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December 29, 2017 – Yes They Kiss, This, That, Some Dogs, a Shower & a Cornucopia of Quotes for the New Year


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna tells Robert that Cassandra was on Spoon Island. She asks him to let her know when Cassandra is in custody. She loves it when a plan comes together. Finn asks if she just quoted The A Team. He guesses he should start packing. He and Roxie can now move around the cabin. Anna tells him that he was never her prisoner, and Roxie can stay as long as she wants, but he says they’re a package deal. He asks if she’s glad to get rid of him, but she says Cassandra isn’t in custody yet. Maybe he should stick around.

Valentin asks Cassandra if this is necessary. Cassandra tells Valentin that he’s lucky she brought him there, instead of leaving his body for his Amazon wife to stumble over. She reminds me of Natasha in the Bullwinkle cartoons, but toned down a hundred notches.

Nina texts Valentin yet again. She wonders why he’s not there for their anniversary.

Dante asks Lulu what the next big story is, but she hesitates to answer the question.

Carly and Sonny make out at the bar. He asks where Jason is, but she says she doesn’t know. Sonny says he tried talking him out of going to Russia to look for Faison, but wonders if he found an earlier flight to St. Petersburg.

Drew looks for Monica at the hospital, but Kim says he missed her. He was hoping for a ride. His car won’t start, and he needs to meet Sam. It’s an hour wait for a cab, and Kim asks where they’re supposed to meet. He tells her the Haunted Star.

Sam asks what Jason is doing there. He says he’s supposed to meet Sonny, but she tells him that she and Drew rented the boat for the evening. He realizes they’re moving, and asks if Drew is driving. Sam says no; Drew’s not there yet. It’s on autopilot, and they have to stop it.

As Anna putters around to make a New Year’s Eve spread, Finn says there’s no reason to stay while she and the WSB take down Cassandra. She says any minute now, but you don’t pronounce the patient cured until the tests come back from the lab. She tells him to do what he wants, and he asks if she wants him to leave. She calls him impossible, and he says she’s deflecting and not facing her feelings. She says what she feels is satisfaction; Cassandra is going to be put away for a long time. She would feel ecstatic if Finn could acknowledge her success. He says if it wasn’t for him, she’d still be eating croissants in Monaco. She tells him he’s grown a huge ego. He says if he’s reading it correctly, she’s asking him to leave.

Cassandra tells Valentin that life with a wife and child hasn’t just made him soft; it’s made him stupid. He betrayed her in the most obvious way. She’s surprised he doesn’t realize his mistake. When he knocked the phone out of her hand, Eric discovered the bug. Cassandra doesn’t realize the obvious. If Valentin had planted that bug, he never would have knocked the phone out of her hand.

Nina calls Valentin, and gets voicemail. She wonders why he isn’t there yet.

Lulu tells Dante that she wants something bigger than the Lomax story. She and Peter kicked around some ideas. He asks what they settled on, and they see Nina frantically talking. She tells them that Valentin is late, and not answering his cell or the house phone. Lulu asks if she thinks there’s something wrong with Charlotte. Nina says the babysitter isn’t picking up either. She doesn’t know what to think.

Carly tells Sonny that Jason is more than capable of taking care of himself. Sonny asks what she did. Did she do what she always does, stepping in? Carly says it’s what Sonny wants. Didn’t he just try to convince Jason that Sam was the one for him? Sonny says he got nowhere, and so will she. Whatever she was planning, is not going to work.

Kim gives Drew a ride. He tries to call Sam, but says the reception on the boat is sketchy. Kim asks if there’s someone else he can call, and he explains that there is no one else. He rented the boat, so they could have it to themselves. He tells her that there’s no captain, because it’s on autopilot, and Kim is amused about the technology.

Sam tells Jason the autopilot did what it was supposed to, and pulled away from the pier. Now they’re adrift because they shut it off, and when they did that, it also cut the engine. They shut it off, and the wrong people are on board. She says she should have known how the emergency shut-off works. Sam starts to babble about how the boat should have an analog control system, and says they’re going to be stuck for a few hours. She tries to call Drew, but there’s no service.

Jason tells Sam, sorry. She says it’s not his fault, but thanks him for not saying, I told you so. He thinks this is happening because of him. Carly told him to meet Sonny there. Sam says she was at Aurora and heard their plans, since Lulu announced them, and she must have found a way to delay Drew. Jason says she took things too far, and he needs to talk to her. Sam says there’s nothing he can say or do to change her mind. Carly isn’t trying to convince him, but her. Carly wanted to put them alone together to try and change her mind.

Carly tells Sonny to wait and see, and let nature take its course. He wonders when has she ever done that? She says whatever is going to happen, will happen, and it’s out of their hands. Sonny says Jason is with Sam because of her.

Nina gets ahold of the babysitter. Charlotte is fine, and Valentin left a while ago. She says he should be there soon. Lulu wonders why she’s worried, and Nina says he’s probably picking up gift. It’s their one-year anniversary. Lulu says it’s been one year since they teamed up to keep Charlotte from her mother. Lulu is too old to be such a brat, and I’m really starting to dislike her. Dante asks what’s going on, and Lulu says Valentin is up to something, and Nina is covering it up. I hope her career bombs. Making wild assumptions is not what a good journalist does.

Valentin tells Cassandra not to blame him for her carelessness. She hired him because he was the best. If he was going to bug her phone, she’d have never known it. Cassandra says he lies like breathing, and needs some incentive to tell the truth. She tells Eric to beat the truth out of him.

Finn accuses Anna of practically pushing him out the door. She says just because she pointed out his massive ego, he doesn’t need to go out in the cold. She tells him they could celebrate the new year together, or he could act like an adolescent who can’t wrangle a date with his crush, and leave. She’s proved he’s terrified. Finn says if he’s terrified, she’s petrified. She can’t admit she wants him to stay. She asks if he wants to stay, and he says he’d love to.

Jason calls the harbor master, but they’re not a priority. It will be at least three hours before a tow comes, but they can figure out something in the meantime. He looks behind the bar, and brings out a set of dominoes. He challenges her to a game. She asks if the rules are the same. He says whoever loses a round, takes a shot of tequila. Sam tells him that he’s on.

Anna tells Finn that she has champagne for her, cider, and several kinds of sparkling water. She also makes a killer grilled cheese. He can’t think of better way to ring in the new year.

Cassandra’s phone rings (when did she have time to get another one?). She tells Eric to take a break, and answer the phone. Cassandra wonders if Valentin was planning on taking over himself, but he says he never wanted anything to do with her organization. He wanted to be left alone with his wife and daughter. He tells her it’s their one-year anniversary, and Cassandra says he takes new beginnings literally. Valentin says Nina asked him spontaneously. She wanted to strengthen his position in his custody case, and risked everything for him. Cassandra says he makes it sound idyllic. Valentin says, not idyllic, but real. As long as Nina and Charlotte are by his side, the rest of the world can burn. Cassandra realizes he really means it. He says she knows he didn’t do this, and she’s wasting her time. She needs to find the leak in her organization. Eric comes back, and Cassandra tells him to let Valentin go. Eric says that the authorities just seized her factory.

Dante asks if Nina has reason to believe Valentin is involved in something criminal. Lulu says it’s not like he hasn’t killed anyone – like her brother. Please. Give it a rest. Nina says she’ll find him herself.

Carly goes off to play hostess. Sonny tells Dante and Lulu that he got thank you cards from the kids. Lulu says it was Charlotte’s idea. She told the kids that you always send a thank you when you get a gift. They talk about the kids, and Lulu says it’s amazing that Sonny is willing to drop everything for his family. A huge question mark hangs over my head, since not long ago, Sonny gave up trying to get out of the business for them. She tells Sonny that with Dante, sometimes work gets in the way. Dante says he’s looking for Faison, and asks if Sonny is looking too. Sonny asks if he’s had any success, and Dante says he was going to ask the same thing.

Kim and Drew are stuck in traffic. She says it looks like everyone is trying to get somewhere before midnight. He tells her, sorry, and she asks him to get her glasses from the glovebox. He wonders if she needs glasses, why she’s not wearing them now, but she says it’s only when her eyes are tired at night. Me too. Drew gives her the glasses, and sees a CD marked 2003. He asks if it’s the one that she gave him. She asks if he listened to it, and if it triggered any memories.

Sam says it’s only her first shot, but Jason has already had two. He tells her she’s gotten good at the game, and she tells him that she and Drew play sometimes. She doubts this is what Carly had in mind. She was Carly’s least favorite person, and now she’s the only one who can make Jason happy. Jason says Carly feels bad because she pushed Sam to Drew when she thought it was him. Sam says nobody pushed her. She’s not with him because of Carly, but because she loves him. A lot has changed; she changed. Jason says it wasn’t five years for him. He woke up at the clinic, and had no idea how much time had passed. All he could think about was coming home, but he’s glad she didn’t wait, and went on and lived life. She has Drew, Danny, and Emily Scout. He missed her, but can’t miss the life they didn’t have. As long as she’s happy, he’s good.

Cassandra says someone located the factory by using the bug; her operation is completely lost. Valentin says she got played, and had better get out of the country, and live to fight another day. She wonders if it wasn’t him, who did it? She was always so careful. The lightbulb comes on, and she says, Finn. Valentin asks how he would know how to do something like that, and Cassandra says his girlfriend would. She knew Anna had ties to the WSB, but since Anna didn’t try to hide her identity, she assumed Anna wouldn’t go after her business. She says Finn played her perfectly. Valentin tells her to leave him out of it, but she says she has to take care of Finn, then him. His marriage won’t see the new year; what a shame. She leaves with Eric, and Valentin struggles against his bonds. I totally get why she wants to go after Finn, but what did Valentin do? Or is he just a reminder that she’s stupid?

Anna and Finn toast to a happy new year, and better days. Finn says the water was a good year. He suddenly tells Anna that he has to go. He just needs to go out for a while. He wants to make a fresh start between them, and it will be worth it. He won’t be long. I say, oh no, don’t leave, to the TV.

Sonny doesn’t know Faison’s location. Dante tells him it’s an active investigation. The bartender tells Sonny that he can’t find Carly, and asks if he’ll give her a message. Tell her that he’ll be happy to take care of any special projects she has moving forward.

Sam asks if Jason is drunk. He says no, and she tells him the game is fundamentally unfair. He can drink five times as many shots, which means she has to win fives times more. She doesn’t think she’s ever achieved it, since she’s never seen him drunk. He moves a domino, and she asks why he made such a stupid play? He tells her that he was distracted, but she says he’s losing on purpose. He doesn’t want to see her drunk. Jason, the tough hitman, is too polite to get a lady drunk, unless she’s his lady. They agree that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Jason says it’s almost midnight. If they get up on deck, maybe they’ll see some fireworks. He helps her on with the coat that Maxie picked out.

Robert calls Anna, saying they haven’t found Cassandra yet. She says she’ll lock up, and stay armed until they do. She starts to go upstairs, and the door opens. She says, Finn, we have a problem. By the look on her face, I don’t think it’s Finn.

Nina keeps texting Valentin, and wondering where he is.

Lulu toasts to a new career. Dante asks Sonny to make a resolution to share information on Faison, and Sonny says he will if Dante will. Lulu wants to text Laura to see if she’s enjoying her honeymoon, but Dante suggests she’ll enjoy it more if Lulu doesn’t text her. Sonny tells Carly that she seems happy, and she says she is. He asks if it has anything to do with the bartender. He told Sonny to tell her that he’d be happy to do any special projects for her. She says the employees are always looking for extra work. Sonny tells her that if you start the new year with a lie, you’ll be lied to for the rest of the year.

Dante wonders why Lulu was asking about Faison, and tells her that she has to work on her technique. Is she going after him herself? She avoids the question, and he tells her that Faison is dangerous and a psychopath. Stay away from him. She says she will, if he will. He says he’s a cop; it’s his job. She says he has to accept her career the way she does his. He says not when she’s on the path of a predator. She says they have a problem then.

Carly tells Sonny that she may have arranged for Sam and Jason to get stuck somewhere. Sonny asks if it’s somewhere dangerous, and she says, no, but private. He asks what about Drew, and she says she paid the bartender to tamper with his car. Sonny says she’ll be the first person he’ll blame, but she doesn’t care; she’s doing him a favor. He’ll never be happy with Sam, because Sam won’t be happy without Jason.

Kim tells Drew that he believed in staying in the moment, and not looking too far ahead. He also liked to enjoy a song and a sunset. He used to say, don’t waste chance to live what’s right in front of you.

Sam’s coat deserves a mention. It’s white, soft military style, with a nipped waist and pleats. She tells Jason that Danny loves fireworks, just like his dad. She asks when Jason gave the city money to rebuild, if it was because the fireworks were good from there? He says it was for a lot of reasons, but that was one of them.

Finn gets back with flowers, but there’s no one there. He puts them on the desk, and looks for Anna.

They’re just going to leave me hanging all over the place in this episode, aren’t they?

When Finn comes back, Cassandra is there, smelling one of the flowers.

Valentin continues to struggle. He remembers his and Nina’s wedding, and saying the vows.

The countdown begins. Alone, Nina says, happy anniversary, Valentin.

Dante and Lulu kiss. He wants her to be an award winning journalist, but wants her safe. She promises she will be.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows her intentions are good, and he loves her for that. She’s a force of nature, and his life means nothing without her. She loves him the same way. They kiss.

Kim is like, sorry, happy new year. Drew says he’ll go the rest of the way on foot. He says to tell Oscar, happy new year, and she says the same to Sam.

Sam and Jason watch the fireworks. She says it’s beautiful. He looks at her, and says, beautiful. They look at each other, and he holds out his hand. They get closer. We flash back to when she was drunk, and they danced. They begin to dance on the deck, and we flash back to when they danced under Chinese lanterns in the rain. They dance, and gaze into each other’s eyes. They kiss, while Auld Lang Syne plays.

We get the end-of-the-year full credits, but no preview.

✈ I’ve probably seen it a million times, but suddenly realized that’s Ashley Jones (Parker, General Hospital) in a Priceline commercial with Kaley Cuoco (Penny, The Big Bang Theory). Turns out they’re good friends, and last spring, Kaley helped throw Ashley a safari-themed high tea baby shower. You don’t see one of those very often, and how’s that for useless trivia?

Since we’re still in holiday TV interruptus, I watched two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen tonight. I’m so out of the loop with this show, it didn’t really matter, but nothing makes it feel like home more than Gordon Ramsay bleepity-bleep-bleep-bleeping his way around a kitchen. Especially when he tells the contestants they’ve made a blunder that’s “the worst in the history of this competition.” I wish I had a quarter for every time he’s said that. I know the phrase is supposed to be a nickel, but, inflation.

 🎊 Some Quotes to Usher in the New Year

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.C.S. Lewis, from The Abolition of Man, Compiled in Words to Live By

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Knowing what must be done does away with fear.Rosa Parks

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.Charles Dickens

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. – Albert Einstein

To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.
Reba McEntire

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something. – Neil Gaiman

Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.Benjamin Franklin

New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change.Sarah Ban Breathnach

😸 Here’s Where I’m Supposed to Say…

See you next year – ha-ha! but I’m not going to. It’s so cliché. Whether you rock your new year in at home or take it to the streets, enjoy, but enjoy safely. As for me, been there, done it all, when it was safer and less expensive. I’ll be ringing in the new year with Chinese food, liquor and Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time. Stop laughing.

Wishing you all good things in 2018 – and all the best in TV!

PekesGroupShot3 (2)

🐆 And if You’re Inclined to See What a Safari-Themed High Tea Baby Shower is All About…

So Wild! Inside Ashley Jones’ Safari-Themed High Tea Baby Shower

🎅 And Because I Can’t Resist…

Casey'sFirstChristmasMA34239211-0004122MA36022691-0007 (2)

Casey’s First Christmas


December 28, 2017 – New Year’s Eve in PC Begins, a Little Chef, a Little Real Estate, a Little News & a Lotta Laura


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Aurora, Peter proposes a toast. He complements everyone, and toasts to a great new year at the company. Nina hopes the champagne didn’t come out of Crimson’s budget, but he says it was a gift from their landlord.

Carly tells Michael she can be there if he needs back up with Nelle. He tells her to enjoy the night, and happy new year. Sonny isn’t surprised, and Carly wonders if it was Nelle’s plan all along to start the new year with Michael. Sonny is like, in the hospital? And she says, could happen. Jason comes b,y and tells them that he has a plane to catch.

At the hospital, Nelle asks if her dizziness is normal, and Michael says that’s what they’re here to find out. Kim is off for the day, and Monica is her replacement.

Anna is working two laptops, and tells Finn don’t touch that or that or that; one tweak in the wrong direction, and everything is useless. She thinks he should go for a walk. I might point out it’s like, zero degrees today where they’re supposed to live. Finn calls her a glory hog, and says she’s stuck with him whether she likes it or not.

Valentin comes home to Cassandra and her companion in his living room. Or whatever they call it at Windemere. She’s bringing him good tidings. He asks if she’s leaving town, and she says she is. And he’s coming with her.

Finn asks if the bug is working, and Anna says it’s great. He’d be happier if she’d admit he’s not a bumbling amateur, and she says he has his uses. He says she can’t do it, even though she blackmailed him into this mess. Anna says he’s the one who refused to stop. She says they’re at the end, and can now pinpoint the location. Finn says, thanks to his bug, but she says technically, it’s hers. He tells her that he installed it, and she calls him impossible. He asks how long this will take, but she’s not sure yet, and it makes Finn a little nervous. Anna says she thought he said he had Cassandra eating out of his hand, and he says Cassandra needs to keep hands to herself.

Cassandra wants Valentin to put in appearance, and familiarize himself with the product. He says he has nothing to do with quality control, and she tells him to consider it a gesture of solidarity. He says it’s her brainchild, but she insists it’s time for him to get his hands dirty, and eliminate Sonny.

Jason wants to go back to Russia. He thinks somebody at the clinic might know something about Faison. Sonny says he might get killed, Jason he insists that he has to go. He steps away to take a call. Carly says he can’t get on the plane; he needs to be here with Sam. Sonny says whatever she’s planning – no. She runs off to talk to the chef, but he notes she’s going in the wrong direction.

Peter asks if their fearless leaders care to share any plans for the new year. Drew tells him they’re off the clock; take it easy. Maxie reminds Peter that tomorrow is a holiday. Carly pops in, and they thank her for the champagne. She says anything for her favorite tenants, and invites them to the party downstairs. Drew and Sam have other plans, and Lulu tells everyone that they rented out the Haunted Star to watch the fireworks, because it’s totally her business. Well, the Haunted Star is her business, but not shouting out Drew and Sam’s plans. Drew says, first, he’s dropping by the hospital to wish Monica a happy new year. Carly tells Sam it looks like Aurora has stabilized, and Sam says she’s looking forward to a profitable year. Carly is glad it worked out. She sees Sam’s ring, and asks if it’s new. Sam says Drew gave it to her after they agreed to remarry. She thought it was great for a fresh start. Carly says everyone could use one, and congratulates her.

Finn tells Anna that Cassandra toweled him off like he was a grease fire. Anna says maybe it was more innocent than that, and he says, employee harassment. She says, the nerve, especially since he’s completely unavailable. Finn says he is as far as Cassandra is concerned, and Anna wonders if he gave the wrong impression, and led her on. Finn says he would never cheat in a fake relationship – or a real one – but he guesses they’ll never know.

Valentin asks if Cassandra wants him to assassinate Sonny, and she wants it dealt with before they leave. It’s time to refocus, and he was right. Sonny is a paragon of virtue when comes to drugs. Valentin says he doesn’t tolerate traffic in his town, and Cassandra asks what he thinks will happen when his town is the hub of opiate traffic. It’s self-preservation. He has to kill Sonny, before Sonny kills him.

Jason tells Sonny his flight was delayed, but he has to find Faison now. Sonny thinks it’s more like he wants to get away from Sam, but Jason thinks it’s a good idea to keep his distance; Drew isn’t handling it well, and it’s killing Sam. Sonny says at some point they have to stop this, and make it okay. They need to figure it out for themselves. Him leaving isn’t going to change Sam’s feelings, and either Drew moves forward, or it will consume him; it’s not on Jason. Jason says Sam made her choice, and he needs to honor it.

Maxie tells Sam that they’re going to feel like the only ones in the world on the boat. Sam says that’s the idea. Maxie asks if that’s what she’s wearing, and when Sam says it is, she asks how many times she has to ride to her rescue in dressing appropriately. Friends don’t let friends do drab. She asks Nina for permission to raid the Crimson closet.

Michael waits for Nelle, and Drew walks in. He tells Michael that he came to see Monica. Michael says it’s good to see they still have a relationship. Drew says he’s a lucky guy, and asks why Michael is there. Michael says he’s there for Nelle.

Nelle thanks Monica for seeing her. Monica says even if she wasn’t on duty, she would have made herself available. Nelle says the Quartermaines stick together, and Monica says, you’d better believe it. Nelle asks if that’s a threat, and Monica says, no. It’s a promise to her unborn baby. Monica asks about the dizzy spells, and Nelle says they’re usually the same; she gets lightheaded and has to lie down. Monica tells her that everything looks good, but wants to do a full workup to be sure. Nelle asks if she wants to make sure she’s not lying; it’s clearly what she’s thinking. Monica tells her not to get upset; it’s not good for the baby. Nelle says it’s frustrating to consistently judged, but Monica wouldn’t know what it’s like. Monica says she does.

