September 27, 2017 – Carly Meets with Sharon, a Shining Star Returns & My Best Girl Forever


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General Hospital

In NYC, Finn meets Anna and she asks how the meeting went. He tells her about Cassandra’s house, and Anna asks what they talked about. Teasing her, he says illegal gems…not. Anna says next time, but Finn says there isn’t going to be one.

Nelle gives Michael her first rent check. He says he’ll even charge her a penalty if she’s late, but she says he doesn’t have to go that far. She wonders if it will be weird sleeping with her landlord, and he says let’s find out.

Bobbie is ordering a cake for her millionth year at GH, and sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says all the RSVPs are in except for Michael’s, and she invited Nelle. Carly says after today she’ll know if she can accept Nelle or she’s getting rid of her permanently.

Quinn tells Amy that the book sales are going to skyrocket, and they’re going to thank her. Amy says she’s not excited about how it happened, but she’s excited about today. Nina arrives. She wants to make sure everyone has a good spot for the Crimson exclusive. She asks Amy if Nathan is okay with the whole world knowing.

Nathan procrastinates with getting ready. Maxie says she’s taken clever steps. He asks if it will work, and she says it’s foolproof. Everyone goes home a winner, and no one will know he was part of the deception. Then their lives can go back to normal. She texts Amy, saying they’ll be there soon.

Spinelli comes by. Maxie wonders if there’s something wrong with Georgie, but he says their offspring continues to flourish. He’s there because of Ask Man Landers.

Bobbie asks Carly what the game changer is. Carly says she can’t tell anyone; she doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing. She got a text from Sharon Grant, Zack’s sister, who agreed to meet her. It’s possible she’s just a bitter snob, but Carly is less concerned about the why than what Sharon has to say. The best thing that can happen is Nelle getting exonerated, but it could blow up in her face. Bobbie says it’s for Michael’s own good. Sharon walks in.

Finn tells Anna that over the course of a very detailed conversation, Cassandra told him about a litany of doctors who have failed in diagnosing her. He says she has common allergies, and is a full-blown hypochondriac. Anna says that everything he’s telling her is like she planned it. He says it’s over. Cassandra doubted they’d see each other again.

Quinn is about to make Nathan the next big thing. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. She runs off. Nina says if it’s as big as Quinn thinks, the press is going to be more interested and dig deeper. Amy says the only ones who know the truth are the two of them, Nathan and Maxie.

Spinelli says that Maxie asked him to uncover Man Landers true identity. She tells him that she forgot about it, and he can too. He says she didn’t rescind the request, which makes it more urgent. He’s sorry, but he got preoccupied, and neglected his promise, and now Man Landers’s identity is going to be revealed to the world. Maxie tells him forget it. She asks if she paid him. He says, no, and she says then she got her money’s worth. He thinks she’s unusually okay about it. She tells him again to forget it. Nathan comes out in his tux. Spinelli asks what the occasion is.

Sharon introduces herself, and Carly introduces Bobbie. Bobbie wanders off. Sharon doesn’t want coffee, which me suspect her already. She says that they’ve done best to move on from loss. Carly says she lost her son a year ago, so she understands. Sharon says that because an investigator came around, wanting information on Nelle, she hired her own and found out Nelle was in Port Charles. She asks if Nelle did something to Carly. She wants Carly’s story first.

Nelle has the day off to move in, even though she technically didn’t move out. Michael says her special bonus is him, he took the day to help her unpack. Nelle says he’s perfect. She wishes it could stay like this all the time, just them. He thinks she’d get bored (I would), but she says this is the happiest she’s even been. He says she doesn’t have to act like he’s the only guy she’s ever cared about, but she says this is different. After Zack died, she took it for granted that she’d never be that happy again. She wants to put the bad stuff behind her, and move forward. Their future is all that matters.

Nina hopes that Amy is right. Her brother is risking everything. Amy tells her to chill. Nina says she appreciates Amy’s brother’s service, and what she’s doing is admirable and noble, but if it hurts her brother, Amy will regret it. Quinn wonders where Nathan is, and Amy says he’s on his way.

Maxie says that Nathan is going with her to the book signing, and going anywhere with her means black-tie. She suggests they get going. She wants to get there early, so she can get the scoop, and Nina will take her seriously. Spinelli says let’s go together, but Maxie says that the guest list is locked up, and pushes him out the door. She tells Nathan thank God she took care of that. Spinelli hears.

