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March 30, 2018 – A One-Night Event at Luke’s, a Half-Dozen Quotes & Some Happys


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike looks at a family photo. In a voice-over, Sonny says he’s been thinking about memory; how much it defines us, and how much our character is built from it. Loyalties, personalities, and our souls are a response to what came before. It’s the sum total of connections we’ve made and people we’ve lost. The building blocks of our identity. Without them, who we are is lost to us. While he’s talking, we see various characters getting an invitation to a one-night event at the MetroCourt.

Sonny, Michael and Dante are wearing tuxedos. Mike asks why they’re dressed up. What’s the occasion? Sonny says it’s a surprise.

At the MetroCourt everyone is has gathered for the event, dressed to the nines. Sonny tells Mike, welcome to Luke’s.

Mike asks how he did it. Luke’s is gone; it burned down years ago. Sonny says he got thinking he missed it, and asked Luke about bringing it back. Luke gave his blessing, but Sonny was never a hands-on kind of guy, and has no experience. He asks Mike what he thinks. Mike says give him a second. He goes to the bar, and tells the servers to put their phones down, make sure the customers have drinks, and encourage them to mingle. Mike asks who the act is, and Olivia-Q tells him that Eddie Maine is playing. She reminds Mike of who she is from the old neighborhood.

Doc says Mike is jumping right in, and back to his old self, Michael thanks him, and he says some patients respond to nostalgia. The hypothesis is, a walk through the past brings the memory to the forefront. Mike asks if he should card Lulu, and she likes that. Sonny thanks his sons, and Dante says Mike smiling is all the thanks they need. Carly says it brings back lots of memories for her, not just for Mike.

Elizabeth talks to some of the other staff about remembering their first day at GH. Doc says he was intimidated by Dr. Hardy. We see an old clip of Audrey and Steve at the hospital. Monica says he had high standards, but led by example. He built the hospital into something they could be proud of. The group toasts to him.

Felicia and Mac knock on Maxie’s door, and tell her to stop hiding and open the door. She lets them in, and asks how they knew she was hiding. Mac says, years of experience. She knows they want her to go to the MetroCourt. Felicia says for tonight, it’s Luke’s, and she can come in the front instead of sneaking around the back like she used to. Maxie says, as cool as Luke’s was, if she got a chance to visit the past, it’s not where she’d go.

Mike calls Lucy boss. She says she’ll never forget her partner, and he tells her it’s nice that she remembers; everything about her is unforgettable. Lucy tells Doc, nice work, and Doc says, it’s entirely a Corinthos family project. He just advised them. She tells him that he gives the best advice.

Alexis asks for sparkling water, and Mike says he’s in recovery too. He has a gambling addiction. He threw away a lot of good things. She tells him that he’s looking good, and he says, it works if you work it (12-Step lingo).

Bobbie thanks Scotty for coming. He says he did this for her. He doesn’t have much use for Sonny, but respects what he’s doing for his father. Bobbie suggests he pay tribute to Lee by being the man Lee wanted him to be. We flash back to a very young Scotty with Lee, telling Lee that he wants him to be his lawyer because he’s the best and his father. Scotty says he almost ended up a dogcatcher instead of a judge because he goofed up when Bobbie brought Luke to town. We see young Luke and even younger Bobbie, when Luke first arrived. Bobbie tells Scotty that she’s always thought he didn’t hate Luke as much as he pretended to. She calls them frenemies, and he says Luke kept his life interesting. Bobbie says his secret is safe with her.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going. Mike says it’s a good crowd, and asks Sonny when Brenda is going to get there. He says it always takes her forever to get ready.

Bobbie thought Mac and Felicia were bringing Maxie, but Felicia says they couldn’t get her to come. Bobbie asks if she can try.

Olivia asks Ned if he has stage fright, and he says, always. He tells her that Mike asked if his grandparents are coming. He says they had a rich, full life, and Olivia wishes she had met them in their prime. He says his grandfather was a schemer, a manipulator, and charming. His grandmother was grace personified, and could keep him in line with a word. A precious clip of Lila and the original Edward is shown. Olivia kisses Ned, calling him Edward Quartermaine.

Monica tells Michael that he’s thoughtful, and must have gotten the recessive gene from Lila, not his grandfather. Alan obviously cared about people, and if he hadn’t damaged his hand trying to kill her, would have made great a surgeon. Michael is like, what? She says she was cheating on him. We see Monica and Alan fighting in their heyday. She says no one could make her angrier or laugh harder. Even though there were times she never wanted to see him again, she misses him every day. She hugs Michael. Mini rant. Killing Alan off was a HUGE mistake. I didn’t watch the show for a long time after that. Then they made an even bigger mistake, bringing him back as a ghost, trying to correct their first mistake.

Maxie tells Bobbie that she already told Mac and Felicia that she can’t go. Bobbie says she’s there to change her mind. It’s a onetime event. Miss it, and it’s gone; no do over. Maxie says she can’t handle going to a party. Bobbie tells her it’s not a party. It’s a gathering of friends to help Mike, who’s losing his memory. Maxie says everywhere she turns, there are memories of Nathan. Memories of what she lost, and what the baby lost. She doesn’t want them; it’s too painful. Bobbie says she doesn’t mean that. She lived through it, and knows the grief. You want to forget about the good as well as the bad, because you think you can’t go on. Bobbie did, and BJ goes on in Maxie, just like Nathan does in another baby. She tells Maxie to embrace the future, and live life with joy and purpose. Maxie says she doesn’t know how to do that. Bobbie says she’ll figure it out. Bobbie promises Maxie is stronger than she thinks.

Sonny introduces Anna to Mike, who says, Robin’s mom. He tells Anna that her daughter is impressive. As they walk back to the party, Anna tells Sonny that Mike is right. The most terrifying moment of her life was when she thought she lost her little girl. She spent weeks searching, and when she found her – we flash back to when Anna reunites with Robin, who’s about five – she swore she would never let her go. It’s difficult to keep promises. Sonny says all they can do is love their kids, and be the best they can for them.

Carly asks Jason how many memories he has of this place, and he says, a lot. Carly didn’t spend much time there. Luke blackmailed her into staying away when he found out she was Bobbie’s daughter. She can see it from his perspective now. He wanted to save her mom from the conniving wench. Jason says she wasn’t a conniving wench, but she says she was until Michael was born, and he saved her. Jason says, him too, and we see Jason holding Michael as a literal a baby. Michael asks why they’re looking at him, and Carly says they were just talking about him as a baby. Time flies.

Anna tells Sonny it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing for his dad. Sonny says it brings back a lot of memories. He tells her that Robin used to spend a lot of time at Luke’s. It was twenty-three years ago. We see Robin lying in a bed with Stone. A younger-than-I-can-remember Sonny asks if he’s dead. He is, and Sonny takes Robin’s place in the bed. Sonny tells Anna that Stone was nineteen. He’s been gone longer than he lived. Anna says he still lives on in Robin’s heart, and Sonny says he feels the same way.

Olivia welcomes everyone to Luke’s, and thanks Mike. She says, for one night, and one night only, give it up for Eddie Maine. Ned sings Love Will Have the Last Word. I don’t know this song, but figure that’s the title, since that lyric is repeated a bunch of times.

Maxie shows up at the MetroCourt. Mike remembers her, and congratulates her on expecting. He says it will be the best thing ever to happen to her. Felicia tells Bobbie that she doesn’t know how she got Maxie there, but thanks. Bobbie says, to honor those they lost is the price of living. Maxie is already figuring out that when you help someone else, you create a miracle. We flash back to the moment Felicia realized Maxie received BJ’s heart. I remember that scene. It was absolutely draining. Felicia thanks Bobbie for her daughter.

Alexis tells Ned, nice job, Eddie. He says, thanks, Angel. She says, Eddie’s Angel, and we see him finding her on his hotel room bed with a rose in her teeth. Alexis says it was the most embarrassing moment of her life, adding that’s saying a lot. He says she would have made a helluva groupie.

Mac remembers Luke buying Lucy’s shoe during her striptease/auction at the Nurses’ Ball. It’s agreed that Lucy always goes all out – even if she’s hanging from the rafters in her underwear. Lucy says that was only one incident among her many triumphs. We trip down the Memory Lane of various gowns Lucy wore to the Nurses’ Ball. Felicia brings up Doc and Mac dressing in drag, and we flash back to them shaving their legs and dressing up a la Bosom Buddies. (I miss that show!) Doc says he hated it at the time, but looking back, he’s had a great friend in Mac.

Sonny tells Dante and Michael that this night was the best gift. Dante says he made it happen. Sonny says what good is all the hard work if he can’t pull strings for family? Dante asks if Sonny ever had any regrets. Did he ever feel that it came at too steep a price? Sonny says one thing in particular, and we go back to when undercover Dante tried to arrest Sonny and got shot. We see Olivia telling him, you just shot your own son. Dante tells Sonny that he liked him, in spite of all that. Now he has an excuse to like him. Sonny says he can’t take credit for the man Dante become, but he’s grateful Dante is his son.

Jason thanks Monica for coming. She says she and Sonny aren’t great friends, but Mike is a good man. It’s not wise to spend too much time looking back, but it’s not bad to revisit the past once in a while. Jason says he’s starting to learn that, and remembers the two of them way back when. Monica says Jason intervening when she almost killed Pierce, made her realize her son loved her. Jason says of course he loves her. She’s his mom. They hug.

Carly asks how Sonny is, and he says, right about tonight. He’s thinking about all the people he’s lost. If it wasn’t for Carly, he’d have blown it all to hell. We see when they first said, I love you. Carly says he’ll always be a part of her. He’s a hard man to love, but nothing worth having is ever easy. They kiss.

Everyone dances as things wind down. Eventually, there’s no one left except Sonny and Carly. They dance and kiss, and Sonny asks Mike if he’s ready to call it a night. Mike says, one more for the road, and pours two shots of whiskey. He tells Sonny that when he moved upstate, he worried about him, but it turned out to be the right call. He’s done well; better than Mike expected. Sonny says, much better than he deserved. Mike says, the cocky SOB doesn’t give himself enough credit, adding, you did good, son. He’s proud of Sonny. They clink glasses, and tear my heart out. Sonny tells Mike to go ahead to the elevator; he’ll follow. Sonny almost starts to cry, but regains his composure. He says, to a helluva night. May tomorrow be even better.

We end with the camera focusing on the neon sign that says, Luke’s.

I loved this episode. You did good, GH.

On Monday, Anna knows Griff is keeping a secret, Finn asks Alexis to be serious, Lulu asks Peter to help Sam, and Sam says goodbye to Drew.

🔊  Quotes of the Week

Whenever the world throws rose petals at you, which thrill and seduce the ego, beware. The cosmic banana peel is suddenly going to appear underfoot to make sure you don’t take it all too seriously. — Anne Lamott

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.Xun Kuang

Hell is other people.Jean-Paul Sartre

You stole that from me during the Black Plague. – Radu (Anders Hove), Subspecies IV, confirming how petty vampires can be.

People need to respect each other’s views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.Ryan Moore

Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.Euripides

Image result for clipart passover Happy Passover!

In honor of the LORD your God, celebrate the Passover each year in the early spring, in the month of Abib, for that was the month in which the LORD your God brought you out of Egypt by night. – Deuteronomy, 16:1, New Living Translation

Image result for clipart cross Happy Easter!

But very early on Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. They found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. So they went in, but they didn’t find the body of the Lord Jesus. – Luke 24:1-3, New Living Translation

🌻 Happy Spring!



March 29, 2018 – Griff Knows All & From Charm to Comfort


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Lulu sees Spinelli, and asks how Maxie is. She tells him that the last time she inquired herself, Maxie threatened her with a restraining order.

At another table, Nina tells Valentin that Peter is always around; at the office and the hospital, being supportive. Valentin says he and Maxie survived a terrible ordeal together, but Nina asks what Peter lost; dinner reservations? Valentin says they left together last night, but he doesn’t think Maxie is moving on from Nathan. Nina isn’t worried about Maxie, but as far as she’s concerned, Peter has an agenda.

Maxie sees Peter asleep on the couch. He apologizes, and she asks if he was out there listening to her cry. He says she’s making him sound less like a concerned friend than a stalker. Since he’s her boss, this would make a spectacular lawsuit. She tells him not to be silly. She was dreading spending the night, but she got through it. Maybe because she wasn’t alone.

Griff asks Ava if he smells coffee, and she comes out drinking from yet another empty cup. She says she’ll get him some. He doesn’t want her to wait on him, but she says she enjoys it. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s the test results Griff has been waiting for. The messenger says it must be important, and Griff says he’s about to find out.

Sonny, Mike, Dante, and Michael have breakfast at the MetroCourt. Sonny says all the Corinthos men at one table; it’s a special occasion. Mike asks where Morgan is, but Sonny says he couldn’t make it. Mike says he must be out raising hell; they should drink to him. And they do.

Jason meets with Anna. She tells him that she didn’t bring the manuscript, and asks if she can keep it for a while. It was just as she thought; Henrik left a trail of clues.

Lulu tells Spinelli that she thought about just leaving Maxie alone, but she’s hoping Maxie realizes she misses her and will reach out. She’s too afraid to take that risk and alienate her further. She accepts that Maxie may never forgive her, but if there’s anything he can do to open up communication, she’d appreciate it. They need each other. He says he’ll do his best.

Nina tells Valentin that she gave Peter the benefit of the doubt, but she’s not wearing blinders, and her instincts tell her something is going on. She wants Valentin to back her up, and he says he always will, but he’s observed when it comes to Maxie and the baby, she’s looking for problems where there aren’t any. She admits maybe she’s over-protective, and he says, just a tad. She tells him until she’s 100% certain Peter is harmless, she’s not taking her eyes off of him.

Maxie feels better, telling Peter that going to the apartment had made her feel like she was losing Nathan over and over. He wishes he could make it easier. She says he has. Thanks to him, she’s back home, and managed to get a whole night’s sleep. He asks if she’s saying he put her to sleep. She calls it a gift, and he says it sounds like a power a super villain would have. She tells him that Spinelli is the nerdapedia, not her. Right now, she feels brave enough to spend another night – without him on the sofa.

