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May 30, 2018 – Kiki Makes a Decision, Bethenny’s Holiday Party, a Cruise at the Dock, Selling Spaces & Your Choice


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General Hospital

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying they have to prove Nelle set up Carly. He tells Spinelli that she left a trail somewhere, and they have to find it. He opens the door, and Kim is there.

Curtis sees Sam sitting on a bench. She’s like, hi, stranger, and he says he’s been making merry. Since he proposed to Jordan, she can’t blame a brother for wanting to celebrate. She says he missed a lot last night. He says he’s a good investigator, but bows to her expertise, and asks how she figured out that Peter was Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that it’s a simple transaction. Help him get out, and he’ll give Drew the means to remember his life as Drew. It’s in his possession.

Nina calls Nora from the hospital. She wants to start divorce proceedings, and wants Nora to represent her. Obrecht surprises her. She asks if the baby is okay. Nina says he’s small, but growing every day, and Maxie is doing fine. Obrecht wants to see her grandson, but Nina says there are a few things she needs to know.

Alexis looks at a picture of Mikkos, and goes through some Cassadine keepsakes. Her doorbell rings. It’s Valentin. He calls her Natasha. I love that name. It’s too bad she didn’t keep it. I had a German Shepherd named Natasha.

Elizabeth asks Kiki if David actually propositioned her. She’s not doubting it; she just doesn’t want to misunderstand. Kiki says he offered her his hotel key, and told her that he’d be waiting, if she wanted a better evaluation. It’s not the first time he came on to her.

Kim hopes Jason doesn’t mind; Josslyn gave her the address. He tells her it’s not a good time. She says she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important. Drew is about to take a terrible risk, and she thinks Jason is the one person who can stop him.

Sam tells Curtis how Peter had already made arrangements to meet Anna, but thank God, Jason showed up. Curtis wonders, if Jason got the drop on Peter, why is he still alive? Sam says Anna threatened to kill Jason, and Curtis says that’s taking law enforcement to the next level. She tells him to brace himself – Anna is Peter’s mother. She explains that Faison got Anna pregnant, she gave the baby up, and now they have Peter. (Really. The explanation was that simple.) Curtis thinks that explains why there’s no record of a history; it was forged. Sam doesn’t think it was entirely, and that the past couple of years, Peter was living under his new name. Curtis asks what happens to him now. Sam says the WSB is working on extradition. Curtis says he knows he’s fired. Sam tells him that Drew put out a press release. Now the truth is out. She thinks Drew needs time to himself to figure out who he is, and she needs to rebuild her own life.

Peter tells Drew that the baseline map of his memories is on the flash drive. It was hidden in an ornament, and given to Anna. She wasn’t aware of it, and donated it to the park Christmas tree, where he appropriated it. A copy of Drew’s memories is his for a price.

Valentin wants to solicit Alexis’s work as an attorney. He’ll pay her hourly, and make a generous contribution toward her daughter’s charity. He wants to move the bulk of his assets to a trust for Charlotte, and avoid any potential legal difficulties. Alexis asks if he’s worried about a lawsuit, and he says he can’t be too careful, but not yet. She asks why her, and he says she’s family; they should help each other. He looks at a piece of jewelry in her keepsake box.

Julian leaves a message for Kim to stop by Charlie’s. Lucas shows up there, and tells Julian he needs help. It’s about his biological mother.

Obrecht asks Nina to explain, and Nina says Peter delivered the baby by the side of the road. Obrecht says she’ll bake him a strudel to thank him. Nina says there’s more. He’s really Henrik. Obrecht says that’s not possible. She remembers Henrik as shy and clumsy, tripping over his own feet. Nina says, obviously, he’s changed. He was Maxie’s friend, and at the fundraiser with her. He was also there when Nathan got shot. Faison wasn’t going to Crimson to find Maxie, but to find Peter, and Nathan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obrecht asks if Maxie knows, and Nina tells her yes. Peter is in jail, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Obrecht says there’s time to deal with that later, but now she wants to see her grandson. Nina says she’s not finished.

Jason tells Kim, whatever is going on, he can’t help. Carly is his priority. Kim is sorry about what’s happened, but Carly’s life isn’t on the line, and Drew’s might be. Jason says Drew can take care of himself, but Kim says he’s also Oscar’s father – Jason’s nephew. Oscar is just getting to know him, and if he loses him, it will break his heart. She asks if he’ll hear her out for Oscar’s sake, and Jason agrees.

Sam tells Curtis that she and Drew acquired Aurora to create a safe lifestyle for their family, and she thinks they did that. She wants to support him, and thinks she has, but she’s not wired that way. Curtis gets it. She wants variety, stimulation, meeting new people, and challenges that make her think quickly on her feet. They’re wired the same way. He tells her to look no further. He’s her partner.

Drew says Peter had the flash drive since Christmas. He could have made it known, or given it to someone anonymously, but held on to it just in case. Peter says, preparing for every eventuality is good business practice. Drew says it’s not business; it’s his life. Peter says it has everything on it, and it’s his gift to Drew – if he gets him out of there.

Nina tells Obrecht that Valentin knew. Obrecht says he worked for Faison, so probably saw Henrik when he was home on breaks from school. He also knew Henrik’s mother. Obrecht says she was a streetwalker; one of the many Faison hired to resemble Anna. Nina says, wrong. He never knew the truth. Henrik’s mother is Anna.

Alexis tells Valentin that rooting through her things is no way to solicit her services. He asks if she was feeling nostalgic, and she says she was feeling grateful to escape with her sanity intact. Valentin says he has failings, but galloping insanity isn’t one of them. Alexis says, no, but he inherited a lack of scruples, morality, and a semblance of a conscience. He says he thought she tried to avoid everything Cassadine, but she says she was trying to fill in the gap. Valentin says if she works for him, he’ll tell her everything.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that at first, David was super nice and complementary. He suggested medical school, and encouraged her through the whole process. It was when he started insisting on taking her out for meals and giving her gifts, things got weird. She thought he was just being a mentor. Elizabeth says a mentor isn’t supposed to behave like that. Kiki didn’t want to seem ungrateful or over sensitive. She didn’t know how far it had gone until he kissed her a few months ago. Then she thought maybe she’d misunderstood, and had sent the wrong signals. She told him she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him, and he seemed to accept it, but then treated her differently. When he wasn’t being extra hard on her for little things, he was super nice, and easy going, and acted like the reprimands and chewing out never happened. He showed her a draft of her evaluation. It was a disaster, but he told her there was still time for revisions – if she was waiting in his hotel room. Elizabeth asks if Kiki thinks he’s there, but she thinks he’s still lurking around somewhere. Elizabeth says he’s about to get what’s coming to him.

Kim tells Jason that Andre thinks at best, he can remove Jason’s memories from Drew, and he won’t recall anything before he came to Port Charles. At worst, he could have severe brain damage. He’s risking the ability to reason and feel, but he wants his own life without Jason’s memories. Jason asks what he can do, and Kim asks if he thinks Drew won’t listen because of Sam.

Sam asks if Curtis wants to open a PI firm and he’s inviting her to join him. He says he already has a thriving business, but there’s too much work to do it alone. She asks if he’s trying to recruit her before she’s his biggest competition. He says she knows how valuable a partner is, and it would be a smart move. Even their names sound great – Ashford and Caine. Sam messes with her ring, and tells him it’s McCall; she already filed paperwork to change it back. Curtis likes it even better – Ashford and McCall. She asks why his name is first, and he says it sounds better. He can also offer the argument that it’s alphabetical, like Lennon and McCartney. It was argued for years who was more talented and appealing, but both were brilliant, and more so together. She says it’s one of the best arguments she’s heard, and he asks if it worked. She says she doesn’t know. She has to talk to Drew. She has things to finalize with him, and a few loose ends tie up.

Drew asks if Peter wants him to break him out. Peter says he should know how; he did for his father. He can make the choice to be the man he was meant to be, or carry his brother’s memories. Drew tells him Andre has agreed to oversee the procedure, and wipe out Jason’s memories. Peter says, without the flash drive, there’s no way to restore Drew’s memories, but Drew says, who knows? Maybe they’re still there. Peter says maybe they’ll come back without Jason’s memories there, or he’ll have no mind at all. Drew says it’s a risk he’ll have to take. Peter says it would be an even trade; he’s making a mistake. Drew says he’s made a lot of them, but he’s not going to make the mistake of setting him free. He calls Peter Henrik, and tells him to enjoy his time there. He leaves, as Peter calls after him.

Obrecht is shocked, and Nina says there’s no question that Anna is Peter’s mother. She had the baby in secret, and gave it away. Valentin found out, and took the baby, giving it to Faison. He never told Faison that Anna was the mother. Obrecht says if Faison had known the baby was the product of a union with Anna, he would have been more obsessed. Peter never would have escaped. Nina tells her that Valentin said the same thing. Obrecht suggests they see the baby. They have a living reminder of her beautiful son, and Nina’s beautiful brother.

Lucas gives Julian a baby scrapbook, and says his mother’s thoughts are fuzzy about his grandparents. He asks if Julian could fill it in. Julian couldn’t be happier. Did Lucas think he’d turn him down? Lucas says he’d be within his rights; they asked him to keep his distance. Julian understands parents protecting their child. Lucas says they have to get the child before they can protect it. The birth mother could change her mind any time during the process. It’s far from a done deal. She could pull the rug out at any time.

Alexis wonders what Valentin is really up to, and he asks what he’d have to gain by lying? She tells him just because she doesn’t know his motive, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. He says, spoken like a true Cassadine. No one knows the family better than he does. She says the family didn’t know he existed. Neither one of them had any meaningful contact with their father. Valentin says he’s a demon for research, and has learned a lot since living on the estate. She says it was left to him as a last resort. Their father would never have named his daughter as heir. He asks if she had wanted to inherit it, and she says, hell no, but he says it’s sweet to get validation, even if it’s too late. She asks why she’d want to resurrect Mikkos, and he says sometimes we’re drawn to what hurts us the most.

Kim says Jason’s personal life is none of her business, but Oscar is. Oscar needs Drew, and she wonders if part of why he wants the procedure is because of the of the break up. She can’t imagine what it’s like; which feelings are his or Jason’s. Jason wants nothing to do with it, but Kim asks if he can’t just try and tell him not to take the risk. He says it’s not his choice to make. Kim asks what he’d do in Drew’s place, and Jason says if the only way to be free is to risk everything, it would be worth it. He’d rather die than have someone else controlling him. Maybe Drew feels the same way.

Peter hears someone, and thinks it’s Drew, but it’s Sam. She bets he wasn’t expecting to see her. The only reason he’s alive is that he saved Jason’s life, and could have the answer to rebuild Drew’s. For that, and that alone, she’s grateful. He asks, how grateful?

Drew remembers talking to Jason at the gym, and saying when he looks in the mirror, all he sees is Jason. He doesn’t remember before 2013, but feels like he was there, and doesn’t want Jason’s baggage. He calls Andre, and says he knows what he wants to do.

Nina shows Obrecht the baby, and she marvels at his tininess. o the baby she marvels Deanna asks if Nina is checking on James again, and Nina says he’s quite the looker. Obrecht is thrilled that the baby is named James. She can’t conceive of a finer name.

Alexis tells Valentin that she can do research herself. He says, then he’ll take his leave, but asks her to consider his offer. She says she does excellent research on her own, and he says assuming she knows where to look. She blocked the memory of her mother’s murder. How much of her life is a mystery to her? She tells him to get his portfolio. She needs a full accounting of his assets.

Kiki tells Elizabeth she can’t confront David, but Elizabeth says they’ll take it to administration. Kiki says it will be her word against his, and she’ll be labeled a troublemaker. Elizabeth says that’s what he wants her to think. He’s hoping that her being scared keeps her silent, but he’ll hopefully roll over as soon as he’s called out. Kiki says maybe she misinterpreted him, but Elizabeth says he’s harassing her; there’s no other way to read it. He offered her his hotel room key. Elizabeth had a similar experience as a teen – not the rape – but she felt powerless, thinking the behavior was her fault. No one has the right to make her feel like that, and there’s no way to make it better except speaking up.

Kim asks if Jason thinks Drew is making the right choice, but he says it doesn’t matter. Kim says it does. The more she talks to him, the less he reminds her of Drew. If he’s patient, maybe Drew’s memories will come back on their own. Jason suggests she tell him that. She says if Jason is willing to die to be free, what would convince him otherwise? He says the people he loves. If Sam asked him not to; Sonny or Carly. Carly would tell him he couldn’t do it, because she needs him, and it wouldn’t be fair to risk leaving his kids. She’d tell him it sucks, but people live through worse. Kim asks if that would be enough. He says he can hear Carly in a way he can’t hear anyone else. Maybe Drew can hear her the same way. She says, maybe, and thanks him, saying he’s been a lot of help.

Peter tells Sam to listen carefully; there’s not much time. She says grateful isn’t the same as owing. He kept Drew’s life from him; he kept Jason away for five years. He asks, what about Scout? She’ll wonder why her father doesn’t smile or speak while he’s lying in the hospital. If Andre removes Jason’s memories, he has nothing to replace them with. He says to tell him not to risk it. He needs the flash drive.

Curtis sees Nina, and asks if she knows any nephews who need a teddy bear, and hands her one. He sees she’s teary, and asks if it’s about the baby. She says they’re good tears, and he asks what he’s missing. She says her husband turned out to be everything everyone warned her about; she’s divorcing him. He gives her a hanky. Is he related to Nathan too?

Julian understands Lucas is nervous, but there’s no reason to get worked up. Lucas says state law says the mother has thirty days to revoke the adoption. Julian is puzzled, asking how they’re expected to hold their breath, and not truly call the baby their own. Lucas doesn’t like it, but he gets it; it’s the law. It’s a semi-open adoption; she gets to know them, but they don’t get to know her. They knew the risk getting into it. They knew it could all fall apart. Julian doesn’t want to see him hurt, but Lucas says it’s not his family, and he’s not doing anything to screw it up.

Alexis looks at Valentin’s portfolio, and says it’s a lot of material. He’s worth a lot of money. He says he’ll pay double if she can get it done as quickly as possible. She says he’s going to have to discuss some things with Nina, but he tells her Nina isn’t in the frame of mind to take calls. She tells him amends are made through actions. She hopes he’s not doing this just to get on Nina’s good side.

Kiki asks Elizabeth if she thinks she should report David. Elizabeth says it’s not about her, but whatever Kiki decides, she’ll support her. Kiki says, even if she decides to be a coward? Elizabeth says what David is doing is wrong. She has every right to report him. She doesn’t need to, but by staying quiet, he’ll be emboldened to continue. Maybe not with her, but the next vulnerable person. Kiki says it will be her fault, but Elizabeth says, no. He’s responsible for his behavior; not her. She doesn’t want Kiki to carry regret. She’s not powerless. If she can find the strength to stand up to him, she can stop him. Kiki asks, what if no one believes her, and Elizabeth says, she does, and she’ll be by her side every step of the way. Kiki says, okay; let’s go.

Alexis looks at Mikkos’s picture. Julian calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Obrecht tells the baby it’s her, is oma. She says how beautiful he is, like his father. She gets teary, and says she’s so sorry she wasn’t there when he was born, but she’s there now, and will never be far again. As long as she’s in the world, he has nothing and no one to fear. She promises. She will make sure of it.

Valentin comes to Peter’s cell. Peter says, if it isn’t his old friend.

Drew sees Kim outside Kelly’s. She says she was thinking about their conversation earlier. He says, him too. He’d like to talk some more as soon as it’s all over. He just got off the phone with Andre, and they’re going ahead. The next time she sees him, he’ll be himself, and not anyone else. He leaves before she can say anything else.

On the phone, Jason tells Spinelli that Nelle had to buy the scarf somewhere. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam. She needs his help.

Tomorrow, Kiki files a complaint against David, Andre asks if Drew wants to reconsider, Sam wants Jason to help break Peter out, and Obrecht confronts Anna.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Still at dinner after the mystery party. Carol tells Bethenny she talks a lot. Bethenny says Carole is being whiny. Tinsley thinks their tone is off. Bethenny says they were in different place this summer, and she doesn’t need Carole lecturing her. They keep interrupting each other, and Carole gets up. In her interview, Sonja thinks it’s not getting anywhere. Carole isn’t articulating her point, and Bethenny is hurt. Carole insists Bethenny never told her about Adam refusing the trip to Houston. Bethenny says she called Carole, and said that Adam was an operator, and asked if they could be done with him. Carole says other people told her that Bethenny talked smack about Adam, but she never said anything about inviting him to Houston. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny is blatantly lying. Bethenny says she thought she pushed a button with Adam and went too far, and Carole told her everyone was an operator when it came to business. LuAnn interjects, and Carole says no one wants to hear her. LuAnn says Carole and Adam met in her kitchen, and brings up how he was dating her niece at the time; he is an operator. Ramona says it took him three years to operate, and LuAnn says, however long it takes, and calls him a little boy from the Midwest. Bethenny and Carole talk at the same time, which I hate. Carole whines that Bethenny never congratulated her on the marathon, but she called LuAnn a loser. LuAnn is like, what? Why? Bethenny says she doesn’t know and doesn’t know that she did. LuAnn says, if she’s a loser, the rest of the world is screwed. In her interview, she asks if she looks like a loser. She thinks she’s great. Carole calls Bethenny a phony. She thinks it’s okay to say what she has to say, but then she’s done. Carole asks if she’s playing the victim, and Dorinda yells that they can make it okay. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s not about who’s right or wrong, but that feelings were hurt, and why isn’t the friendship the same?

Carole thinks Bethenny doesn’t care enough about the friendship to come to terms with what was said. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny only wants to understand her own POV, but she’s hurting inside. Bethenny tells Carole if she didn’t care about the friendship, she wouldn’t be tolerating the conversation; it’s ridiculous. She tells Carole not to act like she’s seven. They both get up. Bethenny feels betrayed. She might have thought LuAnn was a loser, but it was sh*tty of Carole to bring it up. LuAnn says it’s more sh*tty to say it in the first place. Bethenny says LuAnn has said bad things about her. LuAnn gets up and says she doesn’t care what Bethenny thinks, but kind of jokes around. Bethenny says they’ve all said negative things about each other at one time or another, but she didn’t expect that from Carole. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny can never admit she’s less than perfect. Carole tells Ramona that Bethenny wasn’t supportive of her running the marathon, and didn’t even give a donation, but she didn’t even say anything. Bethenny says, so much more came out than she’d intended originally. She says you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Now she can’t trust Carole. LuAnn says, no loser here, and tells them, ciao, bella. Then she realizes that’s Italian, and says, au revoir.

Ramona tells Carole that she felt their pain, but neither one of them was making sense. She knows they love each other. Bethenny is within earshot, and says Ramona is on stage because she’s there; that wasn’t what Ramona was saying a second ago. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona thrives on others being in discord; she revels in it. Ramona says she knows their friendship, and this is upsetting to see. Dorinda brings out a birthday cake for herself, and everyone sings. Dorinda puts her face in the cake. In her interview, she says she had to do something to make them laugh, but didn’t consider the candles were in it. Now she has a new hairline. She does it again, and a third time for LuAnn. All in the name of distraction. She wants to get the party started, and puts her face in the cake again. LuAnn licks her. Someone says, one, two, three, and they all say, you made it nice.

LuAnn says she came for a fun night; let’s get on with the party. Bethenny tries to put on an elf jumpsuit, but Dorinda tries getting into it at the same time. They’re drunk and laughing, and Bethenny says she has a Santa suit. Dorinda says she owns Santa.

Carole tells Dorinda that Bethenny is crazy. She’s seeing through the lens of her own experience, like narcissists do. She never said anything about Adam. Bethenny walks in, and in her interview, Ramona says, forget a knife, you could cut the tension with a spoon. Dorinda says it’s not about her, and they should talk. Carole tells Bethenny that she doesn’t want to fight. They both said their piece. Bethenny doesn’t feel that way. Carole insists she heard about Houston from someone else. Bethenny thinks she must be missing something like a text. She didn’t just say, Adam sucks, out of the blue.

Tinsley says, the night is still young. Bethenny says Carole seems to be more into self-care. Carole is offended at being called selfish, but Bethenny tells her that she didn’t say that. She seems more self-involved, and she was letting Carole do Carole. She’s not mad at her. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny needs a reality check. She didn’t change who she is. LuAnn gives Ramona a lap dance. In her interview, Sonja says she loves the part of the party, where everyone is drunk and dry-humping. I don’t think I’ve been at a party like that since high school. Bethenny tells Carole she was too deep into her charity, with everyone depending on her, and Carole didn’t seem interested; which is fine. She says the conversation got to a ten, and Carole suggests they’ve brought it to a seven, but Bethenny doesn’t want it to be anything. Carole asks if there are more holiday PJs. Bethenny says Dorinda stole the other pair.

The Berkshires in the snow is absolutely gorgeous. LuAnn wakes up, saying, water. Everyone laughs at each other’s hair. LuAnn needs the spa. Bethenny says it’s like a bad lesbian porno flick. Dorinda tells them there’s a coffee station downstairs. In her interview, Dorinda says, strangely, everyone is in great shape. They’re tough bitches. Sonja shows Dorinda the before photos of their room. Bethenny says she’s feeling upset and emotional. It doesn’t matter who’s right. She doesn’t want Carole upset. She just wants to make it nice. Ramona tells Dorinda that they left it cleaner than when they came. Dorinda says she gets a star. She thinks they had success; everything is solid in the house, and maybe Carole and Bethenny got something out.

Contractor Leo arrives at Sonja’s. She doesn’t want to spend money, but has to, to make money. She tells Leo that she had sex on the sink in the staffroom, and it pulled off the wall. She’d like him to reattach it. She did glue the towel holder back though. He’s like, great.

Bethenny tries to start a fire in the apartment fireplace. It’s her version of an NYC holiday party. Tinsley is the first to show up, and Sonja follows. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja is feeling herself. She’s always beautiful, but looks fresh as a daisy and knows it. Sonja tells Tinsley about wanting to move out, and not having a place yet; she’s allergic to construction. Tinsley says of course she can stay with her. Dorinda says three things happen every year: their trip to the Hamptons, their trip to the Berkshires, and Bethenny’s holiday party. The others trickle in. LuAnn is hosting a blood drive, and thanks Tinsley for her donation. Bethenny says she can’t come, but she’ll be sending something. Carole is the last to arrive, and the food starts happening. In her interview, Carole says she’s not feeling any better about Bethenny, but doesn’t want to escalate it. She also doesn’t want to hear any sh*t.

Bethenny tells everyone they’re playing white elephant, where if you don’t like your gift, you can claim another person’s gift. She says it should be called, screw over your best friend for a better gift. Carole says she’s keeping hers, but Bethenny says it’s not her choice, and passes out Santa hats. Dorinda thinks LuAnn’s gift is something she already gave to Ramona. Someone says there’s a special delivery, and Bethenny freaks out. It’s the nutcracker she’d wanted for Brynn, being carried by Dorinda’s decorator, Michael. He says there was only one in America. Bethenny says he found it, and Dorinda says, she did. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t the type to look for a thank you, but a little mention of her name would be nice. Carole can’t help noticing the irony, since Bethenny called out Tinsley for not being grateful to Sonja. Bethenny says Dorinda saved Christmas, so there’s that.

Ramona gets some beauty products, and says something about her own skincare line. Bethenny says she wasn’t expecting an infomercial. In her interview, Ramona thinks it would be nice if Bethenny would be more supportive. LuAnn says she’s going to Palm Beach for the holidays, and Sonja asks if Tom is going there for New Year’s. LuAnn has no idea. In her interview, Sonja says LuAnn has been avoiding Tom, and now she’s going back to the scene of the crime. LuAnn says she’s just going to be there for Christmas. Bethenny thinks he’s moved on, and has a busted-up girlfriend. LuAnn is like, what?Sonja says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and Ramona says he has a different girlfriend every night, and Bethenny apologizes, saying Carole had said he did. LuAnn says, it’s history, but doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, Bethenny admits she was uncool all over the place by mentioning it. In her interview, LuAnn says, Tom should live under a rock. She can’t believe how fast he moved on with parading women around.

After the party, Bethenny, Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja have a last drink. Bethenny thinks Carole looked sad. Ramona thinks it was just the long weekend, but Bethenny says Carole might be lonely without Adam, and not accessing her feelings.

LuAnn comes into the Red Cross for the blood drive she’s hosting. She’s gotten tight with them, and wanted to help collect blood for the holidays. Because they’ve been in Mexico in the last year, they can’t give blood, and she feels awful about it. Ooh, they have little shepherd’s pies. No orange juice and a cookie for these people. Bethenny sends a representative, who brings cash cards to give to those affected. Sonja asks Carole how she is, telling her the others thought she looked sad. LuAnn asks if she’s sad. Carole is miffed that they were talking about her.

Sonja chats with the donors. LuAnn asks about the nutcracker situation. She’d thought Michael got it. Dorinda says she’s dumbfounded. Carole says it was awkward. In her interview, Dorinda says she was excited about achieving something Bethenny couldn’t. It would have been nice to get a shout out. Carole asks Ramona about the feeling sad comment. Ramona says Bethenny mentioned she looked sad, and thought she was upset and lonely. Carole thinks Bethenny is talking about herself. She has a hard time maintaining and creating friendships. Painting her as sad over a breakup isn’t true. Carole says the only thing she’s sad about, is Bethenny not talking directly to her. Sonja demands a snack. Carole brings up Bethenny jumping on Ramona for her infomercial. Dorinda asks why they allow someone to speak to them like she does? In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny isn’t supporting any of them. They do the see you next year thing. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s glad to let Sonja stay wit her, and return the favor. Constipation is discussed, so I’ll skip that part.

Ramona is walking her dog when Bethenny calls. She says she’s unsettled and upset. She doesn’t have many girlfriends. Ramona interrupts, asking what’s her point? In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja told her there was a lot of whispering and negative talk about her at the Red Cross. She tells Ramona that she wanted to express how hurtful it was. She says Carole is good friend. She thinks there have been difficult moments with Ramona, and she’s done emotional damage. Ramona says she’s in a good place, and not dealing with this negativity. Bethenny says Ramona enjoys her arguing with Carole, and Ramona tells Bethenny not to blame her problem with Carole on her. Bethenny says she doesn’t have a problem with Carole, and Ramona asks why she’s talking about it then. Bethenny says it’s unacceptable to prey on the weak, and she doesn’t support women. Ramona says Bethenny is the one who doesn’t support women. She doesn’t acknowledge anybody for doing anything. And she had the audacity to jump on Ramona because she talked about her skincare line, saying she was doing an infomercial. She tells Bethenny about how upset Dorinda was about not being acknowledged. In her interview, Bethenny says she didn’t know she had to send a wax-sealed proclamation. Ramona says Bethenny’s problem is with herself, not her. She puts others down to make herself look good. She wants no part of it, and hangs up. I hate to say it, but I’m mostly on Ramona’s side with this one.

LuAnn’s realtor friend, Ann, comes over. LuAnn is thrilled with her apartment, a furnished penthouse on the upper west side. Yep. It’s incredible. Rich people’s digs. Ann says it’s the perfect spot for a new life; a new chapter. In her interview, LuAnn says her life is a clean slate, and she’s writing her own story. LuAnn says she’s going to have a good time here. In her interview, she says she’s going to visit her brother in Florida for the holidays. After that, she’s going to a wedding in Chile.

48 hours later. We’re in Florida, and hear sirens. LuAnn is in the back of a police car, saying she’s going to kill someone. She keeps trying to get out of the car, which I have to admit, is funny. It’s the recording of her holiday arrest. We see a news clip of her arraignment. The judge tells her the charges are serious, hire a lawyer, and stop drinking.

To be continued…

Next time, LuAnn isn’t proud, Tinsley can’t believe it, Tinsley tells Sonja her rules are no rules, and Bethenny asks Carole what she wants.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, Hannah was calling out João for not speaking to her properly. She tells him to sit the eff down, and Adam tells him to STFU. João sits, but calls her a goat.

Back on the boat, everyone has snacks. Hannah says she’s too old to be treated like this. Several of the crew sit on the floor, eating ice cream. João continues to act like a jerk, and Adam tells him to get out of the galley and go to bed. Conrad says he was going to diffuse the situation, but they didn’t need him. João asks what he did, and Adam says he caused a problem with Hannah. João doesn’t remember. Brooke likes having him to talk to, since she just broke up with her boyfriend. He gets in her bed, and tells her how amazing and hot she is. Hannah comes in for a millisecond, and comes back out.

