October 30, 2017 – Jason Meets Jason, Vicki Rides in an Icelandic Ambulance, an Engaging Two Days in Dallas & More Halloween


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Carly asks Sonny what’s going on, and who was that guy who came through the skylight? He tells her it was Jason.

At the docks, Real Jason tells Klein it’s his last chance. Klein says Real Jason can kill him or save Sam, but not both, and pushes her into the water. Real Jason jumps in after her.

Other Jason asks Monica what happened. She says whatever is going on, it’s not over. Another man came in, and took Sam.

Dante tells Jordan they’re cleaning up the security footage. It was scrambled at the restaurant. He tells her about the two thugs who were arrested, and she says there was a report of three. He says the other one took Sam as a hostage.

At the hospital, Griff gives Ava some water. She asks if there’s any vodka to go with it. He says sorry, he’s not carrying, but maybe he should start after tonight. She asks how Elizabeth is. He says she’ll be okay; she’s with Franco and Jason. Ava says another guy grabbed Sam, and their friend from Russia crashed through the skylight. She wonders if Monica is going to tell Other Jason. Griff thinks they need a change of scenery.

Josslyn arrives at Oscar’s house dressed like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and Oscar greets her as Jon Snow. She needs some dragons, and he just happens to have some GoT dragon action figures. She says they need to take pictures, and thinks his mom should take them. He says no, and she asks why he doesn’t want her to meet his mom. He says she’ll get all nosy, and why bring another adult into their business? She hears him but her mom is pushing to meet her so why not get it over with? He says she’s at work. Josslyn thinks they should make the most of having the place to themselves.

Jordan goes over what happened at the MetroCourt with Dante. He says the guy had a gun but didn’t shoot. He thinks it’s significant. She asks if he’s leaving something out, and he says he’ll talk to her after he checks out the footage. She leaves to talk to Jason, and he goes back to footage work.

Monica tells Franco and Jason about the guy crashing through the skylight, and says he went after the guy who took Sam. Jason says not the skylight man, and she says no. It looked like he was trying to rescue Sam. Andre listens in.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows it’s hard to imagine. Carly says it’s impossible. Jason left with Elizabeth and Griff. Sonny starts talking about the guy they know as Jason, Jake Doe or whoever he is – and noooooo! it’s an interruption. I hate you, George Stephanopoulos. We can totally wait 45 minutes to hear about Russia. I check Verizon live TV, and it’s the same crap. I’m sick of being informed. Screw you, George.

Thank God, it’s only about ten minutes. Oscar says sorry, no. Josslyn asks if every kid doesn’t look for presents when they’re little. She says they should look for clues about his dad, and wonders what he thought she meant. He goes to check his mom’s room. I’m assuming he thought she meant they should get busy while his mom isn’t there.

Jason brings Sam up to the surface.

Carly wants it from Sonny in order. He says Max called about someone in one of his safe houses, who used a code from 2012. When he got there, the door was unlocked, so he knew they weren’t hiding. He heard Jason’s voice call his name, turned around, and there he was. It sent chills down his spine. He knew it was Jason right away but didn’t want him to know. They had guns drawn. Carly says no way their Jason would pull a gun on Sonny. Whoever he is; he’s not Jason.

Jordan talks to Monica at the hospital. She asks if there’s anything she wants to add to the statement; any detail might be vital. Monica says it doesn’t make sense. The man who dropped down looked like – it’s not possible. Jordan says they’ll talk later. Franco tries to talk to Monica, but she says not now.

Andre’s phone rings, and he asks why Klein is calling him. Klein says they have to meet. Andre tells him that would be unwise, but Klein says he’s in no position to turn him down.

Other Jason asks Dante what he knows. He tells Other Jason that the perp scrambled the footage. They looked at the perp taking Sam, and it looked like he injected her with something. He tells Other Jason that a guy came down from the skylight with a gun, but didn’t fire any shots. He went after the perp. They look at a shot from the skylight, but can’t make anything out.

