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October 30, 2017 – Jason Meets Jason, Vicki Rides in an Icelandic Ambulance, an Engaging Two Days in Dallas & More Halloween


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly asks Sonny what’s going on, and who was that guy who came through the skylight? He tells her it was Jason.

At the docks, Real Jason tells Klein it’s his last chance. Klein says Real Jason can kill him or save Sam, but not both, and pushes her into the water. Real Jason jumps in after her.

Other Jason asks Monica what happened. She says whatever is going on, it’s not over. Another man came in, and took Sam.

Dante tells Jordan they’re cleaning up the security footage. It was scrambled at the restaurant. He tells her about the two thugs who were arrested, and she says there was a report of three. He says the other one took Sam as a hostage.

At the hospital, Griff gives Ava some water. She asks if there’s any vodka to go with it. He says sorry, he’s not carrying, but maybe he should start after tonight. She asks how Elizabeth is. He says she’ll be okay; she’s with Franco and Jason. Ava says another guy grabbed Sam, and their friend from Russia crashed through the skylight. She wonders if Monica is going to tell Other Jason. Griff thinks they need a change of scenery.

Josslyn arrives at Oscar’s house dressed like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and Oscar greets her as Jon Snow. She needs some dragons, and he just happens to have some GoT dragon action figures. She says they need to take pictures, and thinks his mom should take them. He says no, and she asks why he doesn’t want her to meet his mom. He says she’ll get all nosy, and why bring another adult into their business? She hears him but her mom is pushing to meet her so why not get it over with? He says she’s at work. Josslyn thinks they should make the most of having the place to themselves.

Jordan goes over what happened at the MetroCourt with Dante. He says the guy had a gun but didn’t shoot. He thinks it’s significant. She asks if he’s leaving something out, and he says he’ll talk to her after he checks out the footage. She leaves to talk to Jason, and he goes back to footage work.

Monica tells Franco and Jason about the guy crashing through the skylight, and says he went after the guy who took Sam. Jason says not the skylight man, and she says no. It looked like he was trying to rescue Sam. Andre listens in.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows it’s hard to imagine. Carly says it’s impossible. Jason left with Elizabeth and Griff. Sonny starts talking about the guy they know as Jason, Jake Doe or whoever he is – and noooooo! it’s an interruption. I hate you, George Stephanopoulos. We can totally wait 45 minutes to hear about Russia. I check Verizon live TV, and it’s the same crap. I’m sick of being informed. Screw you, George.

Thank God, it’s only about ten minutes. Oscar says sorry, no. Josslyn asks if every kid doesn’t look for presents when they’re little. She says they should look for clues about his dad, and wonders what he thought she meant. He goes to check his mom’s room. I’m assuming he thought she meant they should get busy while his mom isn’t there.

Jason brings Sam up to the surface.

Carly wants it from Sonny in order. He says Max called about someone in one of his safe houses, who used a code from 2012. When he got there, the door was unlocked, so he knew they weren’t hiding. He heard Jason’s voice call his name, turned around, and there he was. It sent chills down his spine. He knew it was Jason right away but didn’t want him to know. They had guns drawn. Carly says no way their Jason would pull a gun on Sonny. Whoever he is; he’s not Jason.

Jordan talks to Monica at the hospital. She asks if there’s anything she wants to add to the statement; any detail might be vital. Monica says it doesn’t make sense. The man who dropped down looked like – it’s not possible. Jordan says they’ll talk later. Franco tries to talk to Monica, but she says not now.

Andre’s phone rings, and he asks why Klein is calling him. Klein says they have to meet. Andre tells him that would be unwise, but Klein says he’s in no position to turn him down.

Other Jason asks Dante what he knows. He tells Other Jason that the perp scrambled the footage. They looked at the perp taking Sam, and it looked like he injected her with something. He tells Other Jason that a guy came down from the skylight with a gun, but didn’t fire any shots. He went after the perp. They look at a shot from the skylight, but can’t make anything out.

Real Jason pulls Sam out of the water. He tells her to answer him, and performs chest compression. She coughs out water, and he says okay; he’s got her. She says, you’re here.  They stare at each other. She asks how he found her, and he says he just did. She passes out, and he picks her up in his arms, carrying her.

Jason says it’s horrible footage, and he can’t get anything. Dante thought it was worth a shot. He says the camera in the lobby wasn’t scrambled, but it’s at a bad angle. They got a partial image of a the skylight guy; Sonny came in with him. Dante says Sonny stonewalled him when he asked about it. Other Jason says he’s got to be kidding, and leaves.

Sonny tells Carly that Jason wasn’t going to shoot him, but she thinks he’s making excuses for a guy who’s taking advantage of him. A guard calls, saying Jordan is there, and Sonny tells Carly not to say anything. She says she doesn’t know what’s going on anyway. Jordan thought they might want an update, and says the perps lawyered up and aren’t talking. Elizabeth was shot, and she’ll make it, but her focus is on finding Sam. Sonny says theirs is too, and she says help her then. What else does he know? Sonny tells her that he got a call from Carly that there was trouble, and he ran over there. He thinks he might have helped a little, but he’d never seen the perps before. Jordan asks what about the friend he came with, who crashed through the skylight? Sonny says he saw what everybody else did. The guy went after Sam. Jordan gets a call, and has to leave to debrief the mayor.

Sonny tells Carly thanks for trusting him. Carly says, of course she does. She knows it’s been hard on the both of them with how much Jason has changed, and it might be affecting his judgment. Sonny tells her that he knows his best friend.

Elizabeth asks Monica if anyone else was hurt. Monica tells her some lunatic abducted Sam, but she’s sure the police will bring her back safe and sound. She thinks it will be sooner rather than later, since there was a man on their tail. Elizabeth asks if it was someone from party, and Monica says, yes and no. If she didn’t know better, she’d say it was Jason, but Jason was at the hospital with Elizabeth. Franco listens in.

Griff and Ava have dinner at The Floating Rib. He’s glad they went out, and says she is too. Imagine that; the two of them in public. She asks how he’s holding up, and if he’s feeling eyes on him. He says only two.

Oscar asks Josslyn if she found anything, but she hasn’t. He hasn’t either. She thinks it might be easier if they knew what they were looking for. They need way to narrow it down; they need a clue. She says they should go over what they know. Oscar says he met her mom in San Diego about fifteen years ago, but that’s all he’s got. Josslyn asks what they know about San Diego, and Oscar says, beaches, zoos, and Mexican food. She says her dad sometimes surfs there, and Oscar adds that there’s a military base. His grandpa was in the navy. He says maybe there’s nothing to find. Maybe it was a hookup that didn’t mean anything. Josslyn doesn’t buy it. She says Oscar is special, and that doesn’t come out of nowhere.

Josslyn says maybe it was too much to hope for. She gets a text from Trina, and Oscar suggests they leave before she brings the party there. Josslyn can’t believe she failed. She always finds her mother’s hiding spots. Oscar says his mother probably does the opposite of what most parents would do. Josslyn says, hide in plain sight? She sees the Ask Man Landers book on the table, telling Oscar he’s the hot new advice expert, and Dante’s PCPD partner. It all came out at the launch party. She opens the book, and finds a letter postmarked 2003 from San Diego.

Griff suggests he and Ava work off some ribs by playing darts. She tells him she’s good, but don’t have too much fun. People will think they’re on date. Griff says let them; they don’t have to put a label on it, but he’s not seeing anyone else. Ava says that’s something.

Elizabeth asks Monica how could Jason be there and somewhere else? Monic says the only way that could be real is if there were two Jasons. Franco grabs Andre. He wants to talk to him about Jason and Andrew.

Sonny tells Carly that if the guy was up to no good, why wouldn’t he have shot him? Carly insists if it was Jason, he wouldn’t have pulled a gun. Sonny thinks it wasn’t him he was worried about, but Other Jason, who might shoot first and asks questions later. He tells Carly that Jason put the gun on the table when saw Sonny was alone; he wasn’t going to shoot him. Carly asks where he’s been for five years, but Sonny says he doesn’t know. She says how convenient, but Sonny says if it was a set-up or plant, he would have come up with some lie. It’s Jason. Carly says they have a DNA test, fingerprints, and Spinelli’s program. They saw his face. Sonny says there’s no way to convince her, so why keep talking. Other Jason arrives, and asks wth is going on. I say, well, for one, you’re not Jason.

Josslyn asks if Oscar is going to read the letter, but he’s not sure he should, since it’s private. She says not if it’s about his dad, but she gets it if he doesn’t want to know. He opens it. It says sorry that he had to go. He misses her, and hopes she likes the gift. It makes him think of the both of them, and hopes it’s the same for her. There’s no signature. Josslyn says now they have a new lead; a gift that’s supposed to remind his parents about them as a couple. If they can find the gift, she bets they can find out who his father is.

Ava tells Griff that he just hustled her. She says she’s at her limit, and Griff says he’ll take her home. She wants to call a car, but he says it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. She tells him that would be walking her to her door, giving her a modest kiss, and leaving, but she knows if they got there, she’d want to ask him in. Griff says he’d want to accept. She adds, and stay, and he says he would. Ava says what she means is for there to be more to this than that, so if he doesn’t mind, she’d like a raincheck on his gallantry. He says fine, if she agrees to a second date. She does.

Franco tells Andre that the incident at the MetroCourt has something to do with Jason and Andrew. Andre gets testy, saying he showed Franco the death certificate, and if he wants to talk about it further, make an appointment. He jets, and Franco looks after him suspiciously.

Other Jason tells Sonny and Carly that some guy took Sam. He needs a lead, but doesn’t know who those guys are who crashed the party. Sonny says he doesn’t either. Other Jason says he saw the footage from the lobby, and Sonny came in with the same guy who crashed through the skylight. Who is he?

Franco visits Elizabeth. She feels like she’s floating, and he says they gave her the good stuff. She asks about Sam.

Other Jason asks if the guy is one of Sonny’s people, and Sonny says it’s someone he trusts. Other Jason tells Sonny to call him, but Sonny says he can’t reach him. Other Jason says someone kidnapped his wife, and he doesn’t know where she is. He wants to know where his wife is. Real Jason comes in through the patio doors, carrying Sam. Everyone looks at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna it’s time for this to be over, Dante asks Valentin if he knows anything, Andre has to make other plans if he’s been compromised, and Jordan asks what she’s looking at.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki says she hasn’t felt well all day. A doctor is sent to her room, and the ambulance comes. Peggy explains to the doctor that she’s had a fever and been having heart palpitations. Vicki tells the doctor she’s under cardiology care, but doesn’t know exactly what her issue is. Tamra horns in, and says maybe she should go to the hospital. Peggy tries to thin out the crowd so the doctor can work. Shannon says she’s had the same thing, and we flash back to her saying heart palpitations are common. The hotel manager asks them to all get lost.

The doctor asks what she was going before this happened, and Vicki says she hasn’t felt well for the past few days. Lydia prays for her with the others in the hallway. Peggy feels the need to nurture her. It reminds her of when she was in the hospital and needed support. In her interview, Tamra can’t understand why Peggy is upset. The doctor wants Vicki to go to the hospital. Kelly thinks Peggy wants to swoop in and freeze her out. She tells Peggy to quit telling her what to do.

They take Vicki out, and Lydia asks if she wants anyone to go with her. She comes out with a robe over her head, and Shannon wonders if she’s Michael Jackson. Somebody needs to tell her that he died years ago. We flash back to how Vicki was out all night, and Shannon thinks she’s just exhausted. Vicki says she’s fine as she’s loaded in the ambulance. Remind me not to get sick around any of these people.

Everybody agrees they need to eat. Peggy says they’re more interested in eating and drinking than seeing Vicki in the hospital. At the restaurant, Kelly says she’ll go to the hospital after she eats, and Meghan asks if she feels guilty. Kelly says no, but she’d want someone there if it was her. They order, and Lydia says the car is there. She wants Vicki to know someone is there, and says when she comes back, they can change places. In her interview, she says if she was in a hospital in another land, please come, and don’t continue with dinner. Exactly. I mean, the care is probably decent in Iceland – it’s not a third world country – but who knows?

Tamra and Shannon join them at the restaurant. Tamra is surprised Lydia went to the hospital. What’s wrong with these women? Meghan asks if Peggy is having dinner, but she’s calling Diko. Peggy tells him what happened with Vicki. She’s grateful for Diko’s love and support with everything she’s gone through with her cancer, and asks him what she should do. He thinks she should catch a cab, and make sure Vicki is getting the proper care. Makes sense to me. He knows what she’s thinking. In her interview she says her father had a stoke that led to dementia, and his death was unbearable. I tear up, thinking about my own father.

Shannon toasts to good health and Vicki getting better. Kelly says she had been feeling dizzy and nauseous. Shannon asks what the plan is. Tamra thinks they should all go, but Kelly says they should take shifts. Meghan wants to stay, and doesn’t think Shannon or Tamra should go. We flash back to Vicki’s dune buggy accident, when they acted like a-holes. In her interview, Shannon tells us about how they were criticized for not visiting her then. She complains about Kelly having dinner and a cocktail, when she’s supposed to be Vicki’s friend. Tamra says Peggy makes everything about herself.

Peggy walks in, and they tell her that Lydia went to the hospital. She says she’s going too, but then decides to wait. In her interview, she thinks Kelly is selfish. Peggy tells them that Diko said she should go, and Peggy says she doesn’t have to just because he says. Peggy asks why she’s getting angry, and Kelly says it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. In her interview, Peggy explains that she and Diko have respect for one another, and it makes a good marriage. As soon as she leaves, Kelly belittles Peggy, saying her grandma told her to get an education so no man tells you what to do. They totally don’t understand where Peggy is coming from, which is possibly why they have sh*tty marriages. I might add Kelly and Shannon are in the process of divorce, Tamra is on her second marriage, and Meghan’s husband is on his third. And I’m pretty certain, if Peggy didn’t agree it was a good idea, she wouldn’t go.

Lydia calls, and Vicki gets on the phone. They took blood tests and an EKG. Shannon says Peggy is on her way, but the way she says it is really nasty. Meghan thinks she should bring pajamas, and they order a casserole from the kitchen.

Vicki is released, and Peggy and Lydia walk her out. She says she had elevated blood pressure. The combination of everything happening on the trip, including the different atmospheric conditions, sent her over the edge. They gave her some medicine, in addition to the tests. Lydia says it was scary. In her interview, she feels like Vicki’s diagnosis is probably Vicki. Ha-ha! I think it’s stress. While they’re in the hotel limo, Steve calls. Vicki tells him they gave her blood thinners for her clot, and she’ll have to give herself a shot, and he jokes around. They get back to the hotel, and the girls present her with the casserole. I’ll bet it’s better than one of those tuna and cream of mushroom soup casseroles I ate as a kid. Vicki says it’s about time. Lydia suggests they get some sleep, and goes back to her room.

The others are all still up at 2 am, drinking in Shannon’s room. Shannon finds it interesting that after the hospital, Vicki would have champagne. Why? I would. Kelly thinks Vicki and Tamra should talk. Tamra wonders if what they’re fighting over matters, and thinks they can now have a conversation that matters. Tamra tells Vicki that Eddie is her best friend, and what if she spread rumors about Steve. Tamra says she’d never do this, and wants an apology. Vicki says she’s been apologizing for six months. Kelly tries to put in her two cents, and Tamra tells her to zip it. She says Kelly it’s between A and B, and C you’re way out. Ha-ha! I’ve never heard that before.

Shannon asks if Vicki wants her to back up Tamra. Um… Tamra just told Kelly to butt out. Apparently, Shannon is a beat behind. Tamra asks how Vicki would like it, and Vicki says Tamra did that with Brooks. We see a few clips of Tamra screaming, and yelling, and hopping up and down, and getting in Brooks’s face. Vicki says she had to find out for herself. Tamra says she wanted the best for Vicki, and knew he was lying to her. She was protecting Vicki, and Vicki chose him over her. I guess what she means is that Vicki chose to believe him over her, but it came out sounding middle schoolish or like a jealous ex. Vicki asks why it has to be a choice? In her interview, Vicki says it’s not something you should have to make a choice about. Tamra gets squeaky and begins to cry. She moves to bawling, and they hug. Kelly says it’s sweet. Why are these people even here? While these two are having a heart to heart, the rest of them are sitting there watching and kibitzing. Shannon says it’s making her sick, and that Vicki has never been a real friend. She keeps leaning over and talking in Meghan’s ear, saying Vicki is an effing liar. Meghan tells her this isn’t the time. Thank you. Occasionally, Meghan can be the voice of reason. In her interview, Meghan gets where Shannon is coming from. Her best friend is getting along with someone who sh*t on her. Vicki tells Tamra not to hurt her, and she won’t hurt Tamra. Shannon says Vicki does it every week. In her interview, Vicki thinks Shannon wants Tamra all to herself. Well, duh. Vicki tells Tamra they messed up, but it wasn’t vindictive. Shannon says Tamra calls her all the time, crying about Vicki. Vicki has had enough of Shannon’s remarks, and says she’s out. She leaves, and Peggy hugs Tamra. Shannon is the biggest a-hole in the world. In her interview, Tamra feels like they hadn’t completely moved on. Shannon, who just can’t shut up, says Vicki is putting stories out about Eddie. Tamra tells us that she’s done with negativity, fighting, and pain. She sits next to Shannon, and Shannon says seeing her cry to Vicki upsets her. Tamra is like, too bad. In her interview, Shannon says they don’t understand.  Shannon gained weight because she swallowed a nasty troll who now lives inside her.

