September 25, 2017 – Betsy Tells Franco the Truth, Surgeries Abound in the OC & Dallas & a Song


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General Hospital

Nelle can’t believe Michael bought her apartment. She tells him that she can’t accept it.

Carly wants to know how the two most cynical people in the world raised a son who’s so trusting. She tells Sonny that Nelle is just beginning to run a con on Michael. Sonny says that Nelle already knows they’re watching her, and if she was up to something, she would have been gone by now. Carly asks if Sonny thinks she has genuine feelings for Michael, and he says it would appear that way. Carly says she can prove differently.

At Kelly’s, Valentin tells Nina about Bailey, and says that Charlotte can’t wait to tell her all about the hospital. If that wasn’t enough, Lulu has agreed to share custody. Nina is shocked, since Lulu was determined to keep him out of Charlotte’s life.

Betsy tells Franco that he doesn’t have a brother. She said the boy in the photo was a twin, but not his twin. Heather didn’t tell him a complete lie. Susan gave birth to twins. Jason was raised by the Quartermaines, and the boy in the photo is his twin.

Jason opens his eyes and says Sam’s name.

In Russia, Ava asks if Patient 6 wants her to call the number he wrote down. He nods, and she says, and tell them what? That a violent psychotic with blue eye want them to get him. He nods again.

Michael tells Nelle that he thought she’d be excited. Doesn’t she want the apartment? She says she does, and he’s confused. She says he bought it, and asks how right that sounds. It’s just the kind of gesture he does all the time, but she’ll feel like a guest, or worse, a mistress. She tells him the latter is what people will think, and what about his parents?

Sonny asks Carly how she’s going to prove Nelle is guilty. She shows him the email from Zack’s sister Sharon, telling her that she has something to discuss in regard to Nelle. Sonny asks if she’s followed up on it, but Carly says Sharon is supposed to call her.

Franco says if the boy is Jason’s twin, why did Betsy say Franco made him up? She says she’s sorry. It was wrong. He says to tell him the truth, who is he and where is he now? Betsy says that it’s a long, complicated story. She and Heather were doing what they thought was best. Franco says Heather only cares about Heather, but Betsy isn’t like that. He wants her to tell him everything.

Ava tells Patient 6 there are two flaws in his plan. For one, she has no access to a phone. Secondly, if she found an outside line, does he think they’ll fly to Russia based on a description? He nods again. Ava thinks they’re more likely to act if she has a name. She asks him to just tell her who he is, and then she’ll see what she can do.

In the hallway, Sam says Jason’s name. He says hers again, and then has a seizure. Alarms go off, and the doctors run in.

Griff appears at Valentin’s table. He’s surprised about the custody decision, and Nina tells him that he has no business getting involved. Valentin says he doesn’t owe Griff any explanations, especially when it comes to his daughter. Lulu agreed to shared custody. Griff says he got what he wanted. Lulu can’t fight him, because he maneuvered Ava into recanting her story.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if he refuses to write his name, she refuses to make the phone call, and he can stay drugged into oblivion. She says she’ll keep the number. When and if he gives her a name, she’ll consider making the call. A nurse runs in and sees Patient 6 holding the pen. She says, omg, Ava gave him a weapon.

Betsy tells Franco that it started when she met Heather, who was pregnant with him. When Heather saw how badly Betsy wanted to be a mother, she let her raise him. When Susan found out she was pregnant, she fled to stay with Heather. She knew Alan was coming after her to take the child, and Heather brought her to Betsy. When Betsy wanted to make sure the baby was okay, she discovered that Susan was carrying twins. She was faced with a terrible decision.

The doctors work on Jason, who is violently seizing. Sam says please don’t leave her.

Sonny tells Carly that she shouldn’t listen to speculation. If Zack’s sister had proof, she would have gone to the police. Carly says that maybe Nelle got better at covering her tracks, and Sonny tells her not to do this to herself. Does she really believe Nelle is guilty? Carly tells him more by the minute. She set out to destroy their family; does he really trust her with their son?

Michael tells Nelle that it’s his money, and his parents have no say in how he spends it. Nelle says that Carly just accused her of being a black widow. How does he think this will look? Michael says she can pay him rent. He’ll be her landlord, and she’ll be his tenant. It will be nice and clean. Nelle says only if they stay together. What if they break up?

