August 3, 2017 – The Distillery Demolition Begins, New York in Paris & Flipping Out Soon


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Doc talks to Laura about furniture for Spencer’s room, although it’s hard to compete with a castle. Laura can’t stop thinking about everything Spencer has been through. Doc says he’s safe and getting back to his everyday life, and the kidnapper is in the hospital. Laura says all he seems to care about is making Valentin look guilty, and is fixated on avenging his father’s death.

At Windemere, Valentin finds Spencer sitting at his desk.

Julian brings coffee for Ava. She asks him not to be that loud so early in the morning, and he tells her it’s ten a.m. He says that sleeping late, never leaving the house, and binge watching isn’t good. It seems like she’s given up. She says she’s lost everything, but he says maybe not. He has some news.

As Jason walks Sam around the hallway, they see gurnied Garvey being wheeled past. He and Sam eyeball each other. Jason asks what is it? Sam says she knows him.

Carly goes to Kelly’s for coffee. Bobbie asks if there’s any progress, but she says no. It’s like Sonny disappeared off the face of the earth.

Josslyn tells Nelle that she thinks the necklace that Oscar gave her is the most unusual necklace she’s ever seen. Nelle shows Michael, and he says it’s made from a bullet casing. He asks Josslyn where she got it.

Sonny managed to get himself out of the cask room, but lies unconscious on the ground outside the opening.

Valentin tells Spencer that he’s trespassing. He’s having a hard time grasping the simple concept that Windemere doesn’t belong to him. Spencer says he saw a documentary about the civil suit against OJ Simpson – before his time – on ESPN, and says he’s establishing residency. Valentin says the estate was left to him by his father, who didn’t mention Spencer in his will. Spencer says assault will play nicely in his civil suit, but Valentin has another action in mind.

Doc says that ultimately, Spencer told the truth, but Laura says she had to pressure him. She doesn’t blame him for being angry. Doc says it’s terrible that Valentin hasn’t paid a price for Nikolas’s death. Laura says that Spencer is starting to think like a Cassadine, and it scares her. Doc says Valentin isn’t stupid, and won’t do anything to Spencer. Laura’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, saying that he seems to have something that belongs to her

Ava asks Julian if he has a new face for her. He doesn’t, but he has a fat insurance check from the warehouse fire.  He tells her to get some new art, since the gallery itself didn’t burn. She says she could invest it and live off the interest; she’ll never have to leave the apartment again.

Sam wonders how she knows the guy on the gurney. Jason tells her that he’s an enemy of Sonny’s. Alexis comes in, and says thank God she’s awake. She asks if everything is okay, and Jason says that Sam just lost her balance a little. Alexis takes her back to her room.

An announcement is made at the distillery. Twenty minutes to demolition.

Laura and Doc pick up Spencer. Valentin suggests more supervision, saying that Spencer is quite the escape artist, and has been getting legal advice from ESPN. Doc takes Spencer to the car. Valentin tells Laura not to be surprised if Spencer disappears periodically, but don’t blame him. He says he looked the other way about Spencer lying, and didn’t press charges when Laura assaulted him, so he’d appreciate some reciprocation. She says the suit isn’t going away, so Spencer will have the satisfaction of Ava telling the world that Valentin murdered his father.

Julian says that Ava can’t put the people from the gallery out of work, but she says she did that weeks ago, giving them glowing recommendations. She’s not running a gallery looking like this. He compares her to Howard Hughes, and says it’s no way to live. She asks if he doesn’t have a daughter to look after. Julian says that his family might not want him around, but he’s not giving up on them, and he leaves.

Alexis thinks the walk might have been too much but tells Sam that she’s doing well. She says there’s nothing to worry about with Scout. She asks what’s upsetting Sam, and Sam says that she’s trying to piece everything together, but feels like she’s missing something. She says she saw Sonny in the ER, but Alexis says he isn’t there; it must be her brain tricking her. Sa says there’s something important she’s not remembering, but Alexis says whatever it is can wait. She goes to get the nurse. Sam hears a gunshot in her head.

The officer guarding Garvilicious gets a call that a suspicious character has been reported at the library, and he leaves his post. Jason goes into the room and closes the blind.