Kelly tells Lydia to come to her room. She says she’s broke down; she went to bed at 5 am. Vicki calls, asking what’s going on. Lydia tells her that everyone is just waking up. Kelly says it was a sh*t show last night. She’s annoyed that Peggy tells her what to do, like her mom, and she wants to know what everything Kelly says means. We see some stupid exchange between them, that ends with Kelly saying her dad can beat up Peggy’s dad, which of course Peggy doesn’t understand. Vicki tells her to be nice. We flash back to various girls’ trips over the seasons, and Lydia says she’d be more surprised if nothing happened.

Tamra shows up in a mask and wooden slippers. She tells them that she peed herself without knowing last night, and still wearing her pants. No Red Baron pizza wings for you. Kelly thinks it’s weird how Shannon got upset last night. Lydia is like, huh? because she wasn’t there, and Kelly says Vicki had a moment with Tamra. Tamra says Shannon doesn’t think she should give Vicki another chance. In her interview, Lydia says Shannon keeps whispering in Tamra’s ear, reminding her of the things Vicki has done. Tamra says she knew she had to move on. When someone gets hurt or sick, it brings out emotions. It doesn’t mean they’re best friends again, but it feels good to be in a place where they can have fun. I think they should all just stay home.

Vicki and Tamra hug in the hallway. Vicki says they had a breakthrough, and they should put their differences aside and whoop it up. Life is about having fun. Tamra thinks she’s still drunk. They knock on Peggy’s door, but there’s no answer. Tamra thinks Peggy got upset, but should talk about it so they can fix it. Vicki says these road trips are going to kill her.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Vicki knocks on Peggy’s door again, but she still doesn’t answer. Vicki feels badly about leaving her. Tamra thinks maybe she needs to chill. and Lydia says must be tired if she’s turning down a shopping trip. She says they’ll check on her when they get back, and Tamra suggests buying her a present. Kelly says Peggy keeps correcting her, and it’s annoying her. Her trigger is people trying to control her.

Kelly says it’s shocking to see Vicki and Shannon laughing together. They do some shopping, and find some pretty fur hats. Tamra decides to get one for everyone. Lydia tells Shannon it makes her happy to see her and Vicki getting along. Shannon says it’s a trip, but when she gets in her room, there’s a pit in stomach because of what Vicki is doing. That pit is the troll she ate. In her interview, Lydia wishes Shannon would move forward. It’s getting ridiculous.

Outside of her door, Vicki tells Peggy she has a present for her. Lydia and Tamra are there, and Lydia asks her to open the door; she hasn’t responded to her calls or texts. In her interview, Peggy says this has been one of the worst experiences of her life. Kelly insulted her, while the other ladies sat around and laughed. Why would she want to be around creatures like that? Lydia asks her to at least say something, so she knows Peggy is okay. Peggy tells Lydia that she needs a few minutes time to herself. She’ll talk in a bit.

Next time, the girls whoop it up Viking style, Shannon takes the stage with a choral group, Meghan and Peggy argue, and Shannon gets involved. No surprise.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne and D’Andra visit the party planner. LeeAnne says it’s her engagement party, and his last chance to run. The planner says they want them to experience a theme – a carnival engagement party. D’Andra hopes it’s Cirque du Soleil, and not a local county fair. D’Andra is having an engagement brunch the next day as well. LeeAnne hasn’t seen her mother in two years, but she’s coming. She hopes they can resolve some things before the party. She was left with her grandparents when she was a toddler, and they’ve never patched the hole. She doesn’t know that either one understands how to begin. D’Andra wonders if she should add the stress beforehand.

Construction has begun on Stephanie’s new house. She calls the living room pool, the pool of broken dreams. She tells Travis about her plans for the kitchen. She says it will be awesome, and he says unless she keeps adding crap. He thinks the house screams Vegas, but tells her do what she needs to. Stephanie calls the house her bitch, and says it will be amazing when it’s done.

LeeAnne asks Rich if he’s excited about seeing her mother, and he chokes on his drink. The doorbell rings, and she tells him to get it. That’s a no. In her interview, she says they haven’t been able to communicate in peaceful manner for years. Freud would blow his brains out over them. LeeAnne has been in therapy, and wants to break the chain and make things different. Her mother, Margaret, has arrived. In her interview, LeeAnne says Margaret has softened over the years. She was different when LeeAnne was a kid, and LeeAnne didn’t understand why she left. Margaret checks out the ring.

Brandi is making a magical birthday party for her daughter. In her interview, Brandi tells us that when her daughter sees a little person, she thinks an elf is spying on her. Like her mama, she lives in her own world. They all mess with silly string and confetti.  The kids go upstairs, and Brandy tells Bryan that her pregnancy test was negative. She can get pregnant, but her fertility is on the decline. The have six moths to year. She says it’s been an emotional roller coaster.

LeeAnne has boxes to open that her mother brought. She says her mother packrats everything from her past, and if you went into her house, you’d think LeeAnne was dead, since there’s a shrine. She takes a pageant crown out of a box. In her interview, she says that when she was a child everything was unstable. She only saw her mom in the summers when they traveled with the carnival, but she was working the whole time. She never said anything, but the pain was there. They’ve never had an authentic conversation about it. LeeAnne and Margaret look at pictures. LeeAnne wants a mother/daughter relationship, but doesn’t know how. She tells Margaret that they only have a surface relationship, and wants to make it better. She explains that she’s been seeing a therapist for a year, and thinks they should go together. Margaret says they could discuss their different perceptions. LeeAnne tells her be truthful, so they can resolve it. Margaret says she’s cautious because LeeAnne flies off the handle. LeeAnne says they need to learn to be themselves without killing one another. Margaret hopes she has good therapist.

Stephanie meets Cary for lunch. Stephanie feels like a lot of drama comes out of the friendship between LeeAnne and Brandi. She says the nanny comment was a wake-up call for her. There was an intent to be hurtful, which was out of character. Cary doesn’t think it’s how Brandi normally behaves. Brandi arrives, and Stephanie says she wants it to be how it used to be. She loves them both, and doesn’t know where to start. Brandi says she’s disappointed in herself for what she said about Mark, and apologizes. Cary accepts, but isn’t clear about what’s going on. Stephanie tells Brandi that she sounded more like LeeAnne, but Brandi takes ownership of what she said. She brings up what Cary said about not wanting to be friends with them. Cary says they’d been teasing Kameron, and when she got off the boat, she heard LeeAnne saying Stephanie and Brandi were ruining their reputations. After she said it, she saw LeeAnne’s smirk, and realized she’d been had. Brandi says LeeAnne was trying to get her to say something she could use. Stephanie says LeeAnne makes things up, and reminds them about LeeAnne coming as two-faced Stephanie to Stephanie’s party. She tells Brandi to be careful. In her interview, Cary says Brandi needs to see reality, LeeAnne is not a positive influence. Stephanie feels like LeeAnne puts her in the position of choosing between her and whoever she doesn’t like. I get distracted by the food being served, some kind of raw tuna dish. It looks incredible. Brandi says LeeAnne told her that she wanted to be friends, but would call and gossip about them. Stephanie says she’s a manipulator. Cary says Brandi knows both she and Stephanie love her. This is like a LeeAnne intervention. In her interview, Brandi says that what hurts most, is that Stephanie never stopped loving her, even when she was mad at her. She wonders if LeeAnne was using her. Stephanie says if LeeAnne can’t behave herself, she can’t be friends with her.

D’Andra is sweating bullets, having to tell her mother that the new product is delayed. She’s afraid Dee will lose confidence in her. It feeds into her worst fears about turning over the company. She brings the samples to Dee’s office. Dee likes the product, and asks if they’re on schedule. D’Andra says they’re not going to be on time; they’ve had a snafu. They’re missing an ingredient. When Dee finds out it’s the main one, she says it’s upsetting, and it’s a very expensive mistake. D’Andra explains that there wasn’t enough in the lab, but the order was coming from Europe, and would take four weeks. The bottom line is they don’t have it, and she made a mistake, but it won’t happen again. Dee likes that D’Andra took responsibility. They learn good lessons from mistakes; they make us better. She tells D’Andra it’s spilled milk, but take the mistake and make lemonade out of lemons. She asks if D’Andra is ready to take over the company. She’s really tired, and going to be seventy-seven. She loves it, but she’s exhausted. She’s ready to hand D’Andra the key, and tell her it’s hers. D’Andra asks if she’s serious. She is, but D’Andra has to take responsibility for the legacy she’s built. She’ll always be there for her, but in her heart, she believes D’Andra will be more successful than she’s been. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s never felt that her mother trusted her before. It’s a huge step, and they can move forward as mother and daughter, without financial constraints of business between them.

Cary is enjoying staying home, but Zuri is a mini Mark. Playing with her is like working with Mark, but she doesn’t get paid. Mark comes in, and tells her happy anniversary. He and Zuri have a surprise. Zuri gives her a box, and helps her open it. It’s a Hermes wallet ($8,000). Mark says Zuri couldn’t decide between the handbag and wallet, so he thought she needed two presents. The next box contains a Birkin bag ($12,000).

Leeanne and Margaret go to therapy. Margaret has mixed feelings. The therapist says to pretend she’s not there. Margaret says when she’s afraid to talk, a shield goes up. Everything she says upsets LeeAnne, and she’s literally terrified every time she opens her mouth. She doesn’t understand LeeAnne saying she abandoned her. LeeAnne talks about how she would beg her mother not to leave, but Margaret says she doesn’t know how she would cry when she got in her car. She would call her mother and cry. LeeAnne’s biological father walked out. She was nineteen, and had a child. She had no idea what to do, and didn’t even have a job. She didn’t know what she was doing, but tried to do what was right for LeeAnne. LeeAnne didn’t know anyone wanted her. Margaret says she love LeeAnne very much, and is sorry from the bottom of her heart. LeeAnn thought her mother dropped her off, and was never bothered by it. He realizes her mother did love her. LeeAnne says she loves Margaret too, and wants her to be a part of her life. They hug.

The party begins. Stephanie feels awkward, but wants to be supportive. She thinks Rick is a great guy. LeeAnne says it’s also their eight-year anniversary. It’s beautifully decorated, and quite elegant for a carnival. Kameron is blown away, except she thinks there’s not enough pink. Brandi is confused in her head, hearing what Cary and Stephanie said. She knows they have her best interest at heart.

D’Andra talks to Kameron, who says her SparkleDog is officially in a store now. She thanks D’Andra for help. D’Andra is proud of her. LeeAnne introduces her mom to her doctor. Cary and Mark arrive. Cary says she respects Rich, and has known him longer than she’s known LeeAnne. Mark wants to be there for Rich, and so does she. She wonders how many times LeeAnne has threatened to kill him. She says probably the double digits, but eight years? I think triple at least.

D’Andra gives a toast, saying Rick is the man of LeeAnne’s dreams, and how lucky she is, and how much in love they are. Zzzzz… LeeAnne and Rich join her up front, and LeeAnne says that life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, and she’s grateful to them for their friendship. Rich looks uncomfortable being on display.

LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’s glad she’s here. She tells Brandi what a great friend she is, and if she ever does anything to hurt her, to let her know. But if she crosses her, she’ll slit her throat. She laughs, and says she give her heart to few people. In her interview, Brandi is certain LeeAnne would come after her; she’s seen it. LeeAnne tells Margaret it feels like they’re in a different place. It’s a new brick in the foundation of the life she’s building.

Moving on to the brunch. Wow. D’Andra has fantastic, huge red earrings. LeeAnne says she has to think about the list. She thinks Cary and Mark were standoffish at the party. D’Andra isn’t sure Cary should be part of it if they can’t get along.

Brandi and Stephanie have a kiki before the brunch. Brandi tells Stephanie what LeeAnne said to her, and wonders who makes a joke about harming someone. Stephanie says it’s not normal and not okay. LeeAnne likes to control by intimidation. She says joke or not, LeeAnne scares her.

D’Andra says the engagement brunch is a tradition for women, but I don’t think it is where I’m from. I never heard of it. Cary doesn’t want to be disrespectful to D’Andra, and is taking the high road. D’Andra toasts to the bride to be. She asks Cary if they can get along long enough to get through all the wedding events. Cary and LeeAnne bicker about who hurt who more, and LeeAnne tells Cary that she never thinks about her when she’s not around. Brandi calls bullsh*t. She tells LeeAnne that she claims honesty and truth are important, but she didn’t really want Brandi making up with Stephanie. LeeAnne says she wanted it if it was good for Brandi, but Brandi says that’s not what LeeAnne told other people. She says that LeeAnne manipulated Cary and Kameron in Mexico, when she said she and Stephanie would ruin their reputations. Kameron insists LeeAnne never said that, and that Brandi wasn’t there. She wonders what little bird told her, and Cary says it was her.

Brandi says LeeAnne festers off of negativity, and uses it. She got off on Brandi and Stephanie not being friends. LeeAnne says she told her she hoped they made up, if that’s what Brandi wanted. We flash back, and that’s not exactly what she said. Brandi says she did, and calls LeeAnne delusional. She lives off of what goes wrong. She calls LeeAnne a liar and a bitch, says eff-you, and good luck with the wedding, and she’s out the door. Stephanie follows her. D’Andra is on their tail, asking wtf happened. Brandi says if LeeAnne wants to slit her throat for being honest, fine. Cary joins them and says she threatens to kill people; she just can’t. Inside, LeeAnne says this is heartbreaking – not to mention rude at the brunch. Kameron says she has never seen LeeAnne lie. Outside, D’Andra tells the others they should take notes in an argument. Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

This was the finale, but there wasn’t anything very interesting in the blurbs, except SparkleDog is a thing now, and Brandi was not invited to the wedding.

Next time, I assume the reunion, but they didn’t say.

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October 29, 2017 – The Shahs Reunion Comes to An End, a Triple Attack & Silver Shamrock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part Two

I’m still trying to get over the fact Destiney was on People’s Couch and I didn’t realize it.

Asa asks Reza if he believes her about not getting IVF treatments to have her son. He does, but hates himself for having doubts. She says she and MJ aren’t friends like that. Shervin says Asa doesn’t reciprocate, and that’s why MJ is hurt. Asa insists MJ never wanted good for her, and crossed the line. We flash back to MJ not wanting to hug her after finding out she’s pregnant. MJ says she was shocked and disappointed that it was six months before any of them were included. Asa tells MJ she’s lost all respect for her. Reza tells Asa that she doesn’t understand MJ and what she’s been going through. MJ tells Asa about crocheting a blanket for baby Soltan, and Asa says, the bastard child. They break for lunch.

Backstage, Mike is upset, and GG says it seems like Asa hates them. MJ brings up Asa’s comment on racism, and Mike jokingly asks if she’s talking about him. Asa overhears and isn’t happy. GG asks for the paramedics. She’s having a panic attack, and says she just smoked some weed. She tells the paramedic how cute he is.

Back to the reunion. Andy says it was a season of new beginnings for GG. Her anger levels turned down, but not completely off. A viewer asks about GG’s sobriety. She says she was never practicing sobriety, and shows us her vaporizer. We flash back to her fight with her sister Layla on Thanksgiving, and GG says she can’t anymore. Mike doesn’t think the relationship can be healed – there’s been too much damage. We find out he’s hooked up with Layla in the past. Andy is surprised that Reza and GG reconciled. Reza says hating her was taking up energy and space in his head and heart, and was a lot of work. He either had to let it go or let her go. GG doesn’t think it would have happened if his friends hasn’t pointed out to him that she’d changed. Reza tells us that they were just in Palm Springs together. Now the song Layla will be my earworm for a while. You’re welcome.

We revisit GG getting her hearing aid. She didn’t know how deaf she was, but notices now when the batteries need to be replaced. Andy says by the time he found her wedding registry, he heard the marriage was over. Reza is willing to guarantee that there are relatives on Shalom’s side who didn’t want to go to the wedding, and that’s why they just had a civil ceremony. GG says she kept asking if he was sure things were cool with Shalom’s family, and he insisted it was. Andy asks where things are at now, and she tells him that they’re trying to get to know each other, since they didn’t before. Wow – that’s some ring. Andy reminds her that she has a Shalom tattoo, and she claims she doesn’t regret it, but talks about a fight they had and how she slashed the tattoo to show him that she didn’t care. Mike says that’s some serious sh*t. She says information came out that he’d been married before, and applied for a green card. A lot of people thought that was his reason for wanting to marry her. His ex was also on the reality show Dash Dolls about the Kardashian boutique.

