July 23, 2018 – Finn Plunges Into the Fire to Save Peter, Vicki Apologizes to Eddie & Wrapping It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis meets Lucas at the hospital. She has a few details regarding the adoption. Nothing urgent, but it’s important. The birth mother is due this week.

Julian thanks Kim for helping him move his stuff to the hotel. She says she’s mostly there for the obligatory post pizza. She’s surprised the bellhops didn’t offer to help, but he thinks that’s Olivia’s doing. The only reason she’s letting him stay there is because he’s Leo’s father. That’s where her hospitality begins and ends. Kim thinks he’ll manage fine. He says, it’s not like he’s staying with her.

Josslyn and Oscar binge watch some TV shows. Josslyn says it’s doing a good job at keeping her mind off her problems, but her eyes can’t take another episode. They cuddle and kiss.

At the MetroCourt, Drew’s assistant gives him an envelope. He looks at whatever’s inside, and puts his head in his hands. Margaux approaches, and asks if it’s bad news.

The stable continues to burn. Nina wants to go back in for Peter, but Valentin says he’ll get him. Finn tells Valentin it’s not his call, and goes in himself. Everything is blazing like crazy. Finn sees Peter, and pulls him up from the floor.

Alexis asks Lucas if he’s excited or terrified, and he says, both. He says it’s been a gradual process with the parents-to-be in his family, but with them, bam! A baby. Alexis says she’ll make the transition as easy as possible, but it’s going to go quickly once the mother is in labor. She’ll be called, and do the transfer from GH to their custody. Lucas says, unless the birth mother changed her mind, and doesn’t give up the baby at all.

Julian tells Kim that didn’t come out right. He didn’t want to put her on the spot by asking. She says he’ll never know what she would have said now. He didn’t expect an invite; not at this point in their relationship. Kim agrees. Julian didn’t expect to get on the topic, but since they are, he asks if he was off-base when he was talking about their future.

Oscar asks Josslyn if there’s something wrong. She says she thought they could take it upstairs. He says, like… and she says, yeah. He asks what if Sonny comes home, but she says he won’t be back until later. She starts to lead him upstairs, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Maxie frets that it’s taking too long. Lulu says the emergency people are en route. Nina cries that it’s all her fault, but Valentin says she couldn’t rescue Peter on the best of days, and she’s been **. Maxie calls for Finn, who brings Peter out on his back. Maxie tells Peter that it’s her, and please don’t die. He has to wake up. Finn does chest compression, while Maxie does mouth to mouth. Lulu says the paramedics are here. Maxie tells Peter that he has to hang in there.

Margaux asks to join Drew; she has something for him. He asks what business the DA could have with his company, and she gives him a Woodchucks hat, telling him to consider it a peace offering. He didn’t know they were fighting, but she says it’s compensation, since he wouldn’t let her pay to have his shirt cleaned. She jokes that she gets the merchandise half-price since she works for the city, but he’s a little distracted. She thinks he’s bummed about the team, but he says it’s a disaster of another kind. He’s been invited to his high school reunion.

Oscar tells Josslyn that they haven’t talked about it much. She wonders what there is to talk about, and he says, plenty. The agreed to be committed to one another, but not put any pressure on themselves. She says she’s not feeling any pressure, He says, maybe she’s not, and she says he’s got to be kidding. He’s the only guy her age who doesn’t want to have sex. He says he does – when the timing is right. She thinks it’s literally perfect, and they should make the most of it, but he doesn’t want her to regret her first time.

Alexis tells Lucas the agreement says the birth mother will give up the baby, and she has every reason to anticipate that outcome. He says she has thirty days to change her mind. After thirty days of bonding, it can all be taken away. She says it’s okay to have reservations, but she doesn’t think that’s going to happen. He asks if there’s any way to assure that, and if they can be legally protected, but she says the contract can’t be changed. He wishes he knew that the baby was going to be home for good.

The paramedics think Nina will be fine, but Peter is in trouble. Nina starts getting upset, but Valentin tells her to stop. Peter’s breathing is shallow, and he has possible lung damage. Maxie says they have to save him. Don’t let him die.

Alexis tells Lucas that she’ll do everything she can to assure the process will go easily, but the clause is in the contract, and he and Brad agreed. Lucas remembers her telling them to think it through at the time. He thought he could live with it, but now the terms seem too large. She says, that’s the crux of being a parent; there are no guarantees. They have to trust they’ll be able to handle a crisis when it happens. She tells him not to spend time waiting for disaster, and miss the special moments. A nurse comes out, and tells Lucas that there are incoming.

