August 7, 2017 – Ava Ventures Out, Peggy’s Lamborghini Reveal, Oklahoma Finale & Upcoming Shows


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava downs a martini, and looks at herself in a hand mirror. There’s a knock at the door. She tells them to go away, but it’s Kiki. Ava tries to get her to leave, but she won’t. Ava opens the door, and says Kiki has done her good deed now, she can go, but Kiki says she’s not going anywhere.

Hayden calls Finn saying she’s up to her ears in paint swatches and fabric samples, but she’s really at the prison seeing her father.

Sam dreams about shooting Sonny. She tells herself it has to be a dream. Finn asks if she’s ready for good news, but he can tell there’s something wrong.

Sonny also dreams about Sam shooting him. Jason sees Carly in the hallway. She asks why he still looks worried and he says that Sam can’t shake her bad dreams. Dante joins them, and says he has to follow up with Sonny. Everyone goes into Sonny’s room. Sonny tells them that he’s doped up and can’t feel his leg. Dante asks who shot him. For a guy who just had surgery and is supposed to be resting, there’s quite a crowd in there.

Kiki brought pizza, but Ava says she’ll have the guy at the liquor store drop off dinner. Kiki suggests a therapy group that Andre recommended, but Ava says it’s not going to change her face. Kiki asks how she’s going to heal inside if she doesn’t talk about it? She realizes that everyone is dealing with their own pain right now and doesn’t want to cause Ava any more, but thinks it will be a help. Ava says beauty comes from within, but it doesn’t change people flinching when they look at her. Kiki says she can still live her life. Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it won’t be worthwhile; the group will make her feel better. Ava says another martini will make her feel better. Kiki tells Ava that if she wants to keep punishing herself, she won’t stop her, but when Ava leaves the room, Kiki calls Griff. She says it seems like he’s the only one who can get through to her mother, and asks if he can come by. He agrees.

Raymond Berlin comes into the visitor room. Hayden says that she didn’t think he’d agree to see her. He says he didn’t think she needed to see her old man behind bars. She says one minute she had a father, and the next, she didn’t. She compares it to how he must have felt when he found out that her mother was unfaithful. Raymond says he did what he always does when he’s disappointed – put up a wall. Hayden asks what changed? He tells her that he had time to think, and biology doesn’t change the time they had. It wasn’t all sunshine, but it wasn’t all bad. She’ll always be his daughter, and he’ll always be her dad. Hayden says that’s true. She has to ask him something, and needs him to be honest. She asks if there’s anything left from the hedge fund. He says she’s his daughter all right; she came for the money.

Sam tells Finn she feels fine, except for the dreams. He thinks that’s to be expected, and says that her white blood count is good, and the illness should be eradicated in a few days. He tells her that before she leaves, she’ll need a clean bill of health from Griff too. She asks if she’s still at risk mentally. This confuses me a little, since it’s not like Finn told her she has to see Andre before she leaves.

Sonny apologizes for being out of it. Carly says Dante can wait, but Sonny wants to continue and clear things up.

Ava asks if Kiki wants a drink or is she working tonight? Ava talks about how dedicated she is, but Kiki says nothing she can do will ever change what happened to Morgan. Ava says she’s proud of Kiki, but thinks she’s beyond Kiki’s capabilities. There’s another knock at the door, and Kiki says good thing she called in reinforcements then.

Ava tells Kiki that she had no right. Griff says she does, and realizes that Ava is overwhelmed, but says she can’t keep herself locked away. Ava asks what’s the alternative? If she’s going to open up to total strangers, there had be an open bar involved. Griff thinks she needs support, but Ava says that she has her brother. She tells Griff that thanks to the settlement, she never has to leave the apartment again, and it’s better for everyone. Griff says he almost bought it, but not quite. He says she’s afraid.

Hayden says that Raymond must have managed to hide something. He says sorry; there’s nothing left. Not one nickel. He says she sounds desperate, and she tells him that he has no idea. She explains about changing her name, and says she found a new life to go with it. Raymond says judging by the diamond on her finger, she pulled it off, so what’s wrong? She tells him about Finn, and how perfect he is. He loves her, wants to marry her, and they’re having a baby; she can’t lose him. Raymond asks why she would, and she says there’s a worm in the apple – Jared.

Finn tells Sam that she has a weakened resistance. She asks if the dreams that seem like memories are all in her head. He thinks that’s a question for Griff, but she wants help now. He tells her to let the meds work, and focus on recovery. When he’s gone, she takes her phone out. She sees a text from Molly about Sonny.

