September 8, 2017 – Maxie Wants a Job, Tarantino’s Dogs, Quotes to Ponder & It


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Maxie and Nathan kiss, but she stops because of her makeup. She says her meeting is too important to arrive smudged. She asks if he’s told her the whole truth about Amy.

On the phone, Ava asks why Valentin can’t come to her. He says that he’s otherwise engaged. She sees that Griff is calling her, and makes arrangements to meet Valentin.

At The Floating Rib, Lulu tells Valentin that Nina isn’t a part of discussing Charlotte’s custody, but Nina tells Lulu that she and Valentin are back together.

Stella tells TJ he’s a hard-working young man like his father and brother. She says Curtis didn’t come home last night, and thinks he must have been on a stake out.

Nope, he’s in bed with Jordan. She wonders how they managed to stay away from each other.

Elizabeth comes downstairs, and Franco puts the photo under the couch. He tells her that the kids are on the bus. She says all three? and he goes, you mean we have three? Ha-ha! I love him. He called the hospital, and asked someone to cover for her. He tells her that she needs sleep. He says he was worried about her. She keeps thinking about Jason, and Franco says he does too. He says her son’s father is in a coma, and it’s as good a reason as any for a personal day. She asks what if Jason isn’t okay? She’ll always wonder if the time she stole from him would have made a difference. Franco is pretty sure everyone is going to blame themselves, but thinks that Elizabeth can make more productive use of her time than beating herself up. He suggests inviting Monica over. She says they’ll talk about it when she gets home from work.

Elizabeth runs into Scotty on her way out. Franco asks if he knows him. Scotty says it’s not his fault they haven’t seen each other in ages. Franco tells him about Jason, and says he’s the last person who’s qualified to give comfort. Scotty says he’s not going to make things better.

Stella asks if TJ needs help paying for school. He tells her not to worry; he’s good. She jokes that the wages must be considerable, and there’s no shame in talking help, but he wants to do it on his own. She says Curtis was the same way. They never needed much looking after. TJ says that doesn’t mean they don’t love her. She says it’s time she went back home and left them in peace.

Curtis tells Jordan that he stated his position clearly. Jordan repeats that he’s dangerously this close to falling in love with her. He asks if she has something to say, but she says the person she needs to talk to is Stella. They have to tell her they’re back together.

Nathan says he’s told Maxie everything. She says she knows; she’s just pulling his chain. She tells him it’s a rare opportunity, and she wants to enjoy someone else in the hot seat. Amy comes by. She fumbles trying to talk to Maxie, and Maxie says she understands. She would have done anything for her sister, but she’s hoping that’s all they have in common. She tells Nathan to wish her luck and jets. Amy tells Nathan that she doesn’t blame Maxie, especially since it’s not over between them.

Valentin tells Lulu that the hearing is a mere formality. Lulu says that she and Dante have custody, but Valentin reminds her that it’s temporary custody. The charges were dropped, and there’s no proof of criminal wrongdoing on his part. They’re just as fit to parent as Dante and Lulu. Lulu says the only reason he got back together with Nina was to score points in family court. Really nice, since Nina has been nothing but gracious. Nina says they got back together because they love each other, and Lulu tells her that she hopes Nina isn’t counting on Charlotte being included in their life. Valentin tells her he wants joint custody, because he wants to act in his daughter’s best interest; does she?Lulu says they have different ideas of what that means. Valentin suggests all four of them go with Charlotte for her first day of school. Lulu thinks that’s a good idea, but wishes they had even more family members to join them. She tells him her mom is still in Europe, taking care of Spencer –  remember him? Nina says it’s hard to forget false accusations, and Lulu says that Valentin killing Spencer’s father is hard to forget too.

Stella tells TJ that she’s cramping Curtis’s style. He never said it, but he’s been waiting for her to go since she got there. TJ says they’ll both miss her. She tells him that she wanted to make sure he had a good head on his shoulders, and that Curtis had his screwed on straight. Now that it’s confirmed, her work here is done.

Curtis tells Jordan that deep down Stella wants him to be happy, and Jordan makes him happy. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her, but he can’t figure things out on an empty stomach. He suggests breakfast, but Jordan says she can wait. They get busy again.

Ava listens to Griff’s message. He feels terrible, and tells her that he doesn’t want it to get in the way of her recovery. He wants to fix things, but even if that’s not possible, he’s her friend. Ugh. Friend zone.

