December 19, 2017 – Sam Proposes, Beverly Hills Goes to Vegas & a Little More Vegas


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the pub, Curtis says he is bereft without Aunt Stella, who moved out yesterday. She thinks the second she left, he and Jordan were whooping it up in the altogether. Curtis says, maybe. He asks how the new apartment is, and she says a nonstop party. TJ and Molly brought out the neighbors to welcome her, and it lasted until two am. Curtis says she’s already the party girl of the Charles Street district. She says it’s a shame it’s not going to last.

Maxie says the tree feels right, and Nathan says it’s perfect. She tells him that her dad came through with his medical records. Now all they need is his father.

Obrecht talks to Britt in German, and asks how dare they lock her up like a common criminal? Britt says she is one. She was on the run with one of the world’s most dangerous fugitives. She tells Obrecht that if she delivers Faison to the authorities, she can get a drastically reduced sentence. Obrecht asks how she can think of betraying him?

At the gallery, Ava gets flowers. The card congratulates her on taking her life back. Kiki and Griff come in, and Ava says she’s not sure she deserves praise for going back to work. Kiki says it was Griff’s idea, and he tells her it was the least he could do for putting her at odds with her brother.

In the park, Alexis and Danny contribute to Toys for Tots. Julian sees them, and asks if Danny has a hug for grandpa.

Sam answers a knock at the door. It’s Jason. He asks if Drew is home. Drew appears, and says sorry, he should have told Sam that he’d invited Jason over.

Nathan tells Maxie that Obrecht is being squirrely about his father’s medical records. Maxie asks if that isn’t normal, since she lives her life in secret. Nathan confesses he’s not sure about Victor being his father.

Britt says Obrecht is always defending Faison, but it wasn’t the same for her. Obrecht says she was strict with Britt, because she wanted her to live a long and happy life. Britt says that’s why she wants to get the reduced sentence, but Obrecht tells her that she’d be signing her own death warrant.

Kiki leaves to unpack the deliveries. Ava understands why Griff feels the way he does, and is glad he’s honest. He knows she doesn’t want Julian to be found guilty, but it would go a long way in making people feel better about his other crimes, including his father’s murder. Ava says, about that…

Alexis suggests Danny play on the slide while they watch. Julian tells her that he just came to drop off some gifts. She ran off so fast at the pub, he didn’t get a chance to tell her the good news. The charges have been dropped. He’s officially a free man.

Sam asks what’s going on? Drew says they all deserve to know what happened and why. Andre was transferred to a federal facility, but Jason was the last person to see him, and Drew wanted to ask him about it. Jason says Andre took a baseline map of Drew’s original memory, and he wondered if it still exists.

Julian tells Alexis no more ankle monitor. Olivia-J’s statement nullified the case, and he’s trying to rebuild his life. He’s starting from scratch, since he sold the media company. Alexis says she’s not sure the sale is valid, since it was under Jason’s name, but Julian says it was made in good faith, and he’s not going to challenge it. The idea of owning a pub feels like a new beginning, and he’s not being pulled back into his old life. Alexis says it’s his life, and he can live it however he likes, good or bad. He tells her that she took off pretty fast when they ran into each other. She says it was awkward, so she arranged to meet her date elsewhere. He says it must be serious, and he wants her to be happy.

Griff asks Ava if all is forgiven, just like that. Ava says Olivia-J threatened him; he didn’t commit the crimes willingly. Griff says he still willingly ordered his father’s murder. Kiki comes back, saying Dillon is coming home tomorrow, and she can’t wait. In perfect soap timing, Dillon calls, and she leaves to talk to him. Ava tells Griff that Julian offered to make himself scarce, but he doesn’t want her to have to choose. She asks how he’s going to handle it then?

Britt tells Obrecht it’s not like she framed Faison. He did everything he’s wanted for. Obrecht says her father is a genius, untroubled by empathy and remorse. He’ll destroy her if she goes against him. Britt says he’ll be in prison, but Obrecht says he’s escaped from countless prisons, and he doesn’t forgive a traitor.

