December 13, 2017 – Jason Asks Drew for Help, New Jersey Goes to Milan & Star Deferred


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Here’s my excuse for missing the very beginning. I’d read there was going to be a press conference at 3 pm, which was no surprise since interrupting GH is de rigueur for Washington DC. I usually feed my dogs what I like to call luncheon just before the show, and took my sweet time, especially with my little old girl, who doesn’t see as well as she used to and sometimes needs help. The joke was on me. There was no conference. Not televised anyway. Luckily, I didn’t miss much.

Ava and Julian go to Kelly’s. Ava says the last time she was at the MetroCourt, she got a dressing down of epic proportions. If it was just Sonny and Carly, she could handle it, but stares follow her everywhere. Julian asks if a doctor can finish what was started, but she says not legally, and the ones who will risk it aren’t exactly the cream of the crop. Julian suggests investigating further, but she says it’s not worth it. Griff made her see reason, and he’s the one who has to look at her. He accepts her, and her life – most of it anyway. Julian says, just not her brother.

Monica tells Ned that both Jason and Drew love Sam and the children. They’ll find a way to co-exist. Ned thinks he hears the sound of Tracy, cackling from across the ocean. He’d like nothing more than for them to get along, but he’d also like turkey on Thanksgiving; some things are not meant to be. He says the Quartermaines are a study in conflict, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Monica thanks him for the pep talk. She leaves to answer the door, and Olivia-Q asks Ned if it would kill him to be supportive.

It’s Sam at the door. She was surprised Monica wasn’t at the hospital, and Monica says she’s taken a mental health day. She can’t imagine how difficult this whole thing is for Sam. Sam says she’s fine. The person she’s worried about is Drew.

Jason is trying to figure out what got him and Drew to this point. He tells Drew he has a lead on the backer. It’s Caesar Faison, who shot him. He checked the police files, and they had divers in the water within fifteen minutes of the shooting, yet there was no sign of him. Someone picked him up, and whoever did it, probably has the resources to take a Navy SEAL without a trace. Drew wonders what he would get out of it. Jason doesn’t know, but he has Spinelli working on it, and found out Faison was in Port Charles yesterday.

Kim is ready to really talk if Oscar wants to. Oscar tries to blow her off, saying it’s fine, and they can talk later. She tells him that she should have been straight from the beginning, and he asks, why wasn’t she?

Nelle, Sonny, Carly, and Michael sit down to discuss the impending birth, with Nelle ordering food like she’s having quintuplets. She tells Michael he’s being so formal. They’re not talking about a money transfer; it’s a baby. Michael says he’ll cover all medical expenses, if it’s proven to be his, and the bills can be sent to his office. Then they can hash out a fair custody agreement post birth. Nelle remarks that he only seems to be taking care of his child, so, no deal.

Olivia asks Ned if she doesn’t get to have opinions. He says he loves her opinions; it’s one of the reasons he married her, but she’s not seeing the big picture.

Sam tells Monica that Drew could use her. No guilt trip, but he doesn’t have a lot of people in his corner. Monica says she’ll get in touch with him today, but wishes she could do more than just listen. Sam says that’s enough. Monica asks how Sam is, adding that Drew isn’t the only one who had the rug pulled out from under her. Sam says it’s a lot. Every time they think they have a handle on it, another shoe drops. She says she doesn’t know if it’s her place to tell Monica, but in finding out Drew had a life before Port Charles, they found out he has a son. Monica has another grandchild.

Kim doesn’t know where to start, and Oscar suggests where they met. She tells him it was in San Diego, where she was going her internship. His father was stationed there, and they knew he was going to be deployed. She also didn’t know where her residency would take her, so they agreed when the time came to say goodbye, they would leave it at that. Oscar asks if she loved him, and she says given time, she thinks she could have. By the time she found out she was pregnant, he was already overseas. She had no way to contact him, since his whereabouts were a secret. Oscar was born, and she felt their family was complete. There was never going to be a dad in the picture, so she thought there was no need to talk about him. She was kind of relieved Drew didn’t know. Oscar asks why, and she says because they were a team; Kim and Oscar against the world. She didn’t want that to change, but knows now that it has to.

