March 29, 2018 – Griff Knows All & From Charm to Comfort


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Lulu sees Spinelli, and asks how Maxie is. She tells him that the last time she inquired herself, Maxie threatened her with a restraining order.

At another table, Nina tells Valentin that Peter is always around; at the office and the hospital, being supportive. Valentin says he and Maxie survived a terrible ordeal together, but Nina asks what Peter lost; dinner reservations? Valentin says they left together last night, but he doesn’t think Maxie is moving on from Nathan. Nina isn’t worried about Maxie, but as far as she’s concerned, Peter has an agenda.

Maxie sees Peter asleep on the couch. He apologizes, and she asks if he was out there listening to her cry. He says she’s making him sound less like a concerned friend than a stalker. Since he’s her boss, this would make a spectacular lawsuit. She tells him not to be silly. She was dreading spending the night, but she got through it. Maybe because she wasn’t alone.

Griff asks Ava if he smells coffee, and she comes out drinking from yet another empty cup. She says she’ll get him some. He doesn’t want her to wait on him, but she says she enjoys it. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s the test results Griff has been waiting for. The messenger says it must be important, and Griff says he’s about to find out.

Sonny, Mike, Dante, and Michael have breakfast at the MetroCourt. Sonny says all the Corinthos men at one table; it’s a special occasion. Mike asks where Morgan is, but Sonny says he couldn’t make it. Mike says he must be out raising hell; they should drink to him. And they do.

Jason meets with Anna. She tells him that she didn’t bring the manuscript, and asks if she can keep it for a while. It was just as she thought; Henrik left a trail of clues.

Lulu tells Spinelli that she thought about just leaving Maxie alone, but she’s hoping Maxie realizes she misses her and will reach out. She’s too afraid to take that risk and alienate her further. She accepts that Maxie may never forgive her, but if there’s anything he can do to open up communication, she’d appreciate it. They need each other. He says he’ll do his best.

Nina tells Valentin that she gave Peter the benefit of the doubt, but she’s not wearing blinders, and her instincts tell her something is going on. She wants Valentin to back her up, and he says he always will, but he’s observed when it comes to Maxie and the baby, she’s looking for problems where there aren’t any. She admits maybe she’s over-protective, and he says, just a tad. She tells him until she’s 100% certain Peter is harmless, she’s not taking her eyes off of him.

Maxie feels better, telling Peter that going to the apartment had made her feel like she was losing Nathan over and over. He wishes he could make it easier. She says he has. Thanks to him, she’s back home, and managed to get a whole night’s sleep. He asks if she’s saying he put her to sleep. She calls it a gift, and he says it sounds like a power a super villain would have. She tells him that Spinelli is the nerdapedia, not her. Right now, she feels brave enough to spend another night – without him on the sofa.

Ava asks Griff who it was. He says a messenger from the hospital with test results he needed asap. She asks if it’s confidential, and he says he just needs a moment. She has to send some texts, and goes into the kitchen. He opens the envelope, and looks at the results. He says, Peter August is Caesar Faison’s son.

Anna tells Jason the protagonist is Henrik, and he must have spent time in boarding school. She can use the description to narrow the field, and cross-reference the school records with his birthdate. Jason says Henrik’s birthdate wasn’t in the manuscript.

Sonny has had a special breakfast prepared, and Michael says he’s waited his whole life for this breakfast. It does look good, but I don’t know if it’s life-waiting worthy. Sonny tells them to dig in. Dante says it’s better than his mom’s cooking, but don’t tell her he said that. Sonny says he had them prepare it like Tony’s on Fulton. Mike has no idea who Tony is, but he sure can cook.

Dante asks how Sonny got the recipe, and Sonny says his dad was the man at Tony’s. Sonny used to sneak in; they knew him because he was Mike’s kid. When his dad took him there, he always had espresso. Mike doesn’t remember, but Sonny takes his hand and tells him it’s okay. He asks if Mike is ready to go, and Mike tells Dante to keep Michael out of trouble. Dante says he doesn’t get in much trouble, and Mike tells Michael to get in some and keep them on their toes. He says it was a great breakfast, and to tell Morgan that he missed him. Sonny and Mike leave. Dante feels badly for Mike, but worse for Sonny. Michael says once he loses Mike, Sonny won’t have anyone else to remember his life with.

Jason repeats that there was no reference to Henrik’s birthday, and asks how Anna knew. She says Obrecht told her, but there’s no birth certificate and no official record.

Peter tells Maxie that she’s too hard on herself. Up until now, all she could do is get the mail, and she just spent the entire night there. She’s brave. Every day she has to face all she’s lost. She gets out of bed and goes to work, making something substantial and beautiful. She says she doesn’t do it alone, and he says, but she does it in the face of tremendous loss. She gets through the day in spite of it. She’s a hero.

