Ned says that’s not how the curse operates. It started in 1994, but if she makes a pizza on purpose, something will happen, and they’ll have to order Chinese. He asks if Monica is aware of her decision. The truck arrives, and she runs off to meet it. Ned sees the Instagram photo, and says so much for Michael’s business trip.

Carly shows Bobbie the picture, and Bobbie says they have to nip this in the bud. Carly says he’s happy, taking care of himself, and making his own decisions. Bobbie asks if she’s forgiving Nelle, but she didn’t say that. She says she doesn’t care what Nelle did in the past, but Bobbie doesn’t think they should give up without knowing what the information is.

Andre tells Sam that the underlying anxiety might not go away. He says if it did, he’d have more time to practice his golf. He gives her his card, saying his door is always open. She says she has a clean bill of health. He asks if she no longer has concerns about Jason.

Petro asks if Jason is going to be running things. Sonny says that Jason is also retiring, and agrees with Sonny’s decision. He’s evenly distributing his territory among the families. Petro, who is apparently the only one who can talk, asks, what’s the price? Max and Sonny’s associates are to be taken care of, and his family, as well as Jason and his family, are to be protected. Another stereotype says so all that Sonny asks in return is protection? and Sonny says that’s right, and asks if they have a deal.

Felicia sees Maxie, who says it’s a surprise. She’s home for good. Felicia asks what happened in Portland. Maxie says that the choice seemed impossible, but she talked to Spinelli. They arranged her being able to see Georgie more often, and it came down to her job versus Nathan. She says in a way, Felicia and Mac helped her. She was so angry about Ask Man Landers, she did some digging. As much as she hates to admit it, he had a compelling argument about putting love first, and here she is. But she’s going to unmask him if it’s the last thing she does.

Quinn shows Amy and Nathan a life-sized cardboard stand-up of Man Landers shading his face with a hat. She says Ask Man Landers has been chosen for the publishing event of the season. He’s going to make an appearance and be signing autographs. Amy asks if he’ll be wearing a mask, and when Quinn says no, Nathan spills coffee all over himself.

Nelle has confession to make. to Michael. It’s the first time she’s used her passport even though she’s had it for a while. It feels like a fantasy come true; even better with Michael. He tells her they’ll document their adventure, and they take a selfie.

Carly tells Bobbie that she won’t forget what happened, but can’t deny that Nelle did it because someone she trusted lied to her. Bobbie reminds her of Nelle’s revenge plot, and Carly says when you’re led to believe the wrong thing, you can make horrible mistakes. Bobbie asks what’s going on. No one is as devoted to holding a grudge as Carly, so something must have happened. Carly says she’s right; something did.

The token female boss says Sonny will have an agreement by tonight. They all say best of luck, blah-blah-blah. Petro hopes that Sonny knows what he signed up for. The bosses leave. Sonny tells Jason he spent his lifetime building an empire that ends with one handshake. Jason hopes they’re as on board as they seem to be. Sonny says he’s walking, and Jason says congratulations.

Carly tells Bobbie that it has to do with Sonny’s business, and it’s complicated. Bobbie wants to know why back off Nelle, and wants to know now. Carly says she’s doing the right thing. She learned that every time she tries to protect Michael, he found out, and it didn’t destroy his life. He’s survived, and still has a big heart and should hold on to it. Bobbie says she’s turning a blind eye, but Carly says her eyes are wide open. She needs to let him live his own life, and have the freedom to make his own decisions.

Michael wants to do a photo shoot before the photo shoot, but Nelle says she doesn’t think they should document their lives. They weren’t big on picture taking when she was growing up, and she didn’t like the way she looked. She isn’t a fan of social media either. Michael gets that, but says she’s beautiful. Nelle says there are some pictures out there she’d rather forget.

Still looking at Instagram, Ned says Michael didn’t have to feed him a line. Olivia walks in with a brick in her hand. It’s all she has left of her dream. Ned asks if there’s a problem. Olivia tells him that Monica hired Cook back. He says it is Monica’s house. Olivia says Cook now has complete and total free reign of the kitchen, and terrorized the workmen. She has no pizza oven, no pizzas, and a tyrant who put digital lock on the toaster oven. She’s been outplayed. Ned knows the feeling, but thinks he knows a way of striking back.

Jason meets Sam at Perks. He says protection is a small price to pay for the families to expand their businesses. He thanks her for sending him, and asks about the card. She says that Andre wants to schedule a few sessions. He made her realize things that she’s afraid to admit to herself.

As Sonny is about to leave, Petro comes in, holding a gun on Max. Poor Max. What a thankless role that guy has. We never even see him with Diane.

Maxie tells Felicia that as soon as Spinelli is free, she’s pitching the Man Landers story to Nina. Felicia says she’s glad Maxie is back, and it’s wonderful what she’s giving up for love, but has she spoken to Nathan? Maxie says it’s a surprise, and he’ll be happy. he needs physical attention often, and she can’t make him suffer any longer. Felicia says that maybe should have worried about that sooner. Maxie says Felicia knows something that’s worrying her, and Felicia says that she’s seen Nathan and Amy together – a lot. Maxie says that Nathan was just helping her out when he took her to the Nurses’ Ball, but Felicia says that’s not what she’s talking about. Maxie asks if she saw them kissing, and Felicia says she saw them get in an elevator together at the MetroCourt about a half hour ago. Considering that the MetroCourt is all things to all people in Port Charles, that would hardly be an indication of cheating. And Felicia is a P.I.

Amy tells Quinn that their whole anonymous concept will be blown. Quinn says the cutout will build suspense, and then they see Nathan. She says Man Landers will come out of shadows, and the response will be phenomenal. So will sales. She thinks it’s brilliant marketing. Amy says anonymity is a stipulation in the contract, but Quinn says she’d better read it, going on about subsections and paragraphs. She has a business meeting in the city, and Amy says this isn’t settled. Quinn says that Man Landers’s contract obligates him to make an appearance, or it’s void.

Carly tells Bobbie that she has no reason to believe Nelle wants to hurt Michael. She wants to start fresh for Michael, and Josslyn who’s alive because of Nelle. She and Bobbie both got the benefit of fresh start, why not Nelle? Carly knows that Bobbie means well, but everyone will be better off if they let it go.

Sam tells Jason about thinking she’d lost him when he disappeared, and how it broke something that’s never been fixed. Jason tells her not to put herself through it again, but she says it never stopped. Even with him there now, she’s always worried he’s going to be taken away, and it’s not her. He says he’s not in the business anymore, but she says the fear is still there. She pushed it down so much, the illness took advantage of it and messed with her mind. She almost killed his best friend. Jason says they’re past it. Sam says he’s right; she’s sorry; she should be stronger. He says he’s not going anywhere. Nothing will happen. He and Sonny took care of that. She suggests they celebrate, and he says he’ll call Sonny.

Petro tells Sonny to hand over his gun or he’ll shoot Max.

Jason says that Sonny isn’t answering. He wants to check on him, and he’ll be right back.

Max tells Sonny not to do it. Let Petro shoot him, and take him out. Sonny says no one has to get hurt. He drops his gun and kicks it over. Sonny asks what this is about. Petro asks how did he think it was going to go, and he must be crazy to think he can walk away and live.

Amy tells Nathan that she’s sorry. Quinn is right. With any luck she can talk sense into her. Nathan says she wants him unmasked, and probably shirtless; his advice doesn’t matter. Amy says they have time. He tells her that she should go now. She says that it will always be their secret, but to put his shirt back on. In the hallway, Maxie overhears.

Felicia tries calling Maxie, but it goes to voicemail. She hopes Maxie calls back before she talks to Nathan. She takes another call, and says to send the information on Nelle. Bobbie walks in, and says that Carly wants the investigation dropped. Felicia says she might want to rethink that.

Michael tells Nelle they all go through awkward stages. There are pictures out there of him with missing teeth. She wants to see them, but he’s like, no way. She asks if she can change his mind, and kisses him. He says maybe, but she’ll have to work really hard.

Carly looks at another picture of Nelle and Michael on Instagram.

Petro wants to take over the whole thing, and run it by his rules. Sonny won’t be protesting because he’ll be in the ground. Jason pops out of nowhere with a gun, and tells Petro to put his gun down.

Nathan tells Amy that they’ll figure it out. Amy says that they make a great team. Maxie steps out.

Ned tells someone that he’s in charge right now, and to draw up the papers. Olivia tosses some pizza dough, and it lands on Ned. He loves that she wants to make pizzas, and she will. Soon, and for the rest of their lives. She asks if Monica will tell Cook to get a pizza oven, but he says no. He has something better in mind for both of them.

Michael tells Nelle that he has to go to Barcelona tomorrow, but will be back in time for dinner. Nelle isn’t sure what Nina is going to need. She has to take a shower, and he asks if he can join her. She thanks him for coming with her, and making this the best day of her life.

Bobbie tells Felicia that Carly doesn’t want to know. Felicia says that she’ll want to know this. Bobbie says she told her that Michael is a grown man, and she doesn’t want to know about Nelle before she came to Port Charles. Felicia asks how she feels about murder.

Carly “likes” the Instagram photo.

There’s a scuffle, and Max is able to toss Sonny’s gun back to him. Sam calls Jason’s name and he gets distracted. Sam walks in. Jason pushes her out of the way, and he gets shot. Good job, Sam.

Tomorrow, Maxie slaps Amy, Carly wants to talk to Josslyn about Sonny, and Valentin surprises Nina (told you).

The Haves and the Have Nots

Rose asks if they want Erica to live. Mitch nods and Erica jets like the Concorde. Rose says it’s a mess, and asks if that’s War, pointing to his body. Mitch says it is, and she says okay, done. She says good thing she owns the police. He says sorry, but she says nothing to be sorry about. She says to thank Candace – she’s been at the restaurant before, and Rose owes her. Mitch leaves, and Rose says what I said last week. Who’s gonna clean this sh*t up?

In the car, Mitch asks if Candace is okay. She says she is, and thanks him. He says it’s all good now. Candace knows he never wanted to be in the family business, and he guesses he is now. She wonders if It’s so bad, when you can take care of things like this. He says it’s deeper than that. He tells her that she saved a lot of kids tonight. He says that when Rose found out War shot at him, it opened a lot of wounds. Candace talks about being a kid and how War sucked her in. Mitch says Rose was about to reign hell down on the hood, and she’ll want to thank Candace. Candace says she already did, but Mitch says that Candace shouldn’t insult her. She isn’t interested, and he says he’ll try to get around it. He asks how she knows Rose, and Candace says Rose kidnapped her, and explains about blackmailing Jim. She was brought to the restaurant, and could hear everyone above her having a good time. Mitch says that’s where they take people, but usually they never leave. She’s lucky. He wonders why Candace never told him. He says Rose owes her, and one day it might come in handy.

Hanna picks up Benny. He tells her that he’s sorry, and it will be all right. Hanna says his sister called. She wanted to know why Hanna didn’t protect Quincy Jr. He says she knows how Candace is. Hanna says she wanted to know why the baby got shot and she didn’t. Benny says she’s just upset. Hanna wonders the same thing. She says she was covering him, but nothing touched her; why? He doesn’t know. He says it’s not her fault, and she says she tried. She’s all out of patience, prayer, and faith; she’s empty. She wonders what’s the point in doing the right thing, and Benny suggests they go to church, but she doesn’t want to. He says no matter how bad things get, God will always make a way, and this is no different. He asks if she doesn’t trust God, and she says she’s tired, and life has been nothing but a struggle. He says let’s pray, and she tells him to pray. She wants to go, but doesn’t know where. He begins to pray the Lord’s Prayer. He keeps asking her to help, but Hanna stays silent.

David goes to Erica’s room. He sees a bruise on her face, and asks if it was his wife. She says no, and he asks what happened. She insists it wasn’t Veronica, but won’t tell him who did it. She says they have a problem. He asks what kind, and she says she doesn’t know. She just met him and doesn’t want to burden him. He tells her to just say it. Erica says that she didn’t tell him everything about her. She tells him not to be upset, but she’s running from someone. He asks if it’s the police, but she says no; it’s her fiancé. He wants to marry her, and she doesn’t want to. He beats her, and she needs to get away. David asks if he did this. She says yes, and David asks his name. She won’t tell him, and says she doesn’t want help; she just wants to get away. He asks what she needs, but she doesn’t know. He asks again for a name, telling Erica that he was a judge and can have him arrested. She asks him to just get her away, and he tells her to get her things; he’s going to protect her now. She says she’s sorry, but she didn’t know what to say.

Melissa’s mother, Doris, brings her back to Veronica’s house. Veronica says she gave them quite a scare and don’t do that again; suicide is never the answer. Doris says that Melissa knows that now; she gets it. Veronica asks about the funeral, and Doris says it’s going okay. Veronica asks if this is where she’s supposed to say… and Doris says nothing, but then tells Veronica that the insurance won’t cover it all. She’ll have to sell the house and move in with her sister in Delaware. Veronica asks how much, and Doris asks if she can get back to her. Veronica says she always does. Doris tries to get herself invited to dinner, but Veronica tells her good-night. Doris tells Melissa she loves her and she’ll call. When she’s gone, Veronica says that bitch would get on a gnat’s nerves, and asks Melissa if her mother is on crack. She tells Melissa to watch it, or she’ll end up with saddlebags. She keeps trying to tell these ghetto bitches that you can’t eat so many carbs and processed food. Veronica takes her upstairs like she cares.

The room is still in bloody disarray. Veronica says that Melissa looks shook, but this is what happens when you leave a mess. The maid talks too much, and she wasn’t cleaning it, so that leaves Melissa. She wants her to clean it, and when she’s done, Veronica doesn’t want to see a speck of red anywhere. She has to find her checkbook, and hopes Melissa is worth it. The baby had better be healthy and cute. She leaves Melissa to clean. Melissa sits on the bed.

Charles knocks on Candace’s door. He says he has another campaign stop. He’s going to New York, and says it’s an important state. He says he can change his schedule by a couple of hours, but Candace says it’s okay. Her son is dead, but no one can do anything about it. He says he knows she’s hurting, and it helps to talk to someone. She asks if he’s a doctor. He says no, but if he was, he’d be the most expensive. He says in all honesty, they’ve vetted a lot of women for this process. and they had polish, but no edge, guts, or heart; they don’t have the ability to handle the seat, or make him feel like she does. He says he should have been honest from the beginning. She says he was; he told her the truth. Power tripping and info grabbing was just who he was trying to be. Charles says she gets him, and the smaller the bubble gets, the less people see him. Candace says that sometimes being powerful makes you invisible to those who want you. She tells him give it all up and stay with her, but he can’t do that; he wishes he could. He says he’ll always come visit. He tells her that he’ll let her grieve, and she thanks him.

Benny brings Hanna to Kathryn’s other house. Kathryn says she tried to call Hanna, but Hanna insists her phone didn’t ring. Kathryn tells them that the funeral home called and they’re ready, but they need some clothes. Benny thinks Candace needs to be a part of it. Hanna wonders why she should be a part of burying him, when she wasn’t there when he was alive. Benny says he knows he’s right, but Hanna says she’s not coming there. He says fine, and goes to call.

Hanna says she can’t keep staying either. Kathryn says she wants to give her this place. She’s moving into her father’s house when it’s ready. Hanna says she doesn’t want sympathy or a hand-out. Kathryn says she might not feel like it right now, but someone up there is looking out for her. Hanna wants to make her own way. Kathryn suggests she work for her again, and pay her a mortgage. Hanna says that she still can’t afford it. Kathryn says she’ll go to the bank with her and get a loan. Hanna says her credit stinks, and Kathryn reminds her that she’s on the board, and can make it happen. Hanna wants to think about it. Kathryn asks if she’d take it if she was Black. It hurt her when Hanna said she was her slave. Hanna says she was just upset, but Kathryn says a lot of small- minded people think the only way a Black maid can make it, is if a white woman helps her. She says that Hanna has helped her more than her family. She washed the blood out of Kathryn’s clothes when she had cancer, she saw Hanna praying for Kathryn’s children when Hanna didn’t know she was watching, and she brought peace into her house when Kathryn was in hell. Kathryn wants to give her something. To her, it looks like a lot, but to Kathryn, it’s nothing. She knows Hanna wouldn’t take what Kathryn would really like to give her, so let her offer this to show her gratitude and that she loves her. She says with some people, the harder they work, they still stay where they are. She’s seen it with her employees, and it’s okay to let someone give you a hand up. Hanna asks if she can think about it, and Kathryn says if she must. Hanna says she has to go through the funeral first. I have to mention what a beautiful directorial counterpoint is in this scene, with the two of them sitting across from one another.

Benny asks where Candace is, and says he’ll get her. She tells him that’s okay. He asks if War is still after her, and she says she’s fine. He tells her that they’re going to the funeral home, and they’ll come get her, but she says to just text the address, adding that she loves him.

Jim walks in while Benny is texting. He asks who Benny is, and Benny asks who he is. Jim asks where Kathryn is, but she walks out and asks what he’s doing there, and how he found her. He says it wasn’t that difficult. Hanna wants to get to the funeral home and let them talk. Kathryn says she’ll be right behind them, and Hanna leaves with Benny.

Kathryn tells Jim to get out. Jim says and go where? She burned down his house. She says that she’s glad it’s gone. He wonders what’s gotten into her, and she says that she doesn’t want to be there, or with him. He says that they need to have a meeting. She’s going to jail unless they get their story straight. He tells her to sit down and listen. She says that he forgot who he’s talking to, and that she burned it down to get rid of evidence. He says the evidence is on the stuff she put in storage, and she burned the house for no reason. She says that she doesn’t care; she was wishing he was in it, and I laugh. He says she should be so lucky. He thinks hanging around with that crazy bitch is making her crazy. Kathryn starts getting loud, and tells him to move out of her way. Jim says they love each other. She laughs, and says he loves his whores, and she loathes him and hopes he rots in hell. He says he’s still her husband and she’s still his wife. He starts taking off his clothes, and says he wants her. She tells him not to touch her. He grabs her, and she tells him stop it. He wants her to say please, but she won’t. He keeps repeating that he loves her and she loves him. She starts to cry, and he kisses her. He says he likes it when she’s angry. She kisses back. What? He says, good to see you, Kate.

Next time, David tells Jeffrey to stay away from Veronica, Candace argues with Benny, and Kathryn says she’ll blow Jim’s brains out just as easy as – well, you finish it.

👄 If Loving You is Wrong will return on Tuesday, September 19, at 9 pm.

💅 I happened to stumble upon The Real Housewives of Auckland, that Bravo snuck in on Saturday at noon, the same way they did with the Australian Wives. I loved seeing New Zealand, but it was the same show, same arguments, same pettiness, and the same overreactions, just a different corner of the world. It did make me kind of miss the Australian ladies. (And where have the Ladies of London been?) So in a nutshell, the country is fabulous, but instead of enjoying their wealth and privilege, these idiots have to argue.

In Case You Missed It

🦂 Viserion, tear down this Wall. 

I have to admit, the Night King did remind me a little of the Wicked Witch of the West.

August 28, 2017 – Valerie Plays Wingwoman, Shannon Tops the Mornin’ & Brandi Finally Talks to Stephanie


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kristina asks Sam if she doesn’t want some excitement, but Sam says she’s had enough to last a lifetime. Kristina complains that she has no one to go out with, but Sam says it’s a perfect opportunity for her to meet someone new.

Lucy tells Sonny that neither one of them take no for an answer, and she has several offers above asking for Pizzulo’s. He’s not very enthusiastic, and says he has a lot on his mind. She says to tell her all about it; she’s a good listener. He says it’s business, and he can’t talk about it. She says she’ll see him at the closing.

After she leaves, Jason replaces her. Sonny has update for him on the business situation.

At Ava’s apartment, Ava tells Griff they can drink to his timely intervention. Griff says he shouldn’t have shoved the camera man. Resorting to violence is against his principles as a doctor and priest. Ava says before all that, he was just a man, and wouldn’t have been much of one if he hadn’t stepped in.

Franco brings a million boxes to Elizabeth’s place. Jake tries to carry one, and drops everything all over the floor. Elizabeth tells Franco welcome to their home.

Alexis drops by Sam’s, and wonders why she’s suddenly worried, seeing the two of them. Sam says Kristina was just leaving, and Kristina tells her net time she needs emergency babysitter, she’s on her own. In the hallway, Kristina calls someone to see if their free. Alexis says she needs to talk to Sam about Julian.

Carly sees Scotty having a drink at the MetroCourt, and asks if he’s had a rough day He tells her to go fly a kite. She says Julian will do that to you, and he says not anymore. She asks if Julian fired him, and he wonders what rock she’s been living under that she doesn’t know the verdict is in, and Julian was found guilty, She says that bastard finally got what he deserved.

Sonny tells Jason that if everything goes as planned, he’s taking a crucial step tomorrow.

Kristina orders a drink. Valerie is with her, and Kristina says the drinks are on her. Valerie says she’d rather be there with actual humans than binge watching TV. She wonders where the guys are, and asks Kristina if she’s brought her to lesbian night.

Griff tells Ava that he should turn himself in. She asks, for chivalry? He says, for assault. Ava tells him that as soon as she said the word “lawsuit,” they took off so fast, they left a vapor trail, but he doesn’t want to cause problems for the hospital. She says that he puts everything ahead of himself, and she bets that makes him a good priest. She tells him that if the cameraman tries anything, she’ll have a lawsuit filed before he unpacks his mic. She’s be honored to return the favor, but for future reference, she’s not entirely helpless.