Drew asks what Faison was doing in Port Charles, and Jason says traveling with his daughter. Britt got tired of running, and stayed behind. She told him that her father has no interest in going after Sam and the kids, and he figures she has no reason to lie. What good would it do her? Faison could also care less about Jason and his family. He thought Jason was dead. Apparently, he was supposed to be killed after the switch took place, but Faison was double-crossed. Drew doesn’t see how this affects him and his family.

Nelle says Michael is committing to the child, but not her. How is she supposed to take care of the baby properly? Carly says it’s called a job, but Nelle says she tried that, but thanks to Carly and her friends, it hasn’t worked out very well. She asks if she’s supposed to live in a hovel, and Michael says he won’t sell the apartment. She says it’s going to be stress on her body and the baby all day, and she’s already down one kidney. Michael says having a baby should be safe for her, and plenty of women work while pregnant. She says not the ones carrying his child. If he refuses to make her life easier, he’ll regret it. He can be involved, but it will be from a distance. Michael asks if she’ll be leaving town, and she says faster than you can say “child abandonment.”

Michael says she can’t keep him away, and Nelle says she didn’t say she would. Port Charles has been less than hospitable, and her prospects are dwindling. Don’t get her started about the winters. She might want to try her luck somewhere else. Michael asks what she wants, and she tells him to make an offer. Sonny says there’s nowhere he can’t find her, and she asks what he’s going to do? Keep her prisoner? He tells her she doesn’t want to find out. Sonny needs to watch it, or he’s going to get the reputation of being some kind of tyrant when it comes to the babies in his family.

Ava tells Julian that Griff didn’t give her an ultimatum. He can’t have a relationship with Julian, but he’d never tell her that she couldn’t. She can thread this needle, she just has to keep things separate. Julian says she shouldn’t have to play referee. She tells him to sit back and calm down. He’s her brother, and families stick together.

Sam tells Monica that Drew’s son is Oscar Nero. Monica says she just hired a Nero, and Sam says that’s Oscar’s mother. Josslyn and Oscar made the connection. She thinks they’re dating, and Monica thinks that should keep it interesting. Monica asks if Drew and Oscar have met, and Sam says briefly, but it was before they knew. Monica says two new additions to the family within a week. Sam says it must feel like a miracle, and Monica asks how it feels to her?

Kim tells Oscar it might be good to have a man in his life at this point, and he has the right to know his father. He doesn’t know what to think, and she tells him that it’s his decision. She’ll support him no matter what. He asks what if it’s a mistake, and she says they’ll deal with it together. From what she knew back in the day, and heard since she’s been here, he seems like a good guy; very open to getting to know him and being in his life.

Jason believes Britt is telling the truth. Whatever Faison was doing was blown to hell, and he’s running. Drew says that’s not enough; he needs to be stopped. Jason tells him that Spinelli is trying to find out more information. Jason does think there’s someone who might know what happened – Drew. They had him for three months before they got Jason. He might know more than he realizes. Drew says thanks to Andre, all of his memories are Jason’s.

Ned tells Olivia his issue isn’t Jason’s return, but what it means to ELQ. Olivia doesn’t give a damn, but cares about Michael. Ned say they haven’t always agreed on how to run things, but until now, the playing field was level. Now that went out the window. Olivia says it’s wonderful for the Quartermaines, but not so much for ELQ.

Nelle tells Sonny that he doesn’t scare her. He says she’s either bluffing or stupid; probably both. Michael suggest they work this out. Nelle says they might not like the terms, but she doesn’t care. It’s her body and her baby, and the decision is up to her. If Michael wants to be a father, he has to do better. She says she’s lost her appetite, and gets up. Michael asks her to wait, but she says she can’t. After she leaves, Carly tells him not to give in. Michael tells her to let him do it his way for the baby’s sake.

Oscar tells Kim that he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about what having father would be like. He’s thought it would be cool; someone to hang with, and talk about stuff. Not that he can’t talk to her. She tells him not to feel guilty. He says for all he knows, it could suck. Drew might not want to be dad. She reminds Oscar that Drew has a daughter, but he says maybe he doesn’t want a teenage son. Kim says she’d be surprised, but the decision is up to him. She thinks he should give it a try. Oscar is worried that they won’t like the same things, or Drew might not like him.

