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July 30, 2018 – Two Kinds of Escapes, the OC Invades Mexico, a New Doctor, a New Baby, a Different Love & Interesting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells everyone down on the floor, with their hands behind their back, and binds them. He takes the rubber thing out of Carly’s mouth. She asks if this is real.

Julian calls Brad to tell him that Lucas is still in surgery. He asks if Brad wants him to get Lucas out, but Brad decides to be patient, even though he’s anxious to let Lucas know the baby is here. Not just here – home.

At the hospital, Kim asks if Elizabeth has seen Nelle. Elizabeth says she hasn’t, and asks if something’s wrong. Kim hopes not, but Nelle called for an appointment with the lactation specialist at the last minute, and she’s not there. Elizabeth tells her, baby brain is real, and Kim says, maybe.

At the station, the screen has gone blank, and Chase tells Sonny that they’ve lost them. Sonny asks for the last position of the car.

The car sits, smoking, in the middle of a forest. Nelle and Michael are unconscious. Nelle wakes up, and asks the baby if it’s okay in there; she wants a kick. She shakes Michael, but there’s no response. She says, thank God it’s over.

Chase gives Sonny the location, and says he’s going along. Jordan comes in, and says he’s not going anywhere until she knows what’s going on.

The other car involved in the crash is the prison transportation van. Obrecht sees the guard next to her in the back seat. She apologizes for the assault, but she wasn’t about to be carted off to prison. She checks his pulse, and says his neck will be bruised, but he’ll be back to work in no time. She checks the driver, and says, life for him, no additional murder charges for her. She takes the keys and the guard’s gun, and says, no hard feelings. She walks off into the forest.

Michael comes to just before Nelle can get out of the car. He asks how the baby is, and she says, fine. She’s glad he’s okay, and was about to find help. He tells her, enough. It’s too late. He knows she’s not happy he’s alive, but she insists she is. He says the plan was a fail. For her, anyway. She calls him an SOB, saying he set her up. He says he can’t take all the credit. He had help; Chase was in on it. She accuses him of terrorizing her, and he says she was only afraid because she’d planned the crash. Enough lies and excuses. She tried to kill him. The car was rigged, but with audio and video. Everything she said was recorded.

Kim tells Elizabeth, according to the housekeeper, Nelle and Michael left. They should have been st the hospital by now. Elizabeth suggests they stopped for dinner, and Kim asks if she wants to go to the cafeteria for some. Elizabeth is distracted on her phone, and Kim says they’re having poached horse. Elizabeth apologizes, saying she’s left repeated messages for Franco, but his phone seems to be turned off. She’s is going directly to voicemail, and her texts aren’t going through. When Franco goes radio silent, something is wrong. He’s always trying, but his judgment still needs work.

Franco sits in the car outside Ferncliff. He says, Jason, come on.

Jason asks how Carly is feeling, and she says she’s had better days. He says they have to go right now, but she doesn’t think she can stand. Jason says she’ll have to. Dr. Lazarus – who, according to Soaps in Depth, spells his name Lasiris, even though Mary Pat made a point of comparing it to Lazarus from the Bible – says they’ll never make it; they’ll never reach the exit. Jason tells Carly, once they leave the room, don’t stop; no matter what.

Outside, Franco says, enough. He did his good deed. He can’t find the keys, and realizes that blue-eyed bastard took them.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Franco’s judgement might be questionable at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s a game changer.

Chase tells Jordan that Nelle believed the car would crash after it drove fifteen miles. She was frantic, and desperate for Michael to pull the car over. She asks how desperate, and he shows her the video. Jordan sees Nelle admit the car is rigged, and Chase says Michael wanted more. He kept pressing because he wanted answers. She admitted to gaslighting Carly, but then they got in a real wreck. Jordan doesn’t suppose Zack’s case came up, and Chase shows Nelle saying she didn’t want Zack to die, but had no choice. They get ready to leave, when an officer comes in and tells Jordan that they’ve lost contact with the prison van. Jordan and Chase jet.

Nelle can’t believe Michael would go behind her back like this. He says, like the insane mother of his child who tried to have him killed? She asks, whose fault is that? She would have been happy with him, but he was going to take her baby away. He calls her delusional. She says she couldn’t trust his mother; Carly was awful to her, and she would do it again. He says they would have been good to her for the baby’s sake. He would have taken care of her, and kept it peaceful. She says it wasn’t enough, and he asks if this is better. Is it what she wanted? Now everyone knows who she is, and what she did. It’s over. Nelle gets out of the car, but Michael’s seatbelt is stuck. She looks at him.

Jason takes Carly through the hallways. The background music is so loud, I’m sure no one will hear them, and oddly enough, there are no guards anywhere. In the car, Franco wonders, what would Jason do? He can’t call an Uber, since he’s breaking about eleven laws. Jason and Carly appear, and he asks what took them so long? Carly gets in the passenger seat, and Jason tells Franco to get into the back. Carly wonders why Franco is there. Jason takes off. That was kind of an anticlimactic escape.

Julian tells Kim that he’s waiting for Lucas, so he can see his face when he finds out he’s a father. Kim hadn’t known the baby arrived, and Julian shows her the picture. Elizabeth can’t believe Lucas doesn’t know yet, but Julian says Brad wants to be the one to tell him. Elizabeth leaves, and Kim says Julian has a new grandson. She congratulates him. She loves how he stuck around to see Lucas’s reaction, but Julian says, the question is, will Lucas feel the same way? Kim says she’s witnessed it a thousand times over. In that instant, nothing else matters. He’ll only care about the baby. Julian says one of his biggest regrets was not being there for the birth his children. Although Lucas wasn’t there for the birth, Julian is glad Lucas will get that moment when his son is put in his arms.

Brad watches the baby. He says he’s a parent, and Wiley is their son. He made a promise to Lucas, and acted confident, but down inside, he was nervous. He thanks Wiley for making the promise a reality. His daddy is grateful. He tells Wiley, sweet dreams, and turns down the light.

Michael can’t get out of the car, which is now throwing sparks. He tells Nelle that he’s having trouble with the seatbelt. It’s jammed. Nelle says it wouldn’t be a big deal, but she smells gas leaking. He tells her to get help, and she says if she smoked, she would light one and think it over. She guesses she’ll leave it to fate. She tells him, good luck, and remember that he brought it on himself. He asks her to wait, but she walks away. He struggles, and gas drips from the car.

Jason drives to the hospital, and tells Franco to get out. Franco tells him, nothing says friendship like helping someone break someone out of the loony bin. Jason thanks him. Franco says he’s glad Carly is okay. Jason leaves, and Franco goes into the hospital.

Nelle needs a car, any car. She starts to feel contractions.

Julian tells Kim that he wants Wiley to know his grandfather. She wants that for him too. She’s observed Lucas. Lucas knows he’s trying and appreciates it. Julian hopes enough to crack the door open. She says he might have more sympathy now that he’s a father. Julian says, the dream doesn’t end there, and Kim says, Sam? He says, and Leo. He’s hoping maybe if Sam and Olivia see how good he is with Wiley, they’ll let him spend time with their children. There are a lot of maybes and what ifs. She says, that’s what dreams are. It’s up to us to make them a reality.

Franco’s elevator opens, and Elizabeth is there. She says she thinks his phone is off. It’s unlike him, and she wonders what he’s up to.

Nelle says, this is not happening. Not here; not now. Obrecht comes out of the forest, and Nelle says she knows her. She’s all over the news. Obrecht tells Nelle to forget she saw her. Nelle says Obrecht is a doctor, and explains she used to work for her niece. Obrecht remembers that Nina said she was a lying sneak. Nelle says she needs Obrecht’s help. She grabs Obrecht’s arm, and says she’s in labor.

Michael digs around in the console for anything he can find to get the seatbelt off. Sonny is suddenly at the window.

In a cabin – no, not that one – Carly sits up, and looks around. She starts to panic, and calls for Jason. He comes out, telling her it’s okay. He gives her some water to help get the drugs out of her system. She says he broke her out of Ferncliff. She thought she was hallucinating. He asks if it was a hallucination, would she think he’d have Franco with him? It’s okay; he’s here; this is real. She’s safe. She cries, and thanks him.

Michael tells Sonny that his seatbelt is caught. He asks if Sonny has a knife. He tells Sonny the car could blow, but Sonny isn’t leaving. He takes out a pocket knife, tells Michael to sit still, and starts to cut.

Jordan and Chase find the prison van. Chase says the guards are still alive. He sees a pair of handcuffs, and assumes they belong to the prisoner. Jordan calls dispatch for an APB on Obrecht. She asks Chase about the guns, and he says, there’s one missing. She tells dispatch that Obrecht is armed and dangerous. She calls for an ambulance, and tells Chase the paramedics are on the way. The driver comes to, and Jordan asks, what happened? He says his prisoner attacked the guard, he swerved, and lost control of the car. Chase thinks the other car must be Michael’s, and wants to find him. Jordan says they have to find Obrecht.

Nelle tells Obrecht that she barely got out before the car exploded. She just kept walking, and her water broke. Obrecht says, interesting. She just came from a car crash. Another car ran them off the road; it must have been hers. There was no explosion, and her pupils aren’t dilated, so there’s been no trauma to the brain. Can it be that she’s lying? Nelle says what she’s not lying about, is that she’s having a baby right here, right now. Obrecht took an oath, and has to help her.

Franco tells Elizabeth the truth is alarming. She asks, how much? and he says, seven out of ten. She tells him the truth now is better than finding out later. He says, right now? and she says, yeah, lay it on her.

Carly asks how Jason did it. He says when they took her back, he knew he had to get her out. It was the reason he took the job; to get the layout, but they took his badge. She asks how he got in, and he says he heard Franco say he worked there sometimes. He would have done anything to get her out, even team up with Franco. He’s sorry. As soon as they took her back, he should have done it that night, but he got talked into waiting. Carly says she was talked into pleading insanity. They both messed up, but will trust their own instincts from now on, especially about each other. Jason sits next to her. She tells him not to feel bad or sorry. She knew he would get her, and he did.

Obrecht says she misunderstood morality; there might be something to it. She recognizes sociopathy. Not as a mirror to herself, but in Faison, the man who killed her son. Maybe something good can happen from something bad. Maybe what happened with her son will happen with Nelle’s child. She tells Nelle to spread her scrawny legs and push.

Julian tells Kim that he’s going to do everything in his power prove himself to his children. Kim says he can respect their wishes, but still keep the door ajar. She can’t stress enough the bond between children and parents. His kids will see it too. He thanks her, and says that will be another day. Today is about his son.

Brad tells Wiley it’s time to wake up and eat. The baby isn’t waking up. I say, oh no, out loud. He drops the bottle. Please. They are not going to do this, are they?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jason did the dirty work, and there’s probably a less than 50% chance anyone saw him, so the chances of him getting into trouble are pretty slim. In general, Elizabeth is opposed to activities like breaking out mental patients, but in this case, he did the right thing. He didn’t expect that, and thanks her. He wonders if it’s only because Jason was involved, and thinks if it had been his idea, she’d be upset. She says Jason went to Ferncliff to save his friend. She respects him for it, because that’s who he is, but Carly isn’t Franco’s friend, and he didn’t help because he was forced. It was decent and kind, and that’s who he is. She’s proud of him. He says he’s better for it, and they kiss.

Jason asks Carly how she’s feeling. She says, okay, but shaky, and still out of it. She needs to say something out loud, just to him, and then bury it. Sonny can never know; nobody can. He tells her to go ahead, and she says, it was awful. Spending her days and nights in a padded cell; she had no concept of time. Mary Pat is evil – there’s no other word for her. With all the drugs Mary Pat pumped into her, she could barely hold her head up. She’d started hallucinating, but all she saw was Nelle. It was the second most horrific thing she’s ever experienced. Morgan was the first, and she couldn’t go through it again. She had to try and stop Michael from marrying Nelle. She knew what that would cost, and didn’t care. She can endure anything if it means keeping her son safe.

Sonny cuts through the seatbelt like a sloth. Michael says to let him take it. The car continues to smoke and spark. (Ha-ha! Smoke & Spark, a new bar… or rap team.) Sonny says Michael’s mother can’t lose them both. Sonny finally gets him loose, but Michael can’t move his legs. The sparks really start flying, and they look at each other.

Tomorrow, Jason explains what Nelle had planned to Carly, Robert tells Finn the texts came from Anna’s captors, and Margaux looks at what’s on the flash drive.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

We revisit Kelly finding out that Vicki and Steve went on a double-date with Michael and Vicki’s friend. In her interview, Vicki tells us that Michael said it was none of Kelly’s business. It’s not cheating; their marriage is over. She calls Michael from the car, and leaves a message that his soon-to-be-ex-wife just destroyed her.

Kelly calls Tamra, and tells her about the double-dates. Tamra thinks Vicki is destroying girl code. Kelly wanted to smack her, and says there’s no loyalty. It would be like Tamra going on a double-date with David. Tamra says she would never do that, and Kelly says then Vicki had the audacity to yell at her. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki knew she was wrong, and that’s why she didn’t tell Kelly. She was being sneaky.

I get confused for a moment, since the New York Wives are also doing Mexico.

Vicki tells Tamra, it’s about moving forward and rebuilding friendships. In the car, Tamra says she doesn’t think Kelly’s problem is with Michael dating, but that Vicki double-dated with him. Vicki says she didn’t tell her because Michael asked her not to, but Tamra thinks maybe she shouldn’t double-date with him. In her interview, Tamra says she went through it with Simon, and in a divorce, friendships are split up as well. We see a clip of Tamra getting annoyed with Eddie about David being in the studio. Eddie says he’s staying friends with David. Tamra tells him that it upsets Shannon, but he’s not going to let someone else dictate who he’s friends with. Tamra tells Vicki to have fun. They’re going to Mexico.

Kelly puts on a weird ski jumpsuit, which daughter Jolie vetoes. Kelly tells Jolie about a phone message from Vicki, who said she was under the impression she shouldn’t tell Kelly, and it’s not her position to. Kelly thinks it is. In her interview, she says Michael isn’t Vicki’s friend; she is. She says she was warned about Vicki, and Tamra and Shannon were right. We flash back to them telling Kelly to keep her distance or she’ll get hurt. Vicki adds that she just wants everyone to get along, and to have a good ski trip. Kelly tells Jolie that Vicki should have said something, and Jolie says she’s not a good friend. Why get caught up in drama with someone who just wants to make things worse? Vicki is not her friend. It’s shocking to Kelly that a twelve-year-old knows how to be a better friend than a fifty-five-year-old woman. Jolie says God tells you to forgive, but you don’t have to be buddies, and I’m in total agreement. Kelly calls Jolie a mini psychiatrist. Jolie says Kelly can forgive her, but let her know it’s not like it was before.

Gina and Emily work out in the park with their children in a strollercize class. Leader Kim instructs them about jogging with the kids. Emily kids are out of control. She says, tongue in cheek, that she needs therapy and medication just to deal with them. Kids are out to get you and will hurt you. This class looks like a true struggle. Emily is glad she met Gina. They’re in the exact same place. People with one kid only have one place they need to focus the attention. In her interview, Gina says in the OC, you have to play a part, or everyone will let you know you’re not doing a good enough job. Emily asks if Gina’s husband is a hands-on father. Gina says he’s good with poop detail. In her interview, Gina says she’s essentially a single parent during the week. She tells Emily that she’s signed up for some mommy groups, but they didn’t click. She and Emily decide on a second date.

Shannon feels closer to her kids since the divorce. Since they were already in Mexico, the girls are flying home, and she’s arranging for a babysitter while she’s away. She’s more determined than ever to get through the divorce successfully and happily. She tells her daughters that she wants a call every minute.

Apparently Mexican shots equal three in the US. Shannon orders three, and waits for Vicki and Tamra at the gate, surprising the hell out of them. FYI, they’re all wearing blinged out sombreros. Vicki and Shannon hug, then fall down, and the trip hasn’t even started. Tamra says, welcome to Mexico, and asks if they’re going to jail. Vicki also has pee on her pants. Omg. I would never go on vacation with these women. Never.

Kelly is snippy with Jolie, who tells her just because she’s mad at Vicki, don’t be mad at her. Kelly threatens to send her to boarding school, but Jolie says she’d actually like that.

Gina goes shopping, but doesn’t understand the store. The clerk tells her it’s a lifestyle boutique. She says it must be a California thing.

Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra are shown to their rooms. Vicki says Shannon knows how to do it up right. The pink sunset is insane, and they’re right on the water. They toast to their new normal. Shannon says it’s looking pretty good.

Shannon says she hasn’t been out in five months, and tonight, she’s going out. They have a shot or three in the room first, and head out to the bar. Vicki says she has a lot of history with the bar, and we flash back to her dancing with Tamra on the bar. Lots of drinking happens. Tamra says, when in Mexico, go through full throttle. She and Shannon get on the bar and dance. Tamra flashes everyone. In her interview, Vicki explains she told Steve she’ll be good. We see a clip of him saying she shouldn’t do anything she can’t do in front of her grandkids in public. Shannon is wearing several bras, and Tamra asks how she expects to get laid. Tamra just wants Shannon to have fun. Shannon appreciates it, and Tamra says to learn from her and Vicki. Shannon says she doesn’t let a lot of people in, and she’s grateful they came there. They woohoo.

They stumble out, and move on to the next place to get some food. Vicki parks Tamra and Shannon, and goes in to order. Shannon repeats that she’s grateful they’re with her, and having fun. Tamra says, whatever it takes for her to be happy, she’ll give it to her. Vicki passes out the food. Tamra talks about Eddie, saying she can’t get enough of him. She loves him, and if something happened to him, her life would be over. Shannon says she used to think that way about David, and Vicki says she used to think that way about Brooks. Vicki says Brooks made her think he loved her, and she loved him so much, but now she loves Steve. Shannon questions that, but not in a mean way. Vicki doesn’t want judgement or questions. Shannon says she told them Brooks was her soulmate, and it’s hard to understand. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki is trying to convince herself; it sounds mechanical when she talks about Steve. Shannon suggests they go back, and they walk right in front of the cars in the street. Good thing it’s cobblestone.

Tamra hits the hot tub. Shannon complains about being fat. In her interview, she says there’s a lot stopping her from being naked, and one thing is her body. Tamra gets out, and slips on the floor. Vicki covers her. In her interview, Tamra says she has so much sh*t going on in her life, she could make a country song out of it. She sits next to the tub, naked except for a sombrero, and yells for Shannon. Shannon gets in wearing Spanx. In her interview, Vicki says she told Steve she’d be responsible. Tamra thinks she’s holding back, and wants her full throttle friend. Tamra jumps into the tub, and thinks she broke her foot, but it’s all good. She asks for another shot, and yells for Vicki.

The next morning, Shannon doesn’t remember much. Vicki has gotten matching pajamas for the three of them. She says, matching pajama friends make better friends. Tamra’s foot is officially broken. Shannon says, unbelievable. Why? Tamra tells them she had to take a cab to the hospital by herself, because they were passed out. Well, no one told her to drunkenly cavort in the hot tub. Room service comes with fruit and coffee. Shannon thinks a big pastry would soak it up better. She asks what time they got home, but no one knows. Tamra counts – two shots at the airport; two in the room, and possibly a beer, then another before they left; three at the bar; no, four; then drinks and shots upstairs at that place, and a drink at another place. Shannon says, after a five-month social hiatus, way to go. They decide to head for the beach.

Back in the OC, Gina deals with her kids. She says it’s hard to be a mom, but feel like there are others in the same situation. She says she copes with a lot of playdates and wine. Unless one of these kids robs a bank some time soon, I don’t know how exciting will be. She says with her husband gone, it’s difficult to keep the connection. When he is home, they have the chaos of kids. The kid in the dinosaur costume screams, and won’t stop opening the front door every time Gina closes it. Hmm… maybe that one is my potential criminal.

Vicki and Shannon bring Tamra out in a wheelchair, but she refuses to be wheeled down the stairs. They try to help, and Tamra protests that Shannon’s hand is in her a-hole. They’re like The Three Stooges trying to get her down the stairs, and a staff member steps in to help.

Tamra is carried to a lounge chair. Vicki says, middle aged women can’t act this way. It’s very embarrassing. Shannon says, let’s do it again. In her interview, she likes the new version of herself. It’s a little bit sexier-ish. Tamra calls Eddie, and tells him the bad news about her foot. She says she went to get in the Jacuzzi, and it broke. He says it sounds like she was drunk AF. She says, maybe a little. Vicki keeps yelling, she was naked, in the background, and Tamra says no wonder Kelly is mad at her. She asks what’s up with that, and Vicki explains that a friend wanted to meet David. She had a barbecue and they exchanged numbers there. She asked if she should tell Kelly, but they both asked her not to. She says Michael was lonely, not having Jolie, and Steve was hanging out with him. She wonders why choose sides? Michael wanted the marriage to work, and Kelly wanted it over. She learned her lesson, and isn’t getting involved. She says it’s all about Kelly all the time. Shannon says she’s in the same position. She and David are done, and never getting back together, but it still hurts that he’s with someone else. She says Vicki’s friend is going through a breakup; she shouldn’t set up her ex. She should sit down with Kelly, see why she’s hurt, and tell her that she didn’t mean to hurt her. Vicki says she can do that. Tamra requests a mellow dinner, but Shannon says she’s arranged for a tequila tasting. Tamra says something bad is going to happen.

Vicki didn’t expect last night to be that way. Tamra is on painkillers, and snoozes at the dinner table. Shannon and Vicki put her to bed, leaving water, cookies and pills on the nightstand. Room service brings the tequila. Shannon says four years ago, Vicki invited her to Puerto Villa, and they had a tasting on the beach. We see a clip of that. She says they’re recreating it, but don’t have those men today. They got rid of them. In her interview, she says David had checked out, and we flash back to David ignoring her. She says he was already having an affair, but she refused to see it. They try the tequilas, and the dude who brought them explains the properties of each one. In her interview, Shannon says, tequila makes her loco, and she starts to get loud. Shannon tells Vicki that she and Tamra coming along to spend time with her means so much. She says four years ago, she wouldn’t even sip tequila; it was David’s drink. She didn’t know he was having an affair, and it turned out that it was their thing. She says she and David shared twenty years, he took her on a trip, and then he was done. He found someone new in a few months, and it’s devastating. She’s gone through the pain of the divorce, knowing he’s with someone else. In her interview, Shannon says a few months after their seventeen-year marriage ended, she was replaced like that. She’s in a place she never knew she would be at fifty-three years old. Vicki says anyone can check out at any time, and it’s like a death. She’s proud of Shannon. Shannon says her girls were excited that she’s talking to Auntie Vicki. She tells Vicki that she loves her, and Vicki says she wants the best for Shannon. Shannon wants the best for Vicki too, and kisses her. Vicki wipes her mouth, and says she doesn’t know how the girls do it.

Next time, Tamra might need surgery, we meet Emily’s mother-in-law, and Vicki tells Kelly she deserves respect, although Kelly tells her respect is earned.

🚑 Lazarus Vs Lasiris

The doctor will see you now.

👶 Juan Thwarted…

It looks like the 90 Day Fiancé: The Couples Tell All poll was wrong too. Pao & Russ are not just staying together, they’re expecting. Well, she is. He’s just hanging out while she does all the work. I hate when couples say “we’re” pregnant. When dudes gain forty pounds, are sick every day, and go hormonally insane, we’ll talk.

💝 Another Kind of Love…

There are two kinds of love: we love wise and kind and beautiful people because we need them, but we love (or try to love) stupid and disagreeable people because they need us. This second kind is the more divine because that is how God loves us: not because we are lovable but because He is love, not because He needs to receive but He delights to give. – from The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume III, compiled in Words to Live By

💡 Me Too…



July 27, 2018 – Franco Helps Jason, Charm Reflections, 90 Note, LA Wine, HexaQuotes & Incoming Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason steps into the elevator with Franco. Franco says he’ll take the next one, but Jason says no he won’t. He stops the elevator, and wants Franco to tell him about his job at Ferncliff.

Mary Pat tells Carly that she’s had a lot of difficulties with her; she’s the most challenging kind of patient, refusing to accept she’s there. Dr. Lazarus has done wonders for others like her. She leads Carly into a room with ECT equipment. Carly freaks, and Dr. Lazarus says the machines appear intimidating, but they’ll change everything.

Chase and Sonny use Jordan’s office to watch the video streaming from Michael’s car. Jordan asks if Sonny is comfortable, and he says he’ll be more comfortable when Nelle is behind bars. Chase thanks Jordan for the leap of faith, and tells Sonny everything is under control. Sonny asks what if Nelle reaches out to someone else, but Chase tells him to trust Michael. Nelle truly believes the car is rigged to crash. As soon as Michael gets her confession, it’s over.

Nelle tells Michael that she didn’t want to be a high-maintenance pregnant woman, and she thinks she hasn’t been for the most part. She’s kept cool, except for the health scares, which were out of her control. They were caused by the earthquake and Carly. She tells him to slow down; she’s not going into labor, just seeing a lactation specialist. She appreciates him going the extra mile. He asks if she hasn’t figured out that he’d do anything for her.

Maxie visits Nina in the interrogation room. She called in some favors. Nina says Maxie doesn’t need to wait with her, but Maxie says they need to talk. She wants to know how Nina let Obrecht rope her into kidnapping Peter.

Finn sits with Peter. Peter says, yes, he’s alive. Finn says good thing he never smoked. His lungs look good. There’s no permanent damage, and he doesn’t need the mask to sleep. He’s a lucky man. Peter says, thanks to him. Finn ran into a burning stable to rescue him. Anyone else would have let him die. Finn says, except for his mother.

Obrecht is sitting, cuffed and wearing orange, at the station. Robert arrives, and says, well, well, well. Dr. Obrecht, I presume. Cuffed and ready for prison. What a wonderful sight.

Jason doesn’t want trouble. He just wants Franco to tell him what he needs to know. He asks if Franco has an ID, and Franco says, of course. He knows it must be about Carly. He thinks they need to adjust her meds. She seemed like she was hallucinating. Jason asks where his ID is, and Franco says, in his pocket. He doesn’t think Jason can pass for him, but Jason says Franco is going to get him in.

Carly says she doesn’t want treatment, but she’s too weak to resist. Mary Pat gives the doctor the paperwork, saying, signed, sealed, and delivered. Dr. Lazarus tells the orderlies to put her on the table. Carly protests, and Mary Pat asks if she should stick around, but Dr. Lazarus says he’ll take it from there. Carly says she doesn’t want to do this. Mary Pat leaves, and smiles in the hallway.

Jordan sees Robert, and says she heard he was on his way. He says he got the first flight when he heard Peter was in custody. Obrecht too. He tells Jordan, good work. She says Obrecht is due for immediate transfer, but Peter is still recovering at the hospital. He asks if he can have a few words with his old friend. Jordan says, with all her insane behavior, she’s in deep grief over the death of her child. He says he’ll go easy on her, and Jordan says it’s up to him. He site with Obrecht, who tells him, the word of the day is schadenfreude; enjoy it. He says she left him in a coma for twelve months, and nearly had him convinced his daughter was dead. She says, karma is cruel justice. She understands his pain, but his child is alive; hers is dead. Robert says he used to think of ways to get even, but now, he doesn’t even want to kill her. She’s going to pay the ultimate price, and spend the rest of her life in prison.

Nina says she’s sure Maxie must have ideas. Maxie says she’s the daughter of the former police commissioner, and was the wife of a detective. Nina says the current commissioner is going to ask her questions, and the less Maxie knows, the better. Maxie understands, but before she goes, she wants to thank Nina for saving Peter.

Peter wonders why Finn would risk his life. Because of his feelings for Peter’s mother? Why is he so interested in the case? Smoke inhalation isn’t exactly an infectious disease. Finn says he realizes Peter doesn’t have warm and fuzzy feelings for Anna. Peter says she abandoned him, and never looked back. Finn says that’s not exactly true. She thought he went to a loving family. Valentin is the one who gave him to Faison. He’s entitled to his righteous anger, but Finn thinks he knows deep down that she did the right thing, and made a loving sacrifice. Peter knows nothing of the kind; a sacrifice involves love. Finn says he knows Peter has hated her his whole life, and thinks he doesn’t know how to stop. Peter says most people think of holidays when they hear the word family. He thinks of pain, anger, and betrayal, but Finn wouldn’t know about that, would he?

Nelle says they just passed the street they were supposed to turn on. Michael says he’s not going to the hospital. He thinks they should go to Sawyer first, then the hospital. Nelle remembers Chase telling her that after fifteen miles, the controls will fail. She suggests Michael let her out, and she’ll call a car. He tells her that she’s being ridiculous. There’s no way he’s going to do that. At the station, Sonny sees the look on her face, and says she knows the car is rigged, and wants to put his son in the ground. Chase says that’s not going to happen. Thanks to Michael, they’ll be putting her away for good. Sonny doesn’t know what he was thinking. He told Carly to let it go, and she knew it wasn’t good. Now a psycho is planning to murder his son. Chase says there’s no shame in getting played by Nelle. He thought there was some good in her. She was so bitter because of the hand life dealt her, that she turned into a master manipulator. She could give a master class in deception. No one sees it until it’s too late. Sonny says, only Carly.

Nina says Maxie is giving her too much credit. Maxie says she kept Obrecht from killing Peter, and she’s willing to bet Nina kept him alive the whole time. Nina says she’s not a saint in any of this. She asks if Maxie still cares about Peter. Maxie says, not at all, but that doesn’t mean she wants him dead. Nathan was Nina’s brother, and in a weird way, Peter is too. He’s James’s uncle. She’d never let him have s role in James’s life, but he’s better off not finding out his grandmother killed his uncle. In the first two months of his life, there’s been enough death. She wants to forget the anger and revenge, and focus on living. Nina thinks James is lucky to have such an incredible, wise mom. Whatever happened, Maxie doesn’t approve, but she doesn’t want Nina going down for this. Nina thinks she’ll be okay. Peter didn’t name her as an accomplice.

