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September 29, 2017 – Patient 6 is Good with a Paperclip, Z Nation Returns, So Does Hell’s Kitchen & Michael Berryman


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Alexis and Sam visit Jason. Alexis encourages Sam to get moving on her follow-up appointment with Dr. Bensch. Sam wants to reschedule, but Alexis and Jason won’t let her. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Franco is nervous to return to the art therapy program. Elizabeth says he’ll be fine. She tells him good luck, and takes Jake to visit Jason.

In Russia, the nurse checks Patient 6’s vitals. Dr. Kline says he’s lucky to be alive. He tells the nurse that greed comes back to bite you. They offered him a fortune to keep Patient 6 there, but he’s more trouble than he’s worth. The doctor can’t wait to get him out of there.

Someone comes into Ava’s room while she’s sleeping. It’s Griff.

Patient 6 is being transported today, and Dr. Kline wants no trace of him having been there. When the doctor leaves the room, Patient 6 takes out a paperclip.

Ava asks why Griff is there, and he says to see her. He tells her that she has no idea how beautiful she is.

Kristina goes to Parker’s office. She tells Parker that her brother-in-law is awake. Parker says it’s amazing, and the family must be relieved. Kristina says that Molly will be missing a class or two. They go the extra mile for the people they care about, like she just did.

Dillon meets Kiki for lunch. He notes she ordered two lunches, but one of them is for Dr. Bensch, who suddenly appears. He has to jet though, and tells Dillon he’s welcome to the lunch.

Sam tells Alexis that they’re early, and Dr. Bensch isn’t available yet. She wants to leave, but Alexis says no, they’ll wait. Sam doesn’t like Jason being alone. Alexis says her sisters will be happy to help, but Sam doesn’t think so, and says on second thought, Jason could use some alone time. Alexis asks if she’s going to talk to Julien. She thinks somebody should tell him. Sam asks if that somebody is Alexis.

Griff picks up a hand mirror, and shows Ava her face. She looks normal again. He says she’s as gorgeous as ever. If only she worked as hard to heal her soul as she has her face. She wakes up.

Griff calls Anna. He leaves a message saying he narrowed the location of the clinic, but doesn’t have an address. Franco comes in the locker room. He tells Griff they reinstated the art therapy program. Griff asks if he’s been in contact with Ava, but Franco hasn’t talked to her. Griff says that she seems to be MIA, and Franco wonders why it’s stressing Griff out.

Dr. Kline asks if Ava is all right. She tells him that she’s just having bad dreams. He says the first procedure went smoothly, and wants her rested for the next. He goes to get her something to help her sleep.

Patient 6 screws around with the paperclip, trying to get the cuffs open.

I have an interruption, but don’t miss enough to slog through the pirated video online.

Jake goes to get something, and Jason tells Elizabeth that he’s doing well. Elizabeth says he’s strong, but they’ve been there for him. Jason asks if she means her and Franco.

Franco asks if Ava owes Griff money. Griff says that he thinks she’s in trouble, and Franco suggests he get a hazmat suit if he’s going to deal with her. Griff tells Franco that they’re friends, and Franco finds it hard to believe, since they’re polar opposites. Griff says like Franco and Elizabeth.

Patient 6 drops the paperclip, and I say bad words. Someone picks it up. It’s Ava, who just took a tremendous chance unless they have adjoining rooms.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he sees Franco got back in touch with his artistic side. She says the exhibit was old paintings, but he did get the art program back at GH. Jason says they’ll be living and working together now; so much togetherness. She wonders if Jason has a problem with that. Jake shows Jason some pictures he’s organizing. Jason asks if he’s missing one, and Jake wonders if he’s talking about the one he and Franco did together.

Franco tells Griff about giving the money from the exhibit to the hospital. Griff says the old pieces must have stirred up feelings, and Franco says he’s been talking to Elizabeth. Griff mentions the painting he didn’t want to talk about, and Franco starts to singsong, Griff and Ava sitting in a tree. Griff says he has confusing feelings, and Ava is halfway around the globe and hurting. Franco asks what he’s doing there then, and tells him to go find her.

Patient 6 works with the paperclip on the cuffs. Ava chatters at him, saying she can’t believe he can free himself with a paperclip, and he tells her that she should go. She says, and miss this? She’ll take her chances.

Sam tells Alexis that she hasn’t had a perfect scorecard with love either, and veers in the direction of danger. She wouldn’t change anything, but it hasn’t always been easy. Alexis says she doesn’t want Sam to make the same mistake she did with her children. Molly is the good one, but they haven’t always seen red flags. Look at Kristina.

Kristina tells Parker that she’s been bombing in her business classes, and shows Parker her latest dud paper. Parker says economics isn’t her forte, but Kristina says she’s not there for help. She thinks the universe is trying to tell her something. Parker suggests it’s to study more. Kristina thinks maybe she should focus on real world experiences. Parker wonders why she’s getting the feeling that it’s a done deal. Kristina says she dropped her classes. Now there’s no more obstacles preventing them from seeing each other.

Kiki wonders if Dillon is jealous, and he says who wouldn’t be. Dr. Bensch gets to spend massive amounts of time with her, and now he’s buying her lunch. She says it was a sandwich, but Dillon says fries were included – that’s huge. Kiki says she’s also busy with school, her study group, and him. Dillon knows if it weren’t for Dr. Bensch she wouldn’t be on the fast track, but wishes he was helping. Kiki asks how she would function without the foot and backrubs, and conversation about non-medical things. He says he’ll walk her back to the hospital. He tells her please, how could he be jealous of a middle-aged guy in scrubs. Ouch.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s needs to get out and join the dating pool. Alexis is like, no way, and Sam asks if she’s still holding a torch for Julien. Alexis says it’s more like a match, but Sam says the best thing to do is move on. There are a ton of eligible bachelors in Port Charles; pick one. Dr. Bensch shows up, and Sam introduces him. He says he’s already reviewed her stats, and she’ll be in and out quickly. She says that she wants to get back to Jason, and they make small talk about that. Sam tells Dr. Bensch that they’re thinking of having a party for everyone who had a hand in taking care of Jason, so he’s invited. She tells him he can bring his wife or girlfriend, and he tells her he’s single and straight. She says a handsome doctor who’s unattached; what are the odds?

Griff tells Franco that finding Ava is easier said than done. Franco asks if he has any idea where she is, and Griff tells him a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia. Franco asks what’s the hold-up? Grab a Russian dictionary, and hop on the next flight. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do when he gets there, and Franco tells him to hit up every hospital. Someone will point him in the right direction. Griff says that he’s waiting for friend to call back, and Franco says he can wait in Russia and be productive, or wait here, wringing his hands.

Patient 6 finishes getting free from the cuffs. Ava can’t believe he did that. He tells her to go back to her room; he’s going home. She asks how he’s going to do that, and if he even has a passport. She tells him that they’re planning on moving him today. He hears someone in the hallway, and tells her to get out. He waits behind the door, and when the guard or orderly or whatever he is comes in, Patent 6 jumps him and they fight.

Jake brings up the picture of Jason and Franco, but Elizabeth says that wasn’t Jason; it was a neighbor boy. He looks a lot like Jason, but Franco explained that it couldn’t have been him. Jake shows them a picture of Jason as a boy on his tablet. Elizabeth says there’s a resemblance, and Jake says they could be twins.

Patient 6 and nameless guy continue to fight. Patient 6 finally knocks him out. Ava comes back out, and asks who the hell he is.

Sam asks Dr. Bensch to ease her mother’s fears about her health while she goes to change. Alexis asks a couple of questions, but he has the feeling she already knows the answers. She strikes him as a woman who does her research. She asks if she strikes him as a woman who lets her daughter run roughshod over her, and says he must know what Sam is trying to do. He says she’s trying to set them up, but he likes it.

Parker thinks Kristina is being impulsive, but Kristina says that doesn’t mean she’s making a mistake. Parker says that Kristina’s parents don’t like her as it is, now she’s dropped out of school because of her. Kristina says that wasn’t the only reason, and they’ll come around once they get to know her. Parker asks what if they don’t, and Kristina says that she’s an adult and makes her own choices. The business degree isn’t what she wants. She thought Parker had feelings for her, and wonders if she’s wrong.

Griff says that Franco makes good points. Franco asks if the conversation was actually helpful. Griff says it was strange, but it got him thinking. Franco tells him that from personal experience, the only thing worse than not getting what you want is not living at all.

Elizabeth tells Jake that it’s just a coincidence. There’s only one Jason, and there’s no one else like him. Jake says he’s like Jason, and Jason hopes in good ways. He asks how Jake’s therapy is going, and Jake says they talk about Star Wars. Jason thanks Elizabeth for bringing him, and says the next time, Jake will be able to visit him at home. When they’re gone, Jason looks at the postcard again.

Patient 6 cuffs the now unconscious nameless guy to the bed, and goes through his pockets. He looks into the hallway, and tells Ava it’s clear and to get out. She tells him there’s a ton of security between there and the front door. He says he’s not going that way. She says that she doesn’t even know his name, but good luck, whoever you are. He thanks her and says that he owes her. She leaves, and he fiddles with his mask.

Parker tells Kristina that she’s not wrong. She has strong feelings, but education is important. Kristina says the timing isn’t right. Parker doesn’t want her to regret what she’s doing, but Kristina says that life is short. Between business and love, she’s picking love. Parker asks if she’s free for dinner. Kristina says she is, and Parker says it’s a date.

Jason stares at the postcard, and looks at the phone.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth and Jake how the visit went. Jake informs him that people can hear you when they’re in a coma. Elizabeth asks how Franco’s first day back was, but he says he’s just getting started. He asks Jake if that’s true what he said about being in a coma. Jake says that his father said he could hear him, he just wasn’t strong enough to talk back. Franco flashes back to talking to Jason, saying if they’re connected to wake up and tell him who he is, so Franco can figure out who he is, and why he’s done what he’s done.

Franco’s phone rings. It’s Jason. He says he’s been awake for almost two days and Franco hasn’t visited. He’s disappointed. He asks why Franco doesn’t come over right now.

Ava is back in her room, looking at a magazine, when Dr. Kline comes in with something to help her sleep. He tells her that success can’t be rushed. She’ll realize when they’re done, and she’s back to her old self. He gets a message that it’s time to transport Patient 6.

Griff leaves a message for Anna that he’s on his way to the airport, and if her contacts come through, to call him. Kiki says she was totally eavesdropping. He says that he wanted to see her anyway. He’s going after her mom. She asks if he’s found out where she is. He tells her not the exact location, but he’s narrowed it down. He says it’s better than waiting and doing nothing. He’s done trying, now he’s going. She asks how he can help, and he asks if she speaks Russian. That’s a no, so he tells her to hold down the fort and pray. Kiki tells him if he finds her mother – he says when – to tell her that she loves her.

Dr. Kline finds the guy cuffed to Patient 6’s bed. He makes an announcement that Patient 6 is on the loose. Everyone should be on the alert. Do not let him make it outside.

Patient 6 runs through a hallway and busts through a door. What do you know? Ta-da! It’s Steve Burton. Like we didn’t know this.

On Monday, Michael accuses Nelle of lying, Jason wants to know why Franco visited him in the ICU, and Paitent 6/Steve Burton/ real Jason (?) needs a favor.

Z Nation

Two years later. Roberta watches as zombies suddenly catch fire in a wasteland. Acid rain starts to come down, and her face melts. She screams.

Roberta wakes up inside of a cocoon in a laboratory. She pulls a tube out of her mouth. Her hair is blonde. Thanks to HDTV, I can see every pore on her nose. She gets up, dressed like a futuristic go-go dancer, in a white crop top and shorts, with little transparent boots. Her hands shake. She strolls around, and picks up a hammer. She walks out to the hallway, and rounds a corner. She sees a child who screams at her. She sees the acid rain in her mind again, and faints.

Roberta opens her eyes to find Murphy standing over her, looking like a normal person. She tells him he’s looking dapper, and he says look who’s back in town. He thought she was dead. He asks if she’s okay, but she’s not sure. He tells her that he’s been cured, and she is too. The bullet that passed through him, hit her. She asks where they are, and where everyone else is. He says she’s been in a coma a long time. She tells him that she was having some weird dreams, and asks how long she’s been out. He tells her for two years. Roberta asks about the others, but Murphy says they didn’t make it. I don’t believe it though. He helps her up. She says she has to get out of there, but he says there’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing left but rotting Z’s.

They get in an elevator. The elevator opens into a park, and Murphy welcomes Roberta to Zona. He tells her they made it; they beat the apocalypse. She can’t believe the rest are all dead, but he says things got so bad in the old world, they’re probably better off. He misses them, even 10K. He tells her that she owes enjoying her life to everyone who didn’t make it. She tells him that she needs to change, but he tells her that it’s Thursday, and clothing is optional. He’s right, because we see two nakey people walk by. Roberta says she hasn’t known the days of the week in years. Murphy gives her the tour.

Murphy tells Roberta that they have all seven days, like when it was pre-Z. They have everything except zombies and the clap, which they eradicated. They stroll through the town, and everyone says hello to Murphy. He tells Roberta that they have tennis, golf, and other recreational activities, like real people, and everything is free when you’re with The Murph. Roberta rolls her eyes, and he says he can’t help it if they owe him their lives. She asks if the vaccine worked, and he says of course. With his blood and the best lab money could buy, what could go wrong?

He takes Roberta to the Giant Museum of Humanity, where they saved what they could, the best of the best of humanity. There’s everything from an Elvis suit to the last case of pop rocks. Roberta sees her reflection in a display case, and touches her hair. She wanders into the hallway, and a guard asks to see bar code. He looks on her wrist, and talks into his radio, saying that there’s a possible unvax. Murphy says she’s with him and introduces her as General Warren. The guard apologizes, and she says that she just woke up from a coma. They continue to walk, and she’s surprised that Murphy made her a general. He says he wanted to make sure they took good care of her.

All dressed up, Roberta and Murphy get into a self-driving car. He can’t wait for her to meet The Founder. He saw it coming before it was coming, and saved what’s left of civilization. He saved humanity, at least the richest of them. She asks what about the rest of the planet, and he says it’s too late. They have a small boat, and can’t save everyone.

A guy runs through the forest, chased by zombies. We see Doc (told you), who has a beard down to his waist, and looks like Moses. He says, now is the time for all good men to kill some puppies and kittens, and mercies the zombies by wielding two hammers. He says it’s a beautiful sight. 10K pops out of nowhere, and head butts him before he realizes it’s Doc.

Up in a treehouse, Doc sits with 10K and Red. 10K says he could have killed Doc, but Doc says it would take way more than a head butt to bring him down. He tells 10K that it’s a nice set-up. It’s been almost two years since they’ve seen each other, and Doc says time flies when you’re killing Z’s. He wants to talk to them about a place called Newmerica, a safe zone in Northern Canada where there are no Z’s. 10K is skeptical, but Doc says it feels right. He tells them that the US government is involved (again, what could go wrong?), and they’re trying to get to the north before snowfall. There’s a waystation refugee camp for survivors. 10K says they have a good spot already. Red says he’s the first human they’ve seen. Doc thinks they might not get another chance, and looking at his beard, asks for a pair of scissors.

A woman is trapped in a car with a zombie, while two men are outside. One has a gun, but he says there’s only one bullet. Another car pulls up, and it’s Addie and Lucy, both rocking a punk-type look, with Addie sporting an eye patch. Addie tells them they’re there to help. Addie gets the woman out of the car, and Lucy calms the zombie. One of the men thanks them, and says they’re going to Newmerica. The other man shoots the zombie. Lucy asks why he did that, and he says it was their mom. The people drive off. Lucy asks Addie if she’s sure she wants to go, but Addie thinks they don’t have a choice. Lucy says, Zona; time to jet. Hey, she used my word.

Murphy tells Roberta that The Founder is a cool guy for being called The Founder, He tells her not to let his appearance frighten her. Really? What could be scary after fighting zombies for years? He used his own blood for the first vaccine, and failed. Not everyone has Murphy’s corpuscles.

OMG! The Founder is Michael Berryman! I love him! Murphy introduces Roberta, but he says everyone knows General Warren. He forgot how beautiful she is. He kisses her hand, and says they’ve met before. He tells Roberta that they all owe her undying gratitude for delivering The Murphy alive. She says it wasn’t easy; half the time she wanted to kill him herself. The Founder takes a breath from his portable oxygen tank. He says she’s funny too. They’ll want her in the gene pool. He says he’d like for her to meet his friends.

The door opens to a group gathered around a dining table. The Founder says he’d like to introduce a hero’s hero, and his new best friend, General Roberta Warren. They all stare at her. The Founder starts to clap, and they follow his lead. The applause gets faster. It’s a weird Stepford-like moment.

At the refugee camp, Dr. Sun directs some workers, and tells some new people to stay within the parameters, especially after dark. A woman complains to a guard that they’re Z bait. He tells her that they take everyone’s welfare seriously, and he thinks she needs a hug. He hugs her, and she calms down. He tells her that human contact is important. He feels better now; how about her? She says if he tries it again, she’ll shoot him. He says, fair enough.

Doc, 10K, and Red arrive at the camp. Dr. Sun hugs them, and asks what happened to Doc. He says that 10K thought he was a Gandalf zombie and coldcocked him. Then he has to explain The Lord of the Rings to 10K.

At the dining table, Murphy says there’s no one more badass than Roberta. One time she chopped the head off of a mutual friend. She says he was already dead, and they barely knew each other; Murphy exaggerates. The Founder tells her that there’s no need to be humble. Roberta says now that they’re cured, they need to learn how to fight. Murphy says not him. Zona is Z free, and his traveling days are over. The Founder tells her that if reports are correct, the last of civilization is in Newmerica. They’ve clawed their way back, and will do it again. He tells her it’s time for renewal, and making way for a new world. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and he feels fine. They can’t wait another decade for the last Z to die of starvation. The moment is here. The window of opportunity to save humanity is closing. They have the shield of the vaccine and the sword of wisdom. It’s time for a reset. Everyone toasts to a reset.

Addie drives like a maniac, trying to shake someone following them. They’re nearly creamed by a huge ball of zombies rolling through, but it misses them and rolls into the car behind them. Addie laughs, and Lucy tells her that it’s not funny; a zombie could have been hurt. There are two soldiers in the car, and the zombies go nuts banging on it. The windshield breaks.

A woman makes small talk with Roberta. The Founder says that he heard her two favorite things are chocolate and killing zombies. He had his pastry chef make a special dessert for her – a chocolate volcano zombie head cake. Murphy tells her that the brains are cherry custard. Roberta cuts into it, and flashes back to repeatedly stabbing a zombie. When she comes back to reality, all of the guests are covered in chocolate and cherry, and she’s destroyed the cake.

Red talks to Sun about the treehouse, and how she hated to give it up. Sun tells her it’s hard to let go of a shred of security. Red asks if she thinks Newmerica is real. She does, but also thinks maybe people need something to believe in. Sun asks Red about 5K. Red says they’d finally made it – we see this as she’s talking – but 5K fell down a hill and was surrounded by a huge flock of crows. When they flew off, 5K was gone. She hopes to see him again one day.

In the car, Murphy tells Roberta that she knows how to make a first impression. Roberta apologizes, and says she has to get out of there. Her hand shakes, and Murphy asks if she’s okay. She says something is wrong with her, and she has to go. She jumps out of the car, and starts to run, avoiding the guards by hiding behind trees. She sees a golf cart, puts on the boots she finds in the back, and rips her gown to make it shorter. She drives the cart to the lab. When she walks inside, a guard tries to stop her, she puts some martial arts moves on him, and he’s down. Ditto the next one. In her mind, she sees the wasteland. She sees a large metal gate with a sign that says zombies beyond this point. She lifts it up, and it opens to the ocean. Guards come up from behind her, and take her away.

Roberta is strapped to a gurney and riding in some kind of medical vehicle, like a rolling examining room. Murphy is there, and she asks where she’s going. He tells her she could have killed the guards, and she can’t go around killing things like she used to. She tells him that he doesn’t understand, and he says to enlighten him. He tells her that she’s the one who doesn’t understand. There’s no one left to save but themselves. He asks her not to go PTSD on him, when this is the first good thing to happen since day one.

Doc gives 10K a box of ammo. 10K asks him what if it sucks, and Doc tells him that life is a crapshoot. He’s young. He might even want to start a family. 10K says that Red doesn’t want children after what happened to 5K. He tells Doc a different story, and we see it differently as he’s talking. When they were searching, they saw this huge black cloud of crows at the bottom of a hill.  They thought they saw him standing in the middle. When the flock cleared, they realized he’d sacrificed himself to save him. We see his clothes and a bloody mess. Doc tells 10K that for not being blood kin, 5K was a lot like him. 10K asks if that’s supposed to make him feel better. Doc says nope. I love Doc. He reminds me of my father.

Another stopped car looks like they’re in trouble. Lucy wonders why everyone in such a hurry to get to Newmerica. She and Addie walk toward the car, but suddenly Lucy tells Addie to stop. She says there are no Z’s there. Instead, it’s a group of guys with guns.

At the camp, a guard tries to contact Rolling Thunder One on his radio, but there’s no answer.

Lucy and Addie are tied up in the back seat. Lucy tells them to let Addie go; she’s the one they want. Using her thoughts, Addie tells Lucy to leave them alone. Keep her eyes on her, and be ready to move. Addie scratches at her non-eye, which I guess is so we can see it. It’s gross, but far from the worst thing on this show.

In her mind, Roberta walks through the wasteland. She sees a control panel, and is about to press a button. IRL, her hand starts to shake. In her dream, she looks up and sees a gigantic stingray (the fish, not the car) floating through the sky. The vehicle stops. Murphy tells her to wake up. She tells him to get her out. He starts to unstrap her, when the door opens. Murphy recognizes Dr. Teller. The doctor tells them to come with him. He has no time to explain.

Back at Zona, one of The Founder’s dinner guests wears a protective suit while he messes with a zombie hand in the lab. It starts to disintegrate until it’s only bones.

Next time, Murphy says it’s not good.

🔪 This time around, Hell’s Kitchen is pitting 16 All Stars – those who did not win in their season, but were still winners in their own right – against each other. The prize is being head chef at Gordon’s Las Vegas restaurant, which pulls in a salary of a quarter of a million dollars. There were a lot of flashbacks from the previous seasons, highlighting the various contestants. The first challenge was a men versus women thing, and the men won. They got to go down a sky slide made of glass from seventy stories up. Which may or may not be your idea of a win. I don’t have the names down, but one of the guys was pretty frightened, and I don’t blame him. He did it anyway, and my hat’s off to him. It did look like fun, but I’d be scared out of my mind. Afterward, was dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and Wolfgang himself was trotted out to greet them. The women got the thankless tasks of cleaning up from the initial opening of the contest. This consisted of taking down the bleachers, taking up the red carpet, and best of all, picking up the zillion pieces of confetti that were dropped. Robyn, who got a one out of five, sinking the ladies’ team, consulted her tiger eye, telling the group that it answers yes or no questions for her. One of the other women made a great point in saying that she guessed Robyn didn’t ask about the salmon. <snort> They should vote her off just for thinking she hears from a tiger eye. Next time is an elimination.

Quotes of the Week

Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all – in which case you fail by default.J.K. Rowling

For to be free is not merely to case off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.Nelson Mandela

Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got six months. – a character in the Lifetime movie, Break-Up Nightmare, although probably pretty old.

In Honor of Tonight’s Z-miere

An interview:


Michael Berryman

There were many, but I liked this one.














September 28, 2017 – Sharon Wants Her Ring Back, Jeff Turns Down Versailles & Good Riddance to Jax from Kentucky


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Mac can’t wait to meet Ask Man Landers. Felicia hopes Mac gets to him first before Maxie does.

Spinelli yells that he’s seen Nathan with Amy before. Nathan says he’s not cheating; he’s Ask Man Landers. All the photographers rush to take pictures. It looks really funny, like something out of a 40s movie. Spinelli doesn’t believe him, and calls it a feeble alibi, but Nathan says it’s the truth. Maxie says that she can explain everything.

Sharon tells Nelle to let her in and she’ll talk. Nelle says she’s not interested, and starts to close the door. Sharon stops her, and asks if Nelle thought she could run from what she did to her brother.

Carly asks if Michael has other plans, and if he can’t reschedule. He says Nelle’s not comfortable going to a family party. Carly asks if it’s “her or us” now.

Sam calls Monica about Jason, and says that she did it, but Monica says no, she did. Sam says he had lots of reasons to come back, and she’s one of them. Monica tells Elizabeth, and says she’s going to shout it from the rooftops. Sam says she’ll see her soon. Sam looks in Jason’s room to see Sonny and Jason fist bump.

Maxie announces that what Nathan means is, they’re all Man Landers. Spinelli babbles to Maxie about how her husband and his peroxided angel of mercy are having an affair. Felicia says she knew it, and Nina says no they’re not. Quinn wonders what’s going on, and Maxie says they’re married. Quinn is confused, and asks if they’re married and having an affair. Spinelli gets loud, and Nathan says enough is enough.

Elizabeth brings Franco over to Monica, and he hands Monica a check. Elizabeth says it’s from the showing at the gallery. She says he wants to share the wealth, and put Kiki through med school. He tells Monica that he thought some could be earmarked for outpatient therapy, and victims of violence. Monica asks if he was hoping they would reinstate the art program, and Franco says that art therapy saved his life. She notes that he seems to be making up for his violent past, and Elizabeth says she’s proud of him.

Someone looks at the painting of the two boys.

Jason tells Sonny that he made a choice to leave the life behind. He almost died, and can’t tell his wife and kids good-by again.