Franco says it’s his own filing system, and that he’ll take Jake’s room and call it even. Jake reluctantly says okay, and Elizabeth tells him that Franco is teasing. Jake asks where they’re putting all the stuff, and Elizabeth gives him a box for the hall closet. Franco asks if she’s sure and if she has no second thoughts. She says none whatsoever.

Sonny tells Jason that he called a meeting of the five families. Jason asks if he’s worried about them fighting over what he’s leaving behind. Sonny says that he’s dividing his assets evenly. His family and anyone who’s ever worked for him is off limits. If there’s a violation of terms, he’ll come out of retirement. Jason wonders if he can pull it off.

Sam asks Alexis if Julian is going to appeal, but she doesn’t think the judge left much room for one. Sam wonders if he asked for lenience, and Alexis says quite the opposite. He told Alexis that he hoped this would help her forget him and move on. Sam asks if she can do that.

Jason tells Sonny that Port Charles is a lucrative place for business, and asks if he thinks they’ll take their fair share and play nice. Sonny says he’s done what he can. Jason asks if he’s going alone, and Sonny says he has it covered, and to tell Sam that he’ll make it work for all of them.

Sam tells Alexis that just because Julian is locked up doesn’t mean he’s out of her life. Even if what he said was true, what about the million other times he didn’t protect them? Alexis says Olivia-J might have killed him, and that he’s being punished and lost everything.

Carly tells Scotty that she was considering eviction. He says he pays his rent on time, or close. She says he’s a month behind, but she’s so thrilled, she’s giving him until the end of the month, and comping his dinner and Lucy’s too. She floats out of the room, and Lucy asks how he ended up in her good graces. He says he lost a case. She tells him she doesn’t need a hand-out. Things are going well, and she’s on the verge of a big commission. She talks about having an ad before the coming attractions in the movie theater, saying, Lucy Coe gets it done. Scotty says that Lee would be proud, and gives her something from Gail that Lee left for her in his will.

The last box is put away, and Elizabeth says it’s official. Franco says that Jake is now responsible for his care and feeding. Jake suggests putting up some of his art, and pulls the painting of the two boys out of a box. He asks, what about this one?

Ava asks if Griff is really bothered that much. He says he’d do it again. He saw them trying to cash in on her misfortune, and no human deserves to be treated like that. She says she’s not human. When he tells her that’s not true, she says it’s a joke. He says that not all of her jokes are funny. He thinks they’re more like tests to see how he’ll react, and if she can find the right combination of words to drive him away.

Franco says that the painting was supposed to stay at the studio, and must have gotten mixed up with the others. Jake says he’s glad because it’s super cool and weird, since it’s not like Franco’s other paintings. Franco tells him that the only other person he’s ever shown it to is Elizabeth. Jake asks if Franco is his own worst critic, and if it’s part of his show. He wants to buy it. Elizabeth wonders buy it with what, but Franco says no one can buy it. Elizabeth explains that it’s private, like a diary. Jake thinks it’s perfect for their house because it’s about brothers.

Jason brings comes home as Alexis is leaving. He asks if everything is okay, and she says Sam can explain. She has to meet Diane. Sam tells Jason that Julian was found guilty and got twenty years in Pentonville, fifteen if he’s paroled. She thinks it will take time for Alexis to adjust, but hopes she can put it behind her and move on. Jason says he ran into Sonny at Perks, and got good news. He thinks they’ve seen the end of Corrinthos organization as they know it

Sonny goes to the MetroCourt. Carly has champagne waiting. She tells him that Julian has been found guilty. He’s already in Pentonville. It’s over; Julian is done.

Kristina says she should have told Valerie the truth; she needed a wingwomen. She’s never been to a gay anything before. Valerie says she’ll stay, as long as no one minds a straight girl crashing. It will be a change not to have creepy dudes hitting on her. She says she’s on wingwoman duty now, and asks how Kristina feels about tattoos. Kristina is down with that, but not so much her mother. Valerie asks what about blondes, and tells her to check out Parker.

Ava tells Griff it’s gallows humor, and the way she copes. Griff says she’s putting up a wall to drive him away. Instead of showing him the door, she’s trying to get him to leave, because she thinks she’s not worthy of friendship and comfort. She’s always ridden on her beauty, and thinks no one will value her for anything else. She says she knows what she is, and doesn’t have to look in mirror. She sees it in people’s eyes. The mask doesn’t hide anything, least of all from her. He says she needs a distraction.

Ava says that’s a good idea; maybe she should get a stress ball. Griff says she’s trying to avoid human contact. She says she doesn’t rely on others because they’re unreliable. Griff tells her that he’s an exception to the rule, so she can do her best to scare him away. She says that they didn’t even know each other before the accident; she was just the sister of the guy who murdered his father. He says that he knows her now, she’s a survivor, adaptable, occasionally funny, and flawed. He wants to be her friend. He asks if it’s so hard to believe that he cares, or that anyone would.

On the phone, Alexis tells Diane not to apologize, and that she wants to reschedule.

Sonny tells Carly that they lost a lot of people because of Julian, but he doesn’t think it’s a cause for celebration. Alexis appears and asks what celebration? Oh wait, she already knows.

In the letter to Lucy, Lee says that he never found the words to tell her what she meant to him. He was grateful for her coming to Dominique and Scotty’s rescue, and giving him a granddaughter; the joy he would have missed if not for her selflessness. He has no way to repay her, but what’s enclosed. Gail has the deed to his house, but he’s giving Lucy the deed to his office building, so she can build a real estate empire as big as the joy she’s brought him.

Kristina tells Valerie that’s sort of her ex; it’s a long story. Parker walks over to them and asks Kristina if she goes to lesbian night often. Kristina says it’s her first time, and Parker says they’re both virgins.

Franco asks Jake why he thinks the painting is about brothers. Jake says there are two boys, one on each side like a mirror, but it’s not. It feels like all they have to do is cross over the middle and they can be with each other. He asks if that’s wrong, but Franco says there is no wrong. It doesn’t matter what the artist meant; whatever the person feels is what’s important. Art can be a million different things to different people. Jake asks what does it mean to him, and Franco says it’s an imaginary fried he used to pretend was his brother. He was afraid he’d forget him, so he painted him. Jake asks if he ever misses him.

Sam is like really, Sonny is going to sit down with the families and say he’s retiring. She thinks it might not work. Jason knows there are no guarantees, but what choice does he have? Sonny is committed to walking away. He tells Sam to relax, and that Sonny has a plan in place in case anything goes wrong. He knows what he’s doing. Sam says Sonny needs back up from someone they fear. Jason has to go with him.

Jason says he made a deal; that’s not their life any more. He says Sonny is a grown man, and can handle it. Sam says Jason should have his back, so he can leave from position of strength. Jason doesn’t get it, but Sam wants to make sure their old life dead and buried, so they can protect their new life. She wants it over so they can walk away.

Sonny asks how Alexis is doing, and she says she can see how they’re doing. Sonny says knew it was coming, and that Julian had it coming. Alexis says yeah, like Sonny’s hands are clean. Carly says he’s not the one who held a knife to Alexis’s throat.

Ava doesn’t want pity, but Griff says that he feels compassion. She wonders why she feels weak, and he says that she’s not used to asking for help, and receiving compassion isn’t weak, it’s human. She says God bless us every one, and he tells her that she could have at least put on a Cockney accent. She says if she takes Valentin up on his offer, she’ll have to find something new to joke about.

Elizabeth tells Jake this can wait until morning. Franco grew up and made the friend the subject of a painting; end of story. Jake says one more thing. Does he wish the friend was still around? Franco says he has read friends now. Jake asks if he’s one of them, and Franco says he hopes so. They hug, and Jake goes upstairs.

Valerie introduces herself to Parker. Before Parker can get the deets on how Valerie and Kristina know each other, a girl comes over and tells her that their pool table is ready. Valerie asks Kristina how Parker is a “sort of” ex. Kristina says she had a massively inappropriate crush on Parker, they slept together once, and Parker dumped her. Valerie calls Parker a bitch, and says they should make her regret it. She starts kissing Kristina, and Parker looks over like, hey.

Valerie tells Kristina that the situation called for action. Parker regrets dumping her now. She definitely saw them. Kristina says it’s official. Valerie it the best wingwoman ever. Parker and Kristina look at each other.

Ava tells Griff that she didn’t take Valentin seriously. There was a time he was ostracized, and now he feels redeemed and thinks she can too. Griff wants her to be careful around Valentin. He has to take a call, and while he’s dealing with it, Ava thinks about having her old face back, and Griff telling her how beautiful she is. IRL, she tells Griff that she knows better than to trust Valentin. He can only offer her false promises.

Lucy tells Scotty that it’s the most beautiful letter she ever read. Scotty says Lee meant every word, an that the office is prime real estate. Lucy has a good feeling, and says that she’s going to be number one. Scotty says she is to him. Aww!

Jason calls Sonny, asking for the details on the meeting. He’s going with him to back him up.

Carly says Alexis has always judged her for the compromises she made to be with Sonny, and thought she was better than Carly. She tells Alexis that for all his faults, Sonny is a man of honor, and lives by a code Julian can’t understand. Alexis is better off without him. When Carly is gone, Alexis fingers the champagne bottle.

Franco says he’ll be up in a minute. Elizabeth asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t like talking about his imaginary friend. She says she’ll tell Jake to lay off, but Franco says it will only make him more curious. It’s not his fault, and he has a good eye. Elizabeth says that Franco is an incredible artist.

Jason tells Sam it’s all set for tomorrow.

Franco picks up some stuff that got left on the floor and finds an envelope. He opens it, and takes out two pictures – one of a little boy, and another of two little boys. I’m thinking that Franco had a real brother.

Jason tells Sam that he loves her. She asks him to promise everything will be okay, and he does.

Tomorrow, Olivia-Q has to run, Maxie has a surprise, and Carly tells Bobbie she doesn’t want to know about Nelle.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Everyone is exercising and I’m tired already. Tamra wants to do the Spartan race (whatever that is) with Eddie. There’s an obstacle course involved, but she’s not quite up to par with that. Doug and Lydia are also doing it, but she thinks they don’t know what they’re in for. Tamra tells Eddie that Peggy “came at” her at the magazine launch, and totally lies to him, saying Peggy insisted she should apologize to Vicki, and had a look on her face like her sh*t didn’t stink. Eddie tells her not to let Vicki affect her. In her interview, Tamra doesn’t want him solving her problems, she just wants to vent. She’s annoyed that he’s giving her advice.

Shannon meets Peggy for lunch. She tells Peggy how upset Tamra was. Peggy wonders why Tamra isn’t telling her, since they’re not five. I love Peggy. Shannon asks if they were arguing, and Peggy says that Tamra thought she was siding with Vicki when she’s not siding with anyone. We flash back to the ladies giving Kelly the low-down on Vicki when Kelly was the new girl. In her interview, Shannon thinks Peggy should butt out. She tells Peggy to be careful. Peggy says Vicki was welcoming at the birthday party, and offered any help she needed, and tells Shannon about her double mastectomy, explaining that her mother died from breast cancer. Shannon says Vicki is still in a lot of pain about Brooks, and talks about her being in on the cancer lie, because we can never, ever let this go. Peggy says she prefers to think with her head and not her emotions. Shannon says Kelly tried to act like a peacemaker, but she wasn’t there and didn’t understand what all was involved. We flash back to the Brooks/cancer thing, and it’s like, enough already. Even Meghan, who’s the only person who should possibly have been offended, isn’t interested anymore. Peggy says hers is real, and Shannon says they’ll be good as long as she doesn’t make any criminal allegations about her husband. What? She’d better watch it, or she’ll gain another five pounds when she realizes she made a joke about that. But of course it will be Vicki’s fault.

Vicki has a swimming instructor teaching her grandkids to swim, and I’m jealous of the pool. She tells Briana about the magazine launch, and how Shannon completely ignored her. Briana doesn’t want to hear anymore, but Vicki keeps talking. She doesn’t know if Lydia is the right person to mediate, since the Bible says you have to forgive too many times. Briana thinks they should take some fireball shots and be friends. She suggests they talk one-on-one, and get to a peaceful place.

Meghan brings Aspen to a modeling shoot. She did some modeling years ago, and is getting back into it. She wants to prove she’s the same person post-baby. An Indian designer she knows asked her to do his new lookbook. Ooh, pretty clothes! She fishes for compliments from him. In her interview, she says that she wants to be an adult, get dressed up, and talk about adult things. Which must be why she brought along the baby and the dog. She’s actually pretty good. The clothes are gorgeous and so are the pictures.

Peggy and Diko go out to lunch. When Peggy sees the waitress coming, she tells Diko to do an act where he pretends to think that he’s a butterfly. When the waitress is gone, he says she took the knife away. It’s weird, but kind of funny. Peggy thinks laughing in a marriage is a necessity. She tells Diko about Shannon saying that she had upset Tamra. She says that Tamra complained about her going on and on, but she doesn’t have a problem with discussing it, and wishes Tamra would have said something to her. She tells him that it came out of left field, and asks Diko to explain the term. She asks about right field, but he has no answer.

Vicki meets Kelly at some place that looks like a jewelry store, but Kelly says they have an aura machine. Vicki is like, that’s crap, but Kelly insists it works. Kelly puts her palm on something that looks like a router, and the woman gives her advice regarding her chakras. Vicki goes next, and she tells Vicki she’s happy and has good energy. Wow. How insightful. Kelly asks about Tamra and Shannon, and Vicki says they suck the energy out of her. Kelly says she’s going to a pub with Shannon and Meghan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Vicki says that she was there for Shannon when no one liked her, and then she drank Tamra’s Kool-Aid. Kelly says that Tamra apologized to her, and Vicki says she has ten years with Tamra, and wonders where her apology is. She says she thinks that Tamra will either turn on either Kelly or Shannon.

Eddie and Tamra go out to dinner with Shannon and David. Shannon announces that she lost a few pounds and some body fat. A gigantic seafood platter comes out. It’s very impressive. Shannon tells them that she wants to have a dinner with Peggy. Tamra says her first encounter with Peggy wasn’t great. Shannon says that Peggy doesn’t have the BRCA gene, but did the mastectomy as a preventative measure. Tamra thinks maybe she judged Peggy too harshly, and she was just having an off day. No. Tamra has an off attitude.

They discuss the Spartan race. Shannon talks about David like he’s not there, saying how they never see him anymore, since he’s always working or training. She says exercise has become an obsession, and is his number one priority now. Tamra says at least it’s a positive thing. In her interview, she says she doesn’t emasculate her husband in front of other people, and that’s not a good sign. Tamra suggests that Shannon do the race with David.

Tamra meets Peggy for lunch. Lots of that going around. She understands that Peggy has gone through a lot, and wants to give her second chance. She tells Peggy that Shannon said she had no idea that Tamra was upset. In her interview, Peggy says Tamra’s only problem is within Tamra, and she blows things out of proportion. I love Peggy even more. Tamra says she thought that Peggy wanted to shove Vicki down her throat. Peggy says that she wondered why Tamra started to elevate, and why she reacted so dramatically. Tamra doesn’t think she was dramatic. In her interview, Peggy says that Armenians don’t discuss conflicts that way, they deflate instead of escalate; there’s not much point in yelling. Tamra tells Peggy that she has a resting bitch face. Oh Lord, who says things like that? In her interview, Peggy says don’t act like one and you won’t get the face. Ha-ha! Tamra says that Vicki is a touchy subject, and Lydia had already approached her about it. Peggy says she understands everyone has issues, and Tamra tells her not to be peacemaker. In her interview, Tamra says if she doesn’t talk about Vicki, they’ll be fine, but she still has RBF. Ugh. Tamra is just so nasty. Even Jesus is going to throw up His hands pretty soon.

Lydia is afraid she’s going to get hurt at the race. She thinks she was just trying to impress Doug by saying she’d do it. Doug scares the kids by showing them a picture of some fire you have to jump over. Maverick starts to cry, and worries that Lydia is going to get killed. Good job, Doug. In her interview, Lydia jokes about being concerned that Maverick is a prophet, and maybe she shouldn’t do it. She doesn’t want to have to tell him he was right. Judy arrives to babysit the kids, and distracts them with the promise of waffles.

The race begins. Lydia thinks she has no business being here. Tamra explains that the obstacles are military and brutal. Tamra tells Lydia about how Shannon doesn’t like David being obsessed. Lydia thinks it’s weird that she’s not even at the race supporting him. They run, go through mud, climb stuff, run some more, and climb some more stuff. They jump over the fire which is about a foot high, and nothing like it looked in the picture. Tamra thinks if Shannon was involved with David’s fitness thing, she’d be more accepting. After the race, she and Eddie hug.

Shannon and Meghan get together with Kelly for the St. Patrick’s thing. We flash back to the Ireland trip. Shannon is wearing the same sparkly shirt, and Kelly says she gets PTSD looking at it. In her interview, she hopes it’s a do over, and never has to see Shannon’s shirt again. They arrive at the pub in a limo, which seems ridiculous to me. And if Shannon doesn’t stop saying top o’ the mornin’, I’m going to scream. Meghan is happy to be able to drink again. Isn’t she breastfeeding? They take slugs from a bottle of whiskey, and I go, eww, germs.

Meghan asks Kelly about Vicki. Kelly says that Vicki thinks Tamra gets in Shannon’s ear, so Shannon will climb on her bandwagon. Kelly certainly has a way of putting things. Shannon says they got close, but then Vicki made up things about Shannon’s husband beating her, and it was below the belt. Kelly says that she’s the one who said something about it, but Shannon says it came from Vicki and she thinks Vicki gets in Kelly’s ear. Meghan agrees that Vicki is manipulating Kelly. Shannon says that she just wanted to have fun in Ireland, but Vicki ruined things by telling Kelly that they were setting Kelly up to get drunk. Well, they were. Shannon says she gained weight because of the allegations stressing her out. Kelly says she felt the same way when Shannon had a friend set her up. Shannon insists she didn’t, and she was just as surprised at what popped out of the friend’s mouth as Kelly was, and she was embarrassed. If I remember correctly, not too embarrassed to gossip with said friend afterward. Kelly apologizes for what she said about David. In her interview, Kelly says she’s ready for the past to be the past and behind her. They hug. Meghan is shocked about Kelly apologizing. She hopes the truce survives, and thinks it will if there are no outside influences. In her interview, Shannon is shocked that they’ve mended fences, and is like, top o’ everything. They order another round.

Next time, Peggy goes shopping in NYC, Vicki talks to Meghan, the girls go out in reverse drag, and Kelly argues with Meghan.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie is trying to create a signature drink for her Halloween party, but she doesn’t really drink, so it’s becoming a fail. Party planner Rachel comes over. Stephanie says that Halloween is her favorite holiday. She likes dressing up and getting drunk, and got pregnant both times around Halloween. The party is her way of getting back at Travis for buying a house without consulting her. She’s going to spend a lot on the party without consulting him. Rachel thinks they should do a “bad romance” theme. She says her vision will cost fifteen to twenty thousand dollars, and Stephanie says Travis will be just as surprised as she was by the house.

Cary makes cookies with her daughter. She says she’s been a career woman, and being domestic is stressful. She’s been leaving work early to experiment with it. Judging by how she works the blender, she needs more research.

Kameron tells husband Cord about the party, but he has another event that night. She wanted to go as a princess and have him be Prince Charming, but now her plan is blown. They go to a Mexican restaurant with daughter Hilton, and have her talk to the waitress in Spanish. Kameron says she gets spoiled, since Hilton’s super power is translating Spanish. She gives Hilton something to play with, and talks to Cord about her pink dog food line. He says she has to find other investors because he doesn’t have time for this. In her interview, Kameron wants to instill an example of being able to do it all to her children. Cord says he’ll believe it’s a business when he sees it.

Mark arrives home. He asks if Cary needs a drink after her experimentation in homemaking. She agrees the domestic life is a switch. She and her daughter eat a green bean a la Lady and the Tramp.

Brandi meets LeeAnne for lunch. She’s glad to have Rich home, but he’s gone right now, and she just got an invite to Stephanie’s party. Brandi says she got one too, but she has [sic] hesitation. LeeAnne wonders why Stephanie would text Brandi about her being up to old tricks, and then invite her to a party. Brandi says they’re talking tomorrow. She can’t believe that Stephanie doesn’t know what she’s done. She was putting her society life ahead of their friendship. Brandi gets all emo. LeeAnne says if she owns it and apologizes, she’ll be supportive, but she’s still hurt by some things Stephanie has done. She says Brandi has to figure out if she can trust Stephanie.

Husbans Jeremy teaches D’Andra how to cook. In her interview, D’Andra talks about how they met, and says that Jeremy can be very affectionate, and was an octopus the night he met her parents. He has two grown kids from his first marriage, and Keatin lives with them. She says she never had kids, and wants to be a great stepmother, but thinks the boys still think of her as the other woman. Hmm… I think she might have left something out of the story. Keatin talks about looking for a job. D’Andra asks him for help with selling some clothing on eBay. He does not look thrilled, but agrees. In her interview, she says she’s hard on people she likes, and she even pushes the dog. Jeremy says she’s a damn good nagger.