Andy says, guess what? We invited Shalom here! GG is mad, and everyone is surprised. Shalom comes out, and Andy asks how he would define their relationship. He says they’re working on it and trying to figure it out. Andy asks if him snapchatting his abs to her was the deciding factor. and brings up the green card issue. Shalom says there are plenty of women he could marry for that reason, and they’d accept a cheaper ring. Andy asks if he’s attracted to women on reality shows, but he says his ex was only on one for about two weeks. We flash back to Shalom being upset about GG kissing her scene partner in the play. Shalom says it was really bad, and he apologized to everyone. He comes from Persian/Jewish family, and 90% were against him getting married. After a few drinks and people talking in his ear, he realized he had a proposal happening in Times Square. Asa says it was weird. Andy asks why they broke up, and Shalom doesn’t know. GG says whether it was true or not, the gossip was hurting her, but he only sees it from his point of view. She tells him that he got overbearing, and when they got married, she got a call from E! News, saying Shalom wanted to do a story. Shalom says one day she loves him, and the next, she hates him. Shervin asks why try again, and he says he still loves her. He’s confused about her feelings though. Andy points out they don’t have a prenup. Reza says he’s a good guy. He likes GG, but likes Shalom more. Mike says together they might be like oil and water, even if they’re both good people. GG says at this point they’re going to see if something is worth saving. They’re taking it one day at a time. Andy says the good news is, she’ll always have the tattoo. خداحافظ, Shalom. (That’s goodbye in Persian.)

They talk moms. Reza says Mike’s mom is more thug than all the rest put together. Andy ask if Mike relies on her too much, and he says he doesn’t have to. Reza adds that she’s omnipresent in his life. Andy asks why there’s an obsession with Mike’s dool and where it goes. Mike corrects that to where they think it goes, and says it started in Mexico, and never stopped. We flash back to MJ catching a glimpse of “Russel the love muscle.” Mike thinks it’s funny, and Reza says it’s like that one shady relative you have who’s always up to no good.

Andy reads a raise your hand viewer question, and tells them raise their hands if they think Mike is as much of a man whore as ever, but only Reza thinks so. Next, Andy asks who thinks he’s slept with Jessica in the past year. That would be everyone. Mike says it’s complicated. It’s sad, and he felt it ended prematurely because of how he treated her, but now he’s the better version of Mike. Andy asks if he’s seen the email Jessica sent to his mom, but he says no, and has never brought it up. MJ wonders why. He says his mom stepped in when Jessica lost hers. They had a connection outside of him, and it was between them. He doesn’t feel it’s his business. Reza thinks Jessica feels that if it’s not cool with his mom, it’s not cool with Mike. Mike says been divorced for about a year, and they’ve both dated. The whole thing broke his heart, and he cries when he watches the show. Andy asks what’s the number one thing he learned. Mike says a lot, but the main thing is you have to be open and honest in a relationship, and be present and real.

Adam joins the group – his first reunion. He and Reza just celebrated a year of marriage, and Andy asks what Adam thinks of the new Reza. He says he has more closet space since Reza lost weight. Andy asks who he’s closest to out of the friends, and Adam says Asa has become a close friend. She’s the one person who reached out to him after Thailand. GG says Reza has changed a lot. In the beginning, he was rebellious, but he’s calmed down. Mike says his tone is different, and the way he talks about Adam. He wants to be a better person because of Adam. MJ says he fights hard daily to make himself better. A viewer asks if he’s been faithful, and Reza says 100%. He did the don’t ask don’t tell in another relationship, and it didn’t work, but there might come a time for that conversation down the road. Andy points out how upset Adam was about Reza using the divorce card; he felt disposable. Ada says it brought up Thailand for him again, and was hurtful. It’s one thing to think it, but another to say it to your partner. A viewer thinks it’s weird that Reza compares being faithful to alcoholism, using the one day at a time credo. Reza says it helps him as a person who had infidelity in his life.

They discuss what religion their child will be, and Adam says he’s converting to Judaism. Andy asks if having a baby pings Reza’s commitment issues. Reza prays they’ll be together for the long haul, since he comes from a broken home. Adam says he plans for future, but it’s always one day at a time (the phrase of the night). Mike commends it, and loves them both.

Reza says they’ve decided on surrogacy, and adoption can be an option later. They sold their house in Palm Springs, and just closed on a new one, which is a surprise to everybody. Mike says that explains why Reza has been MIA. Reza says once they move in, they can deal with baby stuff. Mike is upset that he didn’t tell them, but he wanted it to be a surprise. Reza says now Mike knows how he felt about Asa’s pregnancy. Asa mentions she didn’t even know Mike had a company until she saw him with the shoes.

Andy tells us Asa’s reluctance to share was a sore point this season, but has bubbled up in the past. He asks about MJ being offended, and MJ says she’s been open, and it hurt her feelings that Asa wasn’t. Reza says as friend he gets it, but as for being a cast member on a reality show, it’s effed up. From that aspect, it bothers him. From friend aspect, he loves Jermaine, who never has negative word to say. Asa says he has his own right not to sign a contract. She tells them that she’s been open about financial struggles, and was labeled the poor one, even though that wasn’t exactly the case. That’s why people are rooting for her success now. GG says it’s a contradiction, how she claims she doesn’t want to get involved, but wants to know everything that happens with the others. She asks why Asa is on the show. Asa says it’s says amazing platform, and GG says the rest of them are bleeding for the world to see, and Asa should tell her facts. Asa continues, saying she has political and social convictions, and wants as many people as possible to see that. Mike thinks its all surface stuff. He has issues with her; she brings only superficial things to the show. Everyone talks at once, so I can’t understand what anyone is saying. Andy tells Asa that’s what she brings to the show, but why is she on the show. Asa says wants her voice heard, just like anyone else. Mike asks why make him sound like racist, instead of using the opportunity to talk about her interracial relationship? He loves her, but doesn’t like the person she became this season. She insists she’s taken the side of other cast members who have been ganged up on, and calls Mike a follower. He says he stands on his own, and asks why she’s continuing if she doesn’t want to show her life? Andy says she’s at a crossroads. Jermaine doesn’t want to be on the show or have Soltan on it, so where does she go from here? Asa tells him that her brain is on her baby, and she doesn’t know. Andy asks if she still cares about her friends.

Asa talks about looking at old videos of their travels, and getting sad. It was a difficult season, and she thought they weren’t happy for her. She believes in the future, and believes there’s hope, but has thinking to do. MJ says every time she bared her soul to Asa, it was her way of being a sister and forming a lifelong friendship. She says it sucks. Asa remembers beautiful moments, but MJ’s back stabbing and being two-faced deteriorated the friendship. If there’s no loyalty or respect, there’s nothing to build on. Mike is sad for the group thinks it will change after today.

Andy asks where they go from here, and Reza says if he and GG can get from where they were to where they are now, anything can happen. At the end of the day, they’re family, and should cherish their relationships. Andy says maybe Shervin’s girlfriend will be at the next reunion. Reza wants Shervin’s publicist’s number, since he did so well with his monologues. Andy hopes Reza and Adam will be pregnant by then; MJ as well. He wonders if GG and Shalom will still be together, and she says she’s a serial monogamist.

Asa says that some of the relationships are frayed, but her most important relationship is at home. She feels changed, being responsible for her son, who won’t eat unless she feeds him. Andy attempts to says something about them all being good friends in Persian. Reza toasts to all of them. Asa can’t leave fast enough.

Backstage, MJ says it was the dumbest day of her life. Reza asks if she thinks she and Asa will reconcile, but that’s a no. Asa tells Mike that she really doesn’t think he’s a racist, and changing her tune, GG thanks Shalom for coming.

🚑 Married to Medicine will be returning next Sunday at 10 pm.

The Walking Dead

We see close-ups of the main characters from Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

At an outpost, the Saviors work at getting their weapons in shape. Mara tries to call Little Roy on the radio, but there’s no answer. She finally reaches Todd, and tells him to lock the stairwell on every floor. A group led by Aaron zooms up in the reinforced trucks, and shoots everything up.

Another group, led by Jesus, sees a moat of zombies outside another outpost. Morgan says they just need the right timing. If the Saviors fire first, the rest will be alerted. He tells Diane not to give them time to fire a gun. One of the others asks Morgan if he needs to be covered, but he says he doesn’t die. Okay…

Carol and Ezekiel recover from the grenade that was lobbed at them last week. Zombies are pouring out of the clinic, and the group shoots, stabs, and axes them. Carol asks where the guy with the grenade went. If he tells the Saviors they’re here, it’s over before it started. Ezekiel is confident that’s not going to happen, and they’ll find him. Their comrades are back to the staging area, and will release Shiva if necessary. He claims certain victory, and Carol looks impressed.

Aaron and his group continue shooting the place up. Aaron is really into it. Rick and Daryl get inside with a small group.

Morgan teases the zombie barricade. Two guards walk toward them to see what’s going on. Diane shoots them in the head with arrows.

Jesus, Tara, and some others go in with Morgan. Diane whistles, and the rest come in silently. Tom says kill the bitches is written on the wall. Wtf? They spread out. Morgan hears someone talking. He waits outside the door, telling the other guys with him to hold up.

Rick looks at the map. Daryl says upstairs. He kicks open a door.

Mara says the Alexandrians are too chicken sh*t to move in, and tells the Saviors to push them back. There’s lot of machine gunning, and Aaron says don’t let them through. He tells his group to move in.

Morgan and two other guys bust into a room, shooting the first guy they see. Several men pop out from behind him, and shoot them. I go, what?! because I wonder why Morgan wasn’t faster on the draw.

Daryl and Rick climb on top of an elevator cab and go to another floor. Rick says they’d be faster if they split up.

Tara and Jesus find a man alone in a room. He begs them not to shoot him. He starts sniffling, saying his name is Dean, and Tara points out he peed his pants. Tara wants to shoot, but Jesus tells her to wait; the man has his hands up. She says they have a job to do. They hear shooting, and Jesus tells her to check it out while he covers Dean.

Diane tells Tara to be ready. They don’t know if Morgan is alive. Dean tells Jesus that he’s just a worker, brought from the Sanctuary to cook and clean; he had to leave his wife and kids. Jesus tells Tara that they don’t want to hurt the workers. He’s not shooting someone with their hands up or letting her. She sees Maggie’s prenatal vitamins, and says they stole medical supplies from Hilltop just because they could. Dean takes this opportunity to grab Jesus’s gun from him, and get him in a hold. Dean tells them it’s hard to piss yourself on purpose. He crushes the vitamins, and says they’re ruined, like that dumb bitch Maggie. She’s just going to die anyway, like they are, but for now, he’s taking them with him for an insurance policy. Dean keeps talking, and apparently never saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, where Tuco says, “If you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.. While he’s babbling, Jesus gets his gun back, and ties him up. Tara still wants to kill him, saying it’s not about revenge, it’s about getting the job done, but he won’t let her, insisting Maggie will listen to him.

Diane asks Jesus if there’s another way out, and he says to follow him. It looks like Morgan is dead. Nope, not quite. The armor pieces he’s wearing saved him. He sits up, grabs his gun, and runs to catch up.

Gunfire is still happening outside. Mara realizes it’s not good for them, and one of the dead Saviors attacks her, biting out a piece of her throat.

Ezekiel’s group is in the woods looking for grenade guy. Carol says if he made it back, the Saviors know they’re coming. Ezekiel says they’ll be ready regardless. Carol asks him if he knows that it’s not just a few walkers. He says he does, yet still smiles. She asks why, and he says he has supreme confidence. His job is to project certainty. In other words, fake it till you make it. It’s what he’s done and does; he leads people forward in darkness. Carol says they might not make it or win, but Ezekiel has no fantasy of failure this day. They move forward as they move the very world forward.

Daryl sneaks around with his crossbow. I wonder how hard It must be to be sneaky with a crossbow. Props to him. He looks into a room, and sees the remains of food and handcuffs attached to a pipe. He slides back out. Rick goes down another way, and looks in a bedroom that’s empty. Suddenly a dude comes out of nowhere, and punches him out. Rick tries shooting him, but dude is too fast. Rick kicks him in the face, and he slams Rick against a wall. Rick gets him in a chokehold, and asks where they are. Dude says there are no guns. He struggles free, and Rick piggybacks him, continuing to choke him. He sees a hook on he sees a hook on the wall and impales the guy on it. Like Billy did with that guard in Midnight Express, except it’s through his eyeball.

Morgan goes through the building, shooting anything moving.

Jesus and his group circle around the back. He tells them not to shoot right away, but Diane says if they shoot first, someone dies. A Savior opens a big garage door. Jesus tells him to drop his gun and surrender. He does since there’s fifty of them to his one, but his back up comes out, and he tells them to put their guns down; they’re surrounded. Tara tells Jesus that even if Maggie listens to him, Rick will listen to her. All the Saviors lower their weapons.

Morgan keeps shooting people. I assume it’s people; we don’t actually see what he’s shooting. He looks supremely pissed. He comes out into the sunlight, and walks toward the others. In his head, he hears Rick saying, we have to come for them, before they come for us. Where there’s life, there’s possibility.  Morgan walks up to a Savior who says he knows him, and asks if he was transferred too. It’s the dude who took Morgan’s staff, and killed Benjamin. Morgan is about to shoot him, and Jesus tells him to lower the gun. Morgan says they came here to kill them; they’re supposed to. Jesus says they surrendered; it’s not what we do, and Morgan asks, what do we do? And in my head, I think, do-be-do-be-do.

Rick goes back out into another room. It’s a nursery, complete with a baby sleeping in a crib. Rick shakes his head, and I wonder if the guy he killed is her father. Rick gets all weepy like he does on occasion, and I say, there’s no time for that now, Rick. He sees himself in the mirror, and walks away.

Carol sees blood on a leaf, and they follow the trail. Is there a hairdresser in the group? Carol’s hair looks fabulous. Ezekiel says, there! and starts to run. He stops and lowers his gun. He says their friends have arrived. We see Shiva take a man down up ahead.

Aaron’s group isn’t done yet. There’s still tons of shooting going on. How many freaking people do they have? Aaron’s husband, Eric, gets shot. Aaron ducks down and runs to a car. He gets in and floors it to Eric. He asks if Eric is okay, and Eric shows him the gunshot wound. Aaron helps him out of there. Hard to tell if he’ll make it.

Ezekiel says there it is, our certain victory. He’s not glad for anyone’s death, and Carol says she knows. Knight dude, whose name I don’t remember, holds out the radio. The Saviors know they’re coming. Knight dude says the jig is up. Ezekiel says no; their journey won’t end in retreat. Knight dude says, but they know we’re coming, and Ezekiel says, indeed they do. He raises his sword and laughs. Carol smiles. Yeah, he’s cooler than cool. He’s one of my reasons for sticking with the show. Him, and Negan. And peer pressure.

Rick looks in another room. He looks at a photo, and says, dammit!  A man walks in with a gun, and tells Rick to keep his hands down, and turn around slow. The man says, hi, Rick, and Rick says, Morales. Rick says he was in Atlanta. Morales says it was a long time ago. It’s over. He called the Saviors back, and they’re coming.

We see close-ups of everyone’s faces again, like in the beginning. Everyone looks tired, but Ezekiel is still smiling. Carol is too, as much as Carol smiles.

Morales cocks his gun.

Next time, Ezekiel says their first victory will deliver the second, and the second will deliver the third. They will not lose one of their ranks. That is one optimistic guy.

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October 28, 2017 – Z Nation Packed in a Crate of Weird


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

Our beloved crew sees a truck in the middle of the road. Roberta says to move in easy; she’ll check it out with Lily. When she opens the cab door, its empty. Doc thinks it’s odd that an awesome truck was left out in the middle of nowhere, and Murphy says everything in the past eight years has been odd. Roberta asks Lucy if she picks up anything where the cargo would be, but there are no signs of life. She says if anyone is in there, they’re not zombies. The truck suddenly starts. Roberta wants to jet, but Murphy says it could be full of snacks. The truck slowly follows them, and stops when they stop, like something out of a Stephen King book.

Roberta tells Lily if anything happens, shoot the tires. She opens the cab again, and there’s a horrific screeching sound. Everyone covers their ears, and then passes out.

Roberta wakes up in a wooden crate. She bangs on the wall and yells, asking if anyone is there. An alarm sounds, the crate opens, and she emerges along with another woman and a man. The woman attacks the man, yelling for Roberta to get the key that’s on the floor. She plunges the crowbar through the guy’s head. When Roberta asks why she killed him, she says they just have one crowbar. Roberta asks what this place is, and the woman says, fresh meat, just her luck. She’s lost track of time, but thinks she’s been there about a month. Roberta tells her about the sound, and the woman tells her you can’t fight it; just do what they want. She tells Roberta to kill anything that moves, and stay out of her way.

They go down a hallway to an elevator, and the woman says they want them to clear it. She tells Roberta to use the key. When she does, we hear the elevator working, but the doors don’t open. The woman uses the crowbar to pry them apart, and a load of zombies tumble out and attack her. Roberta gets in the elevator, pushing the close door button, but forgets to bring the key. She opens the doors again, and kills the zombies. The woman is now one of them, but I guess she must have a thick skull, because the crowbar isn’t good enough. Roberta makes the elevator doors squash her head a few times, which does the trick.

