October 26, 2017 – The GH & Nothing But the GH – Okay, Maybe a Little Halloween


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Nelle asks if the car is waiting. Michael says they’re not going anywhere.

The launch party begins. Molly says it’s amazing. Both David and TJ couldn’t make it, but Molly is glad Alexis is seeing David. Alexis insists they’re just friends, and Molly amends it to being glad Alexis is putting Julian behind her. Alexis says right now she’s here for her daughter. She wishes Kristina could have been there. Molly says no drama tonight, before Alexis can go off on a tangent about Kristina moving to Oregon.

Elizabeth asks if she can convince Franco to go. He says Sam and Jason will be glad not to see him. She asks if that’s the real reason.

Andre says Patient 6 should have never made it to Port Charles. Klein says he wasn’t informed of his skill set. The longer he’s there, the longer someone has to find out the truth, but it’s being taken care of as they speak.

Griff tells Ava about meeting Patient 6 at the church, and the men who were after him. He says they could be problem for other people, including Avery’s dad. He thinks they should call police, and Ava asks what would they say? There’s a guy running around with Jason’s face? Griff says they can tell the police what they do know. Ava tells him absolutely not.

Sam and Other Jason arrive. He tells her it’s the first day of the rest of their lives (yeah, he’s definitely not the real Jason), and nothing is going to stop them. Carly urges Thug #2 to circulate with the drinks. Sam tells Carly that she outdid herself. Carly says it’s a big night for them, and she wants it to go off without a hitch. A sure sign that hitches will be everywhere.

Real Jason thanks Sonny for believing him. Sonny wanted to believe him sooner, but Real Jason says he knows Sonny had to use discretion. Sonny says there’s a lot riding on it; his business and his family. He trusts Real Jason 100%. He says there’s no question about Carly’s loyalty, but her judgement sucks. He can’t believe it, and says when Carly sees him, she’s going to lose her mind. Her Jason, their Jason, alive.

Nelle asks Michael if this is about Jason’s party, but he says he knows the truth about the tickets. Nina didn’t pull strings; she had no idea about them. He says Nelle wanted him to choose between the party and her. Nelle is surprised he thinks she’d buy them just to manipulate him. He asks why she told his mom they’re moving in together.

Andre tells Klein it’s not that simple. Jake Webber saw Patient 6, and he can deal with that, but Franco won’t be easily convinced. Klein says he has something to throw him off the scent, and gives Andre an envelope.

Elizabeth wonders why Franco is suddenly concerned with Jason’s feelings. Franco says it’s his night. Jason learned to tolerate him, but really doesn’t want him around. Elizabeth realizes they’ll never be friends, but appreciates them putting aside their differences for Jake’s sake. She tells him she won’t be late, and they kiss.

Griff knows Ava has a strained relationship with the police, but they’re the people best equipped to deal with it. Since it started in Russia, he thinks maybe they should call Anna. Ava tells him to think about what they know. They don’t know how he got there, and he might have come in illegally. She thinks he has trouble enough without them creating more.

Sonny doesn’t know where to start catching up. Real Jason tells him about seeing Elizabeth with a little boy in the park. She referred to him as Cam’s brother, but he was too old to be Aiden. He said Jake’s name, and the boy asked who was there. He asks Sonny if it was Jake. Sonny tells him yes, and he’s stunned that his son is alive. He asks how?  He was there. Jake was brain-dead. Sonny tells him it was staged by Helena. It’s a long story, and Sonny needs another drink. He says no matter what happens next or how messy it gets, welcome home.

Nelle says she never told Michael’s mom they were moving in together. Michael says she had just been talking about it that morning, and asks if it’s a coincidence. Nelle says Carly kept going on about how he bought the apartment for her, and she didn’t want to deal with it. She said first thing that came into her mind. He tells her to stop lying. She says she should have been honest, and she did buy the tickets because of the party. She didn’t want to face Carly. Nelle says no harm done; they can go to the party, and she’ll come clean. He says it’s too late. Her games don’t work.

Carly tells Alexis that Sonny is late, and he wanted to be there for the announcement.