Stephanie is nervous, anxious, and sick to her stomach. She just wants peace with Brandi. We flash back to their friendship. Stephanie says if it doesn’t go well, it could be the end. When she arrives, they both speak like they’re in a library, and go out to sit by the pool. Brandi admits she’s not a good communicator, and thinks it started with petty things. She mentions the Father’s Day cookout where Stephanie acted stupid. She says she feels like Stephanie thought she was damaging her reputation, and she was thrown out there to be dismissed. She says that Stephanie said negative things about her marriage in her blog, and not only hurt her, but hurt Brian, when they both have problems. Brandi shows Stephanie the blog on her phone. Stephanie says she wasn’t being hurtful, just expressing her feelings, and wishes Brandi had brought it up at the time. Brandi says their husbands’ friendship is in jeopardy. Brandi brings up Cary saying that Stephanie was her “ride or die” chick, and how it hurt her feelings. Stephanie says she’s sorry that she hurt Brandi, but she was hurt too.

She says she wanted to make it right, but Brandi totally blocked her. Brandi says she wanted to distance herself to see if Stephanie valued the friendship. Brandi says that Stephanie also confirmed something about her kids getting kicked out of a school to a reporter. Stephanie apologizes, but says the reporter knew already. She does a lot of that “sorry, but” stuff. I hate that. Stephanie says that Brandi just wouldn’t talk to her, and she gets that she was hurt, but doesn’t know how they can go back to the way things were, and maybe shouldn’t. Brandi admits she was hurting and hurt Stephanie in return, but says she does care and she’s sorry. They both start crying and hug. And hug some more. Stephanie says she was scared she was going to lose something. Brandi tells her about having a miscarriage and no one to share it with. There’s more crying and hugging. Brandi says she’s okay, and Stephanie asks if they’re going to have another one, but Brandi doesn’t know. Stephanie says it’s the first big fight they’ve had – and the last. She’s sitting on the doorstep with a bottle of wine if it happens again.

D’Andra works with Keatin on the wardrobe. She shows him a three-grand dress, and he’s like, geez. She says they could have bought an island for what she’s spent on clothes. A lot of Oscar de la Renta, which I totally approve of, and omg, an $18K dress. It’s cute, but not that cute. Keatin wonders how she slides by. She says sexy time, and he doesn’t want to know. She tells us that it’s hard to walk the fine line between friend and mentor. She wonders if Keatin is going to have a conversation with his dad, and he says he doesn’t want to think about either of them.

LeeAnne visits her therapist Elizabeth. She tells Elizabeth about the Halloween party. She’s concerned about Brandi and Stephanie making up so quickly, and doesn’t trust Stephanie. The not nice side of her has been inspired, and she’s going as two-faced, dramatically explaining her costume idea. Elizabeth thinks this is a bad idea, and says that’s not who she is. She’d rather that LeeAnne say nothing or walk away.

D’Andra decides that she and Jeremy are going as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. She tells him that she’s still waiting on Keatin’s research. She’s trying to motivate him, but it’s not happening. Jeremy says she has to have patience. He seems like a cool guy.

Mark and Cary meet with someone to do their online videos. They’re doing a piece on how they work together – surgeon/ nurse, husband/wife. Cary sounds like she’s bored at the job, and they bicker before the interview. The interviewer asks how it feels to work together, and Cary says it’s good for the patients; they have open communication and they’re always together. Afterwards, the interviewer tells them that the videos are necessary, and Cary is a big part of the practice.

The party is in full swing. The decorations are fabulous, and worth every penny Stephanie had Travis pay for them. I can say this because it’s not me paying for them. Stephanie is in a steampunk get-up that I love, and Cary arrives in body paint as a tiger. Brandi and Travis are Mr. and Mrs. Skeleboner (I don’t want to know), and Kameron is a solo pink princess. LeeAnne didn’t listen, and comes as two-faced Stephanie. No one gets it, which is what happens when you dress as one of your private thoughts. It’s worse than Sheldon dressing as the Doppler effect on Big Bang Theory. Fashion conscious Mark notices LeeAnne’s bracelet, and realizes who she’s supposed to be. He doesn’t want to get mixed up in it. Cary tells LeeAnne to be nice. Travis tells Stephanie what LeeAnne is doing, and thinks about throwing her out. Stephanie tells him it’s fine and to ignore it.

LeeAnne says she has issues with Stephanie because she’s done things that confuse her, and Stephanie says she’s not going to give her a reaction. Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she’s always been nice to her, but LeeAnne says she knows about the things Stephanie has been saying behind her back. If Stephanie thinks she’s a bad person, she should talk to her. Stephanie says that LeeAnne scares her. LeeAnne tells her to watch her words, because what’s said to one person spins through Dallas. Cary feels awkward.

D’Andra and Kameron are talking off to the side, and say that it’s drama all the time, and it’s bizarre. In her interview, D’Andra says she thinks LeeAnne is testing Brandi. Stephanie tells them what LeeAnne’s costume is supposed to be, and they both think it’s rude and inappropriate, especially in her own home. D’Andra says had she known, she would have said something. Kameron asks Stephanie if she minds Brandi being friends with LeeAnne. In her interview, Stephanie says that LeeAnne is up to her old ways, but it’s up to Brandi to figure it out for herself.

Outside, Leeanne tells Brandi that she saw them hug. She rambles about how Stephanie and Brandi have been friends a long time, and she knows they all have their issues. LeeAnne says that Brandi broke her heart, and she doesn’t want their friendship to go away. She wants to know if she has to worry about everyone abandoning her again.

Next time, D’Andra’s mother says maybe the company isn’t for her, Travis wants to keep the living room pool, and Brandi invites some of the girls to Tennessee.


Psychedelic Doppler Effect


August 27, 2017 – Shervin Gets Caught Swervin’ & the Iron Throne Heir


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Asa tells her parents that Israel was physically challenging. They sit down to a fabulous meal, and she says she missed her mother’s cooking. She whines that she felt alone, and like her friends weren’t looking out for her. In her interview, she says she felt like everyone turned their backs on her, but that’s not what we see from the clips. She admits that her brain is like an omelet.

Mike and Shervin are having a guy’s night out with some friends, and go to a club. Reza joins them. Mike says he had an epiphany in Israel, and thinks it’s time to go out and start meeting people. In his interview, Shervin says that Mike has a lot of guilt and shame about cheating on Jessica, and he should let it go. Reza watches how Shervin puts the moves on some women. Destiney shows up with a couple of friends. In his interview, Mike says that he and Destiney are like bros, even though she’s female.  Mike is flirting like crazy. Destiney says she loves him, but can’t believe some of the sh*t he says. She thinks he’s trying to deflect from his own hurt, and he’s saying the wrong things purposely. Mike says there’s nothing in the club he wants. He tells us about the qualities he would like in a woman, and we flash back to Jessica being all of those things.

Reza goes shopping for cabinet knobs with MJ. He thinks the knobs should lead them in the direction they want to go in, and that MJ is finally starting to move forward. He doesn’t want the condo renovation to scare her, so he’s starting with something small, but she’s already overwhelmed looking at all the knobs. She wonders why you can’t take a sample home to check it out. There are like, ten thousand knobs in this place. She finds a towel hook she likes, and Reza thinks of it as a huge victory. He has to leave, and tells the clerk not to let her back out of it.

Reza goes to a hookah restaurant where he’s meeting Mike, Shervin, and Tommy. They don’t serve alcohol, and I’m surprised he doesn’t leave immediately. MJ calls, and says he has to keep what she’s going to say between them. She tells him that Shervin has been sleeping with Tara, who’s married, and apparently she’s been booted out of the house. Reza says he’s meeting Shervin in a minute, and can’t believe she dropped this on him right now. Mike arrives, and she tells Reza not to say anything. Mike brings a bottle of liquor, and hides it under the chair. When Mike asks what’s up with MJ, Reza says he’s sworn to secrecy. Like that’s ever stopped anyone on this show.

Shervin comes in next, and Reza is saved by the waitress. Tommy follows. Mike says he had his reservations about Tommy at first, but when he saw how he took care of Shams like his own father, he loves him. Tommy asks about Annalise, and Shervin talks about how much he loves her and thinks there’s a potential future. She’s moving out to LA soon. In his interview, Reza says Shervin is a bad liar. Mike says it’s good to live together first, so you find out their neurotic habits, and mentions the proverbial toothpaste tube. I have never once had an issue with how someone deals with the toothpaste tube. I do, however, prefer toilet paper rolling down over the top.

GG goes shopping for Asa’s baby. She says being around all the baby stuff is giving her baby fever. She’s always wanted children, and would like a football team of babies. She hopes she can raise one to be better than she is. Shervin arrives at the store. He asks if she can find a gift for him to bring, but she says he’s on his own.

GG’s birthday is coming up, and she’s having an 80s themed party. Her doctor calls, and tells her after two cycles without her RA meds, she can try for getting pregnant. Shervin is worried, since he thinks they’re rushing things. She tells Shervin that MJ is suggesting he’s taking on some of Mike’s characteristics, and that he’s been hooking up with Tara. He swears there’s no truth to it. In her interview, she decides to believe him, but says if he’s lying, her foot will be so far up his ass, he’s going to be taller.

Reza and Adam go to a cat café, where the cats are all up for adoption. Reza says he’s obsessed with cats. They get coffee an Adam finds a tuxedo cat with a mustache like Reza’s. Adam brings up having a baby, and Reza says he thought they were just enjoying some lattes. Adam wants to see them moving forward with fertility tests, but Reza is still interested in adoption. He finally agrees to take the test.

Mike and business partner Eddie check out the new shoe samples. We flash back to how Kitson went bankrupt the last time Mike had a shoe line, and he wants to concentrate on baby shoes now. He thinks he’ll make more money than he would have with Kitson. Eddie asks how much more he’s willing to put in financially. Mike says it’s a gamble. He thinks it’s an amazing product, and has to have the courage to take risks. He talks about his grandfather leaving Iran, and getting involved with the Japanese stock market. He says in the not too distant future he’ll be patriarch of the family, and Eddie says that it’s time to put his money where his mouth is.

Shervin meets MJ for lunch. He tells her about shopping with GG, and how she’d repeated what MJ said about him. He says he’s disappointed and upset that she didn’t come to him first. In her interview, she says he invited her to lunch for damage control, and she’s going to practice her eyeroll. Shervin claims that he’s only seen Tara a few times, and even then, just with their mutual friends. He thinks Tara has serious problems. In her interview, MJ says that Tara has been talking about leaving her husband and moving in with Shervin, but he just wanted to be swervin’ Shervin. MJ pretends that yeah, Tara is crazy, and that she believes him.

MJ meets Tommy at a hotel room. He has flowers and a drink for her. She says she’s new at this ovulation thing, but thinks she’s ovulating. I guess this is an ovulation hook up. She says they don’t check into a five-star hotel every day, but this is important. I won’t tell you what he says. She wants her dad to see her baby, and says it’s like Nike, just do it. She tells herself it will be fine.

GG helps set up for her birthday celebration at a roller rink. She says most people feel old at 35 (really? I didn’t), but she has great plastic surgeons. Everyone arrives in 80s garb, mostly Madonna/aerobics instructor outfits. Destiney wants to introduce someone to Mike. He plays twenty questions, but she doesn’t want to give it all away. She says he needs a fine chick who’s classy and respectful, but not her. GG tells Asa that the baby factory can open in two months. Asa says that she and Shalom need to hurry it up then. Maybe she should speak with Shalom first?

In her interview, MJ says Asa is fake, and the relationship is so painful, she wants it to be done. Asa thinks the level of toxicity from MJ has gotten so high, she doesn’t want to be around her. Everyone roller skates better than I do. Which isn’t too difficult. Tara arrives. GG says Shervin finally admitted to sleeping with her. At the end of the conversation, she agreed not to say anything to anyone. Shervin shows up in a crazy wig. Tara doesn’t want to talk to him.

Omg, fifteen minutes to Game of Thrones. I’m afraid to watch. I’m still worn out from last week.

Tara decides to leave, and sneaks out the back. GG wants them to talk, and tells her to stick with the truth. GG says it’s not a comfortable position to be in, and doesn’t want either one of them to get hurt. Tara tells Reza that she was stupid, and told a couple of friends. She says that she was protecting him, and everyone agrees that’s not happening anymore. Shervin approaches, and Reza asks why he’s not keeping it real. In her interview, MJ says that Shervin has a fetish for being secretive, and likes sneaking around. Shervin calls Tara sick and crazy. What a creep! Adam explains the drama to Destiney. Mike, and Asa. Destiney doesn’t believe it.

Tara tells Shervin not to screw with her life, and he calls her delusional. It’s like when Eddie denied sleeping with Rocky on Below Deck, except Rocky is also legitimately crazy. Mike is keeping quiet unless asked for his opinion. Wise choice. He says he’s not finger-pointing, but eventually the truth comes out. Shervin says he can have whoever he wants, and insults Tara, saying why would he want her. I don’t have enough bad things to say about this dude at this moment. He tells Tara to give her speech to the Academy. We see him in his interview, denying everything, like we did Mike before his divorce. Reza asks GG if Shervin admitted it to her. In her interview, GG tells us that he slept with Tara before Annalisa came back the last time, and hopes he washed the sheets, since he cut it close. She tells Reza that Shervin admitted it, and Reza relays this to Shervin. Tara says she liked him, but now she sees the real person. MJ thinks Tara thought he would drop Annalise, and she fell for this dog. GG tells Shervin that he’ll be respected for telling the truth, and tells him about Mike. She says she can’t force him, but he says if it will make her feel better, he’ll admit to something he didn’t do. Please. Don’t embarrass yourself any further.

Reza says that he cheated on a partner of seven years, and lost him. Shervin says if it makes everyone feel better, he did it. Reza doesn’t miss a beat, and says to learn from his experience. Shervin says the truth isn’t working. GG asks if he didn’t tell her it happened, and he changes what he told her. Because everyone always forgets that they are being filmed, and we know what they said. Now he claims that they only had drinks. He says that Tara isn’t even his type. They all call him a liar. In his interview, Reza says he speaks frankly because he was like Mike and Shervin, and now he’s a self-confessed, reformed ho. He says that being honest made Mike more lovable. Tara says Shervin should own up to it, and Shervin acts stupid.

Next time, a photo shoot with babies and shoes, GG fails a hearing test miserably, and Reza thinks that Asa got pregnant in vitro.

Game that Throne

I’m was afraid to watch Game of Thrones after last week, but no way was I going to miss thefinale. I notice that there are house banner icons next to the names in the credits. Were those always there? Are the Starks online?

Cersei has her own plans for the summit, basically to kill everyone if anything goes wrong. Traitor turncoat Bron escorts everyone in. It was like old home week for Podrick and Tyrion. There were lots of furtive glances between the various characters. Dany was late, and came swooping in on Drogon. I was hoping they’d just dracarys Cersei, and be done with it, but no. Euron interrupted, wanting Theon to submit to get his sister back. Tyrion was like, that’s not what we came here for, and Cersei told Euron to sit down and shut up.

Cersei didn’t believe them about the White Walkers, even though somebody just flew down on a dragon, so, they whipped out their pet zombie. I was hoping it would eat Euron’s face off, but that didn’t happen. The Hound cut it in half, and both halves crawled around, while he cut more pieces off. Cersei actually looked sick, which was somewhat satisfying. Jon explained they can be killed by fire or dragonglass, and this was the only war that mattered. We find out the zombies can’t swim, and Euron decided to take his boats and leave. He said this was the only thing that’s ever terrified him, and he’s seen a lot of scary stuff. Cersei had a freaking moment of clarity, and accepted the truce, but on the proviso that Jon stayed in the North, and didn’t bug her anymore when it’s over. Dany wondered why she didn’t ask her, but Cersei said she knew Jon would be truthful. Jon said he couldn’t serve two queens, so thanks, but no thanks. Cersei was like, screw you then, they’ll get to you first, and then we’ll deal with what’s left of you. Brienne tried to talk sense into Jaime. Dany told Jon that she didn’t want one of her dragons to have died for nothing, and Tyron asked if he’d ever considered learning to lie just a bit. Jon said that when people make false promises it gets easier to make more lies, and pretty soon, you can’t believe anything. Tyron volunteered to talk to Cersei, and I started thinking, wait a minute, they should be able to fight these guys without Cersei. For God’s sake, Dany sits on a mountain of dragonglass and has two fire breathing dragons. This made me mourn Viserion all over again.

Tyrion goaded Cersei to kill him, but she didn’t, so he helped himself to some wine. And more wine. I note that if Cersei doesn’t stop pursing her lips the way she does, she’s going to start looking old before her time. Apparently, she’s not too old yet, because she’s going to have a baby. Elsewhere, Jon told Dany what we’ve all been thinking, that maybe the witch who told Dany she couldn’t have children was wrong.

Cersei came back out and said that when the Great War was over, she hoped they’d remember that she chose to help without any assurances or promises from them.

Sansa got all pissed about no communication from John. Littlefinger was no help, stirring the pot, saying Jon and Dany would make an alliance. When Sansa showed concern about Arya, Littlefinger tried to steer her in the direction of fear, telling her to imagine the worst thing Arya could do and the worst reason for doing it. He led her into thinking that Arya was after her position, which seemed nonsensical. Another stupid award for Sansa?

I wondered why Theon was even there when they had a strategy meeting. Theon said he risked everything to tell an enemy the truth. Jon thought it was best to be honest if they were going to fight together. Theon said that Jon was even a goody-goody back when they were kids. Jon said his dad was in Theon too, and he forgave him for being the worst person ever. Theon decided to grow a pair, and try to save Yara, like she did him.

On the beach, Euron started to go out to the boats, and I actually said out loud, ugh, this guy. He told his men that they were going to find a nice island, kill the men, and take the women, but Theon had other plans. Euron ended up fighting with him, which was probably a bad idea, since he has a lot of pent up anger and resentment. He kept kicking Theon in the cajones, which did nothing except make me laugh and puzzle Euron. Then Theon proceeded to beat the ever-living snot out of him. I liked how none of the other men got involved, and when Theon was the winner, they were like, all right! we’re with you!

Littlefinger smirked when Sansa had Arya brought to the great hall, and I wanted to wipe it off his face. Sansa said something about honor, and how stands the accused of murder and treason? – Littlefinger. Oh man, as boring as she is, this was great. Not so stupid after all, Sansa brought us back to him pushing Lysa through the moon door, among other things he’s had his little finger in. He denied everything, but Bran brought up how he’d tried to have Bran killed. Sansa played the worst game with him, saying he’s best at turning families against one another. Sansa thanked him for his many lessons, and Arya slit his throat. Alrighty then.

Omg, Cersei’s coat was the best. So so 70s and so couture and so amazing. Cersei told Jaime she wanted to pull out of the deal, and just cozy up with him. She realized there was a missing dragon, concluding that dragons must have a vulnerability, and thought they should just stay put. Jaime was like, there will still be a war, and whoever wins is going to kill us. She didn’t believe that Euron was running, but that he was going to bring the bank to them, like any of that means anything at this point, and anyway, by now he was dead. Jaime said he’d pledged to ride north, and was doing it, but Cersei said it was treason. The Mountain stopped him from leaving, and she said no one walks away from her. Jaime told her that he’s the only one she has left, and was like, go ahead and kill me. We had a moment when she nodded, and the Mountain made like he was removing his sword from its sheath, but Jaime just walked out. I guess Cersei told the Mountain to just scare him. Or maybe it wasn’t a full nod.

Sam and Gilly got to Winterfell. Bran told Sam that’s he’s the Three-Eyed Raven now, and explained how it works. Bran said that Jon needs to know the truth about himself. He’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Sam told Bran about what he’d read, and said that they were married in a secret ceremony. Bran saw the ceremony in this three-eyed head.

Jon knocked on Dany’s door, and I guess they’ll be replacing Cersei and Jaime as the power couple related to each other. Maybe they’ll have a baby dragon to replace Viserion. As they were getting busy, back at Winterfell, Bran said that Jon has never been a bastard. His name is Aegon Targaryen, and he’s heir to the Iron Throne.

Sansa and Arya said blah-blah-blah about surviving and missing their dad.

Bran went into a trance, and became a raven, or whatever he does, and went to the Wall. Beric and Tormund were looking out from the tower, and saw riders coming out of the woods. The army of the dead; loads of them, and that disturbing second-in-command on his horse. Someone from Castle Black blew a shofar, but it didn’t matter. Here came the spiky-headed Night King, riding zombie Viserion, who now blows ice instead of fire. He’s all spooky and tattered-looking now too. He sliced right through the wall, horizontally, as they flew next to it. It was crazy – everything falling and breaking apart, people running everywhere, and the Wall starting to come down like falling dominoes. The Night King on undead Viserion entered through the now-open Wall, along with his billion-man army, and one giant. My heart was pounding like crazy.

I am left with two thoughts – this is not good, and who’s going to clean up this mess?

I am sincerely hoping that the next book comes out to tide us over until the next season, which is God only knows when in 2018.

Three Throne Quotes

You’re still very strange and annoying. – Sansa, referring to Arya

The only one that needs protecting is the one who gets in her way. – Brienne referring to Arya

This isn’t about living in harmony; it’s just about living. – Jon





August 25, 2017 – Nina Says No, Finding Fantastic Beasts, Tossed Thoughts & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Holy! It’s been a long week.

General Hospital

Dante comes home to snacks on the table and Lulu dressed in a baseball outfit holding a bat. I wonder if Dante has ever seen The Warriors.