Roberta hears the noise again. She wakes up in a crate, and hears Doc. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s trapped in a crate, and he tells her that he is too. He thinks they’ve been kidnapped and enslaved for evil purposes – again. He hates when that happens. She asks if he’s seen anyone else, and he tells her only the two ugly guys he woke up with. They were killed on a suicide mission to clear a stairwell of zombies. When he killed the last one, he heard the noise again. Doc tells her they’re moving him again, and he bounces around for a while.

He comes out of the crate, and 10K comes out of another one. They see a huge wrench, a roll of duct tape, and a gas mask on the floor. Doc takes the wrench, and 10K takes the tape and mask. They move forward in the semi-darkness, and come to a room with a lot of pipes that have some kind of green gas leaking from them. They take turns using the mask. 10K uses the wrench on one of the pipes, and a zombie rushes out. He kills it, and Doc uses the tape on another pipe, while 10K dispatches another zombie.

Murphy hears Roberta, and asks her to let him out of the crate he’s in, but she says she’s trapped in a crate too. We see a room with several crates, and Murphy asks who else is there. Lucy and Lily say they are, and a man’s voice tells them to shut up; he’s trying to sleep. He says they need to be quiet, or it will get them killed. Lucy tells them there are a lot of zombies; she feels it. Roberta says it’s not the zombies she’s worried about.

Doc continues to work on the pipes, while 10K continues to kill the zombies who keep interrupting. Doc gets a face full of the gas, and keels over.

Lucy says even the zombies are afraid. Lily asks if she can determine why, but Lucy says there are too many voices and so many reasons. Lily asks if Murphy is picking up anything, but that’s a no. His zombie whispering days are over. He pulls off a piece of his scarred flesh and eats it. Ew.

10K fights off a zombie, and tells Doc to hang on. He puts the mask on Doc, and performs chest compression on him.

Lucy asks Roberta what’s wrong. Roberta says she can’t do this; she doesn’t feel so good. Murphy says she doesn’t sound so good. He tells her, no pressure, but if she goes wobbly, they all die. There’s no freaking allowed in the apocalypse. Lily has experience with PTSD, and tells Roberta she’s having a panic attack. She talks Roberta through it, and explains that she spent nine days in the trunk of a car hiding from her zombie family.

10K keeps working on Doc, and finally revives him. He says he thinks they won. The noise begins again, and everyone passes out. The crates are rearranged, and Doc and 10K are now in a crate together. Murphy asks Doc what happened, and he says they were fixing the leaks in hell’s plumbing. Doc keeps coughing, and 10K explains that he inhaled nerve gas. Roberta says they need to get out or they’ll be killed one by one. Doc asks who’s running this show, and Murphy says it has to be a Zona operation. No one else is so needlessly diabolical. Doc farts, and tells 10K, sorry. Lucy tells him to be quiet; she’s making a friend, a zombie named Carson O’Keefe. She tells him that she wants to get out, and asks if he can open the door.

The door opens, and Lucy talks to Carson. She sees a lot of crates, but no way out. The noise starts. Roberta tells them to fight it, but it’s impossible. They all pass out.

Lily is being dragged into another area. She wakes up, and a guy tells her that she’s safe. A zombie rushes him, and he kills it. He says they’ll live longer if they work as a team. She tells him if they do whatever is wanted, they can get out alive, but he thinks there’s a chance they won’t make it. He shows her that he has a gun, and says he’s looking for some human kindness. She gets the gun from him, and says she’ll blow his head off if he tries it again. He laughs, saying there are no bullets; he ran out of ammo. He comes at her, but she beats the crap out of him, and throws him into the next zombie that comes along. She’s able to get out through another door, and closes it before the zombie can get to her.

She goes up some stairs, and runs through a hallway to another stairwell. She goes into another room, but a zombie tries to follow her. She stumbles, hits her head on a bannister, and gets knocked out.

Murphy and Doc are out of the crates. Murphy says this would be more efficient if they were just told what’s wanted. Doc says the whole point is fear of the unknown. They’re trying to control them with psychological terror and creepy sounds. As they’re walking, zombies keep popping out. Murphy says if they get out of this alive – and that’s a big if – they need to have zombie come to Jesus moment with Roberta. First she gets them lost, and now they’re slaves in the zombie funhouse of death. Doc suggests they get out of there first.

10K and a woman crawl along a ladder near the ceiling that periodically descends closer to a crowd of zombies below. The woman falls, and the noise happens. 10K passes out, but luckily stays put.

Roberta exits her crate, along with a man we don’t know. A crowbar, a screwdriver, and thick electrical cord drop off a conveyor belt. The man says, shall we? and takes the crowbar, while Roberta takes the cord and screwdriver. They enter a room with a gate on the opposite wall, and several zombies that aren’t exactly all in one piece. While the stranger is dealing with a half-zombie, Roberta comes up behind him, and gets him in a chokehold, telling him to drop the crowbar. He does, and she asks how Zona is involved and if this is part of the reset. He claims ignorance, and she tells him to answer or she’ll put the screwdriver through his head. She asks again if this is part of the reset, and if it has to do with the black rainbow. He asks if she’s insane, and says Zona has nothing to do with this. This is bigger than Zona or the apocalypse. I wonder what can be bigger than an apocalypse. He says no one lives long enough to find out exactly what’s going on, but they’re after something in the complex and using them to clear the zombies. He tells her they’ll be zombies too, if they don’t get the gate open.

Roberta presses a button, but the gate is jammed. As the stranger is messing with it, Roberta says there’s a live one, and a half-zombie attacks him. I say, ooh! out loud, because it’s so creepy, wriggling fast across the floor with its spinal cord hanging out. The stranger falls, and the half-zombie jumps on him. Roberta electrocutes it using the cord, and it’s a thrilling moment.

Lily wakes up, and the zombie that was following her is dead. She hears a noise from the top of the stairs. She begins to walk up, and sees daylight. She asks where it came from, and walks toward the source, but the noise happens.

Everyone wakes up in a cage that’s surrounded by zombies, except for Lily, who is still unconscious. Murphy asks what fresh hell this is, and the stranger says it’s feeding time. A giant metal tube unleashes a load of what looks like kibble. The stranger starts eating. I was joking, but Doc eats a piece and says it’s dog food. Chicken with notes of corn; Puppy Chow. 10K loves dog food, and says Puppy Chow is his thing. He and Doc talk about a bag of Gravy Train they found once. Doc says he can taste it now. With water and warmed by the sun, it’s the next best thing to home cooking.

Roberta wonders why the zombies are so blasé, and the stranger says they’re kept well-fed, but step outside, and they’ll attack. She asks what they’re fed, and the stranger says not dog food. Lily comes to, and Doc gives her some kibble. She tells them that she found a bird, and Roberta says if a bird can get in, there’s a way out. Murphy asks to see the bird, and turns his back after Lily gives it to him. Doc asks if he ate it, and he says no, but coughs out a couple of feathers. Roberta says if Lily saw daylight, they have a chance. She asks if Lily could find her way back. Doc remembers seeing an emergency exit, and they make a map using the kibble. Everyone adds whatever landmarks they remember, and they form an escape plan. Roberta tells them to memorize the map, and make their way to the rendezvous point. The noise happens, and Roberta says they have to fight their way to the surface.

Roberta comes out of her crate to a strobe light and Murphy. He tells her they have a rope, a bowling pin, and a blowtorch. This is like a bizarro game of Clue. They walk through what looks like a basement. Roberta and Murphy are mysteriously separated. Murphy’s flashlight starts to die, and a zombie comes up behind him. He knocks it in the head with the bowling pin. He and Roberta are suddenly back together. They walk up a flight of stairs. Doc, 10K, and Lily meet them, and Doc asks if they’re sure this is the right stairwell. Murphy says he doesn’t hear any birds, and a bird poop plops on his shoulder. He says, crap, literally, as he brushes it off.

Murphy asks where Lucy is. Roberta says to keep moving; maybe she’s ahead of them. They get to the roof, and the door opens to a wheat field. They see six crates in the distance, and the noise happens.

I just keep saying what the hell? over and over.

We see a room with a million crates in it. Murphy asks what they do now, and Doc says he’s going to curl up and die. Roberta says nobody is going to die. She may not know much or pretend to understand what she does know, but certain death in this place isn’t their fate. She knows something bad is coming, and she’s supposed to stop it. She doesn’t know why; she just feels it, the way she felt when she first saw Murphy. She didn’t know how why or what was coming next, but knew her job was to get him wherever he was going.

Lucy busts open Murphy’s crate. She’s with Carson, and they get everyone out. She says the zombies won’t hurt them, and Carson knows the way. They start going up some stairs, but the stranger comes busting through the door with a woman. They’re armed, and he tells the group to freeze. He doesn’t want to, but he’s supposed to stop them. He grabs Lucy, and says, everyone back. Roberta tells him that’s not going to happen, and Carson tackles him. His gun goes off, shooting the woman with him. Carson and the woman start feeding on the stranger. Lucy tries to get to Carson, but Murphy pulls her back, saying she can’t help them now.

They get outside to the field, and Roberta tells them to run, now. As they reach the road, Murphy falls, and they realize he’s been bitten. He’s sweaty and shaking, and Doc says he thought Murphy was immune. Roberta tells him not anymore, and asks Murphy if he can walk. He tells her that he can try, and they help him up.

They find the truck, and a car has been left there from the last group of victims. They get in it, and speed off with Roberta driving. Murphy is going in and out of consciousness. Lucy asks Doc to help him, and Doc asks Roberta what to do, but she’s mesmerized by the black rainbow in her mind.

Next time, Frankenzombie experiments.

😵 I’m assuming, since stranger dude said this was bigger than the apocalypse, we’ll revisit what went on in this episode in the future. I swear I wasn’t drunk when I wrote this. It was really that incomprehensible. Lots of thrills, but quite the puzzlement.




October 27, 2017 – Jason Crashes the Party, a Delay, a Quote Quad & Vintage Halloween Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Griff tells Dante about the potential threats at the party.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia explains to Mac that she told Anna they need to kick the tires of her new relationship, and she’s holding Finn’s takeout hostage until he answers questions. Mac thinks it’s not going to last. Anna likes to cut loose, and is a committed agent. He doesn’t think Finn can keep up with her. As they walk in, Anna criticizes Finn for wearing a tie. She says she doesn’t like this any more than he does, and stick to the truth as much as possible. It’s a stretch for her too, but they have to put on a show.

Cassandra waits at the docks. Valentin meets her. He says the cavalry has arrived.

Andre tells Franco there was a kernel of truth in what Betsy said. Andrew died when he was a child. The death certificate proves it.

Sonny encourages Real Jason to tell Sam who he is.

Dante tells Ava and Griff to pretend they’re having a good time, and ignore the thugs. Dante asks Other Jason if he knows anything, but he’s not aware of who they are. Dante says to tell the big guy with the beard he’s doing a bad job, and he’ll take care of ponytail.

Beard and Ponytail draw their guns, and say everybody down. Dante tells Ponytail to drop the gun. A shot is fired. Beard comes up behind Dante, and tells him to drop gun or someone dies. Dante does. Ponytail throws him on the floor. Elizabeth realizes she’s shot.

Carly sends a text on her iPad. Ava tries to call 911, but Beard catches her. Ponytail wants Sam to collect the cell phones. Nina helps Elizabeth to stop the bleeding.

Sonny tells Real Jason it’s going to shock Sam no matter when he tells her. Real Jason says it’s going to blow her life apart. Sonny says she deserves truth, and so does he. Other Jason thinks he’s Jason, and probably has another life somewhere. Sonny get’s Carly’s text. For all her typing, all it says is 911. He tells Real Jason to get his gun.

Andre tells Franco it’s ethically murky to insert himself into a patient’s life, but this time it was worth the risk. Franco doesn’t believe it. Andre says he couldn’t find it because he was looking for Andrew Frank. It was filed under his mother’s maiden name, Moore. He understands the depth of Betsy’s lies, but now Franco knows the truth and can let it go.

Felicia wants to know how they came to be more than friends. Anna says it was unexpected. Finn says he was caught off guard when she said she had her eye on him. She pursued him like a tiger in the Serengeti. I literally lol. Anna goes along with it, and Finn says she dragged him kicking and screaming into the relationship. She says he can’t get enough of her now, and he says everyone has their limits. Felicia hopes they never find them.

Cassandra is glad Valentin came to his senses. He says he wouldn’t leave her high and dry, and gives her a list of people. She says she wanted him to come on board, not be her headhunter. He says he vetted each one himself. She tosses them away, making a dismissive remark about each one. She says none of them are up to the task. They don’t have Valentin’s skills or knack for getting away with crimes. She wants the best, and only he will do.

Finn asks how Felicia and Mac met. He says it’s a long story, but she adds with a happy ending, and they’ll have one too. Mac say if they can find time for each other. Anna says they make do. Felicia asks what they like to do. They talk about what Anna likes, and find out they don’t have much in common, but Felicia says opposites attract. Mac thinks they must have one common interest. Anna says they have the same beliefs. Good people have a responsibility to act against injustice; too many people are apathetic. She says him finding the cure for Blackwood’s Syndrome makes him a hero. Mac and Felicia go to the bar to get drinks, and Finn and Anna agree they’ve both been paying attention to one another.

Valentin is flattered, but tells Cassandra he already explained why he can’t help her. Cassandra heard it the first time, but says she failed to adequately present the operation. She presented it as an offer, but he has no say.

Franco tells Andre that he can’t drop it. His mother lied over and over. The last thing she told him was that she dropped Andre off alive. Andre says he can believe the physical evidence. Franco says if she didn’t want him to know, there must be a reason. Maybe he caused it; maybe he killed him on the stairs. Andre tells him to check again. The cause of death is heart failure. Andre says Andrew’s not gone because of him. He’s just gone.

Cops are all over the MetroCourt. Real Jason tells Sonny he’s going upstairs, and Sonny outmaneuvers them and gets in the elevator. On the phone, Klein’s henchman tells him what happened, and Klein says they need to use the fail-safe; get the woman out.

Sam is still collecting phones. She throws one, and Jason grabs Beard, punching the crap out of him. Ponytail grabs Carly. Jason puts Beard to sleep with some kind of Vulcan grip.

Real Jason looks through skylight, and sees Ponytail with Carly. Ponytail says anyone who moves, dies; they’re leaving. Sonny says that’s his wife, and he has a long reach. No matter where Ponytail runs, he can find him. He asks if Ponytail wants to be dead. His other choice is putting the gun down, getting on his knees, and asking for a lawyer. Wow. He does. Sonny is good. Sonny tells Dante that Ponytail is all his. everyone starts to get up. Carly asks where the hell Sonny’s been, and he says she won’t believe it. Real Jason ponders on the roof.

Mac gets defensive with Finn, saying that Anna might as well be his sister; he raised her daughter. Finn says Anna thinks world of him; he’s her hero. Mac says one of them anyway. Felicia says Ann they’ll have a full debrief later, but for the time being, Finn gets a solid B. He’s a bit of a fixer-upper and needs dance lessons. Anna says it probably won’t last; she’s just being realistic. Felicia says her world-weary veneer masks the heart of a romantic. Anna says she hasn’t had much luck lately with men. Felicia thinks that’s because she’s been fixated on Valentin. Now she’s back on track, and can open her heart again.

Valentin tells Cassandra that he welcomed her to his town, patiently explained his position, and generously found those who can help her. Now she’s threatening him. She says if she wasn’t his friend, she might have acted on this. She hands him a folder.

Beard and Ponytail are in custody. Dante says take garbage out of here. Griff tells Elizabeth it’s not serious. Other Jason carries her out. Monica says this was more exciting than she bargained for, and Sam says she’s sorry. Monica asks why, since she didn’t invite a couple of lunatics to terrorize them. Sam needs to do damage control. Klein’s henchman says the woman is still here, but Ponytail and Beard have been arrested.

Carly tells Dante that she checked their references. Dante says that Griff recognized them from Russia. They were chasing someone associated with Jason. She has no idea who they are. Klein’s henchman grabs Sam, telling her no sudden moves. Real Jason sees him through the skylight. Henchman says they’re leaving, and injects her. She gets groggy. Real Jason busts out the window panes, and jumps down in slow motion. Everyone is like wtf??? He draws his gun. Carly is like, whoa, and Sonny gives a sidelong look.

Henchman runs with Sam. Carly’s mouth hangs open.

Valentin asks where Cassandra got this. She says it fell into her lap. Whose lap it falls into next depends on him. He asks why he should care, and she tells him denial doesn’t look good on him. The photo will never go anywhere if he cooperates. Nina calls, telling Valentin she’s at the MetroCourt, and he needs to get there now. The police might not let him up, so wait in the lobby. He’s like, what? and she says, just please come.

Finn gets call, and has to go to the hospital. Mac says he can’t escape them now that he’s dating Anna Felicia asks if they’re going to kiss goodbye, and Mac says they’re not trained seals, but she doesn’t want them holding back on their account. Finn and Anna kiss. Anna leans in a little more than necessary, and smiles as he leaves. Well, he is pretty cute.

