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January 30, 2018 – Drew Knows More Than He Knows, Hanna Tells Her Story, PK Turns 50 & Smelling Like Onions


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Drew tells Sam that Nathan is still in surgery. She’s glad the kids are at the Quartermaine’s, and glad they came back early. Now Drew can get Faison to tell him how and why he switched their lives.

We revisit Peter setting the trashcan holding the bulletproof vest on fire.

Faison tells Jason that he’s disappointed. He can’t manage a single gunshot? Jason says he can, and Faison asks why Jason kept him alive. Jason tells him that he wants to know why Faison replaced him with his brother?

Griff says the surgery on Nathan was a success. Obrecht asks if he’ll walk again. Surviving a procedure is one thing, but will he have quality of life? She asks what Griff isn’t saying. It’s probably nothing; he always looks worried like that. He says Nathan has bone fragments in his chest cavity from the bullet ricochet, but they removed the bullet without compromising his spine, and he’ll have full mobility. The fragments are another story. Obrecht says that kind of injury is a high risk for infection. Maxie wants to be with him.

Faison wants to know what’s in it for him? Jason sits down. He says Faison gets to stay alive. Faison asks for how long? Jason will cut him loose, hunt him down, and kill him without a trace; the perfect death threat. That’s why he took him. Jason asks why he took Drew, and Faison says because Jason has brain damage.

Finn tells Anna take a breath; Faison isn’t going anywhere, and she can let down her guard. She doesn’t know how to do that under any circumstances. Finn says if it’s any consolation, he doesn’t either. He wants to tell her that he’s an idiot. She asks why, specifically? He says he walked away from her, but he never should have, and has regretted it every day since. She has regrets too.

Maxie takes Nathan’s hand, and tells him that she loves him. She asks if he can hear her.

Nina tells Valentin about watching her brother sleep when she was young. Even then he was making the world safer.

Maxie talks to Nathan about baby clothes. She’s been thinking about sage green as a wardrobe base. He’s definitely going to wake up. Or die from boredom. She can’t wait to see what their baby turns out like.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the hospital. Lulu wants to go in, but the nurse says immediate family only. She says Maxie is her best friend, but Dante says they have to respect the hospital policies. Obrecht says she’s not immediate family, and technically, the nurse was speaking to both of them. Nina says let’s not do this here. Lulu tells Dante she’s going for coffee, and to tell Nathan that she loves him.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan’s vitals are stable. Maxie says her husband is a fighter. She tells Nathan to take his time. She and the baby will be waiting.

Peter visits Sam and Drew. He says Nathan came through surgery, and Faison is still alive. Sam says they’re heading to the hospital soon; Drew has questions for Faison. Peter says when they first began, they wanted to keep their personal lives separate from Aurora, but the shooting just ended that. It’s a major story. Reporters will descend, searching for. Drew says, no comment. Peter tells them that the public will assume there’s a cover-up if they say that.

Faison tells Jason that mind control would be useless with him. Jason says Faison couldn’t force him to do what he wanted, so he found an alternative. Faison says that Andre had developed a procedure to map memories. He could copy Jason’s skills to someone Faison could control. Jason asks how Faison found Andrew. Faison says by happy coincidence. He saw that the Navy SEAL was the spitting image of Jason, and he was easy enough to abduct. Jason was more difficult. Once he got them both, he ran a DNA test. Faison struggles to speak. He tells Jason that he sent them to Andre while he was in Port Charles impersonating Duke. He trusted someone else with the job, and it was a near fatal decision.

Anna says Finn was almost killed twice; she can’t risk a third time. Someone she cares about being in her life makes them a target. Finn asks to whom, and she says anyone she tries to bring down. Her caring for him could get him killed. He says it hasn’t yet, but she tells him maybe the third time could be the charm. It would be smart to walk away, so if he won’t… He says he won’t. She gets up, and leaves.

Obrecht tells Nathan that he was her deepest, darkest secret for a long time, but fate had other ideas. She was glad, being able to call herself his mutter. In the last few years, he’s been her greatest joy, but if could go back in time, she would give it up. She should have kept the truth hidden, and not wavered. His evil father wouldn’t have found him. She kisses his hand, and says, don’t leave them. Maxie says he won’t; he’s going to make a full recovery. She gently leads Obrecht out, saying give him time to rest. Obrecht tells Maxie that she used to think she was just a bit of fluff, but she was wrong. She leaves, and Maxie tells Nathan that she used to hate it when people said “love and light,” but gets it now. He’s been that for her since he showed up at her apartment. She remembers it like yesterday. She thought he was hot and nice. He was her Prince Charming, but she didn’t know it yet. It took a pair of handcuffs and an abduction to make her wise up. Then he kissed her, and she realized her heart had chosen him, so she finally chose him. He’s her happiness.

Peter tells Drew and Sam that the only way to control the story is to own it. Make a statement, and lead with the truth. Sam says they’ll consider it. Peter hopes that’s not a polite way of saying no. Sam says it isn’t, and she’s glad Faison was stopped, and he wasn’t hurt. He says he’ll keep them posted, and leaves. Sam asks what Drew thinks. Drew thinks he’s right; lead with the truth. He owes it to his family, and himself, to find out who he really is. It’s time to confront Faison.

Obrecht marches toward Faison’s room, and Anna stops her, saying she can’t kill him. Obrecht asks if this is some cosmic attempt at humor. Why is she protecting him? She says she’s protecting Nathan. Faison will get the punishment he deserves. She needs to be with her son. Obrecht calls Faison a cancer, and says if Anna won’t let her kill him, she urges Anna to do it herself.

Faison tells Jason once the procedure was complete, Drew was sent to Helena’s programmer, and Jason was supposed to die. Henrik betrayed him. Jason wonders why, but Faison doesn’t know. He says Henrik is treacherous, deceitful, and consumed with jealousy. Jason owes his life to Henrik’s rebellion.

Nina visits Nathan. She’s proud of him. He’s amazing and incredible. He had all a child could want, except love. Valentin watches from the doorway. Nina says Nathan went to school with upper crust, socially acceptable kids, but despite that, turned out great. He rebelled by being an upstanding citizen. He was little when all that happened to her. She woke up, and saw an incredible man, a good man. Her baby brother became her big brother. He’s a reminder of everything good in the world; he’s good. He made Nina good. She loves him, and he makes her better. She tells Maxie that he has that effect on people. She kisses him, and says he deserves all the happiness in the world. She tells him to pull through this.

After she’s gone, Maxie moves on to talking about mobile themes and childproofing. She wonders if there are baby balls; like hamster balls, but for babies. She comes out, and asks Dante to sit with Nathan. She tells him not to leave his side, and tells Nathan she’ll be right back. She’s leaving him in the safest hands.

Finn sees Anna, and she says sorry she upset him. He says, she didn’t. He gets it. She’s complicated, leads a dangerous life, and it’s not fair to the people she cares about. They care about each other, and she doesn’t get to throw it away. She doesn’t get a choice; none of them do. He doesn’t want to feel this way, but can’t turn it off and can’t talk himself out of it. He wants to be with her. Anna says she doesn’t want to be with him. Finn says she’s lying. He knows it’s messy and dangerous, but who cares? Whatever it is, it could be a colossal mistake. She says it could get him killed. He tells her he spent years looking death in the face, and death is tired of him. Why don’t they see where it goes?

Jason asks Faison where Henrik is, but he doesn’t know. He suggests Henrik is hiding in plain sight, using an alias. He can tells Jason how to find him – for a price.

Peter sees Lulu at Kelly’s, and asks if she’s all right. She doesn’t know, and he sits down with her. She says she never wanted to marry a cop, but Dante… Even though she’s terrified when he steps out the door, it’s impossible not to love him, even though she could lose him. Peter tells her that he’s sorry. He can’t imagine what she’s going through. Lulu tells him that no one ever says it out loud, but there’s a dirty little secret to being married to cop. You’re proud of them, but more than anything, you want them to be safe. When a cop goes down, even when the cop is your best friend’s husband, the shameful part is that you’re grateful the fallen cop isn’t the one you married.

Dante tells Nathan how he appreciates what he did for him and Lulu. He was pissed at the time, but if Nathan hadn’t done what did, they might not be together. In a way, Nathan saved his life. He’s seen Nathan do brave stuff, but nothing so brave as locking him and Lulu in together.

Alone in the bathroom, Maxie cries.

Dante asks Nathan if the kid should have a say in who their godfather is. What if the kid takes one look at him and starts screaming? He suggests they make a deal. They’ll wait until they meet the kid, and see what happens. Maxie comes back, and asks how her guy is.

Anna tells Finn if she was different, maybe they would be able to pursue it, but she doesn’t have that luxury. They can’t just turn off feelings, but she thinks they should try. Finn isn’t buying it. She says it’s for the best. He says they might live longer, but who wants to live denying their feelings?

Obrecht tries to call Britt.

Faison tells Jason that if he tells him how to find Henrik, Jason has to meet terms. Mean Jason presses on Faison’s wound, and says no. Faison says he’s gotten all the information he can from him, and if he wants to know about Henrik, talk to his brother.

Finn tells Anna she owes him one good reason. She says she’s told him a billion times. He wants brutal, honest, masochistic clarity. She says they don’t fit. She doesn’t want him in her life.

Lulu tells Peter that everyone warned her, but she was arrogant enough to think she could face Faison. Peter says Nathan chose to reveal himself, and Lulu says, she helped him. He says she’s a good reporter, and not to second guess herself because it’s not the result she wanted. He tells her to follow up. Write a happy ending.

Faison tells Jason that his brother knows more than he realizes. Finn walks in, and says Jason can’t be in there. He doesn’t care if Faison lives or dies, but he won’t be complicit. Jason says when he dies, it won’t be because of anything that happened here.

Jason tells Anna that Faison explained why he replaced him. It’s because has brain damage. Whatever he does to control people, it won’t work on him. It was Henrik’s job to get them to Andre. He thinks Henrik is hiding in plain sight, and Anna wonders if he’s in Port Charles. Sam and Drew join them. Anna tells them that Nathan is in critical, but stable condition. Drew asks what about Faison? Jason says he talked to him, and he was in Port Charles when they were taken to Andre. Henrik was left in charge, but he doesn’t know why Henrik let him live. They have to find him. Drew wonders where to start, and Jason says Faison implied that Drew knows.

Maxie talks about a new house, and a swing set. Nathan finally opens his eyes in self-defense. She says she’s been waiting for him, and he smiles. She takes his hand. He asks if she’s okay, and she says he saved them. He says, Faison? She tells him, shot like he deserves. She tells Nathan to rest and get better. She thinks listening to her reading baby books out loud will help his recovery, and he wonders how many baby books there are. She kisses him, and says he scared her. He says, sorry, and she tells him that he’s forced to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. She feels baby move, and so does he.

Finn tells Anna that Faison is being moved. Anna says she’ll let Jordan know. He tells her to do that, and walks away.

Drew tells Jason that he has no idea what Faison is talking about. Jason says Faison told him that Drew knows more than he realizes.

Lulu writes on her laptop about Nathan fighting for his life with Maxie at his side.

Maxie tells Nathan that his eyes are like a hug. He says if the baby gets his eyes, he hopes it gets her smile. She admits she does have great smile. He says he loves her, and drifts off. Then he flatlines. I say, oh sh*t!

Tomorrow, Curtis hopes for a happy ending, Stella wants Jordan to do something about it, and Nina runs from Valentin.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hanna tells Candace that her latest john is her father. Everyone is like, what? and dude can’t get out fast enough. Benny asks if Hanna is telling the truth. Hanna says you never know, and asks what stopped Candace from sleeping with him? Candace asks how she knows, and Hanna says she doesn’t, but he could be. He could be any one of these men, and she needs to think about that. She thinks it’s sad that Candace is letting men come in she doesn’t even know. Candace says Hanna told her that she didn’t know; she was probably whoring too. Hanna says that’s one thing she never did. Candace says just because they didn’t pay her when they were done, doesn’t mean they didn’t pay; she knows a whore when she sees one. Hanna says she came here to bring the letter; is this what Candace wants to do? Benny says either Candace leaves with them, or he’ll drag her out. She laughs, and Benny grabs her.

Hanna tells him stop. Benny says he’s not letting her stay, but Candace says he doesn’t have a choice. Hanna wonders what’s wrong with Candace. How can she let these men do this to her? Candace says Hanna doesn’t even know who her daddy is. Hanna asks if it really hurts her that bad, not knowing, and does she really want to know? Candace says, speak, Hanna. Hanna says he was a rapist. She was a kid, drinking and feeling free, hanging out with her friends at the club. She was walking home at 3 am, but she was with her friends. She lived two blocks away from them, and couldn’t find her key, but kept walking. She passed a man who asked if she was all right. She said she was good, but there was something about him that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She started walking faster. She wanted to run, but her feet wouldn’t move. She could see the house, and looked back, but he wasn’t moving. When she ran up on the porch, she still couldn’t find the key. Her aunt wasn’t home, and she crouched down, but she could hear him coming. He passed, and she didn’t move. She stayed there for two hours, and her aunt came home high like always. Her aunt passed out on the couch, and Hanna thought she was okay. She locked the doors, and went in her room.

When she woke up, he had his hand on her throat, and she could feel him inside of her. He told her if she screamed he’d kill her, so she just laid there, screaming on the inside. Tears are rolling down everyone’s face at this point, including mine. All she could see was his eyes and his nose. Candace’s eyes and nose. She could also see his tattoo, and won’t forget it. She wasn’t going to tell anybody. Her aunt ended up in a 12-step program, and they both started going to church. She felt better until she realized she was pregnant. She didn’t want Candace. She didn’t want a rape baby. She wanted an abortion. Her aunt said no. If she wanted to stay, she couldn’t abort a baby. She felt lost, scared, and alone. She looked for something in men, and kept making mistakes. Then one day, Candace kicked. She felt her, and knew it was something that belonged to her. She loved Candace, and when she came out, she was beautiful. Even though she had his eyes and nose, on her, they were beautiful. She was innocent and pure, and Hanna felt so much light. She loved her. She was still lost, and looking for herself in men. Candace saw it, and Hanna saw her light getting dimmer as time went on. She’s sorry she wasn’t always nice to her. She wishes she could have been nicer, but loves her still. She wishes she could see the light in Candace’s eyes again. When Candace told her she’d been raped, it devastated her. She went back to God, and her joy and strength came back. She knew who she was. She loves Candace. She always has and always will, but hopes one day she sees the light come back. If I was alone, I’d be freaking bawling. That was absolutely heartbreaking.

Candace says good job, good story. She doesn’t believe most of it, except how Hanna treated her like hell. Hanna thinks maybe she shouldn’t have said anything. Candace says she can leave now. Hanna says she can, but sits and takes off her shoes. She claps the soles of her shoes together, and Candace asks if it’s voodoo. Hanna says, Matthew 10:14. She and Benny leave. Candace cries like I want to. BTW, the verse from Matthew is about shaking the dust of your shoes off when someone won’t receive what you have to say. I’m paraphrasing, but I knew that’s what she was doing.

David goes to the station. He asks to see Jeffrey, saying he’s Jeffrey’s attorney. The officer has to call the DA first. There’s no answer, and David responds the same way I would, asking what does he mean, it’s the DA’s office? The officer asks David to have a seat. A woman asks if he’s a lawyer, and starts telling him her problems. He says actually, he’s a judge now, and she calls bullsh*t.

Sarah calls Jim. She says she can’t meet him. He says she can. She says she’s in a different position now. He asks if she’s appealing to his moral sense, because he doesn’t have one. She tells him that she can’t talk about cases. He tells her be prepared to talk – into a pillow. She hangs up, and looks like she has a headache.

At home, Benny asks if Hanna is all right. She just wants to lie down. He asks who’s Derek, and reads a note on the counter: Hope your day gets better. Hanna says he fixed the sink and washed the dishes; she needs to thank him. Benny says he knows it’s true, and he’s sorry. She says it was a long time ago, and it’s over. We look to the Lord and move on. He asks if she had counseling. She says from where and with what money? He thinks she should talk to someone, but she says she talks to the Lord. He thinks she’s in a lot of pain, and asks if she’d talk to a therapist. He’s going back to work with Mitch, and he’ll get some money together. She agrees. He tells her he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Benny goes upstairs, and Hanna calls Derek. She thanks him for doing the dishes, and says he didn’t have to. He says the sink should have been fixed, and it’s the least he could do. She asks what she owes him, but he says it was under warranty. She could go for coffee with him though. She wonders if he’s asking for a date, but he says it’s just coffee. She asks why, and he tells her that he thought maybe he could make her smile. She thanks him, but doesn’t think so. He says she has his number if she changes her mind. She tells him that she’s dealing with a lot. He says she could use some good company, but she says she doesn’t know him.

Kathryn asks Derek what she said, and he realizes she was eavesdropping. Derek says she turned him down. Kathryn wants to call her, but he says no. He understands begging won’t stop her, and says, please. Kathryn says fine – for now. He tells her that Hanna didn’t sound happy, and Kathryn says maybe she should call and see if she’s okay. Derek thinks Hanna will know they talked, and Kathryn accuses him of making things difficult.

Benny calls Mitch, but gets a call on another line. It’s Veronica, who’s still in the hospital for observation. She says she owes him; he saved her life. He says anyone would have done it. She says the girl she was with didn’t do anything, and asks if he can come by; she wants to thank him in person. She’s in debt to him. He agrees to come.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s new girl. Candace says, never keep her waiting. She introduces her self as Gia, but Candace says her new name is bottom bitch, and Candace is her new pimp. Gia is working in several pimps’ territory, and she’s offering protection. Gia says she’s going, but Candace says she’ll beat her ass herself. She rips Gia’s dress and looks her over. She says she’ll make her a lot of money, but needs a dress that isn’t from the dollar store. She’s giving her Erica’s number, and telling her to get Gia clothes; Maria can do something with her hair. She’s pretty, but needs to know how to work it. Gia insists she’s not a prostitute. Candace grabs her bag, and looks at her ID. She sees Gia is her real name, and says she was born to be prostitute, but needs a fake ID. Gia tries to get her purse back, but Candace tells her, grab it again and she’ll beat her. Gia says it’s her first time, and Candace says she’ll show her the ropes and protect her. She can make Candace up to $10K a night. She has older clientele. They’ll blackmail some of them, but when they’re done, she’ll be happy. Gia wonders why Candace isn’t doing it herself, but Candace says she’s on to bigger and better things; Gia will pick up the slack. Candace tells her to unlock her phone. Gia says no, and Candace slaps her, telling her to never make her ask twice. She puts her number in the phone, and tells Gia to check in with the bartender; she’ll be working on Tuesdays and Fridays. She tells Gia rule number one is that desperation leads to arrest. Candace texts Gia’s number to herself, gives her stuff back, and tells her goodbye.

David waits at the station. The officer says he called the DA. David tells him to call again, but the officer says, sorry. David calls Jim, and asks if he knows someone with pull at the DA’s office. Veronica had Jeffrey arrested for Quincy’s murder. Jim asks why she’d do that, and it dawns on him that Veronica still refuses to accept Jeffrey is gay. David says they won’t let him see Jeffrey. Jim says Kathryn’s father’s name still moves mountains. If he calls her, she’ll hold a grudge because David came to him first. David needs to make the call. Jim tells David to let him know what happens.

David calls Kathryn. He needs her help. She says she’s not doing anything for Jim, but he says it’s for Jeffrey, and explains about Veronica having him arrested. Kathryn says that bitch is treacherous. David says they’re not letting him see Jeffrey, and asks if she knows someone at the DA’s office. She says she does, and he asks if she would please do something. She can’t believe it, and says if the accident had been any worse, it would have done them all a favor. David has no idea what she’s talking about, and Kathryn tells him what happened. He asks how Veronica is, and Kathryn says, who cares? She’ll call him back.

Justin gets Jeffrey out of lockup. He cuffs Jeffrey, and shoves him to the interrogation room. This is getting old. Jeffrey asks if Justin found his dad, and Justin says he should bash Jeffrey’s face in. He throws Jeffrey’s phone on the table, and it starts to ring. He tells Jeffrey to answer it, which is kind of difficult while wearing handcuffs. Jeffrey picks up the call, and Wyatt asks why Jeffrey isn’t answering his phone. Jeffrey says he can’t talk, and Wyatt asks why he answered? Wyatt tells him to keep that a-hole from calling him. Justin asks if he’s the a-hole, and Jeffrey tells Wyatt to hang up. Wyatt asks what’s with this guy, and Justin asks what’s with him; are they lovers? Wyatt says they are, and Jeffrey tells him not to do that; just hang up. Justin asks if he’s at home, and tells Wyatt to stay there. Wyatt says he’ll be waiting, and calls Justin toots, making me laugh, and Justin hangs up.

Justin says Jeffrey lied, but Jeffrey says Wyatt is lying just to get under Justin’s skin. He tells Justin to stop it; it’s crazy. Justin says there’s something up; look at how many missed calls. They must be lovers. Jeffrey says they’re friends. Justin says he heard Jeffrey say he loved Wyatt, but Jeffrey insists it’s as a friend. Justin asks what’s up with the emails, and reads one where Jeffrey says how much he loves him and wants the best for him. Jeffrey repeats it’s as a friend, and Justin asks what about him saying he still wants him. Jeffrey says those emails are private; they’re to himself. Justin says don’t make him send Jeffrey back bloody, and Jeffrey wishes he’d try it. He tells Justin again that those were private emails. It’s how he journals, and they’re to himself. Justin doesn’t believe him, saying he sacrificed everything for him. He’s been looking for an apartment for them. Jeffrey says he’s in jail, but Justin says he’s getting out.

Jeffrey says this is crazy; he doesn’t want to do this. Either take him back to his cell or he’s banging on the door. Justin tells him to go ahead. Jeffrey starts kicking the door and making noise, but Justin puts him in headlock.

Next time, Justin confronts Wyatt, Mitch says Veronica is in love with Benny, and Melissa comes on to Benny.

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. – Matthew 10:14

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle and Erika go shopping. Kyle is into velvet. I am not. She says the store reminds her of Pretty Woman. Erika says Tom is almost ready to go back to work. She’s enjoyed taking care of him. He could be bratty, but there was something sweet about it. She explains to us how her life dramatically changed after meeting him, and she is Pretty Woman. She tells Kyle that PK’s birthday is a 007 theme, and talks about driving the Pagani. She enjoyed being with Dorit, and says they had a chance to communicate. She buys a baseball jacket that’s $300, and I think of my beloved baseball/letter jacket that cost me $35 at the vintage clothing store in Red Bank. I like mine more.

LisaR goes over her schedule with her assistant. She says the town is built on 20-year-old girls, and one of the smartest thing she did was branch out early. We see a clip of her on QVC. She gets an email from Emelia, and Harry has agreed to get a puppy. She has more than she can handle, and now he wants to add a puppy into the mix. She says she’ll just be its fairy godmother. #ThatsWhatHarryDid

LVP and Teddi go riding. There’s a stable near the Fairmont Hotel, and LVP likes to spend the night there to be near her horses. It’s absolutely beautiful on the trail, and Teddi calls it a mini-paradise. LVP’s horse only speaks French. Why am I not surprised? They have tea afterwards. Ken brings out a tray for them. Giggy! Harrison! Schnookie! Teddi passes on the muffins, and LVP tells Ken about Teddi having once been two hundred pounds. She thanks Teddi for the spa day. We see clips of Teddi’s beach house, and she says she’d love to invite everyone, but doesn’t want to worry what wine glass goes where. LVP says, who cares? It’s like not offering a ride in the Rolls Royce because it’s dirty. She wants to know who said it. Teddi won’t say, but tells her someone complained about the wine being poured into the wrong glass, and LVP thinks she knows who it is.

Dorit brings LVP out to the yacht she’s having PK’s birthday party on. She wants the party to be extravagant. She wants an exclusive, glamorous event, and says, who better to bring along? They’re going to fly in on a helicopter, and LVP jokes that PK will laugh when he gets the bill. Dorit thinks a responsible amount to spend is between a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce. LVP thinks she needs to focus; sometimes she can get scattered. Really? I hadn’t noticed. Dorit says Boy George wants to do a duet of Fever with her, and she’s conferred with Erika. LVP asks if she’s seen the kind of moves Erika does, and says she feels nervous for her. LVP tells her about riding with Teddi. Dorit admits she’s the one who got upset about the wine glass. LVP explains not everyone is comfortable with the lavish lifestyle, and thinks Teddi is sweet. She stressed that it wasn’t a problem, but she didn’t feel comfortable. Dorit says she does pay attention to those things. In her interview, LVP doesn’t think she should put Teddi down, but asking for the right wine glass isn’t judgmental. Dorit is finding Teddi a bit tightly wound. I don’t think it was that she wanted a different glass. She didn’t ask outright, and wouldn’t shut up about something she saw as a major faux pas.

Mauricio and Kyle meet Teddi and Edwin for lunch. Edwin talks about the beach house. In her interview, Teddi says she’s a casual person. She doesn’t have to be the perfect host, and her friends are fine with that. Edwin tells them about meeting John Mellencamp for the first time, and realizing Teddi was telling him the truth. Teddi says for as long as she can remember, with anyone who came into her life, her dad made it clear not to mess with his daughter.

Dorit tells assistant Mollie she can’t take the stress. She’s rehearsing with George, and PK keeps asking what’s up. She thinks he’s going to be surprised to see his parents, since neither one of them like to fly. PK shows them his new glasses, and George thinks maybe he shouldn’t go shopping on his own.

LisaR visits Kyle. Kyle is freaking out. Her house is a disaster zone, and at this rate, she could be living like this for years. Kyle talks about the party being on a boat, and LisaR hates boats. Every time they take a trip on one, it’s gone bad. She lists all the trips the Wives have gone on, where boats were involved, and it was a disaster. We flash back to all that, including the slap by Brandi heard round the world. Kyle says she thinks Teddi is intimidated about inviting people to her beach house. The invite says they can stay at a hotel, and that she’s not a master chef; she’s more into potluck. LisaR wonders what you’d bring to a potluck. We flash back to LVP teaching Adrienne Maloof how to prepare a chicken.

Erika and Mikey join Dorit and George at the rehearsal studio. Erika says the more you sell it the better it comes off. Oddly enough, Fever is one of my best karaoke songs, torch singing being my specialty. George says it’s like the perfect song, and Erika tells her to channel Billie Holiday. Mikey gives some stage direction, and Erika tells her to draw the audience in. Stare someone down, and dare them not to like your performance. I like that. Dorit says it’s like tango, and Erika says it’s like hooking on Sunset. We see a clip of Mikey directing Gretchen Rossi for her performance with the Pussycat Dolls.

Dorit is wearing a fabulous grey strapless gown. She tells PK what to wear. He thinks they’re having a birthday dinner, and has no idea what’s really going to happen. She needs to get him to a helicopter, a yacht, a speedboat, and another yacht. James Bond music plays.

All the women have a hard time walking down the gangway to the yacht in their heels. LVP wonders how it will be going back after some champagne. Everyone looks gorgeous. Erika thinks the plans are impressive, and PK’s mother says she thinks Dorit is trying to beat what PK did for her birthday. Kyle and Boy George talk about being on Celebrity Apprentice together.

PK doesn’t know the area, and wonders where they’re going. The arrive at an airport, and he thinks they’re going to Vegas.

The MC says PK and Dorit will be flying over them shortly. The helicopter lands, and they get into the speedboat. Another accomplishment for a woman in heels. PK tells Dorit that she’s clever. The guests gather to yell surprise. In her interview, Dorit says when PK sees his parents, he’s going to lose his mind.

The guest of honor arrives, and everyone yells, surprise! PK tells Dorit it’s too much to take in, and LisaR tells her good job. LVP says PK is normally the caretaker of everyone, and it’s wonderful to see him so overcome. Dorit says she poured her heart and soul into the party, and it means everything to her to see him so emotional. LVP says she wants to stick her face in the caviar. In her interview, Teddi says these women go for weeks without eating, but put some caviar in front of them and they’re like pigs at a trough. Kyle wonders if Mauricio is taking and Uber copter. LVP is surprised that Dorit got everything together so quickly.