Hannah hopes Kasey is able to pick up her own slack, now that she’s better. In his interview, João explains that he has an alter-ego, Jezabob, who comes out when he drinks to the blackout point. He’s never met him, but people say how he is, and he wouldn’t like him either. Adam tells João that he called Hannah a goat.

The unpredictable weather is acting up. Colin doesn’t think João is very professional, and says he’d better not pull that stuff on deck. Brooke calls her mom. Brooke is the one who outed her dad with his online activities, and they’re there for each other. She cries about her ex, and her mother tells her not to get bogged down by stupid men. A lesson for us all. She tells her mom about João, and how she blushes when he speaks to her. She says last night they admitted they like each other. But will he remember?

João says Hannah thinks it’s all about her. No, she’s probably just ignoring you, so she doesn’t punch you. Colin doesn’t want to mess up, because it makes the whole crew look bad. However, if he looks good, the whole crew looks good. Wow. A lot of weight on his shoulders.

The primary is Jennifer, a friend of Captain Sandy’s, who does vaginal rejuvenation. A topic I will never, ever be able to get away from. The captain says it’s a shorter charter, but there’s bad weather coming, and they’re going to have to stay docked. She does not want to look bad, and tells them to figure it out, and thinks of some creative things. She’s going to be hovering. In her interview, Hannah says when they’re on the water, they can entertain the guests with water toys, but when they’re at the dock, interior has to step up. Captain Sandy suggests taking them out on the tender, so they can pretend to be on the water. Hannah sees the preference sheet says Jennifer wants to work out with a hot Italian trainer.

Brooke asks João if he remembers their conversation, and he says, some of it. He’s lying. She says they both admitted had chemistry, and it’s too hard if he’s flirting all the time. She wants him to stop; she wants to focus on work. He says he’ll try. Kasey asks if she can wash red shirts with underwear. In her interview, Hannah says it’s definitely a problem, which is the last thing she needs, especially when they’re not getting off the dock.

Captain Sandy goes over what the deckhands are supposed to be doing. Jamie hopes Kasey is okay, so she doesn’t have to work the interior. João tells Kasey about his alter ego. Conrad and Hannah go for a smoke, and lie on the dock, getting sun. Hannah asks what he’s doing after, and he wants to buy his first house. In his interview, Conrad says he learned early on from his parents about equity. They flipped houses, did well, and he doesn’t want yachting to be his life. Hannah says she has a nice shoe collection.  Kasey hopes prove herself, and Brooke says there’s no chance of seasickness, since they’ll be on the dock. Kasey hopes to show she can pull her weight. Putting red anything in with underwear is not the way. Adam makes a tart. That’s not a euphemism for anything; he makes a dessert. Hannah calls for the trainer. She’s also set up a pizza making course on shore, and confers with Adam on accompanying dishes.

The captain says Jennifer is her friend, and she wants them to do a great job. She tells Adam to knock it out of the park, because she’s still stuck on baseball references. He says he’s going to make a lot of sweet stuff. Sandy asks if they can launch the tender, but Conrad says no boats are leaving, and they’ll be stuck in the dock. In her interview, Captain Sandy explains they can’t launch the tender, because there are boats on both sides. She asks why he didn’t offload previously, since she told him too. We see a clip, and yes, she did. Captain Sandy is officially pissed. Conrad says not being on top of things sux. The captain thanks Jamie for helping with the interior, and tells her that she’ll be helping this charter woo. Jamie is like, sh*t! The captain says Jennifer will be having a birthday party, and she’s thinking rap style.  Colin is used to performing, but not rap. Hannah tells Kasey about last minute clean-up. Captain Sandy tells them to keep an eye on the cushions. The wind is kicking up.

The guests arrive, and Jennifer is overly friendly. Captain Sandy says she wants it special, even though they can’t leave the dock. Jennifer is clearly disappointed, but the captain says she saw the waves. Jennifer says she sees the sun, and Captain Sandy says the crew will make sure they have blast. Hannah apologizes for the weather, and gives the tour. Jennifer asks if the boat needs a resident GYN. Hannah is thinks that would be cool. Adam says he’s going to go above and beyond the preference sheet. His goal is to keep Sandy happy. Kasey irons. João bothers her. In her interview, Kasey thinks she’s doing great job, because not getting yelled at. João gives her ironing hints. Jamie says it’s Murphy’s Law. She still can’t do deck stuff. Captain Sandy tells the guests they’ll make sure they have fun. I’m wondering why they can’t get off the boat and sit in a tender somewhere else. Brooke is having a problem dealing with João. In her interview, Hanna says he’s pissed her off. Until she gets an apology, she doesn’t have much to say.

The waves get higher. Adam tells João that he has a grass is always greener complex. João talks about blackouts. Jennifer gives Captain Sandy a device called The Womanizer, and tells her that she has homework to do. They goof around, and I don’t want to know. Colin goes over his rap lyrics. In his interview, he says people assume because he went to music school, he can spin hot fire. Obviously, they’re right. João suggests they have one person up all the time for security reasons. It’s how they did it on other boats he’s worked on. Conrad isn’t really concerned about that.

The group goes on the pizza making expedition. Adam says they didn’t take salads. He did all that work for nothing. Hannah informs us that the margarita pizza was invented in Naples. My first “real” job was being a short order cook in an Italian restaurant, and I made pizzas. I never did get the hang of spinning the dough in the air like these guys are doing. Everyone goes, oooh, every time it lands. Hannah suddenly remembers the salads, and goes out in the rain with Conrad, only to find the salads aren’t in the car. She’s not happy.

The captain tells Kasey the floor is a mess. Kasey swears she did them. Captain Sandy tells Kasey to come with her (you know that’s bad when a superior says, come with me). In her interview, the captain thinks if they can’t grasp basic duties, their leader should be showing them.

Hannah orders some sides off the menu. She feels like she’s running in circles, trying to keep everyone happy and entertained. The food looks fantastic. João tells Hannah that he’s sorry; when under stress, they have to work together. She says there’s no point in rehashing it; they’re cool. In her interview, she says she’s letting bygones be bygones, but hopes it’s not a pattern.

Adam makes a bunch of amazing desserts. The guests bring back take out from the pizza place. Conrad is annoyed that João has been trying to undermine him, since he’s been yapping to everyone else about how they should have someone on watch 24/7. In her interview, Jamie says João should know his place. They have a hierarchy for a reason. The Italian beefcake comes, and Hannah says she should have asked for picture. This is not what she ordered. He looks like Harvey Keitel. Colin rehearses his rap. João bugs Conrad about the security thing again, insisting it’s standard procedure. Conrad says he’s been in yachting three years, and João is inexperienced.

Jennifer doesn’t seem to mind the bodybuilder’s looks. Yep, she thinks he’s cute. Colin asks if he can use Kasey’s talents for his performance. Jennifer tells the trainer to let her know if her nipple pops out. Really? You exercise in something that makes you concerned about that? Adam says it’s going to be like King Arthur’s Italian Palace tonight. The guests get ready for Jennifer’s birthday. Jennifer begs Captain Sandy to let her wear her shoes for dinner. The captain talks to Hannah about her cabin not being clean. Kasey tells Hannah that she forgot. In her interview, Hannah says they’ve been covering Kasey’s ass while she was sick. Now it’s time to work. The décor is on the cute side of pretty, with lots of balloons, pink being the predominant shade. João flirts with Brooke. Adam repurposes the salads. Captain Sandy eats with the guests. Hannah thanks the Lord for Brooke, and the food just keeps on coming. Adam presents the lasagna, and explains the entrees, getting applause for his efforts. The guests are especially loving the truffle white sauce. Conrad talks to Hannah, saying no one stays up all night on a yacht, and Hanna asks when João is going to stop going over his head.

Hannah is frustrated with Kasey, and in her interview, says you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t drown them. Colin practices his birthday rap. Adam says his desert spread would rival Willy Wonka’s factory. The cake is presented, the Happy Birthday topper twinkling with small lights. The crew starts to sing, and Colin interrupts, saying they’re not doing that boring birthday song. He asks Kasey for some beats. He raps, and Kasey says, the dude has flow. The guests applaud. Hannah says the cabins better be on point tonight.

Conrad talks to João on the deck. He understands the safety concern, but when he says something, he doesn’t want it questioned. João says he’s going to question the security of the boat. Conrad says the questioning isn’t the problem, it’s what he said to the other two deckhands. Conrad tells him to never undermine what he’s said in front of the others. João says, It’s not a matter of questioning authority, but he needs to understand why. They shake hands, but I don’t think João gets it. The guests go to bed.

Conrad helps Hannah get all the dents and crap from Jennifer’s shoes out of the carpet. Hannah can’t believe Conrad chose to crawl around in the main salon with her instead of going to bed.

The next morning, Adam makes custom breakfasts. Brooke is doing the service by herself, and doesn’t feel there’s an equal balance. IMO, there are far too many Cokes ordered at breakfast. Adam says everyone expects him to cook all this random sh*t in a matter of minutes; people assume he can just whip it all up. Brooke wants a rocket up Kasey’s ass. Conrad says everything is a pissing contest with João. He can’t believe João has survived in yachting this long. Captain Sandy keeps ordering more food, and gets pissed when the toast doesn’t come fast enough. She says they’re on a super yacht, and thinks Hannah needs to tighten up the interior. Hannah has to do charter three preference sheets, but the captain thinks she should help the others. It’s not fair to the rest of the crew to do preference sheets while there are still guests on board. She tells Hannah that breakfast service sucked. Hannah says she was up until four a.m., and has blisters from the spoon she was using on the carpet. Captain Sandy says she’s the face of the interior. Hannah promises she’s trying her best, and leaves in tears. She tries to block the camera with her hand.

I gotta say it. I love Captain Sandy, but as a whole, I like the Captain Lee group on the original show better. Kudos to the Captain Sandy’s friends for being the nicest, easiest going charter guests ever, but so far, the obnoxious guests have been the most interesting thing this season.

Next time. Jamie cries, Hannah and Conrad crush on each other, João confronts Conrad, and Captain Sandy says it’s the worst service she’s ever seen on charter.

💰 On Sell it Like Serhant, Ryan’s task was to help Lisa, a commercial real estate broker. He said since real estate is his area of expertise, you’d think it would be easy, but the difference between selling commercial and regular real estate is like apples and steak. She was the only woman in an all-male office, and Ryan agreed that real estate as a whole was a boys’ club. Raising three kids alone, Lisa had left the corporate world, believing real estate had more growth potential, and also flexible hours. She couldn’t pay her mortgage, her boss was on the verge of firing her, and she had no Plan B. And I don’t mean birth control. Ryan said commission-based jobs can be scary, which is why I’ve never wanted one. Even more than her not being aggressive enough, was her use of um… when talking to clients. I almost couldn’t take it. Judge Judy would have gone out of her mind. Ryan taught her to shake her bad habits, brag about her experience in her previous field (she hadn’t closed on one listing yet), and focus on the best use of the building, so the client could envision the marketing angle. While Lisa thought she should downplay her mom role in life, Ryan told her to play it up. He had Lisa do a photo shoot, where he told her to work it mom boss style, and she did. She also got a makeover, and Ryan told a story about having absolutely no wardrobe when he started, and how his father bought him his first pair of good shoes. He still has them.

The moment was tense when Lisa began her make-or-break pitch. Ryan and her boss stayed out of sight, but watched by phone. The client liked what she had to say, she made great recommendations for the use of the space, and only used um… once. The client’s main concern was her lack of experience, and her saying she would be able to concentrate fully on the listing didn’t help. She told him that he wouldn’t just be hiring her, but her whole team, and talked about how they work together. He wanted to give her a 60-day trial period, where if it wasn’t sold in that time, he could move on. Both Ryan and her boss thought she should agree, but she didn’t. And she wouldn’t budge. She told him that she didn’t want to get to a point in a sale, only to hand it to someone else. To all of our amazement, he agreed to list the space with her. Ryan got so excited, he ran out to congratulate her, almost giving both her and the client a heart attack. He said she was a new Lisa, and she went from zero to hundreds of followers on her social media. I can imagine how many more she got after the show. Next time, a struggling body lotion salesgirl. While watching the preview, it occurred to me that Ryan is like Gordon Ramsay. He has to wear many hats, including therapist and stylist. Apparently, Brandi Glanville has tweeted that this is the only show that can make her cry, and she hadn’t even liked Ryan.

🍹 Southern Charm New Orleans will be wrapping it up this Sunday. I’ve decided the difference between Charleston and NOLA is like that between New Hope, PA and NYC. Both great cities, but with a totally different vibe. Speaking of NYC, Million Dollar Listing New York premieres the new season on June 4th at 10 pm.

🚁 Until Next Time (Pick One)…




May 29, 2018 – Peter Makes a Call, Veronica Smashes Things Up, an Apology & the Rest of the Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The court is ready to convene, and Diane asks Carly if she’s clear on what she’s saying. Carly says she’s clear on what Diane wants her to say, but she didn’t push Nelle and she’s not crazy. Sonny tells her that they think it’s the best option. Diane doesn’t want to continue discussing it front of DA Dawson, who has just walked in. Diane tells the DA that she didn’t appreciate the delay, but the DA says the police needed time to investigate, and she wouldn’t want them to rush to judgment. Judge Horowitz walks to the bench.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Doc she needs a consultation. He asks if it’s about a case she’s working on, but she says it’s personal, and he’d be working with her.

Kiki looks at her text to Griff. David tells her that he needs to speak to her in his office alone. She hesitates, and he says, as in now.

Drew sees Andre, who tells him the WSB has allowed him to consult in a few cases. He also got his notes back. Drew asks how soon they can start.

Peter (which is the name we’re going with – Anna wants it that way) tells Robert to cancel the extradition. He’s not spending one night in Steinmaur. He has something valuable to trade; something the Bureau desperately wants. He sees that Robert is now interested.

Anna goes to Finn’s hotel room. She tells him a lot was left unsaid. He says there’s no time like the present.

The judge says the charges are two counts of attempted murder, and asks how Carly pleads. Carly mumbles, not guilty by reason of insanity. He asks Diane if her client clearly understands, and asks again how she pleads. Carly repeats her plea a little louder and more clearly.

Elizabeth and Franco talk about setting a date. Elizabeth is thinking August, but Franco wonders if it can’t be sooner. She has another way that can make it much sooner, and asks what about eloping? He tells her that he figured her for the church wedding type, and it is the last time for either one of them. She says all she needs are him and the boys. He says that’s all he needs too. He always knew his side of the church would be sparse, but thought hers would be fuller. He thinks it’s time for him to meet her family; doesn’t she?

Kiki goes to David’s office. He tells her that their time together is wrapping, and she says, time flies. He says she’ll be rotating with other doctor for the next several weeks. He’s bummed to lose her, and she says she’ll miss working with him too. She appreciates the opportunity, and it’s an experience she’ll remember for the rest of her career. He tells her it’s not necessarily goodbye; they might have the opportunity to work together again. It depends on her evaluations; they can make or break her career. He asks if she wants to read the first draft, and she asks if she’s allowed to? He says it depends on how badly she wants to know what it says, and puts it on the desk. She picks it up.

Andre tells Drew that he never agreed to do anything except gather his notes. Drew asks what’s holding him back. Andre says he has no results to compare. He has no clue about side effects or complications; it’s uncharted territory. Drew said Andre warned him already, and he’s accepted it. Andre asks if he’s thought it through. If he’s successful, erasing Jason’s memories will have a profound affect on his relationships with almost everyone in his life.

Doc asks Alexis how he can help her. She wants him to find out why she does what she does, and he says that’s a little vague. She says she wants to know why she keeps being drawn to men who are bad for her.

Anna tells Finn that Robert is extraditing Peter. She refused to cooperate, but if half of what she suspects is true, he should be in Steinmaur. She’s not going to help get him there though. She tried to explain her side to Peter, but he hates her. She says he has every right to. She doesn’t know what she’s doing there, dumping it on him, but Finn says she’s exactly where she should be, and he’s exactly who she should be with.

Judge Horowitz asks if Diane is prepared to speak, and she is her. She tells the judge that her client has been under severe mental and psychological duress for the last year and a half. Her son was brutally murdered, and her father-in-law has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Both things have weighed heavily on her mental health. She wasn’t in her right mind when Nelle fell down the stairs. The DA says, pushed, but the judge says it’s not an open forum. Diane says Carly needs to go home to begin to heal from the trauma. It’s DA Dawson’s turn, and she says the people request no bond until the trial. Diane says she explained there are extenuating circumstance, but the DA says Carly’s husband is wealthy enough to own his own plane. They have every reason to believe he could arrange for her to leave the country, and it’s definitely within his means to forfeit the bond. Diane says they can’t condemn her because her husband owns a plane. Carly has deep ties to the community. Her relatives and business are there; she’s not going anywhere. The DA says, assuming she’s not well, as Diane claims, it would be irresponsible to release her. Nelle has been the victim of harassment and threats, and Carly allegedly tried to kill her. Nelle is pregnant, and she and her child’s safety is at risk. Carly should remain in custody.

David asks Kiki if something is wrong. She says she thought he was happy with her work. She reads from the evaluation, saying it says she focuses too much on her social life, is easily distracted, and frequently late. She says, it was one time. He points out that it also says she’s sensitive to criticism. She says this could end her career before it starts, and he tells her there’s still time for revisions – if he likes what he sees from her. She asks how she can improve, and he says he has an idea. He puts a MetroCourt key card on the desk.

Elizabeth says Franco already knows her family. He asks what about her parents? Maybe they should talk about why she doesn’t want to talk about them. Elizabeth says there’s no point in inviting them; they’re too busy. She says they’ve never been close. That’s just the way it is. She tells him that she has to go back to work, and they’ll talk later.

Peter tells Robert once he hears what Peter has to offer, the charges will be dropped. Robert says, no way. He tried to kill Anna. There will be nothing more satisfying than putting him away for life.

Drew says Andre has the notes, and knows how to perform the procedure. His memories since coming to Port Charles are his. Andre tells him that his memories could lose impact. They’ve been texturized and influenced by the imprint of Jason’s identity. His every reality would be impacted. Drew says he wants his memories to be based on something real, not something that never happened to him. Franco listens from around the corner.

Finn asks Anna, why involve Jason? He thought they made a good team, and has a medal to prove it. Anna says with her along, there was less of a chance that Jason would kill Peter on sight. She decides to call him by the name he gave himself, rather than the one Faison gave him. She says she knew Jason could find Peter, and she had to stop him. If she could tell anyone, she could stand for it to be Jason. She cares what he thinks about her, but not the same way as she cares what Finn thinks. It’s why she pushed him away. She’d been having dreams about him dying. She still thinks it’s too dangerous a life for him, but he’s still here. He tells her to shut up, and kisses her.

Finn tells Anna her life isn’t too dangerous, and it’s worth the risk. We all have to go sometime, and he wants to make the most of the time he has left. He tells her not to push him away for his own good again. She says she doesn’t know what will happen with her son. There’s a good chance she  can’t save him from the WSB, but she’s going to try. She also has to figure out a way to tell Robin. She’s made kind of a mess. Finn says she doesn’t have to clean it up alone, and she thanks him. He says he has a mess of his own to clean up. He asks if he can come by later, and she says she’d like that. On her way out, he grabs her for more kisses.

Doc tells Alexis to start anywhere. She says she’ll just start with the most recent thing, and work her way backward. She tells Doc that Finn is a nice guy, but completely unavailable. She knew it, and walked into it.  Then there are the interminable violent men, obsessed with criminal life that she’s allowed into her life – Julian, Ric, and Sonny. On top of it, she thought why doesn’t she have baby with each of them? What a great idea. Doc laughs. She says there are so many of them. Jerry Jax was witty, charming, and completely amoral, but no one was more fun – until he tried to slit her throat. No, wait, that was Julian. She did have one nice one. She and Ned Quartermaine almost made it down the aisle, but she freaked out, and ran screaming out of her own wedding. If the guy is nice, she’s not interested, but having to seesaw between terror and rage is like catnip. She thrives on control, but gravitates to men who make her feel completely out of control. Her life is in shambles, and she needs him to fix it. Doc tells her if she’s serious, she needs regular sessions. She says she’d rather come in when she feels like it. He says she can’t do that, but he has an opening tomorrow. He tells her she took a big step and should be proud. She sarcastically says she’s elated.

Kiki asks, what’s this, like she doesn’t know. David tells her the earthquake did a number on his house. She says, sorry, and he says the reconstruction is almost finished, plus he has a thing for hotels. She asks what that has to do with her evaluation. He tells her that if she’s concerned about her evaluation, take the key and be waiting in his room – if she wants to prove she deserves a better evaluation. He takes the card, and slides it down her. Yuk.

Diane says Carly is no danger to anyone. Nelle is carrying Carly’s grandchild. The DA says that didn’t stop Carly from shoving her. The judge says if there’s another interruption, the DA will be cited. Diane says if it will reassure the court, they’re open to the possibility of house arrest. The judge appreciates the spirit of compromise, but has already come to a decision.

Carly is to be remanded to Pentonville to await trial. Sonny tells Diane to do something. Diane says house arrest address the court’s concerns. There’s no reason for incarceration. The judge says by entering the insanity plea, Carly is admitting to pushing a pregnant woman down the stairs. That remains to be determined, but if there was malice aforethought, it’s best to err on the side of caution. His decision stands. Carly gets up and asks, what if she changes her plea?

Peter tells Robert that pride is blinding him. He can’t see where the advantage lies. Robert says he has a simple goal. Putting him in prison, where he can’t hurt his mother. Peter wants a phone call, but Robert says its Bureau jurisdiction; they don’t give calls. Peter says he’d hate to have to tell his mother how Robert trampled over his rights. Robert tells the desk sergeant to get a phone. He says after Peter is done with his call, to put him back in his cell, and keep Peter out of his sight.

Drew asks Andre If he accepts the risk, emotionally, psychologically, and physically, will Andre agree to handle the procedure. They shake hands, and Andre says he’ll be in touch. Drew says he’ll be waiting. Franco comes out, and asks if Drew is sure he wants to let Andre play with his head after what he’s been put through. Drew asks why he cares, and Franco says for starters, Drew saved his life. Given his limited skill set, he wants to return the favor. He thinks it’s something he might live to regret. Drew gets a phone call.

Andre sees Anna, and says he heard what happened. She says the good news is, she found her son, and kept him safe. The bad news is, he’s going to prison. Andre says she doesn’t have to carry the secret anymore. Anna says she still has to tell Robin. He asks if she’s told anyone else she cares about.

Finn sits at an AA meeting, and Alexis walks in. Finn volunteers to start. He says most of them know he started using drugs to treat his illness, and kept using after he was cured. He distanced himself from people; ignoring the feelings of rejection and loneliness. He wishes he could say he was fully recovered, but that would be a lie. He took his addiction and replaced it as a way to mask the pain. He cared about someone, and it ended badly. Instead of dealing with the loss and the loneliness, he went for a quick fix. He started a new relationship. The person was clear they weren’t willing to invest in it if he was on the rebound, but he convinced her that wasn’t the case. Of course, she was right. He was nowhere near ready. He was dependent on her friendship, and careless with her heart. Something he didn’t realize until now, was that he can be sober and still hurt the people he cares about the most. He’s sorry, and wants to make amends. Maybe someday he can earn her trust again.

Anna tells Andre that Finn knows everything. He came to the pier. He didn’t judge She was stupid, wasting time, when she knew he’d be in her corner. She would have done same for him. Andre asks where that leaves them, and she says they have a mutual understanding. She has to see Peter, and Andre says Peter is lucky to have her on his side. She says she owes him that much. No one else understands like she does.

Doc sees Franco, and says he hasn’t dropped by in a while. Franco says he’s been busy, and Doc says they were right in the middle of unlocking a painful memory. Franco says he distinctly remembers everything; there’s not much to unlock. He’s reached out to the other victims, to help them get closure. Doc asks what about his?

Elizabeth talks to Kiki, who’s very distracted. Elizabeth asks if she’s okay. She mumbles something, sees David, and jets. Elizabeth is like, hmm…

Drew goes to Peter’s cell. He asks what Peter could possibly have to say to him, and calls him Henrik.

Diane tells Carly changing her plea doesn’t give her s better bail opportunity. The DA wants to convict her for attempted murder. Pleading insanity is their only chance. Carly asks what difference it makes, and Diane says several weeks versus twenty-five years. The judge asks if they’re finished conferring, and if Carly wishes to change her plea. Carly looks at Sonny. She says, no. Her plea remains the same. The judge asks for transport to Pentonville to be arranged.

Carly wants Sonny to tell Josslyn and Michael that she loves them, and make up something to tell Avery, who is too young to understand. She says Josslyn needs to know that people are going to say things to make her angry, and tell Jason to hurry up. Sonny says he’ll fix it. Carly says, fix it, and she’s taken away in handcuffs. DA Dawson tells Diane that her client is a formidable woman, and she doesn’t look crazy. Diane tells Sonny to trust her. This is still their best option. Sonny says she’d better be right. I say, or what? and tell Sonny to back off Diane.

Franco tells Doc that he’s spent too much time on the past; he’s concentrating on the future. Doc says he can do both. He owes it to himself and the people around him, especially Elizabeth and the boys. Franco says he’s using the magic words, and Doc says he’ll see him this week. Franco agrees, but in the meantime, he has a wedding to plan. Doc leaves, and Franco searches for Jeff Webber on Spyder Finder.

Elizabeth finds Kiki crying in a supply room, and asks what’s going on. Kiki says, nothing, but Elizabeth says it’s something. Why did she turn away when she saw David? Is it about her evaluation? Elizabeth says he’s notorious for being tough. Kiki says it’s not about that. Well, sort of, in a way. She shouldn’t have let it get this far, but she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to be difficult this early in the program. She tells Elisabeth that David showed her the evaluation, and he trashed her end career before starts e nothing but diligent offered to make it more favorable if have sex with him

Alexis tells Finn that was some speech. He says he only said the truth. Her friendship means the world to him, and he did an awful job of respecting it and her. She tells him to stick around. The meeting wouldn’t be the same without him.

Anna tells Robert that she wants to accompany Peter to Steinmaur. She’s surprised he’s not arguing, and Robert says no transfer has been set up yet. Peter is talking to someone.

Drew tells Peter that most people use the phone for a lawyer, not a former employer. Peter asks if he’s fired, and Drew says, very. Peter is sorry to lose his spot in the aurora family, and wants to make sure it doesn’t happen. Drew doesn’t like his brother or his memories, and wants his own back. It’s a simple transaction. If Drew helps him, he can give him the means to remember his whole life as Drew Caine.

Tomorrow, Lucas tells Brad it’s far from done, Obrecht finds out about Peter/Henrik, and Kim asks Jason to hear her out.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Wyatt looks at the dealer on the floor. He wipes his hands, and gets the security tape out of the machine. He wipes down everything he’s touched. He takes something from the dealer’s pocket. Jim shows up, and says he’s not leaving until – then he sees the body.

Jim asks if Wyatt did that, and Wyatt says the dealer was beating him; what was he supposed to do? Jim asks what he was doing in a place like this, and starts wiping things down. Wyatt says he already did that. Jim asks what about the security camera, and Wyatt says he got the tape, and thinks it’s the only one. Jim tells Wyatt to shut up and let him think. He starts messing things up to make it look like a robbery. Wyatt wipes the bottles that Jim stupidly touched while staging. Jim checks the dealer’s ID, and tells Wyatt, this is a Malone. Doesn’t that mean anything to him? Wyatt doesn’t know what Jim is talking about, and Jim says, It damn sure will. They jet.

