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February 27, 2018 – Curtis Sneaks Around, the Bullets Match, Beverly Hills Bids Farewell to New York, a New Show & a Camel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu brings Dante some food at the station, and asks how Mike is doing. He says Mike is sleeping now. Looking at him, you’d never know there was a problem. Lulu doesn’t know who she feels worse for, him or Sonny. She says the worst thing is the powerlessness; there’s nothing you can do to help. Dante asks if she’s talking about his father or Maxie. She’s already given up her career, and can start mending fences.

Peter finds Maxie asleep at her desk. He asks why she’s back at work already. She says Nina already lectured her about it, and he says she’s another one who shouldn’t be there. It’s too soon for both of them. Maxie tells him that Nathan would want them to go on with their lives. Peter says he’d also want them to take care of themselves. He orders dinner for two from the MetroCourt.

Anna finds Felicia working at the bar. She has something to tell Maxie, but wants to tell her first. Felicia asks what Maxie needs to know.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the bridegroom isn’t supposed to see the bride the night before the wedding for practical reasons. He thinks it’s to give the bride time to run. She says after tomorrow, nothing and no one can keep them apart. He says till death do they part.

Drew, sporting a bandaged hand, meets Curtis at Charlie’s. He tells Curtis that he got injured changing a tire. Since this has nothing to do with the plot, I’m guessing it’s an on screen explanation for a real life injury. Curtis tells Drew he combed Jim’s hotel room, but found nothing. Drew says just because he found nothing to link Jim to Betsy in his room, doesn’t mean he’s not involved. Jim walks in, saying he has a bunch of hungry construction workers, and places an order. Drew says he’s glad to run into him, and asks if he has a minute.

Dante looks at the food, and says Lulu went all out. She tells him that she’s lucky. He knows she’s upset abut Maxie losing Nathan. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and she’s glad for that. She says that when she starts something, she always finishes it, but she can’t give up a career that means so much to her. He asks what made her change her mind? Peter?

The food comes, and Maxie tells Peter that she’ll eat for the baby. He tells her go home afterwards, sleep, and come back tomorrow. She says she’s thinking of having the hotel send a cot to the office. He saw how miserable she was at the apartment. She even got rid of every reminder. It sounds cold, but she didn’t think she could survive being surrounded by objects that reminded her of Nathan. He’s everywhere, except there. It’s strange, since that’s where Faison shot him. Peter gets it. All her best memories are at home, but her worst memories are there. If she can overcome that, she can overcome anything. She says it sounds like he’s speaking from experience. She tells him don’t think of holding out on her. What kind of horribleness did he have to face?

Felicia asks Anna if she thinks Huntington’s disease was passed to Nathan, and Anna says it shouldn’t be ignored. The possibility is fifty percent. If Nathan was still with them, he would have to be told, so they have to do what he’d probably want; have the baby tested. Felicia says she’ll tell Maxie. She’s her mother.

Elizabeth asks Franco if he’s making progress in his sessions with Doc. He says it’s hard to gauge with a complex history like his. She wonders what he’s not telling her, and says he can tell her anything, but he doesn’t have to. Keeping things to yourself and keeping secrets are two different things. He asks which is which, and she says it’s a secret if it’s something she needs to know and he’s hiding it. Is there anything he wants to tell her? Scotty interrupts, asking if there’s a bachelor party planned. Franco says that should be his department, and Scotty says he’ll check his little black book for strippers. Elizabeth says that’s a no, and Franco agrees. Scotty gives Franco a letter that came for him. Inside is a card congratulating him on the upcoming wedding from Betsy. No check though. Geez. Is Betsy my maternal grandmother?

Drew thinks he and Jim got off on the wrong foot. Jim says think nothing of it. Drew says the Charles Street redevelopment is really happening; good for him. Jim says he broke ground right after the election. Drew didn’t realize he was so hands-on, and says he can relate, since he’s the same way at Aurora. He and Sam thought they could set up a meeting. They could do business together for the betterment of Port Charles. Jim Drew his him card, and says they’ll set something up. Drew says one day they might be friends again. Jim says he makes it sound like they were friendly in the past. Drew admits he has a blank space where his memory is; maybe Jim has answers. What he can’t figure out is why would a woman who loved him send him to an orphanage. Does Jim have the answer to that?

At the construction site, Curtis goes into Jim’s office. A worker asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Lulu tells Dante that she was all set to quit, and Peter pointed out that if she hadn’t written the article, Faison might still be out there. Nathan was on board with it, and wanted to draw him out. He knew the risks, and in the end, did what he had to in order to protect his wife and baby. Dante says it’s true; Nathan didn’t do anything he didn’t want to. Lulu says Peter reminded her that she has a calling, and if she gives that up, she gives up on herself, and Faison wins. Dante asks if she ever thought about the possibility that Peter is using her.

Peter says after everything went down, and Nathan passed – Maxie interrupts him, saying Nathan died. He didn’t pass, he didn’t leave them, he didn’t go anywhere; he died. Peter continues, saying he reassessed his priorities; everything in his life, what mattered and what didn’t. Maxie asks what the verdict was. He says he thought he’d be happier elsewhere, and tendered his resignation. Maxie says, but he’s still here. He says Drew and Sam gave him time to think, and he reconsidered. Maxie thanks him, saying who knew he had insecurities like the rest of them? He’s too slick, and guys like him are either overcompensating for their inadequacies or delusional. He says he’s in category A, and she asks what made him stay. Felicia appears, saying sorry to interrupt. Maxie asks what it is.

Curtis tells the worker that he’s a new hire. He’s asked for his ID. As Curtis is looking for it, he says he wanted to check some stats, unless the guy wants to discuss it with the boss. The worker says no need to bother, and tells him to get busy. When he leaves, Curtis looks in the file cabinet and cupboard, but there’s nothing. He looks through some maps, and notices a few that are inside tubes, leaning against the wall. He takes them out and takes pictures.

Jim tells Drew that he and Betsy parted before she gave him up. He’s sorry, and wishes he could be of help. The waitress brings Jim’s order. He asks if he can call Drew “Andy,” but that’s a no. He says he’ll get used to calling him Drew easier than calling Bobby “Franco,” Drew says speaking of Franco, does he remember why Drew was expendable. Why would Betsy give him up? Jim doesn’t know. The only reason he can think of is that they banged heads all the time. It was kid stuff, but Drew would really go at it.

Franco wonders if Betsy is off the grid, why would she know about the wedding? Elizabeth excuses herself, saying Franco will only need five minutes to put on a suit, while she’ll spend five hours to look amazing. He tells her that she always looks amazing. They kiss, and exchange I love yous. After she leaves, Scotty says he hasn’t told her, has he?

Andre tells Anna that they’ve got to stop meeting like this. She tells him it’s about the baby. She has to find her. It’s a matter of life or death.

Peter gives Felicia and Maxie privacy. Felicia tells her it’s about the baby. Maxie says the baby is fine. Felicia says she hopes that never changes. She talked to Anna, and Maxie says she doesn’t want to hear anything about Faison; she doesn’t care. Felicia says something was found in his DNA. Maxie asks if it was a genetic mutation of evil, but Felicia says it’s Huntington’s disease. It affects cognitive functions and the brain. Faison had a number of symptoms. It’s genetic, and there’s a chance it was passed to Nathan. Maxie says Nathan is gone, but Felicia says it could have been passed down to Faison’s grandchild.

Franco says pushing Drew down a flight of stairs didn’t come up. Scotty doesn’t think the guy who said honesty is the best policy was married, or never got past the honeymoon. Franco only has Betsy’s word that it happened. Franco says he’s starting to have other memories. Scotty is going back to his previous advice. What happened, happened. He’s not a kid anymore. He has a life and should live it. He hopes Franco took his other piece of advice, and didn’t allow Doc to use him as a guinea pig.

Drew leaves Curtis a message, saying he stalled as long as could. He texts Curtis to GET OUT NOW.

At his office, Jim asks if he can help someone. It’s Elizabeth.

Lulu tells Dante that she already made the decision. He supposes he doesn’t get an opinion. He says she’s a great reporter and brought change, but she doesn’t listen when she’s told to be careful. She says her editor wants her to focus on cat shows and puff pieces. Dante says Peter wants her to take risks while he gets the reward. She says it might come as a surprise, but she makes her own choices. He says Nathan is dead, her best friend won’t forgive her, and she almost left her kids without a mother. She says he puts himself in danger every day. He tells her that he does his job to serve and protect, but he lost Nathan and almost lost her. Peter might think her life is acceptable to risk so he can boost his business, but Dante doesn’t.

Maxie tells Felicia that Nathan had no symptoms, but she says they usually don’t show up until the person is between thirty and fifty; he might have carried the gene and not known it. Maxie says he died to save his child, and it could have been for nothing. Faison can still reach out from the grave to claim her baby, and there’s nothing she can do.

Curtis joins Drew, telling him by time he got the message, he was long gone. He says Drew seems extra edgy, and Drew says he is every time he’s around Jim. He asked Jim about his childhood, but he remembers pretty much noting, except him and Franco fighting when they were kids. Curtis says there’s been no luck with anything linking Jim to Betsy, but Drew says he might have another lead.

Elizabeth apologizes to Jim for her unannounced visit. She tells him congratulations, but he says he saw her rooting for the other side. She says he’s right, and he asks why she’s there. He doesn’t think it’s to rehash the election. She tells him that she’s getting married to Franco tomorrow. He says it’s his turn to say congratulations. He’d love to get them a wedding gift, and asks if there’s anything they need. She says Franco’s mother, Betsy.

Andre tells Anna the disease is like a ticking time bomb, and can be carried for decades. She says her daughter needs to know for herself or any children she might have. Andre asks how Anna plans to find her. She says when she gave the baby up, she didn’t even ask if it was a boy or girl. She was very clever, and made sure she went through no legal or traceable channels. She doesn’t know anything; they’re strangers. She’s made a mess of everything.

Maxie asks Felicia what she does now. Felicia says the first step is a test. Whatever the results are, she needs to know. If it’s negative, it’s one less thing to worry about. If it’s positive, the doctor will guide her through it. Maxie says she has to get back to work. Felicia says the issue can wait. She needs sleep for her and the baby. Maxie says they’re both fine; everything is fine. Felicia tells her to call; she doesn’t need a reason. Maxie sits staring into space. Peter puts a hand on her shoulder.

Elizabeth tells Jim it would mean so much have Franco’s mother at the wedding. They had an argument, and she took off. They haven’t been able to find her, but she thought maybe Jim spoke to her. Jim says they’ve been out of touch long time, and she says she knew it was a long shot. He wonders why Elizabeth thought he was in contact with Betsy. Elizabeth says it would explain how she knew where to send a card. Franco got one with no return address.

Curtis tells Drew that when a big mess is usually left after a fast getaway. Betsy couldn’t have been tidier; all her expenses were paid and everything organized. She had been deep in debt, and it was completely cleared. She didn’t have the money, but after the art show, guess who did? Drew says that doesn’t work for him; Franco’s not behind it. Normally, he wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, but when he asked Franco about it, he believed him.

Scotty tells Franco that he’s lost his mind, and to stay away from Doc. If Doc starts rummaging around in Franco’s mind, he’ll find something. Franco says it’s not just therapy; he’s helping Doc with his research. Scotty says, is he? Is he stirring memories that are buried or helping? Franco says both. Scotty tells him that he’ about to marry beautiful girl tomorrow. Ask himself what would his father do, then have the sense God gave a goose and do the opposite.

Jim says it’s not every day a bride-to-be tracks down her future mother-in-law. Elizabeth thinks Franco is worth it. It blows Jim’s mind that he grew up to be a famous artist, and is now marrying the woman of his dreams. He’s truly blessed. He wishes them nothing but happiness. Elizabeth thanks him, and leaves.

Scotty tells Franco they’re taking an Uber. Franco says his car is there. Is Scotty afraid he’s going to run to Canada? Scotty says they don’t know what can happen, and he’s not taking any chances. Franco thanks Scotty for being his dad, and standing up for him, not just at the wedding. Scotty is kind of his favorite relative.

Curtis asks Drew if not Franco, than who? Drew says, Jim. The more they talk, the more he’s convinced Jim is hiding something. Now they have to prove it.

Jim calls someone, and tells them what they did was stupid.

Lulu tells Dante to Mike some food so it won’t go to waste. She starts to leave, and comes back to tell him that she loves him. He says he knows.

Anna tells Andre that she’ll treat it like any other missing person, and start at the beginning. She’s going to Brussels where her daughter was born. Andre says it sounds like plan. She asks if he’s going to wish her luck, and he says he’ll do better. He’s going with her. She asks how his Flemish is.

Peter asks what Faison did, and Maxie says nothing actually. He’s just as much of a victim as the baby and Nathan. Peter says Faison was never anybody’s victim. Maxie tells him it turns out Faison had Huntington’s disease, a genetic brain disorder. It’s fatal with a slew of horrible symptoms along the way, and there’s a fifty percent chance it’s passed to the children. Peter gives a look like, DUN-DUN-DUNN!

Tomorrow, Kim calls Julian a good guy, Scout celebrates a birthday, and Sonny asks Ava what it will cost to make it go away

The Haves and the Have Nots

David and Melissa find Veronica and Benny going at it. Melissa says uh-oh. Veronica tells David, see what he gets when he walks in without knocking, and asks if he wants to see more. Benny says, are you kidding? David leaves. Melissa calls Benny nasty, and Veronica throws a pillow at her. Benny says it ain’t right; it’s her husband, and she says soon to be ex. He’s leaving, and she calls him her hero, but if he wants to go, go. He says it’s a messed up situation. She says he wanted it, and so did she so. She doesn’t feel bad about it. He does, and tells her not to call him again. He gets dressed, and Veronica laughs, asking if he’d like to come back. He says it’s crazy, and she says he’s crazy about this. Why is he fighting it?

Melissa says Benny actually did that, and he tells her to leave him alone. David says Benny is still in it, but Benny says he should talk to his wife about that. David says he’s talking to him. Benny tells him to move from the front door, and David says, move him. Benny says he kicked David’s old ass before. Veronica comes down, and tells David not to mess up her good thing. Melissa says, this is good. I’m surprised she didn’t get popcorn. Veronica calls her a bitch, and tells her to go to her room, Veronica tells David to let Benny go, and Benny walks out. She asks what David wants. He asks Melissa to excuse them, but she says she doesn’t think so. Veronica slaps her, and asks if she didn’t hear. Melissa says touch her one more time and see what happens, but she goes upstairs.

Veronica tells David that Melissa is driving her crazy. Is he jealous? A fine, sexy, desirable man wants her. He hands her a folder, and tells her to read it. It’s all the things he’s had on her over the years. She says she has a file too, so he can’t scare her with this. She calls Jeffrey a girl, and David says he’s gay; get over it. She says, not in our family; she needs to stay in jail then. David tells her that she can’t make him straight. Veronica says she’s not trying to. She’s just trying to make him be who he is. David asks if she wants him to take the file to the FBI, and she tells him to do what he has to. She’ll sing like a bird. One of them tried to have her killed, but she’s going to live to be the fire that burns him. She threatens to take care of the beige girl he’s seeing, and he tells her to move out of his way. She tells him to move her. She has a restraining order, and she’ll tell the police that he beat her. She tells him the beige girl with the pretty face is going to get messed up, and he pushes her aside. She yells that David Harrington is a wife beater. Melissa is hanging around on the stairs, and Veronica says she’s going to the doctor tomorrow to find out why she’s not showing. Melissa says she’s not going anywhere. Veronica tells her that if she’s not pregnant, she won’t have to worry about anything anymore. Melissa asks if Veronica is threatening her. Veronica says she is, and Melissa tells her that she’d better lock her door tonight. Veronica says she’ll leave it open; come in and see what happens. Veronica goes upstairs, and Melissa says she’ll show her how crazy she is.

DA George tells Sarah that they have the Cryers. It’s a match. He’s going to talk to the judge, but this is clearly enough. He tells her they’re paying Wyatt a visit. It’s solid, way solid. She wants to know what it is, but he tells her to just come.

Hanna helps new housekeeper Joanne, who calls Kathryn particular and a bit of a bitch. Kathryn snapped at her, and if she didn’t need the job, she’d have been gone. She asks if Hanna doesn’t think Kathryn is kind of stuck up. She was going to ask for tomorrow off, but she would probably hit the roof. Hanna asks how long she’s been working there, and Joanne says a week, but it’s better than the last family. Those damn white folks got on her last nerve. Their daughter got pregnant by a Black man, and they hit roof. She tells Hanna it’s an ugly little brown baby. Hanna is like, really? Joanne thought there was drama in the hood, but these people are even worse. She looks at Kathryn’s jewelry, and says one necklace cost more than she makes in a year; she could sell it and be happy. Hanna says she’d better not, and Joanne says she’s just playing. Hanna says she’ll be right back, and takes her purse with her. Joanne tries on earrings.

Hanna goes downstairs and finds Kathryn. Kathryn kids her about her upcoming date with Derek. Hanna needs to talk about Joanne. She says sorry to do this, but Kathryn has to fire her. She’s up in everyone’s business, and it’s not good for her with all the drama she has. Kathryn admits not doing her due diligence, but she thought Joanne was cool. Hanna says she’s a hot mess and will steal everything. Joanne storms in, says she knew Hanna was going to tell on her, and asks Hanna what kind of a sister she is. Hanna says first of all, she’s not her sister; she’s an honest woman, and what Joanne is doing is terrible. Joanne says Hanna’s ignorant ass gives Black people a bad name. How is she going to feed her kids. Kathryn says she’s not feeding them on her dime, and to get out. Joanne says she doesn’t know who she’s talking to; who does she think she is? She’d better have her money ready in two weeks or she’ll burn the house down. She leaves, and Hanna tells Kathryn, you see? Crazy.

Veronica calls Candace, who asks what the hell Jeffrey is doing in jail? Veronica says he’s there for her crime, and Candace says she didn’t do anything. Veronica says the phone isn’t bugged; she can say what she wants. Veronica tells her that Jeffrey wouldn’t do as he was told, and had to go. Candace says he won’t make it, and Veronica says that’s not her problem. He likes the boys; maybe he should be around them. Candace asks if Veronica is punishing him for being gay, and Veronica says it’s worthy of punishment. Candace tells her, people are gay; get over it. Veronica says not to educate her on the LGBTQ and however many letters they’ve added. Candace says people have died for being gay, and she should show respect. Veronica says give her the old days, when the closet was king for queens. Candace thinks her level of ignorance is too much. Veronica says they need to talk about David; she wants to take him for everything. Candace says her girl hasn’t found any account numbers or passwords, and Veronica tells her that David won’t leave those around the house. He might be screwing her, but he’s also watching her. He’ll know if anything is out of place, and will even use a black light. Candace asks if he’s that paranoid, and Veronica says she taught him. She says make sure nothing is disturbed. Keep an eye out, and she’ll inform Candace of the next move. She tells Candace she’s impressed so far, and Candace is like, bitch, please.

Candace calls Erica, who tells her there’s nothing there. Candace says she’s holding off on the $100K, and not to snoop; he’ll know. Erica says she thought he would, and Candace tells her not to think. Don’t touch anything; don’t do anything. He’ll black light things looking for evidence. She asks what name Erica has her under on the phone, and Erica tells her CY. Candace calls her stupid, and tells her to put her number under Cynthia. Put everything in an app, and leave everything else exposed. If David checks, he’ll never find it.

Candace asks the hotel bartender what’s going on and how the new girl is doing. He says she’s smart and careful. Candace tells him to have the new girl come to see her.

Oscar goes to Jim’s hotel room. Jim asks what he’s got, and Oscar gives him a paper with account information. He has trackers on the phone and is working on getting the passwords. He asks if Jim is expecting someone, and Jim says he is, and Oscar is in the way. Oscar leaves, saying, see you, Mr. Jones, and Jim says, okay, Mr. Smith, because they’re so original. After Oscar is gone, a girl comes in. Jim asks if she’s new at this, and she feigns ignorance, saying that she met an amazing guy in the bar, and he invited her to his room. If he happens to leave $5K on the dresser, that’s just fine. Jim says $1K only, and she says he’ll only get $1K worth of service. He says it better be damn good, and she says he’ll be paying her $5K before he knows it. She kisses him, and they move to the bed.

George goes to Wyatt’s place with Sarah. Wyatt asks what’s up. George says they have a bit of an issue. They have strong evidence tying his family to Jennifer’s shooting. Wyatt asks what they have, and George asks if his family owns a gun. Wyatt says not that he knows of, and George asks where his sister got one. He doesn’t know. George asks if he’s ever seen his parents with one; it’s important that he has, and he needs him to think about it. The light bulb comes on, and Wyatt says actually, he has. George asks which, and Wyatt says both. George says that’s all he needs, and Wyatt asks if George is picking them up. George says he’s working on it. Wyatt says them coming by has to stop. His dad is telling him not to testify. George offers to get a restraining order.

While they’re waiting for the elevator, George tells Sarah that they got them. She doesn’t like the coercion. It’s obvious Wyatt didn’t see them with a gun. He asks whose side she’s on. They killed one of them, and they’re going down for it. She says the case isn’t tight, and George asks if she’s going to rat on him. She says no, and he tells her that she just got this job. She’s with him for a reason; to learn the ropes. He tells her to watch, learn, and keep her mouth shut. They’re going to visit Kathryn and see if she’ll break.

Justin brings another officer some coffee, and says he hears the officer has the Harrington case. The officer says she was in a car wreck. She’s okay, but they have no clue who hit her. Justin tells him good luck.

Justin calls for Jeffrey at his cell, which is getting super old. Jeffery says he’s not going anywhere with Justin. Justin asks if he wants to make it difficult, and Jeffrey says he does. Justin tells him to get on his feet. Jeffrey says, no, and Justin keeps repeating it. Jeffrey just looks at him. The other officer comes out, and asks if Justin is having trouble. Justin says no, and the officer says he has the authority to make him come, but Justin says it’s okay. He looks at his phone and says he just got a text that they’re going to be late, so he doesn’t need Jeffrey. The officer says today is Jeffrey’s lucky day.

Justin’s wife, Kendra, comes to the station. She asks to talk in private. They go to an interrogation room. She asks him why. Why didn’t he tell her? She found out in open court he was with that man. He says he wasn’t, and she says she saw it. He apologizes. She says he should have just told her he’s gay, and he says he’s not. She wonders what the calls it, and he says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what to say; it isn’t the place. She says, no, it isn’t, but he hasn’t returned her calls. She’s not leaving until he talks to her. He owes her that. He says it’s been forever since they’ve been intimate. She says he hasn’t touched her. In the last year, she came onto him. He says she’s always busy, and she tells him not to turn it around. It’s him; just be honest. Why can’t he just tell her? He says he’s sorry. She asks if he loves Jeffrey, but he can’t talk to her about that. She says she’s his wife, and he repeats he can’t talk about it. She says it’s more like he won’t, and he tells her that he has to get back to work.

Hanna tells Kathryn that’s it, and Kathryn says it looks good. Hanna was the best housekeeper she ever had. She asks if Hanna will work for her again at double the salary, and have two people report to her. Hanna shakes her head. Kathryn asks if it’s the money, and Hanna says she knows what they’ve been through. It hurts Kathryn that she can’t fix it, but Hanna could use the money. Hanna says she could go to school and get s nursing degree. She doesn’t want to do this anymore; she wants a change. Kathryn suggests going to school while she’s working for her, but Hanna says she’d be dog tired. Kathryn says she can do it, and Hanna says she’ll think about it. Kathryn says think is better than won’t.

They go outside, and see George and Sarah pull up. Hanna asks if Kathryn wants her to stay, but Kathryn says Hanna needs to get ready for her date. Hanna says it’s not until tomorrow, but Kathryn tells her to go. George tells Kathryn they’d like to talk to her, and she invites them in. She should just pin everything on Veronica. George introduces Sarah, and Kathryn asks if he has more bad news for Jim. He says it’s actually bad news for her. Her son is planning to testify against her. She thought Jennifer dropped it, but George says what she did was die; she was murdered actually. She had a gunshot wound, point blank to the chest. Kathryn acts like she doesn’t know anything, and George says it was a 45 caliber handgun; one registered to the Cryer address. She tells him he needs to talk to Jim; she wouldn’t know about it. George says they will. He’s sorry about her daughter, and says, it was a suicide, right? Jennifer was looking into it because the blood spatter didn’t match a suicide. Kathryn asks how that can be, and George tells her that Jennifer thought her daughter was murdered. He asks whose gun it was, and she says it was Jim’s. He asks how Amanda got it, and she says she doesn’t know. She wonders if she should call her attorney, and George says if she’d like. She asks if he’s saying she’s a suspect, but he says he’s just asking questions. She tells him that they need to leave, and he tells her that the same gun used to kill Jennifer was the one Amanda used. The bullets match. She asks how that’s possible, and he asks her to tell him. She tells him that she thinks she’s said enough, and if he wants any more contact, he can speak with her attorney. She’ll give him a list, and he can choose one. She tells him that he knows where the door is, and he thanks her for her time.

David is knocking on Hanna’s door as she pulls up. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says they need to talk about her son. Hanna asks what about him, and David says he knows Benny buried Quincy’s body. He needs to turn himself in or be arrested for murder.

Next time, Hanna talks to Benny about Veronica, Kathryn tells Jim that she doesn’t need him, Veronica asks Melissa where her alcohol went, and Candace wonders what she’d look like in the White House.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille’s daughter is walking the runway, and they’re both excited. Malan Breton, the designer, who’s using way too many fillers, tells Mason he’s proud of her. She’s blossomed.

The ladies get in the limo. The silence is deafening. In her interview, Kyle says it’s the most awkward car ride she’s had in a long time. She didn’t know Dorit was capable of being quiet for this long, and it’s making her more uncomfortable. She says it doesn’t feel like they’re gong to a fashion show. In her interview, Dorit says it was a sh*tty night and she had a bad night’s sleep. She has nothing to say, and doesn’t want to be there. They head for the Intrepid where the show is. Dorit sits between LisaR and Erika, because it’s safer and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone else.

Kyle gets choked up seeing Mason. LisaR relates to Camille because of her own daughters. Most of the clothes are fabulous, except for this sequined thing with marabou feathers on the sleeves. The ballgown Mason wears at the end is to die for. It looks like something out of a fairytale. Erika says Camille is so supportive, and they went crazy cheering Mason on. Camille couldn’t be any prouder. Backstage, LVP congratulates both of them. LisaR wonders what’s going on, and then wonders if she really wants to know.

Kyle is opening a new store in the city. Everyone gets glammed up. Kyle’s hairstylist wants to cut her hair. She decides to take a risk – and pretend. He creates a faux bob for her. LisaR asks her what’s going on. Kyle says nobody is talking to anybody. She tells LisaR about Dorit wanting to take a cab home, and LVP saying she’d go with her. Kyle says she never gets credit for defending LVP, and we flash back to some of that. LisaR says Kyle would throw herself in front of a bus for LVP. Kyle says no, but maybe under it. In her interview, LisaR says Kyle has stood up for LVP in ways she never would. She tells us threesomes always lead to trouble.