Sonny tells Real Jason that Helena staged the accident to screw with Luke. She needed Jake to die, and sent him to the island. She either drugged him or messed with the monitors, but Jake didn’t die and wasn’t harmed. Real Jason asks about Josslyn. Sonny says that Jax bought her a kidney, but that’s a story for another time. He wants to talk about good things. Jake is alive and well, and so is Josslyn. Real Jason says that Jake was held on Cassadine Island, and wonders if Sam’s husband was there. Sonny says he was held in a clinic as well, and Robin helped him escape. He tells Real Jason to take another sip. This crazy day is going to get even better. Robin is alive too.

Nina tells Other Jason and Sam that she can’t wait to collaborate with them. Sam says ditto. Nina says creativity is one thing; the budget is another. Other Jason say’s they’ll discuss it, but tonight is the party. Thug #2 watches them.

Ava tells Griff that since he hurt her feelings, she has a way he can make up for it. Take her to the launch party. He wonders why she wants to go. She says she had no interest at first, but thinks there’s a good chance Patient 6 will be there. Even if he isn’t, Sonny will be, and she wants to find out about the note. Griff says they survived the Russian clinic of doom; how hard can this be?

Dante tells Other Jason that Lulu couldn’t come, but wants him to know how impressed he is. He knows what it cost for him to put his family first. Sonny never made that choice, but he’s glad Other Jason did. Other Jason says his wife and kids are the most important things in his life. Alexis tells Sam that she looks like a self-possessed media mogul. Sam says when they make the announcement, she’ll be looking for them. Molly takes a selfie of the three of them. Alexis is sure Parker will enjoy it, because she just can’t leave it alone. Quickly changing the subject, Molly says she had no idea Jason paid attention to media or pop culture. Sam says they’re learning as they go. Alexis is proud of them, and says it’s admirable that Other Jason put his family first.

Sonny tells Real Jason about how Robin and Patrick live in Berkeley now, and just had a little boy. With all the turmoil, pain, and loss, she survived and she’s happy. Real Jason says she deserves to be happy. Sonny says coming back wasn’t easy for her, and it won’t be easy for him either.

Monica notices the cufflinks on Other Jason, and he says it’s like his blessing. She knows Alan is smiling down. He jokes that instead of bragging that he’s a doctor, she can brag about him owning a media company.  She says that’s not important. All she’s wanted is for him to be happy. It took her a long time to learn not to control the boy she remembers raising. She treasures him being back in her life, and is never letting him go again.

Griff and Ava arrive. He tells her how beautiful she looks, and Carly immediate accosts them, wanting to know what they’re doing at the party.

Andre asks how Klein managed to produce this. Klein says it doesn’t matter. Show it to Franco, and it will end his questions. Andre says he’s borderline obsessive, and if he pursues it further, he could find out the truth. Franco busts in, saying he needs to talk to Andre, and asks who Klein is. Um… none of his business?

Nelle tells Michael that she’s not playing games. He says she can’t help herself. She hasn’t had an honest moment; nothing that wasn’t calculated for effect. She says Carly and Bobbie have made her life hell, and make everyone think the worst of her. Michael says she does that to herself. He says he can’t live life like this, and doesn’t think he can do this anymore. She asks if he’s breaking up with her.

Andre tells Franco that he’s with a patient. Franco suggests just tacking more time on to the next appointment, but Andre says that’s not how it works. Klein says he thinks they had a breakthrough, so it’s cool. Franco tells Andre that Jake saw a man in the park who looked like old Jason. Andre says he can’t confirm or deny anything Jake told him. Franco says this means Andrew is still alive.

Griff tells Carly they need to speak to Sonny. She says he has no use for the woman who caused Morgan’s death, and Griff is wasting his time going to bat for her. They can see themselves out.

Sam tells Other Jason if they succeed or fall, they’ll do it together. Carly says it’s showtime, and introduces them as the new owners of Derek Wells Media. Other Jason says public speaking isn’t his forte, but sometimes life gives you the opportunity to evolve. He says that Derek Wells Media has changed hands, but the goals are the same – to connect the people of the world. It’s a new vision, and the dawn of a new day. From now on, the company will be called Aurora Media.

Real Jason asks what Sonny knows about Sam’s husband. Sonny says it turns out not much. Real Jason asks why he thought it was him, aside from the DNA. Sonny explains how he was Jake Doe, and he didn’t like him at first, but Carly did. He got involved with Elizabeth, and was with her when Jake came home; he and Jake are very close. Carly was fixated on knowing who he was, and Spinelli reconstructed his face on the computer to show how it looked before the accident. It looked like him. They did a DNA test, and Robin confirmed she helped him escape. Real Jason asks if there’s any chance he was in on it with Helena, and in on it the whole time.

