December 21, 2017 – Oscar Meets the Quartermaines & Falling Behind


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Franco sets up some toys while Star Wars music plays. He puts on a VR headset, and has a light sabre duel with an invisible opponent. Elizabeth sees him, and laughs.

Josslyn meets Jason. She shopped for his gifts to the kids, and has to explain Frozen. She tells him that Jake loves to draw.

Sam comes downstairs, and tells Drew that Scout is asleep. They’re supposed to be at Monica’s, but Scout is teething, and it’s been hard on everyone. Sam doesn’t want to wake her, and tells Drew to go ahead. He says he shouldn’t leave until the gifts are exchanged, and he has something special for her – a new engagement ring.

Monica shows Leo a dancing Santa. Olivia-Q is more impressed than he is. Ned remarks to Olivia that she and Monica are getting along. She says it’s not a bad thing, but he tells her that a good old-fashioned Quartermaine brouhaha about Jason and Drew is looming, and he wants her to be on his side when it happens. The bell rings, and Monica says she invited some extra people. It’s Kim.

At the chapel, Laura and Doc get ready for the wedding. Lulu says friends and family will be there soon to celebrate. Maxie interrupts, saying no way the wedding is taking place today. Laura is like, what? Maxie says they’re not supposed to see each other before the wedding, and tells them to close their eyes. Doc says they’re a little too experienced to fall for a superstition. Maxie tells him mocking makes it worse, but Laura says it’s a perfect day for a weeding. Maxie tells her, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Monica introduces Kim to Ned and Olivia. She asks where Oscar is, and Kim says he wasn’t ready to meet everyone yet. Monica tells her that Oscar is always welcome there. When Kim is out of earshot, Ned asks if it isn’t a little early, and what about a DNA test? Monica says she doesn’t need a test, and isn’t turning anyone away who’s family.

Jason tells Josslyn that he shopped for Danny himself, and got a bunch of stuff for the dog. Josslyn says he’s a better gift-giver than he thought; Danny loves the dog. Jason tells her that she’s like her mom, and thanks her. He runs into Oscar on his way out, and asks how he is. Oscar says okay, and sits with Josslyn, who explains that she did the shopping for Jason. Oscar says it was nice of her, and she says that Jason is her mom’s best friend and she likes figuring out gifts. She gives Oscar his gift, a book by Edward Quartermaine. She tells him that’s his great-grandfather.

Franco shouts, score one for the rebellion! Elizabeth applauds. Franco says he should be embarrassed, but she tells him it was awesome. He puts the headset on her, and shows her how to use the light sabre. He tells her trust in her emotions. I wonder if the kids will get to play with this at all.

Drew says he should have waited, and given Sam the ring on a walk. He wonders if he should save it for later, but Sam says save the walk for later; put the ring on now. He asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s never been more sure of anything. She tells him she loves him, and will wear it as a symbol of their love, their life, and the promises they made to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Drew Kane. They kiss.

Maxie is nervous, and wishes Doc hadn’t seen the bride. Laura tells her to calm down. Maxie apologizes, saying it’s Laura’s wedding, and it should be what she wants. What a concept! Maxie says, Sam had a lugnut for a ring, so who is she to say? Bobbie arrives. Laura says it means a lot to have her there. Bobbie says they’re family, and have come a long way. They laugh about fighting over Scotty, of all people. Bobbie says Doc is a great guy, and plus, it will drive Lucy bonkers, which is a good thing.

Elizabeth wants to play again. There’s a knock at the door. Franco says his dad isn’t expected until dinner. It’s Jason, who has something for Jake. Jake comes downstairs, and asks what Jason is doing there. Elizabeth says Jason is his father. Jason tells Jake that he wanted to say Merry Christmas, and has something for him. Jake says he already has a dad, and doesn’t want him there. He runs upstairs, and Franco follows. Elizabeth tells Jason that it’s been hard on him; he had his world turned upside down again. Jason asks if Jake is afraid after he saw him in the park, but Elizabeth says that he felt safe; he’s just overwhelmed. He loves Drew, and doesn’t want to lose him. Jason says he has no intention of pushing Drew out. Elizabeth says eventually Jake will get that, but give him space right now. She tells Jason that she has something to tell him. She doesn’t expect him to like it, but to accept it. She and Franco are getting married. She explains that he’s a different person than the one Jason knew. Jason says it’s her life, but Franco did what he did. Elizabeth says he had a tumor, and it had everything to do with who he is. She wouldn’t have let him in to her life or the boys’ lives if that hadn’t changed. Jason says when and if Jake is ready to see him, he’s there. Franco overhears.