Sonny tells Jason if he thinks it’s the right move, he’ll back him, but doesn’t want him to take off and disappear. Jason says he’s not giving up his life there. His kids know he exists, and he can’t cut out on them; he would never do that. Sonny asks if he’s spending time with them. Jason says he saw Jake on Christmas, but Jake wanted nothing to do with him. He says Jake has been thrown so many curveballs, and now he shows up out of nowhere. Sonny says it’s not his fault. Jake needs time to process. Jason thinks maybe it’s good for him to go away, and give Jake time. He got lucky with Danny. Sonny says eventually, Jake won’t be able to deny it any more than Sam will.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie gets impatient. Sam comes out in a bodycon red number, with a keyhole neckline. Maxie says, me likey. Me too, but come on. Sam is gorgeous, and does her makeup impeccably every day, yet doesn’t know how to dress?

Lulu asks if Peter is going to the party, but he has a few things to finish up. She thanks him for giving her an opportunity. He says she’s the one brought the story, and thanks her. She wants to follow up with something just as big, or bigger, and wonders if he has any ideas. He says one comes to mind. The question is, does she have the guts to tackle it?

Anna balks at the two of them in a real relationship. She says Finn would drive her crazy. He says ditto, with her tea and crumpets, and accent. She says he loves her accent, and he admits that he does.

Cassandra’s phone rings, but she ignores it, and asks Valentin why he’s so squeamish? Just take Sonny out.

Anna gets a signal from Cassandra’s phone. She thinks it’s the factory, and calls Robert. She asks if he’s getting it.

Cassandra answers the call, and tells Valentin that the lab agrees Finn’s formula will work. She says they’re to leave immediately, and get packing. Valentin says his daughter is sleeping, and his wife is expecting him. Cassandra threatens to call Nina herself. Valentin throws her phone across the room, saying there’s only so far she can push him. Great. Now what? Eric! Her companion’s name is Eric! Cassandra has Eric fetch the phone, and says she’s capable of compromise. They can leave in the morning. It’s what’s best for everyone; trust her. And you know when someone says that, it’s the last thing you should do.

Anna looks at a map along with Robert. She tells him she’s looking for a water source; it would be needed to produce drugs. They find one, and she tells him to look for a road. Finn watches as she works. They find an airstrip, and Anna says to send in the strike team. They’ve got her.

Nelle is surprised to find out that Monica didn’t know who AJ’s father was. Monica says they didn’t have DNA tests then. Nelle says she hasn’t been with anyone else, and it’s obviously Michael’s baby. Monica says she’s not implying her story is the same, but maybe Nelle can learn from her experience. Nelle asks how she handled it, and Monica says it wasn’t easy, but she learned to focus on what was important – her child. Nelle needs to focus on that. Being born a Quartermaine comes with host of things. Nelle says for the baby, but not for her. Monica tells her that she’s not the first woman to have a Quartermaine baby, and she won’t be the last, but if it makes her part of the family remains to be seen.

Drew asks Michael if he’s sure the baby is his. Michael says they’ll know once they have a test, but the timing is right. Drew congratulates him, and says it turns out he has child from a former life. They agree at least their lives are interesting.

Peter suggests Lulu write an article about Jason and Drew. He can’t think of a more interesting story. Lulu says everyone else is covering it. He adds, except them. He figured it was on purpose because of Sam and Drew. Lulu says the story might never see the light of day, but Peter thinks maybe with a friendlier approach, and they can control it themselves. He suggests instead of focusing on the victims, focus on the perpetrator – Caesar Faison. YES!!!

Jason tells Sonny that Sam deserves a safe life for her and the kids, and Drew can give it to her. Sonny says she also deserves to be happy. Jason says if that’s what she wanted, he’d thank God, but she picked Drew. Sonny says that Jason is the person she’s meant to be with.

Maxie tells Sam that Drew will combust when he sees her. Sam isn’t totally in, and tries on the next dress. It’s black, very low cut, and sleeveless with sparkly shoulders. Maxie says that’s good too. Both are good choices, so she should just go for fit, style, and comfort. Strike comfort; it has no place in fashion. She tells Sam that they both match the coat she’ll need if they’re going to be outside. Sam says she has a coat, but Maxie scoops up her motorcycle jacket, saying it’s not appropriate. She says her work here is done, and leaves.

Monica sees Drew, and they wish each other a happy new year. She wants to steal Michael for a minute, and says she’ll be back. She tells him that Nelle and the baby are fine. He asks if she has any idea what’s causing the dizzy spells, and she tells him, low blood pressure. She’s been pushing herself too hard, and needs to take better care of her health, but the baby fine. Michael thanks her. She says they’re family, and that overrides everything. Focus on the now.

Jason tells Carly that his flight was delayed. He asks where she went, and she tells him, Aurora. She was hoping Drew would admit they own the company because of him. Jason says it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t want her handling his battles for him. She tells him that he and Sam belong together, and she needs to realize that. He tells her, Sonny just said that. She suddenly gets a text from Sonny, and tells Jason that Sonny wants to meet him at the Haunted Star; he might have information on Faison. What? How dare they be so far up in Jason’s business?

Lulu tells Peter that people have a morbid curiosity about Faison, and would probably eat up a profile on him. He tells her to think bigger – a profile and interview. She wonders if she’s supposed to track him down, and pray he doesn’t kill her. I dunno. He’s kind of an egoiste. He might actually go for it, especially if he thinks Anna would read it. She asks how she’s supposed to find him when the WSB couldn’t? Peter says she has a gift. She has two things, aside from raw talent. One is her husband. She says Dante isn’t going to tell her anything, but Peter says he’s sure she has ways of convincing him. She also has her father. The feud between Luke and Faison is legendary. He tells her to sleep on it. If something comes from it, career made.

Nathan is still waiting for Maxie at the party. Dante tells him they’re wasting valuable time. When the baby comes, they won’t have any time, and the time they have will be spent talking about kids. Nathan says he’ll trade that for the baby being okay. He still isn’t sure who his father is. Nina says, that’s why Maxie pulled a hair out of Valentin’s head.

Cassandra tells Valentin they’re expected on the tarmac at nine am. He says he’ll see her in 2018. Outside, she tells Eric what way to start the new year. She’s going to need a phone replacement before the morning. Eric hands her the card, saying it fell out. Oh, Valentin, what have you done?

Anna tells Finn the factory was just hit. They were taken by surprise, and there was minimal resistance. A mass quantity of drugs was found; it was a large-scale production. They’ve officially secured the factory, and taken it over. Finn asks what that means. Did they win? She says the battle, not the war. He says, but it’s over and no one got hurt. He grabs her and spins her around. Yep. I like these two together. Finn says Anna could benefit from loosening up once in a while, and she’s like, says man who organizes his flatware. She says they still have one more thing to take care of. He asks if it’s Cassandra, and she says, make that two.

Nina is wondering where Valentin is. Nathan suggests maybe he stopped for a crime spree or a kidnapping.

Anna calls Valentin, telling him that her investment paid off. He’s concerned about retaliation, but she says they have a team out after her. Valentin tells her where Cassandra is headed, and she thanks him. He tells her to thank him after she’s in custody. Anna tells Finn that it’s finished. He guesses so is their partnership.

Cassandra walks back into Valentin’s house, along with Eric, who has a gun pointed at him. He’s wondering what the what, and she tells him not to play innocent; it doesn’t suit him. She doesn’t want him killed there, and tells him to come quietly, for his family’s sake.

Nina texts Valentin, but there’s still no answer. Lulu and Peter arrive at the party. Lulu tells Dante she’s his for the rest of the night. Maxie joins them, saying she was late for a worthy cause.

Michael tells Nelle that Monica said to take it easy. She says she’ll try. She found a job, and starts the day after New Year’s. He asks if the hours are flexible, and she says she needs the money. He says they can revisit the financial support issue. She’s not supposed to have any extra stress. She blows him off, saying she has the feeling this job will solve all of her problems.

Sonny tells Carly the party is off to a good start. She tells him it was rude to leave his date, and he points out that she actually left first. He asks what she’s up to, and she says he’s off the clock. Sonny asks where Jason is, and Carly says somewhere he needs to be. Oh, I see. She just said the message was from Sonny. I didn’t think Sonny would get that involved.

Jason runs onto the boat. He sees Sam in the black dress. They soap opera gaze at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn would like to stay, Sonny tells Carly that her plan isn’t going to work, and Cassandra has the crap beat out of Valentin.

💣 I have to mention that I’m really enjoying Jessica Tuck playing he hell out of Cassandra. As over-the-top as the character is, she makes it believable with a very understated, controlled performance. I’ll bet she’s having a good time too. Cassandra is a world away from One Life to Live’s Megan. I don’t suppose it will happen, but it would be fun if she were in a scene with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva, Max, OLTL).

🍲 Television is still in holiday limbo, but I’m catching up with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and Top Chef, both having new episodes this week. Tonight, the chefs cooked meals that were “pieces of themselves.” Most picked something reminiscent of their childhood, bringing to mind my father’s neckbone soup. While we probably ate things no kid would touch today – he often cooked “Depression food,” since that’s when he grew up – it was one of my favorites. I joke a lot about my avoidance of cooking, but can get ambitious occasionally, and did make it myself once when I lived alone. IMO, it was good, but not the same. Probably because the love was missing.

🌉 I knew long ago I could never be a chef, top or otherwise, but the jury is in on my being a broker too. My career would be over the first time I smacked a condescending client with a superiority complex, and way too much money, in the face. Tonight, one of Madison’s clients wanted to be on a certain road at a certain price for two months. It was the peak season, and she waited until the last minute. Like what I do when I’m getting my hair cut before the holidays begin. He did find her something slightly (slightly in terms of the wealthy, so I mean $100K) more than she wanted, but she compromised. I’d like to think her demanding attitude was to play for the camera, but holy! She was a witch of the highest order, and not very couth. Bringing up the price in front of the client is never good form. My interest was also piqued when James and David checked out what they deemed to be the future of real estate in LA, namely, luxury apartments. At first, when they used the term “vertical living,” I thought it must be some futuristic Japanese design. I was pretty surprised when everything looked like what it’s looked like in NYC for as long as I can remember, but it was cheaper.

🎭  Tyler Perry will joining us again soon, but this season, it’s The Haves and the Have Nots on Tuesdays, and If Loving You is Wrong on Wednesdays.

Good Advice

🎬  Steven Spielberg‘s advice to Laura Dern: From New York Magazine’s new profile of the actress: “’When I was 23,” says Dern, “right before a close-up on Jurassic Park, Spielberg said to me, ‘People will tell you what you could do to your face years from now. Don’t you ever touch your face.’ He was saying, ‘Your face is perfect, it’s female, it’s emotional.’ I am determined to be human in my acting, and when you own your power and your womanhood, you grow into your beauty. Your face finds you.” (Thank you.)




😉 And Because I Couldn’t Resist…


Jurassic Pug




December 27, 2017 – Nathan is Gifted a Clock, No New Jersey or Siggy, WWHL Talk & Another Clock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the hospital, Kiki congratulates Laura and Doc. Laura realizes they never discussed her last name.

Maxie needs to talk to Amy, and tells her it’s important. Amy says so are her patients. Maxie says she needs a DNA test done – fast.

Obrecht meets with Nathan at Kelly’s for breakfast. She tells him she’s been waiting a lifetime to give him this present.

At the station, Lulu finds out that Mayor Lomax has been indicted. She asks how long Lomax will still be in office. Jordan says a couple of months. The still have to do an investigation. Dante tells Lulu that she blew it open; now, the police have to connect the dots. Alexis says Lomax is an embarrassment to Port Charles, but an elected official can’t be fired.

Ava and Griff wait for Kiki at Ava’s place. Ava gives him her gift, a nice watch. Like a sports watch, not a blinged out Rolex. He tells her he can’t accept it. Sigh. What now?

Anna tells Finn he has two objectives. One is to put a card inside of Cassandra’s phone, so she can spy on her. She tells Finn to call her when he leaves, and keep his phone on so she can hear. His other objective is, don’t die. He tells her that he knew what he was getting into, so wish him luck.

Laura says she’s always been Laura Spencer. She and the name have survived a lot, and it’s who she is. Except it isn’t anymore. She wants to be Laura Collins. Doc says has a ring to it, and I start wondering if there was ever a Laura Collins on Dark Shadows.

Amy tells Maxie it’s against the law for her to just do a DNA test without following procedure. Maxie says so is fraud, but Nathan did that for her. She needs a comparison test. Amy asks what it’s for.

Nathan unwraps one of those old-fashioned cuckoo clocks with little doors. Like in the Geico commercial. Obrecht explains that she got it in Bavaria when she was pregnant with him. It reminds her of the fantasy she had of their life together, traveling the world. Her hopes were dashed, and they had to hide from Victor. Now the clock can hang in the nursery. She finally has a chance to set things right. Nathan says as much as he appreciates the gift, everything is not all right.

Ava thought the watch was as special as Griff is. He says it’s beautiful and thoughtful, and he appreciates the gesture. She says it’s not a gesture; it’s a present. Griff says he’s spent his entire adult life detaching from material things, and doesn’t feel comfortable with such an expensive present. For having been around the block and then some, Griff has zero social skills. Ava says she got him something from her world. She’s an art dealer, and her life is about expensive objects. She thinks his perspective must be liberating. She asks if he would keep it, if she promises to never get another one, and he agrees. She puts it on his wrist. Geez, seriously, it’s nice, but not like what they’re making of it, and the wristband sounded like it was plastic, for goodness’ sake. They kiss.

Cassandra tells her companion (does he have a name?) about Finn coming by. He says not to give him too much access. She appreciates that he’s protective. If she’s misjudged Finn’s character, he’ll be nearby to correct her mistake. Finn arrives. He tells her they have something important in common. With the business they’ll be doing, they can help people and make money at the same time. Cassandra says that pain management is both merciful and lucrative. On her end, Anna tells him to finesse. Cassandra tells Finn that she loves that he has no tolerance for nonsense; she’s the same way.

Alexis tells Lulu that if handled properly, Mayor Lomax might not want to stay. The key to getting rid of her once and for all lies in digging up dirt. Dante drags lulu into the interrogation room, and kisses her. She tells him that she needs to take down corrupt officials more often. He’s impressed with the way she stood up to Lomax, and asks how it feels. She says like she never wants to stop. They start making out, and I think, isn’t there a window there? Did he lock the door?

Maxie asks Amy if she’ll make it happen if she tells her why. Amy says her odds will improve. Maxie says it’s for Nathan. She starts to tell Amy about his mother, and Amy interrupts, asking if she means the obnoxious, demanding mad scientist? Maxie says she was going for squirrely, but it would insult the squirrels. Maxie explains that they think Obrecht might be lying about Victor being Nathan’s father. Amy says Nathan won’t go for it, and Maxie says not to tell her what her husband would do.

Obrecht says she adores Nathan. She’s overjoyed to be oma to their little one. He says her first test as a grandma is to say what isn’t she telling him about his father.

Griff tells Ava that he’s still planning her gift; it’s a work in progress. She loves the anticipation. He tells her to be patient; it will be worth it. Kiki knocks at the door. She and Ava hug, and Ava asks if she’s spoken to Dillon. Kiki tells her that Dillon said the movie is still in production. She misses him, and they’re supposed to exchange presents when they see each other, but she’s brought Ava’s. Ava says she and Griff had an adventure on Christmas, serving dinner to the homeless in Julian’s bar. She leaves the room to get Kiki’s gift. Griff asks Kiki if it’s set for tonight, and Ava overhears.

Cassandra tells Finn that the chemist assures her that the formula is better than anything currently on the market. Finn says they all say that. She says that once he reads it, the deal is officially sealed. She tells him that she’s not comfortable having meetings with phones on, and he turns his off. He says now it’s just the two of them. Anna freaks out. Felicia sees her, and asks if she’s okay.

Stella congratulates Laura, and thanks her for speaking up at the meeting. Laura says she couldn’t watch the neighborhood being dismantled. Stella tells her about several buildings losing power and heat on Christmas. Laura asks if she thinks the landlord did it on purpose, and Stella says no question about it. Laura says the community can’t stand for that; it’s harassment. Stella tells her the landlord owns a lot of property, and with the mayor in his pocket, she’s afraid of what he might do next. Laura says they’ll see about that.

Nathan tells Obrecht there’s no proof Victor is actually his father. A simple screening can tell him. She says that he has the medical dispositions he needs, and his suspicions hurt her. As his true mother, she’s asking him to let this go.

Amy tells Maxie she didn’t mean to imply that she knows Nathan better, she’s just affirming that he’s an honorable man. Maxie says that’s why she’s there. She asks Amy how she spent her Christmas. Amy says it was great; she spent it with Chet. Maxie tells her that the Driscoll family yuletide wouldn’t have happened without her and Nathan’s help. Now help her put Nathan’s mind to rest.

Ava continues to listen. Kiki asks Griff if it’s better that Ava knows the truth. He says she can’t know yet. I know what she’s thinking. That these two have something going. That’s stupid, even for these people.

Anna tells Felicia that she was just listening to a podcast, but Felicia says she knows what surveillance looks like. Anna says she just got cut off. Felicia says if she didn’t know better, she’d think it was about Finn. Robin told her about them moving in together, and moving the relationship to the next level. Anna stumbles over her words a little, and says they’re just cohabitating. Felicia says, with benefits. Why else move in?

Finn points out to Cassandra that a banned element is in the formula, and says replacing it would be crude at best. He suggests something he developed for his immune protocol, but to change the chemistry of the product line, he’ll need access to the lab. Cassandra says he’s not the man she thought he was.

Laura tells Doc that the mayor caused deliberate sabotage. He says her fight is his, and he’s behind and beside her 100% – a week from now. Meanwhile, their honeymoon awaits. Laura doesn’t think they can leave right now.

Nathan tells Obrecht that whatever she’s hiding, whatever truth is, he can handle it. He needs her to be honest. She tells him that she’ll share her most shameful secret.

Alexis announces that the Port Charles charter has an ethics clause. Any elected official can have their salary withheld if they’re under investigation. They can refuse to pay Lomax, and how long will she want the job if there’s no money? I won’t mention that usually mayors have other jobs because the pay is not that much.

Ava gives Kiki a present, saying it’s a token of faith in her. Kiki unwraps a doctor bag. I note that they actually unwrap their gifts, as opposed to the old days, where soaps always gave gifts in a pretty box with a matching lid and built-in bow. Ava says she couldn’t have gotten through that horrible ordeal without Kiki’s comfort and support. Kiki gives Ava her gift, and Griff annoyingly reminds them that the true gift is their relationship with each other. He adds that Ava taught him to accept a gift with grace. Ava removes a scarf, and says it must be to hide in. Griff says that wasn’t the intention, and Kiki says she was the one dragging her outside not that long ago. Ava sarcastically says they always give her the other two most important things in her life, faith and honesty. She’s acting like a real jerk.

Anna tells Felicia that she and Finn are just getting to know each other. Felicia says he’s easy on the eyes, but Anna says looks only get you so far. She tells Felicia that Finn is very smug, irritating, and pays attention to detail. He’s also socially backward. Still, he’s a kind man, and funny, but what he doesn’t know, or refuses to believe, is that he’s caring. Worst of all, he’s a morning person, but she’s grown accustomed to his smile, and he knows how she likes her tea. Felicia says it says sounds like she’s in love.

Cassandra thought Finn would need more time to work out any problems, but he’s more of a genius than she thought. She says it’s a cause for celebration, and pours some champagne. Finn asks if she always has it around in case of a celebration, and she says all civilized people do. Uh-oh. I guess I’m out. They toast to civilization, Cassandra saying, may it be ours for the taking. Finn spills it on himself, and Cassandra leaves to get something to wipe it up. While she’s out of the room, he puts the card in her phone. Cassandra comes back just as Finn is finishing, and she asks what he’s doing.

Doc understands that it’s important, but asks Laura if it can’t wait. Someone else can fight the good fight until then. Stella comes by and says she’s on her way to the station to file a complaint. She asks if Laura will join her as backup. Laura tells Doc that she can’t run off; the people could get intimidated. She can’t ask others to do something, if she’s not doing the same. Doc says they can all go on the way to the airport. Stella is fine with that compromise; it’s good sense. Standing up against the mayor is important, but so is their honeymoon.

Amy says she’ll find a way to make the test happen. Maxie tells her to worry about the test, and she’ll worry about the means. If Nathan gets answers, he won’t care how they got them. I dunno about that.

Obrecht tells Nathan that she hopes the child is a boy. She was able to raise his sister, but wasn’t given that privilege with him. She hopes she can imagine those years with her grandson. Nathan asks what she’s not telling him. Obrecht says she told him what he needs to know. She says to look to the future, where the answers lie ahead, not behind him. Don’t look there anymore.

Kiki says she’ll return the scarf, but she doesn’t know what Ava means. She’s always been honest; can Ava say the same? Griff tells them not to leave it like this. He tells Ava that Kiki didn’t think about her hiding behind the scarf, and Ava tells him not to think he knows her daughter better than she does. Scarves are a reminder of what she lost. Kiki says she got it all back and then some. Whatever she’s got going on today, get over it. She leaves, and Griff asks what happened? Ava tells him to ask Kiki. Maybe she’s missing Dillon or sad about having to work, but she also has work, so it’s best if he goes.

