August 1, 2017 – Carly Says a Prayer, Veronica Picks a Fight & the Final Charter Begins


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Julian asks Ava when she started wearing the mask. She says she realized it protects her and everyone around her. Sam was the one who encouraged her, and was actually kind. Ava tells Julian that Sam was also trash talking Sonny.

Finn gets take-out at The Floating Rib, and tells them to put in lots of pickles, and adds that he also wants some sparkling cider. Curtis asks if he’s working some new program, but Finn says it’s for his pregnant lady. Curtis says congratulations like he doesn’t know already.

Jared tells Hayden that he learned some things in the slammer. Hayden says he’s out early. He tells her that he thought she’d wait until he served his time to serve him with divorce papers. He’d thought taking the fall for her would save their marriage. She says they’re done with each other, but he says no, they’re not.

Jordan tells Dante there’s no blood, fingerprints, or any other signs of Sonny in the car. Dante says he’s on his way to see the Garvman.

Garvo tells Carly that he already said he killed Sonny, but she doesn’t believe him, and asks again where Sonny is.

Sonny is busy seeing visions. He asks if he’s dreaming, and his vision says that’s one possibility. Who the blip is this? Ohh, it’s Stone. All growed up now. They did fool me a little, but he’s still a dead guy.

Julian asks Ava when Sam was there. Ava says this morning, looking for Julian, but she has no idea why. Sam didn’t seem like herself. Julian says that’s because she’s sick. She’s in the hospital and might be dying. Ava is like, omg, what’s wrong? Julian explains that it’s an infection she picked up when their sister pushed her off the bridge.

Hayden tells Jared that they have nothing to talk about. She’s having a baby, and marrying the father. Jared says he’s happy for her, but worried about the doctor she’s corralled. She can’t erase him from her life along with the past. Hayden says that nobody there cares about her past, and he says that she owes him.

Finn tells Curtis that things got turned around, and Hayden asked him to marry her. Curtis says under her hard exterior, Hayden is softie. She was a hot mess when he met her. She had issues, some self-inflicted, some not, but no one has worked harder to turn it around.

Jordan says they found some hairs in the car that might be Spencer’s. That, and Garvino having Spencer’s phone should be enough evidence to nail him on the kidnapping. There’s nothing to connect him to Sonny’s disappearance though.

Carly says that the Garvmeister used a child to lure Sonny. Sonny must have figured it was a trap; Garvey couldn’t even kill him in Puerto Rico. Garvey insists that he killed Sonny. Carly says, okay, maybe he’s hurt or was left somewhere. She tells him this is how it’s going down. Sonny’s people know Garvey is in the hospital and vulnerable. If she can get to him, they can, and they’re going to do what they need to. When they’re finished, he might need more surgery or might not be able to walk again, so why not spare himself the agony, and tell her. Dante walks in and says, wth?

Sonny gets up. He says he’s thought a lot about Stone over the years, and the life he could have had. The way he died was unfair. Stone says he had a good life, and a lot of it was because of Sonny – he saved Stone. He tells Sonny that it’s what you do with the life you’re given. Sonny asks if that’s why he’s here, because he’s dying. Stone says that’s up to him.

Carly tells Dante that she’s trying to find out what happened to Sonny, and if Dante can’t get him to talk, she’ll find someone who can. When she’s gone, Garvelicious says that she’s crazy. Dante says he can’t blame her. She’s married to Sonny, so she’s emotional, but it’s just them now. He tells Garvey that he’s a detective, and Sonny is his father. He can put a guard outside the room, or deem it unnecessary. Garvey asks if Dante is threatening him. Dante says no, just presenting the options. He can cooperate, and stay safe, but if not, Dante doesn’t know what will happen. He asks what Garvey did to Sonny

Julian asks Ava how Sam wasn’t like herself. Ava says that she seemed fragile and feverishly determined. She seemed to be very angry with Sonny. She made a point of blaming him for the fire, and gave Ava a pep talk. She wasn’t sure if Sam was encouraging her to move on from Sonny or destroy him

Finn tells Curtis that he and Hayden have more baggage than an airport at Christmastime. She helped him through his addiction. Curtis says it’s a process. Finn thanks him. Curtis wants to give him some expert advice, and Finn asks if it will be preachy or annoying. Curtis tells him certainly, and he says that’s good to know ahead of time. Curtis tells Finn that happiness won’t protect him from a relapse.

