February 5, 2018 – Peter Gets Grilled, I Hate Jax Even More & the Colonel


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Carly tells Jason that he wants to do the noble thing, and is concerned about Sam’s happiness. She tells him that he should fight for her, unless he believes she’ll be happier with Drew. Jason says he doesn’t get to decide what makes Sam happy, so please drop it.

Sam believes who Drew is inside is still there. He doesn’t need the flash drive; he can remember on his own. He says aside from a flicker of déjà vu when he met Kim, it’s a blank. The flash drive might be his best chance. Sam tells him if they find it, she wants him to be careful how he uses it.

Franco gives Doc the rabbit foot to put alongside the brain in a jar. Doc says it’s party central now; all they need is a disco ball. Doc asks if it’s connected to Franco’s claim that he hurt people as a child. He was only a little boy. Franco says he sent the boy who was his best friend at the time, falling down a flight of stairs.

Elizabeth asks Griff how he’s holding up. Griff says he’s lost patients before, but this one hit hard. Elizabeth says they had a history, and Griff adds, not a good one. He wonders if there’s something more he could have done, and didn’t.

At the MetroCourt bar, Ava tells Nelle not to underestimate Carly. Once she paints a target on your back, she won’t rest until she takes you out. Nelle says she’ll have to take Carly out first. Ava says she needs to plan and have s strategy. Nelle needs to be careful that Carly doesn’t suspect anything. Nelle says she won’t, just like the last time. Ava tells her that Carly knows how she operates now, and Nelle says she came close to pulling it off. Ava says until she fell in love with Carly’s son. Nelle tells Ava the biggest obstacle between her and Michael is his family.

Sonny knocks on Mike’s door. A woman opens it, and checks him out, leaving the chain attached. Sonny starts to introduce himself, but she says she recognizes him, and opens the door. She says Mike must be in more trouble than she thought.

Franco tells Doc that he thought the other boy was his brother, since his mom raised them together. Doc asks where his parents were, and Franco says Betsy was hiding the boy from Alan; it was Drew. Betsy thought Franco might hurt him again, so she sent him to live in an orphanage. He wonders if Faison did Drew a favor.

At the Aurora office, Peter looks at the latest article about Faison. A police officer comes in, and tells Peter they’re almost finished. They’re doing a final sweep to look for the bullet Faison shot at him.

Sam tells Drew they have no leads on the flash drive. She wonders what he’s thinking, since they can’t exactly plug it into him, and access his memories and past. What if it’s worse than they know? Why chase after something so dangerous to use?

Carly needs Jason to be okay. She’s not sure she can get through the next six months. Oh, that’s nice. She needs him to be okay for her. She can’t believe that psychopath is carrying her grandchild. He didn’t see how Nelle took advantage of Morgan’s death. Carly did her part, beginning the involvement with taking Nelle’s kidney, but she attacked them at their most vulnerable, and Carly thinks she doesn’t have a heart or soul. Jason asks if Nelle scares her, and she says she’s terrified that Nelle is carrying Michael’s child. He puts up with more than he should, and she doesn’t want that for him. Jason isn’t saying there’s no reason to worry, but tells her that Michael is an incredible man, and will be an incredible father. He might give Nelle too much leeway, but will put the baby first, and they’ll be there to help. Carly says it won’t be the last time he’ll need to calm her down; he’s going to have to stop her from kicking Nelle’s ass. Michael walks in and asks if she’s pissed at Nelle again, or is there a family crisis he doesn’t know about?

The woman invites Sonny in, telling him that she and Mike have been together five years. She says Mike talks about Sonny all the time, and tells him what beautiful kids he has. She introduces herself as Rita. She tells Sonny that they met at Gamblers Anonymous, and it’s good to have a boyfriend who’s also in recovery; they understand each other. At least she thought they did. Recently, two goons showed up, saying Mike owed them ten large. Sonny asks where Mike is, and she says that’s the problem. She has no idea.

Rita says Mike went out to get the paper. Nothing seemed strange; he was his usual cheerful self. Sonny suggests calling him, but Rita says he left his phone. She tells Sonny that he clams to get caught up talking to people, but he’s been vague and wandering. It’s the first sign of shady behavior since they’ve been together. Sonny asks who he borrowed $10K from, and she says not borrowed. It was his boss’s money that he was supposed to deliver.

