March 30, 2018 – A One-Night Event at Luke’s, a Half-Dozen Quotes & Some Happys


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General Hospital

Mike looks at a family photo. In a voice-over, Sonny says he’s been thinking about memory; how much it defines us, and how much our character is built from it. Loyalties, personalities, and our souls are a response to what came before. It’s the sum total of connections we’ve made and people we’ve lost. The building blocks of our identity. Without them, who we are is lost to us. While he’s talking, we see various characters getting an invitation to a one-night event at the MetroCourt.

Sonny, Michael and Dante are wearing tuxedos. Mike asks why they’re dressed up. What’s the occasion? Sonny says it’s a surprise.

At the MetroCourt everyone is has gathered for the event, dressed to the nines. Sonny tells Mike, welcome to Luke’s.

Mike asks how he did it. Luke’s is gone; it burned down years ago. Sonny says he got thinking he missed it, and asked Luke about bringing it back. Luke gave his blessing, but Sonny was never a hands-on kind of guy, and has no experience. He asks Mike what he thinks. Mike says give him a second. He goes to the bar, and tells the servers to put their phones down, make sure the customers have drinks, and encourage them to mingle. Mike asks who the act is, and Olivia-Q tells him that Eddie Maine is playing. She reminds Mike of who she is from the old neighborhood.

Doc says Mike is jumping right in, and back to his old self, Michael thanks him, and he says some patients respond to nostalgia. The hypothesis is, a walk through the past brings the memory to the forefront. Mike asks if he should card Lulu, and she likes that. Sonny thanks his sons, and Dante says Mike smiling is all the thanks they need. Carly says it brings back lots of memories for her, not just for Mike.

Elizabeth talks to some of the other staff about remembering their first day at GH. Doc says he was intimidated by Dr. Hardy. We see an old clip of Audrey and Steve at the hospital. Monica says he had high standards, but led by example. He built the hospital into something they could be proud of. The group toasts to him.

Felicia and Mac knock on Maxie’s door, and tell her to stop hiding and open the door. She lets them in, and asks how they knew she was hiding. Mac says, years of experience. She knows they want her to go to the MetroCourt. Felicia says for tonight, it’s Luke’s, and she can come in the front instead of sneaking around the back like she used to. Maxie says, as cool as Luke’s was, if she got a chance to visit the past, it’s not where she’d go.

Mike calls Lucy boss. She says she’ll never forget her partner, and he tells her it’s nice that she remembers; everything about her is unforgettable. Lucy tells Doc, nice work, and Doc says, it’s entirely a Corinthos family project. He just advised them. She tells him that he gives the best advice.

Alexis asks for sparkling water, and Mike says he’s in recovery too. He has a gambling addiction. He threw away a lot of good things. She tells him that he’s looking good, and he says, it works if you work it (12-Step lingo).

Bobbie thanks Scotty for coming. He says he did this for her. He doesn’t have much use for Sonny, but respects what he’s doing for his father. Bobbie suggests he pay tribute to Lee by being the man Lee wanted him to be. We flash back to a very young Scotty with Lee, telling Lee that he wants him to be his lawyer because he’s the best and his father. Scotty says he almost ended up a dogcatcher instead of a judge because he goofed up when Bobbie brought Luke to town. We see young Luke and even younger Bobbie, when Luke first arrived. Bobbie tells Scotty that she’s always thought he didn’t hate Luke as much as he pretended to. She calls them frenemies, and he says Luke kept his life interesting. Bobbie says his secret is safe with her.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going. Mike says it’s a good crowd, and asks Sonny when Brenda is going to get there. He says it always takes her forever to get ready.

Bobbie thought Mac and Felicia were bringing Maxie, but Felicia says they couldn’t get her to come. Bobbie asks if she can try.