Hayden wasn’t expecting Jared to be paroled for another two years. Jared says and here he is to collect his bonus. She tells him that her money is all gone from paying restitution; the Feds cleaned her out. He says she has a job now, but she tells him that she doesn’t make the kind of money she promised him, and sorry, but she has nothing to give him.

Sonny asks Stone if he gets to choose. Stone says it’s not the first time Sonny has faced death, and before, he always chose to stay and fight. Sonny says this is different. In the dark, he was afraid, but not now; he’s with his buddy. He knows if he goes with Stone, he’ll get to see Morgan. Okay, I still win, since they mentioned Morgan.

Josslyn visits Michael. Nelle is with him, and Josslyn asks what’s going on. She tells them that Carly sent her a text, and she assumed she was off with Sonny somewhere. She asks Michael where Carly and his good-for-nothing father are. Michael explains that there’s a man who wants Sonny dead who is on loose, and no one seen or heard from him since this morning.

Hayden tells Jared if she could, she’d give him what she promised in a second, even if just to get him out of her life for good. He says that’s the Rachel he knows. He talks about them having a fight at the country club, and how she was always criticizing his ethics and the deals he made on the tennis court. She says that she meant every word. Jared wants to review what she did, and asks who’s the one who got behind the wheel of her Porsche and drove like a maniac, drunk? He wasn’t the one who drove out of control, and hit a girl so hard that she went flying through the air and crashed into a tree. Hayden says it was her, and he thanks her for admitting it. She asks if he’s wearing a wire, and he wishes he’d thought of it, but no. He says he’s only solidifying his position. She did the crime, and he did the time.

Curtis tells Finn that addiction is complex, and he can’t let his guard down. If he stays in control, the need to use will become an echo, sometimes far, sometimes close, but either way always there. Finn asks if Curtis hears them, and he says the all do. If he fought once, he can fight again, but for now, it’s under control. Finn asks what’s going on, and Curtis says while Hayden pushed her past off a cliff, he and Jordan weren’t so successful, He tells Finn about Aunt Stella unearthing history and says it pulled them apart.

Carly sees Jordan, who says she’s working hard looking for Sonny. Carly asks why so diligent? If he’s dead, she can cross him off her to-do list.

The Garvster wants no prison time, but Dante says he can get him a reduced sentence. He bribed marshals, and took a child from the park. The have enough DNA evidence to convict him, but Dante can make sure he’s not in prison for the rest of his life. He asks one more time what Garvey did to Sonny, but Garvey flatlines.

Sonny asks if Stone knows about his boy, Morgan Stone, named after his two best friends. He was a good kid, and the only boy in the world who ate his broccoli, but as he got older, he got reckless. He was never a mean kid – he had a generous heart – but for a long time, Sonny didn’t see what he’d passed to him. He thought bipolar would destroy Morgan, but he fought and won, then died for no reason. He’s been trying to figure out how to live in a world without him. Maybe he just found out.

Josslyn tells Carly that all she’s been doing is bad mouthing Sonny. She thought he deserved whatever was coming to him, but she’s sorry. She hugs Michael. He tells her that Sonny understands, and would be first one to forgive her.

Jordan tells Carly that her responsibility is to protect and serve, no matter what she thinks of the person. Carly asks why she’s so adamant, and Jordan says that Sonny was a friend to her son when there was no one else, so it’s personal to her and she’s doing her best.

Wavy Garvey is bleeding internally and has to go back to surgery.