Carly tells Michael that she’s pissed, and has every reason to be. He asks if this a brand new reason, and Carly claims not to be looking for conflict, but Nelle makes it inevitable. Jason tries to ditch this conversation, but she asks him to stay. He sighs. Michael tries to talk, but Carly barrels over him, and Jason tells her to let him talk. Michael says that Nelle is connected to their family now. They’re having a kid, and it’s going to be okay. She asks how, and he says he doesn’t know yet; they’ll work on it. He knows she hates it, but she won’t self-destruct. When she feels it coming on, call Jason, and he’ll talk her down. Jason says he loves them both, but he’ll see them later. When he’s gone, Michael tells Carly to lay it on him. What did Nelle do?

Ava says Michael must have felt the same way about Nelle at some point. Nelle says it was wonderful for a while. Ava asks what happened, and answers her own question; Carly. Nelle says no matter how many times she apologized, Carly wouldn’t let it go. It wasn’t enough for her and Sonny to hate her; she wanted Michael to hate her too. She chipped away at him, and whispered in his ear, until he finally took her word over Nelle’s. Ava says she’s sorry, but Nelle says, she’s not. That won’t be how it is forever. They’ll have a beautiful baby, and give the baby what she always wanted and never had; two loving parents, a family, and a home full of love.

Doc asks Franco how it felt, pushing his friend down the stairs. Franco is ambivalent, since he doesn’t know what happened; Betsy told him about it. Doc says she’s lied before, but Franco says she lied to protect him, not hurt him. It took months to pry it out of her, and even then she was reluctant. Doc wonders if she just wanted him to think so. Franco says she knew the truth, and he pushed Drew to hurt him.

Elizabeth says Griff is a great doctor; one of GH’s best. He would have never let the animosity between him and Nathan get in the way. The only person responsible is Faison.

Jason visits Peter at the Aurora office. He heard Peter paid Faison a visit, and asks why. Peter says Faison took a shot at him, and he wanted him to know it didn’t take. Jason asks if there was anything else, and Peter says, not really, no. Jason asks which it is; not really or no? He asks if there was any chance the guard outside overheard their conversation, but Peter says the door was closed. Jason tells him he was the last person to see Faison alive, aside from the staff. Peter asks, what is this about exactly?

Sonny asks Rita if Mike is a bag man. She says he picks up the money and brings it to his boss. Sonny says, Caruso, and she says he’s a fair man and pays well. Mike doesn’t want to ask Sonny for money; being a burden is his worst nightmare. It’s the first time he didn’t deliver, and has been trustworthy up until now. She thinks he’s gambling again, and swiped the money to pay back the debt because he can’t come up with anything else. Mike (being played by Max Gail – they’re dragging in all the old sitcom guys) walks in. Mike asks Rita to make some coffee. His son has come for a visit.

Doc asks if Franco can recall any feelings surrounding the incident or hostility toward Drew for any reason? Franco says he wasn’t even in kindergarten yet. Doc asks what about afterward; did he miss Drew? Franco tells him that he asked about it so often, Betsy thought it was in his best interest to convince him that Drew never existed; he was a figment of Franco’s imagination. Drew didn’t fall by himself, but it still leaves the big question as to why.

Ava tells Nelle that she wants her little girl back even more now. Nelle says she’s not even a mom yet, but can’t imagine being separated from her baby. Ava says it’s a torture like no other, but she doesn’t see much choice. Nelle says, for now, but if she gets her way, Carly won’t be an issue for either of them. She’s going to fight fire with fire. Ava asks if she’s going to prove Carly is an unfit mother. Nelle says there’s some truth to that. Ava says she’s deranged when she perceives a threat to her family. She becomes 100% unhinged.

Michael asks if Carly confronted Nelle about her lost year. Carly says sort of, and Nelle turned violent and tried to hit her. I vote for someone clocking Carly really good.

Sam and Drew go over how Andre put the flash drive in a Christmas ornament, gave it to Anna, and and she unknowingly put it in a box of ornaments for the community tree. Sam says it disappeared afterward, and Drew asks what about the other ornaments? She says they were all still there, and he says it wasn’t random then. Someone was looking for it. Sam says it wasn’t Faison; he had no idea it existed, but maybe Henrik has it.

Peter tells Jason it’s starting to feel like an interrogation. Jason asks if Faison mentioned Henrik. Peter says no, but thanks him for the bullet that took Faison out. Jason wonders why Faison would have come to the Crimson office. Peter says he was there dropping off a report, but maybe Faison wanted to get to Maxie. Jason can’t figure out why he wouldn’t have gone to her apartment, and instead went to the office where there could be witnesses like Peter?

