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June 29, 2018 – Peter Gets Two New Visitors, SixQuotelets & Casey


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason and Sam are in the hallway by the PCPD evidence room. Jason tells Sam if things start to go sideways, get out. She says it’s what she does, and goes in.

Drew tells Elizabeth he could tell the PCPD everything; he remembers all of Jason’s crimes. She says he wouldn’t do that, and he says can she imagine the DA trying to get a warrant based on one guy knowing another’s memories? She says she knows that’s not the reason. Franco comes home, and asks if Drew is there to talk Elizabeth out of marrying him.

Maxie tells Felicia a baby shower isn’t necessary, but Felicia says no matter how prepared you think you are, you still need things. They also want to welcome baby James into the world. They go into Charlie’s, and everyone yells congratulations. Maxie says it looks amazing, but… Lucy says, where are the hostesses? They were wondering too.

Nina says Peter is burning up, and tells Obrecht that they need more antibiotics. Obrecht says the Infection is tenacious. Nina says he’s in bad shape, but Obrecht says they have more important matters to attend to; hosting Maxie’s baby shower.

Carly hears knocking, and tell the patient next door that she can’t help. She’s in no position to do anything. Doc comes in and asks how she’s doing. She says, not great; Jason was fired. He wouldn’t have made that happen, would he> Doc admits to telling Mary Pat that Jason took the job using an alias to gain access to her. Carly is like, thanks a lot. Doc asks if she’s like him to leave, and she says, the sooner, the better. He asks if she’ll listen to his explanation. She asks if it’s mandatory. He betrayed her trust, but she understands all about compliance. He says he did it to protect her. He tried to explain before that if Jason is recognized, and it’s known he turned a blind eye to it, he could be suspended. Then she’d really be alone.

Jason goes over his notes at Pozzulo’s. Spinelli arrives, and Jason tells him the head nurse at Ferncliff figured out who he was. Spinelli says his credentials were impeccable. He says Doc gave him up. Spinelli is surprised since he thought Doc was dedicated to healing. Jason says good thing Carly has a phone, but no way to charge it, so she has to be judicious. He warned her that Doc might turn him in. Spinelli says she must feel betrayed and resentful. Jason says if she’s feeling trapped, she’ll try to get herself out. It’s exactly why he didn’t want her to take the plea. Now everyone believes she pushed Nelle. Spinelli asks how they can prove otherwise, and Jason tells him that Sam is working on it.

Nina tells Obrecht to stay at the cabin, but Obrecht says, no. Nina says she will, but Obrecht says she’s Maxie’s sister-in-law, and will be expected. Nina says she can’t make small talk while Peter dies. Obrecht says he’s not dying, but Nina says he’s delusional, and keeps talking about the flash drive. She asks if Obrecht knows anything about it. She doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Once Peter confesses, they can turn him over to the police. She tells Nina that she was prepared for this contingency.

Franco tells Drew that must be there to convince Elizabeth that he’s not worthy, and he wouldn’t be wrong. Elizabeth tells Franco it’s quite the opposite, and he asks her to define opposite. Drew says Franco clearly loves her, and he’d be happy to attend. Franco wasn’t expecting that, and Drew asks why invite him?

Jason says the afternoon Mike and Avery went missing, Carly found a note on her car at the hospital parking lot, pointing her to Morgan’s grave. When she got there, she smelled his cologne. Spinelli asks if Jason thinks she imagined it in her grief. Jason says, it was all Nelle. She’s cruel, but effective. Spinelli says scent is a powerful trigger. Jason tells him about Chase finding Carly in the cemetery, and when she showed him the flyer, the message was gone. Spinelli wonders if Nelle initiated the call to the PCPD. He tells Jason that there are disappearing inks that are commercially available. Sam comes in. Jason asks if she got it, and she says, piece of cake, showing them the evidence envelope containing the flyer.

Carly tells Doc that Spinelli set up an air tight cover. He says he’d rather err on the side of caution. He understands the circumstances are extreme, but she and Jason willingly entered into a conspiracy. He didn’t, and neither did his patients. They need him, and he can’t afford to have his privileges revoked. Carly understands, but tells him she didn’t push Nelle. She says Jason has been the only person who’s believed her all along, and now he’s gone.

Elizabeth goes to make tea. Franco tells Drew it was the polite thing to do. Drew saved his life. He knows they’re not friends. Drew says Franco saved his life too. He protected him from Jim, and he’ll always be grateful. He considers Franco a friend. Franco says since they’re friends, he wants to ask him something.

Julian asks Bobbie how it’s going with Lucas and Brad, and she says everything is moving along as expected. He understands that he can have nothing to do with his grandchild. He practically had to swear to it, when someone from the adoption agency dropped by. She hopes he plans to stick by it. He tells her they can have the baby shower there, and he’ll keep a low profile.

Jordan arrives at the shower, and tells says there’s been no word on Peter. Lulu tells them about Dante going undercover with the WSB. Maxie asks why Dante, and Jordan says he has experience with one of the targets, but that’s all she can say. Lulu tells Felicia it came out of nowhere. Maxie asks if Lulu is okay. Lulu would like to say she’s being noble and selfless, but wonders, why Dante? He told her if they have the opportunity to make things better, they should take it, and she couldn’t argue. Maxie says she’s sorry.

Nina and Obrecht fly in the door. Maxie asks where they’ve been.

Spinelli assumes that’s the flyer in question, and Sam liberated it from the PCPD. Sam says it’s no big deal. She tells Spinelli about working with Curtis, and how they’re opening a PI firm. Spinelli congratulates her, and she suggests he can freelance for them when he has time. He says he’d be honored, providing her new partner doesn’t object. Jason is sorry to interrupt, but wants to get back to the flyer. He appreciates the both of them helping. Sam says it feels like old times.

Doc tells Carly that the risks outweigh the benefits with Jason being there. She says he needs to understand how much she needs him. She can survive anything, but she does better with him. Doc wonders why, and she tells him not to get shrinky with her. He says it’s the appropriate forum, but he’s also curious. He’s found Jason unapproachable, and thought he could never form an emotional attachment. He was clearly wrong. Jason would do anything for her and she’d reciprocate. How does that kind of bond form or endure? Are they ever frustrated with each other? She says, all the time. He gives her great advice, she does the opposite, then he goes out of his way to fix it. He always has, and always will.

Franco thinks it’s best for everybody if he mans-up and drops it. Elizabeth wonders if he’s trying to ask Drew to be his best man. Franco says, no; it’s not a buddy movie. Drew says, if it was, this would be the part where he said yes. He tells Franco that he’d be honored; just don’t change the date. Franco doesn’t want to impose, and Drew says, just take the yes. Elizabeth gets a text from Terry, her best friend from Boulder. They shared their first kiss, and she says he’s coming to Port Charles.

Peter tosses and turns, as much as he can anyway. He sees Maxie come in. He says they have to hurry, but she says she’s not there to save him. She’s there to watch him suffer.

Sam leaves, and Spinelli tells Jason that he can relate to how he must feel about Sam with Drew. It’s not the same thing, but Jason gets what he means. Spinelli is sure that Curtis is a worthy PI. Jason says that Curtis hasn’t taken his place. Spinelli says he can provide service and support, but they won’t be a team. It’s like when Sam experienced happiness with Drew. Jason tells him that Sam and Drew are getting a divorce. Spinelli can’t pretend to feel regret, but finds it encouraging that Sam broke several laws to help obtain a vital clue. Jason thinks she enjoyed it. Spinelli says, that’s the key. She’s more herself with them than anyone else. It gives him hope that when she’s finished with her voyage of self-discovery, she’ll find herself back where she belongs – with the people she loves. He puts Jason at the top of that list. Jason says right now, they have to prove Nelle set Carly up. Spinelli says the solution is almost ready.

Carly can’t explain it to Doc. They don’t make sense. She went to Jake’s one night, and Jason was there. She knew Jason was going to be the most important person in her life. She’s lied to him, tried to blackmail him, spent a year trying to get him to fall in love with her, and when it happened, slept with his best friend. Yet he still loves her, and she loves him. He probably does think she’ crazy now. Doc says actually, he thinks she’s incredibly fortunate. She says she can’t make mess so bad that Jason won’t help. She can’t believe Doc sent him away. Doc says he wasn’t doing anything she can’t do for herself.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she and Terry were like brother and sister. He says, except for the kiss, but she says there was zero romance life. Her life was kind of chaotic with her parents traveling, and she couldn’t relate to her sister. Terry had a great family, and seemed well-adjusted. He called her Biz, because she was always busy getting into trouble. They called themselves soulmates, but then she moved, and they drifted apart. Through the magic of social media, he found her. She’s excited he’s coming, and Franco says it’s just in time to reclaim her before wedding.

Obrecht gives everyone onsies to decorate, says they’ve provided materials to commemorate the occasion with something Maxie can use. Nina tries to soften that by saying they can show their love to James by personalizing them. Sam comes in, and Obrecht points out she’s late. Lucy says, so was she, and Sam’s not the hostess. Obrecht says she and Nina were busy getting supplies; kindly put them to use. We find out Lucy’s rescue llama is doing great. Sam apologizes for being late, and Obrecht says, less chitchat, more decorating. Nina tells Sam that Obrecht will whack her hand if she doesn’t listen.

Illusion Maxie ask Peter if he thought she would forgive him for lying, and letting Nathan die in his place. He says that wasn’t supposed to happen. After he killed his father, he was going to disappear, but it seemed like she needed him. He never had that. He was just trying make things better. She says he did it for himself, so he wouldn’t feel so guilty. He says he wanted to redeem himself, and be someone she could count on and trust. Maxie says it’s all lies. He’s a lie. He’s not Peter; he’s Henrik. Peter says, no! Henrik was his father’s pawn. Peter made his own life. It’s all he has left to give, and he will.

Spinelli tells Jason, now we wait. In theory, the solution should react with the original compound and reveal the message, although there’s a margin of error. Jason knows it’s there, but he’s starting to understand that everything Nelle does is designed for maximum damage. She wanted to make Carly believe Morgan was alive, and then take it away. Spinelli thinks she sounds like a sociopath. Jason says once he knew, it was clear. If he’d been paying attention, he could have prevented Michael and Carly getting hurt.

Doc says Jason might have made Carly’s days easier, but she said she can survive anything. What would Jason say? She says, not to panic, do anything stupid, no stunts or tricks to get herself out. Doc says she’ll just have to do it. Follow the rules, say what they want to hear, and give him time to get her released. Don’t make it worse. She says it’s imminently a workable plan, except for one thing – her neighbor.

Elizabeth asks if Franco is having jealousy from when she was twelve. He says, no, but what does he do for a living? Drew wants to go for drink, and discuss the wedding. Elizabeth’s phone dings. Franco asks if that’s him again, and Drew drags him out the door.

Maxie thanks someone on the phone. She has an announcement. James passed his assessment, and is coming home day after tomorrow. Obrecht says, he’s strong and healthy, like his father. Nina thinks they should focus on that, and forget about the other thing. Felicia gives a toast to James. Maxie says the shower isn’t about decorating or the presents, but the beautiful, strong women who welcomed her son and have given them support. She thanks them, and knows Nathan is there in spirit. He thanks them too. Everyone drinks. Especially Nina.

Mirage Maxie wishes Peter had been who she thought he was; her friend. He says it was easy to be her friend. He’ll let himself die. If it helps ease her pain, he’ll let go. Tell him what to do. She looks toward the door, and disappears.

Carly tells Doc that her neighbor knows Morse code, at least SOS. He asks if she’s signaled back. She asks what she would say; it sucks in here? He strongly advises her not to engage. Many of the patients are dangerous and sociopathic. She says she’s had enough with Nelle. She’ll do what Mary Pat says. Doc tells her not all of Mary Pat’s rules are arbitrary or ill-advised. The sooner she cooperates, the sooner he can get her out. He asks if he’s forgiven. Carly says, no, but she’s glad he’s her doctor. He says, him too. The second he’s gone, the knocking begins again.

Jason tells Spinelli there’s nothing worse than being in a cage. It’s like when he was in Russia. He was so drugged, he could barely move. Little by little, he built up resistance. His plan on getting out was all he could focus on. He was willing to die trying, but Carly can’t do that. He doesn’t know how long she’ll last before she risks it. The message on the flyer appears: find me where you left me tonight. Jason says Carly was right, and now they have proof.

Nina apologizes to Maxie for being late. Maxie says she expected to see more of them lately. Nina says she’s upset about Valentin, and didn’t want to bring negativity around James. Obrecht says her grief for Nathan is still overwhelming. Maxie tells them holding nothing changes perspective like holding James. They’re welcome to come over any time.

Julian asks Obrecht if her time in the woods helped, and she says, a mother’s grief is fathomless. He never knew people screaming in woods like they were being tortured by Freddy Kreuger would help. She says, it does, Nina thanks him, and drags Obrecht outside. She can’t believe Julian found her in the woods. Obrecht tells her to calm herself. He was camping, and never reached the cabin. He heard Peter screaming, and she pretended to be using the cabin for primal scream therapy. He and his companion believed it. Nina asks who his companion was, and Obrecht tells her, Kim. Nina says if they came close to finding Peter, someone else could too. Sam watches them through the window.

Peter yells for help. The door starts to open. He says, hello?

Drew and Franco see that Charlie’s is closed for a private party. Drew says they can go the The Floating Rib, but he wants to have a chat. He says, the whole friendship thing will work out, honest. Franco is clearly freaked about Terry. Franco says, not just because he and Elizabeth were soulmates. Drew says they were twelve. Elizabeth loves him. He needs to have faith in her and himself. Franco says he’ll try. There’s nothing to worry about. Terry is probably losing his hair and has a beer belly.

A beautiful woman comes to Elizabeth’s door. It’s Terry. They hug.

On Monday, Sam asks what the plan is, Jason wonders who has Peter, and Carly asks Doc again about the patient next door.

🎈 Quotes of the Week

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose your own.Harry Truman

By hero, we tend to mean a heightened man who, more than other men, possesses qualities of courage, loyalty, resourcefulness, charisma, above all, selflessness. He is an example of right behavior; the sort of man who risks his life to protect his society’s values, sacrificing his personal needs for those of the community.Paul Zweig

You put it in the Bible because it was the one place I would never look. – guest on Dr. Phil, regarding her mother hiding a letter from her.

I can’t believe I’m doing a drug trial. I won’t even use Stevia. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

I’m not going to try to hang on to everything. Oh, I’m not throwing that out. – hoarder on Hoarding: Buried Alive

🌃 Making This an Early Night, So…

Casey sez: Have a wonderful weekend!

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June 28, 2018 – David Lawyers Up, Polo at Brookland & About Tom


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam punches the bag at the gym, while Chase holds it. Chase has to get back to the station. Jason comes in, and asks if she needs help. Chase leaves, and Sam asks if he wants her to hold the bag. He does. He needs to punch something.

Drew visits Elizabeth. He says he got the invitation to their wedding in November, and wondered if it was a mistake. Elizabeth says she sent them out early. I’d say so. Drew isn’t so sure he should have been invited.

Ava tells Franco, there’s all kinds of ways; a rowboat on a quiet lake, a drum in a landfill. Franco says that’s a bad idea because of scavengers. She says this is why she needs his help. He thinks of everything.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Kiki that she’s going to file the lawsuit, get Francesca’s deposition, and canvas the hospital to see if anyone else has had a problem with David. Kiki says now she’ll be dragging in her coworkers. Alexis says if she’s serious, she has to woman up. Kiki doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone else. Alexis says she’s not causing trouble. David walks in, and she says, he is. She tells Kiki to keep her eyes on her, and says he had the courage to get it rolling.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He misses her.

Dante wanders around his apartment. He remembers saving Lulu from drowning. His phone, and he asks, how much time does he have?

Michael tells Nelle once the baby comes, things will get better and they’ll get closer. He asks her to marry him. He suggests they make it official, and become a family.

Lulu comes home, and Dante hopes he didn’t take her away from anything. She’s working on a story, but says it can wait; what’s up? He tells her to sit down, and she asks if someone died. He says, no, and she says he scared her. Dante says it’s something good. There’s been a lead on the location of Rog, the guy who tried to drown her. The WSB is putting together a task force, and he’s going to be part of it. He’s been accepted as a temporary transfer, and he’s leaving tonight.

Nelle doesn’t know what to say, and Michael tells her to say yes. She says, it’s sudden. He says they’ve been through so much, and ever since she got pregnant, they’ve been growing closer. She says she feels that way too, but he’s taken every opportunity to make sure she knows they’re not a couple. Marriage and parenthood don’t always go together. He asks if she’s turning him down.

Sam is glad to see Jason. The last time they met, he was thinking of committing himself to help Carly. He says he came close. He got a job as a custodian at Ferncliff, after Elizabeth gave him a recommendation from GH. Sam says that was smart, and he can keep an eye on Carly. He says it worked great until Doc got him fired.

Elizabeth tells Drew that she thought he supported her relationship with Franco. He says he does, but he’s not sure Franco would want him there. She says he insisted, and Drew teases that she must be the one who didn’t want to invite him. She says she didn’t want to set Franco up for disappointment if Drew turned them down.

Ava makes more suggestions to Franco; something to induce a heart attack, or an untraceable poison. She wonders if Julian still has connections in the chemical industry. Franco says they can’t actually kill David – or can they? Finn comes by, and says Franco likes it bloody, right?

Alexis tells Kiki to ignore David, and she says she’s been doing it for months, and look where it got her. Alexis says she’s filing a lawsuit. Kiki says he thinks he’s already beaten her, but little does he know she’s dragging his butt to court. Alexis thinks it’s time to let him know. She walks over to David, and tells him she’s on her way to the courthouse to file a lawsuit against him. He says, it’s ridiculous. Kiki’s allegations are frivolous and nonexistent. She tells him to lawyer up, and she’ll see him in court.

Finn tells Franco, sorry to interrupt, but he was getting food and thought Franco would like a burger. Franco thanks him, but says he’s not hungry. Finn says he’ll tell Elizabeth he tried. He leaves, and Ava asks why Franco didn’t say yes. They could start a casual conversation about infectious diseases. Franco says they’re not actually doing it. She says they were discussing possibilities, but Franco says they were venting. Ava says, she doesn’t vent; she acts, and David can’t get away with what he’s going to Kiki.

Lulu is shocked that Dante joined the WSB, and he’s leaving. He says it’s a temporary transfer, and she asks why they need him. He tells her that he asked to be included; Rog tried to kill her. She says it was over two years ago. Dante says he was never caught, and he’s got a chance to resolve this. Lulu would rather he got away than have Dante leave. Dante says he’s trafficking military grade weapons. If they can get him, there’s a chance to shut down a pipeline of illegal weapons. She doesn’t see why he has to be part of it.

Franco tells Ava that he recently went through his own personal hell, and doesn’t want to do it again, so he’s avoiding things like planning a murder. Kiki will have her day in court, and Alexis is representing her. Ava says less than 10% of these cases go to trial, and even fewer are successful. The odds are that he’ll be out there harassing women again in no time. What if his next victim is more vulnerable, and can’t stand up and fight back? She tells Franco to stop waffling and agree to help.

At the hospital, David sees Scotty, and asks if he isn’t an attorney. He needs to be vindicated, and the process, can make them very rich men.

Alexis tells Kiki, that was fun. David is probably on the phone right now, getting counsel. She tells Kiki to be ready for the onslaught. Kiki says, no turning back, and leaves. Alexis says, one lousy man down, a bunch more to go. Finn walks in.

Sam says Carly was going to Doc for therapy, and he seems like a good guy. She’s never heard anything bad about him. Jason says Doc thought he was protecting Carly. He was afraid Jason would be recognized, and it would come out that he knew him. He didn’t want to be taken off the case or the staff at Ferncliff. Sam kind of agrees. She thinks Carly needs a doctor on her side. Jason says he understands – if it was anybody but Carly. He didn’t just go to watch out for her; he went to talk her down.

Michael asks if Nelle doesn’t want a loving, stable home with both parents for their baby. She says, of course, but a lot of people co-parent without getting married. She doesn’t want to get married just because they’re having a child; those marriages are doomed. He says what if it’s more than that. It took Chase’s threat to open his eyes. They had something real once; it’s the reason they’re having a child. Maybe they can get it back. She asks if he’s saying he feels the same way she does. Does he still love her?

Dante tells Lulu that he’s good at undercover work. Rog has never seen him, and knows nothing about him. He can work for the security firm that’s Rog’s front. Lulu says he can do a couple of jobs and get in contact, and Dante says, that’s sort of the plan. She tells him that he’s not just risking his life; he’s risking the life of her husband, and Rocco and Charlotte’s father. Dante says he does it every day; it’s part of his job. She says, this is different, and he says, he knows.

Sam knows Ferncliff is horrible, but Carly knows he and Sonny are working to get her out. She just has to wait. Jason says when Carly panics, she does the wrong thing. It’s bad in there. She’s in a maximum-security wing, where the other patients are sick and dangerous. The supervising nurse is watching her, and trying to over-medicate her. Sooner or later, Carly is going to want to fight back. Ferncliff is designed to break you down, until all that’s left is instinct. Carly will come out swinging, and it won’t work. He can’t let that happen.

Elizabeth asks if Drew is there to decline the invitation, but he wanted to make sure Franco knew he was being invited. He doesn’t want to ruin the celebration. Elizabeth asks how he would do that, and Drew says he could be a reminder of the worst thing tat ever happened to Franco.

David tells Scotty that GH exonerated him, but no steps have been taken to clear his name. The piece Lulu published was filled with Kiki’s accusations. He’s suffered grievous damage as a result. Scotty says he’s done his homework; that’s the money word. He can sue Kiki, GH, and the Port Charles Press. That’s where the money is.

Franco says he thought Ava had a man in her life. When did he become her go-to? She says Griff cares very much, and he’s furious, but he’s not kind of guy who has it in him to do what needs to be done. Franco thinks she’s worried Griff will find out what she’s capable of doing. He wants to do right by Elizabeth, and doesn’t want to get involved. Murder is drastic, and he thinks they should reconvene after they see what the trial brings. Ava asks what if the law fails? He says if the law fails Kiki, they won’t.

Finn tells Alexis, it’s been a while. He keeps thinking he’ll see her at a meeting. She says she changed her schedule. He hopes it’s not because of him, and hopes that wasn’t as egotistical as it sounded. She says it’s because of work, but if she’s being honest, she’s still a bit mad at him.

Nelle asks again if Michael still loves her. He says he was afraid, and listening to others instead of his heart. He’s not doing that anymore. He’s always known they belonged together, and never stopped loving her. He kisses her, and she says she’ll marry him.

Dante tells Lulu that he’s not forgetting her, their kids, or the life they have, but arms dealers bring misery and death to millions of people. This is a way to make a change. Lulu suggests someone else can do it, but he says that’s the definition of apathy. It’s not why he became a cop and she became a journalist. She’s surprised he’s suddenly supporting her career. He says maybe he understands how. If you can make a change, you have to do it. It’s what they’re trying to teach their kids, and they should lead by example. She says it’s happening fast, and asks how much time they have for a proper goodbye. He says, long enough, so take from that what you will. They kiss.

Drew tells Elizabeth it’s no secret that the wedding is the most important thing in Franco’s life. He doesn’t want to be the dark cloud. She says he must really care about Franco. Franco cares about him too. She thinks he considers Drew one of his friends, but he’s waiting to see if Drew shows up before asking him to hang out. She tells Drew not to tell him about their conversation. Drew gets it; you have to take care of friends.

Jason tells Sam there are few leads. If Doc declares Carly sane, she can get out, but it takes time. Sam asks what if he can’t find evidence, and he says he’ll break her out. He had had time to study Ferncliff, and it’s an easy in and out. Sam says they’ll be fugitives. He says they’ll go to Canada, and let the lawyers figure it out. She doesn’t think Carly would leave her family, and if they get caught, Jason will go to Pentonville, and Carly will go back to Ferncliff. Then what? If Carly isn’t going to think, he’ll have to do it for her. Running will just make it worse. He says he has to prove she’s innocent.

Ava tells Franco that her way is more expedient, and he says he’s learning to delay gratification, and not let things lead to a trial afterward. Scotty comes by, and tells them David asked him to represent him in a countersuit. Franco says, he refused, right?

Finn tells Alexis that she’s one of the most politely enraged people he’s ever met. She says cynicism is her specialty, but it’s a way of masking pain. It’s the pain part she’s not good at. She’s realized she doesn’t know much, but needs to figure out why she does what she does. Finn says she didn’t do anything; he did. She asks if he’s making this about him. It’s about her choosing the wrong men, and the wrong men being drawn to her. That part is about him, since he’s one of them.

Chase goes to Dante’s place. Dante tells him that he’s leaving on a special assignment, and asks him to look after Michael. He’s not sure he trusts Chase completely though. He had it bad for Nelle, and was on the verge of throwing away his career. Chase says she got away because he screwed up. He’s not letting her do it again, to Michael or anyone else. Dante says he’ll have to trust him, calling him partner. Chase says, safe travels, partner, and they shake hands.

Alexis tells Finn that she had no business getting into a relationship with him. She wasn’t ready, and he clearly was pining for another woman. She’s now becoming aware of a pattern, and she’s trying to change it. She thanks him for being a jerk. He says she’s welcome.

Ava says Scotty couldn’t pass it up when he saw an opportunity for himself. Scotty says he turned David down. At first he agreed, but he gave it some thought, and then told him to go fly a kite. He’s a good father and a good friend, so thank you very much. Ava and Franco exchange looks. Ava smiles, and Scotty says, what?

Sam asks what kind of evidence Jason is looking for. He says the scarf, for one thing. She tells him that Nelle probably got rid of it, but he says he can find out where she bought in the first place. The break-in at Bobbie’s will be harder to prove; Nelle is good at covering her tracks. If he could find the bottle of cologne that was sprayed at Morgan’s gravesite, it would be something. He tells her that Nelle led Carly there by leaving a note on the back of a flyer, but when Chase saw it, the note was blank. Sam says, disappearing ink. Jason agrees, since there’s no way Nelle had time to switch it out. She asks if he’s sure Chase found the flyer, and Jason says he testified at the trial. She wonders what happened to it, but Jason doesn’t know, and Sonny has no idea. Sam says she might.

Elizabeth asks Drew if there’s been any word on Peter. He says, no, and she says he’s not going through the procedure with Andre, is he? He says he decided to move forward. Elizabeth is glad, and says a lot of people love him. He doesn’t like Jason’s memories banging around in his head, but she tells him to make memories of his own. He doesn’t need to carry the burden of Jason’s past.

There’s a breaking story that couldn’t wait ten minutes. I only miss a few minutes, and I know we’ll all figure it out. Just fill in the blank with Magic Milo if all else fails.

At the station, Michael tells Chase that he and Nelle were hoping Dante could help them with a marriage license, and speed along the process. Chase says it seems sudden. Michael says it was spur of the moment. Nelle says they were talking about the future and unfinished business. Michael says they decided to finish it together.

Scotty asks what Ava and Franco are suggesting; that he take on David, and then take a dive with the case? Ava says if he wins, David gets a chance at the next victim. His greatest win can be a loss. She’s willing to compensate him at double his rate.

Alexis promises not to ambush Finn again. He’s glad to help her clarify things, and asks if she’s still angry. She says, consumed, but not at him. He’s looking forward to the day when she’s not calling him Dr. Finn.

On the phone, David says he has a time sensitive issue that needs addressing. In the meantime, he’ll contact other lawyers. Scotty approaches him, and says good news. It turns out he has an opening. David says, that quickly? He was under the impression Scotty didn’t care for him. Scotty says he doesn’t have to like him. He’s being paid to defend him. He suggests they talk about strategy.

Elizabeth tells Drew that he doesn’t have to own mistakes that aren’t his; let them go. Drew knows a lot of stuff that can get Jason locked up. Elizabeth says Jason should be thankful he’s not that kind of guy.

On the phone, Sam thanks Sergeant somebody. She tells Jason, jackpot. When Chase answered the call about Carly being in the cemetery, there was one piece of evidence – the flyer. If it’s the same one, Spinelli should be able to make the message reappear. Jason says he has to get his hands on the flyer, but Sam says, not you; us.

Tomorrow, Maxie’s shower, Sam tells Jason it’s like old times, and Carly asks Doc if he got Jason fired.

Southern Charm

FYI Patricia’s cardigan from last week’s episode is by Dolce and Gabbana. In other words, I can’t afford it.

Craig works on some patriotic patterns. He asks Sean for help. In his interview, he says if Patricia had given him one more night, she’d have a bad-ass pillow concept, but it was a matter of principal. No. One night would have led to one more night and so on, and she knew it.

Cameran visits Shep. She likes his new décor He’s trying to make meatballs, and puts on an apron that has a graphic of a bodybuilder’s body. Cameran asks if he’s drunk, but he says he’s overwhelmed. In her interview, Cameran feels guilty to be out without Palmer, but she has to manage being a mother with her life, since babies are parasites and you’re their personal assistant. She thinks Shep should start over, and has to tell him not to touch things after touching raw meat. He says his mother has always done everything for him. Cameran thought she was useless in the kitchen, but at least she can read a recipe. She asks about Craig, and Shep says he made out with a chick at the bar. Austen had to beg him to kiss him to kiss her. Cameran says, Craig is such a girl. She says Shep can cook these for date, and he says if he wants to get rid of her. She tells him if relationships aren’t important, don’t rush it. He asks if he can just marry Kathryn.

Thomas is coming over to Patricia’s, so she warns Michael. What the hell? Her pen looks like a flamingo. She’s always full of surprises. Thomas arrives, and asks for Hamptons Gatorade aka rosé. Patricia is having a winter wonderland ball, and it’s going to be black tie. She’s counting on Thomas on the dance floor. He hopes his foot is healed from polo. He’s having one last hurrah this weekend. In his interview, he says he has the kids now, and can’t afford to get injured. Like anything else in life, when you get something, you have to give something back. 

