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September 21, 2017 – Patient 6 Makes a Move, Jeff Just Plain Moves & I Still Hate Jax


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis brings Jordan flowers.

Kristina and Parker meet outside of Kelly’s. Valerie sees them, and puts a move on Kristina, who tells her that Parker knows everything. Parker goes to get a table, and Valerie asks Kristina if she and Parker are good now. Kristina tells her that they’re going to talk.

Sam messes with Jason’s bedding, making the end of the bed the way he likes it. She tells him the kids will be there soon, and that she made all the lights on the way there. She wants him to get better, wake up, and come home to them. Sonny walks in.

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin got Ava to recant her statement. Her testimony is worthless now. He thinks it was part of a deal, in return for her getting into the clinic. Lulu asks Charlotte to go play while she runs something past her poppa. She tells Valentin drop the act, and asks what he did to Ava.

At the clinic, Ava can’t leave Patient 6 alone. She’s startled to see his sunglasses off, and says he has blue eyes. He probably knows that.

Jordan prevents Curtis from coming in. He says they need to talk, but she says she’s not in the mood. TJ comes out and asks what’s going on. She says that she and Curtis need to talk privately. Jordan asks Curtis what he wants. He says things got heated, and not in a fun way. He wonders if they can’t focus on what they have, and build from that. She tells him it’s not like they were arguing about what’s on TV. She asks if he’s going to work for Sonny.

Sonny tells Sam that he’s sorry to interrupt, and Sam says he’s not. She tells Sonny that the staff is wonderful, but she has to remind them about the sheets. He asks how she’s doing, and she says not so good. She feels like if she leaves, it becomes real. Sonny says she made the right decision. He did the same thing with Michael, and it was also difficult to put Morgan in the institution. Both places were great for his boys, and she needs to tell herself that. She hopes he can hear her, but wishes there was a way for him to tell her that he’s okay. Sonny says Michael was like a sounding board for him.

Lulu says it’s disgusting how Valentin is manipulating the situation. She asks what he offered Ava. She was almost fooled, and thought he really wanted to reach an agreement. He says his criminal record is actually cleaner than hers. They can go through the trouble of a hearing, or agree to share custody.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she had herself convinced he was Nikolas. She told herself a whole story about how he fell into the water and Valentin’s men brought him here. Which totally makes sense. She says then she would be the one to find him, and it wouldn’t matter that she sold him out. She hopes he forgives her flight of fancy, and she’ll do what she should have – leave him in peace. He watches her leave.

Curtis says that Jordan isn’t being fair. He’s not trying to work for the mob. He says he was just going to do regular P.I. stuff. She tells him that Sonny will use what information he gets to establish dominance. Curtis says it’s none of his business what his clients do with what he gives them. He can’t control it, but there are lines he won’t cross; he’ll establish boundaries with Sonny. Jordan says that his association with Sonny has already crossed her boundaries. She needs time to think about things. He says time-out seems to be what they do best.

Sam asks Sonny if his plan to leave the business is on hold. He says he’s always done what he can to protect his family, which includes her. She tells Sonny that she and Jason had a rule. He’d answer any question she asked, unless it made her an accessory. She says that their life together has been different since he came back.

Patient 6 undoes the restraints, and starts to get out of his chair, but hears someone coming in. It’s Ava, followed by Dr. Kline. He tells her that Dr. Baronski referred him to her. She says Valentin told her to see Dr. Baronski, but Dr. Kline says that he handles the most severe cases. When she asks how long it will take to get her face back, he says it’s a cumulative process; one step leads to the next. The nurse comes in, and Dr. Kline tells her to give Patient 6 the full dose. He tells Ava that they’re tranquilizers, and Patient 6 must be under sedation at all times. The nurse prepares the shot.

Kristina talks about Scout, but Parker is distracted. She says there’s a guy following them. Kristina explains that it’s a guy from her dad. Parker says they must really not want her around Kristina. Kristina tells her about Jason, saying that it’s been hard on the family. It sucks, but comes with the territory. Parker didn’t realize how quickly Kristina had to grow up, but knew she was more self-possessed than most of her students.

In the park, Curtis is flinging the bouquet around, and Valerie asks what the flowers did to him. instead of abusing helpless floral arrangements, maybe he’d like to talk. She tells him that maybe they’ll be cousins. She might have to adopt Stella; she’s a riot. Curtis tells her about having professional difficulties with Jordan, like they did.

Jordan tells TJ thanks for skating. He says he wasn’t going to let her use him as an avoidance excuse. She explains that Curtis wants to offer Sonny his services, and is probably working for him already. TJ says he’s a P.I., and it’s no secret that they negotiate grey areas. Jordan says that she believes in the law, not delving into the realm of ambiguity. Please. Lighten up.

Valentin tells Lulu that no one has the upper hand as far as parenting goes. The best thing for Charlotte is shared custody. They live in the same town, she has friends and family there, and a good life. He wants to keep it that way. He proposes alternating weeks. Charlotte returns, and asks about Bailey. Valentin suggests they get an update.

Lulu tells Dante that Valentin is always one step ahead of them. Dante says whatever she wants to do is fine with him. Bailey comes back out with her mother, and wants Valentin in on the discussion with the doctor.

Ava asks Dr. Kline why the need to control Patient 6? The doctor says he’s a danger, especially to others. He was subjected to severe trauma, and his mind broke. Any approach is an attack, and he fights back. They believe heavy sedation is kinder than 24/7 restraints. Ava asks if they can help him, and Dr. Kline asks why she cares. Patient 6 is given his shot.

Ave tells the doctor she needs a distraction. The first time she saw him, it was shocking, but it gave her something else to think about. She notices that the drug they gave Patient 6 is ketamine. She remarks that it’s used on horses. Dr. Kline says he’s eager to work with her; she could be his greatest success. He would hate for her to be sent away before they even get started. He suggests she find something else to do, and in the interest of her own recovery, leave Patient 6 alone. Unnoticed, Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Sam tells Sonny that she and Jason are more settled now. They used to be ride or die, but stopped living each day like it was their last, and started living like they could raise their kids and be happy together. Sonny says that kids do that to parents. She says she has a life she never imagined, and never wants to let it go. Sonny says he’s partly to blame, and wants to make it right. He thinks he knows where to start.

Dr. Brown goes over Bailey’s treatment, explaining that in her case, bracing is the best choice. She can have outpatient care. He talks about Shriners having the best cutting-edge treatment. They have the full spectrum in the same place just for kids. Obviously, this is the daily advertisement within the show for Shriners Hospitals, but it’s a good thing. Not like when they mention Aveeno fifty times during the Nurses’ Ball.

Curtis says look what happened last year, but Valerie doesn’t want to relive it. He tells her that Stella apologized. Valerie thinks she’s hilarious. She means well, and Valerie thinks he does too, and she doesn’t want him to make same mistake that he did with her. She wants him to be happy, and thinks he should ask himself if he’s willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make Jordan happy.

Jordan says that TJ lost his father, Shawn went to prison, and her bad choices crossed the line. He’s paid the price, and she doesn’t want that to happen anymore.

Parker tells Kristina that what they did back then was wrong. Kristina says that she’s no longer a confused co-ed. She’s out and proud, and has family and friends who are supportive, positive, and accepting. Parker is proud of her. She tells Kristina that things happen for a reason, and she’s grateful that Kristina came into her life. She says that Kristina is great at knowing what she wants, and going for it. Kristina kisses her.

TJ tells Jordan that he knows she has past guilt, but she shouldn’t be afraid to be happy. He tells her to stop trying to make up for what she put him through, and make up for it by being happy. She asks how he got so damn smart, and he tells her, books. He appreciates everything she’s done, every sacrifice she’s made, but he’s grown, even if he’s still a tax deduction. He doesn’t want her sacrificing her happiness again. No more punishing herself. The past is the past, and he came out okay. He has the best mom in the world, and he wishes she’d believe it

Curtis thanks Valerie. He hopes she finds love again, and gives her the flowers. His phone rings, and he says it’s the conflict of interest reaching out. Valerie leaves, and Curtis asks Sonny what’s up. Sonny has a job, but doesn’t want to talk about it over the phone. Curtis decides to pass. He knows what he said, but he has to stay above board and can’t get involved in a conflict. If it was just him, it would be different, but too many people that he cares about will be affected. Sonny says no hard feelings. He’s a great friend, but sometimes you have to do the right thing and protect the people you love.

Parker tells Kristina that they can’t do this; it’s still wildly inappropriate. Kristina thinks it’s the age difference, and reminds Parker that she just said how much she admires Kristina. Parker says that’s not the issue. She can’t lose her career over this.

Bailey’s mom thanks Valentin. Charlotte hugs him, saying that he made everything right for Bailey. She goes back with Bailey, and Lulu tells Valentin there’s no doubt Charlotte loves him. He says hopefully, she’ll take that into consideration. He’s offered shared custody, and would like to get on with life, and have Charlotte settled and secure. Doesn’t she want the same?

Patient 6 starts to get up, but fails. Ava is like, omg.

Curtis goes back to Jordan, and tells her that he spoke to Sonny and turned him down. He wants to help Jason, but he doesn’t want to lose her. She laughs, saying she was about to tell him that she acted a little harsh. He says he’ll call Sonny right now then, and make some money. She says they should at least talk, and find a solution that’s best for the both of them. He says no more fights as reasons to walk away? She suggests that they use them to start a conversation, not end one. She reminds him about telling her that he loved her, and that he wanted to know what she thought. He says he still does. She says that if she hadn’t walked out, she would have told him that she loves him too. Curtis is finally locked down.

Kristina doesn’t understand what a relationship with Parker would have to do with her career. She’s not in her class anymore. Parker says that Kristina is still a student at PCU, and she’s working on getting tenure. Maybe if it doesn’t work out, and she applies elsewhere, they can explore it, but now isn’t a good time. She says she’s sorry. The last thing she wanted to do was make Kristina want her.

Lulu tells Valentin that they both love Charlotte and want what’s best for her. She’ll have Diane send the paperwork to him. They’ll have alternate weeks. She wants him to understand that little girls grow up though, and he can’t keep Charlotte in the dark forever. One day she’ll see him for the man he really is.

Ava tells Patient 6 that the nurse gave him a whole vial of Special K. How is possible he’s moving? She tells him that his zombie act isn’t working. He’s trying to hide that the drugs aren’t affecting him, and if he’s so dangerous, maybe she should warn them. He looks her in the eye.

Sam tells Sonny that she doesn’t care. She’s not ready to let him go.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if she rats him out, she’ll only give herself away. Here’s the deal. If he gets out of the chair and starts rampaging around, don’t come after her. He owes her. She leaves, but when she opens the door, hears a cellphone ring nearby, so she slips back into the room. Dr. Kline answers the phone, and says that things have remained unchanged, and it appears there’s no more trouble. He appears to understand. The doctor listens listens, and says that he’s strong, but he’s not a superhero. They can’t give him more without killing him. As soon as the doctor is gone, Ava quietly slips into the hallway.

Patient 6 gets up.

Tomorrow, Franco says his imaginary friend is real, Michael has business to wrap up, and Carly knows about Josslyn meeting Oscar.

😵 👶 On Flipping Out, Jeff and company moved into the new house. Construction had been stalled, so there’s a lot of mess and unfinished areas. The truck was about to arrive, and Jeff pulled up to find a neighbor parked in front of his driveway gate, where he said she’s parked before. He told her that he’s moving in today and this is going to change as of now. She had the nerve to respond that it’s a public place. Well, that may be, but it’s against the law to block a driveway, and for good reason. I’m so on Jeff’s side, having dealt with this issue many times with people doing construction on neighboring houses. I don’t think there was one time a guy didn’t argue with me when I asked him to please move his truck. One even asked if I needed my driveway. Nah, it’s just there for show. Really? Jeff asked if this is how they’re starting the relationship, and said welcome to the neighborhood. During a talk on design, we found out that Jeff hates red. I can understand not liking it in large doses, but I love a red accent. He’s in a better place with Gage now, although baby Monroe is still wailing her head off at every opportunity. Gage explained that Jeff needs change, and that’s why he goes along with moving every year. Jeff’s therapist had him blue-sky, and told him that if you can see things in your mind’s eye, you can create them. Seeing a million dollars right now… Nope, didn’t work. Lea Black introduced Jeff to the “Queen of Versailles,” Jackie Siegel, who needs some work done on her palace. Next time, we take a look inside, where “the entryway is bigger than a lot of homes.”

🐄  🐓 Jax. What I can I say? I never liked him much, but I like him even less now. Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky is almost at an end, and he’s proven to be an even bigger idiot than ever before. I don’t mind stupid. Not everyone is born to be bright, but this guy is nasty. I don’t know if he’s getting tired of her or what, but he’s treating Brittany like sh*t. And on her home turf. He also says whatever he thinks will get him over. I don’t think he’s fooling her father any though. My father would have booted his ass back to LA by now. He had the nerve to mention that she’s gained weight. Her me-maw, or whatever she calls her grandmother, totally put Jax in his place, pointing out his own spare tire, but you just don’t do that. Even worse, was that he kept telling anyone who would listen that she’d lost “some of her spark.” Wtf does that mean? I understand that many in the Twitterverse believe this to be code for her weight gain – mind you, she’s not a whale by any stretch of the imagination – but that seemed like a separate issue. I think it’s code for, I’m tired of this relationship, since a relationship takes work.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why she’s still with him. I don’t get the vibe that it’s just to be on TV. Does she look at him like a fixer upper? She could still do better. I thought if I heard him say she lost her spark one more time, I was going to scream. He claimed that she didn’t seem happy. Other than her possibly being a little homesick, which is natural when you go home, nobody else knew wtf he was talking about. Brittany seemed like she was having a great time, until Jax started with this nonsense. And this was after he’d told her mother and grandma that he wanted to marry her. Why? Did he think that’s what they wanted to hear (another why), and then get scared that he’d have to follow through? He even showed them a picture of a ring that he claimed he wanted to get for her. He scored points with the family by matching the donations from an IVF fundraiser for Brittany’s sister and BIL. A lovely thing to do, providing he ponies up, but I’ll bet LVP will shame him into it if he falters. He managed to negate the points by consistently reminding Brittany that he pays for everything, saying that she would have nothing if it wasn’t for him. When I thought he couldn’t sink any lower, he started this crap in front of a couple of family members, and Brittany said he does this all the time.

He also made a jerk of himself when they ran into Brittany’s ex at a bar. Then I really wondered what she sees in Jax. This guy was smokin’ hot, Jax was not happy, and got extra drunk. The past has shown that Jax plus alcohol plus exes do not mix. He stopped short of starting a fight, either realizing that he’d probably be no match for this dude, or getting a glimmer of understanding that it’s not a good look on TV. I don’t know if he thinks these people are stupid, but they’re far from it. And they’ve been very gracious to him. What could have been a really fun trip, has turned into a nightmare for Brittany. Jax is more of a chore than shoveling horsesh*t.


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September 20, 2017 – Finn Meets Cassandra, a Master Chef is Born & Channel Zero Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In Monaco, Anna asks Finn what boy didn’t want to grow up to be a secret agent? He tells her the ones who wanted to be infectious disease specialists. She tells him to stop whining, and remember that what they’re doing is all for the greater good. She peeks inside a restaurant, and spots Cassandra sitting with a man. She tells Finn that she’s going in first, and he’ll know what to do when it’s time.

Kristina picks up Sam’s jacket at the hospital. She asks Kiki about med school, and Kiki says it’s like walking a tightrope; as long as she doesn’t look down, she’s fine. She tells Kristina that sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if other people don’t get it.

Parker teaches class. She tells the students that through Jane Austen’s work, they see her world, with its class and gender distinctions. Even though the world has changed, people and the hows-and-whys of what they want, haven’t. Molly suggests that they still knew right from wrong, and to crush someone’s heart would be unforgivable in Austen’s world. Parker replies that we’d hope so today as well.

At Shriners Hospital, Charlotte asks Valentin if he thinks Bailey will be scared, and wonders what will happen. She says that Bailey is glad they’re helping her. Valentin says that the doctors provide the real help, but they’re giving moral support, explaining that means encouragement. She says that Valentin did help, by telling Bailey’s mother where to bring her. Lulu walks in, and says that being Charlotte’s mom, she thought she should be there for Charlotte and her friend.

Nelle sees Michael, and tells him that she’s being evicted; her apartment is being sold. I identify, since that happened to me with my first apartment. I wasn’t evicted, but they jacked up the rent, and I had to move. Michael doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and suggests moving in with him, but she thinks it’s way too soon. He says that she’s making more out of it than she needs to, and she tells him that he’s never been in her position, and never will be. She jets, and Carly approaches, asking what’s going on, and if it has anything to do with Nelle’s late fiancé. Michael says that’s right; what’s more important than him breaking up with Nelle? She asks if he did.

Kristina looks on Molly’s schedule, and sees that she’s in Parker’s class right now. She says this should work.

Parker says much of Austen’s work is about heartbreak, but also misunderstanding. The conclusions drawn make sense to their understanding. She poses a question about why they left their families or stations in life, and talks about them finding love despite the circumstances of their world. She says that two people rarely discover that they love each other at the same time. Molly says otherwise there would be no story. Parker tells the class that in Austen’s world, love wins, and wouldn’t it be great if knew ourselves the way the characters do, and gave ourselves more chances?

Inside the restaurant, Anna asks where ladies room is, and slips something into Cassandra’s tea. The waiter serves Cassandra. She sips her tea, and suddenly starts to choke. She falls out of her chair, and Finn says that’s his cue. He runs inside, and says he’s a doctor.

Michael and Carly sit in Kelly’s. Michael tells Carly sorry to disappoint her, but he and Nelle are still together. She says that Nelle’s fiancé died under mysterious circumstances, which Michael says is otherwise known as an accident. Michael explains what Nelle told him, and Carly says that insufficient evidence doesn’t mean she’s innocent. Michael says it doesn’t mean she’s guilty either. He understands why Nelle didn’t tell him, accepts her explanation, and believes her.

