March 26, 2018 – Julian & Kim Get Busy, More Drinking in Mexico, a Little Summer House, Bravo Spring & Zzzzz


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny has idea to for Andre to make amends and put some put good out in the world. He knows someone who would be a prime candidate for memory mapping.

Drew sits at the pier. He looks at his empty ring finger, and remembers Sam saying she still loves Jason. He pops a beer.

Alexis visits Sam. She was hoping Sam could help her determine if she’s done something expedient or stupid.

Kim and Julian sip wine. She asks if it’s the next step in his plan to get over Alexis. He asks, Alexis who?

Alexis asks Sam what’s wrong. Sam says Drew left her.

Jason tells Carly he’s sorry he took so long, and uses more words than I’ve heard from him all year. Carly is looking at the picture of Morgan. She tells him the scarf she found on her desk is exactly the same as the one in the picture. It was sitting on her desk, all dirty with blood on it, but it was recognizable. Jason asks how long she examined it, and if there was a label. She says a few minutes, but she doesn’t think so. The fire alarm went off, and she had to evacuate. She left it on her desk, but should have taken it with her. He says she had no way to know whoever left it would come back later to take it.

Curtis finds Drew, along with several crushed empties, and tells him the commissioner has zero tolerance for litter. Drew asks how Curtis found him, but Curtis says it’s a trade secret. He tells Drew that he located Betsy, and she’s recouping at GH. Drew says, good job, and he hopes Betsy is better soon. Curtis doesn’t want to be in Drew’s face, but wonders what’s up. Drew says he’s had a rough 24-hours. Curtis has sympathy. He knows what it’s like to want his memories back. Drew says it wouldn’t make much difference if he did; it would be the same outcome.

Sam tells Alexis how grateful she is to have gotten the ring back, and explains how she found it in Jim’s hotel room. It’s how they knew he was lying. She got it back and put it on his finger, and he kissed her. She started crying, and knew she had to tell him, Alexis asks what she said exactly, and Sam says she told Drew that she still loved Jason, but she’s in love with him too. She thinks he believed the second part, but it doesn’t matter. He left.

Outside of Charlie’s, Ned asks Olivia-Q why that can’t do this at the house. Olivia says the house wasn’t damaged, and they need to meet in the area that was hit the hardest. He says Charlie’s didn’t sustain damage, so why patronize Julian’s place? She tells him it’s the mayor’s job to rise about petty differences, and focus on the greater good. He thinks he’s starting to catch on.

Andre tells Sonny that he can’t put his memory mapping program to use. His release was conditional, and he can only continue his research with the WSB. Sonny says they don’t have to know. Andre says he’s not keeping any more secrets. His research was lost when the flash drive went missing, and he’s starting from scratch. Sonny asks if he can’t perform it from memory, but Andre says some parts were too intricate to keep in his head. Sonny thinks Andre remembers more than he believes. He’ll have a chance to do good for someone who needs it. Andre asks who, and Sonny says, his father.

Julian asks Ned what’s going on, calling him Ted. He thought Ned lost interest in Charles Street, since there are no more votes to be had. Ned tells him they’re having a meeting on how to revive the area. He says there are no concrete plans yet, and Julian tells him good luck with that. He asks Kim if she wants to take a walk.

Andre tells Sonny that Alzheimer’s is a diabolical disease. Sonny says Mike is doing everything he can – medicine, exercise, therapy – but he’s crumbling before Sonny’s eyes. Andre says sorry, but he can’t help.

Brick takes a look at the security footage from the MetroCourt. He asks if there are any cameras closer to the office, but Carly says Diane advised against it. He says he’ll see what he can see.

Drew tells Curtis it’s over; he’s lost Sam. Curtis asks what that means, and Drew says it means it’s over. Curtis tells him people say that all the time, yet find a way to work it out. Drew doesn’t think so. Curtis knows they love each other; anyone with eyes can see it. Drew tells him to spare the pep talk, He knows when something isn’t salvageable. Curtis says he knows when to push through, and when to walk out. He thinks Drew can still win Sam over.

Alexis tells Sam it’s better than living with a lie. Sam says as much as it hurts, for the first time since Jason is back, it feels like peace is happening. I get distracted by the simple display of branches on the mantel behind her, and think about possibly doing something like that. Sam says her choices are coming from an honest place. Alexis says the unfolding of it will take a minute or two, and to deal with what she can. She asks if Drew is coming home, but Sam doesn’t know. Before he left, he said he’d always be committed to Scout, but it doesn’t matter. He’s not coming back. Alexis tells her whatever was said tonight, it’s not the end. There’s more to be said, and not just with Drew. What is Sam going to say when Jason shows up?