Felicia tells Anna it’s been a long time since she was in love, not since she lost Duke. She’s happy, and in love. Anna says the problem with people like her, is that they think everyone else should be like them. Felicia says she was practically gushing. She’s fighting it tooth and nail, and Felicia thinks she’s afraid of love. She’s terrified, but that’s stupid. Felicia tells her that she’s been given another chance. Dive in. She says that you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, but get to choose what you do with it. If he feels the same, don’t fight it.

Finn tells Cassandra that he was clearing his work schedule. She wipes at him with a cloth, and says she can think of more inventive ways to celebrate. He suggests a waffle stand, but she’s thinking a side trip after the factory. Finn says he’s flattered and tempted, but can’t. She tells him no one has to know, but he says he would. He wouldn’t feel right. Cassandra asks, because of Anna? and he tells her, yes.

Felicia sees Doc at the station, and he explains that he and Laura were on their way to their honeymoon, when there was some community activism to take care of first. Jordan tells Felicia about the landlord, and how he owns several buildings. Lulu joins them, and says she wrote a follow-up about the board confirming massive voter fraud, and how Lomax stole the election. So, I guess there’s a daily newspaper at Aurora? Dante says she was indicted this morning. The results will be overturned. Lulu asks if this means Felicia is mayor, and no surprise, Felicia isn’t exactly interested anymore, but Alexis says there will be a special election in four weeks, if she wants to run. Felicia says she’s moved on, and they’ll need a viable candidate. Doc knows who his vote would go to. Someone with the character, history, and heart to protect the people and legacy of Port Charles. His wife, Laura Collins.

Maxie comes running into Kelly’s, saying she’s sorry she missed breakfast with his mom. He doesn’t believe that, but she says Obrecht is never boring, and Maxie loves the way she pronounces the names of the pastries. Nathan shows her the gift, and she’s like, great, a cuckoo clock that will wake up the baby every hour, and suggests maybe Obrecht had one as a child and that’s why she’s the way she is. Nathan says there’s been no headway on the father front. Maxie says maybe they can solve the mystery themselves.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that it’s becoming a problem. He asks if she has any second thoughts. She says exactly the opposite. She can’t wait to see where it leads. He says, him too, and they part company. In another unsurprising moment, Ava sees them.

Finn tells Anna, mission accomplished. She sees his wet shirt, and he says he can double glass with the best of them. He tells her it was like James Bond meets The Three Stooges. Anna says she didn’t hear anything after he hung up. He says he told Cassandra he cleared his schedule to see the factory, and she proposed a private getaway. Anna says as soon as she places a call to the factory, she can trace it and get the location, and have it destroyed. He asks, then what? and she says then this whole charade will be over, and they can go back to their lives.

Tomorrow, Lulu wants to follow up with something just as good, Cassandra wants to eliminate Sonny, and Sonny accuses Jason of wanting to get away from Sam.

🍅 While there was no new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight, I did hear the news that Siggy Flicker is not coming back to the show next season. I’m guessing that her behavior hasn’t been good for business. It’s hard to be credible as a relationship expert when you can’t seem to handle your own. Whether it’s a hormone issue or not, she comes off as irrational. I watched the last two episodes again, and it’s mind-boggling. She makes excuses for everything, and can’t apologize to save her life. And, wtf Dolores?

🎉 I’m not sure why there was nothing new tonight. God knows, Andy Cohen takes more vacations than anyone I know, so maybe the whole place had off this time. (Watch What Happens Live will be back after the first of the year.) I know he has a gig with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve, but I’ve always wondered why he never did a WWHL New Year’s Eve party again. He even said he was never doing one again, and I’m pretty sure I heard distaste in his voice. What happened? Sadly, the night I watched it was one of my best New Year’s Eves. I can never resist Giggy.

😂 At least it gave me leave to watch Carol Burnett’s 50th Anniversary on CBS. For those who never saw the show, or are too young to remember it, it was one of the funniest programs ever on television. And it was on Saturday nights, when TV is often a wasteland.

⏰ Geico’s Clock


December 26, 2017 – Drum’s Christmas Message, Nina Gets Tough, Beverly Hills Leaves Vegas Unscathed & a Ferris Wheel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎄 First Things First🎄

DSCN7029 (2)

🎅 Drum sez: Hope youse had a Merry Christmas! 🎅

Moving on…

General Hospital

Anna and Finn go to the gym. He wonders why she wanted him there, and she tells him self-defense lessons.

At Kelly’s, Valentin tells Nina that Lulu is late with Charlotte, but he’s not giving her the satisfaction of being annoyed. Lulu and Charlotte arrive, and Nina tells Charlotte that they waited to open their presents. Charlotte tells Valentin that she asked Santa for something special, and asks if he thinks Santa brought it. He says Santa is magic, so perhaps he did. Lulu asks if they read her article, because that totally fits with the conversation.

Maxie and Nathan talk to Kim about Nathan’s medical history. He wonders if the records really belong to Victor.

Peter goes to Sam’s office. She asks if he’s ready to go over the projections for next year, and he says he’s more concerned if there’s going to be a next year. He asks her who actually owns the company?

Sonny knocks on Drew’s door, telling him, merry Christmas. Drew says it was yesterday, and Sonny says he knows, and their families didn’t even check in with each other. He’d like to fix that.

At the station, Jordan tells Dante that Mayor Lomax canceled their meeting. She’s been in a closed-door meeting of her own all day. Jordan wonders where Lulu got the proof about the election, and Dante tells her at Windemere.

Valentin tells Charlotte to get some cookies to take home. Lulu wonders if there’s something about the article Valentin doesn’t want Charlotte to know. He says not unless she wants to explain to her how she used Charlotte’s Christmas list to snoop around Windemere. The election happened before he moved there, and Spencer had found the ballot box. While Spencer had no idea what he’d found, Valentin says the ballots had been counted then. Now, all these years later, Lulu finds them, and it leads her to believe the election was thrown. She says she doesn’t think Spencer did it, and Valentin says that would be sophisticated even for him, but not for his father. He thinks she should start working on a follow-up article on how Spencer’s father threw the election.

Peter tells Sam that he doesn’t mean to be obtuse, but Jason Morgan’s money was used to buy the company, so isn’t the company his? Sam says it’s already been discussed, and Jason gave the company to them. Peter says it’s a generous gift, and Sam says Jason is a generous guy. He wonders if she wants to put it on record, and do a story about the brothers from a personal angle. She tells him absolutely not, and he says she can’t blame him for trying.

Drew invites Sonny in. Sonny says the last time they saw each other was at the police station, when Drew accused him of paying Andre to lie. Drew admits he was wrong, but says it made sense at the time. Sonny says he thought Drew was Jason, but now that they know truth, he wants Drew to know he’s still his friend.

Anna tries to get Finn to warm up. She tells him that he could be in a fight for his life. He says he’s not completely helpless, and thinks he can look after himself. She flips him onto the mat.

Nathan tells Kim that his mom could have put Victor’s name on someone else’s records. Kim says that’s illegal, but Maxie says that’s not a problem for Nathan’s mother. Nathan tells her about the Cassadines’ blood disorder history. Kim says Nathan has been tested, and isn’t a carrier, but whoever the records belong to, was never tested. Maxie tells Nathan that there’s really no way to know who his father is without a DNA test. Nathan says he’s only worried about the baby being affected.

Lulu says the ballots don’t prove that Nicolas did anything untoward. Valentin asks if it isn’t her job to find out, or at least the job of a journalist with integrity. Charlotte comes back, saying they’re making a new batch of cookies. Lulu tells her how great it was to spend Christmas together, and is looking forward to many more. When she leaves, Nina asks Charlotte how her Christmas was, and Charlotte says it was fine, but she missed her and papa.

Anna helps Finn up. He says he was trying to bow out gracefully, and she tells him that she was making a point. He tells her that later, he’ll dazzle her with his doctor moves. Anna says he’s going up against professionals. Finn says his only goal is putting Cassandra out of business. Anna says the whole thing could be trap, and it’s her operation. She brought him into this kicking and screaming, and then he refused to go. She can’t let anything happen to him. He asks why not? Isn’t he just another asset? She says he’s more than that, and he knows it.

Peter tells Sam that he’ll have the projections by the first of next week. Crimson is still the most consistent performer, and there was a bump in circulation from the Ask Man Landers story; it touched a lot of hearts. That’s what he meant by a personal angle. The publisher in him can’t help regretting the story that got away. They discuss the Lomax story, and how it looks like she stole the election. Sam says according to her mother, apparently Lomax likes to abuse the power of her office. Peter asks if Alexis would like to talk about it for the magazine, but Sam says no. He says it seems like her family wants to publish the news, not be in it, but if she was to publicize a story about Drew, some people might come forward with information.

Drew appreciates and respects Sonny coming, and doesn’t want to disrespect it by saying meaningless words. Sonny is still his friend, and he’s looking at his best friend and brother, but those feelings aren’t real. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with that. They belong to someone else.

Sonny says he never knew Drew like he knew Jason, but that doesn’t change that Drew saved his life. It wasn’t Jason who kept him alive or went after Morgan to save him from himself; it was Drew. Drew says he loved Morgan, and he’s sorry. He should have been able to save him. Sonny says he tried, and he honors Drew for that. He’ll always be grateful, and he’s still his friend.

Kim tells Nathan that the goal is to get records that are as complete as possible, but the key word is “possible.” Is he reasonably sure these are his father’s records? Nathan says, reasonably, and Kim says then he’s done what he can. They’re on track to have healthy baby. Out in the hallway, Nathan asks Maxie if he’s paranoid. She says as long as the records are accurate, who cares about the name on them?

Sam drops by Kim’s office, and wants to talk to her about Drew.

Lulu comes to the station. Jordan tells her that whatever she hears there is off the record. Lulu agrees, unless it’s something good. Then she’ll ask whoever said it if she can use it. Jordan says she can live with that compromise, and tells her, nice work. Dante tells Lulu that if the election is invalid, Lomax could face criminal charges, so why doesn’t she seem happy? Lulu says maybe she didn’t dig deep enough. She’s going to have to do a second article, and Nicholas probably threw the election.

Nina tells Charlotte about how Valentin let the staff have the night off, and made dinner himself. Then they went outside for a walk, and watched for Santa. Valentin says it’s hard for grown-ups to see Santa, but he thinks he saw a sleigh out of the corner of his eye. Nina tells her that when they came back, the stockings were filled, and presents were under the tree. Cassandra walks in, and says, what a charming sight; Valentin Cassadine and family.

Finn thinks Anna is implying that she might care about him, and she says she cares about his safety. He asks if the kiss meant nothing, and Anna calls it an unwanted distraction. Finn asks if she’s sure, and she says she doesn’t know. He moves closer as if to kiss her, and places his hand on her neck. She keels over, and he says he’s not entirely helpless.

Lulu tells Dante that Nicolas was living there at the time. He could have swapped out the ballots, but he was supporting Felicia’s campaign. Dante says he had a lot of secrets, and might have wanted someone he could bribe in office, but there’s no real evidence anyway. A man from the board of elections comes in, and asks to see Jordan. He tells Jordan that the ballots are authentic, and the election is invalid.

Cassandra gifts Charlotte with a sparkly skating costume. Nina says what a coincidence that she happened come in with a gift just when they happened to be there. She tells Valentin to go with Charlotte to pick up the cookies, and that she’s got this. Cassandra says she hopes she hasn’t overstepped, and Nina startles all of us by grabbing her hair, and pulling her close. She tells her to never get near Charlotte again. Nathan and Maxie walk in, and Nathan asks if everything is okay. Nina says it is, and Cassandra was just leaving – unless she wants Valentin to escort her out. She doesn’t. Nathan asks who that woman was, and why was Nina trying to rip her hair out by the roots?

Finn helps Anna up, and tells her that he’s a doctor. He knows how to put pressure to carotid arteries. She says no one will let him get close enough, and he says she did. She tells him it was one time, and it won’t happen again. He begins to get close to her again, but his phone rings. It’s Cassandra. He says he was just thinking about her. She tells him that she wants him to review the formula, and they make plans to meet at her suite in the morning.

Drew is glad he could be there for Sonny when he thought he was Jason, but Sonny wasn’t just looking for friend. Sonny wanted a guy to do what he needed to have done, despite the effect on his family and friends. Sonny says what gives him power, could turn on him and his family if he tried to walk away. Jason has a certain loyalty that Drew didn’t have. He isn’t questioning Drew, but was just confused when he tried to distance himself.

Sam tells Kim that she spent the morning fending off the CEO of her own company. He wanted to do a story on Jason, and he made a valid point. Someone might come forward with information. Kim asks if coming to her was the next best thing, and invites Sam to sit. She asks what Sam wants to know, and Sam asks her to start off with how they met. Kim says they met in a bar in San Diego. Drew was charming, funny, respectable, and polite. He didn’t hit on her, but asked her out. He was clear right away about being deployed, and Sam asks if there was no hope for a future. Kim says, none. Their three-month relationship was about living in the present. The farthest they thought ahead was the next weekend, and the most they talked about their past was where they’d spent the Christmas before. After he left, his correspondence was vague. The only thing he’d say was that it was cold, and he had an incredible view of the night’s sky. Sam asks about him growing up, but Kim says she only got bits and pieces. He grew up in a group home. She thought he might have been lonely, but maybe it was just her own projection. He liked high school, and attended one somewhere upstate (that’s New York state for those who don’t live in the area). Kim wonders if she was any help, but Sam doesn’t know. She thinks maybe she’s doing it wrong. Andre said Drew’s past was obliterated, but when he saw Kim, he thought she seemed familiar. He had the feeling he knew her, but couldn’t pinpoint from where, and Sam thought it might be a memory coming through, the way wallpaper bleeds through when you paint over it. She was hoping if she found some information, it could jar his memory. Kim doesn’t think has anything else that can help, and Sam says sorry to bother her; it was a long shot. Kim thanks her for being kind about Oscar. Sam says he seems like a great kid, and Drew is looking forward to being his father. She’s happy for them. After Sam leaves, Kim looks at Oscar’s picture, and makes a soap opera face.

Lulu is looking for Sam at her office, and Peter sees her. He asks if she’s looking for kudos from the publisher, and she says she would like him to hold up his end of the bargain. He tells her that she got paid, but she says he promised her a position on the staff.

Nina tells Nathan that everything is fine. Hopefully, she’ll never lay eyes on that woman again, and if she does, she’ll try to control herself. Nathan tells her things going well and the baby is going to be healthy. She gets all excited, and hugs him. She has to get back to her family, hoping she can persuade Charlotte to get rid of the tacky outfit. Maxie brings Nathan some coffee, saying he looks stressed. She asks if he’s still hung up on the Victor thing. Without the DNA, there’s nothing they can do. He says he’ll have to live with uncertainty, since his mom is never going to give him any information. Maxie decides to stay at Kelly’s for a while.

Finn says the lesson is over. Anna says it wasn’t much of one. She threw him on his ass, and he gave her the Vulcan death grip. Finn is certain he can lure Cassandra into close proximity. He tells Anna that before she gives him a litany of warnings, he has no intention of getting killed. He has too much to live for – Roxie, his patients… and other things. He has this. He tells her to wish him luck. She says he’ll need more than luck.

Sonny says that when Drew said no to a legit project, he accepted it, but it didn’t make sense. When Jason came back, it did. Drew tells him it sounds like Jason does whatever he asks. Sonny says they understand each other. As soon as he saw Jason, he knew it was him and said so, but he didn’t betray Drew. Drew apologizes, saying he can wrap his head around it now, but hopes Sonny understands he couldn’t at the time. Sonny’s brother is back, and he’s not Jason. As much as they might still be friends, their lives are moving in different directions, and don’t fit together. Sam walks in.

She asks if everything is okay. Sonny says he was just about to leave. He respects Drew’s choice, but if they ever need anything, just ask. Sam asks Drew what just happened. He says two guys coming to grips with reality. His life doesn’t start and stop with Sonny, but does with her, because he loves her, and that’s all that matters.

Lulu tells Peter that he said if she brought him a major story, he’d find her a position on staff. Peter says one article is only like one brick in building a house. She needs to follow up. She tells him that it was confirmed the election was invalid. He tells her to get to work; she’s on a deadline.

Dante tells Nathan it’s official, and maybe Felicia will be the mayor after all. Nathan says it’s all thanks to Lulu, and her career is off to a good start. Dante compares her to Maxie, saying they never miss an opportunity to go rogue.

Charlotte asks about Lumiere, and Nina says she’s waiting for Charlotte to feed her the Christmas presents she got. On her way out the door, Maxie plucks a hair from Valentin’s head. He’s like, hey! and she says she was just helping him polish his appearance; he’s welcome. He asks Nina what happened to playing nice with Cassandra, and she says Cassandra threatened Charlotte. He says she’s going to be leaving soon one way or another.

Anna tells Finn that she doesn’t want him unprepared or undefended. He tells her that he won’t carry a gun, but she wouldn’t dream of violating his principles. He says, that’s a change, and she says there are other ways to defend yourself.

Kim shows up at Drew and Sam’s place. She says that a strong trigger for memory is music, and gives him the CD. She tells him that he made it for her, and it contains songs he liked or had meaning for him. He says that Oscar told him about it. She suggests he listen to it, and maybe it will bring something back.

Tomorrow, Griff says Ava can’t know, Maxie asks Amy to put Nathan’s mind at rest, and Cassandra says Finn isn’t the man she thought he was.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When we last left Vegas, LisaR had just arrived. She’s introduced to Teddi, and pretends it’s great to see everyone. Kyle feels since she extended the invitations, it’s on her, and hopes they’re all able to get along. Good luck with that. LisaR thinks the birthday celebrations are a good way to start fresh.

Erika is channeling Russian hooker along with supermodel. Whatever that means to you. Adrienne Maloof joins them, and her face looks like a balloon. Why do these women always over do it with the fillers? Erika shows up looking more like a dominatrix than anything else. Adrienne is there for a hot minute, and then disappears never to be seen again.

The ladies go out for dinner. LisaR says it was a nice surprise to be invited, and in her interview, Dorit says it was a surprise for her too. Kyle says LVP is obsessed with the huge Ferris wheel, so it’s on the agenda. Teddi explains that she’s an accountability coach for fitness. This is a thing? I could do that, yell at people to quit making excuses and work out. She says she’s struggled her entire life with her weight, and at one point weighed two hundred pounds. She wants to help other women meet their goals.

Erika and Dorit talk children. Dorit feels that Erika is a lot warmer. Erika wants to see LisaR shake her groove thing, and they move on to a club. What happened to the Ferris wheel? BTW, they look as stupid as the rest of us on the dance floor after having a few drinks. There are happy birthday messages projected onto a screen on the stage for Teddi, LisaR, Dorit, and Erika, along with their photos, which makes them all dance harder.

LisaR calls her daughters and finds out that one ordered a $280 steak. On her card. Dorit checks in with PK, and video chats with baby Phoenix. He asks about LisaR. Dorit says she’s okay, but she needs to get some things off her chest. In her interview, she says she has some unresolved issues, and she’ll feel fake if she doesn’t say anything.

Kyle, LisaR, and Camille go to the pool, while Erika, Dorit, and Teddi do some gambling. Not my thing. I played the slots in Atlantic City for a few hours once while waiting for a concert to begin, and I’m good for life. Teddi wins $800 right off the bat. In her interview, she talks about living with a roommate and eating ramen, which is why she’s tight with her money. Erika says time doesn’t exist when she’s gambling. They order cocktails. At ten in the morning. Dorit says it’s five o’clock somewhere. They discuss having a budget for gambling. That’s what I did on my foray, but I’ll bet (ha-ha) that they brought more than a few rolls of quarters. In her interview, Teddi says she’s not impressed with how much anyone is willing to spend; she’s not throwing it away. I’m with you, sister. I came home only a quarter shy. Dorit wins, and gets excited all over again about her birthday. She says dinner is on her tonight. True story. Gamblers are nuts. When I was at the casino, they still had the old pull-the-lever slot machines. Everything is electronic now, so they took away the one aspect I thought was fun. Anyway, I saw an empty one on the end of a row, and started moving toward it. This old lady pops out of nowhere, and hisses, this one is mine! I was like, lady, take it. I guess she was playing several at a time. Honestly, she frightened me.

After Vegas, Kyle is going with her family on vacation to Croatia. (sigh) LisaR wonders why there’s no young people at the pool. LVP joins the gamblers. In her interview, Erika says Vegas isn’t the place to be accountable for anything. They decide to go shopping, but frugal Teddi opts for the pool.

LVP is glad Dorit and Erika have set aside their differences. Erika says everything was said that needed to be, and it was time to move on. LVP wants to get to know Erika better. She responds to texts, but LVP isn’t feeling the warmth of friendship. In her interview, Erika says she needs to work on her TLC with the girlfriends.

Kyle commends LisaR on her entrance, and LisaR says she doesn’t tend to hold on to things. Dorit talks with the others about clearing things up, as LisaR wonders who would want to rehash anything. Erika treats LVP to some expensive skincare products.

At the pool, Camille actually gets in the water. Teddi thought going to Vegas with strangers on her birthday was going to be a disaster, but she’s having fun. Oh, just wait.

Kyle talks to Erika about Harry confronting her about Kim on the hiking trail. She told him she’s not responsible for her sister’s actions. Erika says she should let LisaR know what happened, but tread lightly.