Michael tells Carly that Nelle encouraged him to go without her. She asks if he’s going to send a card saying that he chose Nelle over his family. He tells her to back off and let him live his life.

Sharon says that she’s not surprised Nelle landed on her feet. She must have found another mark to pay her rent. Nelle says she pays her own rent, and Sharon says that she bets she does. She says it’s remarkable how Nelle moved on, like her brother didn’t die and she’s not responsible. Nelle says she isn’t responsible, and the police and DA accepted it even if Sharon doesn’t. Nelle tells her that if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll take the next flight back to Florida. Sharon asks what she’s going to do if she doesn’t? Kill her too?

Monica tells Franco that she’ll bring up reinstating the art program at the next board meeting. Right now, she’s going to see her son. Franco thinks Elizabeth should go too. She asks him to come, but he says Jason isn’t interested in seeing him on a good day, but especially when he just woke up from a coma. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t have questions, but he says it’s not Jason in the photo. He tells Elizabeth to change before she goes, or the facility might put her to work. She tells him how wonderful he was to give the hospital the check.

Elizabeth leaves, and Andre approaches Franco. He shows Franco the painting, and Franco asks if he’s the anonymous buyer.

Sonny says he respects Jason’s decision. He’s sorry Jason got caught up in him trying to leave the business, and it almost cost his life. Jason says it was his choice. He doesn’t regret it, but has to step back and be the man his family needs. He wants to be there for his kids. Sonny wants that too. Jason says that he finds himself getting pulled in sometimes, probably because he misses it, and it can’t happen anymore. He needs to find new way to be him. Sam hopes that Sonny understand. He does, and wishes them all the happiness in the world; they deserve it.

Nelle tells Sharon that she might not have been the girl she thinks her brother deserved, but she’s a survivor, which is why Zack loved her. Sharon calls her a scrappy little girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who turned him against his family until she became the center of his universe. All he had was her to save him. She wonders if in his last moments, he realized that his whole universe was based on an illusion. Could she tell he knew the truth before he took his last breath? Nelle tells her to get out, but she says not until she gets what she came for.

Carly tells Michael not to be a stranger once he and Nelle start living together. He has no idea what she’s talking about. She says he bought her apartment, so she must have asked him to move in. He says that he’s not an idiot. She never asked him to buy it. Carly says not to let Nelle isolate him. He leaves, disgusted and annoyed. Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sonny, who tells her that Jason is awake. She says she’s on her way.

Nathan says these guys are all impostors. There’s only one Ask Man Landers, and they’re looking at him. Spinelli thinks he’s just trying to cover up his relationship with his strumpet, but Nathan says she’s his agent. Amy corrects that to manager, saying she only takes 5%. Nina asks Nathan if he’s sure, and he says yes. She announces that since he’s decided to come out of anonymity, she’s introducing the true face of Ask Man Landers – her brother, Nathan West.  Quinn says she promised them Ask Man Landers, and she always delivers.

Spinelli tells Maxie that there’s more to this story. She says that he doesn’t understand, and he says he understands that her time away might have been too much for her spouse. Quinn tells everyone no more photos. Man Landers will have plenty of time with his adoring public. Nathan tells Quinn that right now he wants to talk to his wife, and she tells him to go and tend to Trixie. Nathan asks how she is, and Maxie says just peachy, now that she’s ruined her chances of Nina rehiring her and blown his anonymity. Nathan says that he didn’t want her to doubt his love. Nina says the people want to talk to him, and his adoring public (phrase of the day) awaits. Maxie tells him that Amy is still the advice giver, and they have to make sure it doesn’t get out. Nina says it won’t. Maxie wonders what her parents are doing there, and Felicia says that Man Landers is her father’s new guru. She wonders why Maxie didn’t tell them.

Amy tells Spinelli that when she met him, he seemed like a sweet guy; she must have read him wrong. Does he always rush to judgments? He admits to violating a principal rule of investigation by interpreting the evidence to fit his hypothesis. He tells her that it’s quite an accomplishment to go from nurse to publishing, and asks what her secret is.

Andre and Franco look at the painting. Franco says he needed his arm twisted to show it, and never intended to sell it. He wonders what made Andre buy it, and Andre explains that instead of playing golf, he invests in art. He says the glimpse into the artist’s imagination spoke to him. Franco asks what if it wasn’t imagination?

Carly runs into Jason’s room. He asks what took so long. She tells him that next time he wants to play hero, don’t do this, and he says that he’s done dodging bullets. Sonny says in order to walk into a new life, he has to walk away from them.

Nelle tells Sharon that if she’s thinking about a civil suit, she has nothing of value. Sharon says she only wants what rightfully belonged to family. Nelle says she left with bus fare and the clothes on her back. Sharon says she might have dodged a murder charge, but she’s still a common thief. Michael walks in, and asks who she is and what she’s doing there.

Franco asks Andre if this is confidential, and Andre asks if Franco is his patient now. Franco shows him the photo. Andre says those are the guys in the painting. Franco tells him that for long time, he had an obsession about having a connection to Jason. He’d even thought were twins, and lately he’s been having the same feelings again. He talked to his adoptive mom, and she confirmed that the photo was him and a twin, but not his twin; Jason’s twin, Andrew. Andre asks why they’re dressed alike, and Franco explains that Jason’s birth mother gave him to Betsy to raise as her own. He thought he had brother for three years. Andrew died, and Betsy didn’t want him to grieve, so she told him he’d had an imaginary friend. He knows it sounds weird, but would make sense if he knew Betsy. She’s emotionally fragile, and doesn’t make the best decisions. His whole life he’s been missing a brother, and didn’t know he was real.

Jason says for the majority of his life he was able to be there for Carly and Sonny. In the last couple of years, he straddled both worlds, but it’s not working anymore. He has to be there for his family, and they need to understand. He gets Sonny’s situation completely, and hopes he gets out of business, but he can’t help anymore. Sam wants them to know that it’s Jason’s decision. She’s not pushing him, and hopes they respect his choice. Monica and Elizabeth show up. Elizabeth said that they were told there were too many visitors, but Monica pulled rank as Jason’s mom. Monica tells Jason not to upset her like this again.

In the hallway, Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She says she knows he’s been pulling away for a long time, but she misses the way it used to be.

Nelle introduces Sharon to Michael. Sharon says, well done once again. Michael says he’s sorry for her loss, but it’s time for her to go. She says that Nelle still has something that belongs to her family – the engagement ring that belonged to her grandmother. If Nelle doesn’t hand it over, she’ll sue for it. Nelle says it must be nice to have lawyers on speed dial, but she doesn’t have it; she lost it.

Amy tells Spinelli that she was a fan from the start, and jumped in on the publishing deal. Nathan joins them, and says that he needed someone he could trust to protect his identity. Spinelli says they’re quite the team, which is why he got wrong idea. He asks what Nathan thinks about his beard, since Maxie doesn’t like it. Nathan says it’s not his best look, and Spinelli says that’s odd. He told “Beardless in Portland” to grow it.

Amy says that he gets so many letters, he can’t be expected to remember them all. Nathan says he couldn’t have known what it looked like on him, but he should do what makes him happy. Spinelli says that Amy said the exact same thing; they really are in sync. Felicia asks to borrow Nathan. She tells him that her first impulse was to deck him one, but now they owe him. Maxie tells Nathan that they have to go. Outside, she tells Spinelli that it’s not the time or the place for questions. Nina comes by, and says it’s time to collect on the Crimson exclusive.

Sharon says Nelle is a lot of things, but careless isn’t one of them. Nelle says she moved a lot, and it got lost; Sharon can search the apartment. Sharon says she probably has it stashed in a safe deposit box. She tells Nell this isn’t over, and says that Michael should know his damsel in distress is a cold-blooded killer. She tells Nelle that the case is still open, and Michael says that she’s not the only one with lawyers on speed dial. Sharon says that Michael that he’s gallant, and Zack would have liked him. She says that this simpering bitch is poison, and Zack found out the hard way. She hopes he doesn’t have to. She leaves, and Michael hugs Nelle.

Carly tells Sonny that she could always count on Jason to reach Michael, but she can’t do that now. She tells him about Sharon, and that she thinks Michael is going down the same path. Sonny says that Michael believes what he wants to, but he wouldn’t fall for that. Nothing comes between him and his family. Carly says it already has.

Sam has to leave, and Jason says he’s not going anywhere. Elizabeth says that Jake will be relieved. He’s doing good, but worried. Jason asks about Franco, and Elizabeth says he’s in a good place right now.

Franco lies on Andre’s couch and rambles. He says Drew seemed real, like no other incarnation, but he can’t tell anyone. He didn’t want to worry Elizabeth, and told her that he was some neighbor kid. Andre says he must have had a more compelling reason to lie than his mother’s wishes. What is he afraid of? Franco looks at the painting.

Quinn toasts to the one and only Man Landers. Spinelli says that Nathan seems comfortable in the spotlight, but he has misgivings. Maxie tells him to keep them to himself. The book proceeds are going to a good cause, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Spinelli asks if it is for her.

Michael hands Nelle an empty coffee cup (these actors will never learn how to make it seem full – sigh…), and tells her to have some cold coffee. She says it’s only a matter of time before there’s a subpoena, and this is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Nina calls. She says they have the exclusive scoop on Ask Man Landers, and asks if Nelle can come to the MetroCourt right away. Nelle says she’ll be right there. She tells Michael that she has to go to work. He thinks it will take her mind off of things, and says he’ll finish with the boxes. As her landlord, he can’t leave the apartment like this.

Carly tells Sonny that Michael is already missing Bobbie’s celebration, and there will be more. Nelle will find excuses to keep him away. Sonny says that Michael is his own man.

Michael drops some books, and sees the ring. He makes a soap opera face.

Sonny says that Michael will give the benefit of the doubt, but in the end he’s a realist, practical and smart, and you can’t push him too far. If she shows her true colors, he’ll get rid of Nelle. Carly thinks it’s already too late.

Monica tells Sam that she’ll let Danny know his mom will be there soon, and leaves. Sam knows how hard it was for Jason to talk to Sonny and Carly, but she’s happy that he’s embracing their new life and stepping away from theirs. He tells her that they choose how they live, and his priority is his family.

Jason looks at the card Elizabeth left from Franco’s exhibit. A photo of the painting is on the back.

Andre wonders if Franco is afraid that he might find out something else out about himself. Franco leaves some money, and Andre says it’s too much for one session. He’ll consider it a down payment for the next. Franco doesn’t think he’s coming in for a follow-up.

Jason looks at the painting on the postcard. He makes a soap opera face, and his eyes dart around.

Tomorrow, Kristina has good news for Parker, Sam says Alexis is still carrying a torch for Julian, and the doctor says that Patient 6 is more trouble than he’s worth.

😵 On Flipping Out, Monroe has been much calmer since Jeff got a new nanny. It’s his sixth in five months, but that baby is a handful. So is Jeff. The nanny is in love with Gage, which is creating embarrassment for him, and amusement for everyone else. The Old Hollywood house is coming along, and Jeff likes living on site so he can keep an eye on the workers. He can just bang on the window, and tell them to clean their sh*t up, which is a really good point. Jeff and Gage left Monroe for the first time, when the staff traveled to Florida to see Jackie and David Siegel‘s Versailles. The finished area had everything from a sex room to an alligator hunt, but Jeff was appalled to see a Best Western looking bathroom in the unfinished part of the house. Apparently, David had decided to get them done behind Jackie’s back. The team sat down with David, and Jeff thought they could find middle ground, but in the end, felt there was no meeting of the minds. In his interview, he said they reminded him of the Beverly Hillbillies, and he respected that. He told the group that he might not have a 100,000 square foot house at his disposal, but he was grateful they could build what they wanted, without including a roller rink. His takeaway point was that friends don’t let friends rollerblade.

🐄 Jax. How does his personality get fouler every time I see him? In the most recent episode of Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, he proved himself to be just about the worst person in the world. They were nearing the end of their vacation, and he did nothing but complain. He seemed to have a good time with the family at the local bar, although Brittany’s father made it clear that he still isn’t sure about Jax. Instead of calling it a night when the family did, he and Brittany continued on with some of her friends. Apparently Jax drank too much, and got in some verbal altercations with them. In particular, a girlfriend of Brittany’s, who suggested that her life was better pre-Jax. Even in his interview, where I assume he was sober, he got nasty, talking about how Brittany had a better life since she met him. He described the alternative as living in a strip mall, and hanging out with people who have babies and no teeth. I’m not sure what he was talking about, since that’s not the impression I got. Methinks he just wanted to be as insulting as possible. He even picked a fight with Brittany in front of her mother, who was surprisingly silent. I would have told him to STFU. It was their last day, and the family was dedicating a gazebo to Brittany’s late grandfather. Nice of him to try and ruin it. Brittany told us that Jax says things, and then denies that he said them all the time, and yep, I’ve seen him do that. He also decided to spend his drunken night in a hotel, and then whined that he could have been killed in such a foreign place as Kentucky. Brittany told him that he had an anger management problem, and surprised him by deciding to stay behind for a few days, after he demanded they get going.

🚮 Do it now, Brittany. Get rid of this jerk. You can do so much better.


September 27, 2017 – Carly Meets with Sharon, a Shining Star Returns & My Best Girl Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In NYC, Finn meets Anna and she asks how the meeting went. He tells her about Cassandra’s house, and Anna asks what they talked about. Teasing her, he says illegal gems…not. Anna says next time, but Finn says there isn’t going to be one.

Nelle gives Michael her first rent check. He says he’ll even charge her a penalty if she’s late, but she says he doesn’t have to go that far. She wonders if it will be weird sleeping with her landlord, and he says let’s find out.

Bobbie is ordering a cake for her millionth year at GH, and sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says all the RSVPs are in except for Michael’s, and she invited Nelle. Carly says after today she’ll know if she can accept Nelle or she’s getting rid of her permanently.

Quinn tells Amy that the book sales are going to skyrocket, and they’re going to thank her. Amy says she’s not excited about how it happened, but she’s excited about today. Nina arrives. She wants to make sure everyone has a good spot for the Crimson exclusive. She asks Amy if Nathan is okay with the whole world knowing.

Nathan procrastinates with getting ready. Maxie says she’s taken clever steps. He asks if it will work, and she says it’s foolproof. Everyone goes home a winner, and no one will know he was part of the deception. Then their lives can go back to normal. She texts Amy, saying they’ll be there soon.

Spinelli comes by. Maxie wonders if there’s something wrong with Georgie, but he says their offspring continues to flourish. He’s there because of Ask Man Landers.

Bobbie asks Carly what the game changer is. Carly says she can’t tell anyone; she doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing. She got a text from Sharon Grant, Zack’s sister, who agreed to meet her. It’s possible she’s just a bitter snob, but Carly is less concerned about the why than what Sharon has to say. The best thing that can happen is Nelle getting exonerated, but it could blow up in her face. Bobbie says it’s for Michael’s own good. Sharon walks in.

Finn tells Anna that over the course of a very detailed conversation, Cassandra told him about a litany of doctors who have failed in diagnosing her. He says she has common allergies, and is a full-blown hypochondriac. Anna says that everything he’s telling her is like she planned it. He says it’s over. Cassandra doubted they’d see each other again.

Quinn is about to make Nathan the next big thing. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. She runs off. Nina says if it’s as big as Quinn thinks, the press is going to be more interested and dig deeper. Amy says the only ones who know the truth are the two of them, Nathan and Maxie.

Spinelli says that Maxie asked him to uncover Man Landers true identity. She tells him that she forgot about it, and he can too. He says she didn’t rescind the request, which makes it more urgent. He’s sorry, but he got preoccupied, and neglected his promise, and now Man Landers’s identity is going to be revealed to the world. Maxie tells him forget it. She asks if she paid him. He says, no, and she says then she got her money’s worth. He thinks she’s unusually okay about it. She tells him again to forget it. Nathan comes out in his tux. Spinelli asks what the occasion is.

Sharon introduces herself, and Carly introduces Bobbie. Bobbie wanders off. Sharon doesn’t want coffee, which me suspect her already. She says that they’ve done best to move on from loss. Carly says she lost her son a year ago, so she understands. Sharon says that because an investigator came around, wanting information on Nelle, she hired her own and found out Nelle was in Port Charles. She asks if Nelle did something to Carly. She wants Carly’s story first.

Nelle has the day off to move in, even though she technically didn’t move out. Michael says her special bonus is him, he took the day to help her unpack. Nelle says he’s perfect. She wishes it could stay like this all the time, just them. He thinks she’d get bored (I would), but she says this is the happiest she’s even been. He says she doesn’t have to act like he’s the only guy she’s ever cared about, but she says this is different. After Zack died, she took it for granted that she’d never be that happy again. She wants to put the bad stuff behind her, and move forward. Their future is all that matters.

Nina hopes that Amy is right. Her brother is risking everything. Amy tells her to chill. Nina says she appreciates Amy’s brother’s service, and what she’s doing is admirable and noble, but if it hurts her brother, Amy will regret it. Quinn wonders where Nathan is, and Amy says he’s on his way.

Maxie says that Nathan is going with her to the book signing, and going anywhere with her means black-tie. She suggests they get going. She wants to get there early, so she can get the scoop, and Nina will take her seriously. Spinelli says let’s go together, but Maxie says that the guest list is locked up, and pushes him out the door. She tells Nathan thank God she took care of that. Spinelli hears.

Anna tells Finn that Cassandra will change her mind. Finn says or maybe she’s on to them. She asks if he thinks she is, but he says that he doesn’t care what she thinks. He tells Anna to stop pretending that this isn’t about her obsession with Valentin. Finn is leaving tonight, and if she wants to make good on her blackmail threat, go ahead.

Maxie tells Nathan that Spinelli still doesn’t know, and if they keep him away from the book signing, he never will. She says it wouldn’t be worst thing if he did, but if they want the plan to work, they have to leave now.

Spinelli shows up at the signing. He asks Amy what she’s doing there, and she asks why he’s there so early, since it’s not open yet. She asks if he’s on the guest list, and he is. He says that when they met, she never indicated any professional involvement with Man Landers. She says they’re not ready to start, and he needs to wait in the lobby. She pushes him into the elevator while he’s still talking.

Michael tells Nelle about his grandmother celebrating her years of service at GH with a family party. He says that she’s invited. Nelle asks if Bobbie gave him a plus one, but he says she mentioned Nelle by name. They don’t have to stay long, but Nelle says that she’s not going, invite or not. It feels like a bad idea to be in the same room with Bobbie. If anything went wrong, she’d be blamed, no matter who it was. Nelle would rather stop the problem before it starts and avoid both her and Carly.

Carly tells Sharon that what happened with Nelle and her family was a misunderstanding, and legitimately not her fault. How she handled it was a different story. Sharon hopes that Nelle never takes anything precious from Carly, like she did with her. Carly says she knows that Sharon’s parents and the police suspected Nelle, and Sharon says for good reason. Carly says she never took anything from them. Sharon asks if she lied, and Carly says like a rug, but it was a legitimate misunderstanding. Sharon tells her not to underestimate Nelle. She has a talent for deceit, and wormed her way in to their family before striking, ultimately getting away with murder.

Nathan arrives at the book signing. Quinn explains how he’ll make his entrance, but Maxie says that she’s introducing him. She’d like to introduce all of them. A bunch of guys come in, all dressed like Nathan, with half-masks on.

Anna says that Finn is right. It’s personal, and they have a past, but the case is about the present. Finn says that he’s not a spy. He’s a doctor and recovering addict, and the last few weeks have been bad. Anna says that she doesn’t want to make him do this, since he helped her so much. He tells her this isn’t the best way to say “thank you,” and that he’s bad at this. She should bring in a pro; he blew it. Maybe he didn’t want to help, but he didn’t want to let her down. He doesn’t think Cassandra will reach out. Anna says that unlike him, she doesn’t underestimate his charm. Finn asks if she’s met him. He’s the opposite of charming.

Quinn asks who Maxie is, and why is she hijacking the event. She says she’s a friend of Amy and Nathan’s, and PR is her life. Amy confided their reveal, and Quinn should thank her for rescuing the event. Quinn says it doesn’t need rescuing, and Maxie says maybe not, but it needs improvement. The guys are going to work the room, handing out signed books, and will compound the mystery instead of revealing it. Everyone will try to guess which one is Man Landers, blowing up social media. Amy says that’s not what they agreed on, but both Nina and Nathan think it’s fantastic. Quinn says that she has thirty seconds to make a decision. As much as she finds her uncouth and annoying, the idea “Trixie” has is brilliant, and she’s going with it.

Quinn asks one of the Man Landers men questions. She’s pleased, and hopes they’re all this good. Maxie mingles to make sure the men are all pulling their weight. Amy is upset and sniffling over in an area that’s curtained off. Nathan says he thought she’d be happy. She wishes they’d let her in on the plan. He tells her that Quinn is on board, and everything will be okay.

Sharon tells Carly that Nelle pulled it off with a sick sort of genius. At first she was sweet and self-deprecating, then did something beyond understanding. Their absence at family events became more frequent, and after a while, Zack missed all family functions and trips. Before they knew it, they weren’t seeing him at all. He was cool and defensive, and they stopped hearing him laugh. Nelle convinced him that they thought she wasn’t good enough, and called her trash behind her back. It wasn’t true, but what could they do? He announced they were getting married, and they could either accept it, or he’d cut them out of his life. They didn’t know it, but he’d already changed his will. As soon as it was signed, Nelle dragged him on vacation to Maine. He was a Southern boy who hated cold, and wasn’t fond of roughing it; his favorite part was the wind-down afterward. Nelle arranged for them to be all alone, and he went along because he trusted her, and got in the kayak. Sharon starts crying, and Carly tells her she doesn’t have to go through every detail. She asks when Sharon is leaving, and Sharon says tomorrow at the earliest, but she would be willing to meet again to tell her the rest, and answer questions. As painful as it is, she’s glad they met. She says that Carly obviously thinks Nelle is up to something, and whatever it is, don’t let her get away with it. Nelle did tell Michael that she and Zack had been kayaking before, just not up north. She could have been lying, but I’m not so sure I buy this woman’s story. Another difference Sharon and Carly’s stories, if we believe Sharon, is that Michael’s family really does call Nelle trash and he knows it.

Nelle says if Michael really wants her to go, she will, but he says she’s right; it would just be asking for trouble. He’ll take Bobbie out another time. Nelle says she never meant that he shouldn’t go. She thinks it will be just one more thing use against her. Michael says at least they’ll know he and Nelle are serious. It will work out; trust him. He leaves to get coffee.

Finn tells Anna that he’s been called a lot of things, but never charming; no one thinks that. Anna disagrees. He tells her that no matter what, he’ll keep it on the down-low. His phone rings. Cassandra changed her mind. Anna smiles and Finn shakes his head.

Quinn knows exactly when she’s revealing Man Landers’s true identity – never. She thinks it’s brilliant. Nina tells Maxie, congratulations, she’s a woman of many talents. She says that she did it for the man they both love. She goes up to the wrong Man Landers, saying she can’t wait for their private celebration. He says he has other plans, and she tells herself that she’s good at casting.

Nathan tells Amy that everything is fine. She’s worried that someone will find out the truth, saying they’re still under contract. Nathan says no one will find out. She tells him that when he says it, she believes it. She feels like she can trust him with anything. He says they shouldn’t be seen together that much, and Amy goes back to the book launch. Spinelli pops out, and Nathan asks what he’s doing there. Spinelli tells him that The Jackal has figured it out.

Finn tells Anna that other than allergies, Cassandra is healthy, and there’s no reason to treat her. Anna tells him to do some tests, pick the most difficult thing to rule out, and then run with it. Or make something up. He’ll be brilliant (the word of the day).

Michael sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says the only RSVP they haven’t gotten is his. He tells her that’s because they’re not going.

Sharon knocks on Nelle’s door. She says long time, no see, and remarks that Nelle changed her name. She tells Nelle that she can change it all she wants, but she can’t change what she did. Nelle says she didn’t do anything, and asks Sharon why she’s there and what she wants.

Nathan tells Spinelli that he can’t tell anyone. He knows what Spinelli must think, but Amy is just a friend. Spinelli calls him a philanderer and a rake, among other old-fashioned terms, and heads toward the launch. Nathan chases Spinelli, trying to stop him. As Spinelli walks through the curtains, Nathan says that he’s not cheating. He’s Man Landers. Everyone in the room rushes toward him. I laugh.

Tomorrow, Maxie tries to explain things to Spinelli, Sharon tells Nelle that she can’t run away from what she did, and Franco asks if the anonymous buyer is in on it.

🌟 Star is back! Great music! Great dancing! Miss Lawrence! Queen Latifah’s hair! Benjamn Bratt‘s character is dead, but he’s still in the credits. Tonight, the girls haven’t had a hit, and a female music mogul took over their label. The aftermath of Jahil’s death was felt, and Alexandra came back from doing time for doing some really stupid things. Carlotta tried to intervene on the group’s behalf while the mogul was getting a massage, but was told to make an appointment. Her hair was resplendent – a neon violet, like the bestest shiniest Crayola crayon ever – and matched her top. As she was about to leave, Carlotta caught a news flash about an arrest being made for the triple-homicide that included Jahlil. Funny thing though, we flashed back with Carlotta to that night, and she’s the one who shot him. We’re off to a good start. It was a brilliant move to air this after Empire. I hope it does well, since I really like this show. I’m not the type to sit still for many music videos, but the songs are engaging, and I love the dancing. The storylines aren’t up to Tyler Perry, but they’re good. And of course, there’s the Queen.

