May 14, 2018 – Valentin & Peter Have a Moment, More Vanderpump Reunion, a Speck of Potomac & Lois Has Joined Superman


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason there is a body; the money clip proves it. He yells at Jason to dig, but Jason insists there’s no body. Sonny is getting a mite testy.

Jordan and Anna go to the Floating Rib, which has been redecorated, and has sort of a Western feel. Jordan thinks Curtis will like it, because it’s reminiscent of Baltimore. Distracted, Anna keeps looking at her phone. Jordan asks if she’s expecting to hear from someone.

Peter reads the email urging him not to trust Valentin. Valentin appears, asking if he’s disturbing Peter. Peter says he sent him a text demanding him to call, but face-to-face is better. Valentin says they finally agree on something. Peter asks what’s so important, and Valentin asks why he’s so on edge?

At the Floating Rib, Dante hopes the kitchen is ready for him and Michael. Michael is having a baby too, and it might not top the shower, but why should the girls have all the fun?

Brad tries to guess what’s in the baby bag. Monica tells him the fate of the nations doesn’t hinge on his choice, and just make one. He guesses it’s a toy, and Olivia says basically everything counts as toy if a child is under six months. He pulls out a spoon, which Olivia points out is for teething.

At the top of the stairs, Carly tells Nelle that Michael will know exactly what the blanket is, and to give it to her. Carly grabs at the blanket, but Nelle says she can’t have it, and grabs it back. She tumbles down the stairs. Everyone comes running out of the living room. Monica asks what Carly did.

Jordan asks Anna if there are any new leads on Henrik, but there’s nothing. Jordan tells Anna how Curtis proposed when she thought she might have cancer; then they found out she was all right. Anna is glad to hear that, and Jordan says, her too. Anna says she tries not to lecture friends when she knows they’re having a hard time, since it’s hypocritical, but she’s there if Jordan needs her. She asks if Jordan thinks Curtis proposed because they thought she was sick. Jordan knows he loves her, but highly doubts marriage was on his mind before he thought he’d lose her. Anna says a close call can make a person reassess their priorities. Jordan says, or it could be a hasty promise. Anna tells her there’s something to be said for living like they’re in their final days, leaving nothing unspoken. Jordan isn’t sure she’s ready for marriage. Anna asks if she loves Curtis, but their conversation is interrupted by Finn walking into the restaurant.

Peter says with Valentin, important is synonymous with bad news, but Valentin says, not this time. He’s convinced Anna to stop searching for Henrik. Peter says if she discovered he’s really Henrik, the best-case scenario would be prison, and the worst would be her leading Jason to his doorstep, and they know how he deals with his enemies.

Jason asks Sonny if he might have dug deeper. Sonny says, no, and he’s not wrong about the location; it was seared in his brain. Jason says it was his first job, and Skully told him to leave the gun. He would have done the same thing. Sonny says the gun jams him up. It has to be there. Jason thinks both the body and gun have been moved.

Chase sees Dante and Michael, and tells Dante that he’s starting to have second thoughts about their number in the Nurses Ball. Michael starts to say something, but Dante stops him. Chase thinks they should be rehearsing; he doesn’t want to look like an idiot. Dante says a wise woman once told him, you don’t have to look good, just be good. Chase leaves to practice, and Michael asks Dante what he’s doing to him. Dante tells Michael that he never said he was a saint.

Carly says it happened so fast; suddenly Nelle was just falling. Monica tells Olivia to keep her immobile, and says someone needs to call an ambulance. Bobbie brings Monica’s doctor bag. Monica asks if Nelle can hear her. Carly says she and the baby will be okay, and Monica tells Bobbie to take Carly out of there. Josslyn asks Carly what happened. Carly says she grabbed the blanket, and Nelle grabbed it back. Ava remembers asking Nelle how far she was going to take things with Carly, and Nelle saying by the time the shower was over, Carly would be exposed for the raving lunatic she is. Carly says the blanket was like Morgan’s. Nelle was taunting her with it, and just fell.

Valentin tell Peter Jason continues to be a threat, especially if he refuses to leave Port Charles. Peter says that’s not an option. He wonders why Anna would listen to Valentin, and Valentin says they have a history. They both trained at the WSB, and have had their ups and downs, but recently formed a truce with limited cooperation. Peter asks if Valentin is just telling him what he wants to hear, and Valentin says Peter has to trust him. Peter says there’s been a new development on his end, and there’s something he needs to know.