Peter tells Finn it looks like he struck a nerve, and asks if he has a deep, dark skeleton in his family closet. Finn says every family has a skeleton. Peter can lie in bed feeling sorry for himself or realize he has a second chance. He’s free from Faison, and his mother wants to connect. He tells Peter to get over himself and be part of life. Peter asks where his mother is. His father is dead; where is she? Maybe she only wants to connect when it’s convenient. She gives out love on her terms, with conditions and caveats. Finn says Peter knows nothing about her. Maybe he should use his recovery time to give it more thought. Robert comes in, and says he doesn’t think Peter will be hanging around. On behalf of the Bureau, he’s there to take Peter into custody.

Carly doesn’t want to do this. The doctor says she’s becoming agitated, and asks when her last dose was. He thinks it’s close enough, and tells her to try and relax. Carly wants her lawyer, Sonny, anything but the drugs. Dr. Lazarus gives her a shot.

Franco and Jason are at Ferncliff. Franco says he got Jason in there; Jason can take it from here. Jason says he’s going to need him. Franco says, for what? and tells him not to say a backup. He’s a hostage in this situation. Jason tells him, Elizabeth said he changed. Prove it. Franco asks what Jason wants him to do, and Jason says for now, stay there. Jason moves on down the hall, and Franco asks himself, why, why, why did he get on that elevator? Jason pulls a gun on Mary Pat and the orderly she’s with. Where’s Rupert? Did he quit? Jason asks where Carly is, and Mary Pat says, this is a crime, and tells him that he’s committing a felony. She lets him know what room Carly is in, and Jason opens the closest door, locking Mary Pat and the orderly in. Franco says, it’s going well; he’ll wait in the car. Jason says they’re not finished yet.

Chase apologizes to Sonny for not doing more when Nelle was gaslighting Carly. He thought she had a psychological problem because of the death of her son. Now she’s in an institution that she doesn’t need to be in. He takes his share of the responsibility, and will tell the judge. Hopefully, Carly will be released. Sonny says Nelle played his whole family. He and Michael pegged her as an opportunist, but Carly knew she was a killer. He didn’t know what she was capable of. Chase says now they do, and they’re ahead of the game. Sonny says it’s not a game to him. Not when his wife and son’s lives are on the line.

Michael has driven eight miles. Nelle says she doesn’t need the lollipops, but he says, yes, she does. She suggests they go to the hospital first; the specialist will be off duty soon. He says she’s married to a member of the board. The hospital will be open in thirty minutes; the store might not be. Once they get on the highway, he’ll step on the gas. She tells him to pull over. If they don’t pull over, they’ll crash.

Finn asks if Robert has official documents, and Robert hands him some papers. He says with the exception of fraud and breaking out of jail, Peter’s crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau. He says the reunion is postponed, and Finn says Anna doesn’t know. Robert tells him to release the prisoner into his custody, but Finn says Peter isn’t a prisoner to him. He’s a patient, and Finn can’t sign a release at this time.

Maxie guesses since Nina saved Peter’s life, he’s returning the favor. Nina wonders if it has something to do with getting back into Maxie’s good graces. Jordan comes in, and asks who authorized Maxie’s visit? Maxie says she let herself in; Nina is her sister-in-law. Jordan says they still have protocol. Maxie leaves, and sees Obrecht.

Jason wants Franco to keep watch for ten minutes. Franco says Mary Pat is the supervising nurse, and she’ll be missed. Jason says, for the next ten minutes, if anyone comes by, send them in the other direction. Franco suggests he just knock them over the head, and throw them in another room. Jason says, if he wants. Franco says Jason doesn’t care whose life he ruins, as long as he saves Carly. It’s the first time he likes his life, and can’t afford to be a convict. Jason leaves, and Franco checks the time on his phone.

Dr. Lazarus says it’s a precaution. Any degree of involuntary movement will disrupt the treatment. It’s for her own protection. Carly is prepped, and they put one of those rubber things in her mouth.

Jordan apologizes to Nina for taking so long; it’s been busy. She sees Nina doesn’t have a lawyer. Nina says she hasn’t called one. Jordan says, last night, she was adamant about not saying a word, not she’s ready to talk about what happened in the cabin? Nina says, nope. She decided to skip hiring a lawyer, and just sit there silently. Unless Jordan is pressing charges. She heard Peter’s statement, and she’s not contradicting it. Jordan says a quarantine was staged on Spoon Island. It’s not looking good for her. Nina says holding her is a waste of time. Jordan has nothing on her, and they both know it. She’ll sit there and wait for the clock to run out. Nina asks if Jordan and Curtis have set a date.

Maxie approaches Obrecht. Obrecht tells Maxie that she’s being transferred to Pentonville, where she’ll await trial. She’s considered a flight risk, and she’s a repeat offender. Obrecht is sorry she  failed Maxie. Maxie says, in what way? Obrecht says she kidnapped Peter for her and James. She wanted to get justice for Nathan, and some measure of closure. Maxie says, don’t say it; don’t even think it. Obrecht didn’t do this for them. Not even for Nathan. She did it for herself.

Robert says Finn might want to reconsider. This could be construed as obstruction of justice. Finn says Peter is his patient, and inhaled a near fatal amount of smoke. Does he look okay? He believes in taking extra precautions, so there are no unexpected complications. Robert asks how long these extra precautions will take. Finn says it could be a day or a few weeks. He doesn’t know. Robert says, as long as takes for Anna to get back?

Sonny takes to the screen. He says, easy. Get her on the line, and reel her in.

Michael tells Nelle that they’re not going to crash. He’s a good driver. She says she’s telling him if he doesn’t pull over, they’re going to crash. He says he’ll call the hospital when they get to the store. She grabs the steering wheel, and says, the car is rigged. Chase sabotaged it. Michael asks, why would he do that? and she says Chase wants to kill him. He tells her that her third trimester hormones are acting up. Chase wouldn’t try to kill him. She says if he doesn’t pull over, they’ll both die. The baby will die. The car is rigged because she asked him to do it.

Robert says Finn only turned up for part of reunion. Imagine what would have happened if Jason hadn’t shown up to prevent the shooting. Finn says Anna is in Berkeley, trying to make things right with Robin. Robert tells him not to bring his daughter into it. Finn says he’s not signing the release, and to take it up with the hospital administration or the court. Robert says, don’t think he won’t. He tells Peter, see you around, Henrik, and slams out.

Maxie knows what’s going on in Obrecht’s head. She wanted vengeance. She wanted Peter to feel the same pain. Obrecht admits she does. Maxie says she and Nina needed closure. Now they’ve got it. Obrecht says she’s going to prison, and Maxie says, after nearly torturing Peter to death. Did it fix any of this? Does she at least feel better? Maxie knows how much she loved Nathan, and it’s not what he would have wanted. All she accomplished was taking herself away from them. Her son lost his grandmother, and possibly his Aunt Nina, if she gets caught up in it, and he needs them both.

Jordan likes Nina, and appreciates her friendship with Curtis, but it’s not a game. She needs to start to take it seriously. Nina asks if Jordan is letting her go, and Jordan says, for now. The investigation is still going on. If Nina wants her advice, hire a lawyer.

Jordan sees that Obrecht’s ride has arrived. It might help her sentence if she cooperates. If she had an accomplice, now would be the time to say something. Obrecht says she did it as she came into the world – alone. She tells Maxie to make sure James never forgets his father, and his oma loves him very much. She hugs Maxie, who tells her to take care. Obrecht cries. I almost cry. She’s taken away.

Watching the screen, Chase says he almost got her. Sonny says, come on, son, like they’re watching a game. Michael tells Nelle that she’s not making sense. She says she didn’t want it to go this far, but he didn’t leave her much choice. Michael says, she hired Chase to kill him? She says he needs to pull over, but he speeds up. She says he didn’t marry her for love. He wanted to control her and get the baby. She knows about the will, and heard his conversation with Jason. Michael says, so she devised a plan to kill him over a possible custody dispute? She says he acted like she was disposable. She’s not letting it happen again. He asks if she killed Zack, and she says she had to; he was weak. If she’d waited, his family would have come between them, and they wouldn’t have gotten married. She didn’t want him dead, but didn’t have a choice. Michael says he makes his own choices too. Nelle screams for him to pull over. Chase says they finally got her.

Jordan tells Nina that she’s lucky her aunt backed up her story, but she’s still a person of interest. She says, and no, they haven’t set a date yet. She leaves, and Maxie asks if Nina is okay. Nina says she’s spent so much time being consumed by guilt, suspicion, and revenge. For first time since Nathan died, she doesn’t know what’s next. That’s the hard part; getting on with the rest of their lives. Maxie takes her hand.

Peter says Finn must have it bad for his mother. Finn would like to think he’s do this for anyone who was separated from their child. She made a tough decision, and suffered the consequences. He does care about her. Finn’s phone dings. It’s a text from Anna thanking him for looking after Peter, and saying things have gotten complicated. Come to Berkeley. Finn says be bought Peter extra time. Use it wisely. He leaves, and Peter scowls. He looks kind of like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Outside, Finn texts back that he’s on his way.

Robert calls Robin, and demands she put her mother on the phone. She says she hasn’t seen her mother, and Robert says she’s supposed to be with her.

Sonny says they’ve got the confession on tape. Shut it down. Chase says Michael wants her to admit Carly didn’t push her. Chase thinks he can do it.

Michael says Nelle lied to his face about Zack, and everything else. Now she’s trying to kill him? She took everything from him and his family. HIs mom was right. Nelle was the one who made her believe that his brother was still alive. Nelle wanted her out of the way. Nelle says she’ll tell him everything; just pull over. First, Michael wants to know if Carly pushed her. Nelle won’t say until he pulls over, but he says, say it. Did she push Nelle? Nelle looks out the front window, and yells, look out! They crash. At the station, the screen goes black.

Franco asks himself what he’s doing. He’s marrying the most incredible woman on the planet, and they’ll live happily ever after. Assuming he’s not awaiting trial for helping to break out a mental patient. He’s trying to do the noble thing. The ruthless killer with the Botticelli eyes is a good friend. Not to him. Jason has plenty of reason not to like him, but his broad shoulders should be strong enough to handle a brain tumor. Franco wasn’t responsible, and he’s trying to prove he’s changed. He’s putting his life on the line for the last time. He looks at his phone and says, nine minutes.

The final preparations are made for Carly’s treatment. Dr. Lazarus says, it all seems alarming, but she’s receiving a gift. Anger and violence will be a thing of the past. Her whole perspective will change. Jason busts in with a gun, saying, nobody move.

On Monday, Jordan wants to know what’s going on, Franco tries to escape, and Jason tells Dr. Lazarus to shut the machine off right now.

🍹 And how about those Southern Charmers? Kathryn Dennis has definitely won the reality queen crown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do such a 180, and claim their piece of the world the way she has. It also made me love Patricia Altschul again. Both are true ladies, and also big enough girls to apologize. I’ve loved the show from the beginning, but this was the best season yet. Kathryn was never a true villain, but omg, Ashley. And Thomas. Kathryn also gave one of the best quotes – although I’ll have to paraphrase – when she told Ashley that she was really out of touch with the fact she’s a complete a-hole. I just had to repeat it again. It was a masterpiece reality moment. I don’t often follow C-list celebrities on Twitter, but when I do, they’re usually from Southern Charm.

🔀 BTW, I’ve  been confusing my spin-off Charms. New Orleans is the one where the couple with the little dogs broke up. They were my main reason for sort of watching. Savannah lost Ashley, who was ditto. I was fascinated by how in denial she was. She insisted she was just one of the guys, and took off her clothes at every opportunity, proving to everyone that she wasn’t. Needless to say, the girlfriends of the guys she was one of, were not too happy. The villain of the piece, I wonder if she saw herself for the girl code breaker she was, and chose to opt out for that reason. I’m sticking with the originals, but keeping the other two in my periphery.

💍 90 Day Fiancé has moved into Tell All Territory, where lots of boxing gloves have been put on. On What Now? Danielle continues to stalk Mohamad, but also won’t leave online not-really-dating alone, and it looks like she might have been catfished. Here, she talks about not being so trusting after Mohamad, which apparently didn’t work out.

💋 Little Women LA wrapped things up for the season. I barely watched it, but did catch the episode where a very white Tara thought it would be a brilliant idea to come out with a wine called Black Girl Moscato. It wasn’t. She thought sisters would be down with that, but she did not make the Moscato happen. The entire rainbow said no, just no. These girls could give Lisa Rinna a run for her money the way they attach their names to products.

📋 Quotes of the Week

Nothing says middle-aged white man more than misunderstanding slang. – Dr. Terry Dubrow, Botched

Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are.Houssaye

The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming.Patrick White

The only thing I love more than hoarders are people too fat to fit through doors. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls (Me too! Max is my spirit animal.)

The problem with books is that they end.Caroline Kepnes, You

A man can’t improve their past. – a commentator on the firing of James Gunn

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July 26 (sort of), 2018 -A Trap is Set for Nelle & Ashley Joins the Reunion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Wow. I’m having quite a week. This morning, my computer was fighting with me. But TV waits for no man, or woman, so as promised, here is yesterday’s General Hospital and Part Two of the Southern Charm reunion.  So much Ashley, so little cognizance. The reunion was also an hour and a half, so it threw me off. I wish they’d just make it three episodes. Friday’s GH to come tonight… I hope.

General Hospital

Alexis walks into the hospital while on the phone. She says she’ll deliver the news. Julian sees her, and says he heard about her kickass meeting for Kiki, and thanks her. She says she’s proud of Kiki standing up for herself and other women. She says she’s there on urgent business, and Julian hopes there’s nothing wrong. She says it’s good news for a change.

Jordan tells Chase that Nelle is unpredictable. She hopes he knows how to handle the game he cooked up. It’s risky; they’re putting Michael’s life in danger. She wants it locked up without a chance of a mistake.

Nelle and Michael talk about the baby coming. He says they’ll get her bag together when they get home. She hopes he feels as good as she does hearing him say that. He says she doesn’t know how much. She says they have the rest of their lives to

Franco is in Doc’s office. He says Drew came through for him. He’s not just coming to the wedding, he agreed to be best man. Although he might be doing it for Elizabeth. Elizabeth walks in, and Franco wonders what she’s doing there. She says she’s dropping off files. What’s his excuse? He says, therapy session, and she says, by himself? He’s practicing, to stay in shape until the real thing happens. Doc said it was okay. Elizabeth says he called from the airport. He’s back.

Doc comes by Sonny’s place. Sonny asks how Spencer is, and Doc says, tearing it up. Laura is good, but anxious to come home. Sonny says she’s been gone a while; he must miss her. Carly is gone, and Sonny misses her too. Jason says they all do. Sonny thinks it’s time they bring her home. He wants to have a conversation about how they’ll make that happen.

Mary Pat puts lotion on Carly’s hands, asking her if it doesn’t feel good to get out of that stuffy room, and take some air. She has a big appointment today, and she wants to look her best for what’s to come. I don’t think Carly knows what’s going on. She’s pretty out of it.

Julian doesn’t mean to pray, and Alexis says it’s not her information to give. It’s for Brad. Brad asks if he’ being sued, and she says, not by her. She asks if he wants to find somewhere private, but he’s good with talking there. If he doesn’t lose his mind first. She says he’ll need his faculties for what’s to come. And diapers too. Congratulations, he and Lucas are parents.

Franco thought Doc was away until next week, and Elizabeth says, that was the plan, but something came up with a patient. Franco asks if it’s him; it usually is. She ask if he doesn’t have a thing. He does, and jets.

Jordan listens to the recording of Nelle, and says it’s enough to bring her in. Chase says not enough to convict her. She’s cunning. She’ll know she has enough wiggle room to skate. Michael won’t quit until Carly is out. He says she won’t see it coming; she’ll have no time to adjust. Jordan says she’s good. She fooled Sonny. Chase says that lit a fire under Michael. Jordan hopes so. It’s their only chance.

Doc was under the impression Carly was in good hands when he left. Jason says. there’s nothing good about the people at Ferncliff. Doc doesn’t blame her trying to escape. It’s a natural extension of her strategy to keep out of Pentonville. He knows she’s not mentally ill. Sonny says they have to get her out asap, but Doc says that might not be possible now.

Ava tells Nelle and Michael that she’s glad the chaos of the other night didn’t harm them. Nelle says they bounced back, and got married there. Sam comes by, and asks how Carly is, and Michael says she’s not allowed visitors. Michael gets a text from Chase to meet him in the park. He makes the excuse of a work thing. When he’s gone, Nelle asks Ava not to bring up Carly around Michael. It’s clear she’s not getting the help she needs. Who knows when they’ll see her next, if ever?

Mary Pat asks if Carly is excited. Dr. Lazarus has quite the afternoon in store. Carly says Doc’s name, and Mary Pat says he’s not available. It wouldn’t matter anyway. She had a long talk with the director, and they agreed they’re not getting through. Her treatment is overdue, but it won’t be long now. Try to relax. Before she knows it, she’ll feel like a new woman. She won’t be able to hurt anyone. Carly sees Nelle in the room.

Brad says the baby’s not due until August, and Alexis says, baby’s aren’t known for keeping schedules. She asks if he wants to know if it’s a boy or girl. Brad says Lucas should be there, but Alexis tells him that Lucas just went into surgery. She says congratulations; it’s a son. She’s going to meet with the birth mother’s lawyer. She tells him to clear his schedule and get the car seat in.

Michael meets Chase. He tells Michael the car is keyed up and ready to go. Is he? He asks if Michael is having second thoughts. Michael says his mother was put in an asylum, and she’s trying to kill him. Chase says she’s carrying his child. They can wait until after the baby comes. Michael says they need to put plan in motion right now.

Nelle tells Ava to consider this her notice. She won’t be back to work. She’s going to stay home and raise the baby. Ava adds, and spend Michael’s money. Nelle says, her money. Everything has gone her way so far; Ava’s too. Ava says not to mistake for an ally. Nelle gets a text. She asks Ava, why so unfriendly? Carly said she had help, and she made herself an accomplice when she stole the blanket. Carly is a raving lunatic about a blanket no one saw. It’s too late to back out. Like it or not, they’re in this together.

Doc tells Sonny there was a release on the horizon, but Carly escaped. He almost had the judge convinced, but she took matters into her own hands. And there’s no getting around she assaulted a nurse. Sonny says she’s fine, and complains about Diane having to convince the judge for five minutes with her client. He wants someone to tell her that she’s not alone. Doc says he’ll see what he can do. There’s a chance they’ll reassign her to a different doctor. Sonny respects him. He’s never failed their family before; don’t fail them now.

Carly sits, barely conscious. Imaginary Nelle says she came to keep Carly company; she must be lonely. Don’t worry about Michael. She’ll take care of him. Carly says, no.

Mary Pat talks to someone, telling them, here’s the workspace. She says don’t expect much; they’re heavily medicates, and probably can’t do more than fingerprint. It’s Franco, and he tells her he’ll figure it out. He’s had bad cases before.

Brad tells Julian he’s always been the cynical one, but he lowered his guard, even convincing Lucas to decorate the perfect nursery. They’ve had it ready for weeks. The baby can sleep there tonight. Their son. Alexis says someone wants to meet him, and a nurse brings the baby in.

Chase tells Nelle that he rigged the car to crash. They’ll fail if he suspects. Then they can’t be together and it’s all for nothing. She say she’ll have him take her on an errand, and then send him far enough away for Chase’s contraption to work. He’ll lose control of the car. Problems solved.

At the Quartermaines, Ava thinks it’s time proper conversation with Michael, about his mother and new wife. He doesn’t want to talk to her. She tried to have Mike committed. She says she was protecting her child. He would have done the same. She says when Carly interrupted the wedding, she suggested Nelle wasn’t acting alone. It was pretty obvious Carly was talking about her.

Sonny goes to the station. He tells Jordan that he heard from Diane, and doesn’t understand why Carly is allowed no visitors. Jordan says it’s only temporary until the adjust her treatment. He say she doesn’t need any, and she’s stuck in that snake pit with no one to help her.

Carly tells Nelle to go away. Nelle tells her that she’ll be old and grey by the time Sonny and Jason get her out. Maybe they’ve forgotten her, or don’t care. Face reality; she’s in it for the long haul. No one is coming. Franco says, Carly?

Chase gives Nelle last minute instructions. They can only safely go fifteen miles total. Then the steering will lock and the brakes will fail. He tells her she can still back out. She says Michael is pretending to care, and setting her up to take her baby. Michael has to die.

Ava tells Michael, whatever entity exists between Carly and Nelle has nothing to do with her. He asks if hiring her was a coincidence, and Ava says she did it for hi child’s sake. He says he’s not the one to worry about; his mother is a different story. Ava says she seems to have long road ahead.

Elizabeth tells Jason how much Jake enjoyed spending time with him and Drew. They’re both important to him; so is Franco. If Jason can get along with Drew, and Drew with Franco, maybe he and Franco can get along. Jason excuses himself. He needs to talk to Doc. Doc tells him there could be additional cause for concern.

Fantasy Nelle says it’s getting crowded in the room. Carly shakes her head. Franco says he’s as surprised to be there as she is to see him. A bleeding heart gave him an art therapy grant. Nelle asks what’s worse, getting a visit from Franco or being left to rot. Carly asks if Nelle is there. He asks if she wants the doctor or Mary Pat, and she says Mary Pat keeps giving her drugs. Franco says if she wants to express her feelings sin a safe space, that’s what art is for. She says he has to get her out of there.

Brad picks up the baby. Julian films while he talks to the baby and introduces himself. He tells him about Poppa Lucas being a doctor. He’s afraid he’ll break the baby, and Julian tell him that he’ll be fine. If there’s a situation they can’t handle, they have an army of friends and family to help. Brad asks Alexis when they can be sure the baby won’t be taken back. Julian asks what the chances of that are.

Alexis says it’s very rare. They have more pressing matters, like a name. Brad say they’d chosen Cher for a girl. Both short for Cheryl, for Lucas’s mom, and after Cher. They were talking about how a month can seem like a long while, and thought of Wiley, because they knew he’d be worth it all the while. Julian welcomes Wiley Cooper Jones to the world. Brad asks if Julian wants to hold him.

Carly tells Franco to tell Sonny and Jason to break her out. Mary Pat appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Franco says Carly asked for shade of pencil he didn’t bring. Mary Pat takes him into the hall, and tells him to be careful. The patients are medicated, but violent. And stay clear of that one. Franco says, Carly? Mary Pat asks if he knows her, and he says they’ve dealt with one another. He says they need to rejigger her meds; she’s no herself. Mary Pat says she’s better than when she got there. Soon, she’ll be right as rain. Fake Nelle shows Carly a knife, saying she’ll have a lot of fun with this. Carly says, stay away. Mary Pat says, looks like class over, and says what did they tell Carly about moving without permission?

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly isn’t sick. Jordan says, legally, she is. It’s out of her reach. Sonny says Nelle set her up. Jordan tells him knowing isn’t proving. Her conviction will be overturned only when Michael and Chase get the proof. If it’s going to happen, it will happen tonight.

Nelle finds Michael and Ava talking. She thought Ava was having lunch with Griff, but Ava says he had to cancel. The downside of dating a doctor. She came over to deliver Nelle’s final paycheck. Michael looks surprised, and Ava says it’s lovely that she’s going to devote all her time to her family; she’ll be missed at the gallery. Ava leaves, and Michael asks where Nelle has been. She says she ran into Chase, and he made a last pitch for a reunion. Michael says he shouldn’t be harassing her, but she says he knows where she stands. She meant her vows when she said them.

Doc tells Jason that the director at Ferncliff put Dr. Lazarus in in charge. Apparently, Doc isn’t doing his job at healing an already sane patient. He says Lazarus’s methods are controversial. He’s revised a technique that’s generally out of favor – electroconvulsive therapy. Carly is already scheduled for her first treatment.

Carly says she doesn’t belong there, and Mary Pat says, yet here she is. She’ll feel better when she’s adjusted to treatment. It’s time to see Dr. Lazarus, and move on to something new.

Jason asks Doc when Carly is scheduled, but all he knows is it’s sometime today. Jason asks what it will do to her, but Doc says it’s hard to say. That brand of treatment is a last resort. It’s for the truly lost who are beyond all other hope.

Franco tells Elizabeth that his time at Ferncliff was cut short. He doesn’t think he can help the poor souls there. Jason hears him.

Mary Pat tells Carly soon she’ll have a whole new outlook on life. She takes Carly down the hall, saying Carly’s life will be so much better – and hers. She tells Carly to pick up her feet. Carly passes a patient that looks like Doc, who tells her, SOS. There’s been speculation that the mystery patient is really Doc’s twin brother Ryan. He’s supposed to be dead, but you know how it goes. I’m still expecting Faison to pop up again.

Julian holds the baby, saying, such a miracle, and Brad tells the baby to say grandpa. He takes a picture and sends it to Julian. It’s time for him to take his son home. Julian hopes to be somebody his grandson will want to know. He tells the baby his grandfather loves him so much, and always will. He hands the baby back to Brad. Alexis says she’ll be in touch. Brad thanks her and leaves. Julian looks at the picture and wonders when he’ll hold the baby again. Alexis tells him to keep doing what he’s doing, and maybe he’ll see his grandson all the time.

Nelle packs her bag, but tells Michael she’s missing the glycerin lollipops that were recommended. Michael suggest picking them up tomorrow, but Nelle says what if she goes into labor tonight? They can pick some up in Sawyer now. Michael thinks it’s a little far, but she says, it’s worth every mile.

Back at the station, Chase says he met with Nelle, and the plan has been put in motion. He had a hidden camera in Michael’s car, so they can watch in real time. The car is set to lose control after he gets out. The rest is up to Michael.

Michael tells Nelle that Sawyer is in the opposite direction from the hospital. She says it’s only a few miles. By the time he’s done, she’ll be ready for him to pick her up. He asks how can he refuse her anything, and they leave.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Nina how she got roped in, Jason asks Franco about Ferncliff, and Carly gets her treatment.

Southern Charm – Reunion Part Two

Ashley says she’s about to walk into lion’s den. She’s going to speak her truth, even though it’s gotten her into trouble. It’s hard for her. Violins play in my head, and Austen says, here we go.

Andy wants to talk about Kathryn disappearing. He asks if she was surprised at everyone’s concern, and she says, it’s never been that way. HE asks at what age she realized she was struggling with depression. She tells him when she was eighteen, she was working politics. The men objectified her, and she self-medicated. She talks about going off the medication she’s on now, saying she doesn’t like depending on things other than herself to be normal. She’s glad it came out on the show, since a lot of people won’t admit to needing help. They still suffer the stigma of being medicated, but they shouldn’t feel ashamed. Cameran talks about suffering from anxiety, and that she needed medication. Craig says he had Kathryn’s back in times of conflict, but he wasn’t there all the time, and feels embarrassed. Anyone who’s gone through the bullsh*t Kathryn has would probably end up having something. Kathryn says she’s evolved, and she recognized they’re there for her, and it means a lot. Craig says she masked it a lot. Shep can relate to the depression part, and is happy to see the support.

Andy talks about Shep moving to a quieter, gentler area, where the sand is softer to face-plant in. They discuss the difference between a blackout and a brownout. Shep says with a brownout, you get mental snapshots of the night, where in a blackout, it’s what the hell happened? Austen says anything was better than what Shep was doing. Cameran says he’s still out and about, and showed her all the women on his phone. Andy asks how many times a week he goes out, and he says, it depends. Austen thinks four to six. Cameran is surprised he’s never gotten anyone pregnant. Andy asks about birth control, and Shep says he’s iffy. Cameran asks if he’s clean, and he says of course. Craig hopes they’re not jinxing him.

Relationshep is talked about, and Andy says he was surprised when Shep chose the twenty-two-year-old. It doesn’t seem like he really wants a committed relationship, but there’s no crime in that. He says he sees clichés, and falls into the trap. We flash back to Shep’s dinner party, and he and Craig attempting to grill. Andy asks about Shep’s knee, and he says he’s good. Andy tells him there are lots of people hoping for a Shep and Kathryn relationship. Shep does look back and wonder what if things happened differently. Andy says they have great chemistry. Shep says, physically, and they have a lot of fun. He says she’s really good, and Kathryn thanks him for the endorsement. We find out they’ve hooked up five times, and they talk about the time after Kensie was born at the Palace Hotel. Andy says, the night is young, and Kathryn says it’s an annual thing. Andy calls it a reunion hook-up.

Andy says Shep told his mother that he was working on becoming less angry, and he says he didn’t want to become an angry old guy. We flash back to his conversation with his mother. Shep says he realized he wasn’t his normally congenial, happy self, and hates being mean-spirited. We see a clip of him telling Austen he doesn’t need more friends, and Austen saying he’ll stay away then. Shep says it was like living on Bourbon Street. Andy says he got heat for calling out Austen for partying, and we flash back to Shep talking to Chelsea. A viewer says he can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to one up Austen, and Shep admits to still being salty. He’s asked if jealousy is a factor, and Shep says Austen had texted him about missing an epic night, and he came across badly. He says, talking someone else down is the worst move in the world. A viewer gets why Chelsea wanted Austen to stand up to Shep. Andy asks if it’s about Austen not standing up to Shep, or more about Austen, and Chelsea says it was more the standing up. Austen says it caused a serious rift. Shep says he apologized. He didn’t make himself look better, and squashed anything he could have had with Chelsea. He thinks they were both trying to win her over, and butted heads. Shep suggests Chelsea doesn’t have to tell everything he says, but Chelsea says he was painting himself as a choirboy.

Austen still isn’t working, and Andy asks if anyone there with a penis, besides him, has any ambition. Naomie says they have an ambition to not work. Andy asks about the status of Austen’s beer. Austen says it’s in the branding stage, and he’s pitching it to distributors. The name is going to be Trop Hop, because it has a tropical bent. We all like it. Andy says everyone loves his parents, who pop up on social media. His mom is no-nonsense, and his dad used to be in the FBI. Andy asks how much beer Austen would have to sell to actually pick up a check. He claims Chelsea grabs the check like lightening. She doesn’t feel she’s one of those girls who has to be paid for, but it’s how he went about it, and imitates his feeble attempt of, no, let me get it. Chelsea says not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family that can front them. It’s frustrating, because all the opportunities are right there; just pick something. Austen wishes it was that simple.