Kiki is trying to get to the bottom of organic chemistry, and Dillon tells her that he has something she can get to the bottom of – a margarita. She says if she’s going to get into the accelerated med school program, she can’t be sitting around drinking.

Ned closes the blinds, and looks like he has a headache. Michael comes in, and wants to talk about ELQ. He asks if there was a coup while he wasn’t looking.

Valentin has made dinner reservations. Nina says she’ll give him her answer then. She asks if he’s going to hang around her office all day, and that he’d told her he was a patient man. He says he is, and she tells him he’s being tested on that.

Scotty thinks it’s a good thing that the judge was quick, but I think just the opposite. Alexis tells Julian he was honest and compelling on the stand. He hopes his honesty was enough to save him. Ava and Griff show up at the courtroom. Ava asks if he’s there to see his father get justice, but he’s there to offer her support.

Court is back in session. The defendant rises. Conspiracy, guilty; hindering prosecution, guilty; criminal facilitation, guilty. Guess that honesty thing didn’t work. The judge has an opening in four weeks for a sentencing hearing. Scotty asks for Julian to remain free on bail in the meantime, but Julian wants immediate sentencing. He says every day is one more day that his family has to suffer. Prosecutor Will Smith is down with saving time and money.

Ned asks if he made a decision Michael isn’t happy with. Michael says that ELQ made a donation to Mayor Lomax, and Ned tells him that they need her to back their fracking whatever. Michael doesn’t want the company tied to Lomax or fracking. Ned says Michael should have briefed him. Michael says if Ned is setting the groundwork for a takeover, he’ll have a fight on his hands.

Nina tells Valentin that he’ll get her answer at dinner – take or leave it. Valentin takes it. Nina tells Nelle to come in as soon as she’s sure Valentin is gone. She wants Nelle to get ten of the best cocktail looks they have in her size – it’s a make or break for her marriage. Nelle thought they were divorced, but Nina says that’s just details. She needs to look better than she ever has tonight.

Lulu gives Dante beer and a pretzel. She says their quality time has taken a backset to their jobs and kids. He wonders where the kids are, and she’s locked them outside. Not really; they’re being looked after elsewhere. She tells him that he’d better be careful or he’ll strike out. He doesn’t though, and they start to get busy on the couch. I understand role-playing, but this is weird.

Nina tells Nelle, no, no, no, none of them are good. Nelle says that’s everything, and Nina says it can’t be. Nelle pulls one out, saying it’s beautiful. Nina says it has to be perfect. Nelle says she’s happy for Nina and Charlotte. Nina says she’s assuming they’re getting back together. Nelle doesn’t think she’d be going through all of this trouble if they weren’t. Me neither.

Lulu tells Dante that they have to make up for lost time, so of course the doorbell rings. It’s Valentin and Charlotte. He hopes they’re not interrupting. Figures.

Michael says that Ned wanted him to be CEO, and he was going to concentrate on his music. He asks if Ned’s focus has changed. He tells Ned that they’re investing in renewable energy, and fracking doesn’t go with the plan. Ned says he knows decisions have to be made quickly, he was in charge, and sorry. He tells Michael that he has no interest in taking over ELQ.

The judge asks if Julian wants to address the court. Scotty tells him to make it good; maybe he can shave time off the sentence. Julian says his crimes nearly cost the people he loves their lives, and destroyed their trust, which is worse than whatever the court can impose. He says they deserve a better life without him, and asks to be kept away from them. The judge says that his family suffered grievous harm, as did many of his fellow citizens, and he cast doubt on his character when he threatened a witness. Yeah, telling Winston he was going to kill him was probably a bad move. She agrees he’s a danger to his family, but no less to the community. She imposes a term in Pentonville for no more than twenty years and no less than fifteen. Court adjourned. I’m wondering how this is going to play out, since Julian just signed a new contract.

Dante asks Valentin to what do they owe this pleasure? Valentin tells Charlotte to put her PJs on, while they talk. Valentin tells them that something pressing came up. He says it’s a sacrifice not to spend time with Charlotte, but he’s hoping it pays off in the long run. His and Charlotte’s lives will be better if it pans out, and so will theirs.

Dillon tries to entice Kiki. She says he can parade around naked all he wants, but she won’t be distracted. He wishes she could find time for both her studies and their relationship. She suggests he quit Crimson. He says that’s his job, and she says studying is hers, and he needs to understand that. Nina calls, asking if Dillon’s passport is valid. He tells Kiki that he has to fly to Morocco tonight, and asks if she wants to come.

Michael tells Ned sorry for overreacting, but fracking doesn’t jive with ELQ’s long-term goals. He says that Ned has been supportive, but they should have communicated more. Michael tells Ned that he has valuable insights and experience, and asks if he’d be interested in working for him at ELQ.

Ava tells Julian that she’s sorry, and asks if she can do anything. He tells her to just take care of herself. Griff tells Ava how sorry he is. Ava says that Julian did it to himself, just like she did with her face. Julian tells Alexis that it could have been worse. He meant what he said, and his real sentence is knowing what he did to her and their family. He hopes she can move on and forget about him. She starts crying, and Julian is led away.

Michael thinks the more Quartermaines at ELQ, the better, and Ned says he doesn’t have a grasp of their history. Michael says the company will be stronger if they work together. Ned asks what he had in mind, but Michael says it just came to him, but he’s thinking VP of new business. He has to pick up Nelle, but asks Ned to think about it. He thinks it would be good for ELQ and the family.

Nina wants Dillon to fly to Morocco and do the shoot himself, since the photographer got too handsy with the models, and isn’t working out. He tells Kiki that he can have Nina make room for her. Kiki says if she misses the test, she’ll have to wait a year for the next one, and will miss the opportunity for the accelerated program.

Nina talks the model down on the phone, saying she’s on her way. She says that she’s shocked at the photographer’s behavior, and already has a replacement. Nelle purchases the tickets, and Nina tells her three tickets; Nelle is going too. Nelle gets all excited, but Nina says it’s not a vacation; they’re in full damage control mode. Nelle says they’re all set, and the flight leaves in two hours. Nina is like, oh no, remembering her dinner with Valentin.

Lulu wonders how anything coming from Valentin will benefit them. Valentin says they’ve probably wondered why he stays in Port Charles, when he has properties everywhere. Lulu says that she has custody of Charlotte, but he says only temporarily. Allegations can’t deny him custody. It’s just her opinion that he’s a horrible person. He’s been custodial parent since Charlotte was born, and Lulu could lose, but he has a third option where no one loses. If all goes well tonight, he’ll have every reason to stay. He and Lulu can present united front. He’s decided Charlotte’s life is better with both parents in it, and hopes they reach the same conclusion, for Charlotte’s sake. He leaves, smiling to himself.

Charlotte is asleep. Lulu talks to Dante about how much Charlotte loves ballet. She thinks Valentin can exploit Charlotte’s feelings to get what he wants, but Dante thinks he has a good point. (And really, if she likes ballet, why shouldn’t her father encourage that? I’m sure he was indulging her before Lulu came along.) Dante says that Valentin could end up with full custody. Lulu says obviously Charlotte loves him. She’s too young to know what he is, and he has two very different sides. He’d do anything for his little girl, but he’s also a monster. If she lets Charlotte have one, she has to accept the other.

Nina tells Valentin that she can’t do it.

Nelle forgot Michael was coming. He says he’ll try not to be offended, but knows how she can make it up. She explains that she has to go to Morocco. The shoot is falling apart. The photographer is hitting on the models, and they’re threatening to walk. He asks if he can come along, saying he can write it off as business. She asks what happens to ELQ while he’s gone. It’s going to totally fold. What does she think? Geez.

Ned tells Dillon about Michael’s proposition. Dillon thinks it’s great. Ned says it’s Michael’s ELQ. Dillon says that Ned told him Michael is a shark, and Ned says he’s a shark with a different vision. Dillon says if it’s about pride, he has to get over it. Michael admires and respects him. If he goes back to ELQ, he can carve out a new role, and draw the family closer together. Isn’t that why he took the name, to actually be a Quartermaine?

Griff asks if Ava is ready to go, but she tells him to go ahead. He has a life to get back to. The only person she had waiting for her is her brother, and he just got sent to prison. For all he’s done wrong and made her mad, he’s always been there for her. They’ve been there for each other, but there was nothing she could do to save him from himself. She thinks he wanted to impress Alexis, and got what he asked for – the next twenty years rotting in a cell, like she’ll rot in the penthouse. She knows what she did, but she says with him, it was just a gesture, and now he has to live with the reality.

A reporter comes busting into the empty courtroom with a camera, and sticks a mic in Ava’s face. Like this would happen. He asks if she’s glad he’s going to prison, and goes, oh wow, you are permanently disfigured. Griff goes after him, and smashes the camera. The reporter starts squawking that Griff assaulted them, but Griff says that they cornered and abused Ava. She threatens to sue them, and tells them what great lawyers she has, and they leave. She asks what Griff was thinking. He says he was defending her, but apparently he didn’t need to. He thinks he saw the real Ava Jerome, and tells her welcome back.

Scotty tells Alexis that he’s going to get a couple of martinis; he hates to lose. She says he was right; Julian shouldn’t have testified. He says it was Winston’s testimony and Julian threatening him that cooked his goose. He’s thinking appeal, but Alexis says the judge is good, and he shouldn’t give Julian false hope. Scotty thinks she should talk to Julian and give him some encouragement. She says that he doesn’t want her there, and told her to move on. Scotty says good luck with that.

Julian is shown to his cell. Fastest. Prisoner. Processing. Ever. Nina must be in Morocco by now.

Kiki tells Dillon that she wants to go, but she can’t. Dillon gets it, but thought it would be fun to get away together, and doesn’t like being without her. She says it’s only a few days. She’ll be there when he gets back, with no book in sight. They kiss.

Nelle says she’d love for Michael to come, but doesn’t want his job to suffer. Ned calls, and tells Michael that he thinks he gave the wrong impression about the offer. Michael says he did seem underwhelmed, and Ned says it’s a lot to process. Michael tells him that the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it’s a good idea. Ned says that he’s intrigued, but Michael has to promise no scheming or back-stabbing. He’s had more than enough of the family’s machinations with ELQ. Michael says that he has to leave town to check on their South African holding (wink-wink), and he’d like Ned to sit in for him, and see how it feels. Ned swears he won’t steer the company off a cliff.

Lulu tells Dante it’s not exactly the romantic evening she’d planned. I don’t want to know. He says they managed to squeeze some romance in, until Valentin put the squeeze on them. Lulu wonders what the plan is, but Dante isn’t worried. He says Valentin isn’t going to change. He’s going to screw up one day, and they’ll be waiting.

Valentin asks Nina, so the answer is no? She says it’s not no, but no, she can’t give her answer right now. She has to leave for a fashion emergency, and will give her answer when she gets back. He’s like, why are you doing this? She tells him that he’s sexy when he’s frustrated, and she’ll see him soon.

On Monday, Griff tells Ava that he cares about her, Alexis talks to Sam about Julian, and Kristina brings Valerie to lesbian night at The Floating Rib. Sounds like fun!

🚑 I’m not into GH for the couples – I’m more interested in the spy stuff, the Quartermaines, and seeing what Roger Howarth will come up with – but I do like Valentin and Nina. I hope her answer is yes, and I wonder if he’s going to show up in Marrakesh. I also like Franco and anyone, for the reason I already mentioned. My pick wouldn’t be Elizabeth though. I don’t know who, but not her.

🦄 Occasionally, I recommend a movie, usually one that’s on cable, because the movie theater costs so much now, you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to pay for a ticket. God forbid you want to buy popcorn. Luckily, when I do get the chance to go, there’s a dollar store close by and I have a big purse. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on one of the movie channels (okay, I forgot which one – either HBO or SHO). In a nutshell, this guy has a bunch of fantastic beasts he keeps in a bag he carries, which also leads to another world, and he’s being chased by some people who want to steal them. A hapless stranger ends up along for the ride, so there’s also a fish-out-of-water element. It’s a spin-off of Harry Potter, but since I’m unfamiliar with those books/films, it obviously stands on its own. While the story was delightful, the beasts were truly fantastic, and it’s worth watching for that alone. CGI has come a long way from the days of Night of the Lepus. While the films I enjoy aren’t often the ones that leave you with a smile on your face, this left me with one, which is rare.

🦁 I did remember to watch Zoo this week. Patting my own back…

👀 I’m afraid to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday. It took me a good three days to recover from the last episode. I also want to cry, because it will be who-knows-when in 2018 until we get more. And even then, I think it’s only six episodes. Write faster, George R.R. Martin! I will need sustenance through this long hiatus.

Quotes of the Week

Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right. – Angie Thomas

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.Paulo Coelho

Fear nothing. Do what you want to do, but be educated and intelligent and confident about it.Idris Elba

🐻 Whenever I hear Idris Elba’s name, I think of this poem: Algy met a bear. The bear met Algy. The bear was bulgy. The bulge was Algy. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the rhythm.

We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love.Laverne Cox   Great. This means I’m dogs and brownies.

You’re in charge of your own book.Kevin Hart



August 24, 2017 – The Verdict is In, Even More Than 90 Days & Random Stuff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nina is on the phone regarding a photo shoot in Morocco. Valentin says he has something to cheer her up, but a – and I miss the rest of the beginning because one of my dogs creates chaos. At least it wasn’t just when someone was revealing something I’ve been waiting years to know.

Anna goes to Hayden’s office looking for her, but Finn tells her that Hayden isn’t there. She says she’ll wait with him, and shows him the diamond. Not very spy-like to be flashing it around the way she’s doing.

Valentin brings Charlotte to see Nina at her office. Charlotte is wearing her dance costume. They’re on their way to her recital, and Valentin says that Nina is one of the reasons Charlotte took dance. Charlotte asks how long Nina studied. Nina tells her that she wanted to be a ballerina, but she got too tall when she was a teenager, and decided to concentrate on writing instead. Charlotte says she wants to be tall so she can be like Nina, even if it means not dancing. Nina tells her that even if she ends up being six feet three inches tall, she can dance. She can do whatever is in her heart, and Nina and her papa will support her. Charlotte asks, even if they’re not married anymore?

Alexis asks Julian what happened that the trial was delayed, and he tells her they were giving Winston enough time to learn his lines. She asks how that went, and he says Winston made it sound like he and Olivia-J were in a mutual crime spree. Alexis asks if the judge believed it, and Julian says Winston played his part perfectly, and it looked like he was her partner instead of an unwilling accomplice. She asks how Scotty responded, and if he cross-examined. Julian says he reserved the right to recall the witness, and thinks there’s no point in even mounting a defense.

Carly tells Jason and Sonny that the irony is, she’d always thought Sam wouldn’t understand the bond of loyalty they had, coming in late to the family. Yet she was the first one who did, and the two of them treated her like they treat the cops. She says Sonny came close to talking, but kept changing the subject. She knew he was hiding something, but never thought Jason would lie to her. Jason says he was focused on Sam, and didn’t want to get her involved. She says they’d always trusted each other, and wonders when that changed.

Nina tells Charlotte it’s complicated. Charlotte wants it to go back to the way it was, and Nina asks if she’s sure, since she likes living with Lulu and her family. Charlotte says she does, but she likes living with Nina and her papa too. Valentin tells her that grown-ups have a way of making things complicated. When he had to go away, everyone made arrangements. She went to live with Lulu, and he and Nina got a divorce. She asks if they don’t love each other anymore.

Lucy walks in on Finn and Anna. She apologizes for bothering them, but wants to know what to do about the house. She tells Finn she’ll understand if he wants to back out of the deal, and he asks why he would. She says for one, Hayden left, and it doesn’t look like she’s coming back.

Scotty tells Alexis he has plenty of witnesses, Leo’s mother for one. Julian says Olivia-Q only knows what he told her, and didn’t actually witness anything. Scotty says what about Lucas; he would know how Julian sacrificed for his family. Julian tells Scotty that Lucas is furious with him (if he’s even still on the show). Scotty suggests Sam, but Alexis says even if she was well enough to testify, she would be considered a hostile witness, and the counter cross-examination will negate any points they make. Julian has hurt them all.

Carly says she can almost excuse Sonny. He was shot, spent 24-hours in a hole, and then was drugged up in the hospital where anyone could have overheard. However, he could have said something once he came home. Sonny says it wasn’t his secret to tell, and Carly says that doesn’t fly, since Sam wanted to talk to her. She says that Jason is the one person she’d always trusted. She thought he trusted her too, and wonders why he shut her out. Jason says that things are different now; they’re different now. They know what they stand to lose.

Finn tells Lucy that there’s no reason to believe Hayden isn’t coming back, and we both look at him like he’s delusional. Lucy says she packed up, disappeared, and left her engagement ring. It doesn’t sound like she even wants to be found. Finn says he’ll find her, and when he does, they’ll move in and he’ll tear up the tennis court with his bare hands. Lucy says she’ll see him at the closing then, and leaves. Anna tells Finn she’s sorry. She didn’t know what was going on. Finn says they have a lot to work through, but they will. He just needs to find her first.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he loves Nina more now than when they were first married because he’s gotten to know her. He’s seen her courage and kindness. It’s made his love grow stronger, but marriage isn’t only about love. Charlotte says it is, and sites some fairytales. Valentin explains that fairytales don’t have community property and liens. Ha-ha! He says that when you get married, you become one person, and when he had to go away, they divorced so that there would be an equal division and his problems didn’t become Nina’s problems. Charlotte says they should just get married again, and forget about the legal problems. Nina says she should have listened to Charlotte first, but she was uncertain, and let everyone else convince her of something she didn’t believe, and she didn’t listen to her heart. Charlotte asks what her heart is telling her. Valentin says they have to go, and Charlotte invites Nina to come with them. Nina says she will.

Scotty tells Alexis she’s doing a lot of backseat litigating. Julian asks to be reminded of why they wanted a bench trial. Alexis tells him that a jury will go by emotion, but a judge has to go by the law and base a decision on reasonable doubt. She says that Olivia-Q and Ned would be thrilled to see Julian put away, because then they could have custody of Leo. She tells him that any good testimony would be outweighed by the prosecution. Scotty asks if there are any ideas, and Julian says to put him on the stand.

Jason tells Carly that he was gone for two years. When he remembered his life, he had to find a different way to live, and asks if she didn’t do the same. She asks what that has to do with him lying, and Sonny says they have different priorities now. What used to work, doesn’t anymore. Jason says he couldn’t ask her to be part of a cover-up when that’s not the life she wants to live. Carly gets it, but it makes her sad. She always knew they were there for each other, but that changed too. Jason says he didn’t mean to hurt her. She tells him that she just needs time to adjust. Sam says it’s her fault, and Carly says no one blames her. She wasn’t in her right mind; the rest of them don’t have an excuse. She thinks it was the wrong call, but she’ll get over it. Sonny makes sure that they’re all in agreement to say nothing. Jason wants to get Sam home to the kids. After they leave, Sonny asks Carly if she’s all right, and she says no.

Carly asks how Sonny would feel, and he says he’d hate it. She asks why he didn’t tell her when they got home. He says he thought she’d doubt him, and he made a mistake; he’s not perfect. She says he’s the most arrogant man she knows, and the only time he’s humble is when he wants her forgiveness. He asks if it’s working, and she says no. He says he should have said something, and she admits it’s not completely his fault, but Jason saying nothing surprised her.

Jason tells Sam that they’ll find a way to get past it. Sam doesn’t know how it happened, and doesn’t know why she didn’t ask for help. Why didn’t she trust him?

Scotty says the DA will chew Julian up and spit him out. Alexis says she’s not a fan of putting defendants on the stand, but in this case, Julian should tell his story. She has faith that he’ll do it justice.

Since we’re having a speed trial, Julian is already on the stand and talking. He tells the court about how he was forced to kill Alexis, and staged it at the docks, but had every intention of letting her go. He was going to leave the country, but Sonny ruined the plan. Then his sister stepped up her threats to involve his children, putting Leo in the hospital to prove her point. He kidnapped Sam when she was about to give birth, and then he witnessed Alexis getting handcuffed to the bridge where he was supposed to kill her. Because apparently, Olivia-J learned nothing from the first time.

Anna tells Finn that she’s sorry. He asks how she found the diamond, and she explains about it being imbedded in a keepsake given to Emma by spencer. Finn says he must have found at it at Wyndemere, and Anna says that’s what Elizabeth thought. She had it examined, but was told it isn’t part of the Berlin necklace. It was stolen by a ring of jewel thieves in Eastern Europe, where the money was used to finance larger crimes. Finn says that sounds more like it’s up Nikolas’s alley. Anna says he’s done his share of shady deals, but it’s not like she can ask him. She can question Hayden though. Finn says he doesn’t know where she is, but he’s going to find her. Anna says that it doesn’t sound like she wants to be found.

Prosecutor Will Smith says that Julian’s testimony is pure spectacle meant to manipulate the judge. Scotty objects, but it’s overruled. Will asks Julian what ultimately happened, and Julian says he shot the handcuffs off of Alexis, and blocked Olivia-J from shooting her. He got shot instead, and fell into the river. When he came to, he realized what had happened, and that Olivia had been locked up. He tried to leave town; not to avoid justice, but to put distance between himself and his family. He’d rather never see them again than see them in danger. Will mentions that he shot his sister and thought she was dead. He asks if when she returned, it had something to do with Duke Lavery. Julian tells him that she was in love with Duke, and Will says that Julian killed him. Scotty jumps up, saying that Carrrlos murdered Duke, but Will says it was by Julian’s orders. He says Julian never told the authorities that she killed Morgan, kidnapped Robin, and almost blew up the hospital with everyone in it. He did nothing to stop her, and everything to help her. There are no further questions. In redirect, Scotty asks if it isn’t true that Julian did his sister’s bidding because she was threatening him. Julian says yes, he was trying to protect his children and the woman he loves, and his devotion obscured his reason. He understands that his actions will be judged as wrong, and he might be put in prison, but if that’s what had to happen in order to protect his family, he’s okay with it. The defense rests.