Finally, the Ferris wheel. It’s called the High Roller. Kyle is afraid of heights, and is hesitant. She says omg over and over while getting in. She’s glad there’s a bar. Wait, this isn’t like a real Ferris wheel. This is a rich person’s Ferris wheel. The cabs are little rooms with bars in them, and the whole thing moves very slowly, taking forty minutes to go around. Kyle feels embarrassed. Geez, no one is even looking at the view. In her interview, LisaR says everyone is pretending like it’s okay, when it’s not. Kyle says it’s her last chance to talk to LisaR about Harry. Too late. Dorit hijacks her moment.

LisaR doesn’t want to rehash the past, but Dorit doesn’t want to feel like she’s going to be attacked. Erika wonders if this is the place. LisaR says PK had some harsh things to say about her, like calling her schizophrenic. She’s flummoxed that Dorit isn’t buying that he said anything bad. Apparently, Dorit didn’t watch the show. Kyle thinks Teddi should do an intervention, but she’s not interested in getting involved. Somehow, these girls have mixed up being a fitness accountability coach with being a therapist. Dorit tells LisaR she did nothing to her, and in her interview, LisaR wonders why she’s not taking responsibility for her part. She tells Dorit she knows she can seem like a bitch, but she’s not. Erika asks Kyle if she’s going to say something. Dorit says she felt like LisaR had bad intentions. LisaR says she can’t force Dorit to like her, but would like Dorit to give knowing her a chance. Dorit says LisaR hurt her, and LisaR says she’s sorry for that. Dorit agrees to start clean, and they shake on it, saying they’re grown-ups. LisaR feels like a weight has been lifted. She wants to show her girls you can be a strong woman without being a bitch.

Dorit says they agree it’s a slow process, but got it out. Kyle feels she has to say something. She tells LisaR that the day after Kim gave back the bunny, something happened, and she feels badly not having shared with her. LisaR says Harry told her about it. Kyle says she felt like Harry was an extension of LisaR, and thought it was amazing how he defended her, but she’s not fighting her sister’s battles. LisaR is sorry it happened, and says the timing was bad, but Harry loves Kyle. In her interview, Kyle is glad LisaR apologized. LVP says LisaR should understand PK’s position. LisaR says she’s learned more during her time with this group of women than in her entire life, but doesn’t say what she learned exactly. LVP has hope. LisaR says it’s hard to admit when you’re an a-hole. Erika thinks it’s a miracle that everyone is getting along, and is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Me too.

Kyle has to pack, but the others go to a really cool bar. It looks like a library with a huge gas fireplace along one wall. Erika takes the ice out of a drink, and pretends it’s a sex toy. Good thing Kameron from Dallas Housewives isn’t there. They pass the ice around. Kyle joins them, and they ask her what it looks like. She says a wiener. Ding-ding-ding! We have a wiener winner! She says she has to get moving, but she’s amazed that the trip went so well. There’s still time.

Dorit asks Teddi about growing up with her dad. Teddi says he’s laid back and chill, so there was no difference to her. Erika says she wouldn’t know, since she was twenty-five when she met her dad. It was like meeting a stranger. Her mother was eighteen when she was born, and he left when she was nine months old. In her interview, LisaR says she has empathy, and it’s another piece of the puzzle. Erika must want to protect herself. Erika says she missed out, but at the same time doesn’t feel like something is missing in her life. She has other fabulous relationships. In her interview, she says no matter what some people think, she didn’t marry her dad; her dad is much younger than her husband. In her interview, Teddi says Erika comes off like she’s too cool, but maybe she shouldn’t be trying so hard with her. Teddi tells the group that if she says anything that offends them, to tell her. They say they will. I’m surprised she even thinks she has to say that. I guess no one noticed that Teddi was asked a question, and Erika made it all about her. Just sayin’.

It’s time to leave Vegas. Dorit goes to Teddi’s room, where there’s a breakfast spread. Teddi tells Dorit that she had fun and is glad she came. They seem like a fun group. She didn’t have an immediate connection with Erika though, and thought she might be trying too hard. Dorit says it’s the first time she and Erika connected, and you have to earn her trust. It might take a while, but let things happen naturally. They toast to the successful trip. I go into shock that there were no fights. Although there’s still the airport and the plane ride home.

Next time, the construction on Kyle’s house is driving her mad, Teddi shows off her equestrian skills, and we learn more about Erika’s father.

🌆 New show Bethenny and Fredrik, revolving around real estate, begins on Tuesday, February 6th at 10 pm. Should be interesting. They both have steamroller personalities.

🎡 The High Roller


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December 22, 2017 – Christmas in Port Charles & a Christmas Quote Quartet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle tells the baby not to worry. Mommy will think of something.

Sonny tells Michael to quit working while he decorates the tree. Sonny says last year they were drowning in sorrows and grief; they’ve come a long way. Carly jingles Morgan’s ornament, and asks if they think he got his wings. She isn’t sure how he’d like them, since he hated putting on a sportscoat.

Molly sets the dinner table. TJ suggests not putting Aunt Stella next to his mom. Molly thought there was truce, but he says today isn’t the day to push it

Stella tells Alexis that Thomas was born on Christmas. Alexis says it must be a bittersweet holiday. She says, like our Lord, he was taken too soon.

Julian remembers a Christmas past with Alexis. Someone knocks at the pub door. Ava is bearing a gift. She tells him she came to celebrate the season and congratulate him on his new life. Julian appreciates the gesture, but wonders what possessed her to bring Griff.

Laura says barring a Christmas miracle, she doesn’t think they’re getting married tonight. Lulu hears someone at the door and asks if someone ordered a miracle. It’s Laura’s mother. Laura can’t believe it. She welcomes Doc into the family. Dante asks how she worked it out, and Leslie says she has a close friend who’s a storm chaser and flew her there. The storm wasn’t the problem; the icy roads were. They had to rent an all-terrain vehicle. She introduces everyone to Marcello, her significant other. Maxie says there’s no one to perform the ceremony, but Lulu says Leslie can. I was joking, but I guess she is a minister. Laura says no, she can’t.

Jason arrives at Sonny and Carly’s. Carly says she gets to bask in the attention of her favorite men. She hasn’t done that since Michael was a toddler. Michael says he wants to know how he wound up a Corrinthos and not a Quartermaine.

Ava says Griff was driving her to church, and she asked to stop. Would he prefer Griff wait in the car? Griff says he would have, but didn’t want her slipping on the ice. She asks if Julian wants to see Kiki later, but he says she hates him. She asks if he’s just going to sit in an empty restaurant, and he tells her to light a candle for him. They leave and Julian pouts. No Santa for him.

Alexis asks TJ to turn up the heat, but TJ says the super isn’t around today. Molly has made tofurky. TJ says his vegetarianism is a recent development. Curtis says it must be really recent, since he was chowing down on burgers yesterday. TJ says he’s more vegan at home. Alexis finds out Kristina sent Molly a present, and says she hasn’t spoken to her in weeks. Stella thinks Alexis should call her – since she still can.

Michael says if the DNA test proves the baby is his, he’ll need to know some things. It will help him make decisions for his own child. Carly tells him she was a messed up young woman, and blamed his grandmother. She had an affair with Bobbie’s husband, and everyone was miserable. One night she ran into AJ when she was looking for Jason, and they got busy. She told Tony he was the father, but AJ suspected the baby was his. They both tried to prove she was unfit, so she told the lie she knew would save her – that Jason was his father. She ran to find Jason in the rain. Jason says he was in the middle of a meeting when she showed up. She told him she’d done something he wasn’t going to like, but she was wrong. It was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Leslie says she married Laura and Scotty. Laura says that’s her point; she feels it would be wrong. Doc agrees not wants specter of Scotty hanging over the vows. Marcello says something in Italian. Leslie tells them that he can officiate the wedding.

At Molly and TJ’s, the lights are out, but there’s no outage or blown fuses. Molly says they paid both the electric and gas, but they’re off. Alexis suggests her house, but the roads are closed. Curtis says has to be something open. Stella suggests Charlie’s. Alexis makes a soap opera face.

Curtis bangs on the door, but there’s no answer. TJ suggests going back to the apartment for veggie dip, and Curtis adds, cocktails. Ava and Griff show up, saying they spun out on the icy roads. Ava yells for Julian to open up. He hears Alexis say, forget it, and opens the door. They all come in.

Leslie tells everyone that Marcello has married American couples in Italy, and the unions are legal and binding. He doesn’t speak any English though.

Carly says AJ filed for custody, so she came up with a plan. Marry him, drive him back to drinking, prove he was unfit, and get sole custody. Michael asks why Jason didn’t stop her, but Jason says she makes her own choices. He realized she’d never stop fighting until she got Michael back to him. He didn’t want Michael torn in two, so he left Port Charles. Carly says then she and Sonny got involved. AJ was willing to give her a divorce, but wouldn’t let her have Michael. Sonny says he blackmailed AJ, and Carly moved in. He was afraid to be a father, but overnight, he loved it. Carly lost their baby when AJ pushed her down the stairs, and they almost broke up, but basically Michael connected them. Carly says they had his back, but she learned to be a parent because of Sonny. Michael asks if having him made her a better person, but she says, no; loving him did. It’s one thing to give birth, and another to be a parent. The doorbell rings. It’s Nelle. She collapses in Michael’s arms.

The girls prep Laura for the ceremony. Leslie says it’s a perfect time in her life. Bobbie asks if they’re ready to move on to the good luck charms, and Maxie says they can’t afford to ignore them. They already have the something new and blue covered, and Bobbie says she has the something old and borrowed. She’s loaning her Aunt Ruby’s handkerchief. She tells Laura to feel free to put it to good use. Aunt Ruby always said, tears of joy are a gift from the angels, so cry all she wants.

Nelle says she’s so sorry. She was going to get dinner, and nothing was open. She was driving home, and came to a downed tree. She didn’t know what to do, so she got out of her car. Sonny brings her some broth. She swears she didn’t mean to come there. She started feeling faint, and no one was at the gate. Sonny says the guards have the night off, and Jason’s here. She says, you’re Jason, and Jason says, you’re Nelle. She tells Michael that she thinks she and the baby will be fine.

Julian tells his guests what the menu is. Molly says she and TJ will handle it, since they were hosting the family dinner. Ava tells Stella that she hopes to see her at gallery again soon. Jordan is surprised they know each other, and says, that’s right, Stella brought back the sculpture Jordan gave her. Stella says she donated the money to the homeless in Thomas’s name. Jordan asks if she has to bring him up in every conversation. Stella says she’ll never stop missing him. To ask her to on his birthday, is asking too much. Curtis begs for peace on Christmas, and Stella says she’d leave if she could, but is stuck with Jordan instead.

Julian brings up a Christmas kiss that he and Alexis had. She asks him not to take a walk down Memory Lane. He says he doesn’t want her to erase all the memories; they weren’t all bad, like the kiss. She’s not interested in revisiting anything. Griff interrupts, but Ava says he’s just making sure Alexis is fine. Molly and TJ slip out while everyone is arguing.

At the chapel, the bride walks down the aisle. Ooh, she looks gorgeous, in a midnight blue, silky, off-the-shoulder gown with a tiny train, accessorized with sparkly jewelry. Marcello begins, and Leslie translates. She says he’s sorry he doesn’t speak English, but love in any language is the same; selfless, joyous, enduring, and beautiful. He starts the vows, and Doc doesn’t need a translation for those. He tells Laura that what started as a quest to solve a riddle, turned into love between them. His best decision ever was answering her ad, but he didn’t know it would turn into finding the love of his life. Laura says she thanks God every day for having him in her life. She never thought she’d get to do this again. How would she know a year ago, when she flashed Santa, she hit the jackpot? She vows to stand by his side, no matter what. She’ll love him every day for the rest of her life. They exchange rings, and Marcello pronounces them man and wife. Everyone applauds.

Ava apologizes, but Jordan says this is their family, and how they do things. How does she do it? Leaving a path of destruction and just saying, sorry? Griff says they’re all stuck here. Can’t they put their differences aside, and be decent for one cold Christmas night that means so much to so many?

Laura thanks everyone for braving the elements to share the ceremony with them. Lulu says Italian is the language of love, so it was perfect. Nathan tells them that there’s been a weather alert, and Dante says they can’t go anywhere until the crews get out there. Doc says there’s going to be a delayed honeymoon, and Lulu adds that it’s a friends and family wedding night.

Jason asks if Carly is okay. She tells him no, but she’s not staring a fight on Christmas. It’s what that snake wants. Jason says, probably, and she tells him not to tell her to be compassionate. Then she wonders how it’s any different than her showing up on his doorstep. He says she didn’t show up to manipulate him, but as a friend. She still remembers the relief when he didn’t judge or turn against her. Instead, he gave her a place to stay and money. She remembers she has present for him. It’s a keychain, and he says it looks familiar. She tells him she couldn’t find an exact replica, but it’s similar to the one he gave her, and is mostly symbolic. It’s the key to their house. He’ll always have a home; this is his home. He says he knows that, and she tells him, welcome home, and hugs him

Griff says it’s a night of peace, harmony, and forgiveness. Julian tells him that he should practice what he preaches, and asks if there’s any takers for forgiveness. Stella says forgiveness is a gift, and badgering it out of someone produces an empty gesture. Jordan wonders if Stella is an expert on forgiveness now. Stella says those who willingly destroy others’ lives always want to be forgiven. Curtis tells them that the kids just wanted to host a decent Christmas dinner, and as the adults, they should be supportive. Julian says they’re not there. Griff volunteers to look for them, and Julian calls him Dudley Do-Right. TJ and Molly come in, and tell them to stop fighting. TJ explains that the homeless shelters are filled to capacity, and they have no blankets. Someone suggests the tablecloths, but Julian has a better idea.

Leslie toasts to the happy couple. Dante welcomes Doc into the family, but says he already felt like a part of it. Maxie steps aside, and Nathan asks if she’s crying. She tells him it’s from happiness. She can’t believe that this time next year, they will be celebrating their baby’s first Christmas.

The food is brought out at Charlie’s.

Carly says Nelle’s room is ready, and there’s an extra quilt. Nelle doesn’t want to be any trouble, and Carly says it’s no trouble; they have plenty of room. Nelle thanks Sonny for the broth, and tells everyone Merry Christmas. Michael takes her upstairs.

Sonny asks Carly if she’s okay. She says she is, because Nelle can’t win. She can cause heartbreak, but they’ve been through worse than Nelle, and they’re still standing. They have each other. Sonny toasts to those they love, those they lost, and those who came back. He wouldn’t be standing there if not for them. They always have his back, and he’ll always have theirs. He loves them, and says, to family.

I doubt they have a new episode on Christmas, so…

On Tuesday, Nathan tells Kim his concern about the medical history, Jordan asks where Lulu got the evidence, and Peter wants to know who actually owns the company.

⛄ Both Z Nation and Once Upon a Time have finished their seasons, so unless something incredible comes along, see you after Christmas. My two must-see movies over the weekend will be the musical version of Scrooge with Albert Finney, and the Rat Pack film, Robin and the Seven Hoods. Hope it’s a happy and a merry one for you!

🎄 Quotes of the Week 🎄

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.  – Thomas S. Monson

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year. – Joel Osteen

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. – Scrooge, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

God bless us, every one. – Tiny Tim, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


And to All a Good Night

December 21, 2017 – Oscar Meets the Quartermaines & Falling Behind


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Franco sets up some toys while Star Wars music plays. He puts on a VR headset, and has a light sabre duel with an invisible opponent. Elizabeth sees him, and laughs.

Josslyn meets Jason. She shopped for his gifts to the kids, and has to explain Frozen. She tells him that Jake loves to draw.

Sam comes downstairs, and tells Drew that Scout is asleep. They’re supposed to be at Monica’s, but Scout is teething, and it’s been hard on everyone. Sam doesn’t want to wake her, and tells Drew to go ahead. He says he shouldn’t leave until the gifts are exchanged, and he has something special for her – a new engagement ring.

Monica shows Leo a dancing Santa. Olivia-Q is more impressed than he is. Ned remarks to Olivia that she and Monica are getting along. She says it’s not a bad thing, but he tells her that a good old-fashioned Quartermaine brouhaha about Jason and Drew is looming, and he wants her to be on his side when it happens. The bell rings, and Monica says she invited some extra people. It’s Kim.

At the chapel, Laura and Doc get ready for the wedding. Lulu says friends and family will be there soon to celebrate. Maxie interrupts, saying no way the wedding is taking place today. Laura is like, what? Maxie says they’re not supposed to see each other before the wedding, and tells them to close their eyes. Doc says they’re a little too experienced to fall for a superstition. Maxie tells him mocking makes it worse, but Laura says it’s a perfect day for a weeding. Maxie tells her, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Monica introduces Kim to Ned and Olivia. She asks where Oscar is, and Kim says he wasn’t ready to meet everyone yet. Monica tells her that Oscar is always welcome there. When Kim is out of earshot, Ned asks if it isn’t a little early, and what about a DNA test? Monica says she doesn’t need a test, and isn’t turning anyone away who’s family.

Jason tells Josslyn that he shopped for Danny himself, and got a bunch of stuff for the dog. Josslyn says he’s a better gift-giver than he thought; Danny loves the dog. Jason tells her that she’s like her mom, and thanks her. He runs into Oscar on his way out, and asks how he is. Oscar says okay, and sits with Josslyn, who explains that she did the shopping for Jason. Oscar says it was nice of her, and she says that Jason is her mom’s best friend and she likes figuring out gifts. She gives Oscar his gift, a book by Edward Quartermaine. She tells him that’s his great-grandfather.

Franco shouts, score one for the rebellion! Elizabeth applauds. Franco says he should be embarrassed, but she tells him it was awesome. He puts the headset on her, and shows her how to use the light sabre. He tells her trust in her emotions. I wonder if the kids will get to play with this at all.

Drew says he should have waited, and given Sam the ring on a walk. He wonders if he should save it for later, but Sam says save the walk for later; put the ring on now. He asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s never been more sure of anything. She tells him she loves him, and will wear it as a symbol of their love, their life, and the promises they made to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Drew Kane. They kiss.

Maxie is nervous, and wishes Doc hadn’t seen the bride. Laura tells her to calm down. Maxie apologizes, saying it’s Laura’s wedding, and it should be what she wants. What a concept! Maxie says, Sam had a lugnut for a ring, so who is she to say? Bobbie arrives. Laura says it means a lot to have her there. Bobbie says they’re family, and have come a long way. They laugh about fighting over Scotty, of all people. Bobbie says Doc is a great guy, and plus, it will drive Lucy bonkers, which is a good thing.

Elizabeth wants to play again. There’s a knock at the door. Franco says his dad isn’t expected until dinner. It’s Jason, who has something for Jake. Jake comes downstairs, and asks what Jason is doing there. Elizabeth says Jason is his father. Jason tells Jake that he wanted to say Merry Christmas, and has something for him. Jake says he already has a dad, and doesn’t want him there. He runs upstairs, and Franco follows. Elizabeth tells Jason that it’s been hard on him; he had his world turned upside down again. Jason asks if Jake is afraid after he saw him in the park, but Elizabeth says that he felt safe; he’s just overwhelmed. He loves Drew, and doesn’t want to lose him. Jason says he has no intention of pushing Drew out. Elizabeth says eventually Jake will get that, but give him space right now. She tells Jason that she has something to tell him. She doesn’t expect him to like it, but to accept it. She and Franco are getting married. She explains that he’s a different person than the one Jason knew. Jason says it’s her life, but Franco did what he did. Elizabeth says he had a tumor, and it had everything to do with who he is. She wouldn’t have let him in to her life or the boys’ lives if that hadn’t changed. Jason says when and if Jake is ready to see him, he’s there. Franco overhears.

Monica is glad that Drew came over. She says nothing has changed. He’s her son; he always was, and always will be part of the family. Michael joins them, and Monica leaves to get drinks. Michael asks where Sam is, and Drew says she wanted to let Scout sleep longer. Ned interrupts, saying after the holidays, they have to discuss ELQ, and grandfather’s will. Everyone’s shares have been affected. Drew is like, Merry Christmas to you too, and goes into the living room. Michael says Drew he just walked in, and asks what’s going on? Ned is pushing ELQ to make big moves. He wonders if he made a mistake bringing Ned on board.

Drew sees Kim, and asks about Oscar. She says she hopes he comes, but meeting the entire family was a bit much.

Oscar thanks Josslyn, saying now he can read about his family. He gifts her with a CD he made. He thought of all the hours they listened to the CD from his father, and thought she deserved one of her own. They’re songs that make him think of her. Josslyn says she’ll have to kick her stepdad out of the living room, so she can listen to it. Oscar says he can’t have Sonny mad at her, and gives her a portable CD player, saying he found it online, and it’s cool and retro. She says it’s the best Christmas present ever, and kisses him.

Sam looks at a lugnut on a chain. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason

Elizabeth asks Franco is Jake is okay, and he tells her that Jake is dueling with Darth Vader. He asks what about her, and she says it’s not easy. Jason has every reason not to trust him. Franco says it’s his intention to go the rest of his life not antagonizing another person, so he’ll steer clear of Jason. Elizabeth thinks it’s a good plan for now, but hopes at some point they can be civil. Franco says that would be a Christmas miracle, and she says at least he has a truce with Drew.

Kim gives Monica and Drew photo books of Oscar growing up. Monica says he has Alan’s smile. She leaves to show Michael, and Kim asks Drew if it was too much. He says he’s just getting used to the idea of having a son, and he missed a lot.