Backstage, Ashley thinks about what she’s going to say, and how she’s going to be the best person she can be. The hairdresser looks bored.

Andy says until she finds a manly man, Chelsea is content hanging with her main dog Tyson. We see pictures, and Chelsea says he’s one of Michael Vick’s dogs that were rescued. He’s been used as bait. I’m disgusted (no bold type for Vick), but make aww noises at the pictures. Andy asks if she’s gotten more clients because of the show, and she says she has. She talks about how she hears everything that goes on, and that a client saw Thomas and Ashley outside a restaurant arguing to the point of him throwing leftover food at her. He was saying she’s going to send him back to prison. Andy says after visiting her childhood home, Chelsea got emotional. She says her world was turned upside down after her stepdad died. We flash back to them visiting the house. Andy asks if she seeks out good providers because of the lifestyle her stepfather gave them. She says she learned to provide for herself. She looks back and sees what her mom went through, and doesn’t want to put herself in the same situation. A viewer thinks she sends Austen mixed messages, and Andy asks if they’ve hooked up since they stopped dating. The answer is no, and Andy moves on to Austen getting back with Victoria after Chelsea rebuffed him. He says it felt good to feel wanted, and she wanted to be with him; why push that away? Shep says Victoria is a fun time girl, and like one of the guys.

Andy rudely asks if Austen and Shep have ever been with the same woman on the same night. That’s a no, and Andy says a threesome doesn’t mean you’re gay. He says a lot of viewers thought Chelsea’s behavior toward Austen on the boat was inappropriate. She says people see a glimpse of something on social media, and their minds go off in different directions. She insists it was innocent, and I’m on her side. Shep says Austen hugging Chelsea at the party looked sultry and wonderful. Kathryn says they have natural chemistry, and Chelsea admits it looked flirty when she watched it. Andy says viewers love them as couple, and compare them to Ross and Rachel from Friends. He asks if they’ll ever get back together, but they’re both dating other people. Chelsea says he’s a friend; it’s not like that. She’s going out with someone who’s not from Charleston, so no one has met him yet.

It’s time for Ashley to join the group. Andy says Ashley might double-down. Naomie says triple-down. Andy asks her how painful the last four hours was, and she says she thought of running a few times. Shep says they’re at the finish line. Everyone trickles in, and someone wishes they had a water gun. Naomie crosses herself.

Andy describes Ashley as having traded scrubs for Chanel. Getting Thomas to marry her was a full-time job, and she spent her free time poking the mama bear. He asks if she’s nervous, and asks how her experience was watching the season. She thinks if people understood her humor, it would be different. She tends to poke and tease and get a rise out of people, and wishes it wouldn’t be taken so seriously. Andy says viewers on social media are concerned about her weight loss. She says the pressure of filming made her nervous. She put pressure on herself and it created stress. Andy says they haven’t been filming for a while. She says there are also the allegations. People are saying she has anorexia, and is a villain. This didn’t happen overnight. Andy asks about when she first met Thomas. Ashley says his first question was what she did for a living, and he told her that his sister is a nurse. She thought it was nice of him to be interested in hearing about her career. She thought he had depth. Andy asks what he’s like as a boyfriend. The words alternately boring and crazy come to mind, but she says he’s romantic; he takes care of her. Everyone laughs. She says she likes scaring and pranking him, and putting fake bugs around to keep it fun. Andy wonders how he’s doing in light of the investigation. She says it’s been humbling, and she’s seeing a new Thomas. He wants to stay in and keep under the radar. He’s been softer, more sensitive, kinder, and more supportive. Everyone wants to be your friend when you’re on top, and she’s not leaving. Andy asks if she expects Thomas to be cleared, and she says of course. There have been no charges, just allegations. It used to be innocent until proven guilty, but now it’s the other way around. I have to admit, she’s right there, but I doubt it applies in Thomas’s case. He acts like a full-blown nut sometimes.

Andy says Kathryn admitted to Craig that she and Thomas hooked up after the season 4 reunion. We flash back to Thomas winking at her during the reunion. Andy asks if anyone is surprised, and Naomie says it’s a tradition. Kathryn says it’s an annual thing. Andy points out Thomas was dating Ashley in May, and hooked up with Kathryn in June. Kathryn says she had no idea he was dating Ashley. Ashley says he told her in July; he doesn’t lie. Ha! He probably told her because he knew she was going to find out, since all of them knew.

Andy says the first time Ashley met Kathryn was at Shep’s birthday party. Ashley said she was physically afraid of Kathryn based on what she’d heard. Kathryn says she’s never touched anyone in her life; weird. Andy asks Kathryn what she thought of Ashley, and Kathryn says she thought Ashley was normal… ish. We flash back to Ashley saying she has nothing but respect for Kathryn. Kathryn says Ashley met her children before they met. Ashley says Thomas has full custody, and it was just in passing. Kathryn asks how long did Thomas know her before she met the kids, and Ashley says a week. Andy asks is Thomas and Ashley had sex in the bathroom at the party. She says, no, and we flash back to them going into the bathroom together. Everyone is laughing. Shep says it’s cool, but Ashley says Thomas won’t do it anywhere but in bed. Kathryn mumbles that’s not true. Andy can’t think of another reason to be going into the bathroom together, but Ashley insists they were just trying to get private time away from the cameras. She has more class than that. Shep says he doesn’t have any.

Viewer Loretta from Akron tweets that Ashley is completely committed to getting engaged. We flash back to the million times she brought up rings and/or weddings. Andy says if he asked today, would she say yes. She hesitates, then says she’s not there yet, like any of us believe that. Andy asks what changed; the investigation? She says, not at all, but once she started working, she realized she should pump the brakes and enjoy dating. Everyone thought she got caught up in the money. Andy tells her that Tinsley Mortimer tweeted that she wants to be T-Rav’s widow. Ashley says she can meet someone with more money back home, and dated guys own age with more. It’s just a stereotype, and she was attracted to an accomplished man who works hard for what he’s got. Another viewer asks how Ashley felt when Thomas was flirting up a storm with Kathryn, and wonders what she’s doing with that d-bag. Ashley insists it didn’t bother her; she was right there. Shep thought it was awkward. He said, I love you to Kathryn in French. Not only that – and this is me saying it, not Shep – it was the familiar way of saying it, je t’aime. Ashley says she feels secure in the relationship. Shep is like, okay, and we flash back to a couple of jealous moments from Ashley. She says she knows he’s coming home with her. Andy says she had to know it would upset Kathryn to post the Halloween picture of her with the children. She says Thomas posted it, and Kathryn could have been there; she was invited. Kathryn asks why she would want to go trick-or-treating with her and Thomas, and it should have been Thomas’s place to invite her, not Ashley’s. Ashley claims she could have stayed at the house and pass out candy. Andy asks if Kathryn believes that, and she says, no. The rest of the world agrees.

Andy asks if Ashley has any regrets about spending $10K of Thomas’s money. I thought he said $20K when they were at the polo match. Ashley tries to pretend she didn’t know he was paying, even though she used his credit card. Then she claims she was going to bring the clothes back, but Thomas insisted she keep them because Patricia approved. Kathryn says, despite how it looks, Thomas is beyond frugal. She’s never seen him do that. Ashley says maybe just with her. Kathryn guesses she just wasn’t deserving of nice things. Ashley says he gave her two, and Kathryn says like she didn’t give them to him; nice. Andy mentions how Patricia had rooted for the relationship between Thomas and Ashley, and asks what’s going on now? Ashley says she has no relationship with Patricia. In the beginning, Patricia told her, maybe it was selfish, but she wanted them together just so Kathryn couldn’t get back together with Thomas. Ashley’s biggest regret is going shopping with her, when should have gone with Kathryn. Everyone looks confused, including me. Andy asks what happened to turn Patricia around. Ashley seems to think it started with social media systematically sabotaging her relationship with Patricia. She’s alluding to someone saying bad things about her, and Thomas targeting Patricia in return. Shep says Patricia isn’t in charge of what other people say. She had been good to Thomas. Andy asks if they’re speaking now, but Shep says, it’s over.

Andy says the group packed up their emotional baggage to take a trip to Hilton Headache. Shep explains how he walked into a glass door while busy talking smack. Craig’s finger is brought into the conversation, and Shep says it’s mangled because Craig waited too long to go to the hospital. Moving on to what we’ve been waiting for. Ashley was insistent about being invited to Saint’s second birthday party. A viewer ask on what planet she thought she as being appropriate. Ashley says it could have been any party; she just wanted to be included. Andy says they made the effort to include her on the trip to Hilton Head, but she became feverishly obsessed with the birthday party. We flash back to what’s starting to eclipse LuAnn’s fall in the bushes, and I say, nasty out loud. Andy said there was an overwhelming response, and reads comments, including one that calls Ashley literally the devil. We flash back to more of Ashley making a fool of herself. Chelsea says she cried when they left. She can’t imagine hearing what Ashley said to Kathryn. Naomie says she was holding Kathryn’s hand, and she was trembling. Andy asks how Kathryn kept her composure. She says her kids are more important than responding. Cameran says she wasn’t there, but her reaction as a viewer was that she couldn’t believe it. Andy brings up Chelsea saying Thomas and Ashley weren’t allowed back in the house if Kathryn was uncomfortable. Kathryn says she appreciated that, but Thomas’s reaction was scary. Chelsea says she was terrified he’d jump the bench in the ferry. We see a clip of Thomas being a nutjob. Andy wonders why the guys didn’t react like Southern gentlemen, and Austen says he did. Chelsea says when Austen stood up, she thought there was going to be a fight. Cameran adds that he seemed comfortable screaming. Kathryn says it’s the real Thomas. When he becomes unhinged, the façade falls, and his eyes turn black. Ashley tells her that Thomas says the same things about her. I find that highly doubtful. Cameran says a man should never approach a woman like that. No one should speak to anyone like that. Craig says he’s never seen anyone talk to a girl like that. Cameran thinks Ashley is scared of him, but Ashley insists she’s not. Andy says she seemed to be smirking when Thomas got in Chelsea’s face on the boat, and asks why she called them enablers, and Ashley says they should hold Kathlyn accountable. Kathryn says she’s been holding herself accountable for years, and Ashley is trying to discredit her by calling her friends enablers. Andy says she takes random drug tests, and Ashley asks how many she’s taken. Kathryn says she doesn’t know, and Ashley claims it’s four, and she barely made the last one. They stayed late for her. Kathryn says she was working, and Ashley says she’s lucky she made it, or it would count as a fail. She would have been there early. Kathryn says Ashley is really out of touch with the fact she’s a complete a-hole. Ashley’s head explodes, and everyone laughs. I laugh loudest.

A viewer says they were scared for Chelsea when Ashley kept repeating name on the staircase. Was she freaked out? Chelsea says she was, and it was a horrible thing to say. We see a clip of Ashley saying giving birth doesn’t make you a mother. Ashley agrees she was being a bitch. Chelsea is concerned that there’s no remorse over her outburst. An apology would have smoothed things over. Craig says he thought they wouldn’t come back. Shep says it seemed to embolden them, like it was them against the world. Andy asks if Ashley regrets saying anything, and she says, absolutely. She can’t defend herself; her behavior is indefensible… and scary. She should have pulled Kathryn aside for a private conversation if she had issues. Then, in blaming everything except her own black heart, she says she picked the worst time and place. Kathryn is glad she did what she did. It showed her true colors. Ashley gets stuck on the wrong time and place. Craig says, what about the content? She says she shouldn’t have brought it up, but it was how she was feeling. Kathryn says what hurts is that she’s not sorry for what she said. Cameran says, it was a backhanded apology. Andy asks if Ashley believes what said, and she says she does. Andy says that viewers think Thomas was selling her out in his interviews. Craig says he compared her to a dog chasing a chew toy, and we see him saying that – almost. Andy is surprised it’s not a bone of contention, and Ashley says Thomas is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Shep tells her, don’t be a rock. Cameran mentions how Thomas used Kathryn to bait her. Cameran says she screwed up, but she doesn’t think Ashley is aware of it. Ashley says Thomas’s stupid comments are entertainment for her. Craig says she’s like the old Kathryn, and Ashley says no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Kathryn says she does. Cameran says Charleston is a small town, and it’s common knowledge their relationship is volatile. Shep says if she acted that way when she knew cameras were one her, Lord only knows. Chelsea had mentioned Thomas was seen throwing food at her outside a restaurant. Ashley says that she wanted to leave, and had handed him to food. She was upset, and being a brat. Chelsea and Craig both says it’s a red flag. Cameran wonders what it says about a man who talks poorly about the mother of his children. He said horrible things about Ashley to everyone. Ashley says a lot has changed, and Austen says she’s in denial. Cameran says she’s lying to herself. Ashley asks if it’s an intervention, and Chelsea says they’re trying to help. Andy asks if it doesn’t give her pause that they’ve all seen it before. Kathryn feels bad watching her; being her from years ago. Cameran says he’s not a nice person. Ashley says we all have bad moments; a lot changed. Craig says they’re looking out for her, but she says they’re wrong. Cameran says she should give herself a nice life while she can.

Andy says it took five years for Patricia to reach out the olive branch, and invite Kathryn to her Winter Wonderland Ball. Now that she’s a mother, Kathryn thinks it started when she told Whitney fall on a knife. We see that clip. Andy asks if they’ve been in touch since the ball. Kathryn says Patricia requested her presence when they crossed paths at a restaurant. She apologizes, saying she’s seen Kathryn’s transform. She feels bad for saying what she did without getting to know Kathryn. Cameran can confirm that Patricia is genuinely sorry, and looks at Kathryn in a new light. Andy brings up the rumor about Ashley being an escort, and says it’s a serious allegation. Austen says he has no problem with it, because, her behavior. His roommate has friends in Santa Barbara who might have mentioned it Ashley says that’s disgusting, and shame on him. I still say she isn’t put together enough mentally or emotionally to be a high-end escort. Or even a streetwalker. Austen says if it was his girlfriend being talked about, he’d want to know. Ashley says the rumor came from a person Thomas rejected. Kathryn says she heard Thomas signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and it’s like a business relationship. Ashley calls her a liar, and Craig thinks Thomas is scared she’ll testify against him. He let her get too clse, and wants to keep her there. She says she’d never do that because she has a conscience. Andy is surprised they haven’t broken up, and she says they see each other’ heart. Kathryn thinks Thomas doesn’t trust she won’t go to the media, and she might be crazy enough to threaten him. Ashley says, it takes one to know one, because we’re ten. Andy says they seemed on the verge of breaking up a bunch of times, and we see clips of that. Craig says he was about to call it quits right in front of them. Ashley says she wasn’t happy with her own life, but she’s very secure now. And they’re not invited to the wedding. Everyone laughs, and she asks if Andy will officiate

Andy says she went outside at the ball to apologize, but it quickly tuned into a nasty brawl. Ashley says she had pure intentions, and Kathryn asks what changed. She said worse things than she did in Hilton Head. We revisit that. Any asks if she believes Kathryn is nothing more than an egg donor. Ashley says she apologized, and felt attacked. Kathryn says Ashley was the one doing the attacking, and Ashley says Kathryn followed her. Kathryn says Ashley walked away. She tells Ashley, screw her for saying it. It’s not okay to say to any mother ever; it’s beyond disrespectful. She feels badly that Ashley doesn’t see it. She hopes if Ashley is ever a mother she learns this. She’s around Kathryn’s children, and saying things about and to her is disturbing. Ashley tries defending herself, saying Kathryn lost custody. Kathryn says Ashley has known her less than a year. In that time, has there been anything she’s done to bring Ashley to the point of saying she’s nothing more than an egg donor, or is she judging Kathryn by things told to her by Thomas about the past. Ashley says, yes, but she would love to make it right. Andy asks what it would take to convince her, and Ashley wants a private conversation. Shep asks if she wants to hear Kathryn’s side of the story. Ashley says, no, but they could relate. Huh? Craig seems to think Ashley was brainwashed, since she can’t see the truth the entire group is giving her. Andy gives it up to Kathryn. It would have caused him to get physical. He doesn’t know how she walked away. Kathryn says watching it, she was able to confirm that she’s gotten to know herself and her self-worth, and act accordingly. As a mother, she doesn’t want Ashley around her children. She’s unkind, hateful, and sadistic. Unfortunately, if she has to be the one to deliver that message to her this way, she’ll do it. She’s done. Ashley whines that she wants to make amends, and Kathryn suggests she focus on loving herself. Andy thanks Ashley, and says he’ll her see her at the wedding. Well played, Kathryn. Well played.

Ashley departs, and everyone agrees, what a day. Craig says, it was different, and k wonders how naïve anyone can be. They all agree Thomas won’t like it.

Ashley says where she goes from here is a hard question. Her judgment was in question, but they’re not living her life. They’re not with Thomas 24/7. Maybe she was brainwashed in the beginning. This is what she gets for judging Kathryn. Maybe she wasn’t clear enough, but she stood by what she said. It’s hard with no support. She thinks Thomas deserves it too. He’s her best friend, and she’s not ready to throw in the towel. Despite what they say, she’s happy, and she’s not going anywhere.

It’s the final moments. Andy says through the ebbs and flows, and Hurricane Ashley who took the wind out of everyone’s sails, the friendship is solid between everyone. He asks if Craig thinks he’ll ever be friends with Naomie. Craig says if he could go back, he would change everything.  Naomie asks him to just respect her relationship and be happy for her. Shep confirms his friendship with Kathryn, and says she knows if she needs anything, he’ll drop everything. He’s also realized he’s the oldest one there. Cameran calls him, the elder. Andy asks if becoming a mom has given Cameran more patience with the guys, and she says, absolutely. Austen and Chelsea are still great friends, and happy about each other’s new relationship. Andy asks for a round of applause for Kathryn, who came out on top, showing her restraint. We find out Austen’s beer will be out late summer/early fall. He still has a couple more hoops to jump through.

Cups of Austen’ beer is brought out, with a Coke for Kathryn, who jokingly asks if Andy means the Coca Cola kind. Andy asks Shep to make the toast, as the elder statesman. He says five years ago, no one could have dreamt this, and who knows how many more? Cheers to those who wish us well, and all who don’t, can rot in hell. Everyone loves the beer. I’ll miss them.





July 26, 2018 – Due to Circumstances


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


For the first time in the history of this blog (where is Gordon Ramsay to say that?), because life got in the way, I wasn’t able to get through editing. And trust me, even I can barely read my shorthand. I will be getting Thursday’s General Hospital episode and this week’s Southern Charm (which was great) out asap. But right now, sleep calls…



July 25, 2018 – Michael’s Plan Moves Ahead, Lots of Tears in Mexico, Dogs & Chefs, Chris, Fear, Dead & Dreams


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On Alexis’s porch, Kiki tells her that she thought about what she said, and she’s done. Done with the gossip, headlines and her colleagues ignoring her. She wants her life back, and the quickest way to do that is drop the lawsuit. Alexis had the feeling she was leaning that way, and hopes Kiki gives her a chance to change her mind. Kiki doesn’t think she can, but she invites Kiki in, and says, maybe they can. All the women in Kiki’s life are there.

In the park, Oscar is on the phone. He says it’s the sixth message he’s left for Josslyn, and asks her to call back or text. Cameron is listening, and suggests maybe a smoke signal. He asks what the deal is. Trouble in paradise?

Josslyn’s phone rings, and she ignores it. Sonny asks if she’s answering, but she says she’s not in the mood to talk. Not now, and not to Oscar. Sonny sits on couch with her, and asks, how about to him?

At the gym, Jason isn’t going to make Michael take him through the plan again, but reminds him that Nelle is a dangerous woman. He’s been involved with her, and she’s carrying his child. He’ll need to shove down the instinct to protect her, and protect himself. Michael asks why he’s so worried. He doesn’t have to be. Michael knows what do, and has plenty of backup. Sam comes in. Michael says he should get going. Sam says she didn’t want to say anything, but whatever he’s planning with Nelle, please be careful.

On the docks, Nelle tells Chase that she’s trapped. The only way for Michael not to become a widower, is for her to become a widow first. The will cuts her out, and she’ll be left destitute if anything happens, unless he dies in a couple of days. Chase says, before the will is executed. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. They’ll fix it; they’ll think of something.

Kiki asks if they’re all there for her. They can’t stand each other. Olivia says that’s an understatement, and Ava says they’re not there as friends, but as women. Alexis tells them to raise their hands if they’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace. Everyone does, and they tell Kiki that she’s not alone. Alexis says it’s everywhere. Now is the time to be taken seriously.

Sam wants Michael to be safe. She personally doesn’t want him to get hurt, but it would kill Jason if anything happened to him; it would break his heart. Jason loves him. Michael says he won’t take any risks unless it’s necessary, and Sam says that sounds like something Jason would say. Michael tells her he won’t lie, and she says that’s another thing he’d say. Danny had a rocky start in life, so she did what she could to save him. Jason did the same thing for Michael. Michael says that’s exactly what he’s doing for his child. She understands and respects that, and tells him, just be safe. He leaves, and Sam hopes she didn’t overstep. Jason says, no. He’s grateful she said what he couldn’t.

Chase says Nelle has nothing to worry about. Michael is young and healthy, and not going anywhere for a long time. She says that’s exactly what’s wrong; that long time. He’ll take away her child, and leave her penniless, or both. She only sees one solution. The only way for her to feel safe is if Michael is out of the picture. Chase suggests divorce, but she says she’ll be left with nothing and have a baby. She says, some kind of accident could take him out of the picture permanently. People have fatal accidents all the time. If something happened to Michael, they’d be free to be together. He said he’d take care of her; why is he hesitating? She says it was like lightening struck when she saw him again. Chase says it was the same for him. She wants a life with him and the baby, and he said he wanted that too. He holds her.

Jason punches a hanging bag, while Sam jumps rope. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, great. She’s just counting her blessings. Michael bringing up Danny got her thinking. She’s grateful and lucky. Not that he was taken away, but twice she thought a person she loved was gone. First, Danny; then him. Jason says, like father, like son. Did he just make a joke?

Oscar says he’s worried about Josslyn, and Cameron asks what’s going on? Oscar says she’s kind of been all over the place, and when they’re together, he doesn’t know what to expect. Cameron says, and not in a good way. Oscar tells him when he asks questions, she gets defensive. It’s never been a problem before. Cameron guesses Oscar didn’t grow up with family drama. Crazy doesn’t begin to cover it. Josslyn has major issues; her brother dying, her grandfather being sick, and her mom is locked up. The last thing she wants is to reflect on her feelings. Oscar asks what she does want, and Cameron says, to escape.

Josslyn tells Sonny that her mom broke out of Ferncliff, which means she’ll have to stay there longer. Sonny says, it didn’t help, but Josslyn can tell him anything. She says they never talk about it, but they all know who he is. Can’t he pull some strings? He says the ideal situation is for Carly to get released without him interfering, come home, and be who she needs to be. He does have resources. If it’s not resolved soon, he’ll take care of the situation. Deal? They shake hands. He’s sorry she has to go through all this. She says it’s not his fault. She doesn’t need it, but neither does he.

Michael comes in, and Sonny tells him that he was just catching up wit Josslyn. Josslyn asks for a minute alone with Michael, and Sonny takes the hint. She tells Michael they both know how Sonny feels about Nelle, and she didn’t want to talk in front of him. She wonders if Michael asked her about Chase, and what was up with that kiss.

Nelle tells Chase, the only way she can survive and keep her child, is if Michael dies.

At Alexis’s place, each woman tells their story. Alexis says she was the only female associate, in a room of nineteen men. Olivia says men had names for women who sold cars in Bensonhurst. Ava convinced herself that he’d stop when he realized how much she knew about art. Kim says in medical school, every time the seating chart changed, hers stayed the same – next to him, so he could put his hand on her leg. Jordan says she was the best shot, but he wanted to give her pointers, so he could press against her. Alexis says, at a meeting, the men were all laughing, looking in her direction. They said they were looking at a piece of evidence. It was an obscene picture of what her superior wanted to do to her. She worked ass off to be in that room, and she wouldn’t let an obscene joke drive her away. Kiki is stunned.

Jason says Danny is a tough kid; tougher than Sam. She tells him when the doctor told her that he had leukemia, the world stopped. The doctors would talk, but she didn’t hear a word. Jason says, of all the things he missed, he wished he’d been there. Sam says he was. She would sit in the hospital, looking at this tiny human being who wasn’t going to quit; he was determined. Jason says, he was fighting to stay with her. Sam says on a subconscious level, she knew that. Danny was too much like Jason to die. She tells him that she wasn’t alone, She had family, but the person who helped her the most was Patrick.

Michael is glad Josslyn told him, and tells her not to worry about Chase. She says that doesn’t answer her question. She’s not a kid; he doesn’t have to hide things from her. He says that’s not his intention. He gets that it’s confusing, but she has to trust him. The baby will be here before they know it, and they have to pull it together as a family. He says, don’t worry about the other stuff. He promises it will be taken care of. Sonny asks if it’s safe. Josslyn asks to be taken on errand, and Sonny tells her one of his guy’s will take her. She leaves, and Michael says mom not being around is hard on her. He blames himself; Nelle got in her head. Sonny says, he screwed up, they all did. They need to fix the problem, sooner rather than later. His sister needs her mother.

Nelle tells Chase that he’s the man who followed her across the country. He sees her soul. Why push that away? They belong together. He says that’s what he believes. She thought she was doing the right thing for the baby, but she was doing the opposite. If he doesn’t trust her, she doesn’t blame him. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He tells her, this is happening. He feels like they’re dancing around though. What exactly does she want him to do? She says, find way for Michael to die.

Chase says he’s a police officer. Nelle says he claims he’d give it all up for her; was that the truth? Michael has to die. She doesn’t see any other option; does he? She needs his help. He says he’s in. If that’s what gives him a life with her and the baby, how can he say no? She says he has no idea how much it means. They’ll have to move fast. It has to happen before the baby comes. She kisses him, and he says he’ll keep her updated. He leaves, and she looks relieved. Away from the docks, Chase texts Michael. Got her.

Oscar tells Cameron that he appreciates the advice, but he and Josslyn are solid. You don’t almost die in a freezer and not know how to have a conversation. Cameron takes Oscar’s phone. He says he doesn’t know Josslyn as intimately, but he’s known her a long time. He texts something, and hands it back. Oscar says it doesn’t sound like him. She’ll think it’s a joke. Cameron tells him to lighten things up. The phone dings. Oscar reads, what was that about? He says, dude, it worked. Cameron says, told him.

Olivia says her story is a little different. She could have told her father and brothers. They would have stopped it. No one messes with the Falconaris. She would have been out of a job though, and she was a single mom raising a kid. She didn’t want to live off of her family; it was her problem to solve. She had ammo. She had resources if she couldn’t handle it; a safety net. She realizes now that so many women didn’t have that luxury. Ava says it was New York in the ‘90s. She loathed it, but it was the cost of doing good business. In private high-end positions, the rules are clear. He would help her career if she complied with his requests. Kim says when Alexis called, she immediately saw herself. She’s infuriated about David standing between Kiki and her vocation. She wants to do what’s good, and has a miserable excuse for a man obstructing her. Making her feel like she can only succeed if she compromises herself sexually. She had no choice. Alexis says it was a different time. The message is clear; this behavior will not be tolerated. She has the opportunity to act on that. They didn’t have that chance. Kim tells Kiki that no one said it would be easy, and Ava says, but it will be worth it.

Sam tells Jason that she spent a lot of time at the hospital. Patrick always had something nice to say or a joke, and they built a friendship. It turned into something more. Jason asks, how much more? and Sam says, they were engaged. She tells Jason not to freak out, and he says he’s not freaking out; it’s just weird. No one told him. She says it makes sense to her. He and Robin had connected. He says they were in love when they were young. Then she and Patrick ended up almost – Sam says the key word is almost. It didn’t happen because of him.

Sonny asks Michael what’s the latest on Nelle. He says Chase is laying the groundwork. It will come together in days. Sonny asks if he’s considered what happens if the plan goes south. Nelle is evil. There’s no telling what she’ll do. Chase texts Michael. Michael tells Sonny the trap has been set. Sonny says the snake is backed into a corner. Nelle has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Be prepared. He asks Michael what if it’s a choice between Nelle’s and his life. Michael says he’ll choose his baby’s life, even if it costs him his.

Sam tells Jason when it turned out Jake Doe was Jason Morgan, she thought he’d come back, and couldn’t go through with it. Jason says he owes Drew a thank you. Sam laughs, saying she’s never seen him this uncomfortable, and he tells her to enjoy it while she can. Her phone dings, and she says she has a surprise for him. Danny comes in, and Jason says it’s a great surprise. Danny bounces off the ropes in the ring, and asks to hit the punching bag.

Olivia says if Kiki steps up, she’ll be carrying the torch for all of them. She’ll be giving women agency. They’ll see her, and say they’re going to do like she did, and win the lawsuit. Kiki says, if she wins. Kim says she should be treated professionally, and Alexis says she shouldn’t have to trade being harassed for a chance to do her job. Men don’t. Olivia says, it’s no she-woman man hater group either. She grew with men she adored and admired, and raised her son to treat women right. Alexis says they’re not grouping men together as predators; this doesn’t define them. Kim says she’ll be doing something important for so many people. It’s her opportunity. Ava tells her, don’t waste it.

Josslyn sees Nelle in the park. Josslyn asks if the detective is still bothering her, but Nelle thinks he got the message. Nelle says that’s not what’s on Josslyn’s mind though. Josslyn says she and Oscar got in a fight. They weren’t agreeing, she got nasty, and shut down. Nelle asks if Josslyn misses him more than she’s mad at him, and Josslyn says she does. Nelle says, then talk to him. Tell him she doesn’t know how to get back where they were, but she wants to figure it out together. Josslyn thinks she can do that, and thanks Nelle. Nelle says, what are sister-in-laws for?

Chase goes to Sonny’s place, and Michael says, let’s hear it. Chase plays a recording of Nelle asking him to find a way for Michael to die. Chase says, there’s more, but that’s the gist of it. Sonny wonders why they can’t use just the recording, and Michael says, they have nothing on her. Sonny says she’s on record asking Chase to kill his son. Michael says, it’s not enough. Sonny tells him that they’ll take it to Jordan, and she’ll arrest Nelle. Michael says, she’ll get out of it. Chase says, she’ll either say she was joking or she was trapped. The charges won’t stick. Michael says they have one chance to get it right, clear his mom, and protect his child. No way he’s stopping now.