🐾 Cutting it short tonight. My little old girl is having little old girl issues, and needs extra attention right now. That’s not a euphemism for anything; I’m talking about my elderly dog. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting to my 90 Day obsession, and how much I hate Jax. And of course, so much to look forward to on Friday, with Hell’s Kitchen and Z Nation premiering.

Juliet-July2017 (2)

Juliet – Summer 2017

September 27, 2017 – Patient 6 Speaks, Kelly Didn’t Do It, The Valor Hits a Dock & Puppies on Yachts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan comes home to Maxie asleep on the couch. She wakes up, noting the candles have burned down. Nathan tells her that he worked an extra shift. He tries to make himself indispensable at work. Maxie says he’s indispensable to her, and starts to put the moves on him. He says he can’t do this tonight.

Elizabeth asks Griff what he’s going to do. He thinks Valentin will do whatever it takes for Ava not to testify. She’s the only one who can say he killed Nikolas, and he thinks she’s in trouble. He has to help.

There’s a knock at Franco’s door. It’s Scotty, who says he has a gift. He asks what’s wrong; it looks like Franco lost his best friend. Franco says in a way, he did.

Sonny asks who it is on the phone, but gets no response. He finally hangs up. He tells Brick that someone just called a number reserved for his inner circle. Since Petrov was killed, he doesn’t think a wrong number is a coincidence.

Dr. Kline tells the unconscious Patient 6 that he had enough motor control to write down a phone number. Why was it important, who is he to Sonny, and what did he think Sonny could do for him? What I’d like to know is how would the doctor know Sonny’s voice if he doesn’t know the answers to those questions?

Nathan tells Maxie not to get the wrong idea. He appreciates the effort, but can’t do it right now. She says she spent all day preparing for their special night. She even tried a recipe. She asks if he knew there were innards wrapped in paper inside of a chicken. She didn’t, so they won’t be having that part of the meal. She wants to feel like she has purpose in her life. He says that his lack of response has nothing to do with her.

Scotty didn’t know that Franco had any friends. Franco says it was a log time ago. He tells Scotty about his visit to Betsy, and how she was on the phone to Heather when he walked in. Scotty is like, this keeps getting worse. Franco says the kid in the photo is Jason’s twin. Nobody realized Susan was having two babies until they arrived. She gave the kid to his Heather, so that Alan didn’t get him too. Scotty says he didn’t see this coming. If there’s two Jasons, where’s the other one?

Griff doesn’t have viable plan yet, and tells Elizabeth that he only knows Ava is in a clinic in Russia. He has no idea how he’ll get in. Elizabeth says that Ava is good at taking care of herself, but Griff says that since she was burned, she’s more vulnerable. She’s not out to hurt anyone, and doesn’t know what she’s up against. Elizabeth suggests calling the police. Griff says he can’t go to them with a bad feeling and no proof. She sees his point. He has to handle it himself; he’s going to Russia. She asks if this is normal for a priest. Is he just concerned about a friend in trouble? She wonders if he’s got feelings for Ava.

Dr. Kline tells Patient 6 that he made a foolish mistake, and let greed and vanity get the better of him. The simple job wasn’t so simple. Someone else can take over now, since he’s done what he was paid to do. I feel sorry for Patient 6 having to listen to everybody’s whining, and not being able to tell them to shut up.

Sonny tells Brick that the call wasn’t from Max or any of his South American partners. Brick asks if he should work his magic. Sonny tells him to go ahead, and he says that he’ll see what he can find out.

Nathan says Maxie is doing all this because she misses work, but she says she just wants to be a good wife. He says she’s a great wife, and he’s glad she’s home. She tells him that marriage means more to her than any job, and she can’t live without him. He says ditto, but she doesn’t have to pretend she doesn’t miss work. She says that she’s sent out resumes, but no one has contacted her for interview. She needs to be interesting again, and get her spark back. (Has she been talking to Jax?) Nathan says she still has it, and Maxie asks why he won’t make love to her then. He says because tomorrow, life as they know it is ending.

Ava wonders what this place is. She thinks the best thing is to get out. No one can fix her face. She tells herself not to give up.

Dr. Kline says it’s clinic, not a private penitentiary. Patient 6 shouldn’t have been able to move, but he got out of his chair and nearly killed two orderlies. If he gives Patient 6 much more of a dosage, it will stop his heart. They’re going to keep him until tomorrow, and after that, he’s somebody else’s problem.

Griff tells Elizabeth that he hurt Ava’s feelings, and made mistakes inadvertently. He thinks she accepted a miracle cure because of him. Elizabeth says that Griff didn’t judge her about Franco, so she’s not judging him now. Whatever the relationship is, he can trust her. Griff thanks her, but says he has nothing to confess. He and Ava are friends. He took vows and isn’t breaking them again. Boy, is that getting tired. He says it’s a moot point anyway. He has to find Ava. He thinks he knows someone who can help, but it’s a long shot. Elizabeth wishes him luck.

Scotty marvels at Jason having a twin, but Franco says not anymore; he died when the was three. Scotty says it must have been tough to have his friend suddenly disappear. Franco tells him that Betsy told him that the friend was imaginary, but a part of him knew. Scotty asks why she lied, and Franco says that she couldn’t risk anyone knowing she was raising a Quartermaine baby. Scotty says that the Quartermaines can be grabby when it comes to family, but why not tell Franco the truth when he was older? He doesn’t know why, and Scotty thinks maybe there’s something she’s not telling him.

Patient 6 finds himself handcuffed to the bed. Ava slips into his room. For such a secret, beyond state-of-the-art place, the security really stinks here. She wonders what they’re doing to him, and says it’s her fault. She should have left him alone. Then he’d be in his chair, instead of being tied unconscious to a bed. She wishes she could do something to help. Patient 6 is totally pretending he’s out.

Franco tells Scotty that he doesn’t think Betsy is holding back; she wanted to come clean. He wonders how life would have been different with Drew in it. It might have been normal. Scotty asks who wants normal? Franco says he does. His past keeps rearing its ugly head. Scotty thinks he should talk to Elizabeth, but Franco says Betsy swore him to secrecy. He’s talking to Scotty, because he’s his attorney as well as his father. Scotty asks if Elizabeth doesn’t deserve to know, and Franco asks since when is he a fan of the truth? Scotty says since Lee died, he’s trying to do the right thing. If Franco doesn’t say something, he’ll regret it. Elizabeth comes in. She asks if Betsy told Franco about the boy in the photo.

Griff visits Sonny’s office. He doesn’t know if he’s overstepping, and doesn’t want to make Sonny uncomfortable. Sonny says he won’t know unless he asks. Griff says he knows that Sonny is a powerful man with resources to locate people who don’t want to be found. Sonny asks who he’s looking for, when Brick returns. Sonny introduces him as his cybersecurity guy. Brick says he traced the call, and it came from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ava says that Patient 6 gave her a number, and she ratted him out. She’s sorry, but she gave up so much to be here, and couldn’t risk being kicked out. She wishes she could make it up to him. He opens his eyes and says she can.

Sonny says the Petrov family is from Moscow. He’s worried that the call came in on his secure line. He wonders who would be calling him from there. Griff says he thinks he knows – Ava.

Maxie realizes that Nathan is worried about the book launch. He says it’s all over social media, and they’re talking about it at work. Maxie tells him that Amy tapped into the insecurities of men, and made women’s lives better, and this will translate into major book sales. Nathan says the advice isn’t from him though, and he’s going to be introduced to the public as someone he’s not. The best case will be that they believe the lie and he’s teased for a while. If something goes wrong, then Amy loses everything, her brother loses his medical care, and they both get fired. He could be arrested for fraud, and his life will be ruined. Maxie says that he’ll still have her. She might not be able to cook chicken, but she’s cooked up a plan. No one’s life is changing tomorrow.

Elizabeth asks what Betsy said, and Scotty has to get going. He gives Franco the check from the art show, saying it’s an astonishing amount of money. He can pay Kiki’s tuition now. Elizabeth thinks that’s sweet, and Franco says that Ava is unreliable and Kiki’s father is dead. Elizabeth hugs him, and Scotty says he’s outta there. He’s sure Elizabeth wants to hear all about what Franco just told him. He leaves, and Elizabeth asks if Betsy told Franco who the boy is. He tells her that she did.

Griff asks Sonny if it was a woman on the phone, but he says they didn’t say anything. Griff says that Ava is in St. Petersburg, but Sonny says she doesn’t have the number. He wonders if she could be working for Petrov, and Griff says that she went there to heal herself, not ruin someone else. Sonny says that Griff knows nothing about what she’s capable of. Griff says she’s changed. Her trip had to do with a misunderstanding between them. She’s not out to hurt him. The reason he came to Sonny was that he needs to look into the clinic she’s visiting; she could be in danger.

Ava thought Patient 6 couldn’t speak, but he says he can a little. She asks why he hid it from her, and says he must not trust her. They don’t even know each other. He seems to have a connection to Port Charles, but she’s a pariah there. Clearly, she could be kicked out for fraternizing with him, and he has no idea what she gave up to be here. Her face was destroyed in a fire; people look away, tongue-tied and awkward. She needs to be close to somebody again, and feel someone’s hand on her cheek. Can he understand? She needs to be healed and can’t jeopardize her recovery. Patient 6 says that she told him she wanted to make it up. She does, but not at the cost of her own future. She knows it sounds selfish, but the truth is, she’s not a good person. He asks if she wants to be, and she thinks so. There was someone who thought she could change and be better, but she argued with him, saying she was a lost cause. Deep down inside, she wants to prove him right. Patient 6 says, then do it and help me.

Maxie tells Nathan that if they can pull it off, everyone walks away happy, but most important , Nathan won’t be dead tomorrow. Let her show him how much she appreciates him, and he can show her how much he appreciates her idea.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she was right. It’s not Jason, just a kid from the neighborhood who moved away. He felt badly, so Betsy made up a story. Elizabeth thinks that’s nuts, but he says she did the best she could. Elizabeth asks if it was that simple, why did she disappear. He tells her that Betsy didn’t want to admit that she lied, and she feels terrible. He knows it’s weird, but none of it is her fault. His old work brought out the weirdness, and he turned a little thing into a big thing. Nothing was taken from him; he was just a kid who missed a buddy. Elizabeth asks what his name was, but Franco says she didn’t remember. Elizabeth is disappointed, because they could have looked him up, but Franco says it’s time to let go. She asks if that’s possible after it was so troubling.

Ava says she’s not sure how much she can do, but if Patient 6 gives her the number again, she’ll try to find and outside line. He asks her to get him a paperclip. She says she doesn’t think so. She already made the mistake of giving him a pen, and look how that turned out. What if Kline is telling the truth? He was right about the violent part. If Patient 6 is psychotic, he could be lying and manipulating her. He tells her to get in the closet; someone is coming. Dr. Kline comes in, and Patient 6 pretends to be unconscious again. Kline says good, let’s keep it that way, and prepares an injection. Ava watches through a small opening in the closet door.

Sonny asks Brick to find out about the facility. Griff asks if Sonny believes him, and Sonny says the first thing is to make sure she’s not working with his enemies. He doesn’t care if she’s in danger; she killed him son. Griff says that Ava isn’t out to hurt him. She’s contrite, and he pushed her into a situation where she could get hurt. Sonny says that she’s the one who does the pushing, and not to waste his time; she doesn’t have a soul to save. Griff says that he’s wrong. They’ve gotten close, and inside, there’s a good woman trying to come out. Sonny asks if Ava was behind Griff pummeling the speedbag or his crisis of faith. He doesn’t agree with everything Griff is saying, but knows he has good intentions. Griff tells him that Ava does too, and Sonny offers a word of advice. Stay away from her as much as possible, or he’ll end up in hell like Sonny after she murdered his son.

Dr. Kline says that in another twenty-four hours, he’s free, and it can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, the only control is to drug Patient 6 until he’s unconscious. He would almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a pita. When he’s gone, Ava comes out. She asks if he’s faking it, and checks his pulse. She says she should have helped when she had the chance, and she’s so sorry.

Maxie and Nathan bask in the afterglow. Maxie says the plan is going to work. It’s brilliant and they’re creating good karma. Nathan’s intentions are good, and the fates will align. She tells him to trust her, and he says that he does.

Franco tells Elizabeth that his psyche is in overdrive, and he let his emotions get the best of him. He thanks her for urging him to talk to his mom. The truth turned out to be something manageable. She asks if he found some peace, and he says he did. She asks him to believe her that he’s the best man he can possibly be for her and the boys. He says he does, but I’m not so sure.

Sonny tells Griff that they have different priorities. He has to make sure Ava isn’t plotting against him, and doesn’t want Griff in the middle. Griff says he’ll find her himself. He tells Sonny that if he makes a move to harm her, he’ll have to go through him to do it.

Ava says Patient 6 has a strong pulse. She doesn’t know if he can hear her, but tells him that if he can stay alive for the rest of the night, she’ll bring a paperclip to him tomorrow. Maybe she’ll be brave enough to do more. It’s her chance to be a better person, and have the faith in her justified by doing the right thing for him, and Patient 6. When she’s gone, Patient 6 opens his eyes and pulls at the handcuffs.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna to go ahead and tell on him, Quinn says that she’s going to make Nathan the next big thing, and Michael asks Nelle if she’s having second thoughts.

If Loving You is Wrong

The nameless DA, or whoever she is, asks Kelly if she wants to hear the tape again. Kelly says no, and NDA (as we’ll call her at present) says why not, she heard it last night. Kelly says she wasn’t there when this happened. She asks if Kelly has ever been in Ramsay’s house, and she says she was. NDA keeps asking her how many times, and if she’s been in his backyard. She asks if Kelly had sex with him there. She must be mixing Kelly up with Alex. Kelly says she’s never had sex with him at all, and NDA asks if she’s sure, which is an astonishingly stupid question. Kelly says never happened, and woman asks if that’s why she killed him; if she was angry because he wouldn’t have sex with her. Kelly says the only thing she’s angry about is what’s happening now. NDA says that Ramsay’s cousin claimed that Kelly was unreasonably angry about her attire. Kelly, ask for a lawyer. Kelly says she said those things, but she wasn’t angry or jealous, and didn’t do this. She says she’s never been in his bathroom, and NDA asks how she knew it happened in the bathroom.

Kelly doesn’t know. NDA says she does know. Kelly says the police told her. NDA asks why it isn’t in one of the reports. Kelly says she didn’t do anything. She doesn’t know what happened because she wasn’t there. NDA says let’s talk about this, and shows her a note in Kelly’s handwriting that has blood on it. She pulls out Kelly’s hairbrush – covered in blood. She brings out a pen from Kelly’s bank. Kelly asks how she got this stuff. NDA says the pen was buried in his chest. She asks if Kelly recognizes the knife. It’s part of a set in her kitchen. Kelly doesn’t know what’s going on, but she’s not saying another word until she gets a lawyer. Finally. NDA says she’s trying to help her. Kelly says more like bury her, and NDA tells Kelly that she did that when she killed him. They’re done here, and so is her chance to clear herself.

Marcie calls Brad from a restaurant. He asks what’s going on. She tells him she found a new lawyer. She thinks he can help with Randal. She asks how Alex is, and he tells her don’t. She’s just trying to get information. He says he was with her earlier, and thinking of going back tonight. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him to join her for dinner; she just wants to talk. She promises just dinner, and says she’ll wait for him. He says he’s on his way.

Esperanza visits Natalie. Neither one of them can believe what happened. Natalie is glad it wasn’t worse. Esperanza says Justice pulling the trigger was bad enough. She asks if Kelly is still at the station. Natalie thinks so, and Esperanza says she’ll check on her when she gets to work. She keeps repeating that she can’t believe Kelly had a gun. Natalie says she was thinking of protecting herself from Travis. Esperanza wonders if it’s that serious, and says Kelly doesn’t even know how to use a gun. Natalie says she has to learn. She tells Esperanza that she told Kellyto buy it. She thought it was the best thing. She needs a safe and lessons. Esperanza says even Eddie, who’s crazy, puts his gun away. She says Natalie should have told them about it, and demands a glass of wine. Before work at the station?

Brad joins Marcie at the restaurant. She says she misses him. He says he missed her too, but… Marcie says Alex is in his head. He says in his heart too. Marcie was hoping he’d come home with her tonight. She wanted to get him drunk and have him take advantage of her. He says he always felt guilt, like he was cheating on Alex. Marcie says she’s the one who cheated. He says it always comes no matter what, and makes it not worth it. She says that makes her feel like crap, but he says he’s just being honest like they promised each other. Marcie says as long as they’re being honest, she can’t stop thinking about him and wanting him. She knows it was just supposed to be revenge sex, but he got in her head. She didn’t expect it, and now she ended up hurt. He says he understands, but she doesn’t know how he can when he doesn’t feel the same. He says that he loves Alex. Marcie calls her a stupid bitch, and he tells her not to. He asks if they should stay for dinner or should he go? She tells him to go.

Lushion finds Eddie peeing in the corner of the interrogation room. That’s Eddie for you. Lushion tells him to sit down, and puts on the tape recorder. He tries to get Eddie to confess to snorting cocaine and stealing from drug dealers. Eddie says him and his FBI buddies would like it if he rolled over. He wants Lushion to say he’s FBI, and Lushion tells him to look at his file. Photos of him and the cartel. They have tapes and informants. He asks if Eddie is confessing. Eddie says he doesn’t know if he’s comfortable with that, but asks if Lushion would like to play a game. He talks about them getting out of the military and how he went to Cincinnati to become and officer, and Lushion went to Virginia. There was a two-year gap between that and Lushion joining the force, while there was three for Eddie. So what was he doing? Lushion asks where Eddie was. Eddie says that’s his homework. I have no idea what that was about. Eddie tells Lushion good-by.

Steve tells Lushion that the boss called and wants to talk about Eddie. He wants to come to the station, and Lushion says it will blow their cover. He tells Steve all that was left was to arrest him, and asks if they missed anything. Steve says they covered it all. Natalie calls, and Steve tells him to take it.

Lushion needs to call her back; he has something going on. She needs to know what to tell Justice. He says he’ll be there soon. She says as soon as he gets a break, call her.

Ian sees Marcie at the restaurant. He asks if he can buy her a drink, but she says no. He asks why she’s sitting alone, and she says he asks a lot of questions. He asks to sit down, but she was just about to leave. He says maybe he can get her to stay. He asks what she does, and she says she’s a realtor. He says he’s looking for a house. She’s like yeah, okay, but he says he’s serious. She asks what he’s looking for, and he says he’ll know it when he sees it. She gives him her card. He says if she needs a criminal defense lawyer, he’s it. She asks if he could get her off for killing someone. He hopes she’s joking, but says either way, he’s her guy. He leaves, and when Marcie asks for the check, the waiter says Ian already took care of it.

Lushion wants to talk to NDA about Travis. She says she goes to his parents’ church. He says that kid has issues, and he had something to do with this. He’s been stalking Kelly. She says how can he be the voice of Ramsay, and tells him about the 911 tape. They’re analyzing it, but they’re sure it’s him. Lushion says he thinks Travis is involved, and he’s nuts. He asks if he can see Kelly, but NDA says she lawyered up. He says smart move, and she says if you’re guilty. He says she knows it’s smart, especially if you’re innocent. She changes her mind, and says he can see Kelly. Lushion says he gets what she’s doing, but Kelly isn’t going to say anything incriminating. She says he trained her well.

Kelly asks how Justice is, and tells Lushion that she’s really scared. She says she shouldn’t have had the gun, but Travis won’t leave her alone. He needs her to help him with that. She says she’s told him everything. He asks if she can think of anything that would put Travis in the house with Ramsay. Kelly says they didn’t know each other. There was one time, but doesn’t think they had any more run-ins. She asks him to get her out of there. He asks if she has a lawyer, but she doesn’t know any criminal lawyers. He says he’ll make a few calls, but she’s not to say another word until she has a lawyer. She says she has no money to pay them. Travis cleaned out her bank account and maxed out her cards. He asks if she has evidence, and she says her bank is looking into it. He tells her they’ll take it step by step and figure it out. She asks him to talk to Justice for her.

Alex hears a car pull in. She sees it’s Brad, and goes downstairs. Randal’s phone signals him. He peeks out and sees her going to the car. She gets in. Randal pulls on some clothes. Alex asks if Brad is coming in, and he says he’s thinking about it, but doesn’t want to confuse the kids. She asks if it’s the kids or him. He says us, but she says she’s not confused, and the kids want him to come home. It would be nice to sleep next to him. He feels the same. They kiss. Creepazoid Randal walks out. Alex asks Brad to come inside. Randal comes to the car window, and says that’s illegal. Brad rolls it up, but Randal knocks on it. They wonder how he knows when Brad is around. Randal asks if Brad knows how many times he’s hit that. He pulls out his phone, saying that he’s going to record it and put it on the internet. He asks if Brad is going to stay with this whore after everything she did to them, and alternately films them, and himself making remarks. They pay no attention, and keep making out. They get out of the car, and go into the house. He tells them to have fun. Sorest. Loser. Ever.

Alex tells Brad that she’s sorry. He kisses her, and they start going at it on the steps. It looks really uncomfortable. And possibly painful.

Natalie hears a phone ring. She gets up, and Justice is talking in the kitchen. She asks who he’s talking to, and he asks where his mother is. He says he killed Ramsay. We all go, what?! He murdered him in the bathroom.

Maybe that was Ramsay calling for Kelly.

Next time, Lushion tells Randal that he’s a psychopath, Randal tells Brad that Alex isn’t satisfied, and Esperanza tells Eddie to go to hell.

Below Deck

When we last left the crew, Jen was howling for Kate from the bar bathroom, and Kate was telling us that no one comes between her and Jesus. Jen claims she never gets this way. Kate says she’s having a full-on telenovela meltdown. This is just before she says, bye! and leaves with Jesus. Jen gets in the taxi with the rest of the group, and they help her back to the boat. Everyone crashes. Jen is on the top bunk, so good luck with that. Now, and in the morning.

Chris tells Brianna that he likes her friendship. In his interview, he says vulnerability looks good on him, and the chicks like it. She tells him that she’s not currently romantically attracted to him, so I guess they don’t like it that much.

Kate’s bunk is empty in the morning. Captain Lee is looking around for her. In her interview, Jen thinks she’s at church getting baptized. Nico says the best thing about getting up early is catching the walk of shame, and calls Kate a naughty yachty. The captain says that answers his question.

Nico is annoyed with Chris. On a scale of one to ten on giving a sh*t, he’s shat his pants. Ha-ha! Captain Lee asks Kate if Jesus was at church, and says that it must have been some mass. Nico texts his girlfriend. Jen suggests taking the ironing board out on deck, so she can get some sun. Kate tells her okay. Nico feels distracted, and says he needs alone time. He goes inside and calls his girlfriend. He gets weepy, and I’m a little flummoxed. Ohh, he tells her that he’s worried about his mother. He realizes he should be home with his family, since it wasn’t that long ago since his brother died.

The new primary guest, Susan, is a luxury real estate agent in Palm Springs. Eight women will be on the charter, and Captain Lee thinks it should be a cakewalk. They’ve asked for a disco themed dance party, and no crazy food. The captain says take it as it comes and make it work.

Nico tries teaching knot tying lessons again. He tells Brianna that he’s under a lot of stress, and his mom is having a hard time. He says that Chris is effing useless. Brianna does what we’d all do in this circumstance, and strums a tiny guitar.

Kate and Nico go over the schedule with their respective workers. Jen believes she has her groove down, but doesn’t want to get too comfortable, because that’s when a curveball is thrown. Nico asks the captain if it’s cool to park with the deckhands he has, and they manage to do it.

The guests yell woo coming up the walk, and Captain Lee says he hates that sound. Kate says she knows this charter, and there will be a lot of woo-ing and straw hats. Kate gives the tour, and I’m already tired of the woos. Vicki Gunvalson (Real Housewives of the OC) would love this these girls.

They’re about to debark, and Chris isn’t moving the stern line fast enough. The bow hits the deck. Captain Lee says he has a knot in his stomach thinking about a quarter of a million dollars of damage. Chris is like, duh, did we hit something? The captain tells them to get the spring line off, and that he’s madder than a pissed on chicken. Nico suggests that the deckhands stay away from the captain. Nico says they’re not where they’re supposed to be, but he’s in charge of them, so it’s ultimately his fault.

The captain says two of the crew members were just watching while they screwed up. He asks Nico how bad it is, and Nico says not bad, but who knows what not bad costs for a yacht. Chris tries to make excuses, but Nico says doesn’t matter; it’s still their fault. Nico tells Baker that it’s everybody’s fault, and that Chris is working his last nerve. The yacht drops anchor without incident.

The lunch table is beautifully decorated with colorful, tropical flowers. Matt says he’s keeping it fresh and simple. The guests are happy, and raise their glasses and woo. Kate commends Brianna on service. She tells Jen to check on the guests every seven minutes. In her interview, Jen says Kate micromanaging her is an understatement. The guests play on the water toys. Kate goes to shore for some disco shopping.

Jen says the guests are a handful, and Brianna has the afternoon off. I wouldn’t call them a handful, but they can’t seem to all order drinks at the same time. Nico asks Chris to help put away the slide, but he procrastinates and complains. Nico says he has no respect at all. As usual, some of the guests bug the chef in the galley. Kate comes back with some glittery stuff, and Jen gets annoyed because she also bought a piece of jewelry for herself. In her interview, she says Kate is taking advantage.

Nico talks to Captain Lee about what he sees from “certain people,” meaning Chris. He doesn’t know if Chris isn’t taking the job seriously, but he has to constantly check on him. The captain suggests an anchor watch. He doesn’t need one, but wants Chris to learn it’s not a walk in the park.

