January 24, 2018 – Faison Meets Finn, NJ Reunion Wraps & Eddie Seeks Revenge


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General Hospital

Jason asks if Sonny has had any word from Sinclair. Sonny says he’s gotten nothing, but someone is intercepting the emails. Is Jason thinking what he is?

At her insistence, Finn meets Felicia at the MetroCourt. She asks when he’s telling Anna he loves her

Anna asks Sonny for a favor in Robin’s name. Back off PK Sinclair.

Maxie goes to the hospital for her appointment. Kim asks who her uniformed friend is, and Maxie says it’s Officer Shane; she’s in need of extra security. While Kim prepares for her appointment, Nathan joins Maxie. He tells her there’s been no trouble from the landlord or the protesters. She asks why he seems so stressed, and he says there’s been a Faison update. Apparently, he has a brother.

Lulu tells Faison that her husband is a detective. He’s Nathan’s partner, and they must be looking for her. Faison says, excellent. She going to bring his son into his arms. Obrecht tell him to leave her son alone. He asks Lulu if she thought she could outwit him? Look how that turned out. Lulu tells him that he’s making it more difficult than it has to be. She can set up a meeting if he gives her the phone. Obrecht asks if she’s insane, and if she wants Nathan and his family to die. Faison says she used the word “family,” and asks if there’s a grandchild. Obrecht says she was referring to his wife, and he tells her don’t lie to him. Does Nathan have a child? She says, no, not yet.

Maxie asks if Obrecht had two boys, but Nathan says his brother has a different mother. Maxie wonders who are all these women having sex with Faison? She admits she wouldn’t have Nathan, but yikes. She asks where his brother is, and Nathan says his mother gave him up at birth. He was raised by Faison, but hates him, and the feeling is mutual. Maxie asks what Obrecht said about it, but Nathan can’t get in touch with her. He needs more information before he can deal with it. Maxie can’t imagine how Nathan feels; everything he knew and is, is a lie. She tells him no matter how many people claims to be family, the only one that matters is theirs.

Faison says, their first grandchild, adding no congratulations or anything, and Obrecht lied. Lulu says to let her call, and he tells them both to shut up, calling them two pieces of garbage. Obrecht says not to Anna. His obsession is fond of Lulu if hurt. If he hurts her, Anna will never forgive him.

Finn tells Felicia, no appetizers; she’s going right into crazy talk. He’s not in love with Anna. Felicia doesn’t believe him. She’s all about the chase, but it’s gone on too long. Finn asks what she’s talking about, and she tells him to cut the crap. Everyone can see it, but neither one of them will admit it; they’re at a standoff, with no one making the first move. It has to be him. He asks why, and Felicia says Anna is hurt. They all are, but without betraying her confidence, Anna is more complicated than he realizes. She’s dealt with trauma, and he needs to do what she can’t. She tells him to be brave and man up. Tell Anna he loves her or he’ll lose her.

Sonny says someone is intercepting the emails, and Anna says that would be her. She asked him to notify her, but he refused. He says now she shows up asking for a favor? Jason asks why she cares so much, and Anna says she doesn’t care. She doesn’t know him, but she cares about what happens to him because she’s been there. He’s obviously been pushed too far by Faison, and wants to strike back. It’s not a position she envies. Years go by, and you think it’s over, then there he is, telling you he loves you, and all the time torturing you. She starts to tear up. She says there’s no escape, and thinks he feels the same way. Sonny tells her they’re on the same side. He wants to stop Faison from hurting anyone again. Jason needs to do that. They need his son.

Finn knows Felicia means well, but she’s wrong. He and Anna don’t fit. Felicia asks why? Finn says, because, and she tells him that he’ll have to do better than that. He says he’s still struggling with his recovery, and doesn’t know what the future holds. It could be forever, and Anna doesn’t need that uncertainty. Felicia says she’s a WSB agent; uncertainty is a way of life. Finn says that’s another thing. She’s an agent, dealing with guns and bad guys, and he’s in the market o save lives. Felicia thinks it’s the same thing, and Finn says Felicia gave him a B, a measly B. Felicia says it’s a solid B. When they got together, the way he and Anna looked to and spoke about each other, she knew they were faking it, but there was something real underneath. He can come up with a million reasons why not, but it’s up to him to find the one reason why they should be together. They’re both lonely, and they love each other. They’ve found the treasure – loving and being loved in return. She says he’s truly a curmudgeon, but doesn’t think he’s foolish, so do the smart thing. Choose Anna, and she guarantees she’ll choose him back, even though they’re both just as stubborn.