Patricia thinks Ashley is having a hard time, and tells Thomas about her visit. He thinks there’s unevenness in the relationship, and resentment on both their parts. She could level the playing field by working, and focus on something other than him. Patricia says she told Ashley the same thing. Thomas says when he asked why she loved him, she said he was a good provider. Patricia says that translates into, he’s got money. In her interview, Patricia says, no job, no interests, no friends, and is just hanging out in an apartment paid for by Thomas. The word that comes to mind, is gold-digger. Thomas isn’t sure if this is what he wants, and she tells him to make a commitment or cut Ashley loose. Bring me the scissors.

Shep meets Kathryn on the pier. He’s gotten corndogs for them, and a bird almost steals Shep’s. He was sorry to hear about last week, and Kathryn says everyone thought she’d fallen off the wagon. It’s everyone’s go-to, and it’s not a problem, but it’s her label now. She explains she stopped taking her meds because she thought she didn’t need them. Shep says she’s doing well, and next time, just give them a heads up. He says everyone loves her. She gets weepy, and he hugs her. She says she stopped feeling that she could bring anything worthy to a relationship or friendship. Shep says if she had a batting average, she’d be hall of fame material.

Shep asks if Kathryn is going to the polo match, and she calls it Thomas’s final ride. She says she lived in the basement of Brookland Plantation for a year with Kensie. In her interview, she says it was a lonely time, and she thinks her depression started then. Thomas thought she would magically become the perfect companion and mother. We flash back to him complaining about dinner. She was twenty-two, with no family or friends, and cried on a daily basis. She tells Shep that she’s afraid she’ll feel emotional. She’s doing well, but still feels the weight of what happened. Shep says if she gets anxious, come sit with him in the corner, and they can make fun of everyone.

Chelsea and Austen meet for drinks. They do oyster shots. Chelsea thinks they smell horrible, but then says it tasted fantastic, and asks for another. Austen tells her about his tiff with Victoria, and how she threw a drink at him because he told her about hugging Chelsea. Chelsea asks if Austen would be okay with Victoria hanging out with an ex. He says it’s too early in the relationship for fights, so he’s done. He asks how she’s dealing with dating, but Chelsea says she’s at good and safe place, and it’s what she wants right now. In his interview, Austen is relieved it’s not him. She tells him that he’s one of her best friends, and he says he feels the same way. They get a plate of oysters, and Chelsea asks if they should go to the dance together. She means Patricia’s ball, but it sounds like high school. He wonders if she’s asking him out, but she says, no, nope, no.

Naomie and Chelsea go shopping. Naomie brings along Rocky the kitten, who she rescued on the way there. Rocky has some kind of back leg issue, and is wearing a diaper. And yes, Rocky is very cute. Chelsea asks if the polo match requires Kentucky Derby attire, but Naomie says, no, because it’s cold. They discuss being worried about Kathryn going, but Chelsea says Kathryn has them. She tries on clothes, while Naomie plays with Rocky, who tries to nurse on her.

Thomas takes Ashley to the plantation. She wishes they spent more time there, but thinks it’s boring for him. In his interview, Thomas says he wanted a companion and a best friend, but it’s different now. He feels like women are attracted to him for the wrong reasons. He thought fortune and fame would attract the right kind of woman, but he had it backwards. They check out the barn and horses. Thomas says he gets a rush out of playing polo. It’s going to be difficult to give it up, but he needs to, now that he has the kids.

Ashley says it will be fun to see him play. She talks about how beautiful the plantation is. It would be great for parties, and perfect for a wedding, because she just can’t stop herself. Thomas says he sees her as a wonderful person with a wonderful career. It’s one of the reasons he brought her here, but the way it’s going, he feels like a sugar daddy. Ashley says she wants it to succeed, Thomas says, he does too, but the energy needs to change. She’s insecure because she depends on him, and it puts her in a subservient position. Getting a job and being self-sufficient will change the energy. She says he’s telling her like she never worked before, when all she did was hustle. A nurse works holidays and weekends, and he might not like it. He’ll still be raging, but she won’t be chasing after him. He needs to change too. He says she needs to be independent, because it’s a good thing to do. Sorry, if she doesn’t want to work. He says, maybe they shouldn’t do this, if she thinks he’s such a such terrible person. She says, if she’s a terrible person. He says maybe they should call it quits.

Polo announcer Buck says you usually leave polo two ways; dead or broke. It’s miraculous not to break any bones. In his interview, Thomas is surprised the government allows it. It’s an extremely dangerous sport.

Danni and Kathryn get ready together. Kathryn wants Danni to wear a red hat, and Danni calls herself vanilla. Kathryn is glad they had a sleepover. She thinks it will be intense. She’s removed herself from the feelings, but being at Brookland will bring back memories. In her interview, Kathryn says she thought it was the dream; she and Thomas in love on the plantation. It was literally a figment of her imagination. Omg, she looks amazing. She’s wearing a vintage Victorian style button-up black velvet coat, with a military ribbon kind of pin.

Shep asks Craig why he’s not wearing undershirts, and if it’s a laundry issue, but Craig says he doesn’t know what to wear. Everyone starts to trickle in. Shep finds out Austen and Chelsea are going to the Winter Wonderland ball together. Chelsea asks who Shep is taking, and he tells her Kathryn. We flash back to Kathryn telling Shep, when the invitation from Patricia came, she thought she was being served. Shep thinks maybe Patricia has come to the understanding that this Kathryn isn’t the same one she knew. We see a clip of Shep promoting the new Kathryn to Whitney and Patricia, telling them how much she helped him after his surgery.

Thomas and the other players get ready. Shep waves to Thomas, and Ashley says he’s acknowledging Shep, but not her. She tells Shep things are not happy. Her voice is hoarse, and she says it’s because of stress, and she has stress related anxiety. Thomas is all she has. She’s alone and isolated, and doesn’t want to waste her time. Shep, who looks like he wants to disappear, says maybe she should think about that. She asks if Shep would date her if she broke up with Thomas. In his interview, Shep just chokes. He tells her he’s not a good safe bet. She thought it would be a good reason to stay in South Carolina.

JD (bleh) arrives. Ashley is happy to see him. Kathryn and Danni are next. Kathryn tells Danni it’s weird. Thomas lets Kathryn know they’re winning, and the team is undefeated. She thanks him for having them. She shows Danni where she and Kensie lived. She says she remembers the smell of the barn, and how the screen door sounded. Nothing has changed. Kathryn makes the rounds, and Ashley tells no one in particular that she doesn’t want to effing talk to her. I’m sure it’s mutual.

Kathryn tells Chelsea it’s the first time she’s been there since the break-up. She doesn’t know if she feels good or sad. Chelsea says, life is weird. JD asks Ashley how the relations is going. She says they argue too much, and when she talks to his dad, he always mentions that she’s still there. Chelsea suggests Craig and Naomie go to the ball together. Naomie asks if Craig wants to, and he says they’d have to talk. Chelsea tells him to quit being the p-word. In his interview, Austen says it’s an easy lie to avoid. Just tell her he’s bringing someone else. Craig says it’s different for them, since he thought they were getting married.

JD tells Ashley to applaud, and she asks if the match is over. JD says she was busy socializing, but it was good polo. They go to another area for a buffet picnic, featuring oysters on the lawn. Shep likes a change of venue. Kathryn says it’s weirding her out that she’s not even sad. It’s the place she thought she’d have a nuclear family, but she’s at peace with it. She says she never thought she would get over Thomas, and it’s good closure. She sees a fountain, and says that’s where Kensie was christened. We flash back to that. Everyone drinks and chows down.

Craig says Thomas looks like a Jersey mafia boss. Okay. If he says so. Craig tells Thomas there’s nothing wrong with Ashley not working, but there has to be resentment. Thomas says Ashley will get mad about something, and he thinks he just bought her twenty-grand worth of clothes. Craig decides to tell Thomas something Ashley said to him. She told him if he was only a few years older, she would be dating him. He wonders if she really meant wealthier and more established. JD says it’s hard to have a relationship with someone who’s constantly talking about a back-up plan. Craig says he knew he and Naomie were in trouble when he stopped feeling happy to see her car in the driveway. He asks how Thomas feels, and Thomas says he looks forward. He’s smart enough not to be looking up, while he’s walking through a cow field. I guess this is some kind of Southern wisdom that I don’t get.

Kathryn tells Thomas he did a good job, and they sit together. Ashley babbles to the ladies that Thomas goes for opinionated women, and she’s an alpha female. She says Kathryn is a scary one. Thomas tells Kathryn that the relationship is stressful. She says sometimes they don’t work out. They didn’t work out, but they did okay. He says he doesn’t have much success in his personal life. Kathryn says she can see where there’s a pattern. He’s a person who wants to get along with everyone, and needs to protect himself more. Things get over-complicated, but at the end of the day, it’s simple; there doesn’t have to be drama. She points out that Ashley is upset watching them talk. Thomas sagely says, you can please some people some of the time, but you can’t please everyone, adding a few other bon mots, like, to thine own self be true. He quotes a lot when he’s around Kathryn. Is she the only other one who reads? She asks if he feels like she’s less of a psycho now, since he’s dated Ashley, and they laugh. She says she’s there if he wants to talk.

When everyone is gone. Thomas and Ashley sit inside. Thomas says he didn’t get any oysters, and Ashley says she didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone. She asks how his conversation with Kathryn went, and he says it was calm and peaceful. She says she talked to Shep and JD, and everyone seems to ask how it’s going with the relationship. He asks what she told them, and she says they’re taking it day by day. She can’t pretend it’s wonderful. She wants it to get better, but with the arguments, she doesn’t know what else to do. Thomas says it’s not what he wants, and if he can’t be true to himself, he can’t be true to her or anyone else. Ashley says even if it ended right now, she’d do it over. She’s learned a lot about herself. Ha-ha! I’d almost feel sorry about her desperation if she wasn’t so mean. She says he was there for her, and she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to throw in the towel after investing so much. She loves him, and has more fight in her. She wants to say she tried, and he has the opportunity to give that to her. Thomas asks if she wants to continue. She says she has hope. Me too. That he dumps her and we never see her flip her hair again.

Next time, the season finale, Kathryn gets an Instagram message that Ashley was a high-end escort (frankly, I don’t think she’s refined enough), the Winter Wonderland ball happens, Craig apologizes to Naomie, Ashley threatens Kathryn, and calls her an egg donor.

🎃 Halloween a la The Countess…

Tonight, on Watch What Happens Live, we saw Elizabeth Perkins’s dedication to LuAnn on Halloween. I literally LOL’d.
















June 28, 2018 – The Knocking Continues, the Spa Trip Comes to an End, Gumballs on the Mediterranean, Two Kinds of Chefs & It’s Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Carly that Doc let him in. She needs to stay strong, and do whatever she needs to make sure Doc releases her. Rupert comes in and says Carly has been breaking the rules, and knows what happens now. Sonny asks his name. Carly answers and he says, great name, and asks Rupert for a chat outside.

Chase sees Nelle at Kelly’s. He tells her not to leave on his account. She says she has nothing to say to him, but he says he has plenty to say to her. He flashes back to being in the cemetery with Carly, and asks what perfume she’s wearing. She says she’s not, but he remembers the same scent when saw Carly at her son’s grave.

Kim asks Julian what gives; why so attentive? He’s paying her back for making his maiden voyage to the great outdoors. It was a memorable experience neither one of them will forget any time soon – or ever. Kim says she finds his vow to take her somewhere to enjoy room service was memorable. Julian says there won’t be any crawling things, and she asks where his sense of adventure is. Alexis comes in, and Julian says maybe he should ask her. Alexis tells Julian she has something to give him.

There are new signs up at the hospital about harassment. Elizabeth tells Franco that they just employed a zero-tolerance policy, and he says, too bad it’s too late to help Kiki. Francesca looks at the sign. Michael comes by, and she says he’s on the board, right? She thinks there’s something he should know. Kiki watches.

Griff punches the bag at the gym and thinks of being in bed with Kiki. He punches harder. Ava come in, saying she thought she’d find him there. She knows exactly what he needs.

Alexis appreciates Julian coming to therapy. He says he was happy to oblige, but she says, no, he wasn’t, which is why it was even more impressive. She gives him an envelope, and he asks if she’s serving him with a subpoena, but it’s a deed to her house. She says he bought it for her. Call it closure or payback, but the house is his.

Franco wonders why David is still there, walking the halls in his scholarly spectacles. Elizabeth says he hasn’t been accused by name; then, he will. The men who violated them are dead and in the past. They’ve chosen not to be victims, and so has Kiki, but if the truth comes out, they’ll deal with it. He says, as long as Kiki believes that.

Francesca says something to Michael about their date, then jets. He asks Kiki what that was about.

Griff tells Ava that he comes there to stop thinking; it helps clear his head. She tells him, nice try. She knows he’s worried about Kiki. She can’t tell him how much it means knowing how much he cares. He admits Kiki has been on his mind a lot lately. Ava says, how dare David harass her daughter? Griff says she has every right to be angry, but Kiki can fight her own battles. Ava knows Kiki’s way is the high road, but it’s time consuming. Griff has to get to the hospital, and she says, her too. She’s lucky to have him. Left to her own devices, who knows what she’d do?

Nelle tells Chase that a guy was just there, wearing a gallon of cologne. She says maybe if he’d helped Carly sooner, Carly wouldn’t have pushed her. At least she’s getting help now. Chase says she’s in a state institution, and Zack’s death was never paid for. Nelle says his family was out for blood, and he was out to prove she was innocent. He says that was before he knew she was an expert swimmer, and manipulated him into thinking he was someone special to her. She says she was innocent until he got her into bed, then she was a murderer. He says someone called the department, accusing him of inappropriate behavior. He knows she’s sure she dodged a bullet, but she thought wrong.

Sonny tells Rupert that he can give him a small gratuity for a few minutes with his wife. He’d consider it a personal favor if Rupert looks after her. Rupert says no one will mess with her, and Sonny says including the nurse he’s been hearing about. If Rupert does this for him, he’ll return the favor. He slips Rupert some cash, and Rupert agrees.

Back in Carly’s room, Sonny asks, where were we? They kiss, and she tells him, nice work.

Kiki ask Michael if he and Francesca are friends. He says they dated for forty minutes, and she says, a record. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she’s getting the gamut of reactions. Some people thinks she’s brave; some think she’s lying. She tells him to read the comments, but he says never do that. She says she’ll remember that moving forward. Looking at the sign, he says, thanks to her, predators are on notice – literally. It was incredibly brave to step forward. She thanks him, but says if she can’t prove it, she’ll be the girl who cried wolf, and David will keep doing what he’s doing. Michael is sure she’ll win. Francesca overhears.

Carly is concerned that Nelle has a clear path to Michael. Sonny says their only goal is to get her out. She says there’s no telling what Nelle can do to him; warn him to stay away from her. Sonny promises he will. She knows Josslyn feels responsible. She wants Sonny to tell her not to be, and that she loves her. Sonny says she knows; that’s why it’s eating her up. She asks about Mike. (Where’s Mike? We haven’t seen him in a while.) Sonny doesn’t know where to start. She says not to make the mistake she did. Don’t be afraid share everything with her.

Inside the envelope is the deed to Alexis’s house. He understands there are bad memories there, but she’s overcome them. She says she hasn’t overcome anything yet; she’s a work in progress. He thinks she’s winning. He’s sorry the good memories they tried to build were spoiled. She says whatever she’s going through, it’s not entirely about them; its about her. She needs to unravel a lot. He asks about the watch, and she explains her father gave it to her mother, and Valentin passed it on to her. She’s hoping Mikkos gave it out of love, but maybe it was to hold onto her. Julian says, like he’s been trying to hold on to their relationship.

Francesca approaches Kiki. She admires Kiki for being brave enough to do the right thing. Not everyone can. Kiki says it’s not easy. If Francesca chooses not come forward, she understands. It’s her life, and she has to live with her choices; it’s not an easy one. She tells Francesca to do what feels right for her, and Francesca says she’s going to.

Nelle asks Chase if this is why he came to Port Charles; to dredge up the past, and something that wasn’t her fault. He tells her that he came for a job, but when he found out she was there, he wanted to prove her guilty. She says the conversation is stressful, and starts to get up. He says that’s how he felt until he saw her. He tried to get her out of his head, and then got a visit from her baby daddy, telling him to back off. She says he’s still here. He asks why she’s there? She doesn’t belong with them. She asks why? Because they’re rich and she’s trash? He says she’s pregnant with Michael’s baby, and he still hasn’t put a ring on it. If he hasn’t by now, he never will. She tells him, playing good and bad cop at the same time doesn’t work. Pick one and make peace with it. He says she won’t fit or be happy here. She asks if she should settle for no-tell motels with rookie cops. He says at least they’re alike. She’s not the same as Michael. He touches her hand, and Michael walks in. Nelle tells Chase to let her go.

Sonny tells Carly to do everything to prove to Doc that she doesn’t belong there, and they’ll do everything to prove she was set up. She asks if he believes Nelle set her up.

Alexis tells Julian she keeps going back and forth about getting rid of the watch. He gets that she wants to cut the cord from the past, as well as the mistakes they’ve made, but don’t confuse the way things began with how they ended. He says, if someone saw them, they would think they were friends. He tells her to keep the house as a reminder of his good intentions, and the watch as a reminder of what not to do. She says he’s convinced her. Her phone wings, and she steps aside. Kiki asks to meet her, and says she’ll come to Charlie’s.

At the hospital, Ava asks if Elizabeth has seen Kiki. Elizabeth asks if Ava wants her to page Kiki, but Ava says Kiki would have her head. She looks at the sign, and says, speaking of heads rolling, was that the result of Kiki’s whistle blowing? Elizabeth says she started a chain that will make life better for all of them. Franco says, except for that skeezy doctor. Elizabeth says he’ll get what’s coming to him. Franco asks if Ava wants coffee, and they leave. Elizabeth gets a message, and tells Griff it’s from someone she never thought she’d hear from again.

Nelle tells Michael that Chase is refusing to let the past be in the past. That’s why he sent her that T-shirt. Chase says he didn’t send her anything, and she asks if he’s denying the note too. Chase hopes Michael isn’t buying it. Michael tells Chase to save it. He thinks some rest for Nelle is in order, and Nele wants to get away from Chase. As they leave, Chase tells Michael that he didn’t send the shirt, and Michael might want to ask himself, who did?

Sonny tells Carly when she was at the grave the same day Mike and Avery were missing, he thought she’d lost touch with reality; that her grief had gotten to her. She thought she was either losing her mind, or something supernatural was happening. Now she knows it was Nelle. Sonny says, she did a helluva job, but once Carly was in jail, it all ended. Carly says out of everything Nelle did, the worst thing was making her think her son was alive. Sonny says, when she’s out of here and the baby is safe, Nelle is going to pay. He promises that.

Julian sits with Kim, and asks if she’s curious. She says, of course, and he tells her that they were just following up on the session. She asks what about the reasons he shouldn’t go; rehashing old grievances, nursing old wounds, being stuck in the past? He says he realized wasn’t about him

Kiki meets Alexis. She wants to go ahead with the suit. Alexis says she’ll file the paperwork. Kiki says she understands that there’s no chance of proof unless someone comes forward. Someone has. Francesca joins them.

At Kelly’s, Ava asks Franco if the doctors are picking sides. He says some, in the good old boy network, but there have to be some who feel the way Griff does. He says, the predator has to go, and Ava says, the predator has a name. She knows it; so does. He asks what they’re going to do.

Michael tells Nelle to lie down and get some rest. She still can’t believe Chase denied sending the shirt. It would be sad if it wasn’t scary. She thinks he came to Port Charles to hound her about Zack, and threaten her. He said it was crazy for her to think she belonged with people like him and his family. Michael says he’s getting a restraining order, but Nelle says it won’t change anything. Besides, he’s right. She walks out

Rupert tells Sonny it’s time. Sonny thanks him, and says he’s a good man. He says in the meantime, Rupert is going to take care of Carly, right? Rupert says, yes sir. When Rupert steps out of earshot, Carly thanks Sonny for solving the Rupert problem. She wishes he could do the same with Mary Pat. He says he’ll think of something. In the meantime (phrase of the day), stay strong. She says she can do anything now that she knows he believes her. They hug, and she says tell the kids she loves them.

Kim asks Julian how it was, and he says a nightmare. His prediction almost came true, but he stuck with it. Kim says he guilty, hence the free coffee. He says maybe he was making amends a little. She tells him she needs no explanations or apologies, and he says she can pay him then. She asks if he’ll take it in trade. He asks how about him finishing where they’re going for room service, and gives her a folder. She says, Florence?

Francesca tells Alexis that David would call her into his office, saying he needed help with something. He touched her in innocent places at first; her arm, her shoulder, her hair. Then he kissed her. When she resisted, he told she’d misunderstood, and it would be a shame if the others knew she wasn’t a team player. So, she let him do things. She let him touch and kiss her, and eventually gave in, and had sex with him. Kiki says she knows how hard this is. Francesca asks if it matters that she consented; will it hurt the case? Alexis asks if she was coerced, and Francesca says, absolutely. He didn’t use physical force, but used his position as her superior to make her do something she didn’t want to. Alexis says, capitulating is different from consent. She asks how long it went on, and Francesca says, for months, but once she did it, he stopped. She was relieved, but then sickened when she realized he must have moved on to someone else. Alexis asks if she’s willing to say it in court, and Francesca says, every word. She’s’ ready. Kiki takes her hand, and Francesca says, let’s do this. Alexis says she needs to know something first.

Ava tells Franco that she’s livid at the thought of David putting his hands on their Kiki, and threatening to kill her career if she doesn’t give him what he wants. Franco asks if she ever wishes the old Ava was back. She says, a little; and him? He says, yeah. Sometimes he wishes he as his old self, but he’s happier now. He’s made commitments, and he’s not going there. Elizabeth is right; Kiki is doing it the right way. Ava tells him, that’s what Griff says. However, hypothetically, what if the right way doesn’t work?

Elizabeth tells Griff, when truth comes out, Kiki will be vindicated, and David discredited. He says the other side has deep pockets, and won’t give up without a fight. She hates how David hides behind his stethoscope, and acts like Kiki asked for it. She wonders what if what they’re doing isn’t enough

Carly’s neighbor knocks on the wall. Carly says she doesn’t know Morse code. She remembers she has a phone, and wonders if there’s an app for that.

At the Quartermaine’s, Sonny tells Michael that Carly is hanging in there, but every day is one too many.  She said he should stay away from Nelle. Michael says that’s not possible, and Sonny says, she’s dangerous. Look at what she did to his mom. He says Jason already told him, but it’s on him to fix. He ignored the warnings, and got involved. Now his mom is in Ferncliff, and his baby has a psycho for a mom. He has to make right. Sonny tells him to be careful, and Michael says his eyes are open. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Sonny says, he’s better, and leaves. Nelle comes down, and says she thought she heard someone. Michael says it was Sonny with an update on his mom. Nelle hopes she’s doing better. She’s worried Michael is going to believe the terrible things Chase said. Michael says, he believes in her.

Julian tells Kim to think about it; exploring the villages, wine in the vineyards, dining under the stars. She can’t wait.

Alexis tells Francesca and Kiki that the other side will dredge up whatever they can find to discredit them. They need to be prepared. Is there anything they need to tell her? Kiki says if she thinks of anything, she’ll let Alexis know, and Francesca says, her too. Alexis says in the meantime, David will be counting on their silence. Francesca says if they stay silent, he’ll move on to his next target. She’s ready. Alexis is proud of them. She’s going ahead, full speed. She’s going to sue his sorry ass back to the stone age where he belongs.

Griff thinks Alexis will bring the fire and fury, but Elizabeth says, it’s going to get ugly. He hopes they’re ready for that. She asks if he’s ready for Ava. If she sees her daughter under attack, her claws will come out. The worst thing is for her to take matters into her own hands.

Ava says she’s willing to wait. They’re two peaceful law-abiding citizens having coffee. She hopes Kiki gets the justice she deserves. If not, then David will get the justice he deserves. They clink coffee cups.

Carly hears more knocking. She looks it up. It’s SOS. Geez, don’t we all know that one?

Chase punches the bag at the gym. Sonny asks what the bag has done to him. Chase asks if he got in to see Carly. He knows Dante pulled some strings. Sonny asks if he objects, but Chase says he’s going to help get her out. They’re on the same side. He punches some more.

Nelle asks Michael, after everything Chase said, how can he believe in her. He says, why does he care what Chase has to say? Nelle says he thinks she doesn’t belong with him. One of these things is not like the others, and it’s her. Michael says, once the baby comes, things will get better; they’ll get closer. He says, why wait? Let’s get married.

Tomorrow, Finn misses Anna, Ava asks Franco to help, Alexis tells David to lawyer up, and Sam tells Jason to think for Carly.

The Real Housewives of New York City

At the spa, some of the ladies do yoga. Carole tells Dorinda that the photo has become a big deal. She thinks Ramona didn’t realize what she was posting. LuAnn joins the yoga group, saying the she-devil strikes again, invading her privacy. Now the whole world knows she’s out of rehab. She’s trying to be in her chill zone, and not let it affect her.

Carole hunts for the pool. Tinsley and Dorinda think wine is in order. Tinsley explains that Sonja is sensitive to her ex-husband’s legacy. In her interview, Dorinda says Sonja has to understand that her daughter is a Morgan; not her. Dorinda thinks she should stay in her own legacy lane. Bethenny asks if LuAnn wants her to call her publicist to help. LuAnn didn’t do anything wrong, so she wants to help her. Ramona tells Dorinda and Sonja that they always post group shots. Dorinda asks if alcohol was in the picture, but Sonja says LuAnn hasn’t even told her family yet. They look at the picture, and there’s no wine on the table.

LuAnn tells Dorinda that she has a court case coming up, there were drinks at the table, and she doesn’t need it. Dorinda says the glasses were empty, but LuAnn doesn’t need the press taking guesses about what she’s up to. Bethenny tells LuAnn to look at the crystals on the table, and let it go. In her interview, LuAnn feels like the rug was pulled out from under her. Dorinda doesn’t want it to be awkward between her and Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t feel safe with her. Dorinda thought they were past that. She thinks everything is okay, then it isn’t. Bethenny thinks Dorinda has the issue. Dorinda thought they got through it at Bethenny’s party. Bethenny says she’s not upset. There’s an energy going on with her, but it’s okay. In her interview, Bethenny thinks if she and Carole were fine, everyone else would relax. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s an engager, but Bethenny doesn’t engage. Bethenny tells Dorinda that she’s trying to be productive, and doesn’t want to get in a bad spot.

LuAnn and Tinsley get massages. Tinsley has a hard time relaxing when someone is telling her to, and she’s naked. LuAnn tells Tinsley that she’s not doing too bad. Now that she’s stopped drinking, her skin is better.

Ramona and Sonja also get massages. Ramona babbles about the kids, and wanting to live another forty years. Sonja sees them looking good for martinis at the diner in their old age, and I want to know what diner serves martinis. Tinsley and Carole find the tennis court. Tinsley says Scott is coming back soon. They find a maze, and Tinsley says it’s like The Shining. The gate closes by itself behind them, and they jump. Carole says Adam sent her an email, and she texted back that she was super busy, but promised to reach out. He said he hopes sooner than later. In her interview, Carole says she has better boundaries than Adam, and wants to focus on work. Carole doesn’t think everyone is as relaxed as she is. Tinsley says, no more couples’ massages. She’s saving that for Scott.

Bethenny tells LuAnn they’ve never been on a trip without partying every night. She asks if LuAnn is nervous about going back into the jungle. LuAnn feels better equipped now. She’s going to AA meetings, and doesn’t feel so alone.

Carole hopes LuAnn is okay about the picture. Tinsley says she seems more relaxed, and Carole says she’s more self-aware. In her interview, Carole says she wants to go to rehab; it sounds like heaven. I know what she means. There’s a late-night ad here for a local one that looks fabulous and relaxing. I keep wondering how I can lie my way in. Tinsley tells Carole about trying on wedding dresses just for fun. Oddly, Carole gets it. Tinsley says her mother is going to be the death of her.

LuAnn says Ramona hurt her about trying to get an invite to Tom’s party on the boat. Bethenny remarks that he said no, and thinks it’s embarrassing. LuAnn says, nothing embarrasses Ramona. Bethenny she associates with Tom, and has drinks with him. LuAnn asks what she’s talking about, and Bethenny says they had drinks at the Regency.  In her interview, LuAnn says there are so many guys to choose from, and Ramona is an idiot. Bethenny tells her not to get worked up, and LuAnn says it makes her want to smoke, but this too, shall pass.

It’s dinnertime. Everyone plays non-musical chairs. LuAnn and Carole try non-alcoholic beer, Tinsley says her head hurts from wearing braids, and the oysters look amazing. Bethenny asks if Tinsley is getting engaged. The place where Bethenny got her wedding dress told her Tinsley had been trying them on. Tinsley says it wasn’t real. If she does get married, it will be custom-made, and they’ll know if she’s engaged. Sonja is superstitious, saying she wouldn’t try one on unless she was engaged. In her interview, Bethenny says she kept hers to paint in. She says it’s like trying out coffins, and Tinsley doesn’t find it funny. She thinks Bethenny is being negative, but Bethenny explains she meant it was jumping the gun. She wasn’t comparing marriage to death. They start getting louder and argue. In her interview, Carole says she and Bethenny looked at rings when Bethenny had been dating for only two weeks.

Dorinda brings up Sonja’s family crest again, saying if she was going to her family home, it wouldn’t be in Scotland. Sonja can’t believe she cares. In her interview, Sonja talks about being bullied in school because kids were jealous of her, and how she punched a kid out. Dorinda gets up, and her hands start flying around. And she hasn’t even had a martini. The waitress looks nervous, and I can’t believe these women never care about the other diners. Bethenny asks why Dorinda cares, and Dorinda tells her to stay out of it. Sonja says every time they have a dinner, Dorinda puts her nose in Sonja’s family. We flash back to some of that. In her interview, LuAnn says Dorinda needs to give Sonja a break. Carole says maybe it’s a little pretentious. Dorinda leaves the table, and Carole tells LuAnn, welcome back. Dorinda returns and apologizes, saying she won’t bring it up again. She’s proud of Sonja’s progress. She’s staying in the present, and has many achievements of her own. Bethenny asks what Dorinda is doing. It’s like she’s some kind of authority. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda spends 30% of every dining and alcohol experience slurring inaudible insults. Ramona asks LuAnn if she missed them.