Betsy says Susan would have been on the run with two babies, so Heather came up with an alternative. She pointed out that the Quartermaines knew nothing about the second baby. Susan could settle custody with one baby, and keep the other out of their hands. The first baby was Jason, and the second baby was – Franco says, “Drew.”

Sam tells Jason not to leave her. He starts looking around, and the doctor says whatever kicked in. Sam tells Jason that he’ll be okay. He needs to be okay.

The nurse pushes Ava toward the door, and Ava says it’s just a pen. Dr. Kline comes in and tells her to get back to her room. He wants to know how Patient 6 got a pen, and if she gave it to him. Ava says she didn’t mean any harm. Dr. Kline calls her a stupid bitch, and Patient 6 gets up. The doctor tells him to sit down. Even if he made it out, where would he go? Patient 6 kicks the couch over. Two orderlies rush in, and they start to fight. One of them punches Patient 6 in the face, and I notice how obviously the orderly’s fist didn’t connect with his face. Patient 6 starts tossing them around like he’s Captain America.

Jason asks where he is, and the doctor tells him it’s a long-term care facility. The doctor says that Jason had a spike in his brain activity that caused a seizure. He appears to be out of danger, but they need to run some tests. The doctors leave, and he tells Sam that he’s glad she’s okay. She says he took a bullet for her and saved her life. He says he’s supposed to. Sam asks if they can promise no more bullets. Jason is good with that, and asks how long he’s been there. She tells him four weeks, and they didn’t know when he’d come back. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says don’t be. He found his way back, and he’s never leaving her.

Franco says his imaginary friend’s name was Drew. Betsy says his name was Andrew, but she called him Drew; like she named Franco “Robert,” but calls him Bobby. He asks why she went along with it, and she says she had no choice. She’d adopted Franco illegally, and Heather threatened to turn her in. She was afraid of losing him, so she agreed to keep Drew until Heather or Susan came back. Susan died and Heather never came back, so she continued to raise him. Franco asks where he is now, and she tells him that Drew isn’t anywhere. He died.

Nina tells Griff to check himself. He’s making unfounded accusations against her husband. Griff says that her husband planned this; that’s why he sent Ava away. He says that Valentin took advantage of a woman who’s already in turmoil. Valentin says she’s fine. He survived being at the same clinic. Griff says if the clinic was on the up and up, there wouldn’t be such secrecy. He insists on knowing where Ava is. He needs to make sure she’s fine. Valentin tells him to wait and ask her – if she comes back.

Michael asks Nelle what makes her think they’ll break up? She says she hopes they don’t, but no one knows what the future holds. With his family and her past, the deck is stacked against them. She tries not to worry, but feels like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. If that happens, she’ll be left with a broken heart and no apartment. Michael tells her that he can’t guarantee the future, but he can guarantee the apartment. She’ll still have a place to live, and he’ll still have an investment. He’s willing to take the chance. Nelle says if he’s made this grand gesture in trust, the least she can do is trust him in return.

Sonny tells Carly that while Nelle is the last person he’d give the benefit of the doubt to, what she did was cruel, not deadly. She’s a con artist, not a killer. Carly says what if she did kill Zack, and Michael is her next target? Sonny says the first thing she does to Michael, he promises that she’s out of there. He tells Carly that if she keeps pushing Nelle, it will drive Michael away. They want to keep him safe, not create a division between them.

Jason remembers Sam coming into the warehouse and that a guy had a gun. He pushed her out of the way to save her life, and the next thing he knows, he’s being prepped for surgery. Then nothing. He remembers hearing voices, not always clear, but he could hear her. She says it wasn’t easy, and he says thank God she’s the strongest person he know. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says there’s nothing to apologize for. She told him to go because Sonny is his friend, and that’s who he is. She accepts and loves him for that. She’s sorry for being so afraid of losing him, that she let fear control her life. She doesn’t want to be that person; it’s not fair to him. Jason says that they’ve never let fear rule their lives, and won’t start now. They know how lucky they are, and what they have to lose. No more putting themselves in danger. They’ve always been ride or die, but they’re not dying right now. They exchange I love yous.

