September 28, 2017 – Sharon Wants Her Ring Back, Jeff Turns Down Versailles & Good Riddance to Jax from Kentucky


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Mac can’t wait to meet Ask Man Landers. Felicia hopes Mac gets to him first before Maxie does.

Spinelli yells that he’s seen Nathan with Amy before. Nathan says he’s not cheating; he’s Ask Man Landers. All the photographers rush to take pictures. It looks really funny, like something out of a 40s movie. Spinelli doesn’t believe him, and calls it a feeble alibi, but Nathan says it’s the truth. Maxie says that she can explain everything.

Sharon tells Nelle to let her in and she’ll talk. Nelle says she’s not interested, and starts to close the door. Sharon stops her, and asks if Nelle thought she could run from what she did to her brother.

Carly asks if Michael has other plans, and if he can’t reschedule. He says Nelle’s not comfortable going to a family party. Carly asks if it’s “her or us” now.

Sam calls Monica about Jason, and says that she did it, but Monica says no, she did. Sam says he had lots of reasons to come back, and she’s one of them. Monica tells Elizabeth, and says she’s going to shout it from the rooftops. Sam says she’ll see her soon. Sam looks in Jason’s room to see Sonny and Jason fist bump.

Maxie announces that what Nathan means is, they’re all Man Landers. Spinelli babbles to Maxie about how her husband and his peroxided angel of mercy are having an affair. Felicia says she knew it, and Nina says no they’re not. Quinn wonders what’s going on, and Maxie says they’re married. Quinn is confused, and asks if they’re married and having an affair. Spinelli gets loud, and Nathan says enough is enough.

Elizabeth brings Franco over to Monica, and he hands Monica a check. Elizabeth says it’s from the showing at the gallery. She says he wants to share the wealth, and put Kiki through med school. He tells Monica that he thought some could be earmarked for outpatient therapy, and victims of violence. Monica asks if he was hoping they would reinstate the art program, and Franco says that art therapy saved his life. She notes that he seems to be making up for his violent past, and Elizabeth says she’s proud of him.

Someone looks at the painting of the two boys.

Jason tells Sonny that he made a choice to leave the life behind. He almost died, and can’t tell his wife and kids good-by again.

Michael tells Carly that Nelle encouraged him to go without her. She asks if he’s going to send a card saying that he chose Nelle over his family. He tells her to back off and let him live his life.

Sharon says that she’s not surprised Nelle landed on her feet. She must have found another mark to pay her rent. Nelle says she pays her own rent, and Sharon says that she bets she does. She says it’s remarkable how Nelle moved on, like her brother didn’t die and she’s not responsible. Nelle says she isn’t responsible, and the police and DA accepted it even if Sharon doesn’t. Nelle tells her that if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll take the next flight back to Florida. Sharon asks what she’s going to do if she doesn’t? Kill her too?

Monica tells Franco that she’ll bring up reinstating the art program at the next board meeting. Right now, she’s going to see her son. Franco thinks Elizabeth should go too. She asks him to come, but he says Jason isn’t interested in seeing him on a good day, but especially when he just woke up from a coma. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t have questions, but he says it’s not Jason in the photo. He tells Elizabeth to change before she goes, or the facility might put her to work. She tells him how wonderful he was to give the hospital the check.

Elizabeth leaves, and Andre approaches Franco. He shows Franco the painting, and Franco asks if he’s the anonymous buyer.

Sonny says he respects Jason’s decision. He’s sorry Jason got caught up in him trying to leave the business, and it almost cost his life. Jason says it was his choice. He doesn’t regret it, but has to step back and be the man his family needs. He wants to be there for his kids. Sonny wants that too. Jason says that he finds himself getting pulled in sometimes, probably because he misses it, and it can’t happen anymore. He needs to find new way to be him. Sam hopes that Sonny understand. He does, and wishes them all the happiness in the world; they deserve it.