Hayden tells Jared, fine. She was the one. She was upset about him running around on her, but he wanted her to owe him, so he took the most horrible thing in her life and used it. She can’t give him money or mercy; she’s empty. Jared says she’s good at getting her hands on money, and she best do that or Finn finds out there’s a girl who will never walk again because of her. He leaves and Hayden drops to the floor, crying.

Finn tells Curtis that it’s his turn to tell him things he doesn’t want to hear. Curtis says to lay it on him. Finn says his aunt might be using her convalescence to get back at Jordan. Curtis balks at the notion, but Finn says it happens all the time. Patients will even subconsciously use their illness to manipulate loved ones. Curtis says regardless, him being with Jordan makes her sick. Finn says that’s not possible. He says it’s true that stress and emotions can undermine a compromised immune system, but neither one of them caused it. Curtis asks what about the source of stress. Finn says he’s talking to Curtis as a friend, not a doctor, and not to let Stella stand in the way of him being with Jordan.

Jordan tells Carly that for what it’s worth, she’s sorry. Carly thanks her, and says anything she can do will be greatly appreciated. Dante tells them what happened with Garvey, and Carly says they have to be sure about Sonny. Dante tells her that her family needs her, and she should go home.

Stone asks if that’s what Sonny wants; is he ready to give up the rest of his life with his other kids? Avery won’t remember Morgan or him. All she’ll hear are stories, not all of them good. People will want to tell her the worst. Sonny asks what if she’s better off without him> Stone says if he believes that, they can go right now. It’s his call.

Carly goes to Michael’s place, and asks what Josslyn is doing there. Josslyn tells her that she thought Carly was with Sonny there, and Michael told her that he disappeared. She’s sorry that she was unfair. Carly says it will be okay.

Finn comes back to the new house, saying, honey, I’m home. He likes the sound of it, and tells her about talking to Curtis. Hayden wants to talk with Finn, but he says he wants to do something first. It’s kind of a do-over. He says that she’s all he ever wanted. They forgive each other’s mistakes; she’s strong, kind, loves Roxie, and he loves her.  He asks her to marry him, and produces an onion ring.

Jordan and Dante confer on something about the car. Jordan tells Dante to check the time stamp on the video. It’s the same time that Sonny left house. Dante says it narrows down the search. Jordan tells him to go home and rest; he won’t be any help if he’s falling all over. He appreciates her concern, but he’s not stopping. He jets, and Curtis sees Jordan.

Stone tells Sonny that he thought they were leaving. Sonny wants to see Morgan, but he’s not ready. He can’t leave his wife and kids, and what’s left of his life, especially after how hard Stone fought for his Stone says if he’s not coming, he has to show him the way out, but Sonny says he’s been trying for hours. Stone reminds him about how he said the walls feel like they’re closing in on him, and they are. He tells Sonny to close his eyes and stretch out his arms. He asks if Sonny feels walls. Sonny says no, and Stone says that’s because what he fears is in his head. His bastard stepdad put it there when he locked him in the closet. He tells Sonny that he’s not there anymore, and to open his eyes. He says to look up, and tells Sonny there’s his freedom above him. It’s not easy, but there’s a way out of everything. He has to fight, and he’s a helluva fighter. Stone disappears.

Sonny opens his eyes. He struggles to his feet. He looks at the opening.

Curtis asks if Jordan is okay or is it work? She says her perp is in surgery. She asks if Stella is okay. Curtis says he just came to get her permits. (Did he mean prescriptions? What kind of permits would she need?) Jordan needs to get back to work, and it’s all awkward. Curtis watches as she walks away.

Finn asks Hayden if it’s payback for leaving her hanging. She says it’s her; her mistakes. He says look at what they’ve fought – disease, addiction, Tracy’s approval; the rest should be a day at the beach. Hayden says one with sharks and tsunamis. He asks if she’ll marry him. She says yes, and he puts the onion ring on her finger. They kiss.

Michael says there’s no reason to lose hope, but Josslyn says something bad did happen, and she feels terrible. Carly says when Sonny comes home, she’ll go back to giving him hell until she feels better, and he’ll be fine with it. Nelle says she’s sorry, and if there’s anything needed, she’s there, but right now she thinks she should go home.