Betsy tells Franco that she raised him and Drew as brothers, as twins. Everything they did, they did together. She dreaded Susan taking him away, and when she found out that Susan was dead, she decided to raise Drew until the end. He was sick; born with a heart defect, and not expected to live as long as he did. Most of the time, he was a happy, smiling child, but other days, he was quiet and pale. One day when he was three, he just slipped away from them. She cries, and Franco holds her.

Dr. Kline yells to the orderlies not to let him escape. While Patient 6 is pummeling one of them, the doctor comes up behind him and injects him in the neck. He keels over, and Ava asks if he’s alive. Dr. Kline says no thanks to her, and tells the orderly to get him back to his room, and double restraints. He asks Ava to tell him exactly how Patient 6 got the pen.

Franco says he’s sorry, but Betsy says she’s the one who should be sorry. She should have made better choices. Franco tells her that she did her best, and she says she tried. He’s surprised that he doesn’t remember Drew dying, and asks what kind of heart condition he had. She tells him that it was a traumatic time, and what does it matter now? He asks what if it’s inherited, but she says it was nothing that could be passed down. Thinking about him is painful. She was concerned about people asking questions that she couldn’t answer. She could have gone to jail, and what would have happened to Franco? She couldn’t risk it, and had to move. She hid every trace of Drew, and when Franco started asking questions, she told him that his friend was imaginary. She thought that she was protecting him. Franco says for the first time, something in his life makes sense. He thinks it’s time for everyone to know the truth.

Sonny tells Carly he has to get to work, and he’ll see her later. He knows it’s upsetting, but the last thing she wants to do is bring Nelle’s former in-laws into the mess. Carly says she knows, and I don’t believe it for a second. Sonny leaves, and Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sharon. Carly thanks her for calling, and says whatever she has to say about Nelle, she wants to hear it. Hmm… Wasn’t it Carly that said no more secrets?

Michael tells Nelle that she’s officially his new tenant. He suggests shaking on it, but she has a better way to seal the deal, and kisses him. He says he’ll have Diane draw up the lease, and stop by later. She thanks him, saying that no one has ever done anything that nice for her. She wishes she could return the favor, but he says that her sticking around is enough. They kiss again.

Griff throws Valentin up against the lunch counter. Valentin says as much as he wants to toss Griff across the table, he won’t do that with his wife there. Griff asks why he said “if” Ava comes back. Valentin asks why she’d want to? What’s here for her, and why does he miss her so much? He asks what the nature of their relationship is. Griff is about to go after him again, and Nina gets in between them. She tells Griff that if he touches Valentin again, she’ll call the police and her brother is a detective. She and Valentin leave, and Elizabeth asks Griff if he’s crazy. Griff says that Valentin is playing on a vulnerable woman. She’s in trouble; he feels it. Elizabeth asks what he’s going to do.

Dr. Kline tells Ava that she was warned to stay away from Patient 6. She knows and she’s sorry. He wonders how sorry she’d be if he’d killed the orderlies, instead of beating them senseless, or went after her. She’s like a child who wanders into a tiger’s cage, thinking the tiger won’t hurt her. The tiger kills because that is his nature. Seeing Patient 6’s nature, she should be grateful she got out with her life. He asks why she gave him the pen in the first place, and if she was trying to communicate. Ava says yes, and he asks what the nature of the communication was.

Ava reaches in her pocket, and I say, no, Ava, no! She hands Dr. Kline the paper, saying she knows the area code is upstate New York. Why, Ava, why? The doctor tells her that her scarring is severe, and without treatment, she’ll be deformed for the rest of her life. Is that what she wants? She tells him no, and he says no more contact for any reason, or she’ll lose her chance at a normal life.

Betsy asks Franco what he means. He says that Drew has surviving family. They all deserve to know that he existed. Betsy wants the story to stay between them, but Franco says he deserves to be remembered. She asks what about the Quartermaines? They could put her in jail. All it will do is stir up questions and pain. Drew is dead, and telling them isn’t going to change that. She begs him that if he ever loved her, to keep it between them.

After the tests, Jason tells Sam that the doctor said he was a model patient. As soon as he gets the all clear, he can go home. Sam says that she called Monica, but she was in surgery. She still has to call everyone else. Jason says that he’s sorry he scared her. She says that she was scared, but she was never going to give up on him. She knows he would never give up until he came home to be with his family.