After dinner, the MC tells everyone to head upstairs where there’s a casino and a special performance. Dorit says she’s dying. She tells PK she’s going to the bathroom, and Erika gives her some last-minute coaching. She tells Dorit it will be adorable, and just do what they did in rehearsal. Dorit is appreciative of her support, and says it’s the only thing getting her through. Dorit, wearing a slinky, sparkly black gown, takes the mic, and tells PK how much she loves him. She can’t let his 50th go by without it being epic. She calls out George, and they sing. Erika says it takes a lot of balls. LVP says it’s actually not bad, which is my assessment too. Dorit thinks she nailed it, and tells PK she loves him again.

Dorit asks Teddi for a quick chat. Dorit says she really likes Teddi, and thinks they get on well. She brings up that LVP mentioned the wrong glass issue without naming names. Teddi says they’re going to be different, but should like each other for it. LVP and Kyle join them. LVP says it shouldn’t have been such a big deal. Dorit says it’s etiquette. Teddi says Dorit is better at that, but she doesn’t really care about it. Dorit says when things aren’t a big deal, she doesn’t say anything. Kyle interjects, and Dorit asks if she’s speaking for Teddi. In her interview, Dorit wonders how she got to be the bad guy in all this. Teddi says it made her feel weird with Dorit focusing on a glass. Dorit says Teddi isn’t just exaggerating, she’s lying and making sh*t up.

Camille, LisaR, and Erika talk about how great Dorit’s performance was.

Dorit calls Teddi a psycho. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Dorit that she has these overreactions to certain things, and ends up blowing them up even more. Kyle says they keep repeating themselves. Teddi keeps saying it’s fine when it’s not, and Dorit isn’t going to shut up. Kyle says they’re all psycho, and leaves; LVP a beat behind her. Teddi asks Dorit if they’re okay, but Dorit says Teddi plays like she’s casual, but she’s really high strung. She hugs Teddi, and says thanks for coming. Teddi escapes.

Next time, Teddi says Dorit is like water torture, Kyle feels like LVP and Dorit are ganging up on her, and LVP walks out of a conversation.

😯 I watched Stripped again, and it gave me a better perspective of the show. Social media influencer Richie found out what it was like to be away from the likes, and have to ask for help. Apparently, they are allowed to be gifted with goods and services, but not items. In being away from everything, it showed him that he had people in his life who really cared about him; not just followers. It also gave me two great quotes:

Richie smelled like onions today. I was so confused at that odor. – one of Richie’s friends, who he went to dinner with, wearing literally nothing but overalls. And –

Depression is the luxury of people who don’t have to fight for survival. – a counselor, mastermind, or whoever they are, from the show, who Richie met with.

😑 It’s Been a Long Day…


January 29, 2018 – MetroCourt Aftermath, Jax is Cornered, Still Summering & a Bit of Film


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Dante and Sonny go to Spoon Island. Sonny smells gas. Dante breaks down the door at the stables, but no Lulu or Obrecht. They see the gas can, and Sonny says it has to be Faison. Dante thinks a gas can in an empty room is odd, and wonders where he took Lulu.

Carly asks Jason, what if Faison dies? Jason says, at least he’ll be dead. He won’t get answers, but he saw how terrified Anna was, and says Faison has wreaked havoc in so many lives, it has to stop. Carly says she would want answers, but Jason says it wouldn’t change anything. It won’t return the time he lost. She asks if he doesn’t care, but he says if Faison dies before telling him, there’s someone else who knows.

Anna waits in the park for Henrik, saying she can help him. Peter arrives. She draws her gun. She asks who’s there, and if it’s Henrik.

Finn works on Faison. Griff tells Maxie the bullet is lodged against Nathan’s spinal column. She asks when they’re operating, and Griff says when he’s stabilized. Maxie freaks, and Bobbie tells her to let them do their work, and pray – it really does make a difference.

Amy says the blood bank is running low, and tells Nathan to stay with her. Both Nathan and Faison flatline. Griff does CPR on Nathan.

Valentin and Nina are back at Windemere. Valentin makes a fire. Just as they start to get cozy (or hygge, as we say now), there’s a knock at the door. Dante says, it’s the police. Nina says they’ve only been back ten minutes, and already they’re being harassed. Dante asks if Lulu is there. Nina says they just got back, and Valentin asks what’s going on? Dante says Lulu disappeared, and they think she was there looking for Faison.

Griff uses the defibrillator on Nathan. Both patients are revived. Griff tells Maxie they got him back, and they’ll operate as soon as he’s stable. Finn goes by, wheeling Faison on a gurney. Maxie wonders what’s up with that, and Finn says he needs surgery. Maxie wants to know why he’s going in first. Bobbie says there’s an OR room prepped and waiting for Nathan as soon as he’s stable. Griff tells her that if they want the best chance of Nathan’s survival and full mobility, they have to wait. Maxie insists he’ll be fine.

Anna says she doesn’t mean Henrik any harm. They share a common enemy – Faison. He’s hurt both of them, and she thinks she can help him. Jason shows up, and Peter jets without revealing himself. Anna tells Jason that someone was there, but they’re gone. She asks what happened at the MetroCourt, and Jason brings her up to speed. She asks if he killed Faison, but Jason says he’s still alive. He was taken to GH. She asks if he’s going to live, and Jason tells her that’s up to the doctors. I would say it’s up to God, or at the very least, the skill of the doctors, but I’ll let it pass.

At the hospital, Jordan asks if there’s any word. Maxie says whoever shot Faison did less damage than was done to Nathan. Jordan tells her that Jason shot him when he tried to hold Carly hostage. Maxie wants to know why Jason didn’t kill him. She has no compassion for Faison, the same way he had none for those he’s hurt. Nathan is wheeled past, and Maxie tells Griff to wait a second. She tells Nathan that she and the baby will be waiting when he pulls through, and to hang in for them. Griff says, gotta go, and she tells him she knows he and Nathan have their own history. I had to think about that for a minute. It was with Claudette, in case you forgot, and Nathan once shot Griff. She asks him to promise not to let it affect things, and to save Nathan. Griff promises he’ll do everything he can. I’m laughing because for someone who wanted Nathan in surgery so quickly, Maxie is the one holding it up.

Dante tells Nina and Valentin that Faison is in Port Charles, and they think he was hiding there. Valentin says they were on vacation. He could have moved in, and they would have had no idea. Sonny says they think Lulu was in the stables. They found an empty cannister, but no sign of her. Dante tells them that she was following a lead. Nina says Lulu has been a journalist all of two weeks, and now took it upon herself to search for the world’s most wanted criminal. Like what she did with Nathan, pulling him in to the interview. Sonny asks if any tunnels lead to the stables. Valentin opens a secret door (I love a secret door!), and Lulu runs to Dante. Obrecht walks past her, saying hello to Nina like nothing weird is happening. I love Obrecht.

Jordan asks Maxie what happened. Maxie says it’s blurry, and everything happened fast. There was a problem at Crimson, so she went to the office, taking Shane with her. They went to Nina’s office, and Peter was sitting there with a strange look on his face. She heard a thud, and turned around to find that Faison had knocked the officer out. When he asked Peter to move the body, Peter got Shane’s gun, but Faison shot him. Jordan is surprised Peter got shot. Maxie says she saw it, and thought he’d been hit, but he wasn’t. After Faison shot Nathan, Peter went after him. Jordan asks if Peter shot at Faison, but Maxie was focused on Nathan. Peter called 911, and helped her. Bobbie suggests they take a break.

Peter goes back to the MetroCourt. Carly tells him that the public areas and the offices are still sealed until the police get things figured out. Peter wants to get his iPad, and Carly is mystified that he wants to work. Maybe he wants to play Neopets. How does she know? She thinks he’s probably still in shock. Carly thanks him for the tip about Lulu, and he says he hopes they find her. Carly asks where he went, and his phone rings. It’s Jordan. She asks if he’s okay, and tells him she needs him to come to the station.

Anna asks Jason what happened with the cops, and he says they let him go, but he has to make a statement later. The security footage will back him up though. Anna wishes he’d killed Faison, and tells him not to tell Robin she said that. She’s tried to be honorable and principled for her, but hasn’t always been that way. It’s how Faison got to her in the first place. If she’d really wanted to be the good person she should be for Robin, she can’t put a bullet in his head the way she’s dreamt of doing. So she’s undertaken half-measures, like putting him in the pit, and he always comes back. Jason says, not this time. One way or the other, he has to die. Anna says she’ll pretend she didn’t hear that. The same way she’ll pretend to be surprised if he follows through. She’s going to the hospital in the hopes that maybe Faison is drugged up enough to tell the truth. Jason says there’s something she should know. Before he took Carly hostage, he shot Nathan. That was the disturbance at the MetroCourt. Anna says, his son?  

Dante asks Lulu how she got out. She tells him about finding the passageway, but by the time they made it to the tunnels, it was pitch black. Obrecht woke up enough to remember where the opening was. She tells Dante he was late, and she couldn’t just wait around. Sonny says the cannister seemed pretty old, and Lulu says Obrecht didn’t think the gas would be as potent after all this time. Faison left to go after Nathan, and Dante explains that Nathan was badly wounded. She asks if Carly is okay, and Sonny says she was just shaken up. Sonny leaves for the hotel, and Dante goes back to work. Nina says good thing they got home early. She wonders who’s watching Charlotte, and Lulu says she’s with Dante’s mother. Valentin says next time she decides to go on a tear, to let them know. Lulu thinks it was a good thing Charlotte was with Olivia with Faison lurking around. She says it’s interesting timing that they leave just as Faison needs a place to hide. Oh Lulu, drop it.

At the hospital, Anna finds out about Nathan and Faison. Jason leaves to talk to Maxie. Finn thought Anna might have been the one who shot Faison, but she says she was pursuing another angle. He tells her that she doesn’t have to act like it’s not difficult. She says it’s her job to deal with him, the same way his job is to treat him. Finn says, like it or not, and leaves to check on something.

Anna looks at Faison through the window of his room.

At the station, Peter isn’t sure what he can tell Jordan. He was dropping something off at Crimson, when Faison showed up. He didn’t seem interested in Peter, and told him to stay where he was. Then Maxie and her guard arrived. Jordan gets a call from Dante, who tells her that Obrecht and Lulu are safe. She tells him there’s something he needs to know about Nathan. Lulu sees Dante’s face, and asks, what is it?

Maxie wishes Jason had gotten to Faison before he got to Nathan. She tells Jason that Faison is out of surgery. He went in first, but she doesn’t think he was hurt as badly, and it’s not fair. He should be the one hurting, not Nathan. Jason says he’s sorry it happened this way, but at least he’s been stopped. Maxie asks if he’s sure, and Jason tells her that he’s going to make sure.

Anna stands over Faison. He opens his eyes. She says, oh good, he’s awake. She tells him they need to talk.

Sonny tells Carly about what happened on Spoon Island. He says it’s lucky Faison didn’t shoot her, like he did Nathan. She says if Lucas hadn’t been there, Nathan wouldn’t have made it; he’s in surgery now. Sonny asks about Maxie, and Carly says she’s trying to stay positive. Sonny wonders why Faison went to Crimson.

Maxie asks how many times Jason has been shot, and he says, a few. She wonders if it helps to have people who love you there. Can it be felt, or is that just something people in the waiting room tell themselves? He says he could feel it, and thinks Nathan can too. Maxie knows he wouldn’t say it out of politeness, so she’s sure he means it. He has Something to take care of, but tells her if there’s anything he can do, let him know. She asks him to make sure Faison never hurts anyone the way he hurt Nathan again.

Obrecht comes in to the hospital, and wants to assist in surgery. Bobbie says she can’t; she’s Nathan’s mother. Obrecht says no one cares more about him, but Nina tells her to let them do their jobs. Bobbie takes Obrecht to find out what’s going on, and Nina asks Maxie how she and the baby are doing. Maxie says, Nathan saved us; he’ll be fine.

Peter tells Jordan that Faison knocked Shane out, and told him to get Shane out of the way. He grabbed Shane’s gun, but before he could fire, Faison took a shot at him. He dove to the ground, and thinks he must have hit his head. He doesn’t remember anything until hearing Maxie screaming. He took the gun and aimed, but Faison ran. Jordan asks if he fired, but he doesn’t remember; it happened so fast, he’s not sure. Jordan says they can check the gun, and asks what made him think to pick it up? which is about the stupidest question ever. Peter says Faison was talking about taking Maxie, since she was carrying his grandchild. Jordan thinks it was a miracle Peter wasn’t shot. Dante and Lulu walk in, and Dante tells Peter that if Nathan dies, his blood is on Peter’s hands. Huh?

Faison asks Anna how Nathan is, and she says, fighting for his life. Faison says, the wrong one, and Anna asks if he’s talking about Henrik. He asks what she knows about Henrik, and she says, nothing. She just found out about him, which is surprising, considering the number of years Faison has tormented her. She asks if he tortured Henrik too, and if Henrik turned on him. It’s what he does to everyone. He says it wasn’t like that. It was never his fault. She asks whose fault it was, and he says, the Cassadines.

Orderly Neil tells Maxie he’s sorry her husband was injured. She says he wasn’t injured; he was shot. He knows it’s a difficult time, but decisions have to be made. They don’t know if Nathan is an organ donor. Maxie says, yes, but it doesn’t matter; he’s going to be fine. Does Neil know something she doesn’t? He says they just need to be prepared, but Maxie says, no; he’ll get through it. He’ll be there when the baby is born, and they’ll live long and happy lives. Bobbie tells Neil she’ll take over from here. Neil hopes Nathan pulls through. Maxie says Nathan has been shot twice and pulled through. Nothing will be different this time. Bobbie asks if Maxie wants her to call her parents, and Maxie says that would be nice. Tell them it’s serious, but he’ll be fine.

Carly tells Sonny there will be a lot of comped hotel bills, and he says Faison is the gift that keeps on giving. Ha-ha! She says Lulu practically dared him to come after Nathan; he must have been after Maxie. They can’t think of anyone else at Crimson who would matter to him.

Dante says Peter put this in motion, and for what? Money? Peter doesn’t get how Dante is blaming him, but Dante says he wanted the interview. Lulu could have been killed because of him. Lulu says she knows he’s worried, but Peter didn’t make her do anything. If anyone is to blame, it’s her. Jordan says, it’s been a long night, and asks Peter to make himself available in case there are more questions. Peter tells Dante for what it’s worth, he hopes Nathan pulls through (the phrase of the day).

Anna asks what Faison is talking about; what Cassadine? How are they connected? Finn comes in, and asks Anna what she’s doing. She says Faison has answers, but Finn says he won’t be much use if he’s dead. Anna tells him that she was told he was stable. Finn says that doesn’t mean she can wrestle with him. As soon as he’s in a regular room, she can question him, but bring someone with her. She says she can handle him, but Finn says she’s not hearing him. The maximum damage was done without killing him, and she needs to bring a witness. If he dies while she’s questioning him, no one will say she did it.

Jason looks through the window at Faison, and goes into his room. Don’t you dare, Jason. Although no one ever really dies on this show. Helena has been dead for years, and she’s still on recurring status.

Sonny says if Faison was going after Maxie, why not go to her apartment? Why go to where it’s complicated to get out, there are cameras, and potential witnesses? Carly says he’s arrogant. Sonny says he might be arrogant, but he’s also a professional. Why take the risk when there’s an easier alternative? What else would he want? That’s what worries him. Neither one of them has any idea.

Dante asks what Nathan’s chances are, and Jordan says it’s too soon to tell. Maxie and the baby were unharmed, but Nathan was shot in front of her. She’s holding it together, and they got a pretty coherent account. She tells him there’s a stray bullet at the office that needs to be bagged. It missed Peter.

Peter goes to the park, and looks in a garbage can. He finds a bulletproof vest, with a bullet lodged in it. He takes out the bullet, puts the vest back in the can, and sets it on fire.

Finn asks Anna what Faison said. She tells him the missing son is connected to the Cassadines. Finn asks if she didn’t tell him that Faison worked with Helena.

Jason stands over Faison. They look at each other.

Maxie wonders what’s taking so long. Nina says it’s complex surgery, and will take a while. Obrecht says it’s all her fault. She shouldn’t have claimed him as her son. Maxie says, don’t. She’s his mother, and he loves her. He’ll want to see her when he wakes up. She takes Obrecht’s hand, and Obrecht says, thank you, daughter. Maxie takes Nina’s hand with her other one. Valentin looks at them sadly. Griff comes out. Maxie asks if Nathan is okay.

Tomorrow, Finn says let’s see where this goes, Peter tells Drew and Sam to own the story, and Jason questions Faison.

Vanderpump Rules

Jax tells Brittany’s mother it’s good to see her, but I doubt he really feels that way. In her interview, Kristen says Brittany is way too good for Jax, and wants to break them up. Jax ditches the room. Brittany tells her mom she’s doing okay, but she’s still heartbroken, and it’s not going to go away. Sherri isn’t sure he’s the right one for her. Brittany says she knows that. GO…NOW!

Katie meets Lala for lunch. In her interview, Katie says they don’t have the best track record, but they’ve squashed their beef, and are spending one-on-one time together. She tells Lala it’s 100% good on her end. Lala says she forgives and forgets, and she’s trying to find her place in the group. She tells Katie that Scheana is upset with her, and it’s sad seeing them in a bad place. Katie says she has no issues with Scheana, and she’s the one who keeps bringing up the Rob rumor. Lala is all about female empowerment, and wants them all to get along. Lala has certainly redeemed herself from the last season she was on. Lisa Vanderpump does another miracle. Only one more to go before sainthood.

Lisa arrives at SUR. She asks Peter for a shot of something I’ve never heard of. In his interview, he says in the nine years he’s worked for her, it’s been either rosé or pinot noir, and he’s stunned. He invites her to his birthday party, and gives her the shot. She hands it back to him, tells him happy birthday, and asks for a cup of tea.

Scheana asks Lala how lunch was. Lala says Katie was cool, didn’t say a bad word about Scheana, and swears she hasn’t been talking about Rob at all. In her interview, Lala says the feud started with her, but she feels like it’s their job as women to get past it and forgive. Scheana says she’s practically having panic attacks over it. Please.

It’s time for Peter’s birthday party. Ariana tells us that in the past, Peter has only had dudes at his birthday parties. This is a first for the chicks. Kristen says she has another surprise coming for Jax. I can’t wait. Jax tells James that Kristen is behind Brittany’s mother visiting. Her sister, Tiffany, walks in. I guess that’s Kristen’s other surprise. Jax wonders if her grandmother and father are showing up next. Brittany tells her sister what’s been happening. Tiffany says she likes Jax, but if he’s going to cheat on Brittany, he should go. We flash back to Tiffany and Jax not getting along very well in Kentucky. Brittany says it should be interesting.

Lisa graces everyone with her presence. Jax tries to be friendly. Everyone drinks continuous shots. Stassi says Patrick is in Amsterdam. He decided to take a trip without her because he’s an enormous jerk. Peter is the only ex she doesn’t fantasize about murdering, so she doesn’t mind doting on him tonight. He takes a bite of his cake directly from the cake.

Lisa sits with Brittany’s mom, who says she’s devastated. She doesn’t want Brittany with Jax anymore unless there’s a big change.

Brittany tells Jax it’s an amazing day. He needs to make it up to her mother and sister. If she matters at all, he’ll put in the effort to make them okay with her family. Their opinion means everything to her. If he can’t do that, he can’t be with her.

Lala is concerned about being the main source of what happened between Katie and Scheana. She tells Scheana how much she loves her, and James butts in. Scheana snarks at Kristen, and Lala screeches, enough! She’s over it. She tells Scheana that she’s done with everyone blaming each other. They need to have a united f-ing front as women. Stassi thinks it’s terrifying, but oddly beautiful, to watch Lala lose her sh*t. In her interview, Scheana says Katie has always been a bitch. Last year, she used her wedding as an excuse, and now she’s cozying up to Lala, and she won’t have it. She calls them fake, and Schwartz says she’s the fakest of the fake. Scheana says at least he’s being a man for once, and he calls her a bougie Kardashian, who’s fake from head to toe. All she cares about are selfies. She says all he cares about is making out with chicks in bars. Lisa tells Sherri that she feels like they’re in the cheap seats, making Sherri laugh. Scheana says that she wants to spare Lala her fate, and the girls “got in her head” last year. In her interview, Ariana thinks Scheana is being genuine, and that Katie is trying to redeem herself. If she gives Katie the benefit of the doubt. Which she doesn’t. Lala says Scheana may have PTSD – after finally getting the letters straight – but she’s stuck with her. I have no idea what these drunk people are even talking about at this point. What happened to just drinking and dancing?

James and Lala play tennis. She says her man likes to play tennis, and he’s good, so she’s taking lessons. James asks if she talked to Katie. Lala feels like a lot was going on. She asks if James thinks Scheana is being antagonized. She tried, and if they want to go to war, she’s washing her hands. She calls the whole thing a circus.

Jax comes bearing food for the women in his life. Brittany is making him work. Sherri says the butler needs to get them some better food. She wants to talk to Jax, but he stalls. In his interview, he’s thinking of going to Canada, but then realizes he has a felony.

Lala asks about Logan. She thinks he wishes James was gay; he has mad love for him. James slips, calling Logan his girlfriend. He thinks Logan needs to find a boyfriend, although he does admit, what’s not to love about himself? How long does he have?

Tiffany tells them that Logan told her that he’s sleeping with James, and called Raquel stupid. Jax thinks maybe it’s true. Brittany says James is going to freak when he finds out.

During downtime at SUR, Schwartz tells Lisa he was out of line and disrespectful to Scheana at Peter’s party. Lisa wonders why he’s telling her, and he thought she’d like that he stood up for Katie. He says Katie has changed and matured so much. Katie joins them, saying he’s being a good husband. Scheana doesn’t understand how she and Lala can be friends, and is giving her grief. In his interview, Schwarz says the hypocrisy was too much, with Scheana calling Katie fake. In her interview, Lisa says she’s not as much of a pushover as Sherri, but Jax will do anything to get over.

The guys join Guillermo at the gym. Tom says people sometimes challenge him to a jump rope off. He doesn’t know what that’s about, but he’s never lost. Jax punches the bag. They sit outside afterward. James says he heard about Kristen flying Brittany’s mother out. In his interview, James thinks Kristen is the same crazy bitch she always was. Jax tells him about Logan crying to Tiffany, saying he and James are hooking up. James doesn’t believe it, but Jax wonders why she’d say that if it wasn’t true. In his interview, Schwartz says there’s a 77% chance. James asks if he thinks there’s any truth to it, and Jax says it’s none of his business.

Stassi and Kristen go to SUR for dinner. Kristen feels like she’s on a date. Brittany thanks Kristen. She tells Lala about what Logan told her sister. Lala thanks Logan wants more, and James wants people to find him hot. Kristen doesn’t think he wants to date guys, but has definitely taken a dip in the penis pond. This isn’t of concern, but James cheating on his girlfriend is.

James and Raquel go to a wine making/tasting. James says he feels weird, and Raquel is uncomfortable. James says he lets a lot slide, but Logan can’t disrespect his girlfriend. He says it’s not true, but Raquel says that’s not the problem; it’s the girls she worries about. He says the whole world wants to have sex with him. Must be the whole world minus one, because I don’t.

Jax takes Tiffany and Sherri out to dinner. He hopes they’re enjoying their time. He was blindsided, but he’s happy Kristen brought them. In his interview, He says Kristen wants to burn his relationship to the ground, and has a weird obsession. Sherri asks if it was just a one-time thing, and he claims it was just the act; he doesn’t really care about anyone else. He tells her that he’s had a lot of issues, and gone down bad roads. He was frustrated with Brittany’s lack of motivation. Sherri thinks Brittany does a lot for him, and wonders what he does with his time. He’s like, details, details, skipping right over that question, and says he doesn’t do things to hurt people. He’s not happy with himself. He’s a selfish, terrible person. Well, he got that right. Sherri says she’s seen good things in him, like what he did for her son. We flash back to when he donated money toward the making-a-baby cause in Kentucky. Sherri says she’ll give him a second chance, and she loves him. She’s believing in him. In his interview, he tells Kristen to suck it. I’m so disappointed.

James is coming by Jax and Brittany’s place. Jax doesn’t want to get any more involved in James’s sex scandal with Logan, so he jets. Brittany asks her mother how dinner went. Sherri thinks Jax is dissatisfied with himself, and told them he’s a terrible person. She’s willing to give him a second chance, but they agree to support Brittany, whatever her decision. James arrives. Tiffany tells him about what Logan told her, and that he said Raquel is an idiot. James tells them not to say anything, and calls Logan. Logan tells James that he said it, but it’s a lie. It was just him being a bitch and in love with him. James wonders how they can be friends, calls him a piece of sh*t, and hangs up. James says he wasn’t a true friend, and starts crying. He leaves, and Tiffany says she feels badly for Logan, since he’s obviously in love with James.

Jax returns. In his interview, he says it sounds like James put on quite a performance. Although I’m no fan of James, I don’t think he’s insincere, just highly emotional. It’s time for Sherri and Tiffany to leave. Brittany is glad they came. It made her feel better about her decision to stay with Jax. All three of them are crazy. Jax packs Sherri and Tiffany into a car, and the two of them head to the airport. In his interview, he says everything is perfect. He has his girl and a cold case of beer in the fridge; the end. Brittany says she’s exhausted.

Next time, a fire at SUR, Schwartz’s triplet brothers visit, Katie cries to Lisa, and Jax meets with the Reiki instructor. That didn’t take long.

🌞 Re Summer House. This group’s idea of fun just boggles my mind. These are grown people with decent jobs who, no doubt, spent a bundle to rent a fabulous house in the Hamptons for the summer. They drink to the point of blacking out and making out with people they don’t even like, tear stuff up, have food fights, and immature, dramatic arguments over they don’t even know what. News flash: letting your freak flag fly doesn’t mean doing Jell=O shots and smushing a cake into someone’s face. After I started watching Vanderpump Rules, the difference in the behavior of my friends and I at that age was so vast, I thought maybe it was an East Coast/West Coast thing, but this is the East Coast (despite one of the girls sounding exactly like a Kardashian). So what the blip? It’s like Jersey Shore (which, I assure you, is nothing like the Jersey Shore) got plopped into Long Island. And why am I still watching it? That’s a good question. Horrible fascination? Speaking of East Coast/West Coast…

🎧 I watched All Eyez on Me over the weekend, and it wasn’t bad. I’ve been interested in rap and hip-hop since its inception (except don’t get me started about how Gilbert and Sullivan – two older gay white guys – were the ones who really invented rap with the patter song in the 1800s), so I love the music of that time period. The story was really nothing we didn’t know already, although I understand a few people weren’t too happy with it – namely, Jada Pinkett Smith – but I wasn’t there, so who knows? Danai Gurira (Michonne, The Walking Dead) did a nice turn as Tupac’s mother, even though she looked young enough to be his date. The main thing for me was the music, and it was on point. Also impressive was the casting. It was amazing how much these actors looked and sounded like the people they were portraying. I wonder if Demetrius Shipp Jr. is the reason the rumor of Tupac still being alive, is still alive.

🎥 I also watched A Cure for Wellness, which I’d like to rename What the Hell was That? and Rough Night, which is like Weekend at Bernie’s with chicks, and not as funny.

💭 Just Because…



January 26, 2018 – A Quick Resolution, a Coupla Quotes & More if You’re So Inclined


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lucas meets with Carly and Bobbie at the MetroCourt. Lucas says there’s something he’s wanted to talk about for a while. Nothing is decided, but it feels weird not to talk about it. Carly jokes that they know he’s gay. Bobbie tells him spit it out. He says he and Brad have decided to adopt a baby.