Anna asks why Jason wants Heinrich, and Jason says he was in the clinic because of Klein’s mystery client. Faison ordered him killed, but the traitor kept him alive. Anna says the assumption being they’re the same person, along with PK Sinclair. Sonny says The Severed Branch pissed Faison off so bad, he tried to burn it. Jason says they’re not just the same person; he’s Faison’s son. Anna asks if Jason wants to find out why he was kept alive, and Jason says, yes. Sonny says, but the real reason to draw Faison out is that he orchestrated the program to replace Jason with Drew. They want to know the reason for that. Anna asks if Sonny thinks it’s about him. Sonny doesn’t know, but the easiest way to get rid of him would be to get rid of Jason. Anna tells him to focus on Faison, and she’ll handle Heinrich. Jason says they can’t get to Faison without his son, and Anna says, then what? If they use him as a lure, Faison will kill him. Do they want his blood on their hands after Jason was kept alive because of him? Because of him, Jason isn’t dead; there has to be another way. Sonny says forget about him and Jason, she’s Robin’s mother, and Faison put her through hell, taking Robin away from them for years. No more. He has to go.

Faison says Anna betrayed him, and left him to die. He feels nothing for her. Obrecht says then he won’t care that she’s found love again. He asks with who, and Obrecht says a good man, a world renowned doctor, Hamilton Finn. Faison says he didn’t keep her alive to punish her, but he’s sure she recognizes this. He puts a cannister on the ground and leaves, locking the door behind him. Lulu tries to open it, but can’t.

Kim asks about stress managing, and Maxie says it’s all good, thanks to Nathan. Kim tells her that a good partner is a huge gift, especially with parenting. Being a single parent is tough. She calls Nathan in, and does the ultrasound. Kim says the baby is perfect, but a little shy; she can’t determine the gender, but maybe next time. Maxie reminds her not to tell them, and she says she’ll put it in an envelope like Maxie asked. Maxie says Sam might not have been into her gender cake, but she is, although she did force it on Sam. Kim shows them the screen. Maxie says, we made that, and Nathan says, yeah, we did.

Lulu says, wth? Obrecht tells her it’s carbon sulfate, a lethal gas the DMX created. Their intention was to sell it. Anna thwarted the plan, but Faison escaped. Lulu finds what looks like a dog grooming tool, and cuts Obrecht’s bonds. She asks how old the container is, and Obrecht thinks about twenty-five years. Lulu thinks it can’t still be effective, but Obrecht says if the gas doesn’t kill Lulu, she will.

Finn knocks on Anna’s door, and let’s himself in. He calls to her, and when there’s no answer, he sends a text.

Anna says no one wants Faison handled more than her, but not at the expense of his son. Sonny says he took Robert from her, and took Jason; he’s only going to stop if they stop him. Jason thinks the best what is through Heinrich. He gives Anna his word that he won’t hurt Heinrich. He just wants to meet, and if Heinrich cooperates, he’ll do everything in his power to protect him. Anna gets a text from Finn. It says that he’s waiting for her, and they need to say what they haven’t been able to. She tells Sonny that PK Sinclair wants to meet, but no location is set. She gets another text, and says it’s set now.

Finn flashes back to his banter with Anna, where he told her that he’s the only thing preventing her from putting on a bathrobe and adopting a cat, and they ended up kissing. He hears the door open and close, and turns around to see Faison. Faison points his gun at Finn. I wonder why Anna gets all the cool guys.

Kim tells Maxie and Nathan that everything looks good. Maxie says she can’t with the cuteness. Nathan says it seems real all of a sudden, in the best way. Kim says except for the one scare, the pregnancy is going beautifully. Felicia comes by, and Nathan gives her his spot. Felicia looks at the screen, and says it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Shane tells Nathan that Dante is trying to reach him. Obrecht called an Uber to Anna’s, but wasn’t there when it arrived. No one has seen her since yesterday.