Elizabeth sees Griff in the chapel. She wants to say a quick prayer before her shift. He’s surprised that she’s working, but she says it’s good to keep busy. He hopes she isn’t doing it to avoid her feelings. Elizabeth says he sounds like Franco, and Griff says that’s a first. She says that Franco can be very perceptive, but can understand how he would seem.

Scotty tells Franco about Lee passing away. He says it’s not like Franco knew his grandfather, and didn’t want to bother him. Franco says he’s Scotty’s son, and hugs him.

Valentin meets Ava at The Floating Rib. She accuses him of picking a public place on purpose, to give her incentive to take the deal. He tells her that he was there already, and as for the deal, he just needs a yes or no.

Maxie walks into Nina’s office. She says Nina looks great, and Nina says that Maxie is probably sensing she’s back with Valentin. Maxie says she’s back in Port Charles for good. Nina says Nathan must be excited to be in the same time zone. She tells Maxie that she has to prepare for a meeting, and Maxie says it’s with her. Nina says of course – Max Jones – and asks if she was in Portland figuring out to catfish her old employer, Maxie says that she didn’t think Nina would see her otherwise. She wants to come back. Seriously? Nina didn’t give pause over that name?

Amy tells Nathan just one more time. and Nathan says she tells him that every time. She explains that Quinn has arranged for a book launch party, and Man Landers needs to be there. She talked to her lawyer, but the fine print states that if Man Landers doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, the contract is null and void. He suggests finding someone else, but she says Quinn has already met him, and it would raise questions. She’ll have to give the advance money back, and won’t have anything to pay for her brother’s recovery.

Stella tells Tj that she’ll visit, or he can come to Baltimore and she’ll take him out for real crab cakes. She says med school is a serious undertaking, and as long as he keeps his eyes on the prize, it’s fine with her. She’ll be back sooner if Curtis can’t keep his act together. Curtis and Jordan walk in holding hands.

Scotty says Franco isn’t known for his affection, and Franco says he’s just being supportive. Scotty tells him that he misses Lee every day. He was kind, fair, and had unshakable integrity, none of which Scotty has ever lived up to, but he knows Lee loved him. Franco says he doesn’t know a whole lot about the family or his own life. Scotty asks if it’s something in particular, and Franco says his relationship with Jason, and shows him the photo.

Scotty says that it’s Franco and some blonde kid. Franco says Monica would say it’s Jason. Scotty says even he looked like that as a kid, and wonders where Franco is going with this. Franco tells Scotty that he spent most of his adult life obsessing about Jason, and this proves they knew each other. Scotty says it proves him and whoever it is, happened to cross paths. Franco points out that they’re dressed identically, and thinks it’s odd. Scotty says that doesn’t mean anything, and it’s just Franco and a friend. Franco says he didn’t have any friends; he made them up. He’s thinking his imaginary friend might not have been imaginary.

Jordan asks if Curtis wants to do this by himself. He tells her that from now on, they do everything together. Curtis tells Stella that he didn’t come to make trouble, but they have something to settle. Jordan and he are together, and staying together. They’ll have to figure out a way to live with that peacefully.

Nina says she offered Maxie her job back, and she declined. Maxie says circumstances have changed – to Nina’s benefit.  She shows Nina her portfolio. Nina tries not to act interested, but she is she. She tells Maxie that she’ll have no problem finding a job. She didn’t fire her because of her work, but because she didn’t trust her

Elizabeth says she knows something is bothering Griff. He doesn’t have to say anything, but she’ll listen. He says that he did something stupid, but he’s not sure he knew he was doing it. He treated someone that he cared about clumsily, which is a really strange word choice. Elizabeth suggests an apology, but Griff says he needs to do more. She asks what it would take, and he says figuring out how he feels.

Valentin is surprised that Ava agreed to meet. She says he’s not her favorite person, and he says she’s in no position to compare transgressions. She tells him that she thought she could piece together a life, but if there a chance to look normal. she wants it. He suggests they talk terms.

Scotty says he has no recollection of the picture, and Franco is creating a half-baked theory. He says they look like a million other blonde kids. Maybe it was a coincidence they had the same outfit on, met by chance, and his mom took the picture. Franco tells him that he’s grasping at straws, and Scotty asks why he wants to revisit the past. Franco says he wants to know what it means.

TJ wishes Curtis and Jordan well. Stella says so this is where Curtis was, and he says sorry to worry her, but he doesn’t know if she would have felt any better knowing where he really was. He knows how she feels, but they have to find a way to work together. He loves her, but he loves Jordan.