Kiki thanks everyone for sharing their stories. She didn’t realize what the lawsuit meant before; how much it matters. What matters is definitely bigger than her. As hard as it’s going to be, she’ll do it. Alexis says none of them are here fully formed; they all go through struggles, like the women before them. Kiki jokes, that she’s only taking a stand for all women everywhere. Kim says, pretty much, and Ava says, no pressure.

Danny punches the bag, as Jason instructs. He thinks they’ve got a boxer on their hands. Sam smiles.

Oscar looks at the text Cameron sent. Thirty white horses on a red hill, first champ, then stamp, and then stand still. Oscar asks, what are they? Cameron says, tell Josslyn if she wants to know the answer, she has to meet with him. Oscar says it’s ridiculous. Cameron got her to text back when he couldn’t think of anything. He thanks Cameron, and asks what the answer is. Cameron says he has no clue. Oscar wonders what to tell Josslyn, and Cameron says he’ll think of something.

Josslyn looks at her phone, and tells Nelle that she and Oscar are going to meet now. She thanks Nelle again, and they hug. Nelle really hopes it works out. Josslyn has a good feeling. Nelle’s phone dings, and she says, what a coincidence. So does she.

Sonny asks, now what? Chase says everything is in place. Michael says, soon everything will play out to the end. Sonny tells him to make sure it’s not the end of his life. We see Nelle looking like she’s feeling an ill wind.

Tomorrow, Franco asks Elizabeth what she’s doing there, Jordan asks Chase if he can coax a confession from Nelle, and Mary Pat tells Carly that she’s going to feel like a new woman.

❓ The answer to Cameron’s riddle is – your teeth.

The Real Housewives of New York City

In Cartagena, LuAnn asks if they’re going shopping. Bethenny doesn’t want more people around, and tells Dorinda that she’s cracking. LuAnn tells the others that Bethenny is hysterically crying. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s been in these situations, where people have been not so kind, and less tolerant. She tells Bethenny to take a breath. Bethenny says she’ll get it together. Sonja says Bethenny wants to be with Dorinda right now. Carole says if Bethenny isn’t the center of attention and in charge, she’s not happy, and makes it hell for the rest of them. Bethenny says she finally got her life together, and she’s falling apart. She tells Dorinda that her just being there is fine. No deep analysis> They join the others, Dorinda suggesting they shop the blues away.

Carole tells Sonja that Bethenny has been rude to her, and won’t even look her in the eye. In her interview, Sonja says, so what? Carole should be supportive anyway. That’s ride or die. Bethenny tells Dorinda, sorry, and they go into the store. Sonja asks Dorinda if Bethenny had a good cry. Dorinda says she’s going through something. She doesn’t want to talk too much, and get herself in trouble. Sonja says she’s always in trouble. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s curator of the relationship. Her lips are locked – for the first time.

Everyone tries on hats and combs through the merchandise. Dorinda suggests that Carole talk to Bethenny, but Carole says she can’t engage with someone who’s crying every time they have a conversation. Bethenny needs to figure it out. She feels badly, but can’t deal with it. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny has no apparent reason for a breakdown; it’s unnerving. Suckerfish Jason Hoppy anyone? Bethenny says she wants to have fun, not drag everyone down. She can feel the eyerolls. She tells Sonja this is a bizarre vacation.  Sonja tells her that Ramona thinks Bethenny is friends with people to manipulate them, and Sonja said Ramona was the biggest manipulator in her life.

Ramona tells Dorinda that Bethenny is doing things to antagonize the situation. Dorinda says there’s something they don’t know, and Bethenny and Carole need to talk. Sonja tells Bethenny that Carole says she’s a taker. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s a taker of Carole on trips, and lists times she’s taken Carole somewhere, as well as Adam. Bethenny says to coin Dorinda’s phrase, she’s America’s houseguest. Bethenny decides to call Dennis to get a plane for her. Must be nice. Sonja wants her to salvage her  relationship with Carole, but Bethenny wants to go home. She asks Sonja if the street vendors sell Prozac, and Sonja says they are in Columbia.

The girls sit down at a restaurant, minus Sonja, Bethenny, and LuAnn. Dorinda has to eat before she rips someone’s head off. I totally understand. She wonders where the girls are. LuAnn meets Bethenny and Sonja on the street, where Sonja is sipping directly from a coconut. In her interview, LuAnn says don’t eat street meat or juice. If you do, you’re asking for it. They join the others. Bethenny hangs back, since she’s on the phone with Dennis. She tells him she had a breakdown, and has no relationship with Carole. She’s not welcome there. LuAnn tells the table that Bethenny is on the phone; it’s a personal issue. Bethenny decides she doens’t want the drama of an exit, and wants to regroup. The paella comes – it’s an amazing display – and Bethenny jokes about them wanting to poison her. Carole thinks it’s awkward because no one is addressing the elephant in the room. She doesn’t even know what the elephant is anymore. Dorinda, Carole, and Tinsley go for a massage. Bethenny says it seems old school without them; the old group. They clink glasses.

Back at Casa Mattos, Bethenny says no drama. Everyone has to crack once in a while. She’s turning her frown upside down. She says she went shopping like an addict, and Sonja humps the clothing on the bed. Tinsley gets her makeup done. Sonja wants to avoid camel toe, and discusses various options with Carole. Carole wants to talk privately, and closes the door. She gives Sonja a pair of earrings, saying she bought some for everyone. In her interview, Sonja says Carole bearing gifts is a red flag. Carole wonders if Sonja might have insight about what happened to Bethenny to make her act this way. Sonja says Bethenny feels that Carole doesn’t want anything to do with her, and has no interest in the friendship anymore. She’s not empathetic. Carole says she is. Sonja says Carole shifted focus on other things, and maybe that’s what’s hurting her. In her interview, Sonja says Carole knew what she was getting from the beginning. She knows Bethenny can be a nightmare. So what? She’s still a friend. Carole says she’s not sure she got anything she didn’t know, but wants to make every attempt to know Bethenny.

The girls head out to dinner. LuAnn pronounces them a hot group. She’s not sure they’ll get out alive. Sonja wants to have fun. Bethenny gets a balloon with lights in it for Brynn. She says she bought her bought feelings today. Sonja shows her the earrings, saying no one else got anything, but she thinks Carole really came to talk about Bethenny. She tells Bethenny what Carole said, and Bethenny says she doesn’t care; she wishes she did. In her interview, Sonja wonders how good of friends they were. She wants to choke Ramona, but then hugs her. Just a side note: the plating at this restaurant is incredible, and Carole is wearing the biggest tassel earrings I’ve ever seen. In her interview, LuAnn says having no intention of drinking is mind blowing. Carole steps away for a smoke with Dorinda. Sonja wonders since when does Carole smoke, and Bethenny says since when does she buy earrings for Sonja? Carole tells Dorinda that it’s hard for her to navigate the relationship. Ramona tells Bethenny that Carole feels like she pushes her away, and Bethenny says there’s definitely a wall up. Dorinda thinks it’s toxic at the table. Carole wants to be a grown up, and hug it out. She wants to find out what went wrong. They go back to the table, and Carole says they need to address the elephant affecting the whole group.

She tells Bethenny that she’s feeling like she’s been avoided in the last couple of weeks. Bethenny isn’t even looking her in the eye. She doesn’t want to pull back, and needs to know what happened. Bethenny thinks it’s like an erosion. Carole says they’ve talked about it, and she thought she understood what happened. She thought they were moving on. Bethenny says she can’t do this as a group event, and Tinsley says she’s not listening. Carole tells Bethenny not to worry about it. At the other end of the table, LuAnn tells Dorinda she’s starting to turn and get aggressive. Dorinda wants her to apologize. Dorinda says something about The Countess, who isn’t a countess anymore, and that LuAnn is the one who got arrested for drinking, so don’t talk to her. Dorinda smashes her glass for emphasis, and Tinsley squeals.

Bethenny doesn’t want to do this. Dorinda calls LuAnn self-righteous, and insists she apologize. Bethenny says she spent last night crying, and Carole just walked past her, saying she was toxic. Carole says she didn’t, and Bethenny says Carole was standing next to her. We flash back, and she was. Carole says she didn’t know Bethenny was crying; she was saying goodnight. Dorinda’s finger is going, and she says she’s not the one with the mug shot. In her interview, LuAnn says she had no idea Dorinda felt that way. She feels betrayed. Carole tells Bethenny that she didn’t say Bethenny was toxic; she said she can’t take the toxic energy. She’s not recognizing her as the same person. Bethenny thinks Carole doesn’t really like her. Ramona tells Dorinda that she doesn’t need another drink. Wow. That’s taking a chance. LuAnn gets up from the table. In her interview, Ramona says Dorinda can’t stop her mouth. She has a big temper and a loose tongue. Bethenny says with Carole everything is cool. Maybe she’s too cool for Bethenny. Carole says maybe Bethenny doesn’t like her. Dorinda tells Ramona never to speak to her again. Ramona says she’s not making sense. Carole tells Bethenny that she tried to reach out. Bethenny says she loves Carole. If she’s crying, Carole shouldn’t say it’s toxic and not deal with it. Dorinda say she doesn’t have to explain herself, and leaves the table. Tinsley doesn’t know what’s going on. Bethenny says she knows she’s a lot. LuAnn says she’s sick to her stomach. Dorinda’s true colors came out. Tinsley says she has a mugshot too. In her interview, LuAnn says it was uncalled for, like a sucker punch. She has no words. She leaves, and Dorinda sits back down. In her interview, Sonja says even prison bitches have loyal friends.

Bethenny brings up the text where she said she missed Carole, and Carole replied, it’s a lot. Carole tells her there were more texts, and they argue about that. Dorinda complains that LuAnn was trying to school her. Carole tells Bethenny maybe it’s not like it used to be, but friendships have lulls. Ramona says Dorinda’s personality changes after three drinks, but it’s not her job to tell her. Dorinda tells her not to project. In her interview, Ramona says Dorinda is going to regret losing her temper tomorrow. It’s not really what she’s feeling. She says it’s not the right time, and Dorinda tells her to shut her mouth. Bethenny tells Carole that they’re not getting to a final answer. Maybe there isn’t one. It’s sad. Carole says it doesn’t have to be sad. She does love Bethenny. She kisses Bethenny’s cheek, and leaves. Bethenny says it’s the worst vacation she’s ever been on in her entire life.

In her interview, Bethenny says she and Carole connected, and it felt great being close, but if it’s destroyed over nothing, was it a friendship. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to cry. In her interview, Carole says it’s like an abusive relationship, and she feels gaslighted. Dorinda rants about LuAnn being holier than thou. In her interview, Tinsley understands where Dorinda is coming from. LuAnn is someone who used to drink a ton, and fell in bushes – we flash back to the clip that keeps on giving – and she shouldn’t be lecturing Dorinda. Sonja says you don’t talk about people drinking when you’re not. Carole thinks conflict motivates Bethenny’s relationships.

Back at the casa, Bethenny takes her balloon and goes upstairs. Ramona thinks it’s sad. LuAnn asks Bethenny what happened. Bethenny says it can’t be worse than what happened to LuAnn. LuAnn says she wanted to throw up. Dorinda was getting angry and starting to turn. She said not to tell her about drinking. It was being drunk that got her arrested, and ranted about her being an ex-countess. LuAnn starts to cry, saying that’s what Dorinda thinks of her. Bethenny says it’s not. In her interview, she says Dorinda gets hardcore, nasty, and deep. LuAnn is just out of rehab and doing a decent job. She doesn’t need it. Bethenny says it’s not what Dorinda thinks of her; it’s what she thinks of herself. She says she hasn’t told anyone this, and tells LuAnn about Puerto Rico. We flash back to that, and Bethenny says she was so stunned. She had to have compassion. She knows Dorinda has a problem; it was rough. LuAnn doesn’t think Dorinda will get help, because she doesn’t know she has a problem. Bethenny thinks she does. LuAnn asks what happened with Carole, but Bethenny doesn’t know. Nothing and everything. She never had a close friendship dissolve this way.

Carole goes for a swim, and finds Dorinda sitting at the table when she comes back. She feels bad about the fight. She’s very forgiving, but won’t apologize. She’s been a good friend to LuAnn. Carole says if that’s what it’s really about. Dorinda says LuAnn has no gratitude, and don’t shame her. In her interview, Carole says it sounds like she didn’t respond well. People don’t want to be preached to about drinking too much by someone who just got out of jail for drinking too much.

Dorinda says she wasn’t drunk; she was just drinking. Bethenny tells LuAnn that everyone knows Dorinda has a problem. LuAnn says it was a crazy day, and they’re going to the island tomorrow. Bethenny leaves the balloon, and goes back downstairs. Carole tells Dorinda not to think about it. LuAnn feels she should impart wisdom. Dorinda says, wisdom, good; judgment, bad. In her interview, Bethenny says it’s like the odometer went back to zero. She isn’t sure where her relationship with Carole lies. Do they love each other, or hate each other? Are they going to spoon, or never speak again? Dorinda takes her cigarettes out of her purse upside down, and they fall all over the place. Bethenny sees Dorinda’s lipstick is smeared, and she has a Joker mustache. She doesn’t know why Carole let her stay that way. Bethenny wipes Dorinda’s mouth, and Dorinda starts laughing. She says she’s ended her relationship with LuAnn. Carole thinks she should sleep on it. Bethenny tries to explain that LuAnn wasn’t being judgmental, and no one’s against her. LuAnn really loves her. She’s never seen LuAnn like this, as a person who’s not full of sh*t. So she has a moment; let her have it. Make it nice. Dorinda says she always wants to take back things she says, and she’s quick to say she’s sorry. It’s not like she brought the world down. LuAnn needs to tend her own garden. Bethenny tells her it will be okay.

Next time, Dorinda talks to LuAnn, Ramona moons, and the boat trip from hell.

😥 On Watch What Happens Live, we got the word that Carole is leaving the show.

🍗 On MasterChef, the contestants prepared chicken dishes, in teams of two. Ashley and Taylor collaborated, and Gordon said he’d seen better chicken prep on MasterChef Junior. He kept saying, who mauled this chicken? and reminded me of my fourth-grade teacher, saying, who did this? when someone wrote poop on the blackboard. No one confessed (no, it wasn’t me), and we all had to stay in for recess, but it was worth it. I can still see her now…  Gordon eventually told the same team that it was the most dysfunctional forty-five minutes in the history of MasterChef. I’d buy this, if he didn’t say stuff like that all the time. The elimination test was a perfect cheese souffle in forty minutes. Cesar and Ryan made fundamental errors that got them called to the front, and Ryan ousted. Cesar said it was a wake-up call, and was going to make sure to bring his best effort every time, like he tells his students. Ryan’s souffle tasted of more egg white than cheese souffle, although Aaron said he has a beautiful future ahead. Ryan said he came in a drummer from Houston, but knows he’s more than that. He found his rhythm in the MasterChef kitchen. Next week the MasterChef restaurant opens its doors to the hardest food critics – kids. Christina also makes an appearance.

🍨🐶 The Fetch Bistro in Wichita, Kansas, caters to people and dogs, and was featured on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Pam and Greg were the owners, along with their two standard poodles. The place was total chaos, and patrons kept finding dog hair in their food. One of the waitresses didn’t think dog hair did a lot for the appetite, but I’d just think I was at home. Oddly enough, I would be more bothered by people hair. There was no head chef (Gordon called the restaurant rudderless), and no standards for the pets in the dining room. The owners barely seemed married, and Greg treated his wife like a server. Gordon said the dogs were more in charge, and the food wasn’t even as good as a diner. He did the usual redecorating, including dog beds, and made the outside space functional and recreational, putting in a dog park and bocce ball. He also brought in people to teach them to cook, and cleaned the place up. He showed a video to Greg where Greg was ordering his wife around, and said he could reform the restaurant, but Greg’s attitude had to start with him. He told Greg to cut the crap, get a grip, and treat Pam with respect. Gordon took what he called a kennel, and turned it into an amazing restaurant. After three months, everyone is still happy. Next time, the two most stubborn owners, and the most difficult transformation ever. With the kitchen a war zone, Gordon might not be able to get it done in 24 hours.

🎉 Good News…

Chris Hardwick has been vindicated. And in extra news, Fear the Walking Dead returns August 14th, and The Walking Dead returns October 7th.

💤 Goodnight…


July 24, 2018 – Margaux Plays Detective, Hannah Gets in Trouble, Tyler, Two Toms & Four Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We see the headline: Fugitive found – Peter August in custody. Margaux bugs Drew, who’s sitting at the bar in the MetroCourt.

Nina visits Peter in the hospital. she wanted to make sure he was okay. He says she looks fantastic, and she says she runs a fashion magazine. They just kept her overnight as a precaution, but she’s on her way home. She tells him that Obrecht is in custody. Peter says he knows she was unraveling, but she starved and tortured him. He can’t be sorry she’s been brought to justice. She asks why he didn’t tell the police she was an accomplice.

Kiki goes to Alexis’s house. She doesn’t like Kiki’s look, and asks, what happened? Kiki says there was an article in The Invader about how accomplished David is, and how she’s exploiting him. Alexis says Scotty goes for the jugular, and knows how to work the press. She tells Kiki The Invader is just rag, and no one takes it seriously. Kiki says, until they do.

Ava and Griff see Julian, who tells them he’s staying at the hotel. He asks if they’ve seen The Invader’s article about Kiki’s lawsuit. Ava says it’s a good thing she’s reformed, or she’d be tempted to do something. Julian has some thoughts, but she tells him to hold on to them; they’ll talk later. After Julian leaves, Griff wonders, what thoughts?

Chase jumps rope at the gyn. Jason comes in, and asks if there are any updates on their plan. He’s worried about Michael. Chase says Nelle needs to be stopped, but Jason says, not if it costs Michael his life.

At the MetroCourt, Michael tells Nelle he thinks they should get away for a while. He asks if she wants to go hot or cold, and she says it depends on how she feels. He asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’d feel better if her husband didn’t sneak off in the middle of the night, and she found herself alone. He says he had some dealings with the Japanese markets and didn’t want to wake her; she needs her sleep. She says she’ll tell him when she needs something. If he can’t or won’t give it to her… Michael says, then what?

Margaux tells Drew that she’s staying in the suite once occupied by Peter. She understands he’s been apprehended, and says, who knew he wasn’t who he said he was?

Peter tells Nina that he meant what he said. She’s a kind decent, woman. The only reason she got involved was because she wanted justice for her brother. He’s alive thanks to her. She says Valentin dragged him out, but he says he wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t intervened. She saved his life. Valentin arrives, and says there’s an old saying that when you save someone’s life, it belongs to you forever.

Griff asks Ava how Julian could help with the lawsuit? She says he’s always acting like he has the solution to everything, and knows better than everyone else. They’re about to go into the MetroCourt restaurant, and see Michael and Nelle. Ava suggests they go to Kelly’s. Griff asks if she’s avoiding Michael or Nelle. She says she doesn’t want to be reminded of the wedding. Carly accused Nelle of gaslighting her, and said she couldn’t have done it by herself. That’s Carly. Always blaming someone else. She says if they get room service, they could have breakfast in bed. He wants her to tell him why she keeps changing the subject.

Alexis says Kiki will be judged in a courtroom in front of a judge and a jury of her peers, not the court of public opinion. Kiki asks her to be honest. What are her chances of winning. Alexis says very good, but Kiki wants her to promise that, when it’s over, at the very least, David will be prevented from doing it again. Alexis says she’d be lying if said it always goes in the plaintiff’s favor.

Jason tells Chase, if it works, they’ll get what they want, but there are a lot of variables. They know Nelle isn’t predictable. She could get help without him, and they’ll have no warning and no way to stop it.

Nelle says, since the wedding, Michael has been distant. It’s like he has buyer’s remorse, and she doesn’t know what she did wrong. She just wants to be a loving wife and mother. Why is he treating her like an obligation; like he’s only putting up with the marriage? Michael says marriage is new to him too. He says, to be honest… never mind. She says, what? They have to talk about these things. He says he’s just worried about his mom. It’s bad enough she’s in Ferncliff, but now she’ll be there longer. Nelle thinks he’s right. She doesn’t want to talk about his mom. The stress is no good for the baby. Michael says, or her. Nelle says Carly is still coming between them. Whether she’s locked up or crashing their wedding, she’s always there; she wins. Michael says it’s not a competition. Hasn’t he proved that? She says, before. She keeps thinking about the ELQ benefit, where she showed up in the wrong dress. He came in wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt to make her feel better. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot. It showed he cared. She wishes they could be in that place again.

Drew tells Margaux that Peter appeared to be a CEO. He entrusted the future of his company to Peter, and Peter betrayed that trust. Margaux says people lie on their resumes all the time, but he says they usually don’t lie about their name. Peter knew his father was coming after him, but didn’t tell anyone. One of his best employees was made a widow, and his fashion editor, Nina, lost her brother. Everything Peter set in motion affected a lot of lives. He hopes she goes after him. She has a lot of questions, but they have to wait. Drew says a lot of them can be answered on the website, but she says, not all.

Valentin says it looks like Peter may have repaid him. Nina says by covering up her part. Peter suggests she not say that out loud. Three-quarters of getting away with something is keeping your mouth shut. He doesn’t want her to think about him one more minute. She has better things to do, and better people to worry about. She leaves, and Valentin thanks him for covering. Peter says he brought his father into her life, and he took her brother. Valentin says, no argument from him. Peter says that brings him to Valentin. How does he repay the man he thought was a friend, who destroyed his life?

Ava says if anyone is changing the subject, it’s Griff. When he heard Peter was in the ER, he shut down. Griff says he was frustrated. He couldn’t get ahold of Anna, and didn’t want to take out his frustrations on her. She asks if he isn’t worried about the DNA test. It won’t help him to tell anyone, and Peter is beyond saving. He says, it’s never too late for salvation. She says he can tell her anything. He kisses her, and has to go.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s getting a reminder from the baby about what’s at stake. She apologizes for being touchy. He tells her, no worries. The only thing they can do is move forward. She says, absolutely, and tells him to get back to the office, and don’t worry about her or the baby. They’ll be just fine. When he’s gone, she takes out her phone.

Chase tells Jason there’s always a risk when it comes to a sting. Jason says, Michael’s like is not an acceptable risk. Chase says, he’s not alone. They have the full cooperation of Jordan and the PCPD. He gets a text, and says Nelle wants to meet on the pier. Jason asks if he thinks she’s going to ask him to kill Michael. Chase says the clock is ticking. Jason says, what if they’re wrong? Either way, he needs to know exactly what she says.

Ava goes to Julian’s hotel room. She wants to hear his plan to help Kiki. He says there’s no plan. He’s withdrawing the offer. He can’t get involved.

Kiki tells Alexis that she’s read the statistics. Out of 11,000 sexual harassment cases, barely 6% end up getting justice. Alexis sees she’s been on the internet when she told her not to do that. She says they’ve been over this. It’s going to be difficult, but she has to be strong. Kiki says she’s doing her best, but she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Alexis hugs her.

Valentin tells Peter that he wishes he could fix what he did. Peter says Valentin handed him over to his father to raise him. Valentin says that’s why he broke Peter out of jail. He asks what he can do to balance their ledger? Peter laughs, saying it’s a great question. He wishes he had an answer. He tells Valentin not to worry. One day, he’ll be right again, and will think of something.

Griff asks Nina what she’s doing. She says, going to work, and he says, absolutely not. She says she can’t stay here. Her soon-to-be ex is overly concerned. He says he’ll sign off on her discharge if she goes directly home and rests. She can work from home, as long as it’s not stressful. She promises to stay stress-free. He thinks maybe someone should stay with her, and Valentin appears, saying that’s not a problem.

Jason punches the bag. Michael comes in, and says the traditional, what did that bag ever do to you? Jason says it’s good to see him safe and sound. Michael asks why he wouldn’t be, and Jason says he’s setting up his wife to kill him. Jason was there when Chase got the text. Game on.

Nelle waits at the docks. Chase arrives, and she says, everything he told her, everything he warned her about Michael, turned out to be true.

Ava says Julian can’t help defend his niece against a predator? Kiki could lose and her career could be tanked. He says he can help legally, but she says no one needs his legal help. He tells her that he wants to be a better man for Kim and her son. Charlie’s is a fun, legit place, here people come to have a good time. Ava says, people like Kim? She asks if he thinks it’s serious, and he says all he knows, is that if Ava can make it work with Dr. Do-Good, anything can happen.

Griff tells Peter that he’ll get the paperwork ready, then he’s done. Peter says it was unfair to tell him to stay silent when he found out Peter was Faison’s son. Griff says he made own choices. Peter says he must be relieved the secret is out. Griff asks if he looks relieved. I have never once seen Griff look relieved. Peter tells him not to worry; he’ll take it to his grave. Griff says the thing about a lie is that it makes it easier to tell another, and another, until – Margaux pops in and asks for a minute. Peter says he doesn’t know he, but she says he does now. She’s the DA. He thinks he should have his lawyer there, but she says it’s just a friendly visit to let him know that when he goes to jail this time, he’ll stay there.

Drew appears, saying he thought Margaux would be there. He asks if they mind if he joins them. He has some questions himself. Margaux says she can’t ask any unless his lawyer is present, and steps aside. Drew says when Peter was in prison, he offered Drew his life back. He’d like to know where the hell it is.

Valentin brings Nina to her hotel room. He tells her when she’s up for a visit, he’ll bring Charlotte by. She tells him mission accomplished, and not to treat her like an invalid. He says he pulled her out of a burning barn, and saved her life. She says, thanks, but he says he doesn’t need gratitude. He needs her. She says the relationship is broken beyond repair, even if he doesn’t accept it. It’s like science. You don’t have to believe it, just accept that it is. He says they love each other, and a life or death situation puts things in perspective. They’re still in love and still alive. He can’t promise to always pull her from burning barn, but he can show her in smaller ways. He puts his hand on hers and says, in her heart, she wants it to be possible.

Michael tells Jason that he cares about the baby growing up with a mother in prison. Jason says, it’s better than the alternative. Michael says they’ll ask questions at some point, and ask to see her. Jason says he’ll handle it. It will be okay because he’s their dad. They’ll feel loved and valued, and trust him. He gives Michael a lot of credit for putting his kid first, unlike Nelle. He tells Michael to think of the kind of mother she’d be; what she’d teach their child; there’s nothing more important than getting what you want. The baby deserves a loving mother, not someone who will use the child as a pawn to get what she wants.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael only married her to secure parental rights. He’s going to take the baby away. He’s leaving everything to the baby. He’ll divorce her, and because he’s a Quartermaine, she’ll be deemed unfit, and lose everything. She signed a prenup. Chase said he’d take care of her, and he’s a man of his word. The only way to protect herself is to stay married. Chase says the Quartermaines are crazy rich, but they would never hurt her to take her baby. Nelle says not them, but the Corinthos side. They want to take her out. He asks if that isn’t a little extreme, but she says they don’t just want her out of Michael’s life. They want her dead.

Alexis asks Kiki what she’s going to do. She says, stay focused, and binge cute animal videos online. She pictures walking into the courtroom, and seeing David’s smug grin, like she never had a chance. Alexis says, wipe it off. She wants a little more enthusiasm. She says, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ava tells Julian it would make his day if there was trouble between her and Griff. Julian says, as long as he makes her happy, and she says, he does. He says he didn’t doubt it until she tried to convince him. He asks what’s going on, but her phone rings. She says it’s Alexis. Alexis says she needs to see her. Ava asks if it’s about Kiki’s trial, and Alexis says she’ll tell her when she gets there. Julian wonders what it’s about, and Ava says she’ll know when she gets there, and gripes about being summoned like a servant.

Drew tells Peter that he’d said there’s a flash drive with his memories on it. He used it as a bargaining chip. Drew insists it was a lie, and Peter never had it, but Peter says he did. He was going to give it to him, but then Obrecht got him. He was unconscious, and left it in the hotel room. There was an envelope with Drew’s name on it, but then, everything went dark. Margaux remembers finding the envelope. She says she’s going to leave them. She hopes Peter enjoys stay. It’s a spa compared to where he’s going next. Peter says Obrecht drugged him, but he had Drew’s memories. Drew says they both know Peter never indented to give it to him.

Nina tells Valentin not to think she doesn’t want to walk into her office, and see a beautiful flower arrangement. It breaks her heart, thinking of him, her, and Charlotte, sitting on the couch, watching TV. It will never happen again. He took Anna’s baby and gave it to Faison. An innocent child was given to a monster, because of his vendetta. If Peter wants to forgive Valentin, that’s his business. She can’t do that. He was a beautiful, innocent child, not a weapon of revenge.

Nelle says she heard Sonny telling Michael he’ll take care of the problem. She’s the problem. She knows how Sonny takes care of problems. Chase suggests telling Jordan.

At Alexis’s place, Ava says she hopes it’s important. Alexis says it might come as a shock, but she needs Ava’s help with something.

Griff sees Kiki at the hospital. She says she’s an idiot, and he asks, why? She says The Invader ran a mean, ugly editorial about her, and she read it. He says he did too. She says, and then he stopped and put it away, but she keeps reading it. She’s obsessed. He says it’s complete garbage, and she says, it gets recycled, and never goes away. She walks away.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll back off; give her time and distance. She needs to miss what they have. Then there’s hope. She says Peter needed hope. If he had a time machine, and could give Peter a chance at a normal life, away from Faison – who caused them so much pain. Can he give that to Peter? Can he give her brother back? Valentin says he can’t. She says then there’s not a lot to talk about. She tells him to go away. Leave her alone. He leaves, and she leans against the door. He lingers on the other side, and finally walks down the hall.

Peter tells Drew, it’s the truth. The flash drive is out there. Drew tells him to stop. Even if he believed Peter – which he doesn’t – it’s too late. He has a life; the only life that matters. If he wants to make it right, good luck. Peter says, it’s the truth. He coughs, and says, it’s out there… somewhere. How X-Files of him.