As the class is leaving, Kristina walks in, saying she found Molly’s keys. Molly is like, oh good, I thought I’d have to comb the place with a metal detector. Kristina sees Parker, who’s talking with another student. Molly asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing.

Bailey’s mom can’t thank Valentin enough, telling him how helpful the app was. He tells her how great the doctors are, and that he had scoliosis as a child and is a huge supporter of the hospital. Lulu adds that her nephew got burned and had excellent care there. The doctor comes out and welcomes Bailey.

Dante tells Kiki that he needs some help. He’s trying to get ahold of Ava, but Kiki says she can’t get in touch either. He asks if Kiki knows that Ava sold a tapestry to Valentin. He thought it was odd because she’d accused him of killing Nikolas. Kiki says she’s mentioned Nikolas more than once, and has no idea why they’d have any business together. Dante asks if she has any idea where Ava might be. Kiki says she doesn’t know exactly, but might know something. She asks if it’s official police business, since she can only speculate. Dante says this is personal. If Spencer wins the civil case, it will help him and Lulu with the custody hearing, but the first step is proving wrongful death. Her mother is a threat to Valentin; why would they throw in together?

Finn tends to Cassandra, and she quickly recovers.

Carly tells Michael that he acts like he doesn’t care. He says he does; that’s why he asked Nelle about it. Carly can’t believe he’s just going to take her word for it, with no follow-up. Michael says that despite Zack’s parents’ best effort to find a scapegoat, they couldn’t pin anything on Nelle. Carly asks if it isn’t in her best interest to be exonerated completely.

Kristina tells Molly that she’ll explain later, but she needs to see Parker. Molly tells her not to get hurt again. Kristina says it’s important. Molly wants a hint. Kristina says it’s nothing major, but it was unfair, and she needs to tell the truth. Molly gives her back her keys, and says be careful. Kristina tells Parker that she was dropping something off for Molly, but since she’s here, she’d like to talk. Parker says she seems happy with Valerie, so what else is there to say? Kristina says that whatever happened, good or bad, Parker has been honest, and she needs to be the same.

Cassandra thanks Finn. He says he did what anyone in his position would, but thinks she should get checked out at a hospital. She tells him that she doesn’t like hospitals, and Finn says he works at them and doesn’t like them, but she should still go. She asks how he knew what was wrong so quickly, and if he’s an allergist. He explains that he’s an infectious disease specialist, and traveling with a friend. Cassandra says fate has brought them together. She has to watch everything she eats and drinks, and wasn’t careful. He tries to extract himself, but she doesn’t want him to leave yet.

Bailey’s mom tells the doctor about how Valentin helped her. The doctor explains what the hospital does, and how they accept children up to age eighteen, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. He wants to start Bailey’s examination, and tells Charlotte there’s a playroom. He leads Bailey and her mother to the exam room, and Charlotte asks why Lulu and Valentin didn’t tell them that they weren’t married to each other? They tell her that it’s complicated, and Lulu takes Charlotte to the playroom.

Kiki tells Dante that she doesn’t know anything for sure. He asks what she thinks she knows. She says that she thinks Ava is in a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, that she believes will restore her face. Dante says she doesn’t seem happy about it, and Kiki says she’s concerned for lots of reasons. He asks if one of them is Valentin, and she tells him that she thinks Valentin set up the trip. Dante says each of them must have something the other wants. Kiki says that was her thought too. Dante leaves, and Nelle blows past. Kiki asks if something is wrong, and she says, yep – Carly.

Michael tells Carly she doesn’t want Nelle exonerated; she wants Nelle out of his life. Carly says she tried to back off, but put himself in her position. Even if Nelle had no involvement, it’s a big coincidence that right after her healthy, wealthy fiancé dies, she got serious with him. He’s not the kind of guy who would ask for a prenup. She tells him that he’s her only surviving son, and she doesn’t want him dying under mysterious circumstances. She says that he should at least talk to the family or the police; it would give her peace of mind. Michael says that she’s ridiculous, and Carly says she’d rather be ridiculous than lose him.

Parker asks what Kristina needs to be honest about. Kristina says she hasn’t been truthful about Valerie. She wasn’t her date, but her wingwoman. Valerie wanted to make Parker regret dumping her, and kissed her, and Kristina played along. When Valerie saw them outside of Kelly’s, she assumed she should keep up the act, and Kristina wanted Parker to know she’d moved on, but realized the last thing Parker needs is more drama from her. She lied to protect Parker’s feelings, but she doesn’t want to lie anymore, especially not to her. Parker appreciates it, and Kristina says one more thing. She was dating a guy the last time they were together, but she told him it was over, and she’s single now.

Lulu comes back, and tells Valentin that Charlotte is playing with some kids she met. She thanks him, saying he’s been great. Valentin is glad that Bailey is getting the care she needs. Lulu asks what about him. She didn’t know about his physical issues. She’s sorry he suffered. He’s skeptical that she’d care. She says she used to think he was a monster, but seeing him with Charlotte, there’s no denying he loves her.

Kiki tells Nelle that she’s more than happy to listen. She saw the pictures from Moraco, and she and Michael look happy. She wonders if that’s why Carly is upset, but Nelle says there’s no one thing Carly hates her for. Kiki says when Carly hates, she goes all in with everything she’s got, until she doesn’t. She explains about her own difficulties with Carly about Michael. Everything was cool, but then Morgan died, and it was horrible again until Carly realized that Kiki really loved him. Nelle appreciates it, but says her situation is different. She tried to destroy Carly’s marriage and family, and she doesn’t think they’re coming back from that. Kiki says okay, Carly hates her, but she and Michael like each other. There’s no reason for Carly not to forgive her someday. What else could Carly have on her?

Carly tells Michael that nothing would make her happier if Nelle was innocent. He’d be safe and happy, and that’s all she wants, but him taking it on faith frightens her. Michael says he gets it. She already lost Morgan, they don’t know if Jason is going to be okay, and Sonny almost died. She says that she doesn’t want to risk it, and he says he doesn’t either, but he doesn’t need to know any more. Hasn’t she taken risks? She says she has, and they’ve bitten her in the ass every time. He says not every time. There were plenty of times her instincts were right, and she did what she wanted despite being told otherwise. He likes Nelle, and there’s nothing that can change his mind.

Finn excuses himself, saying he needs to get back to his traveling companion. He tells Cassandra that she should get tests. She tells him that her allergies are severe. She’s been to many doctors, but none have been as quick on their feet. She tells him to enjoy his stay. He sits with Anna. She tells him that even if he hadn’t acted, the symptoms would have subsided. He says that’s good to know, and that this whole thing is a bust.

Kristina didn’t want Parker thinking something that wasn’t true. Parker says in the spirit of openness, she has something to say too. When she came to town, she wasn’t honest with Kristina or herself. She regretted the way she ended things; Kristina deserved better. Kristina says whatever happened, here we are. Parker asks where that is exactly, and Kristina says they’re cool. She starts to walk away, and Parker says that she doesn’t know that they are cool.

Lulu tells Valentin he’s good with Charlotte, and she’s revised her opinion. He’s not a monster, just a very bad man. He’s helped her understand that empathy comes from experience. He asks if she’s hoping he’ll share, and she says as Charlotte’s mother, she should probably knew what her biological father went through. Valentin tells her that just before he died, his father sent him to boarding school to hide him from Helena. She would have thought him to be a rival for her son and had him killed. He was five years old. A trust fund was set up for his education, but nothing for medical care. His scoliosis went untreated. He says that it got bad, but that won’t be the case for Bailey.

Nelle tells Kiki that something happened before she came to Port Charles that wasn’t handled very well. Kiki is like, oh horrors, you have a past with mistakes. She points out that she’s been able to move on, but Nelle says that they’re digging up dirt from when she was broke, younger, and stupid. Kiki says when Carly finds something, just tell Michael, he’ll listen. She just has to be honest. Carly would do anything for him, even get along with her. Nelle says, here’s hoping, and leaves.

Carly tells Michael that she’s not going to pretend she’s not concerned, and she doesn’t get it, but she hears him. It’s his life, and his decision. He asks if she’ll back off. She says that she loves him so much, and always will.

Lulu tells Valentin that, like it or not, they’re both Charlotte’s parents. Even if she wins the custody hearing, he’ll always have visitation, and Charlotte will know he’s her father. Dante is her stepdad, but he’s her poppa. She thinks it’s important to know more about him, and understand how he physically became the man he is today. He asks if she’s looking for dirt (word of the day) to use? He tells her that he underwent expensive surgeries that weren’t without discomfort, but the results were worth it. He was able to stand up straight for the first time in his life. She asks if he was scared for Charlotte, and he says yes, but if she had scoliosis, he would have brought her to Shriners where she would have gotten the best care.

Charlotte returns and wonders when Bailey will be finished. She tells Valentin it’s a fun place, and asks if it’s like where he went. He says no, he wishes. He tells her that he’d like to get a present for Bailey, but doesn’t know what she likes. Dante comes out of the elevator. He tells Lulu that he needs to know something about Valentin. He thinks Valentin somehow convinced Ava to recant her statement.

The man with Cassandra hands Finn a note, saying that Madam sends it with her compliments. He and Cassandra leave, and I note what a fabulous, flowing, floral print dress she’s wearing. Finn opens it, and says nice penmanship. The note says that she thanks him. She can’t repay him, but asks that he come by and see her for a token of her gratitude, and it has her address. Anna grabs the note out of his hand, and says it’s not a bust; it’s going swimmingly.

Parker tells Kristina that the only way to be cool is to have real closure. Kristina says, no more notes or hints or made up excuses? Parker wants to sit and talk face to face; it’s the only way. Kristian tells her there’s some stuff that she needs to say too. Parker asks how about now? They can go somewhere private.

At Kelly’s, Michael makes a call and says he needs someone to do something for him.

Carly gets a text from Zack’s sister. She wants to talk about Jenelle.

Tomorrow, Jordan can’t afford another bad choice, Lulu asks what Valentin did to Ava, and Ava asks why Patient 6 needs to be controlled.

🍲 It was the MasterChef finale tonight. Eboni, Dino and Jason had to come up with a three-course meal that expressed who they were. Joe Bastianich was the guest judge, and managed to intimidate everyone. Jason made an uni custard with his appetizer, and while that sounds really awful, everyone seemed to love it. I’d definitely try anything. Well, not something alive and moving, but most things. For dessert, Eboni made a chocolate mousse cake with a macadamia crust that I’d definitely try, and try again. It looked the best dessert you can imagine. For their entrees, Jason put an Asian spin on cod, Eboni made duck, and Dino’s main dish was lamb. It was food porn at its finest. The judges agreed that all the home cooks fulfilled the challenge of conveying their journeys, from getting the apron to putting their soul on a plate. Dino was the big, quarter-of-a-million-dollar winner. In his interview, he said, I did it, ma! and was glad he was finally going out to be the positive light he was meant to be. You go, Dino!

This House is No Home

🏡 Channel Zero is back on the Sy-we-can’t-spell-Fy channel again, with Channel Zero: No-End House. The blurb sums it up as being about four friends entering the No End house, and confronting strangely personal horrors in each room. It looks promising, and I found it even creepier than American Horror Story, which this season has decided to make statements rather than be scary. Sigh… In the first episode, one of the friends confronts the death of her father. They used a record playing at a too slow and unnatural speed to great effect. Like those giant cockroaches, a weird-sounding record creeps everyone out. And nobody wants to hear it in the dark when they’re in a big, strange house. I like it.



September 19, 2017 – Patient 6 Revealed (Sort of), Back to Wrong Loving & Kate Takes a Break


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the gallery, Felix wants to congratulate the artist, but no one knows where he is.

Franco tells Scotty that Betsy has disappeared when she was supposed to tell him everything. Scotty tells Franco to let it go, but he can’t.

Sonny tells Carly about the facility that Jason is going to. She says their best friend is trapped in his own body. She wants to scream wake up! and misses him so much. Sonny does too.

Lulu and Dante relax on the couch. Charlotte is sleeping and Rocco is away, so they start getting busy. We know how that works. Charlotte interrupts; she wants to call her poppa.

Valentin gives Nina some champagne, and says they’re celebrating her and them as a couple. She says the only thing missing is Charlotte. He says it won’t be long. She tells him regardless, she’d still be there. She loves him for him. He says he wanted her back, and she says he got what he wanted. They kiss.

In St. Petersburg, Ava hunts down Patient 6 in the lounge again. She is just relentless. She tells him she’s starting to think he’s parked there so the staff doesn’t risk contact. She says he doesn’t even move, except his hands. She wonders if she should be scared, since she’s been warned. Even the doctor seemed nervous when she asked about him, and she doesn’t think much intimidates him. She tells Patient 6 that she thinks her consultation went well, but isn’t sure, since everyone is so tight-lipped about everything. Especially him.

Lulu asks Charlotte why she wants to talk to her father. Charlotte wants to know about her friend Bailey having scoliosis. He’s told Charlotte that he had it and got better, so maybe he can help Bailey.

Nina asks if Valentin knows how Ava is doing, and he says she made it to the clinic. Nina doesn’t understand why he’s helping her. She says it’s Ava’s word against his, and she has no evidence to back it up. He says what if, by some stretch of the imagination, Spencer wins. He’ll listen to Ava’s tale, and if by a small chance he convinces the jury, Lulu and Dante will jump on it. He says he’s had to fight for Charlotte since day one, when he stole the embryo. Nina says it’s not stealing if it’s yours, and reminds me of Ratso in Midnight Cowboy, saying if it’s free, he ain’t stealing it. Valentin says if there’s the slightest chance, he’ll eliminate it, and if there’s a small problem, he’s not letting it become a big one. The doorbell rings. Valentin says he’ll send them away, and they can resume celebration.

Ava tells Patient 6 that for all she knows, the story about him being shot is just a story. She wonders why she should trust anyone there. She says what happened to him could have been the result of surgery. She doesn’t like looking in the mirror, but will take it over being a vegetable. She immediately apologizes, but says this place gives her the creeps. It feels like a prison. Patient 6 clenches his fist.

Franco shows Scotty the photo. He says it’s one thing to have an imaginary friend, but another to have proof. He and Jason are in the photo, and dressed the same. It’s not some weird coincidence. Scotty suggests maybe it was baseball shirt day. He admits there’s a resemblance to Jason, but he was Jason’s guardian for a hot second, and has known Jason his entire life. Jason spent his childhood in Port Charles, and this kid isn’t Jason.

Elizabeth asks Felix if he’s sure that he didn’t see Franco mingling. Andre sees the painting of the boys, and says it’s cool. Elizabeth says it’s her favorite, and he tells her that the image is unique. All the work together is undeniably powerful, but in this one, even though there’s a barrier between the two worlds, it feels hopeful. A woman approaches them and says that people died for this garbage, including her sister, and they’re applauding it. She tells them that her sister’s life was worth a million dollars, but there are some things that money can’t fix. She moves toward the painting with something, and Elizabeth blocks her.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s surreal; like going back in time. Sonny says, Michael. Carly tells him that Jason was a rock then, but it’s different now. Before he vanished and came back, he was always there, even before Sonny knew he needed him, but not since he’s come back. Sonny says that Jason has a choice now. She says they could have stopped him. She used to know how he’d react to anything. Now she knows nothing, and it scares her.

Franco asks Scotty why Betsy would run off, unless there’s something big she didn’t want him to know. Scotty asks why it’s so important, and Franco says that his entire childhood could be lie. Scotty says maybe there’s more to it, but that’s crazy. Franco says whoever it is in the picture helped him. He was scared a lot as a kid, and his friend was his champion, and all of a sudden, he was gone. He thought he did something, or was a bad person, and it started him on a spiral. Scotty says that there’s no point in going down that dark, dismal road. The tumor is gone, everything is right in the world, and he wants to burn the picture. He tells Franco to at least put it away for 24 hours. This is his big night.

Charlotte runs to Nina. Lulu says that she wanted to call, but she thought they should come over. Charlotte is worried about a friend, and thought Valentin could help. Charlotte explains that Bailey from dance class might have scoliosis. She asks Valentin if she has it.

Ava tells Patient 6, that the clinic is the opposite from prison, right? It’s an oasis, a miracle casino where you beat the odds. Maybe she’s uncomfortable because she doesn’t think she deserves it. Being beautiful outside doesn’t match what’s inside. She asks about him. Who he was before he became a so-called dangerous psychotic, staring out the window. Is he good inside? Does he have people waiting for him to come home who love him?

When Franco and Scotty return to the gallery, Scotty wonders why the cops are there. Elizabeth’s dress is covered in red paint. She tells Franco that someone tried to deface the painting. He’s impressed that she stood between a vandal and art. She tells him that the woman was a plaintiff in the lawsuit, who lost a sister. Dante has the woman in handcuffs, and she says no one was hurt, unlike Franco’s victims. Dante tells her that she still doesn’t get to vandalize his property. Franco approaches, and asks if Lorraine was her sister. She hopes he’s enjoying showing the artwork that took lives. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says he’s sick, and no amount of charity or money will change that.

Carly wonders what Jason would want now. She tells Sonny that everything is different. Look how fast Jason got out of the business. Maybe this Jason would want to go to a facility. Sonny says it’s not up to them. Carly understands, but says the Jason she knew would hate this, and wouldn’t want it for any of them. It isn’t living; it’s being in limbo. Sonny says the best case scenario is him waking up and telling him what his wishes are. Carly promises Jason never to leave him again.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he’s had her checked, and she doesn’t have scoliosis. Her spine is perfect. His wasn’t, so he had to get it fixed. He says he can call Bailey’s mom and talk her through the next step.

Ava says since Patient 6 can’t talk, she’ll talk enough for the both of them. Not really, but she just keeps on going. She tells him about her daughters, and how if she hadn’t been injured, one never would have forgiven her. She gets on floor in front of him. She says her list of transgressions is long and distinguished, and she’s not proud of it. Only two people love her; her brother and her girls. She has no friends to speak of; that’s why he was so special. She wouldn’t even know what it’s like to have real friend if not for Nikolas. Patient 6 grabs her hand.