Lulu balks at Obrecht saying it’s her fault. She just got him riled about Anna. Obrecht says he’s always riled about Anna. Lulu was like a child playing checkers with a nuclear device. Lulu says Nathan decided it was the right thing, but Obrecht says it was set in motion by Lulu, and for what? A story to further her career? Congratulations, she got her wish. Now they’re all paying the price. Lulu won’t apologize for trying to put an international criminal in jail. Obrecht says she’s arrogant as well as foolish. She tells Lulu here’s a reality check. Faison made Robin disappear, and did the same to Jason. Lulu thought she’d succeed where Sonny failed. Lulu says she wasn’t thinking, and Obrecht tells her that she kept Faison’s son from him for a reason, at enormous cost to herself. Now it’s for nothing. Lulu says maybe they’re not going to die in here. Obrecht says she can’t warn Nathan. She can’t do anything; it’s over. Lulu says not if they can find an escape.

Anna tells Sonny and Jason that PK will be at the park at 10 pm. Sonny says he’ll be there, and Anna says she will too. Sonny says Jason will meet with him, and he’ll monitor things from a distance. Anna says they’ll drive him off. It needs to be her. She might get him to lower his guard. She promises not to make a move without checking, and tells Sonny it’s better to work with her than against her. Jason says 10 pm, and Sonny says they’re going to find Faison. Anna says when they do… and pauses for a moment. She finishes by telling them to call the authorities.

Faison says Finn must be Anna’s new love. Finn asks who he is, and he introduces himself, saying Anna must have mentioned him. Finn says, not a word. Faison asks how long he’s been seeing Anna, and he says a couple of months, but she doesn’t talk much about her past. If he’s part of it, Finn can’t blame her. Faison says he’s not part of her past; he’s her destiny. He’s known her since she was a kid, and always knew. The more she fights it, the more he’s sure. She’s been his greatest opponent, and she’ll be his. Believe it. Finn tells him people don’t own other people, but Faison says he’s never experienced the love of the soul. Finn says he’s been salivating over her all these years, but it’s never happened. She’s not that into him. She’s smart, kind, and courageous, and no doubt looks for those qualities in a partner. He doesn’t want to be harsh, but she’s out of his league. Faison says, but she’s in his? Finn says he should be so lucky. Faison says his problem is he thinks Finn is a man Anna could fall in love with, but he doesn’t want her too. Does he kill him, or keep him alive and get the upper hand to make Anna do what he wants? Finn rushes Faison.

Felicia introduces herself to Kim. She says the prospect of having a grandchild in their home town has her and Mac excited. The lab calls, and Kim goes to get the sono pictures. Felicia tells Maxie at least she’s not blubbering like Mac when he put together the crib. They also have a glider and a changing table for when the baby spends the night. They’d started reminiscing about when Maxie’s sister was little, and Maxie says she misses Georgie, especially right now. Felicia says she’s with them in spirit. It’s a wonderful time for her. She has an amazing husband, a thriving daughter, and another baby on way that they can spoil rotten.

Nathan tells Maxie that it’s official; they made the perfect baby. Maxie is feeling better after seeing it; everything has been put in perspective. They’ll be fine. His father can’t touch them.

Lulu thinks there’s an entrance to a tunnel in the room. They just have to find it. When they get out, she’ll send Nathan to Anna, which is probably where Faison went. Either way, he’ll get captured. Obrecht helps Lulu look.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s never seen Anna like that. Nothing ever fazed her, and now she’s two seconds away from losing her mind. He says it’s the same look his mom had when Deke would hit her. She’d hear the door open, and freeze. He couldn’t do anything then, but he can now. Anna isn’t going to be living in fear anymore.

Anna sees a cigarette butt outside her door. She picks it up.

Kim gives Felicia a sono picture. Felicia thanks her for taking good care of Maxie. Kim says she’s lucky to have such a good family.

Maxie insists the baby has Nathan’s nose. Nathan says no matter whose nose it has, the baby will be so loved. Nathan gets text has to go back to work, and Maxie gives him one of the pictures.