Carly can’t reach Michael. Bobbie tells her to ask Nelle, since they’ve been spending a lot of time together. She wonders why Carly isn’t going ballistic, and Carly says that Nelle joined them in prayer last night. Bobbie says even Nelle’s prayers are good. Carly says that Sonny is extremely ruthless, but very devout, and believes in redemption and prayer. She wants to believe he’ll hold on somehow. Bobbie says that hope can accomplish powerful things. Carly doesn’t believe that the Garvman killed Sonny. They’re connected, and she’d feel it if he was gone.

Michael asks Josslyn where she got the necklace, and she tells him that Oscar gave it to her. Michael asks if he has a gun. She says he found it, and made the necklace out of it. Michael doesn’t like that they were hanging out where there was gunfire. He wants to talk to Carly. Josslyn begs him not to, and he says he’ll settle for knowing where they found it. She says they went to the old Black Duck distillery, and Michael says they’re demolishing the site, except for the original building. He tells her that the area is unsafe. There are signs posted everywhere, and it’s extremely dangerous. She says they saw the signs, but ignored them. Michael wants to talk to the police. Josslyn says it could have been there a long time, but Nelle says the bullet was fired recently.

Sonny starts to stir. He sits up. He hears the alarm, and the announcement that it’s fifteen minutes to demolition. All personnel need to be accounted for. Sonny calls out that he’s injured, and yells for help.

Nelle says she’s no expert, but this is a new bullet. Josslyn says maybe Oscar polished it, but Michael agrees. Carly is at the door, and Josslyn freaks, pleading with Michael not to tell Carly that she was at the distillery. Carly asks what Josslyn is doing there, and Josslyn says checking on Michael. Carly tells them that the police have narrowed the search; they think the Big Garvhuna might have taken Sonny to a warehouse. Michael suggests the building that’s scheduled for demolition

In her head, Sam hears the conversation she had with Sonny before he was shot.

Julian sees Alexis, who tells him that Sam is getting better already with the treatment, and trying to piece everything together. He wants to see her, but Alexis says that part of the reason she’s there is because of him. She’ll have someone keep him posted.

Ava looks at her damaged face in the mirror. Now she looks like she has a peeling sunburn. There’s a knock at the door, and she tells them to go away. But they don’t. It’s Valentin.

Spencer understands that Laura is vexed, but he was doing what he had to. She tells him to never confront Valentin on his own again, and he was supposed to be at camp. They would have never known if something had happened to him. Spencer was making sure all their ducks were in line, so he could reclaim the Cassadine legacy. Laura says he’s the legacy, and his father always put his safety first. He would be upset to see Spencer being so reckless. Spencer says it’s not over, and goes into Kelly’s. Laura tells Doc that nothing is penetrating, and Doc says that Spencer is going through a phase, exacerbated by the loss of his father; he’ll come around. Laura says what if it’s too late?

Ava asks if Valentin came to gloat, but he says he knows what it’s like. He tells her that he heard she’s a witness in the civil case against him. She says he murdered Nikolas, but Valentin says they both know that’s not true. They don’t even know if he’s dead. Ava asks if he wants her to lie, and he says no; he wants her to tell the truth. She says she plans on it, and tells him to get out. He says as soon as he ties up a loose end.

Jason puts his hand over Garvo’s mouth, and says there’s no guard, just me and you, and no one is going to help. If he yells, Jason will break his neck. He asks if Sonny is dead, and Garvey says damn right. Jason asks where his body is, and Garvey says he shot him, but didn’t kill him.

Sam starts to get up. Julian walks in, and asks what she’s doing. She says she has to see Sonny. She remembers thinking that he was going to hurt her family, and needs to clear the air. Julian says that she needs to rest, and she asks for her phone. He tells her that she can’t call Sonny. Sam says that she remembers meeting Julian at the MetroCourt. She was worried about Jason, and she had to get rid of Sonny.

Michael tells Carly that they’re redeveloping the distillery area, and Sonny would have known it was private there. Carly wonders why he thinks they would have met there, and Nelle shows her the necklace. She says it was found there, and Carly wants to jet, but Michael says wait.

At the distillery, an announcement says, ten minutes. All areas should be cleared, and it’s the final call for clearing the site. I have to say it. That’s not how any of this works. Sonny struggles, and falls down.

Doc asks what Laura means, and she says it’s obvious they can’t control Spencer. He’s determined to make Valentin pay, and has no sense of his own mortality because he’s a kid. If she can’t get him to understand the danger, how can she keep him safe? Doc says there’s another option that she’s probably already thinking of. Laura says that she knows what has to be done.