Real Jason pulls Sam out of the water. He tells her to answer him, and performs chest compression. She coughs out water, and he says okay; he’s got her. She says, you’re here.  They stare at each other. She asks how he found her, and he says he just did. She passes out, and he picks her up in his arms, carrying her.

Jason says it’s horrible footage, and he can’t get anything. Dante thought it was worth a shot. He says the camera in the lobby wasn’t scrambled, but it’s at a bad angle. They got a partial image of a the skylight guy; Sonny came in with him. Dante says Sonny stonewalled him when he asked about it. Other Jason says he’s got to be kidding, and leaves.

Sonny tells Carly that Jason wasn’t going to shoot him, but she thinks he’s making excuses for a guy who’s taking advantage of him. A guard calls, saying Jordan is there, and Sonny tells Carly not to say anything. She says she doesn’t know what’s going on anyway. Jordan thought they might want an update, and says the perps lawyered up and aren’t talking. Elizabeth was shot, and she’ll make it, but her focus is on finding Sam. Sonny says theirs is too, and she says help her then. What else does he know? Sonny tells her that he got a call from Carly that there was trouble, and he ran over there. He thinks he might have helped a little, but he’d never seen the perps before. Jordan asks what about the friend he came with, who crashed through the skylight? Sonny says he saw what everybody else did. The guy went after Sam. Jordan gets a call, and has to leave to debrief the mayor.

Sonny tells Carly thanks for trusting him. Carly says, of course she does. She knows it’s been hard on the both of them with how much Jason has changed, and it might be affecting his judgment. Sonny tells her that he knows his best friend.

Elizabeth asks Monica if anyone else was hurt. Monica tells her some lunatic abducted Sam, but she’s sure the police will bring her back safe and sound. She thinks it will be sooner rather than later, since there was a man on their tail. Elizabeth asks if it was someone from party, and Monica says, yes and no. If she didn’t know better, she’d say it was Jason, but Jason was at the hospital with Elizabeth. Franco listens in.

Griff and Ava have dinner at The Floating Rib. He’s glad they went out, and says she is too. Imagine that; the two of them in public. She asks how he’s holding up, and if he’s feeling eyes on him. He says only two.

Oscar asks Josslyn if she found anything, but she hasn’t. He hasn’t either. She thinks it might be easier if they knew what they were looking for. They need way to narrow it down; they need a clue. She says they should go over what they know. Oscar says he met her mom in San Diego about fifteen years ago, but that’s all he’s got. Josslyn asks what they know about San Diego, and Oscar says, beaches, zoos, and Mexican food. She says her dad sometimes surfs there, and Oscar adds that there’s a military base. His grandpa was in the navy. He says maybe there’s nothing to find. Maybe it was a hookup that didn’t mean anything. Josslyn doesn’t buy it. She says Oscar is special, and that doesn’t come out of nowhere.

Josslyn says maybe it was too much to hope for. She gets a text from Trina, and Oscar suggests they leave before she brings the party there. Josslyn can’t believe she failed. She always finds her mother’s hiding spots. Oscar says his mother probably does the opposite of what most parents would do. Josslyn says, hide in plain sight? She sees the Ask Man Landers book on the table, telling Oscar he’s the hot new advice expert, and Dante’s PCPD partner. It all came out at the launch party. She opens the book, and finds a letter postmarked 2003 from San Diego.

Griff suggests he and Ava work off some ribs by playing darts. She tells him she’s good, but don’t have too much fun. People will think they’re on date. Griff says let them; they don’t have to put a label on it, but he’s not seeing anyone else. Ava says that’s something.

Elizabeth asks Monica how could Jason be there and somewhere else? Monic says the only way that could be real is if there were two Jasons. Franco grabs Andre. He wants to talk to him about Jason and Andrew.