Jason tells Sonny he’s wearing a wire, so Sonny can hear from the car. Sonny wants to wait with him, since they don’t really know PK Sinclair. Jason says it’s circumstantial evidence, but if they’re right, they can use him to lure Faison out. Sonny says if Anna doesn’t show, she’ll miss it. Jason thinks that might be a good thing. Sonny thinks she’s too close to it.

Finn whines about Anna tending to his wound. She says it was that or, a bullet in his head; which would he prefer? He’s thinking.

Jordan tells Dante that Faison could be anywhere

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy if she’s seen Maxie. He can’t find her. She says she’ll check to see if Maxie was admitted.

Faison says Maxie is gorgeous; his son has excellent taste. She tells him to stay away from her. Peter starts to say something, but Faison tells him to shut up. Faison says, Maxie Jones, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. He tells her that they have a lot of catching up to do.

Carly and Bobbie want the details from Lucas. He says they explored other options, but he and Brad are both adopted, and they did fine. Bobbie says they’ll be blessed.

Sonny says it’s not like Anna to be late. Jason says if Faison is in Port Charles, she would be his first stop. Sonny says if she doesn’t get there soon, he’s going to send someone to her house. They don’t know if this guy is more psycho than his father.

Finn tells Anna this could have been avoided if she’d listened to him about not putting the gun down. Or she could have run. She says she’s not used to leaving hostages with homicidal maniacs. Jordan and Dante come in. Anna says she already gave her statement. Jordan asks if there’s anything to add, and Finn says Faison is obsessed with Anna. Anna says they know. She tells Jordan they’ll reconnect later. They leave, and Finn asks if they’re supposed to pretend he’s not obsessed with her. She asks if he’ll be okay. She’d like to stay and play nursemaid, but people need protection from Faison, and she’s the best person for that. he tells her to be careful. He also needs a shave. He didn’t say that; it’s just my observation.

Lulu yells for help. Obrecht tells her not to waste her breath; she’ll just inhale more poison. Faison left them where he knew no one would come. His revenge is swift and precise. Accept it.

Amy tells Nathan that Maxie isn’t at the hospital. She asks if he checked Crimson. She got a call about a crisis at the magazine. Nathan jets.

Maxie tells Faison a lot of people are looking for him, but he says he couldn’t care less. She says not just the cops, but the WSB and Sonny. Sonny isn’t happy about him shooting Jason, and Jason didn’t enjoy the experience. Faison calls them street thugs, and Maxie says his ego makes him stupid. Jason has the best technological support there is, and they’ll track him down. Jason will kill him, and that’s fine with her and Nathan, but to save them the hassle, she’s giving him a chance to take off, and she’ll wait a whole minute to call 911. He asks how he can run from a woman who’s making him a grandfather? He tells Peter to get Shane out of there, and Peter drags an unconscious Shane to another room.

Faison asks Maxie how long Nathan has known about him being his father? Did he tell their kid there might be genius in their DNA? Maxie says their kid has a grandfather who’s a psychopath, but they didn’t find out until after they knew they were pregnant. Faison says she’s pregnant, not Nathan, and she says it probably never occurred to him to love and support the women who’ve had his children. She thinks they should have their heads examined, and that includes Obrecht. Although she gets points for hiding Nathan from him. Faison calls that an unforgivable crime. Maxie says she should have listened to Obrecht, but instead they looked for answers and found him. Peter comes back with Shane’s gun, but Faison is quick, and shoots him.

Jason asks if Sonny can hear. He tells Sonny it’s quiet; no movement. If he’s there, he’s watching. Anna gets in the van, and asks Sonny what she missed.

Alexis says Finn missed the meeting, and he tells her that he was otherwise engaged. She sees his wound, and says she knows a good attorney. He says it was Anna, and she says if Anna clobbered him, it must hurt. Finn says Anna claimed she was saving his life, but he’s not sure. Alexis says apparently, he decided to go on the danger highway in the passenger seat at breakneck speed after all.

Bobbie tells Lucas that she saw papers lying around, but has learned never to question your own kids about having kids. He says they’re waist deep in the process. He was wondering if they’d write recommendation letters. Carly says they’ll be amazing parents. Bobbie is proud, and says Tony would be too. Carly is going to start saving Avery’s baby clothes. Bobbie and Lucas leave, and Carly is told there’s a disturbance on the third floor.

Lulu coughs, and says they can’t give up. Obrecht says it will be all right, and lies down. She says it won’t be painful. like going to sleep. Lulu says, no. There has to be a way out.

Nathan arrives at the MetroCourt. Carly says she thinks the commotion is at Crimson, and someone heard gunshots. Nathan calls in for backup and the paramedics.

Faison tells Maxie that it’s not worth her tears. She tells him, screw you, and he tells her to shut up; it’s time to go. She says she’s not going anywhere with him. He says he’d like to kill her, but if anyone can live with disappointment, it’s him. The elevator opens, and Nathan comes in.

Faison shoots him before realizing who it is. Nathan falls to the ground.

Sonny thought Anna wasn’t going to show up, and she tells him about Faison coming to her house, and how he had Finn. She says he’s going to want to introduce himself to Nathan. Henrik has a target on his back, and they have to protect him. Sonny says she can protect all she wants, but that’s not going to work for him. Anna says he can question Henrik, but not use him as bait. Sonny says they’re playing by his rules. He gets a call from Carly, who asks if Jason is there. She needs them at the MetroCourt. She thinks there’s been a shooting. A guest called the desk about a disturbance, Nathan showed up, and called for backup, but no one is there yet. She’s getting reports of screaming and gunfire. Listening in, Jason says he’s on his way. Anna tells Sonny she’ll stay and wait. Sonny tells her if Henrik shows up, to keep him with her. They need answers. Sonny leaves for the MetroCourt.

Carly tells Lucas to leave; there could be gunfire. He says somebody might need a doctor, and goes upstairs

Maxie runs to Nathan, and tells him to stay with her. She tells Faison that he shot his own son, and Faison says they have to go. He grabs Maxie, but Peter has miraculously bounced back, and tells Faison to drop the gun. Faison takes off, and Peter calls 911. Maxie tells Nathan it will be okay, and Nathan says he loves her. Peter thinks it’s bad. Maxie says Nathan got there in time, and saved them. Well, actually, I think that was more what Peter just did. Nathan says, Faison, and she tells him not to worry about him; just look at her. She talks about when she pretended not to like him at first, but was always hoping he’d be at the apartment, and how she watches him hum to himself. He insists he doesn’t hum, but she says he does, and she loves it. The baby will too. Lucas arrives, and Maxie tells him that Faison tried taking her, and Nathan got shot. He tells Nathan to hang in for Maxie. The ambulance is on the way.

Alexis tells Finn there’s a meeting tonight, but he says they have the worst donuts. What he needs is a good research project to keep him in the lab for the next two years. Alexis says, losing himself in work; been there, done that, and it’s a temporary fix. The more you run from your problems, the more they follow you, and the more you ignore them, the bigger they get. He asks if she’s always been this way, or is it a byproduct of the 12-step program. He tells her that he’s not keen on pouring his heart out to get judged, and doesn’t want to be told things he already knows, like that he’s an idiot. Alexis says he’s not an idiot. Anna leads a dangerous life, but she’s no one to judge if he wants to step back. He doesn’t want to step back; he wants to go all in.

Anna waits, wondering where Henrik is. She thinks he must know the risk he took. He knows how dangerous Faison is. Did he betray Faison to save a life or to get revenge. She won’t let Faison destroy him.

Lulu tells Obrecht that she’ll get them out of there. She sees the old Beware the Chupacabra sign. Lulu looks around, and says she hopes that’s what she thinks it is.

Outside the MetroCourt, Dante tells Sonny there was a shooting, and Nathan is there. Sonny thinks Faison will probably wait for him to get there. Dante tells him no one is going in, and that includes him. Sonny asks if Dante is going to arrest him, but Jordan says that’s not necessary. Sonny tells her that they’re supposed to be going after Faison, not him. She tells him if he doesn’t back off, she’ll have him arrested for obstruction of justice.

Carly tells the receptionist to leave. She’ll stay and make sure the guests get out safely. Faison comes up behind her, and asks if she works there. She says she’s the owner, and he says he’s sure she must know a private exit, away from the cops; lead the way, please. At least he’s polite. She says he’ll have to kill her, but he tells her that he’ll shoot an innocent bystander. Is that what she wants? She tells him, okay, but Jason suddenly shows up, gun drawn. He tells Faison to let her go, and Faison asks why he should do that. Jason shoots him. Whoa.

Alexis says, Finn still wants to work with Anna after his brush with death? He knows it contradicts his recovery. By any reasonable measure, he should put distance between them. He asks what she knows about Faison, and she tells him that Faison was an associate of late, hateful stepmother; he’s a psychotic criminal. Finn says he got that impression when Faison was holding him at gunpoint. He knew it was not if, but when Faison was going to shoot him. The most disturbing thing was how he talked about Anna; he’s obsessed with her. When she showed up, he could tell she was afraid, but they both messed with each other’s heads; it was impressive. Physical courage is one thing, but this was another. She was staring down a man who’s been after her most of her life. It was more like valor. Alexis asks what happens next, but Finn doesn’t know. He just knows that when Anna was facing Faison, with the possibility of him shooting her, he saw a glimpse of his future without her, and didn’t like what he saw.

Anna continues to wait. We flash back to when we were all kids. She tells Faison that she loves Robert. He says he’s sure she’ll change her mind. Omg, I love these old clips.

Dante says Faison is alive, but needs a paramedic. Jordan tells Jason to turn over his gun, and yells for medical. Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She’s fine, and says, that was over fast. Yes, it was. Jason says he’s heard her when she called Sonny, and Sonny had told him not to miss. She’s glad he made it. She tells Jordan about Nathan and Lucas being upstairs. Peter comes down, saying there’s one unconscious, and another shot. The paramedics go upstairs. Peter gives a strange, wistful look to Faison on the stretcher. Sonny asks if he’s going to make it. Faison removes his oxygen mask, and says, he’d better hope so, if Dante wants to see his wife again. Dante goes nuts, but is pulled back. Peter tells him about Lulu going to Windemere.

The paramedics work on Nathan. Jordan tells Maxie what happened, and Shane comes out. Maxie says it’s not his fault. She got a call about a work emergency, and Faison was waiting for them. As Nathan is taken out, he gives a thumbs up.

Finn thanks Alexis for listening. She identifies, knowing what it’s like to care for someone who’s not good for you. He asks if she’s talking about Julian. She tells him to keep his eyes open. Adrenaline is a powerful drug. It led to her addiction; make sure it doesn’t resurrect his own.

Anna has another flashback about her and Faison when they were youngsters. Faison kisses her neck, and I want to die. Finn calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Dante and Sonny go to Windemere. Sonny smells gas. Dante kicks down the door.

Carly asks why Jason didn’t tell her to duck, but he says any warning, and Faison would have shot her. He’s sorry he scared her, but she says he saved her life, so she forgives him. She says she has one question, and he says, just one? She asks if he was trying to kill Faison. He says if he was, he would have taken a head shot. As it is, Faison can talk – at least for now. She asks what that means, and he says Faison is old. He’s going to have organ damage, blood loss, and shock. She asks what if he dies before answering? Jason says, at least he’ll be dead, and he’s okay with that. He and Sonny were working with Anna, and every time she said his name, he could see something in her eyes worse than fear. Anna isn’t the only one whose life Faison destroyed. It has to stop.

Anna wonders out loud where Henrik is. She says she can help him. Someone is watching. Yep, it’s Peter.

At the hospital, Bobbie grabs Finn. They see Faison wheeled in, with Nathan behind him, and Maxie following. Amy tells Maxie that she promises they’ll take care of Nathan. Bobbie says he has the best team working on him, and Maxie says she knows he’ll be just fine.

Finn works on Faison. Um… isn’t that a conflict? Maxie tells Bobbie that she tried stalling, but it wasn’t enough. Faison was going to take her, then the elevator door opened, and Nathan was there. He saved her.

On Monday, Anna meets Henrik, there’s a code blue for both Faison and Nathan, and Jason says if Faison dies, there’s somebody else who knows.

👄  Quotes of the Week

Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your education and intellect by your modesty; your ignorance is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices, and your real caliber is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have for others. — William J.H. Boetcker

My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.Abraham Lincoln


Except Maynard G. Krebs said, “Work?!” not “You rang?”

💣  Retro Faison




January 25, 2018 – Mostly Soap, But a Little Los Angeles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna walks in to find Faison holding a gun on Finn, who’s chained to the banister. He calls Finn Anna’s new love, but she says that’s not the case. Faison doesn’t give a damn what he is. He’ll blow his head off if she doesn’t put the gun down. Finn tells her not to do it, and Faison tells him to shut up. She sets the gun on the floor, and kicks it over.

Franco sits at his easel in the art therapy room. Ava asks if his muse has returned. He tells her that his wedding is weeks away, and he’s again a shining disappointment to Elizabeth.

Officer Shane sweeps Nathan and Maxie’s apartment. Maxie tells the baby they need the WSB, FBI, CIA, and all the alphabet agencies to find its psycho grandfather. This might be her new normal, but it’s not what she wants for the baby.

Nathan writes “Henrik” on the blank page representing his brother. He thinks maybe Henrik is acting in self-defense. The only thing worse than being Faison’s enemy, is being someone he cares about.

Faison says Anna will do anything to keep Finn alive, and calls her stupid.

Doc tells Elizabeth the good news is that Spencer has a clean break in both legs, and he’s on the mend. Elizabeth can’t believe it was both legs, and Doc says Spencer has a well-deserved reputation for going to extremes, but at least he has a loving grandmother there to help. Elizabeth is disappointed Laura had to drop out of the mayoral race. Doc says she even tried to get him to take her place, but in the end, she needed to be with Spencer. He misses her already, but has an exciting new project. He tells Elizabeth that he’s psyched, and laughs at his own joke. He’s working on the pathology of psychopaths, and the connection between the medical condition and the tendency toward violence. Elizabeth asks to hear more.

Franco is making out his guest list, but only has Kiki and Scotty on it. He tells Ava that Elizabeth is the darling of Port Charles, and will have tons of people on her side of the church, where there will be no one on his. He doesn’t want to look back on a lopsided church. He was thinking of calling his mom, but his mom and his happiness have a weird relationship. Ava says she might have a work around, and he asks if she has some community theatre actors who can pretend to be his friends. She suggests inviting her. No one knows better what it’s like to fight for happiness.

Griff asks Kiki how it feels surviving her tests? She’s not very enthusiastic, and he asks if this is her being happy. She says no, this is her the day after a new girlfriend answers her boyfriend’s phone. At first, she thought she had the wrong number, but Dillon called back, apologizing. He told her long distance wasn’t working for him. Griff says just last month they were meeting up. Kiki says he was clearly overcompensating to ease his guilt. If they’d made it to Nebraska, they would have broken up. They’re like a cliché; she’s too busy with her studies, and he’s with the girls on the set. She chose med school, and he chose someone else. Griff calls him a fool, and says Dillon doesn’t deserve her.

Nathan calls Maxie to check on her. She tells him that Shane is totally diligent and super nice, but it’s extra awkward. Nathan tells her it’s only until they catch Faison. She asks if there’s any chance he can come home early, and do some hands-on protecting. Shane tells Maxie that Amy is there. Amy tells her that she has news about the baby.

Dante wants a better statement about the disturbance in front of Anna’s house, and tells Nathan he’s sending a black and white over. Peter comes into the station, and tells them, nice work with the protests; they’ve managed to keep things from boiling over. He thought they might want further information on Faison. The paper has been flooded with tips. Hopefully, one pans out.

Faison tells Anna that he’ll kill Finn if she doesn’t cooperate. He takes her hand, and calls her beautiful. She says she thought he was done with her, but he says there’s no other man with greater passion for her. She says, she made him angry last time, and he says she tried. He whispers to her, and kisses her cheek. She asks what he wants, and he tells her, lots of things, but she’s the first one on the list.

Ava tells Franco that she knows about redemption and the pursuit thereof. They’re both seen as pariahs, but they changed. If some people don’t want to give them a second chance, tough; they’re no one to judge. She tells him to focus on the people who genuinely wish him well. If it’s just three of them, then they’ll be extra loud when he walks Elizabeth down the aisle. He asks if she ever looks over her shoulder to past transgressions, or worries that she’ll screw up. She tells him all the time. If he looks back, he’ll be consumed by doubts and regrets, and drown in them, so just look forward to the future with Elizabeth and the boys. She tells him to get the tux, buy the champagne, and kiss the bride. Give himself permission to be happy

Doc tells Elizabeth that he believes there are gaps in literature about psychotics. There might be physical reasons that drive the impulse to murder. If they can pinpoint a medical reason, they might be able to stop the damage to the brain, and stop the tendency of psychotic impulses. Elizabeth thinks it sounds fascinating, and knows the perfect subject – Franco.

Amy asks Maxie if the guard is there because of the article, and if they’re in danger. Maxie says Nathan has it under control, but they’re taking extra precautions. She asks why Amy came over, and Amy tells her that she sold the production rights to Ask Man Landers. It’s a tidy sum, and she and Chet agreed to share the proceeds. If Nathan hadn’t agreed to help, there wouldn’t have been a Man Landers. Maxie says he won’t accept it, but Amy tells her to open the envelope. They put it in a trust fund for the baby.

Nathan asks Dante if there’s anything they can use. Dante says there are messages from London to Pittsburgh, and those are just eyewitness accounts. There are letters to Faison’s son as well. Peter says people often write what they can’t express, either for therapeutic reasons or to hide behind anonymity, like the trolls on the internet. People hurt by their parents are urging him to avoid his father. He says he’s not trying to bond. He’s thankful his mother hid him, but things are different now. He has to think like a father and protect his child. He needs to find Faison, and lock him up for good.

Faison tells Anna that she’s a dangerous woman, especially when comes to men’s hearts. He wonders if she told Finn who she is and what she’s done. She says, no, why not let him believe a fairy tale? She says that woman doesn’t exist with clean hands, and a spotless past, without him. Faison asks what he should do with Finn, and she says she’ll do it, and whacks Finn in the head with a trinket box from the table, knocking him out. Faison tells her not to cry. She says she’s not, but tears roll down her cheeks.

Kiki says she turned Dillon down when he asked her to come to Morocco; who does that? Griff says someone serious about med school. He says that she doesn’t need his support anymore. She’s standing on her own two feet, but Dillon is absent to see that. She says she’s risking everything based on hope and a prayer, and that doesn’t include getting through it and becoming a doctor. Griff says he has a friend on the admissions board, and congratulations; she got into med school.

Ava tells Franco to write down Griff as her plus one. Franco asks if they’re really coming to the wedding as a couple. She tells him to believe in second chances. He says he’s in. He believes in all of it – pigs flying and ice skaters in hell.

Nathan shows Dante the sonogram, saying he keeps thinking how he’s responsible for a little life. Dante tells him not to let the Faison stuff throw him off. It takes more than genetics to make a father and make a family. Nathan tells Dante he’s more like a brother than Henrik could ever be. Dante says, brothers in blue. Nathan says being he’s entering into uncharted territory, he could use the best backup. Dante says he’s got him covered. Nathan tells him that he and Maxie have been talking, and they’d like him to be the baby’s godfather. Dante says he’d be honored.

A weepy Maxie tells Amy sorry for being emotional, but she cries at commercials these days. Amy says, she does too, and she’s not even pregnant. Maxie says it’s incredibly generous, and kudos on finding a way Nathan wouldn’t turn it down. Maxie gets an emergency call from Crimson. Nina is unreachable, and she has to go in. She tells Shane, let’s roll.

An officer at the station tells Dante that someone spotted a guy the other night who fits Faison’s description, and he was in the area today. Dante says he’s on his way.

Anna asks Faison how long they’ve been playing this game? How many lifetimes? A cat, a mouse, running from his obsession. He says she likes being cruel to him. She says she’s tired of running, and protecting her family. She asks if he knew she was sick. She has an incurable disease. He says he’s sorry, but she says he’s not. He’s an evil old man, who will never get what he wants from her – ever. So she doesn’t want to hear about his unrequited love. She’s sick of it. Tell her, after all this time, if this is the end. He says it will end the way supposed to end, with them together. It’s over.

Doc asks Elizabeth if she’s volunteering Franco as a subject. She says Doc knows his medical history. He’s been exonerated legally, but never came to terms with his past. Maybe it will help him trust in his own recovery. Doc tells her that he wanted to approach Franco, but wasn’t sure how. Elizabeth says he was moving in a healthy direction with Andre. Maybe Doc can help him move forward. Doc’s research might convince him that his brain tumor made him commit those horrible crimes. Doc says it’s a widely accepted theory, but she says not by Jason and Sam because of the ordeal he put them through. Jason respects Doc, and if he can prove Franco wasn’t responsible, he might not forgive him, but if he backed off a little, it might open the door for others to see Franco for the good man he really is.

Franco says no way. Doc says it would further cause of science, and Franco asks what’s next? Reenactments? Doc says he was thinking of deepening the pool of knowledge to help others. Elizabeth thinks it would be good for him, but Franco says it will have weird Franco fans salivating. If it bleeds, it leads. Doc says he’s blowing it out of proportion. It’s just a presentation at a psychiatric conference, and he doesn’t even have to be there. Elizabeth says some people still doubt the tumor caused him to commit the crimes, and Franco says by some people, she means Jason, and by doubt, she means he’s never going to believe it. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t want to know for himself. Franco says he can’t do it. Removing the tumor didn’t magically remove everything bad about him.

Griff says they won’t be posted for a while, but Kiki got the scores to get into med school. She hugs him, and no surprise, Ava walks in.

Anna tells Faison the only one way it ends with them together, is in his hands. He says it’s never been a game to him. The life he wanted isn’t the one he’s living. She says if it’s family he wants, look elsewhere; he’s running out of time. He says he’ll never run out of time. He hears the sirens and jets. Anna tries to revive Finn.

Ava asks what’s up, and Kiki says she passed; she’s going to med school. She hugs Ava. She says that Griff pulled some strings, and found out early. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Kiki thanks him for everything and goes back to work. Ava says he’s good, and he says he was glad to turn things around; Kiki was a little overwhelmed today. He’s just the messenger though; she did the work. Ava says she’s still grateful he’s thoughtful when comes to her daughter.

Franco tells Elizabeth that just because he was absolved of legal responsibility, doesn’t make him a good person. He flashes back to thinking about pushing Andrew down the stairs, and how it was before the tumor. He says they don’t know how old he was when it started. Doc says ideally, he’ll be able to make a correlation between the execution of violence and the growth of the tumor. Franco says he’ll have to explain to him what took its place. He believes the tumor made him kill, but he was still stumbling through life with a gaping hole in him until he met Elizabeth. Give him a scientific explanation of how Elizabeth saved him.

Anna helps Finn to the couch. Dante busts in with another cop. Anna tells Dante that Faison left. Dante calls Nathan, telling him Faison was there, but got away. He could be anywhere. Nathan says he has to get to Maxie.

Peter puts some papers on Nina’s desk. Faison walks in behind him, and wonders if he came to the wrong office, but thinks Peter is the one out of place. Peter says his face is everywhere. Faison says, thanks to Peter, putting him in the paper. Peter says the whole police department is looking for him, and Faison says he’s looking for one of them. He tells Peter that he may sit down if he likes.

Kiki tells Elizabeth and Amy about getting into med school. They’ll have to survive without her. Amy says they reserve the right to complain about the doctors, even when she is one. She asks who gave Kiki the inside scoop.

Ava tells Griff that when Kiki is done collecting congratulations, a celebration is in order. She asks if he’d like to come to dinner, but he doesn’t want to intrude. She says Kiki won’t mind, and she won’t take no for an answer. Kiki knows how important he is to her.

Doc says sorry he interrupted Franco’s guest list. Franco says it’s slim, but Doc says take it from him, the number of guests doesn’t matter. What matters is the woman he’s marrying. She has absolute faith in him. Franco thinks he made some interesting points. Doc says, some he’s keen on exploring if Franco will let him. Franco tells him to be careful what he asks for; it’s a dark place in there. Doc says there’s a lot Franco doesn’t know about him. He might find a more sympathetic ear than he realizes. Doc says Franco knows where his office is.

Finn tells Anna that he feels fine, but what about her? Before she got there, Faison was ranting and raving; he’s obsessed with her. She says she knows. Finn says he knows it was a bluff, but before she hit him, he bought it. She saved his life again.

Nathan goes home. There’s no one there. He makes a call.

Walking into the office, Maxie says she needs to get the proofs. Both she and Shane see they missed calls from Nathan. Peter is surprised to see them. Faison comes up behind Shane, and knocks him out. Maxie says, Faison, and he says, how lovely to see my daughter-in-law.

Tomorrow, Lulu and Obrecht are still trying to escape, Faison shoots someone, and Jason says he’s on his way.

🏯 In other news, Josh Flagg married his partner, Bobby, on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Needless to say, the ceremony and reception were quite lavish. There were so many rose petals on the runner to the altar, I thought it was the texture of the carpet. The other Josh and Heather now have a baby who has gotten to the crawling point; James and David – who I still constantly want to refer to as brothers – sold a house for a record $41 million in Bel Air; and Madison is still an a-hole.



January 24, 2018 – Faison Meets Finn, NJ Reunion Wraps & Eddie Seeks Revenge


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason asks if Sonny has had any word from Sinclair. Sonny says he’s gotten nothing, but someone is intercepting the emails. Is Jason thinking what he is?

At her insistence, Finn meets Felicia at the MetroCourt. She asks when he’s telling Anna he loves her

Anna asks Sonny for a favor in Robin’s name. Back off PK Sinclair.

Maxie goes to the hospital for her appointment. Kim asks who her uniformed friend is, and Maxie says it’s Officer Shane; she’s in need of extra security. While Kim prepares for her appointment, Nathan joins Maxie. He tells her there’s been no trouble from the landlord or the protesters. She asks why he seems so stressed, and he says there’s been a Faison update. Apparently, he has a brother.

Lulu tells Faison that her husband is a detective. He’s Nathan’s partner, and they must be looking for her. Faison says, excellent. She going to bring his son into his arms. Obrecht tell him to leave her son alone. He asks Lulu if she thought she could outwit him? Look how that turned out. Lulu tells him that he’s making it more difficult than it has to be. She can set up a meeting if he gives her the phone. Obrecht asks if she’s insane, and if she wants Nathan and his family to die. Faison says she used the word “family,” and asks if there’s a grandchild. Obrecht says she was referring to his wife, and he tells her don’t lie to him. Does Nathan have a child? She says, no, not yet.

Maxie asks if Obrecht had two boys, but Nathan says his brother has a different mother. Maxie wonders who are all these women having sex with Faison? She admits she wouldn’t have Nathan, but yikes. She asks where his brother is, and Nathan says his mother gave him up at birth. He was raised by Faison, but hates him, and the feeling is mutual. Maxie asks what Obrecht said about it, but Nathan can’t get in touch with her. He needs more information before he can deal with it. Maxie can’t imagine how Nathan feels; everything he knew and is, is a lie. She tells him no matter how many people claims to be family, the only one that matters is theirs.

Faison says, their first grandchild, adding no congratulations or anything, and Obrecht lied. Lulu says to let her call, and he tells them both to shut up, calling them two pieces of garbage. Obrecht says not to Anna. His obsession is fond of Lulu if hurt. If he hurts her, Anna will never forgive him.

Finn tells Felicia, no appetizers; she’s going right into crazy talk. He’s not in love with Anna. Felicia doesn’t believe him. She’s all about the chase, but it’s gone on too long. Finn asks what she’s talking about, and she tells him to cut the crap. Everyone can see it, but neither one of them will admit it; they’re at a standoff, with no one making the first move. It has to be him. He asks why, and Felicia says Anna is hurt. They all are, but without betraying her confidence, Anna is more complicated than he realizes. She’s dealt with trauma, and he needs to do what she can’t. She tells him to be brave and man up. Tell Anna he loves her or he’ll lose her.