LuAnn says, now that she brought it up, the picture Ramona posted caused a problem. Ramona says LuAnn tweeted about being back. LuAnn says that was afterward; she had to say something. Ramona says she didn’t get the memo, and LuAnn says she didn’t get memo that she shouldn’t call Tom either; it’s hurtful. Now she’s the talk of the town again. Bethenny explains to Ramona what she’s done, and the light bulb comes on. LuAnn accuses Ramona of smirking, and says it’s not funny. She needs to be more respectful and thoughtful of her friends. Sonja says this trip was supposed to help LuAnn’s transition. Ramona gets teary, and in her interview, Sonja says, here it comes. Ramona’s crocodile tears. Ramona says she understands; she made a huge mistake, and opened up a can of worms. LuAnn tells her having drinks with Tom is not cool. Most people would never talk to her again. In her interview, Ramona insists it’s just that they travel in the same circle, and she can’t kill him. LuAnn says she’s the lowest of the low. Ramona admits to being socially inept. Tinsley says she’d never go for drinks with Tom. Ramona says she was having drinks with Harry, and Tom was there. In her interview, LuAnn says Harry is her big excuse? Whether it’s Tom, Dick, or Harry, they all live in the same penthouse. Dorinda says Harry said bad things about LuAnn, and LuAnn says Ramona doesn’t have her best interests at heart. She leaves, and in her interview, Ramona says if she didn’t talk to any of the men LuAnn has been with, it wouldn’t leave any. Dorinda tells the waiter they’d like some therapy.

There’s yet another huge spread back at the cottage, and Sonja and Ramona go nuts over the banana bread. In her interview, Sonja calls Ramona a lunatic, since she was just crying a minute ago. Carole tells LuAnn they’re back. LuAnn says she couldn’t look at Ramona anymore. Carole says she did the right thing. In her interview, Carole says everyone is making mistakes around LuAnn. She doesn’t think it’s malicious, but having said that, Ramona should not be drinking with Tom. LuAnn tells Carole that Ramona keeps doing hurtful things, and instead of sincere remorse, she was smirking. Carole thinks she and Ramona need a friendship break.

Ramona tells Sonja that she has a problem when she feels attacked. Even if the person is right, she gets defensive. Bethenny says she’s not being honest to herself in the moment, and Ramona admits it’s immature. In her interview, Ramona says her father was verbally abusive, and she doesn’t know how to react. Dorinda says her intentions are good, but her application sucks.

Carole tells LuAnn it’s a good change, and by next year, she’ll be grateful. LuAnn says she’s grateful already. She doesn’t like that it took an arrest, but she wasn’t heading in great direction. In her interview, Carole says jail is anybody’s wake-up call, and LuAnn is using it to set her life on the right path. Bethenny tells Tinsley she’s going shopping for a divorce dress. Tinsley laughs, and Ramona says, next time, he’s paying Bethenny.

LuAnn tries to wake up Bethenny and Sonja for yoga. She wonders if Dorinda is mad at her for not defending her. Bethenny says Dorinda wants to skate, but realizes she’s looking judgmental.

Dorinda tells Carole that LuAnn wasn’t sticking up for her. Carole suggest maybe she didn’t want to seem hypocritical because of the Countess thing. She thinks Dorinda should drop it. LuAnn tells Bethenny and Sonja that when they go to a restaurant, they should put up sign that says, caution: wild animals. LuAnn decides on a private yoga session. Sonja feels reborn, and Bethenny says she killed it. It feels like she passed a gallstone. Dorinda has been checked.

Tinsley tells Ramona she feels overwhelmed and exhausted from dinner. Ramona says she was shaking. She’s embarrassed. She should have been more sensitive, but she’s a work in progress. Ugh. That excuse.

Everyone gets ready to leave the spa. Ramona wants to talk to LuAnn, and Dorinda tells her no excuses; just say she’s sorry. Ramona knocks on LuAnn’s door. She says she texted LuAnn last night. LuAnn says she got the text, but doesn’t want to do this right now. Ramona still continues to talk about how she showed poor judgement. LuAnn practically has to shove her out the door. Ramona tells the others that LuAnn isn’t in the mood, but got her text. Dorinda thinks by Friday, all will be fine. She jokes about going drinking with LuAnn by then, but Carole says, hashtag too soon.

In her interview, LuAnn says this was the first stepping stone. She knows not drinking with them is okay. New York will be another hurdle.

This season, speed dating, LuAnn’s cabaret, Sonja has a wardrobe malfunction, a trip to Mexico, fabulous earrings, Dorinda insults LuAnn, Bethenny says it’s the worst vacation ever, and the boat ride from hell.

Below Deck Mediterranean

It’s the third day in Capri. João docks the boat. Conrad says he’s blowing so much smoke up Captain Sandy’s ass, he’s like a steam train. He hopes this doesn’t make João’s head any bigger. João says he’s living the dream.

Breakfast happens. My favorite meal. Brooke says Kasey trying. Hannah says, too bad. She was looking forward to firing her. In her interview, Hannah says that dating on boats usually ends Titanic style, but thinks Conrad is worth the risk. The guests begin to pack. Colin says his underpants are pinching his boys. Really. He said that. Everyone gets into their whites. Captain Sandy is proud of Kasey. Adam tells the guests that they were like a breath of fresh air. Derrek says it was the trip of a lifetime, and gives the captain a fat envelope.

And it’s tip time. The captain says Kasey’s work ethic has come up a few notches, and everyone applauds. She says the deck crew’s attitude was spot on. Hannah says the interior is getting there. The tip is $21K or 1480 euros a person. Everyone has champagne.

Captain Sandy asks if Hannah isn’t happy with the interior. She says she’s frustrated, and couldn’t believe Kasey got rounds of applause. The captain says she’s not having a conversation about Kasey’s resume again. You can’t tear someone down and expect a good job. She sees Kasey’s good attitude, and she’s giving 100%. Brooke asks João if he and Hannah are getting on any better. He says she undermines people. She has a bully personality. In his interview, João says he’s not intimidated by Hannah. Brooke says everyone thinks João is a d*ck, but she’ trying to see it from both sides. He says he’s just there to have a good time.

Hannah tells Kasey that she’s tired, stressed, and working hard. She needs to see initiative. Kasey says she’s trying her best. Hannah says she can’t hold Kasey’s hand through everything. Kasey suggests more communication, and Hannah tells her to look around. She didn’t spend this many years in yachting to be an effing work bitch. In her interview, Hannah says she needs to concentrate on other things. She doesn’t have time to teach ironing, and needs more support.

Everyone gets ready to roll out for the evening. Hannah asks if João has crush on Kasey. He can’t exactly say yes, but yes. Adam says he’s never eaten at a Michelin star restaurant, even though he’s served at one. He takes pictures of the menu, and asks the waiter questions about lobster. He wonders why his chief stew doesn’t know as much as the waiter. Maybe because that’s the waiter’s only job, and the chief stew wears many hats? He says he loves watching professionals do their job. He tells Hannah that she doesn’t seem happy. She says she wasn’t. The food comes, and Adam says everything is done perfectly, and it looks damn good. Everything is so good, it’s making him feel like a sh*tty chef.

João asks if Hannah can’t just be nice. She’s not into clinking glasses, and he tells her, cheers. He hopes it goes down with nails. She’s like, what? and he says she didn’t cheers him properly. She calls him a psycho. Conrad and Hannah go on cigarette break. Adam says they can’t have a single night out without an argument between them, and we flash back to some of that. They don’t like to be challenged, but like to challenge.

Conrad tells Hannah that João shouldn’t speak to women like that. Hannah says she didn’t do anything to him; he’s effing psychotic. Conrad doesn’t like how he talks to her. In his interview, Conrad says João has no filter. Hannah and Conrad kiss. Back at the table, Jamie asks Kasey if she wants to bring herself into something with João. Kasey says she likes him, but he failed the test. They bring out some weird lollipops for dessert. Seriously, I want to know what those are. Hannah tells Brooke about what João said. He’s sitting across from her, and squeezes a wine glass so hard that it shatters all over. There’s a stunned moment. Maybe he is psychotic, or related to Ramona or LisaR.

He says, his bad. Hannah says she thinks they’re done, and asks for the bill. Adam says it couldn’t have happened at the last place they were at, instead of the nicest meal of his life. Yeah, I know the feeling. Hannah says João is psychotic. Brooke wants to know where she and João stand, because maybe she’s psychotic. She doesn’t like bullsh*t. In her interview, Kasey says if you want her, don’t flirt with anyone else. Sounds reasonable. In his interview, João says he doesn’t want to get hurt. Kasey asks again where they stand, but he won’t say. I know it’s slim pickin’s on the yacht, but what is wrong with these girls?

On to the club. Adam tells Kasey not to let Hannah get to her. It doesn’t matter what she thinks, and that’s why she’s pissed off. João dances with Brooke, and they have shots. In her interview, Brooke says when she gets drunk, she gets more drawn to João. In her interview, Kasey says she can’t keep up with João. Brooke starts to fall asleep, and some of the crew take pictures with them gathered around her. João says it’s wrong, and takes Hannah’s phone out of her hand. She says insulting women is okay, but not taking a funny picture. João tells her go away, and she starts calling him names, and telling him to get out of her face. So many words are bleeped, I don’t even know what they’re saying. Conrad tells João to respect women, and calls him a pr*ck. João he says they’re unreal. In his interview, Conrad says no one should be spoken to like that, especially a bloke speaking to a woman.

They manage to get Brooke to the car. In her interview, Kasey says her last relationship was eight years ago. He cheated on her, so she’s guarded now. She wants someone to prove themselves and fight for her. Conrad and Hannah get Brooke back to her room. Then go to bed with each other, on the top bunk. I’d love to take a trip on a yacht, but I wouldn’t want to work on one. The quarters are just a little close.

Kasey says she’s trying to prove she belongs here. She tells Brooke about the photo op, and how João was acting stupid. In her interview, Brooke is glad João was sticking up for her in his own way. She he’s a gentleman. Really? We must have different definitions of that. Hannah asks João what his issue is with her. He thinks they just don’t get along. She thinks there’s something weird with him, when he does things like calling her a slut. He looks like a d*ck in front of the crew. He says her advice means nothing to him, and in her interview, Hannah says he can’t be reasoned with. They agree to stay away from each other. Good luck with that.

Conrad says João’s behavior is unacceptable, but as his boss, he has to be professional. There’s a preference sheet meeting, and the next primary guests are Josh and Cindy, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary. They’re self-proclaimed foodies, and Adam has never felt more inspired to make sure they’re blown away. They want the slide, and to jump from the highest part of the yacht. João and Brooke decide they’re similar. Brooke says she can’t flirt as well when she’s drunk. Yes. You have to be awake for that. The provisions arrive. Hannah tells Adam she has an upcoming date with Conrad. In his interview, Adam says she looks like him in Croatia; a bit distracted. Kasey asks João if he’s hungover. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be part of a triangle. He says he’s too hungover to talk, and she says that’s just an excuse.

Hannah says it’s been over five years since she’s been excited about a first date. In her interview, she say all the male figures in her life left her, and she closes down and pulls back. She’s a psycho commitment phobic bitch. She and Conrad go ashore. They go to a restaurant. It’ outdoor seating, and they order a bottle of wine and some food. In his interview, Conrad says he doesn’t like to give too much away to women, and get emotionally attached. He thinks with Hannah, it will be different.

Brooke wonders if Conrad and Hannah are sleeping together tonight. Hannah asks Conrad about their age difference. In his interview, he says he likes a cougar, although I don’t know if I’d classify Hannah as one. She says they’re at different stages of their lives, and he says he he likes it. In her interview, Hannah says she wants to get married and have a baby. He doesn’t just want to get drunk, and looks after her. He’s nice and sweet. They kiss. On their way back, they see fireworks. Literally. The other kind don’t happen until they’re back on the boat.

Adam asks for meeting with service. He wants to make sure they’re on the same page. He’ll be writing the menu out, and it will be on display. They’ll know if somebody doesn’t want something in advance, and if there’s a problem with that, they can speak to the chef. He wants to make sure everyone is accommodated and not overwork anyone. In her interview, Hannah thinks he has a lot of nerve telling the interior what to do.

The new guests arrive. I find out the boat is called the Talisman. I either didn’t know or forgot. Hannah gives the tour. Josh says they’re not in Kansas anymore. Cindy and her friends lounge on the upper deck, and ask for gumballs. When Brooke goes to get them, one of them says they’d better not be white. It’s the only color she doesn’t like. Who is she? Mariah Carey? Sure enough, they’re white, and Brooke goes back to see if they have other colors. Hannah says if they wanted a specific color, it should have been on the preference sheet. In her interview, she says she’s had a lot of strange requests, from hookers to nuts she’s had to fly in, but never gumballs. The white gumball hater says she was going to put it on the sheet, but thought it would make her look like an a-hole. Well, what do you think you look like now? Amazingly, Hannah finds some. One of the guests announces that gumballs make them happy.

The yacht shoves off, and the deckhands get the water toys ready. Adam prepares lunch. In her interview, Hannah says she’s not going out of her way to make Kasey’s life a living hell, but she has to prove herself. She’s still hung up on the resume thing.

There’s a tremendous spread for lunch. Adam says he’s got to put a face to the food, and comes upstairs. He explains all the dishes, and Josh pronounces it fantastic. Hannah tells Brooke that she doesn’t like João. Brooke says, sorry, but she doesn’t not not like him [sic]. In her interview, Hannah wishes she’d stay awake to see what a d-bag he is, but she’s big enough to look out for herself. Brooke asks if Hannah minds, and Hannah says she doesn’t give a flying what Brooke thinks. Brooke says, awkward.

Lunch is over, and it’s slide time. I’d want a nap after all that. A few guests jump from up top. Jamie thinks Colin has a thing for Brooke after he shows her a picture of the two of them. She thinks they’d be perfect. Better than Brook and João. I don’t particularly like Hannah much, but I really don’t like João. The guests move on to the hot tub, and ask who Kasey thinks is cute. She says João, and if I could, I’d leave the room.

Hannah meets Conrad for a smoke. Captain Sandy says they need to think of it logistically, and have more discretion. They’re senior crew; act like it. Adam is disappointed that the guests just want one course for dinner. He’s making sea bass, with a lot of wonderful sides. Adam is pleased that Hannah is finally communicating, and thinks he’s gotten through. He decides to go up and explain the dishes himself. One guest is busy with her hair for ten hours, and keeps everyone waiting. Somebody says it’s been a rough day of fabulous. Hair-do guest finally makes it to the table. Another one says she needs food now. Maybe it’s Cindy. Josh goes down to the galley and asks if it’s coming. Hannah says, it’s on its way. Josh just stands there for a minute, staring at Adam trying to plate the food, and says they’re fading upstairs. Hannah says she wasn’t sure when the last guest was coming. Adam is like, screw communicating.

Next time, there’s blatant chemistry between João and Brooke, Captain Sandy calls out Conrad, and we’re still stuck with the gumball guests.

🍜 On MasterChef, the mystery ingredient was walnuts. Cesar won the challenge, although I missed just what his winning dish was because I was feeding my dogs. Alexi Lalas made an appearance, and Cesar got to pick a dish for the elimination challenge out of several considered favorite soccer game foods. He chose churros with chocolate sauce, thinking the other contestants would be over-confident. Alecia was put on notice for showboating, and Aaron called her a disappointment when her churros were too sugary to be edible. Samantha wept about her lack of experience, but Gordon appreciated her determination. Matt was the only one who did everything right. It was down to Alecia and Bowen, who had double-fried his churros. Apparently, this works well in Chinese cooking, but not so much Mexican.  He was still deemed to have potential, and Alecia was out. Aaron told her that she was well on her way. She felt like she let him down, but met kick-ass people, and learned a lot. She’s going to keep reaching for it, and said she’s still a winner. I like when they leave graciously. Next time, a wedding.

🍴 Gordon took on the Brownstone Bistro in LA on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Executive chef Clyde had bought the restaurant five years ago, and started off thriving. Sadly, his son was shot, almost right in front of him, and things went downhill. He didn’t want to lose his lazy-ass employees, because he couldn’t do more for his son, and wanted to be supportive. His manager said his kindness was being taken as weakness, although she wasn’t much better. Gordon took them to the heart of his operation, Hell on Wheels, where he showed them the secret camera films of themselves being idiots. The place was also incredibly filthy. Gordon chewed the manager out for thinking it was funny, although later encouraged her, saying she could be a great boss. One employee walked out when he realized he’d actually have to start working, but everyone else got it together. As usual, the restaurant’s décor was revamped, and Gordon included a blessing tree, in honor of Clyde’s son. At the re-opening, some chicken was nearly served raw, and we learned the rule, if it’s not ready, don’t send it out. The LA Times food critic said she couldn’t believe they did it in 24-hours. His work done, Gordon disappeared into the night. Next week, a restaurant serves frozen lasagna. Enough said. I can get a decent one at Trader Joe’s for two bucks.

📻 For Your Listening Pleasure & Because It Is


June 26, 2018 – Michael Plays Nelle, Veronica Plays with RJ, Mediterranean Interruptus & Puppies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dante brings Chase coffee. Chase asks if it’s laced, but Dante says that’s not his style. Chase tells him they’re on the same side. He just wants to protect Dante’s family. Dante says he just wants to bust Nelle.

Nelle looks around the floor for Morgan’s cologne bottle, and remembers Josslyn being there. Michael wonders what she’s doing on her hands and knees, and she says the prenatal yoga is working wonders. He asks if she’s for her perfume again, and she says she never loses things. He tells her to relax; he found it.

Outside Kelly’s, Kim has bumper stickers to announce Oscar’s prestigious writer award. She says one day they can say they knew him when, and Drew tells him not to forget the little people. That reminds me of my old roommate telling me that I once talked in my sleep, saying I wanted to thank all the little people who drive me around New York. Josslyn – who looks unbelievable in an off-shoulder red dress with a keyhole neckline, and freshly waved hair – takes a picture of Oscar and his parents. She looks bummed.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is hanging in there. Sonny thanks him for taking the job. Jason says he was fired.

Carly is restless. She wonders what’s going on. She remembers Jason giving her the phone, and telling her to save the battery. She takes it out from under the mattress, and I wonder if she’d really get any bars in there. Mary Pat comes in, and Carly holds the phone behind her back. Mary Pat asks, what’s that we have in our hand? As we used to say, is that the royal “we,” or are you pregnant?

Jason thinks Doc gave him up, and tells Sonny that Doc was afraid he’d be recognized. He didn’t want to end up being taken off the case or booted from Ferncliff. Sonny says, so he’s going to protect Carly, and Jason says, maybe. Either way, he’s out. Sonny says, but Carly’s in a good position, right? but Jason says, no, she’s not.

Mary Pat tells Carly, no secrets. She’d thought she made herself clear. Carly explains that Doc thought she should keep a diary, and asks if it’s against the rules. Mary Pat says not as long as she can read it. Carly says it doesn’t seem fair for Mary Pat to read her private thoughts. Mary Pat says it’s her way or not at all. Magically, the phone turned into a notebook. Mary Pat reads that Carly is even getting used to being called Caroline, and is on her way to being a Ferncliff all-star. Carly hides the phone while Mary Pat is reading. Mary Pat asks, why the change of heart? Carly tells her that Doc changed her meds, and Mary Pat asks if she’s getting to be her old self. Carly says she’s getting there, and Mary Pat says too bad she can’t share the news with her friend Jason. He’s gone, and not coming back.

Oscar suggests taking a picture of Josslyn, since she got a star athlete award. Josslyn isn’t into it, and Kim says she took a ton of her accepting the award, and will send them to her parents. Kim and Drew go into Kelly’s, and Josslyn tells Oscar that she got him something to celebrate. She was right about his brilliance all along. She gives him a compass for when he goes hiking, so he’ll never get lost. He says, it’s so cool. He loves it – and her. She has one more thing, but it’s not wrapped or full. She gives him the cologne, explaining that she opened it to smell it, and it spilled. He says he never wears cologne, but he’d like to try it.

Michael tells Nelle that she put the perfume in the medicine cabinet by mistake, and she says, baby brain strikes again. He thought she’d be more excited, but she’s been more stressed since Chase sent the T-shirt. She says it’s creepy how he’s following her. Michael says he told Chase to back off, but she doesn’t think sending her a T-shirt from their favorite Florida bar is backing off. She’s considering reporting him to the commissioner. Michael says, like she reported it when they slept together?

Dante tells Chase that he doesn’t trust him. Why didn’t he come to Dante about Nelle earlier? A psycho is now sharpening her knives for the next victim; probably his brother. He already lost Morgan. He’s not losing Michael too.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is in trouble. The nurse in charge is a bully and control freak. She hates that Carly’s not afraid of her, and wants to break her. Sonny says Doc can look after her, but Jason doesn’t know how long she’ll wait. He’s concerned she might do something on her own.

Mary Pat knows Jason is one of Carly’s dearest friends. She even named her son after him. Carly asks how she found out, and Mary Pat says, that’s to be filed under none of your business. She can’t have anyone interfering with her recovery or she’ll be stuck there forever. Knocking comes from the room next door, and Mary Pat yells, stop that at once!

Oscar says it’s the second-best part of the day. The first was seeing his parents being proud of him. Josslyn thinks it must have been surreal. Oscar says he hoped for that growing up, but didn’t think he’d get it. Josslyn is happy for him. He asks if she’s thought of writing to her mom, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks what’s up with Nelle? They’re close, and he was surprised she wasn’t there today. Josslyn wants him to shut up about the ceremony. It’s just a stupid certificate. Her family has more important things to do. Her father is across the world doing something green, her brother runs a huge corporation, and her stepdad is dealing with his father having Alzheimer’s and his wife in the loony bin. It’s nice that his family has nothing better to do. She tells him to enjoy breakfast, and stomps off.

Chase tells Dante that he’s sorry about Morgan, and worried about Michael. Dante wonders why he didn’t come forward, but Chase says Nelle played him once, and he wanted to be sure. The two people working on the case couldn’t be closer to a conflict of interest. The case has to be airtight. It’s the only way Nelle can’t use their bias against them. Dante says, let’s get to work.

Nelle can’t believe Chase told Michael about her reporting them. She says, of course she’s the one at fault. Michael says he was reprimanded, it almost cost him his job, and the case went away. She says that’s not why she reported him. He hounded her, threatened her, followed her around for sex, and even said he’d falsify evidence. It was a nightmare. She was terrified of going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. She didn’t want to be a victim, and if he was abusing his power with her, who says he wouldn’t be doing it with other women? Michael thinks she did the right thing with Chase, just not with him.

Drew tells Kim that he’d been gearing up for more embarrassment than a bumper sticker. Maybe T-shirts, signs, and pompoms. Kim insists she’s a cool mom; calm and collected. When she gets overly excited about something that’s borderline out there, she runs it through her Drew filter, and thinks how he would react. He has good instincts where Oscar is concerned. She asks if she can pick his brain, and he says it’s been picked and prodded already; why not? She wonders if Oscar has said anything about Julian. He used to be fine with him, but since they started seriously dating, that’s changed. He wants his parents together. She’d thought she talked him out of it. Drew says he probably understands intellectually, but being a kid, it might take a minute for his emotions to catch up. She says he’s at an age where his father’s advice is invaluable. She’s glad Oscar has him. Drew is too.

Michael asks why Nelle didn’t tell him, and she says she didn’t want him to misinterpret it. He says he would have believed her. She says their relations hip is fragile, and one wrong move, she’ll be out the door. He says he’s here for her and the baby – always. She can’t tell him how much that means to her. She feels badly about blowing Josslyn off when she was upset about her mom, and wants to apologize. Michael suggests joining her, but Nelle thinks she’ll open up more if it’s just her. He says, ah, girl stuff. He’ll be there when she get back. She kisses him, and when she’s gone, he wipes his mouth. I go, oooh.

Chase tells Dante about interviewing one of the workers where Zack and Nelle got their kayaks, and the plug was definitely left in it. Nelle leaped into Zack’s kayak for a big kiss before they shoved off, and could have taken it out then.

Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t know what it’s like in Ferncliff; it’s worse than prison. In prison you get yard time, and form alliances, as long as you can defend yourself, you’re good. They have Carly in the maximum-security wing, and before Doc got there, they were heavily medicating her, and watching her all the time. He says it’s like it was in Russia, but Carly’s not wired for this. She needs a goal; something to fight for. Josslyn comes in, and they ask about the certificate, but she says it’s no big deal. Sonny congratulates her, and asks if she knew she was getting it. She says everyone had so much going on, she didn’t want to bother them, but he says he would have made time. She’s obviously upset, and Sonny says he’s proud of her. Jason is too, and says no one would be prouder than her mom.

Carly tells Mary Pat that she thinks the patient next door is trying to make contact. Mary Pat is concerned, and says he’s dangerous. It’s best to ignore him, and under no circumstances engage. Carly’s only business here is her and her recovery. Carly asks if Mary Pat can tell him to keep it down; it’s hard to ignore. She tells Carly to try. Carly needs to take care of herself and Mary Pat will take care of him. Carly asks if he’s okay, and Mary Pat says every patient receives expert and appropriate care. She leaves, and Carly takes the phone from under the blanket, and puts it under the mattress again. More knocking comes from next door.

Sonny has to take care of something, and asks if Josslyn wants to have a celebratory dinner. She says it sounds good. Sonny leaves, and Josslyn tells Jason that he doesn’t have to babysit her. He says her mom would be happy. Josslyn wishes she could tell her that she messed up. She didn’t visit when she had the chance. Jason says Carly loves her, and nothing will change that. Josslyn is worried that Carly thinks she stopped loving her. Jason says, people make mistakes, and Carly never gives up on the people she loves. Josslyn is just like her. She’s her own person, but has a lot of her mom in her. He says she’s lucky. Carly is the strongest person he knows. It’s hard, but he’s going to get her out of there. Josslyn says Carly was ecstatic when he came home. She said, whenever she falls, he’s there to catch her. She believes in him more than anyone. Jason says, she’s coming home. Josslyn cries, and he holds her.

There’s more knocking, and Carly almost knocks back. She tells herself, don’t do it. She does crunches, saying, stay strong, stay focused, go home.

Mary Pat goes into the knocking patient’s room. She says she told him what would happen if he didn’t stop. He refuses to cooperate, and she’s a woman of her word. She brings out a syringe.

Chase tells Dante everything is circumstantial. Dante asks if there were any witnesses, and Chase says he interviewed everyone, and came up cold. Sonny comes into the station, and asks to talk to Dante.

Oscar comes into Kelly’s. Kim asks what’s wrong, and where’s Josslyn?

Josslyn is writing to her mom. The the doorbell rings. It’s Nelle, who asks if Sonny is there. Josslyn asks if she wants to see him, but she was hoping to avoid him. She’s sure Sonny blames her. She wanted to apologize. Josslyn was upset, and Nelle didn’t show her the attention she deserved. Josslyn says she feels better now. Nelle tells her that she had a half empty bottle of cologne in her purse when Josslyn was at the Quartermaine’s. She asks if Josslyn happened to see it.

Jason goes to the Quartermaine’s to check on Michael. Michael says he’s still alive, and Jason says it’s not a joke. He’s putting himself in danger. Michael says he can handle it, but Jason says, look at his mom. Michael says it’s his fault. He knew Nelle took advantage of his family, but he was convinced he could be her hero. The dominoes fell from there, and he put his mother in a mental institution. If he has to risk his life to get her out, so be it.

Carly sees Mary Pat walk by. She looks out, and there’s no one in the hallway. She knocks on the wall.

Chase asks Sonny how Mike is, and Sonny says they’re taking it one day at a time. Chase is sorry he was hard on him, but Sonny says he was just doing his job. Chase says he’s determined to do it better. As they walk to somewhere more private, Sonny tells Dante that Chase turned out to be all right. Dante says, we’ll see. After Sonny leaves, Chase asks, what now? Dante says he has an idea.

Oscar tells Kim that he said something stupid, and Josslyn walked out. He was going on about having his family at the ceremony. Drew tells him, welcome to the wonderful world of relationships. He says it will be fine. Oscar says Josslyn is going through a lot. Drew tells him the important thing is to be there for her. She’ll eventually want to talk, and Drew bets it will be to him.

Nelle asks if Josslyn saw the bottle. Josslyn says when Nelle’s purse was knocked over, her backpack spilled with it, and she picked it up by accident. Nelle asks if she can have it back. Josslyn says it was half empty, so she threw in into recycling. She didn’t know it was important, and asks if Nelle wants her to get another one. Nelle says, no, but at least she knows she’s not going crazy. She has to leave and run some baby errands.

Jason tells Michael that Josslyn isn’t doing well, but he convinced her it would be okay. Michael says his family is crumbling, and he has to make this right. Jason says, they will. He asks if Michael has had any luck with the computer, and Michael says the hacking is paying off. He has no proof yet, but he’s getting close.

Oscar shows Drew and Kim the compass. Kim says it’s a thoughtful gift. Oscar says she also gave him some cologne, and Drew says, look out. Kim tells him to remember the one squirt rule, and he puts some on. Kim likes it, saying it’s understated. Kim and drew have to go, and he thanks them. It’s great seeing both of his parents.

Josslyn wonders what to write. I’m the worst because I didn’t visit, and now it sucks? She digs in her purse, and takes out two bras. The security tags are attached, and she tries to get one off. Good luck with that. I bought one where it was left on by accident, and I had to go back to the store and ask some guy to take it off.