Sonny tells Carly that if the guy was up to no good, why wouldn’t he have shot him? Carly insists if it was Jason, he wouldn’t have pulled a gun. Sonny thinks it wasn’t him he was worried about, but Other Jason, who might shoot first and asks questions later. He tells Carly that Jason put the gun on the table when saw Sonny was alone; he wasn’t going to shoot him. Carly asks where he’s been for five years, but Sonny says he doesn’t know. She says how convenient, but Sonny says if it was a set-up or plant, he would have come up with some lie. It’s Jason. Carly says they have a DNA test, fingerprints, and Spinelli’s program. They saw his face. Sonny says there’s no way to convince her, so why keep talking. Other Jason arrives, and asks wth is going on. I say, well, for one, you’re not Jason.

Josslyn asks if Oscar is going to read the letter, but he’s not sure he should, since it’s private. She says not if it’s about his dad, but she gets it if he doesn’t want to know. He opens it. It says sorry that he had to go. He misses her, and hopes she likes the gift. It makes him think of the both of them, and hopes it’s the same for her. There’s no signature. Josslyn says now they have a new lead; a gift that’s supposed to remind his parents about them as a couple. If they can find the gift, she bets they can find out who his father is.

Ava tells Griff that he just hustled her. She says she’s at her limit, and Griff says he’ll take her home. She wants to call a car, but he says it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. She tells him that would be walking her to her door, giving her a modest kiss, and leaving, but she knows if they got there, she’d want to ask him in. Griff says he’d want to accept. She adds, and stay, and he says he would. Ava says what she means is for there to be more to this than that, so if he doesn’t mind, she’d like a raincheck on his gallantry. He says fine, if she agrees to a second date. She does.

Franco tells Andre that the incident at the MetroCourt has something to do with Jason and Andrew. Andre gets testy, saying he showed Franco the death certificate, and if he wants to talk about it further, make an appointment. He jets, and Franco looks after him suspiciously.

Other Jason tells Sonny and Carly that some guy took Sam. He needs a lead, but doesn’t know who those guys are who crashed the party. Sonny says he doesn’t either. Other Jason says he saw the footage from the lobby, and Sonny came in with the same guy who crashed through the skylight. Who is he?

Franco visits Elizabeth. She feels like she’s floating, and he says they gave her the good stuff. She asks about Sam.

Other Jason asks if the guy is one of Sonny’s people, and Sonny says it’s someone he trusts. Other Jason tells Sonny to call him, but Sonny says he can’t reach him. Other Jason says someone kidnapped his wife, and he doesn’t know where she is. He wants to know where his wife is. Real Jason comes in through the patio doors, carrying Sam. Everyone looks at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna it’s time for this to be over, Dante asks Valentin if he knows anything, Andre has to make other plans if he’s been compromised, and Jordan asks what she’s looking at.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki says she hasn’t felt well all day. A doctor is sent to her room, and the ambulance comes. Peggy explains to the doctor that she’s had a fever and been having heart palpitations. Vicki tells the doctor she’s under cardiology care, but doesn’t know exactly what her issue is. Tamra horns in, and says maybe she should go to the hospital. Peggy tries to thin out the crowd so the doctor can work. Shannon says she’s had the same thing, and we flash back to her saying heart palpitations are common. The hotel manager asks them to all get lost.

The doctor asks what she was going before this happened, and Vicki says she hasn’t felt well for the past few days. Lydia prays for her with the others in the hallway. Peggy feels the need to nurture her. It reminds her of when she was in the hospital and needed support. In her interview, Tamra can’t understand why Peggy is upset. The doctor wants Vicki to go to the hospital. Kelly thinks Peggy wants to swoop in and freeze her out. She tells Peggy to quit telling her what to do.

They take Vicki out, and Lydia asks if she wants anyone to go with her. She comes out with a robe over her head, and Shannon wonders if she’s Michael Jackson. Somebody needs to tell her that he died years ago. We flash back to how Vicki was out all night, and Shannon thinks she’s just exhausted. Vicki says she’s fine as she’s loaded in the ambulance. Remind me not to get sick around any of these people.