Sonny says someone is intercepting the emails, and Anna says that would be her. She asked him to notify her, but he refused. He says now she shows up asking for a favor? Jason asks why she cares so much, and Anna says she doesn’t care. She doesn’t know him, but she cares about what happens to him because she’s been there. He’s obviously been pushed too far by Faison, and wants to strike back. It’s not a position she envies. Years go by, and you think it’s over, then there he is, telling you he loves you, and all the time torturing you. She starts to tear up. She says there’s no escape, and thinks he feels the same way. Sonny tells her they’re on the same side. He wants to stop Faison from hurting anyone again. Jason needs to do that. They need his son.

Finn knows Felicia means well, but she’s wrong. He and Anna don’t fit. Felicia asks why? Finn says, because, and she tells him that he’ll have to do better than that. He says he’s still struggling with his recovery, and doesn’t know what the future holds. It could be forever, and Anna doesn’t need that uncertainty. Felicia says she’s a WSB agent; uncertainty is a way of life. Finn says that’s another thing. She’s an agent, dealing with guns and bad guys, and he’s in the market o save lives. Felicia thinks it’s the same thing, and Finn says Felicia gave him a B, a measly B. Felicia says it’s a solid B. When they got together, the way he and Anna looked to and spoke about each other, she knew they were faking it, but there was something real underneath. He can come up with a million reasons why not, but it’s up to him to find the one reason why they should be together. They’re both lonely, and they love each other. They’ve found the treasure – loving and being loved in return. She says he’s truly a curmudgeon, but doesn’t think he’s foolish, so do the smart thing. Choose Anna, and she guarantees she’ll choose him back, even though they’re both just as stubborn.

Anna asks why Jason wants Heinrich, and Jason says he was in the clinic because of Klein’s mystery client. Faison ordered him killed, but the traitor kept him alive. Anna says the assumption being they’re the same person, along with PK Sinclair. Sonny says The Severed Branch pissed Faison off so bad, he tried to burn it. Jason says they’re not just the same person; he’s Faison’s son. Anna asks if Jason wants to find out why he was kept alive, and Jason says, yes. Sonny says, but the real reason to draw Faison out is that he orchestrated the program to replace Jason with Drew. They want to know the reason for that. Anna asks if Sonny thinks it’s about him. Sonny doesn’t know, but the easiest way to get rid of him would be to get rid of Jason. Anna tells him to focus on Faison, and she’ll handle Heinrich. Jason says they can’t get to Faison without his son, and Anna says, then what? If they use him as a lure, Faison will kill him. Do they want his blood on their hands after Jason was kept alive because of him? Because of him, Jason isn’t dead; there has to be another way. Sonny says forget about him and Jason, she’s Robin’s mother, and Faison put her through hell, taking Robin away from them for years. No more. He has to go.

Faison says Anna betrayed him, and left him to die. He feels nothing for her. Obrecht says then he won’t care that she’s found love again. He asks with who, and Obrecht says a good man, a world renowned doctor, Hamilton Finn. Faison says he didn’t keep her alive to punish her, but he’s sure she recognizes this. He puts a cannister on the ground and leaves, locking the door behind him. Lulu tries to open it, but can’t.

Kim asks about stress managing, and Maxie says it’s all good, thanks to Nathan. Kim tells her that a good partner is a huge gift, especially with parenting. Being a single parent is tough. She calls Nathan in, and does the ultrasound. Kim says the baby is perfect, but a little shy; she can’t determine the gender, but maybe next time. Maxie reminds her not to tell them, and she says she’ll put it in an envelope like Maxie asked. Maxie says Sam might not have been into her gender cake, but she is, although she did force it on Sam. Kim shows them the screen. Maxie says, we made that, and Nathan says, yeah, we did.

Lulu says, wth? Obrecht tells her it’s carbon sulfate, a lethal gas the DMX created. Their intention was to sell it. Anna thwarted the plan, but Faison escaped. Lulu finds what looks like a dog grooming tool, and cuts Obrecht’s bonds. She asks how old the container is, and Obrecht thinks about twenty-five years. Lulu thinks it can’t still be effective, but Obrecht says if the gas doesn’t kill Lulu, she will.

Finn knocks on Anna’s door, and let’s himself in. He calls to her, and when there’s no answer, he sends a text.

Anna says no one wants Faison handled more than her, but not at the expense of his son. Sonny says he took Robert from her, and took Jason; he’s only going to stop if they stop him. Jason thinks the best what is through Heinrich. He gives Anna his word that he won’t hurt Heinrich. He just wants to meet, and if Heinrich cooperates, he’ll do everything in his power to protect him. Anna gets a text from Finn. It says that he’s waiting for her, and they need to say what they haven’t been able to. She tells Sonny that PK Sinclair wants to meet, but no location is set. She gets another text, and says it’s set now.

Finn flashes back to his banter with Anna, where he told her that he’s the only thing preventing her from putting on a bathrobe and adopting a cat, and they ended up kissing. He hears the door open and close, and turns around to see Faison. Faison points his gun at Finn. I wonder why Anna gets all the cool guys.

Kim tells Maxie and Nathan that everything looks good. Maxie says she can’t with the cuteness. Nathan says it seems real all of a sudden, in the best way. Kim says except for the one scare, the pregnancy is going beautifully. Felicia comes by, and Nathan gives her his spot. Felicia looks at the screen, and says it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Shane tells Nathan that Dante is trying to reach him. Obrecht called an Uber to Anna’s, but wasn’t there when it arrived. No one has seen her since yesterday.

Lulu balks at Obrecht saying it’s her fault. She just got him riled about Anna. Obrecht says he’s always riled about Anna. Lulu was like a child playing checkers with a nuclear device. Lulu says Nathan decided it was the right thing, but Obrecht says it was set in motion by Lulu, and for what? A story to further her career? Congratulations, she got her wish. Now they’re all paying the price. Lulu won’t apologize for trying to put an international criminal in jail. Obrecht says she’s arrogant as well as foolish. She tells Lulu here’s a reality check. Faison made Robin disappear, and did the same to Jason. Lulu thought she’d succeed where Sonny failed. Lulu says she wasn’t thinking, and Obrecht tells her that she kept Faison’s son from him for a reason, at enormous cost to herself. Now it’s for nothing. Lulu says maybe they’re not going to die in here. Obrecht says she can’t warn Nathan. She can’t do anything; it’s over. Lulu says not if they can find an escape.

Anna tells Sonny and Jason that PK will be at the park at 10 pm. Sonny says he’ll be there, and Anna says she will too. Sonny says Jason will meet with him, and he’ll monitor things from a distance. Anna says they’ll drive him off. It needs to be her. She might get him to lower his guard. She promises not to make a move without checking, and tells Sonny it’s better to work with her than against her. Jason says 10 pm, and Sonny says they’re going to find Faison. Anna says when they do… and pauses for a moment. She finishes by telling them to call the authorities.

Faison says Finn must be Anna’s new love. Finn asks who he is, and he introduces himself, saying Anna must have mentioned him. Finn says, not a word. Faison asks how long he’s been seeing Anna, and he says a couple of months, but she doesn’t talk much about her past. If he’s part of it, Finn can’t blame her. Faison says he’s not part of her past; he’s her destiny. He’s known her since she was a kid, and always knew. The more she fights it, the more he’s sure. She’s been his greatest opponent, and she’ll be his. Believe it. Finn tells him people don’t own other people, but Faison says he’s never experienced the love of the soul. Finn says he’s been salivating over her all these years, but it’s never happened. She’s not that into him. She’s smart, kind, and courageous, and no doubt looks for those qualities in a partner. He doesn’t want to be harsh, but she’s out of his league. Faison says, but she’s in his? Finn says he should be so lucky. Faison says his problem is he thinks Finn is a man Anna could fall in love with, but he doesn’t want her too. Does he kill him, or keep him alive and get the upper hand to make Anna do what he wants? Finn rushes Faison.

Felicia introduces herself to Kim. She says the prospect of having a grandchild in their home town has her and Mac excited. The lab calls, and Kim goes to get the sono pictures. Felicia tells Maxie at least she’s not blubbering like Mac when he put together the crib. They also have a glider and a changing table for when the baby spends the night. They’d started reminiscing about when Maxie’s sister was little, and Maxie says she misses Georgie, especially right now. Felicia says she’s with them in spirit. It’s a wonderful time for her. She has an amazing husband, a thriving daughter, and another baby on way that they can spoil rotten.

Nathan tells Maxie that it’s official; they made the perfect baby. Maxie is feeling better after seeing it; everything has been put in perspective. They’ll be fine. His father can’t touch them.

Lulu thinks there’s an entrance to a tunnel in the room. They just have to find it. When they get out, she’ll send Nathan to Anna, which is probably where Faison went. Either way, he’ll get captured. Obrecht helps Lulu look.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s never seen Anna like that. Nothing ever fazed her, and now she’s two seconds away from losing her mind. He says it’s the same look his mom had when Deke would hit her. She’d hear the door open, and freeze. He couldn’t do anything then, but he can now. Anna isn’t going to be living in fear anymore.

Anna sees a cigarette butt outside her door. She picks it up.

Kim gives Felicia a sono picture. Felicia thanks her for taking good care of Maxie. Kim says she’s lucky to have such a good family.

Maxie insists the baby has Nathan’s nose. Nathan says no matter whose nose it has, the baby will be so loved. Nathan gets text has to go back to work, and Maxie gives him one of the pictures.

Obrecht tells Lulu the walls are as secure as Fort Knox. Lulu says there has to be an entrance somewhere. The gas starts to release.

Sonny tells Jason that when Anna turned back, what she said about calling the police wasn’t what she really wanted to say. What she wanted to say was, don’t miss.

Anna goes in, gun drawn. Faison has his gun on Finn. He says, hello, Anna. Lovely to see you.

Sonny tells Jason to line up the shot. Jason says he won’t miss.

Tomorrow, Kiki thanks Griff, Amy visits Maxie, and Faison tells Anna to drop the gun.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion Part Two

When we last left the reunion, Sylvia Miles Crypt-Keeper cock-a-roach Kim D joined the group. Kim tells Teresa, mess with her, and she’ll be back in jail, clink-clink. Teresa gets up, but thinks better of it, saying Kim is lucky she’s on probation. I don’t think I’ve ever used this word in regard to a Housewife or Friend of, but Kim D is repulsive. We flash back to Kim D’s highlights from this season, both on the scene and being talked about. Kim says Teresa wants to fist fight everybody, but Teresa says she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

Andy tells us that last season Dolores and Siggy were peacemakers, but not so much this season. They believe they did the right thing by walking in the fashion show, but claim they still defended Teresa. Teresa says they can see Kim’s track record. Kim says Teresa changes friends like underwear, but Dolores says they’ve been friends forever. Since Kim is totally wrong, she says that’s the way she sees it. The fashion show made a whole grand each for the two recipients of the event. Melissa thinks Kim got more out of it than they did, and Kim whines about having to pay for the dinner. Melissa hums circus music. She says Kim likes to stir the pot, and goes for the jugular and talking about people’s families. Kim admits to both pot stirring and going below the belt, and Melissa asks if she realizes she goes too far. She suggests Kim bring it down to a level where children aren’t hurt. Kim calls them all frauds. Teresa says if anyone would look at Kim’s W-2’s and 1099’s, it would be clink-clink for her too. Kim says she has two businesses, and Teresa says one of them is prostitution. Andy sure can pick ‘em.

Andy asks if Teresa is alleging she’s a madam, and Teresa says, yes, a magdum [sic]. Kim says she isn’t, but wouldn’t have a problem with it. Andy says he could kind of see it. Kim says Teresa steals from other people, and says something about Joe #2 that I don’t catch. Melissa tells her be gone, and Teresa says she’s dried up. Andy asks what’s up with Siggy. Siggy says Teresa has a right to be angry, but the county is small, and when you’re not getting along, it’s hurtful. Melissa says she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Andy asks Siggy how she’d feel if Kim said Michael was cheating. Siggy says she would be devastated, and hope the girls would have her back. Dolores says from now on, she doesn’t want to know anything. Kim swears she’s not a troublemaker, but thinks some of the things they say are evil. We almost say goodbye, but Teresa says Danielle didn’t get to say anything.

Danielle asks why Kim didn’t intervene at the fashion show a million years ago, when Danielle got her hair pulled? She asks if they were friends for real, or did Kim just want to get on the show? Kim says Danielle got uptight about things she should have let go, and that’s how the friendship ended. Kim leaves. Siggy talks about trying to set her up, but says Kim can’t get over her ex.

Siggy has two more books coming up; one about divorce, and another about bullying geared to children. The look on Margaret’s face is priceless. We flash back to Siggy’s world. Andy asks why she uses Michael’s last name when she talks about him – something I’ve been dying to know – but she just likes the sound of it. She talks about moving to Boca now that Josh is gone. She’s working less, and spending more time with Michael. Andy asks about the pellets, and she says she hasn’t had a hot flash in eight months and her sex life is great. She also encourages anyone with a credit card to have plastic surgery. Margaret says her advice is valid, but wishes she’d take some of it. Siggy says she practices what she preaches, but with Margaret, it’s a toxic situation. She claims Margaret doesn’t like her. Siggy asks how many lawsuits Margaret has going on, and acts like business bankruptcy is a big deal. Andy mentions the recent lawsuit where Margaret was accused of stealing a whale design. Margaret explains it’s common in her industry.

Andy mentions what great relationships the ladies have with their families. We see clips of Marge Sr., Teresa’s father, and the other parents. Margaret calls her mom a sex kitten. Andy suggests Marge Sr. hook up with Teresa’s dad, but Melissa says she’s way too modern for him. Teresa thinks he should find a rich woman to take care of him. Dina (from previous seasons) tweets that she loves Marge Sr. Dina’s home invasion is discussed. I’d forgotten about that. It was horrible. She’s lucky she’s not dead. Teresa says it’s still being investigated, and I get creeped out all over again.

The Franks are examined next. We flash back to Frank Sr. coming back home, and Frankie going off to college, as well as clips regarding Dolores’s absent boyfriend. Andy asks what’s going on with that. She says she and David are still together, and seeing how things go. A viewer questions her relationship with Frank. Andy asks if they’re getting back together, but she says they’re not apart. They are not, however, having sex.

Andy says while everyone else welcomed Danielle, Dolores thought she was back for revenge. We flash back to their altercations, including Dolores calling her a crazy scumbag, and accusing her of being on drugs. Dolores says she made up a story that Dolores said Teresa just cared about money, although Danielle remembers it vividly. She claims Dolores was basically bringing her up to speed, going through what was happening with each person. She says it wasn’t that big of a deal, but she thought Teresa needed to know what she’d said. Dolores asks why she would leave Siggy out. Well, because they’re joined at the hip. Danielle doesn’t think she had ill intentions.

Andy asks what proof Dolores has that Danielle is on drugs. She has none, but says Danielle seems off, and is maybe using Xanax or something. Danielle says she’s never done any such thing. She gets they don’t like her, but shut up and stop calling her names. Dolores immediately calls her a skank. Danielle tells her to STFU. Dolores also calls Danielle a professional victim, which is funny, since that seems to be Siggy’s role.

They take a break. and backstage, Danielle calls Dolores a piece of sh*t. Dolores says she loves to get Danielle “to that point.” Teresa tells Danielle it’s not true, so don’t even pay attention. Danielle calls Dolores a bully, and wants the camera off.

We move on to the Italy trip. Margaret says they sucked the life out of Italy, and she’s not sure if they’d be welcomed back. Melissa just wanted some authentic pasta and wine with the girls, but it didn’t happen. Next, we see how one comment changed a friendship forever, and stroll down Hitler Memory Lane, with Margaret using Hitler in an analogy, and Siggy deciding she must be anti-Semitic. Margaret says she was in shock. The comment was actually the opposite. She wasn’t calling Kim D “Hitler,” just making a point. She says it’s a common analogy, and she’s never had that problem before. Siggy said nothing at the time, and waited until they got to Italy to pull out her accusation. She says Kim D was assassinating Teresa and Melissa’s character, and she doesn’t just judge her friends by how they treat her, but also how they treat others. Siggy, who can barely sit in her seat, says she can’t do this. Andy asks if anyone knew what anti-Semitic meant. Everybody pretends they did, except for Teresa, who says nothing. Andy tries to ask Danielle a question, but Siggy won’t shut up. When Danielle points out she’s trying to answer, Siggy huffs and puffs, and says, oh, it’s her moment. Andy asks what was going on when she went nuts at dinner? Danielle says she hated seeing Margaret crying and upset. She’s not anti-Semitic, and has raised Jewish children. Margaret asks Andy what he thought, and he says he didn’t think the analogy was out of line. Siggy says her father said the name should never be spoken, and Margaret says she failed to mention Margaret had a Jewish husband and children, and even Siggy’s father thought she went too far. Siggy starts pointing her finger, and saying, shame on you. Margaret says Siggy wanted to hate her, and that was that; she’s sorry she made Siggy unhinged. Siggy says she’ll be going back to her fabulous life, and Margaret points out how she’s always talking about how much she has. Surprisingly, Andy jumps in, saying, he’s so on the other side with this. Not to take away from Siggy’s feelings, but he’d called his parents, who also didn’t think it was offensive. Siggy says the name should never be brought into casual conversation. End of story. It’s how she feels, and she doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone else feels. Alrighty then. At the beginning of the season, I thought, poor thing, she’s having a difficult menopause, but by the end, I realized she’s just insane.

Andy asks Danielle if she’s glad she came back. Shockingly, she says she is.

In the final moments, Andy wraps up season 8 with the rose and thorn thing; what’s the best and worst of the season for each of them. Dolores says the worst was her friendship with Teresa being questioned, and the best was that it didn’t break the friendship. Siggy says the pellets were the best, and fighting with Margaret was the worst. Margaret agrees that their fighting was the worst, and says she thinks it ruined everything for everybody. Andy wonders if that will ever change, or are they just not meant to be friends? Margaret says she puts things behind her quickly, but Siggy feels how she feels. Siggy says everything is timing, and she doesn’t bounce back quickly when she’s hurt. Andy thinks this means never say never, and says look at Teresa and Danielle. They’re friends, even thought it took eight years and “going away.” Our favorite jail euphemism. Siggy is visibly uncomfortable, and possibly embarrassed. I would be if practically everyone in the world told me I was wrong. Melissa says her thorn was watching the pain of the family when her mother-in-law passed away, and her rose was getting envy back on its feet all on her own. Teresa worst was losing her mom; she can’t believe she still standing. She says going away was nothing in comparison. She’d go twenty more times to have her back. It was the worst thing ever. I get seriously choked up, since I can understand her grief. She says the best part was watching her daughters. Since her mother’s been gone, there hasn’t even been a dish in the sink. She’s proud of them.

Andy says it was a long, but memorable season that started with a cake, so it’s only fitting they end with a cake. Melissa hopes no one throws it. It’s a replica of the one Siggy had made for Melissa’s birthday. They promise to eat like adults, but Teresa puts some on Andy’s face, and asks if she can lick it off. I’m not kidding. He nixes that idea, and says Joe #1 better come home soon.

And New Jersey is out.

Next time, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Secrets Revealed

If Loving You is Wrong

Kelly finds out Travis is dead. Lushion is like, Kelly… Tony Isaacs says let her talk. He asks if Lushion is her counsel, but he says just a friend. Tony tells him to go. Lushion tells Kelly that he’ll make some calls, and don’t say a word.

Tony asks what happened, but Kelly wants her lawyer. Tony says she’s going to jail then. She asks if she has to go to jail if she talks, and he says she can talk to him or her lawyer. She starts to talk about Travis being at the window, but thinks better of it. She tells Tony that her lawyer’s name is Ian, and he tells her they’re trying to help; they’re friends here. She asks if they’re the same friends who wouldn’t listen about him stalking her. She refuses to say anymore, and he tells her it makes her look guilty. Kelly says she knows her rights, and she wants her lawyer. Tony tells her in the meantime, she gets a jail cell. She freaks a little, and backs away.

Tony accuses Lushion of coaching Kelly. Lushion says she knows her rights, and Tony says she knows how to wield a knife too. Maybe he meant to say that, but I think Tony is confusing the cases. She shot Travis. She’s accused of stabbing Ramsay. Lushion says her lawyer is Ian, but tony says not anymore. Lushion says Tony has been known to lie, but Tony says he’s been known to interrogate. Lushion says Travis was bad news, but Tony says he read both of their reports and it doesn’t look good for Kelly. Lushion tells him to look closer; there’s more to it. Tony tells Lushion to let him help Kelly, but Lushion says he can’t, and asks what church he goes to. Tony says none, and Lushion asks what about his wife? Tony says Lushion has done his homework. She goes to Travis’s father’s church. He’s biased. Travis has been harassing Kelly and destroying her life. Tony says he needs her to tell him that. Lushion says she will when her lawyer gets there.

Brad sits on his porch. He strolls over near Randal’s house. Randal sticks his head out the window, and asks what he’s looking at? Brad says he’s on his side of the yard. Randal says he’ll call the cops, and Brad tells him to go ahead. They both go back to their respective corners. Inside, Brad tells Alex that she lied to him. She’s like, what? He repeats it. He says she was over there to see Randal. She says no, but Brad says that’s what Randal told him. Alex says she wasn’t and Brad knows Randal. Brad says she knows him; he’s just learning. Alex says he should believe her; she’s his wife. He says that didn’t mean anything in the past, and she tells him not to go there. Brad asks how Randal would know that he left, and Alex says maybe he looked through the window. Brad says he’s trying, and she says she’s telling the truth. The baby starts to cry, and she says she’s not doing it; it’s upsetting the baby. Brad asks who’s baby, and she asks if this is how it’s going to be. He says he doesn’t think he can do this. He knew it was going to be hard, but he might have to leave. Alex tells him that it’s confusing for the kids, but he doesn’t know if he can trust her given the circumstances. Alex says she didn’t go over there, but he admits he doesn’t believe her. He goes back outside, and we see the cute, albeit nameless, baby.

Esperanza asks if Lushion talked to Kelly. Stephen wants to make eyes at her, but asks Lushion how it’s going. Esperanza leaves, and Lushion says not so good; how about the two of them? Stephen acts , and Lushion laughs and asks if he’s going to lie. Last night he was eye-sexing at the crime site, all cool on his motorcycle, and now he’s not talking to her? Stephen asks if they took Kelly in, and Lushion says she’s in a cell. He asks if Stephen knows a lawyer; Ian backed out. Stephen says he’ll make some calls.

Esperanza comes back, and asks what’s going on with Kelly? Lushion says they arrested her; Travis died. He’s going to make some calls. Esperanza offers to help, but he says he has it. He leaves, and Stephen says, dinner? Esperanza says her friend just got arrested, and he’s asking her on a date? He asks if he’s being insensitive, and she says he’s being a pr*ck, and walks out. Eddie comes in, and Stephen says he doesn’t want to be what she already had.

Eddie says Stephen thinks he’s funny. Stephen thinks Esperanza likes him. Eddie thinks if he catches Stephen over at her place, he’s going to kick his ass. Stephen says Eddie is a crazy SOB, but so is he. Eddie says he has no idea. Stephen says Eddie’s crazy is fueled by cocaine and chaos; his is controlled.  He asks if Eddie noticed the rest of the station looking at him funny. Last night, he was the toast in some guy’s toaster. Eddie tells Stephen to stay out of his face. Stephen says Eddie is funny; he thinks he scares him. He thinks he’s a tough guy. Eddie tells him, take a walk, but Stephen says he’s not going anywhere, and tells Eddie to get his ass out. Go to the station down the street. They don’t want him there anymore.

Marcie pulls into Brad’s driveway, and calls Ian. She’s got the contract, and he asks her to come by the office. She asks if Larry is going to be there, and he says no. She asks Brad why he’s sitting there, and he says he’s waiting on her. He asks about her car, and she’s getting a rental. It’s totaled, and they’re going to replace it. Brad calls Randal a bastard, but she says his insurance will go up too, since his name was on it. He says Randal was shouting at him about the baby. He apologizes for Alex, and says she shouldn’t have told him. Marcie tries to tell him it wasn’t Alex, but he says she’s sick of her lying. Marcie asks how he knows, and he says Randal told him. Marcie says don’t believe him. She asks what Alex said, and Brad tells her that Alex denied it, but who else could have told him? He’s thinking about leaving, and asks if it’s okay to come back to the apartment. Marcie says of course. She’s missed him, and says it was a mistake to throw him out. He says at least she didn’t tell Randal it was his child. Marcie says she fired the divorce lawyer; it’s a long story. Brad gets in the car with her.

Lushion calls Ian, and asks what’s going on? He thought Ian would be there helping Kelly. Ian says he can’t. His partner and boss was adamant. Lushion asks if he’s going to leave her hanging, and he says he texted a new lawyer’s number. Lushion says Kelly doesn’t get to have her phone in jail, and Ian says he’ll send it to Lushion. Lushion doesn’t like the idea, but Ian insists he’s good. He tells Lushion what he’s done for Kelly so far is pro bono. He says he’s sorry, but Lushion says he’s not. It’s sad and wrong, and a a good woman needs a good attorney. He asks if Ian will at least let her know personally, and Ian agrees, apologizing again.

Kelly paces in the cleanest, neatest cell ever. Esperanza comes by. Kelly says she needs her lawyer, but Esperanza says he’s not there. Lushion is handling it, and it will be okay. Kelly says he came all the way to see her at Natalie’s last night. Esperanza tells her that she’ll pick up Justice from school. Kelly worries she won’t get out, and says she’s not in the wrong. She knows she shouldn’t have shot him. Esperanza tells her not to talk about it in there, and don’t talk to the other prisoners about it. Kelly starts to freak, and Esperanza tells her to maintain her composure. Esperanza says he provoked her, and they’ll figure it out, but she has to calm down. This is also the quietest jail ever.

Marcie comes by Ian’s office. He tells her Larry is in court. She tells him the inspections are, and the closing date has been moved up. He says hopefully it will be done before his kids get there for the summer. He gives her the paperwork, saying it’s signed and notarized, and it’s all good. She says he made her life easier. He says now the hard part; have drinks and dinner with him. He won’t take no for an answer. She says she’ll text her address, and she’ll bring the keys. He says he already has them. Marcie says he didn’t need her, and could have saved the commission. He says some things are worth the investment. She says whatever he thinks he’s getting, she hopes it’s worth it. Marcie wants to jet before Larry gets back, but ugh! Larry comes in. Ian says they were just talking about him. He asks if they were cursing him out, and Marcie says, you’d better believe it. Larry apologizes, and says what if he gets Randal to sign the papers. Then she can fire him. He glides out, and Marcie says she can’t stand him, but she likes him. Ian says that’s how most of them feel.

Eddie asks Lushion if he’s good, and Lushion says he’s busy. Eddie knows Lushion didn’t have to do what he did, and thanks him. Lushion says, don’t mention it, but Eddie says he has to. Lushion is a good guy. Eddie says he called so many people, and Lushion is the only one who picked up. That’s funny, since I could have sworn he’d only called Esperanza, and even Lushion hung up twice before talking to him. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie says Rusty probably did something to him. Lushion says he doesn’t trust Eddie, or like him. He doesn’t trust what he says, and he was just doing his job. He doesn’t give a damn about him. Eddie asks what he’s putting in the report, and Lushion asks if that’s what this is really about. He’s writing what happened, and wouldn’t have to do that if Eddie hadn’t shot at them. He wouldn’t have done anything. What grown men do is their business. Eddie says he was in the backyard, and they drugged him. He says maybe they had a laugh, but everyone knows who has the last word around there. Lushion tells him that Larry is well-connected, and to leave them alone. Eddie says all the more reason to take his ass out. Lushion says not to call him; he won’t be a part of Eddie’s crimes. Eddie says he’s not committing crimes; he’s trying to take out the cartel. They’ll have to agree to disagree, but he thanks Lushion from the bottom of his heart. He shakes Lushion’s hand, and Lushion asks where Andrew is. Eddie says there will be a time Lushion needs him, and he can count on Eddie. He’ll be there.