Obrecht tells Lulu the walls are as secure as Fort Knox. Lulu says there has to be an entrance somewhere. The gas starts to release.

Sonny tells Jason that when Anna turned back, what she said about calling the police wasn’t what she really wanted to say. What she wanted to say was, don’t miss.

Anna goes in, gun drawn. Faison has his gun on Finn. He says, hello, Anna. Lovely to see you.

Sonny tells Jason to line up the shot. Jason says he won’t miss.

Tomorrow, Kiki thanks Griff, Amy visits Maxie, and Faison tells Anna to drop the gun.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion Part Two

When we last left the reunion, Sylvia Miles Crypt-Keeper cock-a-roach Kim D joined the group. Kim tells Teresa, mess with her, and she’ll be back in jail, clink-clink. Teresa gets up, but thinks better of it, saying Kim is lucky she’s on probation. I don’t think I’ve ever used this word in regard to a Housewife or Friend of, but Kim D is repulsive. We flash back to Kim D’s highlights from this season, both on the scene and being talked about. Kim says Teresa wants to fist fight everybody, but Teresa says she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

Andy tells us that last season Dolores and Siggy were peacemakers, but not so much this season. They believe they did the right thing by walking in the fashion show, but claim they still defended Teresa. Teresa says they can see Kim’s track record. Kim says Teresa changes friends like underwear, but Dolores says they’ve been friends forever. Since Kim is totally wrong, she says that’s the way she sees it. The fashion show made a whole grand each for the two recipients of the event. Melissa thinks Kim got more out of it than they did, and Kim whines about having to pay for the dinner. Melissa hums circus music. She says Kim likes to stir the pot, and goes for the jugular and talking about people’s families. Kim admits to both pot stirring and going below the belt, and Melissa asks if she realizes she goes too far. She suggests Kim bring it down to a level where children aren’t hurt. Kim calls them all frauds. Teresa says if anyone would look at Kim’s W-2’s and 1099’s, it would be clink-clink for her too. Kim says she has two businesses, and Teresa says one of them is prostitution. Andy sure can pick ‘em.

Andy asks if Teresa is alleging she’s a madam, and Teresa says, yes, a magdum [sic]. Kim says she isn’t, but wouldn’t have a problem with it. Andy says he could kind of see it. Kim says Teresa steals from other people, and says something about Joe #2 that I don’t catch. Melissa tells her be gone, and Teresa says she’s dried up. Andy asks what’s up with Siggy. Siggy says Teresa has a right to be angry, but the county is small, and when you’re not getting along, it’s hurtful. Melissa says she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Andy asks Siggy how she’d feel if Kim said Michael was cheating. Siggy says she would be devastated, and hope the girls would have her back. Dolores says from now on, she doesn’t want to know anything. Kim swears she’s not a troublemaker, but thinks some of the things they say are evil. We almost say goodbye, but Teresa says Danielle didn’t get to say anything.

Danielle asks why Kim didn’t intervene at the fashion show a million years ago, when Danielle got her hair pulled? She asks if they were friends for real, or did Kim just want to get on the show? Kim says Danielle got uptight about things she should have let go, and that’s how the friendship ended. Kim leaves. Siggy talks about trying to set her up, but says Kim can’t get over her ex.

Siggy has two more books coming up; one about divorce, and another about bullying geared to children. The look on Margaret’s face is priceless. We flash back to Siggy’s world. Andy asks why she uses Michael’s last name when she talks about him – something I’ve been dying to know – but she just likes the sound of it. She talks about moving to Boca now that Josh is gone. She’s working less, and spending more time with Michael. Andy asks about the pellets, and she says she hasn’t had a hot flash in eight months and her sex life is great. She also encourages anyone with a credit card to have plastic surgery. Margaret says her advice is valid, but wishes she’d take some of it. Siggy says she practices what she preaches, but with Margaret, it’s a toxic situation. She claims Margaret doesn’t like her. Siggy asks how many lawsuits Margaret has going on, and acts like business bankruptcy is a big deal. Andy mentions the recent lawsuit where Margaret was accused of stealing a whale design. Margaret explains it’s common in her industry.