Jason has a present for Danny, but Sam says he’s at the Quartermaines. She’s going there later. He says he can see Danny another time, but she tells him that he can put it under the tree if he wants. He comes in, and says the tree is a far cry from the runt tree they brought home. She says she remembers. He asks if that’s a new ring, and Sam tells him, yes; they’re getting married.

Laura tells Lulu that Doc is wonderful. He loves her quirks and foibles. Lulu is glad she found the love she deserved, and says she told her so. They hug. Laura doesn’t want to cry and ruin her makeup. Lulu tells her to relax and enjoy the day. Laura says it’s ridiculous, but Maxie’s superstition bugged her, and got in her head. Bobbie comes in, saying they have a problem.

Sam tells Jason that she and Drew are getting married again because they love each other, and it would be illegal not to. She realizes they brought other things to the relationship that belong to him, like the penthouse. Jason says it’s her home, and her son’s home. He has no interest in taking it back. She thanks him, and says Aurora was definitely purchased with his money, and they’ll find a way to pay him back. He says he’s already talked to Diane, and it will stay in her hands. Sam says it’s a lot to ask, and he tells her to consider it a gift for Christmas. She thanks him, and they wish each other a Merry Christmas. He leaves, and she gazes at the tree.

Elizabeth tells Franco that a card came for him. It’s from Betsy.

Bobbie tells Laura that flights are being rerouted. Lucky and Spencer are in Boston. They’ll drive in, but won’t make it for the ceremony. Laura says they got bad luck anyway. In the chapel, the reverend says he has to leave. His wife’s water just broke. Seriously? He can’t spare five minutes?

Sam and Scout arrive at the Quartermaines, with Oscar right behind them. Sam tells him the Quartermaines can be an unusual bunch, but promises they won’t bite. She introduces him to his little sister. Scout is super cute, wearing a hat that has pompoms on it like ears. Sam asks if Oscar is staying, but he’s afraid if he walks through the door, he’ll have to accept his old life is gone, and a new life and family are taking its place. Sam tells him change can be scary, but also exciting. She didn’t know her life would be where it is now, but she loves it. She has a past that will always be a part of her. She tells him to take his coat off and stay a while. They can walk into a new life together. Drew comes out and smiles. He’s glad they came. Oscar says, Merry Christmas, I guess. Drew tells him that his mom is inside.

Elizabeth tells Franco there was no postmark on the card. She asks where Betsy is, but she didn’t say. The card says she hopes the holiday brings Franco the peace he deserves, and her sincere wish is that he can forgive her. Elizabeth says it’s really Drew’s life that was affected. Why does she think this is about him, and what else could she mean?

Oscar goes inside, and Monica introduces herself, telling him that he’s just in time for dinner. Olivia introduces herself and Ned. On the side, Olivia asks Ned what’s the matter? She hates the cynical streak he’s developed since they found out Jason and Drew were twins. He says he’s just protecting his family. She tells him that Kim doesn’t want anything, and Oscar is a kid. Ned says Oscar has no loyalty to the family. They have no idea who he will become, but he’s not “one of us.” Olivia says, and Leo is? She hopes the man who invited her son into his heart and family can do the same thing for Oscar.

Josslyn runs into Jason. She asks how Jake and Danny liked their presents. Jason tells her that he left both, and she asks if he wants to ride back to the house with her. He tells her that he’ll come by later, and she says her mom wouldn’t want him to spend Christmas alone. He promises he’s fine, and she leaves. Jason heaves a sigh, and I laugh.

Monica tells Oscar that Alan would be proud to know he had another grandson, and he has Alan’s smile. Drew tells her that he overheard Olivia saying something about helping in the kitchen. Monica says she promised to stay out, and goes to run interference. Drew tells Oscar that being thrown into a family like this can be a lot. He knows how Oscar feels, but promises their hearts are in the right place. He gets it, and if it becomes too much, Oscar can flag him down. He’ll pull a circuit breaker, the lights will go out, and they can split. That’s what family is for, but he doesn’t want to be presumptuous. He’s there, he’s going to be there, and wants to let Oscar know he’s not going anywhere. Oscar says that means a lot. Kim watches them.

Laura asks to talk to Doc. He says the bad news all happened, and the only way to go is up. Laura says she appreciates everything, but face it, there’s not going to be a wedding tonight. Doc says he’s not giving up; there’s still time to make it happen today. She says maybe their victims of bad weather, but barring a Christmas miracle, she doesn’t think they can get married tonight. Someone is at the door, and Lulu answers. She asks if someone ordered a miracle.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Betsy probably feels guilty for keeping silent all these years. Elizabeth knows what she put in motion, but wonders what she has to feel guilty about. Aiden comes downstairs, saying Jake defeated Darth Maul. Elizabeth wants revenge, and tells him to set up the game again. Franco says he’ll be there in a minute.

Oscar sees Ned’s guitar, and Ned asks if he plays. Oscar says he plays guitar and piano. When he picks up an instrument to mess around, the next thing he knows – Ned finishes that it’s five hours later. He asks if Oscar does any composing, and Oscar says sometimes. Ned says him too, and guesses it runs in the family. He tells Oscar that his great-grandfather, Edward, always insisted they sing on holidays. When he was around, there were always carols before dinner on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Oscar is surprised there’s a Thanksgiving carol, and Ned says he’ll hear it next year.

Ned picks up the guitar, saying it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t sing. He asks Oscar to give him a hand. It would have been funny if Oscar started clapping, but that doesn’t happen. Monica tells them dinner is served, but Ned says, singing first, then eating. He plays Silent Night, and seems to be mostly singing by himself. Monica takes Drew’s arm, and apparently Ned also only knows one verse, since he repeats it.

Sam remembers bringing the puny tree home with Jason. In her memory, she tells him that she couldn’t bear to leave it, and with a little TLC, it will be beautiful. Jason also remembers. He looks up as the snow falls.

Tomorrow, Nathan is the bearer of bad news, Nelle passes out, and Laura’s mother arrives. Is she a minister by any chance?

🎅 That’s all she wrote for today. After all these years, I still can’t get the hang of this Christmas thing, and I’m making out cards tonight. Maybe I should just send Valentines instead.

😸 How I Think It Will Be…


😏 The Reality…


😟 And the FOMO…


December 20, 2017 – Lomax Holds a Meeting, Siggy Holds a Grudge & Four Days


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan says there’s something wrong with the records. It’s probably nothing, but he has follow-up questions for his mother.

Well, I don’t think George Stephanopoulos is going to answer those questions, but he’s suddenly on my TV.

🎥 Missing Reel 🎥

It was only ten minutes, and I figure it’s not worth hunting for. Faison isn’t here yet. Ha-ha! Julian says Griff seems to pick and choose who deserves forgiveness. Griff says Ava is different, and Julian asks why, because she defrocked him? Griff says she’s really repentant, and wonders if Julian has ever even admitted the things he’s done are wrong. Julian says Griff has no idea. He just came to drop off gifts, but clearly it’s a bad time, and Griff and Ava have things to discuss. He gifts and runs.

Lulu fills Peter in on the election. She tells him about finding all the ballots, and says the polls suggested Felicia would win. He says polls aren’t always right, but she says it seems Felicia’s opponent stole election – how’s that for a story?

Laura asks Doc how it went with Dante. Doc says he’s on board, and asks about Lulu. Laura says Lulu was always supportive, but she’s distracted by the story she’s working on. She says Doc knows how it is when sets her mind on something. Laura looks through the pub window at the town hall meeting. Doc says he wonders where Lulu gets it, telling Laura that she’s scowling while shooting hate rays at the mayor. He says her fight is his fight.

TJ, Molly and Alexis talk at the pub. Julian walks in. Molly accuses him of being on the mayor’s side, saying since he couldn’t destroy her mom, he’s going to try to destroy the neighborhood. He says they’re on the same side. He’s a small business owner now. She asks what business he owns, and he tells her she’s standing in it.

Griff apologizes for putting Ava in the middle. She says she’s the one who did it, and he says he should have kept his anger in check. Ava says she loves her brother, but he’s smug and arrogant. If he regrets anything, he’s good at hiding it. What Griff said is true. He asks what about her, and she says that she’s somehow more worthy of forgiveness? He says he’s seen a change in her.

Nelle reads the paper at Kelly’s. She remarks that something is interesting, grabs her stuff, and walks out.

Michael meets with Ned at the pub. He says if Mayor Lomax gets her way, the people’s lives will be turned upside down. They’re going to lose their homes, and he’s not sure ELQ should be a part of it. Ned says he didn’t have a problem with the redevelopment years ago, but Michael says they weren’t tearing down people’s houses. Ned asks if he wouldn’t prefer a family who cares about Port Charles getting involved. If someone else gets the project, it could be worse. Michael tells him that he’s not saying no – yet.

Julian tells Molly that he decided it’s time to make an honest living, and used the media company sale to buy the pub. Molly asks Alexis if she was hoping to run into him, but the mayor interrupts, saying the town hall meeting is coming to order.

Lulu shows up at the station, and Dante asks what’s going on? She tells him that she needs his advice as husband, not a cop.

Mayor Lomax talks about a building a privatized park, and how it’s going to be a new chapter for the neighborhood. They’re going to make Port Charles a mid-sized business district. Molly asks what about the families who live there, and the students? Where will they go? The mayor says they’ll take questions later, but Julian says he wants to hear what they have to say, so she agrees. TJ talks about his family being new to Port Charles, and how he and Molly are renting a place there while working toward their degrees. He’s concerned about the property values skyrocketing even if they stay. The so-called progress will drive people out of their homes. Lomax says one of the reasons rents are rising is because of the influx of students living off campus. Molly says she’s deflecting by bringing in an irrelevant statistic that may or may not be true. Lomax says that TJ said his family was new to Port Charles, and Laura gets up, saying hers isn’t.

Maxie tells Felicia that she’s feeling a tsunami of doubt and anxiety. She’s never cared for an infant before. What if she’s not good enough to be a mother?

Obrecht meets with Nathan at Kelly’s, and asks what’s so important? He tells her he was on his way to drop off the medical records, and noticed some inconsistencies. She says she looked them over herself, and between her Swiss accuracy and German precision, pronounced them flawless. Nathan says Victor seemed to be in perfect health, but there’s no evidence he was tested for beta thalassemias, when it runs in the family. (I looked this up, and it’s a blood disorder.) He wonders why.

Ava tells Griff that she has a lot to atone for. When she committed those sins, her brother was a part of it. Griff doesn’t want him leading her down the wrong path, but she says she can falter on her own, despite his best efforts to redeem her. Nelle asks if she’s interrupting, but Ava tells her that Griff is on his way to work. He leaves, and Nelle asks if everything is okay. Ava says, just fine, and Nelle says she saw that Ava is hiring an assistant. Ava says she’s hired.

Laura says she’s been a resident in Port Charles since she was fifteen. It’s the place she calls home, and raised her children there. She thinks she’s qualified to speak to the historic significance. What drew her there was that it was charming and affordable, but what kept her there was the people. She talks about Mary May Ward, and how she fought passionately to preserve the community. She explains that the dock workers first settled the neighborhood, and turned it from a sleepy hamlet to a bustling city. It was a haven for diversity when the rest of the country wasn’t. She tells everyone to look at the pictures that are hanging up. They’re not just a reminder of who they were, but who they are. The city shouldn’t push out the working class, but help them thrive. She has nothing against progress, but not at the expense of their past or the people who live there. She encourages everyone to vote, and vote no. Peter just looks at her, while everyone applauds. I wonder what’s up with that guy.

Felicia says Maxie is already an excellent mother. Maxie says she was careless and selfish, and Georgie was taken from her. Felicia says she went through a troubled period, but look at her now. Maxie tells her that she’s a train wreck with great hair, but Felicia says she’s successful with a loving partner. Everything will be fine.

Obrecht tells Nathan that he’s been tested for beta thalassemias, and doesn’t have it. She says fatherhood brings out a healthy paranoia in men. The doctor will tell him all is well, and he can stop worrying. She leaves, but outside, she gets a really weird, complicated look on her face.

Lomax says they’ve heard from the rezoning committee and the residents. The only thing left is the vote next month. She adjourns the meeting. Doc tells Laura that she was amazing, and everyone gives her kudos. Molly says Laura would make a good politician herself. Laura says Port Charles is lucky to have young people willing to fight for its history.

Julian says Alexis has been there twice since she found out it was his pub. She tells him that she came for her scarf, and thanks him for defending her daughter. He says he was just doing what he thought was right; it’s a new thing he’s trying, and still figuring out. Molly asks Alexis why she’s talking to him, and says no matter how hard she tries, Alexis can’t shake him.

Nelle is surprised Ava is hiring her just like that, and Ava says her staff found other jobs after the fire, and she knows how good Nelle was at her job with Carly. Nelle says she knows how that ended, but Ava says it wasn’t because of poor work. Nelle tells Ava she’s not a saint. Ava says no one is, and she has no husband for Nelle to prey on, so they’re okay on that front. Nelle hopes the reason is that she’d be a good fit, not to stick it to Sonny and Carly. Ava says that has nothing to do with it. Just like it has nothing to do with Nelle applying for the job. Touché.

Michael tells Ned that everyone made excellent points. Ned says they had emotional appeal, but at the end of the day, it comes down to dollars and cents. Michael says it’s purely business, but he’s not sure; there are a lot of facets to consider, including public scrutiny. Ned thinks that’s a valid concern, but if they don’t give their support now, Lomax will find some venture capitalists who will. They can count on the project breaking ground as long as she’s the mayor. What say you? I think there’s going to be a new election once the fraud is exposed, and Laura will end up as mayor.

Dante tells Lulu that if she’s right, there’s going to be a huge controversy. Lulu says good, but Dante says Lomax could accuse her of making up fake news. Lulu says she’s thought about that, but major changes are happening because she won the election. If she didn’t win legitimately, the voters have a right to know the election was stolen, and that their voices still count for something.

Maxie says Felicia is right. Felicia says first trimester hormones aren’t blameless. Maxie and Nathan will make great parents, and she and Mac will always be there.

At the hospital, Nathan runs into Griff, who tells him congratulations. Nathan asks if Griff could do him a favor and look at the medical records. He needs to know if they belong to his father, or if he’s being lied to again.

Tomorrow, Monica tells Ned that she’s not turning away family, Maxie interrupts the wedding, and Jake doesn’t want Jason there. Saw that coming.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa is going bike riding with Siggy and Danielle. She tells the others she’ll meet them later. Teresa found a local private chef, so she, Dolores, and Margaret are taking a cooking class. She’s hoping the food works magic on Siggy and Margaret. Food, the universal language.

Teresa Dolores and Margaret go to the market for what Teresa calls “ingredientses.” Oooh, nice market. BTW, they just put the eggs in a bag when you buy them. Good to know. Dolores came from a huge Italian family, and thinks in another life, she was an Italian lady who stayed home, cooked and cleaned. That’s always been a dream of mine. Not really.

Melissa meets the bike guy, saying it will be the two of them if the girls don’t show, but Danielle and Siggy finally join her. Siggy tells us she had her bags packed, but decided to concentrate on the people she loves. I guess that means everyone except Margaret. Danielle says the bike is hurting her who-ha. Siggy is excited about a drama-free day. They stop to take pictures. Today, Siggy is an honorary Italian.

The chef gives the girls aprons, and they start with pasta. He tells them they’re not using a machine, and proceeds to concoct it with his hands. Margaret says no one ever married her for her cooking. My joke has always been that my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. Dolores is happy, and doesn’t care if the others kill each other at this point. Margaret is concerned about being in the same room with Siggy, since Siggy is a loose cannon. Next is chopping beef for steak tartar. Teresa chops it on a wooden board, and gets splinters in the meat. Apparently, she was a little too enthusiastic, and tells us it’s the first wood she’s seen in a long time. BA-DUM-CHH!

The bicyclists stop for some champagne in the park. Melissa asks Danielle how she and Siggy’s talk went, and she thinks it went well. Siggy can’t get over Margaret’s insensitivity. Melissa says Margaret is harsh, but she’s not a hater, and Siggy overreacts. In her interview, Siggy says she’s never seen people ignore bad behavior (really?), and thinks she expected too much. She says the holocaust is part of who she is. Danielle – who seems to be the new voice of reason – says Siggy has a script of how she wants people to behave, but Margaret doesn’t know her rules. Melissa says they’re not dismissing her feelings, but Margaret has feelings too, and she’s also upset. In her interview, Melissa says Siggy needs to meet Margaret halfway, but she doesn’t think it’s going to happen. The best they can hope for is things not getting worse. She says if you’re going to cry, do it when you have to go back to New Jersey. I second that.

Teresa has visions of shaking the champagne, and squirting the other girls when they come in. Margaret doesn’t know what to say, since it will only be used against her. If the pasta is delicious, Siggy will say she choked on pasta once, and Margaret is trying to kill her. Everyone sits down, and Teresa makes a toast to friendship. Siggy is uncomfortable, and trying to put on a brave face, but hopes Margaret doesn’t talk to her.

Margaret thinks everyone is skirting around the obvious – the last time they ate together, they were thrown out of a restaurant, In her interview, Melissa says Margaret is in the position of damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Melissa asks Margaret to come with her to get some water. Outside, she says that Margaret is being quiet, and asks if she’s okay. Margaret says it’s still raw. Melissa tells her about talking to Siggy, and doesn’t know if they got through, but they made an attempt to get her to understand. In her interview, Margaret says if they weren’t such a great group, she would fake her own death.

When they get back to the table, Siggy is in the middle of telling everyone that “Hitler” is a trigger word. Teresa says when she came home, hers was “jail.” In her interview, Margaret says she doesn’t understand Siggy, but won’t use it again. She tells Siggy she didn’t know it would hurt her to her core, and would never have said it had she known. She apologizes, and gets silence. Siggy barely looks at her. I’m just going to say it. Siggy is the biggest, most immature a-hole on the planet. Vote her off the island.

In her interview, Margaret says she gave a genuine, heartfelt apology, and got crickets. Danielle thanks Margaret, and Teresa says it brought tears to her eyes. In her interview, Siggy doesn’t care what Margaret says, she’s not making up. Siggy tells us that you don’t get over a comment like that in 24-hours, so she just concentrated on eating her meal. The next course is announced – steak tartar with woodchips. Ha-ha!

Back at the ranch Teresa’s house, the sink is leaking. Joe #2 arrives to fix it. He asks Milania if she can get him a dry rag, and she tells him he can get it himself. He asks to talk to the girls. He tells them that their mother is going through a lot. She works hard to support them, and they’re not easy. They can actually be a nightmare. He thinks they should do something nice for her birthday, and they decide on a surprise party

Margret says trip has turned into an international incident, and she needs a break from all the emotion. She takes a bubble bath. Siggy decides to spend time with Teresa today. Danielle is going to the shoe factory with Margaret because she’s a shoe geek. Melissa is going for gelato with Dolores.

Melissa tells Teresa they have one last dinner, and she wants to acknowledge what Margaret said.

Siggy admits to Danielle that Margaret said a nice thing. Danielle tells her it took a lot of courage. Siggy said she wanted an apology, but when she got what she wanted, she didn’t return anything. Dolores says if Siggy made amends with Danielle, it’s none of her business, but if Danielle tried to counsel her, she’d throw her ass out.

Danielle asks Margaret if she’s excited about going to the factory. She is, but says she has to put the pedal to the metal to get her shoe line out. Danielle tells her about Siggy, saying that Margaret went out of her comfort zone, and Siggy can’t give back the same thing she wants. Margaret says it wouldn’t be genuine. Siggy aligned her with a hate group, and she doesn’t want apology, but wants Siggy to acknowledge that’s not who she is.

Melissa and Dolores discover that Italy still has phone booths, and take pictures. They’re never making fun of tourists again.

Danielle thinks she might have a shoegasm. Margaret wants to make sure she’s on the same wavelength as the manufacturer. They check out the production department. She asks questions, and finds out that one pair takes three hours to make. She says she might be able to move past that because of the superior craftsmanship. She loves the factory, but the price point turns out to be a little high, so she feels it’s not exactly the right fit. I’m not sure if the pun is intended or not, since Margaret didn’t notice.

Teresa asked the chef to recommend a beautiful place to pray for her mom, and she takes Siggy to where there’s a gorgeous rendering of Jesus. She tells Siggy since she didn’t share the beach memorial with her, she’s sharing this. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do without her mom. Siggy says Teresa being away gave her mom an opportunity to bond with the banshees girls. In her interview, Teresa says she gets angry about the time she missed with her mom, but she’s glad her daughters were able to spend that time with her. She tells us that Siggy really does have a good heart. I think Siggy thinks she does, but it’s very selective. Siggy tells Teresa that she’s been holding a lot in. It started with Margaret calling her “Soggy.” Oh, for the love of all that’s holy. This woman is worse than a dog with a bone. Teresa thought they were done with that. Yeah, so did everybody else, since Siggy said they were. Teresa says she was called an adultery [sic] by Kim D, but Siggy thinks the hurt is the same. In her interview, Teresa doesn’t. She says for one you go to the hospital, and for the other, you put on a Band-Aid. Teresa thinks Margaret doesn’t realize how sensitive Siggy is, but says she did apologize. Wait for it… Siggy says that Margaret should have apologized that night. Teresa tells her, in all the chaos, when would she have been able to? Siggy promises to think about it. I have so many things to say, it would take up volumes. During the commercial, I jet over to the show’s page on Facebook, and many people are thinking the same things, so I refrain from posting, but like a few.