Nelle tells Sharon that she might not have been the girl she thinks her brother deserved, but she’s a survivor, which is why Zack loved her. Sharon calls her a scrappy little girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who turned him against his family until she became the center of his universe. All he had was her to save him. She wonders if in his last moments, he realized that his whole universe was based on an illusion. Could she tell he knew the truth before he took his last breath? Nelle tells her to get out, but she says not until she gets what she came for.

Carly tells Michael not to be a stranger once he and Nelle start living together. He has no idea what she’s talking about. She says he bought her apartment, so she must have asked him to move in. He says that he’s not an idiot. She never asked him to buy it. Carly says not to let Nelle isolate him. He leaves, disgusted and annoyed. Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sonny, who tells her that Jason is awake. She says she’s on her way.

Nathan says these guys are all impostors. There’s only one Ask Man Landers, and they’re looking at him. Spinelli thinks he’s just trying to cover up his relationship with his strumpet, but Nathan says she’s his agent. Amy corrects that to manager, saying she only takes 5%. Nina asks Nathan if he’s sure, and he says yes. She announces that since he’s decided to come out of anonymity, she’s introducing the true face of Ask Man Landers – her brother, Nathan West.  Quinn says she promised them Ask Man Landers, and she always delivers.

Spinelli tells Maxie that there’s more to this story. She says that he doesn’t understand, and he says he understands that her time away might have been too much for her spouse. Quinn tells everyone no more photos. Man Landers will have plenty of time with his adoring public. Nathan tells Quinn that right now he wants to talk to his wife, and she tells him to go and tend to Trixie. Nathan asks how she is, and Maxie says just peachy, now that she’s ruined her chances of Nina rehiring her and blown his anonymity. Nathan says that he didn’t want her to doubt his love. Nina says the people want to talk to him, and his adoring public (phrase of the day) awaits. Maxie tells him that Amy is still the advice giver, and they have to make sure it doesn’t get out. Nina says it won’t. Maxie wonders what her parents are doing there, and Felicia says that Man Landers is her father’s new guru. She wonders why Maxie didn’t tell them.

Amy tells Spinelli that when she met him, he seemed like a sweet guy; she must have read him wrong. Does he always rush to judgments? He admits to violating a principal rule of investigation by interpreting the evidence to fit his hypothesis. He tells her that it’s quite an accomplishment to go from nurse to publishing, and asks what her secret is.

Andre and Franco look at the painting. Franco says he needed his arm twisted to show it, and never intended to sell it. He wonders what made Andre buy it, and Andre explains that instead of playing golf, he invests in art. He says the glimpse into the artist’s imagination spoke to him. Franco asks what if it wasn’t imagination?

Carly runs into Jason’s room. He asks what took so long. She tells him that next time he wants to play hero, don’t do this, and he says that he’s done dodging bullets. Sonny says in order to walk into a new life, he has to walk away from them.

Nelle tells Sharon that if she’s thinking about a civil suit, she has nothing of value. Sharon says she only wants what rightfully belonged to family. Nelle says she left with bus fare and the clothes on her back. Sharon says she might have dodged a murder charge, but she’s still a common thief. Michael walks in, and asks who she is and what she’s doing there.

Franco asks Andre if this is confidential, and Andre asks if Franco is his patient now. Franco shows him the photo. Andre says those are the guys in the painting. Franco tells him that for long time, he had an obsession about having a connection to Jason. He’d even thought were twins, and lately he’s been having the same feelings again. He talked to his adoptive mom, and she confirmed that the photo was him and a twin, but not his twin; Jason’s twin, Andrew. Andre asks why they’re dressed alike, and Franco explains that Jason’s birth mother gave him to Betsy to raise as her own. He thought he had brother for three years. Andrew died, and Betsy didn’t want him to grieve, so she told him he’d had an imaginary friend. He knows it sounds weird, but would make sense if he knew Betsy. She’s emotionally fragile, and doesn’t make the best decisions. His whole life he’s been missing a brother, and didn’t know he was real.