Dante asks Sonny if it wasn’t the Garveman who shot him, who else was there? Sonny tells him Garvey ambushed him, and he shot him in self-defense. Dante says Garvey had two bullet wounds, and asks if there was exchange of fire, and when did Garvey shoot him in the leg? Sonny says it was a blur, and the last thing he remembers is that Garvey shot him, and he shot back.

Ava tells Griff that of course she’s afraid. He would be too, if he looked like she does. She talks about children freaking out, and says the really good people go out of their way to smile, but she knows they only feel pity. She says sorry, but when you have no soul there’s nothing to say. Griff asks if she remembers their conversation at The Floating Rib. She says it was a lifetime ago. He tells her that she’d asked if there was any unforgivable sin, and that it’s despair, and denying everything God has given to you. He asks what’s worse, a few strangers turning from her, or her turning her back on God and all creation?

Hayden tells her father that Jared has given her a week. She says she’s the CFO of GH, and he wants her to pay him by siphoning off money. Raymond says she should be able to do that and wonders if she wants some tips. She tells him that she’d be stealing the money that Finn donated. She explains how Finn discovered a cure for Blackwood Syndrome, and that he could be a wealthy man, but gave the licensing fee to the hospital. She’d be betraying both him and the hospital that gave both of them a shot at redemption. A cuckoo clock sound goes off. It’s Hayden’s phone. Jared has sent a GIF of himself pointing to his watch.

Sonny tells Dante that he remembers getting the picture of Spencer from Garveytrain. Carly thinks Sonny should rest, and tries to hustle everyone out. Sonny asks how Sam is, and Carly wonders how he knows she’s been sick. He claims he heard them talking, and Jason tells him that she’s better, but still dealing with hallucinations. Sonny wants a minute alone with Jason.

Sam is trying to get out of bed, when Felix walks in and says, hey. She wants to find Jason. Felix says he’s been there 24/7 and has actually become a nuisance, so he’ll be back. He tells her right now she needs rest. She asks if Sonny has been shot, and Felix says just in the leg and they expect a full recovery, so not to worry. She says she won’t, and Felix leaves.

Ava goes to the hospital, but doesn’t want Kiki and Griff to act like it’s her first day of school. She starts to head toward the meeting room, and Sam sees her. Ava goes around the corner, and Sam follows.

Felix needs everyone to clear out of Sonny’s room, or Epiphany will call for back-up. Carly asks Dante to give Sonny some time to recover. She’s sure that once he’s not drugged up, he’ll be glad to answer questions. Dante is skeptical about that, but leaves. Jason comes out, and Carly asks what Sonny wanted.

Raymond tells Hayden that she could call Jared’s bluff, but she says he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She says the worst part is that she brought it on herself. She did something wrong, and tried to cover it up – she really is his daughter. Raymond says that she seems genuinely remorseful and she says she wanted to make up for it, but if she’s exposed, she doesn’t see how that’s possible. Raymond tells her that she has two choices, buy Jared’s silence, or go to Finn, come clean, and hope he forgives her. Their time is up. Raymond says sorry it was so brief and so long in coming. No matter what, he hopes she’s happy. He made a mistake in looking for what he wanted in life, but she’s smart, and he knows she’ll succeed. She thinks he might be right.

Ava goes to the group, but no one is there yet. Sam startles her, and she says it’s usually the other way around lately. She tells Sam that she’d helped her find her mask, and Sam is glad that she didn’t imagine it. Ava says that Sam didn’t even flinch when she saw her, and she wasn’t expecting that. She’s surprised to see Sam up and around. Sam tells Ava that she’s feeling better, and Ava is glad to hear it, saying Sam wasn’t herself. Sam asks how, and Ava tells her that she blamed everything on Sonny, and said he was going to get what’s coming to him. She’d never heard her say anything against him before, but it sounded like he was her worst enemy.

Felix asks Sonny if he’s feeling any discomfort, but Sonny says he’s so doped up, he can’t even feel his leg. Felix tells him that Epiphany can’t wait to get him into physical therapy again, but it might be easier if he avoids getting shot in the first place. Maybe he can handle the wear and tear, but his family is another story.

Carly wonders about Sonny’s other enemies. She’s concerned that Sonny doesn’t remember that Jason has bowed out. Jason says he’ll get involved if he has to, and that he thinks Sonny is safe. He tells Carly to look after Sonny, and he’ll look after Sam, and it will all work out.