Rita is glad Mike is okay, and Mike asks why he wouldn’t be? Sonny asks for moment, and Rita says she has to open the bar anyway. She tells Sonny not to be a stranger, and leaves. Mike says it’s good to see him and they make small talk. He’s sorry about Morgan, and says no parent should have to bury a child. He tells Sonny that he had a week of masses said, and Sonny thanks him. He’s sorry he couldn’t have been there, and wishes he’d been the kind of father Sonny could turn to for support. He’s sorry about all of it. Sonny asks what trouble he’s gotten himself into?

Doc suggests maybe Franco never pushed Drew, or it was an accident. He was just a small child, and children are impulsive. Franco says it wasn’t an accident, but Doc thinks maybe he’s begging to be branded a lost cause to protect himself. Franco says he’s trying to protect Elizabeth and the kids. Doc asks if he’s ever had the impulse to hurt any of them, and Franco says, no. Doc asks if that doesn’t speak volumes. Franco says it doesn’t prove he’s cured, and Doc says it doesn’t prove he’s not. If there’s even the whisper of a chance he could hurt them, he’d need to get away, even if breaks his heart.

Elizabeth tells Griff that she and Franco finally set a date. She says it’s a struggle for him to be happy, and he tends to self-sabotage. Griff says it’s a process, and he needs to trust it. Elizabeth says process should be his middle name. He needs to learn to get out of his own way. Griff thinks that’s a lesson for all of them. Elizabeth asks does he ever wonder if Ava will revert to her old ways, and how that would change everything? He says he thinks about there always being that chance, but he has faith. They toast to faith with their water bottles.

Nelle tells Ava that she’s going to hit Carly where it hurts, and knows exactly how to do it.

Carly tells Michael that Nelle tried to slap her, but she has excellent reflexes. He asks how it went down, because Michael talks like a combination hippie/gangster from the 70s. He knows it didn’t happen out of the blue. Carly says she knows how to push Nelle to the breaking point, and Michael asks if she said Nelle would be an unfit mother. She says it could have happened that way, but it was more like she intimated he would think so. Michael tells her that’s not fair. She says she had no idea how Nelle would react, and she knows he wouldn’t allow a child to be in danger. He tells her to trust him. He gets it, and everything will work out. Carly tells him, if he says so.

Sam says maybe Henrik had Anna followed, but Drew asks how he would know that the flash drive was in the ornament? She says maybe he had audio surveillance, and beat her to the park. Drew says the problem is that they don’t know who Henrik is or how to find him. Even though neither one of them are comfortable with the procedure, if she wants an adventure, they should go looking for the flash drive. They can call Anna, and find out what she knows. Sam thinks they should call Jason too, but Drew says to leave him out for now. Anna can tell them what they need to know. They still have a company to run, and he has a meeting with Peter. Sam says she’ll meet Drew later at home.

Jason tells Peter that Faison wouldn’t make a move unless it was calculated. Peter says he could have had Maxie followed. Jason says she got there after he did, and Peter says maybe his car was faster. Or maybe he used the Star Trek transporter. Peter says he’s sorry Jason can’t get answers from Faison, but he’s not sure how he can help. Jason asks if he knows anything about the flash drive. Peter days that Drew grilled Faison, and nothing came from it. The officer comes back, saying the office is almost cleared for reentry. They never found the bullet, so if the staff comes across it… Peter says they’ll be the first call.

Nelle goes to Sonny’s house. She tells Michael she’s glad he’s there for this. She tells Carly she wants to apologize. She lost her temper. Carly admits she was out of line too. Nelle says all is forgiven. She knows she caused everyone pain, and wants to make it up. Carly says it’s not necessary, and Nelle says she thought of the perfect way.

Sonny tells Mike that Caruso called with some concerns, and asks if Mike is a bag man; it’s what Rita told him. He says it’s a bad idea, but Mike asks how he’s supposed to get job at his age, and with his history? Caruso called with an offer, and he took it. Sonny asks what kind of trouble he’s in, and Mike asks if Sonny is checking up on him. Sonny says guys came by looking for ten grand that wasn’t delivered. What happened to the money?

Peter tells the officer that maybe the gun misfired; he doesn’t know much about firearms. He wonders if he should add that to his statement, and the officer says he’ll be in touch. When he’s gone, Jason says he didn’t know about the missing bullet. Peter says that man had a badge, and Jason doesn’t. If he has any further questions, he needs to call for an appointment. Jason says he’ll have Sam set it up.