Olivia asks Ned if he has stage fright, and he says, always. He tells her that Mike asked if his grandparents are coming. He says they had a rich, full life, and Olivia wishes she had met them in their prime. He says his grandfather was a schemer, a manipulator, and charming. His grandmother was grace personified, and could keep him in line with a word. A precious clip of Lila and the original Edward is shown. Olivia kisses Ned, calling him Edward Quartermaine.

Monica tells Michael that he’s thoughtful, and must have gotten the recessive gene from Lila, not his grandfather. Alan obviously cared about people, and if he hadn’t damaged his hand trying to kill her, would have made great a surgeon. Michael is like, what? She says she was cheating on him. We see Monica and Alan fighting in their heyday. She says no one could make her angrier or laugh harder. Even though there were times she never wanted to see him again, she misses him every day. She hugs Michael. Mini rant. Killing Alan off was a HUGE mistake. I didn’t watch the show for a long time after that. Then they made an even bigger mistake, bringing him back as a ghost, trying to correct their first mistake.

Maxie tells Bobbie that she already told Mac and Felicia that she can’t go. Bobbie says she’s there to change her mind. It’s a onetime event. Miss it, and it’s gone; no do over. Maxie says she can’t handle going to a party. Bobbie tells her it’s not a party. It’s a gathering of friends to help Mike, who’s losing his memory. Maxie says everywhere she turns, there are memories of Nathan. Memories of what she lost, and what the baby lost. She doesn’t want them; it’s too painful. Bobbie says she doesn’t mean that. She lived through it, and knows the grief. You want to forget about the good as well as the bad, because you think you can’t go on. Bobbie did, and BJ goes on in Maxie, just like Nathan does in another baby. She tells Maxie to embrace the future, and live life with joy and purpose. Maxie says she doesn’t know how to do that. Bobbie says she’ll figure it out. Bobbie promises Maxie is stronger than she thinks.

Sonny introduces Anna to Mike, who says, Robin’s mom. He tells Anna that her daughter is impressive. As they walk back to the party, Anna tells Sonny that Mike is right. The most terrifying moment of her life was when she thought she lost her little girl. She spent weeks searching, and when she found her – we flash back to when Anna reunites with Robin, who’s about five – she swore she would never let her go. It’s difficult to keep promises. Sonny says all they can do is love their kids, and be the best they can for them.

Carly asks Jason how many memories he has of this place, and he says, a lot. Carly didn’t spend much time there. Luke blackmailed her into staying away when he found out she was Bobbie’s daughter. She can see it from his perspective now. He wanted to save her mom from the conniving wench. Jason says she wasn’t a conniving wench, but she says she was until Michael was born, and he saved her. Jason says, him too, and we see Jason holding Michael as a literal a baby. Michael asks why they’re looking at him, and Carly says they were just talking about him as a baby. Time flies.

Anna tells Sonny it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing for his dad. Sonny says it brings back a lot of memories. He tells her that Robin used to spend a lot of time at Luke’s. It was twenty-three years ago. We see Robin lying in a bed with Stone. A younger-than-I-can-remember Sonny asks if he’s dead. He is, and Sonny takes Robin’s place in the bed. Sonny tells Anna that Stone was nineteen. He’s been gone longer than he lived. Anna says he still lives on in Robin’s heart, and Sonny says he feels the same way.

Olivia welcomes everyone to Luke’s, and thanks Mike. She says, for one night, and one night only, give it up for Eddie Maine. Ned sings Love Will Have the Last Word. I don’t know this song, but figure that’s the title, since that lyric is repeated a bunch of times.

Maxie shows up at the MetroCourt. Mike remembers her, and congratulates her on expecting. He says it will be the best thing ever to happen to her. Felicia tells Bobbie that she doesn’t know how she got Maxie there, but thanks. Bobbie says, to honor those they lost is the price of living. Maxie is already figuring out that when you help someone else, you create a miracle. We flash back to the moment Felicia realized Maxie received BJ’s heart. I remember that scene. It was absolutely draining. Felicia thanks Bobbie for her daughter.