Sam asks Ava what it was she said exactly, and Ava tells her that it sounded like she hated Sonny. Sam says she doesn’t hate Sonny, and Ava says of course. They’re all part of a united front; all for one, and one for all, but perhaps it was her subconscious speaking. Maybe deep down she doesn’t like what Sonny does, and wants Jason to get out. Sam says that Ava doesn’t know anything about what she wants, and toddles off. Ava is like, wow.

Finn comes to Hayden’s office, where she’ looking over the hospital books on her laptop. He asks where the shopping bags are.

Jason asks Griff if Sam did something while she was sick that she wouldn’t normally do, if it could happen again once the infection is gone. Griff says they can run more tests, and weigh the options. Well, that was vague.

Ava starts to leave, and Kiki pops out of nowhere, asking if she’s going somewhere. She says that she thought she was ready, but she’s never going to be. Griff joins them, and asks how she’ll know that if she doesn’t try. Ava says the two of them won’t quit, and Kiki says she’s learning. Ava tells them that the first time she’s told to get in touch with her feelings, she’s leaving.

Hayden tells Finn that she thought they should make the decorating decisions together. So instead, she was looking through some vacation websites, and got two plane tickets to someplace far away.

Sonny asks if Felix has any more words of wisdom. Felix tells him it’s taking a toll on Carly, as well as his family and friends. He appreciates Felix speaking up. Felix turns the lights out, and Sonny slips into dreamland.

Calry thanks Felix for looking out for Sonny. Felix says he has to turn in Sonny’s clothing to the police, and wonders if he’ll want them back. Carly says they’re trashed anyway, so just burn them. Felix doesn’t blame her for not wanting any reminders, especially now that it’s over.

Jason finds Sam’s room empty.

Sonny dreams about Sam again. He opens his eyes, and she’s standing next to his bed. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says he’s still alive.

Tomorrow, Jared meets Finn, Olivia doesn’t think she can be part of the family, and Carly wants to know how the bullet casing was found.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra and Shannon meet Meghan for lunch. Meghan has brought along baby Aspen, and introduces her cousin Bridget, who doesn’t stay and I don’t blame her. Shannon orders a drink, and Tamra says alcohol is your enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. Unless you’re an alcoholic and that’s all you consume. Meghan says thank God she has Bridget, since she’s overwhelmed. Shannon tells everyone for the thousandth time that she’s gained forty pounds and it’s Vicki’s fault. In her interview, Meghan says it was bad, but not forty pounds bad. Clearly there’s something else going on, like with her marriage.

Lydia and family are in Hawaii. She and Doug have been working hard on the magazine, and she thinks it’s important to have downtime. Because the kids have brought up the term “sexy lady,” thinking it means kissing a lady when you’re naked, Lydia thinks daddy should explain. Doug asks if they’ve heard the word “sex,” and if they know what it is. He tells them it’s something God created, and you do it in private. One of the boys tells him to move on with it (ha-ha – out of the mouths of babes), and Lydia says her mom explained nothing, and didn’t even buy her a bra. Doug explains that it’s something you do when you’re married, and in her interview, Lydia says they were both virgins when they got married and… well, you don’t need to know how great their love life is. God bless ‘em. They both seem like sweet people. Rare on a Housewife show.

Peggy tells son Koko that if she says no and dad says it’s okay, which is the right choice? That would be her. Smart kid. She’s cooking dinner, and tells us Armenian cooking is love, but she wants a chef. Gianelle has gotten into FIT (I think she said FIT, but definitely a fashion school in NYC), and Diko tells her he’s not paying for a penthouse. Peggy thinks they should celebrate, but he says it will have to wait until next weekend, since they’re getting a custom-designed Lamborghini this weekend. Tamra calls to announce Shannon is in the bathroom. Shannon apologizes for being reactive at the restaurant, but Peggy says she doesn’t owe her an apology. She invites them to the Lamborghini event. Shannon says if Vicki and Kelly are going to be there, she can’t come, because we’re in middle school. Peggy tries to say something, but Shannon steamrolls over her. In her interview, Peggy says that Vicki is her friend, and she doesn’t want to get in the middle. She says it was an a and b conversation and she c’d herself out of it. Diko is like omg.