Nathan talks to Maxie about meeting Victor, and how he told Nathan that he was his father. He wonders if his mother never told him because it wasn’t true. She might have backed him up, but maybe she thought it was safer. She’s dragging her feet about the records, and he doesn’t trust it. Victor is dead, and they might never know who the baby’s paternal grandfather is.

Stella tells Curtis that investor types are eyeing the neighborhood for gentrification. They could be forced out by greedy landlords. Curtis says it’s not happening anytime soon, so enjoy her bachelor pad. She says the first thing she unpacked was a picture of him and Tommy. Christmas makes her feel his absence more keenly; his senseless death and the part Jordan played in it. Curtis says he thinks about Tommy every day. He would be glad they’re in each other’s lives, but would kick Curtis’s ass if he didn’t give her a housewarming gift.

Jordan visits the gallery, and says it looks good. Ava remembers when Jordan worked there, and says it could have been a great friendship if Jordan hadn’t been working undercover to get her brother. She adds that Jordan did get her out of some tight spots more than once.

Griff sees Kiki crying in the hallway. Dillon can’t come home for Christmas.

Maxie wonders why Obrecht would lie. Why would any mother lie, and say Victor was their child’s father? She can’t think of a worse candidate than that psycho.

Britt promises Obrecht not to betray her father. She doesn’t even know where he is. Obrecht says her life at stake. She’s sure Britt’s lawyer can get her only a few months in minimum security. She tells Britt that she doesn’t want to bring her father’s wrath down on both of them. She can stand between them, and is a formidable woman, but she’s no match for him. Britt knows him better now, and must realize what would happen. Britt tells her not to worry; she won’t say anything. Obrecht tells her that they must move forward. Once her legal troubles are settled, she can rebuild her life. Right now, Britt would rather focus on Nathan’s new baby. Obrecht says they made her feel like family at the party. Britt says why not return the favor, and give Nathan the medical records he needs?

Julian tells Alexis that the best Christmas gift for him, is for her to be happy. She calls for Danny, and he asks if she’s making another hasty exit left. He tells her that when she made the last one, she left her scarf at the pub, and to stop by any time to pick it up. Alexis guesses she should be resigned to seeing him. Julian tells Danny that he’s going to see Santa, and asks if Danny has anything special he wants. Danny says Santa already knows what he wants, but what about Julian? He says he wants something special. It’s a long shot, but Santa has magic.

Jason explains that Andre put his methodology about the baseline on a flash drive, and put the drive inside an ornament and gave it to someone. Jason thinks he wanted out, but wanted a record of his work. Drew asks if he was unable to retrieve it, and Jason says it was put in with ornaments for the community tree by mistake, and it’s missing. Sam asks if it’s completely gone, and Jason says it’s more complicated than that.

Britt asks if Obrecht doesn’t want her grandchild to have every advantage. Obrecht says she’s arranged for the medical records to be sent. She had so many failings as a mother, and wonders if she’ll do better as a grandmother. Britt says she can start by not telling the story of Krampus. Obrecht says she’ll tell the story of how Britt is the best aunt a child could want instead. Britt promises she’ll be back, and they’ll find a way to be happy. Obrecht agrees that they will.

Nathan marvels at the baby growing inside Maxie. He asks if it’s okay to… and she says, definitely.

Kiki tells Griff that Dillon is taking a leave of absence to be the director on a friend’s Indy film. She hasn’t seen him in months, and now he’s going to be surrounded by actresses on the beach. What if she puts all this work into being a doctor, and she turns out to be a big fat loser with no boyfriend or career? She’s going to California, and forgetting her delusions of grandeur.

Jordan asks Ava about a sculpture that she wants. Ava says it was one of a pair, and Kiki must have sold the other one unknowingly. She says she’ll give Jordan a good deal.

Jason explains about the ornament being missing. Sam says someone knew, and Drew says, and didn’t want them to find it. Alexis comes back with Danny. Danny sees Jason, and says he came back. He tells Alexis that Jason is mommy’s friend from when he was a baby. Sam tells Alexis that they’re just sorting through a few things, and Alexis says to call if she needs help. After she leaves, Danny says Jason looks like someone in the pictures at Grandma. Jason says he knows her, and she’s a nice lady. Sam distracts Danny with some new juice boxes. Jason thinks he should go, but Drew says he doesn’t think so. Danny needs to know Jason is his father.