Carly says Dante is narrowing the search and focusing on the riverbank. She doesn’t put a lot of stock in prayer, but thinks they need to say one for Sonny. Josslyn tells Nelle that she saved her life, and is a part of her, and a part of this. They all hold hands. Carly decides to say one of Sonny’s favorite prayers, and hopes it works. Some say the sky is darkest just before the light. We pray this is true, for all seems dark. We need Your light, Lord. In every way, we pray to be filled with Your light, to know all is right in the world as You have planned, and as You want it to be.

While they’re praying, Sonny is stacking crates. He reaches the top.

Tomorrow, Michael is concerned about how long it’s taking to find Sonny, Finn doesn’t want to screw things up, and Jared harasses Hayden at the hospital.

The Haves and the Have Nots

After Veronica plops herself down at David and Erica’s table, David asks to speak to Veronica outside, but she says she’s comfortable where she is. She tells him not to touch her, and he says he wasn’t going to. She says that’s because he wants to touch Erica, and Erica agrees. Veronica reminds Erica that she told her a hurricane was coming her way. David leads Erica away from the table, but Veronica follows. She gets in the elevator with them. Geez, you’d think David would know by now that he’s not going to shake her that easy.

Veronica points out that there are cameras, and won’t move from in front of the door. Erica tells David to ignore her. She says she’s not scared of Veronica, and tells her that she needs to move. Veronica says no. Erica says she’ll move her, and Veronica says she’ll press charges. David reminds Veronica that he has a restraining order. He asks what she wants; he’s given her everything she’s asked for. She wants to make his life a living hell. He says she already is, but she says she hasn’t begun. He asks why she’s doing this. She says he’s humiliating her. He says she threw her affair with Benny in his face, and she says she’s still having it. He suggests she get back to him, but she’s not ready to let David go. He asks what more she wants, and she says blood. He’s like, damn. She says he can’t toss her away for a whore; it’s not okay. David tells Erica he’s sorry; she doesn’t deserve this, but she says it’s fine, calling him baby, which riles Veronica more. Erica stops the elevator, and Veronica threatens to prove she was hit first; she’s been wanting a reason to beat Erica’s ass. Erica asks if she needs a better reason than stealing her man, and starts to kiss David. Erica suggests that she join them, and Veronica goes nuts. The two women try to get at each other, and David stands in between. I’m thinking they had to have laughed while rehearsing this, because it looks a little silly with David in the middle of two women flailing their arms at each other in a small space. Veronica keeps yelling for him to let her kick Erica’s ass. Over the speaker, security asks if everything is all right. David says it is, but Veronica yells for help, and tells David to stop hitting her. The elevator door opens, and she falls to the floor, yelling for him not to hit her again. David and Erica jet, and Veronica gets up. A security guy asks if she needs the police, and she tells him that he’s a little late, and struts off.

Charles goes over his speech in front of some of his team, with Landon making corrections. He tells Landon he’s won a lot of debates. Landon says he’s watched them all and they’re great for a senator but not presidential. Charles says he has the nomination, but Landon says winning the vote and winning the popular vote are two different things. Landon wants to talk in private, and Charles asks the others to leave. He asks what’s on Landon’s mind. Landon brings up the young lady he was entertaining, and asks if he bedded her. Charles asks if he has. Landon says he was working with the gubernatorial candidate she blackmailed. He asks again if Charles slept with her. Charles says he did, and Landon asks if he had the room swept. Charles tells him that he didn’t, and Landon says Charles doesn’t want her involved with what they’re doing, and doesn’t need to see her again. Charles asks what if he likes her, and Landon says he’ll be making the fatal mistake she’s used on many men. He shows Charles something on his tablet about her as an escort. Charles says He says it’s from years ago. Landon asks if he’s defending her, and Charles says that’s his job, and to clean it up. He tells Landon he’s heard him, and made his decision – clean her image up. Everything he can do, do it. He might want to ask her to his inauguration. Landon says the world will be watching, and everything will make the national news. Charles tells Landon to teach her how to be in “those rooms.” Landon says okay, but still tries to protest. Charles tells him that will be all. Charles is kind of cool. And hot.