Andre says Franco has a lot to process, and they’ll talk again. Franco understands his mom wants to protect him, but wonders why she kept changing her story. He asks if she’s crazy. Andre says it’s not a word he likes to use, and he doesn’t diagnose people he’s never met. Franco says she’s crazy. Andre tells him part of her feared him being taken away, and the damage is still reverberating; he’s feeling it too. He tells Franco to stay away for now. She’ll only spin a new story. Even though her intentions are good, she’s not doing him any favors; he has enough anxiety as it is. Other Jason comes in with the EMTs and Elizabeth on a gurney. Franco follows.

Carly asks Sonny wth? He says they’ll get into it later. The first priority is Sam. Dante wants the security footage. Nina asks who the guy is who came through the skylight, and Monica says ask Sonny.

Monica says they all saw the same thing, and Sonny is hiding something. Dante goes to look at the footage in Carly’s office, and asks Sonny to come with him. Sonny tells Carly that Sonny knows something. She says he usually does, but more important, someone has to tell Other Jason about Sam.

Ava also arrives at the hospital. Griff says Elizabeth will be fine. Her injury looked worse than it was, and she’ll have a full recovery. Franco wonders how someone gets shot at a corporate party, and asks Other Jason if it has something to do with him. Andre listens in. Other Jason tells Franco what happened, and asks why Griff and Ava were there.

Andre tells Klein that Elizabeth Webber was shot at the party. Klein says so what? He wanted Patient 6 handled, and that’s’ what they’re doing. The henchman brings Sam to the docks.

Dante asks Sonny who he came into the lobby with. It’s the same guy who came through the skylight. He knows who it looks like. Sonny says he’s wasting time questioning him; they need to find Sam.

Klein’s henchman tells him that Patient 6 broke through the skylight. Klein says they have leverage now. The henchman says Beard and Ponytail were arrested, and their contractors, not true believers. They’re going to tell everything they know. Klein says they’ll be gone before anyone can find a trail. Real Jason appears and tells him he has one chance to live. Let her go and walk away.

Anna tells Felicia sorry about the abrupt ending. Felicia says that’s okay; they can do a post mortem. Mac says he seems like a nice enough guy. Felicia tells Mac that he was rough on Finn, and Anna says he was hostile. Mac says he sets a high bar for anyone interested in her. Felicia is surprised Finn cleared it in hour. Mac says he’s not the guy he’d expect Anna to be with, but he’s a good guy, and cares about her. She could do worse. Great endorsement. Felicia thinks he’s a keeper.

Valentin gets to the MetroCourt, and Nina hugs him. He asks what happened. She tells him Elizabeth was shot, and Sam was kidnapped. Elizabeth is at the hospital, and Griff said she’ll be okay. Nina starts to cry, and says the blood on her hands is Elizabeth’s; she tried to stop the bleeding. She just wants to go home. She asks what kept him, and he flashes back to his meeting with Cassandra, and her telling him that she made a new acquaintance; a talkative one. We see the photo and a copy of a headline, but I have no idea what it’s about. Valentin tells Nina it’s all taken care of.

Finn tells Elizabeth that once her blood is replaced, she’ll be fine. He tells Franco she needs to rest, so make it brief. Franco tells her that he hates parties, and he’s sorry; he should have gone. He’s going to check on the boys and then come back.

Ava and Griff decide to say nothing about Patient 6. Griff says he has other things on his mind, like what he’d do if something happened to Ava. He doesn’t want to find out. He hugs her.

Sonny tells Dante to look at the footage, and find Sam. Dante tells him to stay out of police business. When Dante is gone, Carly asks Sonny wth is going on, and who was that man?

Monica tells Other Jason that when he left, something else happened. The men weren’t alone, and whatever is going on isn’t over. Franco overhears.

Real Jason says he doesn’t care what happens to Klein and his henchman. Just walk away. The henchman acts like he doesn’t want to be involved, and walks past with his hands up, but pulls a gun, and Real Jason shoots him.  He tells Klein it’s his last chance; let her go. Klein says he can’t shoot him; he’ll hit Sam. Real Jason says no he won’t. Klein tells him that he can kill him or save her, not both. He throws Sam in the water and runs.

Other Jason finds out Sam has been abducted, Carly says whoever that is isn’t Jason, and Griff and Ava need to escape.

🎃 Due to Halloween festivities beyond my control, that’s all she wrote today. If they’re On Demand tomorrow, I’ll catch up with Once Upon a Time and Z Nation with an extra post.

Quotes of the Week

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.F. Scott Fitzgerald

Do they have stores in Iceland?  *  No, people just go to the flea market and trade hides for their clothes. – David and Shannon, respectively, The Real Housewives of Orange County

…the worst evils of life are those which do not exist except in our imagination. If we had no trouble but real troubles, we should not have a tenth part of our present sorrows. We feel a thousand deaths in fearing one, but the Psalmist was cured of the disease of fearing.Pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon on the 23rd Psalm

It’s the live ones you have to worry about. – my father, the first time a horror movie scared me. He was right

👻  More Vintage Weirdness…




October 26, 2017 – The GH & Nothing But the GH – Okay, Maybe a Little Halloween


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle asks if the car is waiting. Michael says they’re not going anywhere.

The launch party begins. Molly says it’s amazing. Both David and TJ couldn’t make it, but Molly is glad Alexis is seeing David. Alexis insists they’re just friends, and Molly amends it to being glad Alexis is putting Julian behind her. Alexis says right now she’s here for her daughter. She wishes Kristina could have been there. Molly says no drama tonight, before Alexis can go off on a tangent about Kristina moving to Oregon.

Elizabeth asks if she can convince Franco to go. He says Sam and Jason will be glad not to see him. She asks if that’s the real reason.

Andre says Patient 6 should have never made it to Port Charles. Klein says he wasn’t informed of his skill set. The longer he’s there, the longer someone has to find out the truth, but it’s being taken care of as they speak.

Griff tells Ava about meeting Patient 6 at the church, and the men who were after him. He says they could be problem for other people, including Avery’s dad. He thinks they should call police, and Ava asks what would they say? There’s a guy running around with Jason’s face? Griff says they can tell the police what they do know. Ava tells him absolutely not.

Sam and Other Jason arrive. He tells her it’s the first day of the rest of their lives (yeah, he’s definitely not the real Jason), and nothing is going to stop them. Carly urges Thug #2 to circulate with the drinks. Sam tells Carly that she outdid herself. Carly says it’s a big night for them, and she wants it to go off without a hitch. A sure sign that hitches will be everywhere.

Real Jason thanks Sonny for believing him. Sonny wanted to believe him sooner, but Real Jason says he knows Sonny had to use discretion. Sonny says there’s a lot riding on it; his business and his family. He trusts Real Jason 100%. He says there’s no question about Carly’s loyalty, but her judgement sucks. He can’t believe it, and says when Carly sees him, she’s going to lose her mind. Her Jason, their Jason, alive.

Nelle asks Michael if this is about Jason’s party, but he says he knows the truth about the tickets. Nina didn’t pull strings; she had no idea about them. He says Nelle wanted him to choose between the party and her. Nelle is surprised he thinks she’d buy them just to manipulate him. He asks why she told his mom they’re moving in together.

Andre tells Klein it’s not that simple. Jake Webber saw Patient 6, and he can deal with that, but Franco won’t be easily convinced. Klein says he has something to throw him off the scent, and gives Andre an envelope.

Elizabeth wonders why Franco is suddenly concerned with Jason’s feelings. Franco says it’s his night. Jason learned to tolerate him, but really doesn’t want him around. Elizabeth realizes they’ll never be friends, but appreciates them putting aside their differences for Jake’s sake. She tells him she won’t be late, and they kiss.

Griff knows Ava has a strained relationship with the police, but they’re the people best equipped to deal with it. Since it started in Russia, he thinks maybe they should call Anna. Ava tells him to think about what they know. They don’t know how he got there, and he might have come in illegally. She thinks he has trouble enough without them creating more.

Sonny doesn’t know where to start catching up. Real Jason tells him about seeing Elizabeth with a little boy in the park. She referred to him as Cam’s brother, but he was too old to be Aiden. He said Jake’s name, and the boy asked who was there. He asks Sonny if it was Jake. Sonny tells him yes, and he’s stunned that his son is alive. He asks how?  He was there. Jake was brain-dead. Sonny tells him it was staged by Helena. It’s a long story, and Sonny needs another drink. He says no matter what happens next or how messy it gets, welcome home.

Nelle says she never told Michael’s mom they were moving in together. Michael says she had just been talking about it that morning, and asks if it’s a coincidence. Nelle says Carly kept going on about how he bought the apartment for her, and she didn’t want to deal with it. She said first thing that came into her mind. He tells her to stop lying. She says she should have been honest, and she did buy the tickets because of the party. She didn’t want to face Carly. Nelle says no harm done; they can go to the party, and she’ll come clean. He says it’s too late. Her games don’t work.

Carly tells Alexis that Sonny is late, and he wanted to be there for the announcement.

Sonny tells Real Jason that Helena staged the accident to screw with Luke. She needed Jake to die, and sent him to the island. She either drugged him or messed with the monitors, but Jake didn’t die and wasn’t harmed. Real Jason asks about Josslyn. Sonny says that Jax bought her a kidney, but that’s a story for another time. He wants to talk about good things. Jake is alive and well, and so is Josslyn. Real Jason says that Jake was held on Cassadine Island, and wonders if Sam’s husband was there. Sonny says he was held in a clinic as well, and Robin helped him escape. He tells Real Jason to take another sip. This crazy day is going to get even better. Robin is alive too.

Nina tells Other Jason and Sam that she can’t wait to collaborate with them. Sam says ditto. Nina says creativity is one thing; the budget is another. Other Jason say’s they’ll discuss it, but tonight is the party. Thug #2 watches them.

Ava tells Griff that since he hurt her feelings, she has a way he can make up for it. Take her to the launch party. He wonders why she wants to go. She says she had no interest at first, but thinks there’s a good chance Patient 6 will be there. Even if he isn’t, Sonny will be, and she wants to find out about the note. Griff says they survived the Russian clinic of doom; how hard can this be?

Dante tells Other Jason that Lulu couldn’t come, but wants him to know how impressed he is. He knows what it cost for him to put his family first. Sonny never made that choice, but he’s glad Other Jason did. Other Jason says his wife and kids are the most important things in his life. Alexis tells Sam that she looks like a self-possessed media mogul. Sam says when they make the announcement, she’ll be looking for them. Molly takes a selfie of the three of them. Alexis is sure Parker will enjoy it, because she just can’t leave it alone. Quickly changing the subject, Molly says she had no idea Jason paid attention to media or pop culture. Sam says they’re learning as they go. Alexis is proud of them, and says it’s admirable that Other Jason put his family first.

Sonny tells Real Jason about how Robin and Patrick live in Berkeley now, and just had a little boy. With all the turmoil, pain, and loss, she survived and she’s happy. Real Jason says she deserves to be happy. Sonny says coming back wasn’t easy for her, and it won’t be easy for him either.

Monica notices the cufflinks on Other Jason, and he says it’s like his blessing. She knows Alan is smiling down. He jokes that instead of bragging that he’s a doctor, she can brag about him owning a media company.  She says that’s not important. All she’s wanted is for him to be happy. It took her a long time to learn not to control the boy she remembers raising. She treasures him being back in her life, and is never letting him go again.

Griff and Ava arrive. He tells her how beautiful she looks, and Carly immediate accosts them, wanting to know what they’re doing at the party.

Andre asks how Klein managed to produce this. Klein says it doesn’t matter. Show it to Franco, and it will end his questions. Andre says he’s borderline obsessive, and if he pursues it further, he could find out the truth. Franco busts in, saying he needs to talk to Andre, and asks who Klein is. Um… none of his business?

Nelle tells Michael that she’s not playing games. He says she can’t help herself. She hasn’t had an honest moment; nothing that wasn’t calculated for effect. She says Carly and Bobbie have made her life hell, and make everyone think the worst of her. Michael says she does that to herself. He says he can’t live life like this, and doesn’t think he can do this anymore. She asks if he’s breaking up with her.

Andre tells Franco that he’s with a patient. Franco suggests just tacking more time on to the next appointment, but Andre says that’s not how it works. Klein says he thinks they had a breakthrough, so it’s cool. Franco tells Andre that Jake saw a man in the park who looked like old Jason. Andre says he can’t confirm or deny anything Jake told him. Franco says this means Andrew is still alive.

Griff tells Carly they need to speak to Sonny. She says he has no use for the woman who caused Morgan’s death, and Griff is wasting his time going to bat for her. They can see themselves out.

Sam tells Other Jason if they succeed or fall, they’ll do it together. Carly says it’s showtime, and introduces them as the new owners of Derek Wells Media. Other Jason says public speaking isn’t his forte, but sometimes life gives you the opportunity to evolve. He says that Derek Wells Media has changed hands, but the goals are the same – to connect the people of the world. It’s a new vision, and the dawn of a new day. From now on, the company will be called Aurora Media.

Real Jason asks what Sonny knows about Sam’s husband. Sonny says it turns out not much. Real Jason asks why he thought it was him, aside from the DNA. Sonny explains how he was Jake Doe, and he didn’t like him at first, but Carly did. He got involved with Elizabeth, and was with her when Jake came home; he and Jake are very close. Carly was fixated on knowing who he was, and Spinelli reconstructed his face on the computer to show how it looked before the accident. It looked like him. They did a DNA test, and Robin confirmed she helped him escape. Real Jason asks if there’s any chance he was in on it with Helena, and in on it the whole time.

Michael thinks it’s best he and Nelle spend some time apart. She says he is breaking up with her. She can’t believe he’s ending it over some tickets. He says it’s irreconcilable differences. This is just the latest example. Every time he turns around, he catches her in another lie. In the end, it doesn’t matter; there’s nothing real between them. He can’t trust her. Nelle says she didn’t expect to fall in love with him when she went after his parents. Michael says it has nothing to do with them, and asks if she’s always been like this. How many lies did she tell the Grants? That’s probably why they’re suspicious. She asks if he thinks she killed her fiancé.

Other Jason defers to Sam to explain the name change. She tells the guests that they were considering leaving Port Charles a year ago. Along the way, they fell in love with a town called Aurora. The name means “new dawn.” It turned out they didn’t have to leave for a new home, because home was there with all their friends, family, and people they care about. She hopes they can have their own aurora every day, and with the new name bring a new dawn. Not just to them and the company, but for all of them as well. Wow. She expects a lot. The thugs circulate.

Griff tells Ava that he knows those guys. They came to the church looking for Patient 6.

Andre says he understands that Franco wants Andrew to be alive, but he’s latching onto the imagination of a young boy. Franco says there has to be connection.

Klein meets a man on the docks. He tells the man he needs a contingency plan, and that’s why he contacted him.

Sonny says Other Jason isn’t involved. He didn’t want to be Jason. When he gave in, and accepted it, he distanced himself from the life Jason made. He saved Sonny’s life, but continued to keep a distance. He loves Sam, and wanted to build something legit. He keeps thinking Sonny wants him back, but he doesn’t want to fight him on it. Real Jason says, so he doesn’t know yet.

Michael doesn’t believe that Nelle killed Zack, but says they have nothing real without trust. He doesn’t trust her and he can’t do this. He gives her key back, and says the super has a spare. Call him if there are any problems. She can’t believe he’s doing this; he said he loved her. He says he loved the person she said she was, but he’s not sure that person existed. He leaves, and Nelle looks sick.

Alexis tells Sam to work the room. She and Molly leave. Other Jason and Sam mingle. Ava and Griff approach Dante. He says he has nothing to say to Ava, but Griff says there are two men here that pose a threat.

Klein asks if the man is clear on the operative, and he says, crystal. Klein tells him good, get it done, and gives him a syringe.

Andre tells Franco if Jake overheard him discussing Jason’s twin with Elizabeth, it could have fueled his imagination. Franco says he’s not talking to Elizabeth about it unless he has proof one way or another. Andre gives him the envelope, and says this is the proof he’s looking for.

Sam wonders why Ava is there, and Other Jason thinks she might want to talk to the reporters, since the company had belonged to Julian. They decide to pretend she doesn’t exist, and avoid a public argument.

Dante asks Griff if they’re sure. Griff says it’s complicated, but they’re looking for ties to Jason. He tells them not to do anything obvious; pretend they’re having a good time. Dante tells Other Jason that they might have a problem.

Sonny can’t wait to tell Carly, but Real Jason stops him. She’ll want him to walk in and take it all back, but he needs to protect Sam. He has people after him, and can’t just dump this on her. They’re happy. Sonny says Sam thinks it’s him, and is probably going through the same thing. She wants to connect, and does on a certain level, because he’s a good guy with good intentions. But Real Jason came through for them thousands of times without question, and he can’t do that. Real Jason needs to go to Sam and tell her that he’s alive. Is it me, or is Sonny sounding selfish here?

Dante tells Other Jason that Griff identified two bartenders as possible gunmen, but he has no time to get into it. He tells Jason to take aside the big guy, and tell him he’s doing a bad job. Dante will take care of the one with the ponytail. He’ll flash his badge and ask to see his license.

Too late. The thugs draw their guns, and say, everybody down. Dante tells Thug #1 to drop his gun.