Larry goes to Randal’s house. Randal says he fired him, but Larry says he needs to sign the lawsuit papers. And something else; the divorce papers. Randal says he’s not doing that. Larry says he will if he wants to sue, but Randal says he’ll find another lawyer. Larry says he’ll do it for free. Randal thinks Larry feels guilty about letting it slip that Marcie is pregnant. Larry says he can make Brad’s life miserable, and Randal wonders why he wants it so bad. Larry asks why Randal doesn’t want to let it go? Randal says he just doesn’t. Larry says he wants the last bit of control, but Randal says it’s not about control. He wants her to suffer. Now that she’s pregnant, he wants her stressed the hell out. Larry says he’s not suing Brad, and calls Randal a piece of work. Randal says he is, and Larry loves it. Larry says just because he loves pain and suffering, doesn’t mean he likes to beg. He tells Randal to sign the lawsuit papers. Randal looks them over, and signs them. They shake hands. Larry jokingly (I think) says, love you, on his way out the door.

Larry gets in his car. He calls the office, leaving a message that he’s sending over some documents. Eddie pops up from the backseat, and holds a gun to Larry’s head. Larry asks what he wants, and Eddie tells him to drive.

Next time, Travis’s family holds a press conference, Esperanza apologizes to Lushion, Eddie beats up Larry, and Alex slaps Randal.

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Faison & The Severed Branch

January 23, 2018 – He’s Ba-a-ack, Candace Turns the Wrong Trick, Teddi Gives Thanks & Some Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Ned tells Laura that he hates to see her drop out of the race. Lulu says at least he doesn’t have to write a concession speech now. Ned tells Olivia that her husband is going to be the next mayor of Port Charles.

Alexis and Molly go to Charlie’s. Julian asks how TJ and Kiki did on their exams. Molly says they probably did great. Alexis says it’s even more impressive, considering TJ had to suffer through their apartment building’s conditions. Molly thinks Alexis should  pick up the torch from Laura, and run for mayor. Julian thinks it’s a great idea.

Anna talks to Robert, making sure the emails from PK Sinclair will be rerouted to her, and Sonny won’t know. She goes to the station interrogation room. Dante and Nathan are dressed in their blues, since they’re going out to help with the protests on Charles Street. Nathan is tacking up pictures of all the people Faison might target. He tells Anna he’s still trying to wrap his head around Faison being his father. She says if it’s any consolation, there’s no resemblance. Dante says they’re waiting for him to make the first move, but wonders where he’ll strike next and who’s his next target.

At Aurora, Lulu tells Peter she knows she’s supposed to go through the proper channels, but her article went viral, and now she’s being lobbed softballs like covering the cat show. She wants to pitch directly to him. She says if she’s right, Faison is hiding on Spoon Island.

Finally, we see him. Faison tells Obrecht to shut up. He says they’re on the island, and she can scream as much as she wants, but no one will hear. I swear, it looks like he’s trying not to laugh, and I’m so excited, I can barely type.

At the MetroCourt, Jordan tells TJ sorry that she’s working so much, but it will help with his med school bills. TJ says he’s going to pay his own way, but Jordan says they’ll see what he says once he gets the bill. She tells him that she called for special deployment to supervise the protest. He asks what about the power outage and the fake gas leak. She says if she finds that it’s harassment, the law will come down on them like a ton of bricks. Ned and Olivia approach. Ned makes small talk, and says he’ll put their brunch on his tab. Jordan says no thanks. It’s not appropriate for her to accept a gift from a candidate. She and TJ leave. Olivia says that was smart of Jordan. Ned says he’s not the enemy. Once he takes office, he’ll be the mayor the city needs.

Molly can’t believe it, but she and Julian are on the same page. Alexis says she can’t hear her over the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse opening at the same time. She tells them that she’s a lawyer, not a politician. Julian and Molly try to talk her into it. Molly points out that Ned’s wife is the poster child for the public breastfeeding case that Alexis won. Alexis repeats General Sherman’s words, saying if nominated, she will not run, and if elected, she will not serve. Julian says they’re at war, and the neighborhood is fighting for its life.

Lulu tells Peter that she used to live at Windemere, and there are many places to hide, like secret passageways and catacombs. Her brother owned it most of her life, and she spent a lot of time there, and knows a lot of them. Peter asks what if Faison is still there? Lulu says not only can they take down a psychopath, it will boost the publication into the stratosphere.

Faison tells Obrecht she lied to him, and not to make it worse. All the years she claimed to worship him, she never said she’d had his son. She says she thought it best, and he tells her, no more lies. He asks why she thinks he brought her out here? She says he must have found her at Anna’s house, but he doesn’t want to talk about Anna. She’s dead to him.

Anna says Faison has the uncanny ability to anticipate what others thinking, and is always one step ahead. Nathan says the only reason he did the article was to draw him out. Dante looks at the photos, saying Obrecht kept him a secret, he’s still obsessed with Anna, and he orchestrated the memory switch between Jason and Drew, but they don’t know why. Anna says there should be another person there. They have no photo or description, but there’s one other person he’s targeting. Jordan has walked in, and asks, who? Anna says his other son.

Julian says he might have a terrible reputation, but he’s a legit small businessman now. These are his streets, and the people are his customers. Keeping them in their homes isn’t just the right thing; it’s good for business. TJ comes in and tells them that the apartment building has been padlocked, and the property condemned. Alexis says they should have received a notice from the Board of Health. TJ says all their stuff is still in there, and Molly says some of it can be replaced, but what about their gifts and mementos? TJ says it’s not like they’re homeless, but what about the other people? Julian says they’re going to lose their homes unless someone fights for them.

Peter tells Lulu that she has an editor. Lulu says her editor thinks the piece on Nathan was a fluke. Peter says anyone can write about a criminal and make it exciting, not so much a cat show. Lulu says he needs to tell her editor that he has faith in her, and do it before Faison claims another victim. She says Valentin is out of town, and it’s the perfect time. Peter says the police call that trespassing, and breaking and entering. Lulu tells him that she and Valentin share a daughter, and he asks if it was a wild, drunk night. She says it’s a long, complicated story, but if Charlotte left something there, she’d just be being a good mom to go looking for it. While she’s there, she could be compelled to explore. He tells her that Faison didn’t become the most wanted by being stupid. Lulu says the cops will be the ones to bust him, but they have to find him first. Maybe he left a trail of breadcrumbs, and with permission, she can follow them.

Obrecht doesn’t believe Anna is dead to Faison, and says Anna despises him. He must realize she’ll turn him in. Even now, Obrecht would do anything for him. He tells her to give him back the years he never had with his son. She says she misspoke. She can give him anything but that. He tells her to either help him or he’ll kill her. She tells him to go ahead, but leave Nathan alone. He wants to know about his son, and she says he’s nothing like either of them; he’s good.

Nathan says he has a brother? Anna says a half-brother according to Obrecht. His name is Heinrich. Obrecht came over super drunk and talkative. Jordan asks why Anna didn’t tell her, but Anna says she needed it confirmed. She just talked to Sonny, who discovered an unfinished novel about a son obsessed with destroying his father. They think Heinrich wrote it using the penname of PK Sinclair. Nathan puts a blank page up alongside the photos, saying, my brother.

Outside Charlie’s, Ned tells Olivia that he doesn’t want to scrounge for votes today. She says even if no one showed up at the polls, he’d still win. He thanks her for being beside him, but she says if she disagrees with anything or thinks he’s being an ass, she’ll let him know. She tells him to turn on the charm, and convince the doubters. They go into Charlie’s. Julian asks if “Ted” would like a table for two outside. Alexis says the last time Ned was there, it got testy. He promised a clean campaign before getting sidetracked, and Ned says he comes in peace. Since Laura is out, he’s the de facto mayor, and as such, he’d like to rise above their petty differences. Measure A is still on the ballot, and he’d like to form a special commission to oversee the Charles Street development. He’d also like Alexis to chair it.

Faison ties up Obrecht. She tells him that Nathan is a detective, and it’s his job to arrest him; he has no other choice. She begs him to do what he wants with her, but leave Nathan alone. He says he already did what he wanted with her, and because of it, they have a son. When he gets what he wants, he won’t need her anymore. He tells her to sit tight and relax.

Nathan tells Anna that his mother is a control freak; she never gets sloppy drunk. Why would she come to Anna? Anna says she’s terrified of Faison. Jordan tells them she caused a ruckus, and the neighbors called the police, but by the time she got there, Obrecht was gone.  Nathan asks how they know she’s okay, and Anna tells him that she got a text. Dante asks how his father got involved. Anna says the situation isn’t ideal, but Sonny wants to be involved. Jordan asks how that’s going, and Anna says she’s working with him, and they’ll leave it at that. Anna leaves, and Dante asks if Jordan bought that. She says, not one bit.

Peter says Lulu has a nose for news, and a lot of guts, even when sane people are saying to drop it. She asks if that’s what he’s going to tell her editor. Peter says her editor gives her the assignments, but what she does on her own time is her business. Whatever she chooses to do, be careful. His phone rings, and he tells her to promise she’s not going to do anything crazy. She smiles, and leaves. It’s Anna on the phone, and Peter asks how he can help her. She says she realizes they haven’t met, but would like a minute of his time.

Alexis wonders why Ned doesn’t campaign to preserve the area, rather than knocking it down. Ned says it’s an area in progress, and thinks it will benefit he city. Molly says they were locked out due to a gas leak that’s not real, and they’re not going down without a fight. Olivia says maybe they don’t need one. Alexis appreciates his offer, but she can’t consider it unless he discusses the elephant in the room. The giant elephant that covers 90,000 square feet when the arena gets built. She asks if he thought he was going to slip it past the voters without them noticing.

Nathan calls Obrecht and leaves a message. Jordan thinks she’s probably still sleeping it off. Dante says no one has seen anyone matching Faison’s description, but Jordan says he can change his appearance. Nathan wonders what if he never left Port Charles?

Peter says it’s an honor to meet Anna; she has quite a reputation in Port Charles. Anna says Nathan gave the interview in hopes of drawing Faison out. He hasn’t taken the bait, and wonders if Peter would be interested in a follow up story. He asks how she knows they’re not working on one already. She says what about a piece, stating an unnamed WSB source claims Faison is locked in a life and death fight with his son? Peter says he and Nathan have never met, but Anna isn’t talking about Nathan. She says another son is out there. He asks how she knows that, but she says it’s classified. He wonders how the article would flush Faison out, and she tells him they’ll include a clue leading to the son’s location. Peter says they’ll basically be writing something false to lure him in. Anna thinks just this once, it would be fine, but he says that’s where the trouble starts. He knows about justice, but also about ethics, and he’s not compromising for her or anyone.

Obrecht struggles against her bonds. Lulu walks in. Once again using a Star Trek transporter to get there.

Alexis wonders how Ned thought he could sneak something large enough to hold a hockey team past the voters, who will be footing the bill. Ned says corporate naming rights will help with the cost, but she says the taxpayers won’t see a penny. Running it will also cost money, and venues are known for skipping on utility bills. Clearly, someone is needed to speak for the people. Ned tells her that their voices will be heard, and she wonders how, over wrecking balls and jackhammers? Ned says they’re not looking to get rich; he can afford to do what’s right. Some things are coming down, but good things are going up. Life and progress are about change. They’ll thrive, and people and businesses will have a Charles Street they can be proud of. Alexis says they’re already proud of it . They want it restored and revitalized, not redeveloped. He tells her that unless she chairs the committee, it will be a done deal, but she says, no.

Anna tells Peter there’s nothing fake about the story. Faison does have another son; it’s a fact. That the son is determined to bring him down is also a fact. Peter says he needs proof to protect the paper. She says it’s not like they’re going to get sued for slander, but he says he wouldn’t be surprised. Actually, neither would I. He needs to verify that they’re doing the right thing. Anna says public safety is more important than the paper’s integrity. They’ll be held up as heroes. Peter says, and no one will believe anything else they say. She thought he wanted to help, and he says if he gets verifiable information, they’ll jump on it. She says it’s about shedding the light on truth using deception. They’ll be deceiving a dangerous criminal. They get their man, he gets his scoop, everybody wins except Faison. Peter tells her he’s not compromising the integrity of the paper. She asks what about Drew, who lost all of his memories? He’s the co-owner of Aurora. Peter says if she wants to go above his head, that’s fine, but in the meantime, he’s running the company to the best of his ability. Anna doesn’t believe he really wants to help, and asks why? He doesn’t know what she means, and tells her good day. When she’s gone, he ponders. Rumor has it, he’s the other son.

Nathan tells Dante he has a father from hell, and a brother who’s a chip off the old block. Dante says he hates Faison; how bad can he be? Jordan tells Nathan that she has round the clock surveillance on Maxie. Dante says Lulu has done her first and last story on Faison.

Obrecht tells Lulu to hurry; he could be back at any moment. Lulu says the knots are complicated, and Obrecht tells her to find something sharp to cut them. She can’t find anything, and decides to call Dante. Too late. Faison takes the phone out of her hand. He says if she wants a story, she’s got one

Ned tells Alexis sorry they don’t see eye to eye, and she says he sounds like a politician. He says opinions and suggestions are always welcome. She tells him it’s not a suggestion; it’s a political platform. He asks whose? He’s running unopposed. She says, not anymore. She’s officially running for mayor.

Anna sees an email from PK Sinclair. It says, ready to meet tonight.

Nathan leaves another message for Obrecht, saying he’s worried and to text him. He needs to know she’s okay. Jordan says Faison has evaded capture for years, and has to know they’re looking for him. Whatever brought him to Port Charles, he’s not leaving empty handed.

Faison tells Lulu thanks for the article, and Obrecht says, see what hell she unleashed? He tells Lulu that she should have stayed out of it. Now what is he supposed to do with her?

Tomorrow, unless I have a heart attack from all the excitement, Maxie asks what’s wrong, Felicia wants Finn to tell Anna that he loves her, and Anna asks Sonny for a favor.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hanna says Benny doesn’t learn. He tells her that Veronica was in an accident. She says that doesn’t explain why he was holding the snake by the tail, and tells him to stay away. She wonders why he won’t listen. She says they just buried the baby, and she’s not burying him. She asks if he’s still sleeping with her, but he swears he’s not. She says Veronica is dangerous. He says he and Mitch just happened to be there and asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells him that she had to go to the morgue for Quincy Jr’s things, and shows him the letter. God please help grandma to stop yelling at mommy and help mommy to be a better person and take care of me. Hanna asks where Candace is, and Benny says the Artisian. Hanna wants to show it to her, but Benny says she’s not in a good place. Hanna says she never is. He asks her to think about it, but she says she’s not thinking about anything, and to leave Veronica alone. She never actually says Veronica’s name, but calls her “that woman.”

Hanna asks Benny what room she’s in, but he doesn’t want to say. He tells her if things get bad, Veronica can help him. She says Veronica won’t help anyone but herself. She’ll bury him, and not think twice. She doesn’t get why he won’t listen. The nurse comes out, and says Veronica is asking for him, but he says he’s busy. Hanna asks what’s going on. He says Veronica just needs somebody, and Hanna suggests she ask for her husband, but remembers he won’t have anything to do with her either. Mitch asks if Benny is leaving, and Hanna says he is. Mitch says he’ll catch up with Benny later.

At the Artisian’s bar, man asks if he can buy Candace a drink, and she compliments his watch. She orders a drink, and asks him to hand over his credit card to the bartender. She asks what he wants, and he says to be nice to a beautiful young lady. She says time is money, and he’s like, oh, okay. He says a beautiful woman like her sitting alone at a bar says a lot. She asks what it says, and he tells her that she’s working. She tells him it says she’s expensive. She asks what he does, and he tells her that he’s a truck driver, but she doesn’t buy it. He asks what she does, and she says make men like him very happy. She says to meet her in an hour or get lost. He calls her a mean one. She tells him to call his wife and say good night, since he’ll be busy, and he says yes ma’am.

Charles and Landon have a drink in the hotel room. Landon says Charles will make a lot of money when he gets out of office with book deals and speaking engagements. His popularity is off the charts already. They toast to the voters. Charles gets another drink, and calls Landon a lightweight when he doesn’t want one. Landon asks about the Army. Charles didn’t see combat, but he learned discipline. He needed to change his life, and get away from a girl. Landon says he probably has a crazy effect on all women. They’re all over him, and they all want to be the First Lady. Charles says he’s not into any of them, and doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure. Landon says he doesn’t do it, but it could be okay with someone with as much to lose who could keep secrets. Charles says don’t let him find out he’s running around with one of these women, and Landon says he’ll never have to worry about that. Charles decides to turn in. Landon watches as he takes off his shirt and flops on the bed.

The DA calls for Jeffrey, who’s taken out of lockup and brought to the interrogation room. George introduces himself. He wants to chat about Jeffrey’s case. Jeffrey says he wants a lawyer, and he’s not talking. George says he’s just curious why his mother would give him up like a tossed salad. Jeffrey isn’t saying anything, except that his dad is his lawyer. George tells him that his mother said it was her, but Jeffrey says she lied. George wonders if she’s getting back at him for telling Jennifer he’d testify. He asks if Jeffrey knows Judge Marsh. When he says no, George says he knows her husband, and asks if he isn’t sleeping with him. Jeffrey wants his lawyer. George says his mother was in an accident. Jeffrey asks if she’s okay, but George doesn’t know. She was in a car that flipped over, along with his fiancé. George asks if his fiancé knows he’s having an affair. Veronica seemed excited about it, but he told Jennifer he was gay, and she was making him live a lie. George asks why his lawyer’s not there? Jeffrey says he called, but doesn’t know. George says they’ll give him another phone call, and lets him go back.

Erica compliments David on the dinner. He says sorry it was on the floor, but she thinks it was romantic. They talk about furniture, and he asks if she’ll help him decorate. She says what if they get to know each other and find out they don’t really care for one another? He thinks they’re past that, and it’s not going to happen. She thinks she should just leave, but he says, and go where? She doesn’t know. Wherever she goes, he’ll find her. Her sister is the only family she has. He tells her to stay there with him. She agrees, and they toast to themselves. He kisses her. He’s going back to his condo to get his furniture, and tells her to stay there. She tells him the police are at the front door.

It’s Justin, who tells David that his son told him to get in touch, since his calls were going to voicemail. Jeffrey needs his help. He’s in jail because Veronica had him arrested for Quincy’s murder. David thanks him, and goes back inside. He asks Erica if she’s okay; she’s shaking. She says her ex is an officer. David says it was about his son, and he has to take care of something. He’ll leave her the keys and call her when he’s on the way back. Outside, he leaves a message for Veronica, telling her she went too far this time, and answer the damn phone.

Justin’s phone rings. It’s Wyatt calling Jeffrey’s phone. Wyatt asks if it’s that damn cop, and says to put Jeffrey on the phone. Justin tells him to stop calling, and Wyatt says the jealous thing is ridiculous. Justin says call Jeffrey again, and he’ll bash Wyatt’s head in. Justin hangs up, and Wyatt calls again. He asks who Justin thinks he is, and Justin says he’s coming over to show him. Wyatt calls back a third time, and gets voicemail. Wyatt leaves a message asking where Jeffrey is, and why that thing is answering his phone.

Derek arrives at Kathryn’s house. He tells her that she doesn’t owe him anything for Hanna’s sink; there was a loose ring causing the clog. She has a couple of small jobs for him, and asks if he met Hanna. He wonders what she wants, and realizes she’s playing matchmaker, but Kathryn insists she’s not. He asks if she created the clog in the sink. She ignores that, and asks what he thought. Derek says Hanna seems like a nice lady. She wants to give him Hanna’s number, but Derek says to give Hanna his number. Kathryn says Hanna is a traditional southern woman, and he has to go after her. He says between her and Veronica, he doesn’t know what to do; Veronica also keeps trying to hook him up. Kathryn tells him not to listen, and Derek tells her about the accident.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Melissa all the tests look good. He asks when she last had a checkup, but she doesn’t know. He thinks they should make sure the baby is okay, but she says she’s fine and doesn’t want any tests; she doesn’t give a damn about the baby. She wants to know where that bitch is, and is disappointed to find out Veronica is going to recover. The doctor seems kind of shocked at the way she’s talking, but geez, you’d think he’d be just a little more concerned.

Bartender Rocky asks if Candace wants another drink, and she says she does. He asks if she’s had a hard day, and she tells him to pour the damn drink, so I guess that’s an affirmative. He tells her careful. He heard people talking, and there’s a guy who looks like vice. She asks about new girl, checking out a young woman at one of the tables. Rocky says she’s doing well, and Candace asks if he got his cut, telling him you always pay the house. He asks when that started, and she says now; she’ll talk to her.

A dude comes up to Candace, introducing himself as Leonardo. She says he’s vice; she can smell them. He asks if she’s a working girl, and she says she’s a college student. He asks why whores come to nice places, and not keep in their lane. She says she’s studying law, and if he doesn’t stop bothering her, he’ll be fired, and to get away with his cheap-ass aftershave. He moves on to new girl. Candace tells Rocky that he’d better warn her, but on second thought, don’t. See how it plays out.

Melissa goes to Veronica’s hospital room. She sits on the bed, and tells Veronica she looks bad. We should all look this bad. She looks maybe a little bit tired. Veronica says Melissa tried to kill her, and Melissa says she tried to kill the both of them. Veronica says she’s crazy as hell, and Melissa says, that makes two of us. Veronica says she’s not taking care of Melissa’s mother anymore; she’ll be starving and hungry. Melissa doesn’t give a damn. She says Veronica doesn’t get it. She’s a crazy-ass girl who’s out of control; she has a rebel streak a mile long. Her dad died, and she didn’t get to say goodbye, and it’s now Veronica’s problem. Veronica says people die, and it’s a good thing Melissa is having her grandchild. It’s the only thing keeping Veronica off her ass. She asks why Melissa is there. Melissa says she needs money, and starts digging in Veronica’s purse. Veronica asks if she’s lost her mind, and Melissa asks if she just figured it out. She calls Veronica a bitch, and screams as she leaves the room. That was interesting, and I wonder if the director (does Tyler Perry direct these too?) just let her have at it.

Veronica calls the courthouse, and leaves a message for one of the judges. She says her daughter-in-law is unstable. She needs to have her committed, at least until the baby is born. After she’s finished, she says the dumb bitch doesn’t even know when she’s being set up.

In his office, George talks to Sarah. He says they have Jennifer’s body with the note pointing to the Cryers; their son Wyatt says they did it; and Jeffrey is going down for Quincy’s murder after Veronica gave him up. He states the obvious, saying it’s one messed up family. He still wants more information; enough for an indictment. Veronica is such a snake, he wants to make sure all the T’s are crossed, and the case is solid, so she can’t wiggle out. Sarah wonders what more he could want, but he says they’re dealing with the Cryers, the Harringtons, and lost money. He needs some DNA. Presenting a dysfunctional family at each other’s throats won’t work; he needs something solid. Sarah says they’re working on it.

Out in the hallway, Oscar comes up to Sarah, and hands her a phone, saying it’s for her. It’s Jim, but she pretends not to know who he is. He says he needs her at a hotel room at lunchtime. She tells him it’s not possible, but he says, sure it is. He thinks she’d better get her ass there, and hangs up. Oscar asks if the call was unpleasant. As he walks away, he says if he was her, he’d be there.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Benny and Hanna, but she doesn’t want to see them. She doesn’t want to hear anything Hanna has to say. Hanna asks, not even from her own baby? and gives her the letter. Candace reads it, and Hanna says the baby knew this needed to be fixed. Candace says there’s nothing to fix; she let them kill her son. Hanna says, no, she didn’t. Candace says she doesn’t have time for this; she’s busy turning tricks. Hanna asks what it’s going to take, and Candace says, her dying. Hanna says the Bible says we should forgive, and Candace calls her the perfect saint. Hanna tells Candace that she never said that, but she’s wondering where all this anger came from; she doesn’t understand. Hanna says she’s sorry. She’s prayed, stopped praying, and doesn’t know what else to do. Candace doesn’t care. Benny says he’s not doing this anymore. He tells Candace that their mom has a nice house with plenty of room. Candace tells Hanna not to worry about her stepping into the house Hanna’s “massa” got her. Hanna hoped the letter would shake up something, but guesses there’s nothing. Candace wonders how the bullets missed Hanna. Hanna begged her for Quincy, and he would have been safe in foster care; he’d be alive. She says it’s just as much Benny’s fault, and to get out. Benny says War wasn’t after him. Hanna says that Candace has to make it the way she wants it, and to let it go; she’s hurting. Candace says Hanna knows nothing about her and to get out. There’s a knock at the door, and the truck driver (or not) comes in. He thinks he has the wrong room, and Candace says they need to go.

Hanna says Candace has to let truck driver dude go. He’s her father.

Next time, Kathryn continues to play matchmaker, Justin attacks Wyatt, and Hanna tells Candace she was an unwanted baby.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LVP arrives at Vanderpump Dogs. She meets Peanut who came from a hoarder. She’s incredibly tiny, and I want her. They also have her sister. LVP thinks having the puppies come in feeds her addiction. She says Ken is going to want this one. He’s very attached to Giggy, and wants him cloned. It costs fifty grand, and LVP isn’t too sure. She thinks of what the money could do for the rescue. In her interview, she says he’s never talked about cloning her. They discuss the lawsuit. They were going to merge with another rescue center, and Ken thought they should withdraw. He had given them $40K, and now the woman is suing, saying Ken reneged on the partnership. Ohh, Peanut is sleeping half inside Ken’s shirt. LVP thinks Ken needs to be more stringent and careful.

Teddi visits her esthetician, Josh. She’s not into shopping, but likes a facial. She’s a fan of Botox, but has steered clear of fillers until now. She tells Josh about the Vegas trip, and thinks bringing Josh over is an appropriate thank you gift. She says they don’t have a lot in common, but they’re all concerned with their appearance.

Kyle is hands-on with American Woman, and we see clips of her involvement with the show. She says they film in the same lot that she and Kim grew up on. Kyle gets choked up watching an episode. She says as a child, her mom hid her vulnerability, but she can see it with an adult perspective now. She feels her sisters don’t understand the project, because it’s “inspired by” not “based on” their life. If she wanted something new as a kid, her mother would tell her to get a job and work for it. That’s how my father was. True story. The summer before my senior year of high school, my boyfriend was in NYC attending summer acting school. I wanted to visit, and my father was like, no way. I argued that I couldn’t do anything there that I couldn’t have done already where I was, since I was home alone while my dad was at work. He saw the logic in this, but told me although he’d pay for the plane ticket, I had to pay for the rest. That was fair.

Dorit asks Erika to come along to shop for PK’s birthday gift. Erika is glad they’ve put their differences behind them. The shopping trip is a chance to communicate without outside influences. They discuss men acting like infants when they get hurt. The rich – they’re just like us! Dorit goes to a Pagani dealership, but neither one of them know anything about these cars. The dealer tells her there are only thirty of them and the car is three million. Erika says Mr. Gerardi would have a problem with that. They take it for a test drive with Erika driving. She thinks it’s like driving a spaceship. It blows away her Lamborghini, and she’s like Little Sisters of the Poor in comparison. Dorit says if she buys this, PK won’t be thinking about the car, but taking her to an insane asylum for spending so much.

LisaR puts heavy cream in Harry’s tea, and it curdles. Harry says there’s a reason he does the cooking. He’s doing three different projects. LisaR gives Harry credit for turning down roles when the kids were small, so he could be there with them. Harry thinks Delilah going to NYC before she has things lined up, gives her too much leeway, so he doesn’t want her going before classes start at NYU. LisaR thinks the kids have to learn the hard way, and that sometimes you have to get your heart broken. Harry says his mind goes to scary things, but LisaR says she has a bubble of white light around them. He says he feels so much better now, and asks if creeps bounce off the bubbles. He wonders if maybe they could sell them.