She tells him to let go. Then says, please, he’s hurting her. He releases her, and she asks if he knows Nikolas. A nurse asks what she’s doing; she was told not to bother Patient 6. Ava says she was just talking to him, and he grabbed her. The nurse says that he’s disoriented, and it’s for her own safety. He’s on a lot of medication, and what she perceives as helping, he might not, and it won’t go over well. He used to be in restraints. Ava doesn’t want anything to ruin what freedom he has, and asks if the name Nikolas Cassadine means anything to the nurse. Patient 6’s hands move.

On the phone with Bailey’s mother, Valentin explains about app from Shriners Hospital that helps test for scoliosis. He says then it’s to be followed up with a physical exam. He tells her to call him back after the preliminary check and they can discuss options. Charlotte asks what will happen, and Valentin tells her about Shriners, and says she’ll have to go to the hospital. Charlotte seems distressed, and he says it’s a good thing, and Bailey will get treatment there. She thanks him, and he says that she can always come to him. She says she loves him, and Nina tells her it’s past her bedtime, and walks her out. Lulu thanks Valentin, and he tells her that he does whatever he can for Charlotte. He asks if they can work together for her sake, and she says they’ll take it a day at a time.

Sonny wants to take Carly home, but she doesn’t want to leave. He suggests at least getting some coffee.

Franco asks Dante if this is necessary; he’s not going to press charges. Elizabeth says she’s fine; it’s just a dress. It was a nice one though. Black bamboo print on white. Dante says it’s his call, and uncuffs her. She says she hopes Franco burns in hell, and there will be people lined up to toss matches.

Elizabeth asks where he was, and Franco says getting some fresh air. Andre and Felix congratulate him, and jet. Franco tells Elizabeth he’s sorry she got mixed up in that. His past never stops rearing its ugly head. Scotty suggests a nightcap, but Elizabeth wants to be there when Jason is moved. Franco says he’ll go with her.

Lulu and Charlotte make a friendship bracelet for Bailey. Charlotte goes upstairs and Lulu says she made the right call.

Nina wonders why it was hard for Valentin to talk to Charlotte about his illness. It wasn’t his fault. He says he wants to be her hero, and when she comes to him, wants to move mountains. He doesn’t want her to see him as sickly or weak. Nina says she hates the word sickly, and maybe he was that, but never weak. She tells him that he should probably show her his old picture before she sees it by accident or becomes curious. He says she’ll be horrified, and Nina says she wasn’t; maybe startled because he looks different. Charlotte might be startles, but she’ll see the man in the photograph and know it’s him. She’ll see the hero who moves mountains. That’s all that matters because she loves him. Just like it’s all that matters to Nina.

The nurse tells Ava that the only Cassadine she knows is Valentin. Ava says when she said his name. Patient 6 grabbed her. The nurse says he’s very strong and fast, and impossible to predict; they never know what to expect. Now she’ll have to report it, and they’ll increase his medication. Ava says she was told not to bother him, and she doesn’t want it known that she broke the rules, or the patient to get more medication because of her. The nurse says she’ll let it go this time, but tells Ava to remember that her actions have consequences for him. She takes Ava back to her room. Patient 6 moves his hand some more.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth how Jason is, and she says the same. Sam and Alexis are touring the facility, and he should go home and get some sleep. She says he came from a place of grief and anger that he couldn’t get past, but he’s not a monster. He’s made her happier than she’s ever been, and makes her boys smile. Every day is an adventure. He tells her it’s been a long day, and he’s tired. She says she loves him and will see him in the morning. She leaves and he goes into Jason’s room.

Franco tells Jason if they’re connected by blood, he needs him to wake up and tell him who he is. Then Franco can figure out who he is, and why he did what he’s done.

Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Lulu admits to Dante that Valentin is great with Charlotte. He says she is too; she put Charlotte first. They start getting busy again. He tells her it’s messed up and complicated, but they’re doing all right. Lulu agrees.

Valentin talks to Bailey’s mother again, telling her about how Shriners has helped so many children with scoliosis. She can make an appointment through the app and he’ll go with her, as well as Charlotte. He tells her to try not to worry. With the early diagnosis and treatment, Bailey should be fine.

He tells Nina that he used to worry about Charlotte. Nina says that if she’d had scoliosis, he would have been there for her, the way no one there for him. She wishes she’d known him back then. She would have seen who he really was inside, and would have kissed him back. He says that’s easy to say now. She says who knows what would have gone through her mind, but now she’s in awe of him. He tells her stop it, and she says he’s suffered and been though pain, but look what he’s become. It doesn’t make him less than, but more than, because survived it al. He’s incredible.

Carly and Sonny go to Jason’s room. She says she’s been grieving for him, Sam, and the kids, but not for herself, because the connection never really came back.

Patient 6 removes his glasses, and we see his eyes. Dammit! It’s Steve Burton. I guess this means he’s Nikolas? There go my fifty-seven other theories.

So much for Steve cruising in on a motorcycle, like they showed us in the ads.

Next time, Anna tells Finn to remember it’s for the greater good, Lulu goes to Shriners, and Carly asks if Michael doesn’t want proof of Nelle’s innocence.

🚑 If you would like to make a donation to Shriners Hospitals, call 800-617-5700 or go to

If Loving You is Wrong

I can’t wait to see what that lunatic Randal will come up with this season.

When we last left, Eddie was surrounded, and Kelly was getting arrested.

A shot is fired inside Kelly’s house. The kids come running out of the bedroom, and one of them says that Justice had a gun. Esperanza asks Kelly why she has a loaded gun in her house. Natalie tells her to calm down; everything is all right. Kelly tells Justice to never touch a gun; he could have killed someone. Esperanza won’t shut up, and Justice asks why his mom has handcuffs on. Kelly says there’s been a misunderstanding. She’ll be home soon and explain. She tells him to go with Natalie. The kids start getting upset, and Kelly is taken back outside. As she’s taken to the patrol car, Justice wants to know what’s going on. Kelly tells Natalie to call Lushion. Natalie tries, but gets voicemail.

Brad and Alex are making out like bandits, when their kids interrupt. Paisley says she’s scared. When Alex asks why, she says the gun, and Peter asks if they didn’t hear it. He tells them that Justice was showing them Kelly’s gun, and it went off. Esperanza wanders in, and Brad wonders what Kelly was thinking. Esperanza says she isn’t. Brad says he’ll talk to her, and Paisley says the police took her away. Esperanza says it’s more complicated than that, and Alex tells the kids to go upstairs.

Brad asks what happened. Esperanza says she had no idea there was a gun in the house. Alex is like, they arrested her for that? Esperanza says she was arrested for Ramsay’s murder, but it’s a misunderstanding. Brad asks if she’s sure. Esperanza says they’re talking about Kelly, but he says she didn’t know Kelly had a gun either. Brad asks if she was actually arrested, but Esperanza doesn’t know. Brad says that Kelly shouldn’t say a word. Esperanza says she didn’t do anything. Brad says he didn’t either, and was kept there for hours. He thinks Kelly should get an attorney asap.

Marcie goes to see old friend Larry. He tells her to fill him in on Randal. She says that they’re getting a divorce. Larry asks if it’s that bad, and she says it is. He thought when she’d said they were having troubles, it meant therapy, but she says they’re beyond that. He thought they would be together forever, and she tells him that he was wrong. Larry asks if she wants him to talk to Randal. She says she wants him to represent her in the divorce; Randal won’t even sign the papers. Since they were roommates in college, she thinks Randal will respect him. He suggests giving Randal a call, and seeing where his head is at. Marcie thinks that’s a good idea. Larry’s not saying he’ll represent her, but he’ll talk to Randal. He asks what happened. She says besides him cheating with a neighbor and getting her pregnant? Larry is sorry. She says don’t be; just get him to sign.

Larry introduces her to one of his partners, Ian. Ian says he’ll come back, but Marcie says she was just leaving. Ian gives Larry some files. This sounds unimportant, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing Ian in the future.

In the interrogation room, Eddie says he ain’t saying sh*t. He asks the FBI officers who brought him in what they think they have, and they walk out. Steve comes in along with Lushion. Lushion says they’re the only help Eddie has. Eddie asks how such low-level PD officers got let in there. He says they’re FBI, and now they think they’ve got him. Lushion says they know they got him. Eddie asks about them all showing up at Rusty’s place, and Lushion says they were asked to be there. Eddie tells Lushion he’ll never be above him, but Lushion says he’ll walk out a free man. Eddie says that Lushion doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Lushion says they have murder and attempted murder. Eddie says he’s an FBI agent who doesn’t have the balls to man up to it. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie pretends he doesn’t know Andrew. Steve says he should make it easier on himself. Eddie tells him to ask dead Rusty. Steve says he’s asking him. Lushion rushes Eddie, and Steve pulls him off. Eddie talks about himself in the third person, saying, Eddie don’t do time. Steve says they know that Eddie, the captain, and a few of the other officers are crooked. Eddie says the two of them are FBI, because he can’t think of anything else to say. Lushion tells Eddie that they have him on a silver platter. Eddie says he’ll be out of here later, and getting a hot piece of ass. I refrain from dropping the soap jokes. They leave, and he tells them to get out. In that order.

Steve tells Lushion that he can’t be grabbing Eddie like that; they have to keep it clean. They have him, and there’s nothing else they can do. Lushion asks if Steve is sure they covered all the bases; Eddie seems too arrogant. Steve says he’s Eddie. Lushion thinks he’s too calm and cool, and up to something. Steve lists all of Eddie’s transgressions, and says they have him. Lushion says that it doesn’t feel right; he has something up his sleeve. Steve says that Eddie is done. Lushion says, book ‘em, Steve-O. Eddie watches through the blinds, and Lushion says he’s up to something.

Lushion’s phone rings. Natalie needs to talk. He asks what’s going on, and she says a lot. Kelly was arrested for Ramsay’s murder. He says he’ll look into it; what else? Natalie thinks she’s in trouble. Kelly bought a gun. He asks what that has to do with her, and she says it was in the house. Justice found it, and everyone is all right, but it went off. Lushion asks why Kelly had a gun, and Natalie says because of Travis. He wonders why she didn’t get some lessons in safety, but Natalie says she doesn’t think it was that easy. She didn’t go to a gun shop. Lushion asks what she’s saying, and Natalie tells him that she told Kelly to buy it and where to get it; her girl hooked Kelly up. Natalie claims that she thought they were legal. Lushion says there’s nothing legal about her. Natalie asks if she can get in trouble, and Lushion says she can, and don’t send anyone else to that crazy girl. He asks where the gun is, and she tells him that Dion took it to the station. Lushion is like, great, just great, and says he’ll take care of it.

Randal installs a camera pointed at Brad and Alex’s house. His phone rings. It’s Larry. Randal says sometimes he thinks Larry avoids him, but Larry says he’s just been busy. He asks how Randal’s wife is, and Randal says that’s a long discussion. Larry suggests having drinks, and Randal asks if he’s buying, since he’s making all the money. Isn’t Randal a psychiatrist? Not that we’ve ever seen him go to work. They make plans to meet the next day. Larry tells Randal get a driver; they have a lot of catching up to do.

The mail truck pulls up. Randal motions the mailman over. He says hasn’t seen him around, but the mailman says he’s been working the same territory for years, and has even put mail in Randal’s hands. Randal says, so, you’re the mailman? and the mailman says, no, I just like wearing the uniform. Ha-ha! Randal asks if he knows Alex, and the mailman says she’s a nice lady who gives him cookies on holidays. Randal starts asking if the cookies are good, and saying she gives them out to too many Black men. The mailman asks if they’re talking about pastries. Randal asks how well he knows her, and he says he just delivers the mail. Randal asks how old he is, and if he thinks Alex is hot. The mailman says that he doesn’t know her any better than he knows Randal, she’s never invited him in, and he has mail to deliver. Randal asks if she’s ever offered him sex, and the mailman says no, he’s happily married. Randal says, aren’t we all? He watches the mailman go down the street. Randal is beyond a hot mess.

Alex asks if Brad is okay. He asks if the baby is asleep. She says yes, and home, thank God. She explains how she had supervised visits prior to an on-sight evaluation. Once the social worker came out and the judge saw her report, she was granted full custody. She says that Brad doesn’t have to ask about him; she knows it’s difficult. Brad says he’s a helpless little kid. She takes his hand, and thanks him for saving the baby. Brad says he had no choice. She tells him that he’s a good man, and she’s a fool. He says she just made a mistake; they all did. Alex says he never hurt her the way she hurt him, but she deserved it. Brad says that she deserved to be loved, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He couldn’t have done a good job, because she went looking elsewhere. She says it had nothing to do with him; it was her own insecurities. He says that doesn’t make it hurt less. Alex knows, and she’s sorry. He asks how she’s been coping, and she says its hard, but she’s managing. She misses him. She starts to cry, saying that she misses him in the morning and at night; she takes a shower and it smells like him. Brad tells her that he loves her. Alex says that she loves him, and asks what they’re doing. He says they’ll work it out. She wonders if it’s okay to get her hopes up about them, and he tells her that it is. They kiss, and he tells her that he loves her again. He has to leave, and hugs her good-by. She tells him the locks are still the same and his keys work. He can come back whenever he wants to. He thanks her.

Randal’s phone rings. I guess it’s some kind of alert he set up, because he pops out and asks how Brad is, and if he’s moving back in with that whore, that slut. He thought Brad would be stronger. Did he know that’s not Randal’s kid? Brad doesn’t even acknowledge him at all. Randal says that he gets it. Brad doesn’t want to talk. Well, he’ll be next door, driving him and that bitch crazy. Number one on the to-do list: move.

Kelly waits in the interrogation room. She calls for someone to tell her what’s going on. Outside in the hall, Lushion asks Dion about Kelly. Dion tells him to talk to the DA. He walks away, and Lushion calls him an a-hole. He goes into the room, and asks if Kelly is okay. She says no. They won’t tell her anything, and she’s been arrested for murder. He says he knows, and she says she doesn’t know why, since she didn’t do it. He says that makes two things he knows. He asks if she has any idea why they’d think she did it, but she has nothing. He tells her that they’d need to have solid evidence to bring her in. She thinks Travis has set her up. Lushion says he doesn’t seem that bright. She says he’s dumb enough to have been able to get away with stalking her.

A woman in an expensive suit walks in. Lushion asks if they can talk outside, but she doesn’t think so. He wants to know what’s going on, and she says he’ll find out soon enough. He says that he knows Kelly, and she asks him to leave. Kelly begs him not to, but the woman says he can’t stay. Kelly asks her what’s happening, and she says Kelly will know as soon as Lushion is gone. She tells him to let Justice know that she’ll see him soon. Lushion leaves, and the woman, who has yet to introduce herself, says she wouldn’t count on it. Kelly says that she didn’t do anything, but the woman says she’s under arrest for Ramsay’s murder. Kelly repeats that she didn’t do anything. The woman says he dialed 911, and she was recorded. She pulls out her phone and plays it. It’s “Ramsay” (I think it’s Travis), saying he’s been stabbed, and no, Kelly, no! Don’t hurt me! Please. Kelly is nowhere on that recording. The woman asks if she needs to hear anymore. Well, I would. I’d also want my lawyer. Was Kelly even read her rights?

Next time, Brad tells Marcie that he’s getting back with Alex, Lushion says Travis did this, and Marcie asks Ian if he could get her off for killing someone.

Below Deck

The captain and Nico try to hunt down Chris, but he’s in his bunk, sleeping like a baby. Captain Lee asks Nico why there’s no response, and he goes to find out. Baker is pissed because they’re under a microscope as it is. Nico finds Chris, and says wtf? He tells him he can’t have nights like that if he can’t stay awake the next day.

Kate wants to train the stews on dinner service. She suggests that she and Captain Lee have dinner on the deck like the guests, so she can be the worst charter guest ever. Nico tells the captain that Chris was sleeping. Kate says how rude. Captain Lee says being dumb and strong is okay for a deckhand, but Chris is just one of those things.

Nico tells Chris that the captain knows he was sleeping, but thinks that his radio was down in the cabin. He says that it’s too early for him to be pulling stuff like this. Kate is hoping the stews heads are empty enough to receive the information she has to impart. She’s giving classes in everything today, from laundry to bartending.

Chris tells Baker that he got a lecture from Nico, but the nap felt fantastic. Kate tests a drink Brianna has made. She thinks the lessons are silly. I don’t. These two weren’t so great at working last charter.

The primary guest is John Eli, who owns some popular restaurants in San Diego and Maui. He’s bringing five guy friends along. They want water sports (not that kind), a multi-course seafood feast including sushi, and a tequila pairing. Kate says that tequila is usually paired with bad decisions and a hangover. They can make that happen.

Kate says that the girls have no experience, and don’t realize how bad a charter can be. We flash back to some real bastards. She says that she’s trying to channel her worst charter guests, so they’ll know what it’s like. She makes Captain Lee laugh when she demands a drink. In her interview, she says it’s like a fire drill, and she’s the fire. I can’t stop laughing watching the captain laugh. He tries to play along.

Next is dinner. Kate screeches for another cocktail. Brianna has to instruct Jen on pouring an ounce, and she’s confused. Brianna thinks by the time she learns, the season will be over. Kate sends the cocktail back for something pinker. She compliments Brianna on clearing well. They bring the girls in for a critique. Captain Lee expects them to learn quickly, and Kate says they did better than expected. From Brianna, she sees a glimmer of hope, but Jen is a glimmer of nope.

Chris tells us he’s doing his best to learn. Nico says it’s going to be a bad day to get off the dock. In his interview, Matt tells us how hard sushi is to make, and that he hates it. The provisions come on board. Kate meets a guy she calls “hot Jesus,” on the dock. The first mate is sick, and they can’t leave the dock without one. Chris flirts with Brianna, asking her to hang out later.

Captain Lee calls for a staff meeting. He says the first officer is sick, and has to leave. He’s working on a replacement, but they can’t move the boat off the dock. Except for Nico, the crew is so green, he’s not comfortable with it. They’re telling the guests it’s a mechanical difficulty, and they’re not to know someone is sick. Kate is happy that she can go meet up with hot Jesus now – Christmas came early.