Nina and Peter are wheeled in. Lucas is told that Nina is suffering from smoke inhalation, and was unconscious earlier, but now she’s awake and alert. Alexis locks eye with Finn.

Kim thinks Julian is being premature, and suggests they get him unpacked and settled in. He doesn’t want her to get weirded out because he brought up the future, but she says he can’t take it back. She likes him, but doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves. He says he’s not getting down on one knee. For him, the future has been a problem, and he doesn’t want it to be a problem between them. There were times in life when he didn’t think he had a future, but that’s not the case right now. He’s not asking for a long-term commitment, and asks her to be patient if he looks in that direction. Kim says part of the attraction is that it feels so easy, and there’s been no pressure. They both have baggage, but checked it at the door, and are just being with each other in the here and now, and are enjoying each other. She can’t promise a future, much less sharing her life. Julian asks if she’s generally commitment phobic, or is it just him? She says she’s not worried about him. It’s Oscar who concerns her.

Josslyn asks Oscar why she’d regret it. She’s known for a while that she wanted the first time to be with him. He thinks they should talk about it another time. She says she just offered herself to him, and his response is some other time when it’s convenient> She asks if he wants to talk about it on his lunch break from his internship, since being with her is a horrible chore he wants to put off. He tells her, chill out. She’s acting crazy right now

Margaux suggests Drew could check out his old stomping grounds, and see how things are in retrospect. He says he doesn’t remember high school, and she says it’s a blur for her too. He tells her that his situation is unique. He has no memories before 2014.

Lucas orders oxygen for Nina, and asks that she be checked for any lung infection. Finn says Peter breathed in some heavy smoke, and was unconscious when he was when found. Lucas says to put him on oxygen, and set up a ventilator just in case.

Finn calls Anna, saying she needs to call him. Peter has been found. He’s inhaled heavy smoke and might be injured, but they don’t know yet. He asks her to call back.

Lucas examines Peter, and asks for chest x-rays. Lulu says she called the paramedics, but never went inside. Lucas wants to check her and Maxie out, but they insist they’re fine. Maxie asks if she can have a minute with Peter, and Lucas tells her to find them when she’s ready. She walks over to Peter’s bed.

Lucas wants to keep Nina overnight for observation. She says Valentin saved her life. He says he’s grateful for the chance. He sees Jordan outside, and says he’ll get her some water. Instead, he tells Alexis that Nina is going to need her help.

Josslyn asks Oscar what he called her, and he says, nothing. He said she was acting a certain way. Josslyn says he told her that she was crazy. He says, no, and he doesn’t blame her for acting impulsively. She tells him not to patronize her. He says it’s not a big deal. He doesn’t think they should rush in when they’re not ready. Josslyn tells Oscar not to project his insecurities onto her. If he doesn’t want to, fine, but don’t psychoanalyze it if he doesn’t want to admit the truth.

Julian tells Kim it’s no secret Oscar’s not his biggest fan. Kim says he’s still getting used to things; just give him time. He’s mature, but still a kid. He’s not used to the idea of her dating someone. Julian says, someone, or him? Kim says to say she was dating sparingly would be an understatement. She had no time, and as Oscar got older, no interest. Her focus has been on him, and just the two of them. Oscar just recently started branching out, living his own life. Julian thinks he shouldn’t fault her for doing the same, but she says it’s an adjustment. Her focus been Oscar and work, and she paid no attention to anything else. She didn’t think there was room in her life for anything else. Julian asks, what about now?

In the examining room, Alexis asks if Nina is saying Obrecht kidnapped Peter and kept him on her property. Valentin says for several days. Alexis says, she just happened to find out, and wasn’t aiding and abetting? She remembers their conversation, when Nina asked what constitutes an accessory to a crime. Valentin says it looks bad, and Nina needs legal representation. Alexis says she can’t represent Nina. Peter allegedly helped kidnap Drew and Jason, the fathers of her grandchildren. She’d be considered biased. She tells them she has some pro bono advice. When Nina is questioned, don’t say anything without representation present. Jordan comes in, telling Nina the doctor said she’s strong enough to answer questions. Valentin says the doctor is overly optimistic; she needs to recover. Jordan says, from the fire her aunt started? It’s hard to believe Obrecht did that by herself. She’s in custody. If Nina is involved, Obrecht is going to tell them. She suggests Nina do herself a favor and cooperate. Nina says, no questions until her attorney is there. Jordan leaves.