Little dogs! Peanut! I want her! Kyle brings Portia and her friend, Elle, to Vanderpump Dogs, along with one of her dogs, Storm. One of the groomers has called in sick, so LVP pretends she forgot to tell Kyle. In her interview, LVP says she just likes to mess with Kyle, and they’re going to groom the dog themselves. Storm is not liking the bath one bit, and I can identify with this, since my Juliet screams like a banshee. It takes both of them to lift him onto the grooming table for drying, and LVP attacks Kyle with the hair dryer. Afterward, Kyle tells LVP that she got Storm from the rescue they were almost involved with. She says something like that is bound to happen when you own multiple businesses. LVP says it takes its toll, but she wonders how Ken is doing. She says it’s out for public consumption. She wonders why Teddi is so upset with Dorit, and we flash back to Lategate. Kyle says it was an argument over time that became something else, and does a wonderful impression of Dorit.

Teddi calls Dorit, and asks her to come early, before everyone else, so they can chat. In her interview, Dorit acts like an idiot about having to come a whole fifteen minutes earlier.

Teddi and her party planner, Jaime, grew up riding horses together. Teddi isn’t big on entertaining, but gets OCD when she has an event. Dorit manages to get there early. She says bright and early, but it’s just after four pm. They both get a drink. Dorit wonders why she got her rosé in a champagne glass. She tells Teddi that she’s not letting anyone touch her face. In her interview, Teddi says she was good with that ahead of time, and even mentioned it on the invite. She tells Dorit she didn’t really care that she was so late, and they immediately disagree on the time they were supposed to meet. Teddi tells Dorit that she’s never wrong about time; she’s an accountability coach. Dorit asks if she really thinks she would lie, but Teddi doesn’t know. She’s defending herself for something she didn’t do wrong, and talking about it to someone who isn’t involved. Dorit wonders how she got to be the villain. Teddi says it was obviously a miscommunication, and Dorit thinks she’s overreacting. Teddi says Dorit put her in the position of having a conversation with another woman about her. Dorit asks why Teddi didn’t talk to her, and if she’s talked to the others. Teddi says she did, and Dorit wonders what she did wrong. Teddi says she also hurt another girl’s feelings, and brings up Camille. Teddi realizes she’s not getting anywhere, and says, fine, let it go. Dorit says she’s changing her glass. I think the problem with Dorit is that she’s just plain rude.

LisaR says she’s always up for a spa day, and she needs a fluff and puff. Dorit brings up the glass again. LisaR understands the glass differences, but doesn’t give a sh*t about them. Dorit tells them she’s planning a 50th birthday surprise party for PK, and she’s thinking old school, Frank Sinatra. PK has never had anyone plan a party for him. She has family and friends flying in. His family lives in London, and she feels like there couldn’t be anything better. It’s also black tie. Teddi doesn’t focus on aesthetics, and is uncomfortable about being out of her element. LVP joins them.

LVP says she heard about LisaR mentioning her husband. LisaR says she read about it, and wondered how they were doing. LisaR insists it was nothing malicious, although it didn’t seem that way to me. In her interview, LisaR says it’s all over TMZ, so you’d better believe she’s talking about it. Not malicious? She’s so full of it.

Kyle and Erika round out the group. Erika tells us that Tom has never been at home this much during the entire time they’ve been together. She needed an escape. Dorit pounces on Kyle about the time thing, and it’s like she’s watching a ping-pong match between Dorit and Teddi.

Camille arrives. Dorit says this is the most childish conversation ever, and Teddi says drop it, and gets on the table for a procedure. In her interview, she says her glam circle is more like a circle of death. Dorit tells LVP that Teddi claims Camille was offended by what she’d said. Erika says she left the house to get some peace, but instead of a glam circle, she entered a hen circle. Everyone gets various treatments done. In her interview, LVP says if poking fun at LisaR were a sport, she’d get a gold medal. There’s also a station with flowers and terrariums and crystals. I don’t know what that’s about, but it looks really cool. I love terrariums.

Dorit thinks it’s funny to bug Camille during her treatment. Camille tells her that the c-word is harsh, because she’s too stupid to know this. Camille also wasn’t happy with her strap-on comments.  Dorit says it came out of nowhere, and if her actions caused Camille hurt, she apologizes. In her interview, Camille is sure she’s sincere, but it would take a lot to trust her. They hug, and say they’ll do lunch.

Next time, LVP discusses Teddi with Dorit, PK’s party happens along with Boy George, and Dorit calls Teddi a psycho.

🍁 Since there was a block of time between shows, I saw Stripped. It was day six, so I figured they’d at least be somewhat clothed, and I wouldn’t have to see what I didn’t want to, even if it was blurred. I thought it was a rip-off. From what I understood, the participants started off with nothing, and each day they were allowed to reclaim one item, be it a fork or pants. The two guys I saw were totally dressed, including one wearing a baseball cap, and they kept going out to dinner with friends who paid for everything. There was an interesting moment at the end where they grilled some food, and used palm fronds as plates, along with twig utensils, but on the whole, this show was nothing like I thought. And I call cheating.

💃 I’ve also kind of been watching I Am Jazz, but I feel the same way I do about Sister Wives. I like the people a lot, and there’s the dynamic of living outside the norm, but it’s just day to day stuff. My neighbors are probably more interesting. Well, maybe not my neighbors, but somebody’s.

😵 I re-watched Vanderpump Rules. Jax’s face at the end, when he sees Brittany’s mother has come to visit, is worth the whole hour.


A Pagani Car

January 22, 2017 – A Disagreement Between Sonny and Anna, Pride Day at SUR, Summer House Returns & It’s Suppertime


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason ponders on the footbridge, and flashes back to New Year’s Eve with Sam.

Sam looks out on her balcony, and flashes back to talking to Jason on the docks, and telling him that she loves Drew. Molly and Alexis arrive. Alexis asks if she’s ready to get married.

Curtis and Jordan join Drew. Curtis says the justice of the peace should be there soon, and to enjoy his last single moments. He’s getting ready to be married for real this time.

Carly tells Bobbie that she should have given Josslyn more credit. Bobbie says sometimes it feels good to be wrong. Carly is relieved about Josslyn, but says too bad she can’t say the same for Michael.

Michael meets Nelle at the hospital, but missed the prenatal appointment, but Nelle shows him the sonogram; the first picture of their baby.

Sonny tells Anna that Faison knows Heinrich is gunning for him. They have to use Heinrich as bait. Anna says they can’t exploit him like that. if Sonny orchestrates a meeting, he’ll start a war, and they don’t know who will get caught in the crossfire.

Faison caresses an unconscious Obrecht’s face.

At the MetroCourt, Laura wants to talk to Lulu. Lulu thinks Laura wants her to take a step back from reporting, and reevaluate things, but Laura knows better than to try talking her out of something she wants to do. Saving the world is genetic. Ned approaches their table, and apologizes to Laura about how quickly the race got nasty; it wasn’t his intention. He says his problem is with Julian, not her or Alexis. He guarantees a clean, fair fight, and a race they can be proud of.  Laura tells him that he didn’t have to apologize. She appreciates the gesture, but it’s wasted on her. She’s dropping out of the race.

Anna says Faison wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own son, and Sonny tells her that she says that like it’s a problem. Anna says they don’t know him; he could be an innocent, which would explain why he allowed Jason to live. Sonny says he paid several thugs to bring him back to Russia, and along the way, they shot up the MetroCourt and took Sam hostage. He asks if that sounds innocent. Anna says if he died, any chance of Jason’s questions being answered or Drew getting his memory back will be over.

Drew tells Curtis he doesn’t think they can squeeze in a bachelor party. Curtis says it’s tradition for the groomsmen and groom to share a drink before the ceremony, and pulls out a bottle. Monica arrives.

Spinelli finds Jason. He says there’s still time. Sam is marrying Drew, and he has to stop it.

Jordan gets a work call, and it’s something she has to check on personally. She tells Drew sorry, congratulations, and give Sam her best. Drew tells Monica that he appreciates her being there; it means a lot that’s she’s stood by him. She says she wouldn’t miss it. He’s Alan’s son, and she wishes she’d known him and raised him like she did Jason, but since that didn’t happen, she’d like to adopt him. He laughs, and says they missed that boat. She says it’s just a formality, but makes him and Scout legally part of the family. They may not know the next chapter, but he’ll always be part of the Quartermaines. Monica is looking really good. For a while, she had too many fillers in her face going on, but whatever she’s doing now, keep doing it.

Nelle tells Michael that they have a beautiful, healthy baby. Michael asks if she knows if it’s a boy or girl, but she says she wanted them to find out together. He says it’s her body, but she tells him it’s their baby, and she wants him to be involved in every step of process. She says the baby’s heartbeat was loud and strong. He can hear it at the next appointment. Carly and Bobbie join them.

Anna tells Sonny that she doesn’t think there’s a reason to involve Heinrich. She knows how to bring Faison out in the open. He’s obsessed with her, and it clouds his judgement and allows her to control things. It would also help if she had no surprises. With that in mind, has Sonny made contact? Sonny says he has the email address for PK Sinclair. If that’s Heinrich, then yes. He shows her the email exchange, and she tells him if PK emails again, don’t respond. Call her and they’ll figure out a plan. He says he doesn’t think he can do that.

Spinelli says Jason might still make it, but Jason says he’s not interrupting the wedding. Sam wants this, and loves Drew. Spinelli asks if he’s told her that he loves her, but he says that would make it hard on her. Spinelli says it would take an act of tremendous courage, but even if he doesn’t do it for himself, he needs to save Sam from making a mistake that will only bring her grief.

Curtis brings in the justice of the peace. The wedding begins. Molly walks in first, followed by Sam, wearing a white, cocktail length, lacy confection. Danny is the ringbearer. They stand before the officiant.

Anna tells Sonny it’s not a suggestion. Sonny doesn’t want trouble with her. She might be cop, but she’s Robin’s mother. She’s brave and honorable, and doesn’t deserve the hell Faison put her through. If he could back away, he would, but if Heinrich is his best shot, he’s taking it. If he calls, Sonny is using him, with or without her permission. She says she’ll see herself out. Outside, she calls Robert, telling him that she needs him to intercept some email messages, and divert them to her account. She tells him to make sure there’s no trace of the original address.

Carly asks why Michael and Nelle are at the hospital, since she’s too stupid to guess. Nelle says it was her first ultrasound, and gives her the picture. Michael says there’s no question he’s the father. Carly says she’s happy for him. Bobbie wants to look at the paternity test results, and Nelle tells her to get them from Michael, since she had them sent directly to his office. She adds that the baby is healthy, thanks for asking. She leaves, and Michael thanks them for being mostly civil. Bobbie thought they did pretty well. Carly says this is real and happening, and she supports him and the baby. They hug, and Michael goes to work or whatever he does.

Ned is surprised Laura is dropping out. Lulu says she had it in the bag, no offense to Ned. Laura says her family has to take precedence. Spencer had bad skiing accident in France, breaking both legs, and she has to go. She has the time and means right now, and hopes Lulu understands. She does, but she’s disappointed; she knows the campaign was important. Laura says it still is. Ned tells her that he’s sorry to see her go; she was a formidable candidate. He didn’t expect to win on a technicality, but she says he didn’t win anything yet. She wants to discuss terms; what he’s going to promise her in exchange for her endorsement.

Spinelli says Jason would take any risk or suffer any injury to save Sam. Jason says she doesn’t need saving. Spinelli says he watched her at the police station when their identities were sorted out. She knew all along, but pretended to believe Drew was Jason because he believed it. She lied for his benefit, and Spinelli thinks that’s why she’s marrying him. She’s sacrificing her happiness because of misguided loyalty. The same thing he’s doing now.

The couple has prepared their own vows. Drew tells Sam that people say their lives didn’t start until they met the person they’re going to live their life with, but with him, it’s literal. So much wasn’t true, but she gave him what was – love. He might have no past, but he’s thankful for his future with her. He takes the ring from Danny, and promises to love, honor, and cherish her until death and beyond, if that’s possible. Sam says when she was thinking about the vows, she kept thinking how much has changed in past couple of months. She realized the important things that last and matter stayed the same. She still loves and adores him. They share an incredible bond, and had the chance to make an amazing family. She has a life with him, but never expected it to be richer and fuller than she could imagine. It’s a life she wants to continue to share with him, always. She takes the ring, and promises to love, honor, and cherish him to death and beyond. They do the I dos. Do-be-do-be-do. The officiant pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Anna goes home, and finds her door open. She draws her gun. She calls for Obrecht, but finds Jordan, her gun also drawn.

Obrecht is lying on some straw, and I wonder where there’s a barn in Port Charles.

Laura tells Ned that he’s going to need more than the backing of his supporters; he needs her support, but it will cost him. Ned says, hypothetically speaking, what would be the cost? She tells him that she wants tight limits on the redevelopment, but he says it’s up to the voters to decide. She wants him to designate the pre-war buildings to be left alone, and she’ll give her endorsement. He says he can give suggestions, but can’t make it happen. If he made that promise now, it would be in bad faith. Laura appreciates his candor. He says she was a worthy opponent. And would have made a fine mayor. They shake hands. When Ned leaves, Lulu says they lost.

Spinelli tells Jason that he was the first person, maybe the only person, who treated Sam with respect as a person in her own right. Because of that, she learned to respect and know herself. That’s not the case with Drew. They don’t know who he would have been if he’d been left in his own life. He doesn’t know himself, and can’t give of himself or give her that support. Jason says he’s making assumptions, but Spinelli says he saw him at the station, seemingly expecting Sam to fill his needs, giving little thought to what she needed. Jason says he doesn’t break the law or put lives at risk. Jason is true to himself, and out of that truth, can give Sam the love she needs. She made a wrong choice for the wrong reasons. Jason tells him to stop. He’s heard him, and it’s appreciated, but he has to leave Sam alone. Spinelli says that Sam told him in the early says, she had an unfamiliar feeling with him; one she liked, but couldn’t place. Then she realized he made her feel safe.

Curtis toasts to the bride and groom, saying may their joy outweigh their sorrow, and their good days outweigh the bad. May they rest easy in each other’s arms tonight, and all the days to come. Danny also makes a toast, saying, mommy and daddy, happy wedding! Sam smears Drew’s face with cake, and says gotcha.

Michael drops by Sonny’s. He tells Sonny about the paternity test, and that he’s definitely the father. Sonny asks how he feels, and Michael says he’s trying to wrap his head around the fact that he and Nelle will be connected by the baby. Sonny tells him to remember the baby comes first. Michael is concerned about it being a wedge. Nelle started out plotting against the family, and now she’s carrying their grandchild; he doesn’t want a rift. Sonny tells him to always trust that he’ll never lose Sonny’s love. He’s Michael’s father, and loves him unconditionally, and knows he’ll love the baby the same way.

At the MetroCourt, Bobbie asks how Carly is holding up, and Carly says, just dandy. She doesn’t know how she feels about Michael being a father, and her a grandmother. How is she supposed to be happy with Nelle in their lives? They see Nelle, and Carly tells her that was quite a performance at the hospital; now they get the encore at the MetroCourt. Nelle says she has no idea what Carly is talking about. Carly says Nell and her son are connected by the baby, but that’s where it begins and ends. If she’s thinking of going further, don’t. Nelle says how Michael feels is up to him. Monica arrives, and Nelle says she’s meeting her for dinner. Carly makes faces, and Monica asks if she has a problem with that. Nelle hopes she didn’t pull Monica away, but Monica says it was a small wedding, and Drew and Sam would rather get going. Carly is surprised that they’re married. Nelle says she’ll get a table. Bobbie tells Monica to be careful. Monica says regardless of the past, Nelle is carrying their great-grandchild, and they should try to get along. Bobbie says she’s doing so at her own risk. Carly tells her that Nelle will soon show her true colors.

Jordan says a neighbor called, thinking something was going on at Anna’s place. It’s been fully swept, and everything is fine. Anna tells her about Obrecht showing up drunk, and thinks that’s probably what the neighbor heard or saw. She tells Jordan that she looks great, and Jordan explains that she was Curtis’s plus one for the wedding. Anna can make it up to her by explaining why Obrecht was drunk, and asks if it’s about Faison. Anna says it’s nothing, and Jordan tells her to promise to call if she needs help. Anna thanks Jordan for checking on her, even though she didn’t have to. Jordan says surely Anna knows her by now.

Obrecht’s phone rings. Faison picks it up. We’re still not actually seeing him; just his hands or the back of his head.

Anna leaves a message on Obrecht’s phone, saying she shouldn’t have left. Anna needs to know if she’s okay, and asks her to call back. Anna gets a text, saying, I’m fine. Anna texts back that they aren’t finished, and the return text says, don’t worry, Anna. I’ll be seeing you soon.

We see the phone in Faison’s hand. Obrecht starts to wake up. She wonders what happened. She looks up, and gasps.

Michael is surprised at how well Sonny is handing it. Sonny says he has no use for Nelle, but has faith in Michael. Michael asks, even after he got involved with Nelle? Sonny says she took advantage of his good nature, but the baby is innocent. No matter what happens, Sonny is behind him, and will support whatever decision he makes.

Bobbie tells Carly to let it go. Monica is Michael’s grandmother, and gets to decide how to deal with Nelle. She thinks it’s a mistake, but it’s her mistake to make. Bobbie goes to get a table. Carly says Michael can do whatever wants, but that doesn’t mean she can’t talk him out of it. She makes a call, telling someone she needs to talk about Nelle Benson.

Laura asks to talk to Alexis. Alexis is sorry she dropped out of the race, but understands that family comes first. She’s bummed about Ned running unopposed. Laura doesn’t think it will be that smooth for him, and Alexis says it sounds like she has a replacement. Laura says she does, and she’s perfect. Alexis asks who the lucky candidate is, and Laura says, you.

Drew and Sam bask in the afterglow. He says he’s excited, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Still on the footbridge, Jason remembers when we were all children. Sam says he’s a good friend, and she wishes she was a better friend to him. She’s figured out why she sleeps better when she with him. He makes her feel safe.

Tomorrow, Jordan says she’s going to come down like a ton of bricks, Lulu make a pitch to Peter, and HE’S BACK!!!

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR where the Pride Day party is being organized. Stassi is in charge of dressing the staff. She jokes that she shouldn’t have a problem getting the staff’s respect, considering she was the drunk girl stealing goat cheese balls off passing trays not long ago.

The guys go to a Reiki session. Peter is a regular; he has all his chakras together. Jax thought they were going to push pebbles around with a rake, but instead is subject to some meditation. It’s probably not hard for him to empty his mind. After the meditation, instructor Kelsey asks where everyone is at. Schwartz says he’s been drinking too much, Peter feels like he’s doing too much, and Tom thinks he’s stagnant. Jax tears up, and tells everyone about screwing up his relationship with Brittany. In his interview, he says no one has asked how he’s doing in all this, and I break out my violin. Kelsey gives him some attention and a hug, and Tom gives a voice to my thoughts when he says it wouldn’t be surprising if Jax ended up trying to sleep with her. I just don’t get what any woman sees in him. And he’s not that good looking. He’s no Brad Pitt. He’s not even Charles Bronson – two ends of the handsome spectrum.

The girls go to a spa or plastic surgeon or wherever you get Botox, and talk while they fill out paperwork. Lala says she’s having lunch with Katie. She likes Katie, and wonders if Scheana’s relationship is really talked about as much as she claims it is. Ariana thinks Scheana’s insecurities are getting the best of her, and everyone should mind their own business. Scheana brings up the Rob rumor. She says he laughed about it, but feels him pulling away.

In her interview, Stassi says it’s fun to have a girls’ night where everyone dresses up. The girls, minus Scheana, go to an outdoor bar. They discuss Scheana’s reaction to Rob making out with someone else. Brittany says she tried to explain that Katie just didn’t just make it up. The waiter knows the area where Brittany is from, and flirts with her. Kristen is glad she’s getting her mojo back. Katie asks how she’s doing. Brittany says she’s decided to work it out with Jax. I can’t take it. Stassi tells her that Jax will say he’s going to get help, and then be the same. He’s doing the bare minimum to keep her. She tells Brittany that he’s never once broken up with a girl in his entire life.

Lala, James, and Logan go out for drinks. James orders a double shot of bourbon, and toasts to getting drunk. My stomach turns when he chases the bourbon with maple syrup. In his interview, he explains that he’s curbing his drinking, but occasionally something comes over him. However, he can stop any time. Raquel is moving in, and we see a clip of James clearing out a whole drawer for her. Things start to get dicey when Lala tells them about asking for a bite of Raquel’s pasta at James’s event, then eating all of it. James calls her bitch, surprising all of us. James gets crazy, and tells her not to eff with his bitch. He follows that gem with saying Lala’s boyfriend will get bored soon, and be done with her, going on to next pretty blonde. In her interview, Lala says he turns into a werewolf when he drinks. Lala tells him to learn his place, and know how to talk to someone when they’re a friend. She stomps out, and Logan tells James to go after her. Outside, she asks wtf is wrong with him? It was a joke, and he should know who has his back. He says it’s not about the pasta, and repeats that several times. In his interview, he says it’s about respect for his girlfriend. Lala tells him to get out of her face. He wants to talk later, but she tells him to get lost.

Scheana asks the girls if they were talking about her last night. A friend of her mom’s was at the same restaurant, and heard her name. What are the odds of that? Brittany says Katie believes Scheana thinks she started the rumor. Scheana says Rob doesn’t need this. He’s too busy to deal with their BS. Brittany says Katie didn’t make it up, but Scheana insists she added to it. Brittany wonders why she’s getting so mad if it isn’t true.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. It’s still a huge mess. Tom says they’re holding up their end of the bargain with sweat equity, and getting down and dirty. In his interview, Schwartz says Katie made him promise not to drink, do shots or have guys’ night. He did all three at once, but he came home to a loving reception, and it caught him off guard. He thinks he was subconsciously testing her to see how she’d react. Tom has to show him how use a protective mask. Schwartz says he’s not an engineer.

Katie shows the girls a picture that Tom sent of Schwartz sleeping on his couch. In her interview, she says a year ago, she would have rage texted and insulted his penis, but today, they’re talking it out. Marriage is good for them. She told him that she doesn’t like waking up alone. She tells them that Schwartz said he was falling in love with her all over again. Everyone goes, aww!

Lisa and Ken show up at the site. Schwartz is happy to be doing something, not just talking about it. Lisa asks if he and Katie are okay. Tom says Schwartz slept at his house, but that happens sometimes. Lisa tells Schwartz they’re going to sit down and go over his marriage vows. He says they’re right here, pointing to his heart. He tells Lisa that he wants to hug her, and she tells him to get away. In her interview, she tells us that he’s too old for puppy dog antics. Schwartz is married now, and needs to handle his responsibilities.

Kristen talked to Brittany’s mom, and wants to surprise her with a visit. Brittany has been crying that she wants her mother, so Kristen is flying Sherri out to LA. If she can’t talk sense into Brittany about breaking up with Jax, no one can.

It’s Pride Day, which can’t exist without Lisa, who is wearing pink from head to toe, including a humongous pink hat with big flowers. Rob comes by SUR. Scheana tells him she’s lost her smile. He says that life is hard enough, and she needs good people in it. In her interview, Scheana says if loses him because of what they said, there’s going to be a problem. She tells Rob that she loves him, but we don’t hear him say it back. I don’t know if that’s because he doesn’t, or it’s edited that way. I’m on to Bravo about that.

Stassi dresses Brittany in a flower child outfit. She looks really cute. Lisa sees Lala on the street in a sort of Wonder Woman getup. She tells Lisa about her fight with James. In her interview, Lala says if James doesn’t kiss her ass and apologize a million times, she’ll have no choice but to move on. Lisa says he’s lucky she wasn’t there or she would have boxed his ears, and he has ears to box. Ha-ha-ha-ha! He does have big ears.

Stassi dresses the other girls. She tells Jax if he doesn’t paint his face, she’ll put him in a flower crown, but he’s not into dressing up. Stassi thinks hitting her stride; everyone looks hot. Scheana tells Lala about Rob coming by SUR, and that he was sweet, acting like it doesn’t bother him, but it’s affecting her. Lala tells her to ignore it. In her interview, Lala says Scheana strives for perfection. She’s lost weight because she’s not eating; it’s obvious she’s stressed. Lala tells her to let the girls talk.

Pride is in full swing, and SUR is crowded already. Lisa thanks Tom for being festive. Jax insists he’s festive enough in a black T-shirt. Lisa introduces Billie, SUR’s trans hostess, to the crowd. Lisa supports her and applauds her journey. Billie talks about how supportive Lisa has been in giving her a job and accepting her. In his interview, Jax tells us that he had no idea Billie was trans when he met her. Whatever she had done, she got money’s worth. Billie tells him that she likes his vibe, and thinks he has his own sh*t to go through. I highly doubt their stories are the same, but I’m guessing everyone is drunk at this point. Lisa tells Stassi, good job. Schwartz motorboats Katie. In her interview, Katie says that she’s working on being more easy-going, and Schwartz Is working on not blacking out. It’s progress.

James hugs Logan and Jax. Jax doesn’t know what going on, and says it’s weird. In his interview, James says Logan and Raquel fill different voids in his life. Raquel is his emotional connection, and Logan is his party side. They drink doing that hooking arms thing. Scheana joins them. James says he’s never losing Logan as a friend. They love each other as best friends. Logan says more. It’s a deep relationship, and he looks out for James. Raquel says something is going on.

Brittany says she’s the opposite of Scheana, and eats when she’s stressed. Lisa sits down with Scheana. In her interview, Lisa says she knows Scheana well, and is seeing a fragility about her. She asks what’s going on. Scheana says she feels physically ill. She’s let Katie, Kristen, and Stassi affect her relationship, and she’s better when she’s not around them. She tells Lisa that they said something that wasn’t true, and starts to cry. She says it’s the happiest she’s ever been, and wonders why they want to bring her down. She wails that they’ve been perfect. Lisa reminds her about how she said things were fine with Shay. We flash back to Scheana telling Lisa that her relationship with Shay is amazing. Lisa tells her even if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Scheana says they’re meant to be together. Lisa tells her to eat something and pull herself together. Lisa goes to the kitchen, and grabs a plate of food, like the mom she is. She plops it in front of Scheana, telling her she looks like a nervous kitten, and she won’t have it. In her interview, Scheana says it’s refreshing to have a boss like Lisa, who is also a friend. I’d never say Lisa isn’t the best boss ever, but it’s not like Scheana has had a lot of jobs. Katie is wondering who took the plate of food she ordered for a customer. That would be the one in front of Scheana.

Rob arrives at SUR. Scheana says she can’t let them affect her life and relationship. It’s all good now, and she just wants to eat a sandwich. She has her smile back.

Brittany counts her tips. She made $576, which she informs Jax was hard work. Good for her. I can’t imagine doing her job. Jax tells her how pretty she looks and that he got compliments on her behalf. In her interview, she says he thinks he’s a charmer. She loves him, even though he’s a dummy.

Meanwhile, at PUMP, James asks if Lala a still mad at him. She says he’s one of her dearest friends, but his behavior is unacceptable. She tells him not to mention her name unless it’s something positive. She trusted him, and needs to feel safe. He apologizes, saying sometimes he’s an idiot and effed up. In his interview, he says he has a lot of acquaintances, but few friends. When things get complicated, he needs to straighten it out right away.

Kristen and Katie come by Brittany and Jax’s apartment. In her interview, Kristen says Brittany is the best thing to happen to the group, and she refuses to watch Jax bring her down. Brittany’s mom walks in. Jax looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Next time, Sherri talks to Lisa, Sherri talks to Jax, Lala talks to Katie about Scheana, and Schwartz calls Scheana the fakest faker ever.