The guests arrive. Captain Lee tells them that there’s a mechanical problem, so they can’t get off the dock as soon as they’d like, but the minute it’s fixed, they’ll be off. Kate does the tour. She says the group’s vibe is sassy, catty, and it’s going to be a long 48 hours. She tells us it’s not a great sign that Matt is looking at a cookbook, and worse, not embarrassed about it. She’s a little nervous.

Nico asks the guests if they want to use the jet skis and sea bobs. Those must be those things that make you go up in the air. A couple of them use the tender. Jesus (whose real name is Morton) and Kate text. Lunch looks amazing, a rare tenderloin stir-fry. Matt says Jen is on the slow side, but gets stuff done. First mate Nick arrives. For dessert, the guests want tequila shots. One of them questions no one having tested the boat before charter. At this point, Matt hates sushi even more.

Kate asks Bruno how he feels about being the sushi platter. Yuk! She says he’s proud of his body, so they might as well put it to use. He’s in. Kate tells Matt not to go crazy with plating. Nico says he could have done naked sushi, while showing us his dad bod. The guests laugh like hyenas, and do rude things with the tongs. Chris says he would have done it; he likes making money. Wow. One of the guests is so drunk, he doesn’t know the names of the silverware pieces. And I don’t mean anything fancy. He confuses the knife with chopsticks. Kate thinks Jesus is a sign from God. A guest breaks a glass in the galley while asking for another drink. The guests all begin to get obnoxious and start to wander around.

A couple of them harass Jen in the galley. One asks where Kate is, and Jen doesn’t know. She talks to Chris about how they’re not supposed to leave the boat. Chris tells her to keep prodding. In her interview, Jen wants to throw Kate under the bus. The guests finally go to bed at 1 am, although all that seemed like forever. I’m sure it felt like forever to the crew. Kate slips back in after her tryst with Jesus/Morton.

Matt tells Brianna that she’s wonderful. He thinks they have chemistry. Nico says they’re getting off the dock. He gives instructions to the deckhands. Lots of hangovers at breakfast. That wonderful breakfast. It’s time to get the little boat into the water. Captain Lee flashes back to the last time, which he calls a clusterf*ck. Matt works on the tequila pairing. One of the guests isn’t cool with eggplant parmesan, but says nothing.

Jen asks what, or who, Kate did last night. In her interview, she says it’s unprofessional and Kate should be setting an example. I choke on my coffee. One of the guests whines to Matt, asking if eggplant parmesan will “really go good” with tequila. Matt thinks the tomato sauce works. I hate tequila, so this is meaningless to me. Brianna suggests paella, and Matt decides on red snapper with Spanish rice. The guests feel better about that.

The captain says that Chris sis still lost, although he sees improvement with Bruno. The slide is brought out, and the guests do some diving and sliding. Since Chris knows his booze, Matt consults with him on which tequilas to use. Kate radios for Jen, who deliberately ignores her. Even though there are guests standing in the galley doorway, Jen calls Kate a bitch. Kate tells Jen she sucks at her job, but she’s hilarious. In her interview, Kate says the more Jen raises the bar with her attitude, the more she’s going to remind her that she shouldn’t.

The pairing is on, and the guests are loving it. Thankfully, they turn in early. Jen tells Chris about what Kate said.

The last day begins, and Chris tells Nico that he’s getting drunk tonight. Nico says if he’s napping tomorrow, pack his bags too. For the last breakfast, fancy Eggs Benedict – my favorite! The Valor docks without incident. Captain Lee tells everyone to get their asses out on deck. Nico thinks being stuck at the dock will affect the tip, but Bruno was the saving grace, which is pretty much what the primary says. All-in-all though, they were happy. The guests leave, the crew does some cleaning, and it’s tip time.

The captain says he sees improvement in a short period of time, but some still aren’t getting it. They were a man down, and couldn’t leave, which was pathetic. He tells them to be ready to work at 8 am tomorrow. If anyone decides their time is better spent napping, they can pack their bags. The tip is $17K; $1645 each. That’s pretty good.

Time to go out. In her interview, Jen says it’s an adjustment to be at the bottom of the ladder again, so she’s ready to have some fun. She claims to have been a supervisor at her previous job, and I’m wondering who let her supervise anything. Brianna falls on the way to the bar. I’m not sure what this means for the rest of the evening, since the night is young. Nico says Bruno deserves a good night out. Chris watches Brianna dance, and says she’s got the moves. Matt says Jen likes to drink, and yes, she does. Here comes Jesus. Kate says hallelujah! He’s no Brody (Too Close to Home), but he’s okay. Chris dances with Brianna. Did he just wipe his hand on her knee? Chris thinks he has a shot with her, if he continues making his intensions clear. I’m not so sure about that. Jen calls for Kate from the bathroom. Kate says she doesn’t mind training Jen, but nobody comes between her and Jesus.

Next time, a charter of eight women, Matt asks Brianna out, the Valor hits the dock, and Captain Lee promises there will be a change in the configuration.

📣 Watch What Happens Live had an interesting pairing tonight with Jax and Captain Lee. One does nothing but bullsh*t, and the other can’t stand bullsh*t. I’ll have more to say about Jax at a later date. I like him less and less as time goes on.

They never dress like this on the show…




September 18, 2017 – Sam Makes a Decision, a Volleyball Game & Some Honest Tea


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava sneaks around the clinic and finds Patient 6 in the lounge. She asks if he’s been there all night, and babbles at him. She says she was told he’s dangerous. There was a time she enjoyed flirting with danger, until she played with fire and got burned. Literally.

Griff consults with another doctor on Ava’s chances are of recovery. He says there aren’t any, and there isn’t even any protocol. Griff tells him that she went to a clinic in Russia that claims they can help her, but the doctor says even if someone had a breakthrough, the fact that it wasn’t publicized is cause for concern.

Finn tells Anna he took a vacation. She says apparently, on his vacation, he brought back smuggled pharmaceuticals. He tells her to prove it, and she says he met with a drug trafficker.

Curtis tells Sonny that anything that will help keep Jason’s family safe, he’s the guy. Sonny says things are dicey, and thinks they’re going to stay that way, but his help could make a difference.

Elizabeth gazes at the painting of the two boys. Scotty says it’s the artist’s struggle to maintain tradition in an ever-changing world of technology. She says that’s an impressive analysis, and he tells her that he just made it up, trying to get the price up. She tells him that Franco doesn’t want to sell it, but he says everyone is drawn to it. The rest of the paintings give him the willies. Elizabeth says Franco was sick then, and Scotty says when Franco was crazy, he got the art ball rolling, but Elizabeth was the game changer. She can reign him in if he goes too far. She tells Scotty that Franco doesn’t get rattled like he used to.

Franco asks Betsy why he’s next to Jason in the photo. She tells him that it’s high time she gave him the truth. He says let’s start with something simple; the kid in the photo is Jason, right? Betsy tells him to be careful what he asks for. He might not be happy hearing the answers.

At the hospital, Sam talks to Alexis on phone. Jason moves the pinky on his neatly manicured hand.

Finn asks if Anna is accusing him of drug smuggling because he was on Sonny’s plane. She says that every trip is logged, and she knows he met with a drug dealer. While the WSB has a detailed account of the meeting, it’s possible the notes could be misplaced, but if he doesn’t cooperate, she’ll have time to make sure they get to the right desk. He accuses her of blackmail. She says you say blackmail, I say Oregon. I’m sure that’s not what she said, but that’s what it sounded like.

Jordan makes herself known, and Curtis says he thought they were meeting at Perks. She tells him that when he wasn’t there, she doubled back. Sonny leaves, and Curtis says let’s go. She says sure, after he tells her what he was doing with Sonny.

Ava continues to talk to the silent Patient 6. She asks if his family misses and loves him. She thinks no one misses her, and blabs about her kids. She’d thought she’d met someone, but they were about as interested in her as he is. Larissa comes in and grabs her, saying that she was told not to bother him. Any distraction could set him off. Ava’s phone is in Larissa’s hand, and it starts to ring. Ava asks who’s calling her?

In Port Charles, Griff tells Ava to pick up.

Scotty asks Elizabeth what her intentions are for his son. They moved in together, which is a big deal. Elizabeth says that it is, but everything she does is to provide stability for her kids. She wouldn’t have let him move in if it wasn’t for the long haul. Scotty isn’t sure Franco has put enough thought into it. He has no doubt that Franco loves them, but he’s impulsive and doesn’t think about consequences. Elizabeth asks if they’re still talking about him moving in with her.

Franco tells Betsy that she’s always tried to protect him. She wonders why upset the apple cart? He’s making art again and sharing his gift to the world. He’s in love and has a family of his own. Why borrow trouble? Elizabeth approaches, and asks what she missed.

On the phone, Sam says it will take time, but Jason will come back. She hangs up and tells Jason that she’s sorry. She knows that it’s annoying only hearing one end of a conversation. Her mom wants her to go home and get some rest, but she’s not going anywhere. She’s staying by his side, because he’d do the same thing. She just needs him to get better. She takes his hand, and he squeezes it a little.

Finn asks Anna what part of his oath makes it okay to lie. She says it was okay to lie to his superiors at GH and put his patients at risk, but he draws the line at helping with a case. He tells her that it’s unfair to bring his addiction into it. She says that Cassandra is profiting from people’s misery, and she needs to take her down. Finn asks which part is where she’s allowed to work through her personal issues, since it seems like she’s really after Valentin. She asks if he’s going to be part of her solution or part of her problem.

Curtis tells Jordan he knows her look of disapproval. She says that if he and Sonny were just talking about the weather, there’s nothing to worry about. He tells her that he was offering support for Jason. She says oh, just a friendly ear and shoulder to cry on. He says that, and his services.

Larissa tells Ava she can talk on the phone when she’s discharged. She needs to focus on her procedure. Ava says she hasn’t even met the doctor yet. Dr. Baronski (who isn’t sure if he’s Russian or Scottish) suddenly appears, and says there’s no time like the present.

Franco pockets the photo. Betsy tells her that they were just talking about how happy she’s made Franco. She was concerned when she found out that Elizabeth had children, and Elizabeth says he’s great with her boys. Betsy says it’s not just an adjustment for them, and asks if the boys’ father is understanding, since she doesn’t know there are three fathers. Elizabeth tells her that there were differences with her middle son’s father, but thinks Jason is starting to accept things. Betsy says not Jason Morgan – she’s raising Jason’s son?

Griff gets Ava’s voicemail and leaves a message. He doesn’t want to be obnoxious since this is the fifth or sixth time he’s called, but he knows she’s in Russia and why. He doesn’t want her to regret her decision and suggests they talk first. If she still wants to go through with it, he’ll offer moral support.

Sonny sees Griff, and asks if he wants to talk. Griff doesn’t know where to begin. Sam comes out of Jason’s room, and tells them that Jason is waking up.

Finn tells Anna that this is crazy. He’s a doctor, not an operative. The Bureau must have someone who can go with her. She says probably, but it would take too much time. Cassandra is concerned with infectious diseases, his specialty, plus he has a great bedside manner. He tells her that being blackmailed makes him grumpy, but she says he’s making a bigger deal of it than it is. If he helps her, she’ll make sure that the incriminating documents disappear. He tells her that she wins, and she says she thought she would.

Curtis tells Jordan that he let Sonny know that he was available. Jordan asks for what, and he says if Sonny needs something investigated or security. She says working for Sonny means navigating a lot of grey area. It might start on the up and up, but how long before there are consequences (the word of the day)? Is he going to stay loyal to Sonny, or turn his ass in?

Sam tells Sonny about Jason squeezing her hand. Griff comes out of Jason’s room. He says sorry, that didn’t mean Jason was coming to.

Betsy asks if Jason has no problem with Franco being in Jake’s life. Elizabeth says she thinks there are challenges, but if anyone can make it work, it’s them. Franco says and they are. Betsy is glad, and says she’d love to meet the boys. She’ll be in town for a while; she wants to spend quality time with her son. She’s tired right now though, and says she might as well make use of the lovely room he booked for her at the MetroCourt. She tells him the art show is wonderful, and he should be proud. Franco follows her out. She says that she’ll tell him everything, but not here. She doesn’t want anyone overhearing. She tells him to meet her in her hotel room.

Ava says she was wondering when the doctor would get around to her, like she’s the only patient at the clinic. He tells her that he adjusted his schedule to be accommodating, but she seems skeptical even after seeing the results. She tells him that she’s reluctant, since every doctor told her the scars were permanent, but if he restored Larissa’s face, he can do the same for her. He tells her that if she’s troubled by their policies, she’s welcome to leave. He asks if he’s treating her or not. Ava says that she’s willing to take the risk if he is. She knows he’s a miracle worker, but it’s going to take more than a trip to Lourdes to fix her face. He says Valentin told him that she was difficult, and she says he tends to exaggerate. Dr. Baronski says that he’s like all Cassadines, and we see Patient 6 react, clenching his fist again.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Betsy is sweet. She asks if he’s okay, but he says it’s his first showing in years. He forgot how much he hates it. She says they can get through it together. He tells her that if he never painted again, he’d be okay with that if she was around. He says the do need money though, so they should divide and conquer. They split up to talk to the patrons.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s not a snitch, and not planning on being one now. She says he knows what he’s doing, and he’s choosing to do it for a crime lord. Sonny will see how good he is, and open doors for his career. Working for Sonny is like quicksand, pulling you in little by little, before you realize you’re in so deep, you can’t get out of it. If Curtis ran this scenario by most cops, they’d think he was either incredibly naïve, or using it to leverage his position. Curtis asks what position, and she says as the Police Commissioner’s boyfriend.

Griff explains to Sam that Jason had an involuntary muscle spasm. Sam insists that Jason heard her, but Griff says that patients in this condition often experience movement. Sam maintains that Jason is coming back. Griff tells her to keep talking to him. He can her and needs to know what he’s fighting for.

When he’s gone, Sonny tells Sam he’s right; keep talking. Sam says he doesn’t know anything, and they just want to make him someone else’s problem. She was so close to sending him away, but she’s not doing it now. She’s taking him home.

Jordan asks Curtis how it will look to the department if she’s dating a rising star in the Corrinthos clan. Curtis asks why she cares what they think, but she asks if he’s thought about how she feels. The day after he says he loves her, he offers to work for the godfather of Port Charles. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he planned it. Curtis says it’s about her, not Sonny. He thought she wasn’t going to actively look for obstacles in their relationship. She says there’s one staring her in the face and she’s choosing not to ignore it.

Sonny tells Sam, let’s do it. He says it will be a lot of work. They’ll have to outfit the penthouse with equipment. She says she’ll turn it into a hospital if she has to. He asks how much the kids know, and she says Scout is just a baby, but Danny knows his father is sick. Sonny says she has to be honest with him. Seeing him hooked up to tubes and machines could be scary for a kid. She says that she’ll explain things. Sonny tells her that there will be a lot of people around, since he’ll need care 24/7, and it could take a while. Danny won’t understand. Sonny’s opinion is to sit him down and be clear that just because there might be movement doesn’t mean he’s waking up. He knows this stuff because of Michael. It makes kids grow up fast. Is she sure this is what she wants?

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Griff. He asks if she’s found out anything about the clinic. She tells him it’s going to take time. He doesn’t know if he can wait. He sees the worry over Jason, and he’s supposed to be impartial, but he can’t stop hearing a voice in his head, saying that Ava could end up in the same condition. Anna promises to let him know as soon as she does. He sees the suitcase, and she says she’s leaving on a trip tonight.

Ava says Dr. Baronski sounds like he’s speaking from experience, and asks if he’s dealt with other Cassadines. He says their infamy precedes them. She says in most cases that’s justified, but she became close to a Cassadine no longer with them, who was an exception to the rule.

Scotty tells Elizabeth that the art is selling like hotcakes; go figure. He’s proud of Franco, and apologizes for stepping on any toes. Elizabeth says she’s glad that Franco has two parents who are proud of him. Scotty says two and a half, if she counts Heather, but she doesn’t. He asks what she thinks of Betsy, and Elizabeth says she seems fragile. She tells Scotty that Betsy was tired, and went back to the hotel. She wonders where Franco is.

Franco goes to Betsy’s hotel room. The door is open, and he walks in.

Curtis asks Jordan what if she vets the job first, but she says she’s not telling him what he can or can’t do. he says it sounds like she is already. She tells him to go ahead, but make sure he prioritizes. Either he wants a relationship with Sonny or with her; he can’t have both. She walks off.

Sam asks if Sonny thinks that Jason should come home. He says it doesn’t matter what he thinks. If it was a normal circumstance, he’d want to come home, but he’s going to have to be lying on a bed where he can’t move or talk. Does she think that’s the life he’d want for her? Sam tells him that Spinelli said the same thing, and Sonny says that they agree for once. She asks if she’s supposed to surrender him to strangers, but Sonny says they will be people who know what to give him. She’ll be surrendering to faith, by allowing herself to let go, because she believes he’ll come back. Sonny’s version of setting what you love free. Sam cries and says okay. She asks if he can be close by, and Sonny says no question about it. She asks if Sonny will visit, and he says always. They hug.

Someone puts a sold sticker on the painting with the boys. Elizabeth says it’s not for sale, but the woman says Mr. Baldwin says it was. Elizabeth asks who the buyer is; she’ll talk to them. The woman says it was an online bid, and the sale is final.

Scotty walks into Betsy’s room. He says he knew he’d find Franco there, and asks how it went. Franco says it didn’t. When he got there, the housekeeper was cleaning the room. Betsy checked out.

Anna tells Griff that she can monitor things from the field. He asks if she’s going on WSB business, when Finn comes to the door. Griff says, he’s going? Anna tells Finn to wait in the car. Finn makes an exasperated face that I wish I had a jpg of. Anna tells Griff that maybe she can get a doctor to get into the clinic, but wait for her call, and don’t take matters into his own hands. If he’s right, it’s not only Ava who could be in danger.