Doc tells Franco that any root causes, besides the tumor have to be differentiated. Franco says he’s getting married this month, and Doc says he can’t rush the process. Franco asks if Doc told that to Ryan. Doc says his brother was the victim of sex abuse at the hands of their mother, and it caused his psychosis. He died before he could be healed. He thinks Franco can be healed too, if he isn’t already. He’s already proven he can be helped by coming there. There’s hope for him to be happy yet, and Doc wants to prove it.

Sam sees Jason at Aurora, and they soap gaze at each other before the commercial. Sam tells Jason that Drew wants to look for the flash drive. She’d suggested they work with him, but Drew disagreed. Jason says she can ask him anything anytime. Sam says Drew wants them to do it alone, and she’s not going behind his back. He thinks they could go farther if they shared information. She says he likes working with Sonny and Spinelli, and Drew likes working with her. She wishes they would treat each other like the brothers they are, but doesn’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. They’re Danny’s parents. That’s never going to change, but outside of that, she doesn’t think they’ll be seeing much of each other. She tells him to take care. He gives her a puzzled look, and tells her she knows where to find him if she needs him. He walks away, and she sighs. It’s catching.

Peter tells Drew there’s something he should know. Drew’s brother came see him. He wanted answers about Faison. He has no idea why Jason came to him. He never laid eyes on Faison before that night.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he took her advice and saw Doc; they just had a session. Doc thinks he can help, and there might be hope for him after all. She says she knows there is.

Ava asks how Griff is; she knows last night was rough. He says he’s hanging in there. She asks if there’s anything she can do, and he says she’s doing it. She’s exactly what he needs. They kiss.

Mike can’t believe Sonny thinks he stole money. He says he takes his job seriously. Sonny asks where the $10K is, and tells Mike to admit. He’ll take care of it. Sonny thinks it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and the last thing he wants to hear is that Mike is dead on the street. He asks how much Mike owes, and Mike says he’s nothing but an obligation to Sonny. Sonny asks what happened, but Mike says he doesn’t know.

Michael tells Nelle that she doesn’t have to do anything. She says she came up with an idea everyone will love. She’s decided whether it’s a boy or girl, she’ll name the baby Morgan.

No preview, but at least George Stephanopoulos waited until the actual show was over to tell us about the DOW plunge. He claims Wall Street veterans saw this coming. Please, so did I. And so did anyone who pays attention. That’s how it works.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and James meet with Lisa. She asks if they’re ready for tomorrow. It’s her inauguration for being the new editor and chief at Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. She wants it to be a beautiful night, and go without a hitch. Stassi assures her it will go perfectly. Lisa says it had better, or she’ll be the one looking like an idiot. James tells her that he can handle both parties, since his weekly DJ gig is the same night. After Lisa leaves. Stassi tells James he can bring his boyfriend if he wants. He tells her to shut up, and says that Raquel is pissed.

Schwartz and Tom meet with MJ, the dude who did their suits for the wedding. The triplets are thirty, and live at home with mom in Florida. Tom wants to do a more extensive makeover than he did for the wedding. Schwartz says Katie has gone from tequila Katie to chamomile tea Katie, and she’s being cool about them staying at their place. In her interview, Katie says she’s trying to be a supportive wife.

Billie Lee meets Stassi at SUR. Her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi, is still a priority, and she thinks Billie would be an incredible guest. Billie just had her nails done, and says the girls had some words about Stassi, and told her to be careful. We see Ariana saying Stassi takes pride in being ignorant, and basically calling her a racist. Stassi tells Billie to listen to the podcast in question – about the Academy Awards speeches being political in talking about race, but as though only African Americans were affected. We hear a clip, and she wonders why there are no mentions of Asians, Latinos, or Native Americans? Apparently, she got a lot of flak for the episode, and was called all kinds of names. I dunno. Sounds like a legitimate question to me. She says ignorant she can accept, but she’s not anti-anyone, unless you’re an a-hole. She gets teary, saying it’s serious to say about someone. Billie says it’s not her perception of Stassi. Stassi removes her eyelashes, and Billie lights some sage. True story. A million years ago, when I was going home from work and taking the subway at 42nd Street, this African American dude dressed in Muslim garb asked me for a dollar. I was polite, but told him no, and he said, “I hate white people.” I told him that I didn’t hate anyone – except a-holes, implying he was one. That’s still my stance.