At the Artisian, a dude orders beer from the new bartender (whose name I still haven’t caught – I think it’s RK or RJ, but I’m not positive). He says he’s in town for the week. The bartender says it must be nice to get away from the wife and kids, noting that he’s wearing a ring. Dude says he’s perceptive, and the bartender says, so is he; he’s a cop. Dude wishes, and asks if there’s anything exciting going on there, like some ladies. The bartender says he wouldn’t know about that, and dude says he wants to get laid, and he’s the guy to see. The bartender says dude isn’t his type, and dude says he’s a smart one. The bartender goes back to the bar, where Gia asks for a wine. Candace sits down, says she needs a shot. She asks Gia for the money. Gia reminds Candace that she said Gia could keep it, but she wants the money. The bartender tells her that they’ve got company. Dude is Vice, and maybe she shouldn’t be asking for the money. She tells him to shut up, and tells Gia she needs to get to work. The bartender repeats that dude is Vice, and Candace says she’s got it. She points out another guy, saying he’s not into women, and could be a big score. He says first, she didn’t want to keep Gia’s money, now she’s a boss-ass bitch. She says he’ll do what she wants him too. He says if she needs the money, fine, but he wants a bigger cut. She says he’ll have it.

Candace keeps Vice dude busy. She asks if she can buy him a drink, but he says he’s pacing himself. She puts his hand on her thigh, and asks how can he insult her? She came over for a drink, and he touches her. She lowers her voice, and tells him to listen to her. She knows he’s Vice. She tells him get the hell out and don’t come back. He gets the hell out. The bartender talks football to the other guy, saying he played in high school. They make plans to meet in the guy’s room when the bartender gets off work. Gia tells him that he’s a fool if he thinks Candace is giving him a bigger cut. He asks Gia why they should let Candace do this, when they can handle it. Gia tells him to do what he’s gotta do.

Victoria gets a call from Morgan. She says she’s okay, but it was no accident she was in. Someone deliberately ran her off the road. She asks if he can do some poking around. She tells him that she has David’s address, but didn’t know about the condo. She asks him to text the address to her. She says neither her son or his fiancé know she’s tracking them, and he should text their whereabouts at all times.

Mitch asks why Benny is sneaking into his own house, and he says, she’s still here, meaning Melissa. Mitch asks if he’s going to kick her out. Benny says he doesn’t know, and don’t give him a hard time. Benny’s phone rings, and he tells the caller he can’t take the truck; he’s sorry. Mitch is like, what?! When Benny is finished talking, Mitch asks what’s going on. Benny tells him he was thinking, and thinks Mitch was right about not taking the money. Mitch says he already took it, and Benny says he’ll give it back. Mitch says, it don’t work like that. He took it; he has to pay it back with interest – 25%. Benny says it was just a day; he can’t be serious. Mitch says he is, and no way is it his problem. Benny doesn’t listen; he told him before he decided to take it. Benny asks why Mitch doesn’t talk to his uncle, and Mitch says he told him not to get into this, and not to deal with his family. He can’t help Benny out with this; he should have bought the truck. He can’t give it back unless he has another twelve and a half thousand; it won’t go well. Benny asks Mitch to go with him, but that’s a no. Benny calls Mitch a lousy-ass friend, and tells him to get out.

David unpacks. Erica says it’s nice stuff, and he wishes she could have helped pick it out. She says he did a good job. One of the workers tells David that his wife doesn’t like the couch, so they’ll take it back. David says he and Erica aren’t married, and the guy says, not her. He’s talking about the lady in the other room. Veronica walks over, saying it’s tacky sh*t, and tells Erica to find her hole and crawl back in.  She needs to talk to David. David tells her to talk to his lawyer. He tells Erica to go in the other room, and calls her baby. Veronica says he just met the bitch, and he’s calling her baby. Erica says she’ll be in their bedroom, and kisses him before going upstairs. Veronica tells her not to trip, break her arm, and die. David asks what the hell she wants, and she says she wants to make his life hard. He tells her to get out, but she says they need to talk about Jeffrey. David says they have nothing to talk about; he’s had it with her. He told her not to come back. She gets louder and says, don’t touch me, then goads him to touch her. David says he’s not doing this, and she’s violating the restraining order. She tells him that Jeffrey is going to stay in jail unless he gives up Benny. David wonders what Benny did to her; drop her? Why is she suddenly determined to have him arrested? He’s not helping her bury Benny because she’s pissed. She says she’ll bury his ass too, and he tells her to get her ass out of there.

Veronica tells him to make her. He touches her wrist, and she screams. Erica comes downstairs, saying she called the police. Veronica asks if she looks like someone who’s afraid of the police. Veronica walks around a long, glass dining table, saying, sh*t is ugly. He knows nothing about décor. David says she doesn’t have to live with it, and she smashes a vase through the table. She continues to walk around picking up decorative items and smashing more of the table with them. She says he’d rather get a ho to help him, and laughs. She smashes at the table some more, saying, whack a dumb ho. When she’s finished, and there’s no more table left, she tells them to have a wonderful day and enjoy one another, and goes out the door. Erica asks if David is okay. He says he should be asking her that. She thinks she should go, but he says it’s not going to change anything. Veronica won’t stop harassing him. He asks her not to leave, saying he’s sorry. He knows she has her own insane situation to deal with, and now she’s involved with this. She says she didn’t like the table anyway… or the sofa, the lamp, and the rugs. He needs some help. She says Veronica did have some taste. That was good.

Hanna introduces Derek to Melissa, saying Melissa is her houseguest. Hanna says she’s going to start dinner, but Melissa just wants to lie down. Hanna asks where Benny is, and Melissa says upstairs. She leaves to go to her room, and Hanna tells Derek that she has to watch her. She asks if he knows that saying, that baby is a little touched; then says, don’t ask; she’s sweet. She thanks him for the flowers, and he kisses her. He wants to take her to dinner, and she asks what he wants. Just to sleep with her? It’s not happening. She told him that she’s a Christian woman. He asks what kind of man he’d be not to try. He loves everything about her; he’s just being honest. She says it’s not romantic, and he says he’s not trying to be. He undoes her apron, and she says it’s been years since she’s been in this kind of situation, having someone after her. She’s had a few dates, but not like him. He says when he sees something he wants, he goes after it. She says she’s not something, and he says she’s a beautiful, single, Christian woman, and he’s a single Christian man; why not? She says it’s nice, but fast. He doesn’t want a twenty-year-old. He might not always say the right things, but he’s trying to. He’s in the third quarter of life, and wants to do things differently. He made mistakes as kid. She says, didn’t we all? He tells her she’s the only thing that’s been on his mind. She tells him no sex until she’s married, and he suggests they go to the jewelry store. She asks if he would marry someone after one week, and he says, no, but would marry her. She accuses him of just trying to get in her pants. They flirt, and she calls him nasty, and he kisses her. Benny walks in, and says, momma, damn. He asks what Derek is doing there, calling him a clown. Hanna tells him to go upstairs and deal with his situation. She asks Derek if he wants a drink.

Charles calls Landon, asking if he’s spoken to Candace. Landon says, not yet, but expects her to be hostile. He’s outside her door now. Charles tells him to call after he leaves her room. He knocks on Candace’s door. She asks what he wants, and he says he’s not talking in the hallway. She asks if the money was received, and Landon says it was. He asks why she’s so angry. Charles wants to see her. Whatever she did for the money caused her harm. He’s trying to help her. She says she doesn’t need it, and Landon asks if her anger is about her son. She tells him not to talk to her about her son. He thinks should talk to someone, and she says, goodbye. He calls Charles from the hallway, saying he just talked to her. Charles asks how she is. He asks if there was sadness in her eyes, and Landon says, yes. Charles needs to be tough on her, and wants to see her. He wonders if she asked about him, and Landon says she was already angry; he’s sorry. Charles says there’s no need; she just needs time. They might have to play hardball. He may have to pay her a visit in person. Landon says it’s a long press tour, but Charles says he can make time. Landon says, if that’s what he’d like. Charles says, yes, and thanks him. Landon says, he’s worth it. He hangs up, and says, dammit.

Candace looks at her Cryer Company bank account. She calls Benny, saying she needs a favor. He asks if she’s still at the hotel, and tells her to stop doing what she’s doing. She needs to see him, and he says he’s at their mom’s house. She asks if they can talk outside, but he says if she wants to come there, she has to come in the house; it’s the only way. He tells her he’ll text the address.

Mitch asks if Vinny is around, but he’s not, and Kenny doesn’t know when he’s coming back. Mitch asks Kenny if he’s ever heard of the family taking money back with no interest. Kenny says, never; in all his years, it’s never happened. Mitch says, even if it was short time? Kenny tells him, once money is taken, blood is on the line. Why? Kenny asks if it’s about that Black kid. Mitch calls him ignorant as hell, and says he has a name, Benny. Kenny says, he’s not trying to give money back – is he? Mitch says, he is, without interest; he can’t afford it. Kenny says that’s not going to work. Mitch says he knows. Kenny asks if he wants to start a war. He tells Mitch to do himself a favor, and drop it. Mitch says he’s got it.

Jim brings Wyatt home. Kathryn says he looks strung out. He wants to leave and Jim asks if he wants to get murdered. Wyatt asks if Jim is threatening him, and Jim says, no, but someone sure as hell is. Kathryn wants to know what’s  going on, and Jim tells her that Wyatt killed somebody. She says, not again? Who? Jim says a drug dealer, but not just any drug dealer – a Malone. Wyatt blames Jim for getting rid of his coke in the first place. He explains that he went to the ATM, but his money was gone. Jim enlightens him by telling Wyatt that he took it; it’s gone. He suggests Wyatt chill the hell out; he’s not letting him out of the house. Kathryn says to let him go. Jim tells Wyatt that he took it because Wyatt is dangerous to himself, and can’t see it. They beg him not to leave, but he does. Kathryn tells Jim that he handled it like a pro.

Justin knocks on Jeffrey’s door, and begs to come in. Jeffrey asks how Justin knew he was there, and Justin says he’s a cop. Jeffrey lets him in, and says it’s his dad’s place. He asks what Justin wants, and Just says, him. He’s sick without Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to do this. Justin says he can’t get Jeffrey out of his head. He asks Jeffrey what to do, and Jeffrey says he needs therapy. Justin says Jeffrey is a therapist, but Jeffrey says he needs someone else; Justin says Jeffrey has no idea how much he’s given up to be with Jeffrey. Jeffrey says Justin keeps reminding him. He tells Justin that self-pity stinks. Justin says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him; he keeps wanting Jeffrey. Jeffrey says Justin is gay. Justin insists he isn’t. Jeffrey says, until he admits it, he’ll always be in turmoil. Justin says he likes girls, and Jeffrey says he likes being on his stomach too. It’s the truth, and he should own it. Justin says he’s out of there, and starts to go, but comes back. He starts to kiss Jeffrey, who turns away. Justin says he loves him, and he can tell Jeffrey loves him too. His body doesn’t lie. Shakira pops into my head. They begin to kiss, and quickly get busy.

Veronica walks in. Her eyes get as big as saucers, and Jeffrey locks eyes with her.

Next time, Wyatt gets pissed at the bank, Veronica screams her head off, and Wyatt threatens to kill his parents.

🙏 Sorry to Cut Things Short…

It’s nearly 4 am, and if you saw me, you’d know I need some beauty rest. And I can’t give Below Deck and Sell It Like Serhant to you unedited. You’d be like, wtf is she on? You might even be thinking that now. So until tomorrow (which is technically later), when you’ll get the rest of Tuesday…



May 27, 2018 – 90 Day Night, a Little West Shogunworld, Some Random Info & Memorial Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

I mostly watched reruns of The Office today, but since Fear the Walking Dead was replaced by Jaws 2 tonight, I was thrilled to be able to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in its entirety, and not at 2 in the morning. I’m somewhat obsessed with this show because it’s like the worst people in the world are on it. Okay, Jax isn’t on it, and maybe Big Brother might take the number one spot, but some really awful people are on this show. And I love it. Here’s my take on the couples so far. Obviously, Mohamad (still watching for that headline with his picture) and Danielle aren’t joining the cast, and the least horrible people, Lauren and Alexi, chose not to participate, as they want some privacy. So without further ado…

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Pao and Russ went to Columbia to visit her dying grandmother. Whatever the hell city she’s from was very engaging and colorful, with a carnival atmosphere, but she’s apparently never been to NYC, since she said no city had that much passion in the US. I’m starting to think these two deserve each other. Pao is a selfish twit, insisting Russ move to Miami, leaving his native Oklahoma where he could actually make some money, because she wanted to further her nude picture modeling career. The sad part is, her family seem like decent people, and she claims to love them oh-so-much, but she’s barely talked to them in years, since moving to the States. I’m waiting for her to blame Russ, even though it’s obvious she loves Miami and being photographed naked for whatever gigs she does. (During the previews for next week, it looks like her family is going to blame Russ.) I should add that I’ve never seen her get her picture taken when she’s totally nakey, but might as well be. Russ isn’t happy about the lack of clothing, or even lingerie, which he finds different from a bikini because it evokes thoughts of bedroom antics. She’s basically called him a stick-in-the-mud for feeling the way he does, but I disagree. I’m not prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she knew how he felt, and agreed to terms she didn’t keep – all for the sake of this illustrious career. Honey, you are thirty. And while thirty isn’t old (I’d love to see it again), no one starts modeling at thirty. More like thirteen. I’m not denying that she’s doing legit modeling of some kind, but she acts like she’s Heidi Klum whenever she talks about her “career.” On the other hand, Russ can totally be a wet blanket. While in the city whose name I don’t know, a large group of motorcyclists came past. It turned out that Pao had known one of them since she was a teenager, and they’d briefly dated. Russ kept saying what tough guys bikers were, but dude, these guys were wearing neon and had stickers on their helmets. They were not the Hell’s Angels. To his credit, he did get on a bike for a spin, along with Pao, who rode with her friend. Russ got bent out of shape afterwards, when Pao said she and biker guy had dated, but it wasn’t anything serious. I mean, come on, it’s not like she suddenly hatched when she met him. She also has that mean queen friend, Juan, who’s been outright rude to Russ from the jump, probably because he lost his drinking/gossip buddy. I can’t imagine allowing a friend to talk to your SO the way Juan talks to Russ. Pao has repeatedly acted like she just doesn’t know what to do in the situation, but I know what I’d do. Dump Juan. I’m sure we’ll see him later in the season.

I just shook my head watching Anfisa and Jorge. First, he sought advice about divorce, and even his attorney thought he seemed more relaxed without Anfisa screeching at him every five minutes. I get it. He lied to her. But she could have gone back to Moscow if she’d wanted to, and she didn’t. Anyway, I blinked, and the next thing I knew, he couldn’t live without her again. They met at a restaurant, and she agreed to give it another shot, providing they get marriage counseling. But it looks like next week, she’s back on the fence again. I give up. Another two who deserve each other. I finally found out what the deal was that Jorge was alluding to with her profession in The Couples Tell All. Apparently, she’s done a nakey video with herself. While I didn’t look at the video, I did see some almost tasteful stills from RadarOnline, and it sure looks like her, pre boob job.

What I still haven’t found out is why Pedro calls Chantel Pinky. Maybe I don’t want to know. Their story was much of the same. Pedro’s momma is still waiting on her TV, whining for money, and saying his name in the most annoying way possible. He finally said he’d send her money to get her own damn TV, since it would be $1500 to ship. And I cry over $8. Chantel thought Pedro and her family would bond during a trip to a mountain cabin for five days. Pedro reluctantly agreed to go, but in the preview, says he wants to leave. So many cast members on reality shows love to cut out when the going gets tough, they should issue roller blades with every contract. He’s never going to forgive them for the display of disrespect to his family in the DR. My jury is out on that. After his mother called them stupid Americans and offered them chicken feet to eat, I’m not so sure I blamed them for not wanting more of the same. For the record, Pedro kept saying they eat chicken feet all the time, but other than his cursory nibble at one to prove his point, they went untouched by all. His mother and sister were definitely playing Chantel’s family. On the other hand, her family overreacted when they went to his grandma’s house in the middle of nowhere, sat in the car for a couple of hours, refusing to get out, and then left.

Molly decided to give Luis another chance, although I’m not sure why. Despite his insane ranting at her last season, about having Buddhas and owls all over the place, he actually seems like an okay guy. An okay guy who isn’t ready for the responsibility of a family. Daughter Olivia booked, deciding to stay at her boyfriend’s house while Luis was in the picture. Molly tracked her down, and Olivia said she was being selfish, but agreed to try and work things out. It sounded like Molly said she was done again, but we’ve been there before. SPOILER: I read that Molly has since filed for divorce, and Luis went on a social media rant about how TLC is racist and he’s going to sue them. Good luck with that.

Azan was still waiting on his K1 visa, while Nicole was on pins and needles. When Azan finally did call, no surprise, the video began to break up. How bad is the Wi-Fi in Morocco anyway? First, Azan was required to get a statement from a third party, confirming that the two of them had actually been a couple during the past two years. Then he was denied. Nicole’s mom thought maybe he didn’t really want to come, and had sabotaged things, but in the preview, the lawyer Nicole sees, tells her that he has ties to drug smugglers. Ruh Roh! These two seem too young to be getting that involved anyway. Face it, her weight is always going to be an issue for him, and she’s just looking for a daddy for her daughter.

Annie and David were living in friend Chris’s refurbished firehouse – mega cool digs – but Chris’s wife put the kibosh on Chris funding David. While I’m not sure what David’s problem is with the job thing, it seemed kind of mean to cut him off abruptly when Chris had promised to float him for a few months. He also suddenly asked for $1000 a month rent, which was like a double-whammy. Annie can’t work because she hasn’t gotten her green card yet, and she’s going stir crazy, since she can’t get a driver’s license either. Life in America hasn’t worked out the way she thought, since they’re clipping coupons and she had to pawn her jewelry. That’s right. You can’t believe everything you see on TV – we are not all the Carringtons. His son is moving in with them, which doesn’t make newlywed Annie too happy, since she likes being loud during sex, and… Never mind, it’s bad enough she gave me a mental picture that I can never erase.

🐎 Thoughts on Westworld, which I also got to watch in its regular time-slot. Wow. This show is a little depressing, but I love a good head lopping, and we’re getting a lot of that. The Shogunworld storyline was sad, and so is the wiping of Teddy’s mind. Mostly because I like James Marsden. It looks like Delores is only on her own side, and Maeve has telepathic powers, but is using them for good, trying to help other hosts and humans. Too bad she was a little late for Sakura.  I did approve of the man bun on the dudes in Shogunworld, so they are now added to the list of one – Josh from Sweet Home Oklahoma – that gets my okay. Another thought – whose cleaning up that mess?

🍸 Monday night at 9 pm, BRAVO will be serving up Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed. It’s also being rerun at 10 pm. I love the Secrets shows. They were once called Lost Footage, until the network stopped insulting the viewers with that title. Like I really thought Andy Cohen looked in one of his desk drawers and suddenly found it. The clips are random, but usually more lighthearted, and I swear they save a few things that are better than what we’ve seen during the season.

🏥 General Hospital has no new episode tomorrow. They’re airing the episode from April 13. Normally on a holiday, they rerun something significant, but I can’t tell from the blurb which one it is; it’s so vague.

🙋 So it looks like I’ll be back on Tuesday. Some information for you in the meantime:

😪 The 8 Stages of Grief We All Go Through After a Relaxing Long Weekend

🎆 In Case You Didn’t Know Why You’re Off Work…





May 25, 2018 – Peter Wants to Play Ball & Short But Mixed Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Robert and Anna are at Kelly’s, Robert tells Anna go home and get some rest. Anna says she got a text from Emma and Robin saying how much fun they had. She doesn’t know how she’s going to tell them. Robert says she should have thought of that before telling Henrik she’s his mother.

Mac and Felicia visit Maxie at the hospital. Felicia wishes they would have been there, but Spinelli told them the baby is healthy. Maxie says he’s small, but perfect in every way. Felicia hopes Nina was there. Maxie says, in keeping with family tradition, she didn’t have the baby in a catacomb or under a restaurant table, but by the side of the road. Felicia asks her to please say someone was there to help her. Maxie says Peter was there, but tells them to sit down. There are some things they don’t know.

Dante tells Henrik that Nathan was killed January, and Faison died shortly afterward. Why is he still there? He got what he came for. He lured father out. Faison was eliminated, and his hands were clean; why not get out? Henrik says he was going to; he even tendered his resignation. Dante asks what changed his mind, and he says he made connections he didn’t want to lose. Dante calls him a selfish SOB, and says he was having too much fun, ingratiating himself to Nathan’s widow, manipulating Lulu to cover his tracks. Henrik says, oh, he wants to talk about Lulu.

Nina is at Lulu’s house, and asks about Charlotte. Lulu thinks it’s better to keep to her routine until they figure out the next steps. Nina says Charlotte is her primary concern; she’ll assess the damage to her marriage when she can wrap her head around it. Lulu can’t thank Nina enough for acting in Charlotte’s best interest. She can see why Charlotte loves her so much. She’s lucky to have Nina in her life. Lulu has to figure out how to explain it without giving away how much she hates Charlotte’s father. The doorbell rings, and Nina answers. it’s Valentin.

In the empty courtroom, Diane asks if Sonny and Carly will allow her to explain. Carly refuses to plead not guilty by reason of insanity because she’s not crazy.

Anna tells Robert that he doesn’t expect Robin to forgive her, but when she hears the reason, hopefully, she’ll accept it. Robert asks what about their deal, and Anna says she had no choice. Henrik was pointing a gun at her at close range when Jason came in. The only ay to stop him was to tell the truth. Robert says the only reason she did it was because she wanted to.

Dante asks if Henrik thought of the fact they have two kids, when he sent Lulu after his psycho daddy. Did he think of them growing up without a mother? Henrik says he wouldn’t know; he never had one. Dante asks if he’s supposed to feel sorry for the poor man’s version of Faison. Henrik says he never manipulated Lulu, but Dante says he played her. He made her think she was going to win a Pulitzer Prize, when she was just writing for an audience of one – him. If Jason hadn’t shot Faison, who was next on his list? Henrik says he never meant to use anyone, and Dante says he used Nathen as a target. Henrik says he didn’t want his brother to die. Dante tells him not to call Nathen his brother again.

Lulu asks what Valentin is doing there, and he says the custody agreement is still in effect, and it’s his week. Lulu asks if he wants Charlotte to watch him getting dragged away in handcuffs again. He says there were no charges; they can’t keep him. Lulu says they can if he’s trying to kidnap Charlotte. He says there’s nothing preventing him from taking her on vacation, and Lulu says there’s a difference between vacation and hiding. He says he has nothing to hide from; he hasn’t broken any laws. Nina says with so much going on, it would be a show of good faith to keep Charlotte at Lulu’s for the time being.

Mac and Felicia want to thank Peter, but Maxie says, no they don’t. Peter is no hero. He’s Henrik Faison.

Brad sees Nelle at the hospital. He heard she was being released, and gives her a bouquet of flowers. She says Michael is on his way; he’s been worried about her. Brad isn’t surprised since it’s some fall she took. It’s a miracle she and the baby weren’t hurt. Nelle says the baby is a miracle; it’s changed her life already so much. She asks if he’s heard anything about Carly, and he says Lucas and Bobbie are freaked out. They think she’s having a psychotic break or something. Nelle doesn’t want to say mentally ill around Michael, but it’s hard to deny at this point. She knows Michael is thinking it too.

Carly tells Diane that she never even touched Nelle. Diane tells her that Nelle said she did, and there’s a boatload of evidence backing it up, but nothing corroborating Carly’s version. Carly says Jason will find it, but Diane says she’s being arraigned today. There are no fewer than six people, including her mother and daughter, that heard her berating Nelle just twenty minutes before she was at the bottom of the stairs.

Mac can’t believe it, and Felicia says, he’s Nathan’s brother? Maxie says she thought Faison wanted to kidnap her, but he was there for Peter. She was just at the wrong place at the worst possible time. She wishes she’d never gone to Crimson. Nathan wouldn’t have been there, and Faison and Peter could have killed each other. Felicia tells her not to blame herself. She no idea what she was walking into. Maxie says, Peter did. He could have gone to the police, but he didn’t; he just let it happen. She wonders if he was thinking, better you than me? Felicia tells her not to try to make sense of it; there’s no sense to be made. Mac says losing Nathan was a terrible tragedy, but one way to learn to live with it is in there in the hospital. Felicia says there’s a beautiful, new person that she and Nathan brought into the world as a testament to their love. He’s fierce and a survivor, like his mama, and she needs to focus on him. There’s no time for hanging on to bitterness. Maxie says she loves her, and they hug. Max and Felicia want to see the baby.

Henrik says Nathan was his brother. Dante says Henrik was no brother to him. Nathan never would have left him hanging. He would have stood by his side, and taken down their father with him. It’s the kind of guy he was. A brother tells truth, even when you don’t want to hear it, and wears stupid hats at your kids’ parties. Henrik wishes he’d known him, but Dante says he would have been ashamed; Henrik is a coward. The only reason he’s not slamming Henrik’s face into the table is Nathan. His brother wouldn’t want him to do that.

Sonny asks Diane how the insanity would work to Carly’s advantage. Diane says she can avoid accusing a poor, pregnant girl of lying, and wouldn’t be considered responsible for her actions. Carly says she was angry, but fully in control; she only grabbed the blanket. Which, Diane tells her, they cannot produce. She can stick to her story, and run risk of prison, or take the remedy the law affords and maintain she’s not responsible.

Max, Felicia, and Maxie look at the baby, who Max thinks already has a pitching arm. Maxie says wait until they see him up close; he reminds her of Nathan. They ask if she’s decided on a name, and she says she’s naming him after his father. Felicia says, Nathan Junior? but she says, no. Nathan’s given name was James. James Malcolm West, if Mac is okay with that. He says it’s the greatest honor of his life. They all say they love each other, and look at the baby some more Felicia says, welcome to the world.

At the station, Anna asks to talk to Henrik. Dante says, be my guest. Henrik says, just when he thought his day couldn’t get worse; hello, mother.

Nelle tells Brad, sooner or later, they’re both going to have little ones, and start their lives over. She asks if he’s excited, and he says he may even join playgroup. The thought of joining random strangers obsessed with child development, would have made him want to set his hair on fire at one point. Now he’s looking forward to it. Lucas is the opposite. He wants it, but the closer they get, the more afraid he is of jinxing it. Nelle tells him not to worry. Before they know it, they’ll be having a playdate. He’s happy things worked out for her, and she’s building a nest with her man. She says it worked out exility as she planned.

Carly wants to call Jason. She wants someone there believes her, and believes in her. Sonny says he believes in her. Jason can be there, but can’t spend time in Pentenville, where she’s going unless she lets Diane do what she does best. Carly says Diane doesn’t believe her. Diane says her concern is what the judge believes, and her job is to get the best possible outcome. It’s something she can prove. Carly and Nelle have had a complicated relationship. Nelle has chosen to play cool, but Carly has publicly demonstrated her animosity. Diane can prove irrational behavior. Carly says she’s not giving in to a lying snake who’s using her dead son to get to her, and trying to turn her surviving children against her.

Felicia asks if Maxie needs anything. Maxie say she has a bag already packed in the front hall closet. Felicia is impressed, but Maxie says, for all the good it did her. Lulu shows up. She doesn’t want to intrude, but says the baby is beautiful, and congratulates Maxie. Felicia leaves, and Maxie asks Lulu to wait. Lulu heard Peter delivered the baby. Maxie says, she means Henrik, and she swears she didn’t know. He was right under her nose, manipulating her. She was desperate to feel worthwhile and do something she was proud of, and got caught up in the hype and attention on her. She couldn’t face it before, but owns it now. She’s sorry. She never wanted anything bad to happen, and should have listened to Maxie and Dante. She never imagined it would go down like that. Maxie says she was angry and hurt, and still doesn’t agree with what she did, but she’s not responsible for what happened to Nathan. Peter is.

Nina meets Valentin in the park. He knows she’s upset; she should be. He wants her to understand that she means everything to him. She says he’s said it a million times – usually after he’s lied – but this time is different. Her brother is dead. Valentin says, Peter didn’t shoot him, but Nina says Valentin didn’t warn Nathan that he was in town. Valentin says he couldn’t betray him. Valentin admits to being a bad man, and doing bad things; the worst turning over an innocent baby. He changed the course of Peter’s life, and couldn’t undo it. He could only mitigate the damage. So he kept Peter’s secret. He hates how it turned out, but asks her to please understand he had no choice.