Patient 6 lies in bed. Dr. Kline comes in and checks the restraints. He snaps his fingers in front of Patient 6’s face but there’s no reaction. He tells the orderlies to get out. He looks at the phone number.

The phone rings in Sonny’s office, but when he answers, there’s no response. In Russia, Dr. Kline looks at the phone.

Tomorrow, Nathan says life as they know it is ending, Scotty wants to know where the other Jason is, and Sonny wonders who called him from St. Petersburg.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Kelly gets ready for surgery. She thinks that she’ll feel freer once it’s done. She’s scared, nervous, and has a headache from not eating. She tells us that Michael is her crutch. The nurse comes to get her. In her interview, she says Mark’s caring and concern remind her of why she married him and had a baby with him. Aww. The doctor explains the procedure.

Shannon works the spin bike. It’s one of those nice ones with a screen. It also talks to you, and I don’t think I’d like it harassing me. She says she despises exercise. It keeps repeating, telling her to disengage from the bike. Her foot is stuck in the pedal, and she gets frustrated. God forgive me, I can’t stop laughing.

Michael paces as Kelly’s surgery happens. The nurse declares they look good, and Kelly goes to recovery. Michael wonders how she manages to stay beautiful, as she drools on the pillowcase.

Kelly is back home. Vicki stops by with a paperwhite (the flower, not a Kindle). She tells Kelly how pretty she looks. She does look pretty good for just having had a major operation. Vicki tells her she’ll never remember it, and talks about her million surgeries. Kelly talks nonsense. In her interview, Kelly says she didn’t even know who she was talking to, but she was feeling good on the medication. She cracks a joke about Michael getting her flowers when he drives past the cemetery. I think it’s a joke.

Tamra and Meghan go clothes shopping. Meghan is going to visit Kelly after this. They’ve been friends a long time, and she knows Kelly goes for the jugular in an argument. That doesn’t make it okay, but she knows that she hurt Kelly too, and wants to move on.

Shannon is next for a visit, and brings flowers. Kelly tells Shannon that she just threw up, but Is feeling good on the pain meds. We flash back to Shannon and Kelly’s altercations. In her interview, Shannon says that Kelly has shown remorse, whereas Vicki never has. Kelly asks about Lydia, and Shannon says Lydia just dismissed her, instead of finding out what Shannon was talking about.

Tamra tells Meghan about Kelly’s party. She talks about Shannon screeching for her, and getting mad when she wasn’t there to defend her. In her interview, she says Shannon is overly sensitive, and freaks out over everything. It’s getting tiresome.

Kelly thinks that Shannon is going through a lot, and taking it out on everyone but David. She empathizes, saying she has built-up frustration of her own. She says you have to step back and look at yourself, or risk fracturing the relationships around you.

Peggy teaches Gianelle how to make sarma. It’s similar to stuffed grape leaves. She explains the spices to us, saying it brings the family together. Diko covers Coco’s ears, and says it looks like a big joint. He asks Gianelle if she’s going to attempt to make this one day. Peggy thinks she’ll attempt it, but end up getting pizza. Diko can’t imagine their little silver spoon baby living in NYC. Gianelle says they’ve been too sheltered. Diko doesn’t think she can deal with being alone and not having her family around her. In her interview, Peggy says growing up in Beirut has made Diko overprotective. He needs to realize women can be independent in America. Diko promises to be supportive.

Meghan drops by Kelly’s, bringing a basket and a gift bag, including a new bra. They discuss surgery, and Meghan says that anesthesia makes Jimmy nauseous too. I only had general anesthesia once, and it was the best sleep I ever had. I woke up in the middle of a conversation about current events with the nurse. Kelly apologizes for the argument they had. Meghan says she remembered how Kelly supported her after her surgery, and wanted to be in that place again. She also apologizes for hurting Kelly. Kelly doesn’t think they should lose their friendship over some stupid texts.

Lydia wants to do a balls voyage party for Doug’s vasectomy. He just wants a small get together, a dock party. She says if there are any fights, it would be open for a quick getaway. She’s calling Vicki first, so if she’s in, the others can prepare. Vicki sounds like hell. She was told she has a rare strain of influenza B, whatever that is. Lydia tells her about the party, but understands that she won’t be there. Vicki thinks it’s a cute idea. She says she’s probably going to the ER tonight, and will do the party in her head. Lydia tells Doug that Vicki is dying, and she’s afraid she’s going to catch it from the phone call.