Dr. Baronski tells Larissa to prepare the examining room. He tells Ava that the most he can offer is to repair her beauty. If she thinks he can repair her soul, that’s not the case. He can only promise to fix her face, she’ll have to find happiness elsewhere. She says, spiritual restoration not included? She has just one more question, about the patient in the wheelchair. He says Patient 6 is a dangerous psychopath. Ava asks why he’s here at the clinic. He tells her that the patients rely on the clinic’s discretion, and if she violates the rules, she’ll have to leave. Patient 6 is dangerous, and she’s to leave him alone and focus on her own treatment.

Next time, Valentin would do anything for Charlotte, Scotty says the kid isn’t Jason, and Ava talks to Patient 6.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly is having breast reduction surgery, and Michael preps them for making a “before” cast. She talks about the volleyball game she’s having tomorrow, and says that Meghan isn’t invited. She thinks Meghan is jealous because she’s friends with everyone now. Michael asks why she’s getting her breasts made smaller when he sees the finished cast. Bleh.

Lydia meets Tamra for coffee. Lydia saw on social media about what had been discussed at the party. Tamra says that Vicky finally called her, and then invited Ricky and Gretchen to her party, where they talked about Eddie. We flash back to her problems with Gretchen, seasons ago. We don’t see before that though, when Tamra treated Gretchen horribly. Tamra says that Ricky had been her best friend, but when she didn’t invite him to her baptism, he said he was going to destroy her. Geez, some people will do anything to go to a party.

Vicki says she doesn’t even know Ricky, and wonders why Tamra is so pissed at her for just repeating a rumor Tamra knew was going around. Briana says Vicki is a spitfire, and if you back her into a corner, she’ll fight dirty. She doesn’t think Vicki and Tamra’s friendship is done. Vicki says that Tamra hurts her feelings.

Tamra says she’s finally in a place where she’s cool with her daughter and ex, and now Sydney will be reading crap on social media. It’s hard to keep up with that. She’ll say they’re fine, and then I’ll read that her daughter says just the opposite. I doubt this would tip the scales. Lydia doesn’t understand why Vicki would make up with Tamra, and then have her arch enemies at her birthday party. She asks if Tamra is going to Kelly’s volleyball game? Tamra isn’t sure, and Lydia asks if Shannon is coming. Tamra says Shannon thinks Lydia doesn’t like her, and Lydia says she doesn’t (ha-ha!); she seems high maintenance. Tamra says Shannon calls her about twenty-five times a day, and here comes call number three. In her interview, Lydia says she doesn’t text her husband that much.

Diko takes Peggy to her doctor’s appointment. They’ve drug along Coco, who stays in the waiting room. Peggy has had expanders put in for the reconstructive surgery, and they have to be adjusted weekly, which is painful. They’re basically bags of water implanted to expand the tissue. She says it’s been challenging, but she embraces and deals with it, because she wants her body back. I have great admiration for Peggy.

Shannon calls Chris, who is going to be her restaurant partner. She’s assembled a dream team. She talks with the graphic designer, who tells her to open an email, but her Wi-Fi isn’t working outside. In her interview, she tells us she’s a moron when it comes to technology. Apparently so, since the email was right there and she didn’t realize it. She doesn’t like being forced to have Wi-Fi because off the vibrations in the air or something. Golden Retriever Archie bothers her the whole time she’s on the phone. She says her relationship can’t be the thing that defines what happens, she has to be. Whether David is interested in her or not, opening the restaurant is going to make her happy. I have to add that she went inside after throwing the ball in the pool for the dog to fetch, and then left him unattended by the pool. No. That’s a no. I don’t care if he’s wet.

Doug goes for a vasectomy consultation. Lydia asks if he feels like he’s being pressured, but he says he found a Bible verse about men loving their wives that helped him with his decision. In her interview, Lydia says she has no problem taking the pill, but doesn’t want to take it for the next ten years. The doctor asks if their comfortable with not having any more children, and they’re in agreement with that. He goes through the post-op instructions. Doug talks about women getting push presents, and thinks he should get a clip present. Lydia calls it a snip gift.

The group gathers on the beach for volleyball. Vicki tells Kelly that crap with Tamra is still going on. Tamra tells Shannon to keep her calm. She doesn’t want to bail on Kelly’s party. Vicki says that the Bobbsey Twins are here, like anyone still knows who they are. Okay, I did. Tamra talks to Peggy and Diko about cars.

Not invited Meghan plays with Baby Aspen who’s cranky for her nap. I can tell that Meghan must have fun dressing her up. She tells Bridget about the party, and says she wouldn’t have gone anyway after Kelly insulted her. She says she isn’t going to let Kelly turn the tables by saying they’re both at fault. Meghan thinks she’s biting the hand that feeds her, since she’s always had Kelly’s back. I disagree, as I so often do with know-it-all Meghan. I think they are both at fault, and Meghan struck first.

Vicki tells Steve that she’s tired of the drama with Tamra. He says not everyone is going to like her, and she asks why, like she’s five. He tells her that’s just the way the world works. They all serve better than I do. Tamra, Vicki, and Kelly are on the same team. Shannon says she might not be a good player, but can psyche people out. Kelly thinks it’s ironic that she’s good with everyone except Meghan.

Afterward, they go to Kelly’s, where there’s a wonderful spread of food, including cupcakes and sugary snacks that look like boobs. And a pair of breasts cake. Apparently, Kelly is embracing her surgery. Tamra complains to Diko about Peggy, and he says that Peggy doesn’t agree with anything; it’s her personality. Tamra asks Peggy if she’s close with Vicki, and Peggy says she wouldn’t say close, but likes her. Tamra whines that Vicki invited Gretchen and Ricky to her party, and Peggy thinks she should talk to Vicki. Vicki tells Kelly that she didn’t do it on purpose, and Kelly says they should talk. Shannon tells Lydia that Tamra is crying.

Tamra tells Lydia and Shannon that Peggy suggested she talk to Vicki. Shannon tries to discourage it. In her interview, Lydia says if Tamra wants to talk, Shannon should be supporting that. She thinks Shannon’s ego is bruised because no one is asking her to make up with Vicki. Lydia tells Tamra that Vicki is right there, just talk, and Shannon says that Vicki is evil. She claims that’s not what Tamra wants, since Tamra can’t speak for herself. Vicki tells Kelly that nothing will be resolved with all these people around, and that she doesn’t want conflict. Steve says resolve it, and she says it can’t be. Shannon says that Vicki should be stopped, but she can’t speak for Tamra. After she just did. Lydia goes to get Vicki. Shannon tells Tamra to stop crying and be strong. Peggy thinks Shannon should stay out of it.

Vicki says that she had nothing to do with Ricky coming to the party, and Tamra knows it. She says let’s talk and get it over with, and Kelly offers them her bedroom. Vicki tells Tamra she’d thought they were good, when she suddenly got texted a litany of stuff that Tamra was angry about, and Kelly is a witness. She tells Tamra that Ricky wasn’t on her guest list, and Tamra knows her heart. Tamra says she doesn’t. Vicki says that Tamra almost cost her everything, calling her a con-woman, when none of it was about her. Tamra asks why Vicki is so angry, and we flash back to Tamra going apesh*t. Yes, Tamra. That wasn’t a slip. Vicki says she’s tired of being accused of playing a victim, and says Tamra should quit acting like one.

In the kitchen, Shannon says she’s not standing there while her friend gets screamed at. Peggy tries to stop her from inserting herself into it, but she pushes past. In her interview, Lydia thinks Shannon’s afraid to end up being left out. Shannon busts into the room and says it’s supposed to be one-on-one; if Kelly is going to stand there, so is she. Funny thing though, Kelly’s kept quiet. She’s literally just standing there, while Shannon is already being loud, saying she can hear Vicki being loud. You know, if Vicki had been one of my girlfriends, we’d all be commiserating about what a sh*t Brooks is, instead of ganging up on the person he hurt the most.

Lydia thinks she can smooth things and be neutral, and focus on redemption and forgiveness. Diko tries to get Peggy to go to, but she wants to stay out of it. Steve says it’s like two gangsters shooting each other, and blaming each other for being wrong. Peggy decides to join the fray. Tamra says Vicki lied about cancer, but Vicki insists that she was lied to. She says if Tamra brings it up again, she’s going ballistic. Shannon says she lied, and Vicki says that Shannon lied about her husband beating her; she has the proof, and Shannon doesn’t really want to go there. She says that Shannon has a bad husband. Shannon storms out, and Vicki says go, good-by.

The guys talk about how easy guys are. They just forget about everything, and go get a drink.

Vicki tells Kelly that she’s part of an ethics committee, and doesn’t lie. Shannon tells Tamra that Vicki is delusional. Kelly says that Shannon hates her, and Peggy says don’t feed into anything. Vicki says Shannon is the one who lied. Shannon says that Vicki is sick in the head. Lydia asks if everyone is okay, and Shannon tells everyone that Vicki made her gain weight. She told Vicki that she no longer cares about anything to do with her. In her interview, Lydia thinks that it has to always be about Shannon, and we flash back to the many times she’s inserted herself in situations that don’t involve her. Lydia says it was supposed to be Vicki and Tamra making up, but Shannon made it about her. Vicki has to go to work, and leaves.

Peggy asks Tamra if it’s worth it. She says if she doesn’t want to talk, don’t, but if she does, hash it out. Tamra tries to get sarcastic, but Peggy won’t have it. Shannon whispers something to Tamra, and Peggy tells her to knock it off. She says Shannon is something else, and Kelly brings out her cast for everyone to sign. Tamra says they’re huge, and wants to see the real ones. Shannon asks what Peggy meant, and Peggy says that she’s still thinking it over. She says that Shannon is vocal, and that’s all she wants to say right now. In her interview, Shannon says that Peggy shouldn’t get involved in their relationship with Vicki; she doesn’t know everything. Shannon says that she and Lydia are the only ones who didn’t have boob jobs, but Lydia says she doesn’t mind saying that she has fake boobs, but doesn’t want to discuss it with men around.

Diko tells Peggy that the women are making something out of nothing, and fight because they keep dissecting old sh*t. He tells her not to bother with it. Lydia catches Shannon making fun of her, and calls Shannon out, saying that she saw Shannon squeezing Tamra’s knee under the table. Shannon claims that Lydia misread her, and she has that one – gesturing to Peggy – saying she doesn’t know how to read her. Lydia says she’s being crazy, and they’re done. In the other room, Kelly passes out pieces of boob cake. Shannon calls Tamra to come to the kitchen now, like she’s a bad kid or a dog, and I laugh.

Shannon screeches for Tamra again, and she comes running. Kelly says she’s tired of Shannon and there’s something wrong with her. Shannon keeps repeating that Lydia said they were done. Lydia says that it’s not enough about Shannon today. She tells Shannon that she’s done right now. If she needs to talk, or needs more attention or drama, they can talk about it tomorrow; she’s trying to leave. Since Shannon hasn’t had enough, she screams that Lydia is accusing her of squeezing legs. Lydia says that every time with her is a drama. Shannon rattles on, Peggy shrugs, and in her interview, Tamra says she doesn’t know what’s going on. There’s friction between Shannon and David, and it’s coming out in other ways. Shannon carries on about Peggy saying she hasn’t made up her mind about her, and Peggy is like, I’m right here. Because no one can talk directly to the person they have a problem with. Lydia thanks Kelly for being the sane one. Tamra tells Shannon that Lydia ha said she didn’t like her. Shannon asks if Tamra defended her, and Tamra says that Lydia didn’t give a reason. Nice deflection. She tells Shannon that not everybody likes everybody, echoing Steve’s words to Vicki. In her interview, she says that she loves Shannon, but she’s always getting in situations, and Tamra can’t always bail her out. Tamra tells Kelly that she didn’t hear what was going on when Shannon was calling her. Shannon goes to the outside bar for a drink, and talks to herself.

Next time, Vicki comforts Kelly after her surgery, Shannon gets stuck in the peddle of an exercise bike (HA-HA-HA!), and Lydia needs new friends.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Here’s where I constantly type Brandi for Stephanie, and vice versa. I’m almost sorry they made up.

LeeAnne is involved with Essential Energy, which is a program concerning women teaching other women how to be empowered. She says she’s learned about herself through therapy, and wishes someone had motivated her not to quit when she was younger. She feels that this is her job now. Kameron and D’Andra have come for support.

LeeAnne gives a talk about overcoming. She says that she still struggles with wanting to belong, and wants friends, but isn’t good at it. D’Andra understands her abandonment issues, being from a broken home. Her mother’s leaving destroyed her father,and being an alcoholic, he checked out emotionally.

Brandi tells us the girls are a full-time job, and she’s barely been to any charity events. She loves their personalities, but needs to get out more. She suggests a new baby brother to them, and they react like she suggested bringing in Godzilla. She tells us that Bryan can’t take care of babies, and she doesn’t know if she can handle another kid.

LeeAnne’s friend says some nasty things about Cary that LeeAnne doesn’t discredit. D’Andra says that you can’t have it both ways, doing a motivational speech, and then talking about someone. She tells LeeAnne that she’s not okay with it. She says it’s time to cut the crap. They’re going to have an honest tea party at her house. It’s like a group therapy session, and everyone is invited honest. In her interview, LeeAnne says that D’Andra wants the best for her group, but it’s like she’s the pin sliding along the edge of a balloon, but doesn’t pop it. And we all know how that goes. Not really. I have no idea what she’s saying.

Mark is cooking. Cary says when she first got pregnant, Mark had a nervous breakdown, since he thought he would be neglected, but got himself a Porsche. She tells us that he has two kids from another marriage, so Zuri is hers. Zuri insists that she only wants dessert. Kameron and Court arrive for dinner.

Rich and LeeAnne get ready to go to the state fair.

Kameron asks if Cary can do catering, and Cary admits that Mark made dinner. She talks about Brandi giving out gifts in front of her. She thinks honest tea will be a good thing. Cary says it will probably be crazy, but she hates behind the back chitchat. Kameron says that D’Andra is frustrated with all the stories, and wants to bring everything out in the open. While the couples are talking, Zuri is being a four-year-old, so it’s alternately cute and annoying. Kameron and Court are understanding, but Mark asks Cary if she can make an effort. Cary takes Zuri up to bed, even though Mark offers to.

I get excited as LeeAnne and Rich walk the midway at night, remembering all the fairs of my youth. LeeAnne grew up in the carnival circuit, and says carnies were shunned and she grew up being made fun of. She was a ringer at every game she worked at. Rich likes being able to go to the fair without it being a job, and LeeAnne likes that she can tell him how to win the games. She wins the ring toss, and gets a giant stuffed toy.

In the kitchen, Mark tells Cary that dinner isn’t the time for a four-year-old running around. She says that he’s not being supportive, just critical. She’s trying to find a balance. She knew he was going to be a hands-off parent, but sometimes feels like she’s drowning.

Rich has hard time accepting that the vision in his right eye isn’t going to be the same. LeeAnne says that it’s devastating for a police officer, but in her eyes, he’s a hero. She gives him tips on how to break the balloons in a game. One popped balloon reveals something behind it, and the booth attendant says he got a secret prize, handing him a box. He opens the box, and it’s an engagement ring. He asks LeeAnne to marry him. He tells her that he’d get down on one knee, but he might not be able to get back up. Normally, I wouldn’t go for something like this, calling it mushy, but this is a unique approach. We hear that Rich loves LeeAnne very much over the fair loudspeaker. She’s astounded, and he says that he’s been busy all day, and not to cry, or he will. She says it’s the best prize ever won at a carnival. He says can be romantic when wants to be. I’m very impressed.

D’Andra sets up for honest tea. She doesn’t know how well-mannered it’s going to be, but hopes her fine china doesn’t get broken. Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary have a kiki first. Mark asks if LeeAnne is telling them about the engagement, but she wants to wait. She thinks they should enjoy the moment and figure the details out before sharing the news.

Brandi thinks the tea is ridiculous. Cary says Kameron doesn’t think that she and Brandi have anything in common. We flash back to Kameron saying that she’s from Dallas, when Brandi is from the outskirts. In her interview, Brandi says she’s been judged as not good enough before, and has no desire to be around it.

LeeAnne hasn’t talked to Brandi, and thinks it will be three against one, so she’s drinking heavily. D’Andra’s intention is create a safe environment to talk. She thinks they’re scared of LeeAnne, but she can always call the cops.

Kameron explains tea attire to us – below knee skirt length, hat, and covered ta-tas. Got it. She thinks that Brandi’s social behavior is odd. The food is awesome – little tiny everything. Brandi gives Kameron a bottle of Jack Daniels in a pink gift bag, and Kameron thinks it’s weird. Brandi is just trying to apologize and Kameron isn’t happy about Brandi using the f-word. In her interview, Brandi thinks Kameron needs to get laid, and that she’s too tall. Kameron wonders why Brandi would bring up the whole gift bag thing again.

D’Andra says if have something to say, now’s the time to air all grievances. She has a bell if things get out of hand. In her interview, Cary thinks whips and chains might be a better choice. D’Andra gives everyone paper to write questions on, and they’re deposited into a tea pot.

The first question is why Brandi doesn’t allow LeeAnne into her house. LeeAnne is upset that Brandi told Kameron this, and not her. Brandi says that LeeAnne has a potty mouth, and her husband wasn’t happy that LeeAnne called her a bad mother. LeeAnne apologizes, saying that Brandi is an amazing mother. Kameron wonders why Brandi threw LeeAnne under the bus, and didn’t invite her on the trip, when LeeAnne stood by her. Brandi says that Stephanie has been her best friend for many years, and while LeeAnne is a good friend, she couldn’t take everyone. Kameron isn’t buying it. In her interview, Stephanie says that Kameron has fewer communications skills than a five-year-old. Brandi calls Kameron a bitch, and Kameron says that Brandi gives off bad vibes. D’Andra is like, cool, get everything out, and Brandi walks off.

LeeAnne and Stephanie run after Brandi. LeeAnne says if she can’t leave, neither can Brandi. She finally comes back. Cary asks Brandi why she talked about Jared telling her that LeeAnne wasn’t really her friend, and LeeAnne asks why Brandi didn’t come to her. Brandi says he also told her that Mark was gay, and she shut it down. In her interview, Cary says she’s been hearing that for years, and not only is it not true, it’s offensive to the LGBTQ community to use it as an insult. Cary says that LeeAnne has little birds that tell her things, making me think she’s the Varys of this piece. Cary tells us she’s not giving her the power. The more you feed the dragon, the bigger it gets.