Jordan asks if Alexis is responsible for that. Alexis says she has no idea what Jordan means. Jordan says Nina refuses to talk without an attorney. Alexis says she’s not representing her. Jordan hopes Peter is more forthcoming.

Alexis sees Finn, and asks how he feels. He says, it’s no cakewalk. She says Anna must feel better knowing her son is okay. Finn says he hasn’t heard from her.

Peter says, Maxie, and she tells him not to move the mask. He’s being treated for smoke inhalation. He asks how long he was out, and she says, long enough that Obrecht nearly killed him. Nina tried save him. She’s in good shape, which is more than Maxie can say for him. He’ll probably go to prison soon, and she never has to see him again. He says she told them not to let him die.

Kim says Julian makes her happy, makes her laugh, and makes a mean cortado. She says it might be selfish to keep it going. If they take it to the next level, she’s afraid she can’t give him what he deserves. She knows how the last fourteen years have been, and has only so much room she allows in her heart. She’s afraid they’ll go down a path where she’ll break his.

Margaux suggest to Drew that some classmates might remember, and fill in the blanks. He says they’ll know what they thought about him, not who he was. She envies him, not remembering being burned by high school, and socially scarred for life. He says that’s one way to look at it. She apologizes for the mustard again, and says she’ll see him around.

Peter says Maxie still cares about him. She says she doesn’t care at all. He says she doesn’t want to see him die, but she says there’s been enough death around lately. She read his book. Assuming it’s true, bad things happened to him, but so what? They happen to a lot of people. True, they didn’t have an insane spy as a father, but they all have challenges. Most people don’t chose to take their garbage out on the rest of the world. Lying, scheming, keeping someone drugged up in a Russian clinic for five years. Her advice is that he needs to stop making excuses, and assuming his rotten childhood gives him a free pass. He could have died, but didn’t. He has people who care enough about him to try and save him. He owes it to them to do better. He’s been given a second chance; don’t waste it. She leaves. He coughs.

Jordan comes in with an officer, who handcuffs Peter to the bed. Jordan says he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and he’ll be facing a slew of charges, but this time, he’s the victim. He asks if she’s really interested in catching his captors. She says, plural? Did Obrecht have an accomplice?

Finn tells Alexis that Anna is in Berkeley. They’ve texted, but haven’t spoken. Alexis says there’s nothing like explaining to an adult child that you neglected to mention a sibling. She had a similar situation, where she had kept the secret about giving up a child. It’s painful. Finn says he’s trying to give Anna space, but thought he’d hear from her after the last text. His phone dings, and it’s a text from Anna, saying she’s relieve Peter was found. She asks him to text updates on his condition, and she’ll call tomorrow. Finn thanks Alexis for humoring him. He’s grateful for their friendship. He looks at the text again, and is like, hmm…

Outside of Peter’s room, Maxie asks Lucas how Nina is feeling, and he asks who gave Jordan permission to speak to Peter? Jordan says he was about to ID Obrecht’s accomplice. Peter says Obrecht acted alone. She had no accomplice. Jordan says, she had no assistance in any capacity? Peter says, no; just Obrecht. Thank God Nina found him in the stables or he wouldn’t be alive.

Josslyn sees Oscar, and says she thought he left. He says not until they talk. He didn’t mean to offend her. She says he should have been more thoughtful with his choice of words. Isn’t that his thing? He says it sounded like she was forcing herself to do something she didn’t want to. She says she asked him because she did, and thought he felt the same. He says it doesn’t seem like the right time; for him at least. She says, whatever. They’ll wait, but if he’s waiting for her life to be normal, they’ll be waiting forever. No pressure. She’s not mad over it. There are other things more deserving of her anger. He asks if she wants to hang out, but she says she’s going to bed early. She stands by the door and stares straight ahead, and he kisses her cheek before he goes.

Kim says Julian deserves to know what he signed up for. He says he appreciates his time with her, and he’s happy with how things are. She says, for now. He says, no one knows the future. When something happens, they’ll deal with it. How about if they look for what exists right now; no looking ahead. They kiss.

Margaux goes to her hotel room. She kicks her shoes off, saying, what a day. She sees something behind the couch, and picks it up. It’s an envelope addressed to Drew.