Henrik asks why Anna is there. If it’s forgiveness, it’s a wasted trip. She doesn’t blame him for hating her, but she thought he should know the truth; he deserves that. He says he figured it out already. A pretty girl gets knocked up by a monster, wants to forget, and walks away. Anna says, she was young, inexperienced, and let the situation get out of control. He knows how impossible his father was to predict, so when she realized she was pregnant, she wanted to protect from him, and make sure Faison never found out. Henrik says she failed there. Anna says she asked for him to be taken away after he was born. She didn’t want any connection. She didn’t even know she’d had a boy. She convinced herself the less she knew, the more distance could keep, and the safer he’d be, away from Faison and his obsession with her. Henrik tells her to stop lying. He doesn’t need to hear her version of selfless love. She left him with the monster. She says she wasn’t the one who gave him to Faison. It was Valentin.

Sonny asks Diane what kind of argument she can make. Diane says there’s a pattern of irrational behavior at the shower. Carly smashed a present, and argued violently with Nelle. Carly protests, but Diane says, there are facts presented. No one has seen the blanket, and if she continues with that story, she’s likely to spend time in prison, or she make the plea advised and regain her freedom in a matter of months.

Carly says the strategy doesn’t work for her because she’s not crazy. Telling the court she is, is perjury. She didn’t push Nelle, and saying she did is also perjury. Playing Nelle’s game is perpetrating a lie, and she doesn’t want to do that either. Sonny says there’s no choice between prison and the hospital. Diane says there’s no proof of her innocence, but ample proof of irrational behavior. Another factor is her husband.

Brad has to leave. Nelle thanks him for the flowers and gift. She hasn’t had time to write thank you cards. Brad can’t believe Carly would do this, and Nelle says she didn’t throw herself down the stairs. He says no one in their right mind would think that. She says it’s a shame Carly went off the deep end, and hopes she gets the help she needs.

Nina says Peter is a grown man. He knew Faison was after him, and did nothing to warn anyone he was coming. Neither did Valentin. Had they done differently, her brother might be alive. She asks if he wanted to get out of town before Faison got there, and he says, no, but she says he lies all the time. He says if he’d known Faison was coming, he would have been with her. She says she’s done. She’s tired of trying to figure out his motives. She can’t live like this.

Maxie tells lulu about Faison being with Peter at Crimson. She assumed he was there for her, but he was there for his other son. The rest of them were just collateral damage. Lulu says she’s sorry, but Maxie says, no, she is. She’s sorry she let him in her life, believed his lies, and let herself lean on him. She couldn’t see who he was or that he was bad as his father lulu asks to be let back in her life help with baby actually something needs help with name it

Henrik tells Anna she’s laying the blame on Valentin for what she did. She tells him that they were at the Academy together; cadets and friends. They had a falling out, and Valentin resented her. He figured out she was pregnant, and could have turned her in. Instead, he followed her, and found out from the midwife where the baby was placed. It was an illegal adoption, so he confronted the couple, and they gave him up, and Valentin took him to Faison. Henrik wonders why he didn’t tell Faison that she was his mother. Anna says, he told her it was strategy. Henrik says, never give up all the leverage; always keep something in reserve. He says, his mentor, his friend, and Anna says Valentin helped because he regretted what he’d done. Henrik says she didn’t do this for his good; she did it for hers. She says she was just trying to keep him safe. He says clearly, it interfered with her career plan. He says it was different with Robin; her father was the legendary Robert Scorpio. She says it was a different time in her life. Henrik insists she was protecting herself. Dante comes in, and says it’s time for the arraignment, and takes Henrik out.

Anna follows. She says there’s not going to be an arraignment. Tell the DA that she refuses to cooperate. Robert says he tried to kill her, but she says he’s her son. She’s not going to testify against him.

Dante tells her that Jason said Henrik was ready to shoot her. Anna says he misinterpreted the situation. Henrik was never going to shoot her. She says she’s a veteran agent, and Jason is a criminal; who does he think they’ll believe? Dante says no matter how she protects Henrik, he’s innocent. She says she betrayed him once. She’s not going to do it again.

Valentin wants to go home and be a family. Nina asks how that will work? Every time she looks at him, she sees her dead brother. She’s not doing that to herself or Charlotte. If he was a good man, he’d go to Morocco and leave Charlotte with Lulu. He hopes she doesn’t mean that, but she does. She tells him to please leave while his daughter still loves him.

Maxie tells Lulu that if she really wants to do something for her and the baby, help take down Peter August.

Robert tells Anna that guilt is clouding her judgement. She doesn’t want to face the man Henrik has become. Henrik says perhaps if they hear what he has to offer, they might want to play ball.

Carly asks Diane what Sonny has to do with it. Diane says he’s an alleged mobster of some repute. They share a name, and the DA has been trying to take him down for years, If the new DA can put his wife in prison, it’s the next best thing to him. Carly says, so she’s not only crazy, but a scapegoat for Sonny? Diane says it will keep her from that. She can’t prove what she says happened. Carly says Jason can. Sonny says what if he does, and Diane says the DA will spin it into a motive, saying Carly pushed her down the stairs because she was angry. She started it isn’t a legitimate justification for attempted murder. If Carly wants to be a free woman, take the insanity plea. Carly hates this, but Sonny says it’s the only option.

On Monday, Drew asks what’s holding Andre back, Alexis needs a consultation, and Franco wants to meet Elizabeth’s family.

👄 Quotes of the Week

I don’t want a job. It’s so much work. – Nicolette, spoiled teenager on Dr. Phil

That’s more of a sentence than I needed. – Judge Judy  (I so identify with this!)

And that, madam, is a hat. – Commentator on the Royal Wedding

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.Edith Wharton

If God sends us on stony paths, He provides strong shoes. – Corrie ten Boom

🎠 Making It An Early Night, So…




May 24, 2018 – Griff Has Reason to Worry, Hilton Head Gets Some Charm & I’m a Hamster


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Griff and Kiki are sleeping, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Ava.

Sonny goes to the station. Carly comes out, and he asks if she’s ready to be sprung. She says he has no idea.

Michael visits Nelle, who pretends to be meditating. She tells him the nurses suggested it to ward off panic attacks. She’s had PTSD since she was pushed down the stairs.

Josslyn and Oscar look at the video from the show. She thinks Trina will like it, and Oscar says his mom will too.

Kim and Drew have coffee at Kelly’s. He’s sorry that he couldn’t give her a ride back from the hospital. Although if her date hadn’t bailed on her, she wouldn’t have needed one.

Alexis’s doorbell rings. It’s Julian with a bouquet of calla lilies.

Sonny asks for privacy. Carly can’t wait to get home. He gives her some Corinthos coffee, and she tells him, bless you. She asks about the baby, who’s fine, and Nelle, who’s recovering. Sonny asks how she’s doing, and she says she’ll be better when she proves she didn’t push Nelle.

She asks what’s going on with the case, and he says Diane is picking up some court clothes for her. She asks how Mike is, and he tells her about him going to the Ball with Stella, who’s filling in until they get a permanent caregiver. Carly knows Mike must be loving every second. Sonny says it’s the happiest he’s ever seen Mike. He even sang at the Ball. It was good until he lost the words, but Sonny got up there and helped him out. Carly is surprised Sonny sang, and he says, it wasn’t great. She says she has to see the video, and he tells her it’s good to see her smile again. She takes his hand, and asks if Michael was there. Sonny says no, and he hasn’t heard from him. Carly says, radio silence with his parents. It’s what Nelle wanted.

Michael asks if Nelle doesn’t want to leave the hospital, and she says she can’t hide forever. He tells Nelle that he’ll give her a ride, but she tells him the paperwork could take a while. He says that gives him enough time to do something he’s been dreading. She says he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t go see his mom.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’s freaking out. What if her mom was angry and so far gone, she really did hurt Nelle on purpose. He asks if that’s what she thinks. She doesn’t want to, but Carly was out of control at the shower. She wants to talk to her, but doesn’t know what to say. Oscar promises they’ll figure it out.

Kim tells Drew that Julian bailed with good reason; he was making sure Alexis was okay. She encouraged him. Drew says the problem is, he went. Kim asks if it’s better to stay, even if you want to be somewhere else. Drew doesn’t think she should settle for being runner-up. She deserves better. She says, so does he.

Julian tells Alexis that he wanted to make sure she was hanging in there. She says she’s fine. He doesn’t need to worry, and can go. He says there’s something he’d like to say. He thinks he helped her in some capacity last night, and now it’s her turn.

Ava knocks on Griff’s door, and calls his name. She knows he’s not at the hospital, the gym, or having breakfast, so this is the one place left; his room. Since I guess he couldn’t possibly have been anywhere else. She asks him to please open the door. Kiki grabs up her clothes, and Griff pulls on his pants. Ava asks him, please don’t shut her out. He answers the door, and she sees the champagne. She says it looks like he had a rough night.

Ava says she wouldn’t blame him if he left her in the hallway after last night. She was being petty and jealous. After she had some time to calm down and clear her head, she sees how completely out of line she was, so she came back, but he didn’t answer. She understands. She looks at the champagne bottle, and says he polished it off. He must have one heck of a headache, and it’s her fault. She’s sorry. She was angry and said things she didn’t mean. She wishes she could take it back about him and Kiki. She’s embarrassed and sorry. Give her another chance.

Kim tells Drew it’s her own fault. She went in with open eyes. She knew Julian was still hung up on his ex. She was lonely. She says she feels like a PSA. She knows he has no memory of who he used to be, but she sees it sometimes; the old him. Drew says hopefully, she won’t be using the word old much longer. He’ll be just him.

Julian tells Alexis that she doesn’t deserve to be tossed away like that. Alexis asks, what about Kim? She didn’t deserve to be ditched. He says it’s a different situation. He tells Alexis that she deserves unconditional love, someone who puts her first, a man who’d lay down his life for her. She says that would be nice, but it can’t be him.

Diane apologizes to Carly for her accommodations; she’s been all over the DA, and trying to make it go faster. Sonny says she’ll be sleeping in her own bed tonight, but Diane says, don’t count on it. They’ve gotten a full boat of bad. There’s no proof about the altercation over the baby blanket, and the new DA wants to eradicate all crime in the northern hemisphere. She changed her name to Corinthos, and now is not the time for that connection. Sonny says he’ll put pressure on some people he knows, but Diane says if he works the system, he could bring down the system on Carly. Nelle has her supporters too. Monica is on her side. Carly says it’s payback; Monica has never forgiven her for Michael. Raising her grandchild as a Quartermaine; it’s Monica’s favorite day of the year. Diane says she should worry less about that than going to prison. Michael walks in, and asks to talk to his mother alone. He wants her side of the story.

Julian says people change, and Alexis asks if now that he runs a legitimate business, it makes everything okay? He says he’s changing because of her. They stroll down Memory Lane about when they met at a dive bar.

Drew tells Kim that he needs to be him for his kids. She thought it was impossible without the flash drive, and Drew says, so did he. He talked to the doctor who did the procedure, and he thinks he can erase Jason’s memories from his mind. Kim asks if he doesn’t have to put Drew’s memories back. Drew says, not necessarily. It’s like she said, some of his personality pokes through. It leads him to believe he’s still in there somewhere. Andre isn’t as convinced, but admits it’s possible. He has flashes of recognition; he felt like knew her. Kim says that’s far from proof, and the risks are enormous. He needs to do this. He need his kids to know who he is. He wants to give them advice from his own memories.

Griff tells Ava that he just can’t dismiss the fight; things got ugly. She says she allowed her insecurities get the better of her. She was convinced that she couldn’t be the good person she was trying to be, and tried to sabotage the relationship. She sang the song just to be spiteful to everyone, even him. She’s not proud of it. She’s scared of losing him and being hurt, so she hurt him first. She knows apologizing isn’t enough, but it’s all she has right now. Can he forgive her, or is it too late? Kiki is practically having a heart attack in the bathroom.

Nelle flips through Josslyn’s pictures of the Ball. Josslyn asks how she feels, and Nelle says, battered and bruised, but the baby is a total rock star. Josslyn gives her a stuffed lamb for the baby, and hopes it cheers her up. She says it’s the least she can do, and Nelle says it’s not Josslyn’s fault she got hurt. Josslyn says she was on her way to see her mom, and ended up there. She wants to know what happened. Nelle says she’s sorry about all this. She knows how close Josslyn is with her mom; she’s sure Josslyn freaked out when she heard Carly pushed her. Josslyn says, it wasn’t an accident? Nelle says, no, but she never wants Josslyn to turn her back on her mother; she should be with her and not Nelle. Josslyn asks how she can say that after what Carly did. Nelle says Josslyn is her friend, and she cares about her.

Diane tells Sonny that calling it an uphill battle is an understatement. Sonny says at least Carly will make bail, but Diane says, don’t count on it. She’s facing two counts of attempted murder, and she’s married to him. There’s no proof Carly’s version is correct. Sonny says he doesn’t think it is. Diane says she doesn’t either. She thinks Carly is way more out of control than she’s willing to admit.

Michael tells Carly he talked to Jason, and there were things going on he didn’t realize; stuff with Morgan. Carly asks if he told Michael that Nelle was behind it. Michael says Jason told him that’s what she believes. Carly says, and Jason. She’s a master manipulator, and she’s really good. He asks what happened at the shower. She says she went with the best intentions, but Nelle kept taunting her over and over. She’d even registered for a penguin mobile – Michael interrupts, saying he knows, Morgan’s favorite – Carly says, but she didn’t stop there. She kept bringing up his name, and she lost it. Nelle went off in tears, and Carly pulled it together to apologize. She followed Nelle upstairs, and suggested a truce. Nelle’s eyes were cold, but that wasn’t as disturbing as the blanket she was holding. It was exactly like Morgan had when he was a baby. That’s when Carly knew it was her, and told her that. Then Nelle started taunting her, telling her that she was losing control. Carly said she was going to tell Michael everything, and Nelle stormed out with the blanket. She found Nelle at the top of the stairs, and grabbed the blanket. When Nelle grabbed back, she lost her balance. Carly didn’t even touch her, and that’s God’s honest truth.

Griff tells Ava not to ask for his forgiveness. She asks if it’s insurmountable. She knows he can’t tell her that he loves her. She sits with him and takes his hand. She says she feels he loves her. She doesn’t need to hear the words. She was pretty mad when she saw them together, and once again jumped to the wrong conclusions. It was completely ridiculous. She and Kiki have had issues, but were working back to a good place. Kiki and her sister are the best things she’s ever done, and she knows Kiki wouldn’t betray her. She loves them, and it makes her happy that Griff gets along with Kiki. She promises not to let her demons take over. Griff tells her to stop. There’s something she needs to know. Kiki panics.

Michael tells Carly that Nelle claims there was never any blanket, and it was never found. Carly says between Spinelli and Jason, they’ll prove it, and that Nelle was responsible for the incidents involving Morgan. Nelle wanted her to lose it. She walked into it; that’s on her, but she would never endanger her grandchild, his child. She already loves it as much as she loves him. She says he’s the fairest person she knows, and knows he’ll keep an open mind. Michael tells Carly that he loves her, and leaves.

Sonny asks Michael how it went. Michael says he has to get back to the hospital. He tells Sonny to take care of mom, and Sonny says, that’s the plan.

Nelle tells Josslyn to please not blame Carly. She’s not feeling well, and deserves compassion, not anger. Josslyn says she was so awful at the shower, and Nelle says that was even the half of what she said when they were alone. She tells Josslyn that she shouldn’t be talking about it; she doesn’t want her to be upset. Josslyn says it’s too late for that; tell her the truth. Nelle says it wasn’t so much the words as the look in Carly’s eyes when she pushed her. It was as if she wanted Nelle and the baby gone forever from her and Michael’s lives. She thinks Carly is having a breakdown, which is good, since she can get the help she needs and get better. Josslyn can’t believe it. Nelle says there’s some good news. She thinks the whole ordeal brought her and Michael closer together. Josslyn says, like back together, and Nelle says, not yet, but she has the feeling that’s where they’re headed.

Kim asks Drew, what if something goes wrong? Drew says she can stuff him and make him into a hat rack. Kim doesn’t think it’s funny. Oscar wanted a father his whole life, and could lose him. They have a real relationship; don’t take it away from him. Oscar walks in, and Drew asks if his ears were burning. Drew tells him that he crushed it at the Nurses’ Ball. Oscar has something awesome to tell him.

Alexis tells Julian it reminds her of a time when she had control, and the world was her oyster; she could do what she wanted. He says, like meeting a sophomore college guy in a dive bar? She remembers that he said she was the kind of woman Botticelli would paint. Then they made out in the back seat of his car. He says, so much for romance. He says he fell in love with her that evening – and never fell out. He tells her to keep the calla lilies to remind her of how beautiful and brilliant she is. The world will always be her oyster.

Alexis kisses Julian, and he says, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. She says, it’s always a bad thing. She needs him to go. Don’t follow her. Don’t comfort her. She needs him to leave.

Ava tells Griff if they can get through last night, they can get through anything. His phone pings, and it’s a text from Kiki: don’t tell her. He says he needs to get ready, and he’ll be in touch. Ava says they’ll work it out. She kisses him, and leaves. Kiki comes out, and asks if he’s okay. He says, no. I can just imagine – dealing with the guilt, worrying that Ava will find Kiki in the bathroom, and a hangover. He tells Kiki that he hates lying. She respects his intent to be honest, but Ava can never know they slept together. It would destroy her. He doesn’t want that, does he? Griff says, of course not, but he can’t pretend nothing happened. Kiki says, he can. He has to, and so does she.

Drew calls Oscar a winning journalist, but Oscar says it’s just one editorial. Kim is thinking maybe an internship at Aurora. He and Drew working together, side by side. Drew says he’ll put Oscar in touch with HR, and the rest is on him. Drew asks Oscar about the school assembly, and Oscar says it’s long and boring. Drew says he’s showing up early and staying late. Oscar tells him to just be in the corner, clapping quietly. Drew says, not a chance. Oscar leaves, and Drew says, that’s my kid. Kim says, it is, and Drew wants to be there to see him grow up.

Outside, Josslyn tells Oscar that she went to see Nelle.

Nelle asks Michael how Carly is, and he says, not looking too good. He confirms that she’s denying pushing Nelle. She told him what happened before Nelle fell, and it was outrageous. He can’t imagine how she’s feeling. Nelle reminds him that he still has the baby – and her.

Diane tells Carly that Spinelli hasn’t been able to recover the blanket or proof there ever was one. Carly tells her to work her magic. Diane says it may be a trick she can’t pull off. She’ll break it down. Carly has a history of violence, and also irrational behavior. Her time in a mental institution is a matter of public record. Carly says Nelle did her own time, and Diane says she’s not the one accused of attacking someone. All of the statements confirm she’s been the aggressor, and witnesses can testify to that. The DA is out for blood, and what the judge and jury will see is that Nelle is a victim. Imagine a waif who was nearly killed by the mob boss’s wife, who pushed her down the stairs. Carly says they won’t believe that lying snake. No way can Nelle send her to prison for ten years. Diane says, try twenty-five.

Julian says he’s not trying to take advantage. He’s just trying to be a friend. Alexis says she doesn’t need him to be. She needs him to go. He leaves, and Alexis paces. She throws flowers across the room. The vase hits the couch, and doesn’t break, so she does it again, and it shatters against the wall.

Kiki asks Griff to please forgive her mother. Don’t throw the relationship away. If he does, he’ll regret it. Kiki leaves, and Griff gives his best worried look ever.

Alexis makes a call. She says she needs to come and see them. It’s an emergency.

Ava is back at Griff’s door. She’s glad he’s still there. She strolls in wearing a trench coat, so I already know where this is going. She tells him that she’d like to finish their conversation without all that talking. She takes the coat off, and she’s nakey in heels. They get busy. I don’t even know what to say about Griff. No more champagne for him.

Michael tells Nelle that he has a quick ELQ meeting, and after that, he’ll be working from home. Whatever she and baby need, he’ll be there. She says he doesn’t have to, but he says he owes it to the three of them. He’s not letting her out of his sight. Hmm… interesting choice of words.

Carly says Jason will prove Nelle set her up. Diane says, should he unearth evidence, it could still work against her. The DA will say she pushed Nelle because she knew Nelle was sabotaging her. Sonny’s instinct is to fight. Hers is too, but let the professionals handle it. If she’s painted as a bad guy, it will be worse for her in court. Diane just wants her to see that fact. Carly wonders if Diane thinks Nelle is right, and she’s losing her mind. Diane says the objective is a good outcome for her. They might be required to compromise. Diane gets a call from the DA, and steps outside. Sonny tells Carly that he’s not her enemy; he’s on her side, but he will not tell what she wants to hear. She says Nelle isn’t taking her down. She’s getting out, and getting her family back – watch her.

Tomorrow, Maxie talks to Mac and Felicia, Carly refuses to pleade insanity, and Nina is done.

Southern Charm

Naomie hates that her roommate has a job, since she’d like him to come to Hilton Head. She’s anxious about seeing Craig. She can’t let him get to her anymore. Wilson thinks she has to remedy the situation. She has to talk to Craig. She says she can’t act like a crazy person forever.

Chelsea calls Kathryn to check in. Kathryn says she’s been hibernating. Her grandmother passed away. Kathryn tells Chelsea that she was almost 94, and a pistol. Kathryn lived at the plantation house with her when she was five. Her grandmother was someone you could be yourself with. Kathryn had a lot of her best memories with her; simple memories of bonding with the family. She’s trying to cope with her emotions, which is difficult for her. Chelsea asks if she’s coming to Hilton Head, and she is. Chelsea thinks it will be good for her to get out.

Ashley tells Thomas if he wants to give her his credit card, she can buy more stuff. He was out to dinner with the guys the other night, and she tells him that she hates boys’ night. In his interview, Thomas says Ashley doesn’t like him going out. He finds her too controlling, but she did move there to be with him, and is somewhat dependent on him. They swing by Gwynn’s, since Ashley needs one of her dresses altered. Thomas wants her to be presentable, since they dress differently in California. I’m just going to get this out of the way. Ashley is a big a-hole. Just the woman Thomas deserves. She says he should be taking her ring shopping – just to get some ideas. He says he’s not going to be pressured into anything. She tells him about Kathryn’s grandmother, and we see a clip of him having dinner there. He says he’ll have to give Kathryn a call, and Ashley says he’s been doing a lot of that lately.

Naomie calls Craig. He’s unpacking. She wonders if she can stop by. He tells her okay, but it’s messy, so don’t judge. In his interview, he says she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. He gives roommate Sean a head’s up. Sean says he’s going to hide in his room, and hope he doesn’t hear screams. Craig says, pineapple is his safe word.

Cameran is still pregnant. And miserable. She scarfs Cheez-its and pickles. Shep calls, and she says she’s pretty much housebound, so she’s eating. It feels like being constantly bloated and constipated. She’s bored, since there’s not a lot she can do. She’s been pregnant for too long. She’s forcing herself to take a shower every day so she feels human. He tells her about running into a glass door, but says he wasn’t that drunk. He tells her that they’ll miss her on the trip. She says, while they’re off enjoying themselves, she’ll be at home, googling vaginal tears. She tells Shep to pray for her vag.

Victoria calls Austen asking what time he’ll be back. He says he’ll miss her, and wishes she could come, but she has to work. She asks if he’s talked to Chelsea yet, but he’s waiting for the trip. He doesn’t think it will be a problem, but last time, Chelsea cut him out of her life. He doesn’t want it to happen again. What’s wrong with these people? They have a hard time cutting the cord.

Naomie is on crutches. She brings Gizmo along to visit Craig. Amazingly, for the most part, the cat follows her from the car to Craig’s house. She tells Craig she broke her foot, and I wonder who or what she kicked in a fit of rage. One of the walls is messed up from a demo party, since it’s being torn down. She tells Craig that she brought Gizmo as a peace offering; Gizmo misses him. She wants to get along, and be cordial. He says she’s the one who comes at him, so if she wants it to be nice, she needs to be nice. She’s working on being kinder. He’s proud of her that she recognizes it. Gizmo hisses at her, and she says he’s mad about something, but she doesn’t know what. Maybe he just hates you.

Everyone packs for the trip. Shep puts a bandage on his nose.

Ashley puts some kind of beauty treatment on Tom’s face. She thinks she needs a Louis Vuitton suitcase. He tells her that Kathryn has five of them. If they start getting friendly, maybe she can borrow one. Ashley says Kathryn is a wild card, and she hasn’t received her invite to Saint’s birthday party. She has no respect for someone who couldn’t extend an invitation. In his interview, Thomas says he’s on Kathryn’s side with this one, but if he feels obligated to go, uh huh. He did that a lot in politics. Ashley, who looks like she could fall apart at any second, says if Kathryn is smart, she can be her best ally, but if she’s stupid, she’ll be her worst enemy. If she’s excluded, it will be a problem.

The group sets off in separate cars. Thomas and Ashley; Craig, Austen, Shep, and Whitney; and, Chelsea, Kathryn, Danni, and Naomie.

Shep says he’s broken his nose eight or ten times.

Kathryn says Saint’s birthday party is this Sunday. No one can believe he’s already two.

Ashley says there’s nothing worse than being excluded. If it was their party, and Kathryn was dating someone, she’s sure Thomas would tell her to bring them. He’s like, the more the merrier. In his interview, he says it’s annoying that she can’t drop it. She’s like a dog with a rubber shoe. Ashley says she needs to know he’s hearing her, and he says he absolutely supports her, but he has kids to raise, and wants to be steady Eddie. Whatever that means.

Craig is late, which has started the four of them off late. Craig tells them that he has surgery on Friday. He hurt his hand by trying to stab a butter knife through a wall. Shep thinks he needs some action.

Chelsea says she just got a text from Austen, saying the conversation in their car is painful. She guesses they’re talking again, since they haven’t spoken in weeks. Naomie says she ran into Austen taking Victoria out to dinner.

Craig asks if Austen would ever get back with Chelsea, but that’s a no.

Ashley says she’d have the perfect name if she and Thomas got married – Ashley Ravenel. I’ll bet she writes Mrs. Thomas Ravenel on her notebooks, with hearts all around it. She says she loves him, and he heaves a big sigh. She hopes he sticks up for her if she’s not invited. Or maybe she will be invited. Thomas asks if they all can’t just get along. She is unbelievably annoying.

Naomie says it’s just us four girls – and Ashley. Everyone makes faces like, yuk. Danni pats Kathryn’s shoulder, and says, it will be fun.

Shep points out the sights. He says there’s something idyllic and wonderful about living walking distance from the beach. Mmm… I don’t know about that. Especially during hurricane season.

Chelsea says it was a slow-paced river town, and used to be nothing but woods; it’s more developed now. She says growing up, they didn’t have much, but had a great time. The girls get to the house first. No surprise, it’s a gorgeous place with spectacular views. Thomas and Ashley are next. Chelsea welcomes them. Thomas picks a room. Ashley thinks it’s amazing and romantical. I’m surprised romantical is a word. Ashley follows Thomas, who’s looking for the bourbon. She doesn’t know what to wear for horseback riding.

The guys arrive. Ashley and Thomas have drinks on one of the balconies. Thomas shows Kathryn the room he chose, and Ashley feels blown off. Shep has to explain his nose a million times. Everyone has pizza. The girls sit outside, and Ashley mumbles that she loves being excluded. She whines to Thomas that everyone is wearing flannel, and she didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t know what to wear for riding, and he tells her not the holy pants she has on. He asks if she has riding boots, and she says she’s never gone riding. She starts getting loud, and outside, Chelsea says she needs her calming oils. Naomie says it’s going downhill when you start arguing in front of other people. Kathryn is glad it’s not her anymore.

Chelsea says they should get on the road. They’re taking a ferry to a rustic town where they only use golf carts to get around. The guys are going to play golf, while the girls go riding on the beach. On the ferry, Thomas and Ashley do the Titanic thing. She says it’s the perfect place to propose, and I gag on my gag. Craig tells Naomie he found some contacts, and Naomie insists they’re not hers. He says he was trying to be nice, and they have this weird, but low-key argument about it. Chelsea says it’s hard to not love Craig, and Austen says every time he and Naomie see each other, they hug it out, then fight.

As soon as they dock, Ashley wonders if it’s time to go back. The guys take off for the golf course.’

As he’s driving, Shep says, this is dope, and I cringe. It just seems weird when this group uses words like dope and sick. Shep says he grew up on a golf course. His great-grandfather was a two-time golf champion, and a character in The Great Gatsby was based on his aunt, who was also a golf pro. Golf is in his blood.