🏊 Summer House is back, and still just as stupid. Like a slightly older version of The Real World, a bunch of boring friends rent a house in the Hamptons that I would kill for, and proceed to spend the summer in a blackout. It didn’t take long before the arguments started, although there was a nice diversion when a couple of cast members decided to head back to NYC for the Gay Pride Parade. I assume this was filmed around the same time as Vanderpump Rules, but too bad Lisa wasn’t attending this one. Maybe she could whip these kids into interesting. If I had a fabulous house in the Hamptons, it’s not likely I would rent it to a bunch of drunken morons. I’ve also never had the desire to spend an entire summer with a bunch of other people in one house, but if I did, I guarantee they would be more intriguing and dimensional than this group

🍆 I discovered a cooking show that premiered in November, but is new to me, and it looks like a lot of fun. It’s Suppertime with Matty Matheson airs Tuesdays at 6, 6:30, and 7 pm on Viceland. You can read more about Matty, “the John Belushi of the Toronto food scene,” here:


Matty Matheson


January 19, 2018 – Obrecht Drunkenly Spills the Tea, a Chef Mention, Six Wise Quotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna talks into a recorder about Faison, and the latest on his more than one son. There’s a knock at the door. She picks up her gun.

At the hospital, Doc literally runs into Valentin while he’s texting, and Valentin suggests he concentrate on walking. Doc says he’s looking for new subjects, and asks if Valentin would like to volunteer. He’d love to study him. Valentin says he’s going away with Nina, but first he’s going to investigate taking Laura’s seat on the hospital board. Doc asks if he hasn’t taken enough from her.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Laura to explore every option, but Laura says no way she can work around it. She takes down the posters, and tells Julian the campaign is over. She’s dropping out of the race

Anna opens the door. Obrecht falls in.

No word from PK Sinclair. Jason says maybe they’re doing it wrong. Even if they draw Faison out, the best they can do is kill him. Sonny says the sooner the better, but it won’t prevent what Jason lost. Doesn’t he mean bring back? Unless there’s a time machine I don’t know about

Sam says her dress is perfect. Drew can’t wait to see her in it, and she can’t wait to marry him.

Anna asks what happened, and realizes Obrecht is drunk. She tells Anna that she’s an adult, pfft! She says she came in an Uber, and Anna wonders why she didn’t Uber to her own home. Obrecht asks what she did with Faison. Anna tells her sorry to disappoint, but he’s not here. Obrecht says it wouldn’t be the first time Anna held him captive. Anna says, as much as she would have liked it to, her place didn’t come equipped with pits and dungeons, but if he showed up, she’d call the WSB. She asks if Obrecht knows where to reach him. Obrecht says she wouldn’t be there if she had a way, but he hasn’t been responding. She thinks he’s coming for his son, and then her. Then he’ll come for Anna.

Sam says the florist will be coming, and a couple guys from the MetroCourt to move furniture. They agreed to get married at home, and she thinks they should take the opportunity to make it meaningful, beautiful and special. She says they deserve it. He says he doesn’t deserve her.

Jason tells Sonny that he was with Sam on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t want Carly to think he was okay with it, but it did give them a chance to be together without anyone else’s opinion. They talked, and played dominoes, but she said something he’s been thinking about. She wasn’t the same person as she was when he got shot. Time passed for her, but not for him. Sonny thinks it’s just an excuse. If he tells her he loves her it will break her heart, but he can’t lie to himself. Sam is going to love him forever – the same way he loves her.

Jason shows up at Sam’s, because the Russians taught him how to build a Star Trek transporter.

Laura tells Doc this is a situation where she can’t delegate. Spencer’s welfare comes first. Someone will step up and take her place. Alexis says, what if Ned runs unopposed?

Kim comes by Charlie’s. Julian introduces her to Stas, his chef, saying she wants to try their signature dish. Stas says he can’t do avocado toast today, or much of anything else. The delivery was rotten. Everything they ordered is worthless. He doesn’t know what happened, but Julian thinks he does

Sonny tells Spinelli they’re going to wait. He doesn’t want Sinclair thinking they’re eager or getting suspicious. He tells Spinelli to deal with the high-tech stuff, and he’ll deal with negotiations.

Anna asks Obrecht to help her locate Faison and save herself. Obrecht says she’s trying to protect Nathan. He’s brave and naïve, and has no idea what his father is capable of. It’s not the physical danger, but the way he can toy with one’s mind, like he did with Anna’s. Anna says they’re on the same side, but she needs something to work with. Obrecht has nothing, not even a way to plead with him for Nathan. Anna doesn’t know why she kept Nathan a secret, since Faison always wanted a son. Was she ever tempted to tell him? Obrecht says her love for him doesn’t make her blind to his failings. He would have tried to control and fashion Nathan in his image, and would have destroyed him. She knows because she saw how he dealt with his other son.

Drew comes downstairs, and Jason says he’s there to give them a heads up. He and Sonny are working on getting Faison out of hiding. They’re close, and it could get dangerous. Drew tells him now isn’t the right time; he and Sam are getting married in a couple of hours. Jason thinks they should take kids on the honeymoon and stay away a while. Drew asks if he’s sure he wants to do this alone. Sam says they’ll take the kids.

Julian shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do to improve Julian’s coffee experience. Julian tells Sonny his grocery delivery was tampered with. Sonny asks if he wants a bouncer. Julian says they’re not dealing with delinquents; it’s much worse than that.

Alexis tells Laura that she’ll draft a press release. Laura tells her to say she’s dropping out for personal reasons, but remains committed to Charles Street. The residents can still fight redevelopment by voting no on proposition whatever. She has faith, and thinks they’ll make the right choice. Alexis hopes they have a choice to make.

Doc tells Valentin he already has what he wants; does he need Laura’s seat on top of it? Valentin says the Cassadine family has a vested interest in the hospital. He came across some papers about the bailout, and says the hospital would have closed without Cassadine money. He wants to continue the tradition. Doc wonders what experience he has, and Valentin says he can offer his expertise in logistics and financials, and they need both. Laura appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Doc tells her that Valentin wants her seat on the board, and she asks what makes him think he’d be welcome? He tells her, big checks. She asks if he’s buying his way in. Valentin says he’s going on his way before she launches into her litany of perceived transgressions. He reminds her they’re just allegations which have no proof.

Anna tells Obrecht that there’s no mention of Faison having one son, let alone two, in any of the WSB folders. Obrecht says she made sure there was nothing to tie Nathan to Faison. Maxie should have left well enough alone. She tells Anna the other son’s name was Heinrich, and he was of little interest to Faison, who sent him to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Anna wonders why. Given how arrogant Faison is, she would think he’d be thrilled with a son to carry on his name and follow in his footsteps. Obrecht asks if she’s that blind. She doesn’t need a WSB file for this. The reason is simple; Heinrich was Faison’s son, but not Anna’s.

Jason plays pool by himself at The Floating Rib. Kim walks in and asks if he needs someone to break.

Drew tells Sam that the kids are coming with them to Tahiti. She wonders how they can get ready that fast, but he says they’ll get what they need there. She asks what about Aurora, and he says they hired Peter for a reason, and it will be fine. She says this isn’t about the honeymoon, but about Faison.

Anna asks what Obrecht knows about Heinrich’s mother. She says the mother had even less to do with Heinrich than Faison, and disappeared after giving birth. Anna asks how he came by the child, but Obrecht says she never asked and he never told her. He wanted nothing to do with Heinrich, but Heinrich was devious, and tried to emulate Faison’s ways, always wanting his approval. Nathan is handsome and charismatic, and Faison would have doted on him. Now that he’s been rejected, he’ll want revenge. He won’t come to connect with Nathan, he’ll come to punish her for lying and making a fool of him. What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from her? Anna says he won’t have that chance. The time for Faison hurting people is done. She and Obrecht together will see to that.

Sonny ask if Julian thinks Ned is responsible for the sabotage of his bar. Julian corrects that to gastropub, and says maybe not personally. Jim Harvey has been buying up real estate, and those who refuse to sell are finding it hard to go about their daily lives. He wonders if Sonny subcontracted some of his men to help Jim do the dirty work. Sonny tells him he promised Mary May Ward that he’d never go near Charles Street. He tells Julian to sell; the neighborhood would be better off without him. Julian says he’s not the problem; Jim Harvey is. If Sonny doesn’t wake up, he’ll find himself a stranger in his own city.

Doc tells Laura that Spencer with two broken legs mixed with boredom, is a recipe for disaster. She says that’s why she’s flying to France. Doc says he’ll reschedule his appointments, but Laura says his patients need him. He says she and Spencer need him more, and wonders how she’ll maneuver a kid with two broken legs. She says she’s not bringing him back; she’s just staying until he’s capable of getting around himself. He asks if Spencer wouldn’t be more comfortable back home, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near Valentin. Doc says he’ll visit as often as he can. He asks what about the election, and she says a candidate can’t take six weeks off.; she had to step down. Doc is concerned Ned will win by default, but Laura says not if a person steps up who understands the issues, and has been by her side on the campaign trail. They’d be primed to take over. Doc asks if she means him. I’m laughing about the “campaign trail,” since it’s been all of a week.

Kim calls Jason a pool shark. She says he looks just like Drew, but he’s nothing like him. Drew liked to kid around and had swagger, and liked to talk more. Jason breaks, and she says, same as him, a pool shark. Jason swears he’s not, but Kim wonders if she’ll get a chance to shoot. She tells him that she has personal question, but feel free not to answer. Was he trying to get back home for the entire five years? Jason says he can only account for six months. Before that, he doesn’t know. Kim bets he thought everything would be the same, and he says until he saw the date. He didn’t believe it at first; he didn’t want to, but had to face it, so he came straight home. It’s mostly been good. He couldn’t go back to his old life, but he’s good with the one he has now. She wonders how he’s dealing with Sam. He says he trusts her to make the right decisions, and she chose Drew. They’re getting married tonight.

Sam asks Drew, what if Faison shows up? Won’t he want to confront him? Drew says he’d like to choke every answer out of him, but if finding out about the past is less important than his future with her. He wants the kids to be protected. Sam says she loves him, and goes upstairs to get ready.

Jason tells Kim, sorry to blindside her. She says she’s happy for them. They already thought they were married, so it makes sense to make it official. She doesn’t know why she was surprised. Jason says you can know something in your head, but it takes your heart a while to catch up. She wonders if his heart is still catching up. Julian comes in, and asks if she had dinner. Kim says no, and he offers to buy it for her to make up for the lack of avocado toast. She tells him as soon as she finishes the game, but Jason says he’ll quit while he’s ahead.

Julian tells Kim that he thanks God his daughter is with Drew and not that bastard. Kim hadn’t known Sam is his daughter. He says they’re estranged, but he still worries about her. He wishes she would stay away from Jason. He tells Kim not to let his blue eyes fool her. He’s a mob enforcer; a professional killer.

Laura tells Doc that he’s a natural, but he says Ned’s camp will have a field day, especially with his serial killer twin. She says there’s always something to work around, but not to count himself out. He says it would be like gifting the election to Ned. He knows Spencer needs her. She puts family ahead of her ambition to do good, and it’s one of the reasons he loves her.

Obrecht wakes up on Anna’s couch, and sees a note. It says she should stay there and sleep it off. Don’t go out. She has reason to be afraid. Obrecht says she can take care of herself.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone (probably Brick) to see if there’s anything to find on Jim Harvey and Niagara Equities. Anna comes in, using the same transporter Jason did, and Sonny asks if it’s about Faison. She tells him that Obrecht showed up at her house, distraught and drunk. She’s worried about Nathan, but Anna assured her they would find Faison. Sonny asks if she wants to compare notes, and she asks if he has something. He wonders if he’ll get incriminated, but she says if he has a lead, she doesn’t care how he got it. This is one case where the end definitely justifies the means.

The tickets to Tahiti are delivered. Drew wonders if he’s been to Tahiti before. Sam gets ready. She thinks about when she married Jason.

Jason ponders at The Floating Rib, and has a beer.

Doc says who knew a skiing accident in France would have ripple effects on politics in upstate New York? Laura is concerned about letting everyone down, but Doc says she galvanized the neighborhood. It’s about everyone coming together to stand for what they believe in. She says he sounds like a mayor to her.

Obrecht leaves Anna’s house. Someone knocks her out from behind. We see Faison’s hand taking out a cigarette out of his case.

Sonny tells Anna that they made contact with PK Sinclair. She says his real name it Heinrich. Faison had a child with an unknown woman, who gave him up at birth. It’s unclear how he found out, but he regarded the child as an annoyance, and sent him to boarding school even though he admired his father. Sonny says the father rejects the son too many times, and the son goes after him. Once he gets the son, he can use him to get Faison. Anna says, like hell.

On Monday, Sam prepares for her wedding, Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam are both sacrificing their happiness, and Anna says orchestrating a meeting between Faison and Heinrich will start a war.

🍳  Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four. For this week’s twist, the contestants guided athletes through making their signature dishes, using only verbal instructions. Robin went home, but she said that she and her pet rock would do just fine. Okay…

📣  Quotes of the Week

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Dale Carnegie

You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.Anonymous

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

You will fail. It’s a matter of when. The true test is if you can continue and stand up and accept failure and move forward.Lady Gaga

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.Georgia O’Keeffe

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.Louis L’Amour

🎇 Everybody’s Workin’ For It…


WeekendDrink (2)



Have a Yabba Dabba Weekend!

January 18, 2018 – A Suspect Super, a Girl & Christmas Explosion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Molly, TJ, and Kiki come into Charlie’s with a load of their belongings. Molly tells Julian that rushing across the street to rescue them wasn’t necessary; they can take care of themselves. He tells her to let her righteousness keep her warm, but when she blows her tests, don’t blame him.

Alexis meets Ned at the MetroCourt. Now that he’s running for mayor, he needs expert legal counsel. He asks if she’d like to join the campaign.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Laura that she’s glad about her running for mayor. She has no doubt Laura will work for the people of Port Charles, and not use the office for her own gain. Laura says the only downside is, she’ll have to take a leave from the hospital board, but they’re keeping her seat open in case she loses. Elizabeth wonders what would cause that to happen, but Laura says it’s not a what, it’s a who, and his name is Jim Harvey.

Jim visits Franco at the studio. He asks if Franco is suffering from artists’ block, and calls him “Bobby.” Jim is quickly becoming the most annoying character on the GH canvas.

Nathan tells Maxie it’s their anniversary, so he painted the nursery for her. She says she can’t think about their anniversary or paint. The only thing she can think about is how Lulu outed him as Faison’s son. He tells her that he volunteered, and she says it’s a typically heroic move, but shortsighted. Lulu should have known better. Faison could be outside right now, waiting to get his hands on Nathan or the baby. There’s a knock at the door, and Maxie freaks, saying that’s him now.

We see Faison looking at Lulu’s article. Well, I think we can safely assume it’s him, even though we don’t see his face.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Jim has no boundaries or shame. Elizabeth says he wants to buy Franco’s studio. He said no, but she thought maybe a change of location would be good. Laura says she has to convince him not to sell, especially to Jim. She suggests if he wants a change of scenery, that he could get a write-off by renting it. She tells Elizabeth that there’s strength in numbers. Developers will promise people the moon to convince them to sell, but they don’t care about the people they’re displacing. All Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and they’re going to stop it. Elizabeth says, spoken like a true leader. Laura tells her not to underestimate Jim. He’s going to fight them with everything he’s got.

Jim tells Franco he stopped by because he was visiting Franco’s neighbor, Vince. He says Vince is selling, and Franco says he’s sorry to see him go. Jim says Vince claims the light is no good, and Franco says that’s because of the construction causing them to live in the shadows. Jim says Vince made a wise choice, like most of the neighborhood. He asks what the point is in being the last man standing? Franco says, still being standing? Jim tells him why stagnate, when he can be in a beautiful, modern place somewhere else?

TJ admits Julian is right about them needing to focus. Molly knows, but she hates him being right. Kiki says they’ll figure it out soon, and Molly says that’s why they were organizing the rent strike. Lurking nearby, Julian says he’s sure her mom would want to know about that. Molly says she’s having lunch with her boyfriend, Dr. Bensch, and she doesn’t want to interrupt.

Alexis tells Ned that she can’t work on the campaign; she’s really busy. He says Molly mentioned that she’s seeing a doctor, and it was the reason she couldn’t join them for Thanksgiving pizza. Alexis is appalled that he thinks the only reason she can’t do it must be because she’s seeing a man. He’d better watch it, since he’s running for public office. He says he’d appreciate a straight answer, and she says she doesn’t support his platform. Ned says he’s trying to improve Port Charles; what’s not to support? Alexis gets a text from Julian, and tells Ned because of his platform, her daughter just got thrown out of her apartment on Charles Street.

Nathan tells Maxie to calm down. Everyone is on the lookout, and Faison won’t get within a mile of them. There’s more knocking, and Dante says it’s them. Maxie says if that includes Lulu, she doesn’t want to see them. Lulu says they’ll just keep trying, and they have something for their anniversary. Nathan lets them in, and Lulu says she tried to pull the story. Maxie says she shouldn’t have written it in the first place. Nathan says she just gave him a platform for something he wanted to do anyway. Maxie tells him that she knows. It was a misguided attempt to rid the world of his father, but Lulu was trying to build her career, and should have thought it through. Dante says he didn’t want her to do it, and Lulu should have gone about it another way. Lulu asks if Maxie can forgive her.

Faison crushes his cigarette as he reads, nicotine stained relic not fit for family.

Jim tells Franco that he enjoys helping people like Vince, and Franco asks if displacing residents and destroying neighborhoods is just a hobby. Jim says if Franco starts painting again, maybe his mom will come back. Franco wonders how it turned into a conversation about his mom, and Jim says he called Betsy, but her phone was disconnected. He asks if they had a falling out, and Franco says Jim doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of his personal life. Jim remembers how much Franco meant to her; she adored him. He says whatever went wrong, Franco should use the opportunity to sell his place, get a new one, and reconnect. Franco asks where Vince is going to go, and says maybe a change would be good. Elizabeth walks in, and says that’s the last thing he needs.

Kiki says Dr. Bensch convinced her to go into pre-med, and he’s a great guy. TJ says they haven’t had a chance to talk, and Kiki says maybe they will, now that Alexis is dating him. Molly is glad she’s moved on. Alexis and Ned come in, and Alexis asks why they were evacuated. Molly says it’s a gas leak, and Julian says what a coincidence after they organized a rent strike. TJ says it’s just a scare tactic, and they’ll be back soon. Laura joins them, and says she just talked to the fire chief, and the tenants have been evacuated indefinitely. It’s possible the infrastructure was compromised (because of a gas leak?), and the building might be condemned. She congratulates Ned. Another building he can demolish in the name of progress.

Lulu says she and Maxie have been through a lot. She’s too much like a sister, and she’d miss Maxie if she wasn’t in her life. Maxie says she’d miss Lulu too, and so would the baby. They hug. Dante says they have everyone from the WSB to state troopers on alert, but Maxie says Faison is a master of disguise. He fooled Anna, and he could be anyone. Nathan tells her to take a breath, and remember the baby needs calm. Maxie knows he’s right, but it’s hard when the baby’s newly discovered grandfather is the world’s most wanted, and could be closing in on them.

Faison opens a new pack of cigarettes. The bag says, Port Charles Smoke Shop.

Ned says Alexis is making an assumption that he has something to do with Niagara Equities, or that they have something to do with him. She says she knows Jim is a big supporter, and now the residents are being harassed by having vital services withheld. Molly says it’s been so cold in the apartment, they could see their breath, and TJ adds they’ve had to use the gym to take a shower. Ned says new buildings will be safe, and the old buildings aren’t. A gas leak is a serious hazard. Laura thinks someone could have sabotaged the gas line; Ned must know that happens. Ned says he also knows old buildings fall apart. With the infusion of capital, they can be upgraded, and be made safe again. Laura says it sounds great on a bumper sticker, but the people will be priced out. Ned says more tax revenue is good for the city, and things like public schools. Julian calls Ned “Ted,” and says being a Quartermaine, he never struggled for a damn thing. (If I remember right though, Ned didn’t always know he was a Quartermaine.)

Elizabeth asks Jim to give them a minute. Franco says he thought she wanted him to sell, but Elizabeth says he wants to erase Charles Street. If Franco holds out, he can’t tear down the building and build a luxury high-rise. Franco tells her that he can’t seem to create here, but Elizabeth says it’s not about the space; it’s about the space inside. Something is going on, and when he figures it out, he’ll paint again. She gets a call about her wedding dress, and tells him not to sell the studio. She leaves, and Jim comes back in. He starts looking through Franco’s work, and Franco tells him not to rummage through his things. Jim says he’s looking forward to Franco’s future creations. Franco thinks maybe what he needs are answers, not a new space. He asks Jim if there was another kid around his age around, when he was hanging out with Betsy.

Lulu says Maxie almost missed her surprise wedding because she let her imagination run wild. Maxie says Faison wasn’t involved. Lulu says Nathan had to track her down, and the wedding wouldn’t have happened. If that had been the case, she wouldn’t be able to give Maxie this. She has a box, which she says is part one, and part two is in hallway. Maxie says it’s intriguing. She and Lulu go out into the hallway where there’s a bassinet. They see a guy messing with a door across the hall. Maxie shouts, Faison is outside! as they run back in.

She tells Nathan she saw him, and so did Lulu; he’s outside the door. Dante draws his gun, and opens the door. Nathan tells the guy, hands up, no sudden moves. Dante asks who he is, and he tells them that he’s the new super. Dante gets his ID, and says it checks out. Nathan says sorry about the mix-up. He matches the description of a guy they’re looking for. The man says, Faison. A couple of uniforms on the curb told him to be on the lookout. Nathan and Dante go back in the apartment, and Nathan says it was a mistake. It’s not Faison. Maxie asks if Nathan is sure he’s not wearing a mask. He suggests the put the bassinet in the nursery.

Jim remembers a little boy, Andy, and Franco asks what he remembers about him. Jim says he died suddenly; he thinks from a heart problem. Franco says he didn’t die; Betsy lied. Jim asks why she’d do that, and Franco says it was a custody thing. She was afraid she’d get in trouble, and thought he was better off at an orphanage. He tells Jim that Andy is a Quartermaine. Jim thinks that’s a helluva story. He’ll have to ask Ned to introduce them. Franco says Andy lost his memory. Jim asks if it’s amnesia, and Franco says the result is the same; he has no memory of his childhood. Jim is glad he survived, and tells Franco to get in touch if he changes his mind. Elizabeth comes back, and asks if everything is okay.

Ned says the decision to move forward won’t be made by him or Laura. It will be made by the people of the city by a vote. Laura tells him not to be disingenuous. The Quartermaines can afford a press push. Ned claims they’ve always been socially conscious. They need to drive profit, but not at the city’s expense. If they profit, everyone benefits. Kiki says not if they can’t afford to live there. Ned says they’re only replacing some of the buildings, but Laura says they’ll save a few apartments in the basements or facing walls. Then they’ll have a lottery for the hundreds of people who want to live there because this is their home. Alexis wonders where they’ll go, and Julian asks if Ned will be putting them up at the mansion. Ned asks since when is Julian a champion of the common people? He grew up privileged, and mobsters don’t pay taxes. He says he and Laura disagree about policy, but Julian doesn’t give a crap. He’s jumping on the bandwagon to impress Alexis. He just wants her to forget he put a knife to her throat.

Julian tells him to leave Alexis out of it. She has nothing to do with it, and it’s not about impressing her. Ned says he’s the same criminal he’s always been. Julian says Jim offered to buy him out, but he turned him down, and suddenly a brick came through his window. He’d thought it was Sonny at first, but now he thinks it’s Jim. Ned starts bringing Alexis into it again, and Julian shoves him. There’s almost a scuffle, but they’re pulled away from each other. Laura says they have to be better than that. It’s the anniversary of Mary May Ward’s death, and they shouldn’t disrespect it. Jim suggests she’s exploiting a relationship with a legendary community figure, since he’s been on the scene all of five minutes. Ned tells him that they were close, and did a lot for the community. He respects Laura, he just disagrees with how they should move into the future. Laura says at a certain point, Ned will be judged by the company he keeps.

Alexis tells Laura, sorry her personal life got dragged in. Laura says just last night, they promised a clean campaign, and Alexis says, until it’s not. She offers her services as campaign legal counsel. Laura says that’s wonderful. Her phone rings, and she steps away to answer it. Julian tells Alexis he’s sorry Ned put her in the middle, but she says it wasn’t his fault. On the phone, Laura asks how bad it is, and when they’ll know.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jim was pawing through his artwork without asking. He’s determined; Franco will give him that much. He’s been canvassing the building, and even brought up his relationship with Franco’s mother. Elizabeth asks if Franco is sure he doesn’t remember him, but the only thing Franco knows is that he doesn’t trust him.

Maxie says it’s the best anniversary ever. She thanks Nathan, and thanks Lulu for the bassinet. Lulu tells her not to forget part one. It’s their wedding cake. She did fall into it, but the caterers cut a section and safely froze it. It’s tradition to eat it for good luck on the first anniversary. Maxie says if there’s any time they needed luck, it’s now. True story. We froze the top layer of our cake after the wedding for the same reason. Since our freezer was not that big, we kept it in my in-laws’ freezer. The day before our anniversary, my husband’s younger brother was rooting around for something to eat, and ate it. I just can’t imagine it tasted all that great.

Faison looks at an article about Anna being involved in Carrrlos’s death. He looks at the wedding announcement for Nathan and Maxie.

Maxie feeds Nathan some cake, and toasts to her wonderful husband, and two best friends. She loves them. Dante says, good cake. Lulu tells them good luck, health, and happiness.

Alexis asks what the kids are going to do now. TJ says they just grabbed whatever they could carry. Alexis says they’ll live with her until they can figure it out. Julian suggests some coffee for the road, and Alexis says she saw him making espresso for his new friend. He says they’re both moving on. Isn’t that what she wanted?

Ned asks Jim about the brick, but Jim says Julian probably vandalized his own property to generate sympathy. With a friend like him, Laura doesn’t need enemies. Everything will work out in Ned’s favor.

Elizabeth wishes she’d never opened the door. Between what Laura said, and the way Jim is pressuring people, she doesn’t like him. Franco doesn’t think he’s going away any time soon. She says the people are happy; why not leave them alone? Franco tells her people like him don’t back off when money is involved. He can’t criticize people like him though. They’re the only ones who can afford Franco’s art. Elizabeth says he creates it, but he’s not responsible for who buys it. He wishes could find out what happened between Jim and his mom.

Jim tells Ned to trust him; he’s in a good position. Ned says no way is he getting this district to vote for him, but Jim says there are other districts. He says he’ll walk Ned to his car. He wants to find out about Andrew. Anyone with the Quartermaine name can be used as leverage for the election. Maybe Jim should run for mayor. He’s so up in everyone’s business.

Alexis thanks Julian. He’s glad he’s able to keep eye on Molly, but Alexis says Molly will be living with her now. Laura has to jet, and tells them that she has to withdraw from the election. She’s not running for mayor. I read Lucas is coming back. Might this have something to do with him?

Lulu tells Maxie that according to Olivia-Q, they should refreeze what’s left, and save it until the baby comes home. Maxie thanks them for making their anniversary special. Dante says wait until next year. They’ll be spending it worrying about keeping the baby out of their pots and pans. Nathan sees the super still messing around. He tells Maxie that everything is going to be okay. There’s a beautiful life ahead for her, him, and the baby. She wants to deal with the cake, but he tells her, later. They kiss, and exchange I love yous. She says she never thought her heart could be so full.

Faison looks at the wedding announcement. He circles Maxie’s face with a pen, and keeps circling it maniacally until he tears the page.

Tomorrow, Laura says the campaign is over, Anna tells Obrecht that Faison’s time for hurting people is over, and Sonny tells Jason that Sam will love him forever.

🚆 Occasionally, I mention a movie that I think is outstanding, and last weekend, I watched Girl on a Train on cable. If you don’t have some idea of the story by now, you’ve probably been living in a bank vault, but in a nutshell – an alcoholic woman gets involved in a murder, but no one believes a damn thing she says, because she’s an alcoholic. I’d already read the book, so there were no surprises there, but Emily Blunt was spectacular. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she showed up drunk for the scenes that required it. She wasn’t afraid to ugly cry, and I’d like to know why no Oscar nomination for her? I’m baffled. Even if you know the plot, it’s worth watching for her performance alone.