Everybody agrees they need to eat. Peggy says they’re more interested in eating and drinking than seeing Vicki in the hospital. At the restaurant, Kelly says she’ll go to the hospital after she eats, and Meghan asks if she feels guilty. Kelly says no, but she’d want someone there if it was her. They order, and Lydia says the car is there. She wants Vicki to know someone is there, and says when she comes back, they can change places. In her interview, she says if she was in a hospital in another land, please come, and don’t continue with dinner. Exactly. I mean, the care is probably decent in Iceland – it’s not a third world country – but who knows?

Tamra and Shannon join them at the restaurant. Tamra is surprised Lydia went to the hospital. What’s wrong with these women? Meghan asks if Peggy is having dinner, but she’s calling Diko. Peggy tells him what happened with Vicki. She’s grateful for Diko’s love and support with everything she’s gone through with her cancer, and asks him what she should do. He thinks she should catch a cab, and make sure Vicki is getting the proper care. Makes sense to me. He knows what she’s thinking. In her interview she says her father had a stoke that led to dementia, and his death was unbearable. I tear up, thinking about my own father.

Shannon toasts to good health and Vicki getting better. Kelly says she had been feeling dizzy and nauseous. Shannon asks what the plan is. Tamra thinks they should all go, but Kelly says they should take shifts. Meghan wants to stay, and doesn’t think Shannon or Tamra should go. We flash back to Vicki’s dune buggy accident, when they acted like a-holes. In her interview, Shannon tells us about how they were criticized for not visiting her then. She complains about Kelly having dinner and a cocktail, when she’s supposed to be Vicki’s friend. Tamra says Peggy makes everything about herself.

Peggy walks in, and they tell her that Lydia went to the hospital. She says she’s going too, but then decides to wait. In her interview, she thinks Kelly is selfish. Peggy tells them that Diko said she should go, and Peggy says she doesn’t have to just because he says. Peggy asks why she’s getting angry, and Kelly says it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. In her interview, Peggy explains that she and Diko have respect for one another, and it makes a good marriage. As soon as she leaves, Kelly belittles Peggy, saying her grandma told her to get an education so no man tells you what to do. They totally don’t understand where Peggy is coming from, which is possibly why they have sh*tty marriages. I might add Kelly and Shannon are in the process of divorce, Tamra is on her second marriage, and Meghan’s husband is on his third. And I’m pretty certain, if Peggy didn’t agree it was a good idea, she wouldn’t go.

Lydia calls, and Vicki gets on the phone. They took blood tests and an EKG. Shannon says Peggy is on her way, but the way she says it is really nasty. Meghan thinks she should bring pajamas, and they order a casserole from the kitchen.

Vicki is released, and Peggy and Lydia walk her out. She says she had elevated blood pressure. The combination of everything happening on the trip, including the different atmospheric conditions, sent her over the edge. They gave her some medicine, in addition to the tests. Lydia says it was scary. In her interview, she feels like Vicki’s diagnosis is probably Vicki. Ha-ha! I think it’s stress. While they’re in the hotel limo, Steve calls. Vicki tells him they gave her blood thinners for her clot, and she’ll have to give herself a shot, and he jokes around. They get back to the hotel, and the girls present her with the casserole. I’ll bet it’s better than one of those tuna and cream of mushroom soup casseroles I ate as a kid. Vicki says it’s about time. Lydia suggests they get some sleep, and goes back to her room.

The others are all still up at 2 am, drinking in Shannon’s room. Shannon finds it interesting that after the hospital, Vicki would have champagne. Why? I would. Kelly thinks Vicki and Tamra should talk. Tamra wonders if what they’re fighting over matters, and thinks they can now have a conversation that matters. Tamra tells Vicki that Eddie is her best friend, and what if she spread rumors about Steve. Tamra says she’d never do this, and wants an apology. Vicki says she’s been apologizing for six months. Kelly tries to put in her two cents, and Tamra tells her to zip it. She says Kelly it’s between A and B, and C you’re way out. Ha-ha! I’ve never heard that before.