Margaux asks the MetroCourt hostess if they have a lost and found; she lost an earring. The hostess opens a locked box for her, and Margaux pretends to look. She finds the flash drive, and hides it in her hand, saying it’s not there. When the hostess takes the box back, she looks at the flash drive.

Michael tells Jason he still doesn’t know if the good he saw in Nelle was ever there. In a way, he hopes it wasn’t, and she was playing him all along. If there was any genuine real shot at happiness, that person is long gone. Jason says he’s sorry Nelle isn’t the person Michael wants her to be, but all that matters is containing the threat, so the baby will be safe.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael’s father is relentless; his eyes are flat and cold. She’s just an obstacle to be removed. She doesn’t want to die. Chase holds her, and says that’s not going to happen. She asks what she’s going to do? There’s nowhere she can go or hide where he can’t find her. How can he protect her/ Chase says he can be resourceful when he needs to be. She says the only way for Michael not to become a widower, is if she becomes a widow first. Um… wouldn’t Sonny be gunning for her extra hard if that happened?

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Chase there’s only one solution, Michael tells Jason the trap has been set, and Alexis brings a group together for Kiki.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Kenny wants lunch to be carted to the beach. Adam knew he’d try to get payback, and says, let’s do this, even though it takes a couple of hours to set something like that up. Hannah never had an anxiety attack on a boat, and thinks it’s more than just Conrad. Captain Sandy is breathing down her neck, and she’s sharing a cabin with someone who’s seeing a guy she detests.

The tender is lowered, and everyone runs around trying to get the lunch packed and everything ready. Conrad is worried about Hannah, but has to concentrate on his work. They head for the beach with the supplies. Kenny and company get busy with drinking. Jamie is upset that she’s sick, and the captain tells her not to cry. She didn’t ask to be sick; just take her medicine and rest. Jamie says it’s horrible.

João and Brooke set up the tent, and Brooke decorates the table shells. Adam says with this industry and the echelon of clients, you don’t get a second chance. He wants to make sure the guests have the best possible experience. Kasey thinks the charter is running smother because no one is hassling her; she and Brooke are in sync. Adam thinks Brooke pulled off the fastest beach picnic in history. Kenny asks for the slide when they return.

Lunch is served, and Kenny asks if there are any onions in it. Brooke says, absolutely not, but he doesn’t trust it. Wife Amber says Adam is stepping up this time, but the day isn’t over. Captain Sandy thinks Conrad is laser focused, and jokingly asks, what’s different? Adam brings some food to Hannah. He doesn’t want to pry, but needs to ask if she’s okay.

Amber asks if João and Brooke are roommates. She says, no, but Amber says, sometimes? and Brooke gets embarrassed. She thought she was being professional. The tent blows away, but João catches it before it gets to the water. Captain Sandy washes dishes because she’s cool that way. All that work, and the guests are back, and ready for the slide. It does look like fun. Brooke says they loved the food, and the captain says they’re amazing, referring to her crew.

Conrad asks how Hannah is feeling. In his interview, he says his father dumped him and ran. He never wants anyone to feel abandoned like he did as a child. Captain Sandy wants to move the boat slightly, while leaving everything in the water. She tells Conrad to move the slide with the tender. João makes a suggestion, but Conrad says it’s sorted. João asks why not take his idea into consideration; he’s just offering advice. Conrad tells him to just shut his mouth and do his job. In his interview, João wonders why he needs to take orders from a bosun who knows less than him. This is just a wild guess, but because he’s the bosun and not you? In his interview, Conrad says he was expected to act with respect when he was growing up. João doesn’t like to be challenged, and can’t back down. He has to fight back. João wonders why his way isn’t better.

Captain Sandy looks in on Hannah, and asks if she ate. Hannah says she had a sandwich, and should be fine first thing tomorrow.

The guests drink like fish in the hot tub, which I suppose is appropriate. The captain says the picnic was the fastest set up in the history of yachting, and tells them that they were amazing. João thinks Conrad looks ridiculous towing the slide, but Captain Sandy seems to think it’s awesome, and takes pictures. She tells João he can drive the boat. Brooke is glad Kasey is mature and able enough to put aside their personal drama; they have a good working relationship. The guests get ready for dinner. Adam is ready to deal with Kenny; he’s in the right mindset. Anchor is dropped, and the slide is put back in place. The captain says there are many ways to solve a problem. There is no right or wrong, as long as it’s solved. I concur.

Everyone waits on Kenny and Amber to get in gear for dinner. Adam says it’s classic yachting. He preps to hold for this reason. Captain Sandy says it’s going to be a late night. Apparently, Kenny and Amber are napping, and Brooke says it’s her first time waking up guests. They could be hostile, but they might be mad if they want to have dinner and missed it. Dinner was supposed to be at 9:30. It’s 10 30 and Desmond wants to eat.

Brooke calls the room, saying she wanted to make sure they knew dinner was at 9:30, but they’re holding it off. In her interview, she’s worried, since Adam has an issue with not communicating. She wants to get it right. Adam is practically falling asleep. Brooke tells the other guests that Kenny is working on getting it together. She brings him coffee or tea or something. Amber isn’t feeling well. Brooke suggests starting dinner in ten minutes, and they’ll hold hers on the side. Brooke tells Adam, who says, let’s get this party started. He says she always tries to find solutions.

Hannah tells Kasey that she’s trying to keep food down. In her interview, she says anxiety debilitates you, and it spilled over into the workplace, but there’s nothing she can do. Adam wants to show what he’s capable of. He’s keeping it local, creating an appetizer with the figs he picked on the hike and walnuts. The entrée is a rib eye with twice baked potatoes, which sounds awfully good. Captain Sandy interrupts Colin’s downtime, saying they need him. She helps bring some plates up to the guests, and they ask if she’s eating with them. She explains she’s helping because they’re shorthanded.

Conrad gets in bed with Hannah. Colin says Brooke makes him feel like he’s the world’s greatest comedian. Amber makes it to the table. Give that lady an onion! Brooke thinks everything is going smoother without Hannah. She’s not second guessing herself, and has help. It’s better than usual. Colin makes up a Broadway song, and sings while he mops the galley, making everyone laugh.

Adam visits the dinner table. Amber tells him it’s the best potato ever. Finally, everyone goes to bed, and everything is quiet.

Hannah says she has two options. Go home and get healthy, or throw herself into her work, finish the season with her head held high, and make some money. Colin calls home, and says it’s crazy busy on the yacht. Hannah tells herself, it’s just a moment in time. Jamie does laundry. Kasey says João is trying, but she’s not going to be fake. She tells Hannah that Brooke thinks they’re all talking about her and João, but no one is. Hannah says Brooke goes from relationship to relationship. In her interview, Kasey says Hannah wanted to fire her, but now she wants to have mean girl gossip. It’s a power move, and interesting that she’s a chess piece.

Jamie doesn’t want to get anyone sick, but doesn’t want them to have a double work load. Adam calls Captain Sandy to the galley. He tells her that he has plethora of onions, and suggests having a scavenger hunt. The captain asks if the prize is an onion, which is exactly what I was thinking. She tells him it’s a brilliant idea. Breakfast starts. Hannah tells Brooke that Kasey really turned around, and everyone is happy. In her interview, Brooke feels betrayed, and isn’t entertaining any nastiness. Hannah thinks João came between them, and when he dumps Brooke – not if, but when – she’ll come crawling back. Brooke doesn’t care about Hannah’s opinion, but don’t take out on her.

Kenny tells Hannah that Brooke is awesome. They’ve been calling João Ice, like from Top Gun. Hannah hasn’t seen it, only clips, which Kenny finds shocking. I have to confess, I didn’t see it in the theater, and never paid enough attention when it was on TV to know what he’s talking about. Kenny says they were talking about putting them together, meaning Brooke and João, and Hannah says, interesting. She asks if they put Kasey with anyone, and he says, no. Before he even finishes the word, Hannah asks what about her. He says they all seem too young for her, and she says they’re very young. She feels like a grandmother. The most fabulous breakfast in the world is ready. Amber says, it’s everything you could possibly want. In his interview, Adam says he wants to prove he has what takes to satisfy a guy like Kenny. I could make a rude joke here, but I’ll let it pass. Jamie works and coughs. Captain Sandy asks if she’s okay, and Jamie says working makes her feel better. In her interview, the captain says Jamie has been on antibiotics, and hopefully past the infectious stage. She’s an adult, and the captain can’t force her to stay down.

Hanna makes suggestions for the guests’ itinerary. Kenny asks if Brooke and Ice can come with them to the mainland. She asks if she’s not their number one anymore, and Kenny invites her along. Colin asks Brooke how service went, and she says it was great, but too long. Hannah tells the captain the guest want to be taken out exploring, then dropped off at the beach for a couple of hours. Kenny wants to do a backflip off the wakeboard, when he’d previously said he wanted a jet ski. Captain Sandy tells Conrad it’s all about quickness, and he says he got mixed signals. In her interview, the captain says she’s forgiving. She understands that the crew is human and flawed, but she wants accountability. She tells Conrad that yesterday, he was unbelievable. She wondered, who is this guy? Guess who wasn’t on deck? Conrad says, no, but she shakes her head. He says he hasn’t spoken to Hannah, and the captain tells him not to revert back. Take a breath before he launches into something.

Kenny does some waterskiing… or something. Hannah tells Captain Sandy that they’re taking them to the cape. In her interview, the captain sys that Hannah looks great; refreshed. She bounced back; what she needed was rest. Hannah asks if they should drop the guests off, or stay and have a Coke with them. Captain Sandy is happy that Hannah pulled it together in a day, and tells her that’s fine, but don’t stay for hours. They head for the mainland, and set up a bar on the dock. Hannah says the guests want her to have a drink, but she wouldn’t put past Captain Sandy to give her a breathalyzer.

Brooke tells João about the tension with Hannah. He says it’s kindergarten sh*t. Conrad tells Hannah what Captain Sandy said. Hannah thinks the captain knows not to try that with her, because she’ll fight back. Does Hannah understand that Captain Sandy is her boss? Back at the yacht, the boat gets spiffed up, and dinner is prepared. At 7:30, they’re still not back, and the captain starts to get pissed. She says Hannah was down for 24 hours, and then jumps on a boat, while Brooke is stuck carrying the load. It’s not fair. She radios for Hannah to get back to the boat, and see her immediately. She’s not happy.

The clock ticks away, and the captain says Hannah is taking advantage. In the tender, Hannah says she’s just doing her job. Captain Sandy wants to fire her effing ass. João says, better them than us. Kenny says, it was awesome. Hannah goes to the bridge, and the captain tells her to get away, and go to her cabin. She’ll see Hannah when she’s calm. Hannah starts to leave, and the captain says she’s on the verge of firing her. Hannah asks, for what? and she tells Hannah to leave. Hannah freaks in her cabin.

To be continued…

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July 23, 2018 – Finn Plunges Into the Fire to Save Peter, Vicki Apologizes to Eddie & Wrapping It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis meets Lucas at the hospital. She has a few details regarding the adoption. Nothing urgent, but it’s important. The birth mother is due this week.

Julian thanks Kim for helping him move his stuff to the hotel. She says she’s mostly there for the obligatory post pizza. She’s surprised the bellhops didn’t offer to help, but he thinks that’s Olivia’s doing. The only reason she’s letting him stay there is because he’s Leo’s father. That’s where her hospitality begins and ends. Kim thinks he’ll manage fine. He says, it’s not like he’s staying with her.

Josslyn and Oscar binge watch some TV shows. Josslyn says it’s doing a good job at keeping her mind off her problems, but her eyes can’t take another episode. They cuddle and kiss.

At the MetroCourt, Drew’s assistant gives him an envelope. He looks at whatever’s inside, and puts his head in his hands. Margaux approaches, and asks if it’s bad news.

The stable continues to burn. Nina wants to go back in for Peter, but Valentin says he’ll get him. Finn tells Valentin it’s not his call, and goes in himself. Everything is blazing like crazy. Finn sees Peter, and pulls him up from the floor.

Alexis asks Lucas if he’s excited or terrified, and he says, both. He says it’s been a gradual process with the parents-to-be in his family, but with them, bam! A baby. Alexis says she’ll make the transition as easy as possible, but it’s going to go quickly once the mother is in labor. She’ll be called, and do the transfer from GH to their custody. Lucas says, unless the birth mother changed her mind, and doesn’t give up the baby at all.

Julian tells Kim that didn’t come out right. He didn’t want to put her on the spot by asking. She says he’ll never know what she would have said now. He didn’t expect an invite; not at this point in their relationship. Kim agrees. Julian didn’t expect to get on the topic, but since they are, he asks if he was off-base when he was talking about their future.

Oscar asks Josslyn if there’s something wrong. She says she thought they could take it upstairs. He says, like… and she says, yeah. He asks what if Sonny comes home, but she says he won’t be back until later. She starts to lead him upstairs, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Maxie frets that it’s taking too long. Lulu says the emergency people are en route. Nina cries that it’s all her fault, but Valentin says she couldn’t rescue Peter on the best of days, and she’s been **. Maxie calls for Finn, who brings Peter out on his back. Maxie tells Peter that it’s her, and please don’t die. He has to wake up. Finn does chest compression, while Maxie does mouth to mouth. Lulu says the paramedics are here. Maxie tells Peter that he has to hang in there.

Margaux asks to join Drew; she has something for him. He asks what business the DA could have with his company, and she gives him a Woodchucks hat, telling him to consider it a peace offering. He didn’t know they were fighting, but she says it’s compensation, since he wouldn’t let her pay to have his shirt cleaned. She jokes that she gets the merchandise half-price since she works for the city, but he’s a little distracted. She thinks he’s bummed about the team, but he says it’s a disaster of another kind. He’s been invited to his high school reunion.

Oscar tells Josslyn that they haven’t talked about it much. She wonders what there is to talk about, and he says, plenty. The agreed to be committed to one another, but not put any pressure on themselves. She says she’s not feeling any pressure, He says, maybe she’s not, and she says he’s got to be kidding. He’s the only guy her age who doesn’t want to have sex. He says he does – when the timing is right. She thinks it’s literally perfect, and they should make the most of it, but he doesn’t want her to regret her first time.

Alexis tells Lucas the agreement says the birth mother will give up the baby, and she has every reason to anticipate that outcome. He says she has thirty days to change her mind. After thirty days of bonding, it can all be taken away. She says it’s okay to have reservations, but she doesn’t think that’s going to happen. He asks if there’s any way to assure that, and if they can be legally protected, but she says the contract can’t be changed. He wishes he knew that the baby was going to be home for good.

The paramedics think Nina will be fine, but Peter is in trouble. Nina starts getting upset, but Valentin tells her to stop. Peter’s breathing is shallow, and he has possible lung damage. Maxie says they have to save him. Don’t let him die.

Alexis tells Lucas that she’ll do everything she can to assure the process will go easily, but the clause is in the contract, and he and Brad agreed. Lucas remembers her telling them to think it through at the time. He thought he could live with it, but now the terms seem too large. She says, that’s the crux of being a parent; there are no guarantees. They have to trust they’ll be able to handle a crisis when it happens. She tells him not to spend time waiting for disaster, and miss the special moments. A nurse comes out, and tells Lucas that there are incoming.

Nina and Peter are wheeled in. Lucas is told that Nina is suffering from smoke inhalation, and was unconscious earlier, but now she’s awake and alert. Alexis locks eye with Finn.

Kim thinks Julian is being premature, and suggests they get him unpacked and settled in. He doesn’t want her to get weirded out because he brought up the future, but she says he can’t take it back. She likes him, but doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves. He says he’s not getting down on one knee. For him, the future has been a problem, and he doesn’t want it to be a problem between them. There were times in life when he didn’t think he had a future, but that’s not the case right now. He’s not asking for a long-term commitment, and asks her to be patient if he looks in that direction. Kim says part of the attraction is that it feels so easy, and there’s been no pressure. They both have baggage, but checked it at the door, and are just being with each other in the here and now, and are enjoying each other. She can’t promise a future, much less sharing her life. Julian asks if she’s generally commitment phobic, or is it just him? She says she’s not worried about him. It’s Oscar who concerns her.

Josslyn asks Oscar why she’d regret it. She’s known for a while that she wanted the first time to be with him. He thinks they should talk about it another time. She says she just offered herself to him, and his response is some other time when it’s convenient> She asks if he wants to talk about it on his lunch break from his internship, since being with her is a horrible chore he wants to put off. He tells her, chill out. She’s acting crazy right now

Margaux suggests Drew could check out his old stomping grounds, and see how things are in retrospect. He says he doesn’t remember high school, and she says it’s a blur for her too. He tells her that his situation is unique. He has no memories before 2014.

Lucas orders oxygen for Nina, and asks that she be checked for any lung infection. Finn says Peter breathed in some heavy smoke, and was unconscious when he was when found. Lucas says to put him on oxygen, and set up a ventilator just in case.

Finn calls Anna, saying she needs to call him. Peter has been found. He’s inhaled heavy smoke and might be injured, but they don’t know yet. He asks her to call back.

Lucas examines Peter, and asks for chest x-rays. Lulu says she called the paramedics, but never went inside. Lucas wants to check her and Maxie out, but they insist they’re fine. Maxie asks if she can have a minute with Peter, and Lucas tells her to find them when she’s ready. She walks over to Peter’s bed.

Lucas wants to keep Nina overnight for observation. She says Valentin saved her life. He says he’s grateful for the chance. He sees Jordan outside, and says he’ll get her some water. Instead, he tells Alexis that Nina is going to need her help.

Josslyn asks Oscar what he called her, and he says, nothing. He said she was acting a certain way. Josslyn says he told her that she was crazy. He says, no, and he doesn’t blame her for acting impulsively. She tells him not to patronize her. He says it’s not a big deal. He doesn’t think they should rush in when they’re not ready. Josslyn tells Oscar not to project his insecurities onto her. If he doesn’t want to, fine, but don’t psychoanalyze it if he doesn’t want to admit the truth.

Julian tells Kim it’s no secret Oscar’s not his biggest fan. Kim says he’s still getting used to things; just give him time. He’s mature, but still a kid. He’s not used to the idea of her dating someone. Julian says, someone, or him? Kim says to say she was dating sparingly would be an understatement. She had no time, and as Oscar got older, no interest. Her focus has been on him, and just the two of them. Oscar just recently started branching out, living his own life. Julian thinks he shouldn’t fault her for doing the same, but she says it’s an adjustment. Her focus been Oscar and work, and she paid no attention to anything else. She didn’t think there was room in her life for anything else. Julian asks, what about now?

In the examining room, Alexis asks if Nina is saying Obrecht kidnapped Peter and kept him on her property. Valentin says for several days. Alexis says, she just happened to find out, and wasn’t aiding and abetting? She remembers their conversation, when Nina asked what constitutes an accessory to a crime. Valentin says it looks bad, and Nina needs legal representation. Alexis says she can’t represent Nina. Peter allegedly helped kidnap Drew and Jason, the fathers of her grandchildren. She’d be considered biased. She tells them she has some pro bono advice. When Nina is questioned, don’t say anything without representation present. Jordan comes in, telling Nina the doctor said she’s strong enough to answer questions. Valentin says the doctor is overly optimistic; she needs to recover. Jordan says, from the fire her aunt started? It’s hard to believe Obrecht did that by herself. She’s in custody. If Nina is involved, Obrecht is going to tell them. She suggests Nina do herself a favor and cooperate. Nina says, no questions until her attorney is there. Jordan leaves.

Jordan asks if Alexis is responsible for that. Alexis says she has no idea what Jordan means. Jordan says Nina refuses to talk without an attorney. Alexis says she’s not representing her. Jordan hopes Peter is more forthcoming.

Alexis sees Finn, and asks how he feels. He says, it’s no cakewalk. She says Anna must feel better knowing her son is okay. Finn says he hasn’t heard from her.

Peter says, Maxie, and she tells him not to move the mask. He’s being treated for smoke inhalation. He asks how long he was out, and she says, long enough that Obrecht nearly killed him. Nina tried save him. She’s in good shape, which is more than Maxie can say for him. He’ll probably go to prison soon, and she never has to see him again. He says she told them not to let him die.

Kim says Julian makes her happy, makes her laugh, and makes a mean cortado. She says it might be selfish to keep it going. If they take it to the next level, she’s afraid she can’t give him what he deserves. She knows how the last fourteen years have been, and has only so much room she allows in her heart. She’s afraid they’ll go down a path where she’ll break his.

Margaux suggest to Drew that some classmates might remember, and fill in the blanks. He says they’ll know what they thought about him, not who he was. She envies him, not remembering being burned by high school, and socially scarred for life. He says that’s one way to look at it. She apologizes for the mustard again, and says she’ll see him around.

Peter says Maxie still cares about him. She says she doesn’t care at all. He says she doesn’t want to see him die, but she says there’s been enough death around lately. She read his book. Assuming it’s true, bad things happened to him, but so what? They happen to a lot of people. True, they didn’t have an insane spy as a father, but they all have challenges. Most people don’t chose to take their garbage out on the rest of the world. Lying, scheming, keeping someone drugged up in a Russian clinic for five years. Her advice is that he needs to stop making excuses, and assuming his rotten childhood gives him a free pass. He could have died, but didn’t. He has people who care enough about him to try and save him. He owes it to them to do better. He’s been given a second chance; don’t waste it. She leaves. He coughs.

Jordan comes in with an officer, who handcuffs Peter to the bed. Jordan says he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and he’ll be facing a slew of charges, but this time, he’s the victim. He asks if she’s really interested in catching his captors. She says, plural? Did Obrecht have an accomplice?

Finn tells Alexis that Anna is in Berkeley. They’ve texted, but haven’t spoken. Alexis says there’s nothing like explaining to an adult child that you neglected to mention a sibling. She had a similar situation, where she had kept the secret about giving up a child. It’s painful. Finn says he’s trying to give Anna space, but thought he’d hear from her after the last text. His phone dings, and it’s a text from Anna, saying she’s relieve Peter was found. She asks him to text updates on his condition, and she’ll call tomorrow. Finn thanks Alexis for humoring him. He’s grateful for their friendship. He looks at the text again, and is like, hmm…

Outside of Peter’s room, Maxie asks Lucas how Nina is feeling, and he asks who gave Jordan permission to speak to Peter? Jordan says he was about to ID Obrecht’s accomplice. Peter says Obrecht acted alone. She had no accomplice. Jordan says, she had no assistance in any capacity? Peter says, no; just Obrecht. Thank God Nina found him in the stables or he wouldn’t be alive.

Josslyn sees Oscar, and says she thought he left. He says not until they talk. He didn’t mean to offend her. She says he should have been more thoughtful with his choice of words. Isn’t that his thing? He says it sounded like she was forcing herself to do something she didn’t want to. She says she asked him because she did, and thought he felt the same. He says it doesn’t seem like the right time; for him at least. She says, whatever. They’ll wait, but if he’s waiting for her life to be normal, they’ll be waiting forever. No pressure. She’s not mad over it. There are other things more deserving of her anger. He asks if she wants to hang out, but she says she’s going to bed early. She stands by the door and stares straight ahead, and he kisses her cheek before he goes.

Kim says Julian deserves to know what he signed up for. He says he appreciates his time with her, and he’s happy with how things are. She says, for now. He says, no one knows the future. When something happens, they’ll deal with it. How about if they look for what exists right now; no looking ahead. They kiss.

Margaux goes to her hotel room. She kicks her shoes off, saying, what a day. She sees something behind the couch, and picks it up. It’s an envelope addressed to Drew.

Drew rips up the invitation to his reunion, puts on the hat, and heads for the elevator.

Margaux looks inside the envelope, but there’s nothing. She crumples it up, and tosses it aside.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava why she keeps changing the subject, Nina asks Peter why he lied, and Margaux has some questions for Drew.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra and Eddie are still waiting on counters and a sink for the kitchen. Eddie’s heart procedure didn’t work, and he’ll probably need another one. He’s also on blood thinners to prevent clots. Tamra takes his blood pressure. It’s hard for her, because there’s nothing she can do to help. She wants to tell him that he’ll be back to himself, but she doesn’t know that he will. It breaks her heart. Everything he loves to do has been taken away. Eddie insists he needs to run; it helps his mental state. Tamra wonders what will happen when he’s seventy. A food delivery comes from Vicki. Eddie says he’s not eating it. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki knows what she did was really wrong. We flash back to her repeating that Eddie is rumored to be gay. She’s trying everything get Tamra’s trust back, and she’s liking it. She’s hoping Vicki washes her car next. Eddie says he would rather eat the dog’s sh*t, and Tamra says she can arrange that. Ha-ha!

Shannon gets ready for a trip to Mexico with her daughters. It’s the time of year she and David typically took them on vacation, and he’s sending them on a trip. She’s not sure why, but if he’s offering, she’s taking it. She crams things into a suitcase. It’s the first time she’s taking them away as a single parent, so she’s struggling. It’s the first time she’s been to Mexico without David. It’s hurtful and painful; the breaking up of something. It’s tough to know she’ll be in this life forever, without wearing a wedding ring. Geez. I doubt the future is that glum.

Tamra and Emily go for a mani/pedi. Emily likes dark colors – like her soul. In her interview, Tamra says Emily is beautiful, fabulous, and over-the-top, but she’s just a good girl. Kelly joins them. Tamra tells her about Shannon going to Mexico. Kelly says it’s lucky David paid; Michael would never do something like that. Tamra asks about her and Michael’s arrangement, and Kelly says it’s one week on, one week off. She gets lonely. Tamra is surprised, saying she’s always on the go. Emily says she’s the same way. Tamra asks how long she’s been married, and Emily says, nine years. He was her boss. They talked a lot, and he asked her to marry him through Google chat. They didn’t have sex until they were married, since he’s a Mormon. He’s also half Persian. She says it’s an odd combination, but Persians make great husbands. They’re family oriented. Tamra asks if there’s been pressure on Emily to become Mormon, but she says no. They have five kids; two are her stepchildren. She didn’t technically have the other three either; her sister did. Cool. Emily tells them that she had six miscarriages. She tried in vitro, and carried twins to four months, then lost them. Wow. That’s so sad. Her sister stepped in, and she still has embryos left, but her husband doesn’t want another child. She wants Annabelle to have a sister like she does. She wants her daughter to have that connection.

Tamra gets a call from Shannon while she’s in the car wash. Shannon is calling from Mexico. She tells Tamra that they went as family a year ago. Tamra says if they’re having fun, that’s all that matters. The car wash gets loud, and Tamra can’t hear. Shannon says she thought they should turn it into a girls trip for a couple of days. She has history there with Vicki, and she’d like Tamra to bring her, and have some fun. In her interview, Shannon says her and Vicki’s history isn’t the best, but she wants to move forward, have a cocktail, and go crazy. Tamra says she’s there for Shannon, but she’s also dealing with Eddie. She’s trying to be there for everyone. Shannon asks her to see if they can get a flight.

Steve is preparing dinner when Vicki comes in. In her interview, she says their roles are reversed. Steve is home first, so he starts dinner. She feels like the man of the house. They talk about some household maintenance that needs to be done. Vicki says it’s a lot of work to run the house. It wasn’t meant for a single chick like her. She’s glad Steve participates. He asks about the rope course, and she says it was interesting. She and Tamra are good now. She just has one more hurdle, which is Eddie. In her interview, she wants to apologize for doubting his love for Tamra and repeating a rumor. Steve tells her not to worry, and do the best she can. She says she seems to be doing damage control all the time. That’s what happens when you do a lot of damage.

Eddie puts Tamra through some kettle belle moves. Gina and some other girls arrive at the gym. Tamra says she met Gina though a friend, and they connected immediately. She’s a smartass, puts it out there, and she’s a lot of fun. Kelly and Emily join them. In her interview, Emily says if she had time, she’s go to the gym, but has a job and kids. They get on the treadmill. Eddie helps with the circuit training. Kelly says that working out improves living her single life. It helps her stay young, and keeps her ass from dragging to the ground. In her interview, Emily wonders where the closest exit is, and how she can sneak out without anyone seeing. They do that double-rope thing I’ve always wanted to try. Eddie pronounces Kelly in first place. In her interview, Kelly says she’s competitive. In her family, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

Gina tells us that she’s a circus act. She’s all OC until she opens her mouth. Her husband works in LA and has an apartment there. Tamra is shocked that Gina has never seen it. If it was Eddie’s, she’s be peeing all over it. Kelly wonders why they all didn’t just move, but Gina says she’s happy there, and the kids have adjusted. She’s like a single mom, but it works for them. In her interview, she loves that her husband is gone during the week, so she can bum around in sweat pants. She tells the girls that she drinks a lot of wine.

Vicki calls Kelly, telling her that she feels the need to meet with Tamra and Eddie. She and Tamra are fine, but Eddie is another story. He was mean to her too. She’s not going to remind him about that, but he wasn’t kind. In her interview, Kelly says apologies have always worked for her, but if she wants to move forward, she can’t reminding him about that stuff. In her interview, Kelly says this is why Vicki gets into trouble. Her apologies backfire.

Gina chases after her kids. She says she’s a survivalist parent; just trying to survive every day. She can’t get her daughter to do anything, including wearing underwear at present. She’s originally from Long Island, so she’s a bit of an outsider in the OC. She can’t order coffee without someone noticing she’s from New York; she’s a unicorn. Her heart will always belong in New York, but an opportunity took her husband to LA, and now he goes back and forth. She says a lot of people have the perfect family, with the husband coming home for dinner, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors? People can say what they want, but they’re doing it.

Tamra and Eddie are having lunch at a restaurant, when Vicki calls Tamra. Eddie looks blasé, and Vicki asks if she can intrude on them and talk to Eddie. Eddie shrugs. Vicki says give her twenty minutes. Eddie seems miffed, and Tamra tells him that she thought he was okay with it. She’s pleasantly surprised. It’s important for them to talk. She can’t move forward with Vicki if Eddie isn’t good with it. He asks if Vicki has apologized to her, and Tamra says Vicki’s way of apologizing isn’t traditional. We flash back to Vicki apologizing to Tamra, and starting another argument at the same time. Tamra knows she can’t make things right without him, but Eddie says he has no intention of being friends. Tamra wants to throw up.