In the hallway, Landon calls the police and outs Candace, telling them where she’s at. Bad Landon.

Wyatt is back home, playing cards with Anna. She asks him how he’s feeling, and he says good, but that means he has to deal. She asks what’s so bad, and he tells her that she has no idea. She tells him to talk to her; her job is to be right there, and he can tell her anything. She says that she was a crystal meth addict for ten years, starting from when she was sixteen. He asks how she got started, and she says her mom. Nice. She says there’s always something that brings you to the path. She realized it was hurting her more than her parents. She was trying to hurt them, and herself. She asks if that’s what Wyatt was doing, but he doesn’t know. She says they seem to love him, but he’s not so sure. He says his sister loved him, but she died. Anna says they seemed concerned at the hospital, but Wyatt says he never felt loved; more like he was an inconvenience. Anna says when she left, she never looked back. He says she had it worse than he did; at least they had means. She says means or not, here’s where he ended up. She says she doesn’t know where she’d be without Dr. Jarvis’s program. She tells Wyatt that she’s also a fortune teller, and his life is about to change for the better. He hopes she’s right. They toast, and he tells her that it’s the first time he’s chosen to drink water. It’s not bad. I tell Wyatt to try some flavored seltzer; it’s even better.

In the car, Jim’s phone rings. It’s Mama Rose (not the one from Gypsy), and she’s not good. She asks if he found her guy, and he says he’s working on it. It doesn’t make her happy; they’re having trouble finding him too. Jim tells her not to do anything drastic; he’ll find him. He asks her to do him a favor. He’s watched over her guys while he was on the bench, and watches over her too. She asks if she needs to run down the favors she’s done for him. He says good to know they have each other’s backs, but she says this is different. She thinks he’s run out of favors, and she needs to send him a message. She’s not going to kill him, but needs him to know how pissed off she is. Jim says when he finds War, he’ll bring him to her, but she says he’s run out of time. She refuses to tell him what she’s going to do, and hangs up. Now I’m curious. Jim calls Oscar.

At the station, Hanna asks what Benny is in for, but the desk sergeant can’t tell her. She asks if Justin is there, and the officer gets him. She tells him that her son is there, and asks why. Justin says he’s being questioned about Quincy’s murder. She asks if she can see him, but he says sorry; it looks like he’s going to be charged. She asks to please see him. Justin says even if he had the authority, Benny being questioned by the Secret Service. He’s not sure why. Hanna wonders what’s going on, and he suggests she talk to a lawyer.

Hanna calls Katherine. She says she’s on her way, and tells Hanna to stay calm.

Agent Davis offers Benny a smoke, but he wants to go home. He doesn’t understand why he can’t leave if he’s not under arrest. He wants to call his mom, and Davis says she’s outside, but doesn’t know how long she’s been there. Benny asks to speak to her, but Davis says Benny has federal restrictions on him. He hands Benny his phone, and he calls Hanna. It goes to voicemail. Figures. Benny calls Mitch next. He tells Mitch that he needs him to get Hanna at the station. Mitch says something is about to go down at the restaurant. Benny asks him to come as soon as he can. Davis tells Benny that for what it’s worth, he’s being railroaded. He made enemies in high places. Benny says he didn’t do anything.

David sleeps while Erica ponders. Her phone rings, and she takes it quietly to the bathroom. I’m surprised Veronica isn’t behind the shower curtain. It’s Candace. She says she needs a phone. Erica asks how she is, and Candace says fine. Erica wonders where she is, and Candace says she’s busy waiting on a john. Erica asks what room she’s in, and Candace that her room changes every day, and she just needs a phone. Erica tells her about going off on Veronica. Candace says to be careful, and Erica says that Veronica had better be careful. Candace says that Veronica plays at a higher level, and asks about David. Erica says he’s asleep, and Candace tells her to get off the phone. Erica sees that David is still asleep, and texts someone.