Dorit never tries things on because she likes the thrill. Not me. Nothing is less thrilling than finding out something doesn’t fit correctly at the last minute. She’s wearing a vampire shirt because her blood was drawn last night. Okay. She calls LVP, and asks if they can chat before they leave. LVP says okay. Dorit says it feels crummy being on the outs with her, and some things need to be said.

Teddi is exhausted. She was up until God knows when. There was so much drama the night before, and she was up for SoulCycle at 6 am. She only cares about being in a good mood and excited about Kyle’s store opening. She has to pull it together. Thank God for glam squads.

Dorit meets with LVP, who says she was hurt. She’s been a good friend and always on her side. Dorit says she was upset, and things come out of her mouth when she’s upset. Like what? Diamonds? Toads? She says she and LVP spoke about it, but LVP says apparently Dorit told everyone else that she’s insecure and jealous. Dorit claims she didn’t say that. She only said that LVP is sometimes needy of her. LVP says Dorit claimed she’d told her she hadn’t gotten enough attention as a child. In her interview, she feels it’s derogatory. We flash back to what LVP did say, and it was more like her parents weren’t huggy/kissy and she wouldn’t have minded that. She tells Dorit now Kyle is mad because she didn’t want Dorit to go home alone. She feels she’s defended LVP, and feels LVP holds her to a higher standard. Dorit tries to deflect, pointing her finger at Kyle, and LVP says just because they both did it, doesn’t make it right. Dorit wonders how they can work it out. LVP says she loves Dorit, mainly on the strength of her loving PK. Dorit says that’s not very nice to say, and LVP says let her finish. In her interview, Dorit says she thought they had a better relations than that. LVP tells Dorit they became friends because of her husband, but she’s grown to love her, and they have an authentic friendship.  In her interview, LVP explains that her friendship with PK goes back years in England and Europe. She doesn’t want to rock the boat and have a falling out. Dorit says she would never do or say anything to hurt LVP. In her interview, LVP says that Dorit was complicit in talking crap about her with Kyle, but she’s glad for the sort-of apology. Dorit tells LVP to come to her directly if she’s upset.

Kyle says it’s supposed to be an exciting night, but it feels weird that she and LVP haven’t spoken. She’s not riding in the car supporting her. Teddi has come along instead, and Kyle tells her that she hates having to think about it. They get to the store, and Kyle gets excited. One of the designers is her godson, who was on Project Runway Junior when he was a kid.

In the limo/bus, Erika tells the ladies that every day, she wears a costume. It’s not an outfit, but a personality. Tonight, she’s Kim Bassinger from 9½ Weeks. We go down Erika’s costume Memory Lane. She says you have to switch it up and have depth, otherwise dressing up is no fun.

The Fat Jewish is at the opening, and we flash back to his lap dance from last time. Bethenny also shows up, and is amazed by Kyle’s faux bob. Kyle explains that they’ve knowns each other for twenty-five years. She introduces Teddi, and the others arrive. She thinks LVP and Dorit showing up is a good sign. They still need to talk, but at least they’re here. In her interview, Erika makes air kisses, and says the Beverly Hill hello comes in handy. Kyle tells LVP that she wasn’t sure they were going to shot up. Bethenny says Kyle feels like she got caught in crossfire when she was defending LVP. LVP thanks Kyle for defending her, and Bethenny says it sounded like what she calls a “thuck you,” a combination thank you and eff you. LVP says she didn’t want to let Dorit go home alone. In her interview, LVP says Kyle has Bethenny for back-up now. Bethenny says she can see the look on LVP’s face, and just stop. LVP says she loves both Kyle and Dorit, but differently. Bethenny wonders what’s up with Dorit’s accent. LVP tells Kyle she’s sorry if Kyle was upset. Bethenny points out that LVP is saying she’s sorry for the issue, but not that she conceived it. In her interview, Kyle says LVP struggles with admitting it when she’s done something wrong.

The ladies try on faux furs. Kyle’s godson calls LisaR the baddest bitch in town. LVP picks out a red one. In her interview, she says she’s paying full price so no one can add cheapskate to the insults. Erika talks to Bethenny. In her interview, she says she and Bethenny got off to a rocky start. We flash back to Bethenny saying Erika’s video had cheap production value. Erika says that Bethenny is one of those big dogs who wants to pee on everything, but has a heart of gold. Kyle tells LisaR that she’s had a black cloud over her, but she’s not going to be stepped on. In her interview, LisaR thinks it’s about effing time. Kyle needs to grow some balls, have some dignity, and stop it. Why is she kissing LVP’s ass? IMO, it’s because LVP is everything, can do no wrong, and is the patron saint of dogs. LisaR tells Kyle that she’s glad to hear it.

Dorit tries on the red coat LVP wants. Kyle tells her that she cares; that’s why she’s upset. LVP tells the clerk to rip the coat off of Dorit’s back. Kyle says she was upset, hurt, and disappointed. She put her trust in Dorit. Dorit says the best thing about joining the group was getting Kyle as a friend. The three of them have a good time. Kyle says they do, and that’s why she feels it was a waste of a day. She says Dorit can trust her, and she wants to feel the same way. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit tried to drive a wedge between her and LVP, and it’s a hard pill to swallow. Kyle thanks everyone for coming. She tells LVP she didn’t know if she would be there, and LVP says she wouldn’t not come, which is an odd turn of phrase. In her interview, LVP says of course she came; she had a jacket to pick up. She says it’s hard to understand the perception of the other relationships. She enjoyed the trip, but wants to go home now. Dorit asks about the red coat, and finds out LVP bought it. In her interview, Kyle says professionally, the trip was a success, but friendship-wise, it was a disaster. She loves New York, but gotta go.

Back in Beverly Hills, Jagger demands to see his gummi bears, Kyle gets facial treatments, LisaR gets a new puppy, and Teddi visits Villa Rosa.

LVP shows Teddi a new table she’s designing. They have tea, and LVP says she’s having a lunch for her birthday. Teddi says her husband will be glad to see the house. LVP says she’ll put the rude things away. Schnookie! Teddi asks how she’s feeling, and LVP says after the Bella party, everything got heated, and she didn’t want to be involved. Teddi says what makes it go in circles with Dorit, is that there’s no ownership. She adds that she never heard Kyle talk poorly about anyone, but Dorit does. LVP thinks she should put more thought to it, but sometimes she makes allowances for friends. She says didn’t want Dorit going home alone, and then complaining to PK about it. She thought Kyle would be okay. Teddi thinks that Kyle’s feelings might have been hurt because LVP was silent when she went to bat for her. She tells LVP not to make it about Dorit. She thinks Kyle needs to hear an official I’m sorry, LVP doesn’t want Kyle to feel hurt. In her interview, LVP says maybe she wasn’t listening, and if Kyle went to bat for her, she needs to acknowledge that. She and Teddi talk about going to Camille’s fundraiser. Teddi thinks it’s going to be okay.

Harry give kisses to the new puppy. Amelia thinks it’s ironic that he didn’t want the dog. Harry says he hasn’t started to eat the furniture yet. LisaR says he’s like a new baby without diapers running around the house. She tells them Delilah is homesick. It hasn’t hit her that her daughter lives in NYC now. In her interview, LisaR says when Delilah was eleven, she started having panic attacks, and bullying issues magnified them. That she can move is a miracle. Harry says he was a basket case his freshman year at Berkeley. He would cry in his room. He gets where she’s coming from, but she’ll make new friends. Amelia says Fashion Week as a wake-up call. Harry says he didn’t know sh*t from shinola at sixteen. His hat’s off to them. Amelia isn’t feeling well, and goes inside. Harry wonders if she’s going to attend NYU. LisaR says she has more of a connection with her than ever before. Harry says they have to give the girls guidance, and LisaR wonders if the girls realize they’re a helpful team. Harry says the girls are like fish who grew up in water, and don’t know what water is because they’ve always been around it. My head hurts just trying to figure out how this works as an analogy.

LVP meets Kyle for lunch. LVP says she needs to go to handbags anonymous. Kyle says her husband bought her bag, so it doesn’t count. She tells LVP she’s extremely overwhelmed, and LVP pours her some wine. Kyle says on top of her house being renovated, there was the trip to New York. LVP says four days felt like four weeks; it was emotionally draining. There were two things that went on with Dorit, and it was an uncomfortable situation. She says she ha a lot at stake with PK, and Kyle asks if there was anything at stake with them. LVP says, yeah, and Kyle says LVP holds her to a different standard. She puts the things Kyle does under a microscope, and she’s baffled that LVP is okay with Dorit. LVP says she’s not as close to Dorit; it’s been ten years of labor with Kyle. Kyle says she can only take so much. LVP apologizes, saying she made a mistake. No ifs, buts, or howevers. She’s sorry she neglected Kyle’s feelings, and didn’t realize she’d upset Kyle. Kyle says that’s why she was pissed in New York. In her interview, Kyle says she’s shocked at the apology. She wishes LVP had thought of it on her own, but she’ll take it. She tells LVP happy almost-birthday. LVP says she’s getting older. Kyle says even she is a better friend, LVP looks gorgeous. LVP says Kyle is getting on her nerves now.

Next time, Camille has a gift for Dorit, LVP’s birthday lunch happens, Dorit walks out of the lunch, and Giggy!

💰 New Bravo show Sell It Like Serhant premieres on Wednesday, April 11th at 10 pm. Ryan Serhant, of Million Dollar Listing New York fame, will be teaching people how to sell anything. Think he can help me with eBay?

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February 26, 2018 – Mike is Spending the Night, Jax Cheats Death, Tidbits & Advice


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Chase says Sonny’s father committed a crime; he’s going to have to stay. Sonny explains Mike was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and didn’t know what he was doing. Chase says it must be incredibly difficult, but Sonny says it doesn’t have to be. He’ll compensate Ava, and the whole thing will be over. Let him take Mike home tonight. Chase says unfortunately, they’re past that. Sonny says he didn’t know where he was, and Chase says he vandalized the gallery. Sonny tells him it was an accident, and suggests Chase put himself in his shoes. Mike is a scared man. Chase says it’s not that he doesn’t have compassion, but they have security footage. He caused damage, and already has a record.

Ava says she was going to tell Griff that she loved him on Valentine’s Day. Griff says he’s flattered (ugh!) and doesn’t know how to respond. Really? He’d just got done telling her that he actually goes to the movies sometimes, he had a grandiose affair with Nathan’s ex-wife, and now he’s acting like he just fell out of a tree. There’s probably nothing worse than saying you’re flattered when someone tells you they love you.

Oscar and Josslyn go to Charlie’s to plan the alternative dance party. Josslyn tells Julian she’s grateful for his help with this, but it’s the only thing she’s grateful for. Brad comes in, and Josslyn congratulates him. Julian says he must be out of the loop, and Brad says that’s why he came there. He and Lucas are adopting a baby. Nelle comes in with a surprise for Josslyn.

At the phone booth near the river (not to be confused with a van down by the river), Carly says it’s dark, and they might have missed something. While she’s wandering around, Dante tells Jason that Morgan was killed in an explosion near there; the car he was driving blew up. He says that Carly had no idea of the location until he traced the call. Jason thinks there must be something more to it. Carly comes back, saying she didn’t find anything, but she’s received multiple calls from this number. Jason says he’ll look around. Dante tells Carly maybe it was just a bad connection, but she says she knows the difference between static and a bomb. Dante says there’s nothing there. She asks what about surveillance cameras or dusting for prints? She needs to find out what the hell is going on.

I miss a part here because my dogs are acting like idiots. Kind of like how everyone is acting on this show today. Maybe it’s catching.

Griff tells Ava that he doesn’t know how to respond. She says if he told her that he loved her right now, she wouldn’t believe it anyway. She tells him to consider her love a gift. He can carry it around to remind him of how special he is. She adds if it’s a burden or makes him uncomfortable, don’t waste time in letting her down easy. Just let her down right now.

Josslyn opens the box Nelle brought her. It’s a pair of boots. Josslyn says they’ll go perfectly with the dress Nelle gave her. That’s what Nelle thought, and tells her that they’re from the same runway show. They’re hers for the foreseeable future. Josslyn says Carly will freak when she sees them, but Nelle thinks maybe not in a good way. She wasn’t exactly thrilled when Nelle came through with the dress.

Brad tells Julian that he’s there on behalf of Lucas. He hopes to make it clear to whoever asks that Julian won’t be a part of their child’s life.

Dante tells Carly that a lot of people have touched the phone. Carly says she’s not making it up. Something happened there, and she’s not talking about Morgan; it’s something recent. Jason brings back a guy he introduces as Cal, who has a camp set up nearby. He says Cal told him someone has been using the phone to make calls. Well, yeah. That’s what people use a pay phone for. Carly asks if Cal can give them a description.

Chase asks Sonny since Dante is his son, if he often looks the other way when it comes to Sonny’s dealings. Sonny tells him absolutely not. This has nothing to do with his “dealings.” He asks if Chase can’t see that Mike is sick and needs help. Dante has compassion and understanding, and would let him go. Chase says maybe he could too, if it wasn’t his first week. He’s sorry, but what happens is for a judge to decide. Sonny says he’ll call his lawyer, but Chase says it’s too late to get the DA out of bed, let alone a judge. Mike is stuck there until morning.

Griff tells Ava that he’s not conflicted about being with her. He loves it. He just doesn’t know what falling in love means. He shut that part of himself off. He thinks about her all the time. Just the thought of seeing her brings a smile to his face. She’s smart and challenging, and forces him to examine his mind and heart. He didn’t realize how bad he needed it, but it’s because of her that he’s changing. It’s confusing and complicated, but he wouldn’t have any other way. It’s exhilarating, but he’s terrified.

Cal asks Carly why, and she says it’s important. He says he didn’t talk to them, but saw them. They were young, with good clothes, and nice hair; not the type he usually sees. Dante asks if it was a man or a woman.

Nelle tells Josslyn that she figured Carly had told her about it. Her mom was mad because she thought Nelle was manipulating her with the dress. Josslyn says that’s crazy; she was just doing something nice. Nelle says she was hoping by giving her the dress, it might broker some sort of peace for the baby’s sake. Carly wasn’t having it any more than she wanted Nelle to name the baby Morgan.

Brad tells Julian if anyone shows up from the agency, to tell them that he’s estranged from his son, and won’t be involved in the child’s life.

Joss thinks it would be weird for her. In Carly’s mind, there’s only one Morgan; their Morgan. Nelle says Josslyn hates the idea too. Josslyn says she doesn’t, but can understand why Carly would.

Cal says it was a guy. Dante says, well-kept and put together? Why use a pay phone? Cal says, hiding, probably using and needs a refill, and someone gave him the wrong number. The dude wasn’t happy. Jason asks if there was an explosion, and Cal says, yeah, a big one.

Sonny tells Mike that Diane said the same thing, and will be there in the morning. He hasn’t been able to get ahold of Dante. He asks Chase if he has any idea when Dante is coming back. Chase says it’s time to take Mike downstairs. Sonny suggests taking him home, and bringing him back before the sun is up. He can’t stay in a cell by himself. Mike says he’s tired and wants to go home.

Griff tells Ava that when they met she was vulnerable, and she’s herself again. This has nothing to do with the scars. She’s strong, beautiful, and courageous with a successful career. He’s afraid his drive and passion won’t live up to hers, and worried they won’t fit anymore. She asks if he’s breaking up with her.

Julian asks if Lucas and Brad never want him to have a relationship with his grandchild. Brad says, yes. So he and Julian’s son can have a family. He has a criminal past, and it could lower their chances of becoming parents. They can’t risk it.

Josslyn tells Nelle that she can see where her mom is coming from. Nelle says she was trying to do something generous by honoring the son Carly loved. Josslyn doesn’t want to dredge it up, but says that’s when it all happened. They were drowning in grief over Morgan, and Nelle did that weirdness with Sonny. Nelle says she was messed up, and apologized over and over. Josslyn says she’s forgiven Nelle, and they’re obviously friends. Nelle doesn’t see how, if Josslyn thinks of her that way. Josslyn says she doesn’t. She and her mom are two different people, but that doesn’t mean she can’t see things from Carly’s perspective. Nelle agrees that’s fair, and asks how things are with Oscar. Josslyn asks Oscar if they’re good, and he smiles. She asks Nelle about the baby’s last name, and Nelle says that depends on Michael. Josslyn asks if Nelle is leaving it up to him, and she says it depends on how their relationship is when the baby is born. Nelle wonders if there’s a chance they’re getting back together.

Dante asks Cal what kind of explosion, and Cal says, violent. Carly asks where, and he says the pay phone; the druggie freaked out. They realize he doesn’t mean a literal explosion. Cal says he’s here every day, all day; no one else comes there except to use the phone when they want something. Jason gives him some cash for his trouble. Dante tells Carly to block the number, and she thanks him for hearing her out. Dante leaves, and Carly asks if Jason thinks she’s lost her mind. He says, no.

Mike tells Sonny that he can’t stay; Rita is making pot roast. Sonny asks Chase if this is who he’s throwing in lock-up. He doesn’t know where he is. He’s confused and sick, and Chase can’t do this. Chase says it’s protocol. Sonny tells him to forget protocol, and be a human for once. Chase tells him to calm down and back up. Dante comes in, and asks what the hell is going on. Mike calls him Dominic, and says he’s Dante’s landlord.

Griff says he’s worse than he thought at this. He’s not breaking up with her; he thought she was breaking up with him. She asks if he’s serious. Does he think she’ll get bored and trade him in? He doesn’t think she’s that shallow or fickle, but she might decide she’s better off without him. She’s the most independent woman he’s ever met. He can’t say I love you right now, or promise she’ll be his first priority all the time. She tells him that she respects that, but he asks if she can live with it.

Nelle tells Josslyn that she loves Josslyn’s brother and always will, even if they’re not together. Once you fall in love, the feeling never goes away, even if it changes. Josslyn says, who knows? A kid can bring a couple closer together. Nelle says that’s for Michael to decide, and tells Josslyn to promise not to tell Michael or her mom what they talked about; Carly is already dead set against them being together. Josslyn says her lips are sealed. Nelle tells her that sometimes she feels like the whole universe is against her. Josslyn says, not her and Oscar. Nelle says, in that case, can she ask a favor?

Julian tells Brad to let Lucas know he’ll do whatever he wants, and he’s there if Lucas ever changes his mind. Brad says he will, and leaves.

Josslyn tells Nelle of course she’ll come to the baby shower. She has a little niece or nephew in there. Nelle wonders if Carly will have a problem with that, but Josslyn says Carly can’t tell her who to be friends with.

Carly tells Jason that she hasn’t been there since Morgan was killed. She couldn’t bring herself to see the place where it happened. The moment is seared in her brain forever. She remembers being on the couch, reading, and waiting for Sonny to come home. She heard the door and smiled. When she saw him covered in dirt and wet. She asked what happened. He said he was in the river. She wondered what the hell he’s been doing, but then knew something happened. She didn’t want to hear it, but he kept telling her over and over that Morgan was dead. She kept trying to call Morgan, but he never picked up. Her mom came over and gave her a sedative, and when she woke up, she convinced herself it was a bad dream; everything was fine. But everything wasn’t fine. Morgan was dead and not coming back. Jason says he’d give anything to go back and stop it. Carly says it was all horrible, but the worst part was that they thought Sonny was responsible. Tensions between Sonny and Julian were bad, and Sonny gave the order to kill Julian. He stopped the order, but thought he’d been too late. If Sonny had killed Morgan, that meant she did too, because she had to be with Sonny no matter what. It turned out not to be true. Jason says that doesn’t make her grief any less. Sometimes they think they’ll get peace or be closer because they have answers, but it’s still a loss. Morgan is still gone. Carly cries, and he holds her.

Sonny tells Dante they got Mike’s diagnosis today. Dante asks who’s taking care of him, and Sonny tells him that Mike lives with his girlfriend of five years. They seem solid, but this changes things. Dante apologizes, saying there’s nothing he can do  about Mike having to spend the night, but he’ll take care of him. Sonny tells Mike he’ll see him in the morning. Dante tells Mike he’ll be with him the whole night, and he’s in good hands. He takes the cuffs off of Mike. Will someone feed this poor guy for God’s sake?

Mike tells Dante that Sonny and his quack doctor are wrong; he’s fine. He calls Dante Dominic again, and when Dante corrects him, Mike says he was just messing with him. Dante says he has a family now, and shows Mike pictures. The Bachelor walks across the bottom of the screen, startling me, since it looked like he was walking out of Dante’s wallet. I hate those ads during the programs. That’s what commercial breaks are for, and God knows I pay enough for FIOS. Mike says he’s a lucky man, and Dante says Mike has to meet them; they can do that tomorrow. Tonight, he’ll have to stay there with him. Chase says he sees Dante decided to forego procedure altogether because he’s a moron. Dante tells him to go to hell. Thank you.

Ava tells Griff that when she was at lowest, he was there. When she needed saving, he put her first. Now that she’s healed, she doesn’t mind if he gives someone else attention who needs it. She hopes someday he can say I love you and mean it. If not to her, to someone. She wants him to know what it feels like. She tells him that he is enough. He’s all she wants; don’t doubt that. He says ditto, and hugs her.

Nelle tells Josslyn that she has an errand she forgot to run, and jets from Charlie’s.

Carly comes home with Jason. She’s glad Sonny is there. She asks what’s wrong, and he tells her that his dad sick; he has Alzheimer’s. She asks if there’s a timetable, and he says a man of his age has four to eight years, if it’s caught at the beginning. They don’t know when the onset was though. She knows he’s blaming himself, and Jason says it’s not his fault. Sonny doesn’t know what to do. There’s no cure, and Griff can’t tell him how long Mike is going to live, so he can’t plan anything. Carly says they’ll figure it out. Sonny wishes he’d known. He starts to cry, saying he wishes he was able to give Mike something to hold on to.

Griff asks Ava where they go from here? She says back to her place, and what they should have done on Valentine’s Day. She tells him they’ll take it one day at a time. Griff says she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. She says, likewise, and they kiss.

Chase asks if that’s how it works. Dante’s family gets special privileges? Wow. This guy is a real tool. I’m sure he’ll end up having his reasons, but right now it’s not a good look. And since it is his first week on the job, you’d think he’d hang back and see how things work before irritating a veteran cop. Dante says he could have done the decent thing, and shown some sympathy to a sick man. Mike doesn’t belong here. Chase says he’s new to the department. The last thing he thought he should do was cater to a well-known crime figure. Dante says Sonny is a son terrified for his father. Mike says he’s got to get home. Chase says he really doesn’t understand? and Dante asks, what do you think? I’m not sure he does.

Sonny says now Mike is in jail, scared out of his mind. Jason says at least he has Dante. Sonny asks what Carly wanted to say, but she tells him it’s not important. Sonny wants to make carbonara sauce. Carly offers to help, and when Sonny and Jason just look at her, she says she can drink wine while he cooks. Sonny goes to the kitchen. Carly tells Jason that it’s going to tear him apart. He’ll need them. Jason says, then they’ll be there.

Nelle goes to the pay phone with a case of vodka. Cal says the box better be full, and she says there’s more in the car. He tells her that he was a regular Tom Hanks. They ate up the story like it was their last meal.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Peter about what he’s gone through, Elizabeth asks Franco if he needs to tell her something, and Anna tells Andre that finding her child is a matter of life and death.

Vanderpump Rules

Rob wishes he could have gotten some sleep. We flash back to the loud argument between James and Lala in the wee hours. Lala asks James if remembers their conversation, and if he’s going to be kind today. In his interview, he says he wants to protect her. The relationship she’s in is bad for her, and he can’t respect it. Scheana thinks James and Lala have a weird relationship. They hooked up years ago, now they’re like bro and sis, and fight all the time. She doesn’t get their dynamic, but if it works for them… Jax tells Brittany that it’s frustrating to hear about Rob every five minutes, like he’s the risen Christ.

Lisa supervises some new chandeliers being put in at SUR. Stassi asks about TomTom, and Lisa says it’s a mess. She has a lot going on. Stassi asks if she ever just kicks back and watches TV, but Lisa says not lately. In her interview, Stassi says that she thinks if Lisa has free time, she shops for ponies or polishes her diamonds. On the other hand, she probably pays someone to polish her diamonds. She asks if Lisa will do her podcast. She could tell the audience how to get a man in a couple of months. Lisa asks if she wants a personal education course. Stassi says, a little, and tells Lisa that she feels like a pita. Lisa says, why change now?

Tom tells Ariana about talking to Jax. We flash back to Jax bemoaning that he’ll never be anything except a bartender. Tom says Jax literally couldn’t take a breath.

James hangs out on a waterboard, while Jax does pushups on the deck. Jax decides to swim to the buoy and back. Rob tells him to take his time. Jax gets winded quickly, and Rob says something about the sea level and tells him to chill on the buoy. Jax is feeling pain in his chest and realizes he’s not going to make it back. He calls to the lifeguard, who thinks he’s goofing around at first. His life flashes before all of us, and we flash back to several stupid things that he’s done. We’d never have time for all of the stupid things he’s done. The lifeguard swims out, and says no more swimming to the buoys. Lala tells the girls what happened while trying to keep a straight face. Scheana scolds her, saying he almost died. and they all burst out laughing.

James throws some bacon on, and Jax comes in, dramatizing about his brush with death. Brittany tries to be sympathetic, but starts laughing. He says a grown man almost drowned swimming one hundred yards.

Rob messes around with the boat. In her interview, Ariana says they really shouldn’t laugh. It would be devastation to lose one of their friends. But it didn’t happen, so they’re laughing. Jax says it’s ridiculous how Scheana talks about Rob. When someone says their relationship is perfect, it’s not, and what Rob says couldn’t be more different. Jax tells the group that he cheated death. Tom says he would have been fine; Rob was out there. Ha-ha!

Lisa is loving the new lights at SUR. She says the same designer is making the décor at TomTom. She says she’s going to Vegas, and she’s taking the Toms. She tells Katie that they’ll be under her watchful eye. She and Katie ask Billie about the podcast, and Billie tells them about going to Thailand to get a vagina because they make them prettier. She says she loves her vagina, and Lisa is like, alrighty then, and wonders if she needs a new one.

Tom tells Jax about Lisa taking him and Schwartz to Vegas, but it’s over his birthday. Ariana being left out of Vegas trips is a sore spot. We flash back to Tom ditching her for Vegas on her birthday. Ariana is like, wtf? Jax thinks they should make it a birthday trip. Tom says he’s waiting to find out the details.

Tom brings drink supplies to the boat. Lala takes her top off on the beach. She says she doesn’t see anyone, so she thinks no one will be pissed about their man seeing. She adds it’s what “normal” people do, but I think it’s more like what normal people on the nude beach do. Out on the boat, they travel to some cliffs that the guys jump off of. Except for Jax, who already cheated death today. They take turns being pulled on an inflatable raft behind the boat. Both Jax and Tom lose their bathing suits, and oddly enough, are both wearing bright pink underwear. Scheana says Jax looks awkward AF. Jax is surprised that Rob isn’t walking on water. In her interview, Scheana says Rob does it all, and she feels like she’s dating a real man. Him having a vacation home is a win-win. Wouldn’t that be more like a bonus? Does Scheana understand words?