Anna tells Finn that Cassandra will change her mind. Finn says or maybe she’s on to them. She asks if he thinks she is, but he says that he doesn’t care what she thinks. He tells Anna to stop pretending that this isn’t about her obsession with Valentin. Finn is leaving tonight, and if she wants to make good on her blackmail threat, go ahead.

Maxie tells Nathan that Spinelli still doesn’t know, and if they keep him away from the book signing, he never will. She says it wouldn’t be worst thing if he did, but if they want the plan to work, they have to leave now.

Spinelli shows up at the signing. He asks Amy what she’s doing there, and she asks why he’s there so early, since it’s not open yet. She asks if he’s on the guest list, and he is. He says that when they met, she never indicated any professional involvement with Man Landers. She says they’re not ready to start, and he needs to wait in the lobby. She pushes him into the elevator while he’s still talking.

Michael tells Nelle about his grandmother celebrating her years of service at GH with a family party. He says that she’s invited. Nelle asks if Bobbie gave him a plus one, but he says she mentioned Nelle by name. They don’t have to stay long, but Nelle says that she’s not going, invite or not. It feels like a bad idea to be in the same room with Bobbie. If anything went wrong, she’d be blamed, no matter who it was. Nelle would rather stop the problem before it starts and avoid both her and Carly.

Carly tells Sharon that what happened with Nelle and her family was a misunderstanding, and legitimately not her fault. How she handled it was a different story. Sharon hopes that Nelle never takes anything precious from Carly, like she did with her. Carly says she knows that Sharon’s parents and the police suspected Nelle, and Sharon says for good reason. Carly says she never took anything from them. Sharon asks if she lied, and Carly says like a rug, but it was a legitimate misunderstanding. Sharon tells her not to underestimate Nelle. She has a talent for deceit, and wormed her way in to their family before striking, ultimately getting away with murder.

Nathan arrives at the book signing. Quinn explains how he’ll make his entrance, but Maxie says that she’s introducing him. She’d like to introduce all of them. A bunch of guys come in, all dressed like Nathan, with half-masks on.

Anna says that Finn is right. It’s personal, and they have a past, but the case is about the present. Finn says that he’s not a spy. He’s a doctor and recovering addict, and the last few weeks have been bad. Anna says that she doesn’t want to make him do this, since he helped her so much. He tells her this isn’t the best way to say “thank you,” and that he’s bad at this. She should bring in a pro; he blew it. Maybe he didn’t want to help, but he didn’t want to let her down. He doesn’t think Cassandra will reach out. Anna says that unlike him, she doesn’t underestimate his charm. Finn asks if she’s met him. He’s the opposite of charming.

Quinn asks who Maxie is, and why is she hijacking the event. She says she’s a friend of Amy and Nathan’s, and PR is her life. Amy confided their reveal, and Quinn should thank her for rescuing the event. Quinn says it doesn’t need rescuing, and Maxie says maybe not, but it needs improvement. The guys are going to work the room, handing out signed books, and will compound the mystery instead of revealing it. Everyone will try to guess which one is Man Landers, blowing up social media. Amy says that’s not what they agreed on, but both Nina and Nathan think it’s fantastic. Quinn says that she has thirty seconds to make a decision. As much as she finds her uncouth and annoying, the idea “Trixie” has is brilliant, and she’s going with it.

Quinn asks one of the Man Landers men questions. She’s pleased, and hopes they’re all this good. Maxie mingles to make sure the men are all pulling their weight. Amy is upset and sniffling over in an area that’s curtained off. Nathan says he thought she’d be happy. She wishes they’d let her in on the plan. He tells her that Quinn is on board, and everything will be okay.

Sharon tells Carly that Nelle pulled it off with a sick sort of genius. At first she was sweet and self-deprecating, then did something beyond understanding. Their absence at family events became more frequent, and after a while, Zack missed all family functions and trips. Before they knew it, they weren’t seeing him at all. He was cool and defensive, and they stopped hearing him laugh. Nelle convinced him that they thought she wasn’t good enough, and called her trash behind her back. It wasn’t true, but what could they do? He announced they were getting married, and they could either accept it, or he’d cut them out of his life. They didn’t know it, but he’d already changed his will. As soon as it was signed, Nelle dragged him on vacation to Maine. He was a Southern boy who hated cold, and wasn’t fond of roughing it; his favorite part was the wind-down afterward. Nelle arranged for them to be all alone, and he went along because he trusted her, and got in the kayak. Sharon starts crying, and Carly tells her she doesn’t have to go through every detail. She asks when Sharon is leaving, and Sharon says tomorrow at the earliest, but she would be willing to meet again to tell her the rest, and answer questions. As painful as it is, she’s glad they met. She says that Carly obviously thinks Nelle is up to something, and whatever it is, don’t let her get away with it. Nelle did tell Michael that she and Zack had been kayaking before, just not up north. She could have been lying, but I’m not so sure I buy this woman’s story. Another difference Sharon and Carly’s stories, if we believe Sharon, is that Michael’s family really does call Nelle trash and he knows it.