Ava asks Griff who it was. He says a messenger from the hospital with test results he needed asap. She asks if it’s confidential, and he says he just needs a moment. She has to send some texts, and goes into the kitchen. He opens the envelope, and looks at the results. He says, Peter August is Caesar Faison’s son.

Anna tells Jason the protagonist is Henrik, and he must have spent time in boarding school. She can use the description to narrow the field, and cross-reference the school records with his birthdate. Jason says Henrik’s birthdate wasn’t in the manuscript.

Sonny has had a special breakfast prepared, and Michael says he’s waited his whole life for this breakfast. It does look good, but I don’t know if it’s life-waiting worthy. Sonny tells them to dig in. Dante says it’s better than his mom’s cooking, but don’t tell her he said that. Sonny says he had them prepare it like Tony’s on Fulton. Mike has no idea who Tony is, but he sure can cook.

Dante asks how Sonny got the recipe, and Sonny says his dad was the man at Tony’s. Sonny used to sneak in; they knew him because he was Mike’s kid. When his dad took him there, he always had espresso. Mike doesn’t remember, but Sonny takes his hand and tells him it’s okay. He asks if Mike is ready to go, and Mike tells Dante to keep Michael out of trouble. Dante says he doesn’t get in much trouble, and Mike tells Michael to get in some and keep them on their toes. He says it was a great breakfast, and to tell Morgan that he missed him. Sonny and Mike leave. Dante feels badly for Mike, but worse for Sonny. Michael says once he loses Mike, Sonny won’t have anyone else to remember his life with.

Jason repeats that there was no reference to Henrik’s birthday, and asks how Anna knew. She says Obrecht told her, but there’s no birth certificate and no official record.

Peter tells Maxie that she’s too hard on herself. Up until now, all she could do is get the mail, and she just spent the entire night there. She’s brave. Every day she has to face all she’s lost. She gets out of bed and goes to work, making something substantial and beautiful. She says she doesn’t do it alone, and he says, but she does it in the face of tremendous loss. She gets through the day in spite of it. She’s a hero.

Griff remembers talking to Anna, and then Peter, about Huntington’s disease. He flashes back to telling Peter that he’ll respect his privacy, no matter what. Ava asks if she can come back in. She can tell he’s worried, and asks if the test results were discouraging. He says they aren’t what he’d hoped for, but what he expected. She asks if he wants to talk about it. He tells her what he suspected about a patient proved to be true, and he doesn’t know what to do with the information. It’s not as simple as just telling them, and it’s not just the patient who needs the information. To make matters worse, what he did was unethical and illegal, and he did it anyway.

Lulu asks Nina if she has a moment, and asks how Maxie is doing. Nina says, not speaking to you, and Nina doesn’t want to either. Lulu says they both care about Maxie. Nina tells her that Maxie is devastated, but unbroken; fragile, but fierce. She comes to work every day, which proves she’s unstoppable. Lulu says she always has been. She’s relentless and remarkable, and Lulu wishes she could tell her. Nina says she’s not giving Maxie a message. Lulu accepts that her friendship with Maxie may be beyond saving, but she’s going to tie up the loose ends with Faison, no matter what. Nina tells her to knock herself out, but she never wants to hear her name again. Lulu says she understands, and Nina walks out.

Ava says Griff just wanted to help, and broke the rules. He says, not just the rules, the law. She tells him without naming names, would they be better off not knowing? Griff says, no, and she asks if the information – however he got it – help. He tells her it might even save a life. He went out on a limb to get an answer. He found it, and now has to decide what to do with what he’s learned.

Jason tells Anna that Spinelli plans to pass himself off as Henrik to gain access to Faison’s safe deposit boxes. Anna says he’ll end up in a foreign prison. She asks if they’ve thought this through, and suggests it might be a mind game thought up by Faison. Jason says they can find Henrik’s alias and last known whereabouts. She asks how he’s going to approach Henrik, and he says, with a gun. Anna tells him that he has to think it through, about how Henrik grew up; under the thumb of an oppressive tyrant. He was an unwilling participant turned traitor; he switched sides. Jason should be trying to find a way to undo that, and not jump to conclusions. Jason thinks he might not be an innocent victim. He could be like his father. She says he’s not, and Jason asks how she knows that. Anna says Faison was unique. Jason asks how she doesn’t know there isn’t some woman in the same position as she was, and Henrik isn’t targeting her as they speak? How would she feel if he allowed that to happen?

Maxie tells Peter to go home and change his clothes, so they can avoid horrible office rumors. He tells her to be kind to herself; it’s tough enough. She says, the best way out is through itRobert Frost. He’s impressed, but she says, don’t be. She thought it was Winston Churchill until Spinelli corrected her. There’s a knock at the door, and Spinelli brings Georgie in. Maxie introduces her to Peter. Georgie tells Maxie they came to make her feel better. Maxie says she’s sad because Nathan went away, but it’s working already. Spinelli tells Georgie that Maxie might not want to talk about it, but Maxie says, it’s okay. She loved him so much, and misses him a lot, but it’s a funny thing about feelings; you can have so many at one time. Even though she’s sad because Nathan is gone, she’s still so happy to see Georgie. Peter smiles.

Michael tells Dante that he spoke to Doc, and there are different approaches the medical community is taking with dementia. Dante asks if Michael thinks something can help, and Michael tells him Doc had an idea.

Mike says Sonny is quiet. Sonny says he’s just working. Mike says he didn’t mean to bother him, but Sonny says he has to take break and would rather talk to him. Mike asks what’s going on; is it the business? Sonny says the business is fine. Mike says he knows he’s not a kingpin, and Sonny says, lucky him, but he’s been through tight spots. If Sonny needs advice, just ask. Sonny says he might take him up on it. He asks if Mike remembers Richie. He ran numbers in the back of a bodega. Mike says he’s sorry; it’s not ringing any bells. He used to remember everything, like the guy who made breakfast – Tony. How could he forget? Sonny tells him, don’t worry; it was a long time ago. Mike says something about Tony is important.

Griff asks Ava what she’d do in his position. Ava can’t believe he’s asking her to figure out the right thing to do. She’s going to approach his question in two ways. What she would have done before she fell in love with him, is whatever would have benefited her the most, consequences be damned, and keep her mouth shut. He asks what she’d do now, and she says she’d ask the advice of the kindest, most compassionate person she knows – him. Even if it’s unethical, illegal, or a mistake of gargantuan proportions, one thing she knows for certain, is that he acts in the best interest of others. He doesn’t need her to tell him. He already knows.

Anna asks Jason if he read the manuscript. If he had, then he would have seen a deeper, complex humanity than Faison had. Looking at the character, she saw he has introspection, a capacity for empathy alien to Faison. Jason thinks he could be even more dangerous, and she says he’s forgetting Henrik kept him alive. He says, drugged and restrained, and she says, alive and breathing. He wouldn’t be here – Jason finishes, if he hadn’t escaped. He says he was kept there for years, and followed back from Russia. They drugged and kidnapped Sam on Henrik’s orders. Why is she defending this guy? Why is Jason assuming Henrik gave those orders?

Mike tells Sonny that he took a date to Tony’s. He was really nervous, and wanted to impress her, so he went all out. She was beautiful, with a wicked smile. She must have been something for him to remember. He struggles with her name, and Sonny asks if it was Adela. Mike says, yeah; she was really something.

Maxie tells Georgie to check out the nursery. There might be a present for her in there. Spinelli says it’s joyful beyond description to see them together. She thanks him, saying it’s already starting feel like home again. He wishes he could do more. Maxie says she can bear the unbearable. Even if Nathan isn’t coming back, the baby will have a big sister. Spinelli says she’ll have him too, and he’ll provide help to the best of his ability. Maxie says she has great friends, and he says, her chosen family. She has so many people willing to step up for her already. She says, already? She says what he means, is that she already has people close to her as opposed to Peter. She accuses Spinelli of not liking him, and Spinelli says he barely knows him, but he’s curious as to why she’s leaning on him so much. She says when she sees Nina or Obrecht, they’re just as devastated. Her mom and Mac love her, but they’re worried about her, and she can’t bear their pain on top of hers. Maybe she’s being selfish, but on the other hand, Peter barely knew Nathan. He was there when Nathan got shot, but he’s not grieving. She doesn’t have to make him feel better. Spinelli says there’s someone else, and she says, don’t you dare bring up Lulu.

Valentin goes over to Lulu’s table, and says, she’s tying up loose ends with Faison? She tells him, it’s called integrity; he should try it. He asks if she has a lead on Henrik, and she asks why he’s interested. He says Faison killed his wife’s brother, and he has considerable resources. She asks if he’s suggesting they be partners. He says, not in a quest for justice, but revenge.

Anna doesn’t condone what Henrik did, but thinks it’s important that Jason understand. He says Henrik could be an ongoing threat. She says he was trapped in a prison of his father’s making; forced to do things against his nature. He’s already paid a steep price for being Faison’s son.

At the MetroCourt, Peter takes out the new PK Sinclair book. He says, a new book, a clean bill of health, and best of all, his father is dead. Nina – who is getting to be like a freaking wizard – suddenly appears, and asks where that came from.

Sonny gives Mike some coffee. Mike says Sonny should meet his son. He thinks they’d like each other. Another stab in my heart.

Dante asks if Michael thinks it will work; it sounds out there. Michael says it’s worth a shot. He’s willing to do anything to give Sonny more time with Mike before he slips away. Dante says, let’s do it. I’m hoping it’s an ’80s cruise.

Spinelli knows the wound with Lulu is fresh, and Maxie says she understands Lulu didn’t shoot him, but she knew the risk. Nathan took risks to protect them. He put his life at risk for his family, but Lulu put his life at risk for her own career. It’s like a huge joke. She did it for the greater glory of being Lulu Spencer. She thinks being a Spencer makes her special, and she regrets nothing. She’s never wrong. Spinelli says as angry as she is, and blames and hates Lulu, he knows she loves and needs her. Maxie says she needs Nathan, and he’s dead because of Lulu. Spinelli says with all her flaws and failings, Lulu is her oldest and dearest friend. Oldest friends know us best, and above anyone, are the truest.

Valentin tells Lulu that Henrik could be anywhere, and he has contacts all over the world. Why not use them? She asks why he doesn’t find Henrik himself, but he says he’s busy. She wonders what makes him sure Henrik isn’t there. Maybe he knew everyone assumed he’d leave Port Charles, so he stayed behind. Faison hid on Spoon Island for quite some time. Valentin asks if she’s suggesting Henrik is hiding in his basement, and Lulu says, for all they know, he’s still in Port Charles, right under their noses.

Nina asks Peter how he got an advance copy of the new book. Peter says he’s in publishing, being polite in not adding that was a stupid question. She gives him some paperwork, saying he saved her a trip to his office.

Ava sees Griff’s folder, and thinks about opening it, but she doesn’t. She puts it in a cupboard. Probably to be opened later.

Unaware Griff is listening, Jason tells Anna that if Henrik took over where Faison left off, he’s dangerous. Anna thinks they should try to help him. Jason says, not help. They need to stop him, and eliminate him, whatever it takes.

Tomorrow, Sonny tells Dante he’s grateful, Bobbie tells Scotty that his secret is safe with her, and Sonny has a surprise for Mike.

💭 Bravo is having another Ice Cube/Friday takeover, along with the three-part Married to Medicine Reunion – even scarier than the show – but soon we will have more Housewives than we can handle. I also can’t wait for Southern Charm, which I consistently want to call Southern Comfort, a 1981 film that’s well worth watching. I’ll let it speak for itself.

🐍 👀 It’s the land of hospitality. Unless you don’t belong there.

March 28, 2018 – Sam Needs Distance, a Returning Star, a Surprise Curtis & a Thought


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie thanks Peter for helping lug her stuff to the apartment. She’s never been accused of being a light packer. She tells him that he doesn’t have to stay, but he doesn’t mind. She finds a package outside, and opens it way easier than any package you or I will ever receive. The note inside says, To the love of my life and mother of our child – now our baby will be wrapped in our love – Nathan.

Kiki is wandering around the hospital, and David asks how it’s going. She says she’s just looking for friend. He asks if she’s on the night shift, and she says she rearranged her schedule. He hopes it has nothing to do with him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry. She asks for what, and he has no idea. She says whatever happened to him was kept hidden all this time. What if he never gets answers? How is he going to heal? Kim comes by, and says she’s glad Elizabeth found him; she was going out of her mind. Neither one of them says anything, and Kim knows something is up.

At Kim’s apartment, Josslyn tells Oscar he saved her life. They need some ice, and Oscar says he’ll get it. He never wants her near a freezer again.

Carly goes to Kim’s apartment to pick up Josslyn, and sees Drew outside. She asks what happened. He says she has some nerve. Sam admitted she’s still in love with Jason. She got her wish. Now she can go celebrate. You tell her, Drew.

Jason and Sam sit on a bench at the station. He knows it’s tough on her, and the last thing he wants to do is make it worse. She’s not sure that’s possible at this point.

Kiki tells David that working nights and studying during the day is a better plan. He says as long as she’s not avoiding him. He noticed she was put off by his attempt to get her to relax. She says she’s just weird about massages, and she’s sorry she overreacted. He feels badly, and wants to make it up to her. He asks her to come by his office. She tells him that she studies during her breaks, and he says he has something that will make it easier. He guarantees she won’t regret it. Well, he’s said that before. Dude needs a new repertoire.

Elizabeth asks Kim why she’s at the hospital so late. She’s waiting on a delivery – the baby kind – and wanted to access something on the computer, but her password isn’t working. Franco says he’ll be in the art therapy room. Kim says she definitely interrupted, and asks Elizabeth what’s going on with her and Franco.

Maxie reads the date on the note, and says Nathan must have ordered it before. It’s so unfair. When Nathan was planning for their future, Faison was plotting to end it. How could a father and son be so different? Peter says they’re opposite ends of the spectrum. Maxie wonders how it would have been if Nathan was raised by his father; everything Faison touched was evil. She says it’s a hand knit baby blanket. Now she has something to remember him by. Peter says she must have reminders everywhere, but she says she’s pretty sure she mentioned her brilliant idea. She got rid of all traces of Nathan, thinking she wouldn’t miss him so much. Sam tied to talk out of it, but she didn’t listen. Peter asks if it made her feel better, but she says not even a little. She’s been debating about getting her photos out of the cloud, and putting them back in frames, but it would be weird. Peter says there are no rules when it  comes to grief. You get through how you get through. Maxie hugs the blanket, saying it will help.