The riding leader asks if there are any nervous riders, and Ashley stays up front with her. It’s incredibly beautiful on the beach, with the colors of the sky in the background. Ashley appreciates nothing, as she’s concerned they’re going too fast. I can assure you, fast is not the speed they’re going at. Chelsea asks if they can cantor, and the leader asks if Ashley is ready to feel free. She has to base it off the least experienced rider, since the horses move as a herd. Ashley rains on that parade by wanting to go back. In her interview, Kathryn says Ashley trying to control Thomas is going to buy her a one-way ticket out.

Shep asks Thomas what’s the longest trip he’s been on with Ashley, and he says, four days. Craig asks if he’s spent as much on Kathryn as he has on Ashley, and Thomas says they all cost a lot of money. Craig asks if he always pays for everything, or if she ever offers. Thomas says it’s assumed he’s paying, and he does. Well, he is the rich one. Craig tells him to keep his guard up. In his interview, he says she’s obviously a gold digger. He tells Thomas that he was the only one who said something the last time, and he looks after him. I don’t think Kathryn was being a gold digger, and aren’t they friends now? Thomas says if he discovers a chink in Ashley’s armor, she’ll be on the street in two seconds. In his interview, Craig says she could seal the deal and get pregnant, but Kathryn did it twice, and Thomas still left. I guess birth control is out of the question.

Ashley sits in the back of the golf cart on the way back. There’s a row of seats between her and the others. She whines about being excluded, and then excludes herself. They stop at a restaurant, and meet up with the others. Ashley says she was scared, and is never going horseback riding again. Shep says she survived. They get drinks, and Thomas keeps making double entendres about redheads. Shep gives Craig a thingie that looks like a big hand, so he can hold his drink with his injured one. Chelsea asks if Austen is seeing Victoria. He hems and haws, and I shake my head. He tells her, let’s talk. Ashley asks Chelsea if she got an invitation to Saint’s birthday party, and Chelsea says just today, in the car.

Ashley says Kathryn is quiet, and Kathryn says she’s tired. Ashley says, sorry about her grandmother. The guys get out of there, saying they’re going to get the fire going. Isn’t that the restaurant’s job? Not that I blame them. Ashley says Kathryn has a baby who’s turning two. Thomas tries to lighten the mood, poking at Ashley with the drink thingie. She’s not having it, and he gets the hell out of there too. Ashley wonders if she’s going to be included or not. Kathryn asks why she’s angry, and she says it’s because she doesn’t know why she’s not invited. Is she invited? Yes or no. Kathryn says this isn’t a conversation for the table, and I’m thinking Ashley would do better on the Housewives. Kathryn says they’ll have the conversation when she’s ready – got it? Ashley says, no, she doesn’t get it, and Kathryn suggests she get it if she’s going to be around. If she wants to be invited, don’t talk to her that way. Ashley – who seems like she’s going to explode, and keeps flipping her hair around – says she knows she’s not invited. Kathryn says, then why is she bringing it up? To start something with her? Ashley says in ten years, she’ll still be around, and Kathryn thinks she’s not going to last a month. Ashley says she doesn’t plan on going anywhere, so get used to her. She sees Kathryn’s children more than Kathryn does. Danni tells her to slow her roll, and Chelsea advises her not to use the kids. Kathryn says if Ashley wants her to put her in her place, she’ll effing put her in her place.

To be continued… this is good…

Next time, Ashley whines that she’s done kissing Kathryn’s ass, Chelsea says she can deal with it, the gang goes crabbing, and Shep hates Ashley. Join the club, Shep.

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May 23, 2018 – Valentin is in Hell, Mystery in the Berkshires, Explosive Star Finale & Pup Noses


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the station, Robert says he has to debrief Peter/Henrik.

Finn tells Anna, if it’s any consolation, no one else saw that Peter was Henrik either. Anna says he was hiding in plain sight.

Lulu asks what want Valentin wants. He says he’s here for his wife and daughter. She tells him that Nina is already gone and Charlotte is asleep.

Nina goes into Maxie’s room. She says it was all she could do to tear herself away from the baby. The nurses said his vitals are good and he’s well-developed for his age. Maxie can tell there’s something else. Nina says he reminds her of Nathan. He was a big baby, but the nurses said the same thing, that he was well-developed for his age. Maxie says she felt Nathan there, giving her the strength to pull through and give birth al fresco. She wishes he was there. She says Peter really pulled through, and she’s not sure why he didn’t come to see the baby.

Sam and Jason show up at the station, and Robert says his key witnesses are there. Chase asks what charges are being pressed, and Henrik says he wants to press charges. Jason tried to kill him; he knocked Henrik down, and held him at gunpoint. Robert says he threatened to kill Anna. He tells Chase that the WSB is going to lay out the procedure. Chase asks what Jason is doing there, and Sam says he knows for a fact that Jason is Henrik.

Anna guesses Finn has a lot of questions about how she came to have a baby with Faison. He says his questions aren’t important, but she says he’s important. She pushed him away because she didn’t want him added to the list of people she cared about being in danger. She says Griff was right; she’s a coward. She was terrified to let him see her for who she was. He told her, in case she missed it, he’s made his fair share of mistakes. He’s in no position to judge anyone. She thinks he might change his mind. She explains Faison’s obsession with her started when they were teenagers. His mother was her nanny, and he became fixated with her. She eventually became a cadet at the WSB academy, and he was already high up in the DVX. She thought she could set him up, but misjudged the situation, and wound up pregnant. She compromised herself, and trashed her career before it started. Eventually, she found a solution she thought would work, but she was wrong.

Valentin says Nina misread some things, and Dante says he was led away in handcuffs at the Nurses’ Ball. Valentin tells him the charges were baseless and they let him go. Lulu says he kept Peter’s identity a secret, but Valentin tells her that he respected Peter’s privacy. He was escaping a father who didn’t give a damn about him. Dante says maybe Valentin didn’t give a damn about Nathan, but his wife did. He had to cover his own ass when Nathan died. Lulu says Peter wasn’t helping her, he just wanted to know what she knew, in case she got too close. Valentin is sure she’ll find her next big story. He says he’ll let Charlotte sleep, and pick her up from school tomorrow. Lulu thinks he should hold off on that until he sees how he stands with Nina. He says, we’ll see, and leaves. Dante says he’s in for a surprise, and asks Lulu what she was talking about regarding Peter.

Maxie tells Nina there was no time to panic. She just had to remember the birthing classes and trust her instincts. Nina says she brought natural childbirth to life. Maxie says she couldn’t have done it without Peter. Nina says, if nothing else, she’s grateful for that. Maxie thought she was okay with Peter, and Nina says she’s tired and emotional. She’s going to go and give Maxie time to rest. Outside Maxie’s room, she leans against the wall and takes some deep breaths.

Kiki and Griff go back to his room. She says she doesn’t know why they came back there, when they had the ballroom all to themselves. He wants to call room service for some coffee, but Kiki wants more champagne, and pulls out a bottle. Griff thinks she’s had enough, and she says, just enough. Just enough for the world to glisten at the edges. She’s not hammered or sloppy. She could have worked off by dancing. She asks if he dances, and Griff says, some. Kiki tells him most guys are hopeless; it’s a shame. Every independent woman remembers watching Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella and pretending to waltz around in a ballgown. Then they grow up, and guys aren’t into the waltz. She says, that’s life. Even dreams that come true can disappoint.

Sam tells Peter that he forgot to put his name down as Henrik Faison on his resume, and it’s fraud. Chase asks if she’s willing to press charges, and Robert says the Bureau is in charge. Henrik says Jason is going to claim he was held prisoner for five years, but he saved Jason’s life.

Anna tells Finn that she didn’t want to see the infant, and the midwife arranged for an illegal adoption. She said it would be a loving family, and Anna believed and trusted her. She never thought about it again. She starts to cry, and takes Finn’s hand. She says, another person knew. They took baby, and gave him to Faison. Finn says, Faison had no idea she was his mother. He was rambling on about her being his destiny, and couldn’t have known. Anna says, he never knew. As feeble as it sounds, it was the one gift she could give herself.

Nina arrives at Windemere. Valentin is sitting on the floor next to the fireplace, drinking. She says she’s only there to pack. Valentin asks if she’ll listen, and she says, why? So he can lie some more? He always knew, and if he’d warned anyone, her brother might be alive. Valentin tells her, no one can say that. His father was crazy. Nina says he went to Crimson for Peter, not Maxie. Valentin says, Peter didn’t shoot him, and he tried to protect Maxie. Nina asks if Valentin is saying Peter is an innocent victim. He says, not innocent, but a victim. She tells him not to ask her to feel sorry for Peter, and he says he’s asking for empathy. If she hears the story, parts of it might sound familiar.

Henrik says he changed his name to escape his father. Faison was the head of the DVX, and then became an individual contractor. He shot Jason, and although the body was never recovered, Jason was presumed dead. Faison kept Jason in a clinic in Russia, and coerced him into helping. His father ordered him to kill Jason. It would have been easy; he was heavily sedated, but he wouldn’t do it. He betrayed his father, and risked his own life to save Jason. Sam says he paid Klein to keep him prisoner, and then to hunt him down after he escaped. Chase says he knows Jason doesn’t want to talk without his attorney, but it would save time if he can corroborate anything.

Jason says Henrik’s father shot him in October of 2012. He woke up in 2017 in a Russian clinic – in restraints. They were drugging him, and when he resisted, they drugged him more. There was no medical attention going on. Chase says, but he’d been shot, and Jason says, Henrik paid to have him kept prisoner, and then followed. Henrik says he understands this is about misguided revenge. Jason says he was threatening Anna. Peter says Jason hit him in the head, and he could have a concussion. Chase says he’ll personally escort Henrik to GH, and to get a cell ready for when he comes back. They’ll be holding him pending investigation. Sam gives Henrik a Dragon Lady glare.

Anna tells Finn that whatever unkindness or neglect Peter suffered, it would have been worse had he been the focus of Faison’s obsession. Finn says he told himself she was playing a game with Faison, using his guilt, even though he didn’t know the real reason. Anna says she should feel guilty; she should have kept track of the baby. If she had, Peter’s life would have been completely different. Her phone rings. It’s Robert. Robert tells her that Henrik is on his way to GH; he’s convinced them that he needs medical attention. Anna asks if he’s all right, and Robert says, it’s a stall. Anna tells Finn that her son has been taken to GH for medical attention. Robert thinks it’s a stall, but he could be hurt. Finn says he’ll go. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says she is okay, and he leaves. She asks if Robert is still at the PCPD. He tells her that they’ll need a statement from her, and she says she’ll be there soon. She has something to take care of first.

Sam wonders why Henrik would want to go to the hospital, and Jason says he’s hoping to escape. She asks if Jason thinks he’ll pull it off. Jason says they should see if that detective knows what he’s doing. Sam says if there’s nothing wrong, what’s the point, and then says, Maxie is there. They run out of the station.

Drew stops by Maxie’s room, and she shows him the baby on the tablet. Drew says he’s a handsome little guy, and congratulates her. She wonders if Kim is still there. Drew says he was going to wait and give her a ride home, but he thinks he’s going home. I hope he tells her first. He asks if there’s anything he can do. Maxie says it’s not his job, but he tells her it’s good business practice. Without her, Nina would bankrupt Crimson. Drew says he’ll run interference while she’s out.

Griff doesn’t think he’s ever drunk champagne straight out of the bottle. Kiki says he’s long overdue. He says, here goes nothing, and takes a swig.

Valentin tells Nina he’d been doing work for Faison. It was highly illegal work, for which he was highly paid. He had a lot of medical bills, so he couldn’t be choosy. He met Faison’s son when he came home from boarding school, a shy ten-year-old, desperate for approval and attention from his father. He’d invited his father back to Bern to see a play he was in. Faison laughed, and mocked him in front of Valentin. Henrik was devastated. Valentin went, and Henrik was thrilled for the support. Thus began their lifelong friendship. Nina says, so what? Being a lonely kid doesn’t excuse what he turned out to be. Valentin says, no it doesn’t, but she can see the struggle, especially being in his father’s shadow. Valentin offered what advice he could, but they eventually lost touch. Henrik was working for his father, reached out. He wanted help to change his identity, and start again. Faison was poison, and he needed to escape. When he came to Port Charles, Valentin protected his secret because he owed him. Nina understands feeling sorry for him, but how did Valentin owe him? Anna bangs on the door. Valentin doesn’t want to let her in, but Nina wants to hear what she has to say. Anna storms in, saying it’s been three decades, but he finally got what he wanted. Her son almost shot her tonight.

Anna had thought her son with Faison was a secret, but to him. He says he’s thought she was a horrible, heartless liar who slept with Faison to further career, and cast aside her child like useless luggage. He tracked the family and threatened them, until they handed over the baby. She calls him an SOB, and grabs his neck.

Lulu tells Dante that after she wrote the article, she got a lot of emails from people claiming to be Henrik, but only one seemed credible. He was interested in meeting to tell his side of the story. She was working with Anna, and ran everything past her. Dante says she didn’t run it by him, and she says she agreed to keep their careers separate. He asks, other than Anna and Valentin, who else did she tell? She says, Peter. He tells her, congratulations. She confided in the guy who was setting her up.

Kiki tells Griff that she went to cotillion three years straight to learn to waltz. Griff has a confession to make – he knows how to waltz. He was also dragged to cotillion; his mom’s friend needed a dance partner. He learned to fox trot, tango, and waltz. Kiki says, prove it. Um… some music would be good. They dance without it, and he twirls her around. They kiss, and I make a sound between, ooh, and uh-oh.

Sam and Jason get to the hospital, where Maxie is in a wheelchair, and asks if they want to tag along to see the baby. Henrik is coming through near the nurses’ station, and Maxie wonders why he’s in handcuffs. Henrik asks if it’s possible for him to speak to her, and in a world only on the soaps, Chase agrees, and they’re given privacy. He tells Maxie he failed to disclose his real name. She doesn’t understand, and he says, Peter is the name he chose for himself. His father named him Henrik. She says, no, and he says, he’s Henrik Faison.

Anna pushes Valentin. She says her son has every right to hate her and want revenge. He had no right to use her child. Why not go all the way and tell Faison?  Valentin says he finally had leverage, and kept it in reserve. She says they’re talking about a little boy he handed over to a monster. Nina agrees. She thought he’d never hurt a child; it was his saving grace. He says he made a mistake. Nina says some mistakes you can’t take back. He says he continued to work for Faison, so he could keep an eye on Henrik. It didn’t take long to see he’d never escape his father. Anna says, protecting him, very noble, if she believed him. He says he made a terrible mistake, and is haunted by it every day. He asks if she thinks she knows what it’s like to go to bed every night, wishing he could make amends, but being a failure. He knows something about that. She tells him to go to hell, and walks out. He says he’s already there.

Dante tells Lulu that he’s leaving for work. She thinks they should talk. He asks, about what? About how she learned nothing from Nathan’s death? Peter appealed to her vanity or something. She says it’s her job to investigate. He says, then investigate. Don’t just take lies her boss is feeding her. Although he probably won’t be her boss much longer. Maybe she should write a story about that.

Henrik tells Maxie that he knows it’s a lot to take in, but please believe he never had an agenda; he wanted to help. The more he got to know her, the more he cared. She says, Faison wasn’t there for her; she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Faison was after him. Henrik says, yes. Maxie asks to go back to her room. Henrik says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t care. Henrik is led away.

Sam tells Drew that Henrik paid the man at Faison’s bank to leave the letters in a drop. One of the envelopes had the flash drive in it. He could have it; a way to restore his memory. Drew says he’s not going to rely on Peter, or Henrik, or whatever his name is. He and Andre are figuring it out. He wants to be Drew, with no trace of Jason. He leaves. Sam tells Jason that Drew might not want the flash drive, but she sure as hell does.

Oh wow. Griff and Kiki get busy. There’s a song part… and Sam gets in the elevator. She and Jason gaze at each other, then he gets in with her. Lulu types on her laptop while she cries. Valentin drinks. Nina walks in with her suitcase, looks at him, goes to the door, takes a last look, and leaves. Valentin dumps the glass over, no doubt wasting some very good bourbon. Anna goes to the station. She takes Robert’s hand. He holds her as she cries. Peter is examined.

Maxie lies in bed, thinking about Peter giving her the baby wrapped in his tuxedo jacket.

Two of my guys knocked out in one episode.

Tomorrow, Julian visits Alexis, Diane says Carly is more out of control than she’s willing to admit, and Nelle tells Josslyn that she and Michael are getting closer.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s Christmastime. Dorinda shops for the weekend in the Berkshires. Her house is totally Christmased up. She says the Berserkshires are here. Carole and Ramona arrive first. Dorinda says she wants a relaxed, fun night before everyone else gets there. She describes her decorations as old world meets new world meets kitsch. She has an old-fashioned TV set with an animated Christmas scene inside, and it’s one of the most amazing, coolest decorations I’ve ever seen. Like her own personal Lord & Taylor window.

Facialist Satoko goes to Sonja’s to give her some treatments. Satoko is miffed that Sonja rehomed one of her dogs and the cat. In her interview, Sonja says her life is complicated. She worried about everything, including the pets, and needed it to be simpler. It’s better for them, but hard on her. Satoko asks who she’s having sex with now, and they talk about the disadvantages of hooking up with two men at the same time. Satoko thinks you must have 24-hour downtime in between.

Dorinda, Carole, and Ramona go out for dinner. Carole asks if somebody actually gets murdered at the mystery party. Ramona says Sonja is like the old Sonja, funny and light. In her interview, Ramona thinks it will be a time thing with Dorinda and Sonja. Carole asks about Bethenny, saying she thinks Bethenny is being distant after she got upset with Carole at the dinner. She’s seemed aggressive. In her interview, Carole thinks it’s strange that Bethenny isn’t reaching out or making plans. Something is going on. Dorinda agrees something isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. Carole thinks it has something to do with support for Bethenny’s charity, but she made a matching donation. Dorinda says Bethenny was bummed out about Adam. Carole says Adam told her, but Bethenny never said anything, She wonders why Bethenny would hold a grudge against her. In her interview, Carole says he chose to let it go, but Bethenny was talking behind her back about it. She’s never known Bethenny not to be direct. She says every level of the story sucks. They’ve argued, but privately. Ramona says Carole used to be more cerebral, but has been speaking her mind more.

The girls come down for breakfast. Carole and Ramona marvel over Dorinda’s bed linens.

Bethenny says she put the B in Berkshires, and we flash back to her berating LuAnn, and the argument with Ramona. She’s in such a good mood, nothing can ruin it. Oh, just wait.

Carole gives Dorinda a personalized makeup turban for Christmas, and also a Donald Trump chia pet. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s the gift that will keep on giving. Ramona plays with the snow globes. Bethenny arrives. Dorinda promises to help with a search for an FAO Schwarz nutcracker for Brynn. Bethenny asks where Carole is, and Carole magically appears. Bethenny gives her an All I Want for Christmas is a New President sweatshirt. In her interview, Carole says he wants a conversation with Bethenny, but Bethenny is acting like it’s all good, so she’s doing the same. Bethenny is wearing a Chilling with My Snowmies shirt, and Ramona doesn’t get the play on words. Bethenny tells Carole not to give her any hints, but Carole blurts out, homies. Ramona still doesn’t get it, since she doesn’t know what homies are.

The rest arrive, and there’s another big discussion about Bethenny’s shirt. In her interview, Carole says it doesn’t matter what time it is, single LuAnn wants the party started. Dorinda announces there are rules of engagement this year. Housekeeper Len works for her, and if need something done, come to her. In her interview, Dorinda says if they know the rules, they won’t break them – hopefully. She tells them, don’t touch other people’s stuff. Don’t take it, or wear it. Respect the home. As she’s talking, we flash back to when these rules were broken. She says it isn’t Girls Gone Wild or the Playboy mansion. It’s the home she loves and cherishes. With that said, welcome. Sonja says she’s on her best behavior, and brought her own slippers and PJs. The last thing she wants is to be ostracized.

Luann and Sonja share a room. LuAnn hangs decorations on the fish hanging on the wall. Sonja takes pics to cover her ass in case there’s damage. Everyone gets ready for the party. In her interview, Dorinda explains that she’s a temperance leader, trying to bring Prohibition to Massachusetts, but doesn’t practice what she preaches. There will be actors coming, and at some point, a murder.

Rhett, the butler, shows up, along with the manor owner, Freddy Feathersby, and his assistant, Aiden.  He’s made his money from selling feathers to showgirls, and all of the characters have a vested interest in him. Anyone could be murdered.

Tinsley is the rich neighbor; whose daddy makes money while she spends it. Carole tells her about Bethenny’s beef with Adam, saying it’s not her style to talk to someone else about it. She’s going to have a couple of tequilas and see how it goes.

Sonja is an accountant who cooks the books Sonja loves a costume theme, and the men, although there could be a few more. Bethenny is the brains behind operation, because Featherby is an idiot. In her interview, Bethenny says they’re the same bitches; different era. Carole is a woman running for congress. She has a cigarette in a holder, and in her interview, Bethenny says Carole has taken up smoking through the façade of costume.

Ramona tells Featherby that when he left the room, his assistant said he hated him. Sonja says he told her his life would be easier without him around. Ramona tells Featherby that he surrounds himself with the wrong people. In her interview, Bethenny says there’s Ramona, telling secrets. Finally, her being an a-hole is helpful.

Rhett explains how it works, and that no one should really call the police. LuAnn is late, and strolls in being a French something-or-other. Aiden starts choking, and drops to the floor. They make a pretense of trying to help, but he’s dead. Featherby suggests the go to the dining room to discuss. Sonja points out that they’re a man down for dinner. Featherby talks about calling the police, and Tinsley says her experience with the police has been bad, making everyone laugh. Featherby says he would have never murdered his faithful assistant, so someone in the room did. They toast to Aiden, but then Featherby starts to choke. Despite their best efforts, he too, is dead. Rhett reveals that he’s actually a cop. He thinks he knows who committed the crime. The “body” carted off, and Sonja says now there are no guys for dinner. Bethenny makes a toast that, men may come and go, but strong women last forever.

Rhett tells everyone that Aiden poisoned Featherby’s drink before he died. Dorinda is starving, and reveals that she did it. Rhett says she’s too rich to go to jail, and presents her with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Everyone applauds. Bethenny suggests that next year, somebody should really kill somebody, but the night is young.

They talk about Heather Thomas living close by, and Ramona gripes about her house having no air conditioning. Bethenny confronts Ramona about saying she called Carole a puppet. In her interview, Ramona says those might not have been her exact words, but what she said wasn’t a compliment. Moving right along, Ramona brings up the tension in the group, saying they all feel it, but she’s the only brave one. Carole says the vibe is off. Bethenny says there’s been a shift in the group, and Carole doesn’t understand. In her interview, Carole says, so much for easing it in.

Carole asks Bethenny, if she had a problem, why didn’t she come to her? Bethenny says she didn’t have a problem. Carole says she thought Bethenny was upset because of Carole’s lack of support for her charity. Bethenny says she doesn’t need Carole’s support. In her interview, Bethenny say that she never heard from Carole about it, and she didn’t seem interested. Carole says Page Six contacted her about a story that they were feuding, and she killed it. Now she’s hearing rumblings that it might be true. Bethenny had told her that she thought Dorinda was the source. Dorinda swears she never called Page Six. In her interview, Bethenny says she told Carole that in confidence, and asks if she’s not safe with Carole now. Carole brings up Adam, and Bethenny gets all hung up on the details. Carole calls her honey, which Bethenny doesn’t find amusing. Carole doesn’t like the vibe, and accuses Bethenny of avoiding the topic by concentrating on the minutiae. In her interview, Ramona says the rest of them don’t have the verbal skills to spar with Bethenny, and usually give up. Carole is on top of it. In her interview, Tinsley says she feels like a child; they shouldn’t be there. Carole says she loves Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

To be continued…

Next time, Bethenny is done, Dorinda puts her face in a cake, Dorinda owns Santa, and Bethenny gets a big surprise.


This episode started thirty days before the tour, and counted down.

Everyone was ready to celebrate Take 3’s first album. It was announced that Noah would be co-headlining with Gigi on the tour, and Take 3 would open. While celebrating at the salon, they heard Star’s I Was There track on the radio. Miss Lawrence suggested the knives be hidden. Star said she was just venting; it wasn’t supposed to come out. Alex wasn’t having it, and she and Star had a knockdown drag out. Star confronted Maurice, saying she wanted a hit, but not like this; she was tired of men taking advantage. Maurice said she was about to be the hottest piece of the Take 3 puzzle. Carlotta, Cassie, and Cotton went through Jahil’s studio, and Cassie promised to find out who did this.

After Noah got drunk and arrested, Carlotta said he needed a handler. Noah said she needed to know her place. She told him to sit his ass down, and he fired her.

Charles worried about getting kicked out, but didn’t believe Ayanna could run the company. Star’s single took off, and Ayanna told Maurice he saved his job. Carlotta said he was enabling Noah, and Take 3 was torn apart because of what he released. Maurice told Carlotta he was picking up her slack.

Cassie told Andy she wasn’t playing around, and threatened his parents, who she never knew were white.

Star told Simone that she was doing it for their mama. It’s the least she could do, since she killed her. Simone says she didn’t, but Star confesses she gave her more medicine when she shouldn’t have. Simone wasn’t holding it against her; she was a kid. Simone told her to let it go – it’s a choice to be broken.

Noah hated that Simone got him out of the DUI. Cotton claimed Omari killed Jahil, and it was a mistake to let him live. Carlotta said he was a dead man, and Cassie said she had it, telling Carlotta to get Cotton and her son out of town. At the prison. Angel told Simone that his lawyer would help get them an annulment. Simone said it wasn’t what she wanted, but he insisted. She took to her bed, and when Carlotta tried getting her to face life, she whined that Carlotta had never loved anyone like she loved Angel. Carlotta bounced her out of bed, saying she just buried him

Noah dropped his flask in front of Alex, who said she can’t do this again. He was all, you and me, but she said, get out.

Take 3 was pretty impressive for an opening act, with swings and dry ice. The audience began to chant for Star’s new single. Alex grabbed the mic, and she and Star wrestled on the stage. They were out of the tour, but Maurice said Star could be the opening act. Simone told Star they weren’t family anymore. Star said everything she’d done, she did for them, and Simone told her to stop with the lies. Star said they were a package deal, but Ayanna said, not according to their contract.

Gigi introduced Noah to coke, and he snorted some off of her before he went on stage. Alex went to see Derek, and told him Noah was a drunk like her mother. She said she was going to New York to see her dad. She was going to find out why she’s so messed up. Derek told her he had a girl now, and she doesn’t lie to him. He left her standing on the porch.

Ayanna caught Andy in her office, forging her signature on checks. She was about to call security when he knocked the phone out of her hand. There was a gun in her desk, and they struggled over it. Ayanna was shot, and Andy called Carlotta, who’s like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction.  She took his prints off the gun, and called an ambulance. Ayanna didn’t want an ambulance. She didn’t want to give her father the satisfaction of thinking she’s weak, and told Carlotta she was pregnant with Jahil’s baby

Carlotta asked why Andy needed money, and he told her Jahil’s bullet was meant for him. She asked who he owed money too. She could help, but needed a name. She asked who killed Jahil, and he told her it was her sister Cassie. She asked if he was crazy, owing Cassie money.

Charles showed up for a board meeting, noting they had a quorum. He said Ayanna was in his seat, but she said she was taking leadership of Floyd Entertainment. He taught her to play chess, so checkmate. Carlotta became the new head of Midtown Sound. She fired Maurice.

Star told Noah when she’d pictured the tour, it was with the girls, not with him throwing it away. He told her that he was on top; this is what it looks like. She said they were both alone, and told him he was crumbling. She was learning it was a choice to be broken, and asked if he was ever going to change. This doesn’t make him an artist; it makes him an addict. Not Prince or Michael, just an addict.

The concert ended with Star singing the opening song, I Bring Me, but thinking about how she sang it with the other girls, her victory being bittersweet. Derek ran after Alex. The plane was boarding, but he said his girl was on the damn plane. We saw a television showing breaking news about an airplane down in the Appalachian Mountains. Noah stood on the roof, about to jump.