Jason tells Drew if the mapping project was perfect, Drew would be just like him, but he made different choices. That could mean he’s still in there somewhere. Drew says it’s possible, but they have no way of accessing his memories. He tells Jason that it’s not like he hasn’t thought about him, or has no sympathy, but when he showed up, everything Drew believed, felt, and knew was true, was stripped from him. In return, the only thing he got was a service record.

Sam tells Monica she hadn’t thought about herself. She’s been focused on Drew, and will be happy if they can work it out. She doesn’t know how to deal with a teenage boy, but she’s had experience with the girls in the family. Monica says that not once has she uttered the word “Jason.” Sam says she came to talk about Drew; he’s her husband, and she loves him. Monica says he also has another family, including a son. Is she wondering if he goes back, will it give her the freedom to be with Jason?

Julian decides to change the subject, and asks Ava when she last saw Avery? Ava says it’s been a long time, but nothing is ever hopeless. She has to wait for an opportunity, and seize it when she it comes along. Julian has to meet with Scotty, and Ava says to tell him to step up his game. Julian says he’s been surprisingly competent, and she hopes that trend continues. Julian leaves, and Ava sees Nelle at the counter. She says hello, and tells Nelle she looks really good. Nelle says she’s probably noticing her glow. They’re about to be related, in a way. Avery is going to be an aunt.

Michael says he doesn’t care any more about Nelle than Sonny does about Ava. Nelle thinks she hit the jackpot. He can’t let her do that, but he doesn’t want what happened to Avery happen with his baby. He doesn’t want a tug-of-war legal battle. There has to be a better way, and  he’ll find it prior to the child being born, since Nelle won’t.

Kim thinks the possibility of Drew not liking Oscar is slim. Oscar is smart, interesting, kind, and compassionate. What’s not to like? Oscar says they seems so different, but Kim tells him to name a family that’s made up of carbon copies. Maybe Drew is a guy’s guy, and likes football and hanging out in a man cave. Maybe he’s never heard Mozart, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate it, or Oscar. All they need to have in common is to be good people. Oscar says he’s going to go for it. What does he have to lose? Kim says whatever happens, she has him.

Drew tells Jason that he stared at the service jacket for days, but noting. He can’t remember a name, face, sound or smell. He can’t think of anything, even why he served. What makes Jason think he can pull out something out about Faison? Jason tells Drew that he has brain damage. The first twenty years of his life is gone, and he’s never getting it back. Drew’s memories are just buried. Maybe he can still find them. Drew thinks it would be easier if he could flip a switch, but even if he could, is that really his life anymore? Jason understands, and thanks Drew for his time. Drew tells him that if he gets a lead and wants help, he wants Jason to know that he will.

Sam tells Monica everyone’s making it a bigger deal than it is. Drew and Kim barely knew each other. They had a son; it’s not like they had a family, like with her and Jason. Sam says she can’t say Jason’s name, let alone be around him. The memories come back, and she doesn’t know what to do with that. Monica asks if her feelings toward Drew have changed, and she says no. He’s her husband and she loves him. They’ve built a life together, but how is she supposed to go on? Monica thinks eventually things will come to a head.

Monica comes back to the living room, and Ned asks who was at the door. Monica tells him it was Sam. Olivia asks how she’s doing, and Monica says, overwhelmed. Michael comes in and says he has news. Ned asks if it’s sit down news, or popping champagne news? Michael says that depends. He’s going to be a father.

Carly says it’s all well and good, but at the end of the day, Nelle is having a baby, and she doesn’t trust her. Sonny doesn’t like it, but Michael said he can handle it. He adds, unless it becomes necessary for him to step in. He tells Carly she can’t overreact. If he takes action, everything will change.

Ava congratulates Nelle, and asks if there will be wedding bells. Nelle says, no; that’s not likely. They’re not in the best place. The only worse place is with his parents. Ava says, oh, the wrath of Sonny and Carly – her condolences. Nelle says she has to prepare herself for going forward; it could be just her and the baby; no family or friends. Ava says not as long as she’s around, and suggests they talk.

Monica tells Michael it complicates things, but it’s wonderful news. Olivia says she’ll have another baby to spoil, and Ned says that Cousin Leo can push him around. Monica says they have yet another addition, and Ned asks if there’s another Jason. Monica and I both go, ha-ha! She says apparently, Drew has a son, Oscar. Michael asks if she means Josslyn’s boyfriend, and she says she does. The family is growing by leaps and bounds.