Wyatt is jittery. Anna asks if he’s thinking about it. He asks how you think about it and not get it? She says he can do that, or stay there and enjoy her company. She asks what he does for fun, which is a stupid question, since the answer is obviously get high. He tells her have sex. She says they’re not doing that either, but he says it wasn’t an invitation. He asks what if it had been, and she says Dr. Jarvis would send her to another client. He tells her that she’s hot. She says so is he, but that’s not why she’s there. He asks if she’s single, and when she tells him yes, he says she’s ethically bound then. She says he’s looking to change one addiction for another, and asks what about exercise? He needs to find something healthy to do when he wants to get high. It doesn’t get easier, but gets manageable. She asks what brought him to this point, and Wyatt says he almost died when he OD’d. Anna says she OD’d too, but hers was on purpose; she tried to commit suicide, but she’s glad it didn’t work out. Wyatt says that he is too. She asks if he wants to go for a walk, but he says let’s just try to play cards. Anna says she’s proud of him.

Landon has a drink at the bar, and Jeffrey sits down. They make small talk. Landon says he’s working on Charles’s campaign, and Jeffrey says that it’s the big leagues. Landon says that Jeffrey doesn’t look okay, and Jeffrey says there’s a lot going on. Landon is sure it revolves around Candace, and asks if Jeffrey knows she’s wanted for murder. Of course he does. He asks if Jeffrey wants a drink, and Jeffrey wants a double. Landon says maybe he’ll get lucky. Jeffrey doubts it, and Landon asks if he’s pining after Wyatt. Jeffrey says no, and Landon says he’s in a drought then, and that he is too. He asks if Jeffrey wants to water his garden, but Jeffrey wants to leave. Landon asks if he can come along. Jeffrey bristles, and Landon tells him to relax. Jeffrey asks him to stop talking stupid, and Landon asks why he’s stressed out. Jeffrey doesn’t want to talk about it, and Landon wonders what they can talk about, since he doesn’t want to talk about Candace either. Landon calls to the bartender for shots. He has a confession to make. Jeffrey was the best he’s ever had. Jeffrey asks how long he’s been drinking, and he says not long enough. Landon asks to be heard out, and tells Jeffrey he was amazing and he thinks about him all the time.  When he starts talking about Jeffrey’s body, Jeffrey has enough, and says he’s leaving. Landon – who is annoying me at this point – says he’s coming too. Poor Jeffrey can’t catch a break. He tells Landon to go home, but he follows Jeffrey.

In the elevator, Landon comes on to Jeffrey, who isn’t having it. Jeffrey says he’s not doing this, and tells Landon to stop; he’s drunk. Landon won’t quit, and asks for five minutes. He follows Jeffrey to his room, promising to leave after just this once. They walk in to find Justin, naked in the bed. Landon is like, wth? and I actually say uh-oh out loud.

Two guys in a van, throw a body wrapped in plastic into the street. There’s a note on it that says, Jennifer Sallison – Cryer Victim.

I love me some Tyler Perry.

Next time, Jeffrey tells Landon to stop, Veronica films Justin, Jim says all hell is going to break loose, and Charles tells Candace that someone has to take the fall.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia and Bugs talk about Adam. Malia says him, of all people, is sucking up to Hannah. She says there were so many red flags with him, she should have known better, and she’s going for the good guy. Hannah tells Adam that he has a good sense of humor, and promptly falls off the curb. Malia says she couldn’t care less about them. The crew heads back to the yacht.

Adam and Hannah continue to drink. Hannah finds a reason to grab Adams butt. Hannah wants to pretend they’re hooking up, but Adam says he wants to put her to bed, not take her to bed. Hannah falls in the hallway, but miraculously is all right, and finally heads to bed.