Shannon asks if Vicki wants her to back up Tamra. Um… Tamra just told Kelly to butt out. Apparently, Shannon is a beat behind. Tamra asks how Vicki would like it, and Vicki says Tamra did that with Brooks. We see a few clips of Tamra screaming, and yelling, and hopping up and down, and getting in Brooks’s face. Vicki says she had to find out for herself. Tamra says she wanted the best for Vicki, and knew he was lying to her. She was protecting Vicki, and Vicki chose him over her. I guess what she means is that Vicki chose to believe him over her, but it came out sounding middle schoolish or like a jealous ex. Vicki asks why it has to be a choice? In her interview, Vicki says it’s not something you should have to make a choice about. Tamra gets squeaky and begins to cry. She moves to bawling, and they hug. Kelly says it’s sweet. Why are these people even here? While these two are having a heart to heart, the rest of them are sitting there watching and kibitzing. Shannon says it’s making her sick, and that Vicki has never been a real friend. She keeps leaning over and talking in Meghan’s ear, saying Vicki is an effing liar. Meghan tells her this isn’t the time. Thank you. Occasionally, Meghan can be the voice of reason. In her interview, Meghan gets where Shannon is coming from. Her best friend is getting along with someone who sh*t on her. Vicki tells Tamra not to hurt her, and she won’t hurt Tamra. Shannon says Vicki does it every week. In her interview, Vicki thinks Shannon wants Tamra all to herself. Well, duh. Vicki tells Tamra they messed up, but it wasn’t vindictive. Shannon says Tamra calls her all the time, crying about Vicki. Vicki has had enough of Shannon’s remarks, and says she’s out. She leaves, and Peggy hugs Tamra. Shannon is the biggest a-hole in the world. In her interview, Tamra feels like they hadn’t completely moved on. Shannon, who just can’t shut up, says Vicki is putting stories out about Eddie. Tamra tells us that she’s done with negativity, fighting, and pain. She sits next to Shannon, and Shannon says seeing her cry to Vicki upsets her. Tamra is like, too bad. In her interview, Shannon says they don’t understand.  Shannon gained weight because she swallowed a nasty troll who now lives inside her.

Kelly tells Lydia to come to her room. She says she’s broke down; she went to bed at 5 am. Vicki calls, asking what’s going on. Lydia tells her that everyone is just waking up. Kelly says it was a sh*t show last night. She’s annoyed that Peggy tells her what to do, like her mom, and she wants to know what everything Kelly says means. We see some stupid exchange between them, that ends with Kelly saying her dad can beat up Peggy’s dad, which of course Peggy doesn’t understand. Vicki tells her to be nice. We flash back to various girls’ trips over the seasons, and Lydia says she’d be more surprised if nothing happened.

Tamra shows up in a mask and wooden slippers. She tells them that she peed herself without knowing last night, and still wearing her pants. No Red Baron pizza wings for you. Kelly thinks it’s weird how Shannon got upset last night. Lydia is like, huh? because she wasn’t there, and Kelly says Vicki had a moment with Tamra. Tamra says Shannon doesn’t think she should give Vicki another chance. In her interview, Lydia says Shannon keeps whispering in Tamra’s ear, reminding her of the things Vicki has done. Tamra says she knew she had to move on. When someone gets hurt or sick, it brings out emotions. It doesn’t mean they’re best friends again, but it feels good to be in a place where they can have fun. I think they should all just stay home.

Vicki and Tamra hug in the hallway. Vicki says they had a breakthrough, and they should put their differences aside and whoop it up. Life is about having fun. Tamra thinks she’s still drunk. They knock on Peggy’s door, but there’s no answer. Tamra thinks Peggy got upset, but should talk about it so they can fix it. Vicki says these road trips are going to kill her.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Vicki knocks on Peggy’s door again, but she still doesn’t answer. Vicki feels badly about leaving her. Tamra thinks maybe she needs to chill. and Lydia says must be tired if she’s turning down a shopping trip. She says they’ll check on her when they get back, and Tamra suggests buying her a present. Kelly says Peggy keeps correcting her, and it’s annoying her. Her trigger is people trying to control her.