Eddie orders a martini. Tamra says that’s Vicki’s drink, and he says she drinks dirty martinis because she’s dirty. Tamra orders one for Vicki. Eddie can’t understand why she wants to be friends after the sh*t Vicki put her through. In her interview, Tamra says it’s important to make things right. Eddie needs to get the stress out of his life because of his heart issues. Eddie asks if she remembers the sleepless nights when she and Vicki were fighting. Tamra says it was a hard thing. She talked to Shannon a million times about it. Vicki arrives, and makes small talk. She tells Eddie that she loves his wife, and therefore loves him. She messed up. She didn’t mean to hurt him. There’s no excuse for what she did. She was in a bad place, and was wrong. She asks if they can be friends. She knows it won’t be the way it was, but thinks now is the time. She says she’s shaking. Eddie says her spreading rumors caused a strain between him and Tamra. Tamra says her son’s friend asked why his stepdad was gay. Vicki asks her not to be that loud. Eddie says he tried not to let it bother him. It doesn’t matter what people say, but it affected their relationship. Vicki whips out some Bible verses, that are actually quite applicable. She reads them off, regarding about not keeping your mouth shut, not verifying a story, and how your words can be a poor reflection of the Lord, your friends, and family. She says she’s done all of those things. She’s ashamed of her words, and if it’s none of her business, she needs to stay out of it. It destroyed a friendship. She says it took her a long time to figure out what to say. She’s asking forgiveness. Eddie Said she seems to be feeling hurt, and he’s trying to understand how it started. Vicki says a man (meaning Brooks, who we see in a flashback) lied to her, and she felt alone. She didn’t have a best friend. Eddie says Tamra was just trying to protect her, and Vicki says, but then Tamra turned on her. We flash back to one of their many altercations, and in her interview, Tamra says, it’s typical Vicki. She blames someone else for everything that comes out of her own mouth. Vicki says she wants to go back, and tells Eddie that she’s sorry.

Shockingly, Eddie accepts Vicki’s apology, and Tamra tells her to stop shaking; they’re good. Vicki says she can’t do it anymore; she’s never repeating anything again. Eddie tells her, forgiveness is a slow process; they have to trust again. Vicki asks if he can make her butt look like Tamra’s. He says probably, but she has to work hard. At this point, she and Tamra are weepy. Tamra says, good things take a while, and Eddie says, everything worth having takes a while. I guess Eddie is memorizing fortune cookies since he can’t be at the gym. Tamra tells Vicki to never talk again. In her interview, Vicki takes it as a life lesson. Don’t take about people. It will come back to bite you. Since she can’t help herself, Vicki says Tamra is mean, and Tamra says Vicki is a charmer. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki is trying to be sincere. Part of her is learning and changing. Vicki is happy to have the weight lifted, and swears never to do it again. She leaves to go back to work. Before she gets in her car, she has to add that she hopes they never do what they did again either. Tamra tells Eddie that she knows Vicki was dying inside. Eddie felt she sincerely meant it.

In the car, Vicki calls Kelly, and says she did it. Eddie accepted her apology, and she feels so much better. In her interview, Kelly says she was taught to always forgive. Vicki asks if she’s doing anything; she thought she’d stop by. Kelly tells her to come on over.

Emily and husband Shane go out to eat for their anniversary. The restaurant is one the water, and their seats are impressive. Emily asks if Shane thought they’d get to nine years with three kids. They jumped in with no foundation. Emily orders champagne. In her interview, she says it’s hard, being married with kids. Shane was married to his first wife for nine years. She’s competitive, so they have to make it to ten. She asks him about work, and he talks about having to bring the kids’ lunch to the school. In her interview, Emily says he comes from money, but he has to work, and be example and role model for the kids. She grew up in a divorced household, and had no role model. She thanks him for being there for all five kids. In her interview, Emily says she knew he’d be a good partner, and she’s an attorney. If it doesn’t work out, she can do her own divorce.

She asks what Shane thinks about one more kid, and he says he doesn’t think about it. She wants more than one girl, and he says they got more than expected as is. She says if partners aren’t on the same page, they can find a compromise. He tells her that she’ll have to leave him, and pursue one that will. She says there are still nine embryos from him, and they’re lonely. He says they have each other. In her interview, Emily says she went through hell to get the embryos, and a lot of tears. She gets emotional talking about it. The food comes, and Emily repeats she wants another girl. Shane says there will be a four or five-year gap. Think about the three they have. It’s a lot, but a good a lot. Emily says, it is, and tells him, happy anniversary.

Vicki tells Kelly that her place is cute. Kelly says it’s old, but she made it cozy, and updated it. They sit on the couch, and Kelly says she heard a rumor that Vicki hooked Michael up. Vicki says she had a barbecue, and Michael was there, along with a friend of hers. She didn’t hook him up. Kelly says she didn’t say anything, and Vicki says she didn’t know where it was going, and it was none of her business. In her interview, Vicki reminds us of Kelly saying she hoped Michael would find a girlfriend, and we flash back to that. Vicki says it’s Michael’s responsibility to tell her. She and Steve have gone out with them a couple of times. Kelly says wonders why Vicki didn’t give her a heads up, and Vicki tells her not to twist it around to make her fault. Kelly says anybody would say this is effed up. I know I would. Vicki says it’s not her fault Kelly’s husband is dating someone. Kelly says this breaks her heart, and she starts to cry. Vicki says Kelly doesn’t love him, and so they went on double dates. Who cares who Michael goes out with? Kelly says she’s obviously not a friend; she doesn’t roll with girls like that. She tells Vicki to leave; she’s not Kelly’s friend. Vicki says she didn’t hook Michael up, and Kelly is being out of line. Kelly says she’s done, and closes her bedroom door between them. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s over, but she’s still in love with Michael. He’s moving on, and if she has single girlfriends who want to meet him, it has noting to do with her. Kelly dumped him. Alrighty then.

Next time, Kelly says she wanted to smack Vicki, Vicki doesn’t know why she has to choose sides, and the Mexico trip happens, where Tamra will do some flashing at a bar.

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July 20, 2018 – Havoc on Spoon Island, More 90 Day Fun, Quotes Octadic & Weekend Dancing


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Obrecht recites from The Severed Branch. I knew the day might come when I’d have to burn my own life down. Nina tries to stop her, but she throws the Molotov cocktail, and laughs like the crazy person she’s being.

Sonny reads the Alzheimer’s brochures. Jason arrives, and asks if there’s been any word about Carly. Sonny says Diane got the court to let her visit, and she’s supposed to call soon.

At Ferncliff, Diane tells Mary Pat she can read the document all she wants, but the only thing that matters is the judge’s signature. Mary Pat wonders if the judge is acquainted with psychiatric cases of the deeply disturbed, and Diane says the judge is acquainted with the law. Mary Pat tells her unscheduled visits aren’t conducive to recovery, especially in a case like Carly’s. Diane says if Mary Pat doesn’t produce her client immediately, she’ll be in breach of the order, and there will be consequences. If she loses her position, that’s even better. As usual, Diane is not having it.

Michael and Nelle are back at the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle says, thankfully, Michael has a healthy wife and baby. He says now they can get on with the life they planned. Nelle says she’s been dreaming about it, and he says, it’s no dream; it’s their reality. He says, welcome home, Mrs. Corinthos.

Chase asks if Valentin wants some coffee, but Valentin says he’s agitated already from being arrested without cause. He wants to talk to his lawyer. Finn comes into the station, and tells Jordan that Peter is still missing, and most likely kidnapped by Obrecht. Jordan says she’s waiting on the DNA test from the cabin. Curtis joins them, and says she might not have to. Obrecht is on a rampage.

Lulu startles Maxie on the pier. She tells Maxie that Dante always says she should wear a bell. Maxie asks why she’s there, and Lulu says she had work to do at The Haunted Star. She says, Maxie’s turn, and Maxie says she’s waiting for the launch. Lulu says it’s not running; Spoon Island has been quarantined. Maxie says she’s got to be kidding. She doesn’t believe it, and wonders if Valentin is sick in the head.

The stables are ablaze. Nina tries to get Peter out, but he can’t stand.

Curtis tells Jordan that he and Sam spoke with Maxie, who hasn’t seen Obrecht since she left the hospital with James. Chase thinks the trail is cold, but Curtis says they questioned Franco, and the person who knocked him out wasn’t Valentin. It was Obrecht.

Lulu says Valentin’s not sick in the head. Arrogant and amoral, but the sad part is, he really does love Nina. Maxie says Nina is obviously still in love with him; she’s been going through a lot. Lulu asks why Maxie is intent on going when the island is quarantined. Maxie says there’s no quarantine. Lulu asks how she knows, and Maxie says she just does. She has to get there right away, and wants to leave it at that. Lulu says, The Haunted Star has a zodiac that can take us over. Maxie says, us? Lulu tells her if she wants a ride, start talking. She says Obrecht has been acting strange; strange for her, which is really strange. Even weirder than normal. Nina isn’t around, and Peter disappeared. Curtis and Sam think Obrecht is holding him captive. Even worse, they think Nina is with her.

Chase tell Valentin that he’s free to go. Valentin thanks him for being professional and wasting his time. He jets, making snarky remarks all the way out the door.

Nina tells Peter they have to get out. Obrecht walks out, but not as fast as I’d be walking. For a moment, I think she might lock them in, but she leaves the door wide open. Nina shouts at her to help, but that’s not happening. She tells Peter that he has to stand, but he can’t move. He wants her to go, but she says she’s not leaving him.

Sonny tells Jason that Diane appealed to the court to visit Carly, so she can monitor the situation. Sonny wonders what Carly was thinking, and Jason says she thought it was worth the risk. Sonny says it didn’t do any good. Michael married Nelle. He can scream at Diane all day, but there’s nothing he can do.

Diane is shocked to see Carly in a padded cell. Mary Pat says Carly is violent and unstable, and managed to overpower her. Diane wonders if it isn’t a conflict of interest, but Mary Pat says she’s a professional. She has no issues with Carly. She tells Diane she has five minutes, but she doubts if Diane will need them. Diane goes into the room, and finds Carly barely conscious

Michael brings Nelle a healthy snack. She asks about Monica, and he says she’s still sick and keeping her distance sick, but sends her love. Drew joins them and asks how Nelle is feeling. Nelle says Kim gave her the all clear. He bets Monica is happy, and Michael says she knew before they did. He tells Nelle he’s going to put her things in her room; he thought she’d be more comfortable for her to sleep alone. She says that’s thoughtful, but she fully intends on sleeping with her husband tonight.

Chase says it’s the first time in his career that a suspect said they had nothing to do with an assault, and it was true. Michael calls Chase, who asks if there’s been any progress. Michael says they’re acting like a blissful, loving married couple. He’s giving her a lot of attention, but making excuses to leave the room, so she suspects he’s stringing her along. Chase tells him to be careful. Nelle is smart, and more than paranoid. If she figures out it’s a trap, she’ll become even more dangerous.

Drew asks Nelle if she needs anything; they’re family now. She says she has very little of own family, and Drew says she does now. The Quartermaines are good people, although they’re complicated. Nelle says they have a lot in common. He came in as an outsider, with a troubled past, and so did she. It gives her hope that they’ll accept her like they have him. He says if she does right by Michael, everything will go fine. She says she’s trying, but everyone judges her. She asks how he overcame everyone looking at him and seeing a killer.

Sonny apologizes for being negative, and Jason says they have other resources. Sonny says, they can do what they can to get Carly out of Ferncliff, but no matter how many resources he has, nothing can stop Alzheimer’s. Jason asks if Mike had a bad day. Sonny says Mike didn’t know who was who. He thought people were coming to attack him, but Felix calmed him down. Jason is glad Mike has a good caregiver, and likes Felix. Sonny says Felix believes it’s time to think about permanent care. Jason asks what Sonny thinks. Sonny says he can’t farm Mike out to strangers. No matter what, they don’t know him, and don’t love him. Mike is his dad, and they’re not family (which is the theme for today).

Diane approaches Carly, and asks if Carly can understand her. Sonny sent her. Carly says, Sonny? Diane says he’s very concerned, so she came to look in on her. Carly asks if Sonny is there, but Diane says he can’t come. She came as Carly’s attorney. She’s working hard for him to visit. She tells Carly this is important. Does she know what drugs they’re giving her? Carly says she doesn’t do drugs; they’re bad. Diane says the doctor or nurse prescribed them. Carly says, tell Sonny to stop Michael from marrying Nelle.

Jordan tells Finn that there’s an APB out on Obrecht. Finn says she’s probably long gone. Curtis thinks Franco knows more than he’s saying. He’s her only friend. If she was desperate enough to knock him out, she’ aware her time is getting short. Finn says, so is Peter’s.

Maxie tells Lulu about Nina asking how she’d feel if Peter died, and about Wyatt finding the cabin. She says if anyone is capable of kidnapping Peter, it’s Obrecht. By the time the police got there, the cabin was abandoned, but they found evidence. They’re running forensics now, and the quarantine on Spoon Island makes sense. Lulu says it sounds suspicious, and Maxie can’t believe she followed that. Lulu says they have to let the police handle it, but Maxie says Obrecht might do something to Peter. She has to save Obrecht and Nina from themselves. Lulu is shocked that Nina is involved, but Maxie says, she’s grieving. They’re out of their minds. Lulu wonders what Maxie thinks she can do to stop them. Maxie thinks they need someone who loves them to pull them from the brink. Like magic, Valentin appears, and says he couldn’t agree more. Who wants a ride? Little hearts pop out of my eyes.

Peter tells Nina to go. She says she’ll get help, but she can’t get past the flames outside the door. She screams for help.

Nelle tells Drew sorry to be blunt. She knows she can be annoying that way. He says he doesn’t think they look at him as a killer, and he doesn’t look at himself that way; not anymore. She says, at one point, he thought he was Jason. The things Jason has done, most people would be in prison. She asks how he did it. How did he get away with murder?

Sonny tells Jason every patient is different. Jason thinks he’s doing a great job. Sonny says he should have handled Croton differently. He shouldn’t have pressed Mike. After that, he started to deteriorate. Jason tells him not to put the pressure on himself; that’s not how Alzheimer’s works. Sonny says Jason has done some research. Jason says Sonny is the one who will remember, not Mike. The choices he makes have to feel right. He has to live with them.

Carly tells Diane that Sonny has to stop them. Nelle is going to hurt Michael. Diane says Sonny and Jason won’t let her. Carly asks what if that doesn’t happen. Diane asks her if she was given a shot or pills, but Mary Pat interrupts, saying, time’s up.

Curtis tells Jordan that Sonny has a presence in the area; maybe he knows something. Jordan says she can’t put herself in the position of owing him. Finn says tell Anna that when they find Peter’s body. Curtis says it will be on him. Chase calls Jordan over to his phone. Jordan tells Finn that they’re doing everything they can. They’re also dealing with the West Nile quarantine on Spoon Island. Finn tells Curtis there’s no West Nile. Why the quarantine?

Outside the stables, Obrecht says, sorry, Nathan; sorry, my son. It was not supposed to happen this way. Valentin runs up to her, and asks, where’s Nina? Obrecht thought Nina was behind her, and says she wasn’t supposed to be there. He looks at the burning building. Maxie and Lulu join them, and Valentin tells them to call 911. He starts to move toward the stables, and says, get the coastguard. They’ll need paramedics and a fire squad. He goes into the building. Lulu calls 911. Obrecht says, Nina was right. This would break Nathan’s heart. Maxie asks what she’s done, but she just keeps repeating, Nina was right.

Finn wonders if Valentin realizes the quarantine was bogus. Curtis bets his ass on it, and Finn thinks they should go there before all hell breaks loose.

Maxie tells Obrecht not to talk about Nina in the past tense. She starts to head in after Valentin, but Lulu says she can’t go in there. Maxie insists she’ll be careful, but Lulu says she’s not a firefighter, and can only get killed. Maxie says she hates Valentin, but he cares enough to go after Nina. Lulu says, every safety manual says the same thing – wait. Maxie says they’re on an island; it will be too late by the time they get there. Lulu says her son won’t have a mother. She has kids. She needs to put them first.

On the phone, Jordan tells Michael to be careful. His life depends on Nelle not catching wind that it’s a sting. Michael is confident that she’s buying what he’s feeding her, mixing his metaphors. He says she’s on the verge of turning to Chase for help. He asks her to give Chase the phone. Chase tells him not to push. If she gets suspicious, the operation will be blown. Don’t get over-confident. It’s a lethal cat and mouse game, and there are variables. Nelle might not play by their rules. She could turn to someone not on their radar, or matters into her own hands. You never know.

Drew asks if something is on Nelle’s mind. She’s fascinated; he’s led an interesting life. He’s a one-man podcast. Drew says he has no desire to impart that wisdom. If she wants inside knowledge about that, she’ll have to look elsewhere.

Sonny says he rarely visited his father, for good reason. When he left, Sonny’s mother ended up with Deke, who beat the hell out of the both of them. The facts haven’t changed, but his feelings have. He doesn’t know if he forgives Mike, but he doesn’t resent him. He doesn’t see the rage that used to be between them. Jason says Sonny’s anger was hard on Mike, but harder on Sonny. It was like a weight he kept trying to put down, and he would for a while, but then something would happen, and he’d pick it back up. Sonny guesses that’s it; the weight is gone.

Mary Pat asks Carly how the visit with her lawyer went. She’s one pushy lady. Carly asks, who? and Mary Pat says since it was that taxing, she has something to help her manage. Carly can barely speak, but she says she doesn’t want it, and leave her alone. Mary Pat says she’s worked up. She knew she shouldn’t have let Diane barge in; some people don’t listen. Carly started out that way, but she’s learning.

Obrecht stands on the pier. She flashes back to Peter saying she should have given Nathan the information about his father years ago. He could have prepared, and had a strategy; made a plan. Even if she kills him, she’ll never escape her own guilt. Curtis is suddenly there, and tells her to be careful. There are all kinds of dangerous characters out on the docks at night. She turns in the opposite direction, and Finn is standing there. He says, nope.

Valentin finds Nina lying on the floor, and picks her up. Poor Peter! Valentin carries Nina outside. Lulu is on the phone, asking them to please hurry; the fire is spreading. Maxie asks where Obrecht is, and Lulu didn’t see her leave. Valentin puts Nina down. Maxie doesn’t think she’s breathing. Valentin does mouth to mouth, ladies everywhere unite in romantic thoughts.

Sonny knows his father is getting older and losing his memory, but it’s the first time he’s felt this close to Mike; not since he was six years old. They can laugh and talk, and he can see why people like him and why his mom fell in love. Now he’s slipping away, just when Sonny is getting to know him. Jason says, something good came out of it. Sonny wishes he had more time. He knows it sounds selfish, but one reason why he didn’t want Carly going through what she is, is that he needs her with him. Diane walks in, and he asks if she saw Carly. Diane says, for five whole minutes, which is all the court order stipulated, and all Ferncliff would allow. Sonny asks how Carly is, and Diane makes a serious face.

Mary Pat looks in Carly’s mouth. She says they might need to redouble the dose. She’ll be sleeping tonight. Carly says, no more pills, but Mary Pat says, the doctors dictate treatment, not the patients. Carly asks when she’s seeing Doc. Mary Pat says he’s away for a few days, but Carly is in good hands. Dr. Lazarus is a visionary, and has had success with lost causes. He has something special in store for her.

Nelle apologizes to Drew for crossing the line. She says she has a morbid curiosity in crime shows and mysteries. She didn’t mean any harm. He’s sorry he doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Michael comes back, and Nelle asks, what took so long? He says he wanted everything perfect for his new bride. She says she’s tired, and can’t wait to snuggle up to her new husband. They leave, and Drew ponders.

Nelle and Michael get into bed and spoon. Michael waits for her to go to sleep, and gets up She opens her eyes. She thinks about Chase saying she deserves a guy who loves her for herself. This marriage of convenience will fizzle out, and Michael will cut her loose. He’ll use the baby as a weapon against her, and claim her child. She’ll be alone again.

Chase does his quarter flipping thing, and looks at Nelle’s picture. He flashes back to meeting with Jordan and Michael, and Jordan saying the fewer people that know, the better. Michael says it will be cruel to his family, but Chase tells him if he wants her out of the family, he’ll have to live with it. This time, Nelle won’t get away. Period. Nelle calls, bringing Chase back to the present. She says Chase was right about everything. She can’t stay married. She needs his help.

Michael goes downstairs. Drew asks if he can’t sleep. Drew points out that they haven’t spent night together for a long time. It might take a while to get used to it. Michael prays it never gets that far.

Diane tells Sonny and Jason that Carly is heavily medicated, and in a padded room wearing restraints. Sonny says he’ll talk to the judge. He wants her out, and doesn’t care about technicalities. Diane says she did try to escape. She also has a new doctor. Sonny asks if he can get to him. Diane doesn’t think there’s anyone Sonny can’t get at, but advises against it. The DA is just waiting for a chance to get him. He’d be leaving himself wide open for extortion. They could transfer Carly to a facility where he can’t reach her. Now is the time to strategize, not use brute force. It will not serve him well. Sonny says he’d have more faith if her last strategy hadn’t put Carly in Ferncliff to begin with. Diane says there were a lot of factors; the DA being one of them. She shoulders most of the blame, let her make this right. She’s going to ask for an independent investigation. Once it’s documented that Carly is over-medicated, she can be transferred to Shadybrook. At the very least, her treatment will be supervised. Sonny says it’s her last chance. Make it work.

Carly is all shaky, and out of it. Mary Pat says Dr. Lazarus is moving in a new direction. It’s unorthodox, but a novel approach to the challenging cases. When he’s done with Carly, she’ll be a piece of cheese. I swear that’s what it sounded like she said, but I cheat and look elsewhere. She said, changed woman.

Finn gets to the island. He asks how long Nina has been out. They explain she was in the fire, and they don’t know. Finn asks if Nina can hear him. She comes to, and coughs. Lulu produces some water, and Finn gives it to Nina. She says she was stuck inside, and almost suffocated. How did she get out? Maxie says Valentin saved her.

Jordan arrests Obrecht on the pier, and reads her rights. Obrecht stoically nods when asked if she understands them. Curtis says he can’t reach Finn. Peter’s location was believed to be Spoon Island. Jordan tells the officers that she’ll have Obrecht transferred, and the WSB can take it from there. There’s a police boat waiting. Obrecht says to tell Anna, now we are even.

Finn asks where Peter is. Maxie says they haven’t seen him. Nina says they have to get him out. Valentin says the smoke was thick, but he didn’t see Peter. Nina tells them that Obrecht had Peter tied up. She lost it completely, and started the fire. Nina wanted to try and get help. Maxie says there are no other entrances. Finn says Peter is still inside, and looks in.

On Monday, Josslyn comes on to Oscar, Drew asks Margaux what business the DA has with his company, and Finn goes in to save Peter.

💍 90 Day Fiancé – the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight was the season premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?. There seems to be no end to this franchise, which is fine with me. It’s a train wreck I could watch all day. Maybe they should have their own channel. They have enough spin-offs. This one revisited couples down the road. Myriam came to the U.S. to visit Patrick. Meeting his mother was a hurdle, since at the Tell All, mom was not too friendly. And rightly so. It wasn’t so much that Myriam had a boyfriend, but Patrick had to schlep all the way to Paris to find out. As the Countess would say, uncool. Danielle still has one more thing with Mohamed, but that’s coming in the next episode. I can’t wait. I have the feeling there is always going to be one more thing with Mohamed. Until I see him in the headlines anyway. I also can’t wait for this season’s Tell All on Sunday. I’m hoping to get some commentary together about it, since the season was quite lively. Especially when Pedro’s whiny, bitchy sister came for a visit, and he started a fistfight at the home of the Family Chantel. David and Annie are living above storage units in exchange for David working there, and Jorge might have a ten-year-old daughter. I don’t know what’s sadder. These outrageous people who deserve each other, or that I can’t stop watching them.

📮 Quotes of the Week

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.Henry David Thoreau

The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming.Patrick White

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T.S. Elliot

I think it’s good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone.Amy Sedaris, I Like You

All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.Charles Kingsley

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.Honore de Balzac – Good one!

It’s hard to take back stupid.Dr. Phil

My weave is exhausted. – LeeAnne Locken, The Real Housewives of Dallas

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July 19th, 2018 – No More Options, Charmers Reunite, a Charming Quote, a PS & Incoming


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny talks to Diane on the phone. He doesn’t care about procedure. He just wants to get in to see Carly. Felix thinks he and Mike should go finish something upstairs. Sonny says, impossible is not an option. Mike sees the picture of himself and Charlie. He tells Felix that he knows these guys, and asks if Sonny is in trouble.

At Ferncliff, Carly paces wearing a straitjacket.

Elizabeth leaves another message for Franco. She’s getting worried leave. Griff asks if she’s okay. She tells him Franco went to the police with something, and sometimes the more he tries to help – Griff finishes, the more hot water he finds himself in. He thinks it’s natural to be worried

Valentin goes to the launch on the docks. He hears Franco groaning, then sees him struggle up from behind some crates. Franco starts to walk toward him, saying, I know you, but falls over before he reaches Valentin.

Sam sees Maxie at the hospital. They make small talk about James, and Maxie tells them to come by and see him. Sam asks if she has a minute, and Maxie says her parents just absconded with her newborn, so she has nothing but time. I guess she also has a maid. Sam tells her that she’s been crossed off the list of suspects in regard to Peter. Maxie asks if there are any other leads. Sam asks when was the last time she saw Nina?

Nina has untied Peter, and starts to help him up. Obrecht walks in with a Molotov cocktail in her hand, and says, you break my heart, niece, and Henrik has come to end of the road. Nina says he can barely walk, he’s starving, and stinks. Obrecht says it’s every bit of what he deserves, but Nina says no one does; not even Peter. Obrecht says, Henrik killed her brother. Nina says, and he’s not coming back. She tells Obrecht to put the bottle down, but Obrecht says, no; it’s over. She’s been left no choice.

Felix suggests he and Mike finish a game they started. Mike shrugs him off, and asks if Sonny knows who it is in the picture; it’s Charlie and he’s connected. Sonny says he’s not around anymore. Felix touches Mike’s shoulder, but Mike tells Felix to get his hands off of him, saying he doesn’t know him. Sonny says, he’s Felix, his nurse. Mike says he probably works for Charlie, but Sonny says no one there works for Charlie. Mike says he needs Sonny’s help. He needs to get a message to his son. His name is Michael Corinthos Jr., but he goes by Sonny. Does he know him? Sonny says, yeah, and Mike asks if Sonny is one of his enemies. Sonny says, not today, and Mike asks what he means. Sonny says they work together. Mike says he has to find him, and tell him to stay away from Charlie’s place. Nothing good is waiting for him there. Sonny promises.

Rupert and Mary Pat walk into Carly’s cell. She asks if Mary Pat had to brig reinforcements. Mary Pat says she’s clearly agitated, and Dr. Lazarus has prescribed her a sedative. Carly says her psychiatrist is Dr. Collins, and Mary Pat says he’s visiting his wife in Europe. Carly says Dr. Lazarus doesn’t know how to treat her, but Mary Pat says he was walked through her history, including her recent outburst and elopement. Carly is like, elopement? and Mary Pat says, the word escape has negative connotations. Carly says Mary Pat told the doctor her story, now it’s her turn, but Mary Pat says Dr. Lazarus is all about control, not talk. Carly knows her rights, and says she refuses treatment. Mary Pat says patient decisions aren’t up to her.

Valentin asks if Franco can hear him. He starts to make a call, and he sees the broken bottle. He picks up the shard with the label on it, using his handkerchief, because everyone carries those. Chase appears, telling him to drop the weapon, and put his hands where he can see them.

Maxie suggests they back up. Obrecht has every reason hate Peter, but she sees her all the time; she was at the shower. Sam says they discovered she hasn’t been living at home, but in a cabin in the woods. Curtis says she claimed she was meeting someone special there. Maxie says, good; she needs to lighten up. Curtis say the evidence suggests she’s been keeping someone against their will, and the CSU found traces of blood. Maxie asks if they think she killed him.

Obrecht says she knew this day would come. Nina never had the spine or stomach for it. Nina says she’s right. If she had a backbone, she’d have stopped this insanity. Obrecht says they’re past the possibility of letting Henrik live; it’s not up to her. Nina says if he knew about this, Nathan would be ashamed of both of them; what they did and what they’re capable of. It’s over. Obrecht is inclined to agree. Nina says she has two choices. Plead her case as a grieving mother, like she is, or run. Nina is hoping she stays.

Valentin tells Chase he was about to call for help. Chase says, with a broken bottle? Valentin says, no, with a phone. He saw the bottle, and thought it might be the instrument used to knock Franco out. Chase thinks it sounds plausible, but tells Valentin to exercise his right to remain silent until he’s downtown. He can explain it there.

Griff ask if Elizabeth has had any word from Franco. She says, not yet. She’s going through some files, and says she gets angry every time she sees David’s name. Griff says, innocent until proven guilty, but she thinks he should be suspended until the case is settled. Griff wishes he knew what to tell her. She asks how Kiki is doing, and Griff says some people have asked her how can she ruin a man’s career. Elizabeth wonders how she responded to that, and Griff says she told them, if he’s such a good man and cared about his career, he wouldn’t have done what he did. In the meantime, he and Kiki have to walk the same halls. Elizabeth says at least she has their support.

Sam tells Maxie there’s no proof Peter is dead. Maxie says it’s understandable that Obrecht would want him to suffer. but she adores James. She has the chance to get moments she never had with Nathan. Sam asks if she’s been around, and Maxie admits, not really. Curtis wonders if Nina would know where she is, and Maxie asks if he’s suggesting Nina is involved with Peter’s disappearance. Sam tells her that they’re not saying she was involved, and Curtis says, but she might know something. She has the motive and means. If she had the opportunity, would she take it? Maxie says, no. She hates him, but would never do that. Curtis says Nina is his friend too. It’s the last thing he wants to believe, but it’s imperative they find out where she is. Maxie asks if they’re trying to rule her out, and Sam says, even if she’s not involved, she could lead them to Obrecht.