Jordan says she knows Anna’s relationship with Finn started as a cover, but there’s something more going on. Anna says, no, and it’s irrelevant; they’re not meant to be. Jordan asks what about living life like it’s her final days, and Anna says she walked into that. Jordan suggests she go over and just say hello. She’s a big girl and can sit by herself for a while. Anna walks toward the bar, but Alexis has gotten there first.

Chase sees Jordan, and says he’s starting to find his way around. She’s glad Dante is including him. He tells her not to worry. He’ll work on things at home, so he doesn’t hit any wrong notes. Jordan doesn’t even want to know.

Josslyn asks, what if Nelle is hurt or she loses the baby? The ambulance comes, and Ava says she’ll check on Leo and Avery to make sure they don’t get upset by the paramedics coming in. Monica says she’ll alert Kim, and Brad says he’ll ride in the ambulance. Josslyn says, no, she’ll go. She tells Carly that someone has to take are of Nelle. Monica tells Nelle to hang tight.

Dante asks if Michael is terrified, but Michael says it’s not his first time. He had custody once, and helped raise Teddy. He didn’t choose to be a father, and the circumstances aren’t ideal, but it doesn’t make him any less excited. Dante asks what about the baby’s mother? Michael thinks they’ve come to common ground, and might make a good team when it comes to raising a child.

Ava says the kids are sleeping like angels. She asks Olivia to watch Avery. She’s like to go to the hospital. She prays Nelle is all right. She leaves, and Carly says she has to call Michael. Bobbie tells her that Josslyn said she’d call, and they’ll meet them at the hospital. Carly says the baby has to be okay. Monica asks, what the hell happened? Bobbie says, now is not the not time; it was an accident. Monica says, was it? Carly has been trying to get Nelle out of Michael’s life from day one, and she’s been out of control all afternoon. She reminds Carly that she lost a baby on that same flight of stairs twenty years ago, and knows how dangerous it is to have an altercation on the top step. Bobbie suggests they go to the hospital, but Monica says they’re not going anywhere. She’s calling the police.

Jason tells Sonny that he had Spinelli do a search, and there’s been no mention of a body being found. Sonny says maybe someone is going to use it as leverage. Maybe Mike heard someone planning to use it against him. Jason says if they stay much longer, they’ll have to answer questions they don’t want to.

Peter tells Valentin that he just had a talk with Sam. He thought he could use her impending divorce to drive her out of Aurora, but she wanted to stay on. Maybe it will work in his favor. While she’s out looking for Henrik, he’ll be in her backyard. Valentin tells him not to trust anyone. Peter says, except for him, and Valentin says, of course.

Anna goes up to the bar, telling Alexis and Finn that she hopes she’s not interrupting; she’s just getting drinks. Finn says the place looks great, and it’s more relaxed. Anna says Felicia did a good job. Chase bumps into Finn, who says, twice in one day. Chase tells him to dial down the paranoia. He’s not following Finn. Alexis thinks maybe they should move. Chase gets a call.

Dante tells Michael that he saw him and Nelle, and they seem to be enthusiastic to be parenting. Chase tells Dante that he got a 415 called at the Quartermaines. Dante says, assault. Josslyn calls Michael, telling him that he needs to come to GH – now. He asks if she’s okay, but she says, it’s not her; it’s Nelle.

Brad tells Lucas that Nelle hasn’t regained consciousness. Lucas calls for a bunch of medical stuff, and Deanna says she’s on it. Josslyn comes in, and Nelle starts to wake up. Lucas tells her try not to move. She asks if the baby is okay, and Josslyn asks too.

Jordan tells Finn she noticed the tension. He says he knows she and Anna are close. She says she was actually talking about Chase, but go ahead. She’s all ears.

Alexis asks for sparkling water, and whatever Anna would like, adding she has this. Anna asks what’s with Finn and Chase? Alexis doesn’t get it either, but doesn’t think it’s her place to interfere with Finn’s relationship with his brother. Anna says, Finn has a brother? Alexis says, half-brother. He didn’t tell her?

Valentin asks if there’s something Peter wants to say. It pains Peter to admit it, but Valentin has a point; the walls are closing in on him. Valentin says he’ll help with deflecting Anna and Sam. Peter asks what he did to deserve Valentin’s friendship? Valentin says he’s seen himself in Peter. They both know what it’s like, making their way without an ethical or moral reference point; the judgement of the world, and everybody pointing fingers without understanding the circumstances, or what drives them. Peter confesses that without Valentin, he’d be quite alone. He’s thankful for the support, but he’s gotten more out of the friendship than Valentin has. Why?

