March 23, 2018 – Sam Drops the Bomb on Drew, a Tad of Tabitha, Ryan is Coming, OctoQuotes & You Go


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis tells Julian that Finn is decent, dependable, honest, and makes her happy.

Anna tells Andre that she didn’t think she could love anyone after Duke. He says the subject of the conversation is heading this way. He tells her that she’ll be fine, and leaves. Finn asks how Brussels was, and Anna says, eye-opening. He’s glad she and Andre had a nice trip. He starts to move along, but she asks him to wait. She says there is no her and Andre; not the way he thinks. She asks if he has a minute to talk, and he thinks he can spare some time.

Brad tells Sonny the lab results are back, and Griff will decide on the medication. Mike says he’s got to meet a shipment at Luke’s place, and asks if Sonny wants to tag along.

Nelle asks the baby if the scarf placement is perfect. She thinks so too, and gets out of Carly’s office.

Carly gives Michael the key card for the suite. He tells her a regular room would be fine, but she asks where he’d put the baby. He tells her that he’s not staying, and she says she doesn’t care, as long as he’s far away from Nelle. Michael leaves, and Jason walks in. Carly tells him about Michael moving, and he says he’s happy for her. It creeps me out a little that he said her instead of Michael. Carly says now if Sam just admits she belongs with Jason, all will be right in her world. Now I’m officially creeped out.

Sam tells Drew they need to talk. He asks what’s up. Her first impulse was to wait, but having done that in the past, she thinks it makes things worse. He says she can tell him anything. She says she has feelings for Jason. He asks what that means, and Sam says she still loves him.

Julian tells Alexis that he doesn’t believe it. She says his ego knows no bounds. Does he think no one else can make her happy? Finn does it for her quite well. He takes those walks in the woods with her that Julian wouldn’t go on. She says Finn isn’t a substitute; she’s moving on, and so should he. Kim overhears, and smiles.

Anna tells Finn it wasn’t a romantic getaway; it was a business trip. He tells her that he heard the casinos are bumping in Brussels. She asks if bumping is a thing, and tells him that no one can pull off using that word. She says Andre is still with the WSB, and Finn says, spy business. He gets it; classified intel. She says not in this case. It was personal. He asks what she was looking for.

Mike talks about Sonny playing kick the can on Thursdays. He was so serious, Mike had to laugh. Sonny tells him that he wasn’t around for that, but Mike says, if that’s the case, how would he remember? Mike asks why they’re always waiting, and Sonny tells him that they’re waiting for his favorite nurse, Deanna. He has to calm down now. Mike says, first Sonny called him a liar, now he’s telling him to calm down. He wants to go home.

Carly tells Jason that Sam admitted she still loved him, the next step is them being together. Spinelli joins them. He says he has some business there, but it will be nice for Maxie to spend some time with Georgie. He apologizes to Jason for being late; he had to make his way around the earthquake damage. His gratitude knows no bounds that they’re all okay. Carly asks what kind of business, and Jason says, not yours. Ha-ha! She tells them that she has her own business waiting on her desk, and goes back to her office. Jason asks if Spinelli has a good plan, and he says he does indeed. Jason says, let’s hear it.

Sam tells Drew that she was too afraid to admit it. She’s in love with Jason, but loves him too. She says her love is real, and tells him to look in her eyes. It’s painful for her. She’s confused, and doesn’t understand it herself. She loves them both. He asks why did they get married?

Anna tells Finn seeing Alexis in his room did sting a little; she’d thought they had a connection. He tells her that he and Alexis aren’t together, but she just keeps talking. When she was away, she thought about them. Finn supposes he did too. She says why it didn’t get off the ground is on her. She’s been guarded about something, and put a barrier between them. She told herself it was to protect him, but she was really protecting herself. She’s afraid it will change the way he sees her. She asks if that makes sense, and Finn says, no.

Sonny tells Mike, we have to get a test. Mike wonders where the we is, since he’s the only one who gets poked and prodded. Sonny says they’re doing this together. Michael arrives, and tells Mike he’s been getting ready for the baby. Mike says, his first great-grandchild. Michael talks about all the baby supplies he needs to get, and Mike says all he needs is a big heart. He asks if Michael has a crib. Michael says he does, and Mike says all that’s missing is earplugs.

Carly goes into her office. I’m hoping she drops dead when she sees the scarf, but instead she says, what the hell? She doesn’t even realize what it is, so, plan fail. She looks at the picture. Oh yeah, it’s Morgan’s scarf.

Spinelli tells Jason he’s been ruminating on the plan. Hasty multiple bank break-ins in Europe, devising an entry, opening vaults and safe deposit boxes, and devising an exit. He thinks he has a simpler alternative. Who better to gain access than Faison’s heir? The mystery son remains a mystery. Who’s to say Henrik doesn’t look like him.