Obrecht asks if Nina expects her to throw herself on the mercy of the police – and Henrik. Peter says she’s right not to trust him, considering how she grew up. She says her childhood, her whole life with Faison, was one long parade of inadequacies. She was never good enough for her parents, Faison, or Anna. Nina says, screw Anna. Obrecht says she might have failed in their expectations, but they also failed in hers. She doesn’t owe anyone anything, and is going to finish it her way.

Sonny tells Mike that when he gets the all clear, he’ll send the message. Mike says he has to go now, but Sonny says to trust him. Felix approaches Mike, who tells him to stay away. He asks, who this guy? and wonders if they should be talking in front of him. Sonny says it’s Felix. Mike’s son hired him; he has his word. Mike asks, who the hell is he? Sonny’s phone rings, and Felix says it’s probably the all clear. It’s Diane, and Sonny tells her that he doesn’t care. Find a judge that owes him a favor or needs one, or he’ll find a way to get in himself. Mike grabs the phone, saying the place could be bugged. Sonny says he just got he all clear. He’s going to go, and asks Felix to stay. Mike insists it’s not safe, but Sonny says his son asked him to take care of Mike. Mike asks Sonny what his name is, and Sonny says, Michael.  Mike says it’s the same as his son’s. Sonny says, and his. He tells Mike that he’s Sonny’s right-hand man. His son cares a lot about him. Mike says he doesn’t know about that, and Sonny says he talks about him all the time. Mike sarcastically says he bets it’s all good, and Sonny says, about 60/40. Mike says that sounds about right; 60 bad, 40 good. Sonny tells Mike that his son asked him to keep him safe. He knows he’ll treat Mike with the same respect and concern that he treats his own dad. He asks if Mike can let him honor him by taking care of him. Mike nods and breaks my heart yet again.

Mary Pat tells Carly to hold still; it’s easier if she doesn’t fight. Carly asks if it’s worth losing everything she cares about. He’ll take everything she think is hers, and bankrupt her when she’s sued for over-drugging Carly. She has people to avenge her, and they’re experts. What sounds better, to take her back to her room or lose everything?

Curtis tells Maxie that they’re working on a theory. Nina is the closest connection to Nathan. He asks if she’s spent time with James, and Maxie says Nina has been busy. Sam asks if she’s been at Crimson, and Maxie admits her assistant complained she’s been AWOL. Curtis asks if she’s been distracted or preoccupied. Maxie says she just left her husband; it’s enough to throw anyone off. She went home to pack her bags. Curtis says there’s a quarantine on Spoon Island, and Sam asks where Nina is staying. Maxie says at the MetroCourt, and remembers her take-out order was huge enough to feed two or three people. She says, oh crap. The other day, Nina asked how she would feel if Peter died, but Sam asked her the same question. Curtis asks what she said, and Maxie says the same thing she told Sam. Peter deserves to suffer, but it won’t bring back Nathan. She tells them to keep her in the loop, and if she sees Nina, she’ll let them know. Curtis gets a call, and thinks they should turn their attention to Franco.

Nina says Obrecht left her in an impossible situation. Obrecht says Henrik gets her brother killed, and she’s the villain? Nina tells her, you can’t be torturing a man if you don’t want to be thought of as a villain. Obrecht says she gave up Nathan to protect him. She didn’t even gaze in his direction; she was so afraid Faison would take him. Peter asks why she loved him. She says she couldn’t help it, but she was never blind. He wanted a son to be like him. Now her beautiful boy is buried in the ground, and his son is still breathing. So she must finish this her way, with or without Nina.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Griff how bad Franco’s injuries are? Griff says he has a nasty cut, and they’re waiting on the CT scan. Chase pops in, asking if Franco is still out. There’s a suspect in custody, but he thinks they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Griff says he’s been in and out. Chase asks if he mentioned any names. Griff says, no, but he’s had one helluva blow.

Nina says Obrecht lost time with Nathan; she did too. She missed him growing up, his childhood, and the incredible man he turned into. She feels the loss every second of every day. She hates Faison and Anna, but that doesn’t justify what they’ve done. It’s crazy. Revenge won’t bring her brother back. Obrecht says she needs to think. Nina begs her to let Peter go. This is over.

Felix tells Sonny that Mike is resting. Sonny doesn’t know what’s wrong. He knows, but he’s never seen him that bad. Felix asks how Sonny is doing, and Sonny says he’s not the one fading away. Felix says, with all due respect, he’s going through a lot. Carly is at Ferncliff, now his father. Felix knows Sonny doesn’t open a vein easily, and doesn’t have to talk to him, but he’s there. Sonny appreciates it, but he has people who love him. Felix knows that, but they’re not there all the time, and don’t know what he’s going through. His dad’s days are more confusing, and his lapses are lasting longer. He asks Sonny if he’s looked at the brochures Stella brought. Sonny says, the facilities? He’s not ready for that. Felix says because he loves Mike, he feels like he’ll be throwing away precious time left, but he wouldn’t be; not if he did it right. He could see Mike every day, and let the staff deal with the headaches and tantrums. They can be a buffer, so he can spend quality time with Mike. Sonny says he makes it sound appealing. Felix is just asking him to think about it, and Sonny promises he will. Just not today. He has somewhere to be.

Rupert tells Mary Pat that maybe Carly is right. They should take her back to her cell, and continue with the regiment Doc provided. It would be better for them. Mary Pat is surprised at Rupert, and Carly says he has a better take than she does. Mary Pat tells Rupert to hold her tight; she needs a big dose. Carly says, Sonny Corinthos. Remember that name. When everything goes bad, she’ll know who did it. Mary Pat plunges the syringe into Carly.

Maxie tells the nurse at the desk she’s looking for updates on the West Nile virus, since she has a newborn, and there’s a quarantine. The nurse looks on the computer, and tells her there’s no quarantine. There’s been no case listed in Port Charles for over ten years.

Valentin tells Chase if anyone has dusted for fingerprints they won’t find his. Chase says he could have wiped them off, and Valentin says they won’t find any then. Chase says he believes Valentin. Guys like him hire people; they don’t like getting their hands dirty. Valentin says, thank you, and Chase says he deduced that before he looked at Valentin’s file; he has a record a mile long. Valentin is impressed with his prowess. Now can he use his reasoning to get him out? He has to get to Windemere. Chase says he saw the sign that it’s under quarantine. Nothing life or death is happening there.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she takes it Franco never made it to the police station? Elizabeth explains about Franco getting hurt, but Sam says it’s not exactly a straight line from the docks to the station. Curtis says they’re not accusing him of anything, and Sam adds, not this time. Franco calls out for Elizabeth, and she runs into the examining room. She says she was worried about him. He asks what happened, and she asks if he remembers who attacked him.

Obrecht says she thought Nina understood. She can’t let Henrik go. Nina says she doesn’t have a choice anymore, but Obrecht says, there are always choices. She sees Nine, whose heart is just as fractured, made hers; Nina is supposed to be on her side. Nina starts to cry, saying, she is. She brought Obrecht this far because she knew Nathan wouldn’t want his mother grieving alone. It’s not grief anymore; it’s madness. Obrecht says madness is a world in which filth like Henrik endure and thrive, and those like Nathan are extinguished. Nina can call her mad, but is she not entitled to her voice? Nina asks what she’s talking about. Obrecht says she’s done so much for others; for Faison, for Nathan, and even for Nina, but now it’s her turn. At last, she does something for Liesl.

Felix asks Mike how his nap was, and Mike says it was just what he needed. He asks where Sonny is, and Felix tells him that Sonny is running errands. Mike says something wrong is wrong, but Felix says Sonny is a capable man. Mike says, a father knows things like this, and he’s in trouble.

At Ferncliff, Sonny sees Rupert, and says he wants to see his wife. Rupert says he can’t help; it’s not up to him. Sonny says they had an arrangement. Rupert is powerless? He’s not. He has a lot of resources and a long memory. Those who help him, get rewarded; those who don’t, will see what’s coming. It’s his last chance. Where is she? Rupert says he wishes he could help, but he can’t, and jets.

Carly is falling out, and Mary Pat says, isn’t this better? It’s not so hard being good, is it? And look what she found. She shows Carly the burner phone, and says this type of thing is a no-no. Nothing must disrupt the healing process. She leaves, and we see Carly is in a padded cell. She leans against the wall.

Nina says she doesn’t know what’s going on in Obrecht’s head, but she needs to snap out of it. Obrecht says they need to complete the final chapter with the man who killed her son. Nina says Faison is dead; mission accomplished. Obrecht says there’s one more character who needs to exit. The story is over, and it’s time to close book once and for all. She takes out Faison’s lighter.

Valentin tells Chase if he values his badge, he’ll take off the cuffs and let him go. Chase says he was found at the scene of a crime, standing over the victim. Until Franco clears him, he’s staying. Valentin says, then he wants his lawyer. He has matters to attend to.

Sam asks who attacked Franco. He says he had the most amazing dream. He says, and you were there, looking at Elizabeth, but you weren’t there, looking at Curtis and Sam. I die laughing. I love Todd… I mean, Franco. Curtis tells him to answer the question. Elizabeth asks he remembers who did it. He says it was Obrecht.

Maxie sees the quarantine sign at the pier. She talks to someone on the phone, asking how soon the launch can be at the pier. She needs to get to Spoon Island. She takes the sign down.

Peter scoots across the floor, trying to distance himself. Nina begs Obrecht not to do it. Obrecht quotes from The Severed Branch. Now all that’s left of my father is me and the memento took before our final farewell. I knew the day would come when I might have to burn my life down. She lights the rag, and throws the bottle.

This episode was rather sad. Lots of excellent performances too.

Tomorrow, Nina yells for help, Nelle asks how to get away with murder, and Diane visits Carly.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part One

The cast prepares and has breakfast. They’re waiting on Kathryn to get her boobs situated in her dress, and we see a few clips of what’s to come. We watch Ashley get out of the limo.

Andy tells us to spike the sweet tea and get ready for the dishing the drama. He says Kathryn’s girls look bigger, and she says perhaps they grew unnaturally. Andy wants a pillow from Craig, and Austen brought him some beer. Naomi says she and Craig have moved past awkwardness, but from the look on his face, I’m not so sure about that. Thomas won’t be joining them. The message from his attorney claims that Bravo and their client made a mutual decision not to attend, because of the pending investigation. Thomas is being fully cooperating with authorities, and expects to be completely vindicated. He sends his best regards to his fans and fellow cast mates. Cameran thinks it’s the right decision. Shep says there’s a part of Thomas that he doesn’t love. We see Kathryn’s Instagram shots with him and the kids, but she’s staying out of it until the investigation is concluded. Andy says he’s being accused of raping the nanny. Naomie says he’s always been lovely to her, but he can be volatile. Andy announces that Ashley will be joining them, and Kathryn says, yay! She’s nervous about it, but Shep says he’s interested in what she has to say. Andy says she didn’t call Shep a bad mother.

Andy asks what changed, since there was a lot of girl power this season. Naomie says that she knows Kathryn can be a friend, and they talk about hanging out through the summer. Kathryn says girl power means standing up for your self-worth, knowing it, and acting accordingly. We see a clip of Naomie lacing into JD (bleh). Naomie says she didn’t want him to rule the narrative because Elizabeth wasn’t there. A viewer doesn’t think Naomie has room to talk after tolerating Craig’s lies. She wishes she hadn’t put up with it, and says it’s why she was so rude. She should have left sooner. Craig wants to know one lie he told, and she brings up the bar exam. He insists he never lied. My respect for Craig has waned this season. The pillow thing with Patricia clinched it.

Andy says Chelsea called JD a con artist, and she says she heard about his late nights with young women, although he comes across as a sweet, family man. Cameran says he has a reputation, and she wasn’t surprised. Austen wants more evidence. A viewer says Kathryn’s comments on the good old boys era dying were brilliant. She says the MO was to paint a woman as crazy to discredit them. Andy says Elizabeth attacked Naomie on Twitter after the episode aired, and said the allegations she made about JD and the family weren’t true. Chelsea asks if JD got Elizabeth’s password. Naomie tells them everything she said had been approved by Elizabeth, and it’s a shame she’s covering for him again. Naomie says she knew 100%, and thinks she backtracked when it got attention. She thinks JD is controlling and manipulative.

Andy asks if current climate has influenced things, and Cameran thinks it did for Thomas. Shep says the men have had to take stock of the last twenty years of their lives. Andy brings up Chelsea’s bad experience with Shep trying to kiss her. He asks if Shep feels a shift in his sense of entitlement, and Shep says he does. Andy asks, now that Cameran has a daughter, does she look at the antics of her male friends any differently. She says, yes, and he asks who she’d pick for Palmer to date. She says, Austen, and Craig says, that’s because he’s the only one who would date a two-year-old. Ha-ha!

Ashley talks to the hairdresser about how she flips her hair when she’s nervous, and asks if she can do something. Besides knock her out? BTW, she looks like crap.

Craig ask if Ashley is listening, but Andy says she isn’t. He says their favorite realtor has moved into a new development called motherhood, and is juggling everything without being rattled. Cameran says it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Palmer crawled for the first time yesterday, but she missed it. Andy asks if her husband attended birth classes, and she says she watched YouTube videos. He’s desensitized, and not the most supportive; she expected more. Andy asks if he was a good partner during labor. She says he was in the room, and the nurse finally told him he need to get up and help his wife. Andy is surprised he wasn’t a more active participant.

A viewer asks why Patricia’s guest list wasn’t made according to Cameran’s wishes. Cameran says according to Patricia and the etiquette book, whoever is celebrating the guest of honor, chooses the guests. She says she didn’t agree with not inviting Kathryn, and called her beforehand. Kathryn says she didn’t want Cameran to be concerned, since the day was about her. Andy asks who was behind the cake design – a baby popping out of a vagina – but Cameran says the only agreed if it wasn’t revealed who they were. Everyone laughs about Craig’s half-made teddy bear that he gave to Cameran, and we flash back to that. Cameran says she was laughing because he was so earnest. It didn’t come to fruition, but he tried. She does think it represents the bigger picture. Craig makes the excuse of using too advanced of a pattern. Austen says he thought it was a sweet gesture.

A viewer thinks Cameran seems emotional detached, like she’s not crazy about motherhood. Andy asks about post-partum. Cameran says she was never diagnosed, but cried every day. It’s a shock to your system, and your life is forever different. Now she feels genuine overwhelming love, but it didn’t happen immediately; there wasn’t an instant connection. Andy asks if Kathryn felt the same way, but she says she broke in tears when she saw her babies for the first time. Cameran says it’s not the same for everyone. Cameran announced on Twitter that she was retiring her boobs by choice and quitting breastfeeding because she’s over it. She says she got some negative comments, but a lot of women felt the same way. They get pressure from society, but the mental health of the mother is more important than the extra nutrition the baby might get. Kathryn thinks society has a standard that everything has to be perfect, non-GMO, green, and everything is fine. Andy asks if there’s more pressure in Charleston, and Cameran thinks there is more in the South. They have the expectation of the white picket fence life. Andy asks for her best piece of advice, and she says, accept help. She wishes she had accepted more. Moms need a break.

Ashley says blah-blah-blah to the hairdresser, and that she’s looking forward to it being over.

Andy tells us that Craig went on an eat-drink-sew journey. He tried to pursue his pillow passion, until he stabbed himself with a butter knife. Andy assumes he was drunk, and Craig says they were taking down a wall in the new house. He saw the butter knife, and went to stick it in the wall. He hit a stud, and his hand kept going. Craig shows everyone his wonky finger. Andy mentions Cameran being skeeved out by Craig’s house, and the consensus is that he’s always been a slob. Andy asks if he has any plans to practice law. Craig says he’s an attorney now, and plans on doing twenty to thirty pro bono hours a week. He thinks it’s a good way to get his feet wet. Shep likes his pillow gig.

They talk about Craig saying his life would be easier if he was gay. He thinks he should make a pillow that says, straight guys can sew too. Andy says, real men watch Bravo, and asks if he would be Craig’s first call. Craig says he had to leave the gardening and woodshop behind after he moved, but he gets high off creation. Andy brings up him blowing his opportunity with Patricia. He says he bit off more than he could chew (one whole pillow design), and put it off. He thinks people are controlled by things, and he doesn’t want to be controlled by people, and deadlines are initiated by them. I think this is code for, I don’t want to work. Andy says he lost the job, and Craig says art and commerce don’t mix. Deadlines aren’t important. Naomie begs to differ, saying you have to pay your taxes on time. She’s still getting notices from the IRS about him not informing them of his new address. Andy says it’s the reason he and Naomie broke up. Craig doesn’t think that’s the reason. He says love is unconditional, and he would have loved Naomie no matter what. Andy asks if he doesn’t want more for a partner, and Naomie thinks he’s romanticizing in his head. Naomie says he keeps talking over her, and he does. It’s annoying me too. She tells him she doesn’t miss that, and Craig says her life is sad, even though she says she’s happy. She posts pictures on Instagram to prove it. She asks why he’s bothering her there. He says he didn’t, until she posted a pic of her new boy and his (meaning Craig’s) cat. Craig says she admitted she doesn’t have feelings for the new guy. Naomie is like, what? and he says she told someone that. She says that’s completely made up, but Kathryn says she did say that. Naomie asks if she’s in the Twilight Zone? Kathryn reminds her about a conversation about not getting butterflies anymore, and Naomie says she was referring to Craig. Kathryn admits maybe she misunderstood.

Andy says Craig admitted to the life coach that he was a good liar, and master manipulator. Craig claims he didn’t say he lies, but that he’s good at it. Wow. That’s a good spin. He was referring to how, in the past, he’s been incapable of holding himself accountable. He would justify and excuse things, lying to himself. He thinks it doesn’t ultimately matter unless there are severe consequences. Shep says he tells lies that don’t hurt anyone, but they stack up. Cameran says sometimes the lies are stupid. Andy asks if he’s still seeing the life coach, and he says he talks to her every week. Naomie isn’t buying it. Craig says Naomie wants to believe she didn’t throw away one of the best things to happen to her. She would have been rolling in pillows. Maybe. If there wasn’t a deadline on that.

Andy says, from feeding on Craig’s soul to stalking him, Naomie had a transformation, and he’s not just talking about her nose job. I hadn’t even known she had one, until Craig mentioned it on Watch What Happens Live. She says she wanted it since she was eight years old. Craig says he cried when saw it for the first time. It was a physical representation of losing the person he wanted to live his life with. Oh brother. Maybe he should write romance novels. Andy says there was a mixed reaction, but she says she’s unaffected by that; she’s happy with it. Craig thought she looked beautiful before. She still looks great, but he finds it sad to know she looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Naomie says it was just a tweak.

Andy states that Naomie suffers from psycho ex-girlfriend syndrome. We flash back to her telling the other girls how she’s been tracking him after they broke up. A viewer says if a man did that to a woman, it would be abuse. Andy asks if Craig knew, and he says they’d both had trackers, but he didn’t realize her tracking didn’t end when she said it did. Everything in her life is a lit. Shep says his life is an open book, and if you track him down, he’ll ask you to join him and buy you a beer and shot. I’m in. Andy asks if in another world they would get back together, and Naomie gives that a hard no. Craig says he would love to date the person he used to know. Andy thinks it seems like Craig is still in love with her. Craig says the y traveled the world together, but they’ll never find what they had again. The nose job was final confirmation of that. He’s not in love with her, but despises and hates her. Andy asks how many think he’s still in love with Naomie, and that would be everyone. Andy calls for a break.

Ashley continues to chatter backstage. She says Thomas told her to be authentic and sweet. Basically, the polar opposite of what she is. She says he’s seen her fiery side. He knows when she feels attacked, she lashes out. She says she doesn’t get angry, she gets even. She could have fooled me.

It’s Kathryn’s second year of sobriety. Andy says she’s done some serious work to better herself, and it’s admirable. She was twenty-one when the show started, and she’s now twenty-six. He asks if it’s her first time living on her own, and it is. He says there have been a lot of tweets about her cracked phone. She says while she’s been in recovery she’s done a lot of things, but finally got new phone, and shows everyone. A viewer asks if she’s never been on a job interview. It was one of the most excruciating things they’ve ever seen. It was pretty bad, and we flash back to that. Cameran says she had to change channel. Kathryn asks if she topped Landon, who I forgot was ever on this show. Cameran says they’ve all shopped at Gwenn’s. Andy wonders why Kathryn was nervous; she’s faced tougher situations. She says she didn’t want to disappoint them. She’s now moved up to brand ambassador, and does promotion. They just did a spread in Chelsea magazine, which I assume is a Southern thing. We see pictures, and Kathryn looks gorgeous. Andy says it’s nice to see her interact more with the kids. Kensie is her mini me, and Saint seems very grown-up. She says they started with every other weekend, and she now has joint custody; one week on, one off. He asks if she still has to take random drug tests, and she says she just took one. He asks if a part of her resents it, especially given what’s going on with Thomas.  She says she doesn’t have resentment, and knows she’s not going to fail it, but she knows it comes from a place of spite. Andy asks what helps her stay sober, and she says her kids. He asks what she attributes to getting along with Thomas, and she tells him that she’s numb to a lot of things. She wants to be a positive person. Andy says he’s still with Ashley; how hard is that? Kathryn says she tries not to think about it, and still believes she’s not going to be around forever. They haven’t spoken since the Ball.

Kathryn says she didn’t have a large support system last season, and she didn’t trust anyone, but now she has faith in humanity after getting to know everyone. Andy says her calling them friends is a watershed moment. She says that chapter is in the past. Everyone here has given her the opportunity to be herself. She gets teary, Cameran says she sees Kathryn in a different light now. She was more of a victim. When Thomas met her, she was still a child, and he took advantage of her and manipulated her. Thank you. She says he manipulated them to be against her. Looking back now, as a mother, she can’t imagine being alone. She has a husband and support, and has empathy for Kathryn. Cameran starts to cry, saying she can’t imagine how Kathryn felt. She apologizes, and Andy passes out tissues.

Kathryn tells them that Thomas convinced her of a different life than what transpired; he promised to support her. We see a clip of him doing just that, saying he’d back her with all that’s his. Cameran says they had been judgmental, and she can’t imagine what Kathryn went through as a mom with no support. Then, what she had to go through on top of that; it makes her sick. She has resentment and anger that Kathryn was treated unfairly. Kathryn says she knew how convincing Thomas could be, and this gives her affirmation that she wasn’t the crazy one. She knew nature would take its course. She appreciates being in a place where she’s understood. Andy says Cameran described her as a victim, but she flipped it around. Cameran says, she’s grown up. It’s been tough, and Kathryn has gone through more than all of them. Being so poised and put-together after being through hell says a lot about her.

Kathryn says she intends to have the last laugh. She’ll look back and it will all make sense. She tells Cameran, it means more than she knows. They’ve seen her grow up. Cameran says she’ll always be in Kathryn’s comer. Kathryn says it’s overwhelming. She’s let go of past; it’s all resolved. Andy asks if she feels like a different person, and she says, absolutely. She looks back, and knows that person. She became a shell of that person, and she’s different now, but better. Cameran feels awful, and doesn’t think they knew the half of it. Kathryn does a good job of putting on a great face. Kathryn says she had no option. Andy asks Cameran if having a child makes her look at things differently, and she says, for sure. She can’t imagine what it was like; Kathryn not being able to see her kids. She’s been away from Palmer for just a few days, and it makes her physically sick. She says you don’t know what it’s like unless you have a child. I dunno. I’ve supported Kathryn since the beginning, but I’ll let it pass. Andy assumes Cameran watched what Ashley said to Kathryn. Cameran calls Ashley a horrible human being.

Next time, part two of the reunion; Shep and Kathryn’s relationship is discussed, Ashley joins the group (to quote Kathryn – yay!), Andy brings up Ashley’s now non-existent relationship with Patricia, Craig tells Ashley that she looks like sh*t, Ashley asks if it’s an intervention, and Kathryn says she’s done with Ashley. This looks really good.

🍸 A Preview Quote…

You’re completely out of touch with the fact you’re a complete a-hole. – Kathryn to Ashley

🍬 A PS About Yesterday…

Although I managed to catch MasterChef (see July 19th’s post about July 18th), I had to skip 24 Hours to Hell and Back. I was disappointed, since there’s almost nothing better than Gordon Ramsay revealing things that make you never want to eat in a restaurant again. But you can’t watch ’em all and you need to sleep sometime.

🏇 About the Weekend…



July 18, 2018 – Franco Reasons with Obrecht, NYC Wives Invade South America, Kenny Returns to the Deck, a Remark, a Quote & Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to call in any favors they can. Jason joins him, and Sonny says Carly is on lockdown at Ferncliff. Jason asks what about the appeal. Sonny tells him that Diane is working on it. They have to get her out, and she’s making it worse. Not that he blames her for wanting to protect Michael.

Chase meets Michael in the elevator at the hospital. He asks if it was a fun wedding night, and the best thing Michael can say about it is, it’s over. They have Nelle where they want her, and he’s ready for the next step. Chase tells him, God speed.

Kim tells Nelle the baby is in great shape. Nelle asks, what’s up with the stomach pains? Kim says she ran every test, and they were negative, but she might know what’s causing it.

Valentin says, I know you, to the MetroCourt bartender, but he says he has one of those faces. Valentin says they’ve met before, and the bartender says he’s been in Port Charles a while. He introduces himself as Chip, and Valentin says they can start with him explaining exactly who he is.

Peter asks Nina what he’s supposed to do next time, when she’s not there and Obrecht tries to kill him? Nina tells him to shut up. She’s got this; a way out for both of them He’ll be safe from Obrecht if he’s behind bars.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she and Curtis have some questions about Franco.

On the docks, Franco asks Obrecht if she’s okay. She asks him to excuse her state. She didn’t anticipate running into anyone else. He asks if she’s crying, and she says it’s allergy season. The pollen is ruthless this year. He doesn’t think that’s it.

Julian visits Sonny, who asks what he’s doing there. Julian says nice to see him too. He shows him the picture of Charlie and Mike.

Michael visits Nelle at the hospital. Kim thinks the culprit is indigestion. It’s like heartburn on steroids, and common in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Nelle feels like she was being melodramatic, but Kim tells her not to feel that way. They’re going to make sure she’s hydrated, and then she can go.

Sam tells Elizabeth, more specifically, they have questions about Franco’s relationship with Obrecht. Curtis says they have reason to believe Obrecht is hiding Peter from the authorities. Elizabeth asks if they’re talking about the cabin in the woods. Franco already told the police everything he knows.

Franco tells Obrecht to be honest; he already knows everything. She asks what everything is, and he says she lied. She didn’t have a woodsy hunk at the cabin; she had Peter tied to a bed, and she knows where he is. She says nothing gets past her Franco. He tells her that Elizabeth said to go to the police. She asks if he heeded that little snitch’s advice, but he says Finn already told them. She says, how predictable. A known drug addict couldn’t wait to cast dirt. He says, not dirt. She’s been holding Peter hostage, and he was found by an innocent kid whose probably scarred for life. She suggests Wyatt have a few sessions with Franco, and he’ll be fine. He says the cops aren’t just after Peter anymore. They’re coming after her.

Peter says Nina’s solution is to surrender to the PCPD? If he turns himself in, Robert will make it his mission to keep him in a cell for the rest of his life. Nina says he’ll be alive, and it’s better than what Obrecht has planned.

Valentin says he’s definitely seen Chip before. Chip says he’s an actor. Chip Morris. He’s worked in several metro areas, and did a local commercial; it pays the bills. He asks if this rings a bell, and pantomimes the advertisement he did. Valentin says he remembers, and grabs him by the front of his shirt. He says, it was some show on the pier, and asks who hired him?

Julian tells Sonny it’s a small world, and Sonny says, sure is. Julian says he’s been making room for the expansion, and found the photo. Sonny never mentioned Mike was buddies with the guy who owned the joint. Sonny says he didn’t know. Mike saw the picture of Charlie on the wall of the pub, and started talking about the old neighborhood. He lit up when he was talking, so Sonny wanted to buy the place. Julian says, it’s a hefty price to pay for nostalgia. Sonny says he’s lucky he’ll never understand what living with Alzheimer’s is like. He wanted Mike to be able to work there once in a while. Julian says he has no intention of selling, but Sonny’s dad is always welcome for coffee on the house, and not because Sonny forced him to. He tells Sonny to keep the photo, and leaves. Jason asks how much Sonny thinks he knows?

Nelle thanks Kim for being supportive, and Kim says she made it easy. She congratulates them on their marriage, and Nelle shows her the ring. Kim says it’s the first hospital wedding in her medical career, and Nelle says, everything is falling into place. Kim tells her to enjoy the end of her pregnancy, and get as much sleep as possible before the baby comes. She leaves, and Michael says it’s a relief. Nelle is glad it didn’t completely ruin the wedding. When she woke up, she felt like a different person; like how she was supposed to be. She can’t wait to start their new life. Michael’s phone dings. He says Alexis is supposed to meet him to go over logistical stuff with his will. He says he’ll be back before Nelle is discharged, and she says she’ll get her hydration on.

Chip threatens to call security, and Valentin asks him if all DEC agents are looking for extra work, or just him. Chip admits he was playing a part, and Valentin says, so it was just a hoax; why? Chip says he didn’t mean to start trouble. A lady hired him. She didn’t give her name; she just said it was part of a project. Valentin asks him to describe her. He says she was tall, athletic, strawberry blonde, and intense. Valentin says he knows who Chip means.

Nina says she’ll get Valentin to the MetroCourt, take him up in the freight elevator, and tip the police off. In exchange for setting him free, he’s going to tell them that he never saw his captors. Spin it however he wants; he’s good at fiction. Just keep her and Obrecht out of it. He says, no matter what he promises to say, how does she know he won’t give them up when he’s in police custody?

Elizabeth understands the think Obrecht has Peter, but when Finn and Franco got to the cabin, no one was there, but the ropes still were. Curtis asks why Franco didn’t tell the police, and Elizabeth says he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Sam says they just came from the PCPD, and Franco wasn’t there. Elizabeth says they must have missed each other. She calls Franco to prove he was there.