Finn asks Anna if she thinks Hayden is gone for good. She says she doesn’t know enough to speculate, so she’s going to concentrate on the diamond case. Finn thinks Hayden’s father might be able to help, and suggests that Anna pay him a visit. He asks her not to tell him that Hayden vanished, and Anna says she won’t. She asks Finn not to tell anyone about the diamond, and he says he has no one to talk to anyway, and doubts anyone he knows has ties to an international jewelry theft.

Back from the recital, Nina tells Valentin that Charlotte was the best dancer. He asks if she’s sure she’s not biased, and she says of course she is, but Charlotte is still incredible. She can do anything she’s made up her mind to do. He asks if she can bring them back together.

In his closing argument, Will Smith says that Julian aided and abetted a fugitive who terrorized the community, and killed Morgan. He was in agreement with his sister, and supported her goals. He cares about his family, but it’s his organized crime family. Scotty responds that Julian almost died, and was willing to sacrifice his life for his family. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s loving his family too much, and that’s not a crime. The judge retires to her chambers, and the court is in recess. Alexis tells Julian that she’s sorry for what he’s gone through. He says thanks, and that he did what he had to do.

Carly tells Sonny that after his accident, Jason was different. Intellectually, she knows it, but emotionally, she has to learn it over and over. Sonny says he does too. He wanted to bring Jason into the distillery project, thinking they could work together on something legitimate, but Jason turned him down. He said it would send the wrong message, and imply it’s a front and that he’s still in the business. Sonny says it kind of hurt his feelings. Carly says she gets that his life is different now, and understands, but just when things are spiraling, and she’s feeling lost, that’s when she misses who he used to be.

Sam wonders why she didn’t remember that she could talk to Jason about anything. She’d believed their connection was so strong, they could overcome anything and anyone, but this time it failed her. She doesn’t understand why.

Anna tells Finn that Hayden’s father is only taking visits from his attorney and family members. Finn asks if she can pull rank, but she says that’s no good if he refuses to cooperate. She thinks he might be receptive to Finn, but Finn says he told her what he could. She asks what if there’s a connection between Hayden and the diamond? He thinks she’s reaching, but she says there’s only one way to find out. Take her to visit Raymond Berlin.

Julian asks Alexis what his chances are of getting released, and she says he has a chance. He says what about them getting back together, and Scotty interrupts. In what they call half an hour, and I call half a minute, the judge has reached a verdict.

Carly tells Sonny that by fixating on what she can’t have, she’s missing her blessings. Jason is still there and their friend, Sam pulled through a serious illness, and Sonny is better. She can obsess about the lie, or focus on Sonny being alive and that she loves him. He suggests she concentrate on the second one. She’s not asking that he never keep a secret again, but tells him that there’s a difference between family and business. She tells him to never keep a family secret from her again.

Jason tells Sam that nothing she did while she was sick was her fault, and she wanted to be honest. Sam wonders if the connection they shared is lost because of her. He says that’s not going to happen. She tells him that she trusts him, but not herself.

Valentin doesn’t want to build up Charlotte’s hopes that they can be a family again. He doesn’t want to pressure Nina, but she tells him that she’s made her decision. Her phone buzzes. There’s a crisis at a photo shoot she has to deal with. He says with all due respect to her photo shoot, he’s hanging on her answer. She says she’ll give it to him over dinner, where she’ll give her answer undivided attention.

Tomorrow, Nina gives Valentin her answer, the verdict is read, and Michael tells Ned he’ll have a fight on his hands.

💍 My 90 Day Fiancé obsession continues, Before the 90 Days now added to it. This one is the most perplexing of all three shows, where we follow the cast members meeting their prospective spouses face-to-face for the first time, and I want to yell, stop this right now! about every five minutes. There’s Sean and Abby, who have a huge age gap. Nothing wrong with that, but it looks like the older Sean is bringing some insecurities along with it. Sean traveled to Haiti, where Abby was excitedly waiting, along with her best friend, who kept having to calm her down. It was super cute, as Hello Kitty would say. Abby is the sweetest girl, and I think genuinely attracted to Sean, as she has a thing for older men. While I don’t blame Sean for proceeding with caution, he’s fixated on her ex, Chris, whom she’s still friends with. In the previous episode, Sean made noises about Abby maybe wanting someone younger, but Chris looks like he’s about the same age as Sean, so either he’s not aging well and is a 20 year old who looks 50, or Sean is not making sense. Which is possible. Even though Abby and Chris don’t live in the same country, Sean is concerned that they’re still involved as more than friends. It didn’t help the situation when Abby slipped during an interview, calling Sean “Chris.” Sean wasn’t present during the interview, but no doubt saw it. While it’s possible the slip could have been Freudian, I find it unlikely. I think her head is just so full of all this stuff, she made an honest mistake. I can relate, since after nearly twenty years, I still have a hard time not calling my niece’s second husband by her first husband’s name. I have the feeling Sean won’t see it that way, and is going to totally mess up what could be a great thing. The preview for next week did not look promising.

Then there’s Paul – who we last saw waiting on the backside of nowhere in the Amazon rainforest for Karine, thinking he’d been catfished. It’s no surprise he’s been unlucky in love, since he made a trip to a place where he knows no one, that took eight hours, two planes, and two boats to get to; doesn’t know the language at all; carried so many trunks full of preventative health measures, he can barely get around; and can’t even get phone service. Luckily for him, she finally showed. Because she basically lives in a shack, reservations were made at the local hotel (I’m surprised they have one), and they prepared for him to meet her family, none of whom speak English. Up until now, Paul and Karine have communicated through translated texts. When they met, it was more than awkward, but I wondered why, if texts can be translated, they didn’t have something that digitally translated their speech, like the device in Snowpiercer. We must have the capability. I also questioned how Karine has such nice clothing, the internet, and a smartphone. In the preview for the next show, Paul talks about wanting her to get an STD and pregnancy test. While I totally get it, it’s kind of insulting that he can’t be bothered to learn, how are you? in Portuguese, yet he’s savvy enough to be concerned about getting a disease from her. Bleh.

The next huge age gap is between Darcey from the US and Jesse from Amsterdam, with Darcy being in the more mature position. However, that’s only chronologically. Jesse actually seems like a real find. A guy who’s genuinely interested in having a serious relationship with an older woman, and he’s a gorgeous fitness trainer. And also Amsterdam, a place so fine, Tony Geary retired from General Hospital to live there. Darcy looks great, and is definitely on Jesse’s appearance level, but I see why she’s single. Without mincing words, she acts batsh*t crazy emotional. She’s so concerned with how she looks and getting married, she can’t seem to focus on anything else. Like maybe a dream vacation with a fabulous guy. While there was a bit of a red flag on his end, when he insisted she keep up with him on a wicked bike ride through a park, if I was him, I’d be biking for the hills. Already frazzled from damaging one of her six-inch heels on the escalator, Darcy was barely off the plane before she started talking about marriage. And talked about it non-stop. No matter where they went, she somehow related it to them getting married. They just met for God’s sake. Has no one told her this shouldn’t be the first topic out of your mouth on what’s essentially a first date? I assume she’s been married before, since she has children (I know it’s not a requirement, but I think it would be for her), but obviously that didn’t work out, and I can guess why. She drains me just watching her. The creepiest thing was how she showed Jesse the massive rock she had bought for herself, to wear on her left ring finger in honor of their love. Um… I don’t think that’s how any of this works. When he asked her to take the vast amount of makeup she wears off before bed (she’s staying with him), I thought she would have a heart attack. Even then, she kept her lashes on. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who is into any of that, and I’m wondering how they even clicked online. Frankly, I would have packed her into one of her many suitcases and sent her back home already. Next time, she meets his parents. And brings up marriage. His father asks her – and I quote – are you out of your f-ing mind?

There was also Cortney, who is headed for Spain to meet Spanish model Antonio, who she’s only communicated with by text – even when she was previously in Spain. She’s also been catfished before. Right away, I didn’t hold out much hope for this one, and held even less when her cyberstalking friend came up with erotic photos of him. I doubt much is going to happen with these two, and it seems like a boring story just added to fill the hour.

My main question though, is what’s with all this baby babe stuff? Can no one remember their potential fiancé’s name?

😜 On Flipping Out, Jeff brought in a guy to teach everyone baby CPR. Apparently Jeff was a little too enthusiastic, as his baby’s head fell off while he practiced. When he asked the instructor what grade he’d give them, let’s not talk about it was the response. Enough said. Jeff’s got first aid covered.






August 23, 2017 – Winston Takes the Stand, the NYC Reunion Continues, Raw Chicken & Jax


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Elizabeth says she missed being in the studio with Franco, and he says he missed being everywhere with her. He tells her she should paint again, and to consider his studio hers. She says for now she’ll live vicariously, and tells him there’s a reason he’s famous. He says not for the reason he’d like.

Ned sees Alexis at the MetroCourt. He was looking for her because he’s in the market for her legal services.

Julian’s trial starts again. The prosecutor – whose name I still can’t find out, so I’m continuing to call him Will Smith – has an addition to the witness list. Scotty says the prosecutor is playing games, and he’s had no prep time. Will says that he has a witness that can speak to Julian’s motives. Julian wonders who it’s going to be. It’s Winston! Scotty asks how bad it’s going to be.

Sam tells Carly that she shot Sonny. Carly says that the Garvenator bragged to her about it, and Sam says that’s not the whole story. Jason tries to get her to leave, but Sam says she’s not staying silent anymore, and Carly deserves to know what happened.

Elizabeth says that Franco is a powerful artist. He says the purpose of the paintings was for people to feel the darkness. He worries that his talent and the darkness were intrinsically connected, and he won’t be able to create anymore. She says he was literally in a different head space then, but he says he can’t blame everything on the tumor.

Ned tells Alexis that he wants to update his will, adding Olivia-Q and Leo. Alexis calls Leo his stepson, but he says that he hasn’t been able to adopt Leo yet.

Wow. Winston is the same actor, but looks younger; maybe because he lost weight. Scotty doesn’t understand how he can speak about anyone else’s motives. Will says he was there during many of their conversations, and his testimony is vital. The judge allows it. Will asks when he first met Olivia-J. Winston talks about her having him opening the store. All he knew was that she had unfinished business in Port Charles, and her brother was involved and willing to do whatever she needed.

Carly says Garvezilla told her that he killed Sonny. How could Sam have shot him? Sam says she collapsed afterward. She woke up in the hospital, and didn’t remember anything. Then she started to remember, and she’s sooo sorry. Carly grasps that it’s real, and Sonny confirms that it’s true. Sam says she didn’t know what was real or wasn’t anymore. Her hallucinations were like a walking nightmare, with Sonny telling her that he was going to take her family away. Sam tells Carly that it sounds crazy, but she was so scared and would have done anything. Carly realizes this is what Sam wanted to tell her at the hospital. Sam says it makes her nauseous to know how far it went. She bought a black-market gun, and staked out his house, following him to the site.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she loves their world. Franco says that he does too, and it scares him. He tells Elizabeth that she thrills and calms him at the same time, and he loves her. He says she’s probably the first sane woman he’s been with, and the first normal person to love him. He doesn’t deserve her. He loves the world they’ve created, but is terrified he’ll mess it up. Elizabeth tells him that he won’t, but he says she doesn’t know that. She says that everyone has darkness inside, but there’s also light. She understands the paintings have brought up bad memories, but there’s one in particular that she wants to know about. She pulls out the painting she’d been looking at. Two boys side-by-side, looking down a road.

Alexis tells Ned that she’s not representing him in a custody case. Ned says this must mean she thinks Julian might get off. He thought she’d have the best chance of getting Julian to agree to an adoption. She says that she wouldn’t go anywhere near it for a million different reasons. He asks her if one of those reasons is that she’s still hung up on Julian.

Winston says he ran the pawn shop and carried out Olivia-J’s orders. Will Smith asks if he was present at Olivia and Julian’s first meeting. When he says that he wasn’t, Will asks when was the first occasion they met? Winston says that Julian came by to lay out future plans and how best to achieve them. but he wasn’t privy to everything. He says they spoke in conspiratorial tones, and when Julian left, Olivia told him what he was to do. Scotty is like, he wasn’t present, what is up with this? Will reads off something about Alexis meeting with Julian when Winston was there, and Julian saying he was just a friend.

Jason says that Sam doesn’t have to do this. She says she does. She says that Sonny was amazing and sympathetic. He tried to talk her down, saying he’d never do anything to hurt her. Carly is like, of course he wouldn’t, and I wonder if she forgot Sam was sick. She answers my question by saying that she gets Sam was sick, but she’s trying to understand everything. Sam talks about Sonny walking toward her, and how he tried to take the gun, but it went off. Carly says it was an accident then, but Sam says she meant to shoot him and she did.

Will Smith asks Winston what he and Julian discussed. Winston says that Julian was pleased that Morgan was killed, and was looking forward to helping Olivia-J. Will asks what the plan was, but Winston didn’t know. He says Julian seemed to be a willing participant. No surprise Scotty objects, since it’s total conjecture, and it’s sustained. Winston says that Julian was concerned about legal ramifications, and wanted to help, but not get caught. They agreed to say he was coerced, but he was a willing accomplice.

Alexis tells Ned that she knows how she feels, but doesn’t know which feeling wins out. She asks what’s wrong with her. Ned says she’s beautiful, smart, and complicated, and way too good for Julian. She agrees, but loves him, and can’t let go. She wonders why she picks men who are bad for her, and dangerous. She says Ned is the only one who didn’t fit the mold, and she ran from him, but if she had it to do over, she’d do it differently. Ned tells her she wouldn’t, and she says he’s right. He says she knows the answer, and Alexis says they’re all like her father, and her father didn’t love her. Ned says maybe it’s time to break the pattern.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the painting stands out from the others. The energy is lighter, and hopeful. Ava texts Franco, and he says he gets to show his work at the gallery. He’ll be killing two birds with one stone; getting rid of the stuff, and making money. Elizabeth asks what he’s going to do with it, and he says that he wants to help her with the groceries, mortgage, and sexy stuff. She tells him that he makes everything sexy, and when he adds helping Kiki, she says it’s getting sexier by the minute. Franco wonders what if the art doesn’t sell, and Elizabeth says it will, especially the painting she likes. He tells her that one’s not for sale.

Sam tells Carly that a lot of it is a blur, but Sonny is clear. He put his hand on hers to stop her, and she deliberately pulled the trigger. Sonny says that it wasn’t her, and to stop apologizing. She says he did nothing to defend herself, but she had to finish it. Sonny didn’t fall into the hole; she kicked him in, and thought he was dead. She tells Sonny that she left him there to die, and is sooo sorry. He calls her over to him, and says it wasn’t her fault. She had an infection, and it wasn’t her. She has nothing to be sorry about. Carly looks pissed.

Winston says he was just there to facilitate things as the driver/delivery person. Will Smith asks if he was aware she was unstable, and alludes that Julian was. Scotty’s objection is sustained. Will asks if Winston was there around the time of the hospital bombing, and he says that Julian told Olivia to make it look like he’d been tied up, so he could deny accountability.

Scotty says this is the definition of hearsay, and there’s nothing to back it up. The judge tells Will to ask a question or excuse the witness. He asks Winston about Julian trying to kill Olivia, and asks why he would do anything for her if he wanted her dead. Will tells Winston to speculate, and Scotty is like, ha! Winston says Olivia told him that Julian felt guilty, and would do anything in his power to make it right.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s keeping that painting. She asks why it’s special, and talks about the counterpoint in the picture. Franco thinks her talking about art is hot. She asks if the mirror effect is significant. Franco explains that when he was little, he had an imaginary friend who lived in an imaginary world that mirrored his. He outgrew it, but missed his friend, so he did the painting with each of them in their respective opposite realities. He says it was the last nice thing painted; a manifestation of his childhood psychosis.

Sonny tells Sam to stop blaming herself for something she couldn’t control. She does the “what if” thing, and he asks if he or Morgan were responsible for things they did when they were sick. Sam says no, and Jason says to blame him. She was sick and not herself, and he did nothing. He should have realized it was serious and made her go to the doctor. Sonny says that he didn’t expect it, but Jason says he should have been paying attention. Sam says she was hiding, but doesn’t know why, because she trusts him most of all. She wonders why she didn’t she ask him for help.

Alexis tells Ned that Julian’s proclamation of love made her head spin. He means it, but the other side of him can’t help it; he was born into it. She knows she’s making excuses, and Ned thanks her for not making him say it. She says he’ll hurt her again, but when it’s happening to you, and you’re in love with them, and they’ve made you happier than you’ve ever been, the thought of saying that it can’t work out is impossible. She wants off the roller coaster. She wants it to end, and has to figure out how to make that happen. I dunno. Kill him?

Scotty asks why Winston’s visit upset Julian. When Winston says that he can’t speak for Julian’s state of mind, Scotty wonders why, since he’s speaking for everyone else’s. Will Smith objects, saying it’s hearsay, but Winston says maybe Julian wasn’t feeling well. Scotty asks if Olivia wouldn’t have known that, since Winston was following him and she was bugging his phone. Winston says she didn’t tell him everything, and Scotty says that he wasn’t always in the loop then.

Scotty asks Winston how jail is, and suggests that he might get better accommodations for his testimony. He asks if Winston is trying to save hide, but Winston pretends to be noble, saying that he wanted to make things right for everyone who suffered at Olivia and Julian’s hands. Julian jumps up and yells liar! and it gets loud in the courtroom.

Elizabeth says that to escape the loneliness, Franco made someone up who would understand him. He tells her that she’s special, and she says that she feels the same way about him. He doesn’t want to lose her, and she says, then don’t.

Sonny tells Sam that losing your mind is terrifying. Telling someone makes it real, so you make them your enemy. He talks about how he would cover until the dam broke, and he couldn’t take anymore. He tells her that she’s not like him; it was something temporary. Sam worries that it unleashed something in her. Sonny asks if she feels the same way now, and she says no. Jason tells her to trust herself. Sonny says it’s over, but Carly says not as long as the police are investigating.

Elizabeth asks Franco if there’s something he’s not telling her about the painting. At first he says no, but then says that maybe about the subject matter. When he imagined the friend, he imagined him being helpful. Like when Franco couldn’t tie his shoes, the friend learned and helped him. He has a real memory of being on merry go round, and not knowing how to get off, but his friend jumped off first, and he followed. He wants the picture as a reminder, but tells Elizabeth not to worry; he doesn’t have an imaginary friend now. She says that it makes total sense, and now that she understands, she loves it even more – and loves him. They kiss.

Alexis wonders if there’s a support group for her problem. Ned thinks there is, but she says AA is all she can handle. Ned offers to be sounding board. Alexis says that she wants to like someone sane, safe and gentle, but can’t get out of her own way. Ned says, so far, but she’s fiercely intelligent, and if anyone can break the cycle, it’s her.

The courtroom is out of control. The judge tells Scotty to calm his client down, or there’s going to be some contempt handed out. Julian threatens Winston, and the prosecution rests.

Carly asks Sonny if he knew all along, and he tells her he did. Jason admits to covering for them, and says that he and Sonny decided to protect her. Carly gets it that Sam is sick, and that the last thing she needed was being hounded by the police. What she doesn’t get, is why they didn’t tell her. Sonny says the situation was volatile. Carly tells him everything always is, and after twenty years, how can he keep something like that from her?

Tomorrow, Lucy asks Finn about the house, Julian wants to take the stand, and Carly asks Sonny when trusting each other changed.

The Real Housewives of New York City – Reunion Part Two

Andy asks how LuAnn feels about Tom seeing Missy. She insists he sees her at parties because Ramona brings her, but Ramona says that’s not true. LuAnn reminds us that Ramona’s husband was in a full-blown affair, and Bethenny says it’s not the bar by which they should set their relationships. Andy asks LuAnn why they’re together, and LuAnn makes noises about how they live. Bethenny says you can make a lifestyle out of a life, but not a life out of a lifestyle. LuAnn says she loves being married, and blah-blah-blah, the same stuff we’ve heard a million times. She talks about her penthouse, and Bethenny says that’s pretentious AF, since it’s really just a one-bedroom on the top floor. Andy remarks on how happy everyone is. Really, Andy?

It’s Tinsley’s turn in the hot seat. We flash back to her arrival at Sonja’s, and her explanation of the arrest. (Tinsley Mortimer, google it.) There’s a clip of Carole reading to her from Page Six about her comeback. And more clips about her relationship. The montage ends with her meeting Scott, and Carole saying she sees a pink dress in her future. A viewer asks why she still has the same look, neighborhood, and activities, and she says she didn’t want to reinvent herself, but get her life back and be herself again. Carole talks about how funny and genuine she is, and says although they’re polar opposites, they connected. Tinsley is still at the hotel, and talks about how cool her room is. Bethenny asks if she and Scott are moving in together, and she says in the fall. She thinks he’s “the one.” Good for her. He seems like a nice guy, and more geared to her than someone named Topper. Andy asks if she’s in a better place now. Again, really, Andy? Tinsley tells them about how she kept going back to her abusive relationship. Dorinda asks why she didn’t ask her mother for help, and she says she hid a lot of things. There was also a lot of drinking going on, and she carried it into the season as a crutch.