Monica is glad that Drew came over. She says nothing has changed. He’s her son; he always was, and always will be part of the family. Michael joins them, and Monica leaves to get drinks. Michael asks where Sam is, and Drew says she wanted to let Scout sleep longer. Ned interrupts, saying after the holidays, they have to discuss ELQ, and grandfather’s will. Everyone’s shares have been affected. Drew is like, Merry Christmas to you too, and goes into the living room. Michael says Drew he just walked in, and asks what’s going on? Ned is pushing ELQ to make big moves. He wonders if he made a mistake bringing Ned on board.

Drew sees Kim, and asks about Oscar. She says she hopes he comes, but meeting the entire family was a bit much.

Oscar thanks Josslyn, saying now he can read about his family. He gifts her with a CD he made. He thought of all the hours they listened to the CD from his father, and thought she deserved one of her own. They’re songs that make him think of her. Josslyn says she’ll have to kick her stepdad out of the living room, so she can listen to it. Oscar says he can’t have Sonny mad at her, and gives her a portable CD player, saying he found it online, and it’s cool and retro. She says it’s the best Christmas present ever, and kisses him.

Sam looks at a lugnut on a chain. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason

Elizabeth asks Franco is Jake is okay, and he tells her that Jake is dueling with Darth Vader. He asks what about her, and she says it’s not easy. Jason has every reason not to trust him. Franco says it’s his intention to go the rest of his life not antagonizing another person, so he’ll steer clear of Jason. Elizabeth thinks it’s a good plan for now, but hopes at some point they can be civil. Franco says that would be a Christmas miracle, and she says at least he has a truce with Drew.

Kim gives Monica and Drew photo books of Oscar growing up. Monica says he has Alan’s smile. She leaves to show Michael, and Kim asks Drew if it was too much. He says he’s just getting used to the idea of having a son, and he missed a lot.

Jason has a present for Danny, but Sam says he’s at the Quartermaines. She’s going there later. He says he can see Danny another time, but she tells him that he can put it under the tree if he wants. He comes in, and says the tree is a far cry from the runt tree they brought home. She says she remembers. He asks if that’s a new ring, and Sam tells him, yes; they’re getting married.

Laura tells Lulu that Doc is wonderful. He loves her quirks and foibles. Lulu is glad she found the love she deserved, and says she told her so. They hug. Laura doesn’t want to cry and ruin her makeup. Lulu tells her to relax and enjoy the day. Laura says it’s ridiculous, but Maxie’s superstition bugged her, and got in her head. Bobbie comes in, saying they have a problem.

Sam tells Jason that she and Drew are getting married again because they love each other, and it would be illegal not to. She realizes they brought other things to the relationship that belong to him, like the penthouse. Jason says it’s her home, and her son’s home. He has no interest in taking it back. She thanks him, and says Aurora was definitely purchased with his money, and they’ll find a way to pay him back. He says he’s already talked to Diane, and it will stay in her hands. Sam says it’s a lot to ask, and he tells her to consider it a gift for Christmas. She thanks him, and they wish each other a Merry Christmas. He leaves, and she gazes at the tree.

Elizabeth tells Franco that a card came for him. It’s from Betsy.

Bobbie tells Laura that flights are being rerouted. Lucky and Spencer are in Boston. They’ll drive in, but won’t make it for the ceremony. Laura says they got bad luck anyway. In the chapel, the reverend says he has to leave. His wife’s water just broke. Seriously? He can’t spare five minutes?

Sam and Scout arrive at the Quartermaines, with Oscar right behind them. Sam tells him the Quartermaines can be an unusual bunch, but promises they won’t bite. She introduces him to his little sister. Scout is super cute, wearing a hat that has pompoms on it like ears. Sam asks if Oscar is staying, but he’s afraid if he walks through the door, he’ll have to accept his old life is gone, and a new life and family are taking its place. Sam tells him change can be scary, but also exciting. She didn’t know her life would be where it is now, but she loves it. She has a past that will always be a part of her. She tells him to take his coat off and stay a while. They can walk into a new life together. Drew comes out and smiles. He’s glad they came. Oscar says, Merry Christmas, I guess. Drew tells him that his mom is inside.