Stassi visits Schwartz and Katie, who are grooming the dogs. Stassi wants the podcast episode with Lisa to be better than the last one. She doesn’t want to cry, and wants to keep it professional. They wonder if Lisa ever sits around in sweats and eats Taco Bell? Does she even know what Taco Bell is? Stassi says she hook a notorious playboy bachelor, and they got married in three months. Schwartz is curious about what turns Lisa on. In her interview, Katie says it’s no secret Schwartz has a crush on Lisa, but if hell froze over, and Ken and Lisa divorced, she doesn’t think he’d be her first pick.

They talk about Vegas. Schwartz says it’s a business trip. He muses that there’s a chance it could evolve into whatever debauchery they normally get into, but that’s not going to happen. Schwartz asks Stassi what’s up with Patrick, and she says she thought it would be different this time. He’s pissed about her birthday, and scared of repeating her mistake. Schwartz says it’s hard not to fall back to old habits if you’re drunk or in a bad mood. Stassi says they’re in a pattern they can’t get out of. They fight, break up, and get back together; it’s what she’s used to and it’s disappointing. Stassi wonders who likes psycho girls.

James says he was jealous of Lala’s relationship at first, and had to find someone, but he’s glad he did. James and Lala paddleboard, as Raquel watches. She looks so unhappy. I’m hoping that if she doesn’t get rid of this twerp by the end of the season, she does after watching this.

Rob drops the girls off back at the house, and he, Tom, and Jax go off on the boat to have a beer. Jax asks Rob if he ever goes off on the boat by himself, and Rob says it depends on his mood. Getting the house was his first opportunity to see if he was a handyman. Tom asks how it’s going with Scheana, and Tom explains that they dated years ago. He almost married a princess – her dad was the Prince of Brunei – but he wasn’t ready, and had to let it go. In his interview, Jax is like, princess with unlimited wealth and grace, and Scheana. Hmm… Tom tells Rob that Scheana puts pressure on herself. Rob says that he thinks I love you isn’t something to throw around. He loves her as a person, but he’s waiting to make sure she’s in a good place before he says the words. It’s easy for him to hurt people’s feelings. In his interview, Jax says Scheana claims they say it to each other every day. One of them seems to want it more. Rob says relationships are hard enough, why make it harder? In my interview, I say he doesn’t love her.

Ariana tells Tom that it sucks he’s going to Vegas over his birthday. He tells her that Lisa says the timeline is important, but he’d rather be with her. It’s their first business trip, and he doesn’t want to assume he can invite Ariana, but they can do something when he gets back. In her interview, Ariana says they just got to good place, and Tom is making them being together a priority. If it’s a business trip, by all means go, but if Jax is going, it all goes out the window, and they’re back where they started. Tom is the one who said he wanted to be with her. Figure it out.

Schwartz and Katie have a date night. He says it’s their one-year anniversary soon. He tells her that she turns him on when she’s reasonable. She says he has business partners now, and she never thought taking a job at SUR would bring her to him, and bring him to a business. He says he needs more responsibility in his life (said no one in their 30s in 2018 ever). A mariachi band comes over to the table. Katie realizes he hired them and is thrilled. In her interview, she says he can be an a-hole to her, but also very sweet and thoughtful. It shows he cares, and is thinking of her and wants to make her happy. The band reminds her of their engagement Schwartz Snapchats her picture.

Raquel talks to Lala, saying she notices her bond with James is different. It’s his behavior around her. It’s not her coming on to him; it’s bonding on a level other than friends. She doesn’t see him doing that with others, and is concerned. In her interview, Lala says it takes a tough bitch to deal with James. Lala tells Raquel that if she felt like he was acting a certain way, she would never disrespect her man. Raquel has nothing to worry about, with her or anyone else.

Stassi arrives at Villa Rosa to do the podcast. Lisa tells her that she’s at a distinct advantage. She’s had two glasses of wine, and her guard is down. In her interview, Lisa wonders what Stassi will talk about. Goat cheese balls? Spray tans? As an icebreaker, Stassi asks Lisa if she has a celebrity crush, and we find out she wouldn’t kick George Clooney out of her bed. She thinks philanthropy is a reflection of how a man is as a lover. She says Stassi has had more lovers than she has. Stassi asks Lisa if she’s a skank, and Lisa is like, um…  She tells Stassi that she met Ken when she was twenty-one. They got engaged after six weeks, and married after three months. They’d met through Lisa’s brother, and had an instant connection the first night. She says their first date was magic, and they fell in love immediately. Ken said he wasn’t giving her his number because he knew didn’t want to get married. She told him to ask anyway. He did, and she said yes. Stassi thinks her attitude is what attracts men, and Lisa says you have to meet on an equal level. Otherwise, it’s not worth going down the path. In her interview, Stassi thinks maybe if she wasn’t so focused on relationships, she could focus on her goal of world domination. In closing, Stassi asks if Lisa would rather swim in a pool of poop or dead bodies. Lisa goes with the poop option. In her interview, she says she was impressed with Stassi’s professionalism – until then.

Scheana has list of what has to be done before they leave. Tom and James get into bed with Jax and Brittany to wake them up. Jax says people forget he almost died, and it was exhausting. He says Rob is sleeping, and Scheana is trying to make sure the house is clean. Lala and James get in the hot tub. Ariana wishes they could stay forever. Tom says she should come to Vegas. In his interview, he says that one of the reasons he wanted to branch out was to provide a better life for Ariana. She’s motivating, so it makes sense to be with her in Vegas. He tells Ariana that he talked to Lisa, and she said it was fine, as long as she pays her own flight expenses. Despite him being annoyingly busy, he wants ot make good on his promise to make her a priority. And BTW, Jax and Brittany are coming too.

Lala tells James that Raquel feels there’s flirting involved with their relationship. She’s never seen him act toward other girls the same way. James says he found her, as in discovered. She says he was the first person she recorded with, and she’d always loved to sing. He met her at a place where she needed a friend. James says Raquel has to deal with it; it’s just how he is. Lala thinks he has some idea about unconditional love, but it doesn’t have to be that way with friends. Her boyfriend is basically family, and James needs to respect that. She’ll always pick family over him. In his interview, James says if he’d been successful, Lala would have come along, but he wasn’t. His point? Lala tells him that if he ever disrespects her, he won’t see Lala anymore. Both of them talk about themselves in the third person, which is incredibly odd.

Scheana tells Rob that she loves him, and he says, um… Lala didn’t sleep, and feels like sh*t. James says she doesn’t look it, and Raquel looks sad. Scheana wakes everyone up with what’s left of the chore list. Jax is glad he survived his near death experience. Everyone packs up and goes.

Kristen comes by Scheana’s apartment to give her a birthday present. Scheana talks about having a new project with Rob called “Divorce Closet.” Exes who have common property they don’t want any more can sell it through them on eBay. Why didn’t I think of that? She has a bunch of Shay’s old stuff. In her interview, Kristen says Scheana is inventing the most ironic business model by selling her ex’s stuff with her current boyfriend. Kristen tells her about Jax claiming that Rob had never told her that he loves her. Scheana says she knows her man loves her; his actions show it. She tells Kristen that Jax is threatened by Rob, and wants what they have. She says they’re in love, but Rob has a hard time expressing it, and they had that conversation. She knows he loves her because she feels it. He adores her. They talk about having kids and getting married. They’ve looked at houses, and even named their first kid. Kristen totally tunes out as Scheana babbles. She says Jax doesn’t deserve a conversation with her. He screwed with her relationship; she’s going to screw with his. He’s going down.

Next time, the Vegas trip, the Toms are late for the meeting, Lala tells James not to mess up her showcase, and Brittany might be pregnant. I saw the sneak preview on Watch What Happens Live, and Brittany and Jax don’t use birth control. Even for stupid people, that’s stupid.

⛵ On Summer House, Stephen said the summer was half over, and they were crushing it. I’ve seen them crush cakes, a watermelon, pool floaties, and each other, but that’s not my idea of crushing summer.

🍳  MasterChef Junior is back on Friday, March 2nd, at 8 pm, and Southern Charm returns on Thursday, April 5th, at 9 pm.




February 25, 2018 – A Somber Start to the Dead, a Bit of Ash, an Atlanta Mention, McWhat? & a Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

When last we left, teens and tweens everywhere were crying into their Skittles because Carl got bit. They’re thinking he might make a cute zombie though.

Rick prays that mercy prevails over his realm. I think this is a dream. There are kids running around, and Jerry is there. Everyone is all happy, and things look normal. In the here and now, Michonne and Rick dig what I assume is a grave. He tells her to go, and we flash back to Carl fighting off a zombie. This time we actually see him get bitten. It gets shot from behind, and Siddiq asks if he’s okay. He says he is. Siddiq and Carl drop down to the sewer tunnel.

Back home, Carl checks out his wound, and the bite holes in his shirt. He waits for Rick with a guard, who gives him a note from Michonne, saying she had to see for herself. Carl writes letters to everyone. He and Siddiq go back through the tunnel. Carl sets up a cot there. He rocks Judith on the porch, and they do some finger-painting. He takes a Polaroid selfie of the two of them. Carl and Siddiq share a candy bar. I guess this is his bucket list? Such as it is during the apocalypse.

Carl does some planting, and waves to Michonne as she drives by. He enjoys the sunshine.

Across from the Sanctuary, Morgan tries to get a bead on Negan. The Saviors shoot at the zombies outside, and Morgan tells someone on the radio, it’s not now. He says the Saviors are trying to make a path, using the zombie bodies as a block. Suddenly, the room Morgan is in, is being riddled with bullets. He stops, drops, and rolls out the door.

Morgan is outside, and sees the zombies wandering to the opera music. He bangs on the fence, distracting them. They come his way. Some Saviors pop out, but he’s able to slip away while they’re busy with the zombies. A Savior caravan goes by, and Morgan jets out of the forest as soon as they’re gone.

Elsewhere in the forest, Carol tells her Kingdom group about a place the Saviors don’t know about, and tells them to hide there until she comes back. Henry says he’s going too. They killed his brother, and he’s not going to let them kill her too. He wants a gun, but she says that’s not happening, and heads toward the Kingdom.

Carl shows Rick his wound and sweats bullets. Daryl holds Judith. Carl says, sorry, like he dented the car. He says if he doesn’t make it, he wanted to make sure he said goodbye, and gives Rick the letters. There’s shooting outside, and Rick says it’s them. Carl tells Rick about bringing Siddiq back, and that he’s the one from the gas station. It wasn’t the Saviors; it just happened. He got bit.

Gavin tells Ezekiel that Negan is going to kill him, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Ezekiel says he buried his people, and what happens to him matters not. Gavin says he liked him. He accepted things for how they were, and didn’t get any big ideas, but then Rick planted one, and here they are. Ezekiel says he made a choice he can live with; now it’s Gavin’s turn to do the same.

Morgan sneaks around the Kingdom. He runs into Carol, who’s also sneaking around. Morgan thinks they can take them one by one, but she thinks it’s better to avoid them until they can’t. He says they have Ezekiel, and she says they have to take them now.

Michonne tends to Carl. Siddiq has some OTC inflammatory that will help with the fever. It did for his mom and dad. Rick’s son should have them. Rick asks if he was a doctor, and Siddiq says he was a resident… before. Rick asks if he’s Siddiq. Carl says he wasn’t going to make it alone, and needed them. That’s why he brought him back. He starts coughing, and Rick gives him the medication.

Michonne tells Dwight to make it stop. He’s one of them. She begs him. Rosita says if Hilltop is safe, they should go there. Dwight says they’re looking right now. Their best chance is to stay until they’re gone. They’re almost done. It wasn’t about destroying the place; they don’t have the ammo for that. After they’re gone, that’s when they go. Rosita says they wait then. He asks if she thinks Hilltop the best plan, and she asks if he has another one. He says, all of them together, and Daryl finishes, it will be their worst nightmare.

Two Saviors are putting out fires (literally), while Morgan and Carol watch. He says they have to go through the courtyard, exposed; this is it. He taps one guy on the shoulder, and knocks him out with his staff. Carol knocks out the other. Carol thinks they should just do it. Two more Saviors run out, and they knock them out too. Morgan impales them with the pointy end. He and Carol go inside.

Gavin tells everyone to hustle. He asks Ezekiel if it’s going bad; if it’s going to turn into something else. Ezekiel says he’s the author of this nightmare. I’ll have to remember that one.

Michonne strokes Carl’s face. He says she’s supposed to be resting, but she tells him that she’s not tired. He says it’s going to stop; it’s not supposed to be like this. She’s having a hard time keeping it together.

Dwight thinks it sounds like it’s letting up. Rosita says it looks like he was right – about everything. Daryl decides to take a look, and hands Judith off to Rick.

Morgan and Carol sneak around some more. They start to go inside another building, but Morgan hears something. He looks around the corner of the porch, and sees some Saviors unloading a car. He silently goes down the steps, and kills all three of them, but another pops out of the building with a gun. Carol shoots him before he can shoot Morgan. Morgan takes one of their guns, and they go inside.

Ezekiel is packed into a pickup truck, and Gavin says it’s his last ride; try to make him comfortable. He tells Ezekiel that you try, and hope, and want things to finally settle, but no. it always comes down to this. It always has to get dark and ugly and inhuman. He doesn’t like it. Ezekiel says it’s not too late to walk back from something decided. Gavin says Ezekiel did, and look what it’s got him. Gavin gets on the radio, and calls Peter, but gets no response. He starts to get nervous, and calls Gomez, and also gets no response. Ezekiel tells him again that it’s not too late. They hear gunfire, and Gavin says to get Ezekiel inside now. Morgan and Carol creep around one of the trailers.

A tear rolls down Rick’s cheek. In his mind, he sees a cookout. Eugene jokes with Judith, who is around five. Rick and Michonne continue to dig.

The gunfire stops. Michonne says they can get to Hilltop. Rick says Carl won’t make it. He has to stay with him. She says they’ll both stay. He asks her to take Judith; she needs to be there. He starts to cry, and Daryl says he’ll take her and keep her safe. He’s got this. Rick wants to let her say goodbye, and brings her to Carl. Carl tells her that his hat was dad’s before it was his; now it’s hers. It always kept dad with him, and helped him. Maybe it will help her too. He tells her before mom died, she said he’d beat this horror, but he didn’t. She will though; he knows it. She starts howling, and Rick gives her to Daryl. Daryl says Carl saved them all. Everyone starts to leave.

Siddiq says Carl helped him, and he’s going to honor his memory. Carl brought him there and gave him a chance. Siddiq can never repay him, but can honor him by showing his people, friends, and family that what he did wasn’t for nothing. It mattered and meant something, and because it did, he’s going to honor Carl. Carl smiles, and shakes Siddiq’s hand. He tells Saddiq congratulations; he’s stuck with them. Siddiq leaves to join the others.

Commercial break. They need to stop trying to make Red Machete happen. It’s not going to happen.

Gavin tells everyone what to do. They’re ending this whatever the hell it is. He smacks Ezekiel, and says it is too late. He’s the author, and Ezekiel is the dead man. He lives, and Ezekiel dies; it’s the way it is. Ezekiel says the compromises he made were done to save lives. He realizes the compromises Gavin is making are to save only his, but no more. There’s an explosion, and everything is pretty dark. The Saviors start shooting. Gavin holds up his hand, signaling them to stop. He tells Morgan and Carol to give up, or Ezekiel is dead. Carol and Morgan come out, machine guns blazing. Gavin is so startled, he forgets all about Ezekiel, who dives for cover.  Gavin gets hit in the leg, and drops his gun. Morgan has turned into a serious badass. We already knew Carol was. Ezekiel grabs Gavin’s gun, and now he’s a badass too. One of the Saviors gets Morgan down to the floor, and starts punching the crap out of him. With some bizarre burrowing skills, Morgan puts his hand into the guy’s wound, and practically disembowels – no, I spoke too soon – he disembowels him. Yep, he’s pulling the guy’s intestines out right out. Wow. I did not see that one coming.

Gavin gets up and tries to run (yeah, I’d be scared too), and Morgan shoots at him. He gets away, and Morgan picks up his staff/pokey stick. Ezekiel says they should leave, but Morgan tells him they don’t need to go, and heads after Gavin.

Violin music plays (I’m not kidding) as Rick and Michonne make Carl comfortable. He doesn’t want Michonne to be sad or angry. She’ll have to be strong for Rick and Judith, and for herself. She says she will, and he tells her not to carry this; not this one. He calls her his best friend. She says he’s hers too, and smiles through her tears. She kisses his hand. Rick says they need to get him out of there.

Gavin stumbles around like a blind bat out of hell, while Morgan walks steadily behind him like Michael Meyers in any one of the Halloween films.

The town is burning. Michonne and Rick walk out, with Carl between them. Rick says he can make it. They take Carl to the church, which is relatively unscathed by the fire.

Morgan drags his staff along the ground, like Freddy Krueger’s knife fingers, and Gavin shakes. He sees Morgan’s shadow. This is great. Morgan opens the door to Gavin’s hiding place, and he tumbles out.

Carl thanks Michonne and Rick for getting him there. He tells Rick about when they were back in the prison. When they got outside, there was a kid a little older than him with a gun. He was starting to put it down, and Carl shot him. He was giving up, and Carl just shot him. Carl thinks about him and what he did, and how easy it was to just kill him.

Morgan kicks Gavin. Gavin says Morgan is a sick man; he kept his word. Morgan’s not having it, and walks around him. Gavin says they can go back to Hilltop. Ezekiel and Carol arrive on the scene. Gavin says they think they can beat Negan. They can’t, but it can go back to how it was. Morgan says, no.

Rick tells Carl that what he lost, what happened, all those things he had to do; he was just a boy. Carl says Rick saw what he did, and how easy it got.

Gavin asks if Morgan killed all those men because of the kid. Morgan has his staff a few inches from Gavin’s nose. Gavin tells him killing him won’t make any of it go away. He’ll still wake up in the same sh*t tomorrow. Morgan drags him to his feet.

Carl says that’s why Rick changed. He brought them in, and they all lived together; frenemies. Rick put away his gun. He saw how Rick changed, so Carl could be who he is now. How he stopped fighting. It was right and still is. It can be like that again. He can still be like that again.

Ezekiel tells Morgan to cease this revenge. It’s the coward’s way. They don’t have to kill him. Let him see what he’s wrought, and let it be his to live with.

Carl says Rick can’t be who he was. He’s different now. He can’t kill all of them. There has to be something after. For Rick. For them.

Carol tells Morgan to stop. He doesn’t want to do this, and doesn’t have to. He’s the one who told her that they can be better than them. She can see he doesn’t want to do this. Morgan says he has to. Gavin looks petrified. Suddenly, there’s a hole in his neck, and blood starts pouring out. He drops to the ground, and Henry stands behind him with a pokey stick like Morgan has. Morgan looks slightly freaked.

Carl doesn’t know how it could be, but he’s seen it. We see it too, as he describes it. Rick has a beard, longer and greyer. Michonne is happy, and Judith is older, listening to songs he used to… before. Alexandria is bigger. There are new houses, crops, and people working. Everybody is living together, and everybody is helping everybody else. Rick can still be who he was. That’s how it could be. Rick says it was all for him from the start. Everything he did was for Carl and Judith; it still is. Nothing is going to change that. Carl says he wants this for Rick. Rick says he’ll make it real. He promises.

Ezekiel tells Henry that it’s all right. Henry says he had to. Carol scolds him, saying it’s not what he was supposed to do; it wasn’t for him. Ezekiel says all will be resolved, and hugs him.

Rick tells Carl that he’s sorry he couldn’t protect him. A father’s job is to protect his son. Carl says it’s just to love. Carl isn’t looking too good, and reaches for his gun. Michonne starts to say, it should be – and Carl says, he knows. It should be someone you love, but you should do it yourself if you still can. He has to do this. He tells her that he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He tells Rick that he loves him, and Rick says he loves Carl so much. Everyone is crying except me, since I stopped investing a long time ago. It’s a beautiful tableau though, with the light coming through the broken stained glass window, and the three of them in semi-darkness.

Rick and Michonne are outside, and we hear the gunshot.

Michonne and Rick dig. We see Carl’s idyllic world. Judith tells Negan good morning as he picks tomatoes.

Rick sits under a tree. Panes of stained glass hang from its branches.

Next time, Simon thinks they should cut their losses, Negan says to do the job, and Simon approaches the Heapsters.

🎶 Side knowledge: During the opening scenes, the song At the Bottom of Things by Bright Eyes was playing. Loved. It.

🍑 I’m half paying attention to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where they’re infecting Barcelona with American reality TV. The amusing highlight of the evening – besides my husband asking if everyone was Nene, since that’s the only name he knows – was when the women were leaving their hotel. Apparently, it wasn’t up to the standard these peaches are used to, and a few of them were saying, “Goodbye, mildew,” on their way out the door. For a moment, I thought mildew was someone’s name.

👹 Ash Vs the Evil Dead had its season premiere tonight. Ash opened a hardware store/sex emporium in his home town, but his retirement from chasing deadites was not to be. The book was back, via an idiot on an Antiques Roadshow type program reading out loud from it. Why does everybody always read out loud from age-old spells? It’s really a bad idea. Ash had a wife and a daughter he knew nothing about (nor did we), but the wife didn’t matter, since she got her head sliced off with a cymbal in the high school band room. It looks like Ash’s daughter, Brandy, will be coming along for the ride this season, as well as Kelly’s boyfriend sidekick whatever-he-is, Dalton, who is also the descendant of an ancient order of knights who fight evil.

🔫 AMC has a new show coming up on Monday called McMafia. I’m wondering if it’s about an Irish mafia guy, or if the mafia is a franchise now.

👀 It Takes a While, But They Get to the Song…


February 23, 2018 – Andre Gets Sprung, Ash Vs My Digression, Get Out, SextupQuotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

It’s GH’s 14,000th episode.

New detective Chase comes to the gallery. Ava says the insurance value of the sculpture Mike broke is $14,000. The man is deranged and she wants him caught.

Sonny asks David if he knew something was wrong before referring him to Griff, but David thinks Griff is the doctor he should be talking to. Sonny says he must have seen the signs. Why didn’t David warn him?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s exactly where he wants to be. Elizabeth is glad they’re going to be spending the rest of their lives together. Epiphany sees them, and says, hell no.

Anna sees Finn talking to Alexis at the hospital desk, and turns away. Alexis bemoans another article about her tanking the election. She says no one should run who has skeletons in their closer. Finn mentions there’s an elephant in the room. Alexis sees Anna.

Carly goes with Jason to the station. She says she’s been getting calls for weeks. She says if the police can’t help them, they have Spinelli as a fallback. She wonders if she’s being ridiculous, and Jason says he wants to help her find out what happened. Dante asks them what’s going on, and Carly tells him that she’s been getting calls from a local number and no one is there. She called back, but no one answers. On one call, a male voice said, I’m here, then twenty minutes ago (two days in our time) she got this. She shows him her phone and says she heard an explosion. She wants Dante to trace the number, and he says okay. It must be nice to have friends in high places. There’s no way they’d bother with this IRL. You might even get reprimanded for being a time-waster.

Epiphany says she can’t let Elizabeth defy tradition; she doesn’t want to invite misfortune. Doc pops out of his office, and tells Franco it’s time to get started. Epiphany asks Elizabeth what her plans are for tonight, the night before the wedding. Elizabeth says she’s going to take a bubble bath, and Epiphany says, wrong. Epiphany is taking her out for a drink. Elizabeth is concerned that Epiphany wants to talk her out of marrying Franco, but Epiphany says Elizabeth’s friends spent the better part of the past year trying to convince her not to marry him. What would be the point?

In Doc’s office, Franco is worried that if Elizabeth finds out he’s keeping another secret, she’ll never trust him again.

Alexis tells Anna that they just came from an AA meeting, and Anna says she was there for an appointment. She says she’s sorry about the election. Alexis was trying to do a good thing, and didn’t deserve what happened. Anna leaves, and Alexis calls Finn a silver-tongued devil. He couldn’t even choke out her name. She tells him to clear up the misconception, and go after her. He doesn’t see a need for that. He told her how he feels, and she shot him down.

David says he’s told Sonny what he could. Technically, he shouldn’t be discussing Mike’s case with him. Sonny says Mike didn’t believe the diagnosis, and stormed out. They haven’t seen him since. They don’t have the greatest relationship, but Mike has always been a capable guy, and able to think on his feet. This has to be worst thing in the world.

Ava talks to Chase, who says it will help if she gives him the security footage.  Griff shows up, and asks what’s going on. Ava says a disoriented guy came into the gallery, broke a statue, and ran off. He asks if she was threatened, and she says no, but she felt unsafe; the guy was out of control. She goes to her laptop to get the footage. Chase tells her that he’ll forward it to all local units, and leaves. Griff looks at the screen and says he knows that guy. We see a still shot of Mike at the gallery.

In the interrogation room, Jason asks Carly when the phone calls started, and she tells him the beginning of February. At first, she thought it was a wrong number, but the calls kept coming. All three of them? Then on Valentine’s Day, she heard a young man’s voice say, I’m here. Jason says that was a week ago, and asks why she waited so long. Carly didn’t think it was important. He says, maybe, but if it’s bothering her, it’s important to him. She says this is why she missed him. She can always come to him no matter what shows up. He’s the first person who did that for her. She counts on him, and knows she takes advantage, but he loves her. He says he does, and if something is bothering her, he wants to fix It. She wants him to let her do the same. She says the only reason Sam married Drew is because she’s running. Jason tells her to stop. Dante comes in, and says he got a hit on the phone number.

At the bar, Elizabeth is worried that Epiphany has set her up, but Epiphany says it’s just them. Elizabeth tells her it’s hard being surrounded by friends smiling and wishing her well, when they’re thinking it’s a mistake. Epiphany tells her to forget her friends; what does she think?

Franco wants Doc to be able to tell him that Elizabeth and the kids are safe, and there’s no weird monster inside of him. Doc says he can’t do that. He can help Franco with what’s troubling him, but Franco has to tell him. Franco says he and Drew were playing hide and seek. He found Drew in a toy chest, locked it, and left him in it.

Sonny asks how long the progression is, and David says it’s not his area of expertise, but some medications work in some cases. Even so, the best that can be hoped for is to slow the deterioration. The long term is inevitable. Sonny says it sounds grim, and David says he’s sorry. Sonny appreciates his honesty, and that he’s not sugarcoating. Sonny gets a call from Griff. Griff asks if he’s found his father. Sonny says, no, and Griff tells him to get to Ava’s gallery.

Anna sits at the bar, messing with her phone. Andre asks if this seat is taken, and she asks what took him so long.

Dante tells Carly it’s a pay phone off of Route 35 by the river. There haven’t been any reports of an incident in the vicinity, but he has to follow up.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she and the boys see the real Franco, but everyone else seems to be waiting for him to prove he’s as bad as they thought. Epiphany says they trust her judgement. She just hopes Elizabeth is right. They love her, and remember Franco’s life before the tumor was removed.

David sees Kiki studying in a booth at the bar. She groans over her studies, and he tells her that she’s going to need more than coffee to survive; she needs sustenance. He orders ribs, coleslaw, mac and cheese, and two plates. He says he can’t have his future intern collapsing from hunger, and asks, what’s stumping her?