Carlotta and Cassie sat at the kitchen table, drinking. Carlotta said Jahil died murderes by someone he loved and believed in. Some people always let you down. They both quietly reached under the table for their guns. Carlotta told Cassie that she heard Cassie took Omari out. They both drew their guns, and Cassie said she always had Carlotta’s back. Carlotta said, the hell she did, as her hand started to shake.

A gun went off.

Queen Latifah’s hair-dos did not disappoint. There was a short, swirly do in black and white, shoulder length waves in brown with gold highlights, a magenta flip, and a brown and gold curled bob highlighted with purple. This week, however, Brandi won the Queen of Hair, with brown and gold Queen Nefertiti braids piled high.

This was the finale. Star will be returning in the fall.

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May 22, 2018 – Peter is Exposed, Wyatt Calls His Mom, Horrible Guests Depart & Zzzzz


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kiki swills champagne, sitting on the empty stage. Michael says looks like he missed it. She thinks it’s still raging on somewhere.

Ava and Griff get back to his room. She talks about how great Epiphany sounded. He says she’s no slouch herself, but wishes he could say same for her song selection. How can she turn a charity event into a weapon?

Sam encourages Spinelli to hack into the hospital computer. Maxie comes out, and collapses.

Lulu asks if Dante will be home soon. He tells her about Robert taking Valentin into custody. In the interrogation room Robert tells Valentin some people mellow with age, but not him. He has Valentin up against the wall, when Dante walks in and asks for a word with Robert.

Nina brings Charlotte for a sleepover at Lulu’s.

Robert tells Dante it’s a WSB matter and stay out of it. Dante says he still can’t violate civil rights. Valentin wants to drug and kidnap Anna like he did with him. Finn asks what’s going on, and Robert says Anna is waking into a trap.

Peter asks Anna if this is what it’s come to. A WSB agent pretending to be an abandoned boy’s mommy to flush him out. Anna says he needs to understand something, but he says, no he doesn’t. He tells her that she can say hello to his father for him.

Sam and Spinelli visit Maxie’s room. She wanted to see her son in person. She shows them the tablet, saying he was early, but has ten fingers and toes. She says it happened so fast. One second, she was on the road, and the next, she was on the side of the road giving birth. It’s lucky Peter was there to help. Sam asks if she knows where he is. Maxie says he was supposed to meet her there, but never showed up.

Lulu tells Charlotte that it’s an amazing surprise. She goes upstairs with Charlotte, and Nina remembers Valentin saying Faison was impossible to stop, and how he wanted to get to the airport. She flashes back to asking him if he wanted to get away, so when it blew up, no one would know his part in it. Lulu asks what’s going on. Nina asks where Dante is, and Lulu says at the station. She thinks it’s going to be a late night. She asks if Nina’s drop-in has something to do with that. Nina says her husband has been keeping a secret for a long time. He knows who Henrik is, and always did.

Robert says there’s no time for niceties. Dante says he can’t beat a confession out of Valentin, and he’ll just come up with something else. He suggests Robert make a deal. Robert says Valentin knew Henrik’s identity since birth. Finn joins them, and says, who cares? They need to save Anna. Robert says he’ll take care of it, and sends Finn his number. He wants Finn to go to the hospital to see if Anna was admitted with a bullet wound courtesy of Faison.

Jason tells Peter to drop the gun. Peter tells Jason to drop his, or he swears he’ll kill Anna. Jason shoots the gun out of Peter’s hand, and Peter falls. Jason tells Anna that he and Sam figured it out because Peter had Faison’s lighter. Anna tells Jason to put the gun down, but Jason says he doesn’t think so. Anna says Peter is unarmed, and not a threat. Jason says he was hiding in plain sight. Anna gets that he wants revenge, but Jason says he’s containing a threat; she’s too close. He says, let’s go, and Anna draws her gun on him.

Maxie asks about the rest of Ball. Spinelli says he didn’t make it to the stage, but not because of her. Maxie asks if Obrecht stole his spotlight, then remembers she has to tell Obrecht about the baby. Sam tells her to take it easy, and Maxie says with everyone watching her, she doesn’t have a choice.

Nina says, another secret. Valentin has known from the start. Lulu asks if he told her what Henrik’s alias is, and Nina asks if it matters. Lulu thinks it might help them understand. Nina says it was worth more than their marriage, and worth more than her brother’s life. Lulu says she’s sorry, and Nina says, so is she. She would be sorrier if he’d whisked them away on the open-ended trip he’d planned. He’s in custody now, but when he notices they’re not home, this is the first place he’ll come.

Robert wants to know everything about Henrik. Who he is, where he is, and how to contact him. Valentin asks what the charges are, but Robert doesn’t know yet. Valentin says unless Robert has something against him, he’ll press the issue with his attorneys. The longer it takes, the longer Anna is in danger.

Ava can’t believe Griff called her performance a weapon. She was supposed to sing something sweet and sentimental, and her performance was anything but. She says the show was flagging, and she made a decision to get the attention back on the stage. Griff says it was a slap in the face to Sonny and his family, and anyone who’d thought she was a changed woman – like him and Kiki.

Sam tells Spinelli that she’s meeting Jason at the pier, and tells him to stay with Maxie. He blocks the elevator, and says he can’t let her go. Finn overhears, and jets.

Anna tells Jason to let him go, but Jason says he can’t. She says, please, because she’s not sure she won’t hit an artery, but she will if she has to. He asks why she’s protecting him. Anna tells Peter that she’s his real mother. Peter tells her to drop the act, but she says, it’s the truth. Peter babbles, and Jason tells him to shut up. He says it makes sense now. She says she couldn’t tell anyone; she was afraid it would play out like this. Teary-eyed, she begs Jason to let him go. He’s her son.

Spinelli says he can’t let Sam in harm’s way; Jason can handle himself. She tells Spinelli that she’s strong, placing her hand on his neck in the Vulcan death grip position. She asks if he wants to try her. He steps aside, and tells her to be careful.

Robert says if Valentin thinks he’s going to let him out. He drugged Robert, and kept him prisoner while Henrik played his deadly game. Valentin says the sooner he’s out, the sooner he can help Anna. Robert says the Bureau won’t press any charges regarding his association with Henrik – providing the caliber of the information gets Anna back safely. Dante says Valentin won’t have any leverage if Anna is dead, and asks who is Henrik Faison?

Ava knows Griff is disappointed that she’s yet to rise to his high moral standard, and achieve sainthood. He says he’d settle for human decency. Her song was a slap in the face to Sonny. Ava says she sang it for him. He asks what she wants, and she says, three simple words. All he had to do was tell her he loved her, but he can’t do that. He’s lost interest because she’s no longer in need of rescuing, but Kiki is.

Kiki asks Michael if he’s on California time; the Ball was hours ago. He says he was with Nelle, and she says she heard about Nelle’s fall. She’s sorry, and asks how Nelle and the baby are. He says the baby wasn’t harmed, and Nelle will make a full recovery. He wonders why Kiki is alone in the empty ballroom. She says she doesn’t want to go home. She doesn’t want to lie awake, dreading tomorrow.

Dante calls Lulu, and asks if she’s okay. Lulu says Nina is there with Charlotte, but Valentin had wanted to take them on an extended trip after the Ball. Dante asks if Peter has contacted her, but he hasn’t. He tells her to make sure Nina stays put; he’s coming home. He says Valentin is at the station, and he’ll explain when he gets there. Nina’s phone rings. It’s Spinelli. He tells her that she needs to get to GH. Maxie had her baby. Both mother and child are in good condition.

Anna gives Peter information on his birth, saying the midwife’s daughter can confirm it. She thought he was being given to a loving couple, and only found out a few months ago that someone else put his in Faison’s hands. Peter says she’s lying. She says she wanted to tell him about Faison having Huntington’s disease, and that he could be a carrier. It was the least she could do as a mother. She lied to everyone she loves, and can’t lie anymore. Finn arrives, and hears her say, you’re my son.

Jason gets why Anna wants to save Peter, but says she can’t. He helped Lulu to lure Faison back, because he knew Jason was there and would kill him. And he did. Anna and Jason argue, and she says he’s her child. Finn walks out, and tells them to both put their guns down.

Dante remembers Lulu saying that Peter encourages her, and him telling her to stay out of it. He flashes back to him saying that Peter might think her life is an acceptable risk to take, but he doesn’t. He arrives home, and Lulu asks what’s going on. She tells him Nina is at the hospital; Maxie had her baby. He tells her that Henrik’s alias has been under their noses the whole time. He’s Peter August.

Griff asks where Ava is getting this from. She says she saw him with her daughter backstage in the dressing room. He says he was comforting her, and Ava asks if that’s what he calls it. Griff says Kiki was upset, and he was helping her because she’s Ava’s daughter. Ava says, not because she’s a damsel in distress looking for a knight in shining armor? Now that Ava is standing on her own and moving on, he’s not interested. How does she know how he feels if he doesn’t say it. He asks her if he should really say how he feels or what she wants to hear? One is a lie, and he’ll come up short with the other. What does she want? Ava says she wants more than he’s capable of giving.

Robert asks Valentin where Henrik is. Valentin says he claimed he was going to deal with Anna himself. Robert can’t believe Valentin didn’t warn her. Valentin says he was out of options, and Robert says he had two – choose Faison’s son or Anna. Robert gets a text from Finn: Pier 55 911.

Anna tells Finn to get out, but he says he’s not going anywhere. Robert is on his way, most likely with the PCPD. He’s no expert, but thinks it’s not the best idea for them to have guns pointing at each other when they arrive. Sam shows up, and Peter says, another guest; it’s a party. With his gun pointed at Peter’s head, Jason says he has to finish it. If he doesn’t, Peter will betray her and probably kill her. Anna says it’s the chance she’s taking; he’s her son. Peter says she’s not his mother; just a bitch who gave birth to him. Ouch.

Nina sees Maxie, who says the baby is a boy. Spinelli adds that he’s premature, but healthy. Nina says she has a nephew; baby Jay. Maxie shows her the webcam, and Nina says, he’s beautiful. She’s sorry she wasn’t there, and says so much for birthing classes. Maxie says Peter never attend one, but delivered the baby like a pro.

Lulu says Peter can’t be Henrik, but Dante tells her Valentin said he is. She says Valentin lies about everything to everyone. Dante asks her what if Faison wasn’t coming to Crimson to find Maxie, but coming to Aurora to find Henrik? Maxie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time; so was Nathan. Lulu says she’s been trusting him, and working with him, and he’s been leading her around by the nose. Dante says he knew something was up with Valentin, but didn’t think this. Lulu wonders why Henrik would stay in Port Charles, then says, Maxie.

Kiki tells Michael, at first it was little things, like a misunderstood comment or a hug that didn’t need to happen. Then things happened away from the hospital. She thought it wasn’t that serious, Michael says he’s on the hospital board. If she’s being harassed at work, it’s serious. She makes him promise not say anything. She forgot he’s on the board, and told him in confidence as a friend. She’s just going to stay out of David’s way, and hope it blows over.

Mixed signals but clear how feels or more acut how he doesn’t doing them both a favor never make her feel how deserve never long time life short why wait she may not be perfct but wroth of love nd he can’t give it to her she says goodbye

Sergeant Murray tells Valentin that he’s supposed to wait for Robert’s instructions. He’s going to the pier to apprehend Henrik Faison aka Peter August. Valentin asks if there’s anything to hold him on. Murray admits there isn’t, and Valentin says by detaining him, they’re in breach of his civil rights. He regrets it will fall on Murray. He thinks they can agree the law is on his side. They have to release him.

Sam tells Jason not to do it; there are too many witnesses. Finn suggests Anna get the ball rolling by putting her gun down first. Peter suggests Finn leave things to the professionals. He says Jason will never let him live, unless Anna kills him first. He tells Jason to look in Anna’s eyes. She’s ready to kill him while Sam watches, unless Jason kills him first.

We hear sirens. Anna and Jason stand frozen, but then both of them put their guns down. Robert tells them he’s taking Peter aka Henrik into custody. He picks up Peter’s gun, and a cop starts to read Peter his rights. Robert says, don’t bother. He’s property of the WSB, and they don’t worry about such niceties. He says they’ll need a statement from Jason. There’s a nice cell waiting in Steinmaur for Henrik. Peter/Henrik is taken away. Everyone leaves, except Anna, Jason, and Finn. Jason approaches Anna, but she tells him, another time. He says he’s sorry, and she says, so is she. He leaves. She tells Finn that she never wanted anyone to know, and she’s made a mess of everything.

Ava knocks on Griff’s door, but there’s no answer. She apologizes for what she said, telling him she was wrong to walk away; please give her another chance. There’s still no answer, and she leaves.

Kiki is still drinking, and Griff asks if this seat is taken. She says it’s all his, and he sits.

Nina can’t believe Peter delivered the baby on the side of the road. Maxie thinks she should honor him for being a great friend and being there. Spinelli says there must be cards for that, but Maxie says what about giving the baby the middle name of Peter. Spinelli says it’s something to consider. Nina’s phone rings, and she steps out into the hallway.

Lulu tells Dante that Maxie relies on Peter, and thinks he’s a friend. They have to tell her. Charlotte comes out, and says she wants to say goodnight to her papa. Dante doesn’t think they can reach him, and Lulu says she’ll read Charlotte a story, taking her back to bed. Dante calls Nina, and asks about Maxie. Nina says Maxie is good, and the baby is a boy. He’s in the incubator, but his prognosis is good. Dante says he has news that won’t be easy to hear – Peter is Henrik Faison, and Valentin knew the whole time. Nina says she’ll have to call him back.

Dante opens the front door, and Valentin is standing there. He says he’s here for his wife and daughter.

Anna tells Finn it could have ended badly, like a Shakespeare play. All the principals have killed each other, and only the footman is left to say how tragic it is. Finn has a new appreciation for footmen. Anna says she doesn’t blame Jason. She told herself that she’d hidden the past, but the truth will come out. Now she’s left with the truth about her son and her. Finn walks toward her. He wipes a tear from her cheek, and holds her. She cries in his arms.

Tomorrow, Kiki and Griff drink together, Finn urges Anna to go to her son, and Peter wants to press charges against Jason.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The drug dealer tells Wyatt that this isn’t a game he plays. Wyatt says he has the money; something is wrong. The dealer thinks Wyatt doesn’t have it. He’s tried five times. The dealer thinks he’s playing games. That thing, meaning the ATM, is saying he has no money. Wyatt says he has millions, but the dealer doesn’t give a damn. He wants his money and wants it now. Wyatt says he’ll call the bank. The dealer says he’s not into waiting, but Wyatt says he’ll pay double. The dealer tells him to get on the damn phone.

Wyatt calls the bank. Infuriating on a good day, Wyatt goes through the usual rigmarole to get through to a live person. He’s told his account has a zero balance; it looks like the money was withdrawn this morning. Wyatt says he didn’t withdraw it, and the rep asks if he’s saying it’s fraud. He says it is, and he has to pay someone now. She tells him he has to come to the bank and file a claim. He says it’s in another country. The dealer says, that’s it; he’s dead. Wyatt asks to make one more call. The dealer says if the money isn’t there by the time he’s off the phone, Wyatt is dead.

Kathryn suggests, as the new supervisor, Hanna hire more people. Hanna agrees. Kathryn wants to do something big. She wants Hanna to know how much she’s appreciated. Hanna says Kathryn already doubled her salary, and she’s glad to be back. It helps keep her mind off that girl. Kathryn asks how she’s holding up, and Hanna says she’s living there. Jim comes out, and notes that Hanna is working there. He says it’s good to see her, and she says, thank, since she’s obviously not so glad to see him. Kathryn asks her to make up the guest room; Jim smells like a whore. Jim says she was good, which is Hanna’s cue to make an exit, saying she’ll get right on the guest room. Kathryn’s phone rings, but she ignores it. She ask why Jim keeps bringing whores to her hotel. Next time he brings a little tart there, they’ll have more than just a small problem. He hates to break the news to her, but he’s bringing a little tart there tonight, who happens to hold the key to making her case disappear. Her phone keeps ringing, and Jim tells her to answer it. He goes to freshen up.

It’s Wyatt. He tells Kathryn that he needs money. She says she’s not giving him money for drugs. He says a guy is going to kill him. When Jim poured the drugs down the sink, he needed more, and this guy is going to kill him. Kathryn says no one is going to kill him, and asks where he is. He says he’ll text the address.

Jim calls the DA’s assistant, and says he wants her tight little ass at the hotel at 8 pm, same room. Kathryn tells him that Wyatt is in trouble. He owes drug dealers money, and if he doesn’t pay up, they’ll kill him. He’s freaking out. Kathryn asks if Jim thinks they’ll hurt Wyatt, and Jim says, no. They’ll take him out for milk and cookies. What does she think? He tries calling Wyatt’s phone, but there’s no answer. He makes a call for a line trace

Wyatt tells the dealer that she’s coming. The dealer asks if it’s a joke, and Wyatt says he needs the address. The dealer asks if he’s giving it to the police, and Wyatt says, no; it’s his mom. The dealer cracks him in the head, and he falls.

The captain tells Justin that his mother keeps calling. Justin says he doesn’t have time. The captain says he was asked if he’s working Justin too hard, and tells him to step in the office. He says, it’s not good, and shows him the video. He says all the officers know; they brought it to his attention. It’s not his business at all. Justin says it’s not what it looks like. The captain doesn’t care. He just wants to be sure Justin has this under control. Justin says he does, and the captain tells him to call his mother. The captain tells him this kind of thing changes lives. Justin needs to make sure the people in his life are okay. If they’re okay, he has a chance to be okay. If not, he’ll make enemies. He tells Justin again to call his mother, call his wife, do something. He says it’s a small town, a small courtroom, and a small world.

Candace calls the bank to make a transfer. It can’t be completed, so she presses zero to talk to a representative. She explains that she’s trying to transfer money from her business account, but it won’t work. The rep says the funds aren’t available. Candace says they were wired, and should be. What’s the hold up? The rep says it’s some sort of federal hold. Candace gets a number to call. Landon answers, and he asks how she is. She says what the hell is going on? He says someone is watching after her big time. She asks if he froze her money. Landon says he wants to see her, and it’s not her money. She threatens to go to the press. Landon says that wouldn’t be smart, and Candace tells him to try her. She hangs up.

Pearl goes to see Justin. He says he’s busy, but she doesn’t buy it, and tells him he needs to talk to her. They go into the captain’s office. She says she saw the tape of him in a hotel room with a man. Justin claims he was working undercover, but Pearl says he wasn’t. She already talked to the captain. She asks what was he doing in that room? He says he’s not talking, and she tells him not to do this to her. She asks if it’s like when he was a little boy, and she was called to the school when he was caught in the locker room. Justin says he didn’t do anything then, and didn’t do anything now. Pearl says, yes, he did. She’s not stupid. He was caught with that colored boy in a compromising position, and she doesn’t like it at all. She asks what he has to say for himself, and he says, nothing. She has something to say then. He’s out of the will. His wife is in shambles. He’s embarrassed the family, and can’t come to the house until he apologizes to his wife and family. Justin says he understands. She tells him to look at how he’s ruined his life, and leaves.

In Hanna’s kitchen, Benny says he doesn’t know Melissa, and she says she doesn’t know him either. He says she’s living in his house. She says she’s been in situations like this before, and didn’t like it. He says he didn’t put her there. She knows he didn’t, and tells him to go to hell. Benny asks why she’s talking to him like that, and tells her to try being nice. She’s a complete stranger, living with them. She tells him tp go where he was going, and he says he gets it. She’s one of those who likes to pick a fight with a dude; a drama queen. She tells him it was good, and says he wants her right now. Benny is saved by the doorbell. He jets, and she tells him, come back here.

It’s Mitch. Benny has a problem; the girl is still there. His mother saw them, and told her she could stay there. Mitch laughs, and Benny says, she’s loony. Mitch knows. He tells Benny, let’s get the truck. Melissa comes out and says, hi, and they can’t get out fast enough.

Derek comes up the walk, carrying a bouquet of lilies, as Hanna is leaving work. He swears he’s not stalking her. Kathryn told him be there at six to check the sprinklers. Hanna says she’s pushing it. Derek says he’s sorry; she’s pushing hard. He doesn’t really mind though. He likes her. She says they just met, and he gives her the flowers. She asks if he just happened to have flowers, and he says he was going to drop them off. Hanna wonders if Kathryn told him that she likes lilies too. Derek says, since he’s there, would she like to get coffee? She says she has to start dinner for her son, but he’s welcome to come. He asks what took her so long? She tells him to meet her at her house.

Justin tells Jeffrey he’s free to go. Again? Jeffrey sits there, and Justin says, really. Jeffrey asks if he’s bullsh*tting. Justin says someone likes him; he made bail. He cuffs Jeffrey, takes him to the interrogation room, and uncuffs him. Justin tells Jeffrey that he got an apartment for them. He knows Jeffrey has nowhere to go. Jeffrey says he’s not living in a place with him, and Justin says he doesn’t want to live there alone. Jeffrey tells Justin to take him back, but he really is free to go. His dad is waiting outside. Justin asks for Jeffrey to please come to him tonight.

Jeffrey sees David, who says Jeffrey can stay at his condo until he finds a place of his own.

At David’s place, Erika comes out naked when she hears him come in. She apologizes, but David says he should have called. He introduces his son, Jeffrey, who says, hi, naked stranger. David explains he’s giving Jeffrey the keys for his condo. Erika leaves to get dressed, and Jeffrey asks who the young lady is. David says he’s been seeing her. He would have told Jeffrey sooner, but he was preoccupied with getting him out. Jeffrey asks if David likes her. David says, yes, and Jeffrey says he can see it. He’s never seen him smile like that; not with mom. David says that’s over. Jeffrey says Veronica came to see him. She wanted him to say Benny killed Quincy. David asks if he did, and Jeffrey says, no, but she wanted him to say it to get him off. He considered it, but it would be wrong. David thinks Veronica had a personal agenda. She doesn’t do anything unless it benefits her. He doesn’t care for Benny, but feels sorry for him. It’s like a rabbit playing in a lake with a water moccasin. He thinks he can get Jeffrey off, and tells him not to worry about Veronica. Jeffrey asks if she knows about his girlfriend, and David says she does. Jeffrey tells him to be careful, and his girlfriend should be careful too. David insists they’re fine.

Erika calls Candace. She thinks she’s been made. Jeffrey is here. She’s not sure he saw her face; she was naked, waiting for David. When he walked in, he ran into the other room. Candace says he either saw her or didn’t; get off her phone. David comes in, and tells Erika it’s fine. She says she’s embarrassed; he’ll think the worst of her. David says he didn’t see her face and he’s gay. Erika says she feels better, but still… David wants her to meet him, and she makes him promise not any time soon. He says he’ll delay the meeting as long as possible. Erika doesn’t know if she can look him in the eye. They kiss.

Candace calls Veronica, and says Jeffrey saw Erika; their plan could be blown. Veronica suggests he might not remember meeting her, and Candace says, right. He doesn’t usually look at girls. She tells Veronica they need to talk about the plan with David. She needs a federal judge. The money is frozen, and she needs it to be released. Veronica asks if she means the money they opened the Cryer account for, and wonders why it’s being held. Candace says, long story. Veronica tells her that she’s wasting her time, and hangs up.

Justin’s wife asks to talk to him, and they go into a different interrogation room. She gives him divorce papers, and he signs them. She says, just like that. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she says, no explanation? He says if he had one, he’d give it to her. She’s surprised he signed everything without even thinking, and he says he knew it was coming. She asks if he wanted it to come, but he doesn’t know. She thinks he did, and he apologizes again. She asks if Justin loves him, and says she hopes it was worth it. He’s thrown away their lives, and hurt his family; it’s all on him. She tells him the second document he signed is a restraining order. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her. He can have everything, since she wants no memories of him. He asks what about his daughter. She says he’s never seeing her again. He signed that right away too. He threw them and their lives away for that man. She hopes it was worth it. When she’s gone, he cries.

Veronica talks to a judge. He says he heard about her divorce, and he’s sorry. He tells her how good she looks, and she says she can’t let it show. He asks if she remembers that time…  and she pretends to be coy. She says he’s always been kind to her, and she has a problem. Her future daughter-in-law is pregnant. She’s unfit and unstable, and Veronica is worried about her grandbaby. The girl is a hazard to herself and the child. She hands him papers from the hospital, saying she tried to commit suicide. For the sake of this child, Veronica thinks she should be committed. She wants him to let her know what he thinks, but it might be the best thing for her and the child to be in a facility with a padded room. He asks if it’s that serious. She says, it is, and she has a video of the girl threatening her. He says he’ll send a representative from the court to evaluate her. He says he can do it today, and she thanks him.

Jim tells Kathryn, nothing yet; he’s still working on the trace. She doesn’t know what to do, and he says that makes two of them. She says at least they got the money back. Jim says he still has to verify that.

Wyatt holds his head. The dealer asks if he thinks he can come in here and steal from him? Wyatt says he just needs the address. The dealer punches him. Wyatt stumbles to the bar, breaks a bottle, and stabs the dealer in the throat with it.

Next time, Jim sees Wyatt, Mitch tells Benny that he can’t help him, and Justin insists he’s not gay.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I still can’t get all the new names straight.

Primary guest Nichelle says yesterday was a day of concerns, and it took away from them having a good time. Nichelle is going to communicate their concerns, and intrudes on Captain Sandy on the bridge. She says the preference sheets are being ignored; she said, no starch. She also makes several other complaints about the food, and thought Hannah seemed frustrated. She’s not having a good time. Her fab friends expect quality service, and shouldn’t have to pour their own glass, which has happened several times. The captain says she’ll have a chat to them, and apologizes, adding that they’ll turn it around.

The deckhands work on knots. Kasey is still sick, and wants off the boat. Nichelle tells her fab friends that Captain Sandy said their concerns will be addressed.

Captain Sandy tells Adam the bowl thing bothered the guests, and they said the preference sheets were being ignored. Adam says, lies. He told them pasta was coming, and we flash back to him telling the group about the spaghetti he’s making, and Nichelle being psyched for it. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she doesn’t want to squelch Adam’s spirit. She tells him to make it work. The captain talks to Hannah next, who says the disgusting treatment she was being given might have transferred to her face.

Conrad says Joao hates that he’s only twenty-three. In his interview, Joao says he likes to challenge authority. Hannah tells the guests that she didn’t mean to be rude or disrespectful. Nichelle didn’t have fun yesterday, but the apology is accepted. The guests are taking a day trip to Capri, but it’s getting cloudy. Hannah sends Kasey to land with them. Kasay says Capri is beautiful, but the best part is that she’s on land.

The guests go to a restaurant. Joao and Kasey wander around. He finds out she hasn’t had sex in eight years. She thinks it should be sacred instead of just wanting to get off. She was waiting for marriage, and thought it was going to happen, but walked in on him with another girl. Joao says, shut the front door; oh, wait, she has.

Brook tells Hannah her boyfriend isn’t being supportive. He’s having a hard time with her being away, and she thinks it’s over before it started. Hannah thinks he should be more understanding. The brewing storm arrives. Captain Sandy says the Med is beautiful, but the storms come up quickly. Lightning strikes, and Hannah ducks.

Kasey says Joao won’t let it go; it’s a roadblock for him. He wants to have sex with her, but he can’t. Rain is pouring down, and the crew on the boat are running around, covering things and tying things down. Kasey chows down on shore, since she hasn’t eaten in a while. Joao calls the boat, and tells them they’re stuck for the moment. The dumpy, angry-looking redhead who I’ve dubbed Idiot gets all annoyed about the weather. She insists they’re at the wrong dock, but they’re not, and she gets even more pissed when she has to come back after stomping off.

Hannah thanks God for Brooke, since she’s on top of things. While in the tender, Idiot says the downdraft is coming quick, and gives orders on how they should proceed. On the bridge, Captain Sandy keeps repeating, I don’t want to have dinner with them. Kasey was hoping to feel better once she got back on the boat, but not so much. Joao relays Kasey’s sex life (or lack thereof) information to the other deckhands. I‘m sure she’ll appreciate that.

Idiot says she requested a strawberry cake with marshmallow icing for Nichelle’s birthday. Hannah looks at the preference sheet, and there’s no mention of a cake whatsoever. Hannah tells Adam that she can tell them too bad, or they can pull it out of their backsides. He wonders if the guests had their secretaries write out their preference sheets. He needs to make up for the dud meal, so he’s going to do some pulling.