Carly tells Drew that she’s sorry. Drew isn’t buying it, since she pushed Sam to Jason. Carly says she did it to help them, not hurt him, but he says it’s the same thing. She says at least now he knows, and isn’t living in denial. He can move on. He says he can’t do this now. Carly gets that he’s in a world of pain, but this isn’t the way to make it better.

Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t blame him; it’s not fair to either of them. Jason says she’s acting like she made it happen, and she didn’t. She says she should have dealt with it, but didn’t, and here they are. He tells her that she’s being too tough on herself. She says she tried to explain it to Drew. The only thing she can think of to make it better is figuring out who she is. Jason asks how she’s feeling, and she says, lost and really scared, but confident she’s making the right decision. The reality is that she could end up without either one of them, and that’s something she’ll have to live with.

Peter tells Maxie the nursery is beautiful; he loves the color. She says Nathan painted it on their anniversary. You’d think she’d have been gracious, but she was too furious at Lulu for outing Nathan as Faison’s son. Peter says she was scared, but she says, no; she was an idiot. What she wouldn’t give to go back in time to see Nathan smile. He wanted to protect them, and did, to the bitter end. Peter says it’s not Lulu’s fault. He gave her green light, so he could sell papers. Maxie says he didn’t know Faison like she did. He couldn’t imagine Faison would come back to kill his own son. He says he did research. She says she knows what he’s trying to do, and it’s not going to work.

Kiki sees Franco, and asks where he was. He says it’s a long story, but let’s say he’s been through hell physically and emotionally. Kiki asks if he’ll be okay, and he says he will, if Elizabeth will forgive him.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Franco is trying to recover a time in his childhood that’s been buried for decades. Bits and pieces came back, but he can’t piece them together. Kim asks if he just found out, and Elizabeth says he’s been struggling a while. She should have left it alone, but kept pushing that she wanted the truth. Having a secret between them made her question trusting him. Kim asks if he found out after all that, but Elizabeth says he still doesn’t remember. Kim asks if she believes him.

Carly asks Drew if he’s sure he wants his son to see him in that shape. He says he just lost his family, but she suggests he clean up a little. She gives him some tissues and an Altoid. She lets him use her compact mirror, and says she really is sorry he got hurt.

Oscar tells Josslyn that she makes him feel better. They almost kiss, but there’s a knock at the door. Oscar wonders if it’s another fruit basket, and Josslyn says she’ll get it. Carly and Drew walk in. Carly asks if Josslyn is ready to go home, and Drew hopes Oscar is up for a visitor.

Sam tells Jason her husband is going to hate her forever. Jason says Drew doesn’t hate her, but she says he’s certainly not happy with her. If that never changes, she’ll have to accept it. Jason says acceptance is a tough place to get to. She says he gets there fast. He tells her that on some level in his head, he just says, this is it, but it’s not that easy. It doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t there; he wanted to be with her. Sam says he’s able to accept it, and he says just like he’s able to accept what comes next, even if they’re not together. It’s not about him; it’s about her. She has to figure out what she wants and needs. She tells him that she needs some distance, and to get away from Port Charles, Drew – and him. STOP PLAYING THAT MUSIC SO LOUD. Holy! Every time these two are in the middle of a conversation, their “theme music” gets overpowering.

Maxie asks if Peter wants her to forgive Lulu so she has more people to lean on. Maybe he’s sick of her leaning on him. He says, not at all. She says their friendship came out of nowhere, and is 9.5 on the intensity level. If he needs a breather, she’ll understand, but he says he doesn’t. She tells him, strange as sounds, it’s comforting to be around him. She has to tell him something, and if he freaks out, she won’t be offended. She says sometimes way he talks and moves, even his gestures, remind her of Nathan.

Kiki tells Franco to focus on himself. Figure out what happened, and then can focus on Elizabeth. She asks if he’s scared of what he might find out, but he says there’s nothing scarier than losing Elizabeth, and it’s not an option. She tells him then face his past or screw up his future.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she believes Franco doesn’t remember and wants to know the truth, but it’s not just about her. Kim says, she has her boys, and Elizabeth asks, what kind of life it would be, waiting for the other shoe to drop? It’s not the environment to raise kids. She loves him, but the kids are her priority, and need a stable environment. If he’s not stable, he obviously can’t be part of it. Kim tells her that she’s the only one who can make the right decision, but if she’s lucky enough to have found love, she should think long and hard before letting it go. It may not come back around.

Josslyn tells Oscar she’ll see him tomorrow, and she and Carly leave. Drew apologizes for not having come by a lot. A lot has gone down since the earthquake. Oscar tells him, no offense, but he doesn’t look too good. Does he want to talk about it?

Jason asks what Sam is going to do. She says she has to get out of there. She just needs to calm the noise down and think. She’s hoping Drew will be okay with her bringing Scout, and asks if Jason is all right with her bringing Danny. He’s okay with whatever she needs. Of course he is. She wishes she could tell him what he wants to hear, but she can’t make that promise. It’s not fair to be with someone when you’re thinking about someone else. He says she doesn’t have to explain, but she tells him that she does. What she just did to Drew and herself was awful; she can’t imagine doing it again with him. He asks if she wants some coffee, and she says that sounds good. She wonders why he isn’t getting up, and thinks he’s afraid she won’t be there when he gets back. She promises not to go anywhere yet, and he leaves to get the coffee. As soon as he’s gone, she runs out the door. Just kidding.

Elizabeth comes to the art therapy room, and Kiki tells Franco, good luck. Kiki is glad Elizabeth found him, and Elizabeth says she’s glad she found him in one piece. Franco says that makes two of them. He asks Elizabeth what they’re doing, and she says, what’s next depends on him.

Drew tells Oscar that they’re both new to this father/son thing, but thinks he’s supposed to be the one asking Oscar if he wants to talk. Oscar says he’s shockingly problem free. Drew says Oscar just got out of the hospital, and Oscar says he’s better now that he got to spend the day with Josslyn. He has a mom who loves him, a father – finally – and a baby sister who’s crazy cute. It’s not a traditional family, but it’s a family. He wishes he could make it better for Drew, and Drew says he just did.

Jason wants Sam to be okay, and to trust and know herself. He says he knows she’s not used to him talking this much, but if finding herself – or whatever she calls it – means they don’t end up together, he’ll miss her every day. He’ll be okay though, because she is. She asks what he wants for himself, and he says he wants her and has from the beginning. That will never change. She said the worst thing was to go through what happened with Drew again with him. He feels the same way. He doesn’t want to look across the table and see her feeling sadness like she’s trapped and can’t get out. He hurt her once, and will always regret it, but he never wants to do it again.

Elizabeth tells Franco they can’t go on with him promising no more secrets. He gets it; it’s not fair. She’s the best thing that ever happened to him, but he knows how it goes. He sets himself up to lose her. He loves and needs her, so he self-sabotages. He keeps things to himself, knowing they might even drive her away, so he has some measure of control over how he loses her. He understands; she wants and expects more. She deserves more. She deserves him whole, brave, and fully committed. He’s going to get there, but all he can do is pray she’ll be waiting.

Carly messes with her phone, and Josslyn asks if she wants to go back in. She asks what’s going on, and Carly thinks about the scarf on her desk. She tells Josslyn that the fire alarm went off at the MetroCourt, and she’s checking to see if everything’s okay. Kim arrives, and thanks Josslyn for keeping Oscar company. She asks how the patient is, and Josslyn says, itching to get out. Josslyn says he has a new visitor, and she asks, who?

Oscar is glad he has more time to get to know Drew. Drew says, him too. Oscar tells Drew that he likes hanging out with Scout, and would love to come over, but Drew says things are complicated right now. Kim walks in, and asks if Drew is okay. She heard he had quite a day yesterday. He says she’ll hear it eventually, but he and Sam split up.

Sam says it’s really awful, and Jason says, it really is. I roll my eyes. He asks if he should walk her out, but she says no. He gets it, and she thanks him for understanding. Once she leaves this room, the conversation is over, and so is this part of her life; a chapter is closing. It’s a huge chapter, but she has to let it go; it’s time. Jason says it’s her life, and her choice. She should go for it at her own pace. She wants to sit there longer, saying they still need to finish their coffee. Jason shows her his empty cup, which I have to point out is totally clean on the inside. Note to the prop department: people do not lick their coffee cups clean. Not for police station coffee anyway. He says sometimes you have to force yourself to do things you don’t want to. Sam says, five more minutes, and he tells her, deal.

Maxie tells Peter not to think she’s projecting or has some bizarre attachment. She just notices it sometimes. Peter asks how it feels being back. She says, surreal, but that’s kind of like her whole life right now. She tells him that she’s excited to be waiting for Georgie, who’s incredible and so smart, but didn’t get that from her. Peter asks what she did get, and Maxie says the shop till you drop gene. She’s worried about this baby. How is she going to encourage her to be herself and not what Maxie thinks she should be? What if she wants to go into chemistry?  She’s completely clueless. Peter says Maxie will do six months of research, and the baby will be an expert. Maxie says she’s starving. Peter says he’ll let her eat, and she says she doesn’t take eating for two that literally. He decides to stay.

Kiki asks David if it will take long. He says just a minute, and tells her the Shadow position is hers. He had the deciding vote, and she made it. She asks if that’s because she deserves it or because of him. He says she’ll be a huge asset to the hospital. He wasn’t expecting her to pop champagne, but thought a little celebration might be in order. She says she’s surprised and thrilled. She thanks him, and he says that’s all he gets? He thinks she can do better, and kisses her. I go, oh! I’d been thinking this was a running joke, like the one where it sounds like two people are having sex, but it’s really a woman at the dentist. I’m kind of disappointed.

She pushes him away, and asks what he’s doing. He says, what’s wrong? She says he’s been telling her that she’s smart, special, and talented, but he was really just trying to get in her pants. She calls him disgusting, and runs out. She goes to the supply room, hyperventilating, and cries. Double disappointment. Fine if she isn’t interested, but I would have thought she was a little more sophisticated than that. She’s not a kid, and it’s not like he’s married.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she supports him 100%, but can’t be a part of the process. He says he wouldn’t ask her to. It’s something he has to do. She’s proud of him, and she’s going to miss him. She tells him to find out what happened; who he was back then, and most important, who he is now. Then come home. He kisses her.

Maxie says sorry she’s taking Peter away from whatever he does when he’s not at work. What does he do? He says she’ll laugh. He orders room service, and watches late 50’s/early 60’s sitcoms. Life was perfect in them. She takes it he didn’t grow up like that, and he says, no. She says she didn’t either. He tells her watching them makes him feel better about eating alone. She says he’s not eating alone tonight.

Drew and Oscar talk and laugh, while Kim feeds them.

Sam gently puts the cups in the trash because that’s how we all throw things away. Jason says he’ll leave first if it’s easier. She says, omg, she just had a memory. This is the first place they met. Jason says, it is? She says he was in the interrogation room – she doesn’t remember why – and she was waiting for her lawyer. We flash back to when we were all children, and them introducing themselves. Little did she know it was the luckiest day of her life. He says, really? since it’s a mess now. She gets up and walks out. He almost says something, but decides not to.

Tomorrow, Lulu accepts that Maxie might not forgive her, Mike toasts to Morgan, and Griff figures out that Peter is Henrik.

🌟 Star is back, along with Queen Latifah’s hair. Sadly, both Kevin, and Carlotta’s wigs, perished in the salon fire. To help set things right, Patti Labelle and Brandy Norwood showed up, and started ordering everyone around. Miss Lawrence has apparently been de-fired, and was also back on the scene. Derek got love advice from his grandmother, who also discovered he’s not as immobile as he’s been pretending. Carlotta told Cotton that she knew Omari killed Elliot and asked if Omari threatened her. Little does she know that Cotton killed Omari. There was the usual tug-of-war with Noah, and the squeaky wheel got the oil when the girls heard themselves being played on the radio, thanks to GiGi. Next time, the Queen’s hair returns.

💸 I was watching reruns of 2 Broke Girls, as I often do, and I caught Donnell Turner (Curtis, GH) in a bit part as a hot cop. It was a wonder I recognized him, since he was wearing a helmet that covered too much of his face. It was the one where the girls hunt down Martha Stewart in the bathroom and ask her to taste their cupcake. And that’s not a euphemism for anything.

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March 27, 2018 – Drew Fights Jason, Beverly Hills Goes to Berlin & Celebrity Spokesdiets


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Nina tells Valentin that she’s not sure she’s the one to sell Port Charles to the rest of the world. She has a skeleton in every closet at Windemere, and Windemere has a lot of closets. She tells Valentin to finish his drink while she goes to see Peter.

Peter writes about time taking revenge. He writes that his father was all but helpless, and that he had no pity, but had triumph and savage joy. Maxie startles him. She says she was knocking, and he didn’t even look up. She asks what he’s working on that’s so riveting, and don’t tell her it’s budget projections. He says he gets into his work. He’s glad she stopped by. He has something for her.

Franco paces the station. He wonders why they won’t let him see his mom.

In the interrogation room, Betsy asks why she’s there; she wants to talk to “Bobby.” Dante says he’s waiting for her, but he was hoping that she could help them locate Jim. He asks if Jim mentioned any plans or trips. She starts to freak out, asking, what if he comes back? She needs to see her son.

Franco thinks once Betsy sees him, she’ll start talking. Jim isn’t around to pressure her or make her afraid. Franco tells Elizabeth he wants to know what happened when they were kids.

Sam remembers telling Drew about loving both him and Jason, and Drew asking why they got married. She thinks about Jason telling her trust herself to do what’s right, to take care of herself and the kids, and call if she needs him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis. He tells her that he was just with Drew. Sam asks if he’s okay, and Curtis says, no, not at all.

Drew tells Jason that he can’t get away from him. Jason says he’s there because of a shipment for Sonny, but he’ll have it moved. Drew tells him to go ahead and run; it’s what he’s good at. His game is to run and make Sam chase him. He guesses it worked. It looks like he’s got her back.