Andy mentions what great relationships the ladies have with their families. We see clips of Marge Sr., Teresa’s father, and the other parents. Margaret calls her mom a sex kitten. Andy suggests Marge Sr. hook up with Teresa’s dad, but Melissa says she’s way too modern for him. Teresa thinks he should find a rich woman to take care of him. Dina (from previous seasons) tweets that she loves Marge Sr. Dina’s home invasion is discussed. I’d forgotten about that. It was horrible. She’s lucky she’s not dead. Teresa says it’s still being investigated, and I get creeped out all over again.

The Franks are examined next. We flash back to Frank Sr. coming back home, and Frankie going off to college, as well as clips regarding Dolores’s absent boyfriend. Andy asks what’s going on with that. She says she and David are still together, and seeing how things go. A viewer questions her relationship with Frank. Andy asks if they’re getting back together, but she says they’re not apart. They are not, however, having sex.

Andy says while everyone else welcomed Danielle, Dolores thought she was back for revenge. We flash back to their altercations, including Dolores calling her a crazy scumbag, and accusing her of being on drugs. Dolores says she made up a story that Dolores said Teresa just cared about money, although Danielle remembers it vividly. She claims Dolores was basically bringing her up to speed, going through what was happening with each person. She says it wasn’t that big of a deal, but she thought Teresa needed to know what she’d said. Dolores asks why she would leave Siggy out. Well, because they’re joined at the hip. Danielle doesn’t think she had ill intentions.

Andy asks what proof Dolores has that Danielle is on drugs. She has none, but says Danielle seems off, and is maybe using Xanax or something. Danielle says she’s never done any such thing. She gets they don’t like her, but shut up and stop calling her names. Dolores immediately calls her a skank. Danielle tells her to STFU. Dolores also calls Danielle a professional victim, which is funny, since that seems to be Siggy’s role.

They take a break. and backstage, Danielle calls Dolores a piece of sh*t. Dolores says she loves to get Danielle “to that point.” Teresa tells Danielle it’s not true, so don’t even pay attention. Danielle calls Dolores a bully, and wants the camera off.

We move on to the Italy trip. Margaret says they sucked the life out of Italy, and she’s not sure if they’d be welcomed back. Melissa just wanted some authentic pasta and wine with the girls, but it didn’t happen. Next, we see how one comment changed a friendship forever, and stroll down Hitler Memory Lane, with Margaret using Hitler in an analogy, and Siggy deciding she must be anti-Semitic. Margaret says she was in shock. The comment was actually the opposite. She wasn’t calling Kim D “Hitler,” just making a point. She says it’s a common analogy, and she’s never had that problem before. Siggy said nothing at the time, and waited until they got to Italy to pull out her accusation. She says Kim D was assassinating Teresa and Melissa’s character, and she doesn’t just judge her friends by how they treat her, but also how they treat others. Siggy, who can barely sit in her seat, says she can’t do this. Andy asks if anyone knew what anti-Semitic meant. Everybody pretends they did, except for Teresa, who says nothing. Andy tries to ask Danielle a question, but Siggy won’t shut up. When Danielle points out she’s trying to answer, Siggy huffs and puffs, and says, oh, it’s her moment. Andy asks what was going on when she went nuts at dinner? Danielle says she hated seeing Margaret crying and upset. She’s not anti-Semitic, and has raised Jewish children. Margaret asks Andy what he thought, and he says he didn’t think the analogy was out of line. Siggy says her father said the name should never be spoken, and Margaret says she failed to mention Margaret had a Jewish husband and children, and even Siggy’s father thought she went too far. Siggy starts pointing her finger, and saying, shame on you. Margaret says Siggy wanted to hate her, and that was that; she’s sorry she made Siggy unhinged. Siggy says she’ll be going back to her fabulous life, and Margaret points out how she’s always talking about how much she has. Surprisingly, Andy jumps in, saying, he’s so on the other side with this. Not to take away from Siggy’s feelings, but he’d called his parents, who also didn’t think it was offensive. Siggy says the name should never be brought into casual conversation. End of story. It’s how she feels, and she doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone else feels. Alrighty then. At the beginning of the season, I thought, poor thing, she’s having a difficult menopause, but by the end, I realized she’s just insane.