Kate says like Bruno with the sushi platter, it’s time for Jen to do something for the charter, and gives her an Afro wig to serve dinner in. Mmm… salmon. Kate thinks both Matt’s food and personality are bland, but the guests are happy.

Nico talks about giving himself ten minutes to cry in the morning, which makes me want to cry. One of the guests asks to wear Jen’s wig, which she’s very happy to hand over. Jen wants to take a moment, but Kate says they’re still doing dinner service. In her interview, she says Kate is a hypocrite, because she’d snuck away during the last dinner. Kate says tat yachting has no laurels to rest on.

It’s time to disco! Nico goes over anchor watch with the deckhands. Brianna dances with the guests. Chris is already yawning. Kate encourages Bruno to go dance, but he says he’s tired. She tells him that he has to earn the tips like everybody else. He says advance notice would have been nice. She says they’re all tired, but this is why they get paid large amounts of money. He accuses her of judging him, but she says it’s a fact that he has little yachting experience, and should take the opportunity to help out.

Chris says he can take criticisms and can admit when he’s done something wrong. Instead, he was given anchor watch as punishment. He says this is the strangest middle finger that he’s gotten in a long time.

The guests are very chipper in the morning for having discoed the night away. They rave about the breakfast potatoes. Bruno complains to Nico about Kate. He says she has a rank, but if she mentions it again, tell her to talk to him.

Matt tells Kate that Brianna is his type. She suggests he do something with her on their day off. Nico gives Chris a heads up about some line being gone. Captain Lee says this deck crew scares the hell out of him, and he’s fearless. He says it’s an older boat and has limited capabilities. Matt comes out to help, and Nico wonders how he knows what to do when his deckhands don’t.

The guests say good-by, and Susan gives the captain the tip. He tells everybody to come to the crew mess in five minutes. He says that it was a good charter, and they’re making progress, but they had two of the worst dockings he’d ever seen. He says it can’t continue the way it’s going, and promises there will be a change in the configuration of the crew. In his interview, Nico says he’ll pay for Chris’s plane ticket home. The tip is $16K; $1540 each. Kate isn’t sure if the captain is just trying to scare the deckhands, or means business.

Nico tells the deckhands to take the initiative. Kate tells the stews that people are fired for less. Chris thinks the captain saying something just creates more stress and less productivity. Captain Lee inspects the boat, saying it didn’t have to happen, but it’s nothing major. Baker figures they might as well party their asses off, since it might be their last night together.

At the bar, Nico encourages Matt to ask Brianna out. He does, and she says yes. Jen gets super drunk again. Bruno says she can’t tolerate alcohol, and gets so she’s not even human. Jen says that smart people are annoying, she doesn’t know what’s going on, and she doesn’t like it. Brianna goes to Nico’s room, and tells him that he’s handsome.

Next time, Matt makes a picnic, Nico has a close call, the primary guests are trained gourmet chefs, and a new crew member arrives.

🐕 🚤 I googled “puppy on a yacht,” and you’d be amazed. There’s…   PuppyOnYacht3

Puppies lounging on yachts…


              Puppies enjoying a breeze on yachts…


Puppies steering yachts…


           And yachts named after puppies.

September 25, 2017 – Betsy Tells Franco the Truth, Surgeries Abound in the OC & Dallas & a Song


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General Hospital

Nelle can’t believe Michael bought her apartment. She tells him that she can’t accept it.

Carly wants to know how the two most cynical people in the world raised a son who’s so trusting. She tells Sonny that Nelle is just beginning to run a con on Michael. Sonny says that Nelle already knows they’re watching her, and if she was up to something, she would have been gone by now. Carly asks if Sonny thinks she has genuine feelings for Michael, and he says it would appear that way. Carly says she can prove differently.

At Kelly’s, Valentin tells Nina about Bailey, and says that Charlotte can’t wait to tell her all about the hospital. If that wasn’t enough, Lulu has agreed to share custody. Nina is shocked, since Lulu was determined to keep him out of Charlotte’s life.

Betsy tells Franco that he doesn’t have a brother. She said the boy in the photo was a twin, but not his twin. Heather didn’t tell him a complete lie. Susan gave birth to twins. Jason was raised by the Quartermaines, and the boy in the photo is his twin.

Jason opens his eyes and says Sam’s name.

In Russia, Ava asks if Patient 6 wants her to call the number he wrote down. He nods, and she says, and tell them what? That a violent psychotic with blue eye want them to get him. He nods again.

Michael tells Nelle that he thought she’d be excited. Doesn’t she want the apartment? She says she does, and he’s confused. She says he bought it, and asks how right that sounds. It’s just the kind of gesture he does all the time, but she’ll feel like a guest, or worse, a mistress. She tells him the latter is what people will think, and what about his parents?

Sonny asks Carly how she’s going to prove Nelle is guilty. She shows him the email from Zack’s sister Sharon, telling her that she has something to discuss in regard to Nelle. Sonny asks if she’s followed up on it, but Carly says Sharon is supposed to call her.

Franco says if the boy is Jason’s twin, why did Betsy say Franco made him up? She says she’s sorry. It was wrong. He says to tell him the truth, who is he and where is he now? Betsy says that it’s a long, complicated story. She and Heather were doing what they thought was best. Franco says Heather only cares about Heather, but Betsy isn’t like that. He wants her to tell him everything.

Ava tells Patient 6 there are two flaws in his plan. For one, she has no access to a phone. Secondly, if she found an outside line, does he think they’ll fly to Russia based on a description? He nods again. Ava thinks they’re more likely to act if she has a name. She asks him to just tell her who he is, and then she’ll see what she can do.

In the hallway, Sam says Jason’s name. He says hers again, and then has a seizure. Alarms go off, and the doctors run in.

Griff appears at Valentin’s table. He’s surprised about the custody decision, and Nina tells him that he has no business getting involved. Valentin says he doesn’t owe Griff any explanations, especially when it comes to his daughter. Lulu agreed to shared custody. Griff says he got what he wanted. Lulu can’t fight him, because he maneuvered Ava into recanting her story.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if he refuses to write his name, she refuses to make the phone call, and he can stay drugged into oblivion. She says she’ll keep the number. When and if he gives her a name, she’ll consider making the call. A nurse runs in and sees Patient 6 holding the pen. She says, omg, Ava gave him a weapon.

Betsy tells Franco that it started when she met Heather, who was pregnant with him. When Heather saw how badly Betsy wanted to be a mother, she let her raise him. When Susan found out she was pregnant, she fled to stay with Heather. She knew Alan was coming after her to take the child, and Heather brought her to Betsy. When Betsy wanted to make sure the baby was okay, she discovered that Susan was carrying twins. She was faced with a terrible decision.

The doctors work on Jason, who is violently seizing. Sam says please don’t leave her.

Sonny tells Carly that she shouldn’t listen to speculation. If Zack’s sister had proof, she would have gone to the police. Carly says that maybe Nelle got better at covering her tracks, and Sonny tells her not to do this to herself. Does she really believe Nelle is guilty? Carly tells him more by the minute. She set out to destroy their family; does he really trust her with their son?

Michael tells Nelle that it’s his money, and his parents have no say in how he spends it. Nelle says that Carly just accused her of being a black widow. How does he think this will look? Michael says she can pay him rent. He’ll be her landlord, and she’ll be his tenant. It will be nice and clean. Nelle says only if they stay together. What if they break up?

Betsy says Susan would have been on the run with two babies, so Heather came up with an alternative. She pointed out that the Quartermaines knew nothing about the second baby. Susan could settle custody with one baby, and keep the other out of their hands. The first baby was Jason, and the second baby was – Franco says, “Drew.”

Sam tells Jason not to leave her. He starts looking around, and the doctor says whatever kicked in. Sam tells Jason that he’ll be okay. He needs to be okay.

The nurse pushes Ava toward the door, and Ava says it’s just a pen. Dr. Kline comes in and tells her to get back to her room. He wants to know how Patient 6 got a pen, and if she gave it to him. Ava says she didn’t mean any harm. Dr. Kline calls her a stupid bitch, and Patient 6 gets up. The doctor tells him to sit down. Even if he made it out, where would he go? Patient 6 kicks the couch over. Two orderlies rush in, and they start to fight. One of them punches Patient 6 in the face, and I notice how obviously the orderly’s fist didn’t connect with his face. Patient 6 starts tossing them around like he’s Captain America.

Jason asks where he is, and the doctor tells him it’s a long-term care facility. The doctor says that Jason had a spike in his brain activity that caused a seizure. He appears to be out of danger, but they need to run some tests. The doctors leave, and he tells Sam that he’s glad she’s okay. She says he took a bullet for her and saved her life. He says he’s supposed to. Sam asks if they can promise no more bullets. Jason is good with that, and asks how long he’s been there. She tells him four weeks, and they didn’t know when he’d come back. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says don’t be. He found his way back, and he’s never leaving her.

Franco says his imaginary friend’s name was Drew. Betsy says his name was Andrew, but she called him Drew; like she named Franco “Robert,” but calls him Bobby. He asks why she went along with it, and she says she had no choice. She’d adopted Franco illegally, and Heather threatened to turn her in. She was afraid of losing him, so she agreed to keep Drew until Heather or Susan came back. Susan died and Heather never came back, so she continued to raise him. Franco asks where he is now, and she tells him that Drew isn’t anywhere. He died.

Nina tells Griff to check himself. He’s making unfounded accusations against her husband. Griff says that her husband planned this; that’s why he sent Ava away. He says that Valentin took advantage of a woman who’s already in turmoil. Valentin says she’s fine. He survived being at the same clinic. Griff says if the clinic was on the up and up, there wouldn’t be such secrecy. He insists on knowing where Ava is. He needs to make sure she’s fine. Valentin tells him to wait and ask her – if she comes back.

Michael asks Nelle what makes her think they’ll break up? She says she hopes they don’t, but no one knows what the future holds. With his family and her past, the deck is stacked against them. She tries not to worry, but feels like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. If that happens, she’ll be left with a broken heart and no apartment. Michael tells her that he can’t guarantee the future, but he can guarantee the apartment. She’ll still have a place to live, and he’ll still have an investment. He’s willing to take the chance. Nelle says if he’s made this grand gesture in trust, the least she can do is trust him in return.

Sonny tells Carly that while Nelle is the last person he’d give the benefit of the doubt to, what she did was cruel, not deadly. She’s a con artist, not a killer. Carly says what if she did kill Zack, and Michael is her next target? Sonny says the first thing she does to Michael, he promises that she’s out of there. He tells Carly that if she keeps pushing Nelle, it will drive Michael away. They want to keep him safe, not create a division between them.

Jason remembers Sam coming into the warehouse and that a guy had a gun. He pushed her out of the way to save her life, and the next thing he knows, he’s being prepped for surgery. Then nothing. He remembers hearing voices, not always clear, but he could hear her. She says it wasn’t easy, and he says thank God she’s the strongest person he know. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says there’s nothing to apologize for. She told him to go because Sonny is his friend, and that’s who he is. She accepts and loves him for that. She’s sorry for being so afraid of losing him, that she let fear control her life. She doesn’t want to be that person; it’s not fair to him. Jason says that they’ve never let fear rule their lives, and won’t start now. They know how lucky they are, and what they have to lose. No more putting themselves in danger. They’ve always been ride or die, but they’re not dying right now. They exchange I love yous.

Betsy tells Franco that she raised him and Drew as brothers, as twins. Everything they did, they did together. She dreaded Susan taking him away, and when she found out that Susan was dead, she decided to raise Drew until the end. He was sick; born with a heart defect, and not expected to live as long as he did. Most of the time, he was a happy, smiling child, but other days, he was quiet and pale. One day when he was three, he just slipped away from them. She cries, and Franco holds her.

Dr. Kline yells to the orderlies not to let him escape. While Patient 6 is pummeling one of them, the doctor comes up behind him and injects him in the neck. He keels over, and Ava asks if he’s alive. Dr. Kline says no thanks to her, and tells the orderly to get him back to his room, and double restraints. He asks Ava to tell him exactly how Patient 6 got the pen.

Franco says he’s sorry, but Betsy says she’s the one who should be sorry. She should have made better choices. Franco tells her that she did her best, and she says she tried. He’s surprised that he doesn’t remember Drew dying, and asks what kind of heart condition he had. She tells him that it was a traumatic time, and what does it matter now? He asks what if it’s inherited, but she says it was nothing that could be passed down. Thinking about him is painful. She was concerned about people asking questions that she couldn’t answer. She could have gone to jail, and what would have happened to Franco? She couldn’t risk it, and had to move. She hid every trace of Drew, and when Franco started asking questions, she told him that his friend was imaginary. She thought that she was protecting him. Franco says for the first time, something in his life makes sense. He thinks it’s time for everyone to know the truth.

Sonny tells Carly he has to get to work, and he’ll see her later. He knows it’s upsetting, but the last thing she wants to do is bring Nelle’s former in-laws into the mess. Carly says she knows, and I don’t believe it for a second. Sonny leaves, and Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sharon. Carly thanks her for calling, and says whatever she has to say about Nelle, she wants to hear it. Hmm… Wasn’t it Carly that said no more secrets?

Michael tells Nelle that she’s officially his new tenant. He suggests shaking on it, but she has a better way to seal the deal, and kisses him. He says he’ll have Diane draw up the lease, and stop by later. She thanks him, saying that no one has ever done anything that nice for her. She wishes she could return the favor, but he says that her sticking around is enough. They kiss again.

Griff throws Valentin up against the lunch counter. Valentin says as much as he wants to toss Griff across the table, he won’t do that with his wife there. Griff asks why he said “if” Ava comes back. Valentin asks why she’d want to? What’s here for her, and why does he miss her so much? He asks what the nature of their relationship is. Griff is about to go after him again, and Nina gets in between them. She tells Griff that if he touches Valentin again, she’ll call the police and her brother is a detective. She and Valentin leave, and Elizabeth asks Griff if he’s crazy. Griff says that Valentin is playing on a vulnerable woman. She’s in trouble; he feels it. Elizabeth asks what he’s going to do.

Dr. Kline tells Ava that she was warned to stay away from Patient 6. She knows and she’s sorry. He wonders how sorry she’d be if he’d killed the orderlies, instead of beating them senseless, or went after her. She’s like a child who wanders into a tiger’s cage, thinking the tiger won’t hurt her. The tiger kills because that is his nature. Seeing Patient 6’s nature, she should be grateful she got out with her life. He asks why she gave him the pen in the first place, and if she was trying to communicate. Ava says yes, and he asks what the nature of the communication was.

Ava reaches in her pocket, and I say, no, Ava, no! She hands Dr. Kline the paper, saying she knows the area code is upstate New York. Why, Ava, why? The doctor tells her that her scarring is severe, and without treatment, she’ll be deformed for the rest of her life. Is that what she wants? She tells him no, and he says no more contact for any reason, or she’ll lose her chance at a normal life.

Betsy asks Franco what he means. He says that Drew has surviving family. They all deserve to know that he existed. Betsy wants the story to stay between them, but Franco says he deserves to be remembered. She asks what about the Quartermaines? They could put her in jail. All it will do is stir up questions and pain. Drew is dead, and telling them isn’t going to change that. She begs him that if he ever loved her, to keep it between them.

After the tests, Jason tells Sam that the doctor said he was a model patient. As soon as he gets the all clear, he can go home. Sam says that she called Monica, but she was in surgery. She still has to call everyone else. Jason says that he’s sorry he scared her. She says that she was scared, but she was never going to give up on him. She knows he would never give up until he came home to be with his family.

Patient 6 lies in bed. Dr. Kline comes in and checks the restraints. He snaps his fingers in front of Patient 6’s face but there’s no reaction. He tells the orderlies to get out. He looks at the phone number.

The phone rings in Sonny’s office, but when he answers, there’s no response. In Russia, Dr. Kline looks at the phone.

Tomorrow, Nathan says life as they know it is ending, Scotty wants to know where the other Jason is, and Sonny wonders who called him from St. Petersburg.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Kelly gets ready for surgery. She thinks that she’ll feel freer once it’s done. She’s scared, nervous, and has a headache from not eating. She tells us that Michael is her crutch. The nurse comes to get her. In her interview, she says Mark’s caring and concern remind her of why she married him and had a baby with him. Aww. The doctor explains the procedure.

Shannon works the spin bike. It’s one of those nice ones with a screen. It also talks to you, and I don’t think I’d like it harassing me. She says she despises exercise. It keeps repeating, telling her to disengage from the bike. Her foot is stuck in the pedal, and she gets frustrated. God forgive me, I can’t stop laughing.

Michael paces as Kelly’s surgery happens. The nurse declares they look good, and Kelly goes to recovery. Michael wonders how she manages to stay beautiful, as she drools on the pillowcase.

Kelly is back home. Vicki stops by with a paperwhite (the flower, not a Kindle). She tells Kelly how pretty she looks. She does look pretty good for just having had a major operation. Vicki tells her she’ll never remember it, and talks about her million surgeries. Kelly talks nonsense. In her interview, Kelly says she didn’t even know who she was talking to, but she was feeling good on the medication. She cracks a joke about Michael getting her flowers when he drives past the cemetery. I think it’s a joke.

Tamra and Meghan go clothes shopping. Meghan is going to visit Kelly after this. They’ve been friends a long time, and she knows Kelly goes for the jugular in an argument. That doesn’t make it okay, but she knows that she hurt Kelly too, and wants to move on.

Shannon is next for a visit, and brings flowers. Kelly tells Shannon that she just threw up, but Is feeling good on the pain meds. We flash back to Shannon and Kelly’s altercations. In her interview, Shannon says that Kelly has shown remorse, whereas Vicki never has. Kelly asks about Lydia, and Shannon says Lydia just dismissed her, instead of finding out what Shannon was talking about.

Tamra tells Meghan about Kelly’s party. She talks about Shannon screeching for her, and getting mad when she wasn’t there to defend her. In her interview, she says Shannon is overly sensitive, and freaks out over everything. It’s getting tiresome.

Kelly thinks that Shannon is going through a lot, and taking it out on everyone but David. She empathizes, saying she has built-up frustration of her own. She says you have to step back and look at yourself, or risk fracturing the relationships around you.

Peggy teaches Gianelle how to make sarma. It’s similar to stuffed grape leaves. She explains the spices to us, saying it brings the family together. Diko covers Coco’s ears, and says it looks like a big joint. He asks Gianelle if she’s going to attempt to make this one day. Peggy thinks she’ll attempt it, but end up getting pizza. Diko can’t imagine their little silver spoon baby living in NYC. Gianelle says they’ve been too sheltered. Diko doesn’t think she can deal with being alone and not having her family around her. In her interview, Peggy says growing up in Beirut has made Diko overprotective. He needs to realize women can be independent in America. Diko promises to be supportive.

Meghan drops by Kelly’s, bringing a basket and a gift bag, including a new bra. They discuss surgery, and Meghan says that anesthesia makes Jimmy nauseous too. I only had general anesthesia once, and it was the best sleep I ever had. I woke up in the middle of a conversation about current events with the nurse. Kelly apologizes for the argument they had. Meghan says she remembered how Kelly supported her after her surgery, and wanted to be in that place again. She also apologizes for hurting Kelly. Kelly doesn’t think they should lose their friendship over some stupid texts.

Lydia wants to do a balls voyage party for Doug’s vasectomy. He just wants a small get together, a dock party. She says if there are any fights, it would be open for a quick getaway. She’s calling Vicki first, so if she’s in, the others can prepare. Vicki sounds like hell. She was told she has a rare strain of influenza B, whatever that is. Lydia tells her about the party, but understands that she won’t be there. Vicki thinks it’s a cute idea. She says she’s probably going to the ER tonight, and will do the party in her head. Lydia tells Doug that Vicki is dying, and she’s afraid she’s going to catch it from the phone call.

Kelly, Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan meet for lunch. Kelly says she went from the OGs to the OCs. Ha-ha! Shannon says she hasn’t had much to drink since she’s been on her weight loss quest, and we flash back to how very much she’s had to drink. Peggy joins them. Everyone is surprised that Kelly is up and around so quickly. Peggy wonders if she’s going to be required to spring back so fast. Meghan says her mother also had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Peggy says the BRACA gene came back negative. Meghan asks if she had cancer, and she says she did. In her interview, Shannon is confused, because that’s not what Peggy told her at their lunch. Peggy says there were abnormal cells which means it can turn into cancer. She says later, she had three millimeters of pre-invasive cancerous cells. Meghan says that her aunt went through the exact same thing a year ago when they found a lump. Peggy says it wasn’t a lump. Lydia calls Tamra. She asks if they forgot her invite for dinner tonight. Tamra says Shannon put it together, so it’s her fault.

Meghan doesn’t think it was an oversight that Shannon didn’t invite Lydia. She says they never really meshed, and doesn’t think Shannon likes her. Really? What makes you think that? I’m pretty sure Lydia knows it too. Lydia asks if they’d like to come to a balls voyage party tomorrow night.  Omg, they talk about something called scrotox. Figure it out. Tamra asks if Vicki is coming, and Lydia says she has the flu. Tamra tells her to text the info.

Lydia tells Doug she needs new friends. She doesn’t get why she’d be excluded, and wonders if she’s in the second grade again. Yes. She keeps trying to be the bigger person, and be friends with Shannon, but feels like she’s the butt of Shannon’s insanity.

Tamra asks Shannon if she’s talked to Lydia since Kelly’s party. We flash back to Shannon’s meltdown. She says Lydia called, and said she’d overreacted. Shannon says what bothers her is how Lydia dismissed her, and wouldn’t let her explain why she was wrong. In her interview, Peggy says that Shannon screams, she yells, she eats; it’s a pattern.

Shannon says she doesn’t like to argue, and cries over it. She tells them that when she heard Vicki yelling, Peggy tried to stop her from getting involved. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to get bigger. Shannon says it wasn’t fair that Kelly was defending Vicki. Kelly tells Peggy that it wasn’t her place to be referee and get involved. Peggy wonders when she got involved, and we flash back to her basically telling them to calm down. Kelly says she was trying to be the peanut gallery, and Peggy asks what that is. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to escalate, and if she did something wrong, excuse her. Kelly says it wasn’t her place to get in the middle. Peggy says she wasn’t in the middle, she was behind them. Kelly asks if she didn’t go to college. Peggy says Kelly is trying to come up with things she didn’t do – next.

Shannon says a lot of hurt happens, and Peggy tells them to go ahead and fight. In her interview, she thinks the women are testing her, but don’t know how strong she is. Tamra tells us that Peggy has balls, and she likes that. Peggy dares to go to the bathroom, and Shannon says that she’s upset that Peggy said she didn’t have cancer when they had lunch, and now she’s saying she had it. Meghan says she’s retired. Wait, five minutes ago she understood. Shannon thinks it’s confusing, and Meghan doesn’t want any more Cancergate. In her interview, Tamra says went through a double mastectomy, and they should have some sympathy. Meghan wonders if it’s the same as when you get an abnormal pap smear. Because we are five years old, Shannon says, shhh! she’s coming back! Then they pretend to be discussing lipstick. In her interview, Peggy says if you poke her to get a reaction, it will take a while before you get one; but when she’s down, you’d better hope she doesn’t get back up.

They talk about Vicki having the flu. Meghan is annoyed because Vicki couldn’t have just the plain flu; she had to attach a letter. Kelly reads a text that Vicki sent, saying that she was probably going to the ER. Meghan says she’s being dramatic as usual, and Shannon says that she’s playing the victim. Peggy doesn’t think it’s funny, and that they’re being insensitive. Kelly says that she is really sick. Meghan jokingly suggests they check her medical records.

Next time, Doug’s party happens, David pumps Diko for information on Peggy’s cancer (or not), Shannon is worried about her marriage, and Steve tells Vicki to fix it.

🔬 What it sounds like to me is that on second look, what they’d thought was nothing were pre-cancerous cells – not a lump, but cells. Peggy didn’t have full-blown cancer, but decided that she wasn’t taking the risk of having more cells that ended up being cancerous, and had a double mastectomy. I’m not sure why her health is a humongous focus for these women, when it’s really not their business. She didn’t get a double mastectomy for nothing. She’s not Brooks, for God’s sake, and they could do a storyline around their cars alone.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark talks about finalizing the office expansion plans, and asks Cary if she’s available. She thinks he’s putting his stress on her. they’re only having sex once a day. She says the working mom struggle is real. You want to be present in two places, and only give 10% everywhere. Mark gripes that he’ll do all the work himself.

Court and Stephanie bring the boys to see the house. They love the living room pool, and Stephanie wishes they’d done the remodeling first before bringing the kids. They go outside and look at the swans. Stephanie says of course they love it; they’re five and seven. The kids go to look around. Court tells Stephanie they love the pool. She says it’s not a family home and they have to get rid of it. It’s not negotiable. She says if he covers the pool, and builds extra space for the kids, they can move in. Extra space? It’s like the size of my house times five. The boys “push” their mom into the pool.

Cary teaches Zuri some yoga. She says Mark flipped out during her first trimester, since he was afraid of losing her to her daughter. She says the battle has never stopped, and she’s tired of it. A-hole. It’s his kid too.

Brandi is driving LeeAnne to her surgery. In her interview, LeeAnne thought the friendship was on the outs when Brandi didn’t invite her to Tennessee, and she’s grateful for the ride. LeeAnne talks to Brandi about Cary disrespecting her doctor. She points out that Cary questioned Brandi’s doctor as well, so it’s not just her. She tells Brandi that you can’t slam every doctor just because your husband is one. Brandi says Cary is a lot of talk, and LeeAnne says that talk is going to get her in trouble.