😴 Calling it a night. It still looks like Christmas exploded around here. I’m officially one of those people who, when I’d pass their house, I’d yell, Christmas is over! Judge not and all that.

🎄 What Happens When You Put “Christmas Explosion” in Google Images…


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💃 Lady Gaga is her own Christmas Explosion 💃

January 17, 2018 – All About Ava, the NJ Reunion Begins, Larry Has a Bad Day & Some Tabatha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about Carly insulting her. Julian stops by to wish her luck. She says she’ll take it. She’s out of options if the treatment doesn’t work. Julian says she’s still a knockout, and asks if it’s worth it. She says she’s been through hell, and it clarified things. He says he’s blamed a lot of people for his bad deeds, and the only way he found true peace was to take responsibility for his own actions. Maybe she should try it. She tells him that she has to make a stop before going to GH – she has some unfinished business.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. She’s having a medical procedure, and you never know. She wants to see her daughter. He says Avery is with her mother, and Ava says Carly isn’t her mother. Sonny says Carly does what she doesn’t. Ava says that’s only because he won’t let her, but he says Kiki practically raised herself. Carly comes in with Avery, but Sonny directs them to the kitchen. He says his son is dead because of Ava. She tells him he has no right to punish her for what Olivia-J did. He says if he’d killed her after she murdered Connie, his son would still be alive. Carly comes back in, and Ava says they can’t keep her away forever, but Carly tells her when Avery finds out what she did, she won’t want anything to do with her. Ava says their house was built with blood money, and promises Avery will know her.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that she tried to get some sleep, but had to be there for her mom. She’s concerned that Ava thinks it’s going to fix more than her face, but thanks Griff for pulling her back from the brink. They hug, and Ava walks in. Kiki tells her there’s still time to back out. She’s going through with the surgery and whatever the outcome is, she’ll accept it.

Ava lies on the table. The surgeon asks if she’s ready. He says when she wakes up she’ll be a new woman. He puts the mask on her, and tells her to count backward from ten.

Ava opens her eyes to Griff and Kiki. Kiki says it was successful. Ava wants to see, but she’s still woozy. She hears Griff say, here’s some lithium for the pain, but what he really said was ibuprofen. He says the bandages have to stay on overnight. He thinks she’ll be happy with the result, and says he can take her home when she’s ready. She’s ready now and asks if Kiki wants to come but she thinks they need alone time.

Time moves fast in Port Charles. The next morning, Ava looks at herself in the mirror. Griff asks if she’s ready. She wonders if it was for nothing, and doesn’t know if she can do this. He says they’ll do it together, and kisses her. He helps her remove the bandages and asks what she thinks. I think she looks pretty much the same minus that small blemish almost where you couldn’t see it. She says it worked, and Griff asks how she wants to celebrate the first day of the rest of her life.

At the MetroCourt of course. Sonny and Carly are also dining there. Ava says it’s been months since she was shamed away from the restaurant, and she’s done hiding. He tells her to get the drinks, and he’ll grab a table. She crosses paths with Laura, who says her face seems to have miraculously recovered. She hopes Ava’s appearance was worth selling her soul. Ava sees a woman go past, and follows her to the ladies’ room. Wow. The stalls are huge. There’s no one else there, and she wonders where the woman went. Carly comes in, and asks how dare she show her face there? Ava asks if she’s going to congratulate her on her recovery, but Carly says her son will never recover. Ava says she’s not going to continue to hide because Sonny can’t let it go. Carly says she’s not going to rest until the world sees Ava for the ugly soul she is. She leaves, and Ava gets a text from “Unknown,” saying they know who she is.

At Kelly’s, Ava complains about the portrait Franco painted. There are too many shadows, and she wants it to be about emerging from the darkness. The woman from the MetroCourt comes in, and picks up a to-go order. Ava follows her out, but she disappears again. Ava literally runs into Nina, and asks where the woman went. She keeps seeing her and getting texts. She asks if they’re from Nina, and asks why she’s sending them. Nina has no idea what Ava is talking about. Ava says sorry she doesn’t have a baby for Nina to snatch form her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break, but she’s moved on, and doesn’t even think about Ava anymore.

Back home, Ava says someone is messing with her, but who? There’s a knock at the door. She opens it without looking through the peephole, which makes no sense whatsoever. It’s Morgan. He says he needs help. Is this whole thing a dream? Is Bobby in the shower? I’m guessing it is a dream, since the episode is focusing on one person, and every once in a while, the close-ups are a little odd.

Ava says this isn’t real; he’s dead. He says it’s real and it’s him. She takes him to the couch, and tends to a wound on his forehead. He tells her that he has a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost in the explosion. She asks where he’s been, but he doesn’t know. He remembers taking a car, and got out to talk to Jason. Next thing he knew, fire was everywhere. He woke up in the hospital. His hand was gone, but he was alive. Ava says that means she didn’t lose him. She loves him so much. She says his injuries are new, and Morgan tells her that he couldn’t stay at the hospital. Someone is trying to kill him. He thought maybe it was the doctors, so he came there. Ava says the person who planted the bomb is in prison, and the doctors were trying to help him. They wouldn’t have known his diagnosis, and he needs his medication. He says he was a prisoner, and wonders if he’s making it up. She says sometimes it’s difficult to think clearly without his meds. He says he can’t trust himself. He was spiraling out of control before the explosion. She says it doesn’t matter. He’s alive, and they need to tell everyone. He says he screwed up. He tells her it wasn’t an accident, and someone is trying to kill him. He asks to stay there, and she says of course.

Ava wakes up, and sees Morgan on the couch sleeping. She says he’s really there. Kiki knocks on the door. She asks if Ava slept in her clothes, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Kiki asks if everything is okay. Ava says she’s working hard on the show, and will see her later. When she’s gone, Morgan comes out, and Ava asks why he was hiding. He doesn’t know what he’d say to Kiki, and asks if she’s still with Dillon. Ava says he really loves Kiki, and he says with all his heart. Ava gets a series of texts from Unknown, saying they’re coming. They know who she is, and what she did. She tells Morgan she’s been getting weird texts. He needs to tell the family he’s alive. He asks what if they’re not at the house? She tells him not to worry. She knows how to tell everyone he’s back.

She brings Morgan to the gallery. She says half the town will be there tonight. Franco drops by. Ava stashes Morgan in the back, and Franco gives her the final portrait. She thanks him, and hustles him out. Morgan asks what’s going on? She wants to show everyone he’s alive, and that she’s changed. People will stop blaming her for what happened. She says he’ll hear things about her, but if he ever loved her at all, trust her.

Ava visits Carly. She says she has something important to tell her and Sonny. They need to show up at the gallery tonight; it will change everything. She tells Carly that she helped Jason escape. She’s done terrible things, but she’s becoming a different person. She needs them to be there tonight, and she’ll show them.

At the gallery, Scotty congratulates Ava, and makes a toast to her being back where she belongs. She sees the mystery woman serving drinks. She asks if Griff knows her, but there’s no one there. She tells him that she must be tired. Griff feels like she’s keeping him at arm’s length. She asks him to trust her and says everything will make sense soon.

Carly and Sonny come in. Sonny says it better be good, and Ava tells him to trust her. He says that will never happen after what she did to Morgan. She says Morgan is alive, and she can prove it. She calls to Morgan, and tells him to show them he’s all right. She insists he’s there. A woman comes out in a bloody dress and says, Hello, Ava. It’s Connie Falconari.

Ava doesn’t understand. She says Morgan was here, and Connie is dead. Connie says Ava would know. Ava shot her in cold blood, left her there to die on a cold floor, and she bled out slowly and painfully. Ava says Morgan was here, and Connie can’t be here. Connie says she dreamed him up to absolve herself, but she can’t. Just like Ava can’t absolve herself of killing her. Ava says she was protecting Julian, and Connie asks if that’s true, or was it because she told the world Kiki wasn’t a Quartermaine? She ruined Ava’s plans, so Ava murdered her. Ava refuses to be judged for the rest of her life. She says Julian abused his wife; Nina stole her baby daughter; and Valentin killed Nikolas right in front of her. She tells Sonny that bodies lie in his wake for the sake of his business. What makes him better than her? He says he knows who he is. He’s made bad choices, but she lied to everyone about what she is and what she’s done, and the worst part is she lied to herself. Connie says her lies are over. It’s time to face the truth.

Ava is alone with a light shining on her. Nina says Ava stole her husband. Laura says she betrayed Nikolas and Spencer by refusing to tell the truth. Connie says Ava shot her in cold blood, without conscience or remorse. Griff is there, and Ava says to tell them she’s changed; not just her face. Tell them there’s good in her. He says he thought there was, but after seeing this, maybe some souls can’t be saved. She asks if Kiki knows better. She’s Kiki’s mama, and loves her. Kiki says she’s jealous, and switched Morgan’s pills because she wanted him for herself. Ava yells, stop it!

She opens her eyes to see the mystery woman, who asks if she’s been getting the messages. She’s the one texting. Ava doesn’t understand; she doesn’t know her at all. The woman asks if she doesn’t recognize her own daughter. It’s Avery. Ava comes closer. She says it is her. How could she not see it? She hugs Avery, and says she loves her. She doesn’t understand how Avery is all grown up, and asks if she’s dead. Avery says no, but Morgan is, because of her. She took away the medicine he needed to be sane, and he died. She lies to everyone, but most of all to herself. Ava says that Avery’s father hates her, and kept her away. Avery says he was protecting her. Ava says Carly is wrong. Her soul isn’t ugly; she’s been cleansed by fire. Her new face will show everyone what Griff sees. Avery says Griff sees what he wants to see, to justify leaving the priesthood. Ava refuses to be defined by her past, and is going to move forward, like nothing ever happened. Avery says Ava claims to be terrified that Avery will never know her, but she thinks Ava is scared that she’ll see her for what she is. Franco’s portrait appears, with Ava’s face covered in scars, and suddenly, Ava’s face looks like it did right after the accident. Avery says, time to wake up. Griff tells Ava, welcome back.

At the apartment, Ava looks at herself. Griff thought she’d be thrilled. She says she is. She says he doesn’t judge by her past; he sees the real her. She tells him that she had a dream when she was under, and he says a lot of patients dream crazy things when they are. He wonders what it was about, but she says it’s not important. The only thing that matters is she’s been given a new lease on life, and she doesn’t want to waste it. She knows where he’s taking her.

Back to the MetroCourt. Carly sees them come in, and is like, no way. Sonny says he’ll handle it. He tells Ava that she’s not welcome there, and that she can eat somewhere else. She tells him that she chooses to eat there. They both have to live their lives, for better or worse. She goes to the bar, and the bartender puts a martini in front of her. She asks how they knew. It’s grown Avery, who says she knows who Ava is.

Tomorrow, Molly says she can take care of herself, Laura says all Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and Alexis tells Ned she can’t support his campaign or platform.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion, Part One

Jewel tones is the wardrobe theme. No pigtails for Margaret tonight though. Teresa wants to make out with Andy, who says he’s a great kisser. I sometimes think he’s a closet heterosexual.

We flash back to the ladies’ business ventures. The restaurant, envy, Margaret’s shoe line. Melissa says she didn’t want Joe #2 taking on another job, but when he talks about the family, she gets soft. Melissa says nothing will ever come between her and Teresa again, and everyone agrees they’re solid this time. Andy asks Margaret about how Melissa is running the boutique, and Margaret says she’s on point. We also find out Margaret sometimes wears pigtail extensions. Andy points out that Betsey Johnson tweeted while watching the show, that she still rocks pigtails at 75, and I almost pass out that she’s that old. She’s one of my favorite designers. Siggy pisses me off early on, rolling her eyes and making faces when Margaret talks about hearing from Betsey personally. Excuse me for missing it, but what is wrong with her talking about this? Andy brought it up and um… this is a reality show where people’s real lives are watched and discussed.

Margaret is up, and we go down Memory Lane with clips of her life from this season. Andy asks if the kids have reached out. She says they watch the show, but no. She says she’d be there at the drop of a hat and would take crumbs. Andy brings up that there are three husbands named Joe who are also contractors. A viewer asks if Margaret sees that she should have kept quiet. Margaret thinks she can be offensive, but it’s her humor. She says she apologized to Siggy a million times, and the only thing Siggy said truthfully was that she wanted to destroy Margaret. Siggy says she’s an Israeli, and Margaret tells her to bring it on. Dolores says this isn’t going to go well. Not unless everyone suddenly decides to act their age. And by everyone, I mean Siggy. I’ve decided she’s the most annoyingly stupid woman on earth. Or at least on Bravo, and that’s saying a lot.

We see clips of everyone’s kids, so I take a nap. Then there’s some who-ha talk. Melissa’s phone rings. It’s Ramona Singer (!). Andy answers, and tells her they’re in the middle of the effing reunion. She says goodbye, and Andy tells Melissa to put it on airplane mode. A question is asked about discipline of Teresa’s girls. She says they’ve lost a lot, and nobody is walking in her shoes. Preach it! Andy outs Teresa about banning Melissa from visiting her in prison. She says she wanted to deal with the friendship when she got back. We see clips of how the family was affected when Teresa lost her mother. Andy says seeing her dad crying struck his heart. Mine too. Teresa says he goes to the cemetery every day. Andy wonders if she’s still going to blame Joe #1 for the year she lost when he gets back. She says he has a lot of making up to do, and it was therapeutic for her to get it out in her book. Andy asks if the others would stick around, should their husbands “go away.” Melissa says she’d give Joe #2 more hell. Teresa says there wasn’t a time she seriously thought of leaving. Andy asks if Joe #1 seems different, and she says he watches the show, and realizes he’s an a-hole. Andy brings up the possibility of him getting deported. Teresa says whatever God’s plan is, is what’s going to happen, and she’ll embrace it as best she can.

Ugh! Next is Siggy and Margaret. It started with the memorial thing, and how she and Dolores felt left out. Siggy says she brought Margaret in; where’s the respect? Siggy comes off looking like an airhead Mafia wife from a comedy starring Joe Pesci. Margaret’s best line: It’s draining; you’re fifty. Andy brings up Siggy selling the Soggy T-shirts, and she says she likes to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Teresa thinks both Siggy and Margaret went below the belt. Siggy claims she never starts it. Maybe not, but she’ll sure keep it going. Margaret says she didn’t realize they weren’t coming to the memorial, and it turned into a debacle like she had a nefarious plan to leave them out. Siggy thinks when she ordered the flowers, she should have called. A viewer says Siggy and Dolores are about as mean girls as you can get, but Siggy insists it’s just fighting back. Margaret says she can dish it and take it, but she did apologize. Siggy is on a roll, and won’t shut up, even though Margaret is trying to answer her questions. Margaret thinks Siggy blaming her behavior on menopause and having a hysterectomy is victimizing women. She says Siggy is abrasive on social media. Apparently, Siggy wanted to report Margaret to PETA, because she has a taxidermized bear in her foyer. Margaret points out that veal is a baby cow who is force fed. Siggy says if Margaret makes fun of her foyer, she’s going to do the same. Margaret says Siggy always takes things to the next level. This is unbelievably stupid.

Andy tells us because of unlikely friendship, Danielle came back to the Garden State. Danielle comes out, and even Dolores thinks she looks amazing. She does. Andy says this season must have been different for her, as compared to season two. He says he never thought they’d go from flipping tables to having each other’s back. We flash back to moments of their friendship, starting with the table and ending with Teresa’s apology to Danielle’s daughters. Andy reminds them about Teresa pushing him during the last reunion Danielle attended. Melissa takes accountability for stirring the pot, saying she genuinely liked Danielle when no one else did. She never saw anything that Danielle did wrong. Teresa says there was never any real ill intent. Danielle talks about her children having been affected by the things Teresa said, and at one point, they moved because of it. We find out Danielle had sex in the bathroom at the Gorgas restaurant, but she says she got permission. Alrighty then. Siggy says it was inappropriate and disgusting. Dolores says Teresa is a big girl, and if she wants a friendship with Danielle, it’s up to her, but if that changes, she promises not to hold it over Teresa’s head that she warned her. Yeah, right. She and Siggy are like, fourteen mentally, at most.

Here comes Cakegate. Andy says it led to tears, a never-ending feud, and a memorable therapy session. We see clips of the cake fight, and Siggy’s subsequent embarrassment of Melissa at her purse party. Siggy is insane. Siggy says a lot of thought, time, and effort went into the cake. Melissa says she understood why Siggy was upset. Melissa had no idea the cake was going to end up on her face, but when it did, she had fun with it. Teresa says she was upset that the bottom was plastic. Melissa says the name-calling was upsetting. Siggy acts like she had too much to drink, and doesn’t remember, and says she owns it. Margaret says that doesn’t make it right. Siggy says they hold her to a higher ground, but I think she means standard, and says it must be the kosher thing. What? A viewer asks about her calling out Melissa, and Siggy makes it sound like we missed something, didn’t see both sides, and she was just being funny. Melissa says Siggy tried to shame her, and she was embarrassed. Siggy says she was just trying to make a point and wanted her feelings acknowledged. Margaret says if someone did that to her, she’d be all sensitive about it. Siggy thinks Melissa should have had her back more. Melissa says it was a different Siggy than last year. Siggy apologizes if Melissa was embarrassed. Margaret points out the if – something I hate too – and Siggy says Margaret inserts herself where she doesn’t belong. Siggy says they shouldn’t overanalyze it, but Andy says it’s a reunion; they overanalyze everything.

Teresa says Melissa handled it well, and doesn’t think she would have. Melissa says she doesn’t like to be talked down to, and doesn’t think she deserved it. They talk about Siggy saying her IQ is 167. Siggy says she just made the number up, and Margaret says like she made up her career with no degree. Ouch! Siggy says she tried her hardest to bring friendships together, but she’s accepted it, and moved on. Andy asks Melissa if she understands why Dolores and Siggy insist on staying friends with Kim D. Melissa is baffled, saying Kim D tries to ruin businesses and families, and it’s not like they’re related to her. Dolores says if it hadn’t been a fundraiser, she wouldn’t have done it. Siggy says she knew Kim D five years before Melissa, and Melissa says, who cares? Margaret tells them that Kim D hurts the entire family, and it’s complicit to associate with her and defend her.

Andy says, guess what? She’s here! Teresa goes, blech, and the witch comes out. Teresa says she thought it was Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt. Kim D is like, ha-ha-ha, so funny. Teresa says if Kim D takes jabs at her family, Teresa will take jabs at her. Kim D says if Teresa messes with her, she’ll go back to jail – clink-clink! Teresa gets up.

Next time, Dolores and Danielle go at it, Kim D accuses Teresa of stealing, Siggy screams at Margaret, Teresa says Kim D is a madam (or magnum, as she puts it), and Danielle walks out. Now that Teresa has brought it up, Kim D does look like an old, washed-up madam. Like Sylvia Miles in that horror movie about the carnival. Oddly enough, she’s dressed like a nun next to the others.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie is shooting like a wild man, and Lushion punches him out. He asks if Eddie is crazy, and Eddie says Lushion knows he is. Larry says he’s a wild one, and he loves it. Eddie says he’s going to kill them, and Larry says he’s taking notes. Eddie tells them they have no idea what they’ve started. Larry says he’s going to break Eddie like a stallion, and that Eddie is really only a Shetland pony. Eddie says Larry is going to be in a box by the end of the week. He leaves, and Natalie asks what happened. Lushion tells her not to ask.

Stephen arrives on his motorcycle, and asks Lushion if everything is all right. Lushion says everything is under control, and thanks for showing up an hour late. Stephen tells Esperanza he’s not there because of Travis. He asks if she saw Eddie in his new get-up. She has a picture, and he wants to see it. She shows him her phone. He asks if Eddie is into this kind of stuff, but she says if he is, she never knew. He says it’s all over the station, and she says he’s going to have a rough day tomorrow. Stephen asks if he can meet Esperanza at her place, but she tells him to go home. He begs, and she tells him to stop. He says if he sees the porch lights on, he’ll come by. She says they’re always on, and it’s not the old West. She gets in her car, and calls him. She tells him not to flirt in front of the others again. She doesn’t want them in her business. He says, so now they have business? She says no, but her porch light will be on.

Ian tells Lushion Kelly isn’t good. He says representing her is a conflict, and Lushion has to find her a new lawyer. He can recommend someone, but it’s competition, and he has to run it by Larry. Lushion asks if Larry is into the S&M thing. Ian says he’s heard some things, but tries to stay away from that. He’s heard Larry and his wife throw wild parties though. Lushion says Larry had a run-in with a bad officer. Ian asks what he did. Lushion says he had him in a crazy position, and Eddie isn’t going to let it go. Ian says Larry is formidable and ruthless. That’s why he doesn’t know if he can do anything for Kelly.

Natalie says she’ll make something to help Kelly sleep. Kelly thanks her for everything. She doesn’t know if she’ll get through this, but Natalie says she will. She thanks Lushion, and he tells her to get some rest.

Stephen knocks on Esperanza’s door. She tells him to come in. She lounges provocatively in a lingerie ensemble. She asks if this is what he wants, and he says, yes ma’am. He says she knows he likes her. All the coffee he brings her at the station, and the flirting. He tells her he’s being respectful because of her, not Eddie. She says Eddie has run off every boyfriend she’s tried having. He asks if he’s her boyfriend, but she tells him she didn’t say that. They’re just two people who clicked. She loved that he didn’t run away, and he asks if that turned her on. She says he turns her on, and tells him to take his clothes off. She’s going to sleep with him when she wants to, see him when she wants to, and when she says it’s over, it’s over. He says he’ll take whatever she wants to give. She tells him to get on his knees.

Alex asks why Brad didn’t wake her up, but he says there was no need to. She wonders if he didn’t want to talk to her, and he says it’s nothing like that. She asks for a hug and kiss. He barely hugs and kisses her, and she thinks it felt forced. He asks what she wants. She says she didn’t go over there, and would like him to believe her. He says, okay. He tells her he’s going to wait outside for Marcie to bring the car back. He tells her he’s trying to get past it, but it’s not easy.

Esperanza says it’s time for Stephen to go. She tells him not to look at her strangely at work, and he feigns ignorance. He asks if she thinks she’s that good, and she says she knows. She says he’s okay; she’s had better. He doesn’t believe her, and says she smiles when she’s lying. He has a trained eye. She tells him not to leave his socks or little Stephen trinkets behind. She tries to keep her daughter out of the madness, but it’s getting harder. She tells him her daughter comes first, and she’s coming back today. She says when you deal with a sociopath like Eddie, you understand the need to be in control. He tells her to let him know when they can meet again. She tells him not to even acknowledge her at work today. He leaves, and she smiles as she makes the bed.

Ian calls Marcie. He says if everything goes well, he’d like to close this week. She says she’ll call the inspector. She asks what he knows about Larry. She asked him to rep her in the divorce, but she was at the house when the shooting happened, and he was there. He was drunk and strange. Ian says he’s an incredible attorney, but he can be out there. Marcie wonders if he’d break privilege. She told him something she hasn’t told Randal. Ian thinks she should talk to Larry about it.

Marcie calls Larry. Larry is sleeping, and Randal picks up. She idiotically starts the conversation with, I know you didn’t tell Randal I’m pregnant. Randal says, so you are, and she asks what he’s doing with Larry’s phone. He asks what she’s doing pregnant? She hangs up, and he calls back. He asks if she’s having the bastard’s baby, and she says she is. He asks if she’s taking it that far, and she asks if it upsets him. He hopes she has it, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says she hasn’t been able to carry one before. She calls him a sick bleeped-out-word, and hangs up. She’s like, great.

Randal dumps a bucket of water on Larry, who jumps up like a cartoon character. Randal says, so she is pregnant; she just told him. He tells Larry to get out of his house. In the car, Larry calls Marcie. She’s like, wth? and asks if Larry told him. Larry says he was talking about Alex. She asks what kind of sick friends they are, and he says he’s sorry. She says he’s also fired. Bad day for Larry.

Randal sees Brad on the porch. He says Brad did it. Brad says what? and Randal says Marcie is pregnant with his baby. Brad says she is, and Randal says, good. Brad asks if Marcie told him, and Randal says don’t worry about it. Brad asks if it was Alex, and Randal says, it was. He asks when, and Randal says last night. Brad asks what time, but he doesn’t know. He claims she wants him back. Brad says he’s lying. Randal tells him to ask her, but Brad isn’t giving him the satisfaction. He says as a man, he’s telling Brad the truth. Brad says to get off his property. Randal says he’s on the sidewalk. He has a really funny look on his face, like he’s bummed. Brad says he’s tired of Randal. If he thinks the ladder was something, wait until what’s next. Brad says Marcie is coming to pick him up, and accuses Randal of putting sugar in her gas tank, calling him immature. He asks if it doesn’t get old, and Randal says he’s not done with this. He goes back home.

Lushion comes home and asks Natalie what time she went to bed. She says around four, but Kelly’s been up all night. He says that’s not good; she has to give her statement to the police today. She asks if anybody talked to Justice. Lushion says he doesn’t know if anything happened. Natalie wonders if Kelly can get off. He says if Ian was handling it, she would, but he has a conflict. His partner represents Travis and his church. He tells Natalie that Kelly has no money, and they’ll have to figure it out.

Kelly is sitting on the couch, and tells Lushion it’s a beautiful day; almost like nothing happened. She asks how Travis is, but they haven’t heard anything. He tells her he’ll call, but they have to go to the station. Natalie comes out and asks how she is, but Kelly doesn’t know. Natalie tells her it will be okay. Kelly starts to cry. Lushion insists that they have to go. Kelly says she hasn’t heard from Ian, and Lushion says they’ll call on the way.

Larry has a headache, and rightly so. Ian asks what he did last night, but he says Ian doesn’t want to know. Ian says they have a problem. Larry says shoot, but Ian says wrong word. Travis was shot last night. His parents want a press conference at noon. He asks if Larry realizes he’s not nineteen. Larry asks who shot him, and Ian says his ex-girlfriend. He was representing her before this, and they found strange evidence he was stalking her. Larry says it was the other way around, but Ian says Travis drove by her house 46 times in one day, and it gets worse. He hacked into her accounts, pretended to be her husband, and misrepresented her on several loans. He’s worse than his brother. Larry asks if the DA has it, and Ian says, not yet. Larry says then they bury it. Ian says she’s innocent, and Larry asks when they gave a sh*t about that? Ian tells Larry that he was representing her. Larry says now he’s not. Ian doesn’t want to let it get buried, and Larry says he’s too naïve. Travis’s parents and church pay them millions. It’s getting buried. He doesn’t want to hear about it, and Kelly needs another lawyer. He reminds Ian who owns this place. He’s owner and senior partner. If it falls in their lap, he’ll be upset. Ian says he’ll take care of it.

At the station, Kelly freaks about going into the interrogation room. She tells Lushion that she can’t do this again. He tells her to just breathe. She asks if he’ll wait with her, and he says he will. She says her lawyer’s not calling her back. He tells her not to say a word until she gets a lawyer. A man comes in, introducing himself as Tony Isaacs. Kelly says she’s not talking without a lawyer. He tells her that she’s under arrest for the murder of Travis Caine.

Next time, Alex insists she didn’t go over there, Larry tells Randal that he’ll sue, and Brad thinks about leaving.

🔎  Relative Success with Tabatha shows a lot of promise. Tabatha is tackling family businesses this time around. I love how much Tabatha looks like a pixie, and how she hasn’t really changed her style. I’m all for changing it up, but I also think if you find something that looks good on you, keep it. Tonight’s episode was about a large family of pizzeria owners. The father, and main owner, had to decide whether to go with an investor or hand the business over to the kids. Their need was consistent brand identity, and the kids were always at odds about how to run things. Tabatha’s recommendation was to go with the investor, who seemed to want to preserve the family legacy. In the end, the kids came together, and the father amicably parted ways with the investor. Tabatha told us that although she felt the investor was the way to go, the family changed her mind. That’s another thing I like about her, she’s someone who really does own it. She’ll stick to her guns and tell you what’s on her mind, but she admits it when she’s wrong and also keeps an open mind.