Kelly, Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan meet for lunch. Kelly says she went from the OGs to the OCs. Ha-ha! Shannon says she hasn’t had much to drink since she’s been on her weight loss quest, and we flash back to how very much she’s had to drink. Peggy joins them. Everyone is surprised that Kelly is up and around so quickly. Peggy wonders if she’s going to be required to spring back so fast. Meghan says her mother also had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Peggy says the BRACA gene came back negative. Meghan asks if she had cancer, and she says she did. In her interview, Shannon is confused, because that’s not what Peggy told her at their lunch. Peggy says there were abnormal cells which means it can turn into cancer. She says later, she had three millimeters of pre-invasive cancerous cells. Meghan says that her aunt went through the exact same thing a year ago when they found a lump. Peggy says it wasn’t a lump. Lydia calls Tamra. She asks if they forgot her invite for dinner tonight. Tamra says Shannon put it together, so it’s her fault.

Meghan doesn’t think it was an oversight that Shannon didn’t invite Lydia. She says they never really meshed, and doesn’t think Shannon likes her. Really? What makes you think that? I’m pretty sure Lydia knows it too. Lydia asks if they’d like to come to a balls voyage party tomorrow night.  Omg, they talk about something called scrotox. Figure it out. Tamra asks if Vicki is coming, and Lydia says she has the flu. Tamra tells her to text the info.

Lydia tells Doug she needs new friends. She doesn’t get why she’d be excluded, and wonders if she’s in the second grade again. Yes. She keeps trying to be the bigger person, and be friends with Shannon, but feels like she’s the butt of Shannon’s insanity.

Tamra asks Shannon if she’s talked to Lydia since Kelly’s party. We flash back to Shannon’s meltdown. She says Lydia called, and said she’d overreacted. Shannon says what bothers her is how Lydia dismissed her, and wouldn’t let her explain why she was wrong. In her interview, Peggy says that Shannon screams, she yells, she eats; it’s a pattern.

Shannon says she doesn’t like to argue, and cries over it. She tells them that when she heard Vicki yelling, Peggy tried to stop her from getting involved. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to get bigger. Shannon says it wasn’t fair that Kelly was defending Vicki. Kelly tells Peggy that it wasn’t her place to be referee and get involved. Peggy wonders when she got involved, and we flash back to her basically telling them to calm down. Kelly says she was trying to be the peanut gallery, and Peggy asks what that is. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to escalate, and if she did something wrong, excuse her. Kelly says it wasn’t her place to get in the middle. Peggy says she wasn’t in the middle, she was behind them. Kelly asks if she didn’t go to college. Peggy says Kelly is trying to come up with things she didn’t do – next.

Shannon says a lot of hurt happens, and Peggy tells them to go ahead and fight. In her interview, she thinks the women are testing her, but don’t know how strong she is. Tamra tells us that Peggy has balls, and she likes that. Peggy dares to go to the bathroom, and Shannon says that she’s upset that Peggy said she didn’t have cancer when they had lunch, and now she’s saying she had it. Meghan says she’s retired. Wait, five minutes ago she understood. Shannon thinks it’s confusing, and Meghan doesn’t want any more Cancergate. In her interview, Tamra says went through a double mastectomy, and they should have some sympathy. Meghan wonders if it’s the same as when you get an abnormal pap smear. Because we are five years old, Shannon says, shhh! she’s coming back! Then they pretend to be discussing lipstick. In her interview, Peggy says if you poke her to get a reaction, it will take a while before you get one; but when she’s down, you’d better hope she doesn’t get back up.

They talk about Vicki having the flu. Meghan is annoyed because Vicki couldn’t have just the plain flu; she had to attach a letter. Kelly reads a text that Vicki sent, saying that she was probably going to the ER. Meghan says she’s being dramatic as usual, and Shannon says that she’s playing the victim. Peggy doesn’t think it’s funny, and that they’re being insensitive. Kelly says that she is really sick. Meghan jokingly suggests they check her medical records.

Next time, Doug’s party happens, David pumps Diko for information on Peggy’s cancer (or not), Shannon is worried about her marriage, and Steve tells Vicki to fix it.