Peter gives Maxie the envelope from the baby’s college fund that she left in his office. She asks him for help with financial information. He tells her Nina has a fleet of advisors, but Maxie says it’s complicated dealing with Nina. When she sees Nina, she sees Nathan, and thinks Nina feels the same way. Peter says he comes with complications too; everyone does. He also thinks Nina might believe he’s overstepping, but Maxie says finance is his area of expertise; plus, he’s someone who’s detached from the situation.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jim tried to kill him, then held him and Drew captive. Why shouldn’t he help bring him in? Outside the interrogation room, Jordan tells Dante the more they push, the more Betsy shuts down. Dante says Franco might have a better shot. She’s not under arrest; why not let her see her son? Jordan says she wants to try one more thing first.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he wants to get closure, so he can get back to the most important thing in his life – her. Right now, he has a hard time trusting anyone with the truth. He doesn’t want to face the secrets, and the secrets become lies until he can’t differentiate between memories and what’s been put in his head. He can face the truth. At least he’ll know there are no more secrets. It’s time for him to face something that’s been haunting him his whole life. He’ll be free. Elizabeth wonders, what if leads to more questions?

Sam guesses Drew told Curtis what happened. Curtis says Drew told him that they’re over, and she’s in love with his brother. He knows how freaky and complicated love triangles can be. He doesn’t mean to make her feel guilty. Sam says she does, but not for loving both of them; for the choices she made when Jason came back, and everyone thought he was an imposter. Curtis says he did, and so did she. Sam says, no. When he came to her hospital room, she knew, but she was so in love with Drew, she didn’t want to lose everything they’d built together. She couldn’t face it, and lied to protect their life. It was lie on top of lie, until she couldn’t live like that. She was no example for her children, and had to be honest with herself, even if it meant she could lose both of them. Yeah, like she’d lose Jason, who I’m slowing starting to dislike.

Drew asks if it doesn’t bother Jason to come to the place where Sam almost died. Sam carried the guilt, but he left her alone; Sonny came first, like he always did, and always will. Who knows that better than he does?

Nina tells Valentin that she wants to update Peter on the media push for Port Charles. It’s bound to affect Aurora. She thinks her warning him away from Maxie registered loud and clear. Valentin says he’s probably savvy enough to understand professional boundaries. Nina says she’ll be right back, and jets.

Maxie tells Peter that Nathan was a great cop, but no finance wiz. She’d like him to take a look; he knows he’ll keep the best interest of the baby in mind. Peter says he has people he can refer her to, but she says they won’t know how important it is. It’s more than money; it’s honoring Nathan. She wouldn’t put him on the spot if she didn’t need his help. He tells her that he’ll see what he can do. She says it’s one less thing on her mind while Georgie is visiting. She’s less than thrilled to be going back to the apartment, but doesn’t think Georgie should stay at the hotel. He’s glad she found a reason to go home. She thanks him, and when she leaves, he makes a call.

Elizabeth says Franco is looking for a miracle answer to explain everything. What if he doesn’t find it? Is he back to keeping secrets? He doesn’t want to keep anything from her. He just wanted to know the truth, and was protecting her. She says he wasn’t protecting her; he was pushing her away. Doc comes into the station looking for Dante and Jordan. Franco tells him to take a number. He says he’s there to consult on a case. Franco tells Doc that he’s not doing so good, but Doc doesn’t have time for that right now. Jordan tells Doc that they’re ready for him. Franco starts to follow, but Doc tells him to wait outside. Franco says it’s his mom, and Doc says he’s been asked to assess her. Doc goes into the interrogation room. Franco knows it’s in his best interest, but his life, both the past and future, depends on what happens in there.

Curtis tells Sam that Drew is going to stay at his crib, so he’ll need some stuff. Sam says Drew is lucky to have a friend like him. There are so many things she and Drew still need to talk about. Curtis says they’ll figure it out. She goes upstairs.

Drew knows all the times Jason chose Sonny over Sam. It haunts her. He tells Jason when Sam was sick, she tried to kill Sonny. She shot him, and left him to die, thinking it would break his hold over Drew, when they thought he was Jason. It worked. He walked away, choosing Sam and his family over Sonny. They were happy, then he came back, dragging her to back into everything she fears. Jason says he’s not dragging her anywhere.

On the phone, Peter says he wants to make a large deposit. He wants the funds redirected, and unable to be traced back to him. He hears something, and says he’ll call back. He asks if someone is there. Nina says she’ll come back in the morning; sorry for interrupting. She says it sounded important, but he says not unless bean counting is important to her. She apologizes for going off on him about Maxie. She’d just come from a doctor’s appointment, and was out of sorts. He hopes everything is fine, and she says it is. She wanted to talk to him about the Aurora advertising donations for the earthquake recovery. She tells him the mayor assembled a group to talk about rebuilding the city, and not just physically. He wants the media to promote a vibrant city where people want to live, and Aurora should be part of it.

Dante Introduces Doc to Betsy. She wonders why she has to see a doctor when she was just released from the hospital, but Jordan says he’s a different kind. She wants to know when she can see her son. Doc asks for privacy, and she asks what kind of doctor he is. He tells her, the kind who listens. He says that while she was away, he listened to Franco a lot. She wonders if he’s all right after all the years of lies and pain. She loves him very much and never intended to hurt him. She says it’s her fault. She was so wrong, and now she wants to make amends. She has to tell him somehow. Doc says she can help Franco heal, but first she has to heal herself. She says she doesn’t desire forgiveness, and Doc asks what she did.

Sam brings down a couple of bags for Drew, and gives it to Curtis. She says, aside from Scout, she doesn’t think there’s anything else he’d want to take with him. Curtis says it’s too soon to make life decisions. It’s only been all of two hours. Drew’s pride is hurt. No guy likes to lose his lady, and it’s worse losing to a brother, especially one he can’t stand.

Jason tells Drew that if they’re done, it’s the best thing to happen to Sam. He treats her like she’s something he owns, and makes her feel small and scared. Drew doesn’t know what Jason is telling himself, but he remembers every single way Jason hurt Sam. Jason says he can deal with never seeing her again, as long as she’s done with Drew. Drew takes a swing at him, and they fight.

Nina tells Peter the Crimson lifestyle doesn’t exactly scream disaster relief, but it’s about rebranding the town. From a P.R. perspective, it’s irresistible. She adds that their budget should be tripled, getting Peter’s attention. He apologizes, saying his mind is on other things. He asks her to meet with him tomorrow, where he promises his undivided, caffeinated attention. She says she knows Maxie sees him as a friend, and Valentin said he has her best interest at heart. She still thinks it’s a good idea for him to step back, and let her lean on family.

Doc comes out, and tells Franco that he knows it’s not his strong suit, but be patient. Betsy is in shock, and he wants to put her in the hospital for observation and treatment. It would be a good idea of Franco wasn’t there when she’s transported. Franco tells Elizabeth that if he has to be at the hospital all night, he will. She says she’ll drive, and takes his hand.

Curtis asks if Sam has tried to contact Drew. She says not yet, and he tells her that’s probably a good call. He knows she didn’t ask, but his advice is to chill. When Drew is ready, he’ll reach out. She asks if he has any other words of wisdom. He says the anger phase is painful and a bitch, but it becomes manageable. He tells her to look past the loss to the good times. They might look different, but they’re still of value. The person she loves is still there – more flawed than she thought, but still real. Maybe they’ll get to the point of wishing each other well. She says it sounds like he’s been through it. He says both of their situations are unique. He had a broken heart, but eventually saw himself through it, just like she will. Her phone rings. It’s desk sergeant Murray, who tells her that Drew is in custody at the courthouse. She asks what he’s been arrested for, and he tells her assault and battery, and disturbing the peace.

Valentin asks Nina if it went well, and she thinks she piqued Peter’s interest; they’re talking tomorrow. She tells Valentin that before he knew she was there, he was making a money transfer. Valentin doesn’t think there’s anything unusual about that, but she says he hung up quickly when she walked in. He tried to cover, but it seemed forced. Valentin is sure it’s nothing, but she thinks he’s hiding something important.

Maxie returns to Peter’s office. He says it must be his night for interruptions; Nina was just there. Maxie hopes she wasn’t telling him to keep his distance. He asks why she’s back, and she says she needs to know if she’s doing the right thing moving back home. He says she’s the only one who can make that decision. She thought she had, but just canceled two Ubers, then created a chain of rationalization about Georgie living in the hotel like Eloise. He says it’s a valid point, if she’s having a great time. She says she’s hiding. She doesn’t want to go home. It was her home with Nathan, and never will be again. Peter says there’s all kinds of courage, and he thinks she’s capable of doing anything for the sake of her daughter. If the best thing is for her to visit at home, then go home. She thinks he’s right, but needs some help.

At the hospital, Franco appreciates Elizabeth waiting with him. He asks about the boys, and she says Aiden misses his video game buddy. Jake had a landscape assignment, and could have used his help. She describes the painting Jake created, and how he can’t wait to show him. The boys miss him. Franco asks, what about her? Doc comes out, and tells them Betsy is sedated, but fighting it. It’s time to go in.

Franco goes in to see Betsy. He tells her that some people will do anything to get a room. He says it’s been a long time.

At the station, Sam tells Murray that she paid the fine, and was told Drew could be released. Murray says he’ll check to see if Drew is in the system. She asks what happened, and he tells her that they broke up a fight on the pier, and both men were taken into custody. She tells him that she can pay the other guy’s fine, but he suggests getting Drew released first. Curtis walks in, and tells Sam that her sister is at her house watching the kids. He asks what the status is, but she doesn’t know. He wonders if it’s a good idea to see him, but she says, too late. Drew walks out.

Murray tells Drew that his wife paid the fine, but the incident is still open. If there’s a second occurrence, it will be considered a criminal charge. Jordan asks Curtis, what happened? He says he’s there picking up a friend, and tells her that Drew is staying with him. Drew says it’s not necessary, but Curtis tells him that he’s sorry he left him on the pier; they saw how that turned out. Jordan says he’s free, and don’t let it happen again. Drew blows past Sam, who is all weepy. Cry me a river.

Maxie asks Peter why they’re at the MetroCourt restaurant, and he says her fridge is probably empty. She says she has ketchup, and he picks up an order. Nina sees them leaving, and asks if that just happened. Valentin says, yeah, they ordered takeaway. She says she was so sweet to him, it made her teeth hurt. She asked him to allow Maxie to lean on her family, and they’re stuck like glue. Valentin says, hypothetically, when someone tells her not to do something, what does she do? Maxie likes Peter, and if someone, however well-meaning, tells her to avoid someone, how would she react? Nina says she’d be mad, and probably spend more time with them. She gets it. She can’t confront Maxie on this, but she’s not backing off. There’s more going on with Peter than he’s admitting.

Elizabeth asks Doc if it’s true that the truth can set you free. He says it depends on the truth. In Franco’s case, it depends on what Betsy tells him.

Betsy is upset, and Franco says she can tell him anything. She says she’s sorry, and starts to cry.

Sam wants to get the name of the other man, but Murray tells her his lawyer was already there, threatening to sue the department for bias, among other things. She says, Diane Miller, and Murray says, that’s the one. Jason walks out, and asks how she’s doing. She says, okay, and they stare at each other, unrequited love hearts popping out of their eyes.

Tomorrow, Maxie knows what Peter is trying to do, Kim asks what going on with Elizabeth, and Sam needs some distance.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle packs boxes. Storm steals the packing tape. Kyle is excited that they finally closed, but the old house is her comfort zone. It’s hard to leave the happy memories. Mauricio told her to hire people to pack, but that’s a no. She wants to control the situation. I don’t blame her. She’s also purging, and says Portia is the worst; every single thing is her favorite thing. She does sound like a small hoarder.

LVP is worried about Lollipop, who looks sad. They lost Pikachu a few days after Pink Dog, so she’s a little paranoid. In her interview, LVP says they both had good lives, but she doesn’t want to talk about it; her eyelashes will fall off. That’s rough. I lost two dogs within two months, and it was devastating. They’re premiering The Road to Yulan and Beyond, but she’s not looking forward to it. It’s been emotionally draining, and the result of years of hard work. Ken thinks the dogs would be proud. Giggy!

Erika sets up some fancy cookies for a visit from Dorit and LisaR. LisaR asks what the surprise is, but Erika says Dorit is late (which is no surprise), and she’ll see when Dorit gets there. Erika asks what LisaR thought about the psychic, and LisaR says she’s impressed with Erika’s psychic abilities. Erika thinks they all have them. LisaR talks about how she had the perfect storm happen, meeting some people who wanted to hook up with her clothing business just when her store was about to close. Dorit arrives, and Erika brings out the cardboard stand-up of her avatar. Dorit wants to have an avatar. Erika says being fearless is what it’s all about. It was either pivot or quit, and she’s in a place of yes. LisaR relates. Erika says, once the energy starts rolling, every door opens. Dorit says she’s been pouring her heart and soul into design, and her mind is going everywhere. That’s probably nothing new. She’s launching her first collection in five years. LisaR says there aren’t many jobs for women over forty, and brings up how men even look for younger women in relationships. Erika says that’s her story, and LisaR is like, oops.

Teddi is feeling hesitant about the Berlin trip. She doesn’t want to leave Edwin and the kids. He says he can handle it. She wants to go over the calendar with him. Being a helicopter mom, when she goes away, she leaves an extensive list, but he cares so much, he might as well wipe with it. He suggests being a full-time dad, but then retracts that before he gets in trouble. Teddi is apprehensive about the trip because of Erika’s repeated snapping at her. She tells Edwin that Erica apologized, and she thinks they’ll have fun. He asks about Dorit, but she doesn’t know. We flash back to the altercation about LisaR, and she says she doesn’t know if Dorit accepted her apology or not. She thinks a one-on-one might be in order. She hopes the past issues don’t rear their ugly heads.

LVP gets ready for the premier. She says it’s important for her to pull herself together to give the message. Dorit calls, and LVP tells her Pikachu died in her arms. She doesn’t want to talk about it now though, but Dorit ignores that, and prattles on. Giggy! LVP tries to get it together to fight the fight.