Tomorrow, Andre tells Franco he knows the truth now, Cassandra wants the best, and Sonny goes to the party with Real Jason.

👻  Halloween Countdown…

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October 25, 2017 – Sonny Picks a Jason, Danielle Squeals on Dolores, No End’s End, a Tidbit & Atlanta Zombies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Michael goes to Nelle’s office. He tells her she’s the perfect assistant. She has a gift for being all things to all people.

Nina relaxes in the sauna. Maxie comes in, and says Nina is going to rehire her at Crimson.

At the hospital, Monica teases Nathan about Man Landers. He tells her that he’s quitting the advice business. It was more all-consuming than he anticipated, and he wants to concentrate on his family and real job. Monica says it’s good he has his priorities in order.

Ava looks up old Jason online, and says that explains Franco’s interest. Griff knocks at the door, and asks if she’s ready for dinner. She tells him she forgot.

Danny asks why Jason is dressed up. He says it’s an important night, and they want to explain it to him and Scout. He says things are changing for their family. Danny asks if it’s a good change, and Sam says very good.

Sonny goes through the safe house with his gun drawn. He says, you went to a lot of trouble to get me here; show yourself. Patient 6 says, Sonny, and Sonny sees him on the stairs, his gun also drawn. Sonny asks who the hell he is; he looks exactly like Jason. Patient 6 says that’s who he is. Sonny says someone else has said he was Jason for the last two-years. Patient 6 says, come on, you know it’s me.

Nathan tells Monica that he has to interview a DUI patient. She says that Man Landers is going to be missed. Nathan sees Amy. She asks how Maxie took the news he’s retiring, but he hasn’t had a chance to tell her.

Nina says Maxie is stalking her. Maxie hands her an employment package she drew up for herself. She says any magazine would kill for the exclusive she has to offer – Inside the World of Ask Man Landers.

Nelle asks what Michael means, and he says it’s just an observation. She knew exactly how to act in every situation, from revealing herself as Josslyn’s kidney donor to being Carly’s assistant. His parents should have seen her coming, but they didn’t because she was so convincing. She wonders why he’s dredging this up now. He tells her that he just found out she spent a year in a mental hospital.

Griff suggests hanging out and ordering in. Ava thinks he wants to avoid being seen with her in public.

Jason explains media to Danny, and how they’ll be working out of an office now. Danny asks if he can help, and suggests an issue about dogs. I second that. Jason wants all the kids to help, and when they grow up. the company will be theirs if they want it. Danny thinks it sounds cool. Sam has no idea how much she wanted this until Jason made it happen.

Sonny says if he was Jason, he would have blown Sonny’s head off before he could blink. Real Jason says he’s not going to shoot him. Sonny asks why the gun, and he says he thought Sonny would have him along. He seems like the type to shoot first and ask questions later, and he thought he’d have to hold him off while he explained. Sonny says explain it to him; where has he been?

Griff tells Ava staying in would avoid awkward questions, and she says people might get the wrong idea and assume they’re a couple. He apologizes, saying he didn’t think she’d take it that way. She says imagine the harm he could do if he tried. He takes her hand, saying he’s clumsy, and apologizes again.

Nelle doesn’t like talking about it, since she thought she’d be judged, and she’s feeling that way now. Michael says he’s the last person who would hold mental illness against anyone. She says she’s not mentally ill, but had a breakdown. She wanted to put it behind her and forget. He asks why she had a breakdown.

Sam can’t believe this is going to be their business. Jason asks if she’s scared, and she says she’s exhilarated and it’s crazy jumping into the unknown. What if they fail? Jason tells her that they won’t. After everything they’ve been through, they can do anything as long as they’re together.

Sonny says five years is a long time, and Real Jason says it wasn’t five years for him. He woke up in a Russian clinic where they kept drugging him. It feels like he was there six months at most, and he worked on a plan to escape. Sonny asks why he didn’t call, and he says he gave the number to another patient. Sonny realizes it was Ava, and Real Jason says she gave the number to Dr. Klein. He tells Sonny that “they” were paying Klein to keep him drugged up and under control. When Sonny asks who’s “they,” Real Jason has no idea.

Maxie tells Nina it’s an inside look at what it’s like to be married to hottest, sexiest internet sensation. Nina wanted some peace, but knows it’s not going to happen, and tells Maxie to proceed. Maxie is going to focus on their fabulous marriage and true partnership. Nina says she was never part of the brand. Maxie says she contributes the glamour. They’ll take pictures of the apartment, and her, in couture outfits. Nina asks if she’s told Nathan, and Maxie says he’s on board and welcoming it with both well-muscled arms.

Amy video chats with Chet. She introduces him to Nathan, saying he’s the real Man Landers, and no, they’re just friends. She tells him she’ll call him back when she gets a break. She asks Nathan if he’s ever had the feeling that you know something is for the best, but it means giving up something you enjoyed. You have the satisfaction of doing the right thing, but the sadness of letting go. He knows the feeling.

Nelle says Michael wouldn’t understand, and he tells her to try him. She says she’s afraid to get hurt, so she runs from pain and lies to avoid it, and sometimes the lies make things worse. She didn’t have a fancy hospital or loving parents, so she ran as fast and long as she could, and crashed. She begs him to stop digging in her past.

Griff doesn’t pretend to know ins and outs of dating, and Ava says that he’s clearly an amateur, and she’s the relationship version of training wheels. He tells her that she’s reading too much into him suggesting take-out. She says that she’s busy anyway. He did hurt her feelings, but that’s not why she wants to cancel. Griff asks what’s so important, and she says getting answers about him, and shows Griff the sketch.

Sam tells (what do I call him now?) Other Jason that besides making a formal announcement, they’ll have to work the room. She asks him questions that people might ask, like how long he’s been considering the purchase. He says for a while, and she asks why not get more into the PI business? He tells her it was fun until people started shooting at him. He knew Julian would have a lot of legal bills, and might be ready to sell. He tells her their tastes are well beyond Julian’s, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was worth doing. Sam wonders if they’re asking for trouble.

Sonny asks how Real Jason got back to Port Charles, and he says he had a lot of help. He tells Sonny that he made an escape attempt too soon, and explains about the paperclip, and how Ava helped him. He says once he made it out, a priest helped him to stow away on a ship, but there were two mercenaries waiting for him in New York. He knocked them out, and took their guns and cash, but they’re still looking for him. Sonny wonders why he’d go to Ava, and not him. Real Jason says he did come to him.

Michael tells Nelle that he wasn’t looking for dirt; he was trying to prove her innocence. Nelle says she’s made mistakes and tried to leave them in past. The last thing she needs is her mistakes being resurrected and thrown in her face. She asks what if the roles were reversed? Is there something he hasn’t told her? He says he’d feel defensive, and there is something. She asks why he’s never told her, and he says the time never seemed right. Nelle says neither one of them has given full disclosure. She forgives him, but can he forgive her?

Ava explains to Griff that the picture is the man from the clinic. Griff asks where the sketch came from, and she says a random third party. Patient 6 is here, and it’s crazy, but they ran into each other by accident. When she mentioned Jason, he asked a lot of questions. Now she knows why. She shows Griff the headline about Jason being presumed dead. She says, apparently, he’s Jason too.

Sam asks Other Jason what if people think he’s getting back into the business. He says they’re not going to let their past keep them from the future they want. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Monica looking for grandchildren. She explains Olivia-Q will be taking care of them while she goes to the party. In honor of tonight, she has something to give Jason from her and his father.

Real Jason tells Sonny that he went to his house first and let himself in. Sonny says the security codes have been changed, but Real Jason says he knew how to override them from Spinelli. He heard a guard say Sonny was gone, so he left. Sonny asks why he didn’t wait, but Real Jason says he didn’t know how long Sonny would be gone, so he did something stupid. He went to see Sam. He didn’t think it was fair for him to just show up, but he did. She wasn’t home, so he picked the lock. When he got inside, it didn’t feel like five years, more like five minutes; the time he lost hit him all at once. He couldn’t breathe, and went out on the terrace. When Sam came home, he was about to go in, but then he showed up. It didn’t take him long to figure out he was her husband, but had no idea Sam thinks it’s him.

Michael says he forgives Nelle. Her past is her own. Until she wants to share it, he’ll respect her privacy, but he needs to be able to trust what she says. He tells her now that’s settled, and they have a theater date. Nelle finishes up, and Michael gets a call about talking to the media about fracking. He asks who set this up?

Amy tells Nathan that Chet doesn’t know how his medical expenses were covered. He thinks the VA paid for everything. Nathan hopes she gets credit one day for everything she’s done. There are a lot of clueless bro’s out there who are now better off because of her.

Nina tells Maxie that she’s trying to read the employment package, but it’s wet. She knows the numbers are unacceptable though. She’s already factored more in. Maxie says Nina let her pitch her heart out in the steam room, when she knew she was rehiring her. Nina says she’s right, but she wanted to hear Maxie’s spiel. She thinks the Man Landers story is a great idea. She respects Maxie’s friendship with Lulu, but asks her to have the same courtesy and respect her marriage to Valentin. Maxie promises to stay out of it. She asks what changed Nina’s mind. Nina says not what, but who. It was her new boss, Jason.

Ava tells Griff that Patient 6 saw the picture of Avery, and knew Sonny’s house. He asked her to take a note to Sonny, who was a bastard like she knew he’d be. By the time she came back, Patient 6 was gone, and had left her a note. Griff asks if he signed it, and she says no, but she saw Franco sketching him. He’d said it was how Jason used to look before his facial reconstruction, so she swiped a sketch, and came back to do research. She says Patient 6 looks more like Jason than Jason did.

Jason opens the box, and it’s a pair of cufflinks. Monica explains it’s an Ouroboros, a snake consuming itself. It symbolizes rebirth, a move forward to consume the past, like what they’re doing. She knows Alan would want him to have them. He adored Jason, and his biggest regret was that they didn’t reconnect. She’s relieved he’s broken things off with Sonny and not working with him again. Other Jason says the things he did at twenty don’t serve him as an adult. Monica says it’s a new beginning, and she’s happy for them. She thanks him for choosing a new and better life. Geez, why does he looks so grim?

Real Jason tells Sonny that he could hear in Sam’s voice how much loves him. Sonny says Sam thinks she’s married to him. Real Jason says he put it together when Ava said Jason bought the media company, and she told him about the accident and how Carly figured out this guy was Jason. Sonny says there was DNA proof, and he knew things only Jason would know. Real Jason says he’s Jason. Sonny knows that, doesn’t he?  He’s Sonny’s best friend and brother. He has to tell him that he knows him.

Nathan and Maxie meet in the steam room. She wanted to celebrate in private. He asks what they’re celebrating. She says she has good news, and Nathan says he has something too. She wants him to go first. He says he’s done. No more intrusive fans or obnoxious tweets. His time as Ask Man Landers is officially over. Maxie tells him, no it’s not. He has to continue.

Nina sees Michael at Crimson. She gets a text, and says her stepdaughter is requesting she come to a tea party. She tells Michael that she’ll see him later at the launch party, but he says he and Nelle’s tickets are for tonight. He thanks her for pulling strings so they could get them, and she wishes she could say he’s welcome, but she didn’t do it. He says he must have misunderstood. She tells him congratulations; the tickets are difficult to get. She leaves, and Michael gets a text from Carly asking if he’s moving in with Nelle, and that Nelle implied they were.

Ava tells Griff that she thought about going to Sonny, but he thinks every word from her is a lie. Griff thinks maybe he could talk to Sonny, but Ava asks what he’ll say. Some man is running around with Jason’s face? She thinks if Patient 6 wants to get in touch with Sonny, he will; he seems impossible to stop. Griff asks if she thinks he’s dangerous, and she says he told her that he and Sonny are friends. Griff says what if he’s lying, and she asks if he struck Griff as a liar, but he has no idea.

Sam asks if Other Jason is wearing the cufflinks. He says they mean a lot. He likes the symbolism, and likes that they belonged to his father. Alan was a  good man, and he should have done better by him. Sam says it was a difficult situation. Jason says he was difficult. He fought to get away from Alan, and doesn’t know why. Sam says it’s time to make the formal announcement. He asks if she’s ready, and she says she is, as long as she’s by his side.

Sonny tells Real Jason that he’s been calling another guy Jason for two years, and what about the DNA? Real Jason can’t explain it. He knows nothing about him; he doesn’t even know himself. He went to work for Sonny in 1996. Sonny taught him everything he knows about business and most of what he knows about life. He’d never turn his back on Sonny, and would never start a media company. Somebody shot him in the back. Sonny tells him to stop. He puts down the gun. He shakes Real Jason’s hand, and says he knows it’s him. They hug.

Tomorrow, Molly tells Alexis no drama, Andre says Franco is getting closer to the truth, and Michael calls Nelle out about another lie.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa and her father cook pork chops. The girls are going crazy, and grandpa says, mama mia, don’t scream. Teresa says she’s essentially a single mother, her dad is living with her now, and her mind is never going to be carefree. Her mother has been gone a month. She says the kids have been through a lot. It breaks her heart.

Dolores visits Siggy. Siggy tells her about lunch with Margaret. Dolores doesn’t trust her. Siggy says Margaret gave her a dig, saying everyone thinks she’s a yes person, including Teresa. In her interview, she doesn’t know where Teresa gets off calling her an ass kisser. She asks what to do next, and Siggy says hear Teresa out. She’s having a jewelry/handbag party. She thinks they should talk, but not with claws out.

Margaret and Joe #3 go to Melissa and Joe #2’s house for dinner. Melissa says she wants the story of how they met, and Joe #2 does a funny imitation of Margaret flirting with Joe #3. They decide to play pool. They kick the kids off the table, and Joe #3 breaks. Margaret says her lunch with Siggy started off rough, and Siggy cried like, five times. She says she felt badly, but they let the conversation happen. Melissa wonders where her apology is, since it was her birthday. Margaret thinks you shouldn’t cry over a cake, but Siggy is getting hormone pellets in her butt soon. Joe #3 says once they go through menopause, it’s all over.

Siggy unpacks groceries as she talks to son Josh. He’s sleeping at his girlfriend’s house. In her interview, she says she wants the opportunity to be a cool mom. She asks if he thinks Josh and his girlfriend will be going to school together, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He hasn’t decided where he wants to go yet. She asks if it’s that painful to talk to his mom; she wants more than one-word answers. He asks why she’s upset, and she starts crying. She says everything she does annoys him, and she can’t give any more. In her interview, she wonders what if he goes away and forgets about her? He extracts himself quickly and I don’t blame him.

Teresa helps Milania with her spelling. Melissa drops by with cupcakes. Milania asks if she can miss dance on Saturday. In her interview Melissa says Teresa has her hands full, but she’s like Mr. Softy with the kids. Melissa tells her about Joe #2 buying the restaurant, but she knows already. Melissa is frustrated finding out she’s the last to know. She doesn’t know how he thinks he’ll have the time. Teresa says she was willing to kick in. Melissa thinks going into business with family is a bad idea, and doesn’t know what Joe was thinking.

At the office, Margaret’s mom talks about old friend Bob, who’s a friend with benefits. They’ve been sexting, but are getting together IRL. In her interview, Margaret says her mom is an out of control party girl, and she sometimes wishes she was raised by wolves. Her mother married young, left her father when she was two, and they basically raised each other, but her mom always came through for the kids. She knew she was loved even though they didn’t have a lot. Her mother says she’s not afraid of sex, and everyone goes, whoa, because they don’t want to hear it.

Siggy calls to invite Margaret to the party, but she’s going to be in Vegas. She says since Siggy is a relationship expert, maybe Siggy can help her mom find someone new to sext.

Teresa, Melissa, and Danielle meet for dinner. Danielle asks if anyone has heard or seen from Siggy and Dolores. In her interview, Danielle says she doesn’t want to create drama, but Dolores told her something about Teresa that wasn’t too nice. If Dolores doesn’t come clean, she’s going to have to say something herself. Teresa says Siggy apologized, and Melissa says still nothing for her. In her interview, Melissa tells us that she doesn’t even get sloppy thirds. Teresa says Milania gave her a headache, and Melissa says she knows how to work Teresa. She doesn’t want the girls to be mad at her, and needs to put her foot down. In her interview, Teresa is pissed that Melissa is telling her how to parent.

Teresa visits Joe #2’s new restaurant. She’s brought pictures. He wants to enhance the place, and asks what she wants to do first. He wants it to be about family. Melissa joins them. He says must be nice to roll in late, and Melissa says she runs a business and has three kids. Teresa thinks she should have delegated. She’s still annoyed about Melissa saying she should be stricter with her kids. Joe would like Teresa to be in the kitchen, and Melissa says she’ll hostess. Teresa asks if she’d waitress, and Melissa says no. Teresa thinks Melissa will just hang out on the weekends and drink wine. They bicker. In his interview, Joe says they’re making him nervous. He thought this sh*t was over. He tells them no more of this stuff, and Melissa says they started it.

Siggy is helping Dolores stage the house for selling it. Her boyfriend wants to move closer. She sees a future with him, and he doesn’t mind that she lives with Frank. Siggy says she’s having anxiety about Josh leaving, and he gets irritated with everything. Dolores says he has a lot going on inside with leaving his girlfriend; she went through the same thing with Frankie. She tells Siggy to let it go.