Katie blows up the air mattress, and talks to the dogs about the triplets coming, saying she’s outnumbered. Tom wants to teach the triplets about building a good foundation with fashion. Good luck with that. Katie tells Jax and Tom there was an electrical fire at SUR. Tom says Jeremy kept the fire from spreading until the fire department came. He asks Jax if he’d be sad if SUR burned down, and Jax says, no. Nice.

The triplets arrive. Tom lays some underwear, shoes, and basic clothing on them. He talks about how he made over Schwartz, and Schwartz says it’s the not-so-extreme makeover – triplet edition. Katie doesn’t mind a houseguest for a few nights, but Schwartz better make sure the place isn’t smelling like socks and farts. Jax is ready to get his house back after being blindsided with Brittany’s mom and sister. He says Kristen’s intention was to get at him, not help Brittany out.

Lisa looks things over at SUR. The electrical cupboard shorted out. The flames didn’t reach the restaurant, but the smoke did. She doesn’t think they can open tonight. Stassi says she has people who are willing to work the party, but some won’t. Ariana has to think about it, since Stassi isn’t her boss. Lisa asks what happened, and Stassi starts crying. She tells Lisa about the girls saying she’s closed- minded, and doesn’t care about social issues. In her interview, Lisa says she thinks a lot of things about Stassi, but racism and homophobia aren’t any of them, and she would never tolerate it. She tells Stassi to pull herself together and do her job.

The crew arrives for work. Lisa doesn’t know how, but they’re going to manage James’s party. Part of the restaurant will be closed. She talks about the magazine party, and suddenly Ariana is okay with working. In her interview, Lisa says Ariana and Stassi are always fighting for queen bee position, but if they’d join together, they’d be unstoppable. She tells them that Stassi is speaking for her, and jokes they should call Stassi Miss Schroeder.

The crew prepares for the party. Pandora wonders where Jax and Ariana are. Ariana finally shows. She’s pissed because she thought she was just pouring wine, and actually has to do some work. She complains to Billie and Lala. Stassi is mad at herself for not learning that Jax can’t be counted on, and now she has to bartend.

Giggy! Stassi tells Lisa that Jax isn’t answering his phone. Lisacan’t believe he has the nerve to let her down after the passes she’s given him. Brittany arrives, and says he’s still at home. Lisa calls him an unreliable ass, and Max takes over. Lisa asks Brittany to help Ariana. Brittany says Jax is dragging her down with him.

Billie tells Lala about the podcast. Lala doesn’t think Stassi is ignorant, but she doesn’t think before she speaks. Stassi is proud of herself for not putting her feelings ahead of work. Jax finally rolls in. Lisa says he’s an hour late, and calls him a selfish a-hole. He apologizes, saying it’s okay, and she says it’s not okay. I hate that too, when people say it’s okay when it’s not. In his interview, Jax says it’s just rich people having free drinks, and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Have I mentioned how much I hate Jax? Lisa tells us that she tries not to lose her temper, but if no one is calling him out for being an a-hole, she’s going to do it. She tells Jax to get lost, and Stassi says he’s the same old unreliable Jax.

Jax whines to the guys that he should be working the party, but showed up thirty minutes late, and got kicked out. (Has he met Dorit?) Schwartz says Jax is always in trouble with something. In his interview, Jax asks what he’s done differently than his friends? They’ve all lied, cheated, and been late to work. Well, for one thing, he’s lived about ten years longer, and should know better. He takes a swig of his beer, and hits his tooth with the bottle. I laugh. Schwartz suggests Jager bombs (ugh! ptooey!), and Jax complains that he’s trying to tell them his feelings.

Mark, the president of the magazine, introduces Lisa as the new editor and chief. She says it’s bittersweet, since Mark’s father passed away two weeks ago. She promises to hold the standard as high as her heels, and will endeavor to take over the reins.

Katie tells Lisa that while she was pouring champagne, Kevin Lee asked her what happened that she gained so much weight, said she needs to work on it, and wouldn’t drop it. Lisa is furious, and wonders if he’s lost his mind. She says it’s never okay for a man to comment in a derogatory way about a woman’s appearance. She tells Katie that she’s gorgeous, and don’t tell her otherwise. Katie starts to cry, and Lisa reminds Katie that she fell through a skylight. We see an old video of Katie, with her jaw wired, talking about falling twenty-five feet and down a flight of stairs. She explains that everything comes into perspective when you cheat death. You can’t help but look at things differently. In her interview, Katie says they could have removed the scar, but it would have erased a monumental moment in her life. Lisa tells her that she went through something crazy, but she’s still her. Katie thanks her, and they hug.