Anna tells Andre she’s glad he’s there, and he says he is too. He didn’t expect it. The bureau is reviving the memory mapping program. In exchange for his cooperation, his sentence was commuted and his record expunged. He says it had to have come from someone high up. She wouldn’t know about that, would she? Whoever it is, he owes them. Anna asks if he thinks he can duplicate the procedure without his research notes, and he says he’s reasonably confident. He’d rather it be funded by the WSB than a faceless backer who turns out to be Faison. Anna says even though know she knows he’s dead, she still feels sick hearing his name. Andre says she suffered severe trauma at his hand, especially when she thinks about the baby. She says she has no one to blame but herself, but Andre says she still doesn’t have to endure it alone. She needs  to confide in someone. She says she told him, but he says what about the man she’s grown close to? Has she told him?

Alexis tells Finn that the downside of running for mayor – besides losing – is that it negates the anonymous part of AA. People must either be thinking, hooray, she lost, or poor thing, she lost. He asks if she’s projecting a little, and says she shouldn’t second guess her campaign. She did something valuable. She says a lot of good it did, but he tells her to fight harder next time. She says this was the only time, and he says find another way to fight. She cared enough about the community to put herself out there; don’t be sorry for making an effort. She appreciates the encouragement, but tells him not to feel an obligation to prop her up because of last night. And last night can never happen again.

Sonny gets to the gallery. Ava says his father was disoriented, got agitated, and broke something, and she called the police before she knew who he was. Sonny wonders why he went there, and she says he thought it was Luke’s club. Sonny says Mike worked there as a bartender when he first came to Port Charles. Griff says it’s like when he went to Kelly’s. Sonny says ,but it was the same diner in the same spot. Aside from the address, the gallery has nothing to do with the club. Sonny asks if he’s that far gone, and Griff says the disease isn’t a steady or consistent process. Times of lucidity can be followed by disorientation, especially after emotional strain. Sonny wonders if hearing the diagnosis made everything worse. Sonny’s phone rings, and it’s Mike. He tells Sonny that he’s at the station.

Anna tells Andre that she hasn’t said anything; there’s no need. He says there is if she wants a healthy relationship. She says she and Finn have no relationship. Andre says the word was out that they were seeing each other. Anna says her plan was to use him to gain access to Cassandra. One thing led to another, and they pretended to be lovers, but Finn insisted  on staying when she wanted him to quit. He refused to listen to anything, and almost got killed twice. First, Cassandra drugged him, and the second time she knocked him out when Faison wanted her to shoot him. Andre says Cassandra is comatose, and Faison is dead. Andre isn’t saying it’s not complicated. She can find a million reasons for them not to be together, but can’t change her feelings. She says feelings aren’t the point. Finn deserves love, and also deserves the truth. In order for them to mean anything to each other, he has to know about her past, and the worst thing she ever did. It doesn’t matter anymore though. By the time she got to him, it was already too late.

Alexis says she and Finn have been in recovery about the same amount of time, and know it’s a bad idea for AA members to sleep with each other. She likes him and gets him; they’re both fighting the same demons. The last thing she wants is to compromise their sobriety. Finn says the back and forth with Anna taught him that he’s in no place to pursue a relationship, but he could use a friend. He’d be sorry if last night messed it up.

David sits next to Kiki, and shows her something that sounds like an algebraic formula. She says he makes it sound simple, and he tells her when you’ve been doing it as long as he has, it is. The food arrives, and he tells her to eat.

Elizabeth says Epiphany is the smartest person in the hospital. She knows there were medical reasons for Franco doing what he did. Epiphany says if she didn’t believe it, Milo would disappear him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t need protecting, and Epiphany asks if Jason knows that.

Franco tells Doc that he locked Drew in a toy chest and pushed him down the stairs. Doc says he’s putting adult judgment on a child’s actions. There could be number of reasons they need to explore. Franco says he’s marrying Elizabeth tomorrow, and asks if Doc can tell him that there’s no darkness inside, and he’ll never commit violence again. Doc says if he chooses to go forward without disclosure, he has to live with the consequences. Franco says he’s not doing this anymore. He’s not letting anything coming between him and the best thing that’s happened to him. He tells Doc not to blow it for him, and leaves. Doc’s phone rings. He says he did ask for the tests to be fast-tracked. He listens, and says, interesting. He wants a copy of everything.

Ava tells Griff that she’ll probably be on the phone half the night; he should go. Griff says he’s not going anywhere. She says okay, if he wants to listen to her wrangle with the claims adjuster. He says he’s not leaving until they talk about Valentine’s Day.

Sonny comes to the station, and is directed to Chase. Chase tells him that he picked up Mike wandering around the pier. Sonny goes into the interrogation room to see him. Mike is sorry for the trouble. He didn’t mean to break the lady’s sculpture. Sonny says it’s all taken care of. Mike says he wanted to go to Luke’s, but it wasn’t there. Sonny says it burned down, and Mike says he knew it; how could he forget? Sonny tells him it’s okay, but Mike says it’s not. You don’t forget things like that unless something is seriously wrong, and the doctor says he has Alzheimer’s. He starts to cry.

Mike says he screwed up this time; scaring the woman, and breaking things. Sonny says Ava has seen and done worse; one day at a time. He’s getting Mike out of there. He asks Chase what he has to do, but Chase says unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Mike was arrested for trespassing and vandalism. The reports aren’t even filed yet. He can’t let him go tonight.

Ava tells Griff there’s nothing to discuss. He asks why she’s pushing him away. He knows he should have called her about Kiki, but Ava says it’s not about Kiki; it’s about her. Since the surgery, she’s been afraid he’ll see her for who she really is, and find someone else who can be a saint like him. He says he sees and accepts her for who she is. She says he doesn’t understand. It’s new to her, being in love.

Anna tells Andre that it’s for the best not to say anything to Finn. The less people know, the better; most of all for her daughter. Andre says she opened a door that might be harder to close than she realizes. She says it’s mostly to protect her children. She can’t imagine how Robin would react. It would shatter Robin’s faith in her. The only gift she can give her other daughter is to not know who her father was. Andre respects her decision. Anna says, but he doesn’t agree, and he tells her it’s not his call. She asks if that’s as a shrink or as her friend? He needs to make arrangements for his room, and she offers him her place. He says maybe another time; he’s been looking forward to some privacy. I’ll bet.

David tells Kiki that life will be easier if she does what he says. She thanks him for dinner and the tutoring. He tells her organic chemistry is the weeding out course, and if she needs more help, just ask.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she hasn’t even had a chance to process that Jason is alive and home. She says the first time she saw him, he came out of nowhere and attacked Franco. Ever since then, she’s been trying to tell him Franco has changed, but he can only think about how Franco hurt Michael and Sam.

Dante, Jason, and Carly go to the phone booth. Carly wonders who would be calling her from out there. Um… someone up to no good? For a woman who’s so slick and trying to stay a step ahead all the time, she’s pretty dense.

Sonny tells Chase that he’ll call Dante, but Chase says it’s not going to change anything. Mike committed  a crime. Sonny says he was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Chase says, sorry; it must be hard for him. Sonny says he’ll compensate Ava, and it will all be over. Let him take his father home.

Ava tells Finn it’s the first time she’s ever been in a healthy relationship. It’s the first time she’s been in love with someone who’s actually good for her, and it scares her -a lot – so that’s it; he has it. She was going to tell him on Valentine’s Day that she loves him.

Alexis tells Finn that she enjoys their friendship, and never wants to lose it. She’s never going to sleep with him again. He agrees, and they pinky swear. He says now that his stomach has uncoiled, would she like to get something to eat? She says she always wants to eat. Anna sees them. Finn tells Alexis that his and Anna’s relationship was over before it started. She made an attempt to open up. She wanted to, but won’t, and he doesn’t know why.

Doc runs into Anna. He tells her that Faison’s diagnosis said that he had Huntington’s disease. It’s a genetic disorder that he could have passed on to his children.

Franco meets Elizabeth at the bar. He wanted to get a glimpse of her before midnight. Epiphany says that’s her cue to leave. Elizabeth thanks her, and gives her a hug. Epiphany hugs Franco, and tells him good luck, and if he hurts Elizabeth, he’ll have her to answer to.

Carly says the calls came at night. Why would someone call from out in the middle of nowhere? Dante says maybe it’s a prank. She says she heard an explosion. Dante says she can see it’s nothing. Carly starts wandering around, saying maybe they missed something. Dante tells Jason that Morgan was killed about a hundred yards from there, and he died in an explosion.

On Monday, Brad tells Julian he won’t be a part of his grandchild’s life, Ava asks Griff if he’s breaking up with her, and Josslyn asks Nelle if she’s getting back together with Michael.

🎢 How’s This for Digression?

Last week, I caught a marathon of Ash Vs the Evil Dead, which is returning to STARZ on Sunday, February 25th, 9 pm. You can also catch the second season there, earlier on Sunday. This is one of those shows I feel like I have no business watching. Ash is sexist and racist, and probably a bunch of other ists, but I still love him. I feel the same way about Two Broke Girls. It’s embarrassing, but they still make me laugh. Or at least snicker. Maybe I also feel a little bit guilty because I once mistook Garrett Morris for a homeless thief. For a couple of years, I worked in the Manufacturer’s Hanover bank in Rockefeller Center, and just about everyone who worked at NBC banked there, including the SNL cast. I didn’t normally work on the ground level, and was filling in for someone. Most of the news people and Dan Aykroyd (who was dating one of the tellers at the time) did their banking downstairs, and I had never met Garrett. He handed a counter deposit slip to me with only half of the account numbers filled in, saying he didn’t remember the rest. You need to know that this is a way thieves rip people off. They make a phony deposit using a counter slip, but say they don’t know their account number offhand. Shortly afterward, they try to cash a bogus check against the same account, saying they were just here and made a deposit. You’d be surprised with what grifters come up with. Anyway, it was very busy, and I had barely glanced up at the guy who looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days, and was wearing a rumpled coat, and this was my first thought. Then I looked at the name. And looked at him again. Thank God I hadn’t said anything.

🚫 Right Now

I’m almost at the end of Get Out (on HBO rotation). Everybody is great, but IMO, Lil Rel Howery steals this film. His delivery is The. Best. I also love seeing some old character favorites like Stephen Root (News Radio) and Richard Herd (V). Nice to see it’s getting a lot of nods/awards. It’s confusing as to which category it belongs though, since it seems to have one all its own. Funny, creepy, and gory, wrapped in a message, the story is definitely unique.

Quotes of the Week

Life is hard and dangerous, and sometimes you have to chop off somebody’s head to survive. – Ash (Bruce Campbell), Ash Vs the Evil Dead

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.Rabindranath Tagore

Change may not always bring growth, but there is no growth without change.Roy T. Bennett

There was a certain elegance to it. I kind of miss it.LeVar Burton, referring to television in the 70s on The Seventies

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.Ernest Hemingway

… the flick dances by with the same cadence and mediocrity viewers have come to expect.Erin Huestis, The Celebrity Café review of Insidious: The Last Key

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February 22, 2018 – Chasing the Disco Ball, a Bit of Chef, a Ramble & a Margarita


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Michael tells Mike a funny story about Morgan. Mike is sorry he didn’t get more time with him. Michael says he has more stories if Mike is sticking around, but Mike says he has a sweetheart waiting for him back home. Michael assumes Mike got a clean bill of health, and Sonny says he still has a follow-up. Mike says, he’ll be fine, and don’t worry.

Griff looks over Mike’s test results.

Nelle gives Ava a box of chocolates, thinking she could use a pick-me-up. Ava says she tries not to eat her feelings, and tells Nelle to enjoy them. Griff calls; he wanted to hear Ava’s voice, and misses her. He’s sorry about Valentine’s Day, but she says it’s not the day that’s important; it’s him. After she hangs up, Ava asks Nelle for the candy back, and shovels some into her mouth.

Carly tells Nina that she’s sorry about the office being like this. They couldn’t get in during the investigation. She’ll have the carpet replaced. Nina asks her to do it quickly. She wants all traces of blood removed. Maxie walks in.

Jason visits Sam’s office. He tells her that he couldn’t find Drew, and Sam says he’s at a meeting. Jason wants to talk about the Port Charles Press. Peter comes in, saying sorry to interrupt, but Sam says his timing is perfect. Jason has questions about the PC Press. Jason asks what about running an article on Faison’s will.

Brad meets with Alexis. He tells her that Lucas had an emergency surgery, and couldn’t make it.

Nelle looks at a sculpture at the gallery, and says she could use a statement piece for her apartment. Ava says it will look great in the place Michael is selling out from under her. Nelle says she has an upgrade coming, and it’s going to be a mansion next. She tells Ava about Monica inviting her to watch the election returns, and how everyone was happy and hugging. Ava says she’s practically part of the family. Nelle says not yet, but soon. Ava tells her to be careful and not to get over-confident. It’s one thing to be friends with Monica, but another to lure Michael from Carly’s clutches. Nelle says she’s going to be firmly back by Michael’s side, with Carly nowhere to be found. Michael walks in.

Maxie tells Nina sorry she’s late. Nina asks what she’s doing there, and she says, working? (This brings to mind when I walked to my first NYC job during what the city considers a blizzard. There were only two people at the office, and they asked what I was doing there. I said, coming to work? Being from Ohio, and never even having had a snow day, it wouldn’t have occurred to me not to show up.) Nina says she didn’t expect Maxie back so soon, and Maxie tells her to consider it a happy surprise. They’re behind, and reinforcements have arrived. She can’t stay in her apartment forever, so they’re both winning. Carly tells Maxie how sorry she is, and asks if there’s anything she can do. Maxie suggests some coffee, and Carly goes to get it. Nina tells Maxie she needs more time. Maxie asks for what, and Nina says processing what happened and grieving. Maxie says Nina lost Nathan too, but she’s at work. She asks if Nina thinks she’s more fragile because she’s pregnant, and not to be like everyone else, telling her what she needs. What she needs is to get back to work, and forget about the gaping hole in her life. She sees where the blood stain is covered with a cloth, and Nina makes up something about dropping her breakfast.

Sam is surprised at the idea of Jason wanting to publish anything, but he thinks it’s their best shot at finding Henrik. He tells Peter about him and Drew being beneficiaries in Faison’s will. Peter says it makes no sense. Jason says he turned their world upside down, and he’s not done yet. In order for one to claim what was left to them, the other has to die. Peter wonders what Faison could possibly offer that was worth it. Sam says Drew would get his memories back. Peter asks what Faison dangled in front of Jason, and Jason says, his son.

Sonny paces in Griff’s office. Mike tells him to take a walk. Sonny says he’s worried about Michael, and Mike says his son can take care of himself and so can his father. This fidgeting is driving him nuts. Griff comes in, and says he looked at Mike’s MRI and PET scan. They can rule out a stroke, and a number of other degenerative conditions. All but one. Scans don’t tell whole story, but coupled with the other factors, Mike has Alzheimer’s.

Carly stops by Brad’s table, and he tells her that they’re talking about the adoption. She says good luck, and he asks her to join them. He could use her input. She says adoption is a personal thing, but he says, please, and she sits. Alexis has good news. There’s a prospective mother who’s seriously considering letting them adopt her baby. The catch is that the mother insists on a semi-open adoption, and to remain anonymous.

Michael asks Nelle, what about his mother? Nelle tells him that she was saying she hopes his mom is nowhere near the childbirth class. He doesn’t think that will be a problem. Nelle thanks Ava for giving her time off and being supportive, and leaves with Michael.

Mike asks Griff what is it called again? and then tells him that he’s joking. Sonny doesn’t think it’s funny. Mike says he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s like Sonny has no sense of humor. He says he can go to ten different doctors, and get ten different opinions. Sonny says Griff is the best neurosurgeon there is. Mike says he knows you can’t really tell if someone has the disease until after they’re dead. Griff says that’s true, but the protocol for the diagnosis is sound; it’s been honed for decades. Mike tells him to keep on honing, and starts to leave. Sonny says he’s not going anywhere.

Maxie thinks the layout needs something. Her phone dings. She looks at it, and continues what she’s doing. It’s dings again, and she asks Nina if she knows how to turn off notifications. Nina asks if she needs to be somewhere, and Maxie tells her that it’s an appointment made months ago. She throws the phone across the room, then says, sorry. Nina tells her don’t ever be sorry, throws her own phone across the room, and says, there! Maxie laughs, and Nina asks what the appointment was. Maxie says childbirth class starts today.

Peter says Faison set the will up to mess with them; don’t play his game. Jason says he needs to find Henrik, who was involved in the memory mapping. Peter asks where the will comes in, and Jason says he left his estate to his son. He didn’t specify which one, and they believed it was Nathan, but it could draw Henrik out of hiding. Peter says he could get his answers, but Jason says he doesn’t need them. He’s curious as to why Henrik kept him alive, but it won’t give him back the five years, and won’t change anything. It could change everything for Drew though.

Brad says, so the mother gets all the information she wants, but leaves them totally in the dark, and has the right to show up one day. Alexis says that’s the open part. She tells him to mull it over, but the mother has asked that it be squared away as quickly as possible. Alexis leaves to do I don’t know what, and Brad asks what Carly thinks. She thinks she would have serious reservations if she were him.

Maxie tells Nina that Nathan signed them up. He was giddy about being her coach, and now she can’t believe she has to do this alone. Nina asks what time the class is, and Maxie tells her twenty minutes. Nina says let’s go. Maxie says she can’t ask Nina to do that, and Nina says she’s not asking. The issue is already late, and there are more important things at play, like her niece or nephew’s birth. She wants to do this. Maxie says she can call her mom, but Nina says, it’s Nina or bust. She wants to do it; she needs something to do. Maxie says it will be helping Nina as much as Nina is helping her.

Jason tells Peter the bottom line is Henrik is still alive. He could have a solid lead, and is worth drawing out. Sam asks what if it has the opposite effect, and makes him run? They should sit back and wait. He kept Jason alive for five years, and he’s here. If that doesn’t bring him out, she doesn’t know what will, now that Faison is dead. Peter leaves to take a call. Jason asks why not run the article?

Sonny says he’s not an expert, but trusts Griff 100%. It’s more than Mike being his father. Something is off, and it makes sense. It explains the missing money, the wandering, and what happened at Kelly’s. Mike tries to make it sound like he’s just getting old and forgetful, but Sonny says it’s beyond forgetting. Mike says Sonny wants him to be sick, and paid for a fake diagnosis. He wants to get rid of him for good. Mike tells Griff that he messed up bad when Sonny was a kid. Sonny says that’s got nothing to do with it. Mike says  the hell it doesn’t, and asks Griff if everything is confidential. He tells them not a word to anyone. Sonny asks where he’s going, and Mike says to find better company; someone who actually gives a damn.

Epiphany welcomes everyone to childbirth class. She sees they have a full house. Maxie sees Nelle with Michael, and says, you’ve got to be kidding.

Carly tells Brad that the mom wants to know everything, but wants them to know nothing about her. If she’s hiding, it’s for a reason. Carly wants them to be parents, and hopes works out. She leaves, and Brad calls Amy at the hospital. He asks if Lucas is out of surgery yet.

Mike startles Ava at the gallery. He asks what the place is, and she tells him an art gallery. He says it’s not right, and she agrees art isn’t for everybody. He says she doesn’t work here, and she tells him it’s her place of business; she owns it. He says no; this is Luke’s.

Sonny calls Max, and tells him to make sure Mike doesn’t go anywhere if he shows up there. He apologizes to Griff for his father’s anger and denial, but Griff says it’s a common reaction. He tells Sonny that he’s welcome to get a second opinion, but he knew before they did the scans. He’s treated others in Mike’s position. It’s just a matter of how they got there, and how fast; otherwise, it’s all the same.

Sam tells Jason why risk it? She’s worried they’ll scare Henrik off. If he’s thinking she’s afraid for Drew to remember because it will change things, she’s not. He’s desperate to remember for himself, her, and the kids. Even though they thought they were the same person, there are so many elements that make them different. She thinks everyone is trying too hard, like it’s a race to reclaim the memories, and it’s not. If they find the flash drive, great, but if not, life goes on. She says it’s like couples trying to get pregnant. They finally adopt, and then it happens because they stopped stressing. She thinks that could apply here. He laughs, and says he wasn’t clear where she was going, but he’s trying. I’m laughing because Brad and Lucas are the only ones adopting around here, but it’s highly unlikely they’d get pregnant on their own.

Peter returns, and asks where they stand on the article. Jason says scratch it. He’s going to keep looking on his own. Sam says sorry that she told him to stick around for nothing. Peter says it’s not for nothing. The whole Faison thing is fascinating to outsiders, although he realizes it’s a nightmare for them. He says for having thought they were the same person, Jason and Drew are nothing alike.

Griff tells Sonny that all patients respond differently to treatment, and Sonny asks what the options are. Griff says there are medications that can slow the progression and mitigate the symptoms. They also have therapy for how the patient can manage their life. The average life expectancy is four to eight years from the time of onset, but they have no clear picture of when it started with Mike. Sonny says they would if he’d checked on him. Griff says it’s not his fault, but Sonny says it is.

Mike tells Ava that he manages the place, and she’s not one of his people. He asks if Luke brought her in, and she says, Luke Spencer? Mike says he’s the owner; it’s his club. Ava picks up her tablet, and says it’s a misunderstanding. Luke did own a club on this site, but it’s gone. She shows him an article with the headline, Luke’s Club Lost in Fire. She says it burned to the ground years ago.

Epiphany wants to get started. Maxie is annoyed that she has to sit next to Nelle. Epiphany says they’ll go over the signs of labor, and the natural progression. Maxie tells Nina that she wishes Nelle wasn’t taking up so much room, and tells Nelle to move back. Nelle says if she moves any more, she’ll be in the hallway. Maxie says that’s perfect. Epiphany says they’ll have time for chatting later. Nelle asks what Nina is doing there, and if Maxie couldn’t find anyone sane. Maxie asks if Nelle couldn’t find anyone to love her.

On the phone, Brad tells Lucas that they have to agree on the option not to know the birth mother. They can offer the child a loving stable home, and that’s more important. Alexis comes back, and he hangs up. He tells her that he just talked to Lucas, and they want to go forward. They’re good with the semi-open adoption. Alexis says she’ll get the ball rolling, and he can’t believe they’ll have a baby in a few months. She says if all goes well, and he asks why it wouldn’t. Alexis says the mother likes them, but she also asked for more background information. That means an in-depth look at their lives and families. Brad says she’ll find out about Julian.

Nelle leaves the class, and Michael tells her that Maxie is grieving; she’s lashing out at everyone. Nelle says it still hurts to be told she’s alone. He says when comes to the baby, they’re a team, and asks her to go back in. Her phone dings, and she says it’s a reminder about a project she’s doing that’s off and running.

Carly picks up the phone. She says, whoever it is, she’s over it. She listens, and gets an odd look on her face.

Griff tells Sonny there’s no time for assigning blame. He needs to prioritize, and needs to get Mike to accept his diagnosis and formulate a plan of action. He says it’s better that he decide now, than have the decision made for him later when he can’t.

Ava asks Mike if she can call someone. He says, Luke, but she tells him that Luke doesn’t live there anymore. He asks if she’s one of Luke’s enemies, and if she works for Helena. He stumbles into a pedestal, and breaks a sculpture. Ava says she’s calling the police. He runs out, and she tells the police her gallery has been vandalized.

Carly looks confused. Jason walks in, and asks what’s wrong. She says she got a call. She doesn’t know who it was from, but it was just a sound. An explosion.

Peter tells Sam that he didn’t mean to get personal, but she says he’s right; they’re two different people. Jason cut his losses, and moved on, but Drew is still searching for a resolution. She can’t blame him. He doesn’t know who he is, and she can’t imagine what that’s like. Peter can’t either. Sam says it doesn’t change the past five years; what’s done is done. Jason lives in the here and now, and Drew is still struggling. Peter says it’s complicated all around. He wishes he could help. She says, unless he knows the whereabouts of the disco ball with the flash drive in it… and he says he can’t help there. In the hallway, Peter flashes back to picking up the disco ball and looking at it. He opens it to reveal the flash drive.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Andre what took so long, Epiphany hopes Elizabeth is right about Franco, and Sonny asks why he wasn’t warned.

🍜 On Top Chef, the contestants’ families joined them, and they had to make dishes from their childhood years. Moustache Joe made something with pig’s feet, which is just a no for me. I did have relatives who ate this while I was growing up, but lobster and crab aside, I don’t like to eat anything that looks like it did when it was alive. I made the mistake of buying a piece of fish once that had a surprise tail. The instructions said to soak It overnight, and in the morning, a tail had unfolded from the underside. I had to throw it away. Kerry went home after making some beef stroganoff that Tom said didn’t “tie together,” whatever that means. She wasn’t going out sad though, having gotten in the top four, which is pretty impressive. I was thinking about the difference between this and Hell’s Kitchen/MasterChef. While the competitive focus is still there, the Top Chef contestants seem more mature, and there’s a lot less yelling and goofiness. In a way, the shows actually strike a nice balance. Next time, the contestants head to Aspen.

👨 Speaking of Mustache Joe, he was the bartender on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller (Sam and Drew, General Hospital) also bartended this week, as they were in town for a GH event.

🎭 I know I said it already, but I’m very much looking forward to the new season of Imposters, beginning April 5th.  I don’t remember why I watched it the first time – there was probably nothing else on – because it’s not really my thing. I never watched any popular mystery and clever dialogue shows like X-Files (I tried), Moonlighting, CSI, Orphan Black, or even Murder, She Wrote – except for the one episode guest starring Marc Singer. So it was a surprise that I enjoyed it so much. Game of Thrones hit me the same way. While I love horror, and some sci/fi, medieval fantasy was never on my short list. Yet I was hooked five minutes in. Ditto for the books.

🍹 I Don’t Drink Them, But Have One On Me…






February 21, 2018 – Maxie Packs Up Her Memories, Eddie Goes Too Far & What Happens on Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu and Dante look at Nathan’s empty desk. Lulu asks if Dante is sure he wants to come back to work. He picks up the Yankee cup, and Lulu says he’s really gone. She can’t imagine how Maxie feels. Dante tells her not to blame herself. She says she can at least take steps toward making things right. She turned in her resignation this morning.

Peter sees Nina with Valentin, having breakfast at the MetroCourt. He tells her that she shouldn’t be thinking of coming back to work so soon. She introduces Valentin to him, and Valentin says he’s been trying to convince her to work from home. She says anyone remotely acquainted with her brother would know he’d want them to go on with their lives. Peter says he’s sorry he didn’t get to know him. He sounds like he was the best brother. Nina says he was.

At Charlie’s, Josslyn tells Oscar it’s a bad idea. He gets it that her family doesn’t like Julian. She says because their parents are dysfunctional, she doesn’t have full siblings, but they’re connected through Morgan, so are like brothers and sisters. She knows everything about Julian, and he’s bad news.

Kim sees Julian. They agree the election results sucked.

Alexis wakes up next to Finn, and says, omg. He wakes up, and looks startled.

Peter asks Nina to forgive him for being blunt, but her brother was shot in the office. Valentin asks why she needs to go back so soon, and she tells him that her brother wouldn’t want what Faison did to him to stop her from living her life. She has the privilege of going to work and going home, and that’s what mattered to him. He chose to protect and serve the community, and go home to his wife. He can’t do that anymore, but she can. She heads to the elevator.