Kim has to get to work. She tells Oscar that she’s sorry for not telling him the truth, and that he had to find out on his own. When she gets out in the hallway, her phone rings. She tells the caller that she has appointments, but understands. She’ll see them shortly. I’m hoping she’s not in on a scam of some kind.

Sam stands around on the docks. No surprise, Jason shows up. He approaches her. The look at each other with soap opera stares.

Drew goes to see Oscar.

Jason asks Sam not to walk away. Talk to him.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Finn to decline Cassandra’s offer; Valentin tells Cassandra that Windemere is off-limits, and Kim wants nothing to do with Monica.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa gets ready to go to Milan. She tells Joe #2 she’s going for business, but hopes that the change of scenery helps the girls mend fences. Since Italy is for lovers, she wishes he was coming.

Margaret says, the higher the heel, the better you feel. She tells her staff that the fashion show got ugly, and she wants it to blow over. No international incidents.

Siggy begs Michael for help with packing. She wants to spend one-on-one time with Teresa, Melissa, and Dolores. She wants to call Margaret out on her Hitler reference. She’s like a broken record. She fixates on something and it never goes away. Now that I think about it, that seems to be a Housewives trademark. Siggy says Italy isn’t the place to bring up this huge elephant though, insuring that she will.

Teresa says it’s bittersweet, since the last time she was in Italy was with the whole family. Her father says he’s charging her three hundred bucks a night for staying with the kids. I’m pretty certain he’s kidding, but I wouldn’t blame him.

Dolores is excited. She doesn’t know where they all stand, but it’s still nice to go with them. Wow. Desperate.

We’re already in Milan. Fastest. Airplane ride. Ever. Melissa has visions of handsome men tossing prosciutto into their mouths as they walk by. Melissa and Margaret have a meeting to go to, and the rest plan their day. Melissa and Margaret have the presidential suite, and Melissa has them draw for the other rooms, which are just as grand. Everything is huge and very Italian. Margaret and Melissa head for a showroom. Dolores just wants pasta. She and Siggy go shopping, while Teresa and Danielle decide to go to a restaurant.

Danielle tells Teresa that she modeled there when she was younger. Teresa tells her she was pregnant with Milania when she was there last time. She brought her mother’s rosary beads to bring her along. Teresa misses her, but feels like her mother is right beside her. They sightsee a little, and go for a drink. They toast to Teresa’s dad, and Teresa tries to drink through the stirrer. Danielle wants to get along with everyone, but feels like there’s an elephant in the room. She says Dolores thinks she hasn’t done anything wrong. Teresa says Dolores told her that she went off on Kim D., but Danielle finds it hard to believe, since it didn’t happen when they were there.

Dolores thinks Danielle is deceptive, and Siggy thinks Margaret goes out of her way to be offensive, making it hard for her to enjoy Italy. Dolores says Margaret owes her an apology.

Melissa and Margaret discuss Dolores getting in Melissa’s face at the fashion show. Melissa tells Margaret either Dolores dismisses her completely, or an explosion happens. In her interview, Melissa suggests the trip is like a ticking time bomb, and she’s dreading it.

The showroom has a giant unicorn in the middle of it. Melissa tells the designer (?) she likes classy, but sexy, and is shown some merchandise. In her interview, she talks about having to rebuild the store from nothing, after splitting with her partner. We flash back to the place emptied out. She admits to buying more stuff for her closet than the store, but says store is her closet. Melissa says, one for me, one for the store.

Margaret pops some champagne, and it goes everywhere. Danielle comes by, and Teresa tells Melissa about seeing the cathedral. Danielle talks to Margaret about the elephant. Teresa thought she and Siggy made up, but Danielle is right. Siggy should have stuck up for her in front of her. Melissa says she hates bringing stuff up. Margaret says things could get heated.

The ladies gather for dinner. Dolores says the pit in her stomach isn’t there, but you never know. On the way to the restaurant, they discuss being hangry, a condition from which I suffer, and is now recognized by spellcheck. They have a semi-private table, with a preset menu. Since we’re five, the girls play with the candle wax from the table candles. The drinks arrive. Dolores says she might get drunk. Danielle explains how to give a man a rainbow. If you don’t know what that is, google it. I’m not explaining.