Hannah models her black dress uniform for Captain Sandy. The darts are reminiscent of Madonna’s torpedo bra, and the captain says it must be a design flaw. Hannah says she’s not wearing this for service. Kasey is sick again, and Hannah asks Jamie to help pick up the slack. Adam says he wants the captain to know the cake wasn’t on the preference sheet. The table is decorated with fresh purple and yellow flowers. Everyone is given masks (the kind that just go over your eyes), including the captain. Jamie is annoyed about being pulled for interior, because she’s a deckhand.

Everyone is happy with the lobster bisque appetizer, except for one guest – henceforth called Cray-Cray – who doesn’t like seafood. Hannah confers with her on what she can eat, since it’s lobster and crab for the entrée. Cray-Cray says she doesn’t really like seafood. In the galley, Hannah sees that her preference sheet says she likes shellfish. Adam says it’s like a baby in high chair, who’s been given a Cheerio and a Cheez-It, and knocks them onto the floor because they want applesauce. The captain entertains the guests with seafaring stories. Cray-Cray is given duck as an entrée. She doesn’t like duck, and wonders why everyone got lobster and she didn’t. Adam says, wtf does she eat? Captain Sandy asks if she likes shrimp, but that’s a no. She’s so weird. Either she’s incredibly unconfident or drunk, because she seems confused about her own likes and dislikes, and is constantly playing with her hair and touching her face. Nichelle says she likes lobster, but without the crab. So what was wrong with the bisque? The captain asks why she said she didn’t like seafood, and Hannah confirms that’s what she said. The captain asks for the preference sheet. Adam says it’s like shoving a dog’s poop at them to show them what they did.

Sandy brings out the preference sheet. In her interview, she says she can see the guests are impossible, and she’s going to defend her crew. She shows Cray-Cray that it says she doesn’t like eggs, and likes shellfish. Cray-Cray says yes, she does like shellfish. Everyone raves about the dinner. Captain Sandy is like, I enjoyed it, thanks, I’m outta here. The cake comes out, and is proclaimed beautiful. Nichelle says it was a magical night. Hannah tells us she’s on her 19th hour, and wants to go to bed.

Conrad has never seen anyone as seasick as Kasey. He tells the captain that he thinks she needs to get off the boat. The captain says they’re gong to get her to a doctor. She also has to wake Hannah up early. Nichelle asks if she can have prawns for breakfast. Brooke cries in the bathroom. Adam makes lovely prawns, and says it’s the breakfast of champions.

Colin interrupts Conrad while he’s trying to give instructions. In his interview, Conrad says when he was in his first year, he thought he knew everything too, but he didn’t. Captain Sandy says there’s little room in Naples for docking. Conrad says it’s his place to shine, and show everyone he knows his sh*t, but he’s crapping himself. The captain announces it was a successful first docking, and says, well done.

Brooke tells Kasey to let her know what land is like, and bring her back a feather. In her interview, Hannah is hoping the doctor keeps her. It’s time for the guest’s departure, which I’m sure is good news for the crew. Nichelle tells the captain it was a rocky start, since they’re used to perfection. To be helpful, she says they should pay more attention to detail on the preference sheets. Hannah and Adam can barely contain their laughter. Nichelle says the rest was spot-on, and they did a good job compromising. Hannah wishes Nichelle would STFU and walk down the dock.

At the crew meeting, Captain Sandy says in the history of charters, these were the toughest clients. They were down a team member, but pulled it together. Kasey comes back, and says she’s getting nausea pills. The captain starts with Adam, who did follow the preference sheets, but takes guests being a-holes personally. In her interview, Captain Sandy thinks Adam and Hannah need a reset. The tip is $12K/$1000 each. Colin says it could feed a family in Zimbabwe for two months. He’s learned to appreciate the value of money.

The crew gets ready to go out. Kasey would rather stay behind, but wants them to know the girl behind the seasickness. Brooke and Colin talk. They get some food, and the drinking commences. They move on to a bar. Brooke is weepy, and Hannah asks to talk to her in the bathroom. Brooke tells Hannah that her boyfriend broke up with her. Hannah says it’s only been three days; screw him. If he can’t take it at this point, he needs to go back to his life. They decide to go back out and drink some more. Joao flirts with Kasey. When Brooke comes back out, he dances with her. Conrad sits with Hannah. In her interview, she says flirting with him is like being in high school, and not because he recently graduated. Everyone goofs around on the bus back. Joao says it’s like a pissing match with the hierarchy in yachting, and he’s not having it. He gets abusive with Hannah, who tells him not to speak to a chief stew like that. She tells him to sit down, and Adam tells him to STFU.

Next time, a birthday interrupted, Joao remembers nothing, the new primary is a friend of Captain Sandy, and Conrad tells Joao not to question him.

💰 This week, on Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Jill, a struggling formal dress saleswoman. She spent twenty years in law, while she raised her son, but was never happy. Ryan deduced that her major problem was her initial connection with the customer. She wasn’t getting to know her customer quickly, and had walled herself in at home. He sent in a ringer to see how she worked, and took her to speed dating, which taught her how to be engaging and ask questions. She learned how to start with a compliment and address customer concerns. She had only sold five dresses in a month, but after spending a week with Ryan, sold five dresses worth over $5K in a single day at a trunk show. The boss had only asked for a goal of three, and Jill got to keep her job. Ryan felt the wisdom he’d passed along would make her happier as a whole. Next time, a commercial real estate agent who’s too modest.

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May 20, 2018 – The Ball Comes To a Close, VanderReunion Wraps, a Mention of Terror & Sherry Trifle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Robert drags Valentin off the stage. Valentin suggests they discuss it like adults. Robert says they’ll do that, and cuffs him. Robin asks if Robert is okay; he looks terrible. He says he’s fine, and throws Valentin up against the wall in the hallway. Valentin says there’s an explanation, but Robert says he wants justice. He asks about Henrik.

Spinelli goes to Peter’s office. Sam tells Spinelli that Peter is Henrik.

Anna goes to the pier. She calls out for Henrik, but we know he’s busy delivering a baby. She asks where he is.

Maxie tells Peter there’s no time to go to the hospital. The baby is coming now. Peter calls for an ambulance, and takes her hand. He tells them it’s not an accident; it’s a baby.

At the Ball, Lucy says to give a hearty welcome to Port Charles’s own man of mystery, Robert Scorpio. Then says she’ll be right back. Mike remembers the Nurses’ Ball being crazy, but what was that? Sonny says Valentin just got arrested. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Robert says first Valentin poisons him, and then imprisons him. Valentin says it was just a diversion. Robert tells Valentin that he knows Valentin took Anna’s child and gave it to Faison.

Lying by the side of the road, Maxie asks Peter if he’s okay. He says he’s fine, and she asks him to help her breathe.

Spinelli types furiously, and says, voila! Henrik’s inbox. He looks for any emails regarding the manuscript.

Felix tells Kiki that her couture is liberating her bosom. Kiki thinks someone backstage can fix it.

Sonny asks Dante what’s going on with Robert. Dante tells him that Robert said he had it under control.

Stella asks if Sonny has seen his father. Mike gets up on stage, and takes the mic. (Mike takes the mic.) He says a lot of people know him, but he might not remember them. He’s Mike Corbin, and has Alzheimer’s. That’s one thing he can’t forget. Sonny starts to get up, but Stella stops him. Mike says he might not remember much, but he remembers that the event means a lot to his son. He tells everyone that the show must go on, and starts to sing Frank Sinatra’s Summer Wind, as a random pianist accompanies him. He puts on a fedora, and an orchestra appears behind him. He suddenly forgets the lyrics, and begins to cry. He was ripping my heart out with just the song, and now he’s stomping on it.

Sonny goes to the stage, and tell the accompanist to continue playing. Sonny help Mike through the rest of the song, and they receive a standing ovation.

Ava says, great, she has to follow that, but Griff says she’ll be wonderful. She tells him from his lips to God’s ears. She leaves to change. Bobbie tells Sonny and Mike that they make a great team. Mike says they should take their act on the road, and Sonny says, maybe they will. Drew tells Sonny it was a helluva thing to do for his dad. Sonny appreciates that.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s reminding herself of the things she loves while she’s in excruciating pain. She tells him that he has to look at the baby, and tell her what he sees – go! He looks, and says the head is coming. She says she’s going to push the baby, and asks if he’s ready. He says, as he’ll ever be. He tells her it’s coming, and she can do this.

Backstage, Kiki gives Amy her dress and thanks her. Amy says it will just take a second. David walks in while Kiki is in her underwear. She asks what he’s doing there. Griff follows him in.

Olivia gives Cook 2 a bouquet of roses, saying she saved the Nurses’ Ball. Cook wouldn’t go that far, but Olivia says she would. The guests were raving about the food; it was nothing short of a miracle. Cook says the staff was competent, and the kitchen was well-stocked, but she should tell the chef to have more seasonal offerings. Olivia says she’ll pass it along, unless… Cook says, unless what? Olivia says unless she’s interested in taking over as house chef of the MetroCourt.

Sam reads an email from Henrik’s mother, saying they should meet. Jason says Anna cut him off. She planned on posing as Henrik’s mother, and Lulu was going to orchestrate something to draw him out, with Jason as back-up. Spinelli wonders why Anna wouldn’t want protection, and Jason says Anna refuses to believe Henrik is a threat.

Anna thinks about Robert telling her that she can’t tell Henrik that she’s his mother. At worst, he could destroy everything they love. Robert says he must never know, and she promises not to tell him. Anna walks around the pier.

Maxie howls and pushes. Peter says, that’s it, and we hear a baby cry, Maxie says, we did it. Peter says, she did it; she was amazing. He wraps his jacket around the baby, saying he’s dressing him for his debut, and hands him to Maxie, telling her, Maxie Jones, meet your son. They laugh, and I think, that baby is pretty big for a newborn.

Olivia says she loves Chef David; he’s done fantastic work, but she thinks Cook is a true artist. Her talent is wasted working in a private home, even if it’s the Quartermaines. Cook says, and with her gone, Olivia will get to have the kitchen all to herself. Olivia swears she wasn’t thinking of that. Cook asks if she’s going to keep her end of the bargain, and never set foot in the Quartermaine kitchen again. Olivia says she took an oath on her favorite skillet, and she’s not breaking that. She just thinks Cook has more to offer the world. Cook says Olivia is right. She does.

David tells Griff that he was looking for the men’s room. Really? He couldn’t do better than that? Griff says it’s down hall; there’s a sign on the door. David says he’s obliged, and leaves. Griff asks if Kiki is okay. She says she’s fine, but starts crying. She tell him that she’s stressed, but don’t tell anyone. Griff holds her while she cries, and Ava sees them.

Robert says Valentin knows all about Henrik; who he is and where to find him. Valentin says he has Anna walking into a trap. They have to find her before it’s too late. Nina has walked in, and listens.

Mike says it’s Sonny’s first time on stage since the Christmas pageant. Sonny says his dad is the star; he’s just the backup. Lucy comes back in another fabulous dress, red satin, with one shoulder, and tied at the waist on the opposite side. She introduces a woman of mystery – the less you know, the better. Ava sings You Don’t Own Me, with male backup dancers in tuxes. She looks pointedly at Griff and Sonny throughout the song. Nice. Bobbie and Sonny scowl. Scotty claps wildly. Griff looks serious.

Bobbie tells Scotty that she’s not sitting with him after he got on his feet to applaud the woman who destroyed her grandson. She’s not ignoring what Ava has inflicted on her family. Scotty says, it’s the Nurses’ Ball. They’re not supposed to be holding grudges. Bobbie says it doesn’t count with this one.

Lucy tells Sonny the only reason she let Ava perform was because she made a substantial donation, and it wasn’t the number she rehearsed. Sonny says the night is too important to let someone like Ava ruin it. Ava asks if Griff enjoyed her performance. Kiki tells her the audience loved it. Griff says it wasn’t the song she rehearsed. Ava says she had some last minute inspiration, and she owes it to them.

Kim gets a text that Maxie is on her way to the hospital. She has to go, but the nearest car is twenty minutes away. Drew offers her a ride.

Valentin swears on his family that he’s telling the truth. Robin comes out, and asks if everything is okay. Robert says everything is fine. She looks at Valentin, and says, there’s that, and Robert looks like he was run over by a steamroller; so forgive her if she doesn’t believe him. Robert asks where her mother is. Robin says she got a message, and she took off. She asks if Anna is in trouble, and Robert says, not if he can help it. He leaves with Robin. Valentin is cuffed and sitting in a chair. Nina says she can’t stress the importance of honesty right now. How long has he known who Henrik is?

Olivia says, the Hotel Elysium? In Rome? Cook asks if she can believe it, and Olivia says, no. What are the odds a recruiter was here on the one night she filled in? Cook says, crazy, right? But she couldn’t have done it without Olivia. She tells Olivia to keep the flowers; she has to pack and write her resignation letter. Olivia says Monica is going to kill her. Cook says, probably, but the bright side is she gets to have the kitchen all to herself.

The EMTs come, and Peter tells her that he’ll see her at the hospital. Maxie says her parents are out of town, and asks Peter to call Spinelli from her phone in the car. He tells her to take care of the baby, and he’ll take care of everything else.

Jason says there’s no way Anna would leave the Ball unless it was important. She’s meeting with Henrik. Sam says they have to tell her that he’s Peter. Spinelli’s phone rings. The call is coming from Maxie’s phone, and Spinelli asks if everything is okay. Peter says it’s him; Maxie asked him to call. She’s fine, and so is the baby. She’s on her way to GH, and she asked him to tell Spinelli to reach out to her parents. Spinelli says, on her way? He asks if she didn’t have the baby there. Peter says it’s a long story, and she’ll want to tell him herself; he’s got to go. Spinelli asks how is it that Peter is spreading the glad tidings? Peter says he delivered the baby, adding, goodnight, Mr. Spinelli. He hangs up, and Spinelli says, unbeknownst to Maxie, Nathan’s brother delivered her baby.

Peter takes a gun out of the glove compartment.

Anna waits. She thinks about Jason telling her it’s too dangerous. She’s way too close to this.

Nina tells Valentin, yes or no. If he’d spoken up sooner, would her brother still be alive? He knew who Henrik was, but tells her it’s impossible to say if his silence changed anything. Faison was on a collision course with both of his sons. He doesn’t think anything would have stopped it. Nina says she believes him. He says they have to get to the airport. Nina says he wanted to take them away, so when things blew up, no one would know his part in it.

Anna says it’s past midnight; he’s not coming. She hears someone, and says, Henrik? When she sees Peter come down the stairs, she says, Peter, but he says she was right the first time, calling her mom.

Maxie asks Kim how the baby is. Kim says a little underweight, but it’s to be expected. Otherwise, he’s in great shape. Maxie wants to be with her baby. Kim has an idea.

Sam wonders what the hell the deal is with Maxie’s baby. Jason needs Spinelli to look at the email again. He tells him to look for anything indicating a meeting with Anna.

Lucy says another fab, wonderful Nurses’ Ball is coming to an end. She thanks Olay, and I appreciate the product placement not being as heavy as other years. She thanks the performers, support staff, and crew who made magic happen. She thanks the guests, saying they broke the record; they’ve raised more money than ever. Since it’s the nurses’ night, they wanted to end it the way they started. Deanna, Epiphany, Bobbie, Felix, and Amy sing I’ll Be Your Champion. The other nurses join them. Nice harmony.

Ava thanks Kiki, who has an early day at the hospital. Ava says Griff has a room there, which is convenient. She leaves with Griff, and David tells Kiki that he’ll see her bright and early.

Valentin tells Nina that whatever she thinks is going on, there’s more to the story. She knows. He says he’ll explain, but she doesn’t know if she’ll believe him. Robert takes him away.

Kim tells Maxie that she can’t bring the baby in, but she has the next best thing. She shows Maxie her tablet, and says they have a webcam set up for virtual visits. Maxie says, he’s so wrinkly and tiny. Kim says she did great, and Maxie says, except for her water breaking in Peter’s car.

Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that the message was sent at 9:57 pm this evening. Midnight. Pier 55. Come alone. Jason wonders if he was going to the hospital, but Spinelli says Peter told him that Maxie was on her way. Sam says she’ll go to the hospital, and Jason says he’ll go to the pier.

Peter tells Anna so this is what the WSB has resorted to; posing as an abandoned boy’s mother to flush him out. He doesn’t know whether to be offended or embarrassed. Anna says there’s something he needs to understand, but he says no, he doesn’t. He takes out a gun.

Tomorrow, Nelle wants to go home, Nina talks to Lulu, and Anna tells Jason to put the gun down.

Today’s episode was dedicated to Rick Pessagno. You can find out who he was here:

Vanderpump Rules

Andy wants to talk about the surprising friendship of Jax and James. He asks how Jax went from wanting to punch James in the face to finding him amusing. We see a clip from the last reunion with James making fun of Jax, and Jax laughing. Lisa says they’re similar in the choices they make, and Tom says they’re both needy and compulsive. We see clips of them together, and Andy asks if Jax is a role model for James. Jax admits he shouldn’t be a role model for anyone, and James says they have fun. Lala says she was skeptical; they all know what happened with Jax saying James hooked up with Kristen. She didn’t see how they could be bros after all this time. Andy says she’s done it with a lot of people. James tells Lala to shut up, but Lala isn’t having it. Scheana says Lala is friends with everyone now, but wasn’t for a long time.

Andy asks Stassi about how the event planning started. Stassi says she wanted to be like Lisa, a boss-ass bitch. She wants to be well-rounded, and Lisa knows how to do everything. Andy asks if she was being bossy, but Stassi says she was scared to piss people off, and tried to treat everyone with as much respect as possible. Tom says it’s frustrating because Stassi quit, and then was handed a position of power. He thinks she should have been forced to be a server again. This is just about the stupidest argument for anything I’ve heard from one of them. Lisa didn’t need her as a server; she needed and event planner and had worked with Stassi as a stylist before. Stassi says they should be a team, and wonders why it affects Tom. Lisa says it’s what Stassi wanted to do, and she had a position to fill. Thank you, and thank you. Andy asks about Lala’s event, and Lala says Stassi was her bitch. Scheana tries to interrupt, and Lala asks if she can get a word out. Lala says, this chick, meaning Stassi, shows up an hour before she needed to, and she’s going to give credit where credit is due. Stassi made her job easy, and made the ambiance killer. We flash back to that.

Andy switches gears, and asks if it was about the pasta. We flash back to James using the catch phrase of the season. James says it was partly about the pasta. He was pissed off about it, and drank too quickly. We see a clip of him toasting to getting drunk. Lala says they were all drinking, and he and Logan started having a conversation that went south. He was her boy, and she defended him through thick and thin. James sneezes without covering his mouth, and everyone is like, wtf? Lala says she was joking, and it turned into him calling her man names and discrediting him; it was disgusting. We flash back. Lisa says James shouldn’t drink, and suggests he not even have a sniff of a sherry trifle. Lala suddenly jets off the stage, and Andy asks what’s wrong. Brittany says she could tell Lala was getting mad. James calls Lala dramatic.

Lala goes to the bathroom. Lisa starts talking, and Kristen interrupts. Lisa tells her to shut up, and I laugh. Lisa says James needs to understand Lala was loyal to him. She’d even said if he went down, she would too. She tells him that he needs to go out on a limb and apologize. Kristen follows Lala into bathroom. Lala says it’s not okay for James to say stuff like that. On stage, Tom says, dude… and James gets up. Tom tells James not to roll his eyes, and Andy says he just did. James says it’s just a nervous reaction, and Tom tells him to try harder. Ariana decides to get the other girls, and tosses her heels, since she can’t really walk in them. Lisa says they can’t all just leave, but then she goes too. Scheana pulls out her phone and gets sucked into the iVoid.

Lisa tells Lala to come back; James is going to apologize. She tells Lala that she’s a strong girl. Lisa asks if she’s upset because of everything or is it the place where she’s at? Lala says it’s what he did to her, and Lisa says tell him then. They come back out, and Lisa tells James and Lala to figure it out. Andy asks why Lala left, and Lala dabs at her eyes. Lisa changes places with Stassi, so she can sit next to Lala, and tells her to say it. Lala says James was her best friend. She would never tear him down, or his girl, and it felt like he really came for her. We flash back to James being nasty. She says she’s always been supportive of James and Raquel. Lisa asks why stick by him, and Lala says he’s a hurt person. Lisa thinks it’s coming from a place of jealousy; he’s always had feelings for her. Kristen says this is how he treats the people he cares about. Andy points out that Kristen and James were together for years. Jax thinks James is like a little boy, pushing a girl he secretly likes.

The trip to Big Bear is discussed, and James flirting with Lala in front of Raquel. We flash back to that. James says he loves Raquel, and Lala says he should have been flirting with her. In the past, James made her feel comfortable and confident, but things changed. She was sitting with her man – henceforth known as Randall, since they’re out now – praying that it wasn’t going to air. She doesn’t feel safe around him anymore. Andy asks James if he would get with Lala if she was available, and James says he’d still be with Raquel. Lala seconds that. Andy asks what it would take for them to be friends again. They’re in agreement on time. Lala reminds James of when they went for people about their physical appearance last year, and says she was mortified to see it. We flash back to them body shaming castmates in their interviews. Lala was hoping he’d learn from that with her, and he didn’t. She says the reason she stuck around is that he didn’t have the upbringing. He took on burdens someone his age shouldn’t have had to. But someone she adores might not shake it off as easily. James gets it and apologizes, promising to never say anything like that again. Lala forgives him, and Andy says, nice.

Andy asks Jax about the marketing position in Florida. Jax says it was marketing and social media. Andy points out Jax had said there was nothing holding him back from taking it. Jax says it’s not like he had an amazing job. Andy is like, um, you have a girlfriend who moved to LA for you. Brittany says he didn’t think about her. Lisa says he didn’t even ask her. Jax says he wouldn’t have gone without her, and it was misread. Lisa thinks he has a deeper appreciation for Brittany now. Andy asks him if he can say what Brittany’s professional passion is, and he stumbles around until he kinda, sorta gets that she wants to work with special needs children. He makes excuses for why he didn’t know this information about the person who is supposed to be closest to him that he lives with. Andy suggests that him wanting such a big change might have had to do with Schwartz and Tom moving on. Stassi says she can’t believe they took him seriously about the Florida job, and asks if anyone else saw it. Jax says he’s not making up, and Brittany says she heard him talking on the phone. Yeah, but did she hear anyone on the other end? Stassi says he’s always been the boy who cried wolf. Schwartz says it’s an annual thing with Jax. Andy asks why he didn’t take it, even though it was his dream job> Jax says he was scared, and Schwartz tells him to admit he loves LA as much as he’s said he hates it.

The finale party with Patrick is brought up. Stassi says she couldn’t sleep; she was so shook from the party energy. Andy asks Lisa how surprised she was when Patrick continually talked about her backside. Lisa says it was wrong on so many levels. They’d just met, and he was saying it in front of someone who works for her and is his girlfriend. We flash back to this obnoxious twit, calling Lisa girl several times, which irritated me the most of all of his detestable ranting. Stassi says she felt so bad, and reminds everyone that she was on Xanax and alcohol. Lisa said Stassi was apologizing to him, and was trying to make him feel welcome. She thinks Stassi finally had enough.

Andy asks if Scheana lost herself in the relationship with Rob even more than Stassi did with Patrick. Scheana says she hasn’t seen all the episodes, and admits to fast-forwarding through her castmates’ scenes. She claims she’s just behind in watching. Jax says watching it back, he wanted to punch Patrick, and Stassi should forget him. He says new boyfriend Beau is cool, and we see pictures. Everyone agrees they like him. Stassi says he’s fun, and not screwing up. Lisa tells her to just be herself.

Next up is the trip to Mexico. Andy asks Lala about her baby bottle. She says she’s on a low dose of anti-anxiety medication, and there are various things you can do, like snapping a rubber band on your wrist. She finds it comforting to have a bubba. It helps her not think about her anxiety.

Andy follows that with the rumor about James and Kristen hooking up. James says they were hanging out, and it turned into they fooled around and hooked up. Jax admits they didn’t, but says he didn’t say anything. We flash back to him saying something. He claims he only said the pillows were evidence. Lisa says he went all Secret Squirrel, and claimed they were banging. Kristen says James’s words were on the screen. Tom says there was a reason for that, but Andy says he heard it clearly without the subtitles. He says Schwartz had no idea what was going on, since he blacked out and went to another resort. Schwartz asks who doesn’t black out in Mexico? That would be Andy and everyone else. Andy asks if Jax doesn’t owe Kristen and James an apology, and in keeping with his tradition of being the worst human being on earth, Jax asks why? Lisa says he nearly ruined two relationships. Kirsten says she had to tell Carter before he saw it on TV. Brittany tells him he should apologize, and he does – for misinterpreting what was said. Tom apologizes too, since he thought the same thing. Andy talks about James telling Kristen that he never said it, and her throwing a drink in his face. She says her brain exploded, and she apologized to James. She says for Tom to go to her boyfriend was wrong. Tom says her boyfriend came to him. Kristen says Tom told him about what happened during their time together. He says he wasn’t trying to ruin the relationship; Carter came to him. Something I noticed from James’s unintelligible answer on the golf course, was that he said, a little bit, but not really, when he thought Tom asked if he and Kristen were hanging out. If they’d hooked up, that would be a pretty odd thing to say, even for James.

Andy says Jax lost it when he found out Scheana was trying to hook Brittany up with Adam – in his home. His rant at SUR is discussed. Jax says he decided to flip everyone off, and just then, Lisa and Ken walk in. He says Lisa’s eyes were bulging, and she says he was absolutely out of order. She had to get him out of there. Andy asks what he was thinking as he was storming down the street. Tom says it was like something got knocked loose. He exploded. Tom says he went back out, and Jax adds that the people across the street were watching. Tom says Jax was unstoppable, and Brittany says, like a bull seeing red. Jax says he was embarrassed, and went on a super apology tour the next day. Lisa says what about her? He says she and Ken have been nothing but amazing. She says she’s kept him in his job for years, and he says it’s a helluva thing to do.

Andy wants to talk about the break-up. Jax says he thought about it for a while, and went back and forth. Brittany says he’d bragged about them having sex that morning. The girls concur that it was hard to watch. Brittany was blindsided. Stassi says the sex thing made it really, really bad. Ugh! I agree. Jax says he honestly thought he was doing the right thing, and someone asks, why hook up then. We flash back to Jax saying why does anybody hook up? And answering his own question by saying, to get off. Andy says it’s kind of a mind f**k, and Brittany says it literally came out of nowhere. She couldn’t believe it, after she’d planned Mexico, his birthday at Hooters, and his birthday some other damn where. Jax thought it was the mature, adult thing to do, and Brittany says, beg her to stay with him, then throw it away? He says he thought he couldn’t be good for her. I wonder if his so-called Reiki master put that idea in his head, or just confirmed it? Lisa thinks those in unpredictable relationships should use contraception, and offers to buy Jax a condom. Andy asks how Brittany feels, when even Jennifer Lawrence is telling her to break up with him? Brittany says the first thing in her mind was to get out, since Jax wouldn’t leave. She told the Uber driver to pick a hotel. She’d put up with so much, and then for everyone to see that it was hard and effed up. She wouldn’t talk to Jax for a month. The girls all say she’s a badass. Andy says Jax wouldn’t leave the apartment? Tom said he was like, wtf? Brittany says she never hooked up with anyone, but seems a little vague about dating. She talks about staying in a hotel, and going back when Jax wasn’t there. She also did some traveling. Jax didn’t give up, and the feeling didn’t go away. She realized he’s the person she wants to be with. The pressure of fans wanting more for her was the hardest part. She’s tried to be a good person and live a positive life. She would never say mean things to someone she didn’t know. But in the end, she did what she thought was right, and put her heart first. Not that she thinks it’s okay to be treated the way she was. Andy asks other girls about that, and it’s unanimous that Brittany deserves a prince. I think Brittany should do Brittany, but I also still think Jax is vile. We’ll see if his father’s death changes him. Possible, but not probable.

Andy says what brought everyone together was the untimely, unfortunate passing of Jax’s dad. Kristen says he had to be vulnerable and honest, and stop fronting. Jax says he was tired of himself. Andy asks if he treats Brittany better. Jax doesn’t think he would do wrong again, and he’s been putting her first. Brittany says everything is better. Jax tells her that he loves her. She says he’s more calm, and not talking down to her. Andy thinks his papa would be happy that Jax has found peace and happiness, and hopes it sticks.