Chase tells Dante as pathetic as it sounds, he thought he and Nelle had something real. Dante says she trusted him. There’s no reason for him not to reach out, and see what shakes out.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle had the shirt sent to herself.  Her game was to remove Chase from the case. She thinks she has Michael eating out of her hand, but he’s playing her. Nelle is going to make a mistake, and he’ll be there when she does.

Nelle walks into Kelly’s. Oscar sees her and they make small talk. She asks if he’s wearing cologne, and he says Josslyn gave it to him.

Jason tells Michael that Nelle already made a mistake. Spinelli could follow the lead to the scarf and baby blanket. He thinks Michael should back off, but Michael says he’s just getting started.

Mary Pat comes back to Carly’s room. Carly says the patient stopped making noise, and Mary Pat asks if that’s not what she wanted. She doesn’t discuss patients’ care. She’s still confused about how Jason happened, and is going to be filing a complaint, but in the meantime… Sonny comes in. He must have thrown her a couple of hundred. They kiss.

Tomorrow, Julian asks Alexis if she’s serving him a subpoena, Francesca tells Michael there’s something he doesn’t know, and Sonny tells Carly that Nelle will pay.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Justin holds a gun to his own head, and another to Jeffrey’s. Jefferey says Justin is right. Justin says he didn’t want it to end like this. Jeffrey says he’s not scared of him. Go ahead; do them both. He might as well. Jeffrey is sick of his life too. Justin puts the guns down. Jeffrey says, just like he thought, and punches Justin in the jaw. Justin calls him an a-hole, but Jeffrey says, no, you. If Justin ever does that sh*t again, Jeffrey promises one of them will leave in a body bag. Justin asks why so hostile, and Jeffrey tells him to get his sh*t together, and stop following him. He’s going to talk to his friends and do what he wants. Justin doesn’t own him. Justin says he’s trying to protect Jeffrey. He admits his behavior was crazy, and Jeffrey says it was downright stupid, and don’t do it again. Justin says he’s going crazy about Jeffrey, and Jeffrey says, no, just crazy. Justin says, maybe that too. Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s going to his dad’s. Justin, who has a hard time taking a hint, says he has a place for them. Jeffrey says he’s leaving.

Mitch runs into the bar, and asks bar dude where Uncle Vinnie is. Still bleeding on the floor. Mitch calls an ambulance, telling them Vinnie is bleeding out, but he still has a pulse. Bar dude is on another phone, saying they need an ambulance yesterday. Vinnie must be pretty hardy. He’s been lying there, bleeding, for two weeks now.

Jeffrey comes back to David’s condo, and it looks like a tornado hit it. Justin says he told him not to come here. Justin says Jeffrey shouldn’t have gone to Wyatt’s, and Jeffrey tells Justin not to blame him for his own behavior. This is not okay. This is his father’s place. Justin asks if he’s sure it’s not some other guy’s place. He apologizes, saying he just got so mad. Jeffrey knows how he gets. Jeffrey does, and he doesn’t like it. He tells Justin to get out. Justin says Jeffrey can’t stay here; the place is torn apart. Jeffrey asks if he’s insane. I’d says the answer is yes. Justin tells him to come to their house, and Jeffrey asks if this is why he did this. Justin says he did it for the two of them. Jeffrey doesn’t know how to help him. He doesn’t know what to do with him. He tells Justin to get out now. Justin says, so he’s not coming over? and I laugh. Jeffrey asks if Justin is hearing him. He pushes Justin toward the door. Justin says this really hurts him.

Meanwhile at David’s new house, Erica slips out of bed. She calls Rocky, and asks why he’s contacting her this late? She’s working. He tells her that Candace and Veronica are going to burn her bad. He heard them at the bar. They want her dead. She asks what happened between him and Candace, and Rocky says he got burned on a deal. He says whatever she’s into, she needs to get out. He suggests she come work with them. They have a good thing going at the hotel. Erica says she’s passed that; she’s not twenty-one. He says she’s signing her own death warrant, but she says she’ll handle it herself. She sneaks back into the bedroom. David is awake, and asks who she was talking to. Erica tells him it was her sister. His phone rings, and it’s Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him the apartment was ransacked. David says he’s on his way. He tells Erica that he is done with Veronica. She offers to come along, but he tells her to stay.

Standing on her bed, RJ dances for Veronica. David calls her, saying he’s tired of what she’s doing to Jeffrey. He asked her to leave him alone. He tells her not to make him come out there himself. Veronica says she has a lovely man-boy trying to get her attention. She tells RJ to say hello to her husband, and he says, what’s up, husband? David says he’s asking her one last time to leave his son alone. She says he’s so busy worrying about his son, when he needs to worry about that whore he’s with. He says, don’t make him come over there, like he’s her dad. She tells him if he does, bring a condom. She’s not touching him after that girl. She’s laughing the whole time, and David asks if she thinks it’s a joke. She says he is a joke; running around with that child. He says, what about Benny and the boy she’s with? She tells him if he can do it, she can. She says she’s got a full man over there. He’s twenty-five, and old enough to be his big sister. He doesn’t care what she does, but leave Jeffrey alone.  She says, when he stops acting like a girl. David says he’s not surprised Jeffrey is gay. He repeats, leave Jeffrey alone, and she tells him to leave that whore alone. She wants that bitch dead. She wants his son acting like a son. David is no longer listening, and is getting into his car. He drives off, and Erica watches from the window.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt, who’s in a straitjacket. Jeffrey says it’s for his own good. Wyatt tells him to go to hell. Jeffrey says he’s calling Wyatt’s mother. Wyatt asks, why, and Jeffrey says because she loves him. Wyatt says she took all his money, and Jeffrey says that’s not a bad thing. Wyatt asks if Jeffrey is on her side, and Jeffrey calls him really paranoid. Wyatt says the least he can do is sit with him. Jeffrey says he’s fine, and his mother is on her way. Wyatt says she’ll kill him. She took everything he had. Jeffrey says when Wyatt uses drugs, he gets paranoid. Jeffrey leaves, and Wyatt calls for the nurse. He sees Vinnie go by on a stretcher.

Candace calls Gia, and tells her to call the bar. She wants her to tell Rocky that she’s having a problem with a john, and needs him right away. Tell him to come to room 3048. Gia does as she’s told, telling Rocky that a john is being rough. He says he’s on his way. Candace tells her get to the room.

Mitch waits on the stoop for Benny. Mitch asks Benny to tell him what happened. Benny says, when he went in there, Vinnie was on the floor. Mitch asks if he’s saying he didn’t do it. Benny says Mitch knows him. He knows he didn’t do this. Mitch says Vinnie is in the hospital, and they don’t know if he’s going to be okay. He wonders why Benny didn’t call the police or check Vinnie’s pulse. Benny says he wasn’t thinking. Mitch says maybe he was thinking if Vinnie died, he wouldn’t have to pay back the money. Maybe he went to return it. Vinnie wouldn’t accept it, and roughed him up, so Benny did what he had to do. Benny says Mitch knows him. Mitch hopes so. Mitch says, it doesn’t matter how much he knows Benny, his family is ready to go to war over this. Vinnie described him. Benny says it’s not true. Mitch says it’s not good for him. He’d better hope Vinnie lives. If he’s lying, and Vinnie dies, Benny is dead. Benny asks if Mitch will talk to them for him, but Mitch says, no; he’s on his own now. Mitch warned him, and there’s nothing else he can do. Benny asks how long he has. Mitch doesn’t know, but he should stay inside, lay low, and watch his back.

Holding a golf club, Candace tells Gia that she’s going to show her what happens when someone double-crosses her. Gia asks, who? and Candace says, Rocky. Gia asks what she’s going to do with the golf club, and Candace asks what does she think? Gia says she doesn’t like violence, and Candace says, you’re in the wrong business, bitch. Watch and learn. She’ll make Gia a bottom bitch yet. Rocky knocks at the door, and Candace tells her to get him in there. Rocky comes in, and Candace says, want to snitch? and beats the living hell out of him with the club. She says if he ever tells anyone, she swears she’ll kill him. She tells him to get out. He half stumbles and half crawls out the door, bleeding like a stuck pig. Candace tells Gia to clean up the mess, but first, make her a drink. Gia is like, whoa. Candace sits on the bed, and takes off her red bottoms. I note how sparse the minibar is.

Benny goes inside the house. Can his day get worse? Hanna asks if he talked to Veronica, and he tells her that he did. She’s going to help in the morning. Hanna has been praying the police won’t bust down the door, looking for him. He just wants sleep, and she says she can’t. She’s glad he’s not worried; he has more faith in that woman than she thought. She doesn’t like it, but he says, what choice do they have? Hanna says, Kathryn, and Benny say she already got them the house. He doesn’t trust her. Her son hit him with a car, left him for dead, and he lied to her. Hanna says she also paid his hospital bills. He says Hanna went back work for her, and she says Kathryn is paying her double, plus a promotion. He says she comes down on Candace, and him for the tow truck. She tells him not to try turning it around on her, because he can’t. She didn’t tell him to borrow money from a gangster. She asks if Veronica is working for free, and Benny says she is. Hanna says he’s going to pay her. Just like his sister, he’ll be selling his ass. Benny says she’ll have to let him handle it. Hanna says, watch her put his ass back in jail.

Kathryn finds Jim watching the news, and asks if he’s seen anything. He says only that some guy got stabbed in a bar. He’s in the hospital in critical condition. He’s alive, so he might talk. Kathryn says maybe that’s a good thing. Jim wonders how in the hell it could be, and she says they haven’t been the best parents. They’ve covered his sins for way too long. It’s cost them greatly. She says Jim is in denial. Wyatt needs to pay for what he’s done. Jim says he’s not having this conversation. Kathryn thinks Wyatt should turn himself in. Kathryn asks if they’re going to continue not letting him deal with his consequences, and Jim says, why start now? Kathryn says if they want a different result, they have to do things differently. She’s going to turn him in. Jim asks if she has any idea what he’s going through, trying to keep her ass out of jail. Her phone rings, and it’s Jeffrey. He’s calling about Wyatt. He explains he got Wyatt committed, and says he’s in the psyche ward at the hospital. They’re not letting anyone see him yet, but he’s in good hands. Jim asks what it was about, and Kathryn says, nothing, and just leaves. Jim says, these damn women.

RJ swims in Veronica’s pool, and I’m jealous. He tells her the water’s nice, and she says, so is the view. She’s smoking a cigar. That Veronica. Always full of surprises. He tells her he’s always been into older women, and asks if she’s thirty-five or thirty-six. She says she’s still trying to figure out what she wants from him. She likes to study her prey before she attacks. He says he can handle that, but he bites back. She says, this should be interesting, and kicks water at him. He gets out, and suggests they get into the drink. They go inside.

Gia talks to an older guy in the hotel hallway. Once again, I either don’t catch his name or she doesn’t say it. It’s my only gripe about this show – they don’t say names enough. He tells her that he’s been calling, but she says she’s got nothing. He asks if Gia has anything on her informant. She says she’s trying to play it right. He says Candace is a murderer. Gia says, he’s telling her, and he asks if Candace said something. Gia says, no, but she beat the hell out of Rocky. She says he has to give her more time. He says Candace has someone high up helping her, and he wants to know who it is. She’d better bring something to him. She says give her a chance. She’s got this.

Veronica and RJ laze on the couch. There’s banging on the door. David storms in. He says she ransacked his condo on top of burning his car. She says, that, she did; the condo, she didn’t. He says this is what happens when she drinks. They start getting loud, and she asks, what are you waiting for, bitch? She starts getting crazy, singing, whatcha gonna do? over and over. David grabs her, and she gets in his face, poking at him with her finger. She calls him a simple bitch, and slaps at him. He cracks her a good one, and sends her flying, surprising all of us.

Next time, Wyatt tells Jeffrey that his death is on Jeffrey’s hands, Kathryn tells Hanna to call Marty, Rocky tells Erica to be careful, and David tells Jim that he pimp-slapped Veronica.

🙏 Deferring the Mediterranean…

It’s late, so I’m postponing Below Deck Mediterranean until tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll be editing until four am. Like Erica, I’m not twenty-one, and it’s been a long week already. I hope this puppy picture will make up for it.

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June 25, 2018 – Obrecht Wants a Sequel from Peter, Big Commissions, News From the Reality Scene & a Club Kid Grows Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At The Floating Rib, Anna reads an article about Peter still being missing. Felicia asks if she’s seen Obrecht. She’s planning a baby shower for Maxie, and Obrecht isn’t returning any calls. She wonders what’s more important to her than her grandson.

Apparently, eating barbecue. Obrecht tells Peter she just downloaded his book to her tablet. She says she’ll also get the author’s full attention while reading it.

Jordan makes small talk with Maxie about James. Maxie says, he made a spectacular arrival. Jordan is relieved they’re safe and healthy. She needs to talk a moment as the commissioner, and wants to talk about Peter.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s capable of saving herself. He says she needed help when Cassandra attacked her, and he cleaned up her mess. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him the most. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her, but he says he’s trying to help. Nina asks if he’s trying to woo her with the threat of prison.

In Peter’s old hotel room, Sam points out something to Curtis. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room. Curtis and Sam explain that they’re PIs working on a case. As far as Margaux is concerned, they’re breaking and entering. She snaps their picture with her phone, and says she’s sending the photos to the DA’s office. They can explain themselves to the cops.

Screaming comes from the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff. Jason gravitates toward it, but Doc sees him, and asks if he can help with something. Jason asks who the patient is, but Doc says they don’t discuss patients with the custodial staff. Carly asks herself, what the hell is going on out there? There’s a lot of wth? going around today. Doc tells Jason not to attempt contact, or he’ll have to inform Mary Pat that he isn’t who he says he is. Jason says he has to finish in Carly’s room. Doc lets him in, and tells Carly he’ll be back for their session. When Doc leaves, Jason gives Carly a phone, saying they don’t have much time.

Sam and Curtis show Margaux their IDs. She asks if they were hired by the PCPD, and Curtis says Jordan requested them. Margaux asks if Jordan specifically requested they go through her hotel room. Curtis says they were given leeway to investigate Peter’s last known whereabouts. Sam says they didn’t know it was her room. Curtis apologizes, saying they weren’t informed that the room was occupied, and it must have been an oversight. Margaux assumes it was already searched, and tells them to get to it. She’s going to watch, and see if they’re better at their jobs than the cops.

Valentin says he’d never blackmail Nina, but she insists he was using it to keep her in the marriage. She says she’s perfectly capable of getting out of her own messes. He’s using what happened against her. He tells her no one knows or ever will; except Anna might have figured it out. Nina says. Anna, and throws up her hands.

Felicia tells Anna she’ll get the details on the shower as soon as she pins Obrecht down. Anna says Obrecht loves Maxie, and if she’s there, it might cause a tirade. Felicia says she got so caught up in James’s arrival, she hasn’t asked about Anna’s son. She was grateful he was there for Maxie. Anna says, but she wishes he wasn’t Faison’s son? Anna has wished that too, from the moment he was born. Felicia says it must have been hard to live with the secret. Anna says she did what she thought was right at the time, but it went terribly wrong. Peter bore the brunt of her not defending him, and she feels responsible for the course of his life. Felicia says she did the best she could at the time; she did all a parent can do. Anna doesn’t agree, but appreciates Felicia’s words. Felicia asks how Robin is, and Anna says, processing. It might take a while, but she’s surrounded by family who can comfort her. Felicia asks who’s comforting Anna? Finn appears, and says, me.

Maxie hates knowing that she’ll be reminded of Peter when she thinks of the night her son was born. Jordan says Nathan would be proud. It’s no small feat to give birth by the side of a road. Maxie says Peter kept her calm and distracted her from the pain. Jordan says he seemed to be trying to start over for her. She might have been his only real friend.

Obrecht reads out loud about the father not being able to bear his sorry excuse for a son. She says not since Oliver Twist has a child been so mistreated. Peter says he never went back again for Christmas. She tells him that he’s a compelling writer; she almost feels sorry for him. Keeping him alive is looking more interesting.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t know how much longer be there. He believes Doc might turn him in; he thinks Carly would be safer. He says not to tell him about the phone no matter what, and only use it in an emergency, since she’ll risk being caught. He tells her to remember that whatever happens, they’ll get her out, but she has to stay strong and wait. Carly hugs him.

Doc returns to Carly’s room, and suggest they dive into their session. Carly says she can’t do anything until she tells him the truth. He says he’s always happy to hear the truth, and she says the insanity plea was a defense tactic. Diane thought if she pleaded insanity, she wouldn’t go to Pentonville. Not for one minute was she out of her mind. He asks if she’s saying she pushed Nelle deliberately, but she says she would never jeopardize her grandchild – or Nelle. Nelle was taunting her with a baby blanket, and she fell. Doc asks if she maintains there was a baby blanket, and she says, yes, and a scarf and a break-in. Nelle’s been gaslighting her, but she hasn’t been able to prove it. Doc says she’s there and she’s his patient. Regardless of how she got there, they should use time constructively. Carly says she’s not crazy, but he’s sure they can find something to talk about.

Felicia says it’s wonderful to see Anna and Finn together. She predicted it, and when she’s right, she’s so right. She’s happy for them both. She tells Finn that everything she said still applies. Anna is a remarkable woman, and he needs to treat her well. Anna finally found someone who won’t let her push them away. Finn says they both did some pushing. Felicia thinks it’s going to be epic. She has to leave to plan a shower and find an annoying German woman. When she’s gone, Anna asks Finn if Robin is on the group text. She still hasn’t heard from her.

Nina tells Valentin all the pieces just fell into place. Anna knows she nearly killed Cassandra, and she’s Peter’s mother. No wonder he protected her. She keeps pulling back layers, and wonders what other twisted compromise he’s made to keep Anna in his life. He says he never told Anna anything, and the conversation was supposed to be about them. She asks if this is where he lies and she believes him. She says, that “us” is over.

Obrecht tells Peter the sequel will be his confession. If the book is a success and the critics agree, he lives. Peter asks what critics, and she says the only one that matters – her.

Carly asks Doc if he thinks Nelle couldn’t have set her up if she hadn’t lost Morgan. He thinks her grief set her up for manipulation. She admits she wanted to believe Morgan reached out to her. Doc says there are ways to honor him that aren’t as painful. They could work on that. Mary Pat sees Jason in the hallway, and asks why he’s still there. He tells her that he was cleaning up a food spill, and she tells him his shift ended. They don’t pay overtime, but she appreciates his diligence.

Curtis examines the vent in the hotel room. It has prints on it, and he thinks Peter could have used it to store his bag. Margaux says they’re done, and she needs to get ready. Curtis says it’s been real. Sam says it was interesting meeting her. Margaux says, for her too.

Anna gives Finn a copy of The Severed Branch. She says the book will be another thing for Robin to contend with. She and Robin used to figure heavily in Faison’s stories. She misses Robin, and the baby is almost one. She can feel the distance between them, and has to make it right. Finn tells her to do it. Robin always complimented her on being a persistent mom, and she needs the mom she’s used to. He says, sometimes time becomes a barrier. It’s easier or less painful to leave things unsaid. Don’t let it happen.

Maxie tells Jordan that Peter is not her friend. Jordan asks if she has any idea where might have gone. In the time they were close, did he mention a place he was connected to or a safe haven? Maxie says he only offered minimal details of his life, and who knows if they were true? Nathan is gone, and she’s all James has. How is she supposed to take care of him when she can’t see trouble standing right in front of her?

Jason meets Anna. He tells her that he’s been focused on Carly. Anna is sorry about Ferncliff, and says Carly probably feels he could have done more if he hadn’t been working with her. She tells him that she told Robin about Peter. Jason says Robin told him. Anna asks what she said, and he says she thanked him for saving Anna’s life. Anna thanks him too.

Maxie tells Jordan that she’s excited for James leaving the hospital, but terrified to be alone with him. She and Nathan were supposed to be a team. Jordan says Nathan chose her to be mother of his child; lead with that, and she’s just a phone call away, 24/7.

Anna says Jason saved her life, and she nearly shot him for it. She can’t say she’d do it differently, and she’s sorry for that. She asks if their positions were reversed, and she had a gun on Michael, would he shoot her? He doesn’t know, but if it was the only way save his life, maybe he would. She’s professional and knows the risks, and Michael was a baby he held. He would have to help him, no matter what the cost.

Peter tells Obrecht that she broke his hand, and he needs it to write. She says if will afford him an opportunity to get the details correct, and she can add her own perspective. After Anna’s destruction, the book will be a testament to Nathan. Peter asks her to tell him about Nathan. He needs to know him if he’s going to write about him. Obrecht says, he was too good for this world; kind, giving, and handsome. There’s no resemblance.

Felicia goes to Nina’s office, and says she’s obviously interrupting, but Nina says, not at all. She asks how Maxie and James are, and Felicia says they’ll be home soon. She wants to get together a shower, but hasn’t been able to reach Obrecht. She asks if Nina can get a message to her; she’s not returning Felicia’s calls or texts. Nina says she’ll try, and Felicia leaves. Valentin asks Nina to tell him what’s wrong, but she says she’s not playing games with him anymore. She has her brother’s son to worry about.

Anna tells Jason that she’s sorry Peter escaped; that wasn’t supposed to happen. She wanted to intercede with the WSB, but some of the charges are valid. It’s her fault for setting it in motion. Jason says Robin always talked about how Anna taught her to do the right thing, not the easy thing, and to think for herself. Robin tried to teach him those things, and she put that in motion too. If he spent his life trying to pay them back, he wouldn’t be able to. Anna says Robin told her that after all this time, she doesn’t really know her. Jason asks if she said she loved Anna. Anna says she did, and Jason says, believe it. He tells her good luck, be careful, and watch her back. It won’t help anyone if she lets Peter kill her.

Maxie reads about the father telling his son to search for other men’s weakness in The Severed Branch. She says he wins the worst childhood award, but that doesn’t mean she forgives him. She throws the book toward the trashcan, but misses. Felicia walks in, and asks what’s wrong. Maxie says she hates that Peter’s childhood is making it hard for her to hate him. She throws the book into the can, and Felicia says, whatever fate has in store for him, let it go. It has nothing to do with her.

Nina shows up at the cabin, and Obrecht says she’s discovered a useful purpose for Peter. Nina says they have another problem. Felicia wants to revive the baby shower. She needs to make appearance in town. It’s out of character for her not to be hovering over her grandson. Obrecht is sure Felicia has good intentions, but can imagine what the shower will be like if she’s left to her own devices.

At The Floating Rib, Sam says she can’t believe the flash drive was under their noses the whole time. Curtis is concerned that they just created trouble for Jordan, and Sam’s people skills didn’t make them favorites with the DA. Jordan joins them, and tells them that there’s security footage of Peter going in to the hotel, but not leaving. Curtis says a mystery is added to the mystery. Margaux comes in, and Jordan introduces her. Curtis says he was just about to mention they’d already met her.

Finn goes back to The Floating Rib to tell Anna that he has to get back to the hospital again. She tells him that she’ll say goodbye now. She’s going to Berkeley. He says, she’ll need someone to wash… er, watch her back. He can refer his patient to another doctor. She thinks it will be more than an overnight, and his patients deserve brilliant him, not a referral. She’s booked on the next flight. He walks her out, and says he totally forgot one thing. Before she goes… he kisses her. She says it was on her packing checklist. He kisses her some more, and she says she is coming back. He says he’ll be there when she does.

Carly hears music outside, and reaches for the phone under her mattress. Like that isn’t the first place someone would look for contraband. She hears knocking from the room next door, and says, it’s better than screaming. It happens again, and she wonders if it’s Morse code. She knocks back, and asks if they’re trying to tell her something.

Curtis and Sam move to another table. Margaux tells Jordan she doesn’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but has qualms about her hiring Curtis and Sam. Jordan says they’re the best at what they do. She understands Margaux’s hesitation, but assures her they’re professional. They’re careful not to let their personal lives interfere with work. Margaux thinks they work both sides of the law. Sam wonders why Peter is hiding. It’s not like he didn’t have time to call someone for help. Curtis thinks he’s got more enemies than friends. They need to look for someone who hated him enough to make him disappear.

Obrecht sees Felicia, who says she’s been trying to reach her. Obrecht says she’s here now, and the shower will proceed as planned.

Peter asks about Maxie and the baby. He heard Maxie is taking James home soon. Nina says, yes, and he says she must be relieved. She says, they all are; they needed some good news. Peter says he was the first to hold James. He was so tiny, and Peter just wanted them safe. No matter how angry Nina is, does she really want the man who delivered her nephew punished? He begs her to save him.

On the phone, Valentin asks someone if they got his instructions. He wants them followed to the letter. It’s for his wife, so there’s no margin for error.

Finn calls while Anna is getting in the car to the airport. He tells her that he misses her already. She says, her too, and tells the driver to take her to Port Charles International; it’s a domestic slight. We see he has a gun on passenger seat, which he covers with a newspaper.

Carly asks if the other patient is trying to talk to her. Outside, Mary Pat says Jason seems to have been deceiving her, and she doesn’t like liars. She asks for his badge, and he hands it over. She says he can follow her out, or she can call Rupert to escort him. Omg, I’ve been calling him Jasper. He seems like a Jasper. Doc watches as Mary Pat leads Jason away.

Tomorrow, Josslyn is angry with Oscar, Michael gets a warning, and Mary Pat tells Carly that Jason is gone.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, 50 Cent listed his house with Fredrik. I didn’t catch how many rooms it has in total, but there are 20 bathrooms, which I can’t even fathom. He’s decided it’s a little big for one person. Ryan has the chance to make a $6 million commission on a $200 million property in Brooklyn, but the catch is that he has to make a meeting in Shanghai first. Steve managed to sell a penthouse that has amazing views, but had been on the market for a year. He got a $104,000 commission for his efforts. Next time, things get dicey with Ryan trying to get to China.

📺 A Cuppla Reality Tidbits

How sweet! Rand asked Lala’s dad for her hand in marriage. And the rest of her too. Ha-ha!

Alexis and Jim Bellino are divorcing. How Sad! Maybe. Jim is kind of a d-bag.

🌇 And In Closing…

I’m loving Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It’s one of those shows that I forget how good it is until I see it again. Sadly, I read that Odd Mom Out will not be returning. I adored that show, even though I thought I wouldn’t relate. Not only is it set in my beloved NYC, if I was a mom, Jill (Jill Kargman) is the kind of mom I’d be. It’s also crazy cool that she was a Club Kid.

🎇 For Your Viewing Pleasure…

June 22, 2018 – A Scream Grows in Ferncliff, Fiancé Dish, TV News, Quotes to Ponder & Weekend Plans


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly does push-ups. Jason peeks into her room. They put their hands on opposite sides of the glass in the window. I tell them to get a room. Jasper sees Jason, and tells him to make himself useful and open the door. His hands are full of food trays, and he tells Carly take one. She pulls the bottom one out, and he spills them all over the place. He calls her an idiot, and tells Jason to clean it up

Mike asks if Sonny knows Charlie. Sonny says they’ve never met personally. He wonders if Mike remembers him from the 90s, when he used to live across the street. Mike says, not then. He hasn’t seen Charlie since Sonny was about eighteen. Sonny thinks Mike might be mistaking him for someone else, but Mike insists he knows that man.

Sam tells Curtis there’s no trace of Peter anywhere. Curtis says he left Peter’s picture wherever he went. Sam says some people recognized him, but only from the news. Curtis says he got away clean. Sam says, or he’s hiding in Port Charles. Someone is helping him.

Nina finds little Morocco in her office, and Valentin tells her, welcome back. He sent her assistant away for the evening. Now she can have Morocco without the seven-hour plane ride. She says it was a long time ago. He says it was when they fell back in love, and hopes this reminds that they still can.

Julian sees Alexis at the hospital, and says it’s perfect timing. He was about to let Doc know his decision. He’s going to therapy with her. She asks if Kim gave the green light. He says she no issue with it, and it’s his call. She asks why he agreed. He tells her that she said she needed closure, and he owes her that much. She appreciates it, and he says to let him know when best time is. She says, how about now?

Sam tells Curtis maybe they’re overthinking it. Curtis asks if he’s laying low and waiting. Who would help him? He’s torched every relationship he had. Sam wonders about Valentin. Valentin is his only ally. Sam says, that they know of. Curtis says, the jet never took off and there’s been no trace of him. Sam is sure it must be Valentin.

Nina doesn’t like people messing around with her office. Valentin says he’s not people, he’s her husband. She tells him to enjoy the title while he has it trying. He says he was trying to do something special, and she says it’s Arabian Nights themed prom in her office. He wants her to see what they have to lose; Morocco was incredible. Nina says especially when the expensive necklace was stolen, and Valentin returned it, because he seems to have criminal ties all over the earth. He says he took a beating, but she nursed him back to health. He loves when she takes care of him. He loves when she loves him. He talks about making love in the moonlight, with distant waves crashing on the beach. He says, there was no past, just a future. She is his future. Tell him she feels the same. She says she doesn’t.

Alexis thinks she and Julian should get it over with. He says it’s a little fast, but she says, not for her; she just wants closure. She thanks Julian, and says she’ll talk to Doc. Lucas overhears, and tells Julian that sounded almost too civil. Julian says he’s just doing Alexis a favor, and hopes she’s willing to reciprocate.

Mike says he met Charlie in Port Charles, but not when he lived there. Sonny thinks Mike might be confused, and Mike tells Sonny not to talk down to him. If he listens, he might find out something. Sonny moves to take his arm, and Mike pulls away, saying he’s not an invalid. DA Margaux walks in, and sees the two of them arguing. She asks if there’s a problem here. She sees Sonny, and says they meet again.

Carly wants to hug Jason, but he suggests she doesn’t, since they can be seen through the window. She can’t believe Jasper locked him in there; she could be dangerous. He tells her it was a nice move, getting him to spill the trays, but don’t do it again. She says she’s trying to ignore Mary Pat, but every time she brings up Morgan’s death, she wants to punch her. Jason tells her not to give in. There’s no fight worth winning in there. She only wins when she walks away free. Carly wonders when that will be. Since it’s been all of two days.