Maxie puts the funeral flag away, and gets out a box for Nathan’s clothing. Sam comes by, and Maxie says she’s packing up his things, and donating them to charity. Sam thinks it’s too soon. Maxie says she tried leaving everything the way it was, but it just reminds her that he’s not coming back. It’s a realistic and concrete decision, not her imagination or magical thinking. It’s doing something, and someone can use his belongings. Sam asks when was the last time she and the baby ate; she brought food for three. Maxie says she needs to finish. It’s her responsibility. She’s the one needs to do this, and she’s doing it now.

Lulu doesn’t know if anything can fix the rift, but she’s going to try. She tells Dante she’s giving up her journalism career. It’s a start. Dante wonders if giving up something she loves is the answer. She says it won’t bring the happiness back, but she has other things to love, including Maxie. She means more than Lulu’s career. Dante says he loves her and kisses her. He says he’ll walk her out, and we see Nathan’s empty desk again.

Kim tells Julian that she guessed by the way he reacted last night, he still has it bad for his ex-wife. He thanks her for butting in and saving him from court costs. He offers her breakfast. She already ate, but says speaking of free things, she wants to ask him something.

Alexis tells Finn she’ll be out of his way in a minute, but he says no rush. He says, so that happened; spontaneous, post-election, surprise sex. Alexis says they’re consenting adults, and Finn says neither one of them was under the influence. He wonders if it’s still a mistake if they were both sober. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Anna, which is no surprise. Alexis says she found her shoes, and Finn asks if Anna can come back in thirty seconds. She says she’s there about the take-down of Cassandra’s drug operation. He tells her to wait, and Alexis guesses it’s not housekeeping. He says, no, it’s Anna, and Alexis says hopefully she’s come to her senses, but wishes she’d done it ten minutes later. Finn says he’ll see her at a meeting sometime. She grabs her earrings, and thanks him for not letting her be alone. He says he was happy for the company. She stumbles out the door, and says good morning to Anna. Anna comes in, and tells Finn they’re in a bit of trouble.

Julian tells Oscar that his mom said he needed a favor. Oscar says it relates to why he got punched, and explains about bullies at school beating up on their transgender friend and other outsiders. Julian says there are bullies everywhere. Oscar tells him that the biggest school dance is coming up, but the principal won’t let everyone come as they are. They want to have an alternative dance where everyone feels welcome. He asks if they can have it there.

A new cop unpacks his stuff at Nathan’s desk. Dante asks what he’s doing, and he says unpacking. This is going to be his desk. Dante wants to know who told him that, and Jordan says she did.

Sam helps Maxie box things up. Maxie brings out Nathan’s nightstand drawer, and asks her to go through it. Sam she sees a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter, and Maxie says it was her wedding present to Nathan. Sam says she can’t get rid of everything that was special, and Maxie says, yes, she can.

Valentin is concerned about Peter sticking around Port Charles. Peter asks if Valentin thinks he’s at risk from his father’s enemies. Valentin thinks he’s at risk from Jason. When he finds out that Peter is really Henrik, he’s going to be questioned. Peter says one of the reasons he’s staying is that Maxie finds him easy to talk to. Maybe because he’s a stranger, but she feels a connection since he was there when Nathan was shot. Valentin tells him to be careful. Once she learns who he is and that he’s responsible for the article, he’ll be exposed. Lulu arrives, saying she got Peter’s text. She didn’t expect to find him with Valentin, and asks if they know each other.

Nina stands in the doorway at Crimson, and says she’s going to do this, and make Nathan proud. She sees the police tape. She stands there looking around, and sees Nathan’s blood on the carpet. Wouldn’t someone have cleaned up?

Dante wants to talk to Jordan in private, which she was about to suggest. She tells him the new guy is Harrison Chase, and comes highly recommended. She thinks he can benefit from Dante’s experience. Dante doesn’t like it, but she says he doesn’t have a choice. She thinks he should take a bereavement leave.

Valentin leaves the table, and Peter tells Lulu that he was expressing concern about Nina returning to work so Quickly. Lulu says she’s responsible for bringing Faison to her doorstep. That’s why she’s resigning, and don’t try to talk her out of it. Peter says if she wants to take that responsibility, she also needs to take credit for his capture.

Nina stares at the carpet for a while, and starts to clean up. She scrubs at the blood stain and cries.

Sam finds a shirt in the drawer, and realizes it’s the one threw to Maxie during the Magic Milo number at the Nurses’ Ball. She asks about a handkerchief, and Maxie says it’s from the night they met. She was crying over Georgie, and Nathan gave it to her. Maxie takes the shirt, saying it has holes in it, and she’s going to trash it. Sam tells her to stop, and she says maybe she can auction it off to some crazy Ask Man Landers groupies. Sam is concerned that one day she’ll want to dive into the memories, and it will kill her remembering she threw them away. You’d think she’d at least want something for the baby.

Julian asks Josslyn what about the MetroCourt for the dance? She says her mother offered, but if he doesn’t want to help, fine. He sits down and says he knows all about bullies; he used to be one. He says the article that tanked Alexis’s campaign was because she put herself on the line for him getting beat up by some thugs. He was defending some inmates who didn’t fit the mold, and lost big time; so he gets it. He tells them that they can have the party there, free of charge. Oscar and Josslyn thank him, and Kim says, thank you, Charlie.

Anna tells Finn that the WSB contacted her, and they’re sending a representative to meet with them. She doesn’t know what it’s about, and Robert was unavailable. Finn asks what’s the worst that could happen, and Anna says they might feel his involvement compromised the mission. She was concerned she might end up getting him in trouble, and tells him if something goes down, she’ll protect him. Finn says he doesn’t want it or need it.

Oscar thanks Kim for the suggestion. She says it was all Julian. Oscar asks what’s going on with them, and she says nothing. They’ve shared a few meals, and had some laughs; why? Oscar says him being an ex-con and the mob stuff.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s sorry. It’s his fault she lost the election. She says she wouldn’t change anything, not even if it meant being mayor. His life is worth more.

Finn says Anna claims she doesn’t want to be with him because of the danger, but he can take care of himself. He says whatever danger she can dish out, he can handle it. She tells him they have to meet a WSB representative at the police station. He says he’ll meet her there after he takes a shower.

Dante asks if a bereavement leave is an order, and Jordan says he lost a partner. She strongly suggests he take a few weeks off. She tells him that he’s a great cop, and he says unless she’s ordering him, he’s going out to do his job. She says, fine, no leave, but will he go to counseling? She wants him to make an appointment with the department psychiatrist. He asks if she went, and she did. She says it kills her inside to bring in a newbie. No one can replace Nathan. Dante says he’ll go. When he comes out, Harrison is familiarizing himself with the cases.

Lulu tells Peter that she put her career before Nathan’s safety and Maxie’s feelings, and didn’t listen to her husband’s warnings. Peter says he handed in his own resignation. Like her, he felt responsible. He was there, but couldn’t stop Faison. He doesn’t know when the guilt will leave, but resigning from a job he loves isn’t going to bring peace, and he doesn’t think will for her either. Lulu says she’ll focus on her family. He says that’s important and wonderful, but it’s not journalism, the thing that lights a spark for her alone. If she gives it up, not only has she lost Nathan and Maxie, but a part of herself.

Maxie tells Sam that she can’t replay her life with Nathan over and over in her head. It will drive her crazy, and it’s not good for the baby. Sam says she went through it when she thought Jason died. She relived their life and the memories were painful. It was like breaking her heart again, but she did save things that were important to the two of them. She’s glad she did that, and thinks Maxie should do it for herself and the baby. She’ll want them; trust her. Maxie calls her clueless.

Sam says she was just trying to say she’s been there. She’d thought Jason died and grieved. The first months, every breath hurt; every step hurt. She’d lie in bed, and all she could think about was Jason until she exhausted herself and feel asleep. When she woke up, there would be a moment of hope, but each day the moment was shorter. Maxie is in a unique situation, but she’s been down that road and understands. Maxie says, except Jason is alive, and she only thought he was dead. Maxie watched Nathan get shot. She watched him die. She watched as they buried him. She knows where he is, and where he’s going to be forever, because he’s not coming back to her, or the baby.

Nina keeps scrubbing and crying. Valentin comes in. She tells him she can’t get it out, and cries in his arms.

Kim tells Oscar that she and Julian are just friends. Oscar says she came home with him the other night. She says he walked her home, and wonders what Oscar is getting at. He tells her whatever is going on, be careful.

Alexis tells Julian that it’s a good cause helping out the alt-youth. Who is he? Julian says he’s taking a page out of her book.

Finn and Anna go to the interrogation room, where the WSB guy is waiting. Anna apologizes for being late, and says that Finn is an innocent civilian. Finn says innocent being a relative term. She tells the WSB guy that she pressured Finn to be asset in bringing down Cassandra. Finn says he was pressured initially, but then he decided to be involved for personal reasons that his involvement initiated. He knew what he was doing. The guy says that much is crystal clear to everyone in charge.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s closing her headquarters. It would have happened whether she won or lost, and she’ll have no reason to come there anymore. Julian asks not even for the world class food? She leaves, and Julian gives some menu ideas to the kids.

Finn asks if his medical license is going to be revoked, and the WSB guy says, nothing of the sort. Anna asks why they were summoned. He tells them the WSB, along with the DEA, is awarding them the highest honors for their achievements. There’s going to be a ceremony honoring all those involved. He thanks them for their service, and tells them, try to have nice day, will ya? Finn says he did not see that coming. Neither did Anna. He says he’ll have to check his schedule; he might be receiving another award that day. Anna says it’s none of her business, but was that what she thought it was when she saw Alexis? She thinks Alexis is…  good for him, and abruptly leaves, jetting through the station.

Dante says, that was weird, and Jordan says, very. He wonders if he should follow to make sure she’s okay, but Jordan says he’s not getting out of this. She introduces him to his new partner, and Harrison says to call him Chase. Dante says, sorry about before, but Chase gets it. He’s sorry about Dante’s partner. Jordan hopes he’ll be at home there. Chase asks if Dante is a Yankees fan, and he puts a Red Sox cup on his desk. Dante scowls.

Peter tells Lulu not to let Faison take more than he already has. She asks if she’s supposed to keep writing like nothing happened, and he says, no, keep writing like everything happened. She should expose the bad, and use her work for the good of those she loves, even Maxie.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll buy her a new rug first thing in morning. He asks to take her home in the meantime. She says he has work to do. He says when he walked in and saw her, it broke him. Imagine how it would be if Maxie walked in. She asks if they can get a new carpet before she comes back, and he nods.

Maxie tell Sam that’s the last of it. The shelter is coming to pick everything up, and she’s got to get to work. Sam says she understands the need to isolate, and Maxie thanks her for helping, and goes to the kitchen. Sam starts to leave, and takes one of the boxes with her. Maxie comes back out, and looks at the framed photos of her and Nathan. She takes them down, and puts them in one of the boxes, and tapes it shut. What on earth is the shelter going to do with those?

Carly tells Brad that she has serious reservations, Mike tells Sonny not to say a word, and Peter asks what Faison dangled in front of Jason.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad asks Alex who was on the phone? She says it was Dr. Raston; she was calling about Marcie. Apparently, she’s in the hospital and was asking for him. He calls Marcie, but gets voicemail. He wants to call the doctor, and Alex says she has to look for the number. The doctor calls and Brad again, and he asks what’s going on? She says Marcie is having complications with her pregnancy. She needs for Marcie to calm down, and Marcie wanted her to call him. He says he’s on his way. Alex asks if he’s really going, and he asks if she’s really asking. Marcie asked him to be there. Alex offers to go with him. He tells her there’s no need, but Alex argues the point. He says seeing her is the last thing that’s going to comfort Marcie. Yeah, bad strategy. When he’s gone, she calls a friend to sit with the kids.

Natalie tells Lushion that they hardly spend time together, and it would be nice to know he wants to. He asks why she’s getting sentimental. She tells him go on to work. He says he’s not going anywhere until she talks, and he tells her that he loves her. She was thinking about the whole situation; all these men – and women. Eddie is a first rate a-hole, Randal is a horrible person, Brad is lost, and Travis was a devil. He tells her she got it all right, and I second that. She says, and then there’s him; he’s her rock. He’s solid, upright, and doesn’t cheat. She wants him to know she appreciates and loves him. He thanks her. She thanks him for helping Kelly and volunteering them to help her son. She thanks him for being her balanced man, and he says he’ll always balance her. They kiss, and she suggests he show her. No surprise, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Esperanza. Lushion says he’s getting out of there. I don’t blame him. Esperanza offers to call him back, but Natalie says he has to get to work. Esperanza asks when Natalie is going back to work, but she’s liking the housewife thing. She says she’ll be better when Kelly is out. She talked to Justice, and found out Travis had been talking to him. Esperanza asks if they’re gong to talk to the lawyer. Natalie says Lushion is going to do that, and asks where Esperanza was last night. Esperanza says she had dinner with Stephen, and Natalie asks if she likes him. She likes the sex, but it’s over; it shouldn’t have happened. Natalie asks if she’s okay about it, and Esperanza says she’s great about it. Natalie says she has a “not sure” look on her face, but Esperanza says she wanted it to be over and it’s fine. Natalie questions her about looking at her phone. Esperanza says Stephen is corny as hell. She wanted what they had, but it’s over. She has to get to work. Natalie asks her to tell Kelly hi, and asks if she wants to see Justice. Esperanza says Kelly made it clear that’s a no, but Natalie thinks he needs to hear the truth from her.

Kelly meets with Carl. He’s been looking at the case, and the prosecutor offered her a deal. The family doesn’t want to go through a lengthy trial. Kelly doesn’t want a deal, but Carl thinks she should consider it. Kelly says Travis was stalking her and trying to kill her. Carl says they have a lot of evidence, and now there’s this. He shows her the tape of her threatening to kill Randal like she did Travis. He tells her the deal is life in prison; at least it takes the death penalty off the table. She says he’s got to be kidding. What about the evidence against Travis? He tells her that she’s making the case, but she insists Travis did this to her. Carl thinks she should consider it. She thinks he’s fired. She wants an attorney who’s willing to work. He says he was appointed because she couldn’t afford one, but he’ll tell the judge she wants someone else. She says she’ll find a way. Bye, Felicia Carl.

Randal busts into Ian’s office, asking where Larry is. Ian tells him to calm down and relax; sit down and let him help. He tells Randal that Larry isn’t there; they can’t find him. Randal asks if he’s covering, but Ian says they don’t know where he is. Randal needs to talk to him, and Ian asks if he can help. Randal says he didn’t help him last night, and Ian says he didn’t know Randal needed it. Randal wants to sue the hell out of everybody for what Brad did, which makes perfect sense. Randal says Ian saw Brad hit him, and he wants it added to the lawsuit. Ian says he’ll get on it. Randal tells him to get the tape from the restaurant before it’s erased. Randal asks why Ian was at restaurant with Marcie, and Ian says she sold him a house. Randal asks if he always has dinner with people who sell him houses, and Ian says just the cute ones. Randal asks if he thinks Marcie is cute, and Ian says he thinks he was making a joke. Randal says he’s not funny, and Ian says he’s been told. He wonders what difference it makes, since Randal and Marcie aren’t together anymore. Randal asks if he’s interested in Marcie, and Ian says, no; he’s just wondering why Randal is so hostile. Randal claims he’s not, but has every right to be. The guy who hit him had an affair with his wife. Ian says, from his understanding, Randal started it with Brad’s wife. Randal asks if that makes it right, but Ian says it makes them both wrong. Randal calls him a lawyer with moral high horse. This bugs me, since high ground would have been a better choice. Ian says he’s just balanced, and Randal tells him to balance himself into calling Larry. He asks if it’s like Larry not to call. Ian says, no, and Randal asks if anyone has called the police. Ian wonders why they’d do that, and Randal asks if nobody is worried. Ian asks why they should be, and Randal tells him that he pissed off Eddie, a racist SOB cop Randal filed a charge against. Ian says he’s on it. Randal says Larry could be dead. Ian gets on the phone, and Randal throws some stuff around on Ian’s desk, because he’s five.

Ian calls Lushion. He knows Lushion isn’t happy about Kelly, but he needs a bit of a favor. Randal was just there, and thinks Eddie might have done something to Larry. Lushion asks why, and Ian says because Eddie is a bad guy. He asks if Lushion can he look into it. Lushion says he will, and Ian adds for him to keep it confidential. Larry does a lot of drugs, and can pass out for days. Lushion asks if anyone has talked to his wife, and Ian says she’s part of the problem. He goes off with other women – and men – for days. Lushion needs a favor in return. Ian says he can’t help her, and Lushion says, yes, he can. Unless he doesn’t want Lushion’s help. Ian says if Lushion does this, he’ll look into a guy who might be able to help.

Meanwhile, at the container, Larry isn’t looking too good. He’s unconscious with Eddie standing over him. Eddie’s phone rings. Lushion asks where he is, and Eddie asks who Lushion is? His bitch? Lushion tells him some people called asking for Larry, and want to know where he is. Eddie acts ignorant. Lushion says that kidnapping is a federal offense, and wherever he is, Eddie better get him back safely, and now. Eddie says he doesn’t know what Lushion is talking about. Lushion says Larry isn’t answering his phone, and didn’t show up for a press conference and a meeting. Eddie asks what that has to do with him, and Lushion asks why he’s next to a box truck in the middle of nowhere. Eddie freaks out a little, and Lushion says if Eddie didn’t want him to know where he was, he shouldn’t have answered his phone. Eddie complains that Lushion can’t use the FBI tracking device, and Lushion says, yes, he can; he’s still building a case. He says Eddie better pray to God that Larry doesn’t want to press charges, and tells Eddie to get him home.

Eddie says Larry is causing him more problems than he knows what do to with. He needs Larry to wake up. He pees on Larry, and tells him to wake up; he’s going home, but I don’t think Larry is ever waking up again. Eddie kicks him, and nothing. Eddie says the games are over, and accuses Larry of playing dead. Oops! He is dead. Eddie curses Larry out, and leaves. He gets in his car, and pulls out. The stupidest human alive.

Brad arrives at the hospital, and Marcie thanks him. She says they haven’t told her anything, and she wonders why they’re not talking to her. Brad tells her to relax, but she’s worried about losing the baby. He asks what happened. She says she was coming home, and suddenly felt a knot in her stomach. She knew that bastard would do this; he wanted her to miscarry. Brad says she doesn’t know that, and to try and stay calm. Her phone rings. Brad tells her to turn it off, but it’s Ian. Marcie says she’s supposed to give him contracts today, and asks Brad to answer it. He does, but Ian is confused because Brad isn’t a very good secretary, and Marcie asks for the phone. She tells him that she’s at the hospital, and he asks if he should come. She says she’ll get the papers to him, but he says it’s not about that. She’s trying not to stress about the divorce and the baby, and tells him if he wants to come, she can’t stop him, but she’s okay. Ian gets the hospital info from Brad. After he hangs up, Ian tells his assistant to get Randal’s divorce files.

Randal leaves another message for Larry. asking where he is; he’s been calling all day. He hears the camera signal, and gets on his laptop. He sees a video of Alex telling Brad that someone switched the DNA. He jets out the door.

Alex gives instructions to the sitter. She walks out to find Randal on the porch. He says she did this to him, and shows her the video. He calls her a lying-ass bitch, and says she’ll pay for this. He says he’s been through hell, thinking she was with someone else. She says she’s sorry, and he asks who did it; who switched the DNA? She says she doesn’t know who it was, and he tells her not to lie. She said on the video that it was “somebody.” Who was it? She says she can’t tell him because she doesn’t know. He tells her that she’s a crazy-ass man even crazier; just tell him. She says she can’t give him that, and he says, okay. His lawyers will get it out of her, and whoever did it, he’s going to ruin them. If she thinks what did to her was something, just wait. He heads home, and she follows him, begging him not to do this. He tells her to get out of his yard, and goes to the shed.

Alex follows Randal inside. She asks him to hear her out. They’ve both made horrible mistakes. He says she has, and she says, no, they both have. He asks what he did except love her, and she says they’re both married. What they did was wrong for all of them. He trapped her. He knew where she was weak, what she liked, and what she wanted. He says he still knows, and she says he used it to cause hell. He says she had her father try to kill him, and she says he was trying to take her child. She didn’t know what else to do. Randal says she caused the war, and Alex says he pushed her. He promises he’ll end it, and she asks if that’s what he wants. He says her life is ruined; she’ll be far away, and his child will be with him. She says he’s having a child with his own wife. All she wants is for him to drop it; finish it, and be done. He says it’ll be done. He’s giving his lawyers all the information, and his son will be with him. Alex says he’s next door, and Randal says she won’t be soon. He tells her to get out. She says she knows he still wants her, and he tells her to  get out again. She says he does, and he can have her, if he drops it and doesn’t pursue it. He thinks about it, and asks how? She says anyway he wants. She just doesn’t want to lose her son or Brad. He tells her to take off her clothes. Good luck to her with not losing her son or Brad. There’s no way this is going to go well.

Next time, Lushion says he’s calling the FBI if he doesn’t hear from Stephen, Natalie threatens Randal, and Randal confronts the doctor.

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February 20, 2018 – The Votes Are In, Veronica Gets Caught, the NYC Trip Thickens & How to Adult


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Curtis says Stella was attacked for her opposition to the redevelopment. Jordan adds that a lot of people don’t want it to go through. Julian tells them when Alexis is in office, all their efforts will be for nothing. Molly shows Alexis the article from The Invader entitled Con Job, about Alexis asking for Nora’s help to spring Julian. Julian asks if Alexis is all right, and she shows him the phone.

Olivia goes blah-blah-blah about how taxes paying for everything is wonderful, because she doesn’t have to worry about paying them. She tells Ned that making a city and people’s lives better is patriotic. He got into the election to make the people’s lives in Port Charles better, and she believes he’ll get that chance. The article comes in on her phone. Monica comes in, saying it’s too close to call, but not all the precincts are in yet. Michael joins them, and says he’s proud to have voted for Ned, whether or not he wins. Ned thinks his odds might be improving.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s going to Charlie’s where the nurses who support Alexis are gathering. She thinks it’s going to be a long night. Franco leaves for his session with Doc, and Elizabeth runs into Kim. Kim tells her that she’s never walked down the aisle, and never missed it, but seeing Elizabeth’s smile is making her reconsider. Elizabeth says she’s walked down the aisle a few times, and hopes this one is the charm.

Entering Charlie’s, Stella says she wants to put her feet up and get a glass of champagne. Curtis asks Molly if everything is okay, but Molly says, not even close, and shows him her phone. Stella wants to talk to Alexis, but Curtis thinks that’s not the best idea at the moment. She asks what she’s missing. Finn tells Alexis that he came to support her night of triumph, but she says there might not be any triumph on Charles Street tonight.

Franco goes to Doc’s office. He asks where the brain in a jar is, and Doc tells him that Faison’s brain is being biopsied; he’s waiting for the results. Franco thinks his brain might be worse. Faison was never a childhood killer. He wishes he could say the same.

Sam and Drew arrive at Charlie’s. Sam asks what’s going on, and Molly tells her to ask Julian. Julian is on the phone with Scotty, and tells him to keep trying. He tells Alexis that Scotty said it’s too late to block the publication; it’s out there. They see there’s breaking news on the television. Molly looks at her phone, and reads out loud about Alexis’s visit to Nora leading to Julian’s release.

At the Quartermaine’s, Michael also reads out loud. The article asks if Alexis is taking a truly principled stand or just trying to save her ex-husband’s pub, which is a possible front for mob activity. What else is she hiding in her history of involvement in organized crime. Monica doesn’t believe it for a minute, Olivia doesn’t care. She says Alexis has been high and mighty. If pulling strings for Julian’s release cost her the election, maybe she deserves it.

Elizabeth asks if Kim wants to come. She’d love to, but has to go with other camp. Oscar was invited to the Quartermaine’s, and she thought he should spend time with his new family. Elizabeth says that politicians come and go, but family is forever.

Doc wants to do word association, and says, family. Franco wonders if he’s sure he wants to ask that, and was hoping for more like a stream of consciousness where he figures it out. Doc says that’s so much work; he’d rather play word games. He reminds Franco that they don’t have a typical doctor/patient relationship. Franco is supposed to be helping him with his research, and Doc will help Franco with his past. He says, family, and Franco says, feathers. His mom was constantly dusting, and used a feather duster; she cleaned compulsively. Doc asks if he felt as if she was cleaning up after him and Andrew, and Franco admits they were a lot to handle. Doc asks if they were ever punished, but Franco doesn’t remember. He says she was more like a total pushover. She let him get away with murder.

Phones are ringing, and everyone says, no comment. Olivia says the article went viral, and Monica says that every reporter in town wants a reaction. Ned tells them to stick with no comment. Monica says whether it’s true or false, it’s up to Alexis to comment. The bell rings, and Michael answers. It’s Nelle. Monica tells her that she’s glad she could make it; her timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Sam tells Molly that once again their mom is paying the price for being involved with Julian. Molly tells Alexis to refute it, but Alexis says she can’t. The innuendo that she’s involved with the mob is patently false, but everything else is true.

Elizabeth joins everyone at Charlie’s. She tells Alexis that she heard, but not to worry; no one will believe it. Alexis says in this instance, it’s correct. She was trying to seek justice for someone far from perfect, but wrongly convicted. Julian wasn’t a willing accomplice, but under duress. He was menaced in prison, and she was trying to seek his release. She got Nora to convince Olivia-J to tell the truth, and he was released based on her testimony. Stella says it sounds like she set right a wrong, and admires her honesty. She thinks once the truth is heard, everyone will feel that way. She’s going to the polls to do damage control, and Molly decides to go with her. Jordan tells Julian it almost sounds like collusion. He thinks she might want to investigate who put this out at the eleventh hour. It’s sabotage, and someone will pay.

Nelle thanks Monica for including her. Michael asks for a word with Monica, but the bell rings again. It’s Kim and Oscar. Kim says it’s still too close to call, but Monica says maybe not for too long. Ned thinks it’s too late for the article to have made a difference, but Olivia-Q says there are still a few key districts that vote late.

Jim tells Alexis if it goes her way, he hopes they can find common ground. It’s no secret they’re on opposing sides, and he hopes they can overcome their differences. He wonders what’s with the long faces, and Julian asks what he’s doing there. Jordan says the polls are closed. Jim tells Julian he’s there to get a drink; was it something he said? Julian says, like he doesn’t know about The Invader hatchet job just in time to sway voters. Curtis says it ain’t over yet. Finn tells Alexis that he’s not a glass-half-full kind of guy, but she still has a chance. Alexis wonders why she doesn’t feel that way. Curtis tells Drew he wants to talk about something other than politics, and Drew suggests talking about him and Franco.

Doc tells Franco that he didn’t commit murder. Franco says he just wasn’t successful. Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage to keep him safe. Doc says Betsy wasn’t always honest, and wonders why Franco will accept the worst about himself. Why believe the worst without knowing if it’s true?

Ned says the exit polls are showing that he’s gaining support. Kim admits to voting against Measure A, but Olivia says she should vote her conscience. She explains to Kim that Julian is Leo’s biological father. Kim says she and Julian are friends. Olivia gives Kim her phone, and says she should nip the friendship in the bud. The doorbell rings, and Monica says it could be reporters. Ned says if they want a statement, they’ll get a statement. He answers the door, and Julian flies in, shoving Ned up against the wall.