A viewer asks if she uses humor to make light of her drinking, and if she has a problem. Tinsley’s non-drinking problem is discussed. Andy asks if she was drinking first thing in the morning in Mexico, which isn’t really a fair question, since that was a vacation that revolved around liquor. LuAnn says that Tinsley can out drink her (holy!), and Tinsley says she’s amazed at how she can put it away. Bethenny says it’s doubtful she’d be in a six-month relationship with Scott if there was a problem, and I agree. I think this one just likes to party. And why not?

Carole is next. We flash back to Carole being positive that Hillary would win the election, and how very informed on politics she is. Obviously not informed enough to make a correct prediction. We see her insulting Ramona, and her emotions taking a nosedive on election night, and there’s a clip from the Women’s March. We move on to her shacking up with Adam, and how that goes downhill pretty quickly, and he moves back out. Andy asks what’s going on with them now. Carole says he was in-between apartments when he lived with her, but they’ve decided to take a break and give each other some space. She likes feeling free. She’s not seeing other people; she’s focusing on the me-centric parts of her life. Andy asks how she’d feel if Adam was seeing other people, and it doesn’t seem like she cares a whole lot.

Andy asks Bethenny if the election was the most irritated she’s been at Carol, but she says no. Bethenny thinks we need dialogue, not badgering. Carole talks about how no one appreciated her election expertise, and Ramona says she felt like she couldn’t even talk to her. Andy asks who knows either candidate and who voted for who. Ramona says she met them both, but pleads the fifth about voting. Dorinda brings up the picture that Sonja has of her and Donald, and Sonja says she used to consult with him about hotels. Dorinda says Hillary has been to her home. Luann knows no one. Bethenny told Bill Clinton that he had spinach in his teeth at Barney’s. She also told a funny story about doing the walk of shame literally into Donald, who recognized her and decided to introduce her to whoever he was with. She said she probably still reeked of the night before’s liquor. Yep. That’s always when things like that happen. She says she didn’t like the election whatsoever or her choices, and I’m with her. Tinsley is good friends with Ivanka, but claimed that she wasn’t in the state where she was registered, and couldn’t vote. Okay. It sounded like she didn’t really care, saying it wasn’t her thing, almost giving Carole apoplexy. I hate that. Yes, it’s your right to vote, but then shouldn’t it also be your right not to vote? Just sayin’.  Oddly enough, this political discussion is one of the few times no one argued.

Sonja juggling Frenchie and Rocco is brought to the table, and we flash back to both of them. I love Sonja saying that she’s between a Rocco and a hard place, and we see how Frenchie moved in. Andy asks what the status is. She’d originally thought of Frenchie for Tinsley, but he had eyes for her, and they’re still seeing each other. Carole heard he was “cast” as Sonja’s boyfriend. Sonja is like, what? and says he was staying with her all the time anyway, so she suggested he live with her when he’s not in France. She likes getting it. Thanks for the visual. She says they went to Paris when they finished filming, and she met his parents. Dorinda thinks it’s a mistake to have someone move in so quickly. Andy asks how Rocco feels, and Dorinda says they’re good friends. Why is she suddenly answering for Sonja? Bethenny thinks it’s genius, and Sonja says the long game wins. She wants someone who’s really there for her, and says Rocco is a good person. She’s not giving him up, and they’ll see. She thinks Frenchie might eventually want children even though he says he’d give it up to marry her. She wants someone to grow old with, and thinks someone like Rocco would fulfill that need. Bethenny thinks she should give him the old bang down one-two and check it out, since Sonja has never slept with him.

Bethenny’s divorce is the next topic. We flash back to suckerfish Jason Hoppy making her life a living hell, even after the divorce was finalized. What a creep that guy is. Andy asks what’s the latest on her love life, and Bethenny says she’s with Dennis. She says things needed to be dealt with, and she’s in a better place to make a sane decision. She says she has a difficult time letting people get close, but she had ended the relationship due to the circumstances of their divorces. She says she’s freer and happier now, and Dennis has dealt with his own issues. A viewer says she should consider I gotta go as her next tagline, and we flash back to her jetting early from events. She says she mostly removed herself from arguments, and if she doesn’t like how someone is speaking to her, she’s gotta go. Andy brings up suckerfish Jason’s latest stalking charges, and Ramona reminds Bethenny about how she’ll never be rid of this slimebucket because they have a child together. Bethenny flat-out doesn’t want to discuss it with her. She says it’s been a negative, inexplicable situation that’s hopefully getting better now. Andy milks the topic some more, and Bethenny says it cost her $3 million in legal fees. He asks about Brynn, and Bethenny says she doesn’t understand at her age. She’s isolated in her life and happy. Carole adds that Bethenny has never said anything negative about Jason to her daughter, unlike the crap Jason has pulled on her. Bethenny says by the time Brynn is old enough to be aware, a new story will have eclipsed hers. She doubts she’ll be relevant by the time Brynn is googling things. Carole says by then she’ll have a sense of the dynamic. Bethenny says life isn’t fairytales and rainbows.

Andy brings up Bethenny talking to her mother for the first time in years, and if she’s had contact. Bethenny says that her mother talking to the press was the problem in the first place, and when she was getting ready to visit Florida, her mother told a magazine negative things. Andy wonders if stress affects how Bethenny interacts with others, because he’s the king of idiotic queries. Bethenny says they can’t imagine the torment this has been, and if she lets it out, she’ll break down. Ramona talks about Mario trying to force his way into her life when they’d started filming after the divorce, and how awful it was. Carole says she saw how Jason interfered with Bethenny’s relationships, and Bethenny didn’t even realize how the emotions wreaked havoc in her life. Bethenny says it’s impossible to explain and it’s torture. She starts to cry, and Andy asks if the ladies knew what was going on. LuAnn says only from the papers. Carole says he’s obsessed with her, and LuAnn wonders where his anger is coming from. My guess is from that sleazebag suckerfish losing his meal ticket and not being able to face reality. Andy asks if LuAnn understands Bethenny’s breakdown in the Berkshires now, but LuAnn says she understood it then. Andy asks if there’s a resolution, and Bethenny says any resolution is court mandated. She has faith that somehow, she’ll have a normal, free life, but it won’t happen unless there’s zero contact. Ramona talks about how important it is to teach their daughters independence, and it’s the first rational thing that’s come out of her mouth in maybe ever. Dorinda says you need to have options, and you can’t afford to lose them financially or emotionally. Bethenny says it’s important not to have a man be your identity. Andy asks when Bethenny is at her happiest, and she says being with her daughter and doing simple things. She thanks everyone for being respectful, and says that was fun.

Next time, the reunion concludes, Ramona is front and center, and Tinsley argues with Sonja.

🍄 I missed the first hour of the two-hour MasterChef, but caught the second half. There was a chicken and potato challenge with teams of two – there are ten cooks remaining. Dino and Jeff knocked it out of the park, and I thought Christina was going to leap across the stage and grab the chicken out of Aaron’s hand. Caitlin and Adam tried some kind of Japanese fusion thing without tasting all of the elements together, and it was a bust. Gordon said they had brilliant moments, but this wasn’t one of them, and most of his critique was bleeped out. Eboni and Cate were the winners and their recipe will be in Family Circle magazine. Cool! Yachecia escaped a third pressure test, and Adam and Caitlin ended up on the chipping block after Gordon played with them, at first acting like they were safe. It was mean, but I laughed. They had to replicate Gordon’s signature chicken dish, Chicken Supreme. Adam’s chicken was raw. The cardinal sin of cooking. Gordon rubbed it in by saying it’s the best dish he’s cooked in the competition – other than the chicken being raw. You’ll never have to worry about raw chicken with me, since I cook the crap out of it.  Adam cried, Caitlin cried, the balcony cried. Christina tried to make him feel better by talking to him about the rest of the dish, and how fabulous it was, acting like Gordon didn’t just go, oh dear, a million times. I’m no expert, but even I knew what a grievous error this was. Although there was a group of girls in my Home Ec class who failed to get Jell-O to set overnight, which might top that. Gordon said the big loser knew who they were, and Adam took his apron off. For a moment, he hesitated, and I thought we might all have to stay in for recess. Next time, there’s a tag team challenge, and everyone, including the judges, looks like they have a headache.

🐓 I checked out Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky. The look on LVP’s face when Jax told her that he’s working on the farm made it worth watching, but not much else. She suggested he was good at stirring the sh*t, but didn’t know about him shoveling it. It was okay. Since this is just a filler until the next season of Vanderpump Rules, I didn’t take it too seriously. I was a little disturbed that Jax told Brittany’s mother and grandmother that he was going to marry her, after he sought out contraband liquid courage to do it. They seemed thrilled, although I’m not sure why, but what bothered me was my immediate reaction that this might be Jax’s way of trying to stay relevant within the Bravo franchise. Could a wedding spin-off be far behind? Bleh.

💃 Odd Mom Out continues to be entertaining. And you don’t have to be a mom, or the odd one out, to enjoy it. Like Seinfeld, if you’re a New Yorker, the jokes are funnier, but you don’t have to be one to laugh.



August 22, 2017 – Sam Spills the Beans, War Brings On a War, Professor Perry & Never Say No


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

The diamond dude asks Anna why she wants to know about the stone, and she tells him that it’s an unofficial inquiry. He can’t help her, and says he could get arrested just for touching it. The diamond is stolen property.

Elizabeth calls Franco, and leaves a message saying she’s going to meet him at the studio.

Franco tells Ava that he has a proposal. She proposes this, and closes the door in his face.

Valerie chats with Kristina at Perks while she’s waiting for her blind date.

Curtis wants to know why Stella insisted that he wear a sportscoat for coffee. He asks what she’s up to, and she says she just wants him to meet a new friend. She could tell they’d hit it off. And there she is now – Valerie.

At the MetroCourt, Josslyn tells Carly she can ground her until school starts, and rope her into mother/daughter lunches, but she can’t make her enjoy it. Carly wants her to know how serious it is. Josslyn says if it hadn’t been for her and Oscar wandering around, Sonny would have died. Carly asks what if something would have happened.  Josslyn wonders why Carly won’t believe they’ll never do something like that again. Carly says she does believe it, because Josslyn is never seeing Oscar again. Wow. That’s a little harsh.

Alexis visits Sonny, and tells him that the Garvemeister almost caused the loss of Kristina’s father. Even if he leaves the business, no matter how hard they try, there will always be someone in the shadows to wreak havoc in their lives.

Sam wants to talk to Carly, but Jason wants her to wait. He leaves to find out about getting her discharged, and Andre pops in. He says he heard they were sending her home, and wonders if she needs to talk about what she did while she was sick before she leaves.

Sonny asks Alexis if she wants to talk about the trial. She doesn’t, but says it was stressful, and she’s not sure she did the right thing. If Julian had told her about Olivia-J, Sam wouldn’t have gotten sick. She says it will be hard for Sam, but Sonny says they’ll get through it. She says it’s exhausting wondering if your daughter is all right. Kristina comes in, and assumes that they’re talking about her (because everything is always about her), and that Alexis told Sonny about Parker.

Stella realizes that Curtis and Valerie know each other. Curtis says it didn’t end well, and Stella tells them to think of it as an opportunity to work out their differences. Valerie doesn’t think so. Curtis used her to gain access to a file, and it almost cost her career; then he dated her boss. Stella says that her favorite former in-law strikes again. Curtis says Jordan had nothing to do with it, and it was all his fault.

Ava tells Franco that she’s had her fill of offers from deranged men. He asks how many she knows. She says that she has no interest in some harebrained scheme. Franco says that technically, it’s her daughter’s scheme. He tells her about getting his dark paintings back, and that he wants to get rid of them. She says it sounds good on paper, but she’s never setting foot in the gallery again.

Elizabeth tells Jason about Franco moving in. She says it’s her life and her decision. After what they went through with Jake, she was hoping he’d accept it. It’s one thing they all have in common – their love for Jake. Jason makes noises about what Franco did to Sam a million years ago, and Elizabeth says he wasn’t well when he did those unforgivable things. I guess Jason doesn’t see any parallels here.

Andre says he knows about Sam’s hallucinations, and that it can be distressing, so he’s offering his services. Sam says at this point it doesn’t matter. He says hallucinations are like dreams; sometimes they’re random like pink elephants, but sometimes they have a subconscious element. She asks if he thinks she wanted this to happen.

Curtis explains to Stella about how he took pictures of a file that Valerie had, and almost got her in major trouble. Valerie says it all worked out, and Curtis says he’ll take Stella home. When Valerie is out of earshot, Stella asks how he could use her like that. He says that his investigation was going nowhere, and that he thought he could get away with it, but he was wrong. And it’s not the first time.

Ava tells Franco that Kiki means well. He says that Kiki thinks it would be a great idea for Ava to have a project. She says her inventory is gone; literally up in flames like her dignity and face. She asks why she would go back to the gallery, and be reminded about what she lost. He says all he sees in his art is proof of the damage he’s done and can’t atone for. He wanted to destroy it, but Kiki reminded him there’s a lot of money to be made. Ava says plus the added bonus of a good deed. Franco tells her that is work is still in demand, and it could be used for a lot of good things, like helping Elizabeth’s boys. He says he’ll up her commission, and she says not about the money. He says there must be some extravagance her heart desires. She looks at Valentin’s card on the table. Didn’t she rip that up???

Diamond dude tells Anna that the diamond wasn’t part of the Berlin necklace. There’s a code embedded in stones like that, and they’re all on record, but this isn’t one of them. She asks if he can identify it, and he tells her it’s from a high-profile jewelry heist.

Carly says that Josslyn hasn’t been honest, and Josslyn says like Carly was a saint at her age. She accuses Carly of trying to control her life. She says she has to go to the bathroom, unless Carly thinks she needs a chaperone.

Sonny tells Kristina that they were talking about Sam, but since she brought it up, what’s going on? Kristina explains that Parker is teaching at PCU. She says she’s an adult, and can take care of herself, and Alexis admits to having words with Parker. Sonny says they were probably nicer than the words he’d have with her. Kristina says she talked with Parker after Alexis left. Alexis wonders why she’d want to get involved, since she’s just getting her life back. Kristina says it’s her decision, and to stop obsessing about her love life, especially when they’re still dealing with the aftermath of Alexis’s. Alexis says good luck dealing with her recovery, it’s all good, and she walks out.

Andre tells Sam that hallucinations might be meaningless, or manufactured by the mind from something in the subconscious. Sam says they were mostly about Jason. She never felt need to protect him, and Andre asks if that’s no longer the case. She says it’s as if ever since he came back, it’s been different.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he gets it. She asks if he’s going to hold a grudge forever. Jordan comes along, and he says they’ll finish the conversation later. Jordan wants Jason to answer some questions about the evidence that disappeared the day he was at the station.

Ava tells Franco that the only thing she wants costs too much; the price is too high. He says she has a talent for speaking specifically, yet vaguely. She says it’s a gift, and he tells her that she has a lot of gifts. She says that the gallery is closed, and she’s let the staff go. Franco says even she admitted that scarcity drives up the price, and she asks why he wants to do this. He says that someone he loves, loves her, and he has a hard time saying no. He asks if she can say no to Kiki, and leaves.

Alexis sees Carly, and says it looks like they’re having the same day. Carly asks if Alexis’s daughter stormed out on her, and Alexis says she stormed out on her daughter. Carly says that she and Josslyn used to be close, and now they’re miles apart. Alexis tells her that she’s the mother of teenager, and Carly says it happened overnight. Alexis says she should take a step back, and Carly asks what if Josslyn gets hurt? Alexis says they have to learn lessons that lead to being better people. Carly asks how it’s working for her, like Dr. Phil.

Sonny tells Kristina that Parker took advantage of her, and it upset them. Kristina says that Sonny doesn’t talk to her the same way that Alexis does. It didn’t work out, but she discovered herself. How can she hate the person who helped her realize who she is? Sonny understands, but says when you’re a parent and you see child in pain, you want to stop it and don’t want it to happen again. Kristina says what about learning to fall and get back up? Sonny of all people should know about that.

Sam tells Andre that Jason is different, and maybe she is too. She used to think he was indestructible, and never worried he could die, but now she does. The more he invests in their life, the worse she gets. Andre thinks she should talk to someone. Not necessarily him, but someone she trusts enough to confide in. She says he’s right. She has to talk to someone.

Jason tells Jordan that he was at the station to ask about Julian’s trial, but found out he wasn’t needed. Jordan says there’s a gun missing, and asks if he would he know anything about it. He says there are cameras all over the place. She asks why he would want to protect who shot Sonny. She thinks he and Sonny want to go after shooter themselves, but he says that he left that life a long time ago. Jordan hopes that’s true, but says that she’s watching him and will get to the bottom of it. Sam has been listening from around the corner.

Diamond dude tells Anna that the stone is part of a set from a high profile smash and grab. She asks who carried it out?

Elizabeth is in the studio. Franco walks in, and she asks what happened, showing him one of the paintings he messed up. He tells her that he destroyed the painting because it’s ugly – the actions and impulses behind it were ugly. He’s separate from them now because he’s someone else. It’s still on him. but he was sick. How can he move beyond his past if he can’t acknowledge it? He wants to grow and evolve, not just for himself, but for her, the boys, and their future. Elizabeth says do it, and Franco tells her that he’s scared of losing her if he stops pretending the man he used to be didn’t exist. She tells him that the past is the past, and the future is theirs. They kiss, and I assume they get busy, but instead of a song part, we look at a painting.

Jordan sees Curtis at the hospital, and asks if Stella is okay. He says that he’s working on a case with Finn. She asks if he’s undercover somewhere fancy, and he says that Stella set him up on blind date. Jordan says it’s good that he’s getting out there, but he says it didn’t go very well. Among other things, it’s who she set him up with.

Kristina asks Valerie if she was stood up. Valerie says it was worse; the date was Curtis. Kristina hesitates to give any advice, since she just laid into her mom for giving it to her.

Alexis tells Carly that she knows every time she intervenes, Kristina will say she’s interfering. Carly asks what the answer is, and she says to let them make their own mistakes, within reason. If you tell anyone not to do something, they’ll want to.

Jason finds Sam’s room empty.

That’s because she went to Sonny’s place. She tells him that they need to talk.

Alexis tells Carly that things will get better when they’re older… she thinks. Josslyn comes back and Alexis tells them to enjoy lunch. Carly and Josslyn apologize to each other for being unkind. Carly says she realizes she can’t keep Josslyn a kid forever. She won’t stop her from seeing Oscar, but she’s still in restriction until school starts. If she wants to date Oscar, she has permission. Josslyn says they’re just friends for right now. Carly says she has errand to run. Josslyn thanks her and they hug.

Curtis tells Jordan about Valerie revealing to Stella how he broke her trust. He says Stella was disappointed, but he thinks he convinced her not to set him up again. Jordan says that she just set him up with the wrong person, and Curtis says she did. It wasn’t Jordan.

Valerie tells Kristina that her mom is just being parent. Kristina says more like a control freak. Valerie says she didn’t have prefect relationship with her mom, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t love each other. She’d give anything to see her mother again, even if it was for one more argument. She tells Kristina that time is precious, and not to waste a chance to make it right.

Jason asks if Andre has seen Sam, and he tells Jason she was discharged. Jason says she was supposed to wait for him. Andre tells him that there was someone she wanted to talk to.

Sonny tells Sam that Jason had told him she was being discharged, but he thought she’d be with him. Sam says that she appreciates everything he’s done, but she can’t lie anymore. Carly deserves truth. In one of those perfect soap moments, Carly walks in and says she couldn’t agree more. Sonny wants to explain. Carly says they should never promise each other they won’t keep secrets, because the promise is always broken. She asks wth is going on?

Alexis comes by Perks, and Valerie steps away to make a call. Alexis says she didn’t like how she and Kristina left things. They might not see eye to eye, but she’ll make an effort to respect Kristina’s choices. The important thing is that she loves Kristina. Kristina says that she loves Alexis too, and they hug. Valerie sees them, and smiles.

Curtis tells Jordan that he shouldn’t have said that; they agreed to end things. She says it’s the right thing. It’s who he wants to be for Stella, and that man does the right thing. Curtis hates the right thing. Jordan says it sucks, but don’t blame Stella. He should find someone who makes him happy. She goes down in the elevator, and he says she should too.

Ava transfers some funds into the gallery account.

Franco asks Elizabeth what brought that on. She says him. He doesn’t see what she does. He tells her that means a lot to him. She wonders what happened to him in New York. He gets a call, and takes it in the other room. She looks around and pulls out a painting.

Diamond dude says it’s up to the authorities to figure it out, and Anna says he’s right about that, and thanks him. When he’s gone, she scrutinizes the diamond. Andre walks in, and she puts it behind her back. He says she seems distracted, and she tells him that she’s thinking about her next case.

Carly asks if Sam is okay. Sam says that this is difficult to say. Jason walks in, and Sam says that she can’t do this anymore; she needs to be honest. She’s sorry, and Carly asks sorry for what? She tells Carly that she’s the one who shot Sonny.