Sam tells Drew that they got married because they love each other. That hasn’t changed. He says it feels like something did. She says they built an amazing life together, and she wanted to hold on to it. He says somewhere along the line, things changed. She tells him that she meant the vows. Looking into eyes of the man she loved, she meant every word. He says when marry someone, you commit yourself to them, and only them, for the rest of your life. He committed himself to her, but she can’t do that for him anymore. She says not until knows who she is.

At Kelly’s, Kim has some pie, and says Julian promised she wouldn’t be eating it alone. He says he’s not an eating his feelings kind of guy, and she suggests he change that; it works. He takes a bite, and puts the fork down. She tells him that he’s officially a robot. She asks what’s next, and he says he doesn’t have much choice. He has to get over Alexis. He’s never tried it before. He’s pathetic; they’re divorced, and Alexis can’t stand him. Maybe he assumed she’d come around, but that’s not going to happen. Kim says she doesn’t think so. He tells her to give him the pie.

Deanna asks if Mike is ready for her, and he says it depends on his grandson. Michael says he’ll be there, and Mike tells Deanna, no funny business; he’s spoken for. She says she’ll try to restrain herself. Sonny thanks Michael. Michael says he didn’t do anything; he’s just taking care of his grandfather. Sonny calls him a good man, and Michael says it’s easy for him. Mike didn’t walk out on him when he was a kid. He tells Sonny that when he was little and asked Sonny about something, he made Michael feel like he was the most important person to him. Sonny says he was. His mom and the kids always were. Michael wants to make sure to pay it forward with his son or daughter. Sonny says he never realized what a blessing memory was. Michael says he’s sorry Sonny is going through this. Sonny says, not him, and Michael says it’s hard for Mike too, but soon, he won’t recognize what’s going on. Sonny tells Michael about Mike remembering him kicking cans. It’s clear he remembered it, but Sonny doesn’t remember him being there. Who’s right? Michael says maybe truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Jason asks if Spinelli wants to pass himself off as Henrik. Spinelli says it’s genius, even if he says so himself. Jason asks what about proof, and Spinelli takes out Faison’s death certificate, Henrik’s birth certificate, and – thanks to Diane – a signed copy of the will, which gives him access to everything. Jason doesn’t remember reading that in the will, and Spinelli says it’s in there now. The best part is that Jason doesn’t even need to come. Jason says he kinda does, but Spinelli says he needs to stay here to be the strong, supportive shoulder that Sam might need, and he suspects she will.

Sam tells Drew that she can’t get either one of them out of her heart. He says he thought what they had was real. She says it is. By this time, she’s crying, and says, it is real to her; he’s real. This didn’t happen to her; it happened to them. She knows it’s hard to understand, but Drew says he understands. Sam says she handled it in the worst possible way. The reality is, she loves them both, and can’t make it okay. She wishes she could, but she can’t make it okay for any of them until she figures out who she is. She has to learn how to trust herself again. She has no idea how she let it get this far. He asks, how far did it get?

Anna tells Finn there are all types of courage. The kind he has, going into surgery; the kind she does, staring down a bad guy. There’s also the kind it takes to confront someone about feelings. Finn makes her laugh, sometimes unintentionally. He makes her want to dive into it, but there’s a thing holding her back. She wonders what she’s doing. She’s being selfish because he’s with Alexis now. He tells her that she’s a good spy, but a terrible listener. Alexis pops out onto the pier, and says Finn is just the person she needs to see.

Nelle sneaks around the hallways at the MetroCourt. She reaches for the fire alarm.

Jason tells Spinelli that in taking care of everyone else, Sam forgot herself. Spinelli says it’s common, especially with mothers. Jason hopes she takes the time and space to rebuild her life, whether he’s in it or not. The fire alarm goes off.

Carly is like, great, and leaves her office.

Andre sees Sonny at the hospital. Sonny wonders, after everything Andre did to Jason and Drew, why is he walking around free? If it was up to him, it wouldn’t be option. Andre says that free is a matter or perspective. He was released on the grounds that he continues his research on memory mapping. Sonny hopes he gets it right this time. Andre says if he could go back and make amends, he’s do it in a heartbeat. Then, maybe he could actually be free, and Drew as well.

Sam tells Drew that she and Jason kissed on New Year’s. Drew says he felt it. She says she knew it was a mistake. She didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want to lose him over that. He says, but here we are.

Carly tells Jason and Spinelli she thinks it’s a false alarm, but they’re waiting for the fire marshal to give them the all clear. She wonders if someone is trying to sabotage the hotel, but Spinelli says it’s probably a prank. She says it’s the weirdest day. She tells them that someone left a scarf in her office like the one she gave to Morgan. It was dirty, torn, and looked like it had dried blood on it.

Julian tells Kim she should try giving up on someone; it’s liberating. She thinks it’s the pie talking. He says no more measuring words, and Kim says no more working on being friends with someone when you want more. She tells him to fake it till he makes it, and she thinks he will. He does too. She likes his attitude, but he says it’s probably the pie talking.