Jason says for the majority of his life he was able to be there for Carly and Sonny. In the last couple of years, he straddled both worlds, but it’s not working anymore. He has to be there for his family, and they need to understand. He gets Sonny’s situation completely, and hopes he gets out of business, but he can’t help anymore. Sam wants them to know that it’s Jason’s decision. She’s not pushing him, and hopes they respect his choice. Monica and Elizabeth show up. Elizabeth said that they were told there were too many visitors, but Monica pulled rank as Jason’s mom. Monica tells Jason not to upset her like this again.

In the hallway, Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She says she knows he’s been pulling away for a long time, but she misses the way it used to be.

Nelle introduces Sharon to Michael. Sharon says, well done once again. Michael says he’s sorry for her loss, but it’s time for her to go. She says that Nelle still has something that belongs to her family – the engagement ring that belonged to her grandmother. If Nelle doesn’t hand it over, she’ll sue for it. Nelle says it must be nice to have lawyers on speed dial, but she doesn’t have it; she lost it.

Amy tells Spinelli that she was a fan from the start, and jumped in on the publishing deal. Nathan joins them, and says that he needed someone he could trust to protect his identity. Spinelli says they’re quite the team, which is why he got wrong idea. He asks what Nathan thinks about his beard, since Maxie doesn’t like it. Nathan says it’s not his best look, and Spinelli says that’s odd. He told “Beardless in Portland” to grow it.

Amy says that he gets so many letters, he can’t be expected to remember them all. Nathan says he couldn’t have known what it looked like on him, but he should do what makes him happy. Spinelli says that Amy said the exact same thing; they really are in sync. Felicia asks to borrow Nathan. She tells him that her first impulse was to deck him one, but now they owe him. Maxie tells Nathan that they have to go. Outside, she tells Spinelli that it’s not the time or the place for questions. Nina comes by, and says it’s time to collect on the Crimson exclusive.

Sharon says Nelle is a lot of things, but careless isn’t one of them. Nelle says she moved a lot, and it got lost; Sharon can search the apartment. Sharon says she probably has it stashed in a safe deposit box. She tells Nell this isn’t over, and says that Michael should know his damsel in distress is a cold-blooded killer. She tells Nelle that the case is still open, and Michael says that she’s not the only one with lawyers on speed dial. Sharon says that Michael that he’s gallant, and Zack would have liked him. She says that this simpering bitch is poison, and Zack found out the hard way. She hopes he doesn’t have to. She leaves, and Michael hugs Nelle.

Carly tells Sonny that she could always count on Jason to reach Michael, but she can’t do that now. She tells him about Sharon, and that she thinks Michael is going down the same path. Sonny says that Michael believes what he wants to, but he wouldn’t fall for that. Nothing comes between him and his family. Carly says it already has.

Sam has to leave, and Jason says he’s not going anywhere. Elizabeth says that Jake will be relieved. He’s doing good, but worried. Jason asks about Franco, and Elizabeth says he’s in a good place right now.

Franco lies on Andre’s couch and rambles. He says Drew seemed real, like no other incarnation, but he can’t tell anyone. He didn’t want to worry Elizabeth, and told her that he was some neighbor kid. Andre says he must have had a more compelling reason to lie than his mother’s wishes. What is he afraid of? Franco looks at the painting.

Quinn toasts to the one and only Man Landers. Spinelli says that Nathan seems comfortable in the spotlight, but he has misgivings. Maxie tells him to keep them to himself. The book proceeds are going to a good cause, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Spinelli asks if it is for her.

Michael hands Nelle an empty coffee cup (these actors will never learn how to make it seem full – sigh…), and tells her to have some cold coffee. She says it’s only a matter of time before there’s a subpoena, and this is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Nina calls. She says they have the exclusive scoop on Ask Man Landers, and asks if Nelle can come to the MetroCourt right away. Nelle says she’ll be right there. She tells Michael that she has to go to work. He thinks it will take her mind off of things, and says he’ll finish with the boxes. As her landlord, he can’t leave the apartment like this.