Kelly says it’s shocking to see Vicki and Shannon laughing together. They do some shopping, and find some pretty fur hats. Tamra decides to get one for everyone. Lydia tells Shannon it makes her happy to see her and Vicki getting along. Shannon says it’s a trip, but when she gets in her room, there’s a pit in stomach because of what Vicki is doing. That pit is the troll she ate. In her interview, Lydia wishes Shannon would move forward. It’s getting ridiculous.

Outside of her door, Vicki tells Peggy she has a present for her. Lydia and Tamra are there, and Lydia asks her to open the door; she hasn’t responded to her calls or texts. In her interview, Peggy says this has been one of the worst experiences of her life. Kelly insulted her, while the other ladies sat around and laughed. Why would she want to be around creatures like that? Lydia asks her to at least say something, so she knows Peggy is okay. Peggy tells Lydia that she needs a few minutes time to herself. She’ll talk in a bit.

Next time, the girls whoop it up Viking style, Shannon takes the stage with a choral group, Meghan and Peggy argue, and Shannon gets involved. No surprise.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne and D’Andra visit the party planner. LeeAnne says it’s her engagement party, and his last chance to run. The planner says they want them to experience a theme – a carnival engagement party. D’Andra hopes it’s Cirque du Soleil, and not a local county fair. D’Andra is having an engagement brunch the next day as well. LeeAnne hasn’t seen her mother in two years, but she’s coming. She hopes they can resolve some things before the party. She was left with her grandparents when she was a toddler, and they’ve never patched the hole. She doesn’t know that either one understands how to begin. D’Andra wonders if she should add the stress beforehand.

Construction has begun on Stephanie’s new house. She calls the living room pool, the pool of broken dreams. She tells Travis about her plans for the kitchen. She says it will be awesome, and he says unless she keeps adding crap. He thinks the house screams Vegas, but tells her do what she needs to. Stephanie calls the house her bitch, and says it will be amazing when it’s done.

LeeAnne asks Rich if he’s excited about seeing her mother, and he chokes on his drink. The doorbell rings, and she tells him to get it. That’s a no. In her interview, she says they haven’t been able to communicate in peaceful manner for years. Freud would blow his brains out over them. LeeAnne has been in therapy, and wants to break the chain and make things different. Her mother, Margaret, has arrived. In her interview, LeeAnne says Margaret has softened over the years. She was different when LeeAnne was a kid, and LeeAnne didn’t understand why she left. Margaret checks out the ring.

Brandi is making a magical birthday party for her daughter. In her interview, Brandi tells us that when her daughter sees a little person, she thinks an elf is spying on her. Like her mama, she lives in her own world. They all mess with silly string and confetti.  The kids go upstairs, and Brandy tells Bryan that her pregnancy test was negative. She can get pregnant, but her fertility is on the decline. The have six moths to year. She says it’s been an emotional roller coaster.

LeeAnne has boxes to open that her mother brought. She says her mother packrats everything from her past, and if you went into her house, you’d think LeeAnne was dead, since there’s a shrine. She takes a pageant crown out of a box. In her interview, she says that when she was a child everything was unstable. She only saw her mom in the summers when they traveled with the carnival, but she was working the whole time. She never said anything, but the pain was there. They’ve never had an authentic conversation about it. LeeAnne and Margaret look at pictures. LeeAnne wants a mother/daughter relationship, but doesn’t know how. She tells Margaret that they only have a surface relationship, and wants to make it better. She explains that she’s been seeing a therapist for a year, and thinks they should go together. Margaret says they could discuss their different perceptions. LeeAnne tells her be truthful, so they can resolve it. Margaret says she’s cautious because LeeAnne flies off the handle. LeeAnne says they need to learn to be themselves without killing one another. Margaret hopes she has good therapist.