Andy asks Danielle if she’s glad she came back. Shockingly, she says she is.

In the final moments, Andy wraps up season 8 with the rose and thorn thing; what’s the best and worst of the season for each of them. Dolores says the worst was her friendship with Teresa being questioned, and the best was that it didn’t break the friendship. Siggy says the pellets were the best, and fighting with Margaret was the worst. Margaret agrees that their fighting was the worst, and says she thinks it ruined everything for everybody. Andy wonders if that will ever change, or are they just not meant to be friends? Margaret says she puts things behind her quickly, but Siggy feels how she feels. Siggy says everything is timing, and she doesn’t bounce back quickly when she’s hurt. Andy thinks this means never say never, and says look at Teresa and Danielle. They’re friends, even thought it took eight years and “going away.” Our favorite jail euphemism. Siggy is visibly uncomfortable, and possibly embarrassed. I would be if practically everyone in the world told me I was wrong. Melissa says her thorn was watching the pain of the family when her mother-in-law passed away, and her rose was getting envy back on its feet all on her own. Teresa worst was losing her mom; she can’t believe she still standing. She says going away was nothing in comparison. She’d go twenty more times to have her back. It was the worst thing ever. I get seriously choked up, since I can understand her grief. She says the best part was watching her daughters. Since her mother’s been gone, there hasn’t even been a dish in the sink. She’s proud of them.

Andy says it was a long, but memorable season that started with a cake, so it’s only fitting they end with a cake. Melissa hopes no one throws it. It’s a replica of the one Siggy had made for Melissa’s birthday. They promise to eat like adults, but Teresa puts some on Andy’s face, and asks if she can lick it off. I’m not kidding. He nixes that idea, and says Joe #1 better come home soon.

And New Jersey is out.

Next time, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Secrets Revealed

If Loving You is Wrong

Kelly finds out Travis is dead. Lushion is like, Kelly… Tony Isaacs says let her talk. He asks if Lushion is her counsel, but he says just a friend. Tony tells him to go. Lushion tells Kelly that he’ll make some calls, and don’t say a word.

Tony asks what happened, but Kelly wants her lawyer. Tony says she’s going to jail then. She asks if she has to go to jail if she talks, and he says she can talk to him or her lawyer. She starts to talk about Travis being at the window, but thinks better of it. She tells Tony that her lawyer’s name is Ian, and he tells her they’re trying to help; they’re friends here. She asks if they’re the same friends who wouldn’t listen about him stalking her. She refuses to say anymore, and he tells her it makes her look guilty. Kelly says she knows her rights, and she wants her lawyer. Tony tells her in the meantime, she gets a jail cell. She freaks a little, and backs away.

Tony accuses Lushion of coaching Kelly. Lushion says she knows her rights, and Tony says she knows how to wield a knife too. Maybe he meant to say that, but I think Tony is confusing the cases. She shot Travis. She’s accused of stabbing Ramsay. Lushion says her lawyer is Ian, but tony says not anymore. Lushion says Tony has been known to lie, but Tony says he’s been known to interrogate. Lushion says Travis was bad news, but Tony says he read both of their reports and it doesn’t look good for Kelly. Lushion tells him to look closer; there’s more to it. Tony tells Lushion to let him help Kelly, but Lushion says he can’t, and asks what church he goes to. Tony says none, and Lushion asks what about his wife? Tony says Lushion has done his homework. She goes to Travis’s father’s church. He’s biased. Travis has been harassing Kelly and destroying her life. Tony says he needs her to tell him that. Lushion says she will when her lawyer gets there.

Brad sits on his porch. He strolls over near Randal’s house. Randal sticks his head out the window, and asks what he’s looking at? Brad says he’s on his side of the yard. Randal says he’ll call the cops, and Brad tells him to go ahead. They both go back to their respective corners. Inside, Brad tells Alex that she lied to him. She’s like, what? He repeats it. He says she was over there to see Randal. She says no, but Brad says that’s what Randal told him. Alex says she wasn’t and Brad knows Randal. Brad says she knows him; he’s just learning. Alex says he should believe her; she’s his wife. He says that didn’t mean anything in the past, and she tells him not to go there. Brad asks how Randal would know that he left, and Alex says maybe he looked through the window. Brad says he’s trying, and she says she’s telling the truth. The baby starts to cry, and she says she’s not doing it; it’s upsetting the baby. Brad asks who’s baby, and she asks if this is how it’s going to be. He says he doesn’t think he can do this. He knew it was going to be hard, but he might have to leave. Alex tells him that it’s confusing for the kids, but he doesn’t know if he can trust her given the circumstances. Alex says she didn’t go over there, but he admits he doesn’t believe her. He goes back outside, and we see the cute, albeit nameless, baby.