Nathan wants to do what he can. Amy says that he made huge difference in Chet’s life. He’s doing a lot better, but rehab is tough, and he isn’t always the happiest camper. She wants to move him to Port Charles, where he can be surrounded by familiar faces. Nathan says that Chet is lucky to have her; not everyone would do so much. Amy says he would. Look what he did for a complete stranger. He’s continued to come through over and over, but she doesn’t know any other way. He admits being Man Landers isn’t his favorite thing, but he doesn’t regret it, and won’t stop now. He has one condition – that he gets wardrobe approval. Amy hugs him.

Nina says she valued Maxie’s work, but relationships are based on trust, and Maxie went behind her back. Maxie says she’s right. Nina’s family is none of her business, and she has no right to insert herself in it, but was it the worst betrayal she ever suffered? If she can forgive others, why not Maxie?

Valentin has two contracts. The first is Ava’s agreement to have the surgery done. Ava gives him photo of a 16th century tapestry. She says she thought it would look good at Wyndemere, and add considerable value to his assets. He’s like, cool, and says the other contract is a retraction of her statement about Nikolas. She doesn’t want to sign it, but he says that’s the deal. She says the tapestry is the deal. He tells her if that’s the case, she’s wasting his time and her own.

Amy has no idea how to repay Nathan. She says she’ll dedicate her next book to him – the man behind the woman behind the man. He just wants his identity not to be revealed. He’s thinking about Chet too. She tells him she can name on one hand the people who know – her, Nathan, Nina, and Maxie – they’re totally in the clear. Nathan looks like he’s not too sure about that.

Nina tells Maxie that she might consider giving her a second chance, but needs more than a promise of loyalty. She wants something valuable, something Crimson needs that no one else has. She tells Maxie she has meeting to prepare for.

Curtis tells Stella that he hopes she understands, and they can be family. She says that she loves them too much to sacrifice a future with them now. She leaves, and Curtis is like, wow, he saw that going worse. TJ realizes that she left her phone, and follows her out.

Outside, Stella says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He says the way she handled that was pretty impressive. She says her illness has taught her to deal with adversity, and not let adversity deal with her. TJ suggests that they all have dinner before she leaves, but she says she’s reconsidered her plans. Port Charles suits her fine for now.

Griff asks Elizabeth if she has any words of wisdom. She tells him that she would go and talk it out, and make sure the last words spoken are how he really feels.

Lulu and Maxie are having lunch at The Floating Rib. Lulu stares at Ava. Maxie asks if they can put their lunch on hold.  She tells Lulu that the future of her career depends on something, and she’ll give her the details later.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer has the mistaken belief that her statement will help in his wrongful death suit, but nothing could be further from the truth. She asks why he wants her to rescind it then. He says that he wants to spare Charlotte from the whole mess of a trial, and Spencer from hearing that Nikolas might have faked his death a second time. Valentin says there’s no proof he’s dead, and doesn’t want Spencer to wonder if his father abandoned him. Ava insists that she knows Valentin killed Nickolas. Valentin says she has two choices; she can look like that for the rest of her life, or sign.

Scotty says that he won’t stand in Franco’s way, and Franco says he was hoping that Scotty would volunteer to be an asset. Scotty tells him that he didn’t even know Franco was his son until a few years ago. Franco asks who he might talk to, and Scotty suggests Monica. Franco is hesitant, since Jason is in a coma. Scotty tells him to go to the one who set everything in motion. Heather Webber.

On Monday, Franco believes that he and Jason were always connected, Sam wonders if Jason has woken up, and Lulu wants to know what that was about.

🐶  I watched Reservoir Dogs last weekend, and now Stuck in the Middle with You is Stuck in my Head. If you’ve never seen Quentin Tarantino’s first effort, and don’t mind a lot of blood, you should do yourself a favor and check it out. A story about a heist gone wrong, it also has a killer cast. Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Tarantino himself, kick ass and get their asses kicked. It leaves no doubt that Tarantino found his true calling early on.

📌 Quotes of the Week

Learning starts with failure. The first failure is the beginning of education.John Hersey

Wherever the truth is injured, defend it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you fall, make it part of the dance.  – Luann de Lesseps

⛵ Because It

Take a look at the It Experience where there are a lot of clowns. I wondered if the somewhat accommodating clown was pissed off because he couldn’t find his nose. The lit up floor with the bugs is fantastic. It would be great for a Halloween party.


Battle of the It Clowns

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