When Danny returns from the kitchen, Sam says they found out something he needs to know, but it doesn’t change how much they both love him; nothing will ever change that. She tells him that they found out daddy and mommy’s friend are actually brothers, like him and Jake. There was a mix-up, daddy is actually his uncle, and mommy’s friend is actually his daddy. Danny asks if Drew isn’t his dad, and Drew says no; he’s Danny’s uncle. He doesn’t care what Danny calls him; he’ll always love him. Sam says it just means he has more people to love. Danny asks if Jason loves him, and Jason says he does. Danny asks why he was gone so long? Jason tells him that he didn’t want to go away, and tried his hardest to get back. Danny asks if he was sad when he was gone, and Jason says he was, but when he got back and saw Danny, it made him feel better that Danny had a great family. Danny asks why he didn’t say something right away? Jason says there was a lot to figure out. There still is, but he’d like to get to know Danny when he feels ready. Danny says he’s ready now. Wow. This kid is really taking this well. Jason asks if they should shake hands, but Danny asks for hug. Jason hugs him.

There’s a knock at Maxie and Nathan’s door. Nathan answers shirtless. It’s Obrecht who thinks he just got up, and asks if no one taught him about the early bird. Maxie comes in, saying she thought he was joining her in the shower, and Obrecht says, oh, he was catching something better than worms. She gives him a folder, saying it’s the medical history of an extraordinary man. Maxie says Nathan is the one thing Victor did right. Obrecht has busy day, but says on Christmas, she will bring her famous strudel, and they can play cards and dream about the little one. When she’s gone, Maxie says she was stranger than usual. Nathan thinks she knew what she was doing.

Stella unwraps a sculpture, and Curtis reminds her of when she used to drag him and Tommy to the museum in Philadelphia. Afterward, she would ask about what they saw, and how it made them feel. She says they hated those trips, but Curtis says he just wasn’t willing to own up to the fact he liked art. The piece reminds him of those trips. Stella says she’ll cherish it. Jordan enters, and congratulates Stella on her new home. She says Curtis told her about how she taught him to appreciate art, and gives Stella a box. It’s the same piece in a different color, and Stella says it’s a pity. Jordan says the gallery owner said they were companion pieces. Curtis says, great minds think alike, and now she’s the proud owner of a matching set. Stella sees no reason to have two, and says she’ll return the one Jordan gave her, and donate the money to those not as blessed.

Griff tells Kiki that the road to be a doctor is a difficult and terrifying one. He questioned himself every day. He says she can do it, one step at a time, and keep her eyes on the prize. He tells her to shoot for her dreams, try her best, and she’ll never be a failure in his eyes. Ava has been listening, and says, or in hers. Griff tells Kiki it will be all right; trust him. Kiki says she does. She needs to have a serious conversation with Dillon, and hit books. Ava tells Griff that he got through better than she could have. Julian pops in.

Jason tells Danny that he’ll see him soon, and Danny suggests he come to Grandma Monica’s, so he can see how he taught Annabelle to shake hands. Jason leaves, and Danny goes upstairs to play. Sam is choked up, saying it was hard. Drew says he’s sorry she has to go through this. He thought after Jake, it couldn’t get harder, but it breaks his heart into more pieces. Sam knows he feels like he’s losing everything, but he still has everything. He has Danny, Jake, and Scout, and he’ll always have her. He asks how he can have any of them? He has nothing to give. He doesn’t even know who he really is.

Stella steps away to take a call from TJ. Jordan thought they were doing well on Thanksgiving. Curtis says Stella gets this way around Christmas; it’s all about Thomas. Jordan says, and she’s the one who took him away, so she’s the Grinch. Curtis says that’s not true. When they’re done with the holidays, things will be better. He kisses her.

Stella runs into Alexis, and thanks her for Thanksgiving. Alexis says too bad dinner ended up on the floor. Stella tells her about the time Curtis’s birthday cake was trampled by the pony she hired. She says she likes David, and that they cross paths occasionally. He had been enthusiastic about the Charles Street district; now she lives there. Alexis says David has a thing about it, and Stella recommends it highly. TJ told her that this was the neighborhood place, so she’s sure they’ll be running into each other.