The doctor takes some measurements and pictures. LeeAnne can’t wait to have new breasts. She and Brandi go behind closed doors. We can hear, but not see them. LeeAnne wants to know why it’s so important for Cary to come at her. She tells Brandi that Cary’s husband has sex acts performed on him at a place called the Round Up. I don’t want to know. She says that one day, Cary is going to come for her, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Then she gets weird and vague, talking about growing up with things in her hands that weren’t knives, but worked quite well; they were just hands. Wtf?

At Mark and Cary’s office, a procedure is being filmed for the website. Cary is taking a break from surgery after this, but Mark doesn’t know yet. She’s built the practice for eight years, and wants to focus on motherhood.

Brandi prays over LeeAnne. In her interview, she says that she doesn’t like it that LeeAnne is threatening Cary. She prays for Cary too, that no word spoken in judgement shall come to pass. LeeAnne says no matter who fights with who, the two of them will have fun in Mexico. Probably not if she kills Cary.

Cary says she’s invested her whole life in the business. She put all eggs in one basket, and it’s hard to set the basket down. She has confidence that Mark can handle it until she comes back. She says it’s not like he’s an OB/GYN, making fun of LeeAnne’s doctor again. She wants to tell Mark at work, not at home, and hopefully his head doesn’t blow off.

LeeAnne’s surgery is a success. Rich comes in at the end. She’s in and out of coherency. The nurse says she’s doing good, but she can’t quite form words yet. She manages to tell Rich that she loves him.

Mark thanks Cary for being there for this kind of stuff. She tells him that it’s probably her last one. He says that she’ll come crawling back in six months; she’ll want to blow her brains out. Cary says she wants to be mom for a few years, while Zuri is still little. Mark tells her that she’s the face of the website, and people will see her on there, and expect to see her at the office. Cary says this will be better for their family. She’ll be more connected at home. He says good luck with that.

Brandi and Stephanie go bathing suit shopping. Brandi says no matter the drama, she’s having fun in Mexico. Brandi says she was down for eight weeks when she had the same surgery as LeeAnne. She tells Stephanie that she was trying to be LeeAnne’s friend, but it got uncomfortable when she threatened Cary’s life. She got in Brandi’s face, and said she doesn’t have knives this time, but her hands. Stephanie says that’s not normal. She thinks that maybe LeeAnne is back to old ways. In her interview, Stephanie isn’t surprised. Brandi says that LeeAnne is crazy, and she feels like she’s in the middle. Stephanie says that Brandi should tell Cary. In her interview, Brandi explains that LeeAnne’s comment about Mark would only hurt Cary, and there was no reason to repeat it, but threatening Cary’s life should definitely be on their radar. Good for her.

Stephanie’s life coach arrives at her home. I’m sorry, but that is the stupidest sounding thing. She asks about the boys. One is dyslexic, and Stephanie wishes they’d moved him to the new school sooner. She thought that Cruz was just being lazy, and he would call himself stupid. She says she had too much focus on Brandi’s issues, and feels guilty. The coach tells her that they don’t always know why something happens, but to learn from it. Really? She pays for this advice? I’ll charge half of what this woman gets.

Cary and Mark, go to the gun range with D’Andra, who’s been shooting since she was a toddler. Mark manages to get in that he’s irritated because Cary doesn’t want to work for him anymore. Cary says that’s not true. She wants to spend time with her daughter,r and it makes him worried. D’Andra says that she’s the better shot, even though her husband was in the military. Cary is surprisingly good for a first timer. She decides that if you’re good at yoga, you’re good at shooting. Not so much Mark at either.

Brandi calls Cary with a video chat. She tells Cary that LeeAnne won’t let the doctor comment go, and said that she was going to hurt Cary. She said that she didn’t have knives, but had her hands. Brandi says that LeeAnne was spitting in her face and her eye were delusional. Cary says she’s sick of this, and that she’s scared, but not giving LeeAnne power over her. The more you feed the dragon, the bigger it gets. She tells the others that LeeAnne said she’s going to strangle her. Mark can’t believe LeeAnne is at it with the threats again. D’Andra says LeeAnne pops off; that’s what she does, like this is a Geico commercial. She’d thought they’d worked things out, and Cary says that she did too. Mark suggests not going to Mexico, but Cary doesn’t want to let LeeAnne ruin her fun.

Stephanie says it’s easy to get caught up in the drama. She can’t do that again, and needs to focus on her children, especially Cruz. She goes over the alphabet with him. She says it’s hard to watch him struggle. He’s not into it at all.

LeeAnne asks Mark to help her pack. She’s still healing and sore.

Kameron models some sunglasses for Court, and he says no one will take her seriously in them. She says she doesn’t want anyone to take her seriously – ever.

D’Andra talks to Jeremy about Keatin. He’s goes blah-blah-blah, and I tune out.

Cary is excited to be going to Mexico, except for LeeAnne being on the trip. She though they were fine, then LeeAnne flipped out on her at the tea. Mark thinks LeeAnne is out of her mind. In her interview, she says at least it took Mark’s focus off of her temporary retirement.

Everyone is on the plane. It’s just a two hour flight, and they get in as many drinks as possible. In the hotel lobby, they drink something blue that looks like antifreeze. The concierge or whatever, tells them that there’s 24-hour room service. I’m in. They’re lead to the Presidential Suite. Everybody checks out their room, all of them befitting a president.

Out by the pool, Cary asks Kameron if LeeAnne said she wants to kill her. Kameron says that she didn’t bring that up. Kameron asks Brandi to fill her in. Brandi says that LeeAnne is upset about Cary’s doctor statement. Every time Brandi tells the LeeAnne story, she gives the drama a different spin. Since it was behind closed doors, we don’t know if Brandi is exaggerating. The whole thing sounded vague, and like LeeAnne was high.

Inside, D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she and Cary hate each other. LeeAnne says that Cary makes snide comments. D’Andra suggests that LeeAnne try to be the best person she can be; this isn’t it. LeeAnne says she has a visceral reaction to Cary, and D’Andra tells her to just let it roll off.

Kameron tells Brandi she’s giving a scary impression. Cary says LeeAnne is saying she wants to strangle her. Kameron doesn’t know how to react. She says three people are talking about LeeAnne, and she’d thought she was friends with Brandi.

D’Andra asks LeeAnne to try and behave for twenty minutes. LeeAnne says that she’s her own worst enemy, but Cary will take a grain of sand and create a universe out of it.

Next time, LeeAnne tells everyone about the engagement, Brandi and Stephanie take a bubble bath, and Cary confronts LeeAnne.

🎶  It’s Been a Long Day


September 24, 2017 – MJ Issues an Ultimatum, Miles of Zombies & a Puppy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Construction is happening at MJ’s condo. Since she came back from Israel, she’s been thinking about how Mike said to quit using her father’s illness as a reason not to move forward. Her designer brings in a vision board. She says it’s condo first, then baby and marriage. A little out of order, but it all needs to happen. Reza comes by. He’s shocked that his bitching didn’t fall on deaf ears. He tells us beige and messy bitches don’t go together, and tells MJ to pick a color, any color. She picks the worst one. She picks something else, and he okays it. He’s staying out of the design part, but will supply cheap labor – i.e. free. MJ says it’s probably the most responsibility she’s taken on in her life. She tells Reza that she needs some real food, and wine.

Mike brings shoes to the regional manager if Shoe Palace. I’m not familiar with that chain, but he tells us that they sell a lot of shoes, and he’s thrilled to be meeting with them. The manager tells Mike that he says no to small brands 99% of the time, but likes to keep his ear to the streets. And maybe get free advertising for his stores. In his interview, Mike always thought of himself as the breadwinner of his future family. We flash back to him talking to Jessica about creating the shoe line. It didn’t work out, and his motivating factor is gone. He shows the guy teeny tiny shoes for kids, and explains that they’re both premium and dope. The manager says he’s never seen anything like it, and thinks they can make something happen. They bro hug. Mike says it’s bittersweet, since he should be calling his wife, but he’s calling his mom.

Annalise is at Shervin’s unpacking. She says she’s getting professional at it now. She talks about moving in. In his interview, he says it’s a risk on her side, and a responsibility on his, but when they spend time together, the relationship deepens. Zzzzz… He thanks her for not believing the bullsh*t. MJ comes by, bearing a poinsettia. She hates that all her friends wake up in the morning, tell lies, go to sleep, and start over. In particular, Asa and Shervin. She needs the naked, ugly truth. She says she wants to talk to Annalise one-on-one, but Shervin is there, so fine. She just comes out and says that she thinks Shervin cheated on Annalise.

In her interview, MJ says that Shervin is controlling, and wouldn’t let her talk to Annalise privately. Since she’s about to pack up her life in Australia and move in with him, MJ wants her to know. She says he’s like a kid in a candy store when she’s not around, but Annalise says she believes him since he’s never lied to her before. She appreciates MJ saying something, but they don’t understand how open and honest he is. MJ thinks Shervin has been working on her. She hopes that Annalise isn’t being Stepford and having tunnel vision. She says that Annalise is choosing to believe Shervin is honest. Shervin says that in the end, the truth always comes out. In his interview, he thanks Tara for the rumor that brought them closer together. Oh boy, I can’t wait for the reveal, because yeah, the truth always comes out.

Reza meets with Mike at the barbershop. Reza says that Mike is more gay in the grooming department than he is. Mike tells Reza about his blind date with Pursia, a Persian rapper. He says they went dancing and had frozen yogurt, but he’s not seeing her again. He still feels guilty about not making his marriage work. Reza says talk to any of them, but don’t talk to girls he’s dating about his ex-wife. He says Mike needs to close the book, not just the chapter, so he’s not stuck in purgatory.

Shalom comes by GG’s place. She’s picking out clothing for her trip to NYC. She’s still shocked that they want her for the play. She tells Shalom that her mom is impressed with him. He says family comes first, and people need to forgive and forget. She says anyone who can put up with her family and friends is a keeper. She makes broad hints about getting a ring. She tells him that in return, he gets the MVP. Most Valuable You-Figure-It-Out. In her interview, she talks about wanting a family, and how the nannies will take care of the kids.

Reza’s new blind cat is called Miss Moo. I love it! MJ visits, and he gives her some tequila. He’s been writing a play, and hands her a copy. He says it’s a passion project based on his two grandmothers and if they had planned his wedding. He says it takes place in a gay café. He has MJ read the part of the Muslim grandmother. He says that he grew up in a household where it was like the two sides were at war with each other. Going to Israel was a life-changing experience, and he wants to share his knowledge with others to spare them the same pain. He says GG might be doing something way off-Broadway, but this is going to be better.

GG is in the city being Carrie Bradshaw. She gets to the theater and meets the director, her scene partner, and some of the crew. She’s never acted before, and says that she freaked when she saw the script since it’s half the size of the Bible, which is highly doubtful. She’s memorized her lines, gone to acting class, and gotten a hearing aid, but might still suck. She says the last time she worked this hard at an accomplishment, was when she tried stealing her parents’ car at sixteen.

MJ takes Vida to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel for lunch. Vida thinks the waiter talks too much and that MJ looks tired, so we’re off to a great start. MJ tells Vida that she wants to get pregnant. Vida says maybe Tommy doesn’t want to be a father, but MJ says he won’t do it if he doesn’t want to. Vida asks if she can make sure he doesn’t ignore the baby, and if she’s willing to take that risk. MJ says that Vida is one of the reasons she kept many men at arm’s length, but now that she’s met the man she wants to make babies with and grow old beside, she has to stand up for herself. She tells Vida that it’s time to accept and support her choices. Vida says she knows what’s best for her daughter, but MJ says she thinks not.

Mike whistles for Reza. Reza says he’s not Mike’s dog, and Mike calls it a Persian doorbell. They’re going to paint MJ’s place, but Mike is only in it for the free pizza and beer. Reza says whether they like it or not design-wise, they have to be nice. He’s all about moving forward today.

When they arrive, MJ says they’re covering the floors first. Reza points out baseboard dirt. Mike pretends a crudité is his dool. Shervin walks in, and Reza asks how many friends MJ invited. MJ says she didn’t invite Asa, and Reza says they have an acquaintanceship instead of friendship. In his interview, Reza says that Asa doesn’t understand the rift, and isn’t going to change her mind or apologize. MJ says that at this point in their lives, they need to lean on each other, and there’s no point in having a friendship if they can’t be honest. Destiney comes in, and everyone has shots. Shervin messes up, and hits the ceiling with his paint roller. Then everyone starts painting weird things on the wall. Reza puts paint on the couch, and MJ tells everyone to chill.

Shervin says it’s not cool about Asa, and doesn’t want to be in the same boat. He tells them that he screwed around before. Mike says, lamest admission of guilt ever. Shervin is sorry for lying, but he’s scared of commitment. Mike asks if he told Annalise, but he says no. In her interview, MJ wonders who isn’t lying. Destiney asks if he did it in the house, and he insists he didn’t. Then he says he did, but he wonders what difference it makes. In her interview, Destiney says that Annalise is giving up her whole life for him. She thought he was a classy dude until she got to see the real Shervin.

Shervin says it’s none of their business. Mike says that for a woman, it’s like their sanctuary, where they lay their head. Vida enters the fray, and is like, omg, what a mess, and freaks over the literal writing on the wall, where Reza has added a cartoon dool. This causes everyone to actually go to work. Tommy comes home, and is surprised that it’s coming together. Reza points out the ovulation sticks lying around. Vida asks if MJ is sure about Tommy, who tells her that he’s like herpes – you can’t get rid of him. That reminds me of the dog in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She was named Herpes, because if she’s good, she’ll heal. BA-DUM-CHH! In her interview, MJ thinks once Vida is holding a baby, she’ll change her tune. MJ says she’ll buy Vida’s retirement, so she’ll be available to babysit. She writes Vida a $100K check, and says if she gets pregnant, to cash it. Vida doesn’t want anything to do with it, and MJ starts crying. Tommy says she’s an emotional nut, and kisses her. She’s also drunk as a skunk. Why do we say that anyway? She tells Tommy that he’d better get her pregnant.

Reza asks what’s going on, and MJ says everyone is making fun of her emotions. She thinks everyone should be supportive. Reza says they are, and Tommy says her mother isn’t Donna Reed. Then he has to explain who Donna Reed is. Vida leaves, since she’s done her job and made MJ cry, and MJ asks Tommy if he’s sure. He says they need to prepare, and it’s not as easy as she thinks. People typically do it at twenty, not forty. Reza tries to talk to her. Tommy tells Mike that she feels like she has a gun to her head because of Shams being ill. She tells Reza that she’s going to get pregnant, and Tommy should be begging to be the father. Tommy says neither of them have healthy lifestyles, and he doesn’t want to leave a child without a parent. In his interview, he talks about his mother dying when he was a teenager, and how he couldn’t cry. He felt like the worst person. He loves and misses her every day. MJ says it’s now or never, and she’ not allowing cold feet. Tommy says the problem isn’t cold feet.

Reza tells Tommy that he made his girl uncomfortable and upset, and please make her not that way. Tommy asks how many shots she’s had, and she says that she’ll get pregnant by another man. In her interview, MJ is also unreasonable, saying  that him not telling her that he’s sure is like he’s lying. Tommy says that he wants to make sure the baby never wants for anything. He starts crying, and so does she. He brings up his mother, and says that he felt alone growing up, and doesn’t want that for his kid.

MJ asks if Tommy has been crying, and for whom. Reza says that it’s time to exit, and tells them to make some babies. Destiney says her heart is crying. She asks Tommy what the problem is, and he says he wants to make sure they’re around for the kid. She wants to know if what he says is real, and he tells her that he’s been nothing but honest; he’s had reservations from day one. He wants to make sure they’re ready to be good parents, and live a healthy lifestyle. He grew up without anybody, and he ran his whole life from it. If he had a great day, there was no one to tell. He’s going to make me cry pretty soon. Tommy says it’s not her or him, and there’s more to it than both of them loving each other; that doesn’t mean they’re prepared. MJ says his mom died; her dad is dying. Should they not die? She starts getting loud, and he gets louder. He says that he doesn’t want to fight. She says that she’d rather have a baby with someone who doesn’t have a problem with it. She tells him now or never, and he says, then it’s never. In her interview, MJ says she needs someone stronger than this. She says she’ll be an amazing mother, and Tommy needs to be about his truth – that he’s really full of sh*t. I have empathy for her, but she needs to see that he’s telling her the truth. They aren’t ready.

Tommy says she’s right. He’s a piece of sh*t, and a liar. He’s not going to listen to this nonsense. She didn’t listen to him, and pissed on what he had to say. That doesn’t make him want to have a baby. MJ tells him if he told her that he smoked way too much or she needs to stop drinking, he’d have a leg to stand on. I think, but isn’t that what he was saying? She says he’s in a pickle now. (Really, she said that.) He has two choices, sh*t or get off the pot.

MJ tells him to get off the pot, never call her again, and just bounce. Destiney says it wasn’t supposed to go down this way. In her interview, MJ tells us that no man can hold a candle to her dad, and thank God for him; she still has him. She tells us that the lesson of the day is don’t get fooled by the weak. What MJ needs isn’t a baby. She needs therapy to help her get through this tough time. It’s heart-breaking, but she’s going about this all wrong.

Next time, Mike’s divorce is finalized, the gang goes to NYC, Adam and Reza discuss surrogacy, and GG goes nuts on Shalom.

Fear the Walking Dead

Troy kills a rattlesnake and writes in his journal. Tastes just like chicken. He must have been on the road a while, since he’s pretty grubby and has an almost beard. He thinks about the gun. He sees the scalped guy in the chair, whose name I forget, from when we first met Walker. He wanders around and goes inside a warehouse. He goes through what’s there, and finds a bunch of cans that are either cat food or I don’t know what, but it’s not deviled ham.

He sees a plaque that says God helps those who help themselves. The wall behind it opens to reveal a gun and some ammo. He buries the scalped dude, and writes furiously. He sits in the chair where the dude was and plays with the gun. I guess he’s thinking about killing himself, but with him, it’s hard to tell. He hears zombie noises, and shoots the gun in the air. He smiles.

Nick and Crazy Dog are out in the fields. Nick pikes a zombie. Crazy Dog says the cattle are going to die soon from lack of water. Jake tells Alicia that they had 400 head once, and it’s not even a ranch anymore. He didn’t think it would bother him so much. She says they’ll start over, and if they live long enough, she’ll get him more cows. She says it’s livable, and they can’t say that about any other place. Jake thinks there are more places like this. He tells her about a cabin near the border that would be fine for two people. Everything he fought for is gone. She says they’re lucky to have what they do, but he says it was supposed to be more.

Ofelia tells Crazy Dog that Jake is weak, but she has to gain their trust. He says that Nick is already in the middle. She asks if he trusts Nick, and he says everyone does. Nick and Alicia have a smoke on the deck. She tells him he looks like sh*t. He says he killed a man, and now he’s sleeping in his house. She says he killed an evil old man to save them, and he says he did it so Madison didn’t have to. He’s concerned about Troy, but she says he doesn’t owe Troy. They share the same self-destruction. Nick says maybe he’s just as sick.

In bed, Nick hears sounds outside the cabin. He gets his knife, and looks around. While he’s on the balcony, Troy sneaks up behind him. Nick tells him that he can’t be there, but Troy says here he is. He doesn’t want to sit down or he’ll pass out; he’s on a mission. He says Nick saved him in his own way, so he’s here to return the favor. He says there’s a beast in the desert with nothing to keep it from growing, and it’s bigger than he can imagine. Troy says there’s a third way, and locks the sliding door, leaving Nick on the balcony. He tells Nick that he needs to listen. The whole place will be obliterated. He needs to see it; it’s beautiful. Nick tries to get him to unlock the door, but he won’t, so Nick runs in the front.

Alicia suggests going outside the ranch, and pumping water in. Jake says that’s what her mom and Walker are doing. She’s concerned about not hearing from them, and Jake says they need a plan B. Everyone is always talking about a plan B on this show, but nobody ever has one. Alicia wonders how Jake can talk about leaving. She’s fighting for this place, and they’re staying. She doesn’t want to worry about him, and he tells her she’s released from her obligation. She says that’s not why she did it, and he asks who she’s actually fighting for? She seemed lost when they arrived. He thought he’d taken advantage of her, but wonders if it was really the other way around. He asks if it’s a relationship or alliance, and if that was the plan all along.

Nick comes to the door. He tells them that Troy was there. He wanted to warn them about something coming, and wanted them to see what it was. Alicia thinks he’s baiting them. Jake says he warned Troy not to come back, and now he has to face him. Nick tells Alicia that he’s responsible, and someone has to look after her boyfriend. Alicia gives Jake a gun, and says she did it for him. He’s the last good man she knows. He and Nick drive away.

Nick says that Troy could have killed him, or hurt any of them, but he didn’t. He thinks that Troy came to warn, not harm. Jake tells a story about finding a rabbit skinned alive. He put it down, because that’s what you do when something is lame or sick. He doesn’t think Troy is going to get better.

Suddenly there’s a cloud of dust rising in the distance, parallel to the road. They stop the car and get out. Nick radios Alicia. All she hears is infected. The dust clears, and there are a billion zombies crossing the desert. They see Troy walking out toward them. He looks up.

Alicia tells Ofelia that Nick and Jake are in trouble. She thinks that they came across a horde. Ofelia wonders why they were alone; there’s safety in numbers, and it’s protocol. Alicia tells her that Troy snuck in and warned Nick. She says they need to stop it, but Ofelia asks how do they know it isn’t an ambush?  Alicia says they don’t, but she trusts Nick and Jake.

Out in the desert, Nick asks for a minute with Troy. Jake doesn’t think he’s coming back, but Nick wants to try. Troy says it’s a cleansing. Nick says he’s not in his right head, and Troy agrees he’s a little punchy. He says they love loud noises, and cocks the gun. He says he loves that sound, the way some love a ball hitting a bat. This is evolution and Darwinian. Nick says it’s murder. Troy asks if he wants to go there. It’s eviction or extinction. Jake asks him not to make him do it, and points the gun at him. Troy shots the gun, and Jake throws him to the ground. He smacks Troy around, and tells Nick to go; it’s time to evacuate.

Troy says there’s one road in, and one road out. It’s time to face the monsters. Jake tells him that rabbits scream, like human beings, but he still protected Troy. Nick tells Jake if he pulls the trigger, he’ll never forget it. Troy hints about Nick having shot Jeremiah, but Jake says he doesn’t care what Nick did. Jake is about to shoot, when Nick kicks him out of the way.

The group at the ranch watches as the zombie horde approaches. Nick and Troy slide down the hill toward the horde. Some stray zombies are already close, and Jake gets bit in the arm. He asks Troy how long before it spreads, and tells him to do it, meaning cut off Jake’s arm. Troy hesitates, so Nick does it himself.

Crazy Dog asks Alicia what’s going on, and she tells him that Troy told Nick and Jake that something was coming. Crazy Dog wonders if it’s something that’s out there or something be brought. Ofelia says he’s not helping. The guy with the beard, whose name I don’t remember, says they’ll need guns and bullets. Crazy Dog gives Ofelia the keys to where the arms are stashed.

Troy holds Jake in the truck bed, while Nick drives. Troy insists that there’s no ranch to go back to. We can see zombies for miles.

Crazy Dog directs the trucks and RVs to be driven making a barricade. Ofelia asks if it will stop them. He says they’ll hunker down behind them when the zombies go past, and asks if she has a better idea. Nope. He tells everyone to move, and they all run around. The horde gets closer.

The zombies arrive, and everyone is lined up behind the vehicles with weapons. The zombies hit the barbed wire, because they’re too stupid not to run into it. No way could they kill this many. Nick watches through binoculars. The RVs start to rock, and then zombies start crawling out from underneath them. Holy! The ranch people all whack at them, and pike their heads, with various weapons as they come through. Nick is like, this isn’t good. Troy says that Jake was the one who wasn’t supposed to die. Nick tells Troy to put him down. Troy says that he wanted Jake to see what he’d done for them. Nick grabs Troy, and says, look at what you did; that’s you, and throws him down. Nick radios Alicia. Troy tell Nick to kill him, and do what his brother should have. Nick kicks the gun over to Troy, and tells him to kill himself.

One of the RVs is about to tip over. Alicia says it’s not going to hold. Once it gives, everyone will die. The RV gives way, and Ofelia says, let’s go. Yep, that’s it. The zombie horde is in. Nick looks sick, and I’ve been making noises since Jake got bit.

Everyone is slicing and dicing, and stabbing, and shooting  Alicia tells everyone to go into the pantry. Oh no! They grabbed bearded guy. Alicia tries to shoot the zombies, but can’t get a bead on them. Bearded guy has a gun and tries to shoot himself, but the gun doesn’t go off, so Alicia shoots him in the head. Then the dead feed on the dead. There’s lots of running and craziness.

Jake opens his eyes – which look really cool, more like the Night King on Game of Thrones, than the usual creepy zombie eyes.

Alicia’s gun is out of bullets, and she just goes nuts whacking at the zombie. Ofelia hammers them in the head. Omg, these guys are totally surrounded. Crazy Dog even head butts one of them. They manage to free themselves, and lock themselves in the pantry with the others. The zombies scramble around the door outside.

Troy stabs Jake in the ear. He says he needs some sleep. Nick says they need to find a way to save the people he tried to kill. He can sleep when he’s dead. Hey, that’s what I always say.

In the pantry, everyone listens to the zombie sounds from outside. Alicia looks frazzled, and hyperventilates.

Next time, Nick blows stuff up, Crazy Horse says they’re all going to die together, and Alicia is attacked.