🔬 What it sounds like to me is that on second look, what they’d thought was nothing were pre-cancerous cells – not a lump, but cells. Peggy didn’t have full-blown cancer, but decided that she wasn’t taking the risk of having more cells that ended up being cancerous, and had a double mastectomy. I’m not sure why her health is a humongous focus for these women, when it’s really not their business. She didn’t get a double mastectomy for nothing. She’s not Brooks, for God’s sake, and they could do a storyline around their cars alone.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark talks about finalizing the office expansion plans, and asks Cary if she’s available. She thinks he’s putting his stress on her. they’re only having sex once a day. She says the working mom struggle is real. You want to be present in two places, and only give 10% everywhere. Mark gripes that he’ll do all the work himself.

Court and Stephanie bring the boys to see the house. They love the living room pool, and Stephanie wishes they’d done the remodeling first before bringing the kids. They go outside and look at the swans. Stephanie says of course they love it; they’re five and seven. The kids go to look around. Court tells Stephanie they love the pool. She says it’s not a family home and they have to get rid of it. It’s not negotiable. She says if he covers the pool, and builds extra space for the kids, they can move in. Extra space? It’s like the size of my house times five. The boys “push” their mom into the pool.

Cary teaches Zuri some yoga. She says Mark flipped out during her first trimester, since he was afraid of losing her to her daughter. She says the battle has never stopped, and she’s tired of it. A-hole. It’s his kid too.

Brandi is driving LeeAnne to her surgery. In her interview, LeeAnne thought the friendship was on the outs when Brandi didn’t invite her to Tennessee, and she’s grateful for the ride. LeeAnne talks to Brandi about Cary disrespecting her doctor. She points out that Cary questioned Brandi’s doctor as well, so it’s not just her. She tells Brandi that you can’t slam every doctor just because your husband is one. Brandi says Cary is a lot of talk, and LeeAnne says that talk is going to get her in trouble.

The doctor takes some measurements and pictures. LeeAnne can’t wait to have new breasts. She and Brandi go behind closed doors. We can hear, but not see them. LeeAnne wants to know why it’s so important for Cary to come at her. She tells Brandi that Cary’s husband has sex acts performed on him at a place called the Round Up. I don’t want to know. She says that one day, Cary is going to come for her, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Then she gets weird and vague, talking about growing up with things in her hands that weren’t knives, but worked quite well; they were just hands. Wtf?

At Mark and Cary’s office, a procedure is being filmed for the website. Cary is taking a break from surgery after this, but Mark doesn’t know yet. She’s built the practice for eight years, and wants to focus on motherhood.

Brandi prays over LeeAnne. In her interview, she says that she doesn’t like it that LeeAnne is threatening Cary. She prays for Cary too, that no word spoken in judgement shall come to pass. LeeAnne says no matter who fights with who, the two of them will have fun in Mexico. Probably not if she kills Cary.

Cary says she’s invested her whole life in the business. She put all eggs in one basket, and it’s hard to set the basket down. She has confidence that Mark can handle it until she comes back. She says it’s not like he’s an OB/GYN, making fun of LeeAnne’s doctor again. She wants to tell Mark at work, not at home, and hopefully his head doesn’t blow off.

LeeAnne’s surgery is a success. Rich comes in at the end. She’s in and out of coherency. The nurse says she’s doing good, but she can’t quite form words yet. She manages to tell Rich that she loves him.

Mark thanks Cary for being there for this kind of stuff. She tells him that it’s probably her last one. He says that she’ll come crawling back in six months; she’ll want to blow her brains out. Cary says she wants to be mom for a few years, while Zuri is still little. Mark tells her that she’s the face of the website, and people will see her on there, and expect to see her at the office. Cary says this will be better for their family. She’ll be more connected at home. He says good luck with that.

Brandi and Stephanie go bathing suit shopping. Brandi says no matter the drama, she’s having fun in Mexico. Brandi says she was down for eight weeks when she had the same surgery as LeeAnne. She tells Stephanie that she was trying to be LeeAnne’s friend, but it got uncomfortable when she threatened Cary’s life. She got in Brandi’s face, and said she doesn’t have knives this time, but her hands. Stephanie says that’s not normal. She thinks that maybe LeeAnne is back to old ways. In her interview, Stephanie isn’t surprised. Brandi says that LeeAnne is crazy, and she feels like she’s in the middle. Stephanie says that Brandi should tell Cary. In her interview, Brandi explains that LeeAnne’s comment about Mark would only hurt Cary, and there was no reason to repeat it, but threatening Cary’s life should definitely be on their radar. Good for her.