Melissa and Dolores wander around. Dolores says her man doesn’t demand a lot of attention, and it bothers her that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t hear from her in 24-hours. She says at her age, she’s not into just dating, and having Frank around is the best of both worlds. She goes out on dates, then comes home to Frank. They stop to eat. Dolores says having Frank around makes her realize she wants more than David. Melissa brings up Margaret’s apology, and says she was shocked. Siggy looked like she saw a ghost. Dolores tells her that Siggy isn’t emotionally ready to respond. If she wanted to respond in a snobby or nasty way, she would have done it already, but she contained herself. I can actually understand that, but cluing everyone else in might be a thought. Melissa says that Margaret always acts like the bigger person. Siggy called her anti-Semantic, and she needs to take that back. Dolores says she has Siggy’s back, but they need peace. Melissa says she knows why Dolores hangs out with men all the time.

The ladies get dolled up for their last dinner. Melissa stops by Margaret’s room. She can’t believe they’re leaving tomorrow. Melissa says she got Margaret a little something. She appreciates the invite. In her interview, Margaret says she’s glad she was introduced to Melissa. She’s Margaret’s spirit animal. Melissa gifts her with a charm bracelet, with the charms all reminiscent of Milan. Margaret tells Melissa that she was the most positive part of the trip. Melissa says it was good of her to apologize, and Margaret says she didn’t even know there were trigger words until she met Siggy. Melissa hopes Siggy can find it in her heart for taking back her comment to Margaret. She wants it cleaned up before they go back.

The table has a gorgeous fresh flower centerpiece; I think they’re peonies. Teresa says they have a private room in the hotel. If it gets out of control, the damage will be contained. Melissa reminds them that they have an early flight. She says let’s make tonight memorable, and enjoy it. Siggy says last night, Margaret gave a sincere heartfelt apology, and thanks her, saying she needed time to process. She starts getting weepy, and says she doesn’t think anyone should reference Hitler. She must really hate Vincent Bugliosi, who wrote an entire chapter in Helter Skelter about the parallels between Charles Manson and Hitler. Margaret says she’s sorry, but does Siggy genuinely feel she’s anti-Semantic?  Siggy says she wants to believe she’s not, but it wasn’t out of the sky. All the moments she felt attacked, and then the Hitler statement. Siggy doesn’t know where it came from, but if it hurt Margaret’s feelings, she apologizes. In her interview, Margaret says she’s trying to take it the best way possible, but it’s Apology 101. You shouldn’t be sorry for how someone feels, but what you did to make them feel that way. Thank you. My example is, I’m sorry they’re dead, instead of, I’m sorry I murdered them. Margaret says Siggy aligned her with a hate group, and her relationships outside are mostly with Jewish people. A remark like that is relationship ending, career ending, scathing, and hurtful. Siggy says how she felt could ruin her life. Margaret told her she said “Soggy” in the heat of the moment, not thinking it would hurt her, but she doesn’t think so. Melissa thinks Siggy doesn’t understand the gravity of what she said, and it would be a huge leap from that, to her really thinking Margaret is anti-Semantic. Siggy says it’s like she brought Margaret to a wedding, and was deserted at cocktail hour. Oh ho! This is why she’s so unreasonable. She’s jealous that her friends like Margaret. Margaret asks if Siggy thinks she’s always compassionate; she doesn’t always keep to her own rules. Siggy says she’s far from perfect. Margaret says if she gives herself a pass, she needs to give one to others. She would never say something to hurt her on purpose. In her interview, Margaret thinks she had no choice; she was forced to bond with the others, and Siggy realizes she’s here to stay. Teresa says all of them are friends. Dolores says let things mend, and it will all be good. Who would have thought Teresa and Danielle would make up? On that note, Margaret invites everyone to her Studio 54 disco birthday party, and everyone gets all excited.

Next time, Teresa poses, Margaret talks to her ex about the kids, Teresa apologizes to Danielle’s children, and Melissa has a not-listening-to-anyone attitude.

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December 19, 2017 – Sam Proposes, Beverly Hills Goes to Vegas & a Little More Vegas


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the pub, Curtis says he is bereft without Aunt Stella, who moved out yesterday. She thinks the second she left, he and Jordan were whooping it up in the altogether. Curtis says, maybe. He asks how the new apartment is, and she says a nonstop party. TJ and Molly brought out the neighbors to welcome her, and it lasted until two am. Curtis says she’s already the party girl of the Charles Street district. She says it’s a shame it’s not going to last.

Maxie says the tree feels right, and Nathan says it’s perfect. She tells him that her dad came through with his medical records. Now all they need is his father.

Obrecht talks to Britt in German, and asks how dare they lock her up like a common criminal? Britt says she is one. She was on the run with one of the world’s most dangerous fugitives. She tells Obrecht that if she delivers Faison to the authorities, she can get a drastically reduced sentence. Obrecht asks how she can think of betraying him?

At the gallery, Ava gets flowers. The card congratulates her on taking her life back. Kiki and Griff come in, and Ava says she’s not sure she deserves praise for going back to work. Kiki says it was Griff’s idea, and he tells her it was the least he could do for putting her at odds with her brother.

In the park, Alexis and Danny contribute to Toys for Tots. Julian sees them, and asks if Danny has a hug for grandpa.

Sam answers a knock at the door. It’s Jason. He asks if Drew is home. Drew appears, and says sorry, he should have told Sam that he’d invited Jason over.

Nathan tells Maxie that Obrecht is being squirrely about his father’s medical records. Maxie asks if that isn’t normal, since she lives her life in secret. Nathan confesses he’s not sure about Victor being his father.

Britt says Obrecht is always defending Faison, but it wasn’t the same for her. Obrecht says she was strict with Britt, because she wanted her to live a long and happy life. Britt says that’s why she wants to get the reduced sentence, but Obrecht tells her that she’d be signing her own death warrant.

Kiki leaves to unpack the deliveries. Ava understands why Griff feels the way he does, and is glad he’s honest. He knows she doesn’t want Julian to be found guilty, but it would go a long way in making people feel better about his other crimes, including his father’s murder. Ava says, about that…

Alexis suggests Danny play on the slide while they watch. Julian tells her that he just came to drop off some gifts. She ran off so fast at the pub, he didn’t get a chance to tell her the good news. The charges have been dropped. He’s officially a free man.

Sam asks what’s going on? Drew says they all deserve to know what happened and why. Andre was transferred to a federal facility, but Jason was the last person to see him, and Drew wanted to ask him about it. Jason says Andre took a baseline map of Drew’s original memory, and he wondered if it still exists.

Julian tells Alexis no more ankle monitor. Olivia-J’s statement nullified the case, and he’s trying to rebuild his life. He’s starting from scratch, since he sold the media company. Alexis says she’s not sure the sale is valid, since it was under Jason’s name, but Julian says it was made in good faith, and he’s not going to challenge it. The idea of owning a pub feels like a new beginning, and he’s not being pulled back into his old life. Alexis says it’s his life, and he can live it however he likes, good or bad. He tells her that she took off pretty fast when they ran into each other. She says it was awkward, so she arranged to meet her date elsewhere. He says it must be serious, and he wants her to be happy.

Griff asks Ava if all is forgiven, just like that. Ava says Olivia-J threatened him; he didn’t commit the crimes willingly. Griff says he still willingly ordered his father’s murder. Kiki comes back, saying Dillon is coming home tomorrow, and she can’t wait. In perfect soap timing, Dillon calls, and she leaves to talk to him. Ava tells Griff that Julian offered to make himself scarce, but he doesn’t want her to have to choose. She asks how he’s going to handle it then?

Britt tells Obrecht it’s not like she framed Faison. He did everything he’s wanted for. Obrecht says her father is a genius, untroubled by empathy and remorse. He’ll destroy her if she goes against him. Britt says he’ll be in prison, but Obrecht says he’s escaped from countless prisons, and he doesn’t forgive a traitor.

Nathan talks to Maxie about meeting Victor, and how he told Nathan that he was his father. He wonders if his mother never told him because it wasn’t true. She might have backed him up, but maybe she thought it was safer. She’s dragging her feet about the records, and he doesn’t trust it. Victor is dead, and they might never know who the baby’s paternal grandfather is.

Stella tells Curtis that investor types are eyeing the neighborhood for gentrification. They could be forced out by greedy landlords. Curtis says it’s not happening anytime soon, so enjoy her bachelor pad. She says the first thing she unpacked was a picture of him and Tommy. Christmas makes her feel his absence more keenly; his senseless death and the part Jordan played in it. Curtis says he thinks about Tommy every day. He would be glad they’re in each other’s lives, but would kick Curtis’s ass if he didn’t give her a housewarming gift.

Jordan visits the gallery, and says it looks good. Ava remembers when Jordan worked there, and says it could have been a great friendship if Jordan hadn’t been working undercover to get her brother. She adds that Jordan did get her out of some tight spots more than once.

Griff sees Kiki crying in the hallway. Dillon can’t come home for Christmas.

Maxie wonders why Obrecht would lie. Why would any mother lie, and say Victor was their child’s father? She can’t think of a worse candidate than that psycho.

Britt promises Obrecht not to betray her father. She doesn’t even know where he is. Obrecht says her life at stake. She’s sure Britt’s lawyer can get her only a few months in minimum security. She tells Britt that she doesn’t want to bring her father’s wrath down on both of them. She can stand between them, and is a formidable woman, but she’s no match for him. Britt knows him better now, and must realize what would happen. Britt tells her not to worry; she won’t say anything. Obrecht tells her that they must move forward. Once her legal troubles are settled, she can rebuild her life. Right now, Britt would rather focus on Nathan’s new baby. Obrecht says they made her feel like family at the party. Britt says why not return the favor, and give Nathan the medical records he needs?

Julian tells Alexis that the best Christmas gift for him, is for her to be happy. She calls for Danny, and he asks if she’s making another hasty exit left. He tells her that when she made the last one, she left her scarf at the pub, and to stop by any time to pick it up. Alexis guesses she should be resigned to seeing him. Julian tells Danny that he’s going to see Santa, and asks if Danny has anything special he wants. Danny says Santa already knows what he wants, but what about Julian? He says he wants something special. It’s a long shot, but Santa has magic.

Jason explains that Andre put his methodology about the baseline on a flash drive, and put the drive inside an ornament and gave it to someone. Jason thinks he wanted out, but wanted a record of his work. Drew asks if he was unable to retrieve it, and Jason says it was put in with ornaments for the community tree by mistake, and it’s missing. Sam asks if it’s completely gone, and Jason says it’s more complicated than that.

Britt asks if Obrecht doesn’t want her grandchild to have every advantage. Obrecht says she’s arranged for the medical records to be sent. She had so many failings as a mother, and wonders if she’ll do better as a grandmother. Britt says she can start by not telling the story of Krampus. Obrecht says she’ll tell the story of how Britt is the best aunt a child could want instead. Britt promises she’ll be back, and they’ll find a way to be happy. Obrecht agrees that they will.

Nathan marvels at the baby growing inside Maxie. He asks if it’s okay to… and she says, definitely.

Kiki tells Griff that Dillon is taking a leave of absence to be the director on a friend’s Indy film. She hasn’t seen him in months, and now he’s going to be surrounded by actresses on the beach. What if she puts all this work into being a doctor, and she turns out to be a big fat loser with no boyfriend or career? She’s going to California, and forgetting her delusions of grandeur.

Jordan asks Ava about a sculpture that she wants. Ava says it was one of a pair, and Kiki must have sold the other one unknowingly. She says she’ll give Jordan a good deal.

Jason explains about the ornament being missing. Sam says someone knew, and Drew says, and didn’t want them to find it. Alexis comes back with Danny. Danny sees Jason, and says he came back. He tells Alexis that Jason is mommy’s friend from when he was a baby. Sam tells Alexis that they’re just sorting through a few things, and Alexis says to call if she needs help. After she leaves, Danny says Jason looks like someone in the pictures at Grandma. Jason says he knows her, and she’s a nice lady. Sam distracts Danny with some new juice boxes. Jason thinks he should go, but Drew says he doesn’t think so. Danny needs to know Jason is his father.

When Danny returns from the kitchen, Sam says they found out something he needs to know, but it doesn’t change how much they both love him; nothing will ever change that. She tells him that they found out daddy and mommy’s friend are actually brothers, like him and Jake. There was a mix-up, daddy is actually his uncle, and mommy’s friend is actually his daddy. Danny asks if Drew isn’t his dad, and Drew says no; he’s Danny’s uncle. He doesn’t care what Danny calls him; he’ll always love him. Sam says it just means he has more people to love. Danny asks if Jason loves him, and Jason says he does. Danny asks why he was gone so long? Jason tells him that he didn’t want to go away, and tried his hardest to get back. Danny asks if he was sad when he was gone, and Jason says he was, but when he got back and saw Danny, it made him feel better that Danny had a great family. Danny asks why he didn’t say something right away? Jason says there was a lot to figure out. There still is, but he’d like to get to know Danny when he feels ready. Danny says he’s ready now. Wow. This kid is really taking this well. Jason asks if they should shake hands, but Danny asks for hug. Jason hugs him.

There’s a knock at Maxie and Nathan’s door. Nathan answers shirtless. It’s Obrecht who thinks he just got up, and asks if no one taught him about the early bird. Maxie comes in, saying she thought he was joining her in the shower, and Obrecht says, oh, he was catching something better than worms. She gives him a folder, saying it’s the medical history of an extraordinary man. Maxie says Nathan is the one thing Victor did right. Obrecht has busy day, but says on Christmas, she will bring her famous strudel, and they can play cards and dream about the little one. When she’s gone, Maxie says she was stranger than usual. Nathan thinks she knew what she was doing.

Stella unwraps a sculpture, and Curtis reminds her of when she used to drag him and Tommy to the museum in Philadelphia. Afterward, she would ask about what they saw, and how it made them feel. She says they hated those trips, but Curtis says he just wasn’t willing to own up to the fact he liked art. The piece reminds him of those trips. Stella says she’ll cherish it. Jordan enters, and congratulates Stella on her new home. She says Curtis told her about how she taught him to appreciate art, and gives Stella a box. It’s the same piece in a different color, and Stella says it’s a pity. Jordan says the gallery owner said they were companion pieces. Curtis says, great minds think alike, and now she’s the proud owner of a matching set. Stella sees no reason to have two, and says she’ll return the one Jordan gave her, and donate the money to those not as blessed.

Griff tells Kiki that the road to be a doctor is a difficult and terrifying one. He questioned himself every day. He says she can do it, one step at a time, and keep her eyes on the prize. He tells her to shoot for her dreams, try her best, and she’ll never be a failure in his eyes. Ava has been listening, and says, or in hers. Griff tells Kiki it will be all right; trust him. Kiki says she does. She needs to have a serious conversation with Dillon, and hit books. Ava tells Griff that he got through better than she could have. Julian pops in.

Jason tells Danny that he’ll see him soon, and Danny suggests he come to Grandma Monica’s, so he can see how he taught Annabelle to shake hands. Jason leaves, and Danny goes upstairs to play. Sam is choked up, saying it was hard. Drew says he’s sorry she has to go through this. He thought after Jake, it couldn’t get harder, but it breaks his heart into more pieces. Sam knows he feels like he’s losing everything, but he still has everything. He has Danny, Jake, and Scout, and he’ll always have her. He asks how he can have any of them? He has nothing to give. He doesn’t even know who he really is.

Stella steps away to take a call from TJ. Jordan thought they were doing well on Thanksgiving. Curtis says Stella gets this way around Christmas; it’s all about Thomas. Jordan says, and she’s the one who took him away, so she’s the Grinch. Curtis says that’s not true. When they’re done with the holidays, things will be better. He kisses her.

Stella runs into Alexis, and thanks her for Thanksgiving. Alexis says too bad dinner ended up on the floor. Stella tells her about the time Curtis’s birthday cake was trampled by the pony she hired. She says she likes David, and that they cross paths occasionally. He had been enthusiastic about the Charles Street district; now she lives there. Alexis says David has a thing about it, and Stella recommends it highly. TJ told her that this was the neighborhood place, so she’s sure they’ll be running into each other.

Julian asks what they’re going to do about this? Griff seems to have a problem with him.

Maxie tells Nathan that his mom wasn’t lying for once. His father was super healthy, and their baby will have super genes. He hopes she’s right. There’s something wrong with the records.

Sam tells Drew that she knows who he is; the man she loves, but he took the proposal off the table. He says with everything she has in her life, how can he ask her to choose him, when he doesn’t even know who he is. He owes her to know who she’s married to. Sam says he doesn’t owe her anything. She asks him to marry her. He calls her small and mighty, and asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. She gets down on her knees, and he does too. He wants her to remember this is the moment they decided, because they love each other. Sam says it’s a moment they’ll remember forever. Drew tells her he’ll marry her. She grabs his face, and kisses him. He tells her that he loves her.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks Ned what he’s doing there, Laura has to ask Lulu something, and Maxie doesn’t think she can do this.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika talks to her creative director about a new project. She says yes to everything, since you’re only given an opportunity once, and the moment is fleeting.  So she’s maximizing her m-f-ing time. She never thought she’d be where she is in her mid-40s. We see a clip of Erika being parodied on SNL. Yep, she’s in the big time now. She tells us she’s where she is because of her husband’s support. Her life has exploded.

LisaR has a rat problem, and I don’t mean one of the other girls. Actual rodents. Her daughters are modeling now, and she’s making a trip with them to New York. LisaR says she’s managing everything and everybody. God love Harry Hamlin, but he’s not doing sh*t. A doctor comes over to give them vitamin injections. She wants to keep her daughters grounded, so the attention doesn’t go to their heads, and I wonder how that’s working out when the “concierge doctor” makes a house call for nonsense.

Kyle meets LVP at a restaurant. Her bag needs its own chair. Kyle’s show, American Woman, is inspired by her life with her mom in the 70s, and is finally on the air. She tells LVP she’s planning a trip to Vegas for Erika and Dorit’s birthdays. LVP informs her that LisaR’s birthday is also around the same time. In her interview, LVP wonders how Dorit will take being with LisaR in Vegas, since LisaR got down and dirty last year. She hopes LisaR has learned her lesson. Kyle says they’ll have to get over it, and wonders if they need a bouncer for the plane. She feels like she’s in the middle, and doesn’t want that anymore. She’s inviting everyone, and too bad. If somebody doesn’t like it, they don’t have to go.

Dorit takes Jagger to his music class. They’ve always had a close connection, but now that he verbalizes, he can make his thoughts clear, and is into being with other kids. New Housewife Teddi is hosting the class. Afterward, they discuss trampolines as they sip champagne. Dorit sees a big change in Jagger’s personality. He’s a more confident, fun, and excited child. Dorit says they’ve spent the last four and a half moths in Miami while renovations are being done on the house. Now that she’s back, she wants to connect with other moms. Teddi says she rode horses for so many years, she didn’t know any moms, and that’s why she started the class. Dorit tells her about LVP, who builds her vacations around where she can take her horses. Wow. I can barely remember what a vacation is.

Kyle visits Erika at her office. Coolest. Office. Ever. Omg, I love the banana leaf patterned chairs. She shows Kyle her makeup room, where the light can be adjusted to be like daylight. Scary, but a good way to put on daytime makeup. Kyle says they’re going to Croatia, and a pool is being put in while they’re gone. She apologizes for not being able to see Erika in Dancing with the Stars. Erika says it was a new experience, letting someone else take control. Kyle asks about the girls’ trip, saying Erika’s birthday is between Dorit’s and LisaR’s. Erika makes an are-you-kidding? face. In her interview, Erika says the bottom could fall out; pack your own chute. Erika wonders about the elephant in the room, but says okay. We flash back to her telling Dorit she’s willing to try again, but it’s a slow process.

Teddi tells us that growing up, she lived well, but always knew the value of a dollar. Her husband was supposed to be a one-night-stand. The next morning, she thought his name was Edward, and it’s Edwin. That’s actually a funny/cute story. Her dad is John Mellencamp, and when she was a kid, thought everybody’s dad was on the radio. I can identify somewhat. My father designed and built the house I grew up in, and having a wife and two daughters, made the bathroom quite large. I was shocked when I saw other people’s bathrooms. I’d just assumed everyone had a bathroom that big. Teddi tells us that her father didn’t act like a famous guy, and nothing was just handed to her. She wants the same for her kids, and doesn’t want them acting entitled. She’s about a million times more down-to-earth than LisaR.

Dorit says they’ve gone way over budget with the renovations. She wanted an indoor/outdoor space, a kitchen facelift, and a bigger master closet. PK is surprised she’s going to Vegas with Erika and LisaR. He says last time he saw Erika, she was horrible to him. We flash back to the reunion. He adds that LisaR was a joke. In her interview, Dorit says LisaR came after her to defame her character. We flash back to the reunion some more. PK says he’s going to keep his opinions to himself.

Dorit and Teddi meet for drinks. LVP joins them, and says she loves the name Teddi. Teddi tells her that her name was originally Teddi Joe; it was very country. LVP grills her, and says if she has a sense of humor, they’re good. Teddi says her sense of humor is very dry. They talk horses. LVP tells them about the Vegas trip, and how it’s everybody’s birthday. Dorit hasn’t had any communication with Erika, and tells them it remains to be seen how it goes. She’s a little worried, and says it depends on what attitude Erika brings. She’d thought she and Erika would be fast friends, but Erika wasn’t very warm. She’s prepared to move past it though. Teddi’s birthday is tomorrow, and Dorit asks her to come along. LVP adds, if she’s brave enough. Dorit gets all excited.