Sonny says that everything is fine, and Margaux tells him, if he says so. She wonders why he’s hanging out in a place owned by Julian Jerome. He says they sell Corinthos Coffee. Mike asks if Sonny knows her, and Sonny tells him that she’s the new DA, Margaux Dawson. She asks Mike if Sonny is bothering him, and Mike says if she calls interrupting bothering. Sonny tells Margaux this is father. He mentioned him on the stand; does she remember that? Mike says, what he said. They were just having squabble about when Sonny got started in the business. She asks if they were talking about coffee.

Lucas tells Julian that he doesn’t want to know. Julian says Brad stopped by and told him Alexis is handling the adoption. He hopes she does good by them. Lucas says she’s focused on the legalities, since the only one who has any control is the birth mother. Lucas leaves, and Alexis returns. She tells Julian that Doc gave go the ahead. She asks if he’s ready, and he says as he’ll ever be.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t love him anymore, breaking my heart into a million pieces. He says he doesn’t believe it. She says, that’s the problem. There’s a direct connection between his lies and her brother’s death. His failure to act was an act in itself. He knew Faison was looking for Peter. He made her doubt herself, when the whole time he was undermining her. He says he didn’t know what to do. She says she can’t trust what comes out of his mouth, and he says he never lied about loving her. She tells him love means trust and honesty, but she doesn’t know what it means to him. Reminding her of the trip reminds her that she never should have given their marriage a second chance.

Doc thanks Julian for joining them, and he says it’s not how he saw his day going. Doc asks Alexis to explain what she’s hoping to accomplish. She says she started therapy because she has issues she thinks might have started with her father. He was ruthless, amoral, and cruel. If you loved him, you either adapted to his cruelty or paid price. Her mother paid with her life. No one was left unscathed, including her. Watching his behavior has had a bit of an effect on her. Doc asks if she means it had an influence on her romantic relationships. Alexis says if a man was stable, she’d run for the hills. Doc asks if she ever saw her father behave that way, and she says only if it was a manipulative tactic. Doc wonders if it feels like a trap to her, but she says it feels foreign. Love is obsessive, compulsive, and damaging. From what she witnessed growing up, love could get you killed. Julian remembers her telling him about how Mikkos got off on power and enjoyed ruining people’s lives; love was transactional. Julian asks how he fits in. She can’t believe doesn’t see connection. Neither can I. He says maybe it works for Sonny and Ric. Alexis says they didn’t hold a knife to her throat. Julian says he had no choice. She says he did; he could have told her the truth. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter it happened; it happened. He says he couldn’t risk his family’s lives. She says he dragged to a pier and held a knife to her throat, making her think he was going to kill her. The only way to cope, was to drink herself into a stupor. It didn’t work. She had sex with him, knowing he’s hurt her again. Julian gets up, saying this was a mistake. Alexis says she wants closure, but if she’s just looking to rake him over the coals, he’s calling the whole thing off.

At the hospital, Brad sees Lucas peeking into a room window. He says something is distracting Lucas; a mother and a newborn. That will be them any day now. Lucas if afraid the birth mother is going to change her mind; it’s keeping him up at night. Brad suggest he go home, have a glass of wine or three, and rest. Lucas is worried about falling in love with the child, and having them taken away. How would they deal with that? Brad says it’s not in their hands. It sucks, but they agreed to keep the faith, and believe everything will work out. They’ve done all they can. Lucas asks why aren’t they talking about names then?

Valentin says Nina gave him thirty days to be a better husband. She says she signed that to humor him. She just wants a divorce. He thinks they can still make it right. She says nothing can make it right. Because of his silence, her brother is dead, and she’s had to take justice into her own hands. He asks what she means by that.

Sam thinks Valentin helped Peter, but something wrong. Between the hotel and the jet, Peter vanished. Curtis says maybe Valentin doesn’t know anything about it. He claims Peter just disappeared. The hotel room has been searched by everyone from forensics to the WSB. Sam says it hasn’t been searched by Ashford and McCall.

Jason cleans up the mess in Carly’s room. She says she should be enjoying it, but wants to help him, and can’t because Jasper will report it to Mary Pat. Jason says Jasper is a bully, but Mary Pat is dangerous. She has it in for Carly. Carly doesn’t know why; she’s not a threat. Jason says she can’t hide how strong she is, and that threatens her. She’ll make excuses to find Carly wrong. Carly says if she was thinking strategically, she’d do what Doc said, and tell him to quit.

Sonny asks Mike to get another round of coffee. He tells Margaux if she has questions, ask him. Don’t play games with his dad. She knows he has Alzheimer’s. She says they might have been discussing his criminal enterprise. Sonny says if she’s implying that he’s anything less than an upstanding citizen, she’s mistaken. She says he’s been investigated for murder, extortion, and racketeering. He pled guilty to AJ’s murder. His community is organized crime. Sonny says, prove it. Everyone else has failed. She says she’s not everyone else. He says no; she’s cruel. She comes after him through his wife.

Carly says someone could recognize Jason, but he came anyway. He says the hard part was getting hired. Mary Pat believed his resume and references. Carly is sure Spinelli was thorough, and Jason tells her that Elizabeth gave him a recommendation letter. Carly wishes it was safe for him to be there. He says on thins he knows, Mary Pat likes to be right, and she hired him. If he keeps doing a good job, she’ll look at him like her person. Everyone else will just see the uniform. She says unless they see his eyes; they’re memorable. He says, to her, but she says, anyone. He asks if she wants him to stay. She doesn’t think she can make it without him.

Lucas says he can’t pretend he’s not terrified, and Brad says he has his moments of paranoia. He reminds himself that they’re everything a birth mother could want in a couple. They have everything a baby could want. If she didn’t believe that, she would have chosen another couple. They have Alexis in their corner, and she’ll do everything in her power to protect them.

Alexis says Julian wants to be a martyr, and he says it’s not about closure. She wants a free pass to tear into him. She says he wants to be forgiven on his terms. Storming out shows he’s not responsible for his actions. Julian says they clearly don’t need a psychiatrist to play referee. Doc suggests more structure in the session, assuming Julian is willing to continue. Alexis says she’d be grateful if he stayed, and Julian says, okay.

Julian sits back down. Doc asks Julian what drew him to Alexis. When he returned again, he knew their lives were I conflict. He was engaged in a covert criminal enterprise, and Alexis was an attorney who prides herself on her ethical practices. He adds that Alexis encouraged it. Alexis says she encouraged nothing. They’re supposed to be discussing why she’s drawn to dangerous men. Julian says he wanted redemption, and he saw a chance for it in her.

Carly says she keeps repeating what Jason told her; don’t panic, no shortcuts, wait for him and Sonny to get her out. Jason says they will. She knows it intellectually, but when she’s sitting alone or with Mary Pat watching her, she feels trapped. Jason says it takes everything not to make run for it. In Russia, it took him months to plan his escape. They would park him by a widow, where he could see the grounds and the city beyond, but he couldn’t move. He knew he’d be caught. When he finally made a run, he knew he had to make it all the way out, like she’s going to. He tells her to wait. Every day gets her closer to home. If she can’t do it for herself, do it for her family. They need her back. She takes his hand, but Jasper is coming in. He asks if Jason is done. He’s got a lot of corners waiting for him. He tells Carly since she spilled the tray, she doesn’t eat until the next meal.

Margaux tells Sonny that she didn’t scapegoat his wife. He says she wants to try anyone who’s a Corinthos. When the judge said she wasn’t guilty – Margaux says, by reason of insanity – she had her sent to that hellhole because of revenge. Margaux says the judge remanded her there, and Sonny says, because of her big speech. She got what she wanted. Now Carly is in lock-up with psychotic murderers. Margaux says, she pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs. Sonny says Nelle admitted she played tricks on Carly, and Margaux asks if he’s implying Nelle deserved to be pushed down the stairs. Sonny says he’s implying there was no justice at the trial. It was about ambition, and she’s responsible for the misery that came out of it. Margaux says she became a DA because she believes in justice, order, and structure. People like him flaunt their disregard for it. She did the same thing she would have done if it were anyone else. His wife committed a felony, and was prosecuted accordingly. The same way she’ll prosecute him if she has to. He doesn’t want her as enemy. He says there’s no way to avoid it, and she says, let the games begin. She leaves, apparently without ordering. Mike asks who she was, and Sonny says, nobody important.

Alexis asks Julian what made him think she could redeem him? He says maybe he saw something; he didn’t realize it until now. Maybe he thought she was strong enough to handle his darkness; this person, who championed the concepts of right and wrong. Doc asks what value it had to him? He says he never thought he could be good man, but with Alexis, maybe he could be a better man. He didn’t just fall in love with her, but with the idea that he could be a better man. He did horrible things to hold onto that. He can never ask forgiveness, but he’s sorry. Maybe there’s some psychological reason that she’s trying to redeem the men in life, because her mom wasn’t able to redeem her father. Well, I guess they don’t need Doc. He can go home now. Julian says, in her, he saw a chance for redemption. At that point, he was wanting – begging – to be redeemed. He thinks they were just trying to break the cycle of violence with each other. He wishes they had.

Outside Peter’s old hotel room, Curtis tells Sam that Jordan’s team swept it already, and he trusts her. Sam says, and she trusts Jason. Sam opens the lock, and they go inside. Someone’s stuff is there, and Curtis says Olivia didn’t waste time in renting it out. Sam says they have to hurry.

Valentin asks Nina what she means by justice. She says Peter should be in custody, but he’s free instead.  instead free. He says she seems worried, and she says, it’s work. He says she was distracted at The Floating Rib, like she was somewhere else. She apologizes for not giving him her undivided attention while seeking her well-earned divorce. He thinks it’s something else. He tells her that if she’s in trouble, he’ll help her, but she has to tell him what it is.

On the way to the elevator, Alexis tells Julian that she thinks Doc is right, the therapy will be good for them both. He under no pressure though, and she knows it’s more than he bargained for. Julian thinks he’s good to go to future sessions. Clearly, they have other things to address, and owe it to each other to move on with their lives. Alexis says, and here they are. The elevator comes, and Alexis says she’ll do whatever he needs on her end to help him move on; don’t hesitate to ask. He says he’ll think of something one of these days. The elevator door closes.

Lucas agrees with Brad that Alexis is a great lawyer, but she can’t stop the birth mother changing her mind. Brad says they could get hit by a bus, or a giant meteor could obliterate life on earth. There’s potential disaster everywhere. Lucas says Brad’s faith is impressive. Brad promises they’re going to bring the baby home, be amazing parents, and nothing can stop them. Lucas says Brad doesn’t know that. Brad says he can, and promises there’s nothing that can keep them from being parents. They kiss.

Nina says Valentin would love for her to be in a crisis, so he can swoop in and rescue her. Even if she needed rescuing, she’s capable of rescuing herself. He asked if she defended herself on New Year’s Eve, when Cassandra attacked her. She needed his help, and he gave it, no questions asked. He cleaned up any trace that would lead to an investigation. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her.

Curtis says the place is cleaned out, but Sam sees something above the window. She calls Curtis over to look. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room.

Sonny tells Mike, sorry for what happened. He doesn’t like fighting with him. He says they can talk about anything, and asks what were they talking about? Mike doesn’t remember. Sonny says it doesn’t matter; he shouldn’t have been pushing him. He’s sorry. Mike says, him too. Sonny doesn’t want to be late for Michael’s dinner. Mike says he’ll meet him outside. On the way out, Sonny looks at picture of Charlie. He calls Max, and says he needs a team to look into someone – Charlie Delaney.

Jason is cleaning in the hallway outside Carly’s room. We hear a scream. Carly says, what the hell? Jason moves toward the other room, and Doc comes down the hall, asking if he can help him with something. Jason asks, who’s the patient in this room?

On Monday, Felicia asks Anna who’s comforting her, Margaux accuses Sam and Curtis of breaking and entering, and Maxie talks to Jordan about Peter.

💍 Thoughts on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

I’m liking Anfisa more. The web cam thing was never an issue, because it’s not like she was doing anything illegal, it’s her decision, and it happened before she and Jorge got together anyway. So pfft! But, for a while, I did think she was using him. I wouldn’t go so far to say it was the other way around, but this dude will say anything he can to get over. She seems to be actually listening to what the counselor is saying. She also wanted him to defend her to his family, but he couldn’t get sister Lourdes on the phone. This prompted one of the producers to ask if the last time he saw Lourdes wasn’t at the divorce lawyer. Talk about stirring the pot. Anfisa wasn’t too happy. When denial didn’t work, Jorge did a lot of singing and dancing, finally agreeing to individual therapy. While at first, I thought Anfisa just wanted a green card, it looks like she really does want to make it work. Why? Who knows.

David made an attempt to have a cohesive family moment, taking Annie and the rest of his clan to the zoo. Daughter Ashley said, with Annie, it could go either way. More like, with Ashley it could go either way. I feel sorry for Annie. She’s another one who was lied to, and she hasn’t done one wrong thing. David insightfully realized that Ashley is taking out her anger at him on Annie, and they all managed to have a peaceful day. Annie basically said David was all talk and no action, and she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. If I was her, I’d head back to Thailand, but insist on keeping the water buffalo or whatever it was he had to give her parents.

Pedro sent his sister a ticket to come and visit, which Chantel did not appreciate, especially since he never once paid for her ticket to the DR. He also sprung it on her while they were furniture shopping, and she had to come to grips with the fact they could no longer to be able to afford the couch she just thought was so comfy. Chantel made it clear that sistergirl is to leave her drama in the DR. That sister is a real piece of work, so I can’t wait to see how this visit goes.

Molly is having a hard time getting Luis out of her house. This guy definitely wins the In-It-For-The-Green-Card award. He probably thought he was getting a free ride too, but didn’t bargain on having to “babysit” and not go to the club every night. He locked himself in the guest bedroom, Ricky Ricardo music on full blast, threatening to call the police. Molly says she’s about to snap. I just have to say it. This is what she gets for being a more than grown-ass woman who’s managed to avoid marriage so far, picking up someone she barely knows, and is of barely-legal age, while on vacation in another country, and marrying them.

Russ hit the nail on the head, saying Pao turns into a mean girl when she’s around Juan. Although she finally left with Russ after the non-fistfight outside the club, she’s not willing to let go of the friendship. I’m not sure why, unless she likes being a mean girl. Or at least acquiescing to a mean queen. I wouldn’t be friends with this guy. This is always going to be a thing between them, like Pao wanting to take her clothes off for the camera.

Which brings us to the biggest mistake of all, Azan and Nicole. A “friend” of Nicole’s told her that a voice recording of Azan had surfaced online. (How much you want to bet the producers have something to do with its sudden appearance?) She listened to them, and he talked about wanting a kiss from some girl, but we didn’t hear another person responding. No surprise, Nicole threw a fit, and called Azan at who-knows-what time it was there. She tried to keep the cameras away, but they remained up her ass. Good job! Azan explained that it was long ago, when he was drunk with his boys, and they were leaving prank messages for girls. Nicole whined for a while, but still got on the plane for Morocco with her toddler, to take on an 18-hour travel day. When Azan met her at the airport, he almost seemed like he really cared about her, which confused me. If nothing else, both of them are too young. Nicole’s MO is to whine until her family agrees with her and does what she wants. I think she might be in for a big surprise when the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit. She’s also been sending Azan some large chunks of cash, but keeps saying it’s no one’s business what her “financials” are. Rightfully so, her mother is concerned, saying it’s like putting a frog in boiling water. If you turn up the heat slowly, it doesn’t realize it’s getting cooked. She thinks Nicole is getting cooked. Like my brain from watching this show.

📺 TV Tidbits

Preacher returns this Sunday, June 24th at 10 pm. I’ve never been able to fully commit to this show due to time constraints, but from what I’ve seen, I definitely want to investigate it further.

I doubt Luis is going to contribute to society, although he might contribute to five-dollar margarita night at Chili’s.

Meanwhile, in Morocco… or not.

I can just see Ashley, flipping her hair as she trash talks the show.

📠 Quotes of the Week

What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeno business. – sign at Trader Joe’s

Am I still here? In my mind, I was running so fast. – Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls

Selfish, not self-centered: for in such a life my mind would be directed towards a thousand things, not one of which is myself. The distinction is not unimportant. One of the happiest men and most pleasing companions I have ever known was intently selfish. On the other hand, I have known people capable of real sacrifice whose lives were nevertheless a misery to themselves and others, because self-concern and self-pity filled all their thoughts. Either condition will destroy the soul in the end. But till the end, give me the man who takes the best of everything (even at my expense) and then talks of other things, rather than the man who serves me and talks of himself, and whose very kindnesses are a continual reproach, a continual demand for pity, gratitude, and admiration.CS Lewis, From Surprised by Joy

In other words, quit complaining.

⛳ Enjoy – No Matter What They Are…


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June 21, 2018 – Nina’s New Morocco, Kathryn is MIA & Hats


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Francesca tells Sonny and Mike that Mike’s new medication is having a positive effect. Sonny tells Mike that doesn’t mean he won’t be seeing the doctor anymore. Mike says he can’t complain. Griff and Francesca treat him like a prince. He says friends help each other, and tells Francesca that he has a grandson around her age. She says she knows Michael, and he’s very lucky to have grandfather like him. Sonny tells Mike to let Francesca get back to work. Mike thinks they would hit off, and there’s no harm in trying. Sonny thinks he should ask Michael first. Mike says Michael will just give him the runaround, and asks if Carly will be there.

Julian asks Alexis if therapy means rehashing the gory details of their relationship. She says it does, and he asks, what could go wrong with that? She’d appreciate some cooperation, and he tells her that he didn’t say no, but it’s a lot to ask. She says after everything he put her through, he should be more accommodating. He’s concerned about the intimacy of the situation, and says he’d like to ask Kim. Alexis didn’t know they were at that point in the relationship.

At the hospital, Dr. Shaw is looking for some reports. Kiki says she can help, but he says he’ll stop by later. She tells Elizabeth that David warned her that other doctors might feel uncomfortable with her. Dr. Shaw isn’t the first one either. She was ignored when she spoke to a surgeon in the elevator. Elizabeth thinks David is the one who should be getting the cold shoulder. Kiki thinks there’s no way she’s the first person he’s done this to. Lulu comes in and Kiki says, speak of the devil. Lulu asks if they’re talking trash on her, and Elizabeth says, not her. Kiki asks if anyone has come forward.

At The Floating Rib, Anna finishes telling Finn a story about getting Robert to stand in for her at a concert. Finn says they’ve managed to spend the entire day hanging out. They kiss and Obrecht says, look at the lovebirds.

Valentin goes to Nina’s office. He tells the receptionist that he wants to surprise her, and will take full responsibility. She hopes Nina knows how lucky she is to have a husband like him. He says, probably not. He closes the door, and says he hopes he can remind her tonight.

At the cabin, Nina tells Peter to wake up, but he doesn’t.

I have a mini dog emergency, but alas, no time to work internet magic tonight, and miss a few minutes. Sorry. I’ve had to wear five extra hats this week.

Sonny suggests he and Mike go to Mike’s old neighborhood on Charles Street. They can see what’s cooking and bring back old memories.

Lulu tells Kiki that she’s checked the other hospitals where David worked, but no claims have been filed against him. The HR departments seemed caught off guard. Kiki asks where that leaves them, and Lulu says, waiting. Amy is willing to talk about the culture of sexism at GH, but has no specific experience with David. Kiki says if no one comes forward, the case has no chance. He gets to live his life and do this to more women.

Alexis tells Julian that she didn’t realize they were at the asking permission stage. He says things are good between them, and he doesn’t want to mess it up. He did Alexis wrong in many ways, and one was not communicating. He has the chance not to repeat the same mistake with Kim. He hopes she understands. He’s growing, and she needs to grow too. She tells him that if he decides to help, give Doc a call.

Kim asks Julian what that was all about; it sounds like couple’s therapy. He says it sounded that way to him too, but Alexis insists it’s about past relationships, and called it guest starring. He couldn’t give Alexis an answer until he ran it by her. Kim appreciates it, but he doesn’t have to get permission for this or anything else. It’s not the kind of relationship she’s after. Does he want to go? Julian says he has other things he’d rather do, like pay bills, do laundry, and darn his socks. Sifting through their old relationship doesn’t sound fun. Alexis’s goal might be closure, but he’s afraid of being trapped in some circle. Kim says it sounds like he’s made his decision, and he guesses he has. She has to get home, and tells him that he makes his own choices, and she’ll support whatever he decides.

Outside, Mike tells Sonny this is the best dive bar, but Sonny says it’s under new management, and hip now. They go in, and Sonny tells Julian to relax. They’re grabbing some coffee, on the house, and wants Julian to include the July payment in full.

Anna asks Obrecht what she did to upset her. Obrecht says she’s upsetting the patrons, who don’t appreciate her revolting spectacle. Anna says it must be hard, dealing with the loss of Nathan. Obrecht says not to dare patronizing her. Anna says she was trying to reach out. They’re kind of on the same side. Obrecht asks if she thinks they’re buddies because they both despise Faison. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, is foolish. There’s ample room for enemies in this world, and Anna is one of hers. She put a target on Nathan’s back, and her lies led to his death. Anna asks if Obrecht thinks her son would want bitterness and blame? Obrecht is sure he’s be first to tell her to forgive, and Anna suggests she try it – for him and herself. Obrecht calls her scarecrow, and says she may be right. They might both have something in common. They’ll never see their sons again.

Nina tells Peter no one is trying to kill him. Confess, and it will be over. He says she doesn’t really think Obrecht is sincere with that plan. Once he confesses, they’ll call the cops to collect him. He asks how the confession will be admissible when it was given under duress? Once they take him, they’ll know he was held captive. The only people facing charges will be her and Obrecht. Obrecht knows it, and she wants him to confess that Nathan’s death is all his fault. True or not, it doesn’t matter. Once he says the words, she’ll kill him.

On the phone, Valentin tells someone he’ll see them in a half hour. If they come in fifteen minutes, he’ll double their bonus. Finn walks in, and Valentin says his wife isn’t there. Finn says he’s looking for Valentin.

Julian serves Mike and Sonny their coffee anything else. Mike guesses there’s a good story between Sonny and Julian, but Sonny says it’s not worth talking about. He wants to talk about what they were discussing the other day. Mike asks for a reminder, and Sonny says when he helped him out in Croton.

Brad walks into Charlie’s and Julian asks if he’s there to give him another ultimatum. Brad wants to thank him for what he put together for him and Lucas; all the information meant a lot. They also appreciate Julian’s understanding. Julian says Lucas told him that he couldn’t afford one wrong step, and Julian didn’t want to risk it. He knows they’re not crazy about the birth mother’s agreement. Brad says she gets to know his GPA from college, but he doesn’t even know her name. If they follow rules, she’ll have no reason to change her mind. Julian flashes back to asking Kim about the birth mother’s records being on file, and Kim telling him that she’s still a patient until she gives birth. Julian asks Brad if he happens to know at what hospital the mother is giving birth.

Elizabeth tells Kiki that everyone will know she’s telling the truth. It’s been retweeted and shared more than anything else they’ve written. Kiki says she hasn’t read the comments, and Lulu tells her not to do that to herself. They’re sick trolls, shaming the victim. Kiki says they know who she is, and where she works, and think she should die. Francesca listens. Kiki feels helpless. Lulu says she has a ton of support, and someone else coming forward won’t happen overnight. Dr. Bensch’s days are numbered. Francesca’s head pops up. Elizabeth asks if Kiki is okay, and Kiki says work is keeping her sane. Francesca approaches Kiki. She says they don’t know each other well, but she saw the article. Most people would be too scared to come forward. For what it’s worth, Francesca admires her. Her courage means a lot.

Anna asks Obrecht what she means. Obrecht says Henrik fled the second he could. She doubts he’d risk a bullet to find his mom. She tells Anna to keep lying to herself. Her delusions will keep her occupied until Henrik faces retribution. She says not to forget they still have their own score to settle.

Valentin asks Finn to what he owes this unexpected pleasure? Finn wants to tell him to his face that he and Anna are together. Valentin says, good for them. He thought it was going to be touch and go until the end of time. Finn says he played God with a child’s life, and devastated lives in the process. If he gets involved in Anna’s life again, it will be his last move.

Kim asks Elizabeth if Linda Cartwright’s labs are back. We can probably assume that’s Lucas and Brad’s birth mother. Elizabeth says she’ll check, and Kim asks if she has a minute; it’s personal and embarrassing. Elizabeth says, no judgments. Kim asks how she and Franco deal with each other’s exes. Elizabeth says it’s been a mutual co-existence, except for Jason and Franco. She asks if Julian is having a hard time with Drew. Kim says they were scratchy in the past, but she’s the one having issues about Julian’s ex.

Brad tells Julian they don’t know where she’s from or where she’s giving birth. Julian says it must be stressful until the thirty-day mark. Brad says Alexis is handling the adoption, so she knows everything, but she’s bound by law to keep it confidential, and keep them in dark.

Alexis arrives at the hospital, and tells Lulu that it was a good article. The exposure is amazing. She asks if anyone has come forward, and Lulu says, not so far. Alexis says Kiki getting her name out there will make it easier for others. They can take him to court, but without a corroborating witness, there might be no way to win.

Mike tells Sonny that he doesn’t remember being in Croton. Sonny says Mike got him out of some trouble; a situation in a field outside of Croton. Mike says it doesn’t ring a bell. Sonny tells him not to worry about it. Mike looks at the old photos on the walls.

Valentin asks if Finn just threatened to kill him. Finn tells him to stay out of Anna’s life. Valentin knows he had fun playing Spy Vs Spy with Anna, but he’s not dealing with an amateur. Finn says he has access to things that make it seem like you’ve passed away peacefully. Valentin says it’s not easy to kill someone. He and Anna know. Why would he want to? Valentin is actually a fan. Finn makes Anna happy. Finn suggests he concentrate on his own marriage, or whatever’s left of it. He walks out.

Peter says Nina knows he’s right. She says he’s just trying to get in her head, and it’s not happening. He says they know how it ends; Obrecht has already been violent. Nina insists she’s not going to kill him. He says she’s disassociated from reality. She can’t get revenge on his father, and he’s the next best thing. She wants him to take the blame. Obrecht will get satisfaction in killing him, but what does Nina get? He tells her to get out of it. She still has family and a career. She has a life that still matters, and a future waiting. He tells her to please make it stop. Do it now, before she loses everything too.

Finn asks Anna how the talk with the German went. Anna says, Swiss, and he says, whatever. She says charming as ever. She can’t blame her for grieving, but something Obrecht said unsettled her. She doesn’t think she intended for that either. She said Anna wasn’t seeing her son again. It could have been an all-purpose wish, but she got the impression that Obrecht knows something she’s not telling.

Obrecht returns to the cabin. She didn’t expect Nina, and Nina says she’s making sure they’re still on the same page regarding the goal. Obrecht says a confession, what else? Nina says, besides the mishap with the bat, she doesn’t intend to hurt him, right? She tells Obrecht she won’t be an accomplice. Obrecht says Nina is unaccustomed to these situations, but she isn’t. Trust her. Unlike Henrik, she’ll only stab someone in the front, not in the back.

Julian tells Brad that it must be rough, having the information just out of reach. Brad says they’re taking it on faith. There’s no sense making waves. Julian says if there’s anything he can do to help, let him know. Brad says he’ll see him around. Julian thinks he will.

Kiki doesn’t understand how Alexis can say that. She’s the one who encouraged her to take it to court. Alexis says she still feels the same way, but it’s an uphill fight. Lulu asks if there isn’t a lesser burden of proof in civil court, but Alexis tells her it’s he said, she said. Unless his name is on public record, they can’t counter-sue. It’s only the truth if proven in court. Lulu says that’s the problem with harassment; it happens behind closed doors. Alexis says she wouldn’t be doing her job if she didn’t tell Kiki. She’s behind her 100%, but tells her to think it over. Kiki says it shouldn’t be so hard to do the right thing. Lulu says one thing is guaranteed. A lot of women will thank her for speaking up. Someone could still come forward before they get to court. Francesca says, someone is.

Julian gives Sonny his payment. Mike looks at a picture, and says he knows that guy. Sonny says it’s Charlie Delaney, he built this place. He says Mike lived across the street. Maybe he remembers him from when he was living there, but Mike says no. He hasn’t seen him since Sonny was around eighteen.

Obrecht tells Peter, alone at last. She opens a Styrofoam container. She says she adores barbeque. It’s a brisket sandwich with spicy sauce. She says he must be famished, and he tells her that he passed out earlier. She says he’s pathetic. The average person can go for a week without food. He was far from death’s door. She must say she’s enjoying it though. She bites into the sandwich.

Nina sees curtains in front of her office. She walks inside to find it decorated, and Valentin telling her, welcome back to Morocco.

Anna can’t believe Finn confronted Valentin. Finn says he had it coming, and she says, he’s lethal. She’s grown fond of Finn, and tells him to give Valentin a wide berth from now on. She just found him. She let him all the way into her life, and doesn’t want to lose him. Certainly not to Valentin. Finn tells her not to worry. He’s not going anywhere. They kiss.

Francesca says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. They were looking for another woman harassed by David, and here she is. He did the same thing to her.

Kim doesn’t love the idea of Julian reliving his relationship with Alexis in therapy. Elizabeth says, why would she? No one is that progressive. Kim thought she was. Elizabeth says, surprise; she’s human. Kim says maybe she should have been honest about how she felt. She thinks it’s strange that Alexis wants him to go to her therapy session; it seems intrusive. Elizabeth says, and she doesn’t want to appear like the threatened, jealous girlfriend; it’s normal. Kim says it’s a good lesson on what not to do next time. She doesn’t think it’s worth dragging out, since he decided not to go.

Julian sees Alexis at the hospital. He says he was just on his way to see Doc. He’s made his decision. He’ll go to therapy with her.

Tomorrow, Julian calls it off, Nina says she had to take justice into her own hands, and Mike says he’s not an invalid.