😴 I need to call it a night, so I leave you with this…


Waving good-by to the Weekend

September 22, 2017 – Two Patients Change Status, Myriam is a Horrible Person, a Few Random Thoughts & a Quote Quad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny goes to Pozzulo’s, where Milo is stuffing his face with pasties. Milo asks about Jason, and has questions about Josslyn. Sonny asks if there’s a problem, but Milo isn’t sure. He asks how much he’s supposed to tell him about Josslyn’s activities.

Carly and Josslyn have lunch at Kelly’s. Carly tells Josslyn that after talking to Milo, she realizes how much everything has affected her. She says she knows about Josslyn and Oscar.

Nelle tells Michael this might be the last time they can laze in bed together. Someone put in an offer for her apartment. She thought she’d have more time. Thanks to him, a big time, ocean front developer, she might have to move to Greenfield and commute. He says that’s not happening.

Jake and Danny have a plan to bring Jason around. Elizabeth tells them just be prepared for it not to work; it will take time for him to wake up. Kristina takes him to pick up Danny before they go to the facility.

Franco leaves a phone message for Betsy. He needs to know the truth. Elizabeth hears him, and asks what that’s about.

At Jason’s bedside, Sam goes down Memory Lane. She talks about them riding on the bike together, and a sunset they watched. She never felt so free, so safe. Tears run down her cheeks. Jason taps his fingers

In Russia, Patient 6 gets on his feet. Ava – who just can’t stay away – tells him be more careful. God knows what would happen if she told Dr. Kline that he can get out of the chair.

Michael tells Nelle not to rush into a new lease. He thinks she can afford something in Port Charles. She says maybe a walk-up with three roommates. He tells her not to do anything rash. He has some business to attend to, and he’ll tell her about it after he closes the deal.

Milo tells Sonny that Mrs. C. has been pumping him for information. Both Josslyn and Oscar seem like good kids. While something made him uncomfortable, they weren’t doing anything wrong. Sonny asks if Oscar respects Josslyn, and Milo says that he’s a total gentleman. He says that wasn’t enough for Mrs. C. though. She wanted a minute by minute account.

Josslyn tells Carly that they did nothing wrong. Carly says she’s talking about them being on the footbridge, and asks how they ended up there. Josslyn wanted to tell Oscar about Jason, and thought what better place? Carly tells her that’s what she assumed, but now she wonders what happened. What did she think Milo said?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he was talking to the shipping company. Elizabeth says she heard him talking about the painting. He asks if she means the one his dad sold out from under him. He thinks the showing and the old material is bringing up stuff from his old life. Elizabeth says they made a pact. Does he want to keep talking or tell her the truth? He says that there’s something he’s been meaning to talk to her about, and shows her the photo.

Sam tells Jason that the doctors claim his movement doesn’t mean anything, but they don’t know him. She knows that he’s fighting to come back. Kristina arrives with the boys. Danny tells Jason that he’s here. Jake asks if he can hear them, and Danny says he loves him.

Ava tells Patient 6 that he knows she wouldn’t really talk, but she overheard Dr. Kline insisting that he’s a danger, and either has to be drugged or restrained. Clearly the drugs don’t work, but she’s the only one who knows. She wonders what she should do about it, and says the smart thing would be to tell someone. He can’t be treated without them knowing what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to out herself. She says that he probably wants to pretend she was never there, and be left to his own devices, but she doesn’t think his family would want that.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the other boy in the picture looks like Jason, but that’s not possible, is it? Franco tells her about Heather refusing to talk to him. She asks what he thinks. He says his imaginary friend was real, and the painting represents the memory of having a brother. She asks if his twin is Jason. He says he doesn’t know, but it seems that way.

Sonny tells Milo that as long as Josslyn is happy, safe, and being treated well by Oscar, he’s not spying, just making sure she’s safe. Milo says, cool. He leaves, and Michael comes in. Sonny is now stuffing his face with pastries, and I’m thinking he should give some to the whole class. Michael asks about Jason. Sonny says there’s no change, but he’s not discouraged. They both know that people come back. Michael says Sonny didn’t give up on him, and here he is. Sonny asks how he’s doing. Michael says let’s just get it out of the way. He’s sure Carly told him about Nelle’s fiancé having a boating accident, and Nelle being suspect. Sonny doesn’t blame Carly for being concerned, but Michael says he talked to Nelle and believes her explanation. Sonny heaves a sigh.

Carly asks Josslyn what she and Oscar were going. When Josslyn says they weren’t doing anything, Carly asks why she’s so nervous. Josslyn tells her that Milo was there, so what could they do? Carly says he’s there to keep her safe from Sonny’s enemies, or herself if she becomes her own worst enemy. Josslyn says that she makes it sound like they’re serious. Carly asks if it is. Omg, she’s worse than my father ever was, and Milo wasn’t following me. Josslyn sees Nelle come in, and waves her over. Carly says that Nelle is probably busy, and they’re having a mother/daughter lunch. Josslyn is puzzled, thinking things were better between them. Nelle says she’ll sit outside, and Josslyn asks what happened. Nelle says that Carly is concerned about something in her past. Carly says she’s sure Josslyn would like to know Nelle’s story. She tells her to take a seat; the floor is hers.

Michael and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says that he doesn’t like to see Carly worried. Michael says they both know that Nelle did horrible things, but does Sonny really think she’s a killer? Sonny says she drugged him to get him into bed, which shows that she’s calculating and cold-blooded. Michael says that she thought she was avenging her father, which is a far cry from killing a fiancé. Sonny says that Michael has resources, and should use them to prove Nelle’s innocence to Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Nelle told him what happened, and he believes and trusts her. Michael gets a call from Lucy. He’s closing on something, and says he’ll pick up the title and the deed.

Elizabeth reminds Franco that the DNA tests proved that he and Jason aren’t related. Franco says, right, and no one has ever tampered with medical tests, especially when Heather is involved. Elizabeth says that Jason grew up in Port Charles, surrounded by the Quartermaines. Franco adds, except when he wasn’t. Elizabeth asks where he’s coming from, and he tells her that once he got his past back, so to speak, he can’t stop thinking about it. He can’t move on until he knows who his family is, and if this boy is important. Elizabeth believes him, but thinks there’s a simple explanation.

Danny tells Jason that he misses him. Jake says that they made a drawing of their family in the park, and used Scout’s handprint for the sun. Aww! He asks if Jason doesn’t want to open his eyes and see it. Maybe I’m projecting, but it sure looks like Jason wants to laugh.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she knows what happened. He was shot and fell into open water. It created a psychotic break, and his family sent him here to recover. She says they must be wealthy, since the clinic caters to the elite. If they didn’t care or gave up hope, they could have parked him anywhere, but he’s here. That means they care and are waiting for him. Patient 6 shakes his head. She asks if he has a family, and he nods. She asks if they know he’s there, and he shakes head. She asks who is she talking to, and who put him here?

Nelle tells Josslyn that she was accused of doing something she didn’t do. It was a traumatic time in her life, and she’d rather not share the details right now; it will just make Carly angry all over again. She knows it looks bad on paper, but there’s no reason to pull Josslyn into it. Carly accuses her of stonewalling, and tells Josslyn that there’s no way Nelle will tell her. Nelle says all that matters is that Josslyn’s brother means the world to her, and she’d never do anything to hurt him. She says she has to go look at apartments, since her place is going condo. Carly says Seattle is nice, and walks out. I don’t like this Carly. Nelle tells Josslyn that she’s sorry about a lot of things, but Josslyn says not to worry. Nelle doesn’t get why everything is so messed up all the time. Josslyn doesn’t either.

Sonny asks Michael if ELQ doesn’t own enough property, and Michael says it’s a personal acquisition. Sonny asks if he’s moving, and Michael says no, but why all the questions? He’s an adult, and his business is his, just like Sonny’s is. Are they good? Sonny says they are, but thinks he should look into the story about Nelle. Michael says not to let his feelings come between them.

Elizabeth sees how the photo plays into the story about Jason being Franco’s twin. He asks if she thinks it’s some random blonde kid. She does, but also thinks he won’t rest until he has answers. He says the truth will fix him, and he can be the man he wants to be for her. She says he already is, but he wants to be better. He’s not sure what to do, since Heather won’t see him, and Betsy won’t talk. Elizabeth suggests he go see Betsy.

Jake says just because Jason is asleep, doesn’t mean he’s not listening. He asks Danny if he wants to do their song. The start to sing This Old Man, and now I’m laughing. No wonder Jason seems on the brink. Sam records it, and I sing along, but they only go to four.

Ava says enough with playing twenty questions. She needs some real information. She gives Patient 6 a pad and pen. She tells him to start with his name.

Nelle asks Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn says it couldn’t be better. She amends that, and says it could if there was no bodyguard. She wishes Jason would wake up, but Oscar is amazing. Suddenly, Michael is there, and says so is Nelle. Josslyn says that she and Milo have to be somewhere. Michael tells her don’t even try ditching him. He tried it many times, and failed, so learn from his mistakes. Nelle apologizes for Josslyn being put in the middle of her and Carly. Josslyn leaves with Milo, and Michael asks if Nelle and Carly had another run-in. She says same tune, different beat, because Josslyn was there to hear it. She knows everyone is worried about Jason, and she’s worried about where she’s living, which is selfish. Michael says it’s possibly the most important thing, along with love. She asks if he’ll help her look, and he says that she doesn’t have to move. She says since when, and he says since ten minutes ago, when her apartment was bought – by him. you know, I take it back, I could put up with boring.

Carly bursts into Sonny’s office. She says that she can’t have lunch with her daughter without Nelle ruining it. Can I just insert that she called Nelle over? Carly says that Nelle is going to dismantle their family a second time. Sonny tells her that if she keeps making Nelle the enemy, she’ll push Michael away. Carly says she was contacted by someone who has information about Nelle’s fiancé. If she turns out to be a black widow, he’s in trouble. She adds that Nelle’s apartment went condo, and she’s scrambling to find a place. Since rents are high in Port Charles, she might have to move to Greenfield. It’s not far enough away, but it’s a start. Sonny tells her that he thinks he overheard Michael buying her apartment. Now please tell me, if Carly is soooo concerned, why hasn’t she jumped on finding out that information already?

Sam tells the boys good job, but Jason has physical therapy now. Even though he’s sleeping, they want to make sure he’s strong when he wakes up. They tell Jason they love him, and Kristina takes them out.

Ava doesn’t buy that Patient 6 can’t write. She thinks he doesn’t want to tell her anything. She gets it; he wants to be left alone. She asks how that’s working for him, stuck in a wheelchair and shot up with elephant tranquilizers. She tells him it’s only going to get worse. She heard Dr. Kline talking about upping his dosage. This could be his last coherent moment for a long time. He might not want to waste it. Patient 6 picks up the pen.

Betsy is talking to Heather on the phone. She says no, she didn’t tell him. She did what Heather asked, and she’s leaving for the airport. She tells Heather it isn’t right. He’s living in the same house with Jason’s son. She says fine, do what you want. You always do. She hangs up, and Franco is standing there. He let himself in with his key. She says she has to go. She’s booked a cruise. He tells her that he heard her, and Heather doesn’t want her to tell him about the boy in the photo. He wants to know who the boy is, and needs to know what the boy means to him.

Josslyn asks Milo how much he tells her parents. He says if they ask him a direct question, he answers it, but he’s here to protect her, not to spy on her. As long as she has nothing to hide, they’re cool. She promises not to put him in a tight spot.

Sonny tells Carly it’s just a hunch, but Michael got a call from Lucy that he said was personal, not business. Carly says that she can just hear Nelle’s “poor me” act. Sonny says she knows how to play the victim. Carly insists she’s started her campaign to take Michael for all he’s worth. Well, you never know on this show, but I’m tired of Carly making it up as she goes along. I can’t stand people like that. I laugh at myself for being all pissed at a fictitious character.

Nelle can’t believe it, and Michael shows her the title and deed. He says, welcome home.

Sam doesn’t want to go, but knows that Jason would want her to be there for the kids. She says the plan is that she’s going home to practice sleeping without him, and getting the kids ready in the morning. She talks about having to buy a bigger crib for Scout, and says that all the things parents should to together, she’ll do for them. Her heart will be with him though. She kisses him

Jake tells Elizabeth that he wants to show Kristina the painting of the two boys. Elizabeth says there was a mix-up, and it was sold accidentally. Jake says too bad; he liked it, and Franco did too. It was all about having a brother.

Franco begs Betsy to help him. She says that she loves him, and he’s the light of her life. She tells him to leave it alone, but he says it’s making him crazy in a way he can’t allow in his life again. He can’t feel like this, and be with Elizabeth. He can’t risk losing her, so talk to him. She cries, and says she’s sorry she lied about him. Franco asks if she’s talking about his imaginary friend. She tells him the friend wasn’t imaginary, but real. He was a twin.

Patient 6 writes, and hands Ava the paper. They look at each other. Show us, dammit! It’s a phone number with a Port Charles area code.

Jason hears the boys’ song in his head, and Sam saying she loves him. He opens his eyes.

Franco says so he has a twin brother, and it’s Jason. Betsy says no, not his brother. He’s a twin, but wasn’t his twin.

So does this mean that Patient 6 isn’t Nikolas, but Jason, or fake Jason, or Bizarro World Jason?

On Monday, Franco asks who the kid is, Nelle tells Michael that Carly accused her of being a black widow, and Ava gets caught.

💍 For some unfathomable reason, I’m still consumed with 90 Day Fiancé. On Before the 90 Days, Larry found out that Jenny was a real person. Although for a moment, like with Paul, they made us think he’d been catfished. There was no response to any of his calls or texts since he’d left Florida, and at first he couldn’t find her. He’s another one who doesn’t know the language, which is insane. Like all of the men, Larry came bearing gifts, and wasn’t afraid to over-enthusiastically announce that he had “chocolate for the family!” to anyone who would listen. And I mean complete strangers at the airport. He reminded me of Steve Martin when he gets the new phonebook in The Jerk. Maybe he was double-glad that the candy was in his carry-on, as the airline lost his luggage. Since it seems like Jenny might be a frequent Filipino Cupid flyer, even after claiming to love Larry, my jury is out.

Paul and Karine checked into a swanky hotel in Brazil, where Paul finally got the all clear for them to be intimate. He did this little hesitation thing after he looked up the results of her STD and pregnancy tests. Even though she never looked worried, that was not cool so early on, and after she’d been annoyed in the first place. This reminded me of when my husband and I got blood tests before getting married, which was a requirement by the state. I worked at a women’s clinic, so we got them there for free. When the results came back (yes, both of us could be intimate), I called him and freaked him out a little, asking who else he’d been with, because his STD test was positive. Oh come on. It was funny, and I couldn’t help it. I’d also known him for over two years in person. Karine leapt on Paul like whatever animal leaps on their prey, as soon as he gave the signal. I hope he’s not a disappointment to her, since he’s been one in other ways so far.

The saddest moment was when Myriam revealed her secret to Patrick. It looked like it was going to be a great match, until she took him out to dinner and said she’d been hiding something. He was like, please don’t tell me you’re a boy – ha-ha! – something his mother had jokingly suggested. Of all the things that I thought it might be, her already having a boyfriend wasn’t one of them. No wonder she wasn’t too interested in his kid. She was never going to get involved with him. I’d thought maybe she had a kid, or that her parents forbade her to marry outside her religion, but this was inexcusable. Dude used all his money to make this trip. Her explanation was that she met said boyfriend after she and Patrick had started talking when she was single. But instead of letting him know, she continued the relationship, thinking that he’d never follow through in coming to see her. Um… how about when he started making plans? Or if she thought he was still blowing smoke, when he bought the ticket? He could have canceled the trip. I hope her boyfriend dumps her after seeing this. She offered to show Patrick around town, but no surprise, he was pretty blown away, shell-shocked, and gobsmacked. He said he needed to think. He might as well make the most of it, since he’s there, and at this point, can’t get a refund. I’d definitely ditch Myriam though. I can’t believe this guy flew all the way to Paris just to get put in the friend zone.

Cortney finally met up with Antonio, whose idea of a first date was going directly to a beauty pageant he was judging, before Cortney could even go to the bathroom. To be fair, he works a lot, and told her he would be working when she sprung this visit on him. I have the feeling that she’s a princess, and thought he was going to pick her up in a golden coach. She acted helpless and shy, reluctant to hold his hand, even in the limo to the pageant. She kept texting him during the event, when he was supposed to be paying attention. Then she decided to leave, thinking she made a mistake. I was thinking she was acting like an idiot. He’d been very nice, and seemed open to them being a couple, despite the warnings of his friends. When Antonio saw that she was gone, he actually went out to find her. She wasn’t far, sitting right outside the doorway. She said she was tired, blah-blah-blah, and it all seemed good. I was shocked that he was so understanding, but maybe he thought he was going to get some nookie be intimate. That didn’t happen, as he spent the night on the couch. In his interview, he said he was okay with that for the first night. The second, he wasn’t so sure. In the morning, they took selfies in the bed, and I was left with a question mark over my head.

😳 This show makes me embarrassed for a lot of the cast in so many ways. But I can’t stop watching. Which embarrasses me.

👺 For the record, Mambo Gladys was the witch doctor who treated Abby.

🗽 While I’m on the topic of names, I have to confess that I literally and immaturely lol’d when I heard that NYC Wives wannabe, Missy’s, last name is Tool. Sometimes I’m more Beavis and Butthead than I let on.

Something to Ponder…

🐓 Why does everyone want to be Colonel Sanders? First Rob Lowe, now Ray Liotta? What is happening? Is the pay that good? Do they even need it, or is this some weird new acting fetish?

👹 🍴 Next Friday both Z Nation and Hell’s Kitchen have premieres. My head might explode.

Quotes of the Week

Fear never needs to control my choices. Something powerful rises up in me whenever I put the fear aside and move ahead in spite of it.  – Judith Light

I ain’t dreamin’. I ain’t got the brains to make this up. – Jacob, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Do I push the envelope? I tear the envelope.Garry McFadden, I Am Homicide

Sometimes you can do everything right and things still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.Angie Thomas



September 21, 2017 – Patient 6 Makes a Move, Jeff Just Plain Moves & I Still Hate Jax


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis brings Jordan flowers.

Kristina and Parker meet outside of Kelly’s. Valerie sees them, and puts a move on Kristina, who tells her that Parker knows everything. Parker goes to get a table, and Valerie asks Kristina if she and Parker are good now. Kristina tells her that they’re going to talk.

Sam messes with Jason’s bedding, making the end of the bed the way he likes it. She tells him the kids will be there soon, and that she made all the lights on the way there. She wants him to get better, wake up, and come home to them. Sonny walks in.

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin got Ava to recant her statement. Her testimony is worthless now. He thinks it was part of a deal, in return for her getting into the clinic. Lulu asks Charlotte to go play while she runs something past her poppa. She tells Valentin drop the act, and asks what he did to Ava.

At the clinic, Ava can’t leave Patient 6 alone. She’s startled to see his sunglasses off, and says he has blue eyes. He probably knows that.

Jordan prevents Curtis from coming in. He says they need to talk, but she says she’s not in the mood. TJ comes out and asks what’s going on. She says that she and Curtis need to talk privately. Jordan asks Curtis what he wants. He says things got heated, and not in a fun way. He wonders if they can’t focus on what they have, and build from that. She tells him it’s not like they were arguing about what’s on TV. She asks if he’s going to work for Sonny.

Sonny tells Sam that he’s sorry to interrupt, and Sam says he’s not. She tells Sonny that the staff is wonderful, but she has to remind them about the sheets. He asks how she’s doing, and she says not so good. She feels like if she leaves, it becomes real. Sonny says she made the right decision. He did the same thing with Michael, and it was also difficult to put Morgan in the institution. Both places were great for his boys, and she needs to tell herself that. She hopes he can hear her, but wishes there was a way for him to tell her that he’s okay. Sonny says Michael was like a sounding board for him.

Lulu says it’s disgusting how Valentin is manipulating the situation. She asks what he offered Ava. She was almost fooled, and thought he really wanted to reach an agreement. He says his criminal record is actually cleaner than hers. They can go through the trouble of a hearing, or agree to share custody.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she had herself convinced he was Nikolas. She told herself a whole story about how he fell into the water and Valentin’s men brought him here. Which totally makes sense. She says then she would be the one to find him, and it wouldn’t matter that she sold him out. She hopes he forgives her flight of fancy, and she’ll do what she should have – leave him in peace. He watches her leave.

Curtis says that Jordan isn’t being fair. He’s not trying to work for the mob. He says he was just going to do regular P.I. stuff. She tells him that Sonny will use what information he gets to establish dominance. Curtis says it’s none of his business what his clients do with what he gives them. He can’t control it, but there are lines he won’t cross; he’ll establish boundaries with Sonny. Jordan says that his association with Sonny has already crossed her boundaries. She needs time to think about things. He says time-out seems to be what they do best.

Sam asks Sonny if his plan to leave the business is on hold. He says he’s always done what he can to protect his family, which includes her. She tells Sonny that she and Jason had a rule. He’d answer any question she asked, unless it made her an accessory. She says that their life together has been different since he came back.

Patient 6 undoes the restraints, and starts to get out of his chair, but hears someone coming in. It’s Ava, followed by Dr. Kline. He tells her that Dr. Baronski referred him to her. She says Valentin told her to see Dr. Baronski, but Dr. Kline says that he handles the most severe cases. When she asks how long it will take to get her face back, he says it’s a cumulative process; one step leads to the next. The nurse comes in, and Dr. Kline tells her to give Patient 6 the full dose. He tells Ava that they’re tranquilizers, and Patient 6 must be under sedation at all times. The nurse prepares the shot.

Kristina talks about Scout, but Parker is distracted. She says there’s a guy following them. Kristina explains that it’s a guy from her dad. Parker says they must really not want her around Kristina. Kristina tells her about Jason, saying that it’s been hard on the family. It sucks, but comes with the territory. Parker didn’t realize how quickly Kristina had to grow up, but knew she was more self-possessed than most of her students.

In the park, Curtis is flinging the bouquet around, and Valerie asks what the flowers did to him. instead of abusing helpless floral arrangements, maybe he’d like to talk. She tells him that maybe they’ll be cousins. She might have to adopt Stella; she’s a riot. Curtis tells her about having professional difficulties with Jordan, like they did.

Jordan tells TJ thanks for skating. He says he wasn’t going to let her use him as an avoidance excuse. She explains that Curtis wants to offer Sonny his services, and is probably working for him already. TJ says he’s a P.I., and it’s no secret that they negotiate grey areas. Jordan says that she believes in the law, not delving into the realm of ambiguity. Please. Lighten up.

Valentin tells Lulu that no one has the upper hand as far as parenting goes. The best thing for Charlotte is shared custody. They live in the same town, she has friends and family there, and a good life. He wants to keep it that way. He proposes alternating weeks. Charlotte returns, and asks about Bailey. Valentin suggests they get an update.

Lulu tells Dante that Valentin is always one step ahead of them. Dante says whatever she wants to do is fine with him. Bailey comes back out with her mother, and wants Valentin in on the discussion with the doctor.

Ava asks Dr. Kline why the need to control Patient 6? The doctor says he’s a danger, especially to others. He was subjected to severe trauma, and his mind broke. Any approach is an attack, and he fights back. They believe heavy sedation is kinder than 24/7 restraints. Ava asks if they can help him, and Dr. Kline asks why she cares. Patient 6 is given his shot.

Ave tells the doctor she needs a distraction. The first time she saw him, it was shocking, but it gave her something else to think about. She notices that the drug they gave Patient 6 is ketamine. She remarks that it’s used on horses. Dr. Kline says he’s eager to work with her; she could be his greatest success. He would hate for her to be sent away before they even get started. He suggests she find something else to do, and in the interest of her own recovery, leave Patient 6 alone. Unnoticed, Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Sam tells Sonny that she and Jason are more settled now. They used to be ride or die, but stopped living each day like it was their last, and started living like they could raise their kids and be happy together. Sonny says that kids do that to parents. She says she has a life she never imagined, and never wants to let it go. Sonny says he’s partly to blame, and wants to make it right. He thinks he knows where to start.

Dr. Brown goes over Bailey’s treatment, explaining that in her case, bracing is the best choice. She can have outpatient care. He talks about Shriners having the best cutting-edge treatment. They have the full spectrum in the same place just for kids. Obviously, this is the daily advertisement within the show for Shriners Hospitals, but it’s a good thing. Not like when they mention Aveeno fifty times during the Nurses’ Ball.

Curtis says look what happened last year, but Valerie doesn’t want to relive it. He tells her that Stella apologized. Valerie thinks she’s hilarious. She means well, and Valerie thinks he does too, and she doesn’t want him to make same mistake that he did with her. She wants him to be happy, and thinks he should ask himself if he’s willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make Jordan happy.

Jordan says that TJ lost his father, Shawn went to prison, and her bad choices crossed the line. He’s paid the price, and she doesn’t want that to happen anymore.

Parker tells Kristina that what they did back then was wrong. Kristina says that she’s no longer a confused co-ed. She’s out and proud, and has family and friends who are supportive, positive, and accepting. Parker is proud of her. She tells Kristina that things happen for a reason, and she’s grateful that Kristina came into her life. She says that Kristina is great at knowing what she wants, and going for it. Kristina kisses her.

TJ tells Jordan that he knows she has past guilt, but she shouldn’t be afraid to be happy. He tells her to stop trying to make up for what she put him through, and make up for it by being happy. She asks how he got so damn smart, and he tells her, books. He appreciates everything she’s done, every sacrifice she’s made, but he’s grown, even if he’s still a tax deduction. He doesn’t want her sacrificing her happiness again. No more punishing herself. The past is the past, and he came out okay. He has the best mom in the world, and he wishes she’d believe it

Curtis thanks Valerie. He hopes she finds love again, and gives her the flowers. His phone rings, and he says it’s the conflict of interest reaching out. Valerie leaves, and Curtis asks Sonny what’s up. Sonny has a job, but doesn’t want to talk about it over the phone. Curtis decides to pass. He knows what he said, but he has to stay above board and can’t get involved in a conflict. If it was just him, it would be different, but too many people that he cares about will be affected. Sonny says no hard feelings. He’s a great friend, but sometimes you have to do the right thing and protect the people you love.