Teresa organizes Milania’s slime collection with her. She says whoever invented slime is no good. Milania emails her dad. It breaks Teresa’s heart that Joe #1 is missing all the little moments, and they need him. It’s time they’ll never get back. She thinks Milania doesn’t need more discipline, but more attention and love When Teresa asks for a hug, Milania jets.

Tons of women gather for Siggy’s party. Dolores is early because Siggy wanted to introduce her around. Siggy is frustrated with Melissa, who she thinks owes her an apology.

Teresa has her makeup done. Danielle picks her up. Man, prison time looks good on Teresa – she looks amazing. Danielle asks if she’s heard from Dolores, and Teresa says no. Danielle tells Teresa that Dolores said something not so nice about her – she’s not concerned about anything or anyone more than money, and be careful. She was hoping Dolores would come clean. Teresa is shocked. She wonders why Dolores would say that to Danielle. She can’t even comprehend it. She can’t wait to confront her about it. Danielle says good friends don’t say things like that.

Siggy thanks everyone for coming, and hawks the bags. Wow. That’s a lot of bags. Melissa arrives. She wonders what the deal is, since she hasn’t heard from them. Siggy says she was livid at the birthday party, and Melissa says she was relentless at the table, calling them names. After what happened, they were freaked out, and thought she’d call the next morning saying she’d had one too many. Siggy says in a million years, she’d never throw a beautiful cake across the floor. Melissa says sorry; she’ll buy her a cake. In her interview, Melissa says, we ate the cake, threw the cake, the cake is done. Siggy makes an announcement for everyone to shut up. She asks if they had a beautiful, three-tiered cake given to them for their birthday, how many people think throwing it across the room would be rude? Show of hands. Omg, really? No surprise, everyone agrees. She says who does that? Dolores has no idea why she did this. Siggy lies on the floor in front of Melissa, and says it’s all she wanted. Melissa is completely embarrassed. She doesn’t know anyone, and is surprised she’s even still there. Me too. I would have left.

Teresa gets there, and Melissa tells her and Danielle what just happened. Teresa is like, no she didn’t, but is glad it wasn’t her. She says family comes first, and no one is humiliating her SIL. She confronts Siggy, and Siggy says she was upset. Teresa says they ate the cake. They were having fun, and the stuff she said was horrible. She asks why Dolores was quiet, and Dolores says Siggy was upset. In her interview, Dolores says she has a history of being a loyal friend, but can’t say the same for everybody. She says she’s been sticking up for Teresa a long time, and would never let anyone talk about her.

Danielle repeats what Dolores said to her. Dolores jumps up, and calls her a m-effing liar, and a crazy scumbag. She gets in Danielle’s face. Danielle says she has no ulterior motive and nothing to gain from saying it. Dolores tells Teresa that Danielle is a starving, hungry bitch, and she’d never say that. Teresa needs to sleep with one eye open, because Danielle is up to no good. Methinks Dolores got real hot real fast because Danielle speaks the truth.

Delores says she has no history of stabbing Teresa in the back. She tells Teresa she has a choice; believe her or Danielle. In her interview Teresa says Dolores has been distant, and she and Danielle might have a crazy past, but they’re getting along great now. She asks why Danielle would lie. Dolores keeps calling Danielle crazy, and Danielle is like, thanks for the diagnosis. She says Danielle isn’t hard to diagnose. In her interview, Danielle says Dolores is clearly guilty; Helen Keller could see she’s lying. Danielle leaves the room, and Teresa and Melissa follow.

Danielle is all weepy, and Teresa asks what’s wrong. She tells Teresa that she was telling the truth. Back in the other room, Dolores tells Siggy that Danielle is out for revenge. In the past, Teresa created a lot of problems for her, and she’d better watch her ass. All of a sudden, it’s water under the bridge? She doesn’t think so. Danielle tells Teresa she’s shaken and wants to go home. Teresa and Melissa say they’ll go too. Teresa tells Siggy that she’s taking Danielle home. Delores says she’s afraid for Teresa; something’s not right. In her interview, Melissa doesn’t know how Dolores and Siggy can be so dismissive. Every time Siggy cries, they have to bow down and comfort her, and she’s still waiting for her apology. Dolores says if she wasn’t Teresa’s friend, she wouldn’t have warned her.

Next time, Joe #2 sees his name in lights, Melissa and Teresa argue, Gia agrees with Melissa, and Siggy criticizes Margaret.

😒 Officially not liking Siggy. She needs to get those hormones stat. Maybe the OC’s Shannon can go with her.

🏡 Tonight was the finale of Channel Zero: No End House. It was very weird and I enjoyed it, but I still have no idea what it was supposed to be about. Since a decision had to be made, I’ve chosen the viewpoint that it was an allegory about coming of age in suburbia. The next chapter will be served in 2018, with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block.

Sad News…

😢 Okay, maybe it only made me sad. Tinsley and Scott have broken up. …sniff….

And for some pre-Halloween/Housewives viewing pleasure…


October 24, 2017 – Sonny’s Safe House, Esperanza Gets Her Groove On & the Fifth Charter Ends


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle drops by Michael’s office. She tells him he left his watch at her place. He says he has his phone, and she tells him maybe subconsciously she wanted to see him. She says he’s been spending a lot of time at her place, and asks if he wants to make things more permanent.

Jordan tells Curtis she has two weeks off in January. He says they can take a vacation together.

Andre tells Dr. I’ve-been-spelling-his-name-wrong Klein that someone is getting close to the truth. If they connect a few more dots, they’ll know everything. Klein says they have to meet. Andre says he’s on his way. He runs into Elizabeth and Jake outside his door, but tells her now isn’t a good time.

Carly tells Sonny that Jason made a point of distancing himself, and now his phones are tapped. Sonny says it’s just the people around him, which is unusual. Carly says tonight is their last hurrah. She gets it’s good for them to stay away from her and Sonny, but it makes her sad. She misses how things used to be. She misses Jason. Sonny says speaking of which, and shows her the note. He asks what she thinks.

Franco works on his sketch. Ava pops in, saying he’s just the man she’s looking for. She thanks him for helping Kiki with her tuition. He surpassed her wildest expectations. He says Kiki is a good kid with a promising future. Ava wants to see what he’s working on.

Patient 6 goes to a cabin that’s one of Sonny’s safe houses. An alarm starts to beep.

Elizabeth tells Andre they can schedule something for later. Jake asks if this is about the man in the park. This peaks Andre’s interest, and he says just give him a minute. Jake sees the painting and says, cool. Andre says he’s in his office more than home, so decided to keep it there. He asks what’s going on. Jake says his dad said no one was there, but he saw a man who looked like his dad used to before.

Carly asks Sonny if Jason didn’t send this, and he tells her that Ava brought it. She met a guy in a Russian clinic who turned up in Port Charles, and asked her to hand deliver it to him. Carly says she’s lying, and Sonny says well, it’s Ava. Carly doesn’t understand the reference to forty dollars. Sonny explains after the Quartermaines brought Jason home from the hospital, the were at Luke’s. Jason didn’t want to be there, and flipped a table and walked out. He reminded Sonny of himself when he was young – desperate, along and pissed off at the world.  Carly never saw him like that, since she met him after he left the Quartermaines. Sonny says he felt pressured and wanted out, so he gave Jason forty bucks for a cab. It was the start of their friendship and the best forty bucks he ever spent – loaned, since he insisted on paying him back. Carly says he never told her about this. How could someone know to mention it. Sonny says that’s why he’s trying to figure it out.

Patient 6 puts in the code to stop the alarm.

Franco tells Ava that he’s just doodling. She says she knows inspiration when she sees it. She’s reopening the gallery and would like to represent him again. He says he’s not making art for the commercial world, just doing self-prescribed art therapy. Ava looks at the sketch, and says she knows him. Franco says everybody knows Jason Morgan, the original version.

Jordan and Curtis settle on going to Fiji. Jordan gets a message from Stella, asking her to meet at the hospital as soon as possible. Curtis says maybe she and Stella have turned a corner. Jordan says he can’t believe that, and he tells her that he’s an eternal optimist. She says she might as well go now, and tells him to find a vacation package. When she’s gone, his phone rings. He answers, then says, oh man.

Nelle tells Michael that ashamed as she is, she’s glad everything is out. He says they’re still standing. She says she thought she had to be close to perfect to keep people from thinking the worst, and it’s exhausting always being on point. His faith has done wonders for her. She’s able to let guard down for the first time, and has never been with anybody or had anyone accept her for her, including Zack. She always had to prove herself worthy, but not with Michael. She says she feels close to him, and that’s why she suggested they live together. He asks what the landlord would think, and she says it’s 2017, and she has powers of persuasion with landlord. They kiss.

Franco tells Ava that she came to Port Charles after Jason went missing, and never saw him before. How could she know him from then? Ava says she knew she recognized face, and must have seen an old photo. She wonders why Franco is sitting there sketching Jason’s old face, and Franco says he knew him when. He tells her that he’s working something out. She looks through the sketch pad with page after page of Jason sketches. He tells her it’s personal and he’s busy. She thanks him again, and repeats that she’d like to represent him if he changes his mind.

Carly doesn’t get it. why go to the trouble of forging a note and have Ava deliver it? It defeats the purpose, since he’d be suspicious. Sonny says that some people know about the ashes, but no one knows about Luke’s. He says he went to the footbridge, and Jason came along thinking it was a set-up. They never met though. Troy said he showed up, and had a clear shot at them, but didn’t take it. Carly asks if Troy described him, but Sonny says it sounded like a million other men; Troy doesn’t have a gift for description. Jason thinks it was an ambush, but Sonny doesn’t. He thinks the note was meant to get his attention, and wants to know who sent it.

Patient 6 opens the bar and takes out a zippered pouch. He’s either going to make a cocktail or clean his gun. Gun cleaning wins.

Michael has to get back to work, but says Nelle gave him something to think about. She says he can thank her tonight; she has a big surprise. He tells her that he’s stopping by the launch party after work, but she tells him that Nina got tickets for Dear Evan Hanson after pulling some strings. She says since he has a prior commitment, she can sell the tickets; no big deal. Michael says the party will be packed, and he probably won’t get to see much of Jason, so he’ll hire a driver, and they’ll go to the city. Nelle kisses him.

Jordan sees Stella at the hospital. She says the message seemed urgent. Stella says a young woman came in with a burst appendix, has no health care, and is undocumented. She finished high school there, works two jobs, and has exhausted the avenues to become legal. Jordan says she advises her to stay under the radar. As long as there are no problems, she should be fine. Stella points out a guy who has been lurking, and waiting for her release. She hates to think of what would happen if the woman is picked up. Jordan says probably deportation within the hour. Stella says that’s why she called Jordan. Jordan says she’s sympathetic, but it’s a federal matter. Stella asks if she can’t help or won’t.

Jake tells Andre that the man looked like his dad; not like now, but before the car accident that changed his face. Andre says Jake was pretty young when that happened. Jake says he’s seen pictures, and maybe remembers a little. When he saw the man, he thought it was his dad. Elizabeth says she didn’t see him. Jake thought he heard his name, but she didn’t hear anything. Jason checked, but said no one was there. Andre asks if Jake spoke to him.

Patient 6 gets his guns in shape. The kind you shoot, not his biceps. He hears something.

Diane arrives at Sonny’s, and tells him that her hours are billable. He doesn’t care, as long as the job gets done. She asks what herculean legal feat he wants her to do now, and he asks if she can get the Feds to stop tapping the phones.

Curtis comes to Michael’s office. Michael asks what brings him by, and he says, Nelle.

At the MetroCourt, Carly wraps up the details for the party. She sees Nelle picking up some food, and says she’s looking forward to seeing her and Michael at the party. Nelle says they won’t be able to make it.

Jordan introduces herself to Agent Briggs. She tells him circumstances have made it necessary to speak to him directly, and asks if he has an order of removal for Clara Hernandez? He tells her that he can’t discuss it, and she says that her department has been targeting drug dealers who are distributing at the university. Clara goes to school there, and has been working under cover. If he removes her, the investigation, along with months of under cover work will blow up. He says it’s not his problem, but she says the drug crisis is everyone’s problem. The Feds are even watching them to see if they can duplicate the procedure. She asks him to get his boss on the phone.

Sonny explains to Diane that Brick discovered the phones were tapped. Not by physical bugs, but sophisticated software, probably devised by the Feds or NSA. He thinks that Jason is the target, and she says she’s not surprised. Cash changing hands between alleged mobsters causes scrutiny. She tells Sonny that Brick probably broke some laws finding the taps. Max calls, and Sonny asks which safe house, and when was the last time the security code was used?

Patient 6 keeps looking at the alarm.

Andre asks if the man reached out, but Jake says he was just standing there watching, and he smiled. Jake smiled back, but they didn’t speak. Andre asks if he heard the man’s voice, and Jake says he thought he heard someone say his name, and thinks it was him, but didn’t see him. Elizabeth asks Jake to go to the vending machine while she talks to Andre for a minute. She asks if she’s making too much of this, but Andre says they need to proceed carefully.

Carly tells Nelle if she’s worried about Bobbie, she doesn’t think she’s coming. Nelle says it’s not about that; they have plans. Carly asks if they can’t postpone them. Nelle says she suggested it, but Michael insisted they go.

Michael tells Curtis that he thought he was clear about dropping the investigation. Curtis says he did, but there were things in motion already. Michael paid for it, and he thinks he should know. Michael says unless there’s proof of her killing Zack, he’s not interested. He appreciates it, but it’s over.  paid for think he should no unless proof not interested thinks he is appreciates but over

Jordan tells Brigg’s boss that she appreciates the support of their highly sensitive operation, and knows she can count on their discretion. She gives phone back to Briggs. She tells him she’ll take the removal warrant, and trusts it will be canceled on his end. He gives it to her and leaves. She rips it up. Stella says, that’s it? Jordan tells her for now, but Carla needs to be careful. Stella says she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself, and Jordan tells her sometimes people surprise you.

Andre tells Elizabeth it could be a case of projection on a random stranger. Elizabeth wonders why out of the blue, and Andre says maybe Jake is more fixated than she realized. He doesn’t think she should worry, but it couldn’t hurt to make sure. He tells her to call him if it happens again. Maybe they can see a pattern. She leaves, and Andre gets on the phone to Klein.

Franco leaves his office. Ava is hiding, and slips in. She looks at the sketchbook.

Franco sees Jake and Elizabeth. He thought they were going shopping. Elizabeth sends Jake back to the vending machine. It’s amazing that this kid hasn’t caught on to that. She tells Franco she has to talk to him. She’s worried about Jake and Jason.

Klein shows up at Andre’s office. Andre says he’s taking a risk, but Klein says it’s urgent. He asks who’s getting close to truth, and Andre says someone who works there. Andre says there’s something even more urgent though. Patient 6 has been watching Jake, and could be making contact with someone soon.

Sonny goes to the safe house, and walks in. No one appears to be there. He squints.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael will probably see Jason later at their house to celebrate. She tells Carly good luck with the party.

Curtis is like, okay, I can’t do this, and goes back to Michael. He says Michael hired to find the truth, good or bad, and he needs to see it. He puts a folder on Michael’s desk, and says Nelle spent almost a full year in a mental institution.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Jake is interested in how Jason used to look.

Ava looks through the sketches. She takes one out, and hopes Franco won’t miss it. She rolls it up, and leaves.

Andre tells Klein that everything is unraveling. There have been unexpected threats, starting with Patient 6’s escape. Klein says they’re intercepting him tonight.

Sonny walks through the house, gun drawn. He says that whoever it is went through a lot of trouble to get him here; now show yourself. He hears his name, and turns to see Patient 6 on the stairs.

Tomorrow, Amy asks Nathan how Maxie is taking his retirement, Nelle wants the digging into her past to stop, and Sonny asks who the hell Patient 6 is.

If Loving You is Wrong

An EMT asks Randal how he feels. He says better, and asks where the police are. He tells them that Brad knocked him off the ladder. The EMT says nothing seems to be broken, and asks if he wants to try moving around. For someone who just fell a couple of stories, he seems fine. She asks if he wants to go to the hospital, but he says no.

Steve and Lushion arrive. Randal is like, damn! He says he called for the real police not some Keystone ass cops. He tells them nothing happened. Lushion says they are the real police, and tell them what happened. Randal says Brad knocked him off the ladder. Lushion asks what Randal did first, but Randal insists he did nothing. He was minding his own business. He claims he fell forty-five feet, and Lushion says he must have been on the roof. Lushion decides to talk to Brad. Steve asks if Randal is hurt, but Randal just wants to make out a police report. He says that bastard knocked him off the ladder. He wants Steve to write it down, but Steve says he doesn’t need to; he knows his job.