Ryan, Dorit’s business partner, wants to go over color combinations. She’s going to celebrate the launch of Beverly Beach with a fashion show. Ryan says everything is sample size extra small, because the girls are tiny. Dorit thinks a swimsuit should show a cheeky derriere, and says her swimsuits all give a lift. She tells Ryan about going to Berlin, and promises to work 24/7 this week. In her interview, she says she feels the creativity burning inside of her.

Giggy! The ladies get reserved seats for the premier. Dorit is late, but manages to get there before it starts. The Awareness Film Festival director tells them to prepare for tears. I won’t be watching any of this; just keeping my eyes on this page. It’s enough I have to hear it. Kyle says it’s impossible not to think of her own dogs, and even though I’m not looking, I start to tear up. The majority are stolen pets. Ken says they’ve seen videos of them being stolen, and I hate China. LisaR says she can’t talk about it. I can’t even listen to this. Teddi says you can’t imagine this is happening in our world. I can. Our world sucks. LVP says every dog saved is a victory, even if it’s one at a time.

They go to the after-party. Teddi says LVP has done great things for dogs, and LVP hopes it makes a difference. She’s glad her friends came – even LisaR. In her interview, Teddi says regardless of their ups and downs, she and Dorit have fun together. Dorit is ready to move on and have a great time. Erika’s meeting was moved to LA, but she wants to go to Berlin anyway, and these bitches are coming along for the ride. She tells Teddi about a horseback riding trail in Berlin, and says she wants an old nag to ride. In her interview, LVP says clearly, she has a type. BA-DUM-CHH!

Erika goes over her wardrobe with Mikey. She says there’s an edge to Berlin that requires costumes. She explains you need lube and baby powder to get into latex. It takes a lot of trunks full of glamour for Berlin.

Dorit is feeling like she’s coming down with the flu. Apparently, that wasn’t creativity she was burning with. She’s been working through the night to get the collection done. She has no time to sleep or be sick.

Giggy! LVP has never been to Berlin, but heard stories about WWII from her grandmother, Nanny Kay, who was a nurse during the war. She feels that it’s going to be more significant for her than the others.

The most anyone knows in German is Dorit, who can ask for another beer. They all do imitations of speaking in German, but it sounds Swedish. Dorit bugs the crap out of LVP on the flight. They’re only going to be gone for four days, and everyone has brought at least four bags. And I don’t mean small ones.

On the way to the hotel, they marvel at the architecture. Dorit was violently ill on the plane, and Kyle suggests calling a doctor when they get there. LisaR has brought her infamous bag o’ pills, and says Dorit must be happy she has it this time around, since she gave her something for nausea.

They’re greeted by the Waldorf Astoria manager. It’s the presidential suite for Erika, who says it’s been nice knowing the others. The other suites are nothing to sneeze at though. One of Erika’s views includes the zoo. Baby elephant! Erika is shown the panic room, and thinks she should lock these ho’s up.

Dorit says she might be sick, but still wants to look her best. The doctor comes to her suite, and she tells him about getting sick on the plane, and the different medications she’s taken. He tells her she shouldn’t have taken two of them together, and doesn’t think she’ll get nauseated again if she doesn’t. Doesn’t she know how to google?

Teddi video chats with Edwin, who’s driving. She tells him to pull over, and shows him the view from her room. In her interview, she says there are highs and lows in traveling without the kids. Of course he’s not following the list, but luckily he loves them and she has her back-up spy babysitter. LVP calls Dorit, and says she looks like sh*t. Dorit tells her about how she shouldn’t have mixed the medications – plus a bloody Mary. She’s going to skip tonight, and has FOMO. LVP thinks that sounds like a sexual maneuver. Dorit doesn’t want to miss out, but a healthy Dorit is more fun than a sick one.

The ladies go to a bar. Still in her suite, Erika tells Mikey they’re going shopping in the morning, and then horseback riding. Afterwards, she wants to have a dinner in the suite. She calls the desk, and asks if it’s possible. They tell her they’ll create a special menu, and she says it was the easiest reservation ever.

LisaR hopes they’re not going on a boat. LisaR mentions Brandi slapping LVP in Amsterdam, and Teddi is shocked. LisaR says she’s never even wanted to slap her, but LVP can’t say the same. LVP says LisaR seems less engaged with the group lately. LisaR says she’s changed, and in her interview, says she’s less engaged in the bullsh*t. Kyle suggests a hybrid of the old and new LisaR. LisaR says she has daughters who look up to her, and wants to show them that you don’t have to get involved in a situation you can’t fix.

Erika arrives, and tells them that she was planning the day for tomorrow. A question about who sleeps naked is asked. LVP says she did until the earthquake in ’94. Nanny Kay was staying with her then, and thought it was a blitz. Kyle asks who that is, and LVP says her grandmother who lived with her for twenty-five years. She’s perturbed that Kyle didn’t remember who Nanny Kay is, and we flash back to the million times LVP has mentioned her. LVP appreciates that Erika remembered, and in her interview, Erika says she actually does listen when someone talks. Real friendship. Try it.

Next time, dancing, beer, shopping, horseback riding, and Dorit confronts Kyle.

🍱 I keep seeing that commercial for Nutrisystem with Genie Francis talking about losing weight “the healthy way.” I don’t think you need Nutrisystem to do that, and you can probably do it yourself at half the cost. As much as I love Genie, I find it annoying when celebrities promote weight loss systems that are only common sense. Yes, I’m talking to you too, freestyling Oprah. Here’s the secret. Don’t eat processed food. Watch your portions. Move around more. You might want to tweak that to your personal taste, but those are the basics. Not that I always follow those rules, but when I do, it never fails. Fad or restrictive diets don’t work, because as soon as you’re off of them and start eating like a human again, you blow up like a balloon. And while it would be nice if someone just delivered my healthy meals with their portion-controlled sizes every day for the rest of my life, that isn’t realistic for most of us. That’s the other secret. It has to be a lifelong lifestyle, not something you do for several months, and go back to your wicked food ways. Not to say you can’t have special food occasions – using the word “cheat” gives you a subliminal guilt trip – but not even every weekend can be a holiday. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, carry on.




March 26, 2018 – Julian & Kim Get Busy, More Drinking in Mexico, a Little Summer House, Bravo Spring & Zzzzz


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny has idea to for Andre to make amends and put some put good out in the world. He knows someone who would be a prime candidate for memory mapping.

Drew sits at the pier. He looks at his empty ring finger, and remembers Sam saying she still loves Jason. He pops a beer.

Alexis visits Sam. She was hoping Sam could help her determine if she’s done something expedient or stupid.

Kim and Julian sip wine. She asks if it’s the next step in his plan to get over Alexis. He asks, Alexis who?

Alexis asks Sam what’s wrong. Sam says Drew left her.

Jason tells Carly he’s sorry he took so long, and uses more words than I’ve heard from him all year. Carly is looking at the picture of Morgan. She tells him the scarf she found on her desk is exactly the same as the one in the picture. It was sitting on her desk, all dirty with blood on it, but it was recognizable. Jason asks how long she examined it, and if there was a label. She says a few minutes, but she doesn’t think so. The fire alarm went off, and she had to evacuate. She left it on her desk, but should have taken it with her. He says she had no way to know whoever left it would come back later to take it.

Curtis finds Drew, along with several crushed empties, and tells him the commissioner has zero tolerance for litter. Drew asks how Curtis found him, but Curtis says it’s a trade secret. He tells Drew that he located Betsy, and she’s recouping at GH. Drew says, good job, and he hopes Betsy is better soon. Curtis doesn’t want to be in Drew’s face, but wonders what’s up. Drew says he’s had a rough 24-hours. Curtis has sympathy. He knows what it’s like to want his memories back. Drew says it wouldn’t make much difference if he did; it would be the same outcome.

Sam tells Alexis how grateful she is to have gotten the ring back, and explains how she found it in Jim’s hotel room. It’s how they knew he was lying. She got it back and put it on his finger, and he kissed her. She started crying, and knew she had to tell him, Alexis asks what she said exactly, and Sam says she told Drew that she still loved Jason, but she’s in love with him too. She thinks he believed the second part, but it doesn’t matter. He left.

Outside of Charlie’s, Ned asks Olivia-Q why that can’t do this at the house. Olivia says the house wasn’t damaged, and they need to meet in the area that was hit the hardest. He says Charlie’s didn’t sustain damage, so why patronize Julian’s place? She tells him it’s the mayor’s job to rise about petty differences, and focus on the greater good. He thinks he’s starting to catch on.

Andre tells Sonny that he can’t put his memory mapping program to use. His release was conditional, and he can only continue his research with the WSB. Sonny says they don’t have to know. Andre says he’s not keeping any more secrets. His research was lost when the flash drive went missing, and he’s starting from scratch. Sonny asks if he can’t perform it from memory, but Andre says some parts were too intricate to keep in his head. Sonny thinks Andre remembers more than he believes. He’ll have a chance to do good for someone who needs it. Andre asks who, and Sonny says, his father.

Julian asks Ned what’s going on, calling him Ted. He thought Ned lost interest in Charles Street, since there are no more votes to be had. Ned tells him they’re having a meeting on how to revive the area. He says there are no concrete plans yet, and Julian tells him good luck with that. He asks Kim if she wants to take a walk.

Andre tells Sonny that Alzheimer’s is a diabolical disease. Sonny says Mike is doing everything he can – medicine, exercise, therapy – but he’s crumbling before Sonny’s eyes. Andre says sorry, but he can’t help.

Brick takes a look at the security footage from the MetroCourt. He asks if there are any cameras closer to the office, but Carly says Diane advised against it. He says he’ll see what he can see.

Drew tells Curtis it’s over; he’s lost Sam. Curtis asks what that means, and Drew says it means it’s over. Curtis tells him people say that all the time, yet find a way to work it out. Drew doesn’t think so. Curtis knows they love each other; anyone with eyes can see it. Drew tells him to spare the pep talk, He knows when something isn’t salvageable. Curtis says he knows when to push through, and when to walk out. He thinks Drew can still win Sam over.

Alexis tells Sam it’s better than living with a lie. Sam says as much as it hurts, for the first time since Jason is back, it feels like peace is happening. I get distracted by the simple display of branches on the mantel behind her, and think about possibly doing something like that. Sam says her choices are coming from an honest place. Alexis says the unfolding of it will take a minute or two, and to deal with what she can. She asks if Drew is coming home, but Sam doesn’t know. Before he left, he said he’d always be committed to Scout, but it doesn’t matter. He’s not coming back. Alexis tells her whatever was said tonight, it’s not the end. There’s more to be said, and not just with Drew. What is Sam going to say when Jason shows up?

Sonny tells Andre if he needs convincing, he can pay him. Andre says despite his past transgressions and motives, he can’t be bought. There are limits, and if he’d thought it was effective, he would have revealed it, despite the personal consequences. It’s useless against Alzheimer’s. The reason he devised it was to save his wife, but by the time it was viable, it was too late; she was too far gone. Sonny says his father isn’t, but Andre says it doesn’t matter. It’s ineffective once the disease takes root. It’s corrosive and cruel, and burns away the memory, language and thought; everything that makes us who we are. His program can’t prevent the decline. Nothing can.

None of the people on the security footage are carrying a scarf, although Jason says it would be easy enough to conceal. Carly says she recognizes everyone on the tape. She says they could have come up through the stairwell, but there are no cameras there either. She says they could look at the footage from the lobby. Jason tells her that would mean she’d have to interrogate her guests. Carly doesn’t know what to do. She says sometimes it’s almost like Morgan is still there.

Curtis thinks Sam has a screwed-up sense of loyalty. No way can Jason make her happy. He drags misery behind him like a security blanket. Drew has it within him to enjoy life, while Jason has a personality of concrete, Curtis has never even seen him smile. Drew asks if he thinks Sam is going to change her mind. When Curtis doesn’t say anything, Drew says, yeah, didn’t think so.

Sam tells Alexis that she hasn’t heard from Jason. Alexis says he’s bound to come calling when he finds out. He’s literal and goal-oriented. She didn’t expect it when Sam was with Drew, but it’s reasonable to assume she wants him back, after he gives her some time to get over Drew. Sam says she’s doing the best she can, but she hurt people in the process. She lied to Drew and Jason. She can’t do that anymore. She needs to know how to trust and rely on herself again.

Julian tells Kim welcome to his office. He talks about discovering a hatch in the floor where they hid booze during Prohibition. Apparently, Port Charles was a hub for bootleggers. He says he also lives there. Kim asks, why? It’s beautiful for an office, but why? He says something temporary turned into a convenience. It has the benefit of him being on the premises; it guarantees less theft and vandalism. He sleeps on a pullout couch. Kim says it has to be uncomfortable, but he says they’ve improved. He tells her that he’s a capable man. She tells him she can’t take his word for it; she needs to see the receipts. Whoa. Suddenly, they’re twirling around in the sheets on his pullout couch.

Sam tells Alexis that she needs time alone to figure things out. Who knows? Maybe in the end, she’ll figure out that she isn’t supposed to be with either one of them.

Curtis tells Drew, let’s go. Drew asks, where? and he says, to the gym. Drew needs to punch something; he needs to do something. Drew takes a drink, and says he is. He knew it was coming. Maybe Sam didn’t, maybe she did, but he could feel it. The signs were there. Curtis asks if that doesn’t make him want to punch something. Drew says, not something – someone.

Carly doesn’t get it. Why now? She tells Jason that Mike keeps forgetting that Morgan is dead. He’s on her mind; he always is. She dreams about him, and when she’s awake, she feels his absence. She finds herself waiting for him to come home. He had a hundred ideas a day; some brilliant and outrageous, some disasters waiting to happen. As much as she wanted to pull her hair out, he was sweet and genuine and made her smile. She can hardly find the strength to walk into her other house. She won’t go into his room. Jason asks what she’s worried she’ll find, but she says it’s what she won’t find. She knows he’s gone, but she can’t help hoping he’ll come home. She cries, and Jason holds her.

Andre says he’s sorry, but he can’t help Sonny’s father. If there are any memories, stories, feelings, or anything Sonny wants from his father, Andre tells him to gather them now, and tuck them away. Sonny promises he will. Whatever functional days he has, are more precious than gold

Ned thanks everyone for coming. Valentin tells him to cut to the chase. How bad is it, and what will it take to improve things? Lulu says it depends on where you live. Olivia says the working class and low-income people have been hurt the most. She points out that Spoon Island is in the least damaged category. Nina says that’s true, but Port Charles is still their city. They want to help rebuild. Michael says housing is the biggest priority. Monica asks what’s more important than a place to live, and Ned says having a city worth living in.