Carly tells Sonny that Michael is already missing Bobbie’s celebration, and there will be more. Nelle will find excuses to keep him away. Sonny says that Michael is his own man.

Michael drops some books, and sees the ring. He makes a soap opera face.

Sonny says that Michael will give the benefit of the doubt, but in the end he’s a realist, practical and smart, and you can’t push him too far. If she shows her true colors, he’ll get rid of Nelle. Carly thinks it’s already too late.

Monica tells Sam that she’ll let Danny know his mom will be there soon, and leaves. Sam knows how hard it was for Jason to talk to Sonny and Carly, but she’s happy that he’s embracing their new life and stepping away from theirs. He tells her that they choose how they live, and his priority is his family.

Jason looks at the card Elizabeth left from Franco’s exhibit. A photo of the painting is on the back.

Andre wonders if Franco is afraid that he might find out something else out about himself. Franco leaves some money, and Andre says it’s too much for one session. He’ll consider it a down payment for the next. Franco doesn’t think he’s coming in for a follow-up.

Jason looks at the painting on the postcard. He makes a soap opera face, and his eyes dart around.

Tomorrow, Kristina has good news for Parker, Sam says Alexis is still carrying a torch for Julian, and the doctor says that Patient 6 is more trouble than he’s worth.

😵 On Flipping Out, Monroe has been much calmer since Jeff got a new nanny. It’s his sixth in five months, but that baby is a handful. So is Jeff. The nanny is in love with Gage, which is creating embarrassment for him, and amusement for everyone else. The Old Hollywood house is coming along, and Jeff likes living on site so he can keep an eye on the workers. He can just bang on the window, and tell them to clean their sh*t up, which is a really good point. Jeff and Gage left Monroe for the first time, when the staff traveled to Florida to see Jackie and David Siegel‘s Versailles. The finished area had everything from a sex room to an alligator hunt, but Jeff was appalled to see a Best Western looking bathroom in the unfinished part of the house. Apparently, David had decided to get them done behind Jackie’s back. The team sat down with David, and Jeff thought they could find middle ground, but in the end, felt there was no meeting of the minds. In his interview, he said they reminded him of the Beverly Hillbillies, and he respected that. He told the group that he might not have a 100,000 square foot house at his disposal, but he was grateful they could build what they wanted, without including a roller rink. His takeaway point was that friends don’t let friends rollerblade.

🐄 Jax. How does his personality get fouler every time I see him? In the most recent episode of Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, he proved himself to be just about the worst person in the world. They were nearing the end of their vacation, and he did nothing but complain. He seemed to have a good time with the family at the local bar, although Brittany’s father made it clear that he still isn’t sure about Jax. Instead of calling it a night when the family did, he and Brittany continued on with some of her friends. Apparently Jax drank too much, and got in some verbal altercations with them. In particular, a girlfriend of Brittany’s, who suggested that her life was better pre-Jax. Even in his interview, where I assume he was sober, he got nasty, talking about how Brittany had a better life since she met him. He described the alternative as living in a strip mall, and hanging out with people who have babies and no teeth. I’m not sure what he was talking about, since that’s not the impression I got. Methinks he just wanted to be as insulting as possible. He even picked a fight with Brittany in front of her mother, who was surprisingly silent. I would have told him to STFU. It was their last day, and the family was dedicating a gazebo to Brittany’s late grandfather. Nice of him to try and ruin it. Brittany told us that Jax says things, and then denies that he said them all the time, and yep, I’ve seen him do that. He also decided to spend his drunken night in a hotel, and then whined that he could have been killed in such a foreign place as Kentucky. Brittany told him that he had an anger management problem, and surprised him by deciding to stay behind for a few days, after he demanded they get going.

🚮 Do it now, Brittany. Get rid of this jerk. You can do so much better.


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