Lushion knocks on Brad’s door. Brad says he’s the one who should be calling the police. Lushion asks what’s going on. Brad says Randal is driving them nuts, and admits to knocking him off the ladder. Lushion says that’s assault, and Brad shows him the floodlight and the motions sensor camera. Lushion says they have to stop, but Brad says he’s not the one doing anything. Lushion tells Brad that he could take him in, and Brad says go ahead. Lushion says he’ll try to talk Randal out of pressing charges. Maybe they can make this simpler. He asks if Brad knocked Randal off the ladder, but Brad doesn’t get it, so he asks again. The light bulb comes on, and Brad says he fell. Brad asks if Lushion is taking him in, and Lushion asks why, since Randal fell.

Randal wants Brad arrested. Lushion can’t do that; Brad says he fell. Randal says he knows Brad snatched the ladder. Lushion asks if anyone saw it. Randal says his camera did, but Brad took it. Brad says he doesn’t know what Randal is talking about, and Lushion says he didn’t see anything in the house. Randal wants him taken in, but Lushion won’t do it. Randal says he doesn’t get why no one will help him, and Steve says they saved his life. Lushion suggests if he stops doing things to people, people will stop doing things to him. Randal tells them to go to hell. Lushion says they both need to knock it off before someone gets hurt. Randal says he did get hurt. He’ll have to take the law into his own hands. Lushion says that would be a bad idea, and Randal says we’ll see. Steve thinks this isn’t going to end well.

A naked Eddie walks by. Lushion says there are kids around; get in the house. Steve says that dude is crazy, and they get back in the car. There’s a report of shots fired somewhere, and they leave to check it out.

Brad asks what’s going on. Eddie tells him he was in the shower at Esperanza’s house, and Esperanza flipped out and shot at him. Brad asks why he was in her house, and he says his name is on the deed. He was in the shower, and she screamed at him to get out. He wasn’t having it, and it escalated. He looks around for some clothes he can wear, and asks why Brad’s bags are there. He asks if he’s thinking of moving back for this ho. Brad tells him not to call Alex that. He asks how Brad can stay there and raise Lushion’s baby. Brad says the baby isn’t Lushion’s. Eddie says Black babies are coming out of the woodwork. He asks to stay there, but Brad says he doesn’t want him disrupting Alex and the kids. He asks for Brad’s credit card, and surprisingly, Brad hands it over.

Eddie sees the camera and spotlight on the table, and thinks Brad is putting up surveillance to watch Alex. He says Brad is doing the right thing,, and asks for shoes. I love how all clothing fits everyone on TV. They aren’t exactly the same size. Alex walks in with the baby, and Eddie says welcome home. He starts to look in the carrier, and Alex smacks him, telling him not to go near her son. She says the next time he points a gun in her face, he’d better be prepared to pull the trigger. He says he always is. He leaves, saying, goodbye little beige baby. That Eddie. What a card.

Alex asks Brad why Eddie was there, and Brad says he needed clothes – long story. He says sorry, and Alex says she knows how much of an ass he can be. She asks if he has clothes there now. He says yes, and she’s happy about that. She asks about the camera, and he says he borrowed it from Randal. He explained about Randal putting it up, along with the light facing their bedroom, but says he handled it. He pushed Randal off the ladder. Alex laughs. She asks if Randal called the police. Brad says Lushion turned up and dealt with him. The camera is how he knew when they were coming and going. Alex says she’s so sorry. The nameless baby starts to cry. Brad asks what the doctor said, but Alex wants to change No-Name first. The crying doesn’t sound like it’s coming from that bundle in her arms, and I’m sorry, but could we please give that baby a name? He’s only been on for three seasons now.

On the phone, Kelly’s boss isn’t happy. She tells Natalie that she had to tell them. Her phone rings, but no one is there when she answers. Natalie tells her to change her phone number, but Kelly needs to wait until Justice’s school has all the information. Kelly’s phone rings again. Natalie grabs it, and says, call here one more time, you sick m – and it’s someone else. Kelly takes the phone. She listens, and thanks them. She tells Natalie that she can go home now. Natalie says she’ll go with her.

Marcie visits Larry’s office. He says divorce looks good on her. He’s working on getting the papers signed. Randal isn’t happy Larry is representing her. He says he’s working on a plan, but it will take time, a couple of months. She says she doesn’t have months. She makes sure he can’t repeat what she tells him, and says she’s pregnant. Now he knows why she’s in a rush. He asks what one has to do with the other, and she says Randal doesn’t know, even though he’s the father. She asks about sole custody and if they can include it. Larry says she’ll have to tell him then. She says Larry knows what an a-hole he can be, and Larry says he’s had run-ins with him too. He says once Randal finds out, he’ll demand a paternity test. Marcie says maybe she’ll just move, although she doesn’t really want to. Larry says he’ll call Randal and see where he’s at. He won’t mention the pregnancy, but will gage where Randal’s head is at. She tells him good luck, and leaves. Larry looks like he has a headache.

Lushion drives to where the shots have been fired. Lushion asks the dispatcher if she’s sure this is the address, and she says shots were fired, and a naked man ran out of the house. Lushion says it’s Esperanza’s house. He knocks, and Esperanza lets them in. Not wearing much. She tells them that she came home and Eddie was in the shower. Lushion asks why the gunshots, and she says she tried to kill the SOB. Lushion says she could get in trouble, but she doesn’t care; she’s trying to get him out of her life, but they’re not helping. Lushion notes that the bullet holes are in the wall, and she says she just wanted to scare him and get him out of the house. Lushion asks her not to shoot at him again. She wonders why he’s out of jail, but they can’t tell her. He says no more gunshots, and she says she gets it. Steve asks if she needs help with fixing the holes. Lushion says he’s going to lunch, and he’ll see Steve in an hour.

Natalie helps Kelly straighten up. Kelly says they destroyed so much stuff, she can’t believe it. It’s crazy how one bad choice can ruin her life. Natalie says it’s not ruined, but Kelly say she says she can lose her job. They’re very conservative, and it’s going to be in the paper. The bank isn’t going to want it affiliated with them. Natalie tells her it will be okay, and Kelly starts putting things back together. She picks up some photos, and says she’s not going to let him do this. She isn’t standing by and letting it happen. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do, but she’s not going to let him do this.

Steve patches the holes in the wall, and Esperanza says she’ll take it from there. She’s gets on the stepladder with the hairdryer to make it dry faster. Steve has his hand on her butt, and she’s not even noticing. He tells her to sand and paint it, and she’s good to go. He’s behind her with the paint, and when she gets off the ladder, she bumps into him. Paint is all over him. He says he has to get back to work. Esperanza says she can salvage it; take it off. He takes off his shirt, and I take note of the fact that all of these guys all have tats for days. She tells him take his pants off, and he says just the shirt. She asks if he’s shy, and messes with his belt buckle. He says sorry, and she says it’s unprofessional. I don’t have to explain what’s happening further, right? She says turn it off, and he says he’s trying. She tells him to get in the shower. She takes his clothes, and looks at his rockin’ bod as he showers.

Randal calls Larry. He wants to sue his neighbor. He says he knocked Randal off a ladder. Larry says he needs to meet first or he’s not doing it. Randal asks if he’s still representing Marcie, and he says he is. He asks why Larry wants to meet, and Larry says he’s Randal’s friend. It’s not personal; he’s just doing what’s best for two old friends. Randal says he’s the one who’s Larry’s friend. Larry says his family is out of town, and he’d like to meet. Randal doesn’t think so. Larry says he wants to get drunk and talk crap like they used to. Randal won’t come, and Larry says he’ll come to Randal’s house then. Randal should be happy he’s involved; he can help him settle this. Randal says there’s nothing to settle. Larry says Marcie doesn’t want anything, so why not sign. He tells Randal that he’ll be at Sam’s at seven. Randal has to go. Larry says he’ll be there.

Steve comes out, and Esperanza says his clothes are almost dry. He thanks her, and apologizes for this. She says it’s still going on, and he says he can’t help it. Oh, come on, just do it already. This is getting silly. He says he knew she was sexy, and she says she didn’t know he all this going on under his uniform. Um… he wears a suit to work. She asks if he works out, and he says a bit. She says that she could use some help in a few areas, and he says she looks great. She says she has clothes on, so he can’t really judge that – yeah, she’s wearing a camisole and some teeny, tiny shorts – and Steve says he’d like to see her out of them. He tells her that he knows she was turned on, and she says she’s just helping him out. He says he’s a cop, and knew she was watching, and liked what she saw. He kisses her. They climb on the kitchen counter and get busy. Wow.

Eddie busts in. Double wow.

Next time, Eddie fights Steve, Alex tells Brad the doctor switched the tests, and Randal asks if Ian is screwing his wife.

I don’t think this is on next week, which is Halloween, but it was unclear as to whether they were showing it again on November 1st or 7th. I’ll update when I’m positive.

Below Deck

Kate wants Jen to prep for breakfast before she goes to bed. She says this is the fifth charter, and if Jen doesn’t have it by now, she never will. At 3 am, Jen is searching for oranges. She doesn’t care what Kate thinks about her anymore.

Nico asks Bri if she wants to watch the sunrise. She does.

Everyone gets ready for the morning. Bri finds a note from Jen in the small refrigerator, saying she couldn’t find oranges. Bri finds them in three different places. Matt says Jen isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, which is an understatement.

Nico tells Baker it will be difficult to go back to the city. He has to chill with his family for a bit when the season is over. He thinks being away has been healthy for him. After his brother passed away, he tried to be the best everything, and he’s not sure if he’s ready to go back.

There’s a deckhand meeting, and Nico says they’re going straight into the dock. EJ thinks he needs to feel in control by running the meeting. He’s cool, as long as Nico is respectful. An amazing fruit tray is served, along with bagels and lox, and scrambled and poached eggs. Sigh… I love breakfast food.

Bri tells Kate that Jen forgot to squeeze oranges for juice. Kate says she can lead a horse to water, but can’t make them drink, and she can train Jen, but can’t make her think. Baker says EJ is more level headed than the others, and she’s warming up to him. EJ thinks everyone has graduated to the next level. Baker says from rookie to less rookie. The guests don’t want to leave, but pack anyway. The crew gets ready to say goodbye. Kate begs them to take her with them. They tell the crew it was flawless, except for the ice cream debacle.

Bri is annoyed that she did breakfast by herself. Kate feels badly for EJ. He’s like the nerd of the group, and Nico is icing him out.

Tip time! Captain Lee tells them that charter went well. He’s not so concerned about major things, but small things, saying the devil is in details. The ice cream hangs over Matt’s head like a black cloud. The tip is $21K; not bad for three days work. The captain says the owners decided to comp a day at a local resort for them. He tells them to have fun, but he doesn’t have money for bail, and tomorrow they flip the boat.

Melissa calls Nico. He’s really short with her, saying he’s working. He says she doesn’t get it, and she knows how it goes. Matt calls his ex Samantha, and tells her when he’s coming back. He asks if she wants to get together, and she says, nope. Ha-ha! He tells us rejection sucks, but he broke up with her, so it’s no surprise. He says if she changes her mind, let him know. I’d make a safe bet that she’s not going to.

Kate changes the sleeping arrangements to give EJ a bigger space. She thinks it could also breathe fresh life into what seems to be a toxic situation. Everybody gets ready, and they take a limo to the resort. I’m so jealous. It’s gorgeous, with hot tubs and natural pools and greenery and champagne. Kate is glad to be seeing trees instead of the ocean. Matt tells Bruno how great it was to collaborate in he galley. Nico says they have it more together now, so Matt can have him as a sous chef after four pm. Matt and Bruno fist bump.

Nico tells Bri that he’s comfortable being around he. EJ and Baker check out the gift shop. EJ feels the most friendly with her, and feels disconnected from the crew sometimes. She thinks he handled Nico screaming at him well. EJ thinks Nico still has lingering bad feelings, but still believes he has potential

Jen communicates with the chickens. Matt tells Nico his ex is stress. Nico thinks they should enjoy the day. In his interview, he says Matt is an emotional drinker. Really? I wouldn’t have noticed. They do some ziplining, and float around in the pool.

They get back to the yacht in one piece. Nico asks Bri to hang out. On deck, she messes with her tiny guitar, and they lie back and gaze at the stars. EJ and Baker talk. He says Nico and Bri are full-on now, and Baker calls them Brico. Nico and Bri start kissing, and she asks if he wants to go to sleep. In his interview, he says he knows it’s wrong, but he’s where he wants to be. EJ hopes it chills him out.

I watch everyone spring out of bed the next morning and think, this job is so not for me.

Bri says never been that girl. She’s not the bad guy. She’s single, and Nico is a big boy. He can make his own decisions. Baker asks EJ to go to dinner. In his interview, he thinks her asking him out is a turn on. He tells the guys that Baker asked him on a date. In his interview, Nico thinks EJ needs to get laid. Kate tells Bri and Jen that they’re making the beds, and the fastest stew will get two-hour breaks next charter. Jen asks if she’s going to be doing it, and Kate says when she can stop explaining Jen’s job to her, she’ll explain her own. In her interview, she thinks Bri could win blindfolded. Jen doesn’t respond to anything, so this is a punishment. Jen says you’re usually given a team building activity, but this is to each his own, thrown to the wolves, and good luck. In her interview, Bri says if you give Kate respect, she’s cool, but if you don’t, she can make your life a living hell.

Kate times them. She uses an f-word, and Jen gets bent out of shape and snotty. Bri wins and gets the two-hour breaks. In her interview, Kate understands it’s not easy when you don’t know what you’re doing.  Jen thinks she’s doing everything, and she’s wrong.

Nico and Matt go to the wine bar. Nico says it’s the three-month anniversary of his brother’s death, and his girlfriend is being insecure. Matt says relationships take work. Nico tells him it’s coming up on one year, and he has to decide. Does he commit or do what makes him happy in the moment? He says it’s not fair to his girlfriend, and it’s a difficult decision. Matt says it’s hard not to have life affect your work. Chef’s have a reputation of drinking, and he thinks it’s time to grow up. Nico says to take it day by day.

Jen weeps at the outside table, and Bruno asks her what’s wrong. She says it’s one thing to work your way up the ladder, and be in position of respect, but another to talk to staff like peons. She wails that she works hard, and she’s reached her threshold in this living nightmare. Bruno tells her to focus on work. She says she’s working the hardest, and Bri is being rewarded. Bruno says don’t show Kate her tears. She’s the winner. In two weeks, she’ll be going back to her daughter, and Kate has nobody. Bri sits down, and Bruno leaves. She asks how Jen is feeling, and Jen says frustrated. She’s no one’s bitch. Bri tells Jen that in all honesty, she’s carried more weight than Jen, and Jen doesn’t like hearing truth. Jen gets up, saying she doesn’t want to be attacked.

Bri asks to talk to Kate. She wonders if they can come together and make it work. Kate says Jen has her days and she gets moody. It’s all about respect, but for Jen it’s a one-way street. In her interview, Kate says Jen can do the work or not, but if she doesn’t want to do the work, she doesn’t want to work on this boat.

In her interview, Baker says she’s not actively hunting for a boyfriend, but if the right guy comes along, Lord have mercy. She leaves for dinner with EJ.

Nico finds out his older brother, Josh, is coming to visit.

In her interview, Baker calls EJ a stud muffin, saying he’s intelligent and good-looking. She tells him that she’s homies with everyone, but he’s her ally. Back on the boat, Nico and Bri get busy. Jen calls her daughter, who’s bummed because there’s a test tomorrow. In his interview, EJ says that at the end of a date, there’s always a weird grey zone. Does he hug her, kiss her, or tuck her into bed? He tells us a true gentleman knows how to court a lady, and when to make right move. We don’t see what move he makes, if any. The next morning, Bruno wants details, but EJ says there was no kissing.

Captain Lee holds the preference sheet meeting. The next primary guests are Robbie, the CEO of Metro Tickets, and his fiancé, Sara. They’re celebrating their engagement, along with some friends. The captain says there’s nothing crazy, and reminds Matt to make sure he has vanilla ice cream. In her interview, Kate says she’s seen it all, and she can tell these aren’t her kind of people. They want a dinner to celebrate the engagement, usage of the water toys, and a PJ party with popcorn. Zzzzzzz…

Bri says Jen is acting like nothing happened, but she feels the tension. Nico tells his girlfriend that he can’t do this; he’s met someone who’s giving him what he needs. She’s blindsided, but tells him she’ll give him his space. Nico tells Matt it sucks, but he’s making himself happy for one. I think it’s pretty much a guarantee this won’t end well.

The guests arrive, champagne is poured, Kate gives the tour. Sara is ready to “crank it up a notch.” She’s already annoying. In her interview, Kate has nothing against older gentlemen dating younger ladies, but thinks he should pick a quieter one. Sara keeps squealing about partying, and yaps about her luggage not being in the room yet. If she says “swimsuit” one more time, I think they should throw her overboard. And they’re still at the dock. Kate tells us the deck team is still a disaster. Nico wonders where the miracle bosun is. Kate tells Matt it might be too soon to tell, but she hates them. She’s getting a bad vibe, and thinks it’s going to be a long 48-hours. We hear Sara screech that she hates something.

Next time, Robbie wants to explain how to make a margarita, Kate says the guests are like a bunch of drunken third graders, the captain says it’s a clusterf*ck, Nico’s brother visits, and EJ says they’re both d*cks.

🐫 Guess what day it is, Mike?