Carly says they should be at the hospital, but Bobbie tells her if she leaves before the police get there, it will just escalate things. Chase arrives, saying he got a report that there was an assault. Carly says it was an accident, and Bobbie tells him that Nelle fell. He asks if anyone saw it. Carly says she was with her. They had an argument, and she lost her balance. Monica says no one knows what happened. They hated each other, and lately Carly has been making Nelle’s life difficult. She was badgering her at the party. Carly admits to being upset, but she would never push her, Chase asks if anyone else saw, but Bobbie says, no. He asks who helped, and Olivia guesses she got to Nelle first. Chase realizes she’s Dante’s mom, and asks if she witnessed anything, like Carly badgering Nelle.

Josslyn asks again if the baby will be okay. Michael comes in, and asks if Nelle is okay. Lucas says she’s in and out of consciousness. She got hit in the head pretty hard, and he’s ordered some tests. Dante shows up, and asks what happened. Nelle says she fell down the stairs. Michael asks if someone did this too her, and she says, Carly pushed her. Everyone is like, whoa.

Jason asks Sonny if he thinks it’s possible Mike is involved. Sonny says there are people in Brooklyn who have long memories, and Mike was definitely trying to warn him. He’ll ask Mike again. He doesn’t feel good about it, but it’s life or death. Hopefully, Mike is having a good day, and knows what he’s talking about. Sonny thanks Jason for dropping everything. Jason says he’ll always have Sonny’s back.

Valentin tells Peter they’re friends. Peter says Valentin has been there his whole life. Valentin says when saw how Faison treated him, he wanted to help. Until he had Charlotte, he never thought he’d have a child, but he was fortunate to mentor Peter. He was a shy, unloved boy, and turned into a strong, successful man. It meant something; he’s proud of him. Peter says he’s lucky to have him, but if he’s about to advise him to leave Port Charles, don’t. They’re having a moment; don’t ruin it. Valentin asks if he’s sure there’s not something else on his mind, but Peter says, that’s it. He’ll find a way to deal with Sam. Valentin says he’ll be in touch. When Valentin is gone, Peter goes back to his computer, and replies to the email.

Finn asks where he should start, and Jordan says, from the beginning. Anna comes back with the drinks. She mouths that she wants to talk to Finn, and Jordan tells her to take all the time she needs. Finn says she has good friends. Anna says, he has a brother; he never told her. He says it never came up. He guesses they both have secrets, and tells her to have a great night. As he walks away, her phone dings. The email says, if you really are my mother, prove it

Michael tells Nelle that she’s confused. His mom would never do that. She’d never hurt Nelle or the baby. Nelle says, she was so angry, and Josslyn says, she was pretty upset. Ava arrives, and says it was partially her fault. She had the audacity to give Nelle a mobile with penguins on it. Carly became unhinged. She went upstairs to look for Nelle, and the next thing, Nelle was at the bottom of the staircase with Carly over her. Dante says, she pushed Nelle on purpose? Nelle says, yes; she wanted her to fall. Michael says it doesn’t make sense. He asks Josslyn, what the hell happened?  Lucas says, everyone out. He’s going to do a CT scan. Only Michael can stay.

Outside, Josslyn asks Dante, what if they’re not okay? He hugs her.

Olivia tells Chase it was a family gathering; families get heated. She doesn’t remember what was said; there was a lot going on. Chase asks if she’s willing to put her statement on record. She says Carly’s son, Morgan, was killed a couple of years ago. She might have heard Carly say she didn’t want Nelle to say his name, but Nelle was using as a way to hurt Carly. Tempers were flying all over before anyone fell. Carly says Nelle made a blanket that looked like the one Morgan has as a baby, and was torturing her with it. She grabbed the blanket, and Nelle grabbed it back. Anyone claiming to know anything wasn’t there. Chase leaves the room, and Olivia says she didn’t mean to throw Carly under the bus. Monica asks why she’s apologizing. Her great-grandchild is fighting for its life, and Carly was furious at Nelle. Chase comes back in and asks where the blanket is. Carly says it dropped when Nelle fell, but he says there’s no blanket.

Anna sits at a table with Jordan. She reads the email, and replies.

Peter’s laptop chimes. He sees the reply – your birthday is June 13, 1976 (which makes him older than I thought he was). Please meet with me.