Drew rips up the invitation to his reunion, puts on the hat, and heads for the elevator.

Margaux looks inside the envelope, but there’s nothing. She crumples it up, and tosses it aside.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava why she keeps changing the subject, Nina asks Peter why he lied, and Margaux has some questions for Drew.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra and Eddie are still waiting on counters and a sink for the kitchen. Eddie’s heart procedure didn’t work, and he’ll probably need another one. He’s also on blood thinners to prevent clots. Tamra takes his blood pressure. It’s hard for her, because there’s nothing she can do to help. She wants to tell him that he’ll be back to himself, but she doesn’t know that he will. It breaks her heart. Everything he loves to do has been taken away. Eddie insists he needs to run; it helps his mental state. Tamra wonders what will happen when he’s seventy. A food delivery comes from Vicki. Eddie says he’s not eating it. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki knows what she did was really wrong. We flash back to her repeating that Eddie is rumored to be gay. She’s trying everything get Tamra’s trust back, and she’s liking it. She’s hoping Vicki washes her car next. Eddie says he would rather eat the dog’s sh*t, and Tamra says she can arrange that. Ha-ha!

Shannon gets ready for a trip to Mexico with her daughters. It’s the time of year she and David typically took them on vacation, and he’s sending them on a trip. She’s not sure why, but if he’s offering, she’s taking it. She crams things into a suitcase. It’s the first time she’s taking them away as a single parent, so she’s struggling. It’s the first time she’s been to Mexico without David. It’s hurtful and painful; the breaking up of something. It’s tough to know she’ll be in this life forever, without wearing a wedding ring. Geez. I doubt the future is that glum.

Tamra and Emily go for a mani/pedi. Emily likes dark colors – like her soul. In her interview, Tamra says Emily is beautiful, fabulous, and over-the-top, but she’s just a good girl. Kelly joins them. Tamra tells her about Shannon going to Mexico. Kelly says it’s lucky David paid; Michael would never do something like that. Tamra asks about her and Michael’s arrangement, and Kelly says it’s one week on, one week off. She gets lonely. Tamra is surprised, saying she’s always on the go. Emily says she’s the same way. Tamra asks how long she’s been married, and Emily says, nine years. He was her boss. They talked a lot, and he asked her to marry him through Google chat. They didn’t have sex until they were married, since he’s a Mormon. He’s also half Persian. She says it’s an odd combination, but Persians make great husbands. They’re family oriented. Tamra asks if there’s been pressure on Emily to become Mormon, but she says no. They have five kids; two are her stepchildren. She didn’t technically have the other three either; her sister did. Cool. Emily tells them that she had six miscarriages. She tried in vitro, and carried twins to four months, then lost them. Wow. That’s so sad. Her sister stepped in, and she still has embryos left, but her husband doesn’t want another child. She wants Annabelle to have a sister like she does. She wants her daughter to have that connection.

Tamra gets a call from Shannon while she’s in the car wash. Shannon is calling from Mexico. She tells Tamra that they went as family a year ago. Tamra says if they’re having fun, that’s all that matters. The car wash gets loud, and Tamra can’t hear. Shannon says she thought they should turn it into a girls trip for a couple of days. She has history there with Vicki, and she’d like Tamra to bring her, and have some fun. In her interview, Shannon says her and Vicki’s history isn’t the best, but she wants to move forward, have a cocktail, and go crazy. Tamra says she’s there for Shannon, but she’s also dealing with Eddie. She’s trying to be there for everyone. Shannon asks her to see if they can get a flight.

Steve is preparing dinner when Vicki comes in. In her interview, she says their roles are reversed. Steve is home first, so he starts dinner. She feels like the man of the house. They talk about some household maintenance that needs to be done. Vicki says it’s a lot of work to run the house. It wasn’t meant for a single chick like her. She’s glad Steve participates. He asks about the rope course, and she says it was interesting. She and Tamra are good now. She just has one more hurdle, which is Eddie. In her interview, she wants to apologize for doubting his love for Tamra and repeating a rumor. Steve tells her not to worry, and do the best she can. She says she seems to be doing damage control all the time. That’s what happens when you do a lot of damage.

Eddie puts Tamra through some kettle belle moves. Gina and some other girls arrive at the gym. Tamra says she met Gina though a friend, and they connected immediately. She’s a smartass, puts it out there, and she’s a lot of fun. Kelly and Emily join them. In her interview, Emily says if she had time, she’s go to the gym, but has a job and kids. They get on the treadmill. Eddie helps with the circuit training. Kelly says that working out improves living her single life. It helps her stay young, and keeps her ass from dragging to the ground. In her interview, Emily wonders where the closest exit is, and how she can sneak out without anyone seeing. They do that double-rope thing I’ve always wanted to try. Eddie pronounces Kelly in first place. In her interview, Kelly says she’s competitive. In her family, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

Gina tells us that she’s a circus act. She’s all OC until she opens her mouth. Her husband works in LA and has an apartment there. Tamra is shocked that Gina has never seen it. If it was Eddie’s, she’s be peeing all over it. Kelly wonders why they all didn’t just move, but Gina says she’s happy there, and the kids have adjusted. She’s like a single mom, but it works for them. In her interview, she loves that her husband is gone during the week, so she can bum around in sweat pants. She tells the girls that she drinks a lot of wine.

Vicki calls Kelly, telling her that she feels the need to meet with Tamra and Eddie. She and Tamra are fine, but Eddie is another story. He was mean to her too. She’s not going to remind him about that, but he wasn’t kind. In her interview, Kelly says apologies have always worked for her, but if she wants to move forward, she can’t reminding him about that stuff. In her interview, Kelly says this is why Vicki gets into trouble. Her apologies backfire.

Gina chases after her kids. She says she’s a survivalist parent; just trying to survive every day. She can’t get her daughter to do anything, including wearing underwear at present. She’s originally from Long Island, so she’s a bit of an outsider in the OC. She can’t order coffee without someone noticing she’s from New York; she’s a unicorn. Her heart will always belong in New York, but an opportunity took her husband to LA, and now he goes back and forth. She says a lot of people have the perfect family, with the husband coming home for dinner, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors? People can say what they want, but they’re doing it.

Tamra and Eddie are having lunch at a restaurant, when Vicki calls Tamra. Eddie looks blasé, and Vicki asks if she can intrude on them and talk to Eddie. Eddie shrugs. Vicki says give her twenty minutes. Eddie seems miffed, and Tamra tells him that she thought he was okay with it. She’s pleasantly surprised. It’s important for them to talk. She can’t move forward with Vicki if Eddie isn’t good with it. He asks if Vicki has apologized to her, and Tamra says Vicki’s way of apologizing isn’t traditional. We flash back to Vicki apologizing to Tamra, and starting another argument at the same time. Tamra knows she can’t make things right without him, but Eddie says he has no intention of being friends. Tamra wants to throw up.

Eddie orders a martini. Tamra says that’s Vicki’s drink, and he says she drinks dirty martinis because she’s dirty. Tamra orders one for Vicki. Eddie can’t understand why she wants to be friends after the sh*t Vicki put her through. In her interview, Tamra says it’s important to make things right. Eddie needs to get the stress out of his life because of his heart issues. Eddie asks if she remembers the sleepless nights when she and Vicki were fighting. Tamra says it was a hard thing. She talked to Shannon a million times about it. Vicki arrives, and makes small talk. She tells Eddie that she loves his wife, and therefore loves him. She messed up. She didn’t mean to hurt him. There’s no excuse for what she did. She was in a bad place, and was wrong. She asks if they can be friends. She knows it won’t be the way it was, but thinks now is the time. She says she’s shaking. Eddie says her spreading rumors caused a strain between him and Tamra. Tamra says her son’s friend asked why his stepdad was gay. Vicki asks her not to be that loud. Eddie says he tried not to let it bother him. It doesn’t matter what people say, but it affected their relationship. Vicki whips out some Bible verses, that are actually quite applicable. She reads them off, regarding about not keeping your mouth shut, not verifying a story, and how your words can be a poor reflection of the Lord, your friends, and family. She says she’s done all of those things. She’s ashamed of her words, and if it’s none of her business, she needs to stay out of it. It destroyed a friendship. She says it took her a long time to figure out what to say. She’s asking forgiveness. Eddie Said she seems to be feeling hurt, and he’s trying to understand how it started. Vicki says a man (meaning Brooks, who we see in a flashback) lied to her, and she felt alone. She didn’t have a best friend. Eddie says Tamra was just trying to protect her, and Vicki says, but then Tamra turned on her. We flash back to one of their many altercations, and in her interview, Tamra says, it’s typical Vicki. She blames someone else for everything that comes out of her own mouth. Vicki says she wants to go back, and tells Eddie that she’s sorry.

Shockingly, Eddie accepts Vicki’s apology, and Tamra tells her to stop shaking; they’re good. Vicki says she can’t do it anymore; she’s never repeating anything again. Eddie tells her, forgiveness is a slow process; they have to trust again. Vicki asks if he can make her butt look like Tamra’s. He says probably, but she has to work hard. At this point, she and Tamra are weepy. Tamra says, good things take a while, and Eddie says, everything worth having takes a while. I guess Eddie is memorizing fortune cookies since he can’t be at the gym. Tamra tells Vicki to never talk again. In her interview, Vicki takes it as a life lesson. Don’t take about people. It will come back to bite you. Since she can’t help herself, Vicki says Tamra is mean, and Tamra says Vicki is a charmer. In her interview, Tamra thinks Vicki is trying to be sincere. Part of her is learning and changing. Vicki is happy to have the weight lifted, and swears never to do it again. She leaves to go back to work. Before she gets in her car, she has to add that she hopes they never do what they did again either. Tamra tells Eddie that she knows Vicki was dying inside. Eddie felt she sincerely meant it.

In the car, Vicki calls Kelly, and says she did it. Eddie accepted her apology, and she feels so much better. In her interview, Kelly says she was taught to always forgive. Vicki asks if she’s doing anything; she thought she’d stop by. Kelly tells her to come on over.

Emily and husband Shane go out to eat for their anniversary. The restaurant is one the water, and their seats are impressive. Emily asks if Shane thought they’d get to nine years with three kids. They jumped in with no foundation. Emily orders champagne. In her interview, she says it’s hard, being married with kids. Shane was married to his first wife for nine years. She’s competitive, so they have to make it to ten. She asks him about work, and he talks about having to bring the kids’ lunch to the school. In her interview, Emily says he comes from money, but he has to work, and be example and role model for the kids. She grew up in a divorced household, and had no role model. She thanks him for being there for all five kids. In her interview, Emily says she knew he’d be a good partner, and she’s an attorney. If it doesn’t work out, she can do her own divorce.

She asks what Shane thinks about one more kid, and he says he doesn’t think about it. She wants more than one girl, and he says they got more than expected as is. She says if partners aren’t on the same page, they can find a compromise. He tells her that she’ll have to leave him, and pursue one that will. She says there are still nine embryos from him, and they’re lonely. He says they have each other. In her interview, Emily says she went through hell to get the embryos, and a lot of tears. She gets emotional talking about it. The food comes, and Emily repeats she wants another girl. Shane says there will be a four or five-year gap. Think about the three they have. It’s a lot, but a good a lot. Emily says, it is, and tells him, happy anniversary.

Vicki tells Kelly that her place is cute. Kelly says it’s old, but she made it cozy, and updated it. They sit on the couch, and Kelly says she heard a rumor that Vicki hooked Michael up. Vicki says she had a barbecue, and Michael was there, along with a friend of hers. She didn’t hook him up. Kelly says she didn’t say anything, and Vicki says she didn’t know where it was going, and it was none of her business. In her interview, Vicki reminds us of Kelly saying she hoped Michael would find a girlfriend, and we flash back to that. Vicki says it’s Michael’s responsibility to tell her. She and Steve have gone out with them a couple of times. Kelly says wonders why Vicki didn’t give her a heads up, and Vicki tells her not to twist it around to make her fault. Kelly says anybody would say this is effed up. I know I would. Vicki says it’s not her fault Kelly’s husband is dating someone. Kelly says this breaks her heart, and she starts to cry. Vicki says Kelly doesn’t love him, and so they went on double dates. Who cares who Michael goes out with? Kelly says she’s obviously not a friend; she doesn’t roll with girls like that. She tells Vicki to leave; she’s not Kelly’s friend. Vicki says she didn’t hook Michael up, and Kelly is being out of line. Kelly says she’s done, and closes her bedroom door between them. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s over, but she’s still in love with Michael. He’s moving on, and if she has single girlfriends who want to meet him, it has noting to do with her. Kelly dumped him. Alrighty then.

Next time, Kelly says she wanted to smack Vicki, Vicki doesn’t know why she has to choose sides, and the Mexico trip happens, where Tamra will do some flashing at a bar.

🎬 Until Tomorrow…




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