Adam talks to Malia on the deck, and she says he doesn’t have to be an a-hole to prove a point. In his interview, he says he finally found common ground with Hannah (what? liquor?), and Malia can’t stand it. She tells him she thinks he’s a good guy, but he calls her a liar, and says later, gator. I blink, and I don’t know if there was an altercation or what, but Bugs decides to sleep in the crew mess. Bobby asks if this is professional behavior, and Wes tells Bugs to sleep in her bed.

I don’t know how these people get up and work the next morning after their nights out. Bugs tells Captain Sandy that she’s concerned about Hannah’s management skills, and thinks she’s doing everything. She thinks Hannah is lazy, and we flash back to Hannah doling out various chores. You can’t say she lacks delegation skills. Bugs says she hasn’t set one table all season. The captain thinks that Bugs is good at managing her emotions, and she should have a sit-down with Hannah. In her interview, she says she wants the crew to come to her, but she’s not going to solve their problems for them. This is how it’s done.

Wes goes over some stuff with Malia. He tells us that he was never one to hook up with another crew member, but as long as they act professional, what’s the harm? Somehow, Hannah is awake, and thanks Adam for looking after her.

At the preference sheet meeting, we find out that the primary is Jerry, a repeat client. We flash back, and I kind of remember him. He’s a loud guy who like milkshakes. He’s bringing along his friend, Dean, who is a former NFL kicker. They seem relatively low maintenance, requesting Italian food and the water toys. He’s also bringing along several lovely ladies. Bobby notes that the last time it was a bunch of dudes, and says that Jerry was a loud, obnoxious pita. The captain says they don’t get to pick their clients. Lauren and Bugs complain about Hannah as they make the beds. Bugs tells Lauren that she’s going to say something, and thinks Lauren should stick up for herself too. Malia meets with the other deckhands, and says she thought about the other night. She wants to be thought of as a deckhand first, and then a girl, and wants the opportunity to show that she can do the job. In her interview, she hopes this puts the job title thing to rest, because if it gets brought up one more time, she’ll freak out. Bobby appreciates that she respects them as co-workers and a team.

Bugs asks to chat with Hannah before charter. She’s feeling frustrated, and should have come to her sooner. She feels Hannah has been a lousy chief stew this season. The interior isn’t a team, and Hannah isn’t pulling her weight. She enjoyed it at the beginning, and doesn’t know what happened. Hannah says that Bugs lost her trust, and that she didn’t hook up with Jason. Bugs says she has her own opinion, and is looking forward to the next charter and hopes they knock it out of the ballpark. She asks if Hannah has anything to say, but Hannah says she has nothing to say. Hannah goes to Captain Sandy, who somehow turns it around, telling Hannah that she’s a great chief stew in allowing her second to come to her and picking up the slack.

Bobby finds out that he’s a Tinder match with one of the charter guests. Hannah apologizes to Lauren if she feels she’s doing too much. She tells Bugs that she’s switching back to nights. In her interview, Bugs says that she doesn’t care what shift she’s on, as long as Hannah works when she’s on her shift.

The guests arrive. Hugs all around. Bobby eyeballs the Tinder guest. Hannah does the tour. The crew gets the suitcases. Two of the women get lost, and end up in the wheelhouse, where the captain points them in the right direction. I see already this is a bright bunch. The yacht isn’t that big.

Bobby checks out his Tinder match’s Instagram. Adam starts lunch. Hannah tells us that she’s paid her dues. She doesn’t need to clean toilets anymore, but she will just to bug Bugs. Adam thinks he can get through this. Lunch is served, and the table has a starfish centerpiece. One of the guests misses her chair. No more for you. Jerry jokes about the milkshakes.

Adam doesn’t want the crew to think he’s this crazy aggressive man. All he can think about is how he got played. Jerry talks about all the foods he doesn’t like. He tells Hannah that one guest wants peanut butter toast and there are also some milkshake orders. Hannah says she thinks that Malia has done a number on him, so she doesn’t want to give him a hard time. The milkshakes are pronounced beautiful and good. Bobby tells Jerry about the Tinder match, and we find out her name is Paula. Jerry suggests setting up a table and bringing her Tinder date out to her. He says that maybe Bobby will score this time, and we flash back to when he didn’t. Malia says he has five hours to get ready, so he’d better start.