Jason says possibly Spinelli missed something, Sonny hates admitting it, but Spinelli doesn’t miss a beat. He’ll talk to his dad, and let Jason know what he comes up with. He tells Jason to get some rest. Jason says nobody has been digging there for years. If the body was moved, it was a while ago. No one has used it against him, so maybe nobody will. Sonny hopes so. Jason leaves. Sonny calls Carly gets voicemail.

Carly tells Chase maybe the blanket fell. He says he checked everywhere. Carly says she didn’t make it up. Nelle crocheted a blanket like Morgan’s, so she could mess with her. Josslyn asked her to talk to Nelle, and she found her in the nursery, where she was pretending to cry. Nelle has been tormenting her for months, hinting that Morgan is still alive – the phone calls, the things that happened at the house – they’re all Nelle. She’s not making it up. They know who Nelle is, and she’ll do anything to get her hands on Michael. Carly is never going to let that happen. She says she’s not staying one more second. She’s going to the hospital, where Michael needs her. Chase says he has no grounds to hold her until he gets a statement from the victim. She opens the door, and Dante is there.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s sorry it happened to her. He’s going to make things right. Everything will be okay. Their baby is strong, and hanging in there. No matter what, he’s by her side. He’s not going anywhere.

Carly asks what Dante is doing there, and how Nelle is. He says Lucas is running tests. Nelle is in and out of consciousness, but was awake enough to give her account. She says Carly pushed her. Monica says, this changes things. Dante is sorry, but he has to place Carly under arrest.

Tomorrow, Andre tells Drew he can’t get the memories without the flash drive, Griff tells Peter to get out of Port Charles while he still can, and Carly tells Sonny that Nelle set her up.

Vanderpump Rules – The Reunion – Part Two

When we last left, Jax was ranting and raving about Scheana not calling him when his father died, and she ran off to get her eyelashes re-glued. Andy says Scheana did text him, and texted Brittany every day. She comes back, and Andy asks if she’s okay. She says, no, but she’s a professional. A professional what?

Lala’s boyfriend is the next topic. Andy asks if he was married when they started dating, and she says he was legally separated, so she doesn’t see where she did anything wrong. With a show of hands, we see the entire cast has met him, and they all claim he’s very charming. Lala’s boyfriend hangs with Martin Scorsese, who apparently loves the show. I literally lol when Tom suggests it inspires his work. Lala talks about the gifts she gets, but says she contributes past the cap on her rent, and also toward the leased cars. That’s right. Cars. As in more than one. She says they call him a sugar daddy, but James gets his rent paid by a dude. James says he basically shares an apartment where he sleeps on the couch, but apologies for being hypocritical. We see a clip of roommate Paul, who has a cute little dog. Andy asks what about James’s fat, old man comment, referring to Lala’s man, and he says he’s apologized for that, but the group gets on him for doing it over and over. Lala tells him that he’s dismissed.

Andy asks if the purpose of the Eff-Jax party was to cheer Brittany up or bug Jax? Brittany is glad the girls were there for her, and Jax says as hated as he’s been, he’s glad she has them too. Andy asks about Jax saying it’s his relationship, and they should stay out of it. Kristen says it’s bullsh*t because he wants them to shut up, but it’s their business because they care. Jax swears he only slept with Faith once, although Faith says differently. Lisa thinks it was premeditated to get herself on the show. Andy asks if Lala regrets playing the tape for Brittany, but she says Brittany wanted to hear it. Tom doesn’t think the party was the right time to do it.

Andy asks if Katie regrets being hard on Lala, and she says she does. Lala says when someone attacks you, it’s easier to forgive them than when they attack someone you care about. Andy says Scheana seemed angry that Lala made up with Katie, and Scheana says it felt fake. Well, Scheana ought to know. A viewer asks why she felt the need to call out Katie, and Scheana says Lala was one of her closest friends. Katie questions her intentions, and Scheana says, Katie and Lala are best friends now; so they’re welcome. Lala suggests she not throw around the term best friends. Katie is asked if she believes Schwartz didn’t remember kissing the girl in Vegas. She does, and he says he was utterly hammered, and sabotaging his relationship in the most cowardly way. Jax can relate. He’s glad he wasn’t in the hot seat, but wishes it had been something else that unseated him. Andy asks how Katie got over it so quickly. She says she looked at bigger picture. Life is short; move on if you can. James says it’s another level when you’re married, but thinks Katie forgave too easy. Schwartz says he wanted to click his heels and disappear; he felt like a possum’s pr*ck. This brings the conversation to a mini halt, and he say he was watching Smokey and the Bandit. Andy asks if he considered not drinking. Schwarz says it’s not every night, but when he drinks, he drinks hard. We flash back to one of his blackout nights Mexico. Katie says it’s concerning because anything could happen, but he’s been handling himself well. Tom says Schwartz has a hard time turning down shots. Lisa says she would sever a relationship with a partner who was getting blackout drunk. She tells him this isn’t going to happen in the new restaurant.