D’Andra says she can’t even read the next two, they’re so rude. The next one involves LeeAnne’s upcoming surgery. She’s asked if she’s going for vaginal rejuvenation, since we can never,ever get away from that topic, but she insists it’s her breasts that need rejuvenating. Cary questions the doctor’s credentials, saying they’re an OB/GYN, but not a plastic surgeon. LeeAnne accuses her of thinking she’s smarter just because she’s a nurse. LeeAnne calls Cary a condescending see-you-next-Tuesday, and D’Andra rings the bell like crazy, saying not in her house. Cary gets up. In her interview, D’Andra says they don’t want to do the work to get through the problem. Cary starts to walk, and LeeAnne says bye, Felicia. Cary says she sees that anger management is going well, and maybe this is why Brandi doesn’t want LeeAnne in the house. She sits back down and says at least she knows where she stands.

There’s a question as to why Stephanie didn’t kick LeeAnne out of her Halloween party. Stephanie says that LeeAnne hadn’t know that she and Brandi made up, but didn’t understand why she wanted to fight a battle that wasn’t hers. LeeAnne says that she heard Brandi crying, and starts going down Memory Lane, starting with her mother not wanting her. No matter how D’Andra tries to get her to stop, LeeAnne continues with the story. D’Andra says she has compassion, and understands where LeeAnne is coming from, but sharing the same thing over and over isn’t serving her. If we can’t move past childhood pain, we can’t grow. In her interview, Stephanie knows it by heart. LeeAnne keeps going until Brandi runs to her, asking if she feels like everyone is against her. Cary tries to extract her arm out of their hug. Stephanie drinks out of two glasses.

The next question is what’s your favorite vacation spot. Kameron threw it in just to break things up. Cary thinks they should all go on vacation to Mexico together. And everyone is invited. They’re going to drink margaritas and have fun. D’Andra says again that if you can’t move past stuff, you can’t grow. The tea pot is officially closed.

Considering how tea went, a vacation ought to be good. Is LeeAnne allowed out of the country?

Next time, LeeAnne’s surgery, Brandi tells Cary that LeeAnne is going to hurt her, and we’re on our way to Mexico.

And Tuesday Just Began…



September 17, 2017 – A Shah Thanksgiving, Daniel Gives a Dam & Pick Your Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Mike wants to look for a new house, but Reza thinks he should be focused on girls and dating. He thinks Mike is being shady. Mike says it’s hard to pick up the pieces after five years. Reza asks if he’s divorced, but Mike says almost. In his interview, Reza says that he circled the date on his calendar with red Sharpie, and now he finds out that Mike isn’t divorced yet. He asks if Mike is holding out hope, but Mike says no. Reza thinks he should test the waters; it’s like riding a bike and falling off. Sometimes you have to get back on, and sometimes it’s just a practice ride.

GG goes to a sex shop. She’s there for a class. In her interview, she says there are certain techniques she’s not comfortable with, and she needs some knowledge for the play she’s in. She plays a librarian who needs to unleash her passions. Adam joins her. They talk about Asa, and GG wonders why Asa wants to hang around people whom she doesn’t trust. She’s getting tired of talking about caftans. Class begins.

Hang-ups are discussed. GG is given some suggestions. Adam keeps making silly comments. In her interview, GG says that she never thought that she’d need to know these things for any job. I could make a bunch of jokes here, but it’s too easy.

MJ and Reza go to the LA Mission to help feed the homeless the day before Thanksgiving. I did a soup kitchen in NYC one Thanksgiving when I didn’t have to travel until later, and I highly recommend it. Everybody even got three cigarettes on their way out the door if they wanted. I thought that was a really cool extra, but this was the 80s and I guess people wouldn’t think so today. Reza and MJ have been doing this for years, but in the past few, Reza has gotten the others to join in. Mike laughs about the Jewish boy cutting up pork. Asa asks MJ to help with her hair, which startles MJ, since they haven’t been very friendly lately. Reza jokes about getting “crab salad” in his crotch from a hot tub (just the topic for the kitchen), and GG thinks he said he has a jacuzzi in his garage. The hearing aid isn’t coming fast enough. Destiney asks if Asa’s parents have ever pressured her to get married. She says no, but MJ thinks that’s not typical of a Persian mother.

GG tells Shervin that she’s reluctant to see her sister on Thanksgiving. Shervin commiserates, having people like that in his life. GG says she wants to make peace for her father’s sake, and wants to mend things so they can co-exist. Shervin says that she’s coming from a good place, so go for it.

Mike and Asa meet at a Persian bakery. Mike is trying to Persian the Thanksgiving holiday up a bit. He asks how Asa is feeling, and she tells him about having insomnia. She says this is the happiest thing in her life, but since she’s shared about it, they haven’t been supportive. Mike says it’s genuine concern. He thinks she’s focused so much on it, she’s projecting on to everyone else. He brings up MJ bawling in a restaurant over her father dying, while Asa was taking snaps of the food. She claims she didn’t hear it. Mike thinks she’s become the queen of deflecting. I’d like to add obliviousness to that. He tells her about the practically immaculate conception she’s having, and she asks where this is coming from. He tells her that Reza said something, and it’s messed up if she had IVF and didn’t share that. In her interview, Asa says Jermaine is private, and she keeps private out of respect for him. Their relationship is off-limits. Mike tells her that he’s just the messenger.

GG tells us that looking back, a lot of her problems in school were because she couldn’t hear. Teachers thought she was ignoring them. Her parents and MJ accompany her to get the hearing aid. Audiologist Dr. Sweet comes brings GG in to get the devices placed in her ears. GG says that when she speaks, it sounds like there’s a speaker in her ear. The doctor wants to do some tests, and this time she gets 100%. GG says she sees herself in a more accepting and loving way now. In her interview, she gets choked up about being able to hear.

On Thanksgiving at Shervin’s house, his mother demonstrates how to deal with a pomegranate. He tells us that his mom definitely approves of Annalise. In her interview, MJ says that even after her parents divorced, they still celebrated holidays with family. This is the first Thanksgiving she’ll be without her father, who’s still in the hospital. She asks Shervin if things are cool with Annalise, and he acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but suggests MJ stay out of it. In her interview, she thinks Annalise should know what’s going on, but Shervin “Corleone” thinks he’s the Godfather.

Asa says she and Thanksgiving were a match made in heaven, even though she only discovered it when she moved to America. Reza and Adam join her family for dinner. Asa says her doctor told her to stay away from negative energy and stress. She tells them her back still hurts from chopping at the Mission. In her interview, she says there’s an elephant in the room, but she still loves Reza.

GG arrives at Shervin’s. She and MJ get ready together. Mike shows up next, with Vida right behind.

Asa and Reza do some lemon picking in the backyard. She tells him about talking to Mike, and says that she’s sad. Ever since she’s been pregnant, it’s been one harassment after another. She tells Reza that Mike told him about what Reza says about IVF. He tells her about the conversation that he and MJ had. Asa says she’s hurt because he didn’t say something. He hates himself for getting twisted up in MJ’s pain, and says he never spoke about them going to IVF at the same time. He wanted to tell MJ that she could talk to Asa. Asa says sorry MJ was hurt, but it’s not her fault. Reza says he’s most upset about being forced to pick a side, and he’s damned if does, damned if he doesn’t. In her interview, Asa says that she didn’t expect this from Reza.  She says she can forgive and move on, but never forgets.

Tommy arrives bearing a covered dish. Vida discusses MJ’s bra with her, saying it’s not the one she approved. Tommy tries to deflect, saying they both look beautiful. GG talks to Annalise about Shalom out on the patio. She asks if Annalise ever feels scared. Annalise says even if things fall apart, she always thinks there’s a lesson in it. In her interview, GG says that Annalise is ready to pack her bags and move in, while Shervin is still fooling around. She tells Annalise that there are rumors going around.

MJ joins the girls outside. When he sees them talking, Shervin tells Mike that GG is disrespecting his house. Mike tells us it’s a whorehouse when Annalise isn’t around. Shervin jets outside. GG asks how the gossip doesn’t cause fear for Annalise. She asks when Annalise gets to that screw you I’m moving on point, and Annalise says that she doesn’t let anything control her life; she controls her own life.

Shalom wanders in, along with GG’s parents. GG says part of her was hoping her sister would be with them, but they tell her that Leila couldn’t make it this year. Well, that’s weird, since she just walked in.

Shervin makes a little speech, thanking everyone for sharing the day with them. GG says she’s thankful to Shervin for opening his home. She thanks Leila because it’s her father’s favorite holiday. She begged her to come, and is thankful and grateful that she did. I know I sound repetitive, but the food looks fabulous. And like no Thanksgiving I’ve been to, including the buffet at the Ocean Place hotel.

Leila goes outside for a smoke. Shervin follows, and she asks if he believed that. She says GG isn’t sane, and she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. It’s just a show for her parents. Mike joins them, and she says she’s just doing her parents a favor by being there. Mike doesn’t think she has the right attitude, and she calls him a jerk. In his interview, he says he’s been friends with the family for 21 years. GG was always the child who got the attention, whereas Leila was self-sufficient, and that makes her jealous. Mike tries to talk to her, but she keeps calling him a jerk. He says he’s livid, and asks if she can’t put her bullsh*t aside for the day. Everyone is outside at this point. MJ says that Leila is having the conversation with Mike that she should be having with GG. GG ends up outside by herself.

Asa is getting hangry. Everyone sits down to dinner. Reza says It’s a bad ass turkey. Apparently so, since the thermometer comes flying out when he begins to carve it. In his interview, Reza says that normally, this should be a joyous occasion, but someone pulled the rug out from under their friendship. Asa doesn’t understand that her actions have affected the group. Reza feels like everything is telling him to go home. He says all that matters are the people you have in your life.

Leila points out that GG took eleven days to thank her for a ride home from rehab. GG claims that she messaged the next day. She says that she’s trying to be peaceful, so why is Leila doing this when she’s trying to make things right. Leila says that GG devastated her and her son, Jordan, when they gave her ride from rehab. It’s explained that Jordan had asked where GG’s booboo was, and mean big sister Leila said it was in her head. GG suggested Leila has the same booboo (ha!), and I guess that didn’t sit too well with her. Well, she should have kept her mouth shut. GG starts getting loud about how hard she’s trying, and says no more bullsh*t, and Leila laughs. I’m getting the real dynamics now. I used to think Leila got the short end of the stick. And she has, but she’s old enough now to stop using it as an excuse to be nasty to a younger sibling who has problems. GG is also able to hear now, which I’m sure will make a difference.

Leila starts getting weepy, and wants to leave. Outside, GG tells Shalom that this was a bad idea. He tells her that she has to be the bigger person. She says that she tried. Shervin tells her to take the high road. She’s gone through a lot to realize it’s not her problem anymore. It’s Leila.

A game of backgammon is going on inside. GG is a spectator, and her mom suggests that Leila sit and play. She plays a round with Shalom. In his interview, Mike says he’s seen it a thousand times. Eventually, they’ll be old, grey, and tired. They’ll look back, while they’re watching their grandkids play, and realize that they missed out, but it will be too late.

Next time, GG is worried that she’s going to ruin the play, MJ talks to Annalise, MJ’s friends renovate her apartment, and MJ and Tommy argue.

Fear the Walking Dead

Walker drives the truck down the highway toward Tijuana. He asks Victor what they’re looking for, but the background music is so loud, I can’t hear the answer, except for it’s some kind of sign. Wtf?

They see an accident with tons of zombies wandering around. Victor makes the car remote beep, and throws it out the window and the zombies follow the sound. Why is the background so effing loud? Is this just with my TV, or is it a technical issue at the network? Walker drives forward, pushing cars out of the way with the truck.

They arrive at what looks like a used car lot, with lines of vehicles everywhere. Victor closes the gate behind them just in time. He says, there she is, and Walker is like, this car won’t get us anywhere, but Victor tells then they can get to the trading post and back this way. He pushes the car over, and there’s an entrance to a sewer tunnel underneath. He suggests that they hold their breath, and goes down the ladder. Walker says he’s not following him in the dark, and Madison tells him to either trust her or go back empty-handed. She follows Victor, and Walker reluctantly follows her.

This can’t be the worst these three have smelled, even though they act like it. For Pete’s sake, there are dead people decaying everywhere, and you can’t take a sewer? Victor leads them through the tunnel. We hear zombie noises, and through a grate, see them walking above. Walker tells Madison that Victor is lost, but Madison says to trust him. I think that’s what she says, because there’s still this background noise and their voices are echoing. Were the boom people off on this day? A few zombies amble out, and they head in the other direction. Walker says they need to get out. Victor finally admits that he’s lost. They move to another tunnel, and it’s like Let’s Make a Deal, except with tunnels instead of curtains.  Victor sees the symbol he’s been looking for above one of the tunnels, and Walker states the obvious – the zombies are behind them. They move forward into the tunnel on all fours. At the next connection, Madison finds herself face-to-face with a zombie clogging up the entryway. Walker hands her a pointy tool (sorry for the technical term), and she bashes the zombie’s head in. She chops away at him, since it’s the only way they’re going to get him out of there. Walker looks all sick like he’s never seen violence before. I think back to when he was introduced, and wonder why he’s making that face. Madison passes the head to Victor, who passes it to Walker, and I laugh. Victor helps Madison get the rest of the body out, and water rushes in.

The water truck comes back to the dam. Efrain yells at Daniel for shooting first at a group of people attacking them for water. He says that Lola will hear the truth. Daniel sees someone moving and shoots, thinking it’s a zombie, but it’s Victor. Madison comes out behind him, and says thank God he’s alive. She asks if Daniel remembers what happened. He nods, saying he’s better now, and asks about Ofelia. Madison tells him that she’s still alive. He asks how he can believe her with Victor at her side. She tells him that a man found Ofelia, and saved her; now they all live on a ranch. They’re in trouble and need his help. They need water. Walker has also come out in the open, and Daniel leads them to the dam.

He tells them to wait; he needs to speak to Lola first. Wow. The three of them look out onto the lake, and there’s lotsa water here. We look through the office window, where Daniel is talking and gesturing. Madison tells Walker that she’ll handle the negotiations; they already have a relationship. Walker says that she hasn’t seen Daniel in some time, but Madison knows he’ll help. They go into the office. Madison tells Lola that their camp is running out of water, and they can offer cattle, food and guns in trade. Lola says sorry, but she has no water to spare. Madison doesn’t get it; they have a lake. Lola says no soup water for you! Madison tells her that she knows they got set upon just today, and they’re under attack. Lola says no trade, but they can stay the night.

Daniel fingers his wedding ring. Lola comes in, and Daniel tells her that Ofelia lives with them. Lola asks if he believes them, and he says that Madison has never lied to him. Lola understands if he wants to go, but needs to know now. Daniel says that Ofelia is safe, but Lola isn’t. He made a promise, and is going to fulfill it. He’ll stay. Ofelia thinks he’s dead, so maybe it’s for the best. They’re talking in Spanish, and although the sound finally evened out, I wish I’d had subtitles at the beginning.

Walker accuses Victor of thinking everything is funny. The Walking Dead could use a character like him. Abe was kinda, sorta like that, but they killed him off. Victor tells Walker that there’s no tragedy without humor. Walker says that if they can’t make a deal, the ranchers have to go. There’s not enough water for both of them, and the Nation comes first. Victor asks what about Madison and the kids. Walker hopes she doesn’t regret her decision, and they end up back in the desert. Screw this guy.

Madison tells Lola that she’s sorry that Lola is afraid because of what the people will think. Lola says it’s difficult enough. If she trades with the gringos, there will be bloodshed. Madison says that sometimes a leader has to show force to get respect. Lola says she can’t lose the trust that she’s built. Madison tells Lola that she has two kids, and a ranch full of people begging her to help. Lola says that Madison is trying to save her children, but she’s trying to save her city. She tells Madison to bring her family there. They’ll be safe as long as she’s in charge. She says it’s a rare leader who does right by everyone. Madison says that it’s impossible.

Efrain is working on a patient with a wound. Victor asks if he can help. Efrain says that Daniel calls Victor the snake. Victor asks if he thinks the Daniel’s shooting was justified, and Efrain says no. The people are thirsty and scared, and Daniel is paranoid. Dissatisfaction leads to dissent, and dissent to revolt. Victor says there are those who want chaos. Efrain says violence breeds violence, and he thinks the river should flow to the people. Victor asks what about when it dries up, and Efrain says the rains will fall again. He says it’s too much power for one person. Victor says, uneasy is the head who wears the crown.

Daniel approaches Walker in the cafeteria. He appreciates what Walker did for Ofelia. Walker says that Daniel raised a brave woman. Daniel asks what she does, and Walker says she walks as a soldier with him. Daniel says that he didn’t raise her to be a soldier, but Walker says she’s a hero to them. They were about to attack a heavily armed camp, and she gained their trust, then poisoned them. She saved their lives. Daniel says, but she did it by taking other lives. He’s not liking it, but I’m thinking the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Madison tells Victor that Lola keeps forcing everything to stay together, and keeps falling apart. Victor says maybe she wasn’t meant to stay at the ranch. She tells him about Lola’s offer, and he says she wouldn’t have to worry about water, and she’d be safe. She isn’t willing to sacrifice that part of herself, but doesn’t know what will happen if she doesn’t get the water. Victor says that she always finds a way to protect her kids. She says that they’ve already sacrificed too much. Victor asks if they were removed from the picture, what would she want? She says been too long since she thought about that, since before they were born. Victor says that would be the late 80s – what would permed Madison want? Madison says to listen to Cheap Trick in Birmingham. The ranch is closest to what she knows, and where she wants to be. He asks if she’s sure. She asks what future he sees? He says one where he doesn’t fail his friends.