Southern Charm

I hope Ashley thinks a ring is inside that box Thomas is going to give her, but it turns out to be a wallet.

Naomie goes to kickboxing class. Hopefully, it will get out some of her aggression. She calls Danni, telling her that Kathryn never showed, and isn’t picking up her calls. Danni hasn’t heard from her either. Naomie calls Shep. She’s worried that this is like the old Kathryn. Shep says the screen on Kathryn’s phone is severely cracked, and it might be an issue.

Shep orders lunch with blueberry beer, because it has anti-oxidants. He’s against oxidants. Austen joins him. Shep asks what the next step is with Austen’s beer, and how much cash he’ll need. We flash back to Austen’s parents expecting success. He tells Shep that he got into a tiff with Victoria. I was right. The hug was involved. And Austen was the one who gave himself away by telling Victoria about it. I didn’t see that coming. Shep says it’s like a romantic comedy. Austen says Victoria tossed a drink on him. He told her to get in an Uber and go home. It’s been radio silence since, and he blocked her. In his interview, Austen says she made it crystal clear they’re over, and he has no remorse. Shep says it would be crazy if before Christmas, everyone was single. Austen wants a stable relationship for Christmas, and Shep says he’s not going not get it.

Ashley visits Patricia. She feels lucky Patricia could squeeze her in, since her time is so valuable. I’d be willing to bet Patricia knows a brownnoser when she sees one too. Patricia notices Ashley is hoarse, and asks Michael for two medicinal drinks; a hot toddy for Ashley, and Patricia’s usual martini. Ashley tells Patricia that she and Thomas pumped the brake. It’s been a transition, and she knows Patricia heard about Hilton Head. She babbles about there being an issue with the children’s mother. The tension built, and she felt a shift in the relationship. She whines that Kathryn texted Thomas about not wanting her around the kids because she’s angry. Patricia wonders if Ashley’s immune system is run down, and asks if Thomas is still going out partying. Ashley says he’s out right now. He’s an older man who should get his sh*t together. Patricia tells her if there’s one thing she’s learned in her 105 years on this earth, is that men don’t change. In terms of managing Thomas – although feminists wouldn’t like it – Ashley should just sit and listen. In her interview, Patricia says, in the south, they don’t get involved with these issues. Like her mother said, keep quiet and think of England. She tells Ashley to let it be about him. Ashley says it always is, but Patricia says, if she’s secure, let it. She says Kathryn is always going to be the children’s mother, so she should concentrate on being the girlfriend. Is this the way she wants to live, and the man she wants to devote her life to?

Naomie brings Chelsea a load of juicing supplies. She tells Chelsea about no one hearing from Kathryn since Monday. It’s like in the old days when she used to drop off the face of the earth. She wonders if it has anything to do with Thomas and Ashley and the kids. In her interview, Naomie says if Kathryn messes up one time, she’s screwed, and Thomas will go to court. Danni tells Naomie about talking to Craig, who wouldn’t get a flu shot because he might walk backwards for the rest of his life. Naomie says he read an article about someone it happened to, and he wasn’t risking walking to see a baby. Danni asks if she should call Kathryn, but Naomie says she already asked Shep to call.

Cameran meets Shep and Whitney for lunch. She says she misses them the most, and it reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. In her interview, Cameran says she’s a prisoner to breastfeeding. She doesn’t eat a healthy diet, and thinks producing so much milk is crazy. She’s brought along some to-go milk, and pours both of them a shot. She says it’s like becoming blood brothers, but they’re milk brothers. Whitney spits it out. So much for etiquette. In her interview, Cameran says since she got pregnant, Whitney has had a strange fixation with lactation, and she couldn’t leave Shep out; he’s never turned down a shot. Shep says it’s good, and he likes it. Whitney thanks him for that.

Cameran asks if Thomas is still with Ashley. Whitney says he went shopping for a Craig-ass promise ring. Shep doesn’t think it will last. Thomas doesn’t want to deprive other women of him. Cameran suggests Shep go after Ashley, and he says, no. Cameran wonders if Craig has been laid since Naomie, and then wonders if he’d ever been laid before Naomie. She tells the guys she has to wait two more weeks before having sex. Whitney brings up the topic I can never get rid of, vaginal rejuvenation. Cameran says she took a look, and it looks the same.

Craig meets friend Warren from law school. They walked graduation together, although Craig didn’t get his diploma until a couple of years later. Warren says his practice is good, and asks if Craig is looking for a job. Craig says he wants to work for himself from home, and tells Warren that he’s a seamstress. Warren asks if he has a business plan, and if pillows are lucrative. Craig tells him about designing the pillow for Patricia, and Warren wants him to admit it’s a bit farcical. Craig shows him one of the designs, and Warren says it looks like clip art. Craig mumbles something about licensing, and Warren tells him it’s awful; Patricia won’t sell that. In his interview, Craig says there are a million pillows at Warren’s house, but his wife buys them. Warren isn’t his target audience. Warren jokes that Craig tried to off himself with a butter knife, and Craig says he couldn’t even do that right.

Thomas gets the kids ready for school. He knew intuitively that his life would center around kids, but envisioned it as the nuclear family, not being a single dad. He says co-parenting with Kathryn is good, the kids are happy, and they’re getting along. Kathryn has transformed from a carefree adult to a woman with a woman’s heart. We see clips of them with the kids. He says if she continues on this trajectory (yes, he put it that way), she will be mother of the year in five. Ashley was upset because there’s been no proposal. He knows she doesn’t want to waste her time, but he has a lot to lose. He needs to focus on his kids and getting along with their mother.

Danni hopes she’s not overreacting, but it’s like Kathryn fell off the face of the earth. She’s going to Kathryn’s apartment with Naomie. She hasn’t responded to their texts or calls, and missed another appointment without calling. Danni says Thomas having a girlfriend hasn’t been good, but Naomie says it’s who the girlfriend is. Danni says dealing with Ashley has sucked the life out of Kathryn; it sucks the life out of her. She wishes she could pick locks. Naomie asks if that isn’t illegal, and Danni says no, because they’re her friends. Ha-ha! Okay.

They knock on Kathryn’s door, but there’s no answer. Naomie uses a bobby pin on the keyhole. Danni says if Naomie makes it happen, she’ll be impressed, but the pin doesn’t fit. Naomie thinks they should find the property manager. Danni asks, what if they call the police? Naomie says the manager should let them in if they explain. What world do they live in?

The property manager tells them that Kathryn isn’t dead; she’s in there. They thank her for checking. Danni is pissed. They knock again, and Naomie asks Kathryn to open the door. Naomie wonders what’s wrong with her, and thinks it’s not good at all.

Craig arranges some flowers. Barely. It’s more like he makes a mess. Patricia calls, and he tells her that he’s trying to be a cultured adult. She asks if can come over in an hour, and finalize the design; they’re running out of time on her end. He thinks maybe he’ll bring the flowers. He screws around with the designs –what we call clip art – on his laptop.

Patricia gives the sage observation that, nothing is worse than bad potpourri. I can probably think of a lot of worse things, but that is pretty bad. She’s waiting for Craig; she called hours ago. It’s six pm, and he’s still home. He says, it is what it is. He didn’t even call her??? He walks out the door with the flowers and the laptop.

Michael suggests Craig is doing his hair again. He finally arrives, with one of the flowers getting broken in transport. I love Patricia’s cardigan. It’s very long, and looks almost like silver chainmail. She tells Craig they’re in a time crunch. He says something about fabrics, and she says, design is the key. He shows her a picture of two cartoon dogs under palm trees. She asks how he did the dogs, and he says he found a stencil online, but he did the colors. She explains that he can’t get it off the internet; it has to be original. He tries to backtrack, saying that he needed something to feed off of. She says the problem is timing; she needs the design right now. He claims he wasn’t aware of that, but we see a clip where she gives him a two-week time frame. Patricia says it’s been two months. She loves him, and has given him more latitude than she would ordinarily, but they need to table it; it’s business. He thinks maybe he should have spent more time on this. He thanks her, saying it didn’t work out this time, but who knows what’s down the road. I can guarantee it’s not Patricia hiring him for anything. In his interview, he says he only needed one more night, and he could have made it perfect. No. A thousand more nights wouldn’t have helped. As he gets in his car, he says, that was bullcrap.

Chelsea brings a ton of food to Naomie’s, who is having a manicurist and masseuse come over. Naomie tells her about going to Kathryn’s with Danni, and that they had a wellness check done. All they could say was that she was alive, but no details. Naomie feels bad for her. The manicurist and masseuse arrive, behind them. She still hasn’t heard from Kathryn. Cameran walks in, saying she’s free. No one can believe she’s just had a baby, and Naomie touches her boobs. Chelsea has a business opportunity, and tells her about people who buy breast milk. They can get rich. Cameran is asked what the highs and lows are about being a mother. She says the low is that her life was altered. She was forced to be unselfish. The high is that she has a baby that’s part of both she and her husband, and it’s unconditional love. In her interview, Cameran says Palmer smiling for the first time made her cry. Her heart isn’t cold and dead after all. Naomie gives Cameran a collage she made from the ultrasound. Cameran has to jet. She’s still learning to balance living her life and being a mother. It’s no longer about her, and was a lesson she needed to learn. Naomie gets a massage. She says if she had her blanket and cat, she’d be in heaven. I see her future, and it involves a blanket and several cats.

Shep calls Chelsea. He knows they’re worried about Kathryn, and tells her that Thomas said she picked up the kids. Thomas doesn’t know she’s been keeping to herself, and Shep doesn’t want him to know. Chelsea says, and they don’t want Ashley to know.

Thomas and Ashley go out to dinner. The wine is called wolf-something, and Thomas says he was called wolf when he was single. Ashley says he might be single again. She loves him, but thinks they hit a rough patch. It’s been volatile since she got back. She tells him that she’s starting to access everything, and there are red flags. When the wine is served, Ashley makes a face, and says it tastes interesting. Thomas gives her the box. She calls him babe, and I choke. It’s a bracelet, and you can tell she’s disappointed. Thank you, God. The food comes, and Ashley thanks him. He tells her a healthy relationship is interdependent, but not co=dependent. He thinks she’s kind of needy, and if that’s what he wanted, would she be attracted to someone like that? She needs to be involved in something outside of him. She asks if he means like a job. God forbid. He says she’s looking to him to be her tower of strength, but she has to find it inside herself. Ashley says they’ve never had a chance, since she stopped listening after she realized she might have to go back to work.

Kathryn stops by Danni’s place. Her dog is wearing the cone of shame. Kathryn says she’s alive and well. Danni says, don’t do this to her again, and asks where she’s been. Why wasn’t she responding? Kathryn almost gave her a heart aneurysm. Kathryn says everything going on has been a lot, and she took a mental break. She turned off the phone, and locked herself in her apartment. Danni says they were concerned about her well-being. Kathryn says it wasn’t intentional; she didn’t even see they’d called. Danni says she didn’t know if Kathryn was alive, and it scared her. Kathryn explains that she’s been on meds for depression. She was happy and adjusting to sober living, and thought didn’t need them. She stopped taking them, and didn’t realize how it would affect her. It increased her anxiety and emotional response, and snowballed. She says she’s kind of ashamed, and Danni tells her not to feel like she can’t come to her. Kathryn knew she wouldn’t judge. It was a matter of confronting it; saying it out loud. In her interview, Kathryn says when she got the diagnosis of anxiety and depression, she was relieved. She knew why she was making irresponsible choices. Now she takes antidepressants. She tells Danni that for a long time she thought she had nothing to bring to a friendship except being a burden. Danni says that’s not true, and she gets something out of their friendship. She starts to cry, saying she was scared. She loves Kathryn. Kathryn says she loves Danni too, and they hug. All has been forgiven.

Next time, Shep tries to cook, Thomas talks to Patricia about Ashley, Chelsea asks Austen to go to Patricia’s Winter Wonderland party, and there’s a polo match.

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June 20, 2018 – Ava Smacks David, a Spa Weekend for LuAnn, Gordon Times Two & Summer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Oscar asks Josslyn how he looks with a French fry mustache, but doesn’t get much of a response. Josslyn is distracted. She hates that her mom is in that place. She gets that her mom needs treatment, but she was supposed to go to Shadybrook, which is like rehab, but instead, she’s in Ferncliff, which is worse than prison. If she keeps talking about it, she’ll go crazy too. She asks how Oscar liked staying with his dad. He says he liked everything, except his mom being on an overnight with Julian.

Julian and Kim arrive back at Charlie’s. Kim asks if Julian is glad to be back. He says he’ll be better after he checks for ticks. Kim thinks did a thorough job. They kiss, and she tells him to admit he likes great outdoors. He says it was the company. He can’t imagine any better camping company. His phone rings, and Kim takes the opportunity to call Oscar. Alexis tells Julian that she’s been trying to reach him; they need to talk. He tells her that he’s at Charlie’s, and Alexis says she’ll be right there.

At the hospital, David sees Alexis. He tells her that he could use a hero right about now. I don’t think I’d be jumping the gun in saying he’s barking up the wrong tree.

At the Floating Rib, Kiki gets a text from Ava saying that she and Griff are worried. Griff appears.

Ava surprises Nelle on the Quartermaine’s terrace. Nelle says she didn’t hear Ava, and Ava hopes she’s catching up on the gallery work piled up since her convalescence began. We see she’s looking at a newspaper article about Chase from the Palm Beach Press.

At the PCPD, Michael tells Chase that Nelle says he’s stalking her. Is he? Chase asks if that’s what Nelle told him. Michael says, amongst other things. Chase says she’s quite the storyteller, amongst other things.

Nelle tells Ava that she’s busy. It’s personal. Ava asks if her return is imminent, or is she still enjoying her victory lap?

Doc tells Carly the only room available is in super max. She’ll be moved to the main wing as soon as a bed is available. She thanks him. Doc sees Jason, and whispers his name. Doc tells him this is not a good idea. Mary Pat wanders over to introduce them, and asks if they’re already acquainted.

Kim sits with Oscar at Charlie’s. She asks what Drew fed him, and if he’s got scurvy. Oscar correctly says it would take more than a day to get scurvy. She asks if he got his paper done. He asks her to define done, and she asks him to define grounded. Josslyn gets weepy, and says it’s getting late. She runs outside, and drops a cannister of pepper spray. She looks at it with tears in her eyes. Kim comes out, and asks if she got something in her eye. She says her mom gave it to her.

Mary Pat asks if Doc knows the new employee. Doc tells her that he could say that. He practices at GH, and Jason’s last job was there. Mary Pat says she forgot he was on staff there. She says he works so many hours, possibly a second job is unfair to everyone. He could overextend himself, and leave others to pick up the slack.

David tells Alexis that they need to catch up, but she says she has to be somewhere. He says he has something up more than a friendly meeting in mind. He’s in a legal jam, and would like to use her services. She asks what kind of jam. He says word is going around that he’s the ogre in Kiki’s story. It’s not true, but rumors are taking their toll, and he wants to be ready for a defamation case, if it comes to that. Alexis says his career will be dead and buried by then, and as Kiki’s attorney, she’ll be wielding the shovel.

Griff asks to sit down with Kiki. He’s glad to see her out and about. He can’t imagine what it’s like with her picture and name on the front page. She says she’s being trolled in the comments section and on Twitter. She thinks she’s clearly not his first target. She’s hoping someone corroborates her story, but so far, it’s been silence. Maybe she is the only one.

Nelle tells Ava not to pretend to be worried about Carly. She’s reaping the rewards. Sonny’s attention is divided, and Carly isn’t there to meddle with her Avery time. Ava says she wouldn’t wish Ferncliff on her worst enemy. Nelle says Ava should be thanking her. She’s enjoying the fruits of her labor without lifting a finger. Ava tells her not to get too cocky. Her scheme could unravel as easily as a handmade baby blanket.

Michael doesn’t want Chase’s opinion; he wants Chase to leave Nelle alone. Chase tells Michael that he kept his distance, but they were bound to cross paths. He doesn’t know how much she told him about her fiancé dying. Michael says it was an accident, and Chase tells him the case is cold, not closed.  Dante joins them and asks what’s up. Michael says Chase claims that he’s investigating Nelle for the death of her fiancé, but Nelle claims he’s stalking her. Michael asks why Dante didn’t tell him Chase had a history with Nelle, and then realizes Dante didn’t know.

Dante asks if Chase came to Port Charles to follow Nelle. Chase says the same reason he went to Maine and Florida, to enforce the law. Michael says he followed Nelle, and asks if the law doesn’t frown on detectives sleeping with suspects. Chase explains that he pursued the case. He believed in Nelle’s innocence, and she played on that. Then there was an anonymous tip that he was involved with a suspect. He was reprimanded, his career derailed, and the case dried up, as Nelle intended.

Ava tells Nelle that she’s not out of woods yet. The blanket is still out there with God knows what else. She’s sly, but not as brilliant as she thinks. Nelle says, if only Ava hadn’t taken that picture. She wouldn’t want Dr. Priestly to find out she was snooping. This actually caused me to pause for a second, wondering if that was Griff’s last name, then realizing it was a joke. I feel stupid. Ava says Nelle can delete it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the cloud or out there somewhere else. She has no way of knowing. While she’d like to accommodate Nelle, she’s going to hold on to her security blanket for the time being. Nelle says she’ll hold on to the photo for the time being.

Griff tells Kiki it’s too soon to throw in the towel. Someone could still come forward. Kiki says she’s in a counter intuitive position, hoping another woman has been harassed. Kiki’s concerned that she really has no say. Griff daydreams about being with her in bed. Kiki says maybe she made a mistake after all, leaning on him.

Josslyn tells Kim that her mom gave her the pepper spray for protection, in case she got locked up. Kim knows that there are scary misconceptions about mental hospitals, but she did a rotation in one. Josslyn asks if it was the same place Carly is in, but Kim says, no. She says Josslyn’s mom will be fine. She’ll get the help she needs, and come home. I don’t hear what Josslyn says, but she jets.

Oscar looks at an arrowhead Julian brought back, and says it looks like a stone; good for skipping, not hunting. He asks Julian if he has a hickey, and Julian says it’s a mosquito bite. They made a feast out of him. he doesn’t know how Oscar stands it. Oscar says some people are born campers; some should just stay home.

David is shocked that Alexis is representing Kiki against him because they’re friends. She says she’s Kiki’s attorney now. He says she had him over for Thanksgiving; they dated. She says that should have been her first clue. It’s been pointed out she has bad judgement when it comes to men. David says the hospital found Kiki’s claims to be without merit. Alexis says it’s in their best interest not to find fault.

No, no, no! There’s a special report, because the news can never wait until it’s time for the news, forty minutes from now. I fill the next part in using my interweb powers.

David thought Alexis knew him, and she says she’s been wrong about a lot of people. In this case, she’s right, but wishes she weren’t. She walks away, and David looks grim.

Julian tells Oscar there’s a first time for everything. Oscar says now that he’s done it, he never has to do it again. Julian says he’d be a quitter, and Oscar says, quitting has a bad rap. There’s no harm in knowing your limitations. Julian says, but there’s glory in defying them. He doesn’t scare easy. Kim and Alexis walk in, and are both surprised to see Julian and Oscar talking. Alexis thought they didn’t get along, but Kim says that hasn’t really been tested. Alexis is shocked Julian goes camping.

Griff tells Kiki that he’s willing to keep his distance, but why deprive herself of the support of a friend? They made one mistake. Kiki says and won’t repeat it. It’s enough to blow up everything between him and her mom, not to mention her and her mom. She’s been jealous of their friendship from the beginning. She can’t do this with him, as much as she wants him there.

Mary Pat tells Doc the rest of the staff are full time, and see all that goes on when he’s away. Jasper grabs Carly’s arm, and says it’s time for her rest. Doc tells him to let her go. He’d like a few minutes alone with his patient. Mary Pat says, it’s vital that they adhere to a schedule. It’s order for their disorders minds. Doc says, the key to recovery isn’t prioritizing what’s on one’s schedule, but scheduling one’s priorities. I’ll have to think about that one. He tells Mary Pat that he’s Caroline’s doctor, and has the best handle on that. Mary Pat says she doesn’t want a half-cleaned room, so he’ll have to tolerate Jason’s presence. Doc says, if he must. The patients get rounded up, except for Carly. Carly tells Jason she’s glad he’s there. Doc says, too bad he can’t stay.

Nelle asks if Ava came over to remind her that she’s indebted. Ava asks if she’s seen the news. Nelle asks what Ava did now, but Ava says there’s a profile on what her daughter endured at GH. She had a bright future, and now it’s uncertain. It reminded her how you can lose everything you’ve gained. Carly’s absence benefits her now, but if there’s one iota of evidence that could set her free, Nelle needs to get rid of it. She leaves, and Nelle takes the bottle of Morgan’s cologne out of her bag. Josslyn comes in, saying she came to talk to Nelle. Josslyn says Morgan once spent time in hospital because he was bi-polar. She went to visit, and it wasn’t scary. She asks what it was like for Nelle, and Nelle wonders if she’s asking because of her mom.

Michael says Chase slept with a murder suspect. Now he made detective, and took a job in Port Charles in his quest to resume holding a badge over Nelle’s head, like he did in Florida. Chase says the only thing he wants is a confession. Michael asks what evidence he has that Nelle killed Zack. Chase says cases like this can develop over a long stretch. Michael tells him to take the rest of his life, but develop away from Nelle and their baby. Chase has some friendly advice – don’t kayak with Nelle, or ever.

Ava sees David at the hospital, telling him that he’s a hard man to find. She asks if he’s not getting her messages about the artwork. She has some things that would suit his taste, and says he should make an appointment. He says he’s rather busy. She says she’s flexible, but he says he was being polite; he can’t patronize her business. She says she’s sorry to hear that, and asks, why? He suggests she ask her daughter. Ava says, it’s you. You’re the one who’s been harassing my daughter.

Julian tells Alexis that he was showing Oscar an arrowhead, and she asks if he’s sure it’s not just rock. She can’t believe he was camping without room service. She says she has an urgent need for his help with something. She needs for him to go to therapy with her.

Oscar tells Kim that Julian is a grown man, and he’s just a kid. How much of a hard time could he give him?

Nelle tells Josslyn that it was scary at first, but she got used to it. She was sick, and needed help. She couldn’t get better on her own. She got the help she needed, but she was in control, and could change hospitals if she wanted to. It’s not the same for her mom, but a good doctor will help her regain some control, even if it’s not up to her. Josslyn wonders how long she’ll have to stay, when Michael brings in a package for Nelle. She says she wasn’t expecting anything, and takes out a T-shirt. She says it’s from a bar she went to in Florida with Chase.

Dante asks if Chase is stalking anyone else close to him. Chase says, sorry, and Dante says, for stalking Nelle or being an obsessed rookie. Chase says he’s not stalking Nelle; she tainted the case. Dante says failure to report it to the department opens them up to a lawsuit. Chase says he disclosed it to the commissioner during his interview, and he was hired anyway. Dante bets she doesn’t know the suspect was Nelle. They never would have been partnered. Chase says Dante has been openly hostile to him, and his father runs half the town along with Michael. How could he trust him?

And here’s where we came back in real time. To some commercials. <sigh>

Jason thinks he has the perfect cover, but Doc isn’t. Jason asks why Doc didn’t tell him he was on the staff, and Doc says he didn’t think it was relevant. He thought Carly was going to be at Shadybrook. It’s a good thing he’s going to be there, or who knows what meds they’d give Carly. Doc tells Jason that he has to quit – today.

More commercials. What?

Nelle says, it’s already starting. Chase is sending her a message. She takes out a note that says, hey, Janelle, remember when? C. Josslyn asks what the problem is, and Michael says it’s no problem he can’t handle. Josslyn says obviously something is going on they don’t want her to know about. She tells Nelle to give the baby a virtual hug from her and her mom.

Dante asks Chase what the plan is. Chase tells him not to trust Nelle. Another department ended up with the case, and she got away with murder. Dante suggests he might have wanted to get Michael to break up with her.

Jason tells Doc that Carly is there on her own, and he’s in the perfect position to keep an eye on her. Carly says Mary Pat is a psycho. Doc says he’s not beholding to her whims. Jason gained access to the facility under an assumed name. If they find out, things be much worse for Carly.

Ava tells David to admit what he did. David says he provided Kiki with knowledge and guidance. Ava says, and unwanted advances. When he came to the gallery, he wanted to tell her that Kiki might make up lies to cover her poor performance. Ava says her daughter is not a liar. David looks forward to suing her for slander. Ava says his reputation will be in tatters when she’s done. He says he’s not the one who came on to Kiki; she came on to him. Ava slaps him, just as Kiki and Griff show up. David says, like mother like daughter. Griff tells him to leave now. David says, they’re all his.

Julian asks if Alexis means like couples therapy. Alexis says they’re not a couple; the therapy is for her. He’d be a guest star. He’s not sure he understands. She says they have an issue, and it was suggested she work through in a safe, neutral environment. She says it’s important. She has a lot of questions, and few answers.

Julian says he’ll think about it. He’d like to help, but she made clear they’re leading separate lives. She says they wouldn’t be talking about the present and future; strictly the past, and how it relates to hers. He asks if she means rehashing every gory detail, and she says, yes. He says, who wouldn’t agree?

Griff asks Ava if David said anything incriminating, but Ava says, no. Kiki says this is why she didn’t tell her. If she gets in trouble, it will weaken the case. She’s hired Alexis, but they need more evidence. They’re hoping the article prompts someone to come forward. Ava asks, what if it doesn’t? She needs to come up with an alternate solution. What would Victor do? Kiki says, he’s dead. No one is fighting her battle on her behalf.

Nelle tells Michael that she can’t stand Chase lurking around. She told him to back off, but he’s completely obsessed. Michael says he’s up against the two most influential families in Port Charles – on both sides of the law. She thanks him, and digs around in her bag. She says her perfume is gone.

Josslyn tries to study, but can’t concentrate. She takes the bottle of Morgan’s cologne out of her bag, and smells it. What did I miss? How did she get it?

Michael tells Nelle maybe the staff put it away; it’s just perfume. Why the big deal? She says, he’s right. She’s being ridiculous, and needs to relax. Michael suggests a bath, and she says, sounds like a plan. She goes upstairs, and Michael gets out his laptop.

Chase tells Dante that Nelle putting Carly in Ferncliff wasn’t exactly the plan, but undermining her was. Nelle wanted Michael, and Carly was the last obstacle. Nelle is good at the long game. Things don’t add up until you factor in a third party. He should have come forward sooner. The longer Nelle is on the  loose, the greater the danger.

Michael talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying it’s definitely working. Nelle is deleting her history every day. The last thing she looked up was Chase, which is no surprise. Michael sees an order form for a T-shirt from Florida. He looks over at the shirt Nelle received, and says, she had it sent to herself.

Jason tells Doc that he needs to be there to make sure Carly is okay. Carly says Mary Pat acts like it’s her kingdom. Doc says if she realizes they’re connected, he and Jason will both be out. If he’s removed, she could be held indefinitely in a haze of meds or worse. Jason needs to bow out now before he’s recognized by someone else. Jason says it’s Carly’s call. Carly says she’ll risk it. She wants him there. Jason says he’s staying.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that he makes his own choices, Obrecht has score to settle with Anna, and Valentin finds someone he was looking for.

The Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn’s dog! Two days post rehab, and Dorinda visits. She says LuAnn looks bright eyed and bushy tailed, and LuAnn says she is. She made it back, and is feeling really, really good. It was hard to leave; it was like she was in a cocoon. Exercise, therapy, acupuncture, and massage. In her interview, LuAnn says being back in New York will have its challenges. There are parties and dinners with everyone drinking. She lives a fast lifestyle, and it won’t be easy. Dorinda tells her about Grace Mayflower hotel, where they have a great spa. In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn is slowly reentering them and society. She wants to get there early, and make sure LuAnn gets the nicest room. LuAnn says her worst room was in jail. This sounds like paradise. She’s happy to see them, but heard through the grapevine, Ramona tried to get invited to Tom’s New Year’s Eve party, which happens to be on the same boat where they held their  rehearsal dinner. What’s wrong with her? In her interview, LuAnn says it’s mind-blowing for Ramona to even consider something like that and call herself a friend. Dorinda says she’s a real slob kabob.

Bethenny picks up Sonja, calling her limo her outdoor house. Carole, Ramona, and Tinsley ride together. Carole is looking forward to seeing LuAnn, and asking her what happened. She says the worst thing to do is walk on eggshells. Ramona says she would have freaked out and been mortified. Carole says LuAnn’s dress was the real crime. Meow!

Luann tells Dorinda there will be a resolution in what they’re charging her with. Right now, it’s four felonies, which her lawyer intends to argue down. She doesn’t have to make an appearance yet. Dorinda asks if she went straight to the crime scene in Florida. LuAnn says she was staying at a friend’s house who had been a bridesmaid. The friend’s cat was driving her crazy, so she decided to go to a hotel. It didn’t seem to register didn’t register which one it was. In her interview, she admits her decisions were not of those of a clear mind. She was drinking her emotions away, and self-sabotaging. When the cops came, she hid in the bathroom like a child. In her interview, Dorinda says the only correct response to a cop is, say you’re sorry, agree with them, and start crying. LuAnn says she was being rambunctious, and met up with a polo player. She pushed the wrong floor, and ended up in the wrong room, where they started kissing. Security came, and her date went to find a mutual friend. By the time he came back, she was in handcuffs. She didn’t sleep the entire night, an was in a sundress with no shoes. They threw her a bologna sandwich. She says the last time she had one was probably forty years ago. She took a big bite, and inside was the mustard packet. Omg, I’m dying. She’s even laughing. She says it was hanging out of her mouth like a dead fish, and she was pathetic. Dorinda says it must feel hopeless if you don’t have he resources to deal with it, and get stuck in the system. LuAnn says they put shackles on her in the courtroom. Dorinda wonders why it was necessary, and LuAnn suggest it’s because she tried to slip out of the handcuffs. Oh man, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I too know what its like to get stuck in the system. Not that particular one, thank God, but close, and we’ll leave it at that. A story for another time.