Andy brings up everyone’s favorite national holiday – Stassi’s birthday. She created this elaborate costume party, and Patrick didn’t bother dressing up. Unless we want to count his man bun. Andy talks about her blowing Katie off, and asks if Patrick’s presence played into her mind. She says she was wasted and stressed, trying to make everyone happy and make him happy. Andy says Kristen and Katie didn’t run after her this time. Katie says when they came back to the friendship, she’d decided it was going to be different, including not coddling Stassi. Kristen says she acted like an asshole, so she was treated like one. Stassi says she misses the days when they ran after her.

The guys’ hair-dos are debated. Andy asks why Lisa gave James another chance. She thought it was time, and says he’s been doing well. He asks if she has any reticence about the name of his event – See You Next Tuesday – and she says she has a sense of humor. I actually think it’s amusing too, although if you call me that word, you’d best be ready for a crack across the face. Lisa says, in her London days, James’s father was the man about town. He managed George Michael, who was also James’s godfather. James says they spent holidays with him when James was a kid. Andy says he’d read when George passed away, he gave money to his godchildren, and asks if James got any. Rather than telling Andy this is possibly the rudest question ever, James says it’s still in the works. Andy asks why his father’s visit was so emotional, and James says his father is his best friend, and it’s been a long road. Lisa says what James’s parents have through has been tough, and it’s taken its toll on James. Kristen says it was hard to watch. She felt like there was a lot of pressure on the kids when it wasn’t their problem.

Andy says Jax pissed off Scheana when he said Rob didn’t love her, and asks if she retaliated by setting Brittany up with Adam. She says Brittany and Jax are still together (why do they keep reminding me?), and she was just introducing Adam to the group; she didn’t suggest cheating. Stassi tells Scheana she said it on camera, Jax messed with her relationship, and she was going to mess with his. Jax says Adam is a nice guy and was polite about it. Probably because he was concerned Jax might throw down his sweater and try to fight him. Jax says he thought Scheana was a friend, and Scheana says she’s always made it clear she would choose Brittany if he as in the wrong. Lala says no one was bringing in a guy to swoop Brittany up. Brittany says she knew it was to boost her confidence. Scheana says she wanted Brittany to see there were other guys out there, when Jax was treating her like sh*t.

Billie Lee joins the group. She grew up in either Indiana or India. She has that Valley Girl way of talking – like Scheana, but not as nerve-jangling – and transitioned when she came to LA. She was in the awkward stage, and had hard time getting a job. We learn that if you apply for a restaurant position in LA, a headshot is required. Andy says Billie seemed welcomed at SUR, and she says they’re family now. Everyone compliments her, saying she’s nice, kind, and has amazing energy. Andy asks what the shopping process for a vagina is like. Lisa wonders if shopping is the right word, and Lala tells her it’s like shopping for a Chanel bag – you know when it’s right. Billie says she looked at porn. Lisa says those are edited, and Billie says she wanted a pretty, edited vagina. Why not? Andy asks about her first impression of Stassi, and Billie says she was nice (the word of the night). He brings up Ariana saying she hoped that Billie schooled Stassi’s privileged, white ass, and Ariana says it was because she didn’t know she was ignorant. This was in reference to Stassi saying she was tired of “those people” politicizing awards shows. It’s actually unclear as to who she meant by “those people,” but if she meant the Hollywood elite, I have to agree with her. Andy asks Ariana if she thinks Stassi is a bigot, and Ariana says, no, and she never did. She also knew Billie could handle it int the best way possible. Andy asks Lisa about being on Stassi’s podcast, and Lisa says she’d had a few drinks first. Andy talks about Billie going out with Jeremy, and Billie says they “hang out.” Andy asks why Kristen thought their date should be in a public place, and Kristen says she thought Jeremy just wanted to bang Billie. She’s seen him with other girls. Andy says Stassi called him creepy, and Stassi says most guys have their creepy moments, and the wedding was one of his. We flash back to that, and again, Stassi and I are in agreement. Lisa says they put a damper on the date for Billie, and Stassi says she had no idea she would hurt Billie’s feelings and wishes she’d said something. Billie says she was thrown off. She’d never gotten a creepy vibe. Andy asks if her dating life has improved since the show, but that’s a no. Andy thinks it will happen, and we bid Billie goodbye.