Ned swears he didn’t leak the story, adding that Alexis didn’t deny it. Michael tells Julian that he’s trespassing, and he assaulted a political candidate in front of witnesses. He has one chance to leave. Olivia tells him that if he doesn’t, he’ll never see Leo again. Kim tells him that one black eye in the family is enough, and to back off for Leo’s sake.

Sam tries to make suggestions to Alexis, but Finn says Alexis knows what she needs. Sam asks what makes him an expert. He says he voted for her, and he wouldn’t vote for just anybody.

Curtis tells Drew that Jim is a big money dude, trying to play by intimidating the residents, and one is his auntie. He doesn’t like him. Drew says that Jim knew him and Franco when they were kids; Betsy dated him. Curtis says, now he’s here. It’s a helluva coincidence.

Franco tells Doc this isn’t what he signed up for. Doc tells Franco that he’s trying to get him to separate fact from fear, and imagination from reality. He asks if that’s the only time Franco tried to hurt Drew or were there other incidents. Franco isn’t sure. Doc tells him breathe, and think back. He’s not Franco; he’s Bobby. He asks what Bobby and Andy liked to do; what games did they play? Franco says, hide and seek. He remembers Drew hiding in a trunk, and him locking it. Drew yells for Franco to let him out. Doc asks what he remembered.

Kim tells Ned the reporters will be there wanting the next headline about them. Ned tells Julian that if he’s done making an ass of himself, he knows where the door is. Julian says, the hell with you, Ted. The others go back into the living room, but Kim stays behind. She calls Julian “Charlie,” and tells him to wait.

Finn says he doesn’t know about Alexis, but he could use drink. She tells him for someone who doesn’t speak at meetings, he knows what to say to her. She thinks a martini would be great, and they go over a list of various drinks. She says it would be great to numb world. Finn says for couple of hours, but then in the morning…  She says she’s going to lose, isn’t she? She didn’t even know she wanted the job until Laura stepped down. Then she got invested. She would have made great mayor. Finn says he believes it; he voted for her. She says she should have known better; it was a ticking time bomb. He says in retrospect, full disclosure earlier would have given her control of the narrative. She says there would have been no way to spin it. She made her choice to get entangled with Julian. She keeps making the same mistake over and over. She says it’s the definition of insanity to do that, and expect a different outcome. She’s incapable of making healthy a choice when comes to Julian. She can’t let go or move on. Finn puts his arm around her.

Julian tells Kim that as much as he wanted to punch Ned, it would have been the wrong thing to do. He says now that she saw the article, she knows who is who, and what he is. She tells him that he didn’t make it a secret. He thought it was his last chance to get it right. Buying the pub, putting down roots, making friends, and trying to get it right with the kids, showing them he’d changed. The article proves he can’t erase the past. He’s trapped in his name and history, and anyone else foolish enough to get close will be too. She asks if it’s a warning, but he says it’s a fact. Just ask his ex-wife. Kim says she’s driving. He asks where, and she tells him that he knows.

Curtis says Jim is arrogant, smug, and the definition of power and privilege. He’s in it for the money. Drew thinks there’s something more, and angle he’s just not seeing. Curtis asks what’s up with him and Franco. Drew says since Jim has been in town, Franco has been acting weird. He’s been carrying around a rabbit’s foot that inexplicably means something to him. He wants to find Betsy, and get to the bottom of what’s up with Jim. Curtis says he messed with the wrong dudes, and he can’t wait to take his ass down.

Franco tries to leave, saying he doesn’t want to see Elizabeth disappointed. He starts to tear up, and Doc says whatever he remembers, he can’t lock it inside. Let him help unlock the past and free him from it. In Franco’s mind, Drew cries to be let out of the trunk. Franco tells Doc that Pandora’s Box unleashed all the evils of the world, and the moral is, don’t open the box. Doc reminds him that the box also contained hope.

Michael tells Monica that he appreciate her effort with Nelle, but what Monica thinks is inclusive, Nelle might take as encouragement. The winner is about to be announced, and everyone gets ready.

Kim and Julian get to Charlie’s. Curtis thinks Alexis can still pull it off. Drew looks at Jim. The winner is declared to be Ned. Bleh. Nelle says she’s proud to be part of the family, and hugs Michael. Ned asks Oscar what he makes of it, and Oscar says he’s now related to the mayor.

Jim sees Franco going into Charlie’s, and tells him the way things going, it looks like he’s sticking around Port Charles. Julian tells Kim that he’s just making things worse, but Kim says he belongs there. Drew stares at Franco. Franco thinks about him being locked in the chest. Elizabeth asks what going on.

About to light a cigar in the alley, Jim is startled by Curtis. Curtis tells him smoking is bad for you, and so is standing in an alley all alone. His aunt got mugged recently, and it bothers him a lot.

Ned is grateful for the support, and blah-blah-blah, his wife, blah-blah-blah. The people have spoken. He’s honored and humbled, and won’t let them down. He says the city is a living thing, and is better when they come together to improve it, blah-blah-blah. Molly says she can’t watch. Stella tells her it’s not about how many times we get knocked down, but now many times we stand up. Jordan agrees, and Stella thanks Jordan for backing her up.

Ned pledges to work with the business community to revitalize Charles Street.

Curtis tells Jim it’s been a big night, and the article was right on time. Jim realizes that Curtis is a friend of “Andy’s,” and Curtis tells him that his name is Drew. He says good luck with that smoking thing, and leaves.

Ned gives a shout out to Laura, who might have been standing there. His commitment to Charles Street is no less than hers.

Doc talks into a recorder. He says Franco has a fascination and fear about his childhood. Noting unusual there, but he has the belief that he was born bad, and that murder is in his DNA. Is it? Or is Franco still Bobby the child, playing hide and seek with himself?

Ned says to those who are afraid to walk the streets at night, he’s bringing law and order back to Port Charles. Those who do harm will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Franco drains a water bottle, saying he was really dehydrated. He leaves with Elizabeth.

Ned says blah-blah-blah, the love and support of his family, and introduces Olivia. He says they need to come together as a city and as neighbors. With all their differences, there’s more that unites than divides them. The work begins today; the dream goes on.

Sam is sorry, but Alexis says she’ll be fine, and thanks Sam and Drew for their support. Drew tells her to let them know if she needs anything. Finn helps her on with her coat, and she tells him she’s just waiting for everyone to leave so she can cry like a baby. Julian tells Kim there’s nothing he can say or do, and she agrees. She says she can make him a drink. Alexis tells Finn she needs to get out of there. He says they can do that, and gives her his arm. They walk out, and we see Alexis’s campaign flyers on the ground.

Tomorrow, Oscar wants a favor from Julian, Lulu resigns, and Maxie is the one who needs to do this.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The guards separate Quita and Candace. Candace calls Quita a crackhead, and I laugh. DA George wants to talk to Candace, and has her brought to the interrogation room. She has nothing to say to him, but he says he’ll talk. He tells her she’s too feminine to be such an animal. What? He wants to talk to her about Quincy and the charges for his murder. She says she wasn’t charged with anything. He asks if she wants to see what they have, and she asks if he wants to go to hell. He says, no actually. I’m kind of liking George; his banter is amusing. He shows her some new evidence – Jeffrey’s bracelet that was found with the body. She says they found a body without a warrant, and it can’t be used. He says a witness is enough, and they have Jeffrey, who seems to be under a lot of pressure. He asks if she’s going to let Jeffrey go down for what she did. He’s sure the bracelet has DNA all over it. She says it won’t see the light of day, but he tells her it will when Jeffrey testifies. Moving on, he says the old man said he made a mistake, and nothing will be on record; she’s free to go. He thinks she must have friends in high places.

Jeffrey is brought in, and sits across from Candace. He looks pretty tired. He asks why he’s there, and she says they’re playing games. She says they think they’re stupid, and he says, one of them anyway. She reminds him that they’re recording everything. He can’t believe his mother turned him in, and Candace can’t believe he’s shocked, especially since he didn’t do anything. Jeffrey wonders why Veronica didn’t turn Candace in, and asks what Candace promised her. Candace says Veronica didn’t turn her in because there’s nothing to turn her in for. He says he hopes he doesn’t find out that she and Veronica are in cahoots against him, and she calls him paranoid. She says they’re not talking in here because that’s what they want. He says she wants to control him like his mother does, but they’ll see. She says Jeffrey knows her, and to STFU. A woman tells Candace she’s free to go, and Jeffrey says, see you soon.

A woman at the desk tells Candace, no bail, no phone call, no record; who did that? As Candace is about to leave, David stops her. He says his son is in a jail cell for her crime; she got him into this. Candace says his wife did that. He says she knows Jeffrey didn’t hurt that boy. It was her that he was trying to help, and she needs to take responsibility so he can be exonerated. She ask if he thinks that’s going to happen, and he says she doesn’t have a shred of decency. She agrees. She asks if he knows Oscar, the guy he hired to play with her emotions and steal her money. David says it was Jim’s money. Candace says apparently he does know Oscar, and payback is a bitch.

Nameless woman friend asks if Landon is hungover; she is. He says she looks it. She wonders if this is his way of getting back at her for telling the truth. Landon doesn’t have a good poker face, and Charles is going to know he’s in love with him. He asks her how Senator Johnson is, and how’s his wife? She tells him it’s a low blow, but not as low as he’s willing to blow. Good one. She says if he can’t handle truth, maybe they shouldn’t be friends. He tells her that she can’t handle him talking about her and the senator, and she says, as much as he can’t handle her talking about him and the future president. Please, if you’re reading this, and know this character’s name, let me know what it is. I’ve worn myself out trying to find it, and for whatever reason, Landon never uses it. Maybe she doesn’t have a name.

Hanna tells Derek a funny story. He says it’s good to see her smile. He says she was so sad when he was at her house, he wanted to grab her and hug her. She’s glad he didn’t; she would have freaked out. She asks if he doesn’t have work, but he says he was done. She tells him that she has to help out upstairs. He wants to take her to dinner, since she said the tea replaced their coffee date. After some hesitation, she says okay, and he says tomorrow night. She doesn’t want to go anywhere fancy, since she has nothing to wear, but he says he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.

Kathryn pretends to be looking at a magazine when Hanna walks in. Hanna says she saw her run, and don’t tell her she wasn’t listening. Kathryn asks if they’re going on a date, and Hanna says yes. Kathryn wonders about her not having any clothes, and Hanna reminds her about the fire. Kathryn wants to give her a makeover; she can use some tweaking. Her ladies will have her knock his socks off. Hanna says Derek has to take her as she is. She heads upstairs, and Kathryn says she’s calling her glam squad.

Quita gets sprung, and Oscar stops her outside. He tells her that he’s her godfather; he just bailed her ass out. She has something he needs. She tells him to get lost, and he says she can go back in if she doesn’t want to talk to him. She asks where he wants to do it, but he wants the card she stole from Wyatt. She’s not telling him anything, but when he threatens to have her sent back in, she says she had it, but not anymore. He asks some questions, and she doesn’t know much; just that it was a lot of money in an offshore account. He gives her five hundred dollars, and says he may need more information. He gives her his number in case she thinks of anything. She says she’ll do his white ass for that much, but he just wants the info. When she’s gone, an officer asks if Oscar had any luck, but no. Oscar says he’ll give him a grand if he does something else.

David calls Veronica, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says they need to do something about their son, and she says she already did. She calls Jeffrey that girl, and says she did him a favor. David wonders if she’s drinking, and says he needs her sober to talk. She asks if he had her run off the road; she knows it was him, Kathryn, or Jim. He wants to talk about their son, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about She says when she finds out, she’ll come after him. He says she had Jeffrey arrested for something Candace and her brother did. Veronica says when finds that woman, she’ll send her back to David in pieces. David says she’d better not, and he’s tired of playing games. She’s tired of the conversation, and hangs up.

Wyatt calls the bank and wants to know how to get his money. He’s really talking to Oscar, who says he needs a police report before he can be reimbursed. Wyatt says he’ll come to the station, and Oscar asks if he can give him an hour, adding that he’s at the eleventh precinct. As soon as he hangs up, Oscar jets out the door.

Mitch goes to the family restaurant with Benny, and introduces him to his Uncle Vinnie. He wants to talk about something. Vinnie asks if he’s in trouble, but Mitch says it’s something else. Benny needs a loan. Vinnie says, no disrespect, but he looks like he can’t back it up. Mitch says it’s because he’s Black, and Vinnie is like, your point? Mitch says Benny’s sister brought them War, and Vinnie says they owe her one. Benny wonders for what, and Mitch says he’ll tell him later. Benny says he needs a tow truck; he lost his. Vinnie asks if it got towed. BA-DUM-CHH! Benny tells Vinnie that he needs forty-five grand, and Vinnie says he can do that at 25% interest, which is a discount. All payments are to be in cash; $18k every six months. Vinnie tells Mitch to tell Benny what happens if he can’t do it, and Mitch says he’s good. Vinnie says, it’s done, and hands Benny a stack of cash out of the load he’s counting. Benny asks if he needs to sign anything, and Vinnie says the only ink there is blood; remember it. As they’re leaving, Mitch tells Benny that it’s easy to get, but harder to pay off. Benny’s phone rings. It’s Veronica, who wants him to come over. Jeffrey told her husband about burying Quincy’s body, and she needs to talk to him. He says he’ll be right there.

Candace goes to David’s house. Erica answers the door, saying she should be there. Candace says he won’t be home any time soon; he’s trying to get his son out of jail. Erica asks how she is, and Candace asks if she wants a slap. Erica says she doesn’t have the money, and Candace says she doesn’t want her to get it; it’s too soon. Erica says that’s what she thought, and Candace says she didn’t tell her to think. She wants Erica to get every account number she can find. She wants it all. Everything; the insurance policy numbers, his mother’s maiden name, and his blood type, and don’t take forever. Candace asks why David wants Erica to stay. Erica tells her that she made up a lie about an abusive ex. Candace says it won’t work for long, and tells Erica that she doesn’t have much time.

Landon tells Charles he’s on fire; they love him. Charles says it will be a long four years, but Landon insists it will be eight. He starts to take off Charles’s shoes, and Charles says he’s got this. Landon tells him resisting makes it harder. Charles asks, resisting what? and Landon says everything that comes with being president. Charles says he needs Landon’s help. He wants his kids to have as much normalcy as possible, and doesn’t want the press hounding them. Landon says he’ll help, and with anything else at any time.

Wyatt goes to the police station. He tells the desk sergeant that he needs to file a report. Oscar is sitting in the waiting area. Wyatt is lead to a room in the back, and the officer that Oscar bribed comes in. He introduces himself as Jonathan Holmes, and gives Wyatt paperwork to fill out. He asks for Wyatt’s cell phone, telling him it will make things easier if he can get information from it. In the hallway, he gives Oscar the phone, and Oscar gives him the cash.

Sarah goes to Jim’s hotel room. She gives him all the evidence, and he says, good girl. She asks if they’re even now; she could go to jail. He says she won’t, and asks if his son’s testimony is the only thing left. She tells him it is. He says he’d like to be there when the DA finds out, and Sarah says she wouldn’t. Jim tells her she’s boring him, and to go home

Veronica’s doorbell rings. She tells Melissa she’s getting sick of her, and Melissa says she’s sick of Veronica too. Veronica grabs her wrist, and says, if it weren’t – and Melissa finishes, for her carrying her grandchild. She knows. Benny comes in, and Veronica says they need to talk. Melissa tells her to go in the kitchen; she’s not moving, and tells Benny to watch out. Veronica goes upstairs with Benny.

Veronica tells Benny that Jeffrey told them everything. He could be in a lot of trouble. Tampering with evidence, destroying a corpse; they’re serious charges. He says he can’t go to jail, and she says she’ll handle it. The body is inadmissible, so it should be okay. He says, easier said than done, but all right. She starts coming on to him, and he calls her Mrs. Harrington. He starts taking off his clothes, and says he should be getting bills for this. Veronica says he’ll be paying her.

David comes in, and asks Melissa where Veronica is. Melisa says she’s in her room; she’ll show him. She leads David upstairs. The door is locked, but Melissa produces a key, ignoring David’s suggestion of knocking first. They walk in, and Veronica and Benny are going at it. Melissa says, uh-oh, and David just stands there, frozen.

Next time, Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s not going with him, George says the bullets match, and Benny wants to fight David.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit complains that it’s raining on the day of the party. LVP says it won’t ruin anything, and we flash back to her own cover shoot. Giggy! Dorit tells us that Bella magazine told her that she embodies what the magazine represents.

Camille meets Teddi at a restaurant. Her daughter is walking in a fashion show, and she thinks she’s more nervous than Madison. Kyle joins them, and they order some food. Kyle asks about the dinner. Teddi says Dorit gave the narration to LisaR about what’s happened in the past few weeks, including the issue at the beach house. Kyle wonders why make such a big thing about it? Teddi says she threw LVP under the bus too, telling LisaR about her leaving dinner. She alluded that LVP gets jealous of Kyle and Dorit’s friendship. Kyle says LVP will be hurt by that. Teddi says if she slipped up like that, she’d be calling her.

While walking through the park, Dorit says she values and loves LVP as one of her best friends. They never discussed the dinner, but LVP doesn’t want to go over it again. Dorit says in the moment, it was abrupt and shocking. She says she was laser focused on Kyle, since she was upset because of her. LVP tells her to cut to the chase; she thought they’d moved on. Dorit says she wondered what warranted that kind of departure. She repeated to the others what LVP said about Dorit ignoring her when they’re’ in a group. In her interview, LVP says Dorit’s best quality is that she talks a lot, and her worst quality is that she talks a lot. Important stuff gets lost in the nonsense. LVP asks if she has any other nuggets; now is her chance. In her interview, LVP wonders why Dorit would bring it up again. Dorit says both she and Kyle had strong feelings. LVP says she did too; that’s why she left. Dorit thought she was upset because she wasn’t paying attention to her, since LVP told her about not getting attention as a child. LVP says that wasn’t what she meant. She got plenty of attention, but her parents were British in their lack of being demonstrative. She doesn’t need Dorit’s attention, and it was inappropriate to say. LVP tells her to go make herself beautiful. In her interview, Dorit says a weight has been taken off her shoulders. Dorit hugs LVP, and jumps up and down. I always find adults jumping up and down and clapping a little disconcerting.

Erika, who’s wearing the coolest sunglasses ever, is on her way to her publisher to give them an update. She tells them she’s never felt so unintelligent; she feels like a fish out of water. One of them tells her a lot of people are excited about the book. In her interview, Erika is glad she’s wearing her sunglasses. She kept them on because of her allergies, but they also can’t see the fear in her eyes. She says it’s important to understand when you’re not the smartest person in the room. She needs an ally. Her co-writer says that he just sent a chapter to Erika for tweaking, and Erika says she and her mother have some memories to include. In her interview, she says she’s beating the odds, and there’s no room for mistakes.

Dorit gets glammed up, and says it feels like she’s going to the prom. She’s not just the host this evening; she’s the guest of honor, being on Bella magazine’s fashion issue for Fashion week. She needs fashion oozing out of her. She calls PK, and tells him that she’s nervous. She thinks it’s because he’s not there. PK tells her that it’s her thing, and to relax.

LisaR says she can’t keep track of what’s going on with the girls. They have the same, yet different, schedules. They’d gone shopping, and the delivery guy was robbed on his way to Delilah’s apartment; they took everything. She’s not feeling great about leaving Delilah in the city. She confirms a Dolce & Gabbana appointment for the girls on her iPad. She’s finding her boundary being a momager. It’s their career, but they still need guidance.

The hairdresser tells Teddi not to touch her hair all night; one of the extensions is questionable. Teddi video chats with Edwin.  Erika decides to go with the baby doll hooker look.

LVP joins Kyle, and tells her what Dorit said, but Kyle doesn’t think she was being honest. She’d told everyone things LVP shared with her. They were both pissed, and Dorit told Kyle some things LVP told her in confidence. There were things she shouldn’t have said last night, like LVP being needy. LVP is like, I’m needy? and Kyle tells her Dorit said she was jealous, needy, and insecure. Kyle says it started with Dorit filling in LisaR. Then she told LisaR about the beach house, when she and Erika are fine. Kyle told her that LVP would be hurt by what she’d said, and LVP says she’s been more than kind to Dorit. She doesn’t get where this is coming from. Kyle says she’s not creating a problem, but Dorit said it to the whole table. She can’t not say something.

Kyle is impressed with how everyone looks, and says they all brought their A game. She asks what everybody did all day. Erika tells them about her meeting at Simon and Schuster. She says it was intimidating, but it’s not like she’s going to win the Pulitzer Prize. Dorit asks if there are any words of wisdom, and they all tell her to enjoy it and bask in the moment.

Editor Courtenay greets them, and the ladies take a photo together. Dorit has her photo taken a million times, and does interviews. She says it’s unbelievable, and nothing she expected would ever happen. she feels like last time she got that much attention was when she walked down the aisle with her husband. LisaR and Camille run into a designer they know. Everyone agrees that the magazine photos of Dorit are fabulous.

Kyle tells Erika that the beach house situation was blown out of proportion. Dorit made it seem like she alone was upset. It wasn’t a big deal, and she wasn’t alone in how she felt, but she cares about Erika, and doesn’t like it. Erika says she loves Kyle, and agrees about it being blown up. LisaR says she thought it was ridiculous. Erika is happy to hear her say it, She didn’t understand why it was a big deal, and never wants to talk about it again.

LVP talks to Teddi, saying she was taken aback by Dorit. Teddi says she doesn’t think it was meant to be malicious. In her interview, Teddi says Dorit is all about Dorit, and it’s going to bite her in the ass. That’s just what happens. She tells LVP that Dorit perceived she was upset because she and Kyle were talking. She thinks Dorit likes to embellish while telling a story. LVP says, maybe.

Dorit says it couldn’t have gone any better; she’s on cloud nine. She asks if the ladies want to go for a drink. Kyle can’t put her purse in the rain, and everybody makes a dash for the car. In her interview, Teddi says they’re not witches; they won’t melt. Although that’s debatable. Erika says, sugar melts, m-effer. Camille loves the rain, and says it’s refreshing, which is so like her.

They go to a bar, and Erika tells Teddi that she can see her who-ha. In her interview, Erika says that’s how to handle seeing up someone’s skirt. Tell them you can see up their skirt. Do them a solid. Teddi adjusts things. They toast to Dorit and the magazine. LisaR says she’s not responsible for anything she says. Kyle suggests getting drunk, which is received quite well. She’s there to have fun, but wants to get something off her chest first. Dorit says, so much for the fun night. Kyle says Dorit is great, but if she didn’t care, she wouldn’t say anything. She’s wondering why Dorit singled her out at the beach house, and we flash back to that. Kyle asks why make a bigger deal of it than it was. They’re supposed to be friends, and not only did Dorit make it a big deal, she made it like Kyle did something bad. Dorit says there was a lot of conversation, and she was outspoken. Kyle feels like Dorit put her at the front of it. Erika is like, it’s okay, we’re good, I love you, I don’t want to fight. The next time, she’ll stay. LisaR goes to the bathroom just to get away, and Kyle asks why hurt her or LVP by saying things against them? In her interview, LVP wonders why Kyle is doing this now. It’s Dorit’s night, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle. Kyle wishes LVP would chime in. Dorit wonders where this came from, and who told her?

Can you believe all this for something so stupid?

Erika tells Dorit not to run away with it; she’s fine. Teddi says last night, Dorit relived the story about LVP leaving dinner because she and Kyle had a connection. We flash back to Dorit saying LVP is jealous. Teddi says she implied that LVP is jealous when she connects with somebody else. Erika says Teddi is 100% right. LVP is confused, since Dorit never implied the severity of her statements. Erika reapplies her lipstick, suing the bottom of a glass for a mirror. Dorit tells Teddi to take down her tone, but Teddi says Dorit is yelling over everyone. Dorit says she’s not one of Teddi’s accountability clients, and in her interview, Teddi says she’s not accepting new clients. Kyle is glad at least someone else is defending themselves. LisaR asks Camille what the issue is. It’s complicated, and she barely understands. Kyle says Dorit shouldn’t have said what she did. She’s never screwed Dorit over; why is she feeling screwed over? Dorit doesn’t get it. Erika tells them to stop it. In her interview, Kyle says LVP is just sitting there, making her look like an idiot. LisaR says she’s done. She has to look after her girls, and Camille’s daughter has a show tomorrow. They leave. LisaR thought the plan was to have fun and get a buzz on. What happened? What happened is what always happens. Someone has a legitimate gripe, but decides to bring it up at a totally inappropriate time.

Kyle feels depressed, and Erika doesn’t want her to feel like that. Kyle asks if Erika wouldn’t feel the same way if she was LVP. Would she feel screwed over? Dorit walks past them without a word, and goes up some stairs to the street level. Erika says she doesn’t have all the facts. In her interview, Dorit is hurt by what Kyle did on her night. LVP joins them, and asks if they’d feel screwed over if they were in her place. Teddi says she would, but she’s sensitive. Kyle heads up the stairs, and Erika says this is what she hangs out with gays, and yes, she’d be pissed.

LVP says loves them. Dorit says she’s going back in a cab, and LVP says she’s going with her. In her interview, Kyle can’t believe LVP is offering her a ride. She holds Kyle to a different standard. If she says anything remotely unflattering, LVP punishes her. We flash back to some unsavory moments during reunions. Erika tries to smooth it over. In her interview, LVP says her friendship with Dorit supersedes any things that were said. If she insists going on her own in a taxi, she’ll go with her. Erika asks Dorit to swallow her pride, and do the right thing. She doesn’t have to have a conversation, just get in the car. Kyle is crying, and LVP says she doesn’t want her to cry. Kyle keeps saying to leave her alone. Erika tells Dorit not to say anything to anyone. Kyle wants to be left alone.

Back at the hotel, Dorit wonders why Kyle wants to divide her and LVP. Dorit says that LVP didn’t want her going back alone, and doesn’t understand why Kyle is behaving like this. LVP says she loves Kyle and appreciates her. In her interview, LVP says she just had to endure being attacked and yelled at, and she’s the one who has to reassure Kyle. Kyle says she’s known LVP for ten years. She knows her feelings were hurt, and she’s confused by her behavior. She tells Teddi that she never feels appreciated. Teddi thinks that LVP doesn’t know how to handle someone talking bad about her, and needs to process it . Kyle doesn’t want to do this fake bullsh*t anymore.

Dorit tells Erika that she told LVP what was said when they were in the park. Erika says she’s here for her.

LVP asks if there’s a problem between her and Kyle. Maybe she doesn’t like people talking smack about her all night. Kyle says it wasn’t her. If she’d done that, it would have been a huge deal. LVP refuses to admit Dorit is wrong, and was kissing Dorit’s ass. Teddi says it’s more like she was blasé. Kyle says she was basically screwed over. LVP tells Kyle that she loves her. Teddi say Kyle needs to feel the love. LVP  says they’ll talk about this for the next two weeks, but she’s leaving. Teddi follows her to the elevator, saying Kyle needs her friendship. She begs LVP to come back, but the elevator doors close.

Teddi insists LVP cares, and Kyle says, it is what it is.

Next time, Fashion Week, Kyle won’t be stepped on, Bethenny makes an appearance, and Teddi thinks LVP should apologize.