Bugs says that Hannah is finally working, but where was she all season? Even though she said herself that she should have approached Hannah sooner. Malia goes to the galley and asks if Adam is okay. He appreciates it, but in his interview says he sees no reason to respect Malia. The guests have shots and go in the hot tub. Jerry makes eyes at an ex Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Lauren says she’s seen this before, older guys hitting on young girls and the girls just being in it for a free trip.

Hannah tells Adam about Bugs complaining. She says she does a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and the guests haven’t complained. He says he woke up feeling stupid because of Malia. Eww, he’s like a teenager. Hannah says Malia should feel stupid. He tells her about how the texts sounded like they had a relationship. Hannah says she’s sorry, and hugs Adam.

Jerry wasn’t kidding, and gets the table thing set up for Bobby. Adam figures out dinner. Jerry introduces Paula to her Tinder match. Bobby says it’s cool, but awkward. Paula wasn’t expecting that it was someone on the boat. They sit and talk, while she sips champagne, and the other guests peek out the window. Jerry gathers everyone for dinner. Through Bobby’s earpiece, Max asks if Bobby needs for him to bring out any game, and tells him not to look at her breasts. Bobby deposits Paula back at the dinner table. Pan seared jumbo shrimp for an appetizer, pearls and gold for the setting. Lauren thinks Hannah is trying to prove herself more after Bugs complained.

Bugs tells Malia about being taken off nights. Malia thinks Hannah uses her rank to delegate, and get out of things a normal chief stew would help with. Hannah tells Adam he might get a good night’s sleep for once. The guests call it a night. By midnight. Wow. Malia thinks it’s hard to keep her distance from Wes and not flirt. Bugs chides Bobby for texting a guest on charter. Well, she should after they raked Hannah over the coals for the same thing. The guest wants him to come to her room. He tells Max that his will is weak. Wes basically says he deserves it and to do him proud.

Bobby wants to do unprofessional things, but just hugs Paula goodnight. He says something about seeing her some other time. He quietly freaks out in the hallway.

One guest wants to go on a hike, and another one doesn’t know what a hike is. Must be the same one who got lost. Bobby tells the guys about Paula. Paula tells the other girls that Bobby came to say goodnight, and they all go, aww. Water toys are brought out. It looks pretty far jumping from the deck. I’m not sure I could do that. Jerry does some water skiing. I know I can’t do that.

Malia asks Adam for a can opener. He’s not too friendly, but gives it to her. Bobby asks Paula why she’s inside, and says he can take her on the jet ski. Bobby says it might look bad, but he’s wanted to meet a girl, and if it’s a charter guest, that’s the way it goes. He takes Paula near shore, and they make out.  Max high fives Bobby when he gets back.

Time to pull anchor for the last time. Wes feels like a war veteran returning from WWII. Lauren says it’s like Bobby has never seen a girl with a nice ass, which he has. We see pictures of the two of them together. She says he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Agreed. Lunch is served. Hannah says what Adam told her is annoying her. She thinks Malia was leading them both on. She asks Adam if he’s going to say something to Wes. Adam says he can’t let her get away with all that or let Wes not know what he’s getting into. In his interview he says he was engaged before, and it was a cultural clash. He was a  secret. He is again, and it’s eating him alive. Seriously, he’s so dramatic for a dude. How old is he?

The boat makes its final dock. Adam says if there are two sides to the story, they should both be said. Wes doesn’t know the truth, and he deserves to hear it. I don’t know if he’s trying to convince us that those are his motives, or himself. He tells Wes that he wishes them the best, but that being said, Wes needs to know something. He shows him texts from Malia that happened the same night she kissed Wes in the wheelhouse.

Next time, more Bobby and Paula, Jerry wants to talk to the captain, Lauren stands up for Hannah, and Wes confronts Malia.


Leaving Croatia…



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