Julian asks what they’re going to do about this? Griff seems to have a problem with him.

Maxie tells Nathan that his mom wasn’t lying for once. His father was super healthy, and their baby will have super genes. He hopes she’s right. There’s something wrong with the records.

Sam tells Drew that she knows who he is; the man she loves, but he took the proposal off the table. He says with everything she has in her life, how can he ask her to choose him, when he doesn’t even know who he is. He owes her to know who she’s married to. Sam says he doesn’t owe her anything. She asks him to marry her. He calls her small and mighty, and asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. She gets down on her knees, and he does too. He wants her to remember this is the moment they decided, because they love each other. Sam says it’s a moment they’ll remember forever. Drew tells her he’ll marry her. She grabs his face, and kisses him. He tells her that he loves her.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks Ned what he’s doing there, Laura has to ask Lulu something, and Maxie doesn’t think she can do this.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika talks to her creative director about a new project. She says yes to everything, since you’re only given an opportunity once, and the moment is fleeting.  So she’s maximizing her m-f-ing time. She never thought she’d be where she is in her mid-40s. We see a clip of Erika being parodied on SNL. Yep, she’s in the big time now. She tells us she’s where she is because of her husband’s support. Her life has exploded.

LisaR has a rat problem, and I don’t mean one of the other girls. Actual rodents. Her daughters are modeling now, and she’s making a trip with them to New York. LisaR says she’s managing everything and everybody. God love Harry Hamlin, but he’s not doing sh*t. A doctor comes over to give them vitamin injections. She wants to keep her daughters grounded, so the attention doesn’t go to their heads, and I wonder how that’s working out when the “concierge doctor” makes a house call for nonsense.

Kyle meets LVP at a restaurant. Her bag needs its own chair. Kyle’s show, American Woman, is inspired by her life with her mom in the 70s, and is finally on the air. She tells LVP she’s planning a trip to Vegas for Erika and Dorit’s birthdays. LVP informs her that LisaR’s birthday is also around the same time. In her interview, LVP wonders how Dorit will take being with LisaR in Vegas, since LisaR got down and dirty last year. She hopes LisaR has learned her lesson. Kyle says they’ll have to get over it, and wonders if they need a bouncer for the plane. She feels like she’s in the middle, and doesn’t want that anymore. She’s inviting everyone, and too bad. If somebody doesn’t like it, they don’t have to go.

Dorit takes Jagger to his music class. They’ve always had a close connection, but now that he verbalizes, he can make his thoughts clear, and is into being with other kids. New Housewife Teddi is hosting the class. Afterward, they discuss trampolines as they sip champagne. Dorit sees a big change in Jagger’s personality. He’s a more confident, fun, and excited child. Dorit says they’ve spent the last four and a half moths in Miami while renovations are being done on the house. Now that she’s back, she wants to connect with other moms. Teddi says she rode horses for so many years, she didn’t know any moms, and that’s why she started the class. Dorit tells her about LVP, who builds her vacations around where she can take her horses. Wow. I can barely remember what a vacation is.

Kyle visits Erika at her office. Coolest. Office. Ever. Omg, I love the banana leaf patterned chairs. She shows Kyle her makeup room, where the light can be adjusted to be like daylight. Scary, but a good way to put on daytime makeup. Kyle says they’re going to Croatia, and a pool is being put in while they’re gone. She apologizes for not being able to see Erika in Dancing with the Stars. Erika says it was a new experience, letting someone else take control. Kyle asks about the girls’ trip, saying Erika’s birthday is between Dorit’s and LisaR’s. Erika makes an are-you-kidding? face. In her interview, Erika says the bottom could fall out; pack your own chute. Erika wonders about the elephant in the room, but says okay. We flash back to her telling Dorit she’s willing to try again, but it’s a slow process.