Everyone packs for the trip. Their closets all look like stores. Erika is bringing her glam squad. She says pretty soon she’ll need an aircraft hangar for her clothes, and informs us that Cary Grant had one. I didn’t know that.

Camille joins the ladies at the airport. She just flew in from Hawaii, and is already exhausted. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit’s hair is different every time she sees her, and she could really be bald for all Kyle knows. Teddi is introduced around. Erika says, fresh beginnings, happy birthday, yay. Kyle explains that LisaR is still in New York, but will be coming later if she’s able. She invited Eileen, but she couldn’t make it. Right. She’s probably washing her hair. We find out Teddi doesn’t like to shop, and it gets very quiet. That’s it. She’s off the show. Erika talks about buzz shopping, saying she buys more once she’s had a cocktail. Lisa callsR, and says she has the girls covered, and will meet them in Vegas tonight. In her interview, Dorit says she has unresolved feelings, and it would be a better trip without LisaR, but the time is guaranteed fun with LVP and Kyle.

We’re off. Happy birthdays and champagne all around. I would love to fly like this just once. There’s turbulence, and Kyle gets weird. LVP spills champagne on Kyle’s Birkin bag, and chaos and hilarity ensue.

A butler comes with the hotel suite. Kyle says LVP always wants the best room, but she’s taking it this time. Like any of these rooms are shabby. Camille, LVP and Kyle hang out in LVP’s room. Camille asks if things are cool with LisaR now. Kyle tells them about running into Harry on a hike, and how he said her sister can never be around the group again. Since Kim isn’t on the trip (or the show this season), I don’t see this as being a problem, but really? #WhatDidHarryDo  We flash back to the bunny incident at the reunion. Kyle says Harry was clearly upset, and it was weird. She’d rather have an enema or root canal than discuss it with LisaR. LVP thinks it will be a recipe for disaster with Dorit.

Dorit has brought her hair and makeup stylists, because she can’t live without them. Erika’s squad works on her. She tells them no polite lip. Everyone looks fantastic, and make me wonder why I even bother. The ladies gather for a kiki before going out. Teddi has a fabulous body, and is wearing the shortest dress in the world. LisaR shows up, and Dorit says, help.

Next time, fun at the club, a sex toy made of ice, gambling, Erika admits to being an a-hole, and Dorit confronts Lisa.

🎡 Las Vegas

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December 18, 2017 – A Missing Disco Ball, the Return of Lala & a Pinch of 90


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Since The I Hate This Show Right Now Walking Dead is done for the season, I took Sunday night off. Off of here anyway.  It was past time to Christmas up the house.

General Hospital

Franco used to be able to lie and sleep like a baby, but now it hurts not to tell Elizabeth things. He says there’s something he should have told her a while ago. She takes him where they can have some privacy, and says they’ll figure it out together.

At the MetroCourt, Jason calls Robin, and says things are still complicated. He needs to get in touch with Anna. Carly sees Sonny at the bar. They make holiday small talk about having fun. Zzzz…

Anna and Jordan run into each other in the park. Jordan says it’s nice to see the community coming together. She tells Anna that Andre was transferred, and seemed almost relieved. Anna says a secret like that, and watching the fallout, takes its toll. Jordan says it’s not over yet – not even close.

Drew tells Sam they’re not legally married. He meant every word of the vows, but needs to say them again in his own name. He asks her to marry him, but she says they are married. The vows are still real; names don’t count for anything. He says they do out in the world, and he wants things to be right. How much they love each other hasn’t changed. They kiss.

Maxie meets Lulu at Kelly’s. She asks if Maxie can team up with her for something worthwhile. She wants to host a food drive for feeding America.

Sam and Drew talk about all the different areas they have to deal with regarding the name change. Drew adds Oscar, and tells her about their awkward conversation. She says it will be an adjustment – like everything. They’ll work it out. He calls her Mrs. Kane. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Oscar. Sam leaves them to talk.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he may have learned the truth before everyone else. Okay, he did learn it before everyone else. After Jason came through the skylight, he confronted Andre, who admitted faking the death certificate. She says he told her, and the sky didn’t fall. She has questions, but is surprised he knew. He says he knew more than that.

Jordan tells Anna about a case where the wife knew nothing about her husband’s criminal activities, and how she’d judged her. She promised herself it would never happen to her, and she’s a cop, trained to look for clues. She had no idea about Andre; he never even raised a red flag. Anna says she was unaware as well, and some people are gifted with compartmentalizing. Maybe after he realized he couldn’t save his wife, he created a reality he could live with, and it worked for a while. Jordan says until his past caught up with him. Anna’s phone rings. Jason asks her to meet him at the MetroCourt. Jordan asks if everything is okay, but Anna isn’t sure

Jason joins Sonny and Carly. They talk about Spinelli being the best one to check over the manuscript. Sonny says, unless he gets distracted by the story. Ha-ha! Sam comes in, and asks Carly about settling the bill for the launch party. They go out in the hallway, and Carly asks if really abut the bill. Sam says yes, then admits it’s no. Drew just pointed out obvious, that they’re not legally married, and he asked her to marry him again. Carly asks what she said.

Drew Is glad Oscar dropped by. Their meeting didn’t go the way he’d hoped. Oscar says maybe they should forget it. No point in forcing it if Drew isn’t interested. Drew says he wanted to give Oscar space, but he is interested. He just doesn’t want to pressure Oscar, but hopes he’s interested too.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he wanted to know who was who, and Andre sent him a printed document, saying he’d know what to do with it. Elizabeth is shocked he knew and had proof. He says he went back and forth, but didn’t want to tell her something that would upset her. She’s at a loss. Two men literally had their lives stolen, and he could have proved everything. She asks him why, and he says, Jason.

Jason tells Sonny about the memory baseline. Sonny says the transfer was just a preliminary step to something bigger. Brick is working on getting the files from Russia. He says the money was laundered six ways to Sunday, and it will take a long time. Jason thanks him, saying he must be spending a bundle on the investigation. Sonny says he has his right hand back, and the investment is even better than he thought.

Sam tells Carly that she’s in love with Drew; they have a family and a child. Carly says she has a family and a child with Jason. Sam says, had; there’s difference. Carly tells her that she has time to think. Sam says it’s just a name, and it shouldn’t change anything. Carly gets what she’s doing, but wouldn’t be able to do it herself. She says Sam loves Jason, and no matter how well she guards her heart, it will eventually come out. Sam says she’s not denying it, and Carly says even if she doesn’t say the words, Drew probably knows. He’s out there thinking he’s doing the noble thing, and she’s doing the same, but no one is happy. Not Drew, not Jason, and especially not her.

Lulu says while she was doing research on the school lunch program, she found out that one in four Americans go hungry every day. They don’t talk about it, so it becomes an invisible problem. A lot of them live in urban deserts, where fresh produce isn’t available, so she wants to concentrate on that. Maxie asks how, and tells her that she needs to get the word out. Lulu says that’s why she came to her.

Franco says Jason hates him like God hates sin, and has a certain amount of influence over her. Elizabeth asks if Franco thought she’d dump him if Jason said so. Franco says Jason can’t get past the terrible things he did, even though it wasn’t him back then. He’s thinks Jason will come up with something to make him pay. Elizabeth asks if he thinks Jason will hurt him. Franco says it wouldn’t surprise him, but he’s afraid of Jason changing her viewpoint on him. He didn’t tell the truth, and was a coward. Elizabeth says, yes, he was.

Oscar is like, it’s cool, and Drew says, baby steps. They talk about Scout. Drew says Scout would love to meet him, and Oscar says he’d like to meet her. Drew tells him that they’ll set that up.

Anna joins Sonny and Jason. Jason tells Anna that before Andre left the country, he stashed a flash drive in an ornament that he gave to her. She says it must be the disco ball, but she didn’t know anything was inside of it. She says it’s at home, and she’ll get it. I’m guessing it’s with the other ornaments. No way it could be this easy.

Sam says that Carly adores Jason, and would do anything to give him what he wants. Carly says she does, and he wants Sam’s happiness. Jason will be okay; he’ll survive without her. The person she wants it for is Sam, but she’s just worried about Drew. Jason is just as much of a victim, but it seems like Drew has all the sympathy and is the only one allowed to grieve. Jason came back after being held captive for five years, and found out his life was no longer his own, yet everyone is wringing their hands over Drew. Sam says Jason will be fine. Carly tells her that’s exactly why she’s with Drew, and why it’s a mistake.

Lulu tells Maxie that she wants to host the event at Kelly’s. They’ve already offered a huge donation of fruit and vegetables. Maxie thinks The Floating Rib will match it, and Lulu is also going to talk to Carly about the MetroCourt. She tells Maxie they need a social media presence, and Maxie says, done. Lulu says she makes giving fashionable.

Elizabeth tells Franco that her biggest problem is that Jason is Jake’s father. This affected her son’s life. Doesn’t he care about how Jake feels? Franco says her boys are the second-best thing that’s ever happened in his life, and it’s hard for him. He doesn’t want Jason near Jake; hanging out, and bonding in matching black T-shirts. The last thing he wants Jake to know about him are the horrible things he’s done. Elizabeth says he’s going to eventually find out, with or without Jason. Franco was sick. He’s worried Jason can persuade Jake otherwise, but she says she can be persuasive too. He can’t keep doing this. The world is bigger than him and his fears. He says she’s his world, and to tell him he has her. She says he does, but he has to stop. If he has any deep, dark secret, now’s the time.

Drew and Oscar make small talk about school. Drew asks if Oscar has any questions, but Oscar says none he can probably answer. Drew tells him to take a shot, and Oscar asks what he was like when he was younger, and what it was like with his first girlfriend. Drew wishes he could answer, but he can’t remember. Oscar would also like to know about his mom, if she ever let loose or was she always like a mom-in-training? Drew says his mom might enjoy that conversation, but Oscar thinks she wouldn’t give him answers. He does know one thing about Drew; the music he liked, or at least what he thought Oscar’s mother would like. He’d made a CD for her. Drew can’t believe she kept it, and asks if there are any embarrassing songs, but Oscar says it’s pretty solid. He asks if Drew would like to hear it.

Sonny says if they find the flash drive intact, then what? Jason says he’ll ask Drew to undergo the procedure. Sonny asks what if he says no, and Jason thinks he can remember on his own. Even though he has Jason’s memories, why are they so different? He thinks Drew already remembers more than he realizes.

Carly says Sam just admitted she loves Jason. Sam says she always will, but is in love with Drew. Carly says you can love two people, but only be with one. She tells Sam you should be with the one who really gets you, all the way to your toes. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Back at the park, Anna tells Jordan there’s something important in the box of ornaments, and she has to find it.

Sam says Carly makes it sound easy. Carly knows it’s not, but whatever Sam decides, she has her back. She says she’d by lying if she didn’t say she was rooting for Jason, but the team she’s on is Sam’s.

Carly goes back inside. Sam and Jason gaze at each other. Sam leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco to promise no more secrets. He says one more, and he’s secret free. He tells her that he went to see Betsy after he found out Drew was alive. He wanted to know why she sent Drew away, and not him. She told him it was because she was protecting Drew. According to her, he tried to kill Drew by pushing him down the stairs. She sent Drew away, and kept Franco close to keep an eye on him. Elizabeth says Jason was right; he’s evil. When Jason finds out Franco is the person he thought he was, he’ll pay. This is all just in Franco’s mind. Elizabeth says if they’re going to make it work, she needs to know. He says no more secrets. She asks if he promises, and he says, cross my heart. Why does he do this?

Sonny asks Carly if everything is okay. Carly tells him that Sam is overwhelmed. She tried to help, but thinks she made things worse. Anna calls Jason. She asks him to meet her in the park, and tells him that they have a problem.

Sam asks Drew how it went with Oscar. He thinks it went well; at least better than the first time. He asks how she is. She left pretty fast, and he hopes it wasn’t the proposal. She says he was right; they’ll always be them. Legalities mean nothing. She loves him, their life together, and everything they’ve created. Yes, she’ll marry him. He tells her that he loves her so much, and she makes him happy, but they can’t right now. Not like this.

Franco apologizes to Elizabeth for lying. She wishes he hadn’t, but understands. There’s no reasoning with Jason when he sees something a certain way, but moving forward, he needs to be brave enough to trust her, so she can trust him with her heart and boys’ hearts. She loves him more than she’s ever loved anyone. She can’t wait to be his wife. They kiss.

Sonny asks Carly what’s really going on with Sam. She tells him that she and Drew aren’t legally married. He says the hits just keep on coming, but she wishes Sam could see it as a blessing. She thinks staying with Drew is the noble thing, but loves Jason. How do you stay married, even if you love someone, when your soulmate still in picture? Sonny says maybe she’ll realize. Carly asks what he and Jason were talking about, and he says how to handle a threat, when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Faison switched them for a reason, but they don’t know what it is.

Drew tells Sam that Oscar has questions about who he was, but he couldn’t answer them. It’s not fair to him or any of his kids, and especially not to Sam. He needs to try get his memory back. The person he loves most should know about him. He asks her to wait for him. He has to find himself. He feels like they’re meant to be, and they’re forever. She kisses him.

Jason meets Anna at the park. She tells him the ornament is gone. Her housekeeper must have made a mistake, and put it in the box with the other ornaments. The rest are all accounted for, except for that one. Jason thinks it’s not an accident. She asks him what was on the flash drive, and he says supposedly Drew’s memory. It can lead them to the person who put it into motion.

We see the disco ball opened on a desk. So when is Faison getting here?

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Britt not to betray Faison, Julian says he only told Alexis the good news, and Sam wants to know what’s going on.

🌽  On a Personal Note…

In regard to Lulu’s venture to feed America, please donate to your local food bank when you can. I understand what it’s like to be hungry. Having gone through broke AF times, the food bank was an invaluable resource. Lulu was right about there being a lack of fresh produce though. It’s hard to come by when you’re poor and hungry. Since I live in an area where there are farms not far away, it was a real blessing when farmers donated to the bank. Another blessing was the “ugly” vegetable department in my Shoprite, where they sell the not-so-pretty vegetables, as well as those that are still edible, but about to turn. (Not turn into zombie vegetables, but they wouldn’t be lasting much longer.) So besides donations, you can also sign petitions requesting that places like Walmart carry these. And if you are the one who’s hungry, there’s no shame in going to your food bank. It’s there for a reason – use it – but pay it forward when you’re back on your feet.

Vanderpump Rules

I’m not sure how last week can be topped. Unless Jax is drawn and quartered.

Stassi and Brittany go to the spa. Today would be Brittany and Jax’s two-year anniversary. Brittany had planned a spa day for the two of them, but since he can’t keep it in his pants, she’s bringing Stassi instead. She’s one of the few people who knows exactly how Brittany feels. Brittany says she keeps going all over the place. Stassi would never suggest not getting back together, but she is. Brittany tells her that she knows what’s best, but she doesn’t know if she can follow through. Stassi knows Jax is saying what she wants to hear, and doesn’t want her to go through what she did. We flash back to that. Brittany says it’s so new, and she’s confused. She admits to having sex with Jax last night. She doesn’t know why, and Stassi says she’s feeling emotion when he’s crying and whining he’ll never do it again.

Tom and James take Jax out for a drink. He wishes Brittany would hook up with someone else, and they’ d be even. Once again showing us what a shallow, empty-headed jerk he is. In his mind, it would fix things. He tells them he was planning on staying at a hotel, but ended up staying at the apartment. They had more sex in the last two days than they’ve had in six months. Tom says it’s been two months since he’s had any, and it’s freaking him out. In his interview, James wonders if this is what the future holds for him. Tom is starting to feel skeezy coming on to his own girlfriend, and downloaded an audio book on intimacy at three am.

Schwartz brings Lisa flowers, and she asks what he’s done. He says the meeting they had left a bad taste in his mouth, and he wanted to apologize on behalf of both of them. Lisa says it’s not him that’s guilty, but Tom is being negative and accused her of spying. Schwartz says they’re a team, and he wants to “moisturize” the situation. Lisa tells him some of the things Tom said, and says she and Ken are bringing experience, financing, and a plethora of other things to the table. She needs them to be positive. Ken says they should grasp the opportunity both hands. Schwartz says they are really appreciative, and that he’s ready to get serious. They’re invested in this. Lisa promises they’ll have another meeting. Lisa thinks the Toms and Jax must have a standing order with the flower people, since they need to apologize so often.

Lisa and Nathalie (Lisa’s partner) meet with Stassi at SUR. Lisa goes over some of the things they’ve already done for the upcoming party. Stassi says she didn’t dream about being an event planner, but wants to be a boss, and she can’t think of anyone better to learn from. Scheana was concerned that Stassi would be telling them what to do, so Nathalie tells her it’s not her job to deal with the servers. In her interview, Stassi says she should be annoyed, but she isn’t. It shows she’s above all that now. Lisa wants to see Stassi mature as much as the business has, but says she can’t wish for everything. Stassi doesn’t want to mess anything up, and Lisa tells her just be on the same page as her and Nathalie.

Katie tells Schwartz about the girls throwing a party for Brittany. They don’t want her to be scared of dumping Jax’s ass and starting over. Tom comes over, and tells Schwartz that he found a machine that can freeze any drink. Schwartz tells him not to get ahead, because Lisa and Ken are still mulling it over. In his interview, Tom says if the new restaurant turns out to be the one that got away, it will haunt him. Schwartz says from now on, they only vent to each other. Katie is proud of him, and says they can bring the quirk and flair, and Ken and Lisa can bring the class.

Brittany joins Ariana at the stables. Ariana says if she didn’t have riding, she doesn’t know what she’d do. It always centers her, and she wants to carry that back to her relationship. She’s riding in a competition, and is nervous because she wants to win. I think that’s the idea of a competition. She takes a spill, and the horse gets kooky. She tells Brittany she bailed, because she realized he wasn’t going to stop. She’s worried he might get spooked during the competition.

At Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa cuddles some of the furbabies. Raquel is volunteering today, and in her interview, Lisa says she’s like Bambi on steroids. She tells Raquel she still ahs to treat it like a job, and show commitment. In his interview, James says he and Raquel both have their own ways of dealing with things. He smokes weed; she pets dogs. James tells Lisa that he’s ready for his Turn It Up Tuesdays at SUR. In her interview, Lisa thinks if he does something autonomous, he’ll take responsibility, and might actually get it together.

Tom and Ariana’s brother go to watch Ariana compete. She says she and Walter (the horse) don’t have that trusting relationship yet, aka, she doesn’t trust him. Tom tells Jeremy that she always gets freaked out before a show. Tom says it’s awkward to broach the subject with him, but he and Ariana haven’t been having sex. Ariana said if he cheated once, they’d be done, but he wonders how anyone could blame him. Jeremy says they have to hash it out; there’s a root to the problem somewhere.

We watch Ariana ride. Tom thinks she looks hot. They already have a whip, so he thinks maybe they should get a saddle. She gets a blue ribbon. He says, save a horse, ride a cowboy – or a bartender.

Brittany tells Jax she’s going to Stassi’s for a pajama party. They’re throwing it in her honor, with her favorite things, and will probably talk sh*t about him. He says it’s between the two of them, and has nothing to do with the other girls. Brittany says she loves him, but it’s hard. He doesn’t understand how people can say he’s manipulative. I would say only to girls with no brain, but Stassi isn’t stupid. I find him repulsive, so I just don’t get it. Brittany asks if she’s going to find anything else out, but he says no.

Stassi wants the party to be special, and got a beer cheese recipe from Brittany’s memaw. Katie brings a piñata with Jax’s face on it, and Kristen has a gun that shoots tequila into your mouth. No thanks. I don’t even want to drink it from a glass.

The guys meet at a bar. The owner was once the manager at PUMP, and Tom is psyched, hoping the meeting about TomTom leads to something like that for him. Schwartz says the girls have set aside their differences to hate Jax together.

Brittany arrives, and Scheana and Ariana are right behind. In her interview, Stassi says it feels good to be the bigger person, but she hates when the angel wins. She shows Brittany the spread of all her favorite foods, and the beer cheese gets her approval. In her interview, Brittany confesses that it was a brave attempt, but not like her grandmother’s cheese.

The guys do shots. Tom says it’s the perfect storm ready to destroy the City of Jax. In his interview, Schwartz says the girls are the ideal espionage team, and Jax doesn’t appreciate the sh*t storm coming his way.

The girls beat on the piñata, and Brittany rips its head off. Alrighty then.

James tells everyone about his debut at SUR. If he does it right, he gets a percentage of the bar. In his interview, he says it’s crazy how much can happen in a year. We flash back to him being a total idiot. He swears he’s changed. My jury is out. It’s still early in the season.

The girls have orchestrated a spell. Stassi says it’s about scorning a cheating lover, and Katie is facilitating. In her interview, Katie says it’s so that Jax will receive his karmic punishment. Brittany says normally, she wouldn’t dabble in witchcraft, but she thinks the way Jax treated her, even Jesus would be on board. They light some candles and use some other props. Ariana is concerned that if she goes a whole night being cordial, Stassi will want to be friends again. Everyone kisses and makes up.