Griff remembers talking to Anna, and then Peter, about Huntington’s disease. He flashes back to telling Peter that he’ll respect his privacy, no matter what. Ava asks if she can come back in. She can tell he’s worried, and asks if the test results were discouraging. He says they aren’t what he’d hoped for, but what he expected. She asks if he wants to talk about it. He tells her what he suspected about a patient proved to be true, and he doesn’t know what to do with the information. It’s not as simple as just telling them, and it’s not just the patient who needs the information. To make matters worse, what he did was unethical and illegal, and he did it anyway.

Lulu asks Nina if she has a moment, and asks how Maxie is doing. Nina says, not speaking to you, and Nina doesn’t want to either. Lulu says they both care about Maxie. Nina tells her that Maxie is devastated, but unbroken; fragile, but fierce. She comes to work every day, which proves she’s unstoppable. Lulu says she always has been. She’s relentless and remarkable, and Lulu wishes she could tell her. Nina says she’s not giving Maxie a message. Lulu accepts that her friendship with Maxie may be beyond saving, but she’s going to tie up the loose ends with Faison, no matter what. Nina tells her to knock herself out, but she never wants to hear her name again. Lulu says she understands, and Nina walks out.

Ava says Griff just wanted to help, and broke the rules. He says, not just the rules, the law. She tells him without naming names, would they be better off not knowing? Griff says, no, and she asks if the information – however he got it – help. He tells her it might even save a life. He went out on a limb to get an answer. He found it, and now has to decide what to do with what he’s learned.

Jason tells Anna that Spinelli plans to pass himself off as Henrik to gain access to Faison’s safe deposit boxes. Anna says he’ll end up in a foreign prison. She asks if they’ve thought this through, and suggests it might be a mind game thought up by Faison. Jason says they can find Henrik’s alias and last known whereabouts. She asks how he’s going to approach Henrik, and he says, with a gun. Anna tells him that he has to think it through, about how Henrik grew up; under the thumb of an oppressive tyrant. He was an unwilling participant turned traitor; he switched sides. Jason should be trying to find a way to undo that, and not jump to conclusions. Jason thinks he might not be an innocent victim. He could be like his father. She says he’s not, and Jason asks how she knows that. Anna says Faison was unique. Jason asks how she doesn’t know there isn’t some woman in the same position as she was, and Henrik isn’t targeting her as they speak? How would she feel if he allowed that to happen?

Maxie tells Peter to go home and change his clothes, so they can avoid horrible office rumors. He tells her to be kind to herself; it’s tough enough. She says, the best way out is through itRobert Frost. He’s impressed, but she says, don’t be. She thought it was Winston Churchill until Spinelli corrected her. There’s a knock at the door, and Spinelli brings Georgie in. Maxie introduces her to Peter. Georgie tells Maxie they came to make her feel better. Maxie says she’s sad because Nathan went away, but it’s working already. Spinelli tells Georgie that Maxie might not want to talk about it, but Maxie says, it’s okay. She loved him so much, and misses him a lot, but it’s a funny thing about feelings; you can have so many at one time. Even though she’s sad because Nathan is gone, she’s still so happy to see Georgie. Peter smiles.

Michael tells Dante that he spoke to Doc, and there are different approaches the medical community is taking with dementia. Dante asks if Michael thinks something can help, and Michael tells him Doc had an idea.

Mike says Sonny is quiet. Sonny says he’s just working. Mike says he didn’t mean to bother him, but Sonny says he has to take break and would rather talk to him. Mike asks what’s going on; is it the business? Sonny says the business is fine. Mike says he knows he’s not a kingpin, and Sonny says, lucky him, but he’s been through tight spots. If Sonny needs advice, just ask. Sonny says he might take him up on it. He asks if Mike remembers Richie. He ran numbers in the back of a bodega. Mike says he’s sorry; it’s not ringing any bells. He used to remember everything, like the guy who made breakfast – Tony. How could he forget? Sonny tells him, don’t worry; it was a long time ago. Mike says something about Tony is important.

Griff asks Ava what she’d do in his position. Ava can’t believe he’s asking her to figure out the right thing to do. She’s going to approach his question in two ways. What she would have done before she fell in love with him, is whatever would have benefited her the most, consequences be damned, and keep her mouth shut. He asks what she’d do now, and she says she’d ask the advice of the kindest, most compassionate person she knows – him. Even if it’s unethical, illegal, or a mistake of gargantuan proportions, one thing she knows for certain, is that he acts in the best interest of others. He doesn’t need her to tell him. He already knows.

Anna asks Jason if he read the manuscript. If he had, then he would have seen a deeper, complex humanity than Faison had. Looking at the character, she saw he has introspection, a capacity for empathy alien to Faison. Jason thinks he could be even more dangerous, and she says he’s forgetting Henrik kept him alive. He says, drugged and restrained, and she says, alive and breathing. He wouldn’t be here – Jason finishes, if he hadn’t escaped. He says he was kept there for years, and followed back from Russia. They drugged and kidnapped Sam on Henrik’s orders. Why is she defending this guy? Why is Jason assuming Henrik gave those orders?