Parker tells Kristina that they can’t do this; it’s still wildly inappropriate. Kristina thinks it’s the age difference, and reminds Parker that she just said how much she admires Kristina. Parker says that’s not the issue. She can’t lose her career over this.

Bailey’s mom thanks Valentin. Charlotte hugs him, saying that he made everything right for Bailey. She goes back with Bailey, and Lulu tells Valentin there’s no doubt Charlotte loves him. He says hopefully, she’ll take that into consideration. He’s offered shared custody, and would like to get on with life, and have Charlotte settled and secure. Doesn’t she want the same?

Patient 6 starts to get up, but fails. Ava is like, omg.

Curtis goes back to Jordan, and tells her that he spoke to Sonny and turned him down. He wants to help Jason, but he doesn’t want to lose her. She laughs, saying she was about to tell him that she acted a little harsh. He says he’ll call Sonny right now then, and make some money. She says they should at least talk, and find a solution that’s best for the both of them. He says no more fights as reasons to walk away? She suggests that they use them to start a conversation, not end one. She reminds him about telling her that he loved her, and that he wanted to know what she thought. He says he still does. She says that if she hadn’t walked out, she would have told him that she loves him too. Curtis is finally locked down.

Kristina doesn’t understand what a relationship with Parker would have to do with her career. She’s not in her class anymore. Parker says that Kristina is still a student at PCU, and she’s working on getting tenure. Maybe if it doesn’t work out, and she applies elsewhere, they can explore it, but now isn’t a good time. She says she’s sorry. The last thing she wanted to do was make Kristina want her.

Lulu tells Valentin that they both love Charlotte and want what’s best for her. She’ll have Diane send the paperwork to him. They’ll have alternate weeks. She wants him to understand that little girls grow up though, and he can’t keep Charlotte in the dark forever. One day she’ll see him for the man he really is.

Ava tells Patient 6 that the nurse gave him a whole vial of Special K. How is possible he’s moving? She tells him that his zombie act isn’t working. He’s trying to hide that the drugs aren’t affecting him, and if he’s so dangerous, maybe she should warn them. He looks her in the eye.

Sam tells Sonny that she doesn’t care. She’s not ready to let him go.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if she rats him out, she’ll only give herself away. Here’s the deal. If he gets out of the chair and starts rampaging around, don’t come after her. He owes her. She leaves, but when she opens the door, hears a cellphone ring nearby, so she slips back into the room. Dr. Kline answers the phone, and says that things have remained unchanged, and it appears there’s no more trouble. He appears to understand. The doctor listens listens, and says that he’s strong, but he’s not a superhero. They can’t give him more without killing him. As soon as the doctor is gone, Ava quietly slips into the hallway.

Patient 6 gets up.

Tomorrow, Franco says his imaginary friend is real, Michael has business to wrap up, and Carly knows about Josslyn meeting Oscar.

😵 👶 On Flipping Out, Jeff and company moved into the new house. Construction had been stalled, so there’s a lot of mess and unfinished areas. The truck was about to arrive, and Jeff pulled up to find a neighbor parked in front of his driveway gate, where he said she’s parked before. He told her that he’s moving in today and this is going to change as of now. She had the nerve to respond that it’s a public place. Well, that may be, but it’s against the law to block a driveway, and for good reason. I’m so on Jeff’s side, having dealt with this issue many times with people doing construction on neighboring houses. I don’t think there was one time a guy didn’t argue with me when I asked him to please move his truck. One even asked if I needed my driveway. Nah, it’s just there for show. Really? Jeff asked if this is how they’re starting the relationship, and said welcome to the neighborhood. During a talk on design, we found out that Jeff hates red. I can understand not liking it in large doses, but I love a red accent. He’s in a better place with Gage now, although baby Monroe is still wailing her head off at every opportunity. Gage explained that Jeff needs change, and that’s why he goes along with moving every year. Jeff’s therapist had him blue-sky, and told him that if you can see things in your mind’s eye, you can create them. Seeing a million dollars right now… Nope, didn’t work. Lea Black introduced Jeff to the “Queen of Versailles,” Jackie Siegel, who needs some work done on her palace. Next time, we take a look inside, where “the entryway is bigger than a lot of homes.”

🐄  🐓 Jax. What I can I say? I never liked him much, but I like him even less now. Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky is almost at an end, and he’s proven to be an even bigger idiot than ever before. I don’t mind stupid. Not everyone is born to be bright, but this guy is nasty. I don’t know if he’s getting tired of her or what, but he’s treating Brittany like sh*t. And on her home turf. He also says whatever he thinks will get him over. I don’t think he’s fooling her father any though. My father would have booted his ass back to LA by now. He had the nerve to mention that she’s gained weight. Her me-maw, or whatever she calls her grandmother, totally put Jax in his place, pointing out his own spare tire, but you just don’t do that. Even worse, was that he kept telling anyone who would listen that she’d lost “some of her spark.” Wtf does that mean? I understand that many in the Twitterverse believe this to be code for her weight gain – mind you, she’s not a whale by any stretch of the imagination – but that seemed like a separate issue. I think it’s code for, I’m tired of this relationship, since a relationship takes work.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why she’s still with him. I don’t get the vibe that it’s just to be on TV. Does she look at him like a fixer upper? She could still do better. I thought if I heard him say she lost her spark one more time, I was going to scream. He claimed that she didn’t seem happy. Other than her possibly being a little homesick, which is natural when you go home, nobody else knew wtf he was talking about. Brittany seemed like she was having a great time, until Jax started with this nonsense. And this was after he’d told her mother and grandma that he wanted to marry her. Why? Did he think that’s what they wanted to hear (another why), and then get scared that he’d have to follow through? He even showed them a picture of a ring that he claimed he wanted to get for her. He scored points with the family by matching the donations from an IVF fundraiser for Brittany’s sister and BIL. A lovely thing to do, providing he ponies up, but I’ll bet LVP will shame him into it if he falters. He managed to negate the points by consistently reminding Brittany that he pays for everything, saying that she would have nothing if it wasn’t for him. When I thought he couldn’t sink any lower, he started this crap in front of a couple of family members, and Brittany said he does this all the time.

He also made a jerk of himself when they ran into Brittany’s ex at a bar. Then I really wondered what she sees in Jax. This guy was smokin’ hot, Jax was not happy, and got extra drunk. The past has shown that Jax plus alcohol plus exes do not mix. He stopped short of starting a fight, either realizing that he’d probably be no match for this dude, or getting a glimmer of understanding that it’s not a good look on TV. I don’t know if he thinks these people are stupid, but they’re far from it. And they’ve been very gracious to him. What could have been a really fun trip, has turned into a nightmare for Brittany. Jax is more of a chore than shoveling horsesh*t.


Trinket&amp;Felicia (5)

Felicia sez: What?

September 20, 2017 – Finn Meets Cassandra, a Master Chef is Born & Channel Zero Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In Monaco, Anna asks Finn what boy didn’t want to grow up to be a secret agent? He tells her the ones who wanted to be infectious disease specialists. She tells him to stop whining, and remember that what they’re doing is all for the greater good. She peeks inside a restaurant, and spots Cassandra sitting with a man. She tells Finn that she’s going in first, and he’ll know what to do when it’s time.

Kristina picks up Sam’s jacket at the hospital. She asks Kiki about med school, and Kiki says it’s like walking a tightrope; as long as she doesn’t look down, she’s fine. She tells Kristina that sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if other people don’t get it.

Parker teaches class. She tells the students that through Jane Austen’s work, they see her world, with its class and gender distinctions. Even though the world has changed, people and the hows-and-whys of what they want, haven’t. Molly suggests that they still knew right from wrong, and to crush someone’s heart would be unforgivable in Austen’s world. Parker replies that we’d hope so today as well.

At Shriners Hospital, Charlotte asks Valentin if he thinks Bailey will be scared, and wonders what will happen. She says that Bailey is glad they’re helping her. Valentin says that the doctors provide the real help, but they’re giving moral support, explaining that means encouragement. She says that Valentin did help, by telling Bailey’s mother where to bring her. Lulu walks in, and says that being Charlotte’s mom, she thought she should be there for Charlotte and her friend.

Nelle sees Michael, and tells him that she’s being evicted; her apartment is being sold. I identify, since that happened to me with my first apartment. I wasn’t evicted, but they jacked up the rent, and I had to move. Michael doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and suggests moving in with him, but she thinks it’s way too soon. He says that she’s making more out of it than she needs to, and she tells him that he’s never been in her position, and never will be. She jets, and Carly approaches, asking what’s going on, and if it has anything to do with Nelle’s late fiancé. Michael says that’s right; what’s more important than him breaking up with Nelle? She asks if he did.

Kristina looks on Molly’s schedule, and sees that she’s in Parker’s class right now. She says this should work.

Parker says much of Austen’s work is about heartbreak, but also misunderstanding. The conclusions drawn make sense to their understanding. She poses a question about why they left their families or stations in life, and talks about them finding love despite the circumstances of their world. She says that two people rarely discover that they love each other at the same time. Molly says otherwise there would be no story. Parker tells the class that in Austen’s world, love wins, and wouldn’t it be great if knew ourselves the way the characters do, and gave ourselves more chances?

Inside the restaurant, Anna asks where ladies room is, and slips something into Cassandra’s tea. The waiter serves Cassandra. She sips her tea, and suddenly starts to choke. She falls out of her chair, and Finn says that’s his cue. He runs inside, and says he’s a doctor.

Michael and Carly sit in Kelly’s. Michael tells Carly sorry to disappoint her, but he and Nelle are still together. She says that Nelle’s fiancé died under mysterious circumstances, which Michael says is otherwise known as an accident. Michael explains what Nelle told him, and Carly says that insufficient evidence doesn’t mean she’s innocent. Michael says it doesn’t mean she’s guilty either. He understands why Nelle didn’t tell him, accepts her explanation, and believes her.

As the class is leaving, Kristina walks in, saying she found Molly’s keys. Molly is like, oh good, I thought I’d have to comb the place with a metal detector. Kristina sees Parker, who’s talking with another student. Molly asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing.

Bailey’s mom can’t thank Valentin enough, telling him how helpful the app was. He tells her how great the doctors are, and that he had scoliosis as a child and is a huge supporter of the hospital. Lulu adds that her nephew got burned and had excellent care there. The doctor comes out and welcomes Bailey.

Dante tells Kiki that he needs some help. He’s trying to get ahold of Ava, but Kiki says she can’t get in touch either. He asks if Kiki knows that Ava sold a tapestry to Valentin. He thought it was odd because she’d accused him of killing Nikolas. Kiki says she’s mentioned Nikolas more than once, and has no idea why they’d have any business together. Dante asks if she has any idea where Ava might be. Kiki says she doesn’t know exactly, but might know something. She asks if it’s official police business, since she can only speculate. Dante says this is personal. If Spencer wins the civil case, it will help him and Lulu with the custody hearing, but the first step is proving wrongful death. Her mother is a threat to Valentin; why would they throw in together?

Finn tends to Cassandra, and she quickly recovers.

Carly tells Michael that he acts like he doesn’t care. He says he does; that’s why he asked Nelle about it. Carly can’t believe he’s just going to take her word for it, with no follow-up. Michael says that despite Zack’s parents’ best effort to find a scapegoat, they couldn’t pin anything on Nelle. Carly asks if it isn’t in her best interest to be exonerated completely.

Kristina tells Molly that she’ll explain later, but she needs to see Parker. Molly tells her not to get hurt again. Kristina says it’s important. Molly wants a hint. Kristina says it’s nothing major, but it was unfair, and she needs to tell the truth. Molly gives her back her keys, and says be careful. Kristina tells Parker that she was dropping something off for Molly, but since she’s here, she’d like to talk. Parker says she seems happy with Valerie, so what else is there to say? Kristina says that whatever happened, good or bad, Parker has been honest, and she needs to be the same.

Cassandra thanks Finn. He says he did what anyone in his position would, but thinks she should get checked out at a hospital. She tells him that she doesn’t like hospitals, and Finn says he works at them and doesn’t like them, but she should still go. She asks how he knew what was wrong so quickly, and if he’s an allergist. He explains that he’s an infectious disease specialist, and traveling with a friend. Cassandra says fate has brought them together. She has to watch everything she eats and drinks, and wasn’t careful. He tries to extract himself, but she doesn’t want him to leave yet.

Bailey’s mom tells the doctor about how Valentin helped her. The doctor explains what the hospital does, and how they accept children up to age eighteen, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. He wants to start Bailey’s examination, and tells Charlotte there’s a playroom. He leads Bailey and her mother to the exam room, and Charlotte asks why Lulu and Valentin didn’t tell them that they weren’t married to each other? They tell her that it’s complicated, and Lulu takes Charlotte to the playroom.

Kiki tells Dante that she doesn’t know anything for sure. He asks what she thinks she knows. She says that she thinks Ava is in a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, that she believes will restore her face. Dante says she doesn’t seem happy about it, and Kiki says she’s concerned for lots of reasons. He asks if one of them is Valentin, and she tells him that she thinks Valentin set up the trip. Dante says each of them must have something the other wants. Kiki says that was her thought too. Dante leaves, and Nelle blows past. Kiki asks if something is wrong, and she says, yep – Carly.

Michael tells Carly she doesn’t want Nelle exonerated; she wants Nelle out of his life. Carly says she tried to back off, but put himself in her position. Even if Nelle had no involvement, it’s a big coincidence that right after her healthy, wealthy fiancé dies, she got serious with him. He’s not the kind of guy who would ask for a prenup. She tells him that he’s her only surviving son, and she doesn’t want him dying under mysterious circumstances. She says that he should at least talk to the family or the police; it would give her peace of mind. Michael says that she’s ridiculous, and Carly says she’d rather be ridiculous than lose him.

Parker asks what Kristina needs to be honest about. Kristina says she hasn’t been truthful about Valerie. She wasn’t her date, but her wingwoman. Valerie wanted to make Parker regret dumping her, and kissed her, and Kristina played along. When Valerie saw them outside of Kelly’s, she assumed she should keep up the act, and Kristina wanted Parker to know she’d moved on, but realized the last thing Parker needs is more drama from her. She lied to protect Parker’s feelings, but she doesn’t want to lie anymore, especially not to her. Parker appreciates it, and Kristina says one more thing. She was dating a guy the last time they were together, but she told him it was over, and she’s single now.

Lulu comes back, and tells Valentin that Charlotte is playing with some kids she met. She thanks him, saying he’s been great. Valentin is glad that Bailey is getting the care she needs. Lulu asks what about him. She didn’t know about his physical issues. She’s sorry he suffered. He’s skeptical that she’d care. She says she used to think he was a monster, but seeing him with Charlotte, there’s no denying he loves her.

Kiki tells Nelle that she’s more than happy to listen. She saw the pictures from Moraco, and she and Michael look happy. She wonders if that’s why Carly is upset, but Nelle says there’s no one thing Carly hates her for. Kiki says when Carly hates, she goes all in with everything she’s got, until she doesn’t. She explains about her own difficulties with Carly about Michael. Everything was cool, but then Morgan died, and it was horrible again until Carly realized that Kiki really loved him. Nelle appreciates it, but says her situation is different. She tried to destroy Carly’s marriage and family, and she doesn’t think they’re coming back from that. Kiki says okay, Carly hates her, but she and Michael like each other. There’s no reason for Carly not to forgive her someday. What else could Carly have on her?

Carly tells Michael that nothing would make her happier if Nelle was innocent. He’d be safe and happy, and that’s all she wants, but him taking it on faith frightens her. Michael says he gets it. She already lost Morgan, they don’t know if Jason is going to be okay, and Sonny almost died. She says that she doesn’t want to risk it, and he says he doesn’t either, but he doesn’t need to know any more. Hasn’t she taken risks? She says she has, and they’ve bitten her in the ass every time. He says not every time. There were plenty of times her instincts were right, and she did what she wanted despite being told otherwise. He likes Nelle, and there’s nothing that can change his mind.

Finn excuses himself, saying he needs to get back to his traveling companion. He tells Cassandra that she should get tests. She tells him that her allergies are severe. She’s been to many doctors, but none have been as quick on their feet. She tells him to enjoy his stay. He sits with Anna. She tells him that even if he hadn’t acted, the symptoms would have subsided. He says that’s good to know, and that this whole thing is a bust.

Kristina didn’t want Parker thinking something that wasn’t true. Parker says in the spirit of openness, she has something to say too. When she came to town, she wasn’t honest with Kristina or herself. She regretted the way she ended things; Kristina deserved better. Kristina says whatever happened, here we are. Parker asks where that is exactly, and Kristina says they’re cool. She starts to walk away, and Parker says that she doesn’t know that they are cool.

Lulu tells Valentin he’s good with Charlotte, and she’s revised her opinion. He’s not a monster, just a very bad man. He’s helped her understand that empathy comes from experience. He asks if she’s hoping he’ll share, and she says as Charlotte’s mother, she should probably knew what her biological father went through. Valentin tells her that just before he died, his father sent him to boarding school to hide him from Helena. She would have thought him to be a rival for her son and had him killed. He was five years old. A trust fund was set up for his education, but nothing for medical care. His scoliosis went untreated. He says that it got bad, but that won’t be the case for Bailey.

Nelle tells Kiki that something happened before she came to Port Charles that wasn’t handled very well. Kiki is like, oh horrors, you have a past with mistakes. She points out that she’s been able to move on, but Nelle says that they’re digging up dirt from when she was broke, younger, and stupid. Kiki says when Carly finds something, just tell Michael, he’ll listen. She just has to be honest. Carly would do anything for him, even get along with her. Nelle says, here’s hoping, and leaves.

Carly tells Michael that she’s not going to pretend she’s not concerned, and she doesn’t get it, but she hears him. It’s his life, and his decision. He asks if she’ll back off. She says that she loves him so much, and always will.

Lulu tells Valentin that, like it or not, they’re both Charlotte’s parents. Even if she wins the custody hearing, he’ll always have visitation, and Charlotte will know he’s her father. Dante is her stepdad, but he’s her poppa. She thinks it’s important to know more about him, and understand how he physically became the man he is today. He asks if she’s looking for dirt (word of the day) to use? He tells her that he underwent expensive surgeries that weren’t without discomfort, but the results were worth it. He was able to stand up straight for the first time in his life. She asks if he was scared for Charlotte, and he says yes, but if she had scoliosis, he would have brought her to Shriners where she would have gotten the best care.

Charlotte returns and wonders when Bailey will be finished. She tells Valentin it’s a fun place, and asks if it’s like where he went. He says no, he wishes. He tells her that he’d like to get a present for Bailey, but doesn’t know what she likes. Dante comes out of the elevator. He tells Lulu that he needs to know something about Valentin. He thinks Valentin somehow convinced Ava to recant her statement.

The man with Cassandra hands Finn a note, saying that Madam sends it with her compliments. He and Cassandra leave, and I note what a fabulous, flowing, floral print dress she’s wearing. Finn opens it, and says nice penmanship. The note says that she thanks him. She can’t repay him, but asks that he come by and see her for a token of her gratitude, and it has her address. Anna grabs the note out of his hand, and says it’s not a bust; it’s going swimmingly.

Parker tells Kristina that the only way to be cool is to have real closure. Kristina says, no more notes or hints or made up excuses? Parker wants to sit and talk face to face; it’s the only way. Kristian tells her there’s some stuff that she needs to say too. Parker asks how about now? They can go somewhere private.

At Kelly’s, Michael makes a call and says he needs someone to do something for him.

Carly gets a text from Zack’s sister. She wants to talk about Jenelle.

Tomorrow, Jordan can’t afford another bad choice, Lulu asks what Valentin did to Ava, and Ava asks why Patient 6 needs to be controlled.

🍲 It was the MasterChef finale tonight. Eboni, Dino and Jason had to come up with a three-course meal that expressed who they were. Joe Bastianich was the guest judge, and managed to intimidate everyone. Jason made an uni custard with his appetizer, and while that sounds really awful, everyone seemed to love it. I’d definitely try anything. Well, not something alive and moving, but most things. For dessert, Eboni made a chocolate mousse cake with a macadamia crust that I’d definitely try, and try again. It looked the best dessert you can imagine. For their entrees, Jason put an Asian spin on cod, Eboni made duck, and Dino’s main dish was lamb. It was food porn at its finest. The judges agreed that all the home cooks fulfilled the challenge of conveying their journeys, from getting the apron to putting their soul on a plate. Dino was the big, quarter-of-a-million-dollar winner. In his interview, he said, I did it, ma! and was glad he was finally going out to be the positive light he was meant to be. You go, Dino!

This House is No Home

🏡 Channel Zero is back on the Sy-we-can’t-spell-Fy channel again, with Channel Zero: No-End House. The blurb sums it up as being about four friends entering the No End house, and confronting strangely personal horrors in each room. It looks promising, and I found it even creepier than American Horror Story, which this season has decided to make statements rather than be scary. Sigh… In the first episode, one of the friends confronts the death of her father. They used a record playing at a too slow and unnatural speed to great effect. Like those giant cockroaches, a weird-sounding record creeps everyone out. And nobody wants to hear it in the dark when they’re in a big, strange house. I like it.



September 19, 2017 – Patient 6 Revealed (Sort of), Back to Wrong Loving & Kate Takes a Break


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the gallery, Felix wants to congratulate the artist, but no one knows where he is.

Franco tells Scotty that Betsy has disappeared when she was supposed to tell him everything. Scotty tells Franco to let it go, but he can’t.

Sonny tells Carly about the facility that Jason is going to. She says their best friend is trapped in his own body. She wants to scream wake up! and misses him so much. Sonny does too.

Lulu and Dante relax on the couch. Charlotte is sleeping and Rocco is away, so they start getting busy. We know how that works. Charlotte interrupts; she wants to call her poppa.

Valentin gives Nina some champagne, and says they’re celebrating her and them as a couple. She says the only thing missing is Charlotte. He says it won’t be long. She tells him regardless, she’d still be there. She loves him for him. He says he wanted her back, and she says he got what he wanted. They kiss.

In St. Petersburg, Ava hunts down Patient 6 in the lounge again. She is just relentless. She tells him she’s starting to think he’s parked there so the staff doesn’t risk contact. She says he doesn’t even move, except his hands. She wonders if she should be scared, since she’s been warned. Even the doctor seemed nervous when she asked about him, and she doesn’t think much intimidates him. She tells Patient 6 that she thinks her consultation went well, but isn’t sure, since everyone is so tight-lipped about everything. Especially him.

Lulu asks Charlotte why she wants to talk to her father. Charlotte wants to know about her friend Bailey having scoliosis. He’s told Charlotte that he had it and got better, so maybe he can help Bailey.

Nina asks if Valentin knows how Ava is doing, and he says she made it to the clinic. Nina doesn’t understand why he’s helping her. She says it’s Ava’s word against his, and she has no evidence to back it up. He says what if, by some stretch of the imagination, Spencer wins. He’ll listen to Ava’s tale, and if by a small chance he convinces the jury, Lulu and Dante will jump on it. He says he’s had to fight for Charlotte since day one, when he stole the embryo. Nina says it’s not stealing if it’s yours, and reminds me of Ratso in Midnight Cowboy, saying if it’s free, he ain’t stealing it. Valentin says if there’s the slightest chance, he’ll eliminate it, and if there’s a small problem, he’s not letting it become a big one. The doorbell rings. Valentin says he’ll send them away, and they can resume celebration.

Ava tells Patient 6 that for all she knows, the story about him being shot is just a story. She wonders why she should trust anyone there. She says what happened to him could have been the result of surgery. She doesn’t like looking in the mirror, but will take it over being a vegetable. She immediately apologizes, but says this place gives her the creeps. It feels like a prison. Patient 6 clenches his fist.

Franco shows Scotty the photo. He says it’s one thing to have an imaginary friend, but another to have proof. He and Jason are in the photo, and dressed the same. It’s not some weird coincidence. Scotty suggests maybe it was baseball shirt day. He admits there’s a resemblance to Jason, but he was Jason’s guardian for a hot second, and has known Jason his entire life. Jason spent his childhood in Port Charles, and this kid isn’t Jason.

Elizabeth asks Felix if he’s sure that he didn’t see Franco mingling. Andre sees the painting of the boys, and says it’s cool. Elizabeth says it’s her favorite, and he tells her that the image is unique. All the work together is undeniably powerful, but in this one, even though there’s a barrier between the two worlds, it feels hopeful. A woman approaches them and says that people died for this garbage, including her sister, and they’re applauding it. She tells them that her sister’s life was worth a million dollars, but there are some things that money can’t fix. She moves toward the painting with something, and Elizabeth blocks her.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s surreal; like going back in time. Sonny says, Michael. Carly tells him that Jason was a rock then, but it’s different now. Before he vanished and came back, he was always there, even before Sonny knew he needed him, but not since he’s come back. Sonny says that Jason has a choice now. She says they could have stopped him. She used to know how he’d react to anything. Now she knows nothing, and it scares her.

Franco asks Scotty why Betsy would run off, unless there’s something big she didn’t want him to know. Scotty asks why it’s so important, and Franco says that his entire childhood could be lie. Scotty says maybe there’s more to it, but that’s crazy. Franco says whoever it is in the picture helped him. He was scared a lot as a kid, and his friend was his champion, and all of a sudden, he was gone. He thought he did something, or was a bad person, and it started him on a spiral. Scotty says that there’s no point in going down that dark, dismal road. The tumor is gone, everything is right in the world, and he wants to burn the picture. He tells Franco to at least put it away for 24 hours. This is his big night.