February 19, 2018 – An Election Wrench, a Weekend at Big Bear, a Little Bit of Butcher’s Block & Freyja


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis tells Julian that Charles Street is lit. The polls are jumping. He says it’s more than choosing a new mayor. The future of the neighborhood rests in the balance.

Alexis and Ned vote.

Molly asks for “Julian’s girlfriend’s coffee.” Julian tells Curtis that he doesn’t know what she likes better – the drink or that he has a new friend.

Griff asks Mike to repeat the three words he’d said earlier. Mike’s brain stalls. Griff tells Mike that he’s going to show him drawings, and to tell him what he sees. Mike says inkblots all look like butterflies, but these aren’t inkblots. Griff shows him a lion and Mike says, cat. Griff shows him a rhino, and Mike says, cow. Sonny tells him to take his time, but he says he knows a cow when he sees one. Griff says he’s doing great, and wants to move on.

Peter brings flowers to Nathan’s grave. He says he can’t make them fill the hole left in Maxie’s or the baby’s life. He didn’t mean for Nathan to get hurt, and didn’t imagine it would end up like this, but here they are. He gets choked up, and says they were the only two who could stop their father’s twisted legacy, but even that won’t bring Nathan back. He wishes more could do more. Maxie appears, and says he’s done enough. I have to admit, although I wasn’t thrilled with him at first, Peter is growing on me.

At the will reading, Sam says it’s another one of Faison’s mind games. Anna adds that it was designed to create maximum destruction. Even from the grave, he’s pitting them against each other. Sam thinks it’s a crock, and Faison just wants them to destroy each other. Anna says if anyone could get satisfaction in hell, he’d be the one to do it.

Griff wants Mike to repeat some numbers in reverse. He stumbles on it, and asks for water. Sonny says he’ll go get some.

Jordan meets Curtis at Charlie’s. She says the polls are running like a machine. She’s excited about TJ and the kids canvasing. She wonders where Alexis is, but Curtis hasn’t seen her.

Alexis looks at Post-It notes in the alleyway behind Charlie’s. Bringing out the trash, Julian asks if it’s now the hangout for future mayors. She tells him it’s a madhouse, and she may very well lose the race. She’s working on both victory and concession speeches, and he tells her that she always did want to win both sides of an argument. She says he can’t fault her for being prepared.

Olivia-Q tells Ned to take a minute and relax. He says he and Alexis are still in a dead heat. Olivia is relieved that the special interest attack ad didn’t have an impact, but he says not to be so sure. Alexis is the underdog and getting the sympathy vote. He could still lose.

Maxie brushes snow from Nathan’s headstone. She wishes she’d said something sooner, but thanks Peter. He saved her and her baby that day. Nathan would thank him too. Peter says there’s no need; he’s so sorry. She knows that, and says she should feel honored about all the flowers, but it’s just annoying. She wonders if it’s selfish not to want strangers near him. She comes here to be closer to him, but it doesn’t help. It just makes her want to go home, but he’s not there either. She can’t shake the feeling that if she finds the one right place to go, he’ll be there. She knows it’s not rational, and that he’s dead, but then she doesn’t. Peter says grief is tough for the mind to accept sometimes. She thanks him. He says he didn’t do anything, and she says, exactly. He didn’t give her a bunch of platitudes, and is the first person not trying to make her feel better. He knows he can’t, and she says neither can anyone else. Only Nathan coming back can do that. How is she going to do this without him? She says coming there was a mistake, and Peter asks if he can take her home.

Jason wants the provisions of the will read again. Diane reads that Faison leaves Drew the one thing he wants more than anything else. There’s a detailed account of Andre’s work, including the reversal procedures, locked in a safe to be released when the provisions are met. He leaves to Jason the alias and last known whereabouts of his son, the man who let him live. Only his executor knows the information, and will only release it to the other if one of them dies. Sam says Andre only made one copy and it’s lost. Anna tells them Faison would like them chasing around the world as much as he would like them killing each other. He relished the ability to make people search for answers.

Molly tells Alexis the polls are off the charts. Alexis is proud that Molly is her daughter, but Molly tells her not to take anything away from her own accomplishment. Alexis doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but Julian does. He knows it’s not his place, but he’s proud of her too. He calls her Madam Mayor, but she says not yet. He tells her it’s only a matter of time.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going, and Mike tells him they’re playing Simon Says next. Griff has to leave for a moment, and Mike tells Sonny the tests are pointless. Who cares if he misses a few things? It’s expected at his age. Sonny says Griff is the best, and can tell them what they need to know. Mike says he’s only doing this because Robin asked him too. She’s a sweetheart, and he couldn’t turn her down. He says Sonny must have things to do, and can go, but Sonny wants to be there. He set aside the day to spend time with Mike. Griff comes back, and Mike says they should be done by now, right?

Maxie invites Peter in. He doesn’t want to intrude, but she doesn’t mind; she’d like someone to talk to. Peter looks around, and she says it’s not just her; Peter can feel him here too. Peter says he can tell they had a happy life, and Maxie says, the best.

Jason tells Diane there must be an address for the executor. Diane says the solicitor of record died, and the papers were delivered by messenger from a Swiss bank. They claim they have no information. Someone must have been left in place, but there’s no indication of who. Drew thinks it’s a waste of time, but Sam suggests they hear the rest. Diane brings out a small display case, saying it was left to Anna. I was hoping it was the Wellington Dog, but it’s a figurine of a goddess.

Molly says it’s too close to call. There are a lot of people still at the polls, but she knows Alexis is going to win. Jordan says soon it will be official that Alexis is the next mayor of Port Charles.

Ned practices his speech. Jim comes by, and Ned tells him not to get too excited; it’s still too close to call. Jim says while Alexis has gained substantial ground in the game, a few key votes in key districts can make the difference. He suggests they have a drink and keep an eye on the race together.

Griff tells Mike the tests are done. He can’t give a diagnosis yet, but a CT scan can rule out some things. Mike says he and Sonny are overdue for a meal, but Sonny says they might as well wrap it up now. Griff goes to set up the test, and Sonny thanks Mike for humoring him. He says he’ll be right back, but I’m not so sure I’d leave this dude alone.

Sonny asks Griff what’s wrong with his dad, but Griff says he can’t discuss it without Mike’s permission. Sonny tells him not to give any details, just a general idea. Griff says the CT scan should tell them a lot, and he thinks Sonny is correct to be concerned about Mike’s cognitive abilities.

Maxie tells Peter that he has a unique connection to Nathan. He was there when Nathan was shot. Peter says he was on the floor, but Maxie says he was there. He tried to stop the bleeding like she did. She thinks she knew then that Nathan was dying. She wonders why Peter was there that day.

The figurine is of the Norse Goddess, Freyja, who represents prayer, fertility, love, sex, beauty, war and death. Anna says it’s part of Faison’s sick obsession, and wants no part of it. Diane thinks she should have it appraised. Even if it’s a reproduction, it might bring in some decent money; she could donate it to charity. Anna says Faison has put them in an untenable position, and left her a token she wants no part of. Diane tells them the remainder of the estate has been left to his son.

Curtis tells Julian that he did some additional digging into Roger Calvin, the guy who mugged Stella. Two sizable amounts were deposited into his account; one the day before Stella was mugged, and one the day after. Julian says he was a hired gun. Jordan has joined them, and wonders why pay someone to mug Stella? Curtis has a theory.

Sonny asks Griff, hypothetically, what would a CT scan tell them? Griff says it can rule out certain possibilities, like mini-strokes. He says Mike’s medical history is also important, but Sonny can’t help with that. Mike wasn’t around when he was a kid, and they only had sporadic contact after he moved to Brooklyn. Griff asks if he knows of any recent falls, and Sonny says Mike hasn’t said anything, and Rita didn’t mention it. Griff asks if there’s been any head trauma; did Mike box or play football? Sonny says Mike had a rough life, and was in plenty of fights. A few Russians beat him up pretty badly. Mike comes out in a hospital gown and robe, and gives Sonny his watch. He says Sonny’s mother gave it to him, and there was never any pay off big enough for him to pawn it. She deserved better than him, and so does Sonny. Griff walks Mike to the scan room. I’m already wondering if that watch is really the one Jason gave to Rita.

Peter tells Maxie that he was dropping off some budget changes; Nina had been fighting him on cuts. Then, Faison showed up. Maxie says if he hadn’t needed to drop off the paperwork, Faison would have kidnapped her. Peter says a glad coincidence put him there, but he wishes he could have done more for Nathan. Maxie says she remembers Nathan bleeding, and Faison was going to drag her away, but Peter showed up with Shane’s gun, and Faison took off because of him. Peter says she’s making him sound like a hero, but he didn’t know what he was doing. She says he did it anyway, and that’s what a hero is. When nothing makes sense or you’re scared, you find a way to do the right thing. Nathan was a hero too, but training only gets you so far. He was willing to put himself on the line for others, and did it every day. Peter did it for him on his last day. She thanks him.

Diane tells the group there’s no indication of which son it is, but the will was made on January 13th, 2018. Sam says it was after they wrote the article, and Anna says since he detested Henrik, Faison must have intended for Nathan to be his heir. Sam says the estate should go to Maxie then. Diane says because the son isn’t named, Henrik could make a claim. Anna was planning on visiting Maxie, and asks if she can tell her about the will. Diane says it’s Faison’s last word, but Drew says it’s just his next move in the game. He’s still taunting them.

Curtis says the dude is paid to mug Stella, and then leaves town. Big guns are going after his little aunt? Jordan asks when Curtis last saw Stella, and he says she was manning the poles. Jordan says the day she was mugged, she was out canvasing; she’s not the main target. Alexis and Molly come in. Alexis says it’s still too close to call, but Molly thinks there will be a big surge in her favor. Julian thinks someone is playing huge stakes to throw the election.

Ned says it’s still too close to call, and there could be a last minute surge for Alexis. There are still people in line to vote. Olivia says there are plenty of undecided voters out there, and Jim says it’s not over until the finish line is crossed. Wow. What a philosopher. Ned tells them he has to find a way to be gracious in victory or defeat. He thanks Jim for his support. Jim tells Ned that he’s got this.

Outside, Jim calls someone, and says, right.

Jason shows up at the hospital and asks Sonny how Mike is. Sonny says they don’t have the whole picture yet, but it’s pretty clear something is off. Once they do the CT scan, they’ll know more. Jason asks what Sonny is going to do, but he doesn’t know. He spent years despising Mike, and said he would never be like him, weak and running from things. When Mike came back into his life, he tried hard, but Sonny wouldn’t let him in. Finally, they came to terms as adults. Not father and son, but more like man to man. He doesn’t know if he can be the son Mike needs him to be right now.

Maxie thanks Peter, saying she hasn’t been able to talk to anyone else. He’s a good man, like Nathan was. Maybe when the baby is old enough, he can help her explain how brave Nathan was that day. Peter says he’d be honored. There’s a knock at the  door, and Anna gives Maxie a baby gift from Robin. Peter says he has to go. Maxie hopes they get a chance to talk again; it meant a lot.

Drew tells Sam that he’s tired of being thisclose to nothing; feeling like he has a memory, and then back in no man’s land. Sam tells him that he’s not killing his brother; that’s not an option. Drew says he’s just venting. She says it’s exactly what Faison wants; them at each other’s throats, frustrated and angry. But they’re too smart to play Faison’s game.

Molly reads some online comments, telling Alexis that people realize the attack was because of her opposition to the redevelopment project. Alexis says comments don’t prove anything, but Molly tells her that she can’t ignore the evidence. Alexis knows she’s hoping for a last minute surge (word of the day), but she’s not calling herself mayor until the polls close and the results are tallied.

Ned tells Olivia that no matter what, he couldn’t have done it without her. She thinks he can still win. He’s been honest from the start about who he is and what he wants to do for Port Charles. A city is a living thing, and generates taxes, which are used to pay for things the city needs. Ned thinks she’s the one who should have run. No one else could make road maintenance sound patriotic. She says nothing could be more patriotic than making the city and it’s people’s lives better. She believes he’ll have the chance to do that. She looks at her phone, and makes a shocked face. Ned takes a look, and says, omg.

Molly looks at her phone, and says, no. She shows Alexis. It’s an article with the headline Con Job, talking about Alexis visiting Nora on behalf of Julian.

Sam tells Drew the ornament is still out there, and he says it’s still a needle in a haystack. She says they own a media company. They can use their resources and do everything in their power to find it.

Sonny asks Jason about Faison’s will. Jason tells him that Faison claimed there was information on Henrik and the memory reversal procedure locked in a safe. The catch is, the only way one of them can get the information is if the other is dead, but he’s not playing Faison’s game. To the best of their knowledge, Henrik is still in Port Charles. Faison left his estate to his son, but didn’t specify which one. If he surfaces, Jason will be waiting.

Anna tells Maxie that Patrick and Robin donated money in Nathan’s name to the PCPD, but she also has some unpleasant news. Faison left his estate to his son. Maxie says, to Nathan? Nothing tainted by that murderer comes into her house. Anna understands, but tells Maxie that he was very wealthy. Maxie doesn’t want his blood money; she doesn’t need it. She and the baby will be fine. Anna tells her that with Nathan’s passing, the missing son could try to claim it. Maxie says he can have it – all of it. She wants nothing connected to the man who murdered her husband.

Peter finds Sam and Drew. He tells them he’s been doing some soul searching. He’s not ready to leave Port Charles after all. There are people there he doesn’t want to leave.

Tomorrow, Monica tells Nelle that her timing is perfect, Ned’s odds are improving, and Doc asks what Franco remembered.

Vanderpump Rules

Tom, Scheana, and Ariana are working some shifts at Villa Blanca while SUR is recovering from fire damage. Lisa tells us there’s a litany of things they have to accomplish. It would normally take three weeks, but they’re doing it in three days. Scheana’s boyfriend, Rob, has a house in Big Bear, so she’s taking some of the friends for a weekend. She reads a text from Jax, saying he doesn’t want to come because everyone is being mean.

Brittany, Katie, and Kristen decorate their scooters, which Brittany tells us are a necessity with LA traffic. Katie says Stassi didn’t just run off from her party, but stuck her with the bill. She’s not backtracking to the days where they enabled and coddled her. Stassi arrives, and immediately apologizes and starts crying. She seem to be the most upset over binging, rather than getting skinny, over her neurosis. Patrick called her out on causing drama for her friends and not just him. She knows she’s wrong about everything, and claims it’s stress. She and Patrick aren’t in the best place, it was eating at her, and she lost it. Patrick is a condescending twit with a man bun. Are women really this desperate? Stassi wants them to know, other than that, it was one of the best birthdays ever. Kristen tells her to just let it go, and Stassi writes a check. Kristen wonders what you do with one of those.

The girls go scootering. Stassi compares the scooters to broomsticks. I could see that.

Jax and Brittany pack for the trip. He thinks he’ll have to channel a lot of his meditation skills to get through the next few days. Lala joins them. She’s excited, but it’s early in the day for her. She tells Brittany about the driving arrangement. Brittany tells her that Jax is having problems with James. Lala says whenever James has a drink too many, a switch flips. Brittany thinks James might still have a thing for Lala, since he attacks her when he’s on a drunken, belligerent roll. Gee, ya think? Lala says others have told her the same thing, but that ship sailed long ago, and has sunk since then. She says he’d better get in the friend zone if he’s not there already.

And they’re off! Rob’s cabin is three bedroom waterfront property, hot tub included. Scheana calls Rob, whose trying to fix the boat. It’s more the life she’s envisioned for herself than the one she had with Shay. When the others arrive, Scheana goes over the sleeping arrangements, telling them that Jax said he needed a bed because of his back. In her interview, she says if she had a dollar for every time old man Jax referenced his age, she wouldn’t have to work at SUR. Ariana hopes he isn’t a bummer, and Tom says he wants to talk to Jax tonight. On the way to the cabin, Tom bought a survival knife, and has already cut himself with it. Scheana asks the group to be respectful of the property. Good luck with that. The guys make a liquor store run.

Lisa says they have to nearly rebuild the restaurant, and are limping along. She talks to a guy about painting the floor olive green. The place looks like a huge mess.

The guys buy every liquor known to man, along with some ice cream and spinners. James has cut down on drinking, but says something comes over him on group trips. The bill is nearly three hundred bucks. When the clerk asks how long they’re going to be there, they tell him two nights.

Scheana tells the girls about how Rob is the handiest person she knows, and how hot that makes him. Oddly enough I understand this. A guy building stuff or cleaning the house is the biggest turn on in the world. Lala wonders if he can rescue kittens and save babies. Raquel thanks her for inviting James so she could come along. Lala tells her that James was talking smack about her man. Raquel asks what he said, but Lala doesn’t want to repeat it. She tells Raquel that she’s about to snap, and Raquel needs to keep him in check.

Rob arrives, the boat having been fixed. Jax says the way Scheana talks about him, you’d think he invented air. He thinks there must be a lot of pressure not to fall off the pedestal.

Katie visits Stassi. Stassi gives her a drink, telling her that she has a request. Katie is handier than any boyfriend she’s had, and Stassi asks her to fix a padded bench. My husband told me that he was impressed when he found out I had my own toolbox, so I guess this works both ways. I’m not sure how else I was supposed to fix stuff though. Wait six weeks for the super to get around to it? Stassi says Patrick wasn’t happy with her meltdown. Katie thinks she’s more docile around Patrick, like she’s afraid to say something wrong. Stassi says she does walk on eggshells, and Katie says she’s better than this. Stassi tells her the same patterns are happening; the same ones she said weren’t going to this time around. It’s time to go to the tarot card reader. In her interview, Stassi says she used to pretend to be one in high school, but had no idea what she was doing. She just made it up as she went along.

Raquel tells James about what Lala said to her. James says Raquel is going by what she sees, but he’s going by what he knows. He wants Lala to be happy, but doesn’t think she will be with this guy. How can he respect a man he never sees? Raquel thinks he should be more respectful of Lala, and be supportive of her relationship. He says you can’t support something that’s rotten. That James, he’s a real raconteur.

Peter is surprised that SUR is back open so quickly. He tells Lisa everything looks brilliant. She says SUR is like her baby, and thinks they should celebrate. She orders a spicy margarita. Well, that’s a first.

At the cabin, the girls prepare dinner, and James kibbutzim. I looked this up, and it’s the only accepted plural form of kibbutz. The more you know… Lala says she’s an easy target for him when he starts drinking, and that he’s a hurt human being. Rob approves the food, and dinner is served. Brittany gives Rob a group thank you. In his interview, Jax says Scheana wants everyone to believe Rob is perfect, but she did the same thing with Shay. Rob toasts to Tom opening a restaurant. James remarks that Jax is left behind working at SUR, and Scheana says, technically, Jax could be James’s dad. Ha-ha! Jax must be feeling pretty small right about now. Ariana thinks James should reel it in with Lala.

After dinner, the group plays a card game where couples are asked a question sexual in nature. If they don’t want to answer, they have to drink. In his interview, Tom says he and Ariana are doing better, but it’s a work in progress. The game is actually pretty boring.

Stassi and Katie go to see Angie, the tarot reader. Stassi thinks after four years, she and Patrick need to figure things out. Angie has her pull out some cards, and flips things around. She tells Stassi she’s meant to have babies, and thinks she’ll be pregnant in 2019. Stassi starts crying. She’s been worried she couldn’t have children, because she has a medical condition where she only dates a-holes. Angie says she sees a guy with a lot going on, and the end of a difficult situation. Stassi says she and Patrick have been going back and forth. Katie says they haven’t been solid, and Angie is picking up on the issues. Angie says she doesn’t think it’s worth it to keep going. I think tarot cards are bullsh*t, but I agree with her. For all I know, she’s been watching the show as long as I have.

James is getting sloshed, and babbles about the country being made by people like him. Drunken idiots? Jax tells Tom they have a good time, but know when to shut it down. He thinks it’s a lot. Kelsey told him to separate himself from people who cause him anxiety and anger. He says he’s mentally burnt, and his hat’s off to Schwartz and Tom, who can still party hardy. In his interview, Tom is worried that Jax thinks just because the other guys have things going on, he’ll get left behind. He wants to help Jax, but Jax is concerned about the time frame. He says Tom is doing it, while he’s thinking about his future as a bartender forever.

Scheana and Rob go to bed, and the others decide to play truth or dare. Lala thinks there should be rules. James tells her to shut up, and Lala says one more time, and she’s going to pop him one. He starts to leave, not even realizing she’s talking to him. Lala tells Raquel he’s a bitch. James tells her to change her attitude, and she tells him to stop coming for her. He tries to hug it out, but she’s not having it. Brittany says he should apologize, and he asks what Lala wants. Brittany says he’s mean to Lala, and the girls decide to give them a moment. In her interview, Lala says they go from zero to one hundred in an instant. James says he needs respect, and starts to leave again. Lala asks if they’re friends or not, and he says not. She asks why they can’t have a conversation like friends do? He says she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but without her boyfriend, she wouldn’t have the Range Rover, the Chanel, or the private jet. Lala tells him that Raquel doesn’t like it when James insults her, and he should apologize. She talks about him goofing around with her physically, and how Raquel doesn’t seem cool with that either. She tells him that he wouldn’t like it if the roles were reversed.

Scheana comes out, and tells the group that Rob is trying to sleep. Tom suggests going to bed. Jax asks Brittany what’s up with the yelling. Lala takes James outside, and asks why he feels the need to come for her. He calls her an idiot for about the fourth time now, since he can’t come up with another word. She tells him to STFU, and the next time he talks about her man, she’ll draw blood. I believe her. Inside, Jax tells Brittany that he has super high anxiety around James, and he’s in a fragile state. Maybe he should be more concerned about Lala. Lala says she tells James things that she doesn’t tell anybody, and asks him to stop using it against her. He insists he doesn’t do it… that much. She doesn’t want him to do it at all. Jax tells Brittany that he didn’t want to come here; it’s not fair. Lala tells James to stop coming for her man. Jax wants to talk about his problems, but Brittany tells him to relax, and that she’s going to sleep. Lala says she and James were intimate at one point, and to stop coming for her and her man. He says Lala’s man has put the one he loves in jeopardy, which makes no sense whatsoever. She’s been talking about future things that he wants. He loved her, and he’s not used to it yet. Lala says he has Raquel now. He wonders why their friendship has changed, and she tells him they owe respect to Raquel and her dude. In her interview, Lala thinks James believes he’s losing her to her relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s losing her as a friend, but he doesn’t know how to make the transition. Lala tells him that they need boundaries, and asks if he’d like to apologize. He says, yes, but that might change in two seconds. Obviously annoyed, she goes back inside, telling him that they’re good, but not really meaning it.

Next time, Lisa is a guest on Stassi’s podcast, Jax almost drowns, and Scheana tells Kristen that she and Rob are in love. After which, we all roll our eyes.

🍖 I just got done watching the second episode of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, and it did not disappoint. Zoey came back a changed woman, apparently having been up the stairs to nowhere. We got a little more history of the Peach family, finding out that Joseph’s daughters had been murdered. Louise joined Alice in her quest to find out just what the hell is going on in Butcher’s Block, and they got a midnight supper invite from the Peach family for their trouble. It was really creepy cool when the candlelit table in the woods turned into a candlelit table in the Peach’s house, which the townspeople had burned to the ground decades earlier after finding “something” in the basement. Joseph explained that the vanished family had changed to a different type of energy. He literally got into Alice’s head, and the candlelit table turned into a table of cannibalistic delights. This show is intense, gruesome, and certainly unique.

💃 Freyja







February 16, 2018 – Faison’s Final Strike (it’s a doozie), Best in Show & a Quote Sextet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital


Mike says it’s over the top, but Sonny says Mike almost got himself arrested yesterday. Mike claims he was feeling nostalgic, and they needed help at Kelly’s. He doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he’s just overtired. Sonny says since they’re at the hospital, they might as well have him checked out. If everything’s fine, he can say I told you so. Mike tells Sonny that breakfast is on him, and Sonny says, anywhere he wants. Mike says, maybe not Kelly’s.

Ava gets a call from Griff, but she doesn’t answer. Kiki tells her to turn the siren off. Ava asks if Kiki remembers getting picked up from the drunk tank. Kiki panics, and says no. Ava asks if she was in a blackout. Kiki says she thought it was more of a brownout, but doesn’t remember that. Ava says she doesn’t remember because it didn’t happen. A good Samaritan brought her home. She gives Kiki some food. Kiki says the last thing she remembers is talking to Spinelli, but then recalls Griff being there. She asks Ava if she ruined their night.

Griff leaves Ava a message, saying it’s his second time calling. He doesn’t like the way they left things, so call him back

Nelle messes with vocal stuff on the computer. She says, it’s just beginning, and Monica startles her, saying she didn’t mean to interrupt.

Jason tells Carly that he spent Valentine’s Day with Danny. He wanted another sleep over, and Jason just dropped him off at school.

Anna arrives to the will reading. A guy asks her if she wants anything, but she just wants it over with. She didn’t want anything to do with Faison when he was alive, and doesn’t want anything from him now that he’s dead. The guy says the other beneficiaries should be there soon. Sam and Drew come in.

At the hospital, David asks Mike what’s going on. Mike says there’s no problem; his son dragged him there. He’s been out of sorts, but doing a lot of traveling lately, and just needs some rest. David asks him to describe “out of sorts,” and Mike says he’s left some things here and there. Sonny tells him about Mike working at Kelly’s, and David asks Mike if it’s true, Mike says he was feeling nostalgic, but once his grandson explained it to the cop, it was fine. David tells him it might have something to do with rest, and Mike says his son is an alarmist. To be on the safe side, David wants to do bloodwork and tests to rule out anything serious. Mike tells Sonny that it’s ridiculous. Sonny says it will be over before he knows it. I’m so enjoying Max Gail as Mike.

Ava tells Kiki that she loves a good martini more than the next girl. She says last night was tough, but don’t get in the habit of drinking hurts away. Kiki says she’s retired from drinking for the foreseeable future. Ava asks about Dillon, and Kiki says they’re done. She knows it in her head, but she’s trying to get past it in her heart; it hurts. Ava tells her Dillon isn’t the right man for her. She deserves someone who puts her first. Kiki says that’s easy for to say; she has Griff. She has to get to work, and asks Ava for a ride. Ava thinks she should call in sick, but she has to stay in David’s good graces. Ava asks what if he notices she has a hangover, and Kiki says she’ll tell him it’s her allergies. Ava tells her to take a shower, and think up a better excuse.

Nelle tells Monica, sorry she’s jumpy. Nelle hugs her, says she’s happy to see her. Monica asks about an early lunch to catch up with baby news, but Ava isn’t in yet. Monica says it looked like she was doing something important. Nelle says don’t tell Ava, but she was looking online for baby stuff. She’s surprised how expensive everything is. Some strollers are as much as a used car. She’s right. Monica says that’s what baby showers are for; she’ll make out like a bandit. Nelle says she has no friends to throw a shower for her, and certainly Carly isn’t going to do it. Monica can’t believe Carly is that petty. She’ll want the baby to have the best of everything. Nelle says not if it includes her. Carly seems fixated on making her life miserable.