Julian and Kim have pillow talk. She says she wondered if he was going to show her his etchings. Julian says his sister does own an art gallery. Kim says they’ve always been honest with each other, and they both know their hearts belong with – Julian finishes, with people who don’t want them. He says they’re adults who enjoy each other’s company, and she says, as long as they’re clear with each other, it’s all good. They get busy again.

Jason wishes he could help Carly figure it out. She says she knows, and she’s okay. He tells her if she needs him, he’s there, and she says that’s one of the reasons she’s okay. He has to go supervise a shipment for Sonny (say that three times really fast). He says he’ll tell Sonny, but Carly doesn’t want him to know. He’s going through enough with Mike; he doesn’t need a distraction. Jason says someone messing with her isn’t a distraction. She tells him to ask if there’s any tension with his rivals. If he says yes, tell him, since it could be related. If not, it’s probably not dangerous and he doesn’t need to know. She swears Jason to secrecy. He promises he won’t say a word.

Alexis hands it to Sam – she’s brave, and makes wise decisions. Sam says they’re painful, and Alexis tells her that she’s setting a great example for Scout, her sisters, and her mom, who’s not nearly as smart. She wants Sam to have a full, rich relationship, but she probably needs to have one with herself first. She needs emotional time out. Maybe with distance, she won’t feel the need for an adrenaline rush. Sam tells Alexis that she says this with love, but what she sees in Jason isn’t close to what Alexis saw in Julian. Alexis asks who said anything about him, and Sam says she didn’t have to.

Curtis suggests Drew get his ass to the gym and let off some steam. Drew says he’ll be fine. Curtis points out that he’s self-medicating. He fell down that hole when his brother died. He put everything he could up his nose, but it didn’t do any good. He screamed curses at everyone. He cursed Jordan, Shawn, and Tommy, even himself, until the poison was out of his system. So let it out. Drew tells him to back off. Curtis says she broke his heart. He depended on what she told him, and gave her everything. Now she’s gone, and his brother is waiting for her to come to him. He knows it hurts and it pisses him off. He needs to focus to see through the pain and anger. Drew says Curtis can’t help. He needs to do it alone. Curtis understands. He tells Drew not to do anything stupid, like look for Jason. Drew tells him not to worry; just go.

Julian tells Kim he’d ask her to spend the night, but he’s not sure the pullout can sustain it. She’s not sure her son is ready for an overnight anyway Julian says it wouldn’t do much for her reputation to be too loosely associated with him. Kim says no one tells her how to live her life. He tells her maybe don’t shout it from the rooftops. She tells him to get a few more pillows and she’ll think about spending more time there.

Sonny asks Carly if she’s ready to go home. She asks how Mike is, and he says it’s been a long day. He notices the picture of Morgan, and says it’s one of his favorites. She says, her too. She remembers his face clearly. Sonny says it’s hazy for him. She says, let’s go home, and she can tell him the whole story.

Olivia says that Port Charles has strong established businesses, but they need to be revived. Nina says it’s like rebranding the city; marketing it as a place people want to live and work in. Mike says they need to look at the earthquake as an opportunity instead of a disaster story. Monica says people still need places to live; the hospital staff is scrambling to find affordable rentals. Ned says he’s coordinating state rent subsidies, but they have to move forward, being judicious to preserve the city’s character. Lulu asks if he wasn’t the one who wanted to tear it down for an arena. Ned says he’s seen the error of his ways. Valentin says they’ll need a P.R. campaign, with a spotlight on how they’re rebuilding and moving forward. Ned says they’ll feature what makes Port Charles great, including the hospital, while downplaying the organized crime. He asks Michael to request that Sonny keep a lower profile than usual. Olivia says she’ll send everyone a coordinating email, and they’ll get together again. Ned thanks everyone for coming. Kim and Julian walk through. He asks if he can see her again, and she says, sure.

Alexis asks Sam to forgive Julian. She says she’s tried. Alexis is concerned about Jason and Sam’s ties to him. If he hears that Drew is gone, she might get back with him while she’s having doubts, and it won’t work. Sam says Alexis hates Jason, but Alexis says she hates what he does. Her smartest, oldest daughter should trust her instincts. Sam says it’s all she has. She needs time to recover, and be by herself. When she’s done, maybe she’ll know who or what completes her. Bleh. Did she really just say that?

Drew stands on the pier, and Jason walks out. They stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that Windemere has a skeleton in every closet, Peter has something for Maxie, and Doc talks to Betsy.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi tells the girls that when you love someone, you do everything you can for them, and Jax has sh*t on his relationship with Brittany. She asks Lala if she’s down with the conversation. In her interview, she says they’re all toasty, but Kristen is next level toasty. She’s been drinking since 8 a.m. yesterday. They’re off to a good start.

The guys, plus Ariana, gather in Jax’s suite. Tom asks if Jax is going to Florida; he thinks it’s good for him. James says it sounds horrible for Brittany not to go, but Jax doesn’t think that will happen. In his interview, Jax says he’ll be near his family and be involved with hockey – it’s a win-win. He wonders what the next step is, and Tom suggests he chill. James squeaks that it’s boy’s night like he’s a girl. James is having a blast, but knows about Scheana trying to manipulate Jax and Brittany’s relationship. At the same time, why tells him when he’s having the time of his life. Let him have his night.

The girls, minus Ariana, go to the beach. Kristen has hiccups, and says she’s too drunk to handle people. They get half nakey, and go in the water. Brittany says she’s learned how important these girls are to her, and says they’ll be friends for life.

Back at SUR, Lisa asks how Billie is, and how her date with Jeremy went. Billie tells her about Scheana wanting to set up Adam and Brittany. In her interview, Lisa says the only ramification she’s concerned about is the havoc in her restaurant. As far as Jax goes, it’s fair game. Lisa tells Billie to let Scheana know she should keep out of a potential explosion. Billie says she’ll do her best.

In possibly the weirdest thing ever on this show, Lala heats up a baby bottle with milk and honey, and brings it to bed with her. In her interview, Scheana says she has a stuffed frog she brings everywhere, but has never seen a grown woman suck on a bottle in order to go to sleep. Lala says she puts on her favorite show, and whenever she has anxiety, her “baba” soothes her like a baby. I have no words. Well, I actually have a lot of them, but I’m letting it go.

Katie and Schwartz eat pizza in bed, where Schwartz makes a mess on the pillowcase. Katie says he’s next level wasted, but it’s cute. No, it’s not. It’s taking eww! to the next level too. She says if he blacks out and wants to make out with someone, it will most likely be her. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Stassi, who feels badly, but can’t take Kristen being weird anymore. She came back to a wall of smoke and Kristen freaking out about being in another country. She’s being an a-hole. In her interview, Stassi says Kristen is hard to travel with. She went to Copenhagen with Kristen and Katie, and saw Satan. Kristen wouldn’t stop sobbing and screaming, so they left her, and went to Paris. I like it! She says she didn’t learn her lesson and just wants to sleep. Schwartz tells her not to make it weird. Stassi sees the sauce all over the pillowcase.

No one is in great shape to go to the waterpark. Stassi thinks she’s still drunk. Schwartz liked having her sleep with them. Not in a weird way, but it feels right, since she crashed their honeymoon. What’s one night in Mexico?

Tom tells Ariana that he didn’t think Jax would be the one to leave, and it’s not fair. Ariana says it’s grown up life, and he has to deal with it.

Jax ponders stuff while petting his rock. He wanted a peaceful birthday trip, and wonders why they’re fighting because of a job offer. He thought it would be cool to share. Brittany asks what’s going on, and he tells her that he’s just thinking. She’d better look out. His head might explode. She says everyone was drinking last night, and Tom says he took a beating. Jax doesn’t want to go through it again. He shows Brittany his negativity rock. We flash back to Kelsey telling him that it dissolves negative energy. He tells Brittany the rock is supposed to get rid of his negativity. She’s like, um… and tells him to have alone time with the view. He taps the rock on his forehead.

James says he didn’t fly to Mexico to not turn it up. They get to waterpark and start drinking. It looks beautiful, but crowded. Lala wants to sit in the water and sip a sh*t ton of tequila. Everyone gets their picture taken with some parrots, but Lala is afraid of birds. Ariana asks Stassi how the night went. Stassi tells her that she and Kristen fought like a tornado, and Kristen thinks she’s selfish because she wants to sleep. In her interview, Ariana makes fun of her, which is incredibly rude, since she’s the one who asked. She says if you’re going to room together, you have to compromise.

Jax is concerned about getting in the water, since he doesn’t want another Big Bear situation. Scheana explains that the altitude won’t affect him there. He doesn’t want to die in Mexico on his birthday. Scheana asks Kristen what happened, and Kristen says Stassi left. In her interview, Kristen says Stassi is being a stubborn bitch; blaming her, and playing the victim.

Kristen asks Stassi where she went. Stassi says it’s her trip too. Kristen brings up Stassi’s temper tantrums when she’s drunk, and Stassi says she’s terrible to travel with. If she was planning a trip, she wouldn’t invite Kristen. She freaks out when she’s out of her bubble. Kristen insists it’s both their faults, and if she can’t accept it, that’s an effing problem. In her interview, Stassi thinks Kristen needs to look at herself and make some changes. They’re old. Who does this? Kristen complains about Stassi some more, and wants to go home.

Lots of fun in the water – swimming, tubing, jumping off cliffs, snorkeling. Brittany tells Jax about a lemur family she saw, and how cute they were, but he seems underwhelmed. She asks why he’s by himself, and he says he’s chilling and enjoying the water. She feels badly about the fighting and yelling last night. In her interview, she says it was a train wreck. Jax deserves the girls going after him, but he did a good job at keeping calm. She thinks maybe the reiki is helping. Jax tells Brittany that he hasn’t done much to be proud of, but he thought she’d be happy for him about the job. He thought she was on board with going to Florida. In his interview, he says the big question is if Brittany is coming. Brittany tells him that it’s a lot to think about, and she doesn’t want to make a decision overnight.

More water fun! Some of the group does zip-lining. Schwartz says he’s not going back. Ariana says Kristen disappeared, and Stassi calls her an a-hole, saying she wanted to go home. She’d give anything to have a room by herself. There’s no safe place with Kristen around. She terrorizes Stassi, and it’s like having a member of Isis in her hotel room.

James says he’s trying to get along with everyone. He doesn’t want to pick sides, but Jax needs intel. He tells Jax about Scheana trying to set Brittany up with Adam. Jax says he’s pissed off. He’s trying to pull in his inner Kelsey, but it’s effing hard. James says Scheana is trying to break them up. Jax doesn’t get why Scheana is involving herself in his relationship. He tells James, welcome to his life.

James tells us that he always travels with mini steamer. His secret is spraying cologne before steaming. He smells like a god. Yeah, the God of Looney Tunes.

Ariana tells Schwartz he has a dad bod, or at least dad bod features. Schwartz is insulted, but it’s true.

Scheana talks about how she wasn’t going to use Wi-Fi or her phone on the trip. It was nice not to have a phone. It forced her to be present, but it only worked for a minute. She FaceTimes with Rob, who says he would be proud of them if they all turned their phones off. He tells her to be present, enjoy, and have fun. Lala thinks Scheana should take time for herself, and have girl time.

Stassi tells Kristen that she doesn’t want to fight. Kristen agrees that it’s stressful. She says travel freaks her brain out, and she has an anxiety attack if she’s without Carter. I have the feeling a lot more than travel makes her brain freak out.

At Villa Rosa, Lisa is cooking, and looks like my sister. Giggy! She’s trying something to put on the menu at SUR, and Ken is her guinea pig. He asks about Mexico, and she says Tom changed his attitude. In her interview, she thinks Tom and Schwartz have a better understanding of the direction she wants them to go in. We flash back to Tom’s new cocktail creation. Lisa says Schwartz is a puppy dog, and hopes he doesn’t have another blackout. His naughtiness coupled with alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

Brittany and Jax have a drink. He tells her about what James said. Brittany says Scheana told her that Adam had asked about her because they’d broken up. He knows they’re back together, and hasn’t acted on anything. He grills her about what minute Adam said he had a crush on her – was it before or after they got back together. She says it’s coming from Scheana, so not to pay attention, but he asks why she didn’t tell him. She says nothing came of it. She sees him at work, but he doesn’t have her number. In her interview, she says if Jax hadn’t cheated, this wouldn’t be happening. He started it. She tells Jax that Scheana just did it to make her feel good, and know there are other guys out there. Jax asks if Scheana didn’t just get divorced. In his interview, he wonders why his relationship is so important to Scheana, and why she’s making his life hell. He thinks she should put the same effort into her own relationship. Brittany asks if Jax intends on speaking to Scheana about it.

The group goes to restaurant also called SUR, but it doesn’t serve goat cheese balls. James jokes that there’s a TomTom around the corner. James and Jax are acting buddy-buddy, and in her interview, Lala says James is acting like a girl willing to give it up on the first date. He wants approval from everyone, especially Jax. Scheana starts another Rob riff, and in her interview, Brittany says, buckle your seatbelts. They’re going on a Rob and Scheana ride. We flash back to each time Scheana repeats something about Rob that she’s said before. Ariana call its TMR – too much Rob. Kristen zones out, and Scheana reminds her that she’s talking. Tom calls Lisa, and tells her he’s calling from SUR. She asks who this is, and hey all laugh. In his interview, Schwartz says he’s jealous Tom has her phone number, but really he’s too shy to ask. He has no courage to take the relationship to the next level, so for now, he emails. Lisa tells them to have fun.

Jax and Tom go to bathroom, and jump on a glass floor panel in the hallway. Not the wisest thing, but it’s Jax and Tom. Jax tells Tom about what James told him, and that he talked to Brittany about it. In his interview, Tom thinks Scheana crossed the line. Brittany made a choice, and she needs to respect that. She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.