Esperanza asks if Lushion talked to Kelly. Stephen wants to make eyes at her, but asks Lushion how it’s going. Esperanza leaves, and Lushion says not so good; how about the two of them? Stephen acts , and Lushion laughs and asks if he’s going to lie. Last night he was eye-sexing at the crime site, all cool on his motorcycle, and now he’s not talking to her? Stephen asks if they took Kelly in, and Lushion says she’s in a cell. He asks if Stephen knows a lawyer; Ian backed out. Stephen says he’ll make some calls.

Esperanza comes back, and asks what’s going on with Kelly? Lushion says they arrested her; Travis died. He’s going to make some calls. Esperanza offers to help, but he says he has it. He leaves, and Stephen says, dinner? Esperanza says her friend just got arrested, and he’s asking her on a date? He asks if he’s being insensitive, and she says he’s being a pr*ck, and walks out. Eddie comes in, and Stephen says he doesn’t want to be what she already had.

Eddie says Stephen thinks he’s funny. Stephen thinks Esperanza likes him. Eddie thinks if he catches Stephen over at her place, he’s going to kick his ass. Stephen says Eddie is a crazy SOB, but so is he. Eddie says he has no idea. Stephen says Eddie’s crazy is fueled by cocaine and chaos; his is controlled.  He asks if Eddie noticed the rest of the station looking at him funny. Last night, he was the toast in some guy’s toaster. Eddie tells Stephen to stay out of his face. Stephen says Eddie is funny; he thinks he scares him. He thinks he’s a tough guy. Eddie tells him, take a walk, but Stephen says he’s not going anywhere, and tells Eddie to get his ass out. Go to the station down the street. They don’t want him there anymore.

Marcie pulls into Brad’s driveway, and calls Ian. She’s got the contract, and he asks her to come by the office. She asks if Larry is going to be there, and he says no. She asks Brad why he’s sitting there, and he says he’s waiting on her. He asks about her car, and she’s getting a rental. It’s totaled, and they’re going to replace it. Brad calls Randal a bastard, but she says his insurance will go up too, since his name was on it. He says Randal was shouting at him about the baby. He apologizes for Alex, and says she shouldn’t have told him. Marcie tries to tell him it wasn’t Alex, but he says she’s sick of her lying. Marcie asks how he knows, and he says Randal told him. Marcie says don’t believe him. She asks what Alex said, and Brad tells her that Alex denied it, but who else could have told him? He’s thinking about leaving, and asks if it’s okay to come back to the apartment. Marcie says of course. She’s missed him, and says it was a mistake to throw him out. He says at least she didn’t tell Randal it was his child. Marcie says she fired the divorce lawyer; it’s a long story. Brad gets in the car with her.

Lushion calls Ian, and asks what’s going on? He thought Ian would be there helping Kelly. Ian says he can’t. His partner and boss was adamant. Lushion asks if he’s going to leave her hanging, and he says he texted a new lawyer’s number. Lushion says Kelly doesn’t get to have her phone in jail, and Ian says he’ll send it to Lushion. Lushion doesn’t like the idea, but Ian insists he’s good. He tells Lushion what he’s done for Kelly so far is pro bono. He says he’s sorry, but Lushion says he’s not. It’s sad and wrong, and a a good woman needs a good attorney. He asks if Ian will at least let her know personally, and Ian agrees, apologizing again.