Andy asks Lisa why she wouldn’t fire Jax. She says he would have taken on the victim role, saying he deserved it. The only decent thing was for him to resign. Andy asks if she can imagine him working at SUR. Jax quickly interjects that he’d pick up a shift if she really needed him. Lisa says she isn’t that desperate right now. Jax insists he wasn’t a bad person at work. He says maybe he can get a job at TomTom. Andy asks Schwartz when TomTom is going to have its first blackout and panic attack. Schwartz says he’s like a caterpillar who is going to emerge as a beautiful business butterfly.

The question of kids for Schwartz and Katie comes up, and Katie asks, who would want that? That would be everyone, and Katie says, soonish. Andy can’t wait to find out what Stassi’s new boyfriend thinks about Lisa’s ass, and asks if we’ll be seeing him next season. That’s a yes, but not so much Lala’s boyfriend. Jax hopes he and Brittany are together the rest of their lives, and Brittany ays it just keeps getting better. Kristen is happy with two dogs and boyfriend. Scheana claims she’s having fun being single, and is staying that way for a year. Andy says it’s been a big year for Lala, including stepping out in public with her man. He asks what the goal is, and she hopes to be together forever. Andy asks if Ariana has softened toward marriage, but that’s a no. However, that’s not stopping them from also wanting to be together forever. Andy asks what about kids, and Ariana votes no, while Tom is all thumbs up.

Andy asks again if it’s about the pasta, and says, yes, it is. He asks Lisa who’s next in line to get married, and she says, him. Lisa says she loves all of them. Being on a reality show is like looking in a mirror. They might not always like the reflection, but she hopes they grow from it. Andy says usually Ken and Peter bring out celebratory shots at the end, but this time, it’s not about the shots. Giggy! Ken totes the Gigster in, while Peter passes out “shots” of pasta. With no forks. It’s interesting to see the different ways they try to eat it. James suggests they chase the pasta with vodka, and they all say, cheers! Giggy!

Next time – Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed.

😱 The Terror wrapped its first season up tonight. The highlight was when Mr. Hickey offered his cut-off tongue to the spirit bear, and it ate his arm and ripped him in half. That didn’t work. I only half-assed watched this show, and hope to pay more attention if there’s a season two. The scenery was a standout, and I would think the desolation alone would be enough to make anyone go mad. Although I found it intriguing, it did remind me of seeing Jaws 2, or Jaws 3, or whatever installment it was, with my father. He leaned over and said, where’s the music and the shark?

🍨 Following Up On What James Shouldn’t Sniff…


May 20, 2018 – Before & Now Get Closer, Here Comes the Givenchy, & Back to Work


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Zombies clamor to get into a store while a dude shops. He leaves the back way, because zombies aren’t the brightest things. He stops suddenly, and we hear John tell him, that’s right. John has a gun pointed at him. John says he saw his flag and knows who he is, and they have a particular person in common. John holsters his weapon, but says he’s quicker than dude on his worst day. He’ll attempt to shoot him in the hand, but there are no guarantees he’ll walk away – or walk away alive. He can keep his hands raised, answer one question, and live. He keeps hands raised and turns. John shows him a Vulture flag. Morgan tells dude not to be stupid; John will beat him. He tries to draw his gun anyway, and John shoots his pinky finger off. John throws him the flag to wrap his hand in. Dude asks what he wants. John says, answers.

Alicia asks if Al rigged her truck herself. Al knows where she’s going, and says her guns aren’t for hire and her bullets aren’t for sale. Alicia asks, why not? Al says she stays behind the camera. How about if they stick to their deal; a ride for their story. She’s heard some of it, but she wants it all. Alicia tells her to ask what she wants, as long as gets them there.

John wants to know where dude and the Vultures are meeting up. Dude says he’s not with whoever John thinks. John pats him down and finds a map. He says he’s seen before, from a guy in an El Camino. John asks, what happened to her? He says dude is carrying Naomi’s gun. Dude says he doesn’t know, and John shoves his gun in dude’s face. Morgan tells John to let him go. Morgan tells dude there are people headed there who want to kill him, and to steer clear. John tells Morgan to hold on to the pistols for the time being –  just in case. Morgan says he knows it’s hard. Does he know where they’re taking them? Morgan says they’ll find them, stop them, and ask what he needs to know abut Naomi. He wants to know she didn’t suffer.


Naomi picks shards of something out of Alicia’s arm, and asks what she found. Alicia says a few canned hams and a lot of dead. She goes to cleaned up, and Madison thanks Naomi. Naomi asks if they’re going out tomorrow, and Madison says there’s not much choice – no matter how dangerous it is.

Victor asks Nick what new and exciting locale are they going to? Nick says they’re going to find a place with seeds and fertilizer. Lucy asks where the truck with the food came from, and Victor says, in a garage. Someone must have loaded it to make an escape, but never made it. Cole says he’s going to get ammo, and Victor follows him, thanking him for the cover. Cole says Victor saved him time by showing him who he really was before he thought Victor was someone else. Victor asks why not tell them, but Cole says he’s just not sure what Victor would do if he did. Cole leaves, and Madison asks if everything is okay. Victor says people are getting irritable because there isn’t enough food. Madison shows him a liquor bottle, and says she found it in the back of the pantry. Does he want to – he doesn’t let her finish before he says, yes.

The Vultures hang in the parking lot, while Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung plays over their loudspeakers. Victor says, they don’t give up easy, and Madison says, no, they don’t. Victor asks why she saved him after what he did. She says she wasn’t going to leave him drown. He says she didn’t just pull him out. She nursed him back to health. She could have saved him and left, but she waited for him after everything; why? She says she knows who he is, and she likes drinking with him.

Madison finds Viv holding a gun on Naomi, who was trying to drive out. Naomi says she can explain, and Madison tells her that she doesn’t need to sneak out. She says she wasn’t leaving; she was going here. She hands Madison a pamphlet. She says they might have seeds and food, military rations. She used to be there. Victor asks if there are still people; people who know her. She shakes her head, and Madison asks why she didn’t tell them. Naomi says it’s dangerous. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Madison and Victor decide to go with her. Luci tells Nick that they’ll be back.

Naomi speeds along the highway. A sign says, food – gas – lodging, and Madison suggests they park for the night. Victor says they need all three things. They park at a motel, and Madison says, let’s clear it. They go into the office. It’s dark, but we hear zombie noises, and Madison knifes a couple in the head. She sees some guns and canned beans. She says, they killed each other over some cans of beans. Victor shows up with some vending machine food, and they take a break to eat. I wonder why the bean killers didn’t raid the vending machine.

Naomi says Madison and Victor have been a lot of places together, and Madison says it was a long trip from Mexico. She’d started from LA, and it seems like a lifetime ago. Victor asks where they’re going tomorrow, and Naomi says, an abandoned FEMA shelter. Madison asks what happened, and Victor wonders how she knows supplies are still there. Naomi says it was abandoned a long time ago, and no one knows about it. Victor says, except for her. Naomi confesses that she was going to go on her own, but she intended on leaving the map after the gate was closed. Madison asks, why? and Victor says, because she’s a coward. Naomi says, he’s right; she’s a coward. He tells her to hand over the keys. Now she won’t leave because she can’t. Naomi says she didn’t have to tell them, and Victor thanks her for showing them who she is. Madison says it does count for something, and suggests they get some rest.

Madison wakes. Naomi isn’t there, and she tells Victor to wake up.

Naomi is on the road again. She stops at a school. She heads inside, stepping on the FEMA Checkpoint sign. The door is locked, and she knocks on the glass to get the zombies’ attention. She sneaks inside behind them. This is about as much help as you get from FEMA when there isn’t an apocalypse.

Madison thinks maybe they can catch up with Naomi. She wonders why not tell the truth if she wanted to leave. They all have things to be ashamed of, but can take the opportunity to make up for it. Victor admits that the truck with the food was his contingency plan; he’d been stocking it for weeks. People don’t change, and when they’re pressed and cornered, the artifice falls and the curtain flops. They show you who they really are. Madison asks if she should have left him to drown, and Victor says that’s what he would have done. She tells him, lucky for him she’s not him.

Naomi looks around. She comes to a room for children. She sees a crib, small furniture, and kids’ artwork. She tries to keep a grip. She goes to a storage bin, and opens the combination lock on it. There are guns and medical supplies inside. She looks through a notebook that has planting information in it. She finds keys with a tag that says JIC on them. She packs some stuff in her knapsack, and quietly walks behind the throng of zombies at the front. If just one sees her, she’s screwed. She sees a closed door, and freaks a little. She sits down on the floor, even though now is not the time. Uh-oh, here they come. She jumps up, and jets right past them. Good thing they don’t move like those guys in 28 Days Later. She runs smack into an impaled zombie, and now there are zombies on either side of her. By her reactions, I think she knows them. She starts to climb some scaffolding, kicking them away. Now she’s stuck, the crowd beneath her, reaching up. She cries.

Madison and Victor come into the school. Naomi says the truck is at the loading dock. It has what they need. She tosses the keys to Madison, and says Victor was right. Victor says they can’t get to her. He uncovers some rope, while kicking back a zombie. Madison pikes the zombies at the bottom of the scaffolding. Victor says he’s got her; she can do it. Naomi pulls herself back up, and grabs onto the rope. She pulls herself across toward Victor. He slips, and there’s suddenly too much slack in the rope, but he recovers quickly. Madison comes to help him. It’s pretty creepy looking down from Naomi’s vantage point, with all the zombies reaching toward her and moving underneath. She makes it to the other platform, and the three of them run out. Victor padlocks the door.

Naomi tells them that she needed try to make up for what she did. It needed to be her in there; not anyone else. They’re good people. She thought she could be safe there with her daughter. Madison says she doesn’t have to tell them. She owes them nothing. Naomi says her name was Rose. When Rose’s father died, Naomi wore it wouldn’t happen to them. She found a place with food, water, and people who knew how to survive. A woman named Ellen taught her how to make it. She gave JIC classes to be prepared – just in case.

One night, Rose’s cough turned into pneumonia. They didn’t have the antibiotics needed, so Naomi hid Rose in the pantry and locked the door. The antibiotic run took three days. She didn’t eat or sleep, but she found the amoxicillin. By time got back… Naomi breaks down. Madison says it wasn’t her fault. They wouldn’t have been able to keep that many out, even if she was there. Naomi tells Madison that she didn’t tell anyone the truth. She was afraid they’d get kicked out; she’d seen it happen at other places. Rose died before she got back, and turned. Then, everyone else did too. She did this. Madison says she didn’t have to come back, but Naomi says it had to be her. She couldn’t run from it any longer. Maybe some can find way to live with it, but she needs to keep what they have going.

They leave. Naomi says the truck is prepped, in case anything went wrong. They were prepared for everything, just not this. A zombie is flailing around in the truck, and I wonder if it’s Ellen. Madison knocks on the driver’s window, and while the zombie is preoccupied with that, Naomi stabs it in the head from behind. Victor says she did what she had to do; what life seemed to be telling her to do. He did too, but Madison taught him something else; that they can start over. They all can. We see a plant growing out of one of the fertilizer bags.

Alicia, Luci, and Nick walks out to where Mel is. He asks if there’s a problem, but they just want him to listen. He might want to make room. They have food, supplies, and fertilizer; they’re going to rebuild and replant. The Vultures have picked over a fifty-mile radius; they must be running low too. Mel tells the group to pack up, and let’s go. They’re going to take longer than they can wait. Madison drives up with truck full of stuff, and Naomi in the car behind her. Mel tells her to be careful. In his experience, the really the really bad stuff, you never see it coming. They drive in, and the Vultures leave.

Luci asks if it’s enough, and Nick says it is. Madison looks at the JIC keys, and puts them on the dashboard. Cole says he didn’t think they’d pull it off, and Victor says, neither did he. Madison knows him better than he knows himself. He might have been premature in telling Cole who he is.

Victor thanks Madison. She says they won today, and he was a big part of it. He suggests they leave it at that. Madison looks out with the binoculars. It’s all clear in the parking lot. Alicia comes out, and Madison wants her to do something, no questions asked. She tells her to park a truck out back with supplies in it, and keep it quiet. No one needs to know. Alicia asks why, and Madison says, just in case. She gives her the keys, and I wonder who’s highlighting Alicia’s hair.


Standing next to the road, Alicia sees a truck with the binoculars. Victor and Luci arm themselves. Alicia says, they’re coming. Victor asks, how many, and Alicia says, one. Morgan and John get out of the truck. Morgan says they came to talk, and Alicia tells them to get on the ground.  Victor asks what they’re doing there, and Morgan says they came to help. He says, they’re not coming. They found them, and told them to stay away. Alicia says, bad idea, and Morgan says, they still have time. They don’t have to do this. He should have told Nick; what they’re doing is only going to make things worse. Victor says, perhaps they didn’t heed his warning after all. Here come the Vultures.

The caravan stops in front of them. Alicia and the others draw their guns. The Vultures get out, guns drawn. Mel says, hey, who told them to be there, and thanks the guy in the blue shirt, meaning Morgan. Mel tells Alicia, sorry about her brother, and she says, really? She’s not sorry about his. Mel makes some interesting, twitchy faces. Morgan says it doesn’t have to go this way, and Mel says, yes it does, but he doesn’t have to be in middle. He stands between Alicia and Mel, and Mel tells him to get out of the way. Madison radios, asking, where is everyone? Mel says, they didn’t tell her? and Morgan says, no. Mel says they aren’t going to like this. A Land Rover drives up. John asks where they got it, and Naomi gets out. John says, Laura? He moves toward her, and Alicia says, no!

Mel is confused, and shoots John. Morgan runs to him, and Naomi drops to her knees.

Next time, Naomi says, it’s not safe: Morgan says, this has to stop: Madison says, no one is gone until they’re gone; and Luci meets Charlie.

👰 I confess, I watched the Royal Wedding. I didn’t get up before the crack of dawn to watch it live, but checked it out later. I’ll never get up before the crack of dawn for a wedding again after Prince Charles and Diana Spencer. I did it for them, and we all know how that turned out. It must be weird for Meghan Markle, suddenly going from making movies to having movies made about her. Like a skabillion other women, of course I wanted to see all the fashions, but most important, the dress. Meghan Markle’s, now Duchess of Sussex’s, dress. It wasn’t a wow. It was from Givenchy, but very plain, long sleeves and a boat neck. Although I do love a boat neck. While Princess Diana floated in a cloud only she could carry off, Kate Middleton’s gown has been my favorite of more recent royal brides so far. That being said, I reasoned that she might have wanted the focus to be on Queen Mary’s tiara (which was stunning), and the sixteen-foot veil, which had the individual flowers of the fifty-plus commonwealths embroidered on it. Along with Meghan’s state flower, which I suppose was nice of them. I would have loved to have gotten a better view of the veil. It was hard to see the detail on most of the time. Anyway, it was fun to see what all the guests wore as well, including the always adorable Queen Elizabeth, and the grandeur of the whole thing. I especially loved the fairytale carriage ride at the end. Probably the best thing about it, is how the young royals have kept the beautiful traditions, yet bucked some archaic ones. Meghan is an American actress, half African American, and divorced – even one of those things would have been unheard of not that long ago. Too bad it comes a little late for King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

😔 Sigh…






May 18, 2018 – Worlds Collide at the Ball, NB Fashion, Goodbye OUAT, Junior Winner, Joybell Trio & Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The show was on for a couple of minutes, when ABC broke in with news about the school shooting in Santa Fe. I get that, but it had happened several hours earlier, and, as usual, went way past the point of giving us news. That’s what I hate. My problem isn’t with the news itself, but all the amenities that come with it, like interviewing the janitor’s second cousin who witnessed nothing, but knows when it’s going to rain. Seriously, unless the world is coming to an end – and I mean literally, like if the sun is hurtling toward us – or we’re being invaded, I don’t see the point and it’s just irritating. Later, I was able to watch what I missed online with Verizon, but they usually don’t list it the same day. Lucky me, I didn’t have to imagine the lips syncing with the words on a pirated version.

General Hospital

Molly introduces Alexis, but she’s busy eavesdropping on Anna and Finn backstage. Finn tells Anna he’s never stopped caring. She’s never far from his mind and heart, and he wouldn’t want anything to happen without her knowing he cared.

Jason stops by Nelle’s room to find Michael. Michael asks if she’ll be okay for a few minutes. She says sure, and then the show gets interrupted for news that can wait an hour. I catch up a few hours later. Jason gives Nelle a stupid look. In the hallway, Jason tells Michael that Carly didn’t push Nelle, and deep down he knows that.

Finn apologizes to Anna for taking so long to tell her. Alexis makes herself known.

Nina doesn’t understand why Valentin is so eager to leave; he still has to perform. He promised Lucy, and Nina tells him not to let her down. She asks if something is going on.

Sam looks at the lighter on Peter’s desk, and sees the initials, CF. She says, Cesar Faison. She remembers Jason telling her about Faison carrying it, and that it wasn’t with his belongings. At the time, she’d said, if they find the lighter, they find Henrik.

Alexis, Finn, and Anna all look at each other. Alexis walks away. Finn says he should – and Anna says, yeah, he should. On stage, Lucy apologizes for the glitch. Alexis comes out to applause, but she keeps moving, and goes out the door. Mike points out to Sonny that she’s upset, and asks if he wants to go after her. Sonny says it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

Valentin tells Nina that he wants to get away with the two people that matter to him the most, her and Charlotte. Nina reminds him that his song at last year’s ball convinced her to give him another chance. He screwed up. Here’s his chance not to do it again.

Sam says Peter was in the hospital the night Faison died. She sees his copy of The Severed Branch. She flips through it, and says, just like it happened in the book.

Michael knows Jason will always defend his mother, and he’s grateful, but he wasn’t there. Jason says, neither was he. Jason asks what Nelle said. Michael says she told him that his mom lost control. Jason say that’s proof Nelle is lying. Carly would never risk her grandchild. He knows she would lie down in front of a train for her family. Michael says, under normal circumstances, and it’s been anything but normal lately. Jason insists it’s Nelle sabotaging Carly’s life.

On stage, Lucy says it’s not the Nurses’ Ball without some drama, but they’re not letting it ruin a good time. She tells the audience to kick it up a notch for the rocker others call Eddie Maine, but they call him Mr. Mayor. He and his first lady are spearheading the rebuilding of their city. In 60s garb with a flower power background, Olivia plays the tambourine, and Ned sings, (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding. Excellent.

Colleen Sullivan tells us to stay tuned for more glamor, excitement, and surprises. They’re just getting started.

Jason tells Michael there have been calls from a payphone near where Morgan died, a replica of his scarf, the power outage and intruder at Bobbie’s house, and Carly finds Morgan’s picture on the floor, broken. Michael asks if he thinks Nelle did all that. He’s going to have to prove it. Jason says like he’ll prove the blanket is real. Jason gets a call from Sam, but asks her to hold on. He says he needs Michael to be careful, for the baby’s sake and himself. Michael says Jason has given him a lot to think about. Jason gets back on the phone, and asks Sam what’s going on. She says she needs to see him. It’s important.

Molly – in a very becoming sleeveless gown that looks like it’s made out of blue/green glitter – tells Finn that whatever he said to upset her mother, she’s completely humiliated. So don’t apologize or try to fix it, just accept the fact that he’s a jerk and leave her alone. Anna says, oh dear. Ha-ha! She’s so British sometimes. He says it didn’t go exactly as planned. Anna says, for the record, she’s not dying. Finn says, for the record, he meant everything he said. Anna says she cares a lot about him too. Oh, kiss already.

Ava suggests she and Griff take advantage of his room upstairs; she could use a warm-up before her performance. Griff says he wants to watch the rest of show, She says it’s cool.

Stella tells Sonny it’s manifestly none of her business, but sometimes an outsider can pick up on things another person is too close to see. Sonny asks where she’s going with this. She tells him that he has a stare that could freeze a blasting furnace. Putting it on the woman who is the mother of his child might not be the wisest thing. Mike tells her to forgive him; he has a helluva temper. Sonny says it’s difficult to be in the same room, especially tonight, but she’s right. It’s not a good thing to show the world how you feel. Stella agrees. Sonny raises his glass to Ava, who’s like, huh?

Backstage, Kim asks Josslyn and Oscar if they’re ready. Drew joins them. Oscar says he didn’t know Drew was coming, and Kim says, neither did she. Drew says once he heard Oscar was performing, he couldn’t be stopped. Oscar hugs him, and says, thank you. Everyone smiles.

Anna says Finn needs to find Alexis and apologize. He says, yes, he does. Anna tells him that she’s not staying much longer. She looks at text from Henrik: Midnight. Pier 55. Come alone. She says she has a meeting. She can’t tell him about it, but after tonight, she’ll be closer to it all being over. She tells him to go find Alexis.

Alexis sits at the bar. The bartender asks what he can get her. She looks at the bottles.

Michael goes back to Nelle’s room. She tells him that she’s gotten the all-clear from the doctors. She’s being released tomorrow. He says that’s good news. She asks if there’s something wrong. He says Jason was telling him what was going on with his mother. She thinks someone is harassing her; messing with her head for months now.

Finn sits next to Alexis. She says he found her. He tells her the concierge saw her take the elevator. He says, that’s not a double-vodka? She says, it’s a club soda, and she wishes people would stop acting as if she’s dying for a bottle of gin every time she feels crappy. Finn says he never meant to hurt her; he’s sorry. She says he has nothing to be sorry for, and he didn’t hurt her. She just hurts. She knew he still cared about Anna; it’s not on him. He didn’t do anything. She allowed herself to be a prop in the game he was playing with Anna.

Anna starts to text Henrik. Robin startles her, and asks what’s up with her and Finn. Anna says it’s complicated, and suggests they go and enjoy the show.

Peter is messing with his phone, and Maxie says, more work? He tells her these are the last ones, and goes out to the hallway. Julian asks Molly if she’s getting nervous about Finn. She says she doesn’t want to fight with him – he did save her life – but her mother is in a vulnerable place. He’d better think long and hard before he does anything for Alexis’s sake. Julian says he’s not sure what means. She thinks he does. Kim asks what Julian doing about Alexis, and Julian says he’s here with her, and they should get back to their seats; her son is performing. Lucy says the Nurses’ Ball is known for spotlighting younger performers, and introduces Molly and Oscar. This is when the news released us back to the program. Or rather, commercials, then the program.

Molly sings, while Oscar accompanies her on the guitar. I think the name of the song is I Never Knew, but I’m not positive. I’m not familiar with it, and come up empty in a subsequent search. Sam shows Jason the lighter. She says she found it in Peter’s office. She was confused at first, since he said he wasn’t a smoker. She remembered he’d said he had to confront Faison about something in the hospital the night Faison died. Jason says Faison was honest for once. He’d said Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Jason says, Peter August is Henrik.

Mike tells Molly she was spectacular, and tells Oscar his date is pretty, but not as gorgeous as Stella. Kim motions Oscar over.

Kiki asks if she can sit at Molly’s table. Molly thought she was sitting with Dr. Bensch, but Kiki says she wants to be with people her own age.

Kim asks if Oscar is glad now that he took music lessons. I’m assuming that means she forced him to take them.

Michael asks Nelle if his mom mentioned anything to her. Nelle says she rambled about a disappearing note and Morgan’s cologne, but she wasn’t making sense. Something starts to beep on Nelle’s monitor. She begins to panic, and Michael tells her, just breathe.

Sam tells Jason that Peter is with Maxie, and asks how they’re going to do this.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not feeling so great, and asks him to take her home. Valentin watches.

Robin asks if Anna is leaving already; there’s a lot left. She asks if it has to do with the emails she’s been receiving. Anna is cagey, and says she wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t important.

Lucy tells Valentin it’s his turn.

Kim asks Julian if he’s thinking about going after Alexis. Julian says he’s here with her. She says they promised to be honest with each other. He says they’re having a great time. She tells him if he needs a friend, he has one, and leaves.

Finn tells Alexis that she was never a prop. He fell for Anna more than he wanted to admit. He wasn’t using her; he wanted to move on. Alexis says that’s why they call it a rebound. There’s a good reason why people in same AA meeting shouldn’t hook up. He says it’s not about that; it’s about him. She deserves better. Alexis says that she needs him to not be there right now, and he wisely leaves.

Kim sees Olivia looking into the swag bags, and Olivia says she’s taking advantage of the break to snoop in the bags. We get an advertisement for Olay with Kim pitching the product.

Michael says he didn’t mean to upset Nelle. She tells him that she was so scared when Carly pushed her; she was out of control. Michael asks if she’s sure Carly pushed her, and she says, she absolutely pushed her. He tells her to get some rest. She says she’ll be fine, because he’s there.

Mike sees Deanna, and says he found his favorite nurse at the Ball. Deanna says, since it’s the Nurses’ Ball, the odds of that were pretty likely. Stella introduces mike to Felix. She thinks they’ll get along well.

Jason asks Robin if her mom is still there. He has to talk to her. Robin says she left, and asks, what’s up? He tells her Anna will explain when there’s time. Sam tells him that Peter left with Maxie. She thinks he’s meeting with someone. They have to get into Peter’s email account.

In the car, Maxie apologizes to Peter for making him leave early. He says he had to work anyway. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says like the baby is doing a kickboxing workout. She suddenly tells him to pull over. Her water just broke. Shouldn’t they jet to the hospital? Peter asks if she’s sure, and she says, very, and she’s done this before. She says they have no time to get to the hospital. There’s something wrong with the baby. Where’s that Star Trek transporter they always use?

Julian sees Alexis at the bar. Kim asks if she can join Drew. He’d thought Julian was her date. She says he had to see someone; she’s flying solo. They go in and sit together.

Jason and Sam go into Peter’s office. Jason leaves a message for Spinelli. He tells Sam that they don’t have a lot of time. They need to hack into Peter’s email. He pushes the keyboard toward her

Lucy tells the audience to give themselves a hand, and to keep the momentum going. The next performance was a surprise addition to last year’s Ball. He was so good, they asked him to come back. Valentin sits at the piano, and performs Peter Gabriel’s Book of Love, accompanying himself. He sings to Nina, and she smiles. He is really good.

As the song finishes, Robin get up. Robert is on stage. He punches out Valentin.

On Monday, David follows Kiki, Robert wants justice, and Anna waits for Henrik. Who is busy delivering a baby.

👗 Since I know my dress descriptions were lacking, you can see some of them here. I voted for Sam.

🏰 Sadly, tonight was the Once Upon A Time finale. Since they shoved it into the death spot on Friday night, and I knew it was the last season, I found it hard to commit, so I hadn’t watched much of it. I figured I’d catch up on a rainy weekend some time. I did want to see the end though, and it was sweet. They brought in many of the old characters for the farewell. In a nutshell, Rumpel/Gold and Belle were reunited at last, in heavenly clouds. All the realms were united, and Regina was chosen to lead them. Snow White and Prince Charming officiated at the coronation, crowning her The Good Queen. Emma called it a happy beginning, since Regina didn’t like endings, and the stories were far from over. However, Regina thought second chance was a better choice. because in the end, they could get past it all – with hope. And we saw the sign, saying, Leaving Storybrooke. Sad face.

🍖 It was also the finale of MasterChef Junior. The final three – Quani, Beni, and Avery – had to create a three-course meal. For their entrees, they each gathered inspiration from their roots, cooking catfish, veal chops, and a ribeye, respectively. A lot of attention was given to Quani having elevated the catfish. Apparently, none of the judges were a fan of it, which surprised me, since I like catfish. Although it sounded like one of those things that, if it’s not done exactly right, you don’t want to eat it. When they moved on to the dessert, and Quani’s tart broke, so did my heart. It was not a happy moment. Beni was the big winner, and the young chefs ended with a group hug. I have to confess, I both rooted for Avery, and was glad she didn’t win. She’s eight. Eight. And cooks better than anyone I will ever know.

⛲ Quotes of the Week

All from the same poetess.

A lifetime isn’t forever, so take the first chance, don’t wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren’t second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn’t take a first chance at? That’s true failure. —  C. Joybell C.

Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.C. Joybell C.  Or as Semisonic put it more simply, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don’t even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved. — C. Joybell C.

🎈 Last But Never Least…