Alexis apologizes to Finn and Anna; clearly she’s interrupting. Anna says it looks urgent, and she has to go to the hospital anyway. She jets, and Alexis says Finn must want to kill her. He says her timing could be better. He was finally making headway, and she barged in and messed it up before he got there. She asks what if she told him something to make it worse> He says that’s not possible, and she says what if she told Julian that they were really serious? Finn says, it’s possible.

Mike comes back out, asking where Michael is; they were going to lunch. Sonny says he had to take care of some things, but he’s coming back. Sonny agrees that Mike was there when he was playing kick the can. Mike asks, where else would he be? Michael comes back, and suggests they go to Kelly’s. Sonny says he has some business, and tells them to go ahead. He smiles, watching them get into the elevator.

Carly brings Jason and Spinelli to her office, but there’s no scarf. Ohh, I get it. Plan no fail. She says it’s the strangest thing; it’s gone. She left it there when the alarm went off, and the door locks automatically. She says it’s the exact same scarf, showing them the picture. She says it’s beyond bizarre, and Spinelli says it appears they have another mystery on their hands.

Drew though what had enough guess not begs him to stay and talk he can’t he’s between us no place for him can’t stay there

Alexis says she’ll tell Julian the truth, but Finn asks, what’s the point, since he and Anna aren’t a couple? She says for her own sanity. He says she doesn’t want to be with Julian, so if the lie works in her favor, go for it. She’s concerned he won’t be the only one who believes it. Finn insists that at this point, he doesn’t care. Let it stand.

Anna runs into Andre as he’s coming out of the hospital elevator. She says she opened up in a blundering way. Just when it couldn’t get worse, Alexis showed up. Andre says he’s sorry. She gets in the elevator, and says he should be. She thought he was supposed to be a professional.

Kim tells Julian that she’ll have to roll home after that pie, and he says there’s a crane in the vicinity. He tells her that she could eat a hundred pies, and still be gorgeous. He says he’ll walk her out to the car. She almost trips, and he catches her. She says, she’s a dancer, and he says, really? She says, no, and he kisses her. She kisses back.

Sonny tells Andre if he wants to make amends, he might have an idea.

Sitting at Kelly’s lunch counter, Nelle asks Brad about the adoption, and congratulates him and Lucas. She asks if he’s excited, and he says, cautiously excited. She can imagine the baby cousins playing together. He tells her to take care of herself, and she says she’s doing everything she needs.

Carly says, first the phone calls, now this. Spinelli wonders what she’s talking about. Jason explains that the calls came from a pay phone. They began with the sound of the wind; then hanging up; then an explosion. He left one out, when they spoke, but I’ll let it pass. He doesn’t think they should jump to conclusions, and have to find out how the scarf got there, and how it disappeared. Carly says, sounds like a plan. Not really.

Drew tells Sam that he loves her. He gave her everything he is; all he’s got. He believes she loves him, but she loves his brother too. It’s too painful to stay there. She might be able to love more than one person, but he’s only capable of loving one. She says he’d told her if she needed him, to just grab his hand; he promised her. He can’t tell her how many times he touches his ring during the day. It reminds him of his family; that’s all that matters. It’s his life now, but suddenly it’s like everything else – just not real. Sam says, they’re real. Go upstairs, and look at their baby and tell her it isn’t real They made her out of love. Drew says, she’s right; Scout is his daughter, and nothing is going to change that. She’ll always have his heart; he wishes he could say same about her. She’ll always be his wife, but he can’t. He puts his ring on the desk. Sam begs him to stay, but he leaves. Wtf did she expect?

On Monday, Ned says there’s a tough job ahead, Alexis asks Jason what he’s saying, and Sonny offers Andre a chance to do good.

📠 Tonight’s Relative Success with Tabatha featured a consignment shop owned by a married couple who seemed like they couldn’t be more mismatched. Since the husband fronted a lot of the business, he thought his responsibility ended there. His wife thought differently, and wanted support in other ways. He started to promote the business among his colleagues, and all was well. Except for her having to fire her niece. This was a blessing in disguise, since said niece was unhappy anyway. Tabatha was annoyed that she practically had to drag it out of her though. I could relate to the wife’s issues about support. It was like the difference between my husband taking something to the post office for me, and sharing the link to my eBay store. Support comes in many forms.

💰 On Sell It Like Serhant (premiering on Bravo, Wednesday, April 11th at 10 pm), Ryan won’t just be helping people sell stuff, he’ll be saving someone’s job who’s bad at it. I’m looking forward to this one.

 📬 Quotes of the Week

When did you start getting dressing on the side? What’s next, a purse? – Doug (Kevin James) to Deacon (Victor Williams), King of Queens

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.John Wooden

Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. – Will Rogers

That’s not funny. ** No, but I’m going to keep drinking until it is. – Kelli (Sharon Leal) and Lisa (Regina Moore), respectively, This Christmas

My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. – Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), Snowpiercer

If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

You go, Glen Coco. – Damian (Daniel Franzese), Mean Girls

Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.Stephen Hawking, RIP

🎠 Here’s Hoping Your Weekend…

Is better than this moment in Gretchen Wieners’s life.



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