Elizabeth tells Franco there was no postmark on the card. She asks where Betsy is, but she didn’t say. The card says she hopes the holiday brings Franco the peace he deserves, and her sincere wish is that he can forgive her. Elizabeth says it’s really Drew’s life that was affected. Why does she think this is about him, and what else could she mean?

Oscar goes inside, and Monica introduces herself, telling him that he’s just in time for dinner. Olivia introduces herself and Ned. On the side, Olivia asks Ned what’s the matter? She hates the cynical streak he’s developed since they found out Jason and Drew were twins. He says he’s just protecting his family. She tells him that Kim doesn’t want anything, and Oscar is a kid. Ned says Oscar has no loyalty to the family. They have no idea who he will become, but he’s not “one of us.” Olivia says, and Leo is? She hopes the man who invited her son into his heart and family can do the same thing for Oscar.

Josslyn runs into Jason. She asks how Jake and Danny liked their presents. Jason tells her that he left both, and she asks if he wants to ride back to the house with her. He tells her that he’ll come by later, and she says her mom wouldn’t want him to spend Christmas alone. He promises he’s fine, and she leaves. Jason heaves a sigh, and I laugh.

Monica tells Oscar that Alan would be proud to know he had another grandson, and he has Alan’s smile. Drew tells her that he overheard Olivia saying something about helping in the kitchen. Monica says she promised to stay out, and goes to run interference. Drew tells Oscar that being thrown into a family like this can be a lot. He knows how Oscar feels, but promises their hearts are in the right place. He gets it, and if it becomes too much, Oscar can flag him down. He’ll pull a circuit breaker, the lights will go out, and they can split. That’s what family is for, but he doesn’t want to be presumptuous. He’s there, he’s going to be there, and wants to let Oscar know he’s not going anywhere. Oscar says that means a lot. Kim watches them.

Laura asks to talk to Doc. He says the bad news all happened, and the only way to go is up. Laura says she appreciates everything, but face it, there’s not going to be a wedding tonight. Doc says he’s not giving up; there’s still time to make it happen today. She says maybe their victims of bad weather, but barring a Christmas miracle, she doesn’t think they can get married tonight. Someone is at the door, and Lulu answers. She asks if someone ordered a miracle.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Betsy probably feels guilty for keeping silent all these years. Elizabeth knows what she put in motion, but wonders what she has to feel guilty about. Aiden comes downstairs, saying Jake defeated Darth Maul. Elizabeth wants revenge, and tells him to set up the game again. Franco says he’ll be there in a minute.

Oscar sees Ned’s guitar, and Ned asks if he plays. Oscar says he plays guitar and piano. When he picks up an instrument to mess around, the next thing he knows – Ned finishes that it’s five hours later. He asks if Oscar does any composing, and Oscar says sometimes. Ned says him too, and guesses it runs in the family. He tells Oscar that his great-grandfather, Edward, always insisted they sing on holidays. When he was around, there were always carols before dinner on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Oscar is surprised there’s a Thanksgiving carol, and Ned says he’ll hear it next year.

Ned picks up the guitar, saying it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t sing. He asks Oscar to give him a hand. It would have been funny if Oscar started clapping, but that doesn’t happen. Monica tells them dinner is served, but Ned says, singing first, then eating. He plays Silent Night, and seems to be mostly singing by himself. Monica takes Drew’s arm, and apparently Ned also only knows one verse, since he repeats it.

Sam remembers bringing the puny tree home with Jason. In her memory, she tells him that she couldn’t bear to leave it, and with a little TLC, it will be beautiful. Jason also remembers. He looks up as the snow falls.

Tomorrow, Nathan is the bearer of bad news, Nelle passes out, and Laura’s mother arrives. Is she a minister by any chance?

🎅 That’s all she wrote for today. After all these years, I still can’t get the hang of this Christmas thing, and I’m making out cards tonight. Maybe I should just send Valentines instead.

😸 How I Think It Will Be…


😏 The Reality…


😟 And the FOMO…


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