Lola wants to bring the people some water. Daniel says they were attacked last time, and she says they should bring it, so there won’t be a next time. Daniel tells her that another group will take their place. Even if this group sees the good they do, they’ll always be some who are unhappy. They’ll be the ones without weapons or ammunition, who can’t defend themselves. She says they’ll be killers, like him. He says he killed for her, to guard her soul and life. Efrain says the people fear him; he wants revolution. Daniel says it’s a good thing. First, they’ll be hit in the streets, then they’ll get inside, and hang them from the walls. He says they’re not sustainable. Lola tells him that if he doesn’t believe in what she’s doing, he should leave. He says they’ll do a water run this afternoon

Victor watches as the truck is loaded. Daniel approaches. He doesn’t know what Victor is thinking, but he sees Victor’s serpent brain coiling around an idea. Victor pretends like he doesn’t know what Daniel is talking about, and Daniel says if what he’s thinking benefits both of them, he’ll look the other way. If not, he’ll be in Daniel’s sights. He sings, down with the water queen in Spanish.

Seeing him walking out, Madison asks Walker where he’s going. He asks why she has a hard time honoring her word. She lied and cons the ranchers. They have to leave the ranch. There is too little water to share. She asks if there isn’t another way, and he says they can leave in peace or be forced to go. She begs him not to do this; they won’t survive. He tells her that he’s as angry at himself as he is with her.

Daniel tells Madison that he tried convincing Lola, but it didn’t work. She saved his life, and he can’t abandon her. She’s in this position because o him. Madison asks if he can’t leave or can’t face his daughter? He tells her that Lola is in danger; Ofelia is safe. Madison tells him that she needs her father, but he says she’ll always be his daughter no matter what that man had her do.

Victor watches as zombies crowd the gate. Madison tells him to make it by nightfall. He tells her wait for it, and the water delivery truck blows up. Water for everyone! And zombies on fire.

People come running out. Madison pikes some zombies. Efrain wonders if it was an accident, and Daniel says that was no accident. Lola realizes that they’ve been trying to keep the dead out, but the next attack will be by the living. A crowd of live people is coming up the road, chanting that they want water. The gate is quickly put back up and locked.

In the office, Lola asks how many guns they need. Efrain says that violence will consume her, and accuses her of taking the devil’s deal. She says the people will still get water, but the dam will be protected; she thinks it’s the best solution. Daniel writes something on a paper and gives it to Madison like it’s a real estate deal. Lola asks if the ranch can provide it. Madison says they need ten thousand gallons of water a week, and a tanker that they’ll drive back to show good faith. They make plans to meet at the trading post.

Victor gets in the truck, and Madison thanks Daniel. He says it’s a good thing. He tells her to be careful; a friendly face can slip a knife in your back. Victor comes back, holding out his hand to Daniel, saying, adios. Daniel says no adios, he expects to see him in five days with his daughter. I say, please don’t eff this up, to no particular character.

Victor gets back in the passenger seat. He acts like he doesn’t know anything about the truck blowing up, but Madison tells him to cut the sh*t. She asked and then received. It was a little trick he learned, although he had doubts it was going to work. She thanks him. He says that she would have done the same, but she says she’s not so sure.

They see Walker on the road, walking. Madison asks if he’s thirsty. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him smile before, but he is now. He gets in.

Next time, Nick worries about being like Jeremiah, Ofelia gets in trouble, and Troy finds a stash of canned goods – and a gun.

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September 15, 2017 – Franco’s Biggest Fan, Charlotte Detective, Double the 90 Days, Four Quotes & a Dog


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sam stands on the docks calling for Jason. She sees him, and asks what he’s doing there. When she reaches for him, he disappears. She wakes up in his hospital room.

Finn tells Sonny that he’s sorry to hear about Jason. Sonny says there’s been no change, and it’s been a rough few days. Finn says if there’s anything he can do, just ask. Sonny was there for him, and the least he can do is return the favor. Anna skulks around, listening.

Nina is going to an event for Crimson. She tells Valentin it’s not a big deal. It’s being hosted by her ex.

Kiki tells Franco to relax. She spent all day setting up the show. He says he’s anxious, and never thought he’d be confronted with this part of his life. Scotty tells him that when the money rolls in, he’ll feel differently; this is his big day. Franco isn’t too sure that’s a good thing.

Amy finds Spinelli, telling him he left his book behind, and leaving a galley around is a big no-no. He thanks her, and hopes that she doesn’t mind the inquiry, but how does she know Nathan?

Nathan asks Maxie why they’re at the art showing, since Franco isn’t a favorite to either of them. Maxie is hoping she can find her story there – Better in Bed Than Dead: My Night with a Serial Killer.

At the hospital, Monica talks to Alan’s picture, saying their boy is in a lot of trouble. Elizabeth brings the test results to her. Monica reads them, and doesn’t look happy. Sonny sees her, and says if she needs anything as far as Jason goes, just ask. She says he’s done enough – he’s the reason her son is in that bed in the first place.

Jordan and Curtis go jogging. He wonders how she has so much energy. She tells him if he’s going to tag along, he has to keep up. He says doing everything together, without anything getting in their way, is nice. She asks if he doesn’t mean anyone. She tells him that TJ told her about Stella staying in Port Charles, and how she isn’t too pleased with them being a couple.

Maxie tells Nathan that she doesn’t exactly want to tell the world about spending the night with Franco, but she needs a story. He says she doesn’t have to blow up her life. She’s glad it’s working out with Man Landers, but doesn’t want her own publishing dreams to get crushed in the process.

Amy tells Spinelli that she went to high school with Maxie, but barely knows Nathan. Why does he ask? He says that he needs to connect with Nathan, but he’ll send a text. Amy tells him that Jason is back in his room.

Nina tells Valentin that it’s Franco’s introduction back to the art world, and she has to make an appearance. He says all he knows is that Franco let her go, which makes him a fool, and he got her, which makes him smarter. He tells Nina that he’ll go with her.

Scotty sees the painting of the two boys. Franco tells him that the painting isn’t for sale; it means a lot to him. He wants to take it down, but Kiki isn’t going to let him leave a gaping hole in the display. Scotty suggests that they mingle, and he’ll make closing deals. Franco looks at the painting and the photo side by side.

Anna sees Finn at the hospital. He asks about her wrist, but she says there for her phlebotomy treatment. She wonders if he thought more about their conversation. He asks if she means about misrepresenting himself, so that she can tie Valentin to a laundry list of crimes. She says it’s the only way to get evidence against him. She thinks that Cassandra’s doctors will jump at the chance for him to examine her. He says that he took an oath to help people, and trying to convince a hypochondriac that they’re really sick goes against it. He tells Anna that nothing she can say will convince him otherwise. She thinks maybe there is.

Sam begs Jason to come back to her. Spinelli enters the room, and she jumps up and hugs him. He says he’s sorry he wasn’t there sooner, and arrived when Jason was having tests. He tells Jason, tis I, Spinelli, and that they’re all here for him when he wakes up. He tells Sam that he’ll stay as long as she needs him. He discussed it with Ellie, and she agrees. He suggests babysitting, since it doesn’t look like she’s gotten much sleep. She says sleep is the last thing she needs.

Monica tells Sonny that there’s a good chance her son won’t wake up, and she’ll lose him again. Sonny says that he didn’t intend for this to happen. She says he never does. If Jason dies, he has the blood of both her sons on his hands.

Spinelli tells Sam that she’s exhausted. She says that since Jason got shot, she hasn’t got much sleep, and when she does, she has same dream. He tells her that sharing it might help it lose its power. Sam says that she’s standing on the dock, looking for Jason. It’s foggy, and she can barely see. His back is to her, and she calls out. She starts walking toward him, but when she’s about to grab him, he vanishes. Spinelli says it’s most unsettling. She says that when she wakes up, she can barely breathe, and can’t help feeling that she’s losing Jason.

Alexis sees the exchange between Monica and Sonny, and says that everyone is under stress. Monica says it’s okay. She can’t apologize to Sonny, but it’s unfair to blame the entire situation on him. Jason chose to risk his life for Sonny, and he has to live with that. Sonny tells her to give Sam his best, and that he’s just a phone call away. Monica tells Alexis that she’s sorry she had to see that, but Alexis says it’s nothing in comparison to what she’s said to Sonny. Monica tells her that the test results came back, and there’s been no improvement.

Finn sees Elizabeth wiping away tears, and asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she just got some news about someone close to her, and she has to go to a fancy event. He doesn’t want to add to her burden, but tells her that Curtis tracked Hayden down. She’s fine, but the baby is gone.

Maxie says hello to Franco, and he’s surprised she’s there. She says she’s known him a long time, and does he have any memories about when they first met? He says, their one-night stand? and mumbles something before he jets. Maxie tells Nathan that he scared Franco off. Nina and Valentin walk in

Scotty asks Franco about the visit to Heather. Franco tells him that it was unproductive, and he decided to take a different route. A woman walks up to Franco, and hugs him tightly. I think we can assume that it’s Betsy.

Finn tells Elizabeth that the pregnancy wasn’t viable. Elizabeth says that she’s sorry. She hopes he’s taking care of himself, and he tells her that he went to a recovery center for a few days just to be on the safe side. She tells him that he shouldn’t go through this alone, and neither should Hayden. She asks when Hayden is coming back, and Finn says she isn’t and doesn’t want to be found. Elizabeth suggests she cancel her plans so they can talk, but Finn says he’s going back to work. It’s better if he stays busy. She tells him that she’s there if he needs her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she meant what she said. She’s done searching for obstacles, and wants to be in it for long haul. He asks what about falling in love? She gets a call, and has to leave on police business. She says she’ll meet him at Perks later. He says she’s enjoying this, and she says most definitely. She leaves, and Curtis sees Sonny.

Betsy says she’s missed Franco. He doesn’t keep in touch, and she was thrilled that he arranged to fly her there. It’s like old times. Scotty says he hopes not too much. Franco introduces them, saying that Scotty is his biological father. Betsy says they did have secrets, but that’s in the past. Scotty leaves, making the excuse that he wants to look at the paintings.

Monica tells Alexis that Jason shows no signs of improving, and there’s a good chance he’ll never come out of the coma. Alexis asks if Sam knows. Monica says she was working up the nerve to tell her, when she saw Sonny. Alexis says they’ll tell her together. It’s not an easy conversation about having to make decisions about Jason’s future.

Sam can’t shake the feeling that her dream is an omen, and that Jason is slipping away. Spinelli tells her that no matter how bleak the future seems, he can’t slip as long as she holds on to him. Monica comes to the door, and wants to talk to Sam about Jason’s tests.

Valentin critiques Franco’s art. He and Nina see the painting of the two boys. Franco steps out, and says it’s about the twin nature of self-desire for companionship; another to share life experiences with. Nina says it’s very striking. Elizabeth literally bumps into Betsy. Betsy says it’s been ages since Franco has shown his paintings. Elizabeth says she’s seen most of them, but all together, it’s a different experience. She asks if Betsy is a fan. Nina practically runs away, with Valentin following. Betsy tells Elizabeth that it’s exciting and she couldn’t be prouder. She’s his biggest fan, and also his mother.

Anna calls Robert to ask for a favor. She wants him to cross reference something about Finn with Sonny.

Curtis asks Sonny about Jason, and he says there’s no change. Curtis says he went to the hospital, but didn’t want to crowd the family. Sonny wants to think him for looking into Morgan’s death; it gave them a semblance of closure. If he needs anything – anything – all he has to do is ask. Curtis says funny, he was about to make Sonny the same offer.

Sam tells Monica that Spinelli can stay; he’s family. Monica says that the latest tests show no change in brain activity. Sam thinks that’s good, since he’s not getting worse. Alexis says it’s painful, but she has to give some thought to a long term facility. Sam says that she’s not doing it. Monica tells her that the hospital is going to need the unit. She can use her influence for him to stay a little longer, but eventually the board will intervene, and he’ll have to be moved. Sam says her only choice is to take him home. Alexis wants her to think about it, but Sam says she’s done her research, and they have the resources. She’ll get the proper equipment and hire a full-time nurse, and he can be home. Monica thinks she should reconsider, but Sam says he’s best off at home with his family. Alexis tells he to think about what it means for Danny and Scout, but Sam says she’s not breaking up the family.

Franco introduces Betsy to Elizabeth. Betsy apologizes for keeping her little boy. Elizabeth says it was a different time, and Franco didn’t know he wasn’t well. She forgives Betsy, and says Aiden is happy and healthy now. Franco tells Betsy that Elizabeth is his girlfriend. Betsy asks what she does, and she says she’s a nurse, and the mother of three boys. Franco says that his mom was a nurse, but just one boy – right? Betsy wants to see more of the art, and says it was nice meeting Elizabeth.

Back at Wyndemere, Valentin asks what upset Nina about the painting? She tells him that she has a headache, and he asks if it has to do with seeing Franco. She says no, then yes, but it’s not the way he thinks. She tells him that her second luckiest day was the day she and Franco broke up, and her first luckiest day was when she met him. She has no regrets, and realizes it was just a transitional relationship on the way to something better. She wanted to have kids and he didn’t, but then he went right to Elizabeth and her three boys. (Isn’t that always the way?) Valentin asks what that has to do with the painting. She says that she didn’t know he could paint like that, and it brought back how much he lied. She can’t be in another relationship where someone lies. Valentin says this isn’t about Franco; it’s about him.

Finn deletes a photo of Hayden on his phone, when Anna calls. She says that she just left the hospital, and needs to speak with him. He asks if it has something to do with her treatment, and she says it’s important, and just hurry. She hangs up, and looks at a folder with Finn’s picture on it.

Franco tells Elizabeth not to take it personally. Now she knows where he got his social skills. He tells her if she wants to duck out early, he understands. She tells him about Hayden and the baby. She feels like she lost a sibling; someone who’s a part of her. Franco gets it.

Finn gets to Anna’s place, and asks where’s the emergency? She says that she’s made tea, and they need to discuss strategy. He says the call was bogus, and she needs to understand the word no. She tells him he has no choice, and hands him the folder. She asks if they should continue.

Nina says that there are unsettling things about Valentin’s past that he refuses to tell her about. He says he’s worked hard to bury it, but will never hurt her. She believes him. She says he was in so much pain, and scared when showed the picture of what he’d looked like, but she fell in love with him that night. They were already married, and she knew that he was sexy and strong, but part of her didn’t want to fall too far. She was holding back, but when she saw who he was inside, she was a goner. He tells her that he loves her so much. She knows and has no doubt. They kiss.

Maxie tells Nathan that they’ve had enough drama. She’s dropping the Franco story, but needs another one to replace the Man Landers scoop.

Amy leaves Nathan a phone message. She says the guy who had the galley proof is a huge fan of Man Landers. She says the book is going to sell, and it’s all because of him. She thanks him now and always.

Sam is back in Jason’s room. Spinelli says he doesn’t mean to intrude, and she asks if he’s there to tell her what to do. He says that’s not his place, and she insists that she’s not in denial. She knows what her mom and Monica think, but if she sends Jason away, isn’t it giving up hope that he’ll never come back?

Curtis tells Sonny that Jason is a friend. If there’s anything he can do to keep the family safe, he’s in. Sonny says he might have to take him up on it. Jordan eavesdrops overhears.

Sam thinks she’ll be forcing her dream to come true. Spinelli says that Jason would want what’s best for her and the kids. If she decides on permanent care, that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on him or her love. Sam hugs Spinelli.

Jason’s hand moves. They gave him a manicure at the hospital too. Maybe Amy has a side hustle going on.

Betsy tells Franco that the piece with the two boys is gorgeous. He says it’s an homage to his imaginary friend, and asks if she remembers him. She says that he didn’t fly her here to see the exhibit. He shows her the photo, and asks who’s the blonde kid. He knows it’s Jason, but wants to know why he’s next to him. She says that she’s sorry. He deserves the truth and it’s time she gave it to him.

On Monday, Scotty asks what Elizabeth’s intentions are, Ava gets a call, Betsy tells Franco to be careful what he asks for, and Sam says that Jason is waking up.

🚔 During those stretches when, even though I have 500 channels, there’s nothing on TV, thank God for the ID network. There are a couple of copycat networks that show similar programming, as well as Dateline on OWN, but they were the first true crime station for insomniacs. Reenactors are so much better than they used to be too. Not long ago, I saw Valerie from GH on one of the shows. My latest favorite is I Am Homicide, that follows Garry McFadden, a Charlotte, NC detective. The reenactments are interspersed with narrative from Garry himself, who has colorful turns of phrase, like, roll me up and call me curly. He didn’t actually say that one, but it sounds like something he’d say. Like Captain Lee, but cleaner. He’s also passionate about helping his community. I’ve always loved true crime, and Detective McFadden brings his cases to life in a lively and interesting way.

💍 It’s time for my 90 Day Fiancé assessment. Since there will be a whole new crop of potential spouses coming up on Sunday, there will be even more names to remember. I stink at names, and think everyone should go around wearing nametags to make my life easier. Don’t ask me anyone’s zip code or phone number either. But I digress.

👫 On the final episode of The Couples Tell All, we got no closer to finding out what Anfisa does for a living than we were before. Well, maybe a little. I think she’s a stripper an exotic dancer, but Jorge never came out and said it. He said that her personality suddenly changed after he paid for her breast augmentation (although he didn’t say it that way, it was easily translatable), and prior to that, she was a nice person. After alluding to her practically being a hooker, everyone else was booted off the stage, and they had a two-on-one with host Shaun Robinson (aka Zzzzz…). Anfisa ended up leaving, and Jorge said she’d have to be the one to say it. Even when Shaun came out and asked if Anfisa was a dancer, he wouldn’t say. All that build-up for nothing. Behind the scenes, Pao and Loren tried to pry from Jorge whether or not Anfisa was a mail order bride, but we got nada there either. Backstage when it was over, Anfisa whined to Jorge that she didn’t say anything bad about him. No, she only acted insane throughout their whole “marriage.” He totally hit the nail on the head when he said it was like dealing with a four-year-old. He told her that she kept her mouth shut because he had even worse things he could say about her. He made noises about staying quiet for her family’s sake, but Anfisa didn’t buy it. I don’t think I do either. These two have some weird, toxic relationship, and I have the feeling they aren’t done with each other.