Charlotte runs to Nina. Lulu says that she wanted to call, but she thought they should come over. Charlotte is worried about a friend, and thought Valentin could help. Charlotte explains that Bailey from dance class might have scoliosis. She asks Valentin if she has it.

Ava tells Patient 6, that the clinic is the opposite from prison, right? It’s an oasis, a miracle casino where you beat the odds. Maybe she’s uncomfortable because she doesn’t think she deserves it. Being beautiful outside doesn’t match what’s inside. She asks about him. Who he was before he became a so-called dangerous psychotic, staring out the window. Is he good inside? Does he have people waiting for him to come home who love him?

When Franco and Scotty return to the gallery, Scotty wonders why the cops are there. Elizabeth’s dress is covered in red paint. She tells Franco that someone tried to deface the painting. He’s impressed that she stood between a vandal and art. She tells him that the woman was a plaintiff in the lawsuit, who lost a sister. Dante has the woman in handcuffs, and she says no one was hurt, unlike Franco’s victims. Dante tells her that she still doesn’t get to vandalize his property. Franco approaches, and asks if Lorraine was her sister. She hopes he’s enjoying showing the artwork that took lives. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says he’s sick, and no amount of charity or money will change that.

Carly wonders what Jason would want now. She tells Sonny that everything is different. Look how fast Jason got out of the business. Maybe this Jason would want to go to a facility. Sonny says it’s not up to them. Carly understands, but says the Jason she knew would hate this, and wouldn’t want it for any of them. It isn’t living; it’s being in limbo. Sonny says the best case scenario is him waking up and telling him what his wishes are. Carly promises Jason never to leave him again.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he’s had her checked, and she doesn’t have scoliosis. Her spine is perfect. His wasn’t, so he had to get it fixed. He says he can call Bailey’s mom and talk her through the next step.

Ava says since Patient 6 can’t talk, she’ll talk enough for the both of them. Not really, but she just keeps on going. She tells him about her daughters, and how if she hadn’t been injured, one never would have forgiven her. She gets on floor in front of him. She says her list of transgressions is long and distinguished, and she’s not proud of it. Only two people love her; her brother and her girls. She has no friends to speak of; that’s why he was so special. She wouldn’t even know what it’s like to have real friend if not for Nikolas. Patient 6 grabs her hand.

She tells him to let go. Then says, please, he’s hurting her. He releases her, and she asks if he knows Nikolas. A nurse asks what she’s doing; she was told not to bother Patient 6. Ava says she was just talking to him, and he grabbed her. The nurse says that he’s disoriented, and it’s for her own safety. He’s on a lot of medication, and what she perceives as helping, he might not, and it won’t go over well. He used to be in restraints. Ava doesn’t want anything to ruin what freedom he has, and asks if the name Nikolas Cassadine means anything to the nurse. Patient 6’s hands move.

On the phone with Bailey’s mother, Valentin explains about app from Shriners Hospital that helps test for scoliosis. He says then it’s to be followed up with a physical exam. He tells her to call him back after the preliminary check and they can discuss options. Charlotte asks what will happen, and Valentin tells her about Shriners, and says she’ll have to go to the hospital. Charlotte seems distressed, and he says it’s a good thing, and Bailey will get treatment there. She thanks him, and he says that she can always come to him. She says she loves him, and Nina tells her it’s past her bedtime, and walks her out. Lulu thanks Valentin, and he tells her that he does whatever he can for Charlotte. He asks if they can work together for her sake, and she says they’ll take it a day at a time.

Sonny wants to take Carly home, but she doesn’t want to leave. He suggests at least getting some coffee.

Franco asks Dante if this is necessary; he’s not going to press charges. Elizabeth says she’s fine; it’s just a dress. It was a nice one though. Black bamboo print on white. Dante says it’s his call, and uncuffs her. She says she hopes Franco burns in hell, and there will be people lined up to toss matches.

Elizabeth asks where he was, and Franco says getting some fresh air. Andre and Felix congratulate him, and jet. Franco tells Elizabeth he’s sorry she got mixed up in that. His past never stops rearing its ugly head. Scotty suggests a nightcap, but Elizabeth wants to be there when Jason is moved. Franco says he’ll go with her.

Lulu and Charlotte make a friendship bracelet for Bailey. Charlotte goes upstairs and Lulu says she made the right call.

Nina wonders why it was hard for Valentin to talk to Charlotte about his illness. It wasn’t his fault. He says he wants to be her hero, and when she comes to him, wants to move mountains. He doesn’t want her to see him as sickly or weak. Nina says she hates the word sickly, and maybe he was that, but never weak. She tells him that he should probably show her his old picture before she sees it by accident or becomes curious. He says she’ll be horrified, and Nina says she wasn’t; maybe startled because he looks different. Charlotte might be startles, but she’ll see the man in the photograph and know it’s him. She’ll see the hero who moves mountains. That’s all that matters because she loves him. Just like it’s all that matters to Nina.

The nurse tells Ava that the only Cassadine she knows is Valentin. Ava says when she said his name. Patient 6 grabbed her. The nurse says he’s very strong and fast, and impossible to predict; they never know what to expect. Now she’ll have to report it, and they’ll increase his medication. Ava says she was told not to bother him, and she doesn’t want it known that she broke the rules, or the patient to get more medication because of her. The nurse says she’ll let it go this time, but tells Ava to remember that her actions have consequences for him. She takes Ava back to her room. Patient 6 moves his hand some more.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth how Jason is, and she says the same. Sam and Alexis are touring the facility, and he should go home and get some sleep. She says he came from a place of grief and anger that he couldn’t get past, but he’s not a monster. He’s made her happier than she’s ever been, and makes her boys smile. Every day is an adventure. He tells her it’s been a long day, and he’s tired. She says she loves him and will see him in the morning. She leaves and he goes into Jason’s room.

Franco tells Jason if they’re connected by blood, he needs him to wake up and tell him who he is. Then Franco can figure out who he is, and why he did what he’s done.

Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Lulu admits to Dante that Valentin is great with Charlotte. He says she is too; she put Charlotte first. They start getting busy again. He tells her it’s messed up and complicated, but they’re doing all right. Lulu agrees.

Valentin talks to Bailey’s mother again, telling her about how Shriners has helped so many children with scoliosis. She can make an appointment through the app and he’ll go with her, as well as Charlotte. He tells her to try not to worry. With the early diagnosis and treatment, Bailey should be fine.

He tells Nina that he used to worry about Charlotte. Nina says that if she’d had scoliosis, he would have been there for her, the way no one there for him. She wishes she’d known him back then. She would have seen who he really was inside, and would have kissed him back. He says that’s easy to say now. She says who knows what would have gone through her mind, but now she’s in awe of him. He tells her stop it, and she says he’s suffered and been though pain, but look what he’s become. It doesn’t make him less than, but more than, because survived it al. He’s incredible.

Carly and Sonny go to Jason’s room. She says she’s been grieving for him, Sam, and the kids, but not for herself, because the connection never really came back.

Patient 6 removes his glasses, and we see his eyes. Dammit! It’s Steve Burton. I guess this means he’s Nikolas? There go my fifty-seven other theories.

So much for Steve cruising in on a motorcycle, like they showed us in the ads.

Next time, Anna tells Finn to remember it’s for the greater good, Lulu goes to Shriners, and Carly asks if Michael doesn’t want proof of Nelle’s innocence.

🚑 If you would like to make a donation to Shriners Hospitals, call 800-617-5700 or go to

If Loving You is Wrong

I can’t wait to see what that lunatic Randal will come up with this season.

When we last left, Eddie was surrounded, and Kelly was getting arrested.

A shot is fired inside Kelly’s house. The kids come running out of the bedroom, and one of them says that Justice had a gun. Esperanza asks Kelly why she has a loaded gun in her house. Natalie tells her to calm down; everything is all right. Kelly tells Justice to never touch a gun; he could have killed someone. Esperanza won’t shut up, and Justice asks why his mom has handcuffs on. Kelly says there’s been a misunderstanding. She’ll be home soon and explain. She tells him to go with Natalie. The kids start getting upset, and Kelly is taken back outside. As she’s taken to the patrol car, Justice wants to know what’s going on. Kelly tells Natalie to call Lushion. Natalie tries, but gets voicemail.

Brad and Alex are making out like bandits, when their kids interrupt. Paisley says she’s scared. When Alex asks why, she says the gun, and Peter asks if they didn’t hear it. He tells them that Justice was showing them Kelly’s gun, and it went off. Esperanza wanders in, and Brad wonders what Kelly was thinking. Esperanza says she isn’t. Brad says he’ll talk to her, and Paisley says the police took her away. Esperanza says it’s more complicated than that, and Alex tells the kids to go upstairs.

Brad asks what happened. Esperanza says she had no idea there was a gun in the house. Alex is like, they arrested her for that? Esperanza says she was arrested for Ramsay’s murder, but it’s a misunderstanding. Brad asks if she’s sure. Esperanza says they’re talking about Kelly, but he says she didn’t know Kelly had a gun either. Brad asks if she was actually arrested, but Esperanza doesn’t know. Brad says that Kelly shouldn’t say a word. Esperanza says she didn’t do anything. Brad says he didn’t either, and was kept there for hours. He thinks Kelly should get an attorney asap.

Marcie goes to see old friend Larry. He tells her to fill him in on Randal. She says that they’re getting a divorce. Larry asks if it’s that bad, and she says it is. He thought when she’d said they were having troubles, it meant therapy, but she says they’re beyond that. He thought they would be together forever, and she tells him that he was wrong. Larry asks if she wants him to talk to Randal. She says she wants him to represent her in the divorce; Randal won’t even sign the papers. Since they were roommates in college, she thinks Randal will respect him. He suggests giving Randal a call, and seeing where his head is at. Marcie thinks that’s a good idea. Larry’s not saying he’ll represent her, but he’ll talk to Randal. He asks what happened. She says besides him cheating with a neighbor and getting her pregnant? Larry is sorry. She says don’t be; just get him to sign.

Larry introduces her to one of his partners, Ian. Ian says he’ll come back, but Marcie says she was just leaving. Ian gives Larry some files. This sounds unimportant, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing Ian in the future.

In the interrogation room, Eddie says he ain’t saying sh*t. He asks the FBI officers who brought him in what they think they have, and they walk out. Steve comes in along with Lushion. Lushion says they’re the only help Eddie has. Eddie asks how such low-level PD officers got let in there. He says they’re FBI, and now they think they’ve got him. Lushion says they know they got him. Eddie asks about them all showing up at Rusty’s place, and Lushion says they were asked to be there. Eddie tells Lushion he’ll never be above him, but Lushion says he’ll walk out a free man. Eddie says that Lushion doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Lushion says they have murder and attempted murder. Eddie says he’s an FBI agent who doesn’t have the balls to man up to it. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie pretends he doesn’t know Andrew. Steve says he should make it easier on himself. Eddie tells him to ask dead Rusty. Steve says he’s asking him. Lushion rushes Eddie, and Steve pulls him off. Eddie talks about himself in the third person, saying, Eddie don’t do time. Steve says they know that Eddie, the captain, and a few of the other officers are crooked. Eddie says the two of them are FBI, because he can’t think of anything else to say. Lushion tells Eddie that they have him on a silver platter. Eddie says he’ll be out of here later, and getting a hot piece of ass. I refrain from dropping the soap jokes. They leave, and he tells them to get out. In that order.

Steve tells Lushion that he can’t be grabbing Eddie like that; they have to keep it clean. They have him, and there’s nothing else they can do. Lushion asks if Steve is sure they covered all the bases; Eddie seems too arrogant. Steve says he’s Eddie. Lushion thinks he’s too calm and cool, and up to something. Steve lists all of Eddie’s transgressions, and says they have him. Lushion says that it doesn’t feel right; he has something up his sleeve. Steve says that Eddie is done. Lushion says, book ‘em, Steve-O. Eddie watches through the blinds, and Lushion says he’s up to something.

Lushion’s phone rings. Natalie needs to talk. He asks what’s going on, and she says a lot. Kelly was arrested for Ramsay’s murder. He says he’ll look into it; what else? Natalie thinks she’s in trouble. Kelly bought a gun. He asks what that has to do with her, and she says it was in the house. Justice found it, and everyone is all right, but it went off. Lushion asks why Kelly had a gun, and Natalie says because of Travis. He wonders why she didn’t get some lessons in safety, but Natalie says she doesn’t think it was that easy. She didn’t go to a gun shop. Lushion asks what she’s saying, and Natalie tells him that she told Kelly to buy it and where to get it; her girl hooked Kelly up. Natalie claims that she thought they were legal. Lushion says there’s nothing legal about her. Natalie asks if she can get in trouble, and Lushion says she can, and don’t send anyone else to that crazy girl. He asks where the gun is, and she tells him that Dion took it to the station. Lushion is like, great, just great, and says he’ll take care of it.

Randal installs a camera pointed at Brad and Alex’s house. His phone rings. It’s Larry. Randal says sometimes he thinks Larry avoids him, but Larry says he’s just been busy. He asks how Randal’s wife is, and Randal says that’s a long discussion. Larry suggests having drinks, and Randal asks if he’s buying, since he’s making all the money. Isn’t Randal a psychiatrist? Not that we’ve ever seen him go to work. They make plans to meet the next day. Larry tells Randal get a driver; they have a lot of catching up to do.

The mail truck pulls up. Randal motions the mailman over. He says hasn’t seen him around, but the mailman says he’s been working the same territory for years, and has even put mail in Randal’s hands. Randal says, so, you’re the mailman? and the mailman says, no, I just like wearing the uniform. Ha-ha! Randal asks if he knows Alex, and the mailman says she’s a nice lady who gives him cookies on holidays. Randal starts asking if the cookies are good, and saying she gives them out to too many Black men. The mailman asks if they’re talking about pastries. Randal asks how well he knows her, and he says he just delivers the mail. Randal asks how old he is, and if he thinks Alex is hot. The mailman says that he doesn’t know her any better than he knows Randal, she’s never invited him in, and he has mail to deliver. Randal asks if she’s ever offered him sex, and the mailman says no, he’s happily married. Randal says, aren’t we all? He watches the mailman go down the street. Randal is beyond a hot mess.

Alex asks if Brad is okay. He asks if the baby is asleep. She says yes, and home, thank God. She explains how she had supervised visits prior to an on-sight evaluation. Once the social worker came out and the judge saw her report, she was granted full custody. She says that Brad doesn’t have to ask about him; she knows it’s difficult. Brad says he’s a helpless little kid. She takes his hand, and thanks him for saving the baby. Brad says he had no choice. She tells him that he’s a good man, and she’s a fool. He says she just made a mistake; they all did. Alex says he never hurt her the way she hurt him, but she deserved it. Brad says that she deserved to be loved, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He couldn’t have done a good job, because she went looking elsewhere. She says it had nothing to do with him; it was her own insecurities. He says that doesn’t make it hurt less. Alex knows, and she’s sorry. He asks how she’s been coping, and she says its hard, but she’s managing. She misses him. She starts to cry, saying that she misses him in the morning and at night; she takes a shower and it smells like him. Brad tells her that he loves her. Alex says that she loves him, and asks what they’re doing. He says they’ll work it out. She wonders if it’s okay to get her hopes up about them, and he tells her that it is. They kiss, and he tells her that he loves her again. He has to leave, and hugs her good-by. She tells him the locks are still the same and his keys work. He can come back whenever he wants to. He thanks her.

Randal’s phone rings. I guess it’s some kind of alert he set up, because he pops out and asks how Brad is, and if he’s moving back in with that whore, that slut. He thought Brad would be stronger. Did he know that’s not Randal’s kid? Brad doesn’t even acknowledge him at all. Randal says that he gets it. Brad doesn’t want to talk. Well, he’ll be next door, driving him and that bitch crazy. Number one on the to-do list: move.

Kelly waits in the interrogation room. She calls for someone to tell her what’s going on. Outside in the hall, Lushion asks Dion about Kelly. Dion tells him to talk to the DA. He walks away, and Lushion calls him an a-hole. He goes into the room, and asks if Kelly is okay. She says no. They won’t tell her anything, and she’s been arrested for murder. He says he knows, and she says she doesn’t know why, since she didn’t do it. He says that makes two things he knows. He asks if she has any idea why they’d think she did it, but she has nothing. He tells her that they’d need to have solid evidence to bring her in. She thinks Travis has set her up. Lushion says he doesn’t seem that bright. She says he’s dumb enough to have been able to get away with stalking her.

A woman in an expensive suit walks in. Lushion asks if they can talk outside, but she doesn’t think so. He wants to know what’s going on, and she says he’ll find out soon enough. He says that he knows Kelly, and she asks him to leave. Kelly begs him not to, but the woman says he can’t stay. Kelly asks her what’s happening, and she says Kelly will know as soon as Lushion is gone. She tells him to let Justice know that she’ll see him soon. Lushion leaves, and the woman, who has yet to introduce herself, says she wouldn’t count on it. Kelly says that she didn’t do anything, but the woman says she’s under arrest for Ramsay’s murder. Kelly repeats that she didn’t do anything. The woman says he dialed 911, and she was recorded. She pulls out her phone and plays it. It’s “Ramsay” (I think it’s Travis), saying he’s been stabbed, and no, Kelly, no! Don’t hurt me! Please. Kelly is nowhere on that recording. The woman asks if she needs to hear anymore. Well, I would. I’d also want my lawyer. Was Kelly even read her rights?

Next time, Brad tells Marcie that he’s getting back with Alex, Lushion says Travis did this, and Marcie asks Ian if he could get her off for killing someone.

Below Deck

The captain and Nico try to hunt down Chris, but he’s in his bunk, sleeping like a baby. Captain Lee asks Nico why there’s no response, and he goes to find out. Baker is pissed because they’re under a microscope as it is. Nico finds Chris, and says wtf? He tells him he can’t have nights like that if he can’t stay awake the next day.

Kate wants to train the stews on dinner service. She suggests that she and Captain Lee have dinner on the deck like the guests, so she can be the worst charter guest ever. Nico tells the captain that Chris was sleeping. Kate says how rude. Captain Lee says being dumb and strong is okay for a deckhand, but Chris is just one of those things.

Nico tells Chris that the captain knows he was sleeping, but thinks that his radio was down in the cabin. He says that it’s too early for him to be pulling stuff like this. Kate is hoping the stews heads are empty enough to receive the information she has to impart. She’s giving classes in everything today, from laundry to bartending.

Chris tells Baker that he got a lecture from Nico, but the nap felt fantastic. Kate tests a drink Brianna has made. She thinks the lessons are silly. I don’t. These two weren’t so great at working last charter.

The primary guest is John Eli, who owns some popular restaurants in San Diego and Maui. He’s bringing five guy friends along. They want water sports (not that kind), a multi-course seafood feast including sushi, and a tequila pairing. Kate says that tequila is usually paired with bad decisions and a hangover. They can make that happen.

Kate says that the girls have no experience, and don’t realize how bad a charter can be. We flash back to some real bastards. She says that she’s trying to channel her worst charter guests, so they’ll know what it’s like. She makes Captain Lee laugh when she demands a drink. In her interview, she says it’s like a fire drill, and she’s the fire. I can’t stop laughing watching the captain laugh. He tries to play along.

Next is dinner. Kate screeches for another cocktail. Brianna has to instruct Jen on pouring an ounce, and she’s confused. Brianna thinks by the time she learns, the season will be over. Kate sends the cocktail back for something pinker. She compliments Brianna on clearing well. They bring the girls in for a critique. Captain Lee expects them to learn quickly, and Kate says they did better than expected. From Brianna, she sees a glimmer of hope, but Jen is a glimmer of nope.

Chris tells us he’s doing his best to learn. Nico says it’s going to be a bad day to get off the dock. In his interview, Matt tells us how hard sushi is to make, and that he hates it. The provisions come on board. Kate meets a guy she calls “hot Jesus,” on the dock. The first mate is sick, and they can’t leave the dock without one. Chris flirts with Brianna, asking her to hang out later.

Captain Lee calls for a staff meeting. He says the first officer is sick, and has to leave. He’s working on a replacement, but they can’t move the boat off the dock. Except for Nico, the crew is so green, he’s not comfortable with it. They’re telling the guests it’s a mechanical difficulty, and they’re not to know someone is sick. Kate is happy that she can go meet up with hot Jesus now – Christmas came early.

The guests arrive. Captain Lee tells them that there’s a mechanical problem, so they can’t get off the dock as soon as they’d like, but the minute it’s fixed, they’ll be off. Kate does the tour. She says the group’s vibe is sassy, catty, and it’s going to be a long 48 hours. She tells us it’s not a great sign that Matt is looking at a cookbook, and worse, not embarrassed about it. She’s a little nervous.

Nico asks the guests if they want to use the jet skis and sea bobs. Those must be those things that make you go up in the air. A couple of them use the tender. Jesus (whose real name is Morton) and Kate text. Lunch looks amazing, a rare tenderloin stir-fry. Matt says Jen is on the slow side, but gets stuff done. First mate Nick arrives. For dessert, the guests want tequila shots. One of them questions no one having tested the boat before charter. At this point, Matt hates sushi even more.

Kate asks Bruno how he feels about being the sushi platter. Yuk! She says he’s proud of his body, so they might as well put it to use. He’s in. Kate tells Matt not to go crazy with plating. Nico says he could have done naked sushi, while showing us his dad bod. The guests laugh like hyenas, and do rude things with the tongs. Chris says he would have done it; he likes making money. Wow. One of the guests is so drunk, he doesn’t know the names of the silverware pieces. And I don’t mean anything fancy. He confuses the knife with chopsticks. Kate thinks Jesus is a sign from God. A guest breaks a glass in the galley while asking for another drink. The guests all begin to get obnoxious and start to wander around.

A couple of them harass Jen in the galley. One asks where Kate is, and Jen doesn’t know. She talks to Chris about how they’re not supposed to leave the boat. Chris tells her to keep prodding. In her interview, Jen wants to throw Kate under the bus. The guests finally go to bed at 1 am, although all that seemed like forever. I’m sure it felt like forever to the crew. Kate slips back in after her tryst with Jesus/Morton.

Matt tells Brianna that she’s wonderful. He thinks they have chemistry. Nico says they’re getting off the dock. He gives instructions to the deckhands. Lots of hangovers at breakfast. That wonderful breakfast. It’s time to get the little boat into the water. Captain Lee flashes back to the last time, which he calls a clusterf*ck. Matt works on the tequila pairing. One of the guests isn’t cool with eggplant parmesan, but says nothing.

Jen asks what, or who, Kate did last night. In her interview, she says it’s unprofessional and Kate should be setting an example. I choke on my coffee. One of the guests whines to Matt, asking if eggplant parmesan will “really go good” with tequila. Matt thinks the tomato sauce works. I hate tequila, so this is meaningless to me. Brianna suggests paella, and Matt decides on red snapper with Spanish rice. The guests feel better about that.

The captain says that Chris sis still lost, although he sees improvement with Bruno. The slide is brought out, and the guests do some diving and sliding. Since Chris knows his booze, Matt consults with him on which tequilas to use. Kate radios for Jen, who deliberately ignores her. Even though there are guests standing in the galley doorway, Jen calls Kate a bitch. Kate tells Jen she sucks at her job, but she’s hilarious. In her interview, Kate says the more Jen raises the bar with her attitude, the more she’s going to remind her that she shouldn’t.

The pairing is on, and the guests are loving it. Thankfully, they turn in early. Jen tells Chris about what Kate said.

The last day begins, and Chris tells Nico that he’s getting drunk tonight. Nico says if he’s napping tomorrow, pack his bags too. For the last breakfast, fancy Eggs Benedict – my favorite! The Valor docks without incident. Captain Lee tells everyone to get their asses out on deck. Nico thinks being stuck at the dock will affect the tip, but Bruno was the saving grace, which is pretty much what the primary says. All-in-all though, they were happy. The guests leave, the crew does some cleaning, and it’s tip time.

The captain says he sees improvement in a short period of time, but some still aren’t getting it. They were a man down, and couldn’t leave, which was pathetic. He tells them to be ready to work at 8 am tomorrow. If anyone decides their time is better spent napping, they can pack their bags. The tip is $17K; $1645 each. That’s pretty good.

Time to go out. In her interview, Jen says it’s an adjustment to be at the bottom of the ladder again, so she’s ready to have some fun. She claims to have been a supervisor at her previous job, and I’m wondering who let her supervise anything. Brianna falls on the way to the bar. I’m not sure what this means for the rest of the evening, since the night is young. Nico says Bruno deserves a good night out. Chris watches Brianna dance, and says she’s got the moves. Matt says Jen likes to drink, and yes, she does. Here comes Jesus. Kate says hallelujah! He’s no Brody (Too Close to Home), but he’s okay. Chris dances with Brianna. Did he just wipe his hand on her knee? Chris thinks he has a shot with her, if he continues making his intensions clear. I’m not so sure about that. Jen calls for Kate from the bathroom. Kate says she doesn’t mind training Jen, but nobody comes between her and Jesus.

Next time, a charter of eight women, Matt asks Brianna out, the Valor hits the dock, and Captain Lee promises there will be a change in the configuration.

📣 Watch What Happens Live had an interesting pairing tonight with Jax and Captain Lee. One does nothing but bullsh*t, and the other can’t stand bullsh*t. I’ll have more to say about Jax at a later date. I like him less and less as time goes on.

They never dress like this on the show…