Stephanie’s life coach arrives at her home. I’m sorry, but that is the stupidest sounding thing. She asks about the boys. One is dyslexic, and Stephanie wishes they’d moved him to the new school sooner. She thought that Cruz was just being lazy, and he would call himself stupid. She says she had too much focus on Brandi’s issues, and feels guilty. The coach tells her that they don’t always know why something happens, but to learn from it. Really? She pays for this advice? I’ll charge half of what this woman gets.

Cary and Mark, go to the gun range with D’Andra, who’s been shooting since she was a toddler. Mark manages to get in that he’s irritated because Cary doesn’t want to work for him anymore. Cary says that’s not true. She wants to spend time with her daughter,r and it makes him worried. D’Andra says that she’s the better shot, even though her husband was in the military. Cary is surprisingly good for a first timer. She decides that if you’re good at yoga, you’re good at shooting. Not so much Mark at either.

Brandi calls Cary with a video chat. She tells Cary that LeeAnne won’t let the doctor comment go, and said that she was going to hurt Cary. She said that she didn’t have knives, but had her hands. Brandi says that LeeAnne was spitting in her face and her eye were delusional. Cary says she’s sick of this, and that she’s scared, but not giving LeeAnne power over her. The more you feed the dragon, the bigger it gets. She tells the others that LeeAnne said she’s going to strangle her. Mark can’t believe LeeAnne is at it with the threats again. D’Andra says LeeAnne pops off; that’s what she does, like this is a Geico commercial. She’d thought they’d worked things out, and Cary says that she did too. Mark suggests not going to Mexico, but Cary doesn’t want to let LeeAnne ruin her fun.

Stephanie says it’s easy to get caught up in the drama. She can’t do that again, and needs to focus on her children, especially Cruz. She goes over the alphabet with him. She says it’s hard to watch him struggle. He’s not into it at all.

LeeAnne asks Mark to help her pack. She’s still healing and sore.

Kameron models some sunglasses for Court, and he says no one will take her seriously in them. She says she doesn’t want anyone to take her seriously – ever.

D’Andra talks to Jeremy about Keatin. He’s goes blah-blah-blah, and I tune out.

Cary is excited to be going to Mexico, except for LeeAnne being on the trip. She though they were fine, then LeeAnne flipped out on her at the tea. Mark thinks LeeAnne is out of her mind. In her interview, she says at least it took Mark’s focus off of her temporary retirement.

Everyone is on the plane. It’s just a two hour flight, and they get in as many drinks as possible. In the hotel lobby, they drink something blue that looks like antifreeze. The concierge or whatever, tells them that there’s 24-hour room service. I’m in. They’re lead to the Presidential Suite. Everybody checks out their room, all of them befitting a president.

Out by the pool, Cary asks Kameron if LeeAnne said she wants to kill her. Kameron says that she didn’t bring that up. Kameron asks Brandi to fill her in. Brandi says that LeeAnne is upset about Cary’s doctor statement. Every time Brandi tells the LeeAnne story, she gives the drama a different spin. Since it was behind closed doors, we don’t know if Brandi is exaggerating. The whole thing sounded vague, and like LeeAnne was high.

Inside, D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she and Cary hate each other. LeeAnne says that Cary makes snide comments. D’Andra suggests that LeeAnne try to be the best person she can be; this isn’t it. LeeAnne says she has a visceral reaction to Cary, and D’Andra tells her to just let it roll off.

Kameron tells Brandi she’s giving a scary impression. Cary says LeeAnne is saying she wants to strangle her. Kameron doesn’t know how to react. She says three people are talking about LeeAnne, and she’d thought she was friends with Brandi.

D’Andra asks LeeAnne to try and behave for twenty minutes. LeeAnne says that she’s her own worst enemy, but Cary will take a grain of sand and create a universe out of it.

Next time, LeeAnne tells everyone about the engagement, Brandi and Stephanie take a bubble bath, and Cary confronts LeeAnne.

🎶  It’s Been a Long Day


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