Sonny tells Andre if he needs convincing, he can pay him. Andre says despite his past transgressions and motives, he can’t be bought. There are limits, and if he’d thought it was effective, he would have revealed it, despite the personal consequences. It’s useless against Alzheimer’s. The reason he devised it was to save his wife, but by the time it was viable, it was too late; she was too far gone. Sonny says his father isn’t, but Andre says it doesn’t matter. It’s ineffective once the disease takes root. It’s corrosive and cruel, and burns away the memory, language and thought; everything that makes us who we are. His program can’t prevent the decline. Nothing can.

None of the people on the security footage are carrying a scarf, although Jason says it would be easy enough to conceal. Carly says she recognizes everyone on the tape. She says they could have come up through the stairwell, but there are no cameras there either. She says they could look at the footage from the lobby. Jason tells her that would mean she’d have to interrogate her guests. Carly doesn’t know what to do. She says sometimes it’s almost like Morgan is still there.

Curtis thinks Sam has a screwed-up sense of loyalty. No way can Jason make her happy. He drags misery behind him like a security blanket. Drew has it within him to enjoy life, while Jason has a personality of concrete, Curtis has never even seen him smile. Drew asks if he thinks Sam is going to change her mind. When Curtis doesn’t say anything, Drew says, yeah, didn’t think so.

Sam tells Alexis that she hasn’t heard from Jason. Alexis says he’s bound to come calling when he finds out. He’s literal and goal-oriented. She didn’t expect it when Sam was with Drew, but it’s reasonable to assume she wants him back, after he gives her some time to get over Drew. Sam says she’s doing the best she can, but she hurt people in the process. She lied to Drew and Jason. She can’t do that anymore. She needs to know how to trust and rely on herself again.

Julian tells Kim welcome to his office. He talks about discovering a hatch in the floor where they hid booze during Prohibition. Apparently, Port Charles was a hub for bootleggers. He says he also lives there. Kim asks, why? It’s beautiful for an office, but why? He says something temporary turned into a convenience. It has the benefit of him being on the premises; it guarantees less theft and vandalism. He sleeps on a pullout couch. Kim says it has to be uncomfortable, but he says they’ve improved. He tells her that he’s a capable man. She tells him she can’t take his word for it; she needs to see the receipts. Whoa. Suddenly, they’re twirling around in the sheets on his pullout couch.

Sam tells Alexis that she needs time alone to figure things out. Who knows? Maybe in the end, she’ll figure out that she isn’t supposed to be with either one of them.

Curtis tells Drew, let’s go. Drew asks, where? and he says, to the gym. Drew needs to punch something; he needs to do something. Drew takes a drink, and says he is. He knew it was coming. Maybe Sam didn’t, maybe she did, but he could feel it. The signs were there. Curtis asks if that doesn’t make him want to punch something. Drew says, not something – someone.

Carly doesn’t get it. Why now? She tells Jason that Mike keeps forgetting that Morgan is dead. He’s on her mind; he always is. She dreams about him, and when she’s awake, she feels his absence. She finds herself waiting for him to come home. He had a hundred ideas a day; some brilliant and outrageous, some disasters waiting to happen. As much as she wanted to pull her hair out, he was sweet and genuine and made her smile. She can hardly find the strength to walk into her other house. She won’t go into his room. Jason asks what she’s worried she’ll find, but she says it’s what she won’t find. She knows he’s gone, but she can’t help hoping he’ll come home. She cries, and Jason holds her.

Andre says he’s sorry, but he can’t help Sonny’s father. If there are any memories, stories, feelings, or anything Sonny wants from his father, Andre tells him to gather them now, and tuck them away. Sonny promises he will. Whatever functional days he has, are more precious than gold

Ned thanks everyone for coming. Valentin tells him to cut to the chase. How bad is it, and what will it take to improve things? Lulu says it depends on where you live. Olivia says the working class and low-income people have been hurt the most. She points out that Spoon Island is in the least damaged category. Nina says that’s true, but Port Charles is still their city. They want to help rebuild. Michael says housing is the biggest priority. Monica asks what’s more important than a place to live, and Ned says having a city worth living in.