Obrecht thanks Franco for the heads up. He asks if she’s disassociating, and she tells him not to shrink her. He says Peter is a fugitive, and they know she has him. If they catch her, she’s done. He wonders how she convinced herself that any of this was a good idea. They won’t care about her motivations, only her choices. She says she’ll make sure they don’t find him, and Franco says she’s not going to kill him. He’s not letting her do this to herself.

Kim goes to the pub. Julian says she caught him in the middle of organizing. She says she had a window between patients, and thought she’d swing by to show him some ideas. She wants to make sure the place feels like them. Julian asks if she means him and her, and she says, of course. He’s says things have gotten more complicated than when he started, and she asks, how so?

Jason tells Sonny that Julian knows something is up. Sonny says that’s why he told him that he wanted the pub for Mike. The closer the lies are to the truth, the easier they are to maintain. He’s going to force Julian to sell or take him out altogether. Jason says he’s Sam’s father and Danny’s grandfather, but if Sonny says he has to go, he’ll take care of it. Michael walks in, and says Nelle is being discharged, so he needs to follow through on the next step. Sonny thinks it’s time to fill him in on the specifics of the plan.

Chase visits Nelle, and she asks if it’s time for her daily lecture. No more kissing; she’s officially a married woman. He says he came to check on her, and apologize. He still has feelings for her, but he didn’t realize how strong they were until he kissed her. He could tell she didn’t feel the same way, and he felt like an idiot, so he lashed out. It’s for him to deal with, and he shouldn’t have said what he did. It’s not his place to interfere. He wants her to be happy, and if she says she is, it’s good. She tells him that he was right about Michael. She found out he’s planning to cut her out of his will.

Franco tells Obrecht it’s the only way. She wants justice for Nathan, but he says, murder isn’t justice. She says, close enough. He thinks she can make a better set of choices. She says, like him? He knows what she feels. He felt rage and wanted revenge, and then he faced the guy who hurt him. Obrecht asks if he let him live, and he says he didn’t have to make that choice. She says, lucky him. Franco tells her that if he’d killed him, he would have lost everything, and she will too, if she doesn’t step back. She says it’s too late; she’s already lost everything. Her son is dead, her daughter is in prison, and most people would be better off without her. What does she have to live for? He says she still has him.

Elizabeth leaves Franco a message. She guesses he must be giving his statement, and probably answering questions. She’ll let them know when he calls. Sam says they’ll be looking forward to it.

Curtis asks Sam if she thinks Franco is lying. She says he’s always lying, only the scale changes. They need to figure out where Obrecht is.

Valentin shows Nina’s picture to Chip. He says, that’s her, and Valentin says she’s his wife. Chip says he had no idea he was getting involved with a marital dispute, but Valentin says he’s not to blame, adding he’s a good actor and had him convinced. Chip tells him to spread the word about the show. He gives Valentin a flyer, and Valentin says he’ll get right on it. Valentin wonders what Nina wants.

Michael tells Sonny the less he knows the better. Sonny will have to trust him. Sonny says he married a woman who killed her last fiancé. She’s dangerous. Whatever he’s doing to neutralize her, Sonny wants in. Jason says Michael owes it to his father to tell him what he’s planning.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael is meeting with Alexis, and writing his will. Chase thinks that’s morbid, but he’s not sure why she’s worried. He probably wants to add their child as a beneficiary. She says their child is the only beneficiary. He’s leaving nothing to her. She asks if he’s going to say, I told you so, but he says he’s not going to gloat. She says Chase said Michael didn’t love her. Between the prenup and the will, Michael is making sure she gets nothing if the marriage ends.

Curtis and Sam see Valentin. Curtis tells Valentin that they’re having trouble getting ahold of Nina. She’s not answering her phone, and she’s not at Crimson. Sam tells him they think Obrecht might be keeping Peter captive. Valentin remembers Nina telling him that because of his silence, her brother is dead, and because of him, she had to take justice into her own hands. Sam asks if he has any idea where Nina is, and he says, as a-matter-of-fact, yes.

Nina says Peter could go back on his word, but she has to take that risk. He asks if she’s rediscovered her conscience. She says because of his choices, Nathan is dead, Maxie has no husband, James has no father, Obrecht has no son, and they have no brother. He’s dead, but now Peter has the chance to make it up and protect the people Nathan loves. Even if she’s wrong, could he seek revenge like his father would? She thinks he’s better than that. Peter says he’ll do it her way. Get him to the MetroCourt, and turn him in.

Franco tells Obrecht that she’s not the only person there who’s suffered losses. She hugs him. He tells her to turn herself in. She’ll miss out on some things, but not because she’s in prison. She’s been harboring a fugitive against his will, and it won’t go easy, but she won’t be there. He thinks she should leave Port Charles for good, and go somewhere safe. She can tell him where Peter is, and he’ll handle it. Assuming he’s alive. She says he was the last time she saw him. He says she can never return, but it’s better than life in jail. She says they may never see each other again, but he says they’ll see plenty of each other. She says he’s a good friend. He turns the other way, and takes his phone out. He asks where Peter is. He’s guessing Spoon Island. Obrecht comes up behind him, and hits him over the head, knocking him out.

Sonny asks Michael if he’s really going to goad Nelle into killing him. He says she’s nine months pregnant, and will need help. She thinks Chase is in love with her, and wants to run away with her. Sonny asks if he’s assuming she’ll ask Chase to kill him. Michael says when she does, it’s all the proof they need for attempted murder. Sonny asks if he’s considered the outcomes. Michael says Chase is a cop, and trashed a career for her. She thinks he’s infatuated with her. Jason says there’s no time to look for outside help; he has to move soon. Michael says Nelle has already signed the prenup, and knows she’s not getting anything in the will. She has to kill him before he files the papers, so he’ll die intestate. Sonny says he’s acting like he can’t get hurt. His mom will lose her mind for real if anything happens to him. Nelle has cost her enough. Michael says he’s the one who set it in motion, so it’s on him to stop it. He loves and respects Sonny, but it’s not his problem to solve; it’s Michael’s.

Nelle tells Chase to be honest. Does he think Michael is setting her up? Chase says it seems like text book rich people protection stuff. Those people aren’t like them, but if she and Michael love each other, she has nothing to worry about. He tells her to stop stressing and be happy. She’s earned it.

Sonny respects Michael taking the initiative, but thinks there are better ways to deal with Nelle. Michael is asking Sonny to let him finish what he started. He’s not as naïve as people think, and is fully aware of what has to be done. He wants Sonny’s blessing to do things the way he knows he can. Sonny puts his hand on Michael’s shoulder, and says he trusts him, but if Michael wants his blessing, there’s one thing he has to do for him.

Kim asks Julian how Sonny reacted. Julian says he got the point, which is that Julian knows Sonny has an ulterior motive for buying the pub. Now he knows that Julian knows. Kim says she told him she’d accept what he’d done in past, because he assured her that he had a new life. If he gets drawn back into anything criminal… He says Sonny was trying to strongarm him, but Kim says he just admitted to goading Sonny. Julian says he was putting him on notice. It makes her uncomfortable, and sounds like he wants to provoke an attack, so he has a reason to retaliate. Then he’ll be drawn into an illegal war? If he continues with this, she’ll need to rethink their situation.

Valentin tells Sam and Curtis that Nina is dealing with Crimson, and had to fly to Manhattan. He chartered the jet. Sam says that’s pretty nice of him, since they’re estranged, but he says he still wants to be supportive. He asks if Nina is in trouble, and Curtis says not unless she’s with Obrecht. Valentin leaves, and Sam says he’s lying. He definitely knows something.

Obrecht tells an unconscious Franco that she wishes she didn’t have to do that. She says to look after Maxie and James, and give them support. She knows he can. He’s a better man than when they met. Few people change, and those who do, seldom change for the better. He did, but alas, she can’t. She says, no more delays. She knows what must be done.

Julian asks if Kim is trying to break up with him. She says she loves spending time with him, but won’t turn a blind eye. He says she’s over-thinking it. He’s not trying to one up Sonny. He just wants to run his business his way, without Sonny breathing down his neck. The expansion isn’t just a business move; it’s an investment in the future. He hopes their future. She wants the man she’s come to know, not the one he used to be, and promised not to be again. He asks how about if he backs off Sonny, and puts peace and space between them? She asks if he means it. He kisses her, and she says she’ll see him later. He calls her cruel, but she says he has to be patient. It’s worth waiting for.

Chase comes by Sonny’s place at Sonny’s request. Sonny says Michael told him about the plan to incriminate Nelle. He thanks Chase for his genius idea, but Chase doesn’t think they should discuss an active operation. Sonny says it involves his son. if the plan backfires, and Michael gets hurt, he’s going to hold Chase responsible.

Nelle messes around on her phone. She hers Jason and Michael talking in the hallway. Jason asks Michael if he’s sure he knows what he’s doing. Michael says, obviously, Jason doesn’t think so, but he has to trust Michael’s judgement. Jason says he has Michael’s back, and Michael says Alexis took care of everything, while he’s putting the rest in motion. Jason says so he’s going through with it, and Michael says once they baby comes, he’s filing for divorce, and getting full custody. Nelle listens in.

Elizabeth leaves Franco another message. She’s getting worried.

Valentin goes to the docks. He hears Franco groaning from behind some crates.

Sam tells Curtis that she had Spinelli monitor the hangar, since they’d wondered if Valentin used it to help Peter. The jet hasn’t left Port Charles in weeks. Curtis wonders why he lied, and Sam says, because Nina knows where Obrecht is.

Peter thanks Nina, who tells him to save it for when he gets out. Obrecht walks in, holding something that looks like a Molotov cocktail. She says Nina has betrayed her, and Henrik has come to the end of the road.

Tomorrow, Chase goes to the docks, Carly refuses treatment, and Mike needs Sonny’s help.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley is excited to be taking the girl to Cartagena. Everyone is packing. Ramona had been in Marrakesh, and had to leave early. In her rush to switch gears, she’d fallen. She got up, but her ankle was twisted. Bethenny says she’s not in the best place for a trip, since she won’t be coming back to the apartment again. She isn’t feeling the love from Carole and Dorinda either.

Fastest. Plane. Ride. Ever. Ramona takes a wheelchair to one of the limos. She asks if they speak Spanish there, and Dorinda tells her they speak German. Ha-ha! In the other limo, Bethenny talks about Brian being persistent; he won’t stop texting her. LuAnn asks if that’s the one Ramona was trying to maul. Bethenny says Ramona said she went for drinks with him, but he said when she saw him with some other people, she abandoned her Uber to join them. He said, nice woman, zero interest, but Bethenny used it as an out, since she’s not interested.

Tinsley says the girls are used to their typical vacation being private beaches and catering to them hand and foot. This won’t be like that, but she thinks they’ll like it. She says the main exports are coffee, cocaine, and beer, and Dorinda asks how anyone works.

They arrive at the hotel. LuAnn thinks the city looks like a mix of New Orleans and Cuba. The house manager greets them, and introduces the house butler. LuAnn says the house has a lot going on; courtyards, staircases, elevators. They take a tour, and there’s an amazing spread already being prepared in the kitchen. Tinsley announces how they’re determining rooms. Each room has a Tiffany box containing one of their initials. In her interview, Sonja says this is where the vacation unravels. Tinsley wants it civilized, fair and random. We flash back to Bethenny trying to be fair picking names from a hat. She says it wasn’t her fault Ramona and Sonja acted like complete animals.

Everyone seems happy with their rooms, which is a miracle. In her interview, Ramona says it’s genius She didn’t know Tinsley was that smart. Ramona tells the chefs no butter for her. As usual, she harasses the staff about helping her unpack.

The dining table is high, and being short, I know how they feel. I often feel like those two kids in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Lunch is served. Bethenny is allergic to fish, and Ramona forgot to mention it’s in the soup, even though she knew. In her interview, Bethenny says it’s like a poison inside. She needs a Benadryl, but doesn’t do well with medicine either. Tinsley apologizes for only having the budget for silver necklaces instead of gold.

In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny has a major allergy and should tell people, divesting herself of responsibility. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Tinsley is excited. Scott booked her glam team to come along, and it’s the way to her heart. A wheelchair arrives for Ramona. Dorinda says she’s dehydrated, and asks for some wine. I have no idea what Carole is wearing. She says it’s sexy, but I’d call it convoluted; some kind of corset under a sheer dress, which I’d normally like, but no. Ramona gets stuck in the elevator. No one notices, but she finally gets herself extracted. LuAnn comes out in a wig to channel Sophia Vergara. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s proud of LuAnn powering through without alcohol.

The girls head to the restaurant. Carole says only Ramona would be in a wheelchair on old cobblestone.  LuAnn says she feels better not drinking. She tells Bethenny she’s been charged, but has one felony pending for battery, so she’s still not out of the woods. Bethenny asks the odds of her going to jail. LuAnn thinks it’s none, but says, knock on wood. Their table is in a room that looks like it’s outside, with a lot of trees, but still enclosed. LuAnn says she never made it to South America over the holidays, and toasts to making it there. Bethenny says it was a motley crew at speed dating. Carole says she went out to dinner with Brian. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole never mentioned anything to her. They’re not best friends, but it’s basic. Ramona says she could have talked to him for hours. They all acknowledge that she tried, and Sonja insists Ramona liked him. Carole says he thought she was funny. She talks about hosting a fitness party with Cosmopolitan, which I’m shocked is still in existence. Sonja asks if Brian is coming, Bethenny says he would; he’s running game. Carole says he’s friends with Bethenny, who says, no they’re not. Carole seems skeptical, and Bethenny asks if she would believe him over someone she’s known for years. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole is acting like Brian is her high school boyfriend and they’re going to the prom. She wants to piss on him and stake claim. Tinsley asks what running game means, and LuAnn explains it means he’s hitting on everyone. Dorinda asks if Bethenny went out with him, but Bethenny says she doesn’t want to date him. Carole tells Bethenny that he didn’t want to date her either. Apparently, she doesn’t know Bethenny was getting a million texts from him. Bethenny says it’s unusual for someone to be circling one group. She says Carole seems to be acting smug, like won prize; a consolation prize. In her interview, Carole wonders where this is coming from. She’s done nothing to elicit this nastiness and judgement.

Carole says Bethenny knows everything, and surprisingly, Bethenny says, no, she doesn’t. Sonja says Bethenny is worried about Carole because Brian is a player. Carole calls her crazy, and says it’s not that complicated. In her interview, LuAnn says they’ve lost their mojo as a group. They used to have fun before the fighting started. After dinner, Bethenny tells LuAnn it was torture, and two hours of her life she won’t get back. In her interview, Dorinda wishes Bethenny and Carole would have it out already. The tension is exasperating. Bethenny says she’s tired, and not feeling good energy. She’s going back to the hotel. Outside, as they watch the others go off to a bar, Bethenny tells LuAnn and Sonja that this is the motleyest crew ever. In her interview, Carole says it’s classic Bethenny. If she’s not in charge, she’s unhappy, and wants to make everyone else miserable. Ramona complains that she had to hang up her own clothes.

Bethenny says it’s painful, and LuAnn agrees. The three of them decide to look around the town. In her interview, LuAnn says she would look at a guy differently if he’d been texting her girlfriend for two months. Bethenny is enjoying LuAnn and Sonja’s company, because they want to be on vacation and silly.

Carole wonders why Bethenny is angry. Ramona decides she’s not feeling sexy in a wheelchair, and pretty much abandons it in the street. Miraculously, she can walk. Bethenny, LuAnn, and Sonja find them in the bar. Sonja says they got the Colombian vibe while they were walking around. Bethenny says she’s just tired. Tinsley thought she wanted to go home because Dorinda said she was unhappy. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda loves to find gasoline and light a match. She tells Dorinda that she doesn’t need to share everything. Dorinda tells Bethenny all she said was that she didn’t seem happy. Bethenny compares it to when she’d though Carole was sad, and Carole got mad about it. In her interview, Dorinda says it was like Bethenny was wearing a sign that said she hates it there Dorinda tells Carole that they need to sort that sh*t out. Carole says she and Bethenny are in two different places. Dorinda insists she doesn’t share important things. In her interview, Bethenny feels like she’s back in high school or in the Hunger Games. She starts to get weepy. Sonja says don’t let minutiae get her down. In her interview, Carole says, if you don’t want to be there, stay home, but if you come out, buck up. Bethenny tells Sonja that Carole is probably having a later-in-life crises, but she doesn’t want to be judgmental. Sonja would rather see Bethenny be a bitch than cry. She hates what Bethenny is going through.

The next morning, Ramona says, it’s paradise, and her foot is good. Tinsley organizes s shopping trip. Bethenny swims with Sonja in the pool. Tinsley watches, and Bethenny apologizes to her. Tinsley just doesn’t want Bethenny to be unhappy. Bethenny says she has a lot going on. The custody case is causing more tension, and she’s not close with Carole anymore. She’s also moving. In her interview, Bethenny says, inside, she’s upset that she doesn’t have the same friendship with Carole, and feels like an outsider.

A fabulous breakfast is served. Tinsley says it’s her and Scott’s anniversary. It’s been a year since they started dating. Bethenny says they’d better get engaged soon, and Dorinda says he’s moving in soon. LuAnn says it’s a good way to figure out if it’s going to work, and talks about Rey, who got desperate when she dumped him. We flash back to him drunk, and hitting on women while looking for LuAnn at a party. A huge heart made of red roses arrives from Scott. It has tm + sk in white roses in the middle. There are 365 roses, one for every day they’ve been together. Carole gives Tinsley a gift and card that she’s been holding for him. It’s a bracelet Tinsley wanted. I don’t think she even bothered looking at the card. LuAnn says they should celebrate over lunch. In her interview, Bethenny says she wants to come back as Tinsley. Sign her ass up. Mine too.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that the restraining order – against suckerfish Jason Hoppy – is up in a month, and they’re still embroiled in a custody battle. We flash back to the reunion, where Bethenny says there’s no way to describe the torment. Dorinda says she has so much going on, she’s going to explode, but she’s not running around talking about her. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t gossiping, she’s agreeing with an observation. Bethenny says if she tells Dorinda something, don’t tell anyone. They get ready to go shopping, but Bethenny doesn’t think she can go. She breaks down crying, and tells Dorinda that she’s having a panic attack. Dorinda sits her down, and tells her to take a deep breath. LuAnn pops her head in, wondering about the shopping trip. Bethenny says she can’t have more people around her.

To be continued…

Next time, Carole can’t engage with someone who’s always crying, Bethenny says she’s not welcome there, and Carole wants to address the elephant in the room that’s affecting everyone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

In Naples, the dock party breaks up. Brooke tells João that they have blatant chemistry, and he kisses her. Kasey is like, wtf just happened? He’s been pining for her, and treating her like a princess, and she feels like an idiot. She and Jaimie clean up, and she doesn’t even look at them. Fireworks happen (literally), and he kisses Brooke some more.

Back at the boat, everyone winds down. Kasey says João was all over her all night, and told her he knows what he wants, insinuating it was her. Hanna tells Conrad he’s the guy, and needs to be a big spoon. I guess that’s drunk non-birthday talk for she wants to spoon. João says Kasey and Brooke are like yin and yang in his mind. In her interview, Brooke says she’s drawn to players. She wants to change them and make them a better person. Good luck with that. She and João make out on deck.

The next morning, Conrad gives instructions to the deck crew. Colin asks João if Brooke is into him João likes Brooke because she doesn’t judge him. In his interview, Colin says João is his closest friend on the boat, and it’s not the first time this happened to him. In college, he brought a girl to a party, and his friend went home with her.

At the preference sheet meeting, we find out the infamous no-onions Kenny will be the primary, along with his wife Amber. Adam is nervous to have him back. We flash back to the onion incident. Adam says in their industry, you don’t get a second chance. Former NBA player, Desmond Mason will also be on board, celebrating his engagement to girlfriend Rebecca. There are also a couple of Texans coming along. Hannah says they went through eight bottles of vodka in one day, so she’d better order it. They left a surprisingly big tip last time. Captain Sandy tells them to have fun on their off time. Adam gets rid of everything in the onion family that’s on the boat.

Jamie asks João what’s happening with him and Brooke, and what about Kasey? He says he wouldn’t have kissed Brooke if he didn’t mean it. He’ll have to be less flirty with Kasey. He knows what he wants now. Which is exactly what he said to Kasey the night before. Jamie isn’t feeling too good, and keeps coughing.

The crew gets ready to go out. João says it’ a tough crowd. Jamie says he’s screwed up the dynamic of the boat. Brooke tells Hannah that when they kissed, it was amazing. Colin is ready to hang out on the beach, and cruise in the catamaran. In her interview, Hannah says she thinks some people need to make their own mistakes. She tells Brooke that he has two strikes with her, and it’s important he doesn’t do it again. She says if Brooke is going to do something with him, stay the eff away from her.

Hannah takes pictures, and they get on the catamaran to go to the beach. Hannah tells Adam that the men in her life are usually friends or someone to play with, but she thinks Conrad is the guy. Adam loves watching it happen. Brooke thought João was more into her than anyone else. Apparently, there’s no such thing as girl code for Brooke. Hannah says it escalated quickly, and Colin is upset. João joins them, and they abruptly stop talking about him, and discuss the weather. Brooke asks Colin if he’s having a good day. In his interview, he says he wants to tell her, but now is not the right time. Kasey says actions speak louder than words, and nothing he says means anything anymore. In her interview, she says it feels good to show off her two piece, so he can see what he missed out on. It sucks for him. A small boat meets them at the catamaran, and takes them to the beach.

They’re met with champagne, and are being treated like guests for the day. João jumps from the deck after one of the staff tells them not to. Hannah, Conrad, and Colin sit in lounge chairs, while João and Brooke continue to make out. The others go on a hike up the mountain. Jamie says she’s not well. The location is stunning, but she’s feeling like sh*t. Hannah asks Colin how he’s feeling about Brooke and João. He says it’s hard, but they’re into each other. Hannah asks if he wishes she’d fallen in love with him. Adam picks figs, and is trying to enjoy the day off, but it’s difficult with Kenny coming. There’s never been a charter guest he’s wanted to redeem himself with more. Brooke and João take the paddleboard out. Kasey says when he’s around her, he flirts with her, and when he’s around Brooke, he flirts with Brooke. Hannah says it’s a d-bag move, and he’s a d-bag. Adam says he’s sure she’s not missing anything. Jamie goofs around with a water gun shaped like a penis.

Everyone dresses up and goes to eat at the restaurant. Jamie keeps coughing. The wine glasses are gigantic. Hannah tells Kasey that Brooke has to learn for herself. João talks some smack about Colin, who says he can hear him. Colin asks Brooke if she’s João’s second or third choice. In her interview, Brooke says she wants to keep Colin waiting in the wings in case anything happens. Nice. Hannah is proud that Kasey didn’t throw up today. The food arrives. Brooke seems bummed. In his interview, João says Hannah is fake. Everyone goes back to the boat.

Conrad cares about Hannah, but thinks she’s obsessing over João. He says he knows she’s fuming, but she doesn’t need to have go at him. She says she’s just being passionate with what she’s talking about, and she’ll talk to someone else. In her interview, she says he’s not being supportive, and it makes her sad. Colin falls asleep on deck, and the other guys play Buckaroo, a game where you stack things on a sleeping person until they wake up. They manage to stack a lot of things on him, including a cooler, and also put fancy sandals on his feet. When he finally wakes up, he’s a good sport about it.

Jamie says no one realizes how sick she is. Everyone goes to bed. João and Brooke talk on deck. She thinks they should hang out after the season is over. He says she should come to Zimbabwe. She’d love it, but there’s a lot of crime. He talks about his mother being beaten in front of him, and how he had a gun held to his head when he protested. He says it’s the worst thing he’s been though, and Brooke says his experiences are worlds away from everyone else on the boat. Maybe, but it still doesn’t excuse him from being a d-bag. Colin slams down Pringles directly from the can in the galley.

Conrad asks Hannah what the deal is. In his interview, he says this is why it’s bad idea to talk when there’s alcohol is involved; it won’t go well. João cries in the bathroom. Brooke hunts him down. He doesn’t want her to see him cry, but she says it’s fine. She probably loves it. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. In his interview, he talks about recurring nightmares of not being there for his family. He tells Brooke that some have it worse. He wants people see the positive side of him. She says he’s awesome. In his interview, he says he convinced himself that he’s not in pain, but when he talked to Brooke, it came out.

Conrad goes out on deck for a smoke. Hannah joins him, and says she isn’t coping well. What she’s feeling for him is beyond what she allows herself to feel. He says he’s here to stay, and they’ll do it together. They kiss. In her interview, Hannah says the important male figures in her young life either passed away or left. She thinks she might have abandonment issues. She holds back because she’s waiting for them to leave. At 4 am she bugs Conrad. She tells Adam that she feels panicky.

In the morning, João says chewing seems like an effort. Everyone gets ready for the guests. Jamie coughs. Captain Sandy says she’s patient zero. If she spreads what she has, it will kill season. The captain sends Jamie to the doctor.

Conrad asks if Hannah is feeling better. Kasey says they have to be supportive, put what’s already been done in the past, and focus on now. Brooke thinks no one takes her seriously. Kasey thinks Colin is a good person. The crew puts last minute touches on the boat. Brooke asks if Hannah is okay, and Hannah says she’s having a full-blown anxiety attack.

Captain Sandy is annoyed that she hasn’t seen Hannah all morning, and calls her to the bridge. Hannah says she’s a bit ill, and they both go back to her bunk. The captain asks Conrad if they all ate the same thing yesterday, and he says, no, but Jamie was sick before that. Captain Sandy asks if Hannah wants to see a doctor, but Hannah says it’s anxiety. She’s struggling. When she falls in love, she goes away, and she can’t get away without quitting. In a shockingly compassionate response, the captain asks if she wouldn’t rather experience love, than not know it, and tells her to rest. My mouth falls open.

Conrad comes to Hannah’s bunk. He says he needs to be there, but can’t let his personal life affect his work. Hannah grabs on to him, and says the environment being closed makes her more anxious. He tells her to rest.

The crew changes into their whites. In her interview, Hannah says she’s suffered from anxiety for ten years. She thought she had it under control, but guesses she doesn’t. The captain says it’s a repeat client, and to – let’s all say it together – knock it out of the park. Hannah isn’t well, and Jamie is sick, so the rest have to pick up the slack. She tells Hannah greet Kenny, then rest. Brooke doesn’t want to feel disgruntled. They’re a great team, and it’s what team members do for each other. Jamie comes back, telling them she has bronchial something. The captain tells her that she’s quarantined for a while, and gives her a room away from the others.

Kenny arrives. Adam says, it’s D-day. Captain Sandy says she’s happy he’s back. He pretends to be leery of getting on the boat if Adam is there, and then says he’s just kidding. Adam apologizes, and says he’ll do everything he can to make it up. Hugs all around. Colin is a sports nut, and freaks a little over Desmond, saying, he’s huge. The captain is happy Kenny is giving it another try, and Adam can redeem himself. She tells them it’s a bigger boat, and Hannah gives the tour. Conrad wonders if he’s super weak or the suitcases are super heavy. Hannah says they have 150 bottles of Grey Goose on board. She tells them she might not be around too much today. In her interview, she says she looks fine, but her body is closing down. No job is worth her health.

Anchor is pulled, and the guests wander around the boat. Adam says, Hannah is down, Jamie is sick, and Kenny is on board. Who’s screwed? This guy, referring to himself.

The guests put on bathing suits. Kasey says she can step up and do her work without constant criticism. Lunch is prepared, and Kenny gives Adam a trucker cap that says #noonions. Anchor is dropped and locked. Kenny thinks it should be beach lunch, even though the table is already set. He’s going to be that guy. He tells Brooke that they noticed a great beach, and it would be cool if they did lunch there. In her interview, she says she can’t make magic; it’s a bit frantic. The captain tells Kenny that they’re putting the toys in the water, and Kenny tells her about the beach. In his interview, Conrad thinks Kenny doesn’t realize how much of an insane request it is. I think he does. Brooke tells Adam about the change, and he thinks it’s payback.

Later this season, more fabulous scenery, more drinking, more water; Captain Sandy sees everything, and tells them, no hookups upstairs; Kasey gets mad at João; Adam forgets a crew dinner; a table goes flying; Conrad says accept him for who is or eff off; the captain gets pissed at Hannah, and doesn’t want to babysit; Conrad says João is an a-hole; and Captain Sandy wants to fire Hannah.

🍳 On MasterChef, the mystery box was filled with fresh seafood, which the chefs had to cook New Orleans style. Taylor faced some serious criticism about her red fish and spicy shrimp. Gordon spared her, but told her to never put a dish like that in front of them again. Gulp. Matt was out, but he’s only been cooking for two years, so he was proud of himself, as he should be. Joe predicted there was more great food to come from him. Matt hoped to be an inspiration for others to follow their passion. Gordon said it was a stern reminder that everyone has to bring their A-game every time. The judges picked two from each of their teams to be safe from the elimination test, which was recreating a frozen Salisbury steak dinner, with potatoes and green beans. Gordon displayed the real thing, frozen since 2004, and those who were safe assigned cook times – from 30 to 45 minutes – to the competitors. Gordon said SJ, Gerron, and Emily knocked it out of the park (he must hang out with Captain Sandy), but Chelsea with the blue hair (who hadn’t plated well), Lindsay, and Shanika overreached, overthought, and underdelivered. In the end, Aaron told Lindsay that it wasn’t her night tonight, but her dream of opening a bed and breakfast with her wife was within her grasp. In parting, she said she was going to continue with her culinary dream. Next time, something different. The contestants partner up for a game of chicken, and a grueling challenge returns – a dish that strikes fear in the heart of every home cook. I have no clue what that might be. Risotto?

🐮 Tonight, Bravo got us prepped for the future by airing The Real Housewives of Dallas: How They Got Here. I can’t wait to see what craziness LeeAnne pulls in the coming season.

👂 A Quote That Can’t Wait…

The only greens I want in my chocolate is weed. – Andy Cohen, after finding out avocado chocolate bars exist.

👍 Because I Did It…