Nelle says if Michael really wants her to go, she will, but he says she’s right; it would just be asking for trouble. He’ll take Bobbie out another time. Nelle says she never meant that he shouldn’t go. She thinks it will be just one more thing use against her. Michael says at least they’ll know he and Nelle are serious. It will work out; trust him. He leaves to get coffee.

Finn tells Anna that he’s been called a lot of things, but never charming; no one thinks that. Anna disagrees. He tells her that no matter what, he’ll keep it on the down-low. His phone rings. Cassandra changed her mind. Anna smiles and Finn shakes his head.

Quinn knows exactly when she’s revealing Man Landers’s true identity – never. She thinks it’s brilliant. Nina tells Maxie, congratulations, she’s a woman of many talents. She says that she did it for the man they both love. She goes up to the wrong Man Landers, saying she can’t wait for their private celebration. He says he has other plans, and she tells herself that she’s good at casting.

Nathan tells Amy that everything is fine. She’s worried that someone will find out the truth, saying they’re still under contract. Nathan says no one will find out. She tells him that when he says it, she believes it. She feels like she can trust him with anything. He says they shouldn’t be seen together that much, and Amy goes back to the book launch. Spinelli pops out, and Nathan asks what he’s doing there. Spinelli tells him that The Jackal has figured it out.

Finn tells Anna that other than allergies, Cassandra is healthy, and there’s no reason to treat her. Anna tells him to do some tests, pick the most difficult thing to rule out, and then run with it. Or make something up. He’ll be brilliant (the word of the day).

Michael sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says the only RSVP they haven’t gotten is his. He tells her that’s because they’re not going.

Sharon knocks on Nelle’s door. She says long time, no see, and remarks that Nelle changed her name. She tells Nelle that she can change it all she wants, but she can’t change what she did. Nelle says she didn’t do anything, and asks Sharon why she’s there and what she wants.

Nathan tells Spinelli that he can’t tell anyone. He knows what Spinelli must think, but Amy is just a friend. Spinelli calls him a philanderer and a rake, among other old-fashioned terms, and heads toward the launch. Nathan chases Spinelli, trying to stop him. As Spinelli walks through the curtains, Nathan says that he’s not cheating. He’s Man Landers. Everyone in the room rushes toward him. I laugh.

Tomorrow, Maxie tries to explain things to Spinelli, Sharon tells Nelle that she can’t run away from what she did, and Franco asks if the anonymous buyer is in on it.

🌟 Star is back! Great music! Great dancing! Miss Lawrence! Queen Latifah’s hair! Benjamn Bratt‘s character is dead, but he’s still in the credits. Tonight, the girls haven’t had a hit, and a female music mogul took over their label. The aftermath of Jahil’s death was felt, and Alexandra came back from doing time for doing some really stupid things. Carlotta tried to intervene on the group’s behalf while the mogul was getting a massage, but was told to make an appointment. Her hair was resplendent – a neon violet, like the bestest shiniest Crayola crayon ever – and matched her top. As she was about to leave, Carlotta caught a news flash about an arrest being made for the triple-homicide that included Jahlil. Funny thing though, we flashed back with Carlotta to that night, and she’s the one who shot him. We’re off to a good start. It was a brilliant move to air this after Empire. I hope it does well, since I really like this show. I’m not the type to sit still for many music videos, but the songs are engaging, and I love the dancing. The storylines aren’t up to Tyler Perry, but they’re good. And of course, there’s the Queen.

🐾 Cutting it short tonight. My little old girl is having little old girl issues, and needs extra attention right now. That’s not a euphemism for anything; I’m talking about my elderly dog. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting to my 90 Day obsession, and how much I hate Jax. And of course, so much to look forward to on Friday, with Hell’s Kitchen and Z Nation premiering.

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Juliet – Summer 2017

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