Kelly drags her mom to the senior center to see director Celeste. She says her mom’s social life in Arizona was amazing, but now she just sits around. Celeste shows them the kilns and potter’s wheel, and I think of that scene in Ghost, but with old people. Kelly says the last relationship her mother had was with her father in 2002, and even if she doesn’t find love, she could use some companionship. Kelly tells Celeste that her mom is 68, but acts 100. Her mother says she doesn’t tell Kelly what to do, and they debate that. She feels like Kelly won’t let her relax. Kelly calls her frustrating, and her mom says she’s there; what more does Kelly want? In her interview, Kelly says she literally married her mother, since Michael doesn’t like to do anything either. Kelly pays dues for a year. Like her mom is going to go and play ping pong with a couple of codgers.

Vicki is getting stuff delivered for the office. She says everything she’s doing, is so she can sit back and hand Michael the baton. Some of her awards got broken in the move, and I feel for her. She says this office is the model for the franchise. She says she wants her family to reap the benefits of her hard work, and if Michael marries his girlfriend, he needs to do a prenup. In her interview, she says whatever the nup is, she’s nupping everything. She asks if they’re using birth control, and Michael says they don’t want kids right now. Geez, it’s not like he’s a kid.

Kelly thinks that she and Shannon could be friends, and that Tamra is the wedge between them. She believes she has a way, and doesn’t want to be an outcast like last year. She calls Tamra, who makes a face when she sees who it is, but tells her she’s unblocked. She asks if Tamra would like to have coffee. We see a clip of her mom advising her to go through Tamra first. Tamra says she never wanted to fight with Kelly, and has always been supportive, but it got weird. Kelly says she doesn’t want to go in a negative direction. Tamra is up for that, but immediately calls Shannon to tell her that Kelly called. She tells Shannon about Kelly not wanting negativity. Shannon goes blah-blah-blah, and brings up things Tamra doesn’t need to remember. In her interview, Shannon thinks maybe it’s best Kelly should meet with Tamra without plates flying in the air.

Meanwhile back in Hawaii, I cry because I wish I was there. Doug and Lydia have dinner. She wants to talk about how they should use their downtime. She thinks he should get a vasectomy, and a coconut falls. Please tell me that was editing. In her interview, Lydia says she doesn’t have time now with the kids she has. Lydia tells Doug she’s done, and asks if he is. She says he can put some sperm in the freezer in case something happens to her, and he meets some beautiful blonde. He grew up in a big family, and she understands why he’s hesitant. She says he’ll be her gelding, and he says he’ll think on that. First of all, it’s an in-office operation that’s a fairly quick procedure. It’s not like spaying a dog. And it’s also reversible. I used to work in a women’s clinic that also did vasectomies, but I can literally count on one hand how many we had in the two years I was there. Come on, guys, step up.

I have to admit, Aspen is a cutie. Meghan and Bridget go over some soap ideas. Jimmy and Meghan opened a candle store, and now that Aspen is here, she wonders what she got herself into. She says whoever said there’s a work/life balance didn’t know what they were talking about, because there is none. She was hoping Jimmy would stay home more after the baby was born, but he’s working more than ever. Jimmy comes in and fawns over the baby. Megan thinks one day he’ll come home and Aspen won’t know who he is.

Kelly thanks Tamra for meeting with her. She thinks if she can patch things up with Tamra, Shannon will follow. I dunno about that. Shannon can really hold a grudge. Kelly wants to out puppet the puppet master. In her interview, Tamra says as much as she doesn’t like Kelly, she feels sorry for her. Tamra tells Kelly that she doesn’t want to fight, but when pushed in a corner, her claws come out. We flash back to the apology after Ireland, and she says after that, all hell broke loose on social media. Kelly says it’s hard to control herself when things get heated, and Tamra wonders how they go forward. She tells Kelly that Shannon wasn’t pleased with herself and the way she reacted at the restaurant. In her interview, Tamra says Kelly is a lot like her; impulsive, but they get over things quickly. She apologizes for anything she engaged in, and Kelly just wants everyone to get along. Tamra asks what else Kelly has for her, and is probably sorry she asked when Kelly tells her about the vaginal rejuvenation. I’ll just leave the rest of that discussion alone, since we don’t need to revisit that.