Jax going to Reiki is next. Andy asks if the tapping works, and we see a clip of this stupidity. Right away, Stassi is like, nope, and Lisa says Kelsey was feeding his ego. Stassi says Kelsey told him to leave Brittany, without even knowing her or what was going on. Jax conveniently doesn’t remember telling Kelsey, love you, when signing off on the phone. Andy says it was stunning to watch him set out croissants and incense – although Andy says incest, which gets quite a reaction from everyone. He corrects it, and I wonder wtf kind of slip was that? Jax insists there was nothing sexual about it, and everyone calls bullsh*t. Andy asks why he let the Reiki specialist use his real name (Jason), and not his girlfriend? He asks if Brittany felt threatened, and she says she didn’t think anything at the time, but watching it, she could see they had googly eyes with heart emojis popping out of them. Andy asks Kristen why she flew Brittany’s family out, and Kristen says Brittany kept wanting her mom. She was afraid Brittany would go home and not come back. Andy asks if Jax was more irritated because he was blindsided,or because he had to face the family, and Jax says he didn’t want everyone involved. He thought that was messed up, and caused their decisions to be influenced by everyone else. Jax’s criticism of Brittany is brought up, and Jax admits he found cowardly reasons to argue, no matter what was going on. Brittany says she knows she didn’t deserve any of it. Lisa is surprised Brittany’s mom forgave Jax. Brittany says she was raised to see the best in everyone. Some people think it’s a bad thing, but she’s proud of that quality. Better to be happy and positive than have resentment.

Andy says this season Lala had a goal in uniting women, and asks what her definition of feminism is. She says there’s no one way to be a feminist. For her, it’s letting it all hang out. Lisa loves her, but doesn’t quite thinks that’s feminism. She’s talked openly about a BJ for jewelry, so it’s an oxymoron. Andy says she does drive a car paid for by her boyfriend, and has body shamed others. He asks how that fits in with her brand of girl power. Lala says when she feels attacked, she goes on the attack. James interrupts, and she says she’s speaking. Lala says she never considered herself a feminist; she just wants to give power to the p*ssy. Ariana thinks everyone should do what they want with what they have. Brittany says confidence is important. When she gained weight, it was hard. They need to support, lift each other up, and never judge. You don’t know what someone is going through. Preach it, sister! Jax says, hashtag metoo, and everyone is like, no, that’s not about this. He says he thought it was for women power. Andy says he’ll explain it at lunch.

Andy says Katie is dealing with anger differently. She says she took inventory, and became more loving and accepting of herself, and in turn, it became easier to love others. Schwartz says, for long time, she was a nightmare of a human being. Lisa asks if he was perfect, and he says, of course not. Andy asks about Katie’s accident, and she says she was on a roof with some friends. She sat on the edge of a skylight, and fell twenty-five feet. Note to self: no sitting on skylights. She had a lot of broken bones, and hematoma. We look at the video she made shortly afterward. Andy says it’s hard to watch. Katie says she hadn’t seen it in a long time. She thinks it affected her anger issues 100%, but didn’t want to talk about it. Schwartz says she was simultaneously fragile and resilient. Lisa says she never played the victim, and barely mentioned it. She’s happy that Katie finally shared it. Katie says she had a bad relationship with herself, and her body, and it affected her other relationships. She did a lot of work on herself, and can’t be happier. Schwartz says she regained full control over who he knew she was. We flash back to her telling him that it feels good to be herself. Ariana says it was the most moving thing she’s ever seen. Schwartz says it was a turning point. Katie thanks him for not giving up on her, and he thanks her for not giving up on him. Andy thanks them both for sharing.

Next time, the reunion concludes, Tom gets angry with Stassi, the James and Kristen rumor is discussed, and Jax is in the hot seat again.

🏃 Fastest Recap Ever

On Real Housewives of Potomac, several of the girls did some fly fishing , Karen admitted her husband asked for a divorce, and Ashley’s husband said it’s either her mother or him. I’m also loving Karen’s blonde wig hair.

😢 Goodbye, Lois…




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