Lisa gets a drink from Wesley, the new SUR bartender. She has a meeting there with Lala. She tells Lala it’s been a while, and Lala asks if she’s surprised to hear from her. She’d like her job back. She has a man who provides her with amazing things (she’s still with the same guy), but he’s not an ATM machine, and she wants to pay her own bills. Lisa says she has a tendency to cut and run when she gets nervous, and makes things up. She says she should have been honest, and admits to leaving Lisa hanging, but asks forgiveness. It is granted. Lisa says she’s always fought for her. She tells Lala that she likes her very much, and Lala says she’s changed a lot. Lisa tells her she can come back. In her interview, Lisa says Lala is a fabulous hostess, and inside the tough exterior, is like a lost puppy. She tells Lala if she becomes unreliable, she’s out.

Peter asks how Jax is doing. He says it’s getting better, and the sex is the best. Tom says he should be prepared. Schwartz says they’ve taken precautionary measures. Tom brings out a locking chastity device for men. I’m not sure what to say…

Brittany isn’t sure what she’s going to do. She doesn’t want to upset anyone. Ariana asks if he told her it was a onetime thing, because it wasn’t. She says several people have said it. Stassi says she’ll always hear things about Jax, and for the most part they’re true. Ariana does a perfect imitation of Jax making excuses. Brittany calls him, and he goes outside with the phone. He swears on his life that it was only once. Brittany decides to bluff him, and says she has proof; she’s there. He asks why she’s setting him up, and she says she didn’t know it was more than once. She tells him Faith isn’t really there, but she wants the truth. He asks what does it matter, once or ten times, mirroring exactly what Ariana said when she mimicked him. He says it doesn’t make a difference, but she says it changes everything – he’s gone. Jax, who by now is pacing up and down the sidewalk, screams for her to shut-up, and that he didn’t do it. She says that’s not changing anything. They’re done. She hangs up.

Jax comes back in, and tells the guys that it was only once. Tom isn’t doubting it, but if he did it more than once, he needs to tell her. Jax insists it was just once.

Ariana calls Tom, and tells him that Jax isn’t allowed to stay at the apartment tonight. The girls are going back with Brittany. He knows how crazy Kristen is, and it will get intense if he comes home. Tom tells the table that the girls are charged up, and Jax can’t go home tonight.

Brittany stirs her drink, and shakes her head. The rest of the girls all look bummed.

Next time, Lisa asks if the Toms are in or out, Nathalie tells Stassi that Lisa is hard to impress, and Katie and Schwartz argue.

👰 💍 The 90-Day Fiancé finale was tonight, along with a Couples Tell All, but I still have to watch it before I prepare my thesis. However, I can’t hold inside that I was right about Molly not making it to the altar with Luis. Not only did he scoff at being a stepfather, saying they were her kids, he got really weird with his deflection during an argument. In the middle of her wailing about how he was a bully, and didn’t want her kids around, he suddenly started criticizing how she decorated with things like Buddhas,  owls, and candles, practically saying she was a devil worshiper. It was out of the blue, off-topic, and strange. She called it quits, but as if life wasn’t bad enough for her, Molly was already married to him. They weren’t going to the church, but had already been to a Justice of the Peace. D’oh! Not sure what happens now. The producers were pretty shocked.

😧 Postscript: I’m watching Couples Tell All as I’m editing this, and they’re back together. Once again, I don’t know what to say…




December 16, 2017 – Z Nation Trifecta with Photos & a Quote Quartet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Technically, what I watched Friday night.

Z Nation

A quick recap of last week. Operation Bitemark went back to Mercy Labs, where they found the blob that was once Dr. Teller’s wife, and his intact son, encased in some kind of liquid in a tank. Sadly, they needed the juice powering the tank to power the radio, so Andrew was taken off life support, or suspended animation, or whatever he was. Lily wanted to save him, but Roberta said he’d be like a bug trapped in amber that won’t die, since no one was coming to get him. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one. I thought it was “the few,” but okay. Roberta collected another cylinder, and there was also a lot of flashing back to the mercy-proof zombies and Red.

Kaya told Citizen Z that the man with a plan cracked his way into NORAD, and downloaded files from something called Black Rainbow. Scampy was still frolicking around, albeit minus an arm, and caught Citizen Z unawares. Citizen Z pulled out Scampy’s heart, but of course this did nothing. Kaya came to his rescue, zipping Scampy into a body bag. Kaya found out a lot of money had been pumped into the Black Rainbow project, and something called the fourth strike weapon. She and Citizen Z kept trying to get Operation Bitemark on the radio, saying they had vital information regarding Black Rainbow. They finally connected, and told Roberta that intruders copied the files and spoofed their way into NORAD. Kaya told her the reset will kill everything in order to start the world over; the launch codes needed to be changed. Roberta said her dream was about stopping the launch, and Kaya said they had to be changed manually at the launch pad, but they’ll need the thumbprint of the President to change them. Roberta said they were headed to Washington DC

The Season Finale

Operation Bitemark travels down the road. Roberta says this is it. The last place evacuated. Doc says there’s a nuclear war, and the government got relocated while the rest of them were blown to smithereens. Roberta tells them to keep their eyes open. They walk into the Mount Weather Emergency Operation. They see massive doors built into the side of a mountain, and a line of abandoned cars. Roberta says she guesses the President didn’t make it inside.

They look into the cars, but nothing, until they get to the last one. Secret Service zombies pop out. Murphy looks in the back, and Roberta asks if it’s the President. He says sort of; all the good parts are gone. He checks, saying no thumb on one hand, and no hand on the other hand. Murphy finds an ID indicating it’s the President’s husband. Roberta says they need to go inside; the President could still be in there. Roberta tries the ID, but the lock uses a retina scanner. She asks Doc if he’s thinking what she is, and that’s a yep. Murphy goes, eww! Doc scoops out the guy’s eyeball. It doesn’t work on the first try, but he removes a contact or cataract or something, and it opens the doors.

Roberta tells them to keep their eyes peeled for signs of life. Murphy adds, and dead. Doc asks why it always has to be underground. Why not a showdown in a penthouse, or at least something with a window? They go through the building. Roberta wants to find the Oval Office. They check the Congressional Chambers, where there are some political zombies toddling around.

Doc and Murphy dispatch them, and high-five each other for keeping democracy alive. Lily and 10K clear the stairs. Roberta smashes a zombie in the head in with her Route 66 shield. Two very much alive Secret Service agents stop them in the hallway.

Roberta introduces herself, saying she needs to see the President; it’s about saving humanity. The agents – both of whom are named Johnson, but are not related – tell them they’re about eight minutes too late to save humanity. Roberta explains that there’s going to be a biological attack to cleanse the world and repopulate it with genetically modified offspring. They’re not sure what the problem is, and Roberta asks if the President knows her husband is dead.

A woman comes out and tells Johnson to put his weapon down. They ask which one, and she says both of them. She introduces herself as Jane Carlson, President of the United States. Roberta asks how many survivors there are, and she says they’re looking at them. Most of them evacuated, and they were supposed to follow, but ran into obstacles. Murphy says he just killed some obstacles. Roberta explains they’re on a mission to find a secret weapon, and need her thumbprint. She knows it sounds crazy. Jane hopes they didn’t go to much trouble. She has no thumbs. Murphy says, eww! She didn’t know thumbs would be in such demand, and suggests they go to the Oval Office.

Jane offers them bottled water, and jelly beans from the 80s. She tells them about a visitor who said he could either kill her, or she could take a sedative, but either way, he would take her thumbs. She tried to tell him it wasn’t what he needed, but she had no choice. When she woke up, he was gone, and so were her thumbs, but she never knew why. Roberta tells her that they’re needed to access a doomsday weapon. Jane explains that she’s about the fiftieth down the line for President, so they would do no one any good. It needs to be the person who was President during the outbreak. President Bill Carney, who turned Z, but last she knew, still had his thumbs. He’s about twenty-five levels below them. The lower level is rife with zombies, and was sealed off ages ago. Roberta says the only way to access Black Rainbow is to have the President’s thumbprints. Jane asks if Dr. Teller sent her, Roberta says he did, and Jane says there’s something she’s supposed to show her. One of the Johnsons puts on a VCR, which Murphy calls Jurassic tech. Jane says that’s what happens when you’re on a budget. She takes out a tape.

They eat jelly beans as they watch. We go through all the “unauthorized use of” warnings, and finally get to Black Rainbow –  when three strikes aren’t enough. We’re told if this is being watched, World War III is over, and we lost. The corn belt is a wasteland of radioactivity, and anyone who survived day one has been wiped out by fallout contamination. No doubt, some enemies have escaped, repopulated, and colonized what was once the USA. The narrator says, no, sir, not on our watch. Now is the time for Black Rainbow – the fourth strike in the doomsday project that will protect US interests, even after the US is gone. The narrator goes on to talk about drones that will spread a contaminant that kills anything it touches – the ultimate autonomous doomsday weapon, when three strikes aren’t enough. Roberta decides they’d better find the President after all.

The group gets in the last working elevator. Jane explains that access was cut off after day one, and no one has been down there since. There’s an entire alphabet of elevator buttons, and they go to level Z. Roberta asks who’s down there, and Jane says pretty much everyone was trapped, including most of Congress and the cast of Hamilton. They’re all zombies now. The elevator stops.

The door opens behind them, instead of the way they’re facing. They bust through the crowd of zombies, which, sure enough, contains some Hamilton cast members. Hamilton has officially hit the big time now. Doc says they’ll have to check every Z, and Murphy says, welcome to the nothing-is-ever-easy club. Roberta gets back in the elevator, and presses a button with an omega symbol. She gets out, and goes down a long hallway. Doc realizes she’s missing, and says they have to find her, but Jane says they can either find a dead President or help their friend.

Doc finds a jacket belonging to the President, and tosses it to Murphy. Doc says maybe Murphy’s whispering powers are back, and he can detect a scent. Murphy says he’s not a bloodhound, and it’s degrading. Doc says so is dying in an underground bunker; take a whiff. He does, but says the only thing he detects is that the President needs stronger deodorant. Jane says she has a plan.

Roberta calls out for anyone alive.

Jane suggests they open the door enough to let the zombies in one by one, and check them one at a time. She shakes her head no, as each one comes through, and they’re mercied.

Roberta continues on downstairs. She hears the music for Hail to the Chief, and follows the sound. She finds a dead man sitting in an auditorium, while the music blares from a boombox.

Doc wants Murphy to sniff one of the zombies. Murphy says he’s doing it under protest, and Doc asks how that’s different from anything else he does. Murphy tells him they all smell alike, and it’s not a good smell.

Roberta sees a teleprompter rolling a speech about everything being fine and under control.

Jane thinks one of the zombies might be the President. They wrestle with him, and Lily says he’s feisty for a dead guy. They put something in his mouth to keep him from biting, but Jane says, her bad. It’s not him. It’s the Secretary of State… or Agriculture.

Roberta goes backstage, and finds the zombie President tied to a chair. She wheels him out.

Murphy says for the record, this plan sucks unilaterally. Doc says it could be worse. Murphy asks how, and Doc says it might suck, but it’s all they’ve got. They hear a squeaking sound, and Roberta arrives with the President. Jane confirms that it’s him.

Doc says thumbs up has been given a whole new meaning. He thanks Jane, and she tells him to vote for her when things are back to normal. Roberta says if they can stop Black Rainbow, maybe there will be an election again someday. Jane says she never said anything about stopping it, and asks if that’s why Teller sent her. One of the Johnsons draws his gun, and says everyone chill and no one gets hurt. Lily draws her gun, and tells everyone to be calm. Jane tells her to lower her weapon; it’s a direct order, and she’s still her Commander-in-chief. Lily keeps her weapon readied, and Jane says she’s ordering her to help secure the prisoner. Roberta tells Lily she doesn’t have to listen to her, but Lily says she does, and moves to the other side. She says she’s sorry, but she took an oath; she’s a Marine. Jane hopes to get her vote one day. They return to the Oval Office.

Roberta tells Jane that she retrieved the toxic cylinders from Mercy Labs. Jane wonders how much she was told about the reset. They were about to join the Founder when Operation Bitemark showed up. Murphy says, good luck with that plan. Doc thought they were going to Newmerica, but Jane says it’s doomed. The only ones who will survive the reset will be those in Zona, and democracy will flourish. Doc says there won’t be anyone left to vote, but she says the right people will vote. Everyone else is collateral damage. Lily says the rest of humanity will be wiped out, and Jane tells her that she switched sides just in time. The reset starts now. Lily says, no, and shoots her. Doc and 10K kill the Johnsons. Jane calls Lily a traitor. Lily says she’s required to disobey an unjust order, and shoots her again. Doc says she just killed the President. Lily says she turned, besides, they’ll get another one.

They move out to the hallway, where Lily and 10K wait until the Johnsons appear. They blast them until there’s nothing left. Jane careens around the corner next, but they’re out of ammunition. Roberta says she’s got it, and stabs Jane in the head with a golf umbrella that just happens to be there. Roberta goes into a fugue state, and sees a fireball in the sky. She finishes Jane off until she’s another pile of mess.

Doc asks if Roberta is okay. Murphy says now that they have President Thumbelina, what are they going to do? Roberta says, take him to Washington DC. If anybody asks, they were nowhere near Mount Weather.

Part Two

Washington looks like a pile of rubble. Our heroes fight off various Congressional and House zombies on the way to the Capital building. Ooh, nice exploding head. Murphy says if they knew what they were looking for, that would be great. Roberta says she’ll know when she sees it, but they’re getting close. Roberta flashes back to killing Jane, but it’s in her dream wasteland. She circles a mound of wreckage, and tells Murphy to stand there and put his hands up. She puts a curb your dog sign in front of him, and tells him to get on the rock and put his hands together. She has Lily hold the sign, and crouches down. She goes into her dream, and sees a spire instead of Murphy.

Roberta pulls some junk off of a sewer cap. They open it, and she smiles.

They go down, bringing the President with them. Murphy wonders if they’re on a VIP tour from hell, and Doc says leading the President is like walking a Slinky. Roberta brings them through a tunnel. A blind worker zombie feels his way toward them. Roberta slams him, and Murphy marvels at a blind Z, wondering what they’ll think of next. Doc tells him they go by sound, so curb his farting. They need to go down thirty flights, and discuss how to get the President down the stairs. While they’re debating this, Murphy dropkicks him, and says he fell.

When they get downstairs, they find a couple of zombies, who are either mad or blind, snacking on the President. 10K nails them with a slingshot, and announces that’s 8,402. Murphy says the President is fine, but Doc says he looks like he fell off a cliff in a cartoon. They get him back up, and Doc tells him to look alive.

They continue on, going past signs for the first and second strikes, and destruction worldwide. Next is the third strike, and kill, kill, kill. When they come to the fourth strike, there is only a Skeletor face. Doc suggests they go to the cafeteria instead, and wants to know why they always have to go the way of the skull? Roberta tells them to hold, and they hear zombies. It’s a close, narrow hallway, and Green Beret zombies move toward them. A body drops down from the landing, and Murphy says somebody up there doesn’t like them. It’s the man with a plan. Roberta says he’s going to launch the codes, and they let him get there first. Roberta translates some Latin words written on the door – to the end of everything – even though she’s never studied Latin.

Roberta flashes back to waking up in Zona. Dr. Teller says they have a lot to talk about; a lot of questions. Roberta asks where she is, and the doctor tells her Zona, and explains that she was in a medically induced coma. He tells her about the bullet passing through Murphy, and hitting her. She’s now immune. He says Murphy is there too, giving blood to save the world. The world is in grave danger, worse than the zombie apocalypse or danger from themselves. This time, they still can save what’s left of humanity, and she’s the only one who can do it.

Back in Washington, they enter another area. Roberta sees a the launch panel. She stares at it, and starts messing with the dials and keyboard. In her Zona flashback, she’s wearing a VR headset, and Teller says that what she’s seeing is a mockup launch panel of a doomsday weapon. She asks if Black Rainbow is nukes, and he says, worse. The fourth strike repurposes weapons of mass destruction, and uses them to make the world new. By the time she gets there, she’ll know what to do. In Washington, the machine starts beeping, and Roberta continues to fiddle with it.  In Zona, she gets frustrated, as Teller watches. In real time, Lily says, locals coming this way. They need the door code.

Dr. Teller suggests Roberta relax, and let her subconscious do the work. 10K says, here comes everybody, Lily adding, everybody and their mother. Doc asks what happens when the timer gets to zero? Murphy tells Roberta that they need the door code. Roberta puts on the security camera monitors. 10K says they need the door code. In Roberta’s Zona flashback, Teller is explaining geographical areas to be treated. The timer stops. The man with a plan takes out a cylinder. Roberta remembers asking Teller what’s in them. He tells her the end of the world as they know it. A chemical agent that will spread the cure globally within a few years. Once the countdown is started, she has three minutes to change the cylinder. In the conscious world, Murphy tells Roberta they really need the door code. She finally gives it to Doc who punches it in. The door closes, but it gets stuck and doesn’t close completely. Roberta says when Teller woke her up, he told her how to stop it. She has to change the cylinders.

The President is wheeled to the panel. He starts to put his thumb on the pad, but Roberta says, not now. She tells the others she has to go alone to change the cylinders. Where she’s going, no one can follow. If they get to Newmerica, find Addie and Red, and tell them she loves them. She says goodbye to everyone, and tells Murphy if she’s ever in a coma again, don’t wake her. Lily salutes her.

Roberta follows a corridor to a hard hat area where the launch pad is, housing a huge flying saucer-like drone. The man with a plan appears, and tells her it’s too late. Her actions noble and heroic, but misguided. She tells him to misguide this, and runs toward him. He shoots at her, but the bullets bounce off her shield. Seeing this on the monitor, Murphy says they have to help. Doc says she told them to stay there. Roberta and the man (not to be confused with The Man in the previous season) fight. Murphy says Roberta kicked his ass. Doc says they still have a situation, and starts shooting through the door opening.

Roberta opens the drone. In her mind, Teller gives her the instructions. She blocks the opening from closing completely. Teller says she’s almost done. He says there’s a 78% chance of gas being released, which is why she has to do it alone. She asks, if she does this, is she not coming back? He says if she doesn’t, humanity isn’t coming back. She inserts the cylinder, and sits up. Murphy says that’s the signal; Mr. President, it’s showtime. Doc thinks he should wait until she clears out, but Murphy says Roberta is running the show and that’s the signal. A half-zombie flies into the room, and jumps onto Doc’s back. He twirls around, but it won’t let loose. Murphy says, on three, and the machine says, countdown, three minutes. Doc says that was fun.

Roberta gets out of the drone. The others see the man on the monitors, but Roberta doesn’t. Murphy says he’s going. Doc tells him, no, but he leaves anyway. The rest watch as Roberta gets down, and the man knocks her out.

Roberta sees the Black Rainbow in her mind. She gets rained on, and starts to burn and melt. Teller says, sorry about the fire and brimstone, but he needed images strong enough to burn in her memory. Some plans are best kept hidden, even from ourselves. He says someone would personally like to thank her for her sacrifice.

It’s Michael Berryman! The Founder tells her, hello, and Roberta says they’ve met before. He says many times. He wanted to personally thank her, on behalf of everyone in Zona, for her heroic efforts to make the reset a reality. She says her mission was to stop Black Rainbow. Teller says there’s been a small change in plans. The Founder says she’s the saver of Zona. There’s a flesh-eating bacterium in the drone. It will cleanse the world, and they’ll start anew. Roberta asks what makes them think she’s going along with it. The Founder says she has no choice, and puts his oxygen mask over her nose and mouth.

Roberta hears the countdown. She says, she’s the reset. Well, this is just mean.

Murphy fights with man. The man whacks him with the cylinder, and gas is released into the man’s face. Roberta gets up. Two minutes and counting. She goes back to the drone. Doc wonders what she’s doing, and Lily says she’d better do it fast. When Roberta is inside the drone, she forgets to block the door, and it closes all the way. Doc wonders where Murphy is. Crawling out toward the cylinder. Roberta starts to take the installed cylinder out, but her hand shakes (part of her dream). She hears the drone start. The back of the building opens, and it’s like the landscape in Roberta’s mind. Minus the nuclear fallout. The drone starts to rise.

Doc says it’s taking off with Roberta. Lily asks what they do, and 10K says they can’t stay there. They all run. This is the longest nine seconds ever. Roberta starts to mess with the other cylinder, and yells, nooo! The drone takes off. Doc, Lily, and 10K watch. Now what?

The drone flies with Roberta inside. Things start popping out of it, seeding the clouds. Murphy joins the others, his skin totally red. Doc says, Black Rainbow. Murphy says Roberta was right. They watch as the Black Rainbow forms in the sky. 10K says it’s beautiful. Lily asks if they’re going to die. 10K says it looks like it, and she grabs him and kisses him. Murphy asks Doc if he thinks they should make a run for it, but Doc says no. They’d just get run over by a giant wheel of zombie cheese. Murphy says maybe the reset isn’t such a bad idea after all, and Doc says he guesses they’ll find out.

The drone spins. Roberta says. have mercy. and cries out.

😈 I already heralded the good news of Z Nation being renewed, but Channel Zero will also be back with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block in 2018. Looks good!

Quotes of the Week

It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy. – Unknown

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you. – Mary Tyler Moore

Look down at me and you see a fool; look up at me and you see a god; look straight at me and you see yourself.Charles Manson (Scary thought, but he might have had a point.)

We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.Rick Warren

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