Stephanie meets Cary for lunch. Stephanie feels like a lot of drama comes out of the friendship between LeeAnne and Brandi. She says the nanny comment was a wake-up call for her. There was an intent to be hurtful, which was out of character. Cary doesn’t think it’s how Brandi normally behaves. Brandi arrives, and Stephanie says she wants it to be how it used to be. She loves them both, and doesn’t know where to start. Brandi says she’s disappointed in herself for what she said about Mark, and apologizes. Cary accepts, but isn’t clear about what’s going on. Stephanie tells Brandi that she sounded more like LeeAnne, but Brandi takes ownership of what she said. She brings up what Cary said about not wanting to be friends with them. Cary says they’d been teasing Kameron, and when she got off the boat, she heard LeeAnne saying Stephanie and Brandi were ruining their reputations. After she said it, she saw LeeAnne’s smirk, and realized she’d been had. Brandi says LeeAnne was trying to get her to say something she could use. Stephanie says LeeAnne makes things up, and reminds them about LeeAnne coming as two-faced Stephanie to Stephanie’s party. She tells Brandi to be careful. In her interview, Cary says Brandi needs to see reality, LeeAnne is not a positive influence. Stephanie feels like LeeAnne puts her in the position of choosing between her and whoever she doesn’t like. I get distracted by the food being served, some kind of raw tuna dish. It looks incredible. Brandi says LeeAnne told her that she wanted to be friends, but would call and gossip about them. Stephanie says she’s a manipulator. Cary says Brandi knows both she and Stephanie love her. This is like a LeeAnne intervention. In her interview, Brandi says that what hurts most, is that Stephanie never stopped loving her, even when she was mad at her. She wonders if LeeAnne was using her. Stephanie says if LeeAnne can’t behave herself, she can’t be friends with her.

D’Andra is sweating bullets, having to tell her mother that the new product is delayed. She’s afraid Dee will lose confidence in her. It feeds into her worst fears about turning over the company. She brings the samples to Dee’s office. Dee likes the product, and asks if they’re on schedule. D’Andra says they’re not going to be on time; they’ve had a snafu. They’re missing an ingredient. When Dee finds out it’s the main one, she says it’s upsetting, and it’s a very expensive mistake. D’Andra explains that there wasn’t enough in the lab, but the order was coming from Europe, and would take four weeks. The bottom line is they don’t have it, and she made a mistake, but it won’t happen again. Dee likes that D’Andra took responsibility. They learn good lessons from mistakes; they make us better. She tells D’Andra it’s spilled milk, but take the mistake and make lemonade out of lemons. She asks if D’Andra is ready to take over the company. She’s really tired, and going to be seventy-seven. She loves it, but she’s exhausted. She’s ready to hand D’Andra the key, and tell her it’s hers. D’Andra asks if she’s serious. She is, but D’Andra has to take responsibility for the legacy she’s built. She’ll always be there for her, but in her heart, she believes D’Andra will be more successful than she’s been. In her interview, D’Andra says she’s never felt that her mother trusted her before. It’s a huge step, and they can move forward as mother and daughter, without financial constraints of business between them.

Cary is enjoying staying home, but Zuri is a mini Mark. Playing with her is like working with Mark, but she doesn’t get paid. Mark comes in, and tells her happy anniversary. He and Zuri have a surprise. Zuri gives her a box, and helps her open it. It’s a Hermes wallet ($8,000). Mark says Zuri couldn’t decide between the handbag and wallet, so he thought she needed two presents. The next box contains a Birkin bag ($12,000).

Leeanne and Margaret go to therapy. Margaret has mixed feelings. The therapist says to pretend she’s not there. Margaret says when she’s afraid to talk, a shield goes up. Everything she says upsets LeeAnne, and she’s literally terrified every time she opens her mouth. She doesn’t understand LeeAnne saying she abandoned her. LeeAnne talks about how she would beg her mother not to leave, but Margaret says she doesn’t know how she would cry when she got in her car. She would call her mother and cry. LeeAnne’s biological father walked out. She was nineteen, and had a child. She had no idea what to do, and didn’t even have a job. She didn’t know what she was doing, but tried to do what was right for LeeAnne. LeeAnne didn’t know anyone wanted her. Margaret says she love LeeAnne very much, and is sorry from the bottom of her heart. LeeAnn thought her mother dropped her off, and was never bothered by it. He realizes her mother did love her. LeeAnne says she loves Margaret too, and wants her to be a part of her life. They hug.