Carly asks Jason if things are getting better with Drew, and he says Drew is angry with him. It’s not about Danny, but Drew thinks he withheld information on Henrik, when he was just waiting for confirmation. Carly doesn’t think so. She thinks Drew is mad because his wife is in love with Jason. Sam may have married Drew with the best of intentions, but it was the worst possible thing for everyone else. The doorbell rings, and it’s Diane, who says she was in the neighborhood, and drops off Sonny’s paperwork. When she sees Jason, she says it’s serendipitous, since he’s been avoiding her phone calls. Jason says it has nothing to do with him, but Diane says it does. She’s been retained to handle Faison’s will in this country, and he’s been named as a beneficiary. She’s as surprised as anyone, but they need to be on their way to the reading. Jason says he doesn’t want anything from Faison.

Diane’s assistant introduces himself as Henry. Sam hopes this is better than Helena’s will reading. Helena cursed her and left her a third of a penny. Anna didn’t want anything he touched when he was alive, and certainly doesn’t now that he’s dead. Sam asks Henry how long it’s going to be. He says Diane should be there shortly, but they’re waiting for one more beneficiary.

Diane tells Jason that she can’t finalize the will until the Danish government knows she contacted all of the parties involved. They won’t know what’s in it until they read it. Jason says Faison took five years from him, and he killed him; it’s over with. Carly says it’s not. Whatever Faison set up to hurt him, ignoring it won’t make it go away. She steps into the hallway to take a call from Sonny. Diane tells Jason that she can’t believe she’s saying this, but Carly made an articulate and logical argument. Did any of it get through?

Carly asks Sonny what the doctor said. Sonny tells her that he ordered tests and a physical exam. Mike isn’t happy, and thinks he’s just overtired. Carly hopes that’s all it is, and Sonny gives her a raincheck for Valentine’s Day. She tells him to just keep her posted. She looks at unknown caller on her phone list.

Monica knows how difficult Carly can be, and tells Nelle, imagine living under the  same roof. She thinks Carly will ease up, especially after the baby is born. Nelle tells her that Kim already cautioned her against stress, and told her how it can affect the baby’s health. Monica asks if it’s work, but Nelle says Ava is more than accommodating. Monica can’t help unless Nelle tells her what it is. Nelle says she doesn’t mean to speak out of turn, but Carly keeps hurling horrible accusations against her. She’s trying to be the bigger person, but it’s hard when it’s affecting the baby’s health. Monica tells Nelle that she’s sorry, and hugs her. Nelle says there’s only so much she can take.

Ava brings Kiki the phone she left in the car. She tells Kiki don’t thank her, just get it together and stay hydrated. Griff comes out of the elevator as Ava is leaving, and he stops her. He says she’s been ignoring his phone calls, but she can’t ignore him in real life. Ava says he’d be surprised. He asks if they’re going to pretend nothing happened last night.

Sonny tells Mike it wasn’t so bad, but Mike says Sonny isn’t the one being poked and prodded like a lab rat. Sonny looks at his phone, saying, the wonders of the internet. The flowers were delivered to Rita. Mike wonders what flowers, and Sonny tells him the ones they ordered this morning.

Carly debates deleting unknown caller’s number, and finally does.

Monica doesn’t want Nelle to worry, and says the baby will be fine. Nelle says she knows she made terrible mistakes with Carly in the past, but she’s tried to make amends. Monica tells her not to beat herself up. Carly has made many mistakes. Nelle says you’d never know by how she acts. Monica tells her that Carly has been given the benefit of second chances, and she’s sorry Nelle wasn’t extended the same courtesy. Nelle says she’s okay with not being the best of friends, but wants to get to a place where they’re civil and can move forward for the baby’s sake. Monica thinks Carly loves the baby as much as they do, but tells Nelle to let her know if Carly bothers her again. Putting Carly in her place comes as second nature to her. Nelle thanks her, and Monica suggests lunch next week. Nelle agrees, and says Monica has helped her more than she’ll ever know.

Ava insists she’s not avoiding Griff. He says she’s running away. He’s glad Kiki is feeling better, but he’s worried about them. He admits he should have called her. Ava says, yes, he should have, but it’s over and everything is fine. Kiki is okay, and they’re moving on. He asks why she’s still pushing him away. She insists she’s not, but he says she’s pulling herself back then; she’s been keeping her distance since the surgery. She tells him that it’s complicated. He says whatever is going on, she needs to tell him. David comes out and says he needs to consult with Griff. Ava says she has to go.

Henry says Diane is on her way. There’s one more beneficiary who’s been notified, but he doesn’t know if they’re coming. Sam wonders if it’s Obrecht, but Anna thinks not. Diane comes in, followed by Jason. She knows it’s uncomfortable, but the sooner they dispense with the formalities, the sooner they can get on with their lives. The will starts of with Faison revoking any former wills, and declaring this to be his last will and testament.

Monica stops by Sonny’s, and asks if Carly has a minute. Monica says Carly has an elegant home. Carly is surprised Monica has never been there. Monica says she never had an inclination to set foot in it before Sonny murdered her son, and there was certainly none after. She wants what’s best for the family they do share, Michael’s baby and the baby’s mother. She says Carly has the right to dislike Nelle. Carly says she doesn’t know the half of it. Monica says Nelle is carrying Michael’s child, and her hostility could cause a problem with the baby. She tells Carly to back off of Nelle.

At the gallery, Ava says Nelle is chipper. Nelle doesn’t want to jinx it, but things are going well regarding their mutual enemy. She even managed to endear herself to Michael. Ava says Valentine’s Day treated her well. Nelle asks how Griff reacted when Ava told him she loved him, but Ava doesn’t want to talk about it.

David tells Sonny that he had a colleague look at the test results. Sonny doesn’t respond well to seeing Griff, but David says he’s the best neurosurgeon in the state. Griff says he can forward the results to Patrick in Berkeley, but Sonny says no, and asks what’s going on. Griff says Mike recounted some incidents to him, including the one at Kelly’s. He has to ask if Mike gave his own explanation, or was it Sonny’s? Did Mike have a clear idea of why he was there, or was he confused until Sonny gave an explanation? Sonny tells Griff that he said something to Mike, and Griff wants to administer a one-on-one test to determine if Mike has any cognitive impairments.

Diane reads that Faison wants to be buried in his native Denmark, he has no wife, and all his outstanding debts are to be paid. He leaves Britt a load of sandbags. Since she’s been a weight to him in life, he’s returning the favor in death. He leaves Drew what he wants more than anything – a way to restore his memories.

Sonny tells Mike they’ll be out of there soon. Mike says he hopes it’s going to be a good lunch, since they missed breakfast. Sonny introduces Griff, and Mike asks if he’s a hot potato now. Griff says he knows Mike has been confused lately, and he’d like to run another test. Mike says he’ll pass; he has no blood left. Griff says it’s not that kind of test. It’s a mental state exam. Mike asks if they think he’s crazy, and Griff says no; it’s to test his cognitive abilities. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him that rest and vitamins won’t cure. He tries to leave, but Sonny says that he has to be honest. He’s been worried, and if they can rule out anything serious, he’ll have peace of mind. He’s asking as Mike’s son. Can he do this for him?

Kiki tells David welcome back. He says he heard congratulations are in order, since she got into med school. She says she couldn’t have done it without him, but he says she’s a hard worker, and deserves it. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says relieved, excited, and nervous. He says her boyfriend will have to get used to her working even more, and she tells him that they broke up.

Nelle says, so Ava’s daughter ruined her date, and Ava says Kiki got herself good and drunk. Griff came to the rescue after spending his night off at the hospital. His priority is taking care of other people. Nelle says it’s what drew Ava to him in the first place, and Ava says it’s a paradox. He has a professional obligation to be selfless, even when it makes him selfish. She wonders if their relationship will work if she doesn’t need saving. Nelle says Ava was the one telling her to work for what she wants; why not apply it to Griff? Ava says she’s never felt this way about anyone. She tells Nelle about the dream she had – more of a nightmare – where Griff and Avery were horrified at her and she was left alone. She wonders if it’s more of a prophecy, and a reminder that she won’t live up to his ideals.

Carly asks Monica what has she done exactly? Monica says she’s been gunning for Nelle for months. Carly says she’s just protecting her family. Monica asks if that includes her unborn grandchild. Kim already warned Nelle about stress, and Carly says Nelle couldn’t wait to share it. Monica knows Nelle is far from innocent, but tells Carly to be the bigger person for the baby’s sake. Carly says Nelle is carrying her grandchild, and she’ll handle it how she sees fit. She’s seen the house; now get out.

Diane reads that there’s a detailed account of Andre’s research, including how to reverse the process, locked in Faisons’s safe. It will be released when the parameters are met. To Jason, he leaves the alias and last known whereabouts of Henrik. That’s also locked in the safe, and the combination is only known to his executor in Denmark. It will be delivered to either party upon death of the other. I say, oh ho! out loud. That’s pretty slick.

Griff asks Mike various questions about what words mean, the date, and where they are. He has him repeat three words that Griff tells him, and then count backward by sevens. Geez, I’m not so sure I could do that, but Mike can. Griff asks him for the three words again, but Mike gets stuck.

Ava is afraid there’s truth in her nightmare. She thinks it would be better for her if Avery with her. Nelle says she will be. Ava asks if that’s because of what Nelle has planned for Carly. She says she can’t be involved in anything that makes it harder for her to be with her daughter, and Nelle says she’ll have complete deniability. It won’t be long before they get everything they want for themselves and their children, and Carly will be stuck with the bill.

Nasty Carly asks Monica if she needs to say it slower or louder. Monica says she heard fine. They might dislike each other intensely, but the share a connection in Michael, who wants them to put their differences aside for the baby’s sake. He’s going to remember who honors his wishes and who doesn’t. Carly tells Monica to stay in her lane. On her way out, Monica tells Carly that she’s throwing a shower for Nelle, and expects complete cooperation.

David tells Kiki sorry about Dillon. She says they grew apart; the distance thing ca be brutal. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says if she stops talking about it. Davis apologizes, and tells her that she’s doing great. She says she’s been keeping herself busy. When she’s not at the hospital, the library is her second home. He says it’s good to see her sharp focus hasn’t waned, and she tells him that he’ll be seeing more of her around there.

Anna tells Diane that can’t be legal. Diane says it’s despicable, but legal. Sam says Faison is still playing mind games, and Anna adds that he maximized the destruction. Drew says he’s pitting them against each other. For either of them to get what they want, the other has to die.

On Monday, Faison leaves his estate to Henrik, Alexis and Ned are in a dead heat, and Griff tells Sonny that he’s correct to be concerned.

🐶  Thoughts on Westminster

I was watching the highlights of the Westminster Dog Show, and reminiscing about dog shows past, since I’ve attended a few times. I had to get up at the crack of freaking dawn and take a 5 am train to get there, so you know I must love dogs. Why they like to show the Pekingese first thing in the morning, I’ll never know. Mine are all divas who sleep until two in the afternoon. I wouldn’t wake them at that hour any more than I’d wake a hormonal teenager, who had been up all night crying over a break-up, that early. The best year was when a friend of mine (sadly, no longer with us) was visiting from Texas, and her husband got a hotel room for us in Manhattan, so we could wake at a reasonable hour. I don’t know what it cost, but it can’t have been cheap. Just to look at a hotel room in the city is two hundred bucks. It was a beautiful place, and the breakfast buffet was spectacular. If we hadn’t had to leave for the show, we’d still be there. But I digress.

The show has spread out from Madison Square Garden, which now only hosts the final battle, Best in Show. The individual breeds are shown in a two buildings at the piers. In some ways, this makes it a hassle. Not only going in between the buildings, but also if you’re there for the whole shebang, you have to trek across town. On the other hand, it’s more up close and personal. The attendance for Best in Show is large, but there’s no need to have so many seats for the individual breeds. Another bonus is that it’s not ten thousand degrees. Going behind-the-scenes at the Garden – where you’d find both the benching and grooming areas, as well as the shopping booths – was a nightmare. The crowd alone was enough to give anyone an anxiety attack, and the hardiest of us could have fainted from the heat. Expanding the territory has alleviated not all, but a great majority of that. While watching the dogs do their thing in the ring is fun, my favorite part was always to meet and greet backstage. Some handlers and owners can be unfriendly, but more often than not, I was able to have a congenial chat and pet a fuzzy head. If you should go, always, always ask first. Never just go up to one of the dogs and touch. I’d say that’s a good rule of thumb no matter what strange dog you’d like to pet. I have to admit, another highlight for me was when a Golden Retriever decided to poop in the ring. The handler was understandably mortified, but the dog, being a dog, couldn’t have cared less.

I didn’t watch the whole thing tonight, but did see a few breed candidates, and the final judging of Best in Show. Betty-Anne Stenmark chose the ultimate winner, and gave an enchanting speech about loving all dogs, but how this was a special night for the purebreds. The Bichon was the big winner, with the large size Schnauzer as back-up. I guess if the winner can’t fulfill their duties? A cutie named Flynn, the Bichon was like a cotton ball come to life, and deserving of a million kisses. I couldn’t help but smile watching him. It must have been hard to choose though. The Borzoi was like a gorgeous, thin, small horse. The Spaniel (I forget which kind) had the sweetest of faces, and when they told us that Bean was the grandson of Stump, I almost fell off my chair laughing. The Border Collie was a TV dog for sure, cocking his head to one side, bringing on the awws. The big distractions were renegade treats on the carpet, as well as a “robot” camera that nearly gave the big Schnauzer a doggie heart attack. The crowd was comparable to one at a sports event, and went wild for the Pug. Me too.

The best part of the whole thing is that, purebred or not, they are dogs. They don’t know why, but they’re making everyone happy, and they’re into it.

👄  Quotes of the Week

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.Groucho Marx

If shame were effective motivation, there wouldn’t be many fat people.Health At Every Size, web community

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.Baron Pierre de Coubertin

We can ALWAYS make a difference to someone, no matter what role we play.Lindsey Stirling 

It smells like it looks. – a plumber on Hoarding: Buried Alive

No matter how love-sick a woman is, she shouldn’t take the first pill that comes along.Dr. Joyce Brothers

🏆 Westminster 2016


😜 My Personal Westminster


February 15, 2018 – Mike Revisits the Past, a Mixed Bag & I Spy Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki drags Spinelli inside her apartment. She looks for her phone, throwing things around. Spinelli tells her to use his, but she says everyone is having a romantic evening, and here she is yelling. Spinelli asks if he should call someone, so she isn’t alone, and she asks why, when she has him? She grabs him and kisses him.

Amy apologizes to Griff for speaking out of turn regarding his love life. She says if he can find happiness he should hang on to it for as long as he can. If Ava makes him happy, that’s all that matters. He says he’s in luck, because Ava makes him very happy

Ava lights candles and puts rose petals on the bed. I can’t even express how annoying I think rolling around on sticky petals would be. I have no clue why everyone thinks this is so romantic. She looks at Griff’s text, and practices saying I love you.

Michael sees Sonny at the hospital. He’s looking for Mike. He went to run an errand, and Sonny hasn’t heard from him. He’s getting worried.

Carly answers a call from unknown caller, who says, I’m here, and hangs up. She doesn’t exactly look worried or scared. How is this plan supposed to work?

Alexis runs into Finn at the hospital. He accuses her of following him. She says she’s trying to distract herself, and asks if Anna’s mixed signals have gotten any clearer.

Anna goes to the Otisville, New York Correctional Facility. She thanks Andre for seeing her so late. He says it’s like boarding school with jumpsuits. She tells him Faison is dead. He heard, and says it must be a great relief, He doesn’t think she’s there to tell him what he already knows, and says if she needs a shrink, his license was suspended. She says she wanted to see her friend. There’s something she’s never told a soul about Faison. A secret she’s been running from her whole life. She had a baby, and it was his.

She says she never told Faison or anyone else. Andre says that’s understandable. Anna says Faison had a son, Henrik, who was responsible for holding Jason at the clinic. She thought it was a possibility Henrik was the baby, but Valentin knew more about what happened to her child than she did. She didn’t hold the baby or look at it; she couldn’t. According to Valentin, the midwife said it was a little girl. She never doubted her decision to give the child up – until now. She can’t stop thinking about her. She’s consumed with her, and doesn’t know how to act around anyone. Andre asks who she’s talking about.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Anna aren’t a couple. Alexis says she and Julian aren’t either, but it doesn’t stop the signals from being mixed. She inherited Laura’s schedule, and Charlie’s was booked for the viewing party. Finn says she did fine the other day, but she says it could be lethal combination if she loses; failure, her ex, and a bar. He sees her problem, and asks if he should come with her.

Spinelli says he’ll get Kiki some water. She thinks she’s losing her touch, but he says his heart is fully engaged elsewhere, but even if it wasn’t, he’d be remiss to take advantage. She insists she’s not drunk. Well, maybe a little. She doesn’t feel good.

Griff starts to leave. Spinelli calls Amy. He says he’s in a delicate situation, and would be grateful for her help. He’s at Kiki’s apartment. He escorted her home, and thinks she has alcohol poisoning. Amy calls Griff back to the desk, and tells him about Kiki. Griff says her apartment is on the way to Ava’s, and to tell Spinelli he’ll be there shortly

Carly calls the pay phone back. That lonely pay phone in the middle of Port Charles nowhere. The doorbell rings. It’s Diane. Carly is snippy, and Diane asks what got her in a foul mood. Carly says she just got a weird phone call. It’s as if she… but she doesn’t finish.

Michael asks when Sonny last heard from Mike. Sonny says Mike went to buy flowers for his lady friend, and left his phone. He went to all of Mike’s places, but no one has seen him. He must have gotten distracted. Michael thinks he’ll turn up, but Sonny is worried he’s in serious trouble.

Nelle sit at the counter at Kelly’s, and tells the baby their plan is working. I’d like to know how she came to that conclusion. She orders some decaf, and Mike pours it.

Ava calls Griff, but gets voicemail. She calls the hospital, and asks if Griff has left. Amy says he should be getting to Kiki’s apartment soon. Ava hangs up before Amy can explain.

Griff asks Kiki what’s going on. He heard she had too much to drink, and asks if she’s eaten. She says, shots, but he meant food. He tells Spinelli he can handle it from here. Spinelli wishes her a restful night and a minimal hangover. Kiki tells Griff that Spinelli left like everyone does, and begs Griff not to leave her too. He says he won’t.

Ava keeps calling Griff, but there’s no answer. She tells herself to get a grip. There has to be a reasonable explanation.

Carly tells Diane it’s probably a prank. Diane has forms for Sonny to sign, but Carly doesn’t know when he’ll be back, and asks if she can sign them. He’s setting up a trust for Avery, so being the legal guardian, Diane needs his signature. Diane asks Carly to tell Michael to return her calls. It’s never too early to plan for his child’s future. Carly asks her to wait; she needs some advice.

Michael tells Sonny that Mike always got in messes now and then, but came out okay. Sonny says when he’s pushed to a corner, he runs. If that’s the case, he has to find him.

The waitress asks if she can help Mike, telling him only staff can serve customers. He drops the coffee pot, and she says she’s calling the police. He tells her to go ahead.

Andre asks who Anna is thinking of letting into her life. Who does she fear sharing the secret with? She says anyone. Just the thought of telling Robin scares her, but there is someone she needs to confide in; one person in particular. She takes Andre’s hand and says she’s not being fair. He says they’re friends, and he has nothing but time. He can’t help her if she won’t tell him what’s going on. Who is she thinking of letting into her life?

Carly tells Diane that Nelle is going to be tied to their family for the rest of her life, and she’s concerned about what that means. If Nelle wanted to keep her and Sonny from the baby, she could. Diane says she’d have to show cause, but there may be things from their past they don’t want to come to light. She says Michael would fight the injunction, but Nelle is the biological mother. She has no criminal record, and would probably be shown in a favorable light. She wonders if Carly has reason to think she’d take it that far. The last she heard, Nelle was playing nice, and the last thing she’d want is to alienate Michael. Carly says all she knows is that if Nelle could get rid of her, she would, in a heartbeat.

A cop comes into Kelly’s, and the waitress explains about Mike. The cop asks Nelle if Mike threatened her, but she says she assumed he worked there. The cop asks if he can help Mike, and Mike tells him to ask the waitress who she thinks she is, telling him what to do; he runs the place. She says he doesn’t work there. Mike takes out his wallet to show his ID. The cop reaches toward him, and Mike backs up, sending the wallet flying. They argue, and Nelle picks it up. She sees pictures of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny tells Michael that he punished Mike for walking out on the family, but decided to learn from his mistake. He wasn’t there for Dante, but for Michael and the kids there was nothing more important than being a good father; being consistent, and showing how much they meant to him. He knows Michael will do that for his child. Michael’s phone rings. Nelle says she knows it sounds weird, but asks if he knows a Michael Corbin. Michael says that’s his grandfather, and Nelle tells him to get to Kelly’s right away.

Griff goes to the kitchen to get Kiki some water. She says he’s so good, it makes him bad. She struggles with taking her top off, and he tries to help her put it back on. Ava walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on here?

Andre asks if Anna is seeing someone. She says they got close, but the secret closed back in on her, and she had to push him away. Now Faison is dead, but the secret still weighs on her. Andre says he spent the better part of the last decade running from his fears, and tells her not to make the same mistake. If he deserves her heart, he deserves her truth.

Finn tells Alexis that she needs someone in her corner, but he knows asking for help isn’t easy. She asks how she should introduce him; as her date or her sober buddy? He says both, and she calls him a sober buddy date. She says when she’s nervous, she likes to eat, and asks if he wants to get something. He says he’d like that.

Griff tells Ava it’s not how it looks. Ava says a chatty nurse told her Griff was there, and she was worried something was wrong. Griff says Kiki had too much to drink. Kiki tells Ava that she drunk-dialed Dillon, and he was with another girl. Ava thinks she should sleep it off, and Kiki toddles to the bedroom. Ava tells Griff it’s not a good look for an aspiring doctor to be carried out of a bar. He tells her not to be mad; Kiki is going through a rough time. She says it’s not Kiki who she’s angry with.

Diane tells Carly that draconian as it is, it’s nearly impossible to sever parental ties. Nelle has a shady past, but it’s not enough. Speaking as her attorney, she tells Carly to stay out of it; it’s Michael’s problem to solve. Diane says he can be very canny, and tells her to look at how he got custody of Avery. He can be ruthless when motivated, and nothing is more motivating than being a parent. Diane’s phone rings. She says it’s the international firm, and she’ll call later, but Carly tells her to call now. She’ll tell Max to meet her at the restaurant. Diane says she won’t even bill Carly – it’s her Valentine’s Day present. She leaves, and Carly looks at her phone.

Sonny and Michael arrive at Kelly’s. Nelle says she didn’t know who to call, and Michael says she did the right thing. Mike tells Sonny to let the cop know he did nothing wrong, unless pouring coffee for customers is against the law. The waitress says he was serving customers and cleaning up; he wouldn’t get out. Sonny tells Mike they don’t know he hasn’t worked there in years, and don’t know he used to manage Kelly’s. Mike says he didn’t think it through, and might have lost his temper. He apologizes. He hasn’t been sleeping well, and gets mixed up. Michael tells the cop that Bobbie owns the place, and he can call her, but the cop recognizes their names. Sonny offers to pay for anything Mike broke, and takes him outside. Michael thanks Nelle. She’s just glad his grandfather is okay. Michael says he won’t forget this.

Carly tries calling the number again, but Sonny interrupts, coming in with Mike. She asks if he made it to the florist. At first, Mike is confused, but then says he didn’t get to it. Michael says they were closed, and Carly tells him there’s always tomorrow. He tells them he’s beat, and goes upstairs. Carly asks where he was. Michael has to leave, and says Nelle did them a big favor. Carly gives Sonny a look.

The waitress gives Nelle a plate on the house; she saved the day. Nelle tells the baby their daddy seemed grateful. Maybe it’s not necessary to destroy Granny Carly. She feels the baby kick, and says clearly it disagrees. The closer she gets to getting back with Michael, the more Carly will be gunning for her. She has no choice but destroy Carly before Carly destroys her.

Ava tells Griff that she spent her whole night looking at the phone. Didn’t it occur to him to call her? He says she told him to meet at her place, no matter how late it was. Since her surgery, she’s made him feel like he’s in the wrong. She says it was Valentine’s Day, and he says he thought she’d want him to take care of Kiki. She tells him it’s become a pattern, and not just with Kiki. He says he’s a sympathetic person, and asks if it’s a problem. She admires him for it, but just wishes one night he’d put her first, especially when she was about to – He says, about to what?

Alexis and Finn go to Kelly’s. Alexis asks him to order for her, and says she’ll be right back. Finn cleans the empty cup on the table with his napkin. Anna walks in, and says she’s meeting someone; she won’t be in his way. He says she’s not. She says there’s something she wanted to tell him about the two of them, but Alexis comes back.

Griff asks Ava if they can’t forget about it, and move on, admitting he should have kept her in the loop. The relationship thing is new to him. He tells her that they still have a few more minutes. They can pick up where they left off. Kiki calls for her mom. Ava says there’s always next year.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike was serving customers like he used to at Kelly’s. She says her mom did say he could always come back. Sonny says the look on Mike’s face when he realized what was happening seemed like he didn’t know how got there. He thinks something must be wrong with Mike. Carly hugs him.

Anna tells Finn he doesn’t have to explain. Diane comes in, and grabs Anna. She says Max is waiting, and pulls Anna away. Alexis tells Finn that Anna is wrong about what she thinks. Finn says she made her position clear, and he doesn’t think she cares. Diane tells Anna that no one is happier than her about Alexis moving on, but when did that become a thing? She says she’s been contacted by a Swiss bank to handle Faison’s estate in North America, and Anna is a beneficiary.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava if he should pretend nothing happened, Sonny tells Mike it will be over with before he knows it, and Monica apologizes for interrupting Nelle.

💬 Odds & Ends

🎥 The Lifetime network is like Bruce Campbell. It’s finally accepted and embraced its identity as a channel that shows promising movies with crappy endings, and is churning them out like crazy. Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story aside. There are always exceptions to the rule. I like to call it the hangover network, since you can snooze off and on through an entire day of films, but still won’t feel like you missed anything.

📺 That being said, UnReal returns to Lifetime on Monday, February 26th at 10 pm.

🍲 Winner of MasterChef’s season six, Claudia Sandoval now judges the chefs on MasterChef Latino (Sunday at 8 pm on Telemundo). A fiery, stylish redhead, she quickly became one of my favorites. If her last name sounds familiar, it’s also the last name of the Tom who isn’t Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules. As far as I know though, they are not related.

🔪 Tonight, on Top Chef, Chris packed his knives and went.

📖 The Book of John Gray is back on Tuesday, March 13th at 10 pm on OWN. Snagging TBN’s spot-on description: John Gray continues to defy descriptions and labels by seamlessly integrating worship, laughter, preaching, exhortation, and encouragement into one package. I loved this show the last time around, and hope I can squeeze it in.

😳 In this age of not offending anyone (yes, I’m rolling my eyes), why are women still made to look so ridiculous in commercials? The one that’s  irking me in particular is for the Kyleena IUD, where the women get really stupid looks on their faces while trying to remember if they took their pill. Then suddenly, they realize they didn’t have to! I dunno. I think I’d recall if I’d had surgery to insert a foreign object into my body, but that’s just me.

🚴 Almost…