Kelly paces in the cleanest, neatest cell ever. Esperanza comes by. Kelly says she needs her lawyer, but Esperanza says he’s not there. Lushion is handling it, and it will be okay. Kelly says he came all the way to see her at Natalie’s last night. Esperanza tells her that she’ll pick up Justice from school. Kelly worries she won’t get out, and says she’s not in the wrong. She knows she shouldn’t have shot him. Esperanza tells her not to talk about it in there, and don’t talk to the other prisoners about it. Kelly starts to freak, and Esperanza tells her to maintain her composure. Esperanza says he provoked her, and they’ll figure it out, but she has to calm down. This is also the quietest jail ever.

Marcie comes by Ian’s office. He tells her Larry is in court. She tells him the inspections are, and the closing date has been moved up. He says hopefully it will be done before his kids get there for the summer. He gives her the paperwork, saying it’s signed and notarized, and it’s all good. She says he made her life easier. He says now the hard part; have drinks and dinner with him. He won’t take no for an answer. She says she’ll text her address, and she’ll bring the keys. He says he already has them. Marcie says he didn’t need her, and could have saved the commission. He says some things are worth the investment. She says whatever he thinks he’s getting, she hopes it’s worth it. Marcie wants to jet before Larry gets back, but ugh! Larry comes in. Ian says they were just talking about him. He asks if they were cursing him out, and Marcie says, you’d better believe it. Larry apologizes, and says what if he gets Randal to sign the papers. Then she can fire him. He glides out, and Marcie says she can’t stand him, but she likes him. Ian says that’s how most of them feel.

Eddie asks Lushion if he’s good, and Lushion says he’s busy. Eddie knows Lushion didn’t have to do what he did, and thanks him. Lushion says, don’t mention it, but Eddie says he has to. Lushion is a good guy. Eddie says he called so many people, and Lushion is the only one who picked up. That’s funny, since I could have sworn he’d only called Esperanza, and even Lushion hung up twice before talking to him. Lushion asks where Andrew is, and Eddie says Rusty probably did something to him. Lushion says he doesn’t trust Eddie, or like him. He doesn’t trust what he says, and he was just doing his job. He doesn’t give a damn about him. Eddie asks what he’s putting in the report, and Lushion asks if that’s what this is really about. He’s writing what happened, and wouldn’t have to do that if Eddie hadn’t shot at them. He wouldn’t have done anything. What grown men do is their business. Eddie says he was in the backyard, and they drugged him. He says maybe they had a laugh, but everyone knows who has the last word around there. Lushion tells him that Larry is well-connected, and to leave them alone. Eddie says all the more reason to take his ass out. Lushion says not to call him; he won’t be a part of Eddie’s crimes. Eddie says he’s not committing crimes; he’s trying to take out the cartel. They’ll have to agree to disagree, but he thanks Lushion from the bottom of his heart. He shakes Lushion’s hand, and Lushion asks where Andrew is. Eddie says there will be a time Lushion needs him, and he can count on Eddie. He’ll be there.

Larry goes to Randal’s house. Randal says he fired him, but Larry says he needs to sign the lawsuit papers. And something else; the divorce papers. Randal says he’s not doing that. Larry says he will if he wants to sue, but Randal says he’ll find another lawyer. Larry says he’ll do it for free. Randal thinks Larry feels guilty about letting it slip that Marcie is pregnant. Larry says he can make Brad’s life miserable, and Randal wonders why he wants it so bad. Larry asks why Randal doesn’t want to let it go? Randal says he just doesn’t. Larry says he wants the last bit of control, but Randal says it’s not about control. He wants her to suffer. Now that she’s pregnant, he wants her stressed the hell out. Larry says he’s not suing Brad, and calls Randal a piece of work. Randal says he is, and Larry loves it. Larry says just because he loves pain and suffering, doesn’t mean he likes to beg. He tells Randal to sign the lawsuit papers. Randal looks them over, and signs them. They shake hands. Larry jokingly (I think) says, love you, on his way out the door.

Larry gets in his car. He calls the office, leaving a message that he’s sending over some documents. Eddie pops up from the backseat, and holds a gun to Larry’s head. Larry asks what he wants, and Eddie tells him to drive.

Next time, Travis’s family holds a press conference, Esperanza apologizes to Lushion, Eddie beats up Larry, and Alex slaps Randal.

👯 What is up with these reboots of 90s sitcoms all of a sudden? Have we run out of ideas?


Faison & The Severed Branch

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