James moves on to the next party, yelling about it to the people he passes on the way. A lot of the group is already there, and the girls who were working the magazine party join them. Jax keeps insisting he was only thirty minutes late. Kristen, Stassi, and Katie sit outside. Katie tells them about Kevin commenting on her weight. In her interview, Stassi wonders who he thinks he is, and if the only attractive body is supposed to be really skinny. Katie says he told her he was shocked at how big she was. BTW, she’s not big by any stretch of the imagination. She tells them if he’d said that last year, with the place she was in, she wouldn’t have been able to take it. In her interview, she says she’s been trying to work on a positive body image, getting in shape, and feeling good. It was a bit of a slap in the face. Kristen says only people who hate themselves say sh*t like that. Kristen is like the voice of reason this time around. Who would have known? Stassi tells them about what Billie said before the podcast, and how she was told she should be scared of Stassi. Like she was only there to trick her. In her interview, Stassi says one good thing about being busy and stressed is that she got to forget, and take a break from feeling sh*tty about herself. She feels mortified, and needs to take her lashes off again.

Jax wishes he could trade places with the triplets. I wish he could too. In her interview, Kristen says Jax only cares about Jax. He tells the table that Kristen is trying to poison his relationship, she’s the fakest bitch ever, and the most annoying person he’s ever met. In her interview, Kristen says she’s a lightning rod for Jax’s hatred. Jax asks Scheana if he got involved in her divorce, and she’s like as a matter-of-fact, he made a few comments. We flash back to him sticking his nose totally into her business. He says his relationship is nobody’s business. At the other table, Brittany tells him to look at her, but he’s on a roll. She goes over, and tells him to calm down. He’s talking about one of her best friends, and she can hear every word he’s saying. He needs to be careful. This isn’t them moving forward and making things better; he’s making things worse. She can hear him screaming, and acting like a lunatic. She thought Kristen bringing her family to her was a great thing to do. He needs to watch his tone, watch what he’s saying, and be respectful toward women. Go, Brittany! Although it’s doubtful he’ll listen. Scheana says that he’s almost forty. He needs to watch his blood pressure. Ha-ha! I’ll bet that hurt worse than anything Brittany had to say.

Tom asks how the magazine party was, and Katie tells the group about what Kevin said. Schwartz says he’s just bitchy. Tom says he’d tell him eff-you. In her interview, Katie says a man should never comment on a woman’s body. She thinks as long as a woman feels good in her own skin and is happy with her body, it shows, and nothing more beautiful. She tells them to have fun, and leaves. She’s replaced by the man glam squad, who comes to give the triplets haircuts. Schwartz thinks it’s a major success, and wants to savor the moment. They get dressed in their new clothes. Schwartz says he’s biased, but you won’t meet sweeter guys. The looks on their faces make him smile. They go out on the town.

Idiot Jax goes to the Kelsey the Reiki master. She asks why he’s so angry? In his interview, he tells us that he’s going to two therapists. We see his talk therapist giving him a startled look when he says something incredibly selfish. He says Kelsey sees the good in him, and it means a lot. She makes him repeat a bunch of stupid stuff about owning his anger, and has him take deep breaths. She asks what was the first thing on his path to destruction, and he says getting into acting. It’s a disgusting life, full of rejection, and when you are picked, you’re just being used. Pretty much like any job, but it can pay a lot more. He says he chose to go down that path, and he owns it. He’s work in progress. Argh! Another buzz-phrase I hate. To her credit, Kelsey says, we all are, and can learn. He can be a better Jax. Jax tells her to call him Jason, which is his real name. In his interview, he says that when he was nineteen or twenty, he started living in a fictitious world. He had to tell stories for people to like him. He wants to know Jason again. He tears up, and Kelsey asks if he feels authentic. He does, and they hug.

Next time, both Ariana and Stassi have a birthday, Lisa talks to Brittany about Jax, Stassi has a murder-themed birthday, and leaves her own party.

🌃 Bethenny and Frederik premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 pm.

🍗 Weirdness…

What’s the thing with celebrities wanting to dress like Colonel Sanders? Rob Lowe, Ray Liotta, now Reba McEntire joins the club. Is this some kind of fetish? Can it possibly pay that much?

🐓 Retro Colonel




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