Dorinda and LuAnn arrive.The cottage is a humongous six-bedroom house. LuAnn asks for sparkling water, and Dorinda suggests adding pink dye. LuAnn insists she’s fine. She’s past that point, and feels strong in her commitment to not drink for now. She wants to chill and be Zen.

Bethenny is looking forward to the spa aspect, and hasn’t thought about the LuAnn aspect yet. It doesn’t feel right not riding with Carole though. Anything that’s upset her, is something she heard from someone else, and the someone else Is Dorinda. It’s like a wound she kept pouring salt into. There’s something about Bethenny that Dorinda isn’t into, but Bethenny is into going to the spa.

Dorinda greets everyone wearing a huge fur hat. Bethenny brought detox gift bags. LuAnn says she was on the hamster wheel. Her drinking worked, making her feel better until it made her feel worse. She had a major lesson in humility. Bethenny doesn’t think the Countess has fallen that far. Once she got to know LuAnn, she realized the emperor had no clothes. We flash back to some Countess moments. Bethenny says the last person to realize she wasn’t such a countess was the Countess. LuAnn says she’s inspired Dorinda to drink less, and Sonja says they’ve all been headed in this direction – getting healthier, not locked up. Bethenny wants to get her room, but Dorinda thinks they should wait for the others. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda wants to be her boss. Dorinda says someone is going to have to share, and Bethenny volunteers. In her interview, Dorinda says she feels like her friendship with Bethenny is like the weather report. Does she carry an umbrella or put on a bathing suit? Sonja stares into LuAnn’s soul, and they hug. Sonja tells LuAnn that she’d gotten an invitation to Tom’s party. Sonja says she and Tom are friends, but she’s there for LuAnn, and he knows it. She tells LuAnn that Ramona wasn’t invited, but called him to try to get on the guest list. Dorinda says for her, it’s just a party, but it’s very uncool. Sonja says Ramona wouldn’t miss the opening of an envelope. LuAnn says Ramona was texting her support the whole time. She needs to confirm it, but believes it 100%.

The others arrive. Carole is a little nervous. LuAnn looks good, and seems in good spirits, so that immediately makes her feel better. Ramona says LuAnn gets the best room, and is the princess for the weekend. LuAnn asks how Ramona’s holidays were, but she doesn’t say anything about Tom’s party. In her interview, LuAnn says she’d respect Ramona more if she’d come out and tell her. Bethenny went to Aspen, and LuAnn says everyone’s holidays were better than hers. Tinsley wants to know how she got out of the handcuffs. LuAnn says she was in disbelief that she was being arrested for intoxication, and she was getting out of there. She tells the story again, adding she thinks the maid got security. The polo player even asked if that was her Blackberry, and she said, of course. She doesn’t have a Blackberry. They make plans to meet for dinner, and everyone steals fruit for their room. Bethenny says it’s a hard reentry for LuAnn, with NYC and the group.

Carole asks Tinsley what she thinks. She wonders if LuAnn is doing too great, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about, getting the felonies dropped to misdemeanors. In her interview, Tinsley says because of this, her mugshot keeps popping up again in searches. Thanks, LuAnn. The girls end up in LuAnn’s room, and Carole asks if she remembers how to order in a restaurant. Ramona crashes the party, and is thrilled everyone is happy. She’s proud of LuAnn, and says it’s about friendships; it’s what sustains them, and makes life more full. In her interview, LuAnn says, tell her again how girlfriends treat each other, all the time knowing what was done behind her back.

The group gets a private dining room. Ramona asks the server to take photos. In her interview, LuAnn says she doesn’t expect the others not to not to drink, and it’s a good test of her strength. They talk nonsense, about who plays music when getting busy. Carole jokes that she likes the television on. LuAnn tells Bethenny about Ramona looking for an invite to Tom’s party, and Bethenny says that’s effed up. LuAnn says it was on the boat where they got married. Ramona finally pays attention, and says she was the guest of a friend who wanted to go. In her interview, she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She knows who he is, and accepts it. Bethenny asks if she texted LuAnn, saying if it was Mario, she’d let Ramona know. In her interview, Ramona doesn’t understand why they’re so upset. LuAnn knew she was dating Tom, and dated him behind her back. We flash back to Tom trying to distance himself from Ramona after the engagement. She insists she didn’t want to go. In her interview, LuAnn says Ramona has FOMO. We find out that Tom told Ramona that he was over his limit. LuAnn says that’s what FOMOs do. They put themselves first. Bethenny says LuAnn got married on that boat. Ramona says she wasn’t even invited; let’s call a spade a spade. I call it getting back at LuAnn because she wasn’t invited.

LuAnn says Ramona makes Benedict Arnold look like Betsy Ross. Carole says, bad call, and Ramona agrees she shouldn’t have done it. Sonja would be happy with one of her fake apologies at this point. Ramona says she’s invited Tom to her next party, then says she’s kidding. LuAnn suggests she improve her joke telling skills.

Back at the cottage, there’s a spread, but everyone is tired. Bethenny tells Sonja that Ramona is a terrible human being. Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s not perfect, and Dorinda says it’s about being loyal. Ever the hoarder, Sonja wants to keep the tissue from the gift bags. She and Bethenny try out some sheet masks and tongue scrapers. Sonja thinks she’s detoxing. There’s stuff coming out of her nose. I don’t want to know.

Dorinda brings LuAnn coffee. She says LuAnn is making them all want to go to rehab. LuAnn says it’s a big difference from the last time she woke up with them. We flash back to five weeks ago, where LuAnn woke up begging for water, and Bethenny was asking if Betty Ford was open. LuAnn says she could be upset with Ramona, but she’s kind of pathetic, and has no remorse. In her interview, LuAnn wonders if Ramona is so stupid, she didn’t think LuAnn would find out.

Everyone gathers in LuAnn’s room. Sonja models her slipper shoes from her line. They have the family crest on them, and she shows off her ring with it, saying it’s from her ex-husband. Dorinda scoffs, saying it’s her ex’s family, and she would feel like an idiot wearing Ralph’s family tartan. In her interview, Dorinda says, you don’t get a bloodline by injection, or from sleeping with someone. If you could, Sonja would have every title out there. Bethenny points out the monogram on Dorinda’s luggage. Sonja says she’s still very much a part of her ex’s family.

Back in their room, Bethenny tells Sonja, wtf? She thought they were relaxing and being nurtured. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda enjoys badgering Sonja, and it’s not a fair fight. She suggests she be Mrs. Mayflower and have the nutcracker as her crest.

Luann says she’s getting calls from her publicist, who’s been fielding calls left and right. Everyone knows she’s out of rehab because Ramona put a picture of them on social media. The judge told her to keep a low profile, and no drinking. The last thing she wants is a group shot being shared, where it looks like she’s out partying. This is supposed to be a relaxing spa weekend, and she’s hiding in corners, avoiding the press. Bethenny thinks it’s unacceptable behavior. Carole tells Ramona not to post any more pictures. Ramona doesn’t get it, saying it’s all about a happy moment, and everyone looks great. In her interview, Ramona says everything she does ends up being a negative. When she posted the photo, it wasn’t anything intentionally bad or against LuAnn, but Ramona is getting screwed somehow. Because it must be about her.

Next time, LuAnn calls out Ramona, Ramona didn’t get the memo, and Bethenny isn’t feeling safe with Dorinda.

💔 On Watch What Happens Live, Tinsley said she and Scott were on a break. I don’t know what’s sadder – that news, or that I’m bummed about it.

🔪 On MasterChef, the contestants split into two teams. They had to feed the workers at the Busch brewery, and the surprise ingredient was no surprise, since it was beer. The red team made beer battered fish, and the blue team did chicken. The main gripes were not enough food, the batter falling off the fish, and two bun tops on one sandwich. The red team won, and since Chelsea was the blue team captain, she got to save three members of her crew. She was ready for the backlash, saying she was used to people hating her. The ones who were left, got banana cream pie as a pressure test. The main problem here was over-whipped cream, but Gordon said there was one person who was flustered and unprepared. They knew who they were, and he wanted them to leave with dignity and take off their apron. Darrick undid his apron strings. Gordon said he started strong, but ran out of steam. Darrick was proud of having made it to the top twenty, and he wasn’t done cookin’ yet. Next time, a visit from a soccer player (not David Beckham), and a challenge that looks like it involves shellfish.

☕ Gordon descended on the Old Coffee Pot restaurant in the French Quarter on 24-Hours to Hell and Back. Established in 1894, the current owner’s wife had left him and the kids, and his second in command, Dawn, was manipulative and lazy. After the sneaking around, Gordon exposed the filthy conditions, including a poor, dead mouse in the toaster. Although that was nothing next to the live rats that roamed the kitchen when no one was around. Dawn got the boot, and Gordon did his thing; cleaning, redecorating, and revamping the menu, making it modern, but with old world charm. And the staff got new attitudes to go with it. Despite a shaky moment with some raw chicken, they were off to a good, new start. Dustin realized the solution rested with him. Gordon told them his time was done, but didn’t leave before he presented them with a new toaster – for bread. Next time, an LA restaurant owner is broken by tragedy.

🏊 Summer is Officially Here…




June 19, 2018 – Doc and Jason Meet, Veronica’s Bachelorette Life, Kasey Gets Caught, Puzzled & My Speed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna talks to Finn on the phone. He’s back in Port Charles. So is she. They’re in bed together. I guess talking on the phone in close proximity is their new foreplay.

Alexis tells Sam that she’s officially disentangled from Aurora. Sam tells her that she has a new business going with Curtis. She believes a clean break is best for everyone. Alexis thinks she should have a clean break from all the relationships in her life. Sam asks if that’s because of her sessions with Doc, and Alexis says they’ve been eye opening. Sam asks if that’s in a good way, and Alexis says, it’s in an oh-boy-do-you-have-a-lot-of-work-to-do way.

At the PCPD, Chase looks through files sent to him by his old partner, Abby, and sees Nelle’s picture.

Nelle pushes her food away, telling Michael she’s not hungry. He asks what’s going on. She asks him if he remembers her telling him that she ran into someone she knew. It wasn’t a coincidence. They came to Port Charles to see her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth looks at a wedding magazine. Scotty asks if it’s going to be black tie or in-and-out Vegas style. She says somewhere in the middle. He asks where her sense of adventure is, but she thinks they’ve had enough. They’re keeping it simple. Just them, and the people they love most.

Franco tells Doc he wants to give Elizabeth the wedding of her dreams. She deserves more than he can give her. Doc asks what that looks like, but Franco doesn’t know if Elizabeth is an ice sculpture person. He doesn’t even know how he feels about fireworks and chocolate fountains. He tells Doc that there will be male strippers, but tasteful, nothing gaudy. Doc says, what? and Franco says Doc is his shrink; he’s supposed to be listening to him. Doc apologizes. His mind wandered to another patient. Franco acts shocked that Doc has other patients besides him.

Carly asks for a newspaper to see what’s going on at home, and gets a puzzle instead. Mary Pat says, this is home – for the foreseeable future at least. Mary Pat tells Jasper there’s something different about the new patient, and asks if he gave Carly her meds. Jasper says he did, but the dosage changed. Mary Pat wants to know on whose authority, and he says Dr. Collins. She says she’ll look into it. Jason pushes a custodial supply cart around, and acts like he’s mopping the floors.

Anna tells Finn that she doesn’t want to brag, but she thinks they’re both pretty good at it. Finn agrees. She says, it’s crazy, and he asks, which part? She says, all of it; him, her, them here being happy. He says it’s been a long strange journey, but they made it. His phone dings. Anna asks who he’s texting, and he says, Emma. Robin told her that they’re an item. Anna takes the phone, and scrolls through the texts. She reads that Emma could tell her grandma was lonely. Finn says that’s true-ish. She reads a thank you from Emma for making her grandma happy. He says she can argue that if she wants to, but they get busy again.

Chase remembers an interrogation room in Blue Cape, Maine. Nelle is brought in. There’s a filter on the camera, so everyone looks younger. He asks if she knows why she’s there. She says she lost the man she was in love with, and everyone thinks she’s responsible. She asks if she looks like a killer. In the present, he flips a quarter around his hand.

Nelle tells Michael the officer who investigated the accident is working for the PCPD. He swore he didn’t know she was living there. She tells him it’s Chase. He says Chase is Dante’s new partner, and she says, of course he is. Michael says he’s met him, and his first impression wasn’t great. The way Chase handled the situation with Mike didn’t sit well, although he helped people like Josslyn during the earthquake. Nelle says maybe he’s changed, but back then, he was as ambitious as they come. He did anything  to get ahead. She remembers him telling her someone deliberately tampered with the kayak. She says it wasn’t her; she loved Zack. If he knows what that feels like, he’d know she’s innocent. Nelle tells Michael that he wanted a conviction.

Scotty tells Elizabeth that he has time left on his tux, and would like to get his money’s worth. He asks how things are going with Franco, and she says, never better. He says it must be nice to come out the other side.

Doc tells Franco that If anyone deserves a happily ever after, it’s them, which brings him to his wedding gift. Franco tells him about a crockpot he saw, but Doc was thinking about something more in his skill set that’s worth more than money. How about some free sessions with him? Franco was under the impression he was cured. Doc says he’s made enormous progress, but in cases of revelations like his, there can be aftershocks, set-backs, and things he can’t predict. He’d like to help them through that pro bono. Franco says Doc really likes him. Doc supposes he does. Franco thanks him, not just for the gift, but everything he’s done. Doc asks if he’s accepting, and Franco says he may be looney, but he’s not an idiot. But if Doc finds himself near Windom’s, the crockpot is only $39.99.

Mary Pat asks Carly how we’re feeling. She says, much better, and Mary Pat says it’s not so bad, is it? Carly agrees, and she says, that’s the spirit, Caroline. Carly quietly says, it’s Carly, but when Mary Pat asks what she said, Carly says, nothing. Mary Pat tells Jason he’s doing an excellent job. He’s all, yes, ma’am. He and Carly look at each other.

Anna tells Finn that she still has stuff to work through with Robin, and he says she will. She says she feels so much lighter; there are no secrets between them. She didn’t know it would be so freeing. This is the first relationship she’s had without holding back part of herself. He asks how it feels so far, and she says, amazing and scary. It’s uncharted territory. Finn says it is for him too, but they made it this far; they can figure it out. They kiss, and he asks if that was her. She says, no, and we assume one of them has cut the cheese, but he says her stomach is angry. They decide to get breakfast.

Alexis tells Sam that she barely knew her mom, and put her on a pedestal. She never thought about how her mother influenced her, and in not such a positive way. Sam says her relationship with Mikkos was not good. Maybe that’s why Alexis is drawn to dangerous men. Alexis says she’s repeating a literal pattern; choosing men who can’t give her what she needs. Sam says half the battle is recognizing the problem. Now she just has to fix it.

Chase looks at Nelle’s picture. In his memory, he asks Nelle whose idea it was to vacation in Maine. She says Maine was her idea, but Zack wanted to get out of Florida. His family can be possessive, and they look down on her. He wanted to put distance between them. Chase asks what about the kayaking, and she says it was her idea; she loves the water. She starts to cry, and he gives her some tissues. He asks if, when the kayak took on water, she tried to help Zack. She says, of course. She wanted him to get into her kayak, but the current was strong and the water was choppy, so she held out her oar. Abby is also there, and asks why she didn’t go in the water after him. Nelle says they both would have died. She was in an impossible situation. Either watch her fiancé drown, or drown with him. She asks what they would have done?

Michael tells Nelle that she doesn’t have to talk about it, but she wants him to hear the truth from her. In the interrogation room of the past, Chase asks why Zack changed his will before they went on vacation. Nelle says he insisted. He was furious with his family, the way they looked down on her. Chase asks if she tried to convince him otherwise. She says she tried, but he refused. He was loving and generous. How can you say no to a man like that? In the present, Michael says it sounds like Chase was hard on her. She says he has no idea.

Jason mops his way over to Carly, and asks if she’s okay. She says she should have listened to him. He says there’s no time for that, and she says it’s bad in there. He tells her not to think like that; she’ll panic. She knows what they want to hear. Say the words; play the part. She can do it. Carly calls Mary Pat over. She’s finished her puzzle, and asks if she can have a lanyard. She’s itching to make bracelet. Right. Like they’d give her a lanyard, when you’re not even allowed to have laces on your shoes.

Franco tells Elizabeth they’re getting therapy on the house. Doc says the gift is rather Franco-centric, but she says it’s the perfect gift for both of them. Doc says he’s looking forward to the wedding of the century. Scotty says, so much for simple.

Anna sees Alexis and Sam at the MetroCourt. They make small talk, and Anna wishes she and Robin lived in the same city. Alexis agrees that she’s lucky. Anna leaves, and Sam tells Alexis that was big of her. Alexis asks what Sam wanted her to do; she’s happy for them. She has bigger fish to fry than Finn. Sam says, cheers to that.

A Post-It note on Chase’s folder says, some cases are better left cold – Abby. He remembers Abby asking him if he’s going to charge Nelle. He tells her that his gut says she didn’t do it. Abby thinks she plays the helpless victim more than he realizes, but it’s his case; his call. He tells Nelle that she’s free to go. She thanks him for believing in her. He asks where she’ll go, and she says, probably back to Florida. It’s the only place she knows. At the PCPD, he looks at the folder some more, and sees a postcard from Florida.

Michael asks if Nelle walked away and never looked back. She says she tried not to, until Zack’s sister dug it up again. If it was all part of a sinister plan, wouldn’t she have waited until after the wedding? It doesn’t make sense. Michael says there’s no point in getting worked up. She tells him running into Chase shook her up a little. He asks if Maine was really the last place she saw him. She can trust him. At this point, they have no more secrets, right? She says she saw Chase again when he followed her to Florida. We see Chase in a hotel room. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nelle. They smile at each other. At the MetroCourt, Nelle pulls back from Michael.

Michael asks what Nelle thought when Chase reached out. She says she didn’t know what to think. Zack’s family was accusing her of murder, and threatening a lawsuit. She was helpless and alone when he came to see her. At the hotel room, Nelle tells Chase that she should have called first, and asks what he’s doing in Florida. He says he doesn’t like to see an innocent person suffer for something they didn’t do. He asks if Zack’s family is still hounding her, and she says, all day, every day. Knowing she has his support helps. She asks how long he’ll be there, and he says, as long as she needs him. They kiss. At the MetroCourt, Michael asks if he… She says no; it was consensual. She was drowning. She knows it’s a poor choice of words, but it’s the truth. He was her lifeline. She knew something was off, and it was a mistake, but she grabbed on with both hands. I’m thinking that’s a poor choice of words too. Ha-ha.

Chase looks at the postcard. He remembers the same scene in the hotel from his point of view. He answers the door, and says he thought they were meeting at the diner. Nelle says she couldn’t wait to see him. He’s only wearing a towel, and she promises not to peek. She tells him Zack’s family is still hounding her, and she says they can’t stand trash like her with the country club crowd. He says she’s not trash. She kisses him. In the present, he rips up the postcard.

Anna texts Finn not to come down, but when the elevator doors open, he’s there. She thinks The Floating Rib might be a better choice. He sees Alexis and agrees. She sees he’s texting Felicia, and grabs the phone from him, asking, what is this?

Mary Pat sees Doc. She says she’s glad he’s there. She understands he altered Caroline’s medication. He says that’s his prerogative as her doctor. She says he might have considered running it by her first, but he says, with all due respect, he doesn’t run anything by her about his patients. How he treats them is between him and them. She says then he leaves and she’s stuck with the mess. Jason hears everything.

Doc tells Mary Pat that he’s not following. He asks if there’s been a problem this morning, and she says nothing she can’t handle. He says if there’s any change, to let him know. Until then, he’s confident the dosage is correct. Doc sits with Carly, and she thanks him for dealing with it; she feels better. He says it’s good to see her out and about. She adds, and lucid. He tells her she’s on the right track. Stay the course, and he’ll be able to approve her release soon. He asks if there’s anything he can get for her, but she says she has everything she needs. She looks at Jason.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that Franco thinks he owes her a huge extravaganza, but in truth, all she wants is him, her boys, and her friends. Franco says she’s perfect, and Scotty says, pretty damn close. She says has to say that; he’s her father-in-law. He says, not yet, but soon. She and Franco start kissing, and Scotty tells them there’s a broom closet around the corner. They ignore him, and continue to kiss.

Sam wishes Alexis had the chance to know her mother. Alexis does too. She wishes she’d been able to raise Sam, but Sam says she didn’t turn out bad. Alexis says she turned out great; probably better than if she’d raised her. Sam sees the watch, and asks if it’s new. Alexis explains that it’s her mom’s watch, and Valentin gave it to her. Mikkos had given it to her mother, probably as an apology for something horrible that he did. Sam asks if it’s part of Alexis rediscovering her past, and she says Valentin told her it showed how much her parents loved each other. Sam suggests it’s his way of playing mind games. Alexis considered giving it away, but can’t seem to let it go.

At The Floating Rib, Finn tells Anna the last thing he wants, is to rub Alexis’s nose in it. Anna suggests a trip. He asks if she means him and her, and she says, no; her and the bartender. She thinks if they go outside of Port Charles, they can find their place. They throw out ideas, but it seems like they’ve both been everywhere.

Chase closes the folder, and flips the quarter. He remembers he and Nelle in bed getting busy, and then getting busier. He tells Nelle that he’ll take care of everything.

Nelle tells Michael that Chase promised to help protect her. Instead, he became obsessed. What if he’s there to finish what he started?

Scotty leaves. Franco asks Elizabeth to reassure him for the last time that she’s okay without her family at the wedding. She says everyone she cares about will be there, and she’s glad his therapist is coming. He says Doc will keep him sane, but she says, not too. She likes a little crazy. He thinks he can handle that. We see him sending private messages on MyFace to her family members.

Finn says, Detroit, and Anna says she’s never been. He tells her to put it on the list. She says she likes cars, and he says he likes Motown. He says it’s unfamiliar, but nice, having a meal in a pub with no eminent danger and no emergencies. A busboy drops a tub of dishes behind him. Finn gets a text, and starts laughing. Anna says she’s not even asking who it is; who is it? He tells her that Mac is really funny.

Alexis tells Sam that Valentin also gave her a picture of her mom wearing the watch. She thinks Mikkos might have taken it. She looks a bit like Sam, and doesn’t look like victim, but like her mom.

Nelle remembers the afterglow with Chase, saying they have to choose to trust each other. She complains that the room is hot and she’s thirsty. He offers to get her something from the diner. She says she’s not going anywhere. When he leaves, she takes out her phone and makes a call. She says she’s a concerned citizen who wants to report some inappropriate behavior of an officer. In the present, she smiles.

Chase finds Michael sitting on his desk, and asks what he thinks he’s doing. Michael says he could ask Chase the same thing. Nelle says he’s stalking her. Is he?

Carly asks if Doc can have her moved to a more mellow wing. He says unfortunately, it’s overcrowded, and the only available room is in the super max wing. She tells him that’s what Mary Pat said, and he promises as soon as there’s a bed available, she’ll be moved to the main wing. She thanks him for checking on her. He says he’ll be back soon.

Doc sees Jason and says his name. Mary Pat and Jasper notice. Jason and Doc look at each other.

Tomorrow, David tries to hire Alexis, Jason tells Carly things will be better now, and Michael confronts Chase.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny gets the gun, and bar dude falls to the ground. Dude asks Benny not to kill him and to take his wallet. Benny doesn’t want his wallet, and dude asks what he does want. Benny says he didn’t do this, and dude says he believes him, like he’d be saying anything else at this point. Benny puts the gun down, repeats that he didn’t do this, and jets.

RJ (since it’s become clear that’s his name, I’m going with it) wants to talk to Candace. He tells her that Rocky gave her up. He saw him talking to that guy, saying she had pictures taken of the screen. He knows she’s avoiding Rocky. Candace says he’s sneaky, but RJ says he’s clever like she is. He wants her to teach him how to be as good as she is in bed. She says she’s a woman, and he says, who better to show him? She suggests he find an older woman at the bar. As a matter-of-fact, she has an assignment for him that will be worth his while. Dance for her, and keep her drunk. He can sleep with her if he wants to. He’d rather sleep with Candace, but she says, when he grows up. She’ll text the address. She tells him not to drug her. The old bitch might die. He says if it’s a guy, he’s coming right back.

Jim sees Oscar in the Artisian lobby, and asks where his money is. Oscar says they have a problem. It wasn’t sent to his account. He had it sent to the account Jim gave him, but then Candace –  Jim says, Candace Young? Oscar says she somehow switched it. Jim says he looks nervous, and Oscar says he’s sorry. Jim doesn’t want to hear sorry; he wants to hear how it got into her account. Oscar explains she drugged him, he overdosed, and when he came to, it was gone. Jim says, Candace has his son’s entire inheritance? and Oscar says he’ll get it back. Jim smiles, and tells Oscar not pay attention to his demeanor, but what he’s saying. That bitch conned him once before, and he swore it would never happen again. Oscar has twenty-four hours to get the money. Oscar says he can’t, and Jim says, then he and that bitch are dead. Jim acts like they’ve just been telling jokes, says, I love ya, Oscar, and leaves.

Benny meets Mitch, who had a date, and is now waiting for his ass. Benny says something bad happened. He went to give Mitch’s uncle the money back. Mitch asks if he was threatened, but Benny says he’s dead. He didn’t do it though. He went to the bar, and he was lying on the ground, bleeding. Mitch says, Uncle Vinnie? surprising me, since I didn’t realize the drug dealer was also Uncle Vinnie. Hanna hears them arguing. Mitch says he told Benny not to borrow the money. Mitch leaves, and Benny goes inside.

Hanna asks what Benny did. He says, nothing, and she tells him to stop lying. He says he doesn’t want ot upset her, but Hanna says she’s already upset. She says, it’s the money he had; she felt in her spirit it wasn’t right. She asks how he got it, and he says he borrowed it from Mitch’s family to get a truck, but then he didn’t want it. She asks why not, and he says because they’re in a bad business. He thought about it and wanted to give it back. He went to the bar, and Mitch’s uncle was dead, but he didn’t do it; he swears. Hanna tells him that he needs a lawyer. Benny says a dude saw, and started shooting at him. They wrestled, and he took the gun and ran. Hanna asks the Lord to help her. She’s going to get Benny some help. Benny says Veronica got him off before, but Hanna’s not calling her; she’s going to Kathryn. Benny says he got himself in this mess; he’s getting himself out. Hanna wonders why won’t he ever listen, and he says he’s sorry, but he’s going.

Vernonia flips through a magazine, when there’s a knock at the door. She thinks it’s Derek, and says she knows he changed his mind. Who could turn this down? She opens the door, and RJ walks in, saying Candace sent him to keep her company. She doesn’t think so, but he says he could use a drink, and takes hers. She asks how old he is, and he says, old enough to drink. She laughs, saying she sent a school boy over. RJ says he’s twenty-five. Veronica says she has a son a little older, and he thinks it should be fun for her. He suggests some music, but she needs him to leave. He tells her that she needs to be entertained, but she says she’s a grown ass woman, and nothing he can do –  He opens his shirt. She looks at his abs and thinks it could be interesting.

There’s a knock at David’s door. He tells Erica that he’s sick of her. They go downstairs, but it’s Jim. Jim says, that bitch is up to it again. She took the money. He sees Erica, and says, oh, David has a whore here. David says, she’s not a damn whore, and tells him to watch himself. Jim says, sorry; she doesn’t look like a whore. Erica excuses herself, and goes back upstairs. David tells Jim to apologize, and asks, what the hell is his problem? Jim says Candace got to Oscar, and then got to him. She took Wyatt’s inheritance. He says, that bitch is dead. David says it doesn’t sound like Oscar. He’s been working with him a long time. Jim says ex-cons are all the same, and he sure as hell did something. David says he could bury Oscar and he knows it; Oscar wouldn’t cross him. David says he’ll call Oscar in the morning, but Jim says he won’t be breathing; call now. He gave Jim some bullsh*t story about Candace drugging him. David thinks it’s plausible, but Jim wonders how Candace could have the passwords. David says she can be resourceful. Jim insists she and Oscar are in this together, and David says, fine; he’ll call.

Erica calls Candace, telling her that Jim is there, and they’re talking about her. Jim wants to kill her, and said she and Oscar are working together. Candace hangs up, and Erica calls her a bitch. We should have a drinking game with that word tonight.

David thanks Oscar. He tells Jim that he believes him. Jim says he doesn’t, but David says he jumps to conclusions, and passes over clues. The money was wired into the Cryer Company account with Benefit and Trust. Jim says, Lloyd. He calls Lloyd, telling him to get his fat sweaty ass up and talk to him. He asks if Lloyd opened a Cryer Company account, and finds out Veronica told him to set it up. David is like, what the hell…? Jim asks if any money was wired in or out. Lloyd doesn’t think so, but goes to check. David says Veronica and Candace are like oil and water.

Erica calls Candace back. Candace tells her, call again, and she’s coming over there. Erica says she’ll want to hear this. Jim called the bank, and found out about Veronica opening the Cryer account. Lloyd is checking on the money wire. She tells Candace she’s just trying to help, and Candace tells her to shut her mouth and listen to what they’re saying.

Jim discovers the money was wired yesterday, then wired out a few hours later. He asks who owns the account. It’s an LLC, and he asks who the members are. Lloyd says, Candace Young. Lloyd wonders why he didn’t see it, and Jim says, because he’s an idiot. Lloyd tells him the money was wired to the personal account of Benjamin Young. Jim says that’s just great. He hangs up and asks if David knows anything about this.

Erica tells Candace that they know the money was sent to Benny.