Diko and Peggy get ready for the Lamborghini event. Ooh! One of the daughters has a long lace overdress (with an LBD underneath) that’s gorgeous. They all look amazing, but that style is a particular favorite of mine. Doug and Lydia join them at the event. Lydia says she doesn’t care about the car, but look at Peggy’s handbag! Lydia talks to Peggy about not wanting any more kids. In her interview, she wonders if they actually remove… oh, never mind. I’m finding it hard to believe adults don’t know how a vasectomy is done. Meghan and Jimmy arrive, sans baby, and Vicki and Steve follow. Apparently, there’s no grudge on Meghan’s part. In her interview, VIcki says Meghan looks like she just stepped off a runway, not like she just had a baby. There’s a drumroll, and Peggy reveals the new car. It’s taxi yellow. No. Just no. Doug asks Jimmy about being a new dad. He says it’s not exactly new to him, since he has a couple of grown children from another marriage.

Meghan talks about the Ireland trip, and discusses her genealogy research there. She says it was a fun trip until it wasn’t. Vicki says there’s no point in talking about it. Meghan is having a sip and see party, and invites the girls. Lydia is hesitant because Shannon and Tamra will be there.

Tamra and Eddie visit Shannon and David, since they’re not attending the Lamborghini thing. Tamra tells Shannon that Kelly has remorse and wants to meet with her. She thinks it should be before Meghan’s party, and she’s willing to go along. Shannon says the last time she and Kelly got together alone, it wasn’t good. Tamra tells her Vicki will be at Meghan’s party, and they can keep each other in check from the ones that make them see red.

Back at the car show, Lydia says she wasn’t mentally prepared for the restaurant debacle. Meghan starts talking about how Vicki hurt Shannon, and Vicki says they’ve all hurt each other. She explains to Peggy that there are unresolved issues among the ladies. Meghan thinks that Vicki should try to understand, and says that when they were in Ireland, they were getting along. Vicki says that she can’t be the only one to apologize, but Megan tells her that swallowing your pride can make you feel good, and that you can’t expect anything back from an apology. Peggy asks if Vicki has apologized, and Vicki tells her she has, many times. We flash back to those, and Vicki says she’s good. Peggy tells Meghan that the more you talk about something, the bigger it gets. Kind of what Erika from Beverly Hills said about Pantygate. Peggy tells Meghan to make duck lips, then puts her fingers like she’s holding them closed. She tells Meghan that she’s making everyone uncomfortable, and to zip it. Ha-ha! That stopped her running mouth. Meghan wonders what she’s missing, and why she has to be quiet. In her interview, Vicki says Peggy nailed it. Shut up, Megan. She’s over it.

Next time, Tamra asks Shannon if they should be fake, Vicki tells Peggy there are issues, Lydia is concerned about Shannon misbehaving at her party, and Kelly meets with Shannon.

🐮 It was the season finale for Sweet Home Oklahoma (sob!). Pumps got her new house, and for someone who couldn’t afford a house in the next neighborhood over, it’s big and beautiful. Jennifer picked out tiles for a decorating project, and called Lee a magnet to the bun when Josh got her to goof around, taking Instagram photos. Lee said she didn’t have high hopes for Jennifer’s Instagram with Josh being in charge of it, but his pictures ended up being fabulous. Josh has decided to keep the photography a hobby though, and go back to practicing law. Lee and Jennifer agreed they’ll miss Pumps because they like knowing where she is at all times. Jennifer thought they were going to need an army of movers, and a psychiatrist to find out why Pumps is hoarding. Lee claimed a dead person could be in the walk-in closet and they’d never know, and I had to agree. It was like an explosion of clothing, accessories, and random items in there. Pumps said they were acting like she’s going to Siberia, when she’s only moving five miles away. Tubby fell through the attic floor at Pumps’s new house, and in true dog fashion, freaked out everyone except for himself. In their interview, Jennifer joked that Pumps was trying to murder Tubby, and Pumps said it took a long time, but she finally did it. She’d planned it all out from orchestrating her divorce to buying the new house. Pumps told us the move was bittersweet, it wasn’t just leaving the neighborhood, but leaving the idea of the perfect family life, but she’s ready to make new memories. To assuage the grief of losing Pumps, Jennifer left her a housewarming gift – a topiary shaped like Tubbers, with its own service dog vest – a “tubiary.” I literally LOL’d – it really did look like him. Pumps’s dog promptly peed on it. I sincerely hope this show is renewed for another season. It’s heartwarming without being saccharine, and very funny.

🔊 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is back on Thursday, August 17th at 10 pm; The Real Housewives of Dallas begins a new season on Monday, August 14th at 10 pm (looks like LeeAnn is back to breaking glasses already); and the Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee, returns with Below Deck on Tuesday, September 5th at 9 pm.



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