Ava asks Valentin if he’s going to kill her too. She asks where he wants to do it. She doesn’t need to be alive to help the case. If the alternative is spending the rest of her life like this, she’d rather be dead. Sonny refused to put her out of her misery, but maybe Valentin can solve her problems. Valentin says that he just wants the record set straight. She asks why she should help him; Nikolas was a good guy. Valentin says none of their pasts are spotless, but their pasts don’t have to dictate their futures.

Julian tells Sam that he never told her to get rid of Sonny. He thinks maybe the conversation was a hallucination. Sam hopes so.

Carly finds Sonny. She asks if he can hear her. The alarms continue to go off.

Outside Kelly’s, Spencer asks if it’s safe to come out; he has cookies. He hugs Laura, and apologizes. He thought he was doing the right thing for the family. Laura says that’s her job. They’re going to have to seriously talk, because it has to stop. He asks if she means dropping the law suit, but she’s talking about his future in Port Charles.

Valentin tells Ava that he was hoping to come to an understanding. She says what’s to understand? She’s a shell of her former self. There were only two people who understood and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her that a life of hiding isn’t good. She says maybe she deserved it. She’s paying for what she did every day; why shouldn’t she see that he does too? He says because he’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Josslyn thanks Nelle for not ratting her out. Nelle says she gave Carly the information she needs to know, but Josslyn needs to tell her mom the truth when things have settled, so Michael doesn’t have to. Josslyn says that she will, and hugs Nelle. Michael hopes it’s not a dead end, but Nelle thinks it looks promising. He mentions that she knows her way around a firearm, and she says she grew up in the middle of nowhere; guns were a requirement. He says it’s their first real lead, and there’s so much he doesn’t know about her yet.

Carly realizes that Sonny has lost a lot of blood, and asks if he can hear her. He wakes up, but the demolition is starting in thirty seconds. The countdown starts. Sonny can’t move, and Carly won’t leave.

Jason asks the G-man who killed Sonny, and he says Jason will have to ask “her.” Jason is like, who’s her? but Garvey starts coughing. He flatlines, and Jason just looks at him. Um… you might want to get a doctor because you still need information.

Sam tells Julian that she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Julian says he’ll take care of everything. Alexis walks in with Deanna, and says she told him not to visit. She asks if he upset Sam, but Julian says she’s just overwhelmed. Sam says maybe it was a dream. Alexis asks what that’s about, and Julian says he’s doing what he can to protect her.

Sonny tells Carly to go; he’s useless. Carly says if he wants her to live, he’d better walk, and she drags him to his feet. We hear 3…2…

Tomorrow, Ava asks what Valentin can offer her, Laura makes a decision, and Dante tries to stop the demolition.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan tried to watch a sunset because his therapist told him to. When Amelia found him home early, she thought he might be losing his mind. She told him that he just needs to push the reset button, so he decided to take on the thing that made him fall in love with real estate in the first place, working one-on-one with a client that he’d normally give to his team. He seemed to have fun, telling us that the $10 million plus crowd is boring anyway. Fredrik is taking his gig to Paris, where he’s having an event dripping with billionaires and supermodels at the top of the Eiffel Tower to promote a New York building designed by Lenny Kravitz. He talked his boss into this by explaining that Lenny has designs going on over there. The boss agreed on the proviso he sell 25% of the building. That it happens to be his birthday during the time he’ll be there is just a coincidence. Steve’s client reneged on the deal that the not-actor Brad Cooper set up. He was offered full asking price, but hadn’t realized it would sell so quickly, and now wants to stay in the apartment. Steve went to his parent’s house for dinner, along with his dog Pablo, and gave us a tour of his Memory Lane. He also has a sister with learning disabilities, and said that one of the reasons he works so hard is to make sure she lives in the right atmosphere after his parents are gone. There’s another sister, but we didn’t really hear about her. They seem like a lovely family, and Steve said his parents are the epitome of a good marriage; they’ve been together forty years. I wonder why he’s still single, but it’s probably because he works 24/7. Derek called Fredrik in Paris, saying he has baby news, but Fredrik wants him to deliver it (no pun intended) in person. Way to get Derek there. Next time, it’s the season finale. Everyone gathers in Paris, including Luis.

🏠 Flipping Out premieres on Thursday, August 17th, at 9 p.m.


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