The party begins. Stephanie feels awkward, but wants to be supportive. She thinks Rick is a great guy. LeeAnne says it’s also their eight-year anniversary. It’s beautifully decorated, and quite elegant for a carnival. Kameron is blown away, except she thinks there’s not enough pink. Brandi is confused in her head, hearing what Cary and Stephanie said. She knows they have her best interest at heart.

D’Andra talks to Kameron, who says her SparkleDog is officially in a store now. She thanks D’Andra for help. D’Andra is proud of her. LeeAnne introduces her mom to her doctor. Cary and Mark arrive. Cary says she respects Rich, and has known him longer than she’s known LeeAnne. Mark wants to be there for Rich, and so does she. She wonders how many times LeeAnne has threatened to kill him. She says probably the double digits, but eight years? I think triple at least.

D’Andra gives a toast, saying Rick is the man of LeeAnne’s dreams, and how lucky she is, and how much in love they are. Zzzzz… LeeAnne and Rich join her up front, and LeeAnne says that life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, and she’s grateful to them for their friendship. Rich looks uncomfortable being on display.

LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’s glad she’s here. She tells Brandi what a great friend she is, and if she ever does anything to hurt her, to let her know. But if she crosses her, she’ll slit her throat. She laughs, and says she give her heart to few people. In her interview, Brandi is certain LeeAnne would come after her; she’s seen it. LeeAnne tells Margaret it feels like they’re in a different place. It’s a new brick in the foundation of the life she’s building.

Moving on to the brunch. Wow. D’Andra has fantastic, huge red earrings. LeeAnne says she has to think about the list. She thinks Cary and Mark were standoffish at the party. D’Andra isn’t sure Cary should be part of it if they can’t get along.

Brandi and Stephanie have a kiki before the brunch. Brandi tells Stephanie what LeeAnne said to her, and wonders who makes a joke about harming someone. Stephanie says it’s not normal and not okay. LeeAnne likes to control by intimidation. She says joke or not, LeeAnne scares her.

D’Andra says the engagement brunch is a tradition for women, but I don’t think it is where I’m from. I never heard of it. Cary doesn’t want to be disrespectful to D’Andra, and is taking the high road. D’Andra toasts to the bride to be. She asks Cary if they can get along long enough to get through all the wedding events. Cary and LeeAnne bicker about who hurt who more, and LeeAnne tells Cary that she never thinks about her when she’s not around. Brandi calls bullsh*t. She tells LeeAnne that she claims honesty and truth are important, but she didn’t really want Brandi making up with Stephanie. LeeAnne says she wanted it if it was good for Brandi, but Brandi says that’s not what LeeAnne told other people. She says that LeeAnne manipulated Cary and Kameron in Mexico, when she said she and Stephanie would ruin their reputations. Kameron insists LeeAnne never said that, and that Brandi wasn’t there. She wonders what little bird told her, and Cary says it was her.

Brandi says LeeAnne festers off of negativity, and uses it. She got off on Brandi and Stephanie not being friends. LeeAnne says she told her she hoped they made up, if that’s what Brandi wanted. We flash back, and that’s not exactly what she said. Brandi says she did, and calls LeeAnne delusional. She lives off of what goes wrong. She calls LeeAnne a liar and a bitch, says eff-you, and good luck with the wedding, and she’s out the door. Stephanie follows her. D’Andra is on their tail, asking wtf happened. Brandi says if LeeAnne wants to slit her throat for being honest, fine. Cary joins them and says she threatens to kill people; she just can’t. Inside, LeeAnne says this is heartbreaking – not to mention rude at the brunch. Kameron says she has never seen LeeAnne lie. Outside, D’Andra tells the others they should take notes in an argument. Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

This was the finale, but there wasn’t anything very interesting in the blurbs, except SparkleDog is a thing now, and Brandi was not invited to the wedding.

Next time, I assume the reunion, but they didn’t say.

🎃 Technically, it’s here…




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