Alexis tells Ned, nice job, Eddie. He says, thanks, Angel. She says, Eddie’s Angel, and we see him finding her on his hotel room bed with a rose in her teeth. Alexis says it was the most embarrassing moment of her life, adding that’s saying a lot. He says she would have made a helluva groupie.

Mac remembers Luke buying Lucy’s shoe during her striptease/auction at the Nurses’ Ball. It’s agreed that Lucy always goes all out – even if she’s hanging from the rafters in her underwear. Lucy says that was only one incident among her many triumphs. We trip down the Memory Lane of various gowns Lucy wore to the Nurses’ Ball. Felicia brings up Doc and Mac dressing in drag, and we flash back to them shaving their legs and dressing up a la Bosom Buddies. (I miss that show!) Doc says he hated it at the time, but looking back, he’s had a great friend in Mac.

Sonny tells Dante and Michael that this night was the best gift. Dante says he made it happen. Sonny says what good is all the hard work if he can’t pull strings for family? Dante asks if Sonny ever had any regrets. Did he ever feel that it came at too steep a price? Sonny says one thing in particular, and we go back to when undercover Dante tried to arrest Sonny and got shot. We see Olivia telling him, you just shot your own son. Dante tells Sonny that he liked him, in spite of all that. Now he has an excuse to like him. Sonny says he can’t take credit for the man Dante become, but he’s grateful Dante is his son.

Jason thanks Monica for coming. She says she and Sonny aren’t great friends, but Mike is a good man. It’s not wise to spend too much time looking back, but it’s not bad to revisit the past once in a while. Jason says he’s starting to learn that, and remembers the two of them way back when. Monica says Jason intervening when she almost killed Pierce, made her realize her son loved her. Jason says of course he loves her. She’s his mom. They hug.

Carly asks how Sonny is, and he says, right about tonight. He’s thinking about all the people he’s lost. If it wasn’t for Carly, he’d have blown it all to hell. We see when they first said, I love you. Carly says he’ll always be a part of her. He’s a hard man to love, but nothing worth having is ever easy. They kiss.

Everyone dances as things wind down. Eventually, there’s no one left except Sonny and Carly. They dance and kiss, and Sonny asks Mike if he’s ready to call it a night. Mike says, one more for the road, and pours two shots of whiskey. He tells Sonny that when he moved upstate, he worried about him, but it turned out to be the right call. He’s done well; better than Mike expected. Sonny says, much better than he deserved. Mike says, the cocky SOB doesn’t give himself enough credit, adding, you did good, son. He’s proud of Sonny. They clink glasses, and tear my heart out. Sonny tells Mike to go ahead to the elevator; he’ll follow. Sonny almost starts to cry, but regains his composure. He says, to a helluva night. May tomorrow be even better.

We end with the camera focusing on the neon sign that says, Luke’s.

I loved this episode. You did good, GH.

On Monday, Anna knows Griff is keeping a secret, Finn asks Alexis to be serious, Lulu asks Peter to help Sam, and Sam says goodbye to Drew.

🔊  Quotes of the Week

Whenever the world throws rose petals at you, which thrill and seduce the ego, beware. The cosmic banana peel is suddenly going to appear underfoot to make sure you don’t take it all too seriously. — Anne Lamott

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.Xun Kuang

Hell is other people.Jean-Paul Sartre

You stole that from me during the Black Plague. – Radu (Anders Hove), Subspecies IV, confirming how petty vampires can be.

People need to respect each other’s views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.Ryan Moore

Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.Euripides

Image result for clipart passover Happy Passover!

In honor of the LORD your God, celebrate the Passover each year in the early spring, in the month of Abib, for that was the month in which the LORD your God brought you out of Egypt by night. – Deuteronomy, 16:1, New Living Translation

Image result for clipart cross Happy Easter!

But very early on Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. They found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. So they went in, but they didn’t find the body of the Lord Jesus. – Luke 24:1-3, New Living Translation

🌻 Happy Spring!



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