Lala says James is amazing, and should share more of his experiences. He talks about being bullied back in the UK, and how his leg was twisted until it broke. He was called gay, and kids made fun of his features, and then it got physical. In his interview, James says people try to bring you down, but it’s about getting up afterward. He says when they moved to the US, his life changed completely. He went from having no friends and picked on to being the British kid everyone wanted to be friends with. In her interview, Kristen says this had a major impact on the way he acts as an adult, and the childlike temper tantrums he throws. Scheana thanks Brittany for the trip, and tells Jax how lucky he is. Even if he goes to Tampa, they’ll still love him. In his interview, Jax says his bullsh*t radar is off the radar. Scheana toasts to Brittany.

The group goes shopping, and look at penis flutes. Ariana plays one, and I think, why are you putting your mouth on something that other people probably have – and you’re in another country no less? They move on to a club. In her interview, Stassi says Schwartz drinks like a freshman from Florida State. Tom talks to Scheana about trying to set up Brittany and Adam. She says she just invited him and Brittany out to have fun with the group. In his interview, Tom says this is shady-ass sh*t. Scheana knew what she was doing. Jax asks to be filled in. Scheana explains she invited Adam for drinks, and he’d mentioned he had a crush on Brittany. Jax doesn’t have a problem with that, but says Scheana arranged a meet up. She says she wanted to arrange a night for Brittany to let loose, and know there were possibilities of life without him. In his interview, Jax wonders how she’d react if he did that with Rob or if he threw it in her face that Rob doesn’t love her. Um… isn’t the latter kind of what he did? She insists it wasn’t a date, but Brittany knew he was coming. Idiot never-enough-pot-stirring Jax calls Brittany over. He has to get to the bottom of this. Okay, Shaggy. In her interview, Stassi says that Scheana isn’t her favorite person, but she’s all for Brittany moving on. Anything else is a step up. Jax calls Adam a dishwasher, and in her interview, Scheana is glad he’s upset. Brittany doesn’t want to argue. Jax gets up and leaves the group, totally pissed off.

Next time, Lisa says they can’t have another dog, the guys go golfing, Kristen throws a drink in James’s face, and Katie is concerned Schwartz doesn’t know where he is.

🚤 The gang at Summer House attended a Rosé All Day party, where they began drinking straight from the bottle on the way there. I haven’t drunk straight from a bottle since high school. True story. I was on the subway late one night, when a small group of people got on who were all dressed up. They asked if anyone had a bottle opener, and I just happened to have one on my keychain. They used it to open a bottle of Perrier, and also pulled out a bottle of Remy Martin along with some glasses. They asked if I’d like to join them in a drink, but unfortunately, I had other plans. Too bad there aren’t more subway riders like that. Next time, Summer House mercifully concludes its season. Stephen dons his queen costume again, as well as a sheet mask, but not at the same time.

⛅ On Bravo’s Spring Break Preview Special, Jerry O’Connell and Cameran Eubanks gave us glimpses of the shows to come: Southern Charm and sister show Southern Charm New Orleans, The Real Housewives of NYC and Potomac, Your Husband is Cheating on Us (where actors share a house while rehearsing for a Tyler Perry like stage production), and Imposters. The most interesting moment though, was when Jerry did an impression of Dorinda Medley that sounded more like Harvey Fierstein doing an impression of Dorinda Medley.

⏰ I Can’t Believe It’s This Late Early…


March 25, 2018 – A Battle at Hilltop, Returning Fear, a Terror, a Scary Muumuu & the Worst Dread of All


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

While watching for the Saviors, Morgan sees a vision of Gavin, who tells him that he knows what it is, and says Morgan was supposed to. Supposed to what, we don’t know, but Morgan says, no! and fights with nothing. He hears a car horn beep, and beeps back. Daryl blows an airhorn, and more cars honk theirs. Back at the ranch Hilltop, Jerry says, it’s on. Henry asks Ezekiel for a weapon, but Ezekiel tells him to stay and guard the place. Carol tells him he’ll die if he goes out during the attack. I see this ending badly.

Dr. Dana complains that Siddiq has no experience. He tells her he’s already performed three surgeries. She asks if he can shoot a gun while holding someone down. She tells him that someone who doesn’t know enough, is more dangerous than someone who doesn’t know sh*t. Siddiq tells her to stop asking what he’s done, and start telling him what to do. She says she likes him, and tells him to get ready.

Everyone waits. The Saviors arrive.

Simon has his men remove a roadblock. Maggie radios for Negan. Simon says he’s Negan, although his birth certificate says Simon. He offers condolences for what has happened, and what has about to. (Shades of Roscoe Lee Brown in The Cowboys.) He tells her that he personally received her care package. It was in the box he gave her in good faith; the trick was on him. Maggie says the bill is due, and they have to pay. They have thirty-eight of his people, alive and breathing. He’ll leave if he wants it to stay that way. If he doesn’t, she has thirty-eight bullets she’ll personally fire. Alden says it’s too nice a night to spend dying slow. Simon tells her that it’s highly regrettable, but they’re damaged goods. They got into their own pickle. The idea is to avoid capture, and now they’ll have to figure it out on their own. His own sh*t way of saying, screw them. Gregory tells Maggie that her cockamamie plan didn’t work, but she says it will.

Simon tells his men the plan has changed. They’re not aiming merely for infection, but conclusion. They’re doing away with all of them. Dwight says that’s not what Negan wanted, and he could still be out there. Is Simon sure he wants to face that with him? Simon tells Dwight it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Daryl rides past on his bike, shooting.

The gate opens, and Daryl drives in. The Saviors begin to follow, but the Hilltop bus suddenly blocks their path, and the first car rams into it. The Hilltoppers start to shoot. The Saviors shoot back, some using arrows. Alden asks Maggie to let him help defend the place. Maggie yells something I don’t hear. There’s lots of shooting. Carol runs to Tobin, who’s been hit. Siddiq comes by to relieve her, so she can go back to the fray. Simon and Dwight sneak around. Daryl sees them. Simon throws an ax, and hits someone. Michonne tells Daryl that they have to go. They shoot out the car headlights. It’s suddenly silent and dark.

Simon is such a jerk. He Captain Obviously says he can’t see sh*t. He sneaks around with a group of Saviors, and says he wants place surrounded. He tells them, slow and quiet. Dwight asks where the rest are, and Simon tells him that they’re making a house call. If Hilltop is at home, it’s time to do some proper slaughtering. He whistles, giving me a headache, and annoying the crap out of me. The Hilltoppers shoot at them, I’m so happy because it stops Simon’s whistling. The Saviors run. Some headlights come on, and here comes Rick, gun blazing.

Rick kicks ass, and almost whacks Siddiq. He tells Siddiq to stay low. Morgan’s Gavin vision tells that he knows what it is. Maggie and Rick shoot at the Saviors who are leaving. Maggie says she wanted them dead. All of them; Negan most of all. Rick says, him too. She asks if Rick saw him. Rick says he wasn’t there tonight, be he saw him out there. He tried to kill him, but didn’t. Maggie thanks him.

Tara thinks Dwight is on their side. She reminds Daryl that she was once with the Governor. Daryl’s brother was with them too. Daryl says if he’d stuck with his brother, they probably would have ended up with the Saviors. She says maybe Dwight figured out who they were. Daryl asks if that was before or after he killed Tara’s girlfriend, or are they square now? Tara says they are; he saved her life. She saw him try to help them. Daryl says he saw what he saw too.

Optimistic Rick takes the boards off of the windows in his house. Michonne saved him a turnip, but he says he’s good. He tells her that the generators were turned off to save gas, and the kids will need air. She asks to look at his cut, but he wants to finish first. She starts to help. He tells her that he saw the convoy, and he had to try.

Jerry digs graves. I mean literally, not that he thinks they’re cool. Maggie tells Alden he can bury his people, but he says they’re not his; he’s glad to see them that way. He tells Maggie that she’s a good leader. He knew it before, but last might she saved the community; she saved lives. Maggie says it’s because they sacrificed theirs, indicating the graves. She says it came at a cost, but her only regret is that Negan isn’t in the pile of bodies.

Carol nurses Tobin. He tells her if he knew getting stabbed got him this kind of attention, he’d have done it sooner. She tells him that she’s sorry for leaving, and for what she did. He says she doesn’t owe him anything. He asks if any of it was real, and she says she didn’t want it to be. She was pretending, trying to live a lie, because she couldn’t be around any more fighting and dying. At the time, maybe it felt like it wasn’t going to be pretending anymore. Tobin tells her that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. He asks if she’s leaving again, but she doesn’t know. She might accept that some are lucky to live, and some are lucky to fight. He asks what about after it ends, but she doesn’t think it does. He tells her the end is what they’re fighting for. Carol says it just means they get tomorrow. Maybe one more night; one more morning. After that, there’s no guarantees. As she’s talking, Alden buries the Saviors. Henry picks up a gun, and sneaks out. We see a clock ticking.

Rick loads his gun. Siddiq says he can treat Rick’s wound; he doesn’t want an infection. He tells Rick about a prayer for the dead he remembers from when he was little. Do not send us astray after them. He says, those who die, don’t. Rick gets up and leaves.

Holding a hurricane lamp, Maggie goes through the hallways crowded with people. She asks a man how he’s feeling. He says the doctor stitched him up. She says they’re lucky to have him, and the man says they’re lucky to have her. Gregory was all about himself and what he wanted; that’s not her.

In the infirmary, Tobin is startled awake at 2:13. Another guy wakes up, and asks what’s going on. One of the patients says he’s going to get the doctor, but just before he gets out the door, Tobin grabs him, and takes a bite. Oh well. I don’t know what this clock thing is about, but we keep seeing various timepieces.

Now it’s 4 a.m., and Dana walks in. She looks down, and realizes she’s standing in a pool of blood. Tobin takes a bite of her too. We hear zombie noises, along with the baby crying. The guy Maggie was talking to is now a zombie. He ambles, no, falls down the stairs. Hey, everybody, wake up!

Henry pokes at Gregory through the fence with his gun. Gregory asks Henry to let him out. Henry asks who killed his brother, but Gregory doesn’t know. He tells Henry that he isn’t one of them. He says Henry has a dangerous weapon, and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. He asks Henry to give it to him, and they’ll talk. He’s sorry about Henry’s brother, but killing them won’t bring him back. Henry says it will make him feel better. He did it once before; why not there? He asks if he has to start shooting until someone tells him who killed Ben. Alden says his brother died too. Killing his murderer sounds good in theory, but won’t make him feel better. Henry says it will for now. They hear screaming from inside.

Maggie sees chaos – running and biting, Daryl stabbing zombies in the head. I’d just leave. Michonne does a nice sword through the head move. Outside, Jared says it’s music to his ears. Henry asks if it was him, but Jared doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Henry lets himself into the Savior pen. He wants to know now. Alden says words are easier to live with than actions, but Henry says be a man and step forward, so he doesn’t have to kill their friends. He’s going to start counting to ten. When he gets to four, a zombie bites one of the Saviors, and there’s a free-for-all. Jared grabs the gun, and the Saviors run out, Gregory running along with them. Henry is left lying in the pen.

Morgan pikes zombies in the head. Daryl wonders if the zombies got in with the Saviors. Morgan says it’s their own people. Tobin is busy upstairs. Carol pulls him off someone, and stabs him in the head after only a momentary hesitation, and no doubt quick trip down Memory Lane. Daryl asks if she’s okay. She says he wasn’t bit, but he turned. Rick tells them about Negan’s bat being covered in zombie blood. They realize that anyone who was wounded is going to turn. A dude in one of the hospital beds says one of them will have to do it for him; he can’t. Everyone looks sad.

Rick tells the others that the house is clear. Tara asks how it happened. He tells her the Saviors did something to their weapons. Whoever was cut up or shot, got sick, and some turned. Daryl says Tara told him that she was done waiting. He could have killed Dwight, and should have. She says, no; he wanted to be there with them, but no matter how hard he tried, she wanted him dead. She couldn’t let it be anything else. Karma’s a bitch. Rick ponders that.

Outside, the struggle is real. Alden tells Maggie that some of them are trying to keep the gate closed. She sees some of the Saviors bracing the gate against the zombies. Siddiq tells her that he went to check on the prisoners, but the pen was empty. She asks Alden where they went, but he says they just ran. He tells her that he and the ones left had plenty of chances to run, but maybe it doesn’t matter to her.

Carol looks for Henry with Ezekiel. Enid tells them that he broke into the pen before the Saviors escaped. Carol says she told him this would happen, like that helps. Morgan thinks this over. Gavin appears, and keeps repeating, you know what it is, until he’s yelling. Morgan says, no.

Jerry and Jesus bury their people. Diane asks Maggie, what is it? and Maggie says, the cost. Rick nods sagely, and we end with a crane shot of all the graves.

I wonder why they kept focusing on Rick’s wound…

Next time, Rick goes hunting, Rosita wants the bullet maker, Jadis drags Negan out of the container she’d kept Rick in, Ezekiel wants to look for Henry and calls Carol a coward.

👹 Fear the Walking Dead returns on April 15th, and looks promising. The group takes over an amusement park, and raises sheep. Morgan also joins them, and Victor sports a new hairdo.

 Talking Dead was bumped up an hour tonight to make room for a sneak preview of new series, The Terror. Set in 1847, and based on a true story about a ship that disappeared, the crew of a Royal Naval expedition searches for the Arctic’s treacherous Northwest Passage. Instead, they discover a monstrous predator. The two-hour premiere begins at 9 pm on Monday. The first hour was basically a set-up for the horror to come, but it looks good.

🍑 Kenya’s husband finally made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, when she launched her PSA on domestic violence. The main takeaway point for me though, was what the hell was NeNe wearing? A muumuu?  That outfit was worse than the one Sheree was wearing for the pictorial she sent to her incarcerated boyfriend. Next time, a Halloween costume party. I’m not sure what difference this will make from any other episode at this point.

😔 It’s Ba-a-ack…

March 23, 2018 – Sam Drops the Bomb on Drew, a Tad of Tabitha, Ryan is Coming, OctoQuotes & You Go


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis tells Julian that Finn is decent, dependable, honest, and makes her happy.

Anna tells Andre that she didn’t think she could love anyone after Duke. He says the subject of the conversation is heading this way. He tells her that she’ll be fine, and leaves. Finn asks how Brussels was, and Anna says, eye-opening. He’s glad she and Andre had a nice trip. He starts to move along, but she asks him to wait. She says there is no her and Andre; not the way he thinks. She asks if he has a minute to talk, and he thinks he can spare some time.