Barring any eclipses, tomorrow, Ned is in the market for Alexis’s legal services, the prosecutor has a surprise witness at Julian’s trial, and Sam isn’t staying silent anymore.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica and Kathryn watch as the Cryer mansion burns. Jim and David come running up, and they’re like, WTH? Jim asks what Kathryn is doing, and she says watching the house burn. He asks why she did it, and she says that she was hoping he’d be in it. Veronica tells Jim that she told Kathryn to do it, and asks him to explain about Jennifer’s body. Jim wonders how they’re going to explain this, and Kathryn says, very carefully. Veronica tells Jim that if they have the body, they have DNA. Jim says he had it taken care of, and had the house cleaned. Veronica says he took care of it all right; that’s why the body showed up in front of the news station.

David and Veronica banter. David tells Veronica to save it for the divorce hearing. She likes him getting all bold, and says it’s hot. Not as hot as Benny, but he might be on to something. Kathryn walks away, and Jim says they have to figure out what her story is going to be. David calls the fire department as the house continues to blaze.

The cops are combing the hotel for Candace. Landon asks Charles if everything is okay, and Charles says they have to talk. He asks if Landon likes his job. He’s not happy that Landon called the police, when he made it clear that he was to help Candace. Charles wants her. Landon asks why, and Charles is like, what? Landon rephrases it, and asks why she’s special. Charles says women aren’t his thing, so why does he care? Landon says that Charles is going to be president, and he’s dealing with a street level criminal. Charles says he and Candace aren’t that different. Landon thinks they are, and Charles says that would be a fatal mistake. He says he’s telling Landon one more time to help her, and that’s all. Landon apologizes and jets. Charles tells him to send in Vincent.

Charles asks Vincent what’s going on, and he says they’re looking for the young lady. He told the police that floor was covered, and if she returns, he’ll let them know. He asks if Charles wants to see her when she gets back, and he says he does.

Candace goes to the fleabag motel, where there’s still crime scene tape all over. She starts to cry. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her cry, and it’s quite heart wrenching. She asks where God is.

George wants to see Wyatt and find out if he knows anything about Jennifer’s murder. Justin asks to come along with Detective Hines, and Hines says he can follow.

In the hotel lobby, Jeffrey tells Landon to stay away from him. Landon asks if he knew Justin was going to be in his room, and when Jeffrey says no, Landon asks why. Jeffrey says he’s been showing up places. Landon says it sounds like stalking, but Jeffrey says Justin is merely crazy about him. Landon says or just crazy; the guy has problems. He identifies as straight, but Jeffrey is the object of his affections? Jeffrey says that his mom made sure he won’t be back, and on cure, Veronica joins them. She tells Jeffery she’s sick of him and “these girls.” She tells him that he’s coming home. She asks Landon if he has to check his lipstick, and he says he’s sure it’s better than her foundation. She tells him in his dreams. Landon leaves, and she reminds Jeffrey that she goes before the judge tomorrow to keep Quincy’s body out of evidence. He still refuses to come. He says Melissa tried to kill herself, and Veronica says she needs him to make sure she doesn’t bleed on her good sheets. Jeffrey says that Melissa is depressed, and Veronica says she’s just looking for attention. She’s carrying Veronica’s grandchild, and she wants Jeffrey to pick her up and take her back to the house. Candace walks by, and he says she must have found out her son died. Veronica says sorry, but apparently, her son wants the same thing. She tells him she’ll see him at home, and to stay away from the boys.

Candace waits at the elevator. Jeffrey asks if she’s okay, but she doesn’t say anything. She gets into the elevator, and the doors close.

There’s a knock at Wyatt’s door. It’s George, followed by Hines and Justin. Wyatt introduces Anna, and Justin asks if she’s his girlfriend. She says no, and Wyatt asks if Justin has to be there. George asks about his relationship with Jennifer, and he tells George about the deal they had. He asks if it’s still going to be honored, and if Jeffrey is still included, and George says yes. He tells Wyatt that he’s not here to talk about that; he’s here to talk about Jennifer’s murder. Wyatt says he knew she was dead, but didn’t know she’d been murdered. George tells him about the note saying that she was murdered by a Cryer. He asks how her relationship was with his parents. He says they hated her, but he didn’t know why. After she got his inheritance released, they got really pissed off. George asks how much it was, and Wyatt says $12 million. George asks how much Wyatt’s parents are worth, and Kathryn is worth $120 million, but Jim is worth nothing without her. He asks if they’re going to jail, and George says they’re building a case. Wyatt says they’re not good people, and George wants to hear about it. Wyatt wants Justin to leave first. Justin asks why, and he says he doesn’t like the way Justin treats his friends. Justin acts like he doesn’t know what Wyatt means, but George tells him to step outside. George asks Wyatt what he can tell him about his parents.

Candace goes to Charles’s room, shrugging Vincent off. She asks Charles for her phones, and he tells Vincent to get them. She calls Benny, and gets voicemail. She asks him to call her. Charles asks if she’s okay, and that he’s sorry. She asks what happened, and if he did this. He says of course not. All he knows is that Quincy Jr. was caught in a crossfire, but he’ll find out the details. She goes into her room, and closes the door. Is that a Birkin on the couch? She calls Erica, and says she needs her, telling her to come to the room. Erica says she’ll be right there, but of course calls War. She tells him where Candace is. She says she’ll try to keep her there, and to hurry. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

Candace calls Hanna. She asks if it’s true, and Hanna says it is. She asks what happened. Hanna tells her that War busted in looking for her. Mitch and Benny got into it, and War started shooting. Candace finishes for her, saying, and he shot her son. She asks where Quincy Jr. was, and Hanna says in the bathroom; she ran in there with him. Candace asks why Hanna didn’t protect him; he wouldn’t have gotten shot. Hanna says she was on top of him, and Candace asks why she didn’t get shot. Hanna doesn’t know. Candace calls her a liar, and says she’s the one who should be dead.

Next, Candace calls Mitch. He asks if she’s okay, and she asks if he would be. He says he’s sorry. She says she can’t believe it. She asks if they’re sure it was him, meaning War, and he says they all saw him. He shot the place up. He asks what she wants to do. She wants him dead. Mitch says okay. She asks what the plan is. He says just get him to his grandmother’s restaurant. She says she will.

Mitch calls the restaurant and says he’s coming – and he’s bringing War. The bartender laughs, and says finally Mitch is coming into the family. He says they’ll be ready – all of them – and he’ll let Mama Rose know.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Erica. Candace tells her to sit. She eyeballs Erica for a while, and asks if Erica is with her. She asks why Erica’s dress smelled like War. She says that Erica doesn’t deal with that level of thug, so how did she pick up that fragrance? Erica says she’s scared to death of War. Candace asks again if she’s with her. She says War killed her son. Erica is shocked, and says she’s sorry. Candace says that War shot him. Erica asks why, and Candace says it’s okay. Erica says it’s not okay; it’s so wrong. Candace calls War. He says he’s looking for her, and she says she knows. He says that she lied to him, and she says she knows. War says she knows she’s got to die, right? He asks where she is and she gives him the room number, but says he knows it, while she looks pointedly at Erica. War tells her not to move, but she says she is. She says he shot her son. He tells her that it was an accident, and she says okay. He says he’s on his way. She says no, and hangs up. She’s been staring at Erica throughout the conversation, and Erica asks why she called him. Candace asks for Erica’s phone. Erica tries to skate, but Candace isn’t having it, and she hands it over. It rings. It says unknown caller. Candace hands the phone back and tells her to answer it – on speaker phone. She waits for about a thousand rings, and it’s David. Oh man, that was a moment for real.

David says he can’t make it back tonight. He and Erica go blah-blah-blah, and Erica says she’s on the other line with a friend who’s having trust issues. She says she’s a good friend, and is going to screw up the only good thing in her life because of trust. Erica says that she’ll call him. They hang up, and Erica tells Candace that she’s her girl, she always has been, and not to doubt that. Candace just keeps staring at her stone-faced, and she starts begging. Candace says don’t touch her. She tells Erica to come with her. They’re going to dinner.

Candace brings Erica to Malone’s Restaurant. Erica goes to the bathroom. Mitch greets Candace. He says their table is almost ready. He quietly tells her that when it goes down, stay low. His guys are good, and don’t worry. She says that she’s not, and Mitch says that he’s looking out for her. He asks if War is on the way, and Candace says Erica is probably calling him now. Mitch is surprised about Erica, and tells Candace again that he’s looking out for her and to stay low. Candace tells him to just kill that a-hole. Mitch leads her to the table. Mitch is just super-hot and has a super-hot personality.

Benny sits in the interrogation room. An officer comes in, and he asks if he can go or not. The officer says he’s free to go, and gives Benny his phone. Fastest. Exit. Ever. In the parking lot, Benny calls Hanna. She asks what they said, and he still doesn’t know what happened. He asks her to pick him up, and she says she’ll be right there.

Charles is at some press conference where a guy is making a big fuss over him, saying what a wonderful senator he is, and how amazing he is at so young an age. The guy says he’s good for the state of Georgia, and he’s good for the entire United States. He introduces Charles as the next President of the United States. Everybody cheers.

At the restaurant, Erica peruses the menu, while Candaces stares daggers at her. War walks in. Candace gives him a half-smile, and he sits next to Erica.

Charles asks for moment of silence for Quincy Jr. Hanna is watching on the TV, and he says he knows members of the family personally.

War’s guys start to gather in the restaurant, standing in front of the door. Candace flashes back to him abusing her, raping her, and killing her son, even though she wasn’t there for that one. A massive shootout happens, with people diving for cover or pulling out guns. Apparently, Mitch’s guys are most of the restaurant patrons. And they are good.

Charles has his moment of silence.

Mitch gets up off of Candace. Everything is busted up, and quite – WAR IS DEAD. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Erica is still alive, although probably not for long. She’d ducked underneath a table.

Charles thanks everyone, and says the family would appreciate it. Hanna is like WTH???

Next time, Veronica makes Melissa clean up the mess she left (she is just the worst – I love it), Mama Rose asks if Erica should live, and Jim insists that Kathryn still loves him.

🎓 If you get a chance, check out Oprah’s Master Class with Tyler Perry. He talks about his beyond rough childhood, how he was compelled to write, and how his faith continues to see him through. He seems like a rare really good guy, and gives a lot of wise life advice. I’m not a huge fan of Oprah‘s, but I love me some Tyler Perry, and he did not disappoint. It was a very fast hour.

🎭 Never Say No

Alexis and Carly commiserating about teenage angst reminded me of this song from The Fantasticks. I once studied with Word Baker, the director of the original play, and thought this version was the closest to what he’d do. Unfortunately, YouTube had neither the original nor the entire song from the film with Joel Grey, which is well worth checking out. The song itself begins around the first minute. There’s a bit of dialogue first. Oh yeah, I’m sure my father would be very proud that all the money paid for my classes was well spent, now that I do karaoke. 🎤


August 21, 2017 – GH Eclipsed, Peggy Dares to Make a Suggestion & It’s Howl-O-Ween in Dallas


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

On the phone, Nathan says things got weird. Hey, wait, why is this a repeat? You mean to tell me that this is because of the eclipse? I looked it up, and yes, it is. Oh well, I’m still recovering from last night’s Game of Thrones episode anyway.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Michael is visiting Vicki, and Briana joins them with the boys. Owen immediately climbs up the cupboards. Vicki says she needs more babies, but Briana says not from her. Vicki wants a little girl. Or more boys. Why? The grandchildren she has already are so out of control, it isn’t funny. Vicki tells them about the sip and see, and wonders why Shannon blames her for her weight issues. In her interview, Vicki snarks that she’s flattered Shannon is thinking about her while she’s eating and not exercising. She tells us that Michael’s girlfriend, Dani, slipped and said something about when they get married.

Meghan and Bridget go through the gifts. Megan is glad everyone got along. She asks if Bridget noticed how nervous Shannon was, and does a spot-on impression of her. She Facetimes Jimmy, who is his usually enthusiastic self. In her interview, she tells us he’s really a sensitive, sweet, and thoughtful guy. When he’s not being a huge a-hole.

Doug has a surprise for Lydia for her birthday. She hopes he doesn’t have clowns, and he says only monkeys. Her mom Judy pops a confetti canon, and a 90K car is revealed. Not a sportscar; an SUV mom car. Oh, she also gets a sportscar. A 180K Aston Martin. Judy puts a flower crown on Lydia’s head, which is one of their traditions. There’s also a table laden with gifts. Maybe I should have moved to California when I was dating.

Peggy is proud that even though her daughters don’t have to work, they choose to. They ask how Meghan’s party was. She tells them about talking to Vicki, and says she sensed that Vicki is tired and wants to avoid confrontation. She thinks it’s all petty.

Lydia drives her new non-mom car to a helicopter pad, and she and Doug go to Catalina for lunch. They discuss the launch party for the magazine. She tells him that she invited the girls, and Doug asks if she’s confident they can behave. She thinks even Tamra and Vicki could make up. The next topic is Doug’s vasectomy. Lydia is planning a Balls Voyage party. He was hoping for innovations in the procedure by the time they were done having kids. Doug brings out a cake with a sparkler in it. Wow. There’s no end to the birthday celebration.

Eddie and Tamra go out to eat. He talks about how fun it is to be together 24/7. He’s being somewhat sarcastic, but thinks it’s great they have a life where they can spend so much time with each other. We flash back through clips of their relationship, and how they decided not to have a baby. She asks how he thinks the fundraiser went, and he’s proud of her. She’s bummed that her mother didn’t come though. She tells us that her mom knows her background, and it hurts for her not to be there. She talks to Eddie about not being able to air problems while she was growing up. She gripes that her mother never interferes intervenes on her behalf with Sidney. She says if it was Ryan, she’d be all up in his business. She talks about how her dad married her mom’s best friend shortly after her parents’ divorce, and she felt that he was choosing his new wife over the family. She thinks this is karma for being on her mother’s side. Eddie tells her to be patient.

Kelly and Michael go out to dinner. Kelly brings up Michael’s birthday, but he doesn’t want to celebrate. In her interview, she says the age gap wasn’t as bad when they were younger, but he wants to be more of a homebody now, while she still wants to party. She tells him about how taking her mother to the senior center turned into a therapy session. Michael tells Kelly that she’s never around, but her social butterfly ways are one of the reasons he loves her. She doesn’t say anything, because she feels like he’s not being genuine with her. In her interview, she says she admires how Shannon works on her marriage. Are they okay now? I forget.

Shannon is cooking a low-calorie meal. She chastises David for having some chips, and looks at him like she might grab one. She says it’s frustrating to get a healthy meal on the table, while David tries to cram in as many chips as possible beforehand. Her daughters hate Shannon’s healthy cooking, and one of them feeds the dog under the table. Shannon tells them that she’s snagged a partner for the restaurant she wants to open. David says it can be a brutal business, and she says it’s a new concept – affordable healthy eating – so it might have a low profit margin. He says they have to make a profit to sustain themselves. Shannon says it’s been a dream of hers forever. In her interview, she says when David started his business, she was all kinds of encouraging, and wishes he’d be the same.

Tamra calls her mother, but gets voicemail. She says her mother has lacked communication skills her entire life. They don’t have the kind of relationship where they can talk, and it’s not good. Sandy calls back, and Tamra tells her the Erased Parent event went well. It was an emotional night, and giving a speech was hard. Sandy says she planned on going, but the whole thing is hard for her. She wanted to be supportive, but she can’t do it anymore. It’s worse than a death, because Sidney is there, yet they can’t get to her. Every time she gets her hopes up, she gets slammed back down. Tamra reminds her about how she and her dad didn’t even talk for ten years, and how divorce ruins families. She thinks Sidney is doing the same thing to her. She’s glad that her mother explained why she wasn’t there, and Sandy promises she’ll be there next time. Tamra says they need to talk more, and they agree their behaviors come from their childhoods.

The launch party for Nobleman begins. Lydia says they want it to be a spectacle, and give the guests the experience of what it’s like to be a gentleman today. The ladies start to arrive. Vicki walks in like she just rode horses all day, and I wonder if it’s the pencil skirt she’s wearing, or is she that tired. In her interview, she says Tamra and Shannon are like two little ants, going everywhere she does.

Tamra says if she has to walk on her elbows to avoid Vicki, she will. Lydia shows Peggy and Diko their picture on an easel. Peggy says it’s classy and chic like they are. Michael stayed home, and Kelly doesn’t like going to events by herself, but hates missing out on a good time. Like these events always are. Lydia introduces Doug, and says the magazine is a labor of love. Doug keeps it short, and says being a gentleman never goes out of style. Meghan wonders what’s up with Peggy’s boobs, and Tamra tells her about the mastectomy. They wonder if Peggy had cancer or not, and if she had reconstructive surgery. They don’t know all the details, and are way too nosy. What is it with them always playing detective?

Lydia tells Vicki that she and Tamra should move on. She asks if Vicki is open to that, and Vicki says she’s really hurt. In her interview, Lydia says she loves them together. They were like sisters, and now they can’t even look at each other. We see a flashback of them in Mexico wearing light-up ears and dancing. She suggests getting together the next week. Vicki says she doesn’t like conflict, but has to fight for who she is. In her interview, she thinks Lydia’s intentions are good, but the damage has been done. Vicki says goodbye to Kelly, while Tamra pointedly ignores her. Shannon says she doesn’t exist anymore, but obviously follows every move Vicki makes. The next weight I gain is on Shannon.

Lydia talks to Tamra, saying that Vicki would be open for a meeting. In her interview, Tamra calls her naïve, and says that Vicki is dead to her. She says someone attacking her marriage and family is difficult. Lydia thinks that Tamra should tell Vicki how she feels. She’s been praying on it, and says it can’t be worse. They could at least say hello. Shannon joins them, and wonders why Vicki doesn’t want to meet with her. In her interview, Lydia says Shannon tried to take her head off for suggesting it, and we flash back to Shannon screeching at Lydia. Shannon says she doesn’t have anything to say to Vicki anyway. Peggy comes along, and Tamra tells her about Vicki wanting to meet. She starts going on about how Vicki attacked her family and husband, and Meghan’s husband. Peggy says it isn’t worth it, and that Tamra is dwelling on it. Tamra asks if Peggy even wants to be friends. Honestly, I wish Tamra would stop embarrassing all Christians everywhere by claiming she is one.

Peggy looks at her like, are you five? Tamra lectures Peggy about how she and Vicki were friends for ten years, and gives her the entire history, starting from when the earth cooled. Peggy gets it, but thinks Tamra is making herself sick over it. In her interview, Peggy wants to have compassion, but is tired of the same thing, and thinks Tamra should move on. I can totally relate. She says either hash it out or let it go. Tamra insists that Peggy doesn’t know what happened. She tells Peggy that she doesn’t see the whole picture, but has a lot to say about it, adding that she feels attacked. She’s an idiot, because Peggy was totally gracious, but perhaps Peggy recognizes this, and says she wants Tamra to be comfortable and happy. Tamra says she is happy, and what does Peggy want her to do? Peggy says she feels badly for both of them. Tamra is annoyed that anyone could feel badly for Vicki, and says when she does it to Peggy – and she will – Peggy will understand. She tells Peggy about Vicki giving Meghan’s marriage only four years. Although it’s still too early to see if this prediction comes true. Diko finally rescues Peggy from this broken record.

Shannon asks if Tamra wants to go, and Tamra goes on and on about what a great friend Shannon is. Then she says she’s f-ing pissed. Shannon says she’s getting together with Meghan and Kelly tomorrow, and Tamra tells her to have fun. In the limo, Tamra relays to Shannon what Peggy said about her putting too much energy into hating Vicki. She thinks Peggy has an attitude, and curses her out. Tamra tells Shannon that Peggy had cancer, and Vicki lied about that very thing. 😱

Next time, Tamra does an obstacle course, Peggy explains her health issues to Shannon, and Tamra tells Peggy that she has RBF. (sigh)

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark is bugged because his socks don’t match perfectly. Cary says he’s a perfectionist, and only bad at being alone. She says Mark’s priority is growing the business right now, but hers is spending time with her daughter.

Kameron tells us she worked full time in sales for a toy company before she got married. She’s now the CEO of her house. She brings in a Spanish tutor for the kids. She says her Cali Girl, Southern accent combo mixed with Spanish doesn’t work, and demonstrates for us.

Stephanie meets with her life coach Laurie. Oh please. She says Laurie makes her think about her life, and she pays Laurie to listen. She started seeing her after there were problems with Brandi. She talks to Laurie about having to find a new house. She says she’s never been a part of the house buying even though they’ve lived in three different homes. Laurie brings up Brandi, and Stephanie gets emo. She says she felt rejected at Mark’s birthday. The person who was supposed to love her like a sister, threw her away like trash, and she’s afraid too much damage has been done to fix it. Laurie suggests she find out what hurt Brandi. This is the kind of advice she gets paid for, which is kind of depressing. In her interview, Stephanie says they’re judging a dog costume contest together, so they’re going to have to see each other.

Brandi meets with Cary. She’s Stephanie’s ride or die, so Brandi is wondering how this is going to affect their friendship. Mark is a finalist in some kind of fashion stylist thing. She says Stephanie might or might not be there, and asks if Brandi wants to come. Brandi tells her no; her nerves are shot. She says that Mark’s party was still good, even if Stephanie was there. Cary says that she didn’t want Brandi to feel left out. They discuss the text from Stephanie, where she’d claimed Cary said that LeeAnne was up to her old tricks. Cary thinks maybe Stephanie made her own assumption when she told her about meeting LeeAnne, and how she and Brandi’s estrangement had been brought up. Cary says she wants to be friends with everyone, and Brandi says that’s the way it goes with Stephanie. Cary wants to be able to trust everyone, and I tell her good luck with that.