Mike tells Sonny that he took a date to Tony’s. He was really nervous, and wanted to impress her, so he went all out. She was beautiful, with a wicked smile. She must have been something for him to remember. He struggles with her name, and Sonny asks if it was Adela. Mike says, yeah; she was really something.

Maxie tells Georgie to check out the nursery. There might be a present for her in there. Spinelli says it’s joyful beyond description to see them together. She thanks him, saying it’s already starting feel like home again. He wishes he could do more. Maxie says she can bear the unbearable. Even if Nathan isn’t coming back, the baby will have a big sister. Spinelli says she’ll have him too, and he’ll provide help to the best of his ability. Maxie says she has great friends, and he says, her chosen family. She has so many people willing to step up for her already. She says, already? She says what he means, is that she already has people close to her as opposed to Peter. She accuses Spinelli of not liking him, and Spinelli says he barely knows him, but he’s curious as to why she’s leaning on him so much. She says when she sees Nina or Obrecht, they’re just as devastated. Her mom and Mac love her, but they’re worried about her, and she can’t bear their pain on top of hers. Maybe she’s being selfish, but on the other hand, Peter barely knew Nathan. He was there when Nathan got shot, but he’s not grieving. She doesn’t have to make him feel better. Spinelli says there’s someone else, and she says, don’t you dare bring up Lulu.

Valentin goes over to Lulu’s table, and says, she’s tying up loose ends with Faison? She tells him, it’s called integrity; he should try it. He asks if she has a lead on Henrik, and she asks why he’s interested. He says Faison killed his wife’s brother, and he has considerable resources. She asks if he’s suggesting they be partners. He says, not in a quest for justice, but revenge.

Anna doesn’t condone what Henrik did, but thinks it’s important that Jason understand. He says Henrik could be an ongoing threat. She says he was trapped in a prison of his father’s making; forced to do things against his nature. He’s already paid a steep price for being Faison’s son.

At the MetroCourt, Peter takes out the new PK Sinclair book. He says, a new book, a clean bill of health, and best of all, his father is dead. Nina – who is getting to be like a freaking wizard – suddenly appears, and asks where that came from.

Sonny gives Mike some coffee. Mike says Sonny should meet his son. He thinks they’d like each other. Another stab in my heart.

Dante asks if Michael thinks it will work; it sounds out there. Michael says it’s worth a shot. He’s willing to do anything to give Sonny more time with Mike before he slips away. Dante says, let’s do it. I’m hoping it’s an ’80s cruise.

Spinelli knows the wound with Lulu is fresh, and Maxie says she understands Lulu didn’t shoot him, but she knew the risk. Nathan took risks to protect them. He put his life at risk for his family, but Lulu put his life at risk for her own career. It’s like a huge joke. She did it for the greater glory of being Lulu Spencer. She thinks being a Spencer makes her special, and she regrets nothing. She’s never wrong. Spinelli says as angry as she is, and blames and hates Lulu, he knows she loves and needs her. Maxie says she needs Nathan, and he’s dead because of Lulu. Spinelli says with all her flaws and failings, Lulu is her oldest and dearest friend. Oldest friends know us best, and above anyone, are the truest.

Valentin tells Lulu that Henrik could be anywhere, and he has contacts all over the world. Why not use them? She asks why he doesn’t find Henrik himself, but he says he’s busy. She wonders what makes him sure Henrik isn’t there. Maybe he knew everyone assumed he’d leave Port Charles, so he stayed behind. Faison hid on Spoon Island for quite some time. Valentin asks if she’s suggesting Henrik is hiding in his basement, and Lulu says, for all they know, he’s still in Port Charles, right under their noses.

Nina asks Peter how he got an advance copy of the new book. Peter says he’s in publishing, being polite in not adding that was a stupid question. She gives him some paperwork, saying he saved her a trip to his office.

Ava sees Griff’s folder, and thinks about opening it, but she doesn’t. She puts it in a cupboard. Probably to be opened later.

Unaware Griff is listening, Jason tells Anna that if Henrik took over where Faison left off, he’s dangerous. Anna thinks they should try to help him. Jason says, not help. They need to stop him, and eliminate him, whatever it takes.

Tomorrow, Sonny tells Dante he’s grateful, Bobbie tells Scotty that his secret is safe with her, and Sonny has a surprise for Mike.

💭 Bravo is having another Ice Cube/Friday takeover, along with the three-part Married to Medicine Reunion – even scarier than the show – but soon we will have more Housewives than we can handle. I also can’t wait for Southern Charm, which I consistently want to call Southern Comfort, a 1981 film that’s well worth watching. I’ll let it speak for itself.

🐍 👀 It’s the land of hospitality. Unless you don’t belong there.

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