Joe #1 emails Teresa, jokingly calling her cheater. Siggy doesn’t find it funny, and decides to bring up the elephant. What did I say? In her interview, Melissa says, told you – tick, tick, tick, boom! Siggy insists she defended Teresa 100%. Danielle says they didn’t see it, so who knows? Melissa says Kim D. was screaming and yelling at Teresa, and all she did was ask them if they were still walking in the show. Then she does a spot-on impression of Dolores getting an inch from her face, and says that’s what she got. Dolores says she felt bad when it was over. In her interview, Melissa says she was shamed like she was in grade school, and doesn’t know what kind of friendship Dolores is used to, but she doesn’t roll with that. Dolores says she and Teresa went against them with Margaret and Danielle, proving Melissa’s point that this is grade schoolish. Siggy says the argument Margaret used Hitler as a comparison wasn’t appropriate, and asks for a show of hands. All she gets is several women trying to explain what an analogy is. In her interview, Margaret says, deflect much? Kim D.’s only goal in life is to destroy Teresa and Melissa. How is she supposed to make an analogy about evil without using someone who is? Margaret tells Siggy that her husband and kids are Jewish. Siggy says she knows plenty of people who have married Jewish people who hate Jews. What?! Margaret says this is bullsh*t, and Siggy calls her anti-Semitic. After a beat of dead silence, it starts to get loud, and quickly escalates to stupid and nasty.

Siggy says, tell the bitch to sit down, referring either to Margaret or Danielle. In her interview, Margaret says Siggy doesn’t want the focus on her, because she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions. Siggy gets up, saying she’s not listening to Danielle. She’s known Teresa for ten seconds, and she doesn’t need Margaret or Danielle to understand her. She tells Danielle to stay out of it, calling her disgusting and a bitch. Danielle calls Siggy a bitch, a hypocrite, and a liar, and starts throwing things around. In her interview, Teresa says she called Danielle a “prostitution whore,” and flipped a table on her, but she’s never seen her this mad. Danielle and Teresa start to leave, and Siggy yells, go to jail! and, act like a lady! Melissa tells her to stop her mouth. On her way out, Margaret says they should go back to the United States. In her interview, Margaret says they’re constantly attacking her and Danielle, and not sticking up for Teresa and Melissa. Outside, Dolores tells Siggy to calm down and take a walk with her.

Margaret says Siggy knows she’s not anti-Semitic, and when she’s insecure, she resorts to name calling and taking potshots. Siggy says Teresa and Melissa not standing up for her about Margaret’s Hitler statement is beyond shocking. In her interview, Margaret says there’s nothing more vile than character assassination. She tells Teresa that their spat has turned into and all out war, and it’s going to have an epic ending.

Margaret, Teresa, and Danielle meet in the morning. Margaret says she was on the phone with Joe #3 all night. She’d thought they were fine, and should have listened to Danielle. Melissa joins. Danielle says that Siggy goes for the jugular with Margaret. In her interview, Danielle says that when Siggy dismissed her, it was a trigger for her. We flash back to some other times Danielle was triggered. She tells them that Siggy is always bragging about what a good friend she is to them; she must have missed something.

Dolores visits Siggy, who’s had no sleep. She doesn’t understand why Margaret wouldn’t admit that her remark was in poor taste. She knows Margaret isn’t anti-Semitic, but she’s ignorant.

Melissa tells the ladies that she’s booked a canal tour. Danielle has decided to lay low for the day and regroup. Melissa says Siggy isn’t coming, but Dolores is, and Danielle is like, omg, they’re separating?

Dolores tells Siggy that she’s going on the tour. Melissa comes by to tell Dolores it’s time to get ready. She asks Siggy how she’s doing, and Siggy is upset about last night. Melissa suggests she talk to Danielle. Siggy says she wasn’t dismissing her. She was mad at Margaret, and took it out on her. Siggy calls Danielle, telling her she wants to talk and clear the air. Danielle agrees to meet.

In the limo, Margaret says the need a mellow day. Teresa suggests a restaurant with separate rooms. Margaret says it’s too bad it has to be this way. Dolores has made a pact to stop, and apologizes. In her interview, she still doesn’t think it was wrong to walk in the fashion show, but doesn’t want to talk to her friends that way. She makes it clear that she doesn’t feel badly about Danielle though; she provokes.