Julian and Kim have pillow talk. She says she wondered if he was going to show her his etchings. Julian says his sister does own an art gallery. Kim says they’ve always been honest with each other, and they both know their hearts belong with – Julian finishes, with people who don’t want them. He says they’re adults who enjoy each other’s company, and she says, as long as they’re clear with each other, it’s all good. They get busy again.

Jason wishes he could help Carly figure it out. She says she knows, and she’s okay. He tells her if she needs him, he’s there, and she says that’s one of the reasons she’s okay. He has to go supervise a shipment for Sonny (say that three times really fast). He says he’ll tell Sonny, but Carly doesn’t want him to know. He’s going through enough with Mike; he doesn’t need a distraction. Jason says someone messing with her isn’t a distraction. She tells him to ask if there’s any tension with his rivals. If he says yes, tell him, since it could be related. If not, it’s probably not dangerous and he doesn’t need to know. She swears Jason to secrecy. He promises he won’t say a word.

Alexis hands it to Sam – she’s brave, and makes wise decisions. Sam says they’re painful, and Alexis tells her that she’s setting a great example for Scout, her sisters, and her mom, who’s not nearly as smart. She wants Sam to have a full, rich relationship, but she probably needs to have one with herself first. She needs emotional time out. Maybe with distance, she won’t feel the need for an adrenaline rush. Sam tells Alexis that she says this with love, but what she sees in Jason isn’t close to what Alexis saw in Julian. Alexis asks who said anything about him, and Sam says she didn’t have to.

Curtis suggests Drew get his ass to the gym and let off some steam. Drew says he’ll be fine. Curtis points out that he’s self-medicating. He fell down that hole when his brother died. He put everything he could up his nose, but it didn’t do any good. He screamed curses at everyone. He cursed Jordan, Shawn, and Tommy, even himself, until the poison was out of his system. So let it out. Drew tells him to back off. Curtis says she broke his heart. He depended on what she told him, and gave her everything. Now she’s gone, and his brother is waiting for her to come to him. He knows it hurts and it pisses him off. He needs to focus to see through the pain and anger. Drew says Curtis can’t help. He needs to do it alone. Curtis understands. He tells Drew not to do anything stupid, like look for Jason. Drew tells him not to worry; just go.

Julian tells Kim he’d ask her to spend the night, but he’s not sure the pullout can sustain it. She’s not sure her son is ready for an overnight anyway Julian says it wouldn’t do much for her reputation to be too loosely associated with him. Kim says no one tells her how to live her life. He tells her maybe don’t shout it from the rooftops. She tells him to get a few more pillows and she’ll think about spending more time there.

Sonny asks Carly if she’s ready to go home. She asks how Mike is, and he says it’s been a long day. He notices the picture of Morgan, and says it’s one of his favorites. She says, her too. She remembers his face clearly. Sonny says it’s hazy for him. She says, let’s go home, and she can tell him the whole story.

Olivia says that Port Charles has strong established businesses, but they need to be revived. Nina says it’s like rebranding the city; marketing it as a place people want to live and work in. Mike says they need to look at the earthquake as an opportunity instead of a disaster story. Monica says people still need places to live; the hospital staff is scrambling to find affordable rentals. Ned says he’s coordinating state rent subsidies, but they have to move forward, being judicious to preserve the city’s character. Lulu asks if he wasn’t the one who wanted to tear it down for an arena. Ned says he’s seen the error of his ways. Valentin says they’ll need a P.R. campaign, with a spotlight on how they’re rebuilding and moving forward. Ned says they’ll feature what makes Port Charles great, including the hospital, while downplaying the organized crime. He asks Michael to request that Sonny keep a lower profile than usual. Olivia says she’ll send everyone a coordinating email, and they’ll get together again. Ned thanks everyone for coming. Kim and Julian walk through. He asks if he can see her again, and she says, sure.

Alexis asks Sam to forgive Julian. She says she’s tried. Alexis is concerned about Jason and Sam’s ties to him. If he hears that Drew is gone, she might get back with him while she’s having doubts, and it won’t work. Sam says Alexis hates Jason, but Alexis says she hates what he does. Her smartest, oldest daughter should trust her instincts. Sam says it’s all she has. She needs time to recover, and be by herself. When she’s done, maybe she’ll know who or what completes her. Bleh. Did she really just say that?

Drew stands on the pier, and Jason walks out. They stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that Windemere has a skeleton in every closet, Peter has something for Maxie, and Doc talks to Betsy.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi tells the girls that when you love someone, you do everything you can for them, and Jax has sh*t on his relationship with Brittany. She asks Lala if she’s down with the conversation. In her interview, she says they’re all toasty, but Kristen is next level toasty. She’s been drinking since 8 a.m. yesterday. They’re off to a good start.

The guys, plus Ariana, gather in Jax’s suite. Tom asks if Jax is going to Florida; he thinks it’s good for him. James says it sounds horrible for Brittany not to go, but Jax doesn’t think that will happen. In his interview, Jax says he’ll be near his family and be involved with hockey – it’s a win-win. He wonders what the next step is, and Tom suggests he chill. James squeaks that it’s boy’s night like he’s a girl. James is having a blast, but knows about Scheana trying to manipulate Jax and Brittany’s relationship. At the same time, why tells him when he’s having the time of his life. Let him have his night.

The girls, minus Ariana, go to the beach. Kristen has hiccups, and says she’s too drunk to handle people. They get half nakey, and go in the water. Brittany says she’s learned how important these girls are to her, and says they’ll be friends for life.

Back at SUR, Lisa asks how Billie is, and how her date with Jeremy went. Billie tells her about Scheana wanting to set up Adam and Brittany. In her interview, Lisa says the only ramification she’s concerned about is the havoc in her restaurant. As far as Jax goes, it’s fair game. Lisa tells Billie to let Scheana know she should keep out of a potential explosion. Billie says she’ll do her best.

In possibly the weirdest thing ever on this show, Lala heats up a baby bottle with milk and honey, and brings it to bed with her. In her interview, Scheana says she has a stuffed frog she brings everywhere, but has never seen a grown woman suck on a bottle in order to go to sleep. Lala says she puts on her favorite show, and whenever she has anxiety, her “baba” soothes her like a baby. I have no words. Well, I actually have a lot of them, but I’m letting it go.

Katie and Schwartz eat pizza in bed, where Schwartz makes a mess on the pillowcase. Katie says he’s next level wasted, but it’s cute. No, it’s not. It’s taking eww! to the next level too. She says if he blacks out and wants to make out with someone, it will most likely be her. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Stassi, who feels badly, but can’t take Kristen being weird anymore. She came back to a wall of smoke and Kristen freaking out about being in another country. She’s being an a-hole. In her interview, Stassi says Kristen is hard to travel with. She went to Copenhagen with Kristen and Katie, and saw Satan. Kristen wouldn’t stop sobbing and screaming, so they left her, and went to Paris. I like it! She says she didn’t learn her lesson and just wants to sleep. Schwartz tells her not to make it weird. Stassi sees the sauce all over the pillowcase.

No one is in great shape to go to the waterpark. Stassi thinks she’s still drunk. Schwartz liked having her sleep with them. Not in a weird way, but it feels right, since she crashed their honeymoon. What’s one night in Mexico?

Tom tells Ariana that he didn’t think Jax would be the one to leave, and it’s not fair. Ariana says it’s grown up life, and he has to deal with it.

Jax ponders stuff while petting his rock. He wanted a peaceful birthday trip, and wonders why they’re fighting because of a job offer. He thought it would be cool to share. Brittany asks what’s going on, and he tells her that he’s just thinking. She’d better look out. His head might explode. She says everyone was drinking last night, and Tom says he took a beating. Jax doesn’t want to go through it again. He shows Brittany his negativity rock. We flash back to Kelsey telling him that it dissolves negative energy. He tells Brittany the rock is supposed to get rid of his negativity. She’s like, um… and tells him to have alone time with the view. He taps the rock on his forehead.

James says he didn’t fly to Mexico to not turn it up. They get to waterpark and start drinking. It looks beautiful, but crowded. Lala wants to sit in the water and sip a sh*t ton of tequila. Everyone gets their picture taken with some parrots, but Lala is afraid of birds. Ariana asks Stassi how the night went. Stassi tells her that she and Kristen fought like a tornado, and Kristen thinks she’s selfish because she wants to sleep. In her interview, Ariana makes fun of her, which is incredibly rude, since she’s the one who asked. She says if you’re going to room together, you have to compromise.

Jax is concerned about getting in the water, since he doesn’t want another Big Bear situation. Scheana explains that the altitude won’t affect him there. He doesn’t want to die in Mexico on his birthday. Scheana asks Kristen what happened, and Kristen says Stassi left. In her interview, Kristen says Stassi is being a stubborn bitch; blaming her, and playing the victim.

Kristen asks Stassi where she went. Stassi says it’s her trip too. Kristen brings up Stassi’s temper tantrums when she’s drunk, and Stassi says she’s terrible to travel with. If she was planning a trip, she wouldn’t invite Kristen. She freaks out when she’s out of her bubble. Kristen insists it’s both their faults, and if she can’t accept it, that’s an effing problem. In her interview, Stassi thinks Kristen needs to look at herself and make some changes. They’re old. Who does this? Kristen complains about Stassi some more, and wants to go home.

Lots of fun in the water – swimming, tubing, jumping off cliffs, snorkeling. Brittany tells Jax about a lemur family she saw, and how cute they were, but he seems underwhelmed. She asks why he’s by himself, and he says he’s chilling and enjoying the water. She feels badly about the fighting and yelling last night. In her interview, she says it was a train wreck. Jax deserves the girls going after him, but he did a good job at keeping calm. She thinks maybe the reiki is helping. Jax tells Brittany that he hasn’t done much to be proud of, but he thought she’d be happy for him about the job. He thought she was on board with going to Florida. In his interview, he says the big question is if Brittany is coming. Brittany tells him that it’s a lot to think about, and she doesn’t want to make a decision overnight.

More water fun! Some of the group does zip-lining. Schwartz says he’s not going back. Ariana says Kristen disappeared, and Stassi calls her an a-hole, saying she wanted to go home. She’d give anything to have a room by herself. There’s no safe place with Kristen around. She terrorizes Stassi, and it’s like having a member of Isis in her hotel room.

James says he’s trying to get along with everyone. He doesn’t want to pick sides, but Jax needs intel. He tells Jax about Scheana trying to set Brittany up with Adam. Jax says he’s pissed off. He’s trying to pull in his inner Kelsey, but it’s effing hard. James says Scheana is trying to break them up. Jax doesn’t get why Scheana is involving herself in his relationship. He tells James, welcome to his life.

James tells us that he always travels with mini steamer. His secret is spraying cologne before steaming. He smells like a god. Yeah, the God of Looney Tunes.

Ariana tells Schwartz he has a dad bod, or at least dad bod features. Schwartz is insulted, but it’s true.

Scheana talks about how she wasn’t going to use Wi-Fi or her phone on the trip. It was nice not to have a phone. It forced her to be present, but it only worked for a minute. She FaceTimes with Rob, who says he would be proud of them if they all turned their phones off. He tells her to be present, enjoy, and have fun. Lala thinks Scheana should take time for herself, and have girl time.

Stassi tells Kristen that she doesn’t want to fight. Kristen agrees that it’s stressful. She says travel freaks her brain out, and she has an anxiety attack if she’s without Carter. I have the feeling a lot more than travel makes her brain freak out.

At Villa Rosa, Lisa is cooking, and looks like my sister. Giggy! She’s trying something to put on the menu at SUR, and Ken is her guinea pig. He asks about Mexico, and she says Tom changed his attitude. In her interview, she thinks Tom and Schwartz have a better understanding of the direction she wants them to go in. We flash back to Tom’s new cocktail creation. Lisa says Schwartz is a puppy dog, and hopes he doesn’t have another blackout. His naughtiness coupled with alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

Brittany and Jax have a drink. He tells her about what James said. Brittany says Scheana told her that Adam had asked about her because they’d broken up. He knows they’re back together, and hasn’t acted on anything. He grills her about what minute Adam said he had a crush on her – was it before or after they got back together. She says it’s coming from Scheana, so not to pay attention, but he asks why she didn’t tell him. She says nothing came of it. She sees him at work, but he doesn’t have her number. In her interview, she says if Jax hadn’t cheated, this wouldn’t be happening. He started it. She tells Jax that Scheana just did it to make her feel good, and know there are other guys out there. Jax asks if Scheana didn’t just get divorced. In his interview, he wonders why his relationship is so important to Scheana, and why she’s making his life hell. He thinks she should put the same effort into her own relationship. Brittany asks if Jax intends on speaking to Scheana about it.

The group goes to restaurant also called SUR, but it doesn’t serve goat cheese balls. James jokes that there’s a TomTom around the corner. James and Jax are acting buddy-buddy, and in her interview, Lala says James is acting like a girl willing to give it up on the first date. He wants approval from everyone, especially Jax. Scheana starts another Rob riff, and in her interview, Brittany says, buckle your seatbelts. They’re going on a Rob and Scheana ride. We flash back to each time Scheana repeats something about Rob that she’s said before. Ariana call its TMR – too much Rob. Kristen zones out, and Scheana reminds her that she’s talking. Tom calls Lisa, and tells her he’s calling from SUR. She asks who this is, and hey all laugh. In his interview, Schwartz says he’s jealous Tom has her phone number, but really he’s too shy to ask. He has no courage to take the relationship to the next level, so for now, he emails. Lisa tells them to have fun.

Jax and Tom go to bathroom, and jump on a glass floor panel in the hallway. Not the wisest thing, but it’s Jax and Tom. Jax tells Tom about what James told him, and that he talked to Brittany about it. In his interview, Tom thinks Scheana crossed the line. Brittany made a choice, and she needs to respect that. She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.

Lala says James is amazing, and should share more of his experiences. He talks about being bullied back in the UK, and how his leg was twisted until it broke. He was called gay, and kids made fun of his features, and then it got physical. In his interview, James says people try to bring you down, but it’s about getting up afterward. He says when they moved to the US, his life changed completely. He went from having no friends and picked on to being the British kid everyone wanted to be friends with. In her interview, Kristen says this had a major impact on the way he acts as an adult, and the childlike temper tantrums he throws. Scheana thanks Brittany for the trip, and tells Jax how lucky he is. Even if he goes to Tampa, they’ll still love him. In his interview, Jax says his bullsh*t radar is off the radar. Scheana toasts to Brittany.

The group goes shopping, and look at penis flutes. Ariana plays one, and I think, why are you putting your mouth on something that other people probably have – and you’re in another country no less? They move on to a club. In her interview, Stassi says Schwartz drinks like a freshman from Florida State. Tom talks to Scheana about trying to set up Brittany and Adam. She says she just invited him and Brittany out to have fun with the group. In his interview, Tom says this is shady-ass sh*t. Scheana knew what she was doing. Jax asks to be filled in. Scheana explains she invited Adam for drinks, and he’d mentioned he had a crush on Brittany. Jax doesn’t have a problem with that, but says Scheana arranged a meet up. She says she wanted to arrange a night for Brittany to let loose, and know there were possibilities of life without him. In his interview, Jax wonders how she’d react if he did that with Rob or if he threw it in her face that Rob doesn’t love her. Um… isn’t the latter kind of what he did? She insists it wasn’t a date, but Brittany knew he was coming. Idiot never-enough-pot-stirring Jax calls Brittany over. He has to get to the bottom of this. Okay, Shaggy. In her interview, Stassi says that Scheana isn’t her favorite person, but she’s all for Brittany moving on. Anything else is a step up. Jax calls Adam a dishwasher, and in her interview, Scheana is glad he’s upset. Brittany doesn’t want to argue. Jax gets up and leaves the group, totally pissed off.

Next time, Lisa says they can’t have another dog, the guys go golfing, Kristen throws a drink in James’s face, and Katie is concerned Schwartz doesn’t know where he is.

🚤 The gang at Summer House attended a Rosé All Day party, where they began drinking straight from the bottle on the way there. I haven’t drunk straight from a bottle since high school. True story. I was on the subway late one night, when a small group of people got on who were all dressed up. They asked if anyone had a bottle opener, and I just happened to have one on my keychain. They used it to open a bottle of Perrier, and also pulled out a bottle of Remy Martin along with some glasses. They asked if I’d like to join them in a drink, but unfortunately, I had other plans. Too bad there aren’t more subway riders like that. Next time, Summer House mercifully concludes its season. Stephen dons his queen costume again, as well as a sheet mask, but not at the same time.

⛅ On Bravo’s Spring Break Preview Special, Jerry O’Connell and Cameran Eubanks gave us glimpses of the shows to come: Southern Charm and sister show Southern Charm New Orleans, The Real Housewives of NYC and Potomac, Your Husband is Cheating on Us (where actors share a house while rehearsing for a Tyler Perry like stage production), and Imposters. The most interesting moment though, was when Jerry did an impression of Dorinda Medley that sounded more like Harvey Fierstein doing an impression of Dorinda Medley.

⏰ I Can’t Believe It’s This Late Early…


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