D’Andra brings her sales coordinator to her cosmetic designer. She wants to show the coordinator how things are done with her mother’s company. D’Andra says that she knows the chemistry of the products very well, and it’s her gift to understand the science. A new product is being studied. D’Andra thinks if they don’t act now, they could become obsolete, but her mother hasn’t let her launch a product in years.

Travis and Stephanie go to look at a house. She tells him they both like different things, so not to get his hopes up. There’s a pool in the living room, and she’s like, no, just no. The realtor tries to make it sound like it’s the best thing ever. The place looks like it belongs on Million Dollar Listing. The toilet has a bunch of settings, one of which I’m not even going to talk about. Stephanie says it’s every girl’s dream, and now I’m like, no, just no. There’s a rain shower that I’m totally into though, and the view is fabulous. A lake is down below, and the “famous black swan” swims up as if on cue. Travis says it’s going to auction, so it could be a good deal. Stephanie says something is missing. She wants a place where the kids can play, and she wants a guest house. Travis thinks they’d save money buying it, and could sink it into changing things. Stephanie says they have to decide together.

Mark is skeptical that he’ll win. Cary says he has the best eye of any straight guy she knows. She’d love to see him win, but thinks they’ll be no living with him if he does. We see clips of him shopping, and he’s a tyrant. The event is at a store called Tootsies, and Mark mingles with the guests. The Stylemaker judges go around to various clothing displays the finalists have put together. Travis shows everyone his built-in pocket square.

Where’s LeeAnne?

More of Kameron and her kids. She wants them to pack up some toys for a vacation they’re going on, but it’s not happening. She plies them with some reward for whoever packs first. Kameron says her husband loves to travel, and she’ll go anywhere, but she’s upset about missing the dog costume contest. It would be the perfect opportunity for her to push her pink dog food line. Her husband is like, get over it, but she thinks it could be a multi-million-dollar business. I’m not sure about that, but I definitely think she could make money from it.

A woman thanks everyone for coming to the Stylemaker awards, and some guy named Guillermo wins. Cary feels bad, but says that Mark won in her book, and she thinks her prize is better than the award. D’Andra says she’s coming to the dog thing. Cary tells Stephanie that she’s getting pissed, and confronts her about the text message. She thinks she’s getting missed signals. She says she talked to Brandi, and isn’t sure about Stephanie now. Stephanie says she was just trying to protect Brandi, even though Cary said to give LeeAnne the benefit of the doubt, and now she looks like an idiot. Stephanie says that she didn’t mean to put Cary in the middle, and Cary starts getting louder, saying that Stephanie and Brandi have to talk, this is stupid, and she’s done. Well said.

D’Andra tries to get her dogs to eat. This makes me happy, since I thought I was the only one who had to coerce a dog to eat their supper. Her mother comes over, and D’Andra says she always feels like her mother is scrutinizing her. D’Andra tells her about meeting with Jackie, and that she thinks a lot of things are outdated. She says a lot of their products are sold on Christian TV, and they need to rebrand and expand the products. They’re also not doing much on social media. She says there’s no marketing budget, and they need to spend money on some updates. Her mother says that D’Andra doesn’t understand the financial end. D’Andra begs to differ, and says she’s still stuck wearing training wheels. She tells us that she was up for a great job when her mother enticed her to come back and work for the company. Her mother (they have not shown her name since she came in) Isn’t going for it, and they end the conversation, but she says they’ll pick it up another time.

Travis brings home Stephanie’s favorite champagne. He says he’s got good news. They won the house auction. He says he’s a little nervous, and she doesn’t know if she can live there. He thinks a swimming pool in the living room is cool. She tells him that they should have done it together. In her interview, She says Travis has sunk millions into the house they have now without her input. She tells him that with two kids and two dogs, a formal living room isn’t practical. Travis thinks anyone else would be thrilled. She says if he can’t consider the family, they can flip it and get something else. I dunno. If you gave me a monstrosity of a house, but also the money to do what I wanted with it, I’d be okay.

LeeAnne (finally) gets her pups ready for the Howl-O-Ween costume contest. One of her dogs is dressed like a hotdog, and she steams her own matching costume. She’s a hotdog with her own hotdog. That reminds me of a guy I knew named Bob, who had a dog named Bob. Just so he could say, “Hi, I’m Bob, and this is my dog, Bob.” The dog was a standard poodle who loved to dance. Now where was I? Brandi says it’s awkward and hard for her, because it’s something that should be fun, but now she’ll have to deal with Stephanie. All of the dogs are adorable.

D’Andra and Cary show up. Brandi says she’s had a horrible week. LeeAnne brings up the text. Cary says that Stephanie was trying to reach out to Brandi by throwing her under the bus. Stephanie tells Brandi that she needs to know what she did wrong. They both join the others at a picnic table, and it gets really quiet. The organizer or whatever saves the day, by announcing that the contest is starting, and the two of them have to leave to do judging.

The announcer dude sits with Brandi and Stephanie to discuss the vote, although I don’t know how they can choose. Where’s Waldo is one of the winners, but is MIA, which is kind of funny. Maybe he’s just blending in. At the table, Cary says they all have to talk face to face. When Stephanie and Brandi get back, they’re down with that, so LeeAnne wants to start with the text. Stephanie says LeeAnne scares her, and she thought she was manipulating. LeeAnne tells her to look in the mirror – bitch, like she’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or Jessie from Breaking Bad.

LeeAnne says all the behind the scenes talk has to stop. She says she hasn’t done anything to Brandi – unlike Stephanie. Stephanie says if LeeAnne has a problem with her, to talk to her, which is pretty rich. LeeAnne says Stephanie didn’t do that. Immediately, Stephanie says if she hurt LeeAnne’s feelings, she’s sorry. LeeAnne thinks her words came out too quickly to be sincere, and suggests that she and Brandi discuss what’s really wrong, which everyone is in agreement on. Stephanie says that she and Brandi’s children and husbands are friends, and they’re hurting the people they love. She doesn’t know what she did, but wishes she could go back and fix it. Brandi tells her that she had to step away, because Stephanie didn’t appreciate the friendship. Brandi says that they’ll talk.

Next time, Cary and Mark argue, Stephanie and Brandi talk, and a Halloween party happens.

😭 Because I just can’t let it go…


August 20, 2017 – The Shahs Israel Tour Continues & OMG Game of Thrones


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Meanwhile at the Western Wall, GG isn’t feeling comfortable. Shervin seems to think the Wall is for Jews only, and GG says someone said “jihad” to her, which sounds pretty stupid. It makes her think of how people in the past have said Jews and Muslims shouldn’t mix. In his interview, Mike says that GG and Shervin feel a disconnect, and he felt the same way in Turkey. He says all religions seek enlightenment, but he can’t tell them how to feel, and the Wall will stand strong for them if they should decide to come back.

MJ feels that she doesn’t have the right to ask for anything for herself. She starts to cry during her interview, thinking of praying for children in need. Reza asks if she felt a connection, and says he’s tingling. Asa says the baby was kicking against the Wall. Destiney says it drowns you in a sense of release, and can’t believe how free she feels, especially being a Muslim. GG suggests they move on.

Shopping! The Jerusalem market place is bustling. Reza says he’s shopping where Jesus shopped, and talks about how crosses and menorahs are side-by-side. It’s doubtful that the wares in Jesus’s day sported slogans like Shalom, Ya’ll though. GG says she misses her boyfriend Shalom, because she hears his name everywhere. Ha-ha! GG tells Reza that she has marriage and kids on her mind. Her only reservation is the religion thing. In his interview, Reza says her brain is like a pinball. She asks him if it’s hard being half Muslim and half Jewish. He says it’s insane. Growing up gay as well, he felt like he didn’t fit in. GG says he has anger toward Muslims because of what he went through, and she doesn’t want that for her children.

The Holy Sepulcher is next. Mike marvels about being at the holiest Jewish site in the world, and then the holiest Christian site. He’s on a crazy spiritual high. He’s been in darkness, and now the light is so bright it hurts his eyes. He says that no matter who you are, the key is to find light. If people think you can’t get along with others of different faiths, they should watch this show. Stupid as it is, the Shahs are a wonderful example of getting along. Even when they don’t, it’s never about the differences in their faiths.

Omg, MJ has her makeup laid out like a buffet in her room. A tattoo artist is coming to the hotel lounge to ink GG. Asa asks GG why the others are against it. GG says that she has a lot of tattoos, but none is of a man’s name, and she wants to brand herself with Shalom’s name in Hebrew. Destiney joins them. She says she’s down with tatts on a dude, but thank God for laser removal.

MJ, Reza, Shervin and Mike (sounds like a law firm or folk band) go out to do some drinking. Mike thinks GG is cuckoo. In his interview, Reza says she’s hesitant to come to Israel, but wants Shalom tattooed on her torso. He wonders how she reconciles things in that special head, and I laugh.

GG makes a lot of uncomfortable sounds during the procedure, but the tattoo looks good.

MJ says it’s her last hurrah. She’s getting pregnant when she gets home. Reza says it’s the last hurrah every time she has a drink, and we flash back to three last hurrahs. Reza thinks that MJ getting pregnant in a month timeframe isn’t realistic. He suggests planning a wedding, but MJ wants to get pregnant first. Reza is like, wait a second, because she’s saying Asa should get married. MJ says she’s not having a bastard child, but Asa will. (I can’t believe anyone even uses that term anymore.) She says as soon as the test is positive, they’ll do everything. If not, she’s not marrying Tommy, because he smokes around the dogs and eats hard candy at night. And likes the Mets. Reza says there will always be issues, but she has to keep moving forward in spite of what’s happening. They move on to a club that reminds me of the old Danceteria.

GG and Asa are sleeping when the partiers get to the hotel lounge. Shervin finds a hair extension hanging from a lampshade, and we both go, eww. MJ gets GG’s room key, and Reza says that they’re going in Israeli defense style. They wake her up, and want to see the tattoo. She’s surprisingly compliant. They want to be there when she tells Shalom, and she decides to Facetime with him. She shows him the tattoo, and he says omfg that’s real. Reza tells him to go buy a ring.

We’re on to the Dead Sea, beers being cracked the whole way there. Reza says people from all over the world come there to get healed. Asa asks Mike and Reza how last night was. Reza says they called MJ out, and tells Asa about the bastard child comment. Asa isn’t cool with that. They go to a restaurant and eat outside. In her interview, Asa says calling her baby a bastard child is f-ed up. Asa says that MJ is always taking jabs at her, and to use that word, no matter who you’re referring to, is ugly. MJ says that she was talking about herself. MJ says several of the friends asked about Asa getting married, and she avoided the question. She’s never met a pregnant woman so secretive, and every question is an attack. Mike says MJ is upset because Asa isn’t open and honest. Asa says she’s open about her age and weight, whereas MJ isn’t. Mike disagrees, saying that MJ is an open book, and everyone judges her. GG says weight isn’t a topic that’s very deep, and Reza says it’s awkward for him, since he’s friends with them both. GG wonders why be friends, if she doesn’t want to be open?. Asa says she doesn’t want to talk about certain things. Shervin asks if she took hormones to get pregnant, and Asa says she froze eggs years ago. MJ is shocked, wondering why she never said anything, and Asa says she doesn’t trust her. MJ says that Asa lied to her, and Asa says they froze 8 male embryos, but didn’t use them. They just started trying, and she’s shocked at how fast it happened. In his interview, Mike thinks it’s odd that she had a natural pregnancy that quickly at age 40. He’s not buying it.

Mike thinks if they can’t be open and honest, they shouldn’t be friends GG says they didn’t just come on the trip to unite Muslims and Jews, but each other. MJ wonders why Asa asked a million questions about her fertility process, but kept her own to herself. They go down to the sea. GG duct tapes her tattoo, so she can get in the water with the others. Asa stays in a chair on the beach. She feels emotionally poisoned, and doesn’t want to share, since she’s not feeling the love. Reza says that the Dead Sea is ten times saltier that any ocean, and everything floats immediately. It’s funny to watch how quickly people rise to the top. GG is grateful, saying everything is good right now. She gets salt water on the tattoo, and then it’s not so good. When they get back, Mike says that he has salt in all of his crevices.

Asa gets her neck massaged while she talks to Destiney. She’s not happy about some of the conversations. Tommy Facetimes MJ. She asks about her father, who is holding on, and he shows her one of the dogs. She says it’s not easy being so far away from her dad. They’ve been thick as thieves since she came out of the womb. Tommy puts Shams on, and says his grip is starting to feel strong. She says hello to him, and Tommy tells her not to cry; he’s good. After she hangs up, she gets a billion tissues and goes inside the shower cubicle. Mike asks if she wants a drink; he’s worried about her. Mike says his own father had told him that when he saw that Mike was okay, he’d be okay. He thinks Shams is holding on because he wants to see her happy. He tells her that Tommy is a good dude, and not to let her father’s illness to stop her from living her life. He says that Shams has lived a good life, and he should see her get married. MJ says that she has to make sure she propels herself forward and gets what Mike is saying.

The group strolls around the city, which is beautiful. They go to a restaurant where they have a private room. Reza says that the owners are a couple who decided to turn their home into a restaurant, and the food is off the chain. He tells us that Jews and Muslims don’t agree on much, but they agree on the food. It’s simple and delicious, and he’d like to go swimming in the hummus. MJ starts to make a toast, and Mike says what a great guy Tommy is, and tells her to step up or step out. He thinks she’ll lose him if she doesn’t marry him. MJ says she doesn’t mean to be unappreciative, but she has to be an activist for her father’s care. In her interview, Asa wonders if crying is MJ’s default mode for avoiding an issue. MJ says she’s dealing with a lot, but does it with pleasure. In his interview, Mike says Asa doesn’t look like she gives a flying. Mike says it’s amazing how they’re fighting for each other to achieve their goals, and be open and honest. They toast to the future.

Asa has an announcement. She found out the sex of the baby. She was waiting until the end of the trip, but now she feels alone and uncomfortable. Mike thinks she’s being insulting. Asa says there’s nothing she has to hide, and she’s not a liar. They’re welcoming a son. Reza says he called it. In her interview, MJ says that Asa got pregnant by a miracle, but happened to freeze male embryos and it’s a boy. She calls Asa a fraud. GG says she knew there was a penis in there somewhere. Mike asks about a name, but it hasn’t been decided.

Reza makes a toast, thanking everyone for sharing this journey. He grew up respecting and loving that side of his family, and talks about being with Mike’s family. He tells them about his grandmother having five sisters, and how he didn’t have that, but he gets it through them. Shervin says what Reza has gone through has made him who he is. He thanks Reza for helping them get over their fear. In his interview, Shervin he says he was scared because he looks Palestinian, but everyone was welcoming. Mike says he has gratitude for them overlooking their fears. It’s strengthened their roots. Now a massive tree can grow, and Israel has caused that to happen.

Next time, MJ thinks today might be the day, GG tells Shervin that MJ is criticizing him, and Reza calls out Shervin.

Beyond the Wall

I’ll tell you what’s beyond the Wall. Zombies. Lots of them. As Jon and his band of merry men found out on Game of Thrones tonight while on their field trip.

At Winterfell, Arya accused Sansa of having a hand in their father’s death, and showed her the note she’s swiped from Littlefinger. Sansa said she was forced to it, and was just a child. Arya told her she was a child too, but would have died first. Sansa told her that they got Winterfell back because of her, and yada-yada-yada about how much she’s suffered. She told Arya that sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things, and Arya said fear does too, but she’ll stick with anger. I relate.

We found out that The Hound hates gingers, and I wondered wonder what Andy Cohen would have to say about that. Tormund learned what the word d*ck means, and professed his love for Brienne, and his desire to make monster babies with her. The Hound said she’d want to carve him up and eat his liver, and Tormund was like, oh, you know her. Beric told Jon that the trip wasn’t going to be any fun, like he didn’t know this already, but they’d accomplish a lot.

Dany told Tyrion he’s no hero, but she likes it that way. She knows he’s brave though, since she would never choose a coward as her Hand. Tyrion thought if they wanted to create a new and better world, mass murder and destruction wasn’t the way to go about it. He wanted to discuss who would succeed her one day, but Dany wasn’t having it until she’s sitting on the Iron Throne. Tyrion suggested she likes Jon, but she said he was too little for her, and then was like, oh, sorry.

Some guy in Jon’s group got grabbed by something and eaten right away, and this giant zombie bear thing came out of nowhere. It was not good. One of the guys set it on fire, causing The Hound to freeze. Thoros saved him, but got tossed around and mauled for his trouble. Jorah stabbed the bear thing, and made some magic to get Thoros moving again. When Beric asked if he was okay, Thoros was like, I just got bit by a dead bear, what do you think? Pointing out what a stupid question that was.

The real stupidity of the night was Sansa confiding in Littlefinger about Arya finding the note. Why Arya didn’t out him earlier for having it hidden, I’m not sure. Sansa told him that the people’s loyalty is to Jon, not her, and she’s already been married to two of their enemies. She has a point there. I just don’t understand why Sansa is trusting this dude.

Jon and his guys ambushed a group of White Walkers, made zombie brittle out of them, and kept one just in case they needed it later. Even The Hound was grossed out when he ripped the zombie’s face off, while trying to subdue it. When Jon realized a humongous zombie horde was coming, Gendry got sent back to Castle Black to send a raven to Dragonstone for help. Jon and company ran out in the middle of a frozen lake, not realizing it until it started cracking, but they had to keep moving because the horde was breathing – well, symbolically anyway – down their necks. Then in a very Z Nation type move, row by row of zombies fell through the ice and into the lake. Jon and the main characters of the scene made it to an rock formation, along with their captured zombie, with the remaining horde on the other side of the lake. Since winter is all over the place, Gendry ended up keeling over right in front of the Wall, but the Maester ran out, along with a bunch of other guys, and Gendry told him about sending the raven. Thoros ended up freezing to death, and Beric said blah-blah-blah about the Lord of Light, and they burned his body. Oh well. We learned that if you kill a White Walker, the others he’s taken to hell with him will go too.

Back at Winterfell, Sansa told Brienne to represent her at the Kings Landing summit. Brienne reminded Sansa of her oath, but Sansa said she’d by fine by herself.

There was a zombie free-for-all after The Hound threw rocks at one of them, and there were some amazing crane shots. Beric’s flaming sword was also impressive. I yelled, help him! at the TV when I was sure Tormund was a goner. The Hound came to the rescue. The guys fought the zombies, while the soundtrack got all quiet, like that scene in Snowpiercer when the Chris Evans and the tail section people battle those guys in the black masks.

Even though Tyrion had warned her to do nothing, Dany came flying in on Drogon’s back, wearing a snow queen type outfit, along with the other two dragons. There was dracarys all over the place, and then some. Dany parked, and the guys were trying to get on the Drogon, but only Jorah made it. While Jon was battling the zombies and Dany’s attention was elsewhere, that freaking, spiky-headed Night King started sneaking in on them. He threw that ice spear he carries, and hit Viserion. (I only know the name because I cheated and looked at another recap. I honestly can’t tell one dragon from another. Hey, at least I’m honest.)

Here’s where it turned into a real sh*t show. In my family room. This hideous creature killed Viserion. It was shocking and sickening and horrifying. And that was just my reaction. I burst into tears, jumped out of my chair, yelled at the TV, and my dogs thought I had gone out of my mind, my sensitive one running to comfort me. After this ruthless scene, Dany took off with Jorah and whoever the other dragon is, and Jon fell into the water. I was so freaked, I didn’t even know what happened to the others. Jon’s Uncle Benjen swooped in, like a white knight on a horse. He put Jon on the horse, but when Jon asked him to come, he said there wasn’t time. This perplexed me, because I wondered how much time it would take him to jump on, especially since he ended up getting eaten by the horde.

Next thing I knew, The Hound, Tormund, and Beric were back at the Wall. Tormund said see you later, but The Hound said probably not. Somehow, Benjen’s horse made it back to the Wall.

Sansa searched Arya’s room, and found her faces. Arya is still quiet as a cat though, and snuck up on her. Arya wanted to play a Westeros version of truth or dare, but Sansa didn’t want to, so Arya scared the crap out of her.

Once again, Jon came back to life after being pretty much frozen. He’s getting good at that resurrection thing. He awoke to Dany sitting at his bedside. He was absolutely precious, telling Dany how sorry he was, and how he wished they hadn’t gone. Dany was stoic though, saying that she needed to see it to believe it, but the dragons are the only children she’ll ever have, so she’s going to destroy the spike head king. Jon told her that he sees her for what she is, and he’d bend his knee, but can’t from a hospital bed. They held hands, and the entire viewing audience had the same thought.

Like a billion Jacob Marleys, the zombies drug Viserion  out of the ice water. Okay, I thought, maybe at least we’ll get a zombie dragon out of this. And yes, we will.

Next time, the season finale.

Best Quotes of the Night

Walking’s good; fighting’s better; f*cking’s best. – Tormund

Heroes do stupid things and they die. – Dany

This episode was brutal and exhausting. – Me


RIP Viserion

(and Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis)