July 20, 2018 – Havoc on Spoon Island, More 90 Day Fun, Quotes Octadic & Weekend Dancing


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Obrecht recites from The Severed Branch. I knew the day might come when I’d have to burn my own life down. Nina tries to stop her, but she throws the Molotov cocktail, and laughs like the crazy person she’s being.

Sonny reads the Alzheimer’s brochures. Jason arrives, and asks if there’s been any word about Carly. Sonny says Diane got the court to let her visit, and she’s supposed to call soon.

At Ferncliff, Diane tells Mary Pat she can read the document all she wants, but the only thing that matters is the judge’s signature. Mary Pat wonders if the judge is acquainted with psychiatric cases of the deeply disturbed, and Diane says the judge is acquainted with the law. Mary Pat tells her unscheduled visits aren’t conducive to recovery, especially in a case like Carly’s. Diane says if Mary Pat doesn’t produce her client immediately, she’ll be in breach of the order, and there will be consequences. If she loses her position, that’s even better. As usual, Diane is not having it.

Michael and Nelle are back at the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle says, thankfully, Michael has a healthy wife and baby. He says now they can get on with the life they planned. Nelle says she’s been dreaming about it, and he says, it’s no dream; it’s their reality. He says, welcome home, Mrs. Corinthos.

Chase asks if Valentin wants some coffee, but Valentin says he’s agitated already from being arrested without cause. He wants to talk to his lawyer. Finn comes into the station, and tells Jordan that Peter is still missing, and most likely kidnapped by Obrecht. Jordan says she’s waiting on the DNA test from the cabin. Curtis joins them, and says she might not have to. Obrecht is on a rampage.

Lulu startles Maxie on the pier. She tells Maxie that Dante always says she should wear a bell. Maxie asks why she’s there, and Lulu says she had work to do at The Haunted Star. She says, Maxie’s turn, and Maxie says she’s waiting for the launch. Lulu says it’s not running; Spoon Island has been quarantined. Maxie says she’s got to be kidding. She doesn’t believe it, and wonders if Valentin is sick in the head.

The stables are ablaze. Nina tries to get Peter out, but he can’t stand.

Curtis tells Jordan that he and Sam spoke with Maxie, who hasn’t seen Obrecht since she left the hospital with James. Chase thinks the trail is cold, but Curtis says they questioned Franco, and the person who knocked him out wasn’t Valentin. It was Obrecht.

Lulu says Valentin’s not sick in the head. Arrogant and amoral, but the sad part is, he really does love Nina. Maxie says Nina is obviously still in love with him; she’s been going through a lot. Lulu asks why Maxie is intent on going when the island is quarantined. Maxie says there’s no quarantine. Lulu asks how she knows, and Maxie says she just does. She has to get there right away, and wants to leave it at that. Lulu says, The Haunted Star has a zodiac that can take us over. Maxie says, us? Lulu tells her if she wants a ride, start talking. She says Obrecht has been acting strange; strange for her, which is really strange. Even weirder than normal. Nina isn’t around, and Peter disappeared. Curtis and Sam think Obrecht is holding him captive. Even worse, they think Nina is with her.

Chase tell Valentin that he’s free to go. Valentin thanks him for being professional and wasting his time. He jets, making snarky remarks all the way out the door.

Nina tells Peter they have to get out. Obrecht walks out, but not as fast as I’d be walking. For a moment, I think she might lock them in, but she leaves the door wide open. Nina shouts at her to help, but that’s not happening. She tells Peter that he has to stand, but he can’t move. He wants her to go, but she says she’s not leaving him.

Sonny tells Jason that Diane appealed to the court to visit Carly, so she can monitor the situation. Sonny wonders what Carly was thinking, and Jason says she thought it was worth the risk. Sonny says it didn’t do any good. Michael married Nelle. He can scream at Diane all day, but there’s nothing he can do.

Diane is shocked to see Carly in a padded cell. Mary Pat says Carly is violent and unstable, and managed to overpower her. Diane wonders if it isn’t a conflict of interest, but Mary Pat says she’s a professional. She has no issues with Carly. She tells Diane she has five minutes, but she doubts if Diane will need them. Diane goes into the room, and finds Carly barely conscious

Michael brings Nelle a healthy snack. She asks about Monica, and he says she’s still sick and keeping her distance sick, but sends her love. Drew joins them and asks how Nelle is feeling. Nelle says Kim gave her the all clear. He bets Monica is happy, and Michael says she knew before they did. He tells Nelle he’s going to put her things in her room; he thought she’d be more comfortable for her to sleep alone. She says that’s thoughtful, but she fully intends on sleeping with her husband tonight.

Chase says it’s the first time in his career that a suspect said they had nothing to do with an assault, and it was true. Michael calls Chase, who asks if there’s been any progress. Michael says they’re acting like a blissful, loving married couple. He’s giving her a lot of attention, but making excuses to leave the room, so she suspects he’s stringing her along. Chase tells him to be careful. Nelle is smart, and more than paranoid. If she figures out it’s a trap, she’ll become even more dangerous.

Drew asks Nelle if she needs anything; they’re family now. She says she has very little of own family, and Drew says she does now. The Quartermaines are good people, although they’re complicated. Nelle says they have a lot in common. He came in as an outsider, with a troubled past, and so did she. It gives her hope that they’ll accept her like they have him. He says if she does right by Michael, everything will go fine. She says she’s trying, but everyone judges her. She asks how he overcame everyone looking at him and seeing a killer.

Sonny apologizes for being negative, and Jason says they have other resources. Sonny says, they can do what they can to get Carly out of Ferncliff, but no matter how many resources he has, nothing can stop Alzheimer’s. Jason asks if Mike had a bad day. Sonny says Mike didn’t know who was who. He thought people were coming to attack him, but Felix calmed him down. Jason is glad Mike has a good caregiver, and likes Felix. Sonny says Felix believes it’s time to think about permanent care. Jason asks what Sonny thinks. Sonny says he can’t farm Mike out to strangers. No matter what, they don’t know him, and don’t love him. Mike is his dad, and they’re not family (which is the theme for today).

Diane approaches Carly, and asks if Carly can understand her. Sonny sent her. Carly says, Sonny? Diane says he’s very concerned, so she came to look in on her. Carly asks if Sonny is there, but Diane says he can’t come. She came as Carly’s attorney. She’s working hard for him to visit. She tells Carly this is important. Does she know what drugs they’re giving her? Carly says she doesn’t do drugs; they’re bad. Diane says the doctor or nurse prescribed them. Carly says, tell Sonny to stop Michael from marrying Nelle.

Jordan tells Finn that there’s an APB out on Obrecht. Finn says she’s probably long gone. Curtis thinks Franco knows more than he’s saying. He’s her only friend. If she was desperate enough to knock him out, she’ aware her time is getting short. Finn says, so is Peter’s.

Maxie tells Lulu about Nina asking how she’d feel if Peter died, and about Wyatt finding the cabin. She says if anyone is capable of kidnapping Peter, it’s Obrecht. By the time the police got there, the cabin was abandoned, but they found evidence. They’re running forensics now, and the quarantine on Spoon Island makes sense. Lulu says it sounds suspicious, and Maxie can’t believe she followed that. Lulu says they have to let the police handle it, but Maxie says Obrecht might do something to Peter. She has to save Obrecht and Nina from themselves. Lulu is shocked that Nina is involved, but Maxie says, she’s grieving. They’re out of their minds. Lulu wonders what Maxie thinks she can do to stop them. Maxie thinks they need someone who loves them to pull them from the brink. Like magic, Valentin appears, and says he couldn’t agree more. Who wants a ride? Little hearts pop out of my eyes.

Peter tells Nina to go. She says she’ll get help, but she can’t get past the flames outside the door. She screams for help.

Nelle tells Drew sorry to be blunt. She knows she can be annoying that way. He says he doesn’t think they look at him as a killer, and he doesn’t look at himself that way; not anymore. She says, at one point, he thought he was Jason. The things Jason has done, most people would be in prison. She asks how he did it. How did he get away with murder?

Sonny tells Jason every patient is different. Jason thinks he’s doing a great job. Sonny says he should have handled Croton differently. He shouldn’t have pressed Mike. After that, he started to deteriorate. Jason tells him not to put the pressure on himself; that’s not how Alzheimer’s works. Sonny says Jason has done some research. Jason says Sonny is the one who will remember, not Mike. The choices he makes have to feel right. He has to live with them.

Carly tells Diane that Sonny has to stop them. Nelle is going to hurt Michael. Diane says Sonny and Jason won’t let her. Carly asks what if that doesn’t happen. Diane asks her if she was given a shot or pills, but Mary Pat interrupts, saying, time’s up.

Curtis tells Jordan that Sonny has a presence in the area; maybe he knows something. Jordan says she can’t put herself in the position of owing him. Finn says tell Anna that when they find Peter’s body. Curtis says it will be on him. Chase calls Jordan over to his phone. Jordan tells Finn that they’re doing everything they can. They’re also dealing with the West Nile quarantine on Spoon Island. Finn tells Curtis there’s no West Nile. Why the quarantine?

Outside the stables, Obrecht says, sorry, Nathan; sorry, my son. It was not supposed to happen this way. Valentin runs up to her, and asks, where’s Nina? Obrecht thought Nina was behind her, and says she wasn’t supposed to be there. He looks at the burning building. Maxie and Lulu join them, and Valentin tells them to call 911. He starts to move toward the stables, and says, get the coastguard. They’ll need paramedics and a fire squad. He goes into the building. Lulu calls 911. Obrecht says, Nina was right. This would break Nathan’s heart. Maxie asks what she’s done, but she just keeps repeating, Nina was right.

Finn wonders if Valentin realizes the quarantine was bogus. Curtis bets his ass on it, and Finn thinks they should go there before all hell breaks loose.

Maxie tells Obrecht not to talk about Nina in the past tense. She starts to head in after Valentin, but Lulu says she can’t go in there. Maxie insists she’ll be careful, but Lulu says she’s not a firefighter, and can only get killed. Maxie says she hates Valentin, but he cares enough to go after Nina. Lulu says, every safety manual says the same thing – wait. Maxie says they’re on an island; it will be too late by the time they get there. Lulu says her son won’t have a mother. She has kids. She needs to put them first.

On the phone, Jordan tells Michael to be careful. His life depends on Nelle not catching wind that it’s a sting. Michael is confident that she’s buying what he’s feeding her, mixing his metaphors. He says she’s on the verge of turning to Chase for help. He asks her to give Chase the phone. Chase tells him not to push. If she gets suspicious, the operation will be blown. Don’t get over-confident. It’s a lethal cat and mouse game, and there are variables. Nelle might not play by their rules. She could turn to someone not on their radar, or matters into her own hands. You never know.

Drew asks if something is on Nelle’s mind. She’s fascinated; he’s led an interesting life. He’s a one-man podcast. Drew says he has no desire to impart that wisdom. If she wants inside knowledge about that, she’ll have to look elsewhere.

Sonny says he rarely visited his father, for good reason. When he left, Sonny’s mother ended up with Deke, who beat the hell out of the both of them. The facts haven’t changed, but his feelings have. He doesn’t know if he forgives Mike, but he doesn’t resent him. He doesn’t see the rage that used to be between them. Jason says Sonny’s anger was hard on Mike, but harder on Sonny. It was like a weight he kept trying to put down, and he would for a while, but then something would happen, and he’d pick it back up. Sonny guesses that’s it; the weight is gone.

Mary Pat asks Carly how the visit with her lawyer went. She’s one pushy lady. Carly asks, who? and Mary Pat says since it was that taxing, she has something to help her manage. Carly can barely speak, but she says she doesn’t want it, and leave her alone. Mary Pat says she’s worked up. She knew she shouldn’t have let Diane barge in; some people don’t listen. Carly started out that way, but she’s learning.

Obrecht stands on the pier. She flashes back to Peter saying she should have given Nathan the information about his father years ago. He could have prepared, and had a strategy; made a plan. Even if she kills him, she’ll never escape her own guilt. Curtis is suddenly there, and tells her to be careful. There are all kinds of dangerous characters out on the docks at night. She turns in the opposite direction, and Finn is standing there. He says, nope.

Valentin finds Nina lying on the floor, and picks her up. Poor Peter! Valentin carries Nina outside. Lulu is on the phone, asking them to please hurry; the fire is spreading. Maxie asks where Obrecht is, and Lulu didn’t see her leave. Valentin puts Nina down. Maxie doesn’t think she’s breathing. Valentin does mouth to mouth, ladies everywhere unite in romantic thoughts.

Sonny knows his father is getting older and losing his memory, but it’s the first time he’s felt this close to Mike; not since he was six years old. They can laugh and talk, and he can see why people like him and why his mom fell in love. Now he’s slipping away, just when Sonny is getting to know him. Jason says, something good came out of it. Sonny wishes he had more time. He knows it sounds selfish, but one reason why he didn’t want Carly going through what she is, is that he needs her with him. Diane walks in, and he asks if she saw Carly. Diane says, for five whole minutes, which is all the court order stipulated, and all Ferncliff would allow. Sonny asks how Carly is, and Diane makes a serious face.

Mary Pat looks in Carly’s mouth. She says they might need to redouble the dose. She’ll be sleeping tonight. Carly says, no more pills, but Mary Pat says, the doctors dictate treatment, not the patients. Carly asks when she’s seeing Doc. Mary Pat says he’s away for a few days, but Carly is in good hands. Dr. Lazarus is a visionary, and has had success with lost causes. He has something special in store for her.

Nelle apologizes to Drew for crossing the line. She says she has a morbid curiosity in crime shows and mysteries. She didn’t mean any harm. He’s sorry he doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Michael comes back, and Nelle asks, what took so long? He says he wanted everything perfect for his new bride. She says she’s tired, and can’t wait to snuggle up to her new husband. They leave, and Drew ponders.