Brad tells Sonny the lab results are back, and Griff will decide on the medication. Mike says he’s got to meet a shipment at Luke’s place, and asks if Sonny wants to tag along.

Nelle asks the baby if the scarf placement is perfect. She thinks so too, and gets out of Carly’s office.

Carly gives Michael the key card for the suite. He tells her a regular room would be fine, but she asks where he’d put the baby. He tells her that he’s not staying, and she says she doesn’t care, as long as he’s far away from Nelle. Michael leaves, and Jason walks in. Carly tells him about Michael moving, and he says he’s happy for her. It creeps me out a little that he said her instead of Michael. Carly says now if Sam just admits she belongs with Jason, all will be right in her world. Now I’m officially creeped out.

Sam tells Drew they need to talk. He asks what’s up. Her first impulse was to wait, but having done that in the past, she thinks it makes things worse. He says she can tell him anything. She says she has feelings for Jason. He asks what that means, and Sam says she still loves him.

Julian tells Alexis that he doesn’t believe it. She says his ego knows no bounds. Does he think no one else can make her happy? Finn does it for her quite well. He takes those walks in the woods with her that Julian wouldn’t go on. She says Finn isn’t a substitute; she’s moving on, and so should he. Kim overhears, and smiles.

Anna tells Finn it wasn’t a romantic getaway; it was a business trip. He tells her that he heard the casinos are bumping in Brussels. She asks if bumping is a thing, and tells him that no one can pull off using that word. She says Andre is still with the WSB, and Finn says, spy business. He gets it; classified intel. She says not in this case. It was personal. He asks what she was looking for.

Mike talks about Sonny playing kick the can on Thursdays. He was so serious, Mike had to laugh. Sonny tells him that he wasn’t around for that, but Mike says, if that’s the case, how would he remember? Mike asks why they’re always waiting, and Sonny tells him that they’re waiting for his favorite nurse, Deanna. He has to calm down now. Mike says, first Sonny called him a liar, now he’s telling him to calm down. He wants to go home.

Carly tells Jason that Sam admitted she still loved him, the next step is them being together. Spinelli joins them. He says he has some business there, but it will be nice for Maxie to spend some time with Georgie. He apologizes to Jason for being late; he had to make his way around the earthquake damage. His gratitude knows no bounds that they’re all okay. Carly asks what kind of business, and Jason says, not yours. Ha-ha! She tells them that she has her own business waiting on her desk, and goes back to her office. Jason asks if Spinelli has a good plan, and he says he does indeed. Jason says, let’s hear it.

Sam tells Drew that she was too afraid to admit it. She’s in love with Jason, but loves him too. She says her love is real, and tells him to look in her eyes. It’s painful for her. She’s confused, and doesn’t understand it herself. She loves them both. He asks why did they get married?

Anna tells Finn seeing Alexis in his room did sting a little; she’d thought they had a connection. He tells her that he and Alexis aren’t together, but she just keeps talking. When she was away, she thought about them. Finn supposes he did too. She says why it didn’t get off the ground is on her. She’s been guarded about something, and put a barrier between them. She told herself it was to protect him, but she was really protecting herself. She’s afraid it will change the way he sees her. She asks if that makes sense, and Finn says, no.

Sonny tells Mike, we have to get a test. Mike wonders where the we is, since he’s the only one who gets poked and prodded. Sonny says they’re doing this together. Michael arrives, and tells Mike he’s been getting ready for the baby. Mike says, his first great-grandchild. Michael talks about all the baby supplies he needs to get, and Mike says all he needs is a big heart. He asks if Michael has a crib. Michael says he does, and Mike says all that’s missing is earplugs.

Carly goes into her office. I’m hoping she drops dead when she sees the scarf, but instead she says, what the hell? She doesn’t even realize what it is, so, plan fail. She looks at the picture. Oh yeah, it’s Morgan’s scarf.

Spinelli tells Jason he’s been ruminating on the plan. Hasty multiple bank break-ins in Europe, devising an entry, opening vaults and safe deposit boxes, and devising an exit. He thinks he has a simpler alternative. Who better to gain access than Faison’s heir? The mystery son remains a mystery. Who’s to say Henrik doesn’t look like him.

Sam tells Drew that they got married because they love each other. That hasn’t changed. He says it feels like something did. She says they built an amazing life together, and she wanted to hold on to it. He says somewhere along the line, things changed. She tells him that she meant the vows. Looking into eyes of the man she loved, she meant every word. He says when marry someone, you commit yourself to them, and only them, for the rest of your life. He committed himself to her, but she can’t do that for him anymore. She says not until knows who she is.

At Kelly’s, Kim has some pie, and says Julian promised she wouldn’t be eating it alone. He says he’s not an eating his feelings kind of guy, and she suggests he change that; it works. He takes a bite, and puts the fork down. She tells him that he’s officially a robot. She asks what’s next, and he says he doesn’t have much choice. He has to get over Alexis. He’s never tried it before. He’s pathetic; they’re divorced, and Alexis can’t stand him. Maybe he assumed she’d come around, but that’s not going to happen. Kim says she doesn’t think so. He tells her to give him the pie.

Deanna asks if Mike is ready for her, and he says it depends on his grandson. Michael says he’ll be there, and Mike tells Deanna, no funny business; he’s spoken for. She says she’ll try to restrain herself. Sonny thanks Michael. Michael says he didn’t do anything; he’s just taking care of his grandfather. Sonny calls him a good man, and Michael says it’s easy for him. Mike didn’t walk out on him when he was a kid. He tells Sonny that when he was little and asked Sonny about something, he made Michael feel like he was the most important person to him. Sonny says he was. His mom and the kids always were. Michael wants to make sure to pay it forward with his son or daughter. Sonny says he never realized what a blessing memory was. Michael says he’s sorry Sonny is going through this. Sonny says, not him, and Michael says it’s hard for Mike too, but soon, he won’t recognize what’s going on. Sonny tells Michael about Mike remembering him kicking cans. It’s clear he remembered it, but Sonny doesn’t remember him being there. Who’s right? Michael says maybe truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Jason asks if Spinelli wants to pass himself off as Henrik. Spinelli says it’s genius, even if he says so himself. Jason asks what about proof, and Spinelli takes out Faison’s death certificate, Henrik’s birth certificate, and – thanks to Diane – a signed copy of the will, which gives him access to everything. Jason doesn’t remember reading that in the will, and Spinelli says it’s in there now. The best part is that Jason doesn’t even need to come. Jason says he kinda does, but Spinelli says he needs to stay here to be the strong, supportive shoulder that Sam might need, and he suspects she will.

Sam tells Drew that she can’t get either one of them out of her heart. He says he thought what they had was real. She says it is. By this time, she’s crying, and says, it is real to her; he’s real. This didn’t happen to her; it happened to them. She knows it’s hard to understand, but Drew says he understands. Sam says she handled it in the worst possible way. The reality is, she loves them both, and can’t make it okay. She wishes she could, but she can’t make it okay for any of them until she figures out who she is. She has to learn how to trust herself again. She has no idea how she let it get this far. He asks, how far did it get?

Anna tells Finn there are all types of courage. The kind he has, going into surgery; the kind she does, staring down a bad guy. There’s also the kind it takes to confront someone about feelings. Finn makes her laugh, sometimes unintentionally. He makes her want to dive into it, but there’s a thing holding her back. She wonders what she’s doing. She’s being selfish because he’s with Alexis now. He tells her that she’s a good spy, but a terrible listener. Alexis pops out onto the pier, and says Finn is just the person she needs to see.

Nelle sneaks around the hallways at the MetroCourt. She reaches for the fire alarm.

Jason tells Spinelli that in taking care of everyone else, Sam forgot herself. Spinelli says it’s common, especially with mothers. Jason hopes she takes the time and space to rebuild her life, whether he’s in it or not. The fire alarm goes off.

Carly is like, great, and leaves her office.

Andre sees Sonny at the hospital. Sonny wonders, after everything Andre did to Jason and Drew, why is he walking around free? If it was up to him, it wouldn’t be option. Andre says that free is a matter or perspective. He was released on the grounds that he continues his research on memory mapping. Sonny hopes he gets it right this time. Andre says if he could go back and make amends, he’s do it in a heartbeat. Then, maybe he could actually be free, and Drew as well.

Sam tells Drew that she and Jason kissed on New Year’s. Drew says he felt it. She says she knew it was a mistake. She didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want to lose him over that. He says, but here we are.

Carly tells Jason and Spinelli she thinks it’s a false alarm, but they’re waiting for the fire marshal to give them the all clear. She wonders if someone is trying to sabotage the hotel, but Spinelli says it’s probably a prank. She says it’s the weirdest day. She tells them that someone left a scarf in her office like the one she gave to Morgan. It was dirty, torn, and looked like it had dried blood on it.

Julian tells Kim she should try giving up on someone; it’s liberating. She thinks it’s the pie talking. He says no more measuring words, and Kim says no more working on being friends with someone when you want more. She tells him to fake it till he makes it, and she thinks he will. He does too. She likes his attitude, but he says it’s probably the pie talking.

Alexis apologizes to Finn and Anna; clearly she’s interrupting. Anna says it looks urgent, and she has to go to the hospital anyway. She jets, and Alexis says Finn must want to kill her. He says her timing could be better. He was finally making headway, and she barged in and messed it up before he got there. She asks what if she told him something to make it worse> He says that’s not possible, and she says what if she told Julian that they were really serious? Finn says, it’s possible.

Mike comes back out, asking where Michael is; they were going to lunch. Sonny says he had to take care of some things, but he’s coming back. Sonny agrees that Mike was there when he was playing kick the can. Mike asks, where else would he be? Michael comes back, and suggests they go to Kelly’s. Sonny says he has some business, and tells them to go ahead. He smiles, watching them get into the elevator.

Carly brings Jason and Spinelli to her office, but there’s no scarf. Ohh, I get it. Plan no fail. She says it’s the strangest thing; it’s gone. She left it there when the alarm went off, and the door locks automatically. She says it’s the exact same scarf, showing them the picture. She says it’s beyond bizarre, and Spinelli says it appears they have another mystery on their hands.

Drew though what had enough guess not begs him to stay and talk he can’t he’s between us no place for him can’t stay there

Alexis says she’ll tell Julian the truth, but Finn asks, what’s the point, since he and Anna aren’t a couple? She says for her own sanity. He says she doesn’t want to be with Julian, so if the lie works in her favor, go for it. She’s concerned he won’t be the only one who believes it. Finn insists that at this point, he doesn’t care. Let it stand.

Anna runs into Andre as he’s coming out of the hospital elevator. She says she opened up in a blundering way. Just when it couldn’t get worse, Alexis showed up. Andre says he’s sorry. She gets in the elevator, and says he should be. She thought he was supposed to be a professional.

Kim tells Julian that she’ll have to roll home after that pie, and he says there’s a crane in the vicinity. He tells her that she could eat a hundred pies, and still be gorgeous. He says he’ll walk her out to the car. She almost trips, and he catches her. She says, she’s a dancer, and he says, really? She says, no, and he kisses her. She kisses back.

Sonny tells Andre if he wants to make amends, he might have an idea.

Sitting at Kelly’s lunch counter, Nelle asks Brad about the adoption, and congratulates him and Lucas. She asks if he’s excited, and he says, cautiously excited. She can imagine the baby cousins playing together. He tells her to take care of herself, and she says she’s doing everything she needs.

Carly says, first the phone calls, now this. Spinelli wonders what she’s talking about. Jason explains that the calls came from a pay phone. They began with the sound of the wind; then hanging up; then an explosion. He left one out, when they spoke, but I’ll let it pass. He doesn’t think they should jump to conclusions, and have to find out how the scarf got there, and how it disappeared. Carly says, sounds like a plan. Not really.

Drew tells Sam that he loves her. He gave her everything he is; all he’s got. He believes she loves him, but she loves his brother too. It’s too painful to stay there. She might be able to love more than one person, but he’s only capable of loving one. She says he’d told her if she needed him, to just grab his hand; he promised her. He can’t tell her how many times he touches his ring during the day. It reminds him of his family; that’s all that matters. It’s his life now, but suddenly it’s like everything else – just not real. Sam says, they’re real. Go upstairs, and look at their baby and tell her it isn’t real They made her out of love. Drew says, she’s right; Scout is his daughter, and nothing is going to change that. She’ll always have his heart; he wishes he could say same about her. She’ll always be his wife, but he can’t. He puts his ring on the desk. Sam begs him to stay, but he leaves. Wtf did she expect?

On Monday, Ned says there’s a tough job ahead, Alexis asks Jason what he’s saying, and Sonny offers Andre a chance to do good.

📠 Tonight’s Relative Success with Tabatha featured a consignment shop owned by a married couple who seemed like they couldn’t be more mismatched. Since the husband fronted a lot of the business, he thought his responsibility ended there. His wife thought differently, and wanted support in other ways. He started to promote the business among his colleagues, and all was well. Except for her having to fire her niece. This was a blessing in disguise, since said niece was unhappy anyway. Tabatha was annoyed that she practically had to drag it out of her though. I could relate to the wife’s issues about support. It was like the difference between my husband taking something to the post office for me, and sharing the link to my eBay store. Support comes in many forms.

💰 On Sell It Like Serhant (premiering on Bravo, Wednesday, April 11th at 10 pm), Ryan won’t just be helping people sell stuff, he’ll be saving someone’s job who’s bad at it. I’m looking forward to this one.

 📬 Quotes of the Week

When did you start getting dressing on the side? What’s next, a purse? – Doug (Kevin James) to Deacon (Victor Williams), King of Queens

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.John Wooden

Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. – Will Rogers

That’s not funny. ** No, but I’m going to keep drinking until it is. – Kelli (Sharon Leal) and Lisa (Regina Moore), respectively, This Christmas

My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. – Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), Snowpiercer

If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

You go, Glen Coco. – Damian (Daniel Franzese), Mean Girls

Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.Stephen Hawking, RIP

🎠 Here’s Hoping Your Weekend…

Is better than this moment in Gretchen Wieners’s life.