Joes #2 and #3, meet with Frank, and Danielle’s boyfriend, Marty. They talk about their kids, and Joe #2 is at a loss about his daughter, since the boys will be after her. Marty thinks as long as she knows his concern, he just has to hope for the best. Joe #3 talks about his daughter sneaking out. Frank says trust her, but not the guys. Joe #2 says never mind their daughters, their women got kicked out of a restaurant in Italy. Frank doesn’t think it would be too funny if they got a call from jail.

The guide tells the girls stuff about the canal. Melissa addresses someone in half Italian, half Spanish. The ladies remark on how cute the guides are, and take pictures on a bridge. In her interview, Margaret says good thing Miss Crazy Pants isn’t there creating a scene or slandering people, but she misses Danielle.

Siggy meets Danielle on the terrace. She apologizes about being dismissive; it was uncalled for, and she didn’t deserve it. Danielle says Siggy has hurt her feelings before, but she became unhinged. She saw red, and she doesn’t want to see that color again. She introduced Margaret to everyone, and doesn’t know how they got to that place. Siggy says Margaret has done nothing but attack her. She knew about her hysterectomy, and called her Soggy. (sigh) The Hitler reference was hurtful to her, and once again, Margaret hit a nerve. Danielle says because Margaret isn’t there, she needs to say that she hasn’t seen that kind of intention. Not to demean what she went through, but it would have been better for Siggy to just say she didn’t like it, and pick another analogy. Siggy says she’s sorry she took it out on Danielle. She thinks Margaret’s energy doesn’t work with her. Danielle thinks it’s probably the same with Margaret. In her interview, Danielle says Margaret is one of the good ones, and she’ll always have her back, no matter what. She tells Siggy that she’s still hurt, but baby steps. They hug.

Melissa feels touristy and warm inside. They sit down for lunch. Dolores wishes everyone was there, and by that, I’m sure she means Siggy. Melissa says she talked to Siggy, and there has to be a way. She mentions that Siggy listens to Dolores more, but Dolores says Siggy has her own deal. Teresa asks if she thinks Margaret is anti-Semitic, and Dolores says no, but she thinks Margaret is anti-Siggy. Margaret says she wasn’t until last night. Dolores says Margaret wants to make a point about things she doesn’t know the dynamics of. In her interview, Dolores accuses Margaret of stirring the pot. She tells Margaret that she might have reacted the same way, but Margaret doubts it. Dolores says she doesn’t like being pitted against someone, and Margaret is pushing the limit; she’s getting annoyed. Do she and Siggy make up parallel bizarro worlds in their heads? Teresa tells Dolores that she thinks because Siggy doesn’t like Margaret, she’s not giving her a chance. Dolores says while she doesn’t appreciate how Margaret “handles” Siggy, that’s not the case. Okay, maybe she and Siggy are both just full of it. In her interview, Margaret says that Siggy could be holding a bloody knife, saying she didn’t do it, and Dolores would back her up. Dolores says in her honest opinion, Margaret and Siggy can never be friends. Melissa thinks the trip is going to be horrendous. Teresa says they’re like oil and vinegar, and after a moment in which everyone takes that in, they correct her. Now that was funny.

Siggy calls Michael. She feels like it’s hard to explain what she’s going through with Margaret. Everyone is making her feel like there’s something wrong with her. That’s because there is. Michael says Margaret doesn’t like her. Siggy needs to take her own advice, and walk away from a toxic situation. His advice is to come home. Siggy says she’s done, and Michael tells her if she doesn’t put stop to it, he will. She says coming home.

Next time, champagne, a bike ride, cooking, Joe #2 has a sit-down with his girls, Siggy cries some more, and Margaret takes an informal poll about her being anti-Semitic.

🔊 Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live gave us a wonderful, appropriate quote for this show:

Kim D is in fact, a cockroach.Michael Rappaport

⭐ Star tomorrow; tired tonight.

😒 But I Have This…

Kim Gorga’s Ex Business Partner Fails to Get Attention with Lawsuit

😝 Ah-ha! in Nelson voice.

Siena Cathedral

Siena Cathedral






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