Nelle and Michael get into bed and spoon. Michael waits for her to go to sleep, and gets up She opens her eyes. She thinks about Chase saying she deserves a guy who loves her for herself. This marriage of convenience will fizzle out, and Michael will cut her loose. He’ll use the baby as a weapon against her, and claim her child. She’ll be alone again.

Chase does his quarter flipping thing, and looks at Nelle’s picture. He flashes back to meeting with Jordan and Michael, and Jordan saying the fewer people that know, the better. Michael says it will be cruel to his family, but Chase tells him if he wants her out of the family, he’ll have to live with it. This time, Nelle won’t get away. Period. Nelle calls, bringing Chase back to the present. She says Chase was right about everything. She can’t stay married. She needs his help.

Michael goes downstairs. Drew asks if he can’t sleep. Drew points out that they haven’t spent night together for a long time. It might take a while to get used to it. Michael prays it never gets that far.

Diane tells Sonny and Jason that Carly is heavily medicated, and in a padded room wearing restraints. Sonny says he’ll talk to the judge. He wants her out, and doesn’t care about technicalities. Diane says she did try to escape. She also has a new doctor. Sonny asks if he can get to him. Diane doesn’t think there’s anyone Sonny can’t get at, but advises against it. The DA is just waiting for a chance to get him. He’d be leaving himself wide open for extortion. They could transfer Carly to a facility where he can’t reach her. Now is the time to strategize, not use brute force. It will not serve him well. Sonny says he’d have more faith if her last strategy hadn’t put Carly in Ferncliff to begin with. Diane says there were a lot of factors; the DA being one of them. She shoulders most of the blame, let her make this right. She’s going to ask for an independent investigation. Once it’s documented that Carly is over-medicated, she can be transferred to Shadybrook. At the very least, her treatment will be supervised. Sonny says it’s her last chance. Make it work.

Carly is all shaky, and out of it. Mary Pat says Dr. Lazarus is moving in a new direction. It’s unorthodox, but a novel approach to the challenging cases. When he’s done with Carly, she’ll be a piece of cheese. I swear that’s what it sounded like she said, but I cheat and look elsewhere. She said, changed woman.

Finn gets to the island. He asks how long Nina has been out. They explain she was in the fire, and they don’t know. Finn asks if Nina can hear him. She comes to, and coughs. Lulu produces some water, and Finn gives it to Nina. She says she was stuck inside, and almost suffocated. How did she get out? Maxie says Valentin saved her.

Jordan arrests Obrecht on the pier, and reads her rights. Obrecht stoically nods when asked if she understands them. Curtis says he can’t reach Finn. Peter’s location was believed to be Spoon Island. Jordan tells the officers that she’ll have Obrecht transferred, and the WSB can take it from there. There’s a police boat waiting. Obrecht says to tell Anna, now we are even.

Finn asks where Peter is. Maxie says they haven’t seen him. Nina says they have to get him out. Valentin says the smoke was thick, but he didn’t see Peter. Nina tells them that Obrecht had Peter tied up. She lost it completely, and started the fire. Nina wanted to try and get help. Maxie says there are no other entrances. Finn says Peter is still inside, and looks in.

On Monday, Josslyn comes on to Oscar, Drew asks Margaux what business the DA has with his company, and Finn goes in to save Peter.

💍 90 Day Fiancé – the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight was the season premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?. There seems to be no end to this franchise, which is fine with me. It’s a train wreck I could watch all day. Maybe they should have their own channel. They have enough spin-offs. This one revisited couples down the road. Myriam came to the U.S. to visit Patrick. Meeting his mother was a hurdle, since at the Tell All, mom was not too friendly. And rightly so. It wasn’t so much that Myriam had a boyfriend, but Patrick had to schlep all the way to Paris to find out. As the Countess would say, uncool. Danielle still has one more thing with Mohamed, but that’s coming in the next episode. I can’t wait. I have the feeling there is always going to be one more thing with Mohamed. Until I see him in the headlines anyway. I also can’t wait for this season’s Tell All on Sunday. I’m hoping to get some commentary together about it, since the season was quite lively. Especially when Pedro’s whiny, bitchy sister came for a visit, and he started a fistfight at the home of the Family Chantel. David and Annie are living above storage units in exchange for David working there, and Jorge might have a ten-year-old daughter. I don’t know what’s sadder. These outrageous people who deserve each other, or that I can’t stop watching them.

📮 Quotes of the Week

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.Henry David Thoreau

The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming.Patrick White

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T.S. Elliot

I think it’s good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone.Amy Sedaris, I Like You

All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.Charles Kingsley

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.Honore de Balzac – Good one!

It’s hard to take back stupid.Dr. Phil

My weave is exhausted. – LeeAnne Locken, The Real Housewives of Dallas

🎯 It’s Here…



🐋 But beware of mermen…


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