Teddi tells us that growing up, she lived well, but always knew the value of a dollar. Her husband was supposed to be a one-night-stand. The next morning, she thought his name was Edward, and it’s Edwin. That’s actually a funny/cute story. Her dad is John Mellencamp, and when she was a kid, thought everybody’s dad was on the radio. I can identify somewhat. My father designed and built the house I grew up in, and having a wife and two daughters, made the bathroom quite large. I was shocked when I saw other people’s bathrooms. I’d just assumed everyone had a bathroom that big. Teddi tells us that her father didn’t act like a famous guy, and nothing was just handed to her. She wants the same for her kids, and doesn’t want them acting entitled. She’s about a million times more down-to-earth than LisaR.

Dorit says they’ve gone way over budget with the renovations. She wanted an indoor/outdoor space, a kitchen facelift, and a bigger master closet. PK is surprised she’s going to Vegas with Erika and LisaR. He says last time he saw Erika, she was horrible to him. We flash back to the reunion. He adds that LisaR was a joke. In her interview, Dorit says LisaR came after her to defame her character. We flash back to the reunion some more. PK says he’s going to keep his opinions to himself.

Dorit and Teddi meet for drinks. LVP joins them, and says she loves the name Teddi. Teddi tells her that her name was originally Teddi Joe; it was very country. LVP grills her, and says if she has a sense of humor, they’re good. Teddi says her sense of humor is very dry. They talk horses. LVP tells them about the Vegas trip, and how it’s everybody’s birthday. Dorit hasn’t had any communication with Erika, and tells them it remains to be seen how it goes. She’s a little worried, and says it depends on what attitude Erika brings. She’d thought she and Erika would be fast friends, but Erika wasn’t very warm. She’s prepared to move past it though. Teddi’s birthday is tomorrow, and Dorit asks her to come along. LVP adds, if she’s brave enough. Dorit gets all excited.

Everyone packs for the trip. Their closets all look like stores. Erika is bringing her glam squad. She says pretty soon she’ll need an aircraft hangar for her clothes, and informs us that Cary Grant had one. I didn’t know that.

Camille joins the ladies at the airport. She just flew in from Hawaii, and is already exhausted. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit’s hair is different every time she sees her, and she could really be bald for all Kyle knows. Teddi is introduced around. Erika says, fresh beginnings, happy birthday, yay. Kyle explains that LisaR is still in New York, but will be coming later if she’s able. She invited Eileen, but she couldn’t make it. Right. She’s probably washing her hair. We find out Teddi doesn’t like to shop, and it gets very quiet. That’s it. She’s off the show. Erika talks about buzz shopping, saying she buys more once she’s had a cocktail. Lisa callsR, and says she has the girls covered, and will meet them in Vegas tonight. In her interview, Dorit says she has unresolved feelings, and it would be a better trip without LisaR, but the time is guaranteed fun with LVP and Kyle.

We’re off. Happy birthdays and champagne all around. I would love to fly like this just once. There’s turbulence, and Kyle gets weird. LVP spills champagne on Kyle’s Birkin bag, and chaos and hilarity ensue.

A butler comes with the hotel suite. Kyle says LVP always wants the best room, but she’s taking it this time. Like any of these rooms are shabby. Camille, LVP and Kyle hang out in LVP’s room. Camille asks if things are cool with LisaR now. Kyle tells them about running into Harry on a hike, and how he said her sister can never be around the group again. Since Kim isn’t on the trip (or the show this season), I don’t see this as being a problem, but really? #WhatDidHarryDo  We flash back to the bunny incident at the reunion. Kyle says Harry was clearly upset, and it was weird. She’d rather have an enema or root canal than discuss it with LisaR. LVP thinks it will be a recipe for disaster with Dorit.

Dorit has brought her hair and makeup stylists, because she can’t live without them. Erika’s squad works on her. She tells them no polite lip. Everyone looks fantastic, and make me wonder why I even bother. The ladies gather for a kiki before going out. Teddi has a fabulous body, and is wearing the shortest dress in the world. LisaR shows up, and Dorit says, help.

Next time, fun at the club, a sex toy made of ice, gambling, Erika admits to being an a-hole, and Dorit confronts Lisa.

🎡 Las Vegas

LasVegas3  LasVegas


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