Michael thinks it’s best he and Nelle spend some time apart. She says he is breaking up with her. She can’t believe he’s ending it over some tickets. He says it’s irreconcilable differences. This is just the latest example. Every time he turns around, he catches her in another lie. In the end, it doesn’t matter; there’s nothing real between them. He can’t trust her. Nelle says she didn’t expect to fall in love with him when she went after his parents. Michael says it has nothing to do with them, and asks if she’s always been like this. How many lies did she tell the Grants? That’s probably why they’re suspicious. She asks if he thinks she killed her fiancé.

Other Jason defers to Sam to explain the name change. She tells the guests that they were considering leaving Port Charles a year ago. Along the way, they fell in love with a town called Aurora. The name means “new dawn.” It turned out they didn’t have to leave for a new home, because home was there with all their friends, family, and people they care about. She hopes they can have their own aurora every day, and with the new name bring a new dawn. Not just to them and the company, but for all of them as well. Wow. She expects a lot. The thugs circulate.

Griff tells Ava that he knows those guys. They came to the church looking for Patient 6.

Andre says he understands that Franco wants Andrew to be alive, but he’s latching onto the imagination of a young boy. Franco says there has to be connection.

Klein meets a man on the docks. He tells the man he needs a contingency plan, and that’s why he contacted him.

Sonny says Other Jason isn’t involved. He didn’t want to be Jason. When he gave in, and accepted it, he distanced himself from the life Jason made. He saved Sonny’s life, but continued to keep a distance. He loves Sam, and wanted to build something legit. He keeps thinking Sonny wants him back, but he doesn’t want to fight him on it. Real Jason says, so he doesn’t know yet.

Michael doesn’t believe that Nelle killed Zack, but says they have nothing real without trust. He doesn’t trust her and he can’t do this. He gives her key back, and says the super has a spare. Call him if there are any problems. She can’t believe he’s doing this; he said he loved her. He says he loved the person she said she was, but he’s not sure that person existed. He leaves, and Nelle looks sick.

Alexis tells Sam to work the room. She and Molly leave. Other Jason and Sam mingle. Ava and Griff approach Dante. He says he has nothing to say to Ava, but Griff says there are two men here that pose a threat.

Klein asks if the man is clear on the operative, and he says, crystal. Klein tells him good, get it done, and gives him a syringe.

Andre tells Franco if Jake overheard him discussing Jason’s twin with Elizabeth, it could have fueled his imagination. Franco says he’s not talking to Elizabeth about it unless he has proof one way or another. Andre gives him the envelope, and says this is the proof he’s looking for.

Sam wonders why Ava is there, and Other Jason thinks she might want to talk to the reporters, since the company had belonged to Julian. They decide to pretend she doesn’t exist, and avoid a public argument.

Dante asks Griff if they’re sure. Griff says it’s complicated, but they’re looking for ties to Jason. He tells them not to do anything obvious; pretend they’re having a good time. Dante tells Other Jason that they might have a problem.

Sonny can’t wait to tell Carly, but Real Jason stops him. She’ll want him to walk in and take it all back, but he needs to protect Sam. He has people after him, and can’t just dump this on her. They’re happy. Sonny says Sam thinks it’s him, and is probably going through the same thing. She wants to connect, and does on a certain level, because he’s a good guy with good intentions. But Real Jason came through for them thousands of times without question, and he can’t do that. Real Jason needs to go to Sam and tell her that he’s alive. Is it me, or is Sonny sounding selfish here?

Dante tells Other Jason that Griff identified two bartenders as possible gunmen, but he has no time to get into it. He tells Jason to take aside the big guy, and tell him he’s doing a bad job. Dante will take care of the one with the ponytail. He’ll flash his badge and ask to see his license.

Too late. The thugs draw their guns, and say, everybody down. Dante tells Thug #1 to drop his gun.

Tomorrow, Andre tells Franco he knows the truth now, Cassandra wants the best, and Sonny goes to the party with Real Jason.

👻  Halloween Countdown…


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