Veronica thinks she should have been divorced a long time ago. RJ is surprised she’s divorced and lives like this. Damn. He took care of her. She says his age and ignorance are showing. He doesn’t think a woman can have all this on her own? He says not where he’s from. She asks where that is, and he says, Douglas, Ohio, where the women depend on men. Veronica says, welcome to her world; she’s her own woman. He asks if men depend on her, and she wonders if he’s looking for a sugar mama. She says, better keep looking. He tells her, she says that now, and she says, and she’ll keep saying it. There’s a knock at the door, and RJ asks if he should hide. Veronica laughs, and says she told him she runs this. She opens the door. It’s Benny, who needs to talk to her. RJ asks if that’s his cue to leave, but Veronica says it’s his cue to go upstairs and wait. She kisses him, and calls him little boy.

Veronica asks what Benny wants. He says he’s in deep, and needs a lawyer. She says to tell her, and he starts giving her the story, but she says, no. Tell her how sorry he is for disrespecting her with Melissa. He says he really is sorry. He explains that he borrowed money from a guy, and went to a bar. Upstairs, RJ looks around, and pockets some jewelry while he swills champagne from the bottle. He looks in Veronica’s closet, and steals a few more pieces. He finds a safe, and feels around it, but it has a keypad and alarm. He lies on the bed and laughs. He’s going to get all this bitch’s money.

Charles asks Landon, what if he moved to Savannah? He doesn’t want to go back to Detroit. Landon says Candace is there, and Charles says, that too. Landon doesn’t think he should do it. She’s a powder keg looking for a spark; his heart can’t be trusted and she can’t be trusted, especially after losing her son. Charles says maybe why he should go. He likes her, and asks if they can make it happen. Landon says, okay, and Charles points out that it’s the only way see her without raising suspicion. He tells Landon to set it up. Landon starts to help him off with his shoes, and Charles asks what he’s doing. Landon says everyone is going to be bending over backwards for him, and he should get used to it. He’s going to be great. Charles appreciates it, but Landon says he does it because he wants to. Charles asks Landon if he’s never had a woman who’s driven him crazy, and Landon tells him, can’t say that he has. Ha-ha! Charles feels sorry for him. Landon suggests a drink, staying up late, and watching cable news, but Charles wants to take it easy tonight.

Benny swears that’s what happened, and Veronica says he just gets into more and more sh*t. He tells her that he doesn’t need a lecture, and asks if she can help. She says she can, and he knows what she likes. He says, it’s serious, and she says, so is she. She tells him to take his clothes off. He asks if she’s kidding; she has a boy upstairs. She says maybe she wants them both. If a man can do it, she can’t see what the problem is. Benny says all she does is compete with men. She asks if the police came to see him, and he says, not yet. She asks if there was any surveillance, and he says there was a camera there. She tells him to go home and go to bed. The longer he sits there, the hornier she gets. She loves the bachelorette life. She says the police around there don’t work that fast, and tells Benny to go home. He heads for the door, and she says, this is when he’s supposed to say, thank you, Veronica for always helping me. He says he appreciates her being there for him. She says to tell his triflin’-ass mother that she said hi. She laughs and asks, where are you, little man boy? She has some stuff to show him. She goes upstairs.

Hanna goes to Kathryn’s house. She tells Kathryn that it’s her son. She doesn’t know why this keeps happening. Benny borrowed money from a gangster, and when he went to give it back, he found a dead man. Kathryn asks where it happened, and Hanna says some bar. She needs a lawyer. Kathryn says she’ll handle it; Marty will help her. Hanna knows Benny didn’t kill that man, and Kathryn asks what she meant by gangster. Hanna says, Mitch Malone’s family. Kathryn asks if Benny told her exactly what happened, but Hanna says, no. He wants to call Veronica, but she’s not dealing with that devil. Kathryn says sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know; she’s the best. Is she willing to gamble Benny’s future? Hanna says she’s not using her. Kathryn says Benny is an adult; it’s his decision. Hanna says, it’s too much. Kathryn hugs her, and says she can stay there, but Hanna has to go home. Kathryn promises to call Marty in the morning, and have him call Hanna, but if Benny signed with Veronica, there’s nothing she can do about it. Jim walks in, and Hanna leaves.

Jim asks what that was about, and Kathryn says Hanna’s son; he’s in some trouble. Jim says, you bet he is. Candace took the money. Kathryn wonders how the hell she did that, and asks if he’s still messing with her. Jim says she got it from the guy he hired to recover it. He says he’ll take care of it, and asks what Hanna was doing there. Kathryn tells him that Benny was driving under the influence, and got arrested. She said she’d call Marty. Jim asks if Benny is in jail; he needs to talk to him. Candace put the money in his name. Kathryn guesses he’ll have to wait until Benny gets out.

Jeffrey comes to Wyatt’s condo, and tells him, come on. Wyatt asks where they’re going, and Jeffrey says, to a facility. Wyatt says he’s not going, but Jeffrey says, too late; he already called. Wyatt is a danger to himself. They’re outside, and he can either come voluntarily, or they’re coming in and getting him. He’s suicidal. Wyatt says, they wouldn’t do that, and Jeffrey says, it’s done. Wyatt says he killed a man in a bar. He was trying to kill Wyatt. Jeffrey says he needs to contact the police; it was self-defense. Wyatt says, a guy is dead. Tell the doctors downstairs that he’s not going to rehab. Jeffrey calls, and tells them to come up and take him. Wyatt says Jeffrey is supposed to be his friend. Jeffrey says, he is. That’s why he’s doing it. Wyatt says Jeffrey is worse than his parents. There’s a knock at the door. Justin comes in. Well, we weren’t expecting him.

Jeffrey says he told Justin to stop following him. Justin claims he was just making sure Jeffrey was all right. He heard them yelling. Jeffrey says he’s not supposed to be there. The medical team comes in, saying they know Wyatt wants to do harm to himself. Jeffrey says, yes. Wyatt says they’re taking him against his will, and Jeffrey tells him, it’s done; don’t fight. Wyatt struggles with them all the way out the door, grabbing on to the frame like Sylvester the cat.

Jeffrey tells Justin he shouldn’t have come, and to go home. He doesn’t want to see him. Justin tells Jeffrey, please don’t say that. Jeffrey makes him crazy. Jeffrey tells Justin that he said to go home – now. He’s sick of looking at Justin’s face. Justin says his home is wherever Jeffrey is.

Justin pulls out two guns, pointing one at Jeffrey’s head, and the other at his own. He says, if he can’t have Jeffrey, no one will.

Next time, Hanna confronts Benny, Kathryn wants Wyatt to have consequences, and Mitch’s family is ready to go to war.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Conrad and Hannah kiss at the club, while Brooke sits outside, bummed. Adam asks if she wants alone time, and tells her not to let her emotions get the best of her. He tells her that she can cry on his shirt; it’s polyester. She thinks he’s nice, and he says ditto. In his interview, he says she’s beautiful and sweet, but not his type. It’s time to go back to the boat. João tells Kasey that she’s a flirt. Conrad and Hannah continue to make out on the bus. Colin says João is macking with everybody. Shouldn’t that be, making on? Kasey wants a guy who won’t take no for an answer, like her dad did with her mom.

Back on the boat, Hannah flashes Conrad. They sit on deck and drink some more. He says emotions are new to him. Brooke stuffs her face with who knows what in the galley. Hannah says she’s not supposed to like Conrad like this, and he says him neither.

It’s 7:30 am in Naples. In his interview, Conrad says he’s breaking every rule he has. He just wants to have fun. He knows they snogged everywhere, and Hannah is like, we did? He liked a girl on his first boat, and regretted not telling her. He doesn’t want that to happen again. Brooke tells the others she told Adam she liked him, and feels like a d*ck. In her interview, she says she needs to relax.

Jamie tells us that if she’s having a good day, it’s because she had chocolate milk. It’s her happy place. Hannah asks the stews to be super careful with the laundry, since there’s a bunch of pink stuff.

It’s preference sheet meeting time. Derrek and Iliana are on board. He’s an executive recruiter, and they’re thanking the couples that are coming along for their friendship. They’re open to anything the chef prepares. In his interview, Adam says it sounds incredible on paper, but has PTSD from the last charter. It says they might bring fun things from home. Whatever that means. Captain Sandy is excited. João tells Kasey that if she needs someone to tell anyone eff off, he’s her man.

Hannah has a meeting with the stews, and tells them they need to get Kasey up to speed, so she’s not woken up to make coffee. She asks if Kasey feels confident. It said on her resume that she’d done silver service. Kasey says she never actually did that. Hannah leaves to get the resume. In her interview, Brooke wonders how she thought she’d get away with it. She’d hate to be Kasey right now. Brooke explains silver service is fine dining. Hannah brings her resume in, and goes over some of it. Apparently, her barista training consisted of turning on a coffee machine. She doesn’t remember ever doing silver service. In her interview, she says she gave her resume to a friend to polish. She didn’t know they’d made it so high end. It made her look like a super human, and she isn’t. Hannah says she assumed Kasey could do it. Kasey says she takes responsibility, and Hannah says she feels stupid and lied to. Kasey says she didn’t know it said that, and Hannah says it’s her responsibility for what’s on the CV (which, I assume, is yacht speak for resume). Hannah says she’s in the middle of the season with a stew who doesn’t know how to make coffee. I know how it is to give your resume a boost. I walked by one once becomes familiar with. But you’d better be able to catch on quickly if you do that.

Colin calls his mom. He tells her the food is different from nana’s, and he likes New York pizza better than the pizza in Italy. In his interview, he tells us that he only lives a few blocks from his mom.

Hannah goes to the bridge. She tells Captain Sandy that something wasn’t making sense with Kasey from start, and her CV is a lie. She explains barista training as opening a thing, putting in a pod, and pressing a button. She doesn’t know what silver service is. In her interview, Hannah says lying is fire-able offense. The captain suggests they get through the charter, then deal with it. In her interview, Captain Sandy says third stew is an entry level position. Hannah should have trained her properly by now. How can she when she’s doing both jobs?

Hannah tells Conrad about Kasey lying. Conrad says she’s effing done. He thinks she’s getting a helluva lesson. He tells João that she lied on her CV. Captain Sandy tells everyone to get uniformed up. The guests arrive, and are welcomed to the boat. Champagne is served, and the tour is given. Adam asks Brooke for first impressions. She thinks they’re genuine. She wishes she could avoid Adam, but can’t on a boat. The anchor is released, and we’re on our way.

The guests say it’s phenomenal, so we’re off to a good start. The captain wants everything secure because of the wind. João complains that Conrad has no checklist, and he’s waiting for Conrad to screw up.

Today’s lunch is extreme salad, and garlic lemon chicken. Kasey has a headache. João offers to put covers up for lunch. Captain Sandy thinks he has initiative and will be a leader. Lunch is served. There’s also poached lobster tails and herbed potato salad. They tell Adam to do what he wants for dinner.

The swells are down, and anchor is dropped. Derrek has brought a blow-up bull for the water. We all think he said pole. The captain tells Conrad to be more on deck, and less about Hannah or he’s going to piss her off. She says he has his nose up Hannah’s butt. Colin rides the bull. Adam tells Kasey she’s a New Yorker; she’s got this. In his interview, Adam says, you’ve got to fake it till you make it. That’s all she was trying to do. The guests play in the water. The bull stands alone.

The table is set amid blue gems and coral. Adam says for the guests to trust him, lights a fire under his ass. Kasey says she might have only done day charters, but she thought an entry level position on a super yacht couldn’t be harder. She has a psychology degree. Hannah points out her cleaning mistakes. In her interview, Hannah says private charters have a high standard, and she’s not really cutting it. Kasey thinks she’s doing it fine. Hannah says she was hired under false pretenses. Get up to speed or fired.

The guests are restoring Adam’s faith in humanity. He’s making seared tuna so good, it’s insane, along with crispy wontons made with love. One of the guests starts helping to clear the table. Hannah begs him not to, but he says he does it at home – and laundry. He follows her to galley, and she tells him that he’s not at home; he’s on holiday. Brooke tells Adam that a guest is helping Hannah. He says he needs the time during plate clearing to plate the next course, and Hannah did nothing to prevent the guests from screwing him up. She tells him about it, and laughs. He says it’s effing annoying.

The next meal is a seafood extravaganza of mussels, clams, prawns, and local fish over spaghetti.  I am dying. Conrad says a lie has consequences. João says he took opportunities where he could by faking it, but if you get caught not being able to make it, you’re screwed. Adam makes carrot cake, and Hannah calls it a cookie thingy. Adam thinks she’s more distracted than usual. He’s going to lose his sh*t if presents as cookie thingy.

The guests turn in. Conrad goes to Hannah’s bunk. Kasey looks over her duties.

Kasey thinks she’s on the verge of being fired. João says while a couple of things on her resume weren’t true, they should have been checked. She thinks a chief stew can have her fired, but she can’t without Captain Sandy giving her okay. In his interview, he says it’s a misconception that someone one step above you can get you fired. If the captain is happy with your work, you stay. The anchor is in the pocket, and we’re on our way to Capri. Brooke is having tea. She’s going to chill out in her room after her cry. João doesn’t want her to ignore him.

The guests take pictures. Hannah tells Brooke that she’s going to Capri, and Conrad tells Jamie she can go too. It’s so beautiful, I wish I could come along, but only if there was a Star Trek transporter, since I hate the process of traveling. Jamie says the view, culture, and people are unbelievable and stunning.

Kasey asks Captain Sandy how to make her coffee. In her interview, Kasey says she wants to keep her job. If it means kissing up, that’s what she’ll do. The deckhands struggle with the slide. Colin says it’s the worst invention in the history of life. There’s too much rubber and too many hoses. He says he sounds like he’s describing a sex scene. João says he’s used this kind of slide before, but Conrad is getting pissed off. Conrad tells João if he disagrees, just go with it. In his interview, João says Conrad’s ego doesn’t want to look undermined. If he doesn’t want him to make his job easier, he won’t.

Iliana says she’s not leaving, and I don’t blame her. Captain Sandy is happy with how and how much João is working. In his interview, he says that’s all that matters. Kasey vacuums the bridge. We never saw that on Star Trek. Back on the boat, drinks are served, and the toys are in the water. The table is all mauve and candles and ruffles João doesn’t want Brooke to have the wrong impression. She says he didn’t remember telling her that they had chemistry. He wants to start over, and asks if they can get together on their off time. She agrees.

Adam thought he couldn’t do anything right until these amazing guests showed up. Now he’s getting his mojo back. Dinner is New York strip and many delicious vegetables: tiny roasted potatoes, creamed spinach, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. That same dude starts clearing. Hannah is like, no, and takes the dishes from him. Adam tells her dessert is not close to being ready, and to say no; it’s her job. She says, sorry, but he’s sick of excuses. She tried to physically him, but there was nothing she could do. Adam says it’s never her fault. Kasey whines about minute details she might overlook, João tells her keep on keepin’ on, and smile. They flirt, and Jamie wishes they’d please stop.

Hannah gives the guests a shot, saying it’s a palate cleanser before dessert, which is key lime pie. Adam visits, and gets lots of complements. Conrad laughs over size of a wine glasses. Hannah wonders how he can make her smile when she’s having such a sh*t day? Kasey says Operation Kiss-up to Sandy is still underway, as she cleans the captain’s cabin. Captain Sandy say Kasey has come a long way; she’s impressed. Hannah mumbles that she’s f-ing dumb. Hannah feels taken advantage of and lied to. Captain Sandy explains that she doesn’t play favorites, but rewards initiative. She tells Conrad to take over the anchor, and calls João to the bridge.

She’s letting João drive them out. The captain shows him nautical stuff, and tells him he’s in charge. In his interview, Conrad says João must have golden bollocks. All he does is get praised. João jokes that he’s the captain, and he’s living the dream, as Conrad takes out the garbage.

Next time, Brooke asks where she stands with João, guests celebrate their 10th anniversary, Hannah is frustrated, and João is an a-hole again.

❓ Question Mark Over My Head…

Big Brother is apparently coming up to its 20th season. How could this happen? It’s one of the few reality shows I can’t seem to make myself watch. I’ve tried, but it’s a no.

💤 About My Speed…


June 18, 2018 – Peter’s Birthday, a Little Listing, Some Shahs, Good News & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny asks if Mike was in Croton when he buried the body. Mike says he was, and Sonny tells him that he and Jason dug for hours. All they found was a money clip and no body. Mike says he knows; he took it. He was trying to watch out for Sonny. Sonny tells him to focus on what’s important. Where did he take it?

Curtis, Jordan, and Stella look at the terrace at the MetroCourt. Curtis asks what Jordan and Stella think. Stella asks if he wants a Yelp review. He just wants to know if she approves of the place they’re choosing to get married. She says they want to prepare her. She asks when the big day is, and Jordan says that’s what they wanted to discuss.

Maxie holds James, telling him that soon she’ll be able to take him home. Outside the room, Lulu tells Amy that it’s a touching scene. Amy says James is the rock star of the hospital. She asks if Lulu is looking for interviews for her #GHTOO series. She’s set to go on record.

Nina sees Drew at The Floating Rib, and says she doesn’t think running into him is a coincidence. Drew asks what’s on her mind. She says, Peter, and the lies he told them. He asks if she’s okay, but she says, definitely not.

Julian wonders what Obrecht is doing walking in the woods. She tells him she’s, as the Americans put it, taking me time. She’s mourning her son in her own way. Kim is sorry for her loss. Julian tells her not to step on any snakes, but she says there are no snakes there. He insists there are, and tells her to look it up. I did. They’re rare. He thinks no one in their right mind would spend time in these woods, and she thanks him for his concern. They hear Peter scream.

Peter strains to get away from the rattlesnake on the bed.

Kim asks if they heard that. She says it sounds like someone is in trouble. This has the makings of a Scooby-Doo episode.

Mike tells Sonny, that night was quite a mess. He wanted to help, but figured Sonny wouldn’t let him, so he was determined to prove himself. Sonny says, so after years of not being around, he chose that night to take care of him? Mike says they both know he left Sonny and his mom, and was never there for him. He thought he could clean up after him this one time and protect him. If someone got caught, it would be him. He tells Sonny that lifting a dead body is a lot harder than dropping one in. Sonny asks where he took it, and Mike says he doesn’t need to worry. Sonny says he does. He needs to get on with his life. Mike say this part is kind of funny. Dante walks in, and Mike says, just in time. He was just about to tell a great story. He tells Dante that he’ll have to protect Sonny when he’s gone.

Jordan tells Stella that they haven’t set a date yet. Curtis tells her they wanted to make her a part of things. It’s a chance for them to come together as a family on their special day. Jordan says she likes the intimacy of the terrace, since the family is small. Stella says, too small. Curtis says they’re tight knit, and Stella raised them mighty. When they say their vows, he knows they’re continuing the legacy of love. Stella says it’s like the old Spinners song, Mighty Love. It’s all she ever wanted for them. She tells him not to settle for less. If his heart is set, take his time to make things perfect; it’s worth waiting for. She smiles. I have the feeling Stella isn’t as accepting as she appears to be, and wonder what she’s up to.

Drew tells Nina that none of it is her fault. He brought Peter in. Nina says Valentin knew the entire time, and went to great lengths to protect Peter. Drew repeats that it’s not her fault. She says she didn’t trust her instincts. She knew something was going on, and let Valentin talk her into doubting herself. Drew says he doesn’t hold her responsible. He doesn’t know what Peter’s agenda was, but he seemed highly successful. Nina says many sociopaths are. They change to fit into any situation. He was a great friend to Maxie, and the perfect COO. He even had all of Drew’s memories on a flash drive. Drew asks how she knew that. Oops.

Obrecht tells Kim that’s the sound of grief; another poor soul letting go. She screams back. Kim says she knows the sound of pain. Obrecht says her group is finding their way forward through terrible loss, and it’s painful work. She needs her therapy. She walks away from them, howling. Julian says it’s actually one of the saner things he’s seen her do.

Peter keeps pushing away from the snake.

Mike tells Dante that he was just telling his father something that happened with a car. Sonny says Dante is a cop, and has unsolved cases and unfinished business to attend to. Dante says he still has time for his grandfather. Mike says his son is there for his father, but sometimes a father is there for his son when he least expects it. It’s going to take more than a few minutes to get the finer details of the story. Sonny says they don’t have time for a story right now. Dante says he can make time, and Mike says it’s a story about Dante’s dad, him, and a rusted Ford Falcon.

Amy tells Lulu that GH is a great place to work, but the deep hierarchy structure definitely has a sexual bias factor. Women aren’t the only targets, but they tend to bear the brunt. Even though she hasn’t been overtly harassed, she’s been dismissed because she’s a woman. Male residents call her Nurse Ditz, and she’s heard worse things. She’s often been judged on her appearance, and dismissed because of it. Lulu says, amazingly well said. She’s been candid and brave. Amy says it’s her truth, but it’s also the truth of others. If they’re not talking, it’s not because they have nothing to say, but because they’re afraid. Even though GH is a great place, they still need to evolve.

Curtis has to check on an office space with Sam. He thanks Stella for coming, and for her blessing. After he’s gone, Jordan says Stella made her nephew happy. Stella says it’s all she ever wanted. She starts to leave, and Jordan asks if she’d mind joining her for a cup of tea. There’s more for them to talk about.

Nina tells Drew that Valentin must have told her about the flash drive. She thinks Anna told him. Drew says he’s given up on it, and Nina asks if he thinks it’s a lie and there never was a flash drive. He says Andre put a baseline map of his memories and the procedure on a flash drive, and supposedly Peter had it. Now it’s gone like he is.

Obrecht asks Peter, what’s the matter? She can hear him a mile away. She sees the snake, and doesn’t miss a beat. She gets a forked tool, picks it up, and puts it outside, saying, no harm done. Peter looks at her like she’s out of her mind.

Dante has to get back to work. Mike says it’s a good story with a helluva twist at the end, but Sonny tells Mike to check on his car. Mike goes back to the paper, and Sonny asks Dante what brought him by. Dante says he wants to talk about Carly in Ferncliff.

Maxie comes out, and Lulu says she hopes Maxie doesn’t mind her peeking in. Maxie says she’s hoping to bring James home soon. She figured Lulu must be doing a follow-up piece, and asks if there are leads on Peter… she means, Henrik.

Kim tells Julian it’s all clear int the tent; no snakes. He calls her his hero. She says, someone else might need one. She knows screams of pain. Julian says people are probably screaming because they’re stuck with Obrecht. He takes his shirt off, and Kim asks if he’s trying to distract her. He asks if it’s working.

Nina tells Drew it sounds like he’s come to terms with not knowing his past, and resigned himself to it. He says at different times, both Peter and Faison dangled the flash drive in front of him, but he turned them both down. He wants to live his life without them having anything over him. He suggests she do the same. Valentin covered for Peter, and hurt her, but being obsessed with Peter isn’t good. If he can let it go, she can too. She says she needs to figure out why she fell for his lies. If she ran into him again, how would she know he was telling the truth? Curtis joins them, and says, none of them may ever know. There’s been no trace of him.

Obrecht gives Peter the antibiotic. He cringes when she touches his wound. She tells him not to be a baby, and to toughen up. He forgot how to be a man when he stopped using his own last name. Peter can’t believe she still idolizes Faison when he killed her son. She says their relationship was too complex for a small mind to comprehend. Faison was a monster, but brilliant, and squandered his gifts. He would have been a tragic figure if he hadn’t been so ego driven.

Dante tells Sonny that the DA doesn’t like losing. No calls to sympathetic judges or staff to exert influence. It won’t work out well. Sonny asks if it’s an official warning, but Dante says just a son looking out for his father. He hopes Sonny listens for once. He hopes for a lot.

Jordan doesn’t expect Stella to welcome her with open arms. Too much has happened for that. She wishes she could make amends. Stella says she’d have to raise dead, and only our Lord can do that. She almost pushed Curtis away, but she doesn’t want to be like that. She cares about people; maybe too much. Maybe that’s why she’s a social worker. She’s mostly a woman who loves her family. A family that’s been broken, and Jordan is the cause of much of it. Jordan says they’ll always have Thomas between them, but what binds them is their common love for Curtis and TJ. They’re Stella’s family, and her heart. In her line of work, they say life is short. She’s not going to drag around the sins of her past. She owns them, but isn’t letting them own her. Instead, she’s going to take every day of her life to make Stella’s nephew happy.

Nina tells Curtis that’s unbelievable. He says there have been leads, but they’ve all been dead ends. Nina thanks Drew for giving her clarity, and has to get to work. She leaves, and Drew asks, what’s that about? Curtis doesn’t know. He tells Drew about looking at office space with Sam. Drew congratulates him on his new venture, and Curtis says his first case is directly connected to Drew.

Lulu tells Maxie that she hasn’t heard anything, but she’ll be the first to know if they catch Peter. She’s not too busy with her new story to keep tabs on the old one, but she’s here for Maxie and the baby. She has some gifts, and asks if Maxie is ready to have them brought to the apartment. Maxie says she’s getting the place ready to bring James home, but just to be clear, they’re not back to being besties. She forgave Lulu and is trying to move past it, but it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s not as simple as saying she’s over it.

Obrecht notices Peter relaxing, and says the antibiotics are starting to work. She offers him some ginger tea, saying it promotes healing. He says so does a hamburger. He sips the tea, telling her that a confession under duress is inadmissible. There will be a police investigation, and it won’t take long for them to figure it out. She’ll face criminal charges, and be locked away from her grandchild. How will that satisfy her? She tells him to worry about how he’s going to admit to aiding and abetting the most dangerous man in the world, and she’ll worry about her satisfaction.

Sonny tells Dante that he appreciates it. Dante says, be careful. Carly is already in Ferncliff. He doesn’t know how she’d handle it if he was locked up. He asks Mike, what’s the story about the car?

Drew tells Curtis that he loves the irony, since he just gave Nina a speech about moving forward. He tells Curtis to keep Sam safe. Curtis asks Drew to be his best man.

Stella says she appreciates the tea, and Jordan says she appreciates the talk. On her way to the elevator, Stella finds some keys on the floor, and gives them to the bartender.

Amy tells Maxie to let Lulu give her a ride home, and take care of her. Lulu says she’d love to give Maxie a ride. Maxie says she’ll go home and rest, and let Lulu keep her company. After Amy leaves, Lulu asks if any of that was real.

Kim puts lotion on Julian’s back. He says, if not for the bug bites, he’d be in Zen territory. He’s seeing the benefits of starry nights and those chocolate marshmallow things. Apparently, Julian is the only one on earth who doesn’t know what a s’more is. He says he’s actually grown fond of the close quarters and the scenery. They kiss, and start to get busy.

Peter tells Obrecht this window dressing is a fairytale for Nina. He knows she plans to kill him, but it won’t make up for Nathan’s death. Obrecht says it will therapeutic for her though. He asks why she’s bothering to heal him. She says Nina will feel better if he’s taken care of; her heart isn’t as closed. Peter says everyone is looking for him; the PCPD, the WSB, his mother. Obrecht says now he wants Anna as a mother. He says Anna won’t stop looking for him. Obrecht says she nearly forgot something. She tells him to close his eyes, and get ready for a surprise. She flicks on a lighter, and looks at the flame.

Dante tells Mike that he wants to hear the story; it sounds like a doozie. Sonny says he has to talk to Mike, and Dante says he can take a hint. He leaves, and Mike tells Sonny that he has a great boy. Sonny says he’s a lucky man. He wants to get back to the story about Croton. Where did Mike go next? Mike says, when? Sonny says, when he left the field. What was the surprising twist at the end of the story? Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Julian and Kim bask in the forest afterglow. Julian says, next time, he might want to do the planning. Kim asks what he has in mind. He says they’ve already done the great outdoors, so maybe an urban adventure. He knows just the place for room service. They get busy again.

Curtis tells Drew that he’ll understand if Drew isn’t in the headspace for a wedding. Drew says he’d be glad to be Curtis’s best man. Curtis says, it looks like everything is coming together, including Stella. They had lunch, and she was way civil. It might be gratuitous, but it looks like she’s on board.

Stella calls an old friend, telling them that she and Curtis both live in Port Charles now. It’s practically around the corner.

Lulu wants to help Maxie. Maxie asks if she’s sure, and Lulu says she’s worked enough for today. Maxie says she’d appreciate the help, but tells Lulu not to read into it. Lulu says she’s got it. She promised to take down Peter, and she will. She tells Maxie not to not to let her anger at the betrayal eat away at her. James deserves her attention; not Peter.

Nina sees Jordan while she’s getting coffee. She asks if Jordan can help her. Peter had a flash drive with key Crimson information on it. They’re having a hard time replicating it, and she asks if they found it in his things. Jordan says, no, and Nina flashes back to Peter saying it was in his hand, and he must have dropped it. She remembers him saying, it has everything Drew needs to be the man he used to be. Nina wonders how can she believe one more lie? She should leave him to Obrecht and be done with it. We see that the flash drive is in the MetroCourt lost and found.

Obrecht tell Peter to open his eyes. It’s not a hamburger, but something for his special day. She shows him a cupcake with a candle in it, and says, happy birthday, Henrik. She suggests he celebrate it like it’s his last. She tells him to make a wish. Peter looks sick.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Anna they can figure it out, Doc wants to give Franco a wedding gift, and Mary Pat says something is different about Carly.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve made the mistake of doing business with an ex. When he explained she needed to lower the price, she lowered it right off the market. I got the distinct feeling that what she really wanted was to get back together with him. I like Steve, but sometimes he can be a real dimbulb. 50 Cent will be making an appearance next week, and Ryan is going to have a shot at a $200 million property – in China.

🌇 Bravo aired a mini trip down Shah Memory Lane tonight with The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here, which was basically clips from past seasons, and a little tease about the new season (the show’s 7th) coming up. The Shahs will be back on August 2nd at 9 pm. Will MJ get married? Will Mike lose it? Will Desiree find a man before she dies? Stay tuned.

💃 The Quotes of Sunset

🌞 Proof There is a God

It’s a helluva lot better news that Brittany and Jax getting engaged. I’ve been following Patricia Altschul on Twitter, and she must be ecstatic. She is not an Ashley fan.

🃏 It’s the First Day of the Rest of Your Week



⏰ Otherwise known as hearing the ticking clock on 60 Minutes