Pao’s nasty best friend, Juan, was discussed. I can’t imagine allowing any friend to talk about my spouse the way she lets him talk about Russ. Right in front of him. Pao complained about how Russ walked away from the confrontation, but Russ says that’s because he didn’t want to get physical. Frankly, I think Russ should just punch Juan in the nose and be done with it. I’d love to see Juan cry like a little girl, but I’ll bet he’s a dirty fighter. I’ve met queens like him. They’ll shove a stiletto right in your back when you’re not paying attention. There wasn’t much from Loren and Alexi, except for Loren putting the screws to Mohamad some more, which is fine with me. I think Danielle is strange and stupid, but no one deserves to be taken for a ride like that, and then be discouraged from pursuing fraud charges. In the car afterwards, Alexi wasn’t thrilled with Loren being so outspoken, and felt empathy for the “foreigners” of the group, since he identifies. Sorry, Alex, fraud is fraud, and Loren is right that people like Mohamad and Anfisa make it difficult for people who legitimately want to get married. There wasn’t a lot from Chantel and Pedro either, but it looked like Chantel was back to being weepy when the show was done airing. Danielle followed Mohamad around, asking where her court mandated three grand was, until he finally got in the limo and left. I wish her more luck than I had when I won three grand in court from a deadbeat. Good luck collecting.

In a postscript to the show. Danielle kept calling Mohamad’s phone, but only got a recording. She wanted to ask him what his address was, so she could sue him. Did I already say that she was stupid? One of the producers told her that the recording she was getting meant the phone was disconnected, and that it was the same number they had for him.

Keep your eye on the front page for his photo.

💑 On Before the 90 Days, Antonio turned out to be a real human, after leading Cortney on a merry chase, trying to meet up with him. He seems like an okay guy. While his friends discouraged such a lengthy visit (three weeks) from someone he didn’t know, he was all about how special she seemed, and that he believed in rainbows and unicorns. He kept marveling at her “clear eyes.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Was he was talking about them being blue or not bloodshot? Who has he been dating? She didn’t even get a chance to go to his place and shower, before he hustled her off to a beauty pageant he was scheduled to judge. From the looks of the next episode, she’s not too happy about this, and ends up walking out. I might take her side if it weren’t for the fact that she invited herself, and he said he works a lot. I’m guessing this pageant was probably on his schedule quite some time ago.

Abby and Sean had a bit of a creepy segment. Abby had a rash, which sounded to me like hives, probably from stress, and they went to see a voodoo doctor. It actually wasn’t too crazy. She talked to Abby for a while, and then burned some sage and shook maracas or whatever. She told Abby that she got the rash when she was in the Dominican Republic, and it came from some kind of bad juju. This made Sean’s antennae go up even further about Chris, and he hoped that Abby read what he did into the doctor’s words – that she should dump Chris as a friend and run off with him. Next time, Sean and Chris meet face to face. At least I hope so. They’ve been teasing this for a couple of episodes.

Darcey and Jesse were up again this time, and got together with a friend of Jesse’s. He was about as kind and tactful as Jesse’s stepdad had been, asking what Jesse was going to do when Darcey was 80? He also pointed out that a relationship with Darcey included being a stepfather. In his interview, Jesse wasn’t too sure he was ready for that. The best part was when they had an interview together, and Jesse – who is so blasé, it’s astounding – said they welcomed the outside analysis at this point in their relationship. He looked at Darcey, and was like, right? Her reaction was priceless. She said, yep, and made a face like Debbie Downer. Wa-waaa. Despite Jesse’s reluctance to start including her daughters in their relationship, she insisted that he Skype with them. I honestly don’t see this as happening, not matter how much Darcey wants to force it. She might have actually had a chance, if she hadn’t started talking incessantly about marriage from the moment she saw him, and never missing the opportunity to slip it in. She’s just way too desperate. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing T-shirts that say, Run, Jesse, Run!

Last and least, there’s Larry, who’s getting ready to go to the Philippines to meet his Filipino Cupid girlfriend, Jenny. He met with his cousin and the cousin’s wife, who also met on the Cupid site, and they weren’t too encouraging. Apparently, Jenny was, and still is, quite cupidly active. Larry doesn’t care, since he’s already sucked money out of his 401k to fund this love mission. My jury’s out on this one. Maybe she wants to make sure he’s the right dude before she stops looking.

👉  Quotes of the Week

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.Randy Pausch

If you are gracious, you have won the game.Stevie Nicks

If you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all. – Chinua Achebe

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton



September 14, 2017 – Who is Patient Six, I Am Jeff & Steve’s Return


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Amy says Kiki wins the basket of the day. The envelope says Dr. Kiki Jerome. Inside, she reads, Looking forward to our reunion. Body shots a must. I hope it’s from Dillon. Dr. Bensch asks, where’s the party?

Maxie says retro Hollywood glam is cliché, and wonders why Nathan couldn’t talk Nina out of it. She asks why he didn’t talk her out of getting back together with Valentin, but he says she’s in love and on cloud 9. Maxie tells him that she needs a special scoop to get her job back, and he says nobody is better at that than her.

At the hospital, Spinelli is looking for Jason’s room.

Anna looks at Finn’s file. Griff drops by. He needs her help.

Larissa shows Ava around. She asks when she’ll see Dr. Baronski. She says the longer she waits, the more time he has to swindle her.

Nina is all excited about having gone riding on Lumiere. She says nothing could have made it better. Valentin begs to differ, and kisses her. He says the world will be back on its axis when she’s moved in. She tells him that she has one more trip. He shows her a framed picture of the Cassadine family tree. He wants Charlotte to know about the family.

Anna asks Griff what’s going on. He says he’ll feel better when he gets answers. He tells her about the groundbreaking work the clinic in Russia does, and wonders if the WSB has any information. She doesn’t think they would be interested in a clinic, but he says what if Valentin is involved? He sent Ava there, and he’s not too sure it’s in her best interests.

Ava says she’s leaving if the doctor isn’t there in five minutes. Entitled much? Larissa tells her to take some time to get acclimated. She wouldn’t want to waste the time of someone who can restore her to her former glory.

Dr. Bensch looks at the gift basket card, and says he sees Kiki is already using the title.

Spinelli tries to get into Jason’s room. Amy tells him that he can’t go in there. He says he knows he’s not family, but his presence might speed up healing process. She says maybe, but Jason isn’t in his room; the doctors took him for tests. Spinelli apologizes, saying he’s wasted time already. He would have been there sooner, but his girlfriend’s mother got taken ill. He asks if Jason’s condition is that grave, and how bad is it? Amy says bad enough.

Nathan suggests a story about how wrong men’s rompers are to Maxie, but she needs something huge. He’s trying for peaceful co-existence with Nina. Maxie knows he loves his sister, but she needs his help. He tells her that she can get her job back on own merits. She says it would involve outing him and Amy.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch that no one thinks of her as a doctor; least of all, her. Her boyfriend was making a joke. He tells her it’s not a frat house. It’s not an ordinary office either, and her boyfriend should think twice about sending her tequila on the job.

Amy brings Spinelli some water. She says he’s pale, and thinks it’s because he’s worried. He says Jason has survived many dire circumstances and come out stronger, and he will again. He wishes he knew how to help, and she tells him just being there helps. Jason’s family will be glad he came all this way.

Maxie tells Nathan that it’s the perfect story. Amy hiding behind a man’s man, duping everyone, and then they find out she did it for a noble reason. Nathan says she’d be outing Amy and her brother, but Maxie says outing them as good people. Nathan explains about the book deal, and Maxie thinks it will drive sales. Nathan doesn’t, thinking about what will happen when they find out that Man Landers isn’t the man they thought, or even a man. She has to find another way to get back in Nina’s good graces.

Nina asks what Valentin is going to tell Charlotte about Spencer’s lawsuit. He’s hoping he won’t have to say anything if it doesn’t go to trial. Nina asks how that’s going to happen, and he tells her that he’s already neutralized the key witness – Ava.

Ava backs off, and Larissa says she understands. She’ll do whatever it takes to minimize Ava’s anxiety. She’s going to get Ava’s room ready, but she has to give Larissa her phone. Ava says it’s not like she’s going to be posting before and after pictures, but Larissa says it’s about privacy, both hers and the clinic’s. They strive for minimal government interference. Ava says she’s all for that, but she draws the line at no contact. Larissa understands her concern, and tells her that she’s not a prisoner and can leave at any time, but if she can’t abide by the policy, she can’t stay. Ava hands over the phone. Larissa tells her that she’ll find distance liberating.

Griff thinks Ava has made a devil’s bargain. Valentin promised to restore her face in exchange for her rescinding her testimony. Anna asks what business this is of his, and Griff wonders what if he wanted to lure her away for a permanent solution? A trip like that could exhaust her immune system, and leave her open to infection. Anna asks if he thinks Ava isn’t capable of fending for herself. He says he does, and Anna asks again why it’s his business. He says he drove her to it.

Maxie tells Nathan that she hates it when he’s logical, but he says it’s part of his charm. She insists that it might be uncomfortable for the people involved, but everyone will come out on top. She’ll get her job back, Amy will be a bestselling author, and Nathan will be a hero. Nathan says assuming it turns out that way, and explains about the book launch party, and how he has to be there.

Spinelli tells Amy that he’s imposed on her kindness long enough. She has sick people who need help, and he’s just a weary traveler. He asks how long she thinks Jason will be. She doesn’t know, but he says he’ll wait. She tells him there’s not much in the way of entertainment, and he says he brought reading material. He pulls a galley proof of the Man Landers book out of his backpack.

Dr. Bensch lectures Kiki on the need to be professionally focused on care, and not waiting to party. He’s not saying it’s fair, but the soon she starts having that mindset, the better off she’ll be. He says the next time her boyfriend wants to send a gift, make sure he doesn’t send it there. She says it won’t be a problem. He says that he can see she’s smart, and only needs to be told something once

Nina tells Valentin that Ava is always talking about how noble Nikolas was, giving his life to save her. She asks if he was ruthless with Nikolas, and he says no more ruthless than Nikolas was with him. Nina wonders why Ava would retract her statement, and he says he offered her something Spencer couldn’t; the chance to regain what she loves – her beauty.

Anna doesn’t understand why Ava is Griff’s responsibility, since she’s not his patient. He says that he told Kiki he’d help Ava. Anna adds, who’s brother arranged for Duke’s murder. Griff says he already hurt her. All of his attention led her to believe there was something more between them. She kissed him, and he wasn’t expecting it. He apologized for giving her the wrong idea, and said he hoped it didn’t affect their friendship, but it did. Now she’s put herself in Valentin’s hands, and he doesn’t want her to regret it. He asks Anna if she’ll help him, and she says that depends on how involved he is with Ava.

Larissa takes Ava to the lounge. She knows how disconcerting it is to give up her phone, but it might surprise her how nice it is to be unplugged. Sounds good to me. Although not in Russia. When Larissa leaves, Ava tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize. She’s here to get a new face, not to argue with the staff. If the doctor is as good as Valentin said, she’s in good hands. She goes to the window, and when she turns around, she sees a man in a wheelchair. His face is entirely covered. I say omg, wondering if it’s Nikolas, Steve Burton, or will Steve Burton be Nikolas? He’s supposed to be back this coming Tuesday.

Ava says sorry, she didn’t see him. She asks if he can speak English, but he doesn’t reply. She asks if he can hear her at all, and snaps her fingers, but he’s still unresponsive. She hopes whatever happened to him didn’t happen here.

Griff tells Anna that he’s just trying to help. Anna says maybe Ava misunderstood his kindness, but maybe there’s more going on subconsciously. Vows or no vows, he’s still a man, and he could be sending mixed signals. She thought there was room in his heart for the love his vocation forbids. She says he’s keeping himself in limbo, and how does he think Ava will react? If he shows up, it’s going to look like he wants her.

Maxie tells Nathan that if everyone is going to find out anyway, she can sell the story to Nina. Nathan breaks it to her that Nina already knows. Nathan says he doesn’t think that Maxie would deliberately hurt anyone to get ahead; she’s a good person. Maxie says when it’s all over, Amy will be swimming in royalties, he’ll be super-famous, and she’ll be unemployed.

Amy watches as Spinelli starts to read. She asks if that’s a galley proof of the Man Landers book, and he tells her that he has friends in publishing who hooked him up. They talk about the blog, and Spinelli says he’s a Man Landers disciple. He even wrote to him, and he was the one who suggested his facial hair. Amy thinks it looks great. He tells her that not everyone shares her opinion, and he was going to shave. She says he should do what makes him happy. He decides that Man Landers wouldn’t steer him wrong. That’s what makes it hard to see him crash and burn. Amy asks what he’s talking about.

Amy asks why Spinelli thinks Man Landers is in trouble. He says the book is about to be released and he’s going to go through the reviews gauntlet. Spinelli is also an author, and has received his fair share of criticism. Amy says after giving all that advice, Man Landers probably has thick skin. She asks about Spinelli’s book, but Ellie calls, and he needs to leave. He thanks Amy, but runs off forgetting the book. Amy picks it up.

Nathan tells Maxie that he has it on good authority that she won’t remain jobless for long. She asks if he called a headhunter, but he says the good authority is his own. Nina will hire her back, that is if someone else doesn’t hire her first. He says he’s sorry about the exposé, but she’s not walking away empty-handed. She has Amy’s undying gratitude, and his endless admiration. Maxie says he’s her husband; he has to admire her.

Valentin asks Nina if she’s mad about him making a deal with Ava. Nina says she despises Ava, but she’s living a life of misery she brought on herself. Nina is happier than she’s ever been, and she’s not going to waste time thinking about Ava. He tells her that’s a wise choice. She says that coming back to him was too. He tells her that she’s his motivation, and moves in for a kiss, but knocks the frame off of the table. He gets cut on the glass, and his blood drips onto Nikolas’s name.

Griff tells Anna that never occurred to him that Ava might misconstrue his intentions, because he’s that dense, but he has to risk it. His priority is making sure she’s not making a mistake. They can work out the rest later. Anna tells him not to talk to Valentin; it will only alert him. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do, and Anna asks him to let her make some calls.

Quiet dude just sits and stares out the window. Ava asks what’s out there that he finds so riveting? She says that she’s not going to let them dope her into oblivion like they did him. Leave it to her to find the one place lonelier than Port Charles. Ava doesn’t see it, but dude makes a fist with his right hand. I don’t think that’s good. Larissa comes in to tell Ava her room is ready, and asks, what is she doing? She tells Ava not to go near him.

Kiki talks to Dillon on the phone, telling him she’s on duty. She got the gift basket, but it was inappropriate to send to the hospital. Dr. Bensch didn’t approve. She says, no, he’s not a jerk. He’s a well-respected doctor, who’s fast-tracking her through medical school. She says she can’t have gift baskets full of tequila being sent there. It was a great gift, but don’t do it again.

Nina bandages Valentin’s hand. Maxie calls Nina, and says she has something. It’s a juicy story about ownership of some negatives. Nina isn’t impressed, and says the terms are clear. Maxie has to give her a juicy story. Maxie says she’d thought she had something juicy, but it wasn’t as juicy as she thought it would be. If “juicy” was a drinking game word, we’d be halfway there by now.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy how Jason is doing, and she says no change. He asks about the galley launch party, and says it’s coming up quickly. He told Maxie about it, and she’s cool with it; she respects his decision. He’s in for good. Amy hugs him, and Spinelli sees them.

On the phone, Anna tells someone to call her back. She tells Griff that there isn’t much, but they’re sending the information that they have. He thanks her, and says that he owes her. I was just thinking, she should have Griff go with her to Morocco, if she goes to Russia with him. Anna tells him that she has deep misgivings. The idea that she’s pushing him toward Ava makes her sick. Griff says Ava’s health is at stake, and Anna says that’s why she’s biting her tongue. She understands his questions about feelings and faith. If he finds no place for himself in the priesthood, please don’t run to Ava. She might be in pain, but there’s another side to her. He needs to who she truly is.

Larissa tells Ava never to approach Patient Six. He’s a dangerous psychotic. His mask is a safety precaution in case he gets agitated. Ava asks what if he’d hurt her, and Larissa says he’s heavily sedated, but don’t get close enough for him to reach her. He’s been the victim of a violent crime.

Nina and Valentin kiss.

Larissa tells Ava that this is the result of a vicious attack. It’s tragic, but not surprising considering his injuries. Ava asks why he’s here. She says his family has hopes for his rehabilitation. She can’t give the details, but she can say that he’s from a wealth family. He was shot and fell into the water. Patient Six is beyond help. Omgomgomg.

So is it Nikolas, or are we just supposed to think that?

Tomorrow, Anna talks with Finn, Sam has one choice, and Nathan’s biggest fan shows up.

😵 On Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is still the loudest thing ever. She’s very, very cute, but has a set of lungs worthy of a Metropolitan Opera cast member. Times ten. Jenni said that she’s loud and throws tantrums like her father, and she’s enjoying every minute of it. Payback’s a bitch. Jeff met with Lea Black from The Real Housewives of Miami to show her some houses. Hearing her nails-on-a-blackboard laugh gave me flashbacks, but that was kind of a fun show. Jeff and Gage are not getting along well at all. Gage is torn between tending to the baby and work, but thinks the relationship will survive. Jeff, on the other hand, is making future plans in his head in case of a divorce, and telling his therapist this isn’t working. He doesn’t know how to handle Gage not giving 100% at the job. When they showed the clip from next week’s show – Jeff’s annoyance at he driveway at the new house being blocked, and loudly saying welcome to the neighborhood – he felt like a kindred spirit. I’ve been surrounded by construction of one kind or another since Hurricane Sandy, and that is my pet peeve.

💍 It’s been a long week, but tomorrow I’ll have much to say about 90 Day Fiancé, especially the finale of The Couples Tell All. Here’s a hint. Jorge was a big, fat disappointment.